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My friends, I have made a campaign that I fear will never see the light of day. You can decide for yourself if it is of any worth, but it seems like a waste to just sit here fettering.
The basic idea is this:
A bard, upon discovering the power of Metal, seeks to find the source of it. His journey leads him to the Planes of Heavy Metal, whereupon he finds a magical tome: Dio's Music Book. Whether he has companions (such as a party of players) with him is up to you.
From this point onwards, Dio and other Gods of Metal are watching your progress as you enter the realm, setting you up with a myriad of challenges to see if you are worthy of their power. Fail, and you will spend eternity in the Sea of Mosh (which I will explain further).

It doesn't matter to me if anyone really uses this, or even cares, I just think it'd be a waste to not at least give it the chance I feel it deserves.
I currently have a few locations written down, as listed here:
Sea of Mosh - Millions of unworthy have found themselves doomed to Mosh for all eternity. Traversing it requires aid from the gods, otherwise it'll take weeks to travel. You will need the aid of GWAR to do so.

Desert of Scorching Hot Solos - Sands made up of torn up concert tickets. Rains down from the skies from years upon years of concerts held by the gods. (ideas for spells or traps to be written onto some of the tickets was also an idea I was throwing around. Basically functions as your go-to desert area.

There is also a few ideas for villages for different tribes I haven't fleshed out.
some setting some are developing based on metal
Listed below is some creatures, some statted, some not. (It was designed for 3.5, but if anyone feels like statting it for any other system more power to you.)

Sea Cucumber of GWAR
Colossal Abberation
HD: 25d12+11 (520)
Speed: 80 ft
AC: 28
BAB/G: 18/23
Atk: Crush (6d10+18), Smack (10d4+18)
Special: Feast of GWAR (Every enemy killed by this creature immediately disappears, including all of its equipment and items, and is sent to GWAR's feasting pits as tribute.)
Mosh Wrecker (Deals x2 damage per number of enemies to each enemy hit, to a max of x8.)
Abilities: Str 30, Dex 19, Con 33, Int 5, Wis 4, Cha 3
Saves: F R W
Alignment: TN
Desc: Massive sea creature. A minion of GWAR. Requires DC 30 Ride to ride, and a summoning ritual from one of the many Riffreeds (explained later) around the Plane of Metal with a DC 35 Perform.
This is a possible gift from GWAR, one of the many gods from the Planes. Using this beast will allow the weeks of travel through the previous locations to be reduced to days/hours instead. Think of like a really big, slimy, murderous train.
If you or anyone else can show them some of these ideas, I'd be grateful.
PS: I had this idea on some thread on another forum when someone said he was thinking about making some metal rpg

The classes would be based on metal genres (Heavy metal, Folk Metal, Power metal, Industrial Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal) characteristics.
I dont know what I would make with the sub-genres of those genre/classes (as a example, funeral doom metal, sludge doom metal...).

As I said classes would be based on genres characteristics.
Could be something like this.
Black Metal = Cleric that worship devils
Doom Metal = Binder related class.
Death Metal= Science based Necromancer.
Power Metal = Barbarian
Industrial Metal =Fantasypunk Class

But how those classes would be?
Those classes would be based on the metal genres characteristics. Lets get doom metal as a example:
Gene "The Demon" Simmons, Lvl 20 Riffmaster
Medium Humanoid
HD: 20d8+5 (260)
Speed: 35 ft
AC: 22
BAB/G: 20/26
Atk: Demon Bass (+1/+5 Instrument Weapon of Fiery Blast 1d12+11. Fiery Blast does +3d6 Fire Damage)
Special: Gene Blood (Anyone touched by the blood of Gene Simmons becomes entranced as if under the effects of Charm Person [DC 22 Fort Save.] This ability automatically deals 2d12 Acid damage regardless of saves.), Bass Solo (Playing his mighty axe, Gene Simmons summons forth pillars of fire with a chance to hit all enemies. DC 24 Reflex/Half. 6d12 Fire Damage, fire lasts for 1d6 turns.)
Abilities: Str 22, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 28
CR: 20
Desc: Gene Simmons, Bassist and Singer of the band KISS.
this. sounds. so. awesome. I'm not sure when and how, but I definitely want to run this!
The doom metal characteristics:
Slow to super slow tempo, almost big to big songs lenght, slow progression, heavy, minimalistic, occult themes, simplicity, depressive themes, inevitality themes, distortion.

Doom Metal deal with occult themes, this is already a fantasy game that already have occult stuff, so I choosed to make it a binder-like class because thats a occult even for a fantasy world. (OCCULT THEMES)

Doom Binders deal with spirts that are out of the reality, they broken some rules when they died, and so didn't gone to heaven, earth, hell or another place that people usually go when they die. Imagine a universe, that if you do good things you go to heaven, and if you somehow kill the god you go to hell. Someone use mind controll power to control the god and he is killing people, another guy kill this god to help people. Whe this guy that killed the god die, he will go to hell of heaven? None he will become a spirit. (OCCULT THEMES)

>CAPTCHA: rockraz chain-blower
>PS: metal is not rock
Funny you should mention Black Metal, because I have a barbarian tribe based off of Swedish Black Metal already fleshed out in fluff.

When someone make a pact with a spirit they become able to cast some spells. (OCCULT THEMES)
How those spells works:
Those spells are very powerfull and have long duration. (HUGE LENGHT, HEAVY)
Doom binders need alot of time to cast the spells, but after they cast it (if they dont miss) the spell will always hit (INEVITALITY, SLOW LENGHT, HUGE LENGHT)
Those spells have few effects, as a exmaple you don't have spells that make someone blind, have a headache, vomit..., everything at the same time . (HEAVY, MINIMALISTIC)
After you finish to cast the spell, spells still need some time to happen. Imagine someone casting a fireball spell and nothing happening, but few seconds after it the spell start to happen. (SLOW PROGRESSION)
Spells effects start small and continue grow (SLOW PROGRESSION)

Now back do doom binders and binder spirits.
The binder pact takes alot of time to happen. (SLOW TEMPO)
Binder spirits are depressive because they know they depend on doom binders to experience reality and no matter what they do, they will not be able to come to reality again. (DEPRESSIVE THEMES, INEVITABILITY THEMES, OBSCURE THEMES).
Binder pacts last a longer time. When this pact is ending binders will become very depressed and this will influence the doom binder that made the pact. (HUGE SONGS, DEPRESSIVE THEMES, OBSCURE THEMES).
And the two tribes I've come up with so far.

Ratfink Jammers - Natives of the Plane of Metal. Skilled crafters with a natural affinity to understand the Metals. They're reclusive and speak little, and act mostly as Groupies and Roadies. Some are skilled at harvesting from the natural rock of the world to make bangin' instruments, band T-shirts, and various foods, mostly spiked. They use cocaine as if it were salt, immune to the effects; likely through generations of exposure.
Swedeaths - Death Metal natives of the Plane of Metal. A violent, barbaric people with a Swedish accent. Their war cries consist of Black Metal screaming and are usually accompanied everywhere by heavy thrashing on guitars. They raid Jammers often for awesome instruments and cocaine, which drives them into a bloodlust of spikes and axes. The Jammers just sort of casually shrug it off. "It's whatevs, man. I still got my tunes."
Maggots - Worthless shells of their former shells, these filthy creatures flood the Seas of Mosh, cursed to mosh for all eternity on their hunt for the power of the Metal Gods. They were not worthy.
And thats it.
There also the doom metal sub-genres (funeral doom metal, traditional doom metal...), but there are many ways this could be made.
1-Players choose doom binder class and sub-genres of doom metal genre would be starting packages that players can choose if they want. (like as a example d&d)
2-Players choose doom binder, but if they meed the requeriments and they want, they can choose some prestige classes, based on sub-genres. (like as a example d&d)
3-Classes are very similar to each other (think wizard and sorcerer on d&d) and are based on the sub-genres. Players choose one of those classes. (like as a example d&d).

The doom metal bands would be the spirits and the songs would be spells. But I don't have an idea of what the bandmembers and albums would be.
Some local Flora

Riffreeds - Whispers the secrets of awesome music to those capable with an instrument and the powers of Rock. Requires a DC 30 Perform (Music-related) to harvest and decipher the secrets within the reeds.

Boozebud - A bell-shaped flower filled with alcohol instead of morning dew. Drink like a bastard until you can't feel your legs. DC 16 Knowledge (Planes) or Knowledge (Nature) to harvest without spilling the intoxicating nectar within. Can harvest Beernuts from them for replanting

Wailing Trees - Trees that wail all day long. The instruments made from these are quite thrashy indeed. Branches make great drumsticks.

String-Vines - Hang off of Wailing Trees. Varying thicknesses for varying instruments.

Bangshrooms - Tall mushrooms that headbang around music. Dangling from the underside is countless strands of what appear to be hair.

Velvet Cacti - Located in the Desert of Scorching Hot Solos. Made of the most comfortable velvet, but contains dozens of thorns filled with speedballs. DC 30 Knowledge (Nature/Planes) to harvest speedballs from the Cacti without becoming drugged.

Kegons - Melons shaped like kegs, and can be used as such. Quite heavy. Harvested atop the Beats Mountain, can be hollowed out and turned into drums. DC 20 Knowledge (Nature/Planes) to harvest for drink.
Local Fauna

Pickbug - A flying bug that's actually a rockin' guitar pick. Requires DC 20 Handle Animal to capture. To use for rockin', DC 22 Knowledge (Planes/Nature) to harvest its tough, flexible pick body.

Buffalo Winged - Flying Buffalo Wings of varying flavors. DC 16 Survival to hunt these tasty morsels from the skies

Shiny-Headed Eagle - Majestic eagles that soar across the Desert screeching out crazy ballads. DC 18 Knowledge (Nature/Planes) to harvest the sound from the Eagles. Screeches do 1d10 Sonic Damage as a one time use like a grenade in a 50 ft radius

War Pigs - Vicious boars with bone coming out of their heads that give them the appearance of wearing army helmets. They feast solely on Cigaroots, which they will chew on the ends for days for sustenance, giving them the appearance of always smoking cigars. Jammers typically ride these beasts, and paint their 'helmets' with all sorts of war-related imagery.
File: 1352762818972.jpg-(494 KB, 750x706, 1344411503777.jpg)
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That's as far as I've gotten. If anyone uses it for any system, please let me know how it goes, I'd love to hear stories.

Until then, Rock on, /tg/.
Rock on.
I'm glad to hear that! As long as somebody uses it, I'll be satisfied.

Another example of the steaming pile of shit that is the average /tg/ user.
I love you too.
>expecting good music related stuff to be made by people.

Fuck there is more mystery in music than problably the mystery around magic in many universes.
Google brĂ¼tal legend, It's vidya, but it has roughly the same aesthetic as this
I did take some inspiration from it, admittedly. Mainly the idea of instruments being made from shit growing naturally and a lot of Rock/Metal symbolism
What sets you apart from him?

>and Suckjit
I shit you not

>Nuh-uh you argument has evolved!
>Still a steaming pile of shit along with the futa wizards, animal rapists, and little girl wannabes.

Mmm... all that steam.
Not sexualized at all and actually relevant to traditional games? Sure is shitty to have someone actually post something relevant for once.

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