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Having emerged from the conversion tank as a Superior, a step above normal humans, but still not quite a nova, we reach out for Brass´ open hand to pull ourselves out and unto our feet.

Brass: "Welcome back, Ned"

So we got 2 x "3 attribute dots" and 2 x "Mega Attribute". That's 8 Nova points. What did the other 2 go on?

I take it we went "no powers" because they're easier to add later?

And can we please not have Tom Cruise on Ned's character sheet? The man is a Grade-A1 Douchebag, who indirectly sponsors fraud, hate speech, pseudoscience, alt-med and child abuse. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Greatest Pro-Wrestling manager of all time, would be acceptable.

"Thanks, Brass. Got to say, it feels great... Maybe I didn't bulk up to your level, but my mind well and truly expanded."
>Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Alright, alright, I just liked the character, not the actor. I´ll change it hold on.

Also, I gave him a lot of ability points he didint had before, and specialties. And theres a talent that costs one nova point and is the only way to get 6 points in any one ability

Brass: "Alright, just don´t start speaking in ye olde english and we´ll remain friends, alright?"

Ami robe around your shoulders and smacks you on the cheek to welcome you back.

Ami: "Do you think you can walk, or would you like a few days to rest, Ned?"

You actually feel great, like you could just call your secretary and go right back to work
You know, the pics of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are all too old to be Ned. I guess I will just not give him a background pic?
File: 1352373587957.jpg-(338 KB, 1224x1584, Ned Salter.jpg)
338 KB
How´s this? I just went with the logo

Looks pretty good. The only alternative that comes to mind is Shia LaBeouf's character from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He's young enough, and dressed to impress.

"Why wait? There are deals to be done, plans to be made, let's go make some money!"
Mr Yakazawa tells you to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Tenkai: "I know, just the rest of the day, after such a big change? but you should be able to heal and recover much faster now. Injuries that would have crippled you for life will heal in a few months, now. Anyway, I hope to see you again soon, mister Salter"

On the way to work, you call Aritsu. She seems quite happy and a little surprised to hear your voice again, and gives you a list of messages.

Most of the messages are from your bosses wanting to know how the game is coming. A number are from OPnet shows that want to schedule Ami or Brass, and Mattel want´s to discuss "action figures" of Python and Brass, and maybe Ami once she does her debut. A japanese firm wants you to take your group over there to have ceramic figurines made out them, and Aritsu says they sent you some samples and she piled them in your office.

Now Ned is the Batman of the Business World, we're in a better position to do more negotiating for the game. Did we find a code-house willing to make our side-scrollinh Beat 'Em Up?

>Ceramic figures of Ami

I think we all know where this is going
As you arrive, Brass goes to the gym and Ami goes to check on Equitas for her dance lessons.

Aritsu welcomes you into your office and hands you a thick pile of documents. As you check them, you find a great deal of them are contract offers for your fighters, and a few are documents from the company you are working with on the game. There is also a job offer for Ami from De Vries, a company that is famous, and infamous, for acting as a temporal job agency for novas in every possible business, from getting pretty girls to act as scorts to the disgustingly wealthy, to artists whom can perform amazing pieces of nova deco, to guns-for-hire mercenaries fighting in the mud and blood of third world countries.
File: 1352376838819.jpg-(84 KB, 650x488, 289_3.jpg)
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Really? Cause I had "The Art of War" in mind for the figurines. Was thinking in 20 inches tall models with lots of detail, like the original GIJOE but with ultra fine details for Brass, Python and Ami
File: 1352376873867.jpg-(58 KB, 725x990, 10062945a5.jpg)
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I really like these guy´s work
Sounds good I guess, with Ned's business skills, they should sell well.

I was kinda hoping his Etiquette and Preform were higher, if his preform is high enough, we can also play Ned Salter the annoying manager makes his clients look cooler by comparison.
To follow up, I was thinking that since our first promo video with Brass, way back in like thread 1 or 2, we played an annoying numbers guy, who tried to keep getting brass to go toYakazawa's.

Brass then completely brushed us off to do some good ol' hard training at the ranch.

I say we keep that annoying semi-competent persona and use it during matches and the like.

We can mention the DeVries thing to Ami, not sure she'd go for it though. Not unless she has absolute control over what jobs she does.

Notify both sets of model people that we're interested, and schedule negotiations for tomorrow.

Media contracts? So long as it's not a men's mag looking to put Ami's boobs on the cover, we can negotiate with them, too.

If those are fight contracts, who's offering what?

Read the dox on the game development, then notify bosses accordingly.


Oh, I agree those models look good. I'm just saying that there's an entire subgenre of those sorts of figures with a definite Ecchi flavour
File: 1352378396912.png-(7 KB, 310x81, Jackiechanadventures_logo.png)
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Now that Ned's Business skill has peaked, I think it's also time to start on a TV show, very toyetic, something we can have a bunch of tied-in merchandie to sell.

Since the other XWF fighters have their own agenda, I say we have the show focused on who's in our stable.

Have Brass be the Vet, a cool older dude who's seen it all before, something like Commander Badass.
Python's the suave Ladies Man.
Ami as the new recruit who also serves as the reason for the other characters to explain stuff.
Ned as the annoying manager who's usually a mild hinderance and occasionally shows shocking degree of competentce in non-combat related fields when his "boys" are in trouble.

Naturally they fight a league of evil Nova's (all original characters) who're trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD or somesuch.

After every episode, have a short (1-2 mins tops) segment featuring some of the real life characters.

If the show gets popular, you can have tie-in games, figures, a movie, the works.
Well, I did leave a nova point unspent in case you guys wanted to add things here or there, but wouldnt that be a form of diplomacy or maybe carousing?

>Not unless she has absolute control over what jobs she does.
You can always say no, but then you get less job offers, and if you say no, even less, etc

>figures with a definite Ecchi flavour
She´s a gorgeous girl in a tight suit that looks painted on. They dont really need to change anything if they go that way

Also, Python and Brass had a cartoon, way back when Ami was a little girl. She would pop if you proposed to make a new one.

As far as rolls go, I think our standard tactic should be to roll Rapport as an opener, then either Biz or Diplomacy (or both) to close the deal.

In each instance, we should use our Mega Stat for an automatic success, to insulate us against a possible botch. 10d10, in theory, gives us all ten numbers on the die appearing once. That means 4 successes (10 counts double, the 1 cancels the 7) is reasonable. At that level, the difference between 4 and 6 successes (Mega Attributes being double success if rolled) is less vital than Not Getting A 1 on the Mega Dice.

Ergo, our best option, mathematically, is rolling 10d10 (or 11 if merchandising) with the autosuccess (this also partially covers us against the Dice Gods' disfavour)

Perhaps, but I'm liking our Smooth Operator thing right now. Working out of the limelight, making the deals, justasplanned.jpg

It's all very Xanatos

One Nova Point saved? Use it to give us an Attribute of 6. Either Wits or Manipulation

Powers can come later.
I'm not saying do that in *real life* just in the ring.
If half the stuff Vince McMahon the character did was real he'd probably be lynched or something.

We play Smoother Operator outside the ring, and quasi-Jerry Lewis (I think, I've never watched his movies, not being french and all)

It might also help people underestimate us if they're stupid enough to belive our persona is real.

Our only real media appearence has painted us as an annoying numbers-type I say we play that aspect for the fans, then it makes our clinets look better by "having better things to do than dealing with a suit."

(By the way, >>21484288 was me, I just forgot to input the name.)
File: 1352380092001.jpg-(41 KB, 532x800, FIG-MOE-0890_16.jpg)
41 KB
The one doesnt cancels anything in Aberrant, as far as I remember, tho. Maybe because if you get no successes and a 1, you get taint, and thats probably harsh enough already

Also remember that if you have a "quality" for an attribute, and you are rolling an ability related to that attribute in a way that used that quality, your dice "explode". Getting a 10 isint just a double or a triple, it also means you get to roll more dice

Anyway. The sculptures would be 20 inches tall. They want two sets of everyone. One in "war gear" (their XWF suits) and one in casual clothes. Each would be doing something, like Brass "charging" ahead, or Python punching with two hands and covering with the other two.

Also, now that we have max human intelligence, we should probably get a more hands-on thing going on with the videogame, I think

There is an interview offer for Python, in a hardball show. You can guess that the host will ask about how he got his boxing titles revoked when he announced he had become a nova, for example.

A children´s channel wants to interview Ami for hosting a "Sesame Street" kind of show, or at least appearing on a few episodes.

The De Vries agency wants to know if Ami would be interested in:
* Going to a ball with the prince of Bután (his position is merely symbolic, tho. The Butan royalty gave up their ruling rights a while ago already)
* Attending a relief effort for De Vries taking medicine to poor parts of Perú (Devries has a very, very bad rep, most of it well deserved so they want to cash into Ami´s amiable persona to boost theirs)
* Act as bodyguard to an arabian sheik. Some of the stipulations in the contract seem somewhat inappropriate, but the pay is really, really good.
I say if we boost an attribute, we boost Wits, it boosts our Biz AND Rapport.

That being said, the whole 'annoying suit' persona only really works if we have enough points in Preform to pull it off, also we only have 3 points in Etiquette, which I think we should specialize in Negotiation.
File: 1352380259626.jpg-(45 KB, 533x800, FIG-MOE-0890_09.jpg)
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Attributes can only get to 5 in official and splatbook ..books. The fans made a thing to let you raise a normal attribute past 5, but.. well, its fan made and I dont like it.

You can raise a normal attribute to 5, and a mega attribute can go higher, as long as it is no higher than your quantum +1, and you have the base attribute in 5.
I already gave diplomacy a 5 with a specialization in trade negotiations, tho. I thought that was pretty good.
Well if we want to boost Ami's popularity, we could do the Medicine gig, and stipulate that all of the money from the job be used to help build homes there.

Have the details "Accidently" leaked to the media, and paint Ami as one of those 'kindhearted souls', and really boost her credibility as a face.

With Ned's specialization in Positioning, I think it could go over real well.

I thought Positioning was more about knowing when to buy/sell shares?

Still, I like the medicine thing, if Ami agrees.

Interesting that they want her for Bodyguarding... They must know more about her than she's shown in the ring... Unless the stipulations are more on the Escort side of things, which is not a good idea.

Going to the ball? Maybe.

Figures deal is good, stipulation being that Ned gets complimentary copies of both sets, as well as a one-of-a-kind figure of himself, designed to fit the style of Set 2.

>Collectors will shit bricks when they find out

Should we be making some rolls to see how much money we make? I reckon our Merchandise roll is now 12d10 + 1d10 MegaWits, with exploding 10s


That is pretty damn good. Especially with exploding dice.


Oh, OK. You just mentioned it a few times, so I wondered.
Uhmm... alright, roll 12d10 for his business roll, then, with an automated success. Or roll 13d10 if you wanna roll the mega dice, instead
Oh, and you need to say if you are rolling for the sculptures, Ami´s trip to Perú, or the Ball thing.

As before, I will give you a bonus, either in exp or dice, if you writefag it
That's a diffrent specialization called Stocks & Bonds.
>Positioning (marketing)
>In marketing, positioning is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization.

>In the classic example of Avis claiming "No.2, We Try Harder," the point was to say something so shocking (it was by the standards of the day) that it cleared space in your brain and made you forget all about who was #1, rather than making some philosophical point about being "hungry" for business.

Positioning is basically building an image of something through advertising or other methods.

It's why I was so damn eager to get my hands on that specialization.
Rolled 1, 10, 3, 7, 2, 10, 2, 6, 6, 9, 3, 10, 3 = 72


I shall full-writefag Peru, but for now I'm just rolling for the figures

With quotes from the Japanese excursion

"They better leave an expansion socket ibid case I grow any more arms" - Python, on seeing preliminary designs for his figure
"Can we speed this up? I'm juggling some Sumo wrestlers later, in a promo for vitamin supplements" Brass is unimpressed by the speed of the artists
"...I have fans who cosplay as me?" Ami realises how far her popularity has come
"No fair! You can sign four times as many autographs as us!" Brass, to Python, as they get mobbed by fans
"....." - Ami observes a moment of silence as she visits the monument set up in memory of the Japanese side of the family
Rolled 9, 2, 10 = 21


You're right, that's absolutely awesome for building a brand.


Rolling the Exploded Tens
Rolled 6


And again?
Yes, you keep rolling them if you keep getting 10´s, so you got 11 successes on the sculptures, which is a fucking lot. I guess they become instant collector´s items. I dont think they will get that much money from it, but for Positioning, that was brutal.

I guess rather than a cartoon, you are also getting an anime. Hell, right now im watching a cutesy anime made only to sell figures. These figures are selling themselves like hot bread off the shelves, so I think its almost obligatory. Anyone saw Tiger & Bunny?

Anyway, that was for the sculptures. I imagine the people involved will want to try and release a second wave of sculptures SOON, and if/when either of the guys wins the Gold Division, the fans are gonna rip eachother apart to get them

You having Ami go to Perú, the ball, or the bodyguard job? (she would have to go "in uniform" to that. Personally she wants to pass on it)
With the huge success of the figurines, it only makes sense to go ahead with the peru charity event while everyone's intrest is piqued.
Strike the Earth!
btw the reason I dont think they´ll get that much money is because the uhmm.. i dont know the english word... the amount of fabricated figures? im sure theres a word for it. Anyway, it was announced as a limited edition (only about 12000, 4k each of them) so they cant just start making more all of a sudden. The fans would riot.

Im pretty sure they will make a unlimited edition later, tho, with new figures, of course. Different suits and what not.
You know, looking at Ned's sheet near the top of the thread, I notice it says
>Alliances: Friends and the XWF
With Ned's ridiculous luck, I'm both suspicious and curious what kind of hitherto-unnamed friends and allies Ned might have. This is already assuming that the alliances were listed in no particular order, and not with the most significant first.
Rolled 7, 7, 8, 3, 3, 7, 3, 1, 4, 2, 2, 1, 10 = 58


Rolling 'Positioning' instead, because this is promo stuff. Ami is using Mega Wits 5 for autosuccesses on the PR offensive, someone else can roll the rest of her dice pool.

++Except from DeVries International Press Conference, Peru++

"Ms Morgan, what made you decide to Peru?"
"There's an old axiom from back in the Pre-Nova days: 'With great power comes great responsibility'. We Novas have it within us to change the world for the better, that's why I participated in the Utopia-sponsored charity fight. It's a travesty that we still have poverty and inequality in this day and age, and we all owe it to each other, baseline or Nova, to make things better"
"Is that why you've asked DeVries to donate your fee for this to charitable projects in the area?"
"That's correct"
"But Ms Morgan, isn't it odd that the information came out the way it did?"
*Ami puts on an expression of 'aborably flustered indignation'*
"If you're talking about the leaking of the DeVries memo, well, perhaps you should take it up with them. It certainly wasn't anything to do with me! It's all a bit upsetting, really."
Rolled 3



"Speaking of DeVries, how do you feel about working for a company that supplies whores and mercenaries to the rich and powerful?"

*The room falls silent as a slightly bedraggled journalist voices an unspoken concern. DeVries' press man gestures to security to have him removed, but Ami holds up her hand*

"No, wait. He has a valid question, and I'd like to answer it."

*the security men stop*

"Yes, DeVries has an unsavoury reputation. That's no secret. However, these supplies have gone straight to those in dire need. That's a good thing, and that's what I'm here to do. Is it a PR show? Of course it is. But that doesn't make the help any less real. Could they do more? Certainly, and I would be happy to partner with them again if they did. But why would they, if all they get is abuse and cynicism?"

"Karmic balances aren't restored in a single day. But to reject a good deed outright because of bad graces is just demeaning to all parties."


"Now, if you'll excuse me, there are medicines awaiting distribution"

*Ami exits*

>Mega Dice 10! Three successes, and roll again
File: 1352386139814.jpg-(37 KB, 532x800, FIG-MOE-0890_10.jpg)
37 KB
Classmates, mostly. So I was thinking in new businessmen that did pretty well for themselves. Will be good contacts later. Not quite allies, but definitively contacts at the very least
Uhm? I thought you said you were using the mega wits as autosuccesses? anyway, that was pretty good so I´ll give you 3 extra dice to roll, tho it was already a very great success

By the time the medicine delivery is over, Ami knows spanish and is likely to get invited to various talk shows both in south and north america. Now roll Ned´s Biz of computer use to make a extended check on how the game is coming along.
I wish I had a Dat Ass picture at hand. I like that while the pose isint specially fanservicy (is not like she´s picking something up the ground without bending her knees or washing someone´s clothes or whatever) it still looks attractive and eye catching
File: 1352386704909.jpg-(35 KB, 600x600, Big-In-Japan-600x600.jpg)
35 KB

Does anyone else want to roll for getting the anime off the ground? Or shall I continue?

Of course, because of production time, we won't see the final products for a while, but the hype is definitely there.

>Pic very much related.
Rolled 3, 7, 4 = 14


Ami was using Mega Wits for autosuccesses on her PR. The roll I made was Ned's Positioning check to see how well we exploit the exposure to build her brand.
Rolled 10, 3, 7, 2, 9, 1, 1, 5, 2, 10, 10, 1 = 61

I'd like you to continue rolling, you've been getting great results.

I know it's all random chance and everything, but for some reason every roll I made is can be summed up with 'meh'

Three 10s is pretty good, if that's Ned's positioning or merchandising. And you've only rolled 12 dice, so add an extra autosucess from the Mega Wits
Alright, 8 successes is also ungodly, so her "position" as a genuinely nice old fashioned, old school girl with both fitness and brains is pretty much granite-solid by now, and she will likely get a LOT more PR requests from De Vries.

Speaking of De Vries, I just got the Elites book for aberrant. It looks interesting. Maybe later we´ll do a history about mercenary superpeople?

Riiiight, "meh". You are rolling for the videogame, right? since you got 3 tens, you need to roll 3 extra dice. Anyway, at least right now it´s 8 successes, so I think the game may go into fame as "The new, updated Double Dragon" or contra, depending. ...nah, double dragon, i sort of doubt we want Brass or Python to be associated with guns.

...and suddenly I wonder, with Mai´s mega dex 5 and her quality for dex being "flexible", if we couldnt cast her for the role of Samus in a metroid movie, or in a motion capture game, even.

Anyway, yeah, so far the game is coming along great. Maybe we should leak a level to the OPnet? or a "cellphone camera" footage of the game?
bah, forgot my captcha. Was posting in other thread
Rolled 6, 4, 3 = 13

Yeah I think we got enough successes for GOTY or something.
Rolled 8, 9, 7, 4, 10, 2, 7, 2, 2, 8, 10, 9, 9 = 87


Double Dragon? More like Guardian Heroes/River City Ransom tier!

Ned confirmed for hidden Lethal Joke Character

Rolling positioning to set the hype machine rolling.
Rolled 2, 3 = 5


>10s count double
>Mega Dice successes count double
>All hail Ned Salter, Promotional Demigod

12 successes, rolling exploders
I hate you Bishoff, why don't you roll faster, FUUUUUU-

You're now rolling every time from now on.
File: 1352389232446.jpg-(233 KB, 2431x803, Tournament week 002.jpg)
233 KB
Is a pity we werent trying to make a cyberpunk game with roleplaying elements where you can choose your enhancements one by one and where your decisions can change the course of history afterwards, you know?

Well, I think that at this point the week was so fucking good it is only fair to add 5 exp to the communal pool anyway, even without fights.

Anyway, we still have one week and then comes Brass´ next fight with... let me check. Salamander, who´s a fire creator and controller, so expect long range attacks and immolate. On the plus side, Brass has absorb to reduce energy damage from pretty much anything Salamander has, including immolate, and his resistance only makes his p- muscles stronger

I post so slow because I'm phoneposting.

I don't know why my numbers have been sky high the past couple of days... Maybe it's a karmic benefit to make up for the cancellation of my regular D&D game this week?

I just hope we don't run out of Quantum to use for absorption

I take it Immolate does automatic damage if we touch or grapple Salamander?
Rolled 7, 8, 7, 3, 2, 4, 2, 10, 9, 5, 7, 9, 4 = 77


Wait, we haven't rolled Merchandising for the Mattel action figures yet.
Rolled 10


Rolled 8


And again
Yes, It is bashing damage by energy. But is not too big a problem for Brass. He usually only attacks once or twice per turn for massive damage. The one with the problem is Python because immolate deals damage to attackers per attack. Brass should be able to soak or absorb most of it, I think

Well, now I think Mattel will want to make some Brass Reaper and Masters of the Ringverse figures/comics. If they have voice recorded, it would be brutally popular since Python´s recorded voice carries over his enhancements to popularity
File: 1352391228922.jpg-(36 KB, 430x539, The-Most-Interesting-Man-(...).jpg)
36 KB
Python: I don't always voice action figures, but when I do, I sound damn good.
Your secretary is holding her head between her hands as she sits behind a few towers of documents.

Aritsu: "I can´t believe they clogged the company OPmail. Sir, did you know the mailman says I´m "in his list" now, after making him deliver these many fan letters? and the problem is, I know the Mattel figure contracts are somewhere around here... in the piles"

Overall, it was some incredibly productive two weeks. The guys made it Big In Japan, Ami seems to have started on the right foot with De Vries, the ceramic sculptures were sold out on the first two days, and the Mattel action figures are probably going to spawn a comic or cartoon. Your guys are the peak of their popularity right now, and it looks like they could keep climbing still.

Ami: "Mister Salter, I have a complain..." -she ventures forth in one of the ocasions you stop for lunch at Mai´s- "...my... well, my ass stands out too much in the figure... both the japanese and the american"
Mai: "It´s not the figure´s fault that your thighs have such a high cut" -hands you a salat fountain way, way larger than you had thought yourself ever capable of eating before going through the process-
Ami: "Ah... well, could we get the people at Mattel to lower the cut of my thighs in future editions... it´s embarrasing"
File: 1352391498386.jpg-(116 KB, 396x554, emracool.jpg)
116 KB
I don´t always voice figures, but when I do, they sell with moms and kids alike.

Sounds good, but Ned will, as ever, want a freebie, a one-of-a-kind Ned figure in the same theme.

Basically, the idea here is that when Ned brokers all these amazing deals, he wants a memento in the form of something personalised. Like, he'd want a cel of him and the cast, drawn by the animators.

Oh, and what happened to that info that Room scraped up for us about XWF rookies who have development potential?
Uhmm... you know, usually, the XWF has talent hunters on the lookout for new novas that may shine in the XWF. You may want to hire someone for that.

Anyway, it would probably go better with your colleagues if you found your own rookies instead of taking them, but Paladin said he would love to work with you and Brass next season if possible

"Do we need to get some extra help here? I'm sure we could get you an intern or five."

"Actually, I have better idea. How about you quit XWF, and come work for me, privately, as Office Manager. We'll get some interns in to handle the legwork, you can focus on keeping it organised"

>Side-note: With all this money coming in, Ned needs to set up his own company for organising his business interests


Oh good lord.

Magic: The Hipstering
lets not ask her to quit just yet. But, we should get a talent scout, not just looking for hot prospects either, we should look for someone promising to put in the silver division. (I have a vision of our guys holding all three belts simultaneously)

While we were in Africa, we got the Room Computer to scrape some data for us about bright young up-and-comers. Plenty of scouting material there... And if we invite them to the Ranch, Mai can cast her eye over them, see who's got what it takes.
Alright going to hold on with the asking her to quit thing since someone suggested otherwise for now. And remember that while we are making the deals, the "intellectual property" and trademarks of the guys is XWF so they are the one making a shit ton of money. We are just getting very juicy incentives and % from our deals.

I honestly dont remember that. But since you were at nova central, seems doable. Lets have some time pass and maybe some of them will give you a call if you give them one first.

Ned should still set up a holding company for his interests. For when he decides to take his percentage and invest it.

You know, things like putting money into a games company, then helping that company land an XWF licensed property...
Ah, sure, that would be fine, no problem

Well, any special ideas for Brass training this last week before the fight? buy more hp (2 more) with 3 exp out of his weekly 5, or save it for something else later?
Sure, buying more HP is good. I think the two idea's for power upgrades are to get quantum weapon (oh much does that cost btw?) and grab Shapeshift for its versatility and stat bumping goodness. Oh, and who is python fighting?
Python is gonna fight Specter, which is gonna be hard because specter can become almost insubstantial while still doing (low) damage, so he´s gonna punch air a lot.
Body Shift
Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: Stamina + Body Shift
Range: Self
Duration: Maintenance
Area: N/A
Effect: Allows the nova to reshape his own body, within
physical limitations.
Multiple Actions: Yes
Description: A variant of Shapeshift, this power allows the nova to alter their physical body within certain limits.
Each success on a Stamina+ Body Shift roll allows the nova to manifest a body modification for one success each or Physical Mega-Attribute enhancement for two successes each. For body modifications or enhancements that can be taken multiple times, the number of times is limited to the nova’s dots of Body Shift.
Extras: None.

This version lets us use body mod without making the changes permanent, just so you know, its an option. As a level 2 power, it would cost 6 exp to buy, then 5/10/15/20 exp to upgrade
what powers would help Python hit him? And more importantly, does he usually start the fight off insubstantial? If he doesn't, use temporal acceleration before the fight. Then ATATATA him to death before he gets to do anything.
Quantum Weapon
Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 1
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Melee
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Maintenance
Effect: Generates a melee weapon out of Quantum
Energy. Inflicts [Quantum] + (power x 3) bashing or [Quan-tum] + (power x 2) lethal damage.
Multiple Actions: N/A

The description is really long, but basically it does your Quantum (Brass is 4 and Python´s is 6) + (How many times you have taken Quantum Weapon x 3) in bashing damage. I assume noone is thinking in doing lethal damage? As a lvl 2 power, it would cost 6 exp to take, then 5/10/15/20 exp to upgrade, and each time we upgrade it, it deals 3 more damage
Eh, it basically is just a fancy way to gain soak. Is not like he´s totally invulnerable. But he probably will start the fight like that, since Im assuming you are going to put on a show for 1 or 2 rounds first?
Notice that quantum minimum for Quantum weapon is 1, so Ned could take it, interesting enough
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Wait if it's just soak, can't Python just spam Quantum to take him out with elemental damage?
I think Spectre will find the result of his match rather... shocking!
Body Shift
>each mega attribute is two successes, limited by the number of dots you have in body shift
>can't imitate powers
>costs 6 xp
>Each mega attribute is one success, no limit on how high you can increase the attribute
>can imitate some powers, but limited by how many dots you have in shape-shift
>costs 9 xp
Err, Quantum Coversion
Yes, you are probably right. Electricity is not physical damage so it would probably ignore his intangibility, I think.
Oh, we have been at it for 8 hours, should we stop the thread here for today?

Tomorrow we´ll have the Python vs Specter fight
I can keep going.
Alright, but what´s left to do today? We already did the deals for the toys and sculptures, had the team go to japan, which doubtlessly took some time, sent ami to peru, which almost must have taken time. I think we dont have time left for anything but the fight, and at about this time everyone drops out of the thread so I think we should stop.

If you just wanna talk, my msn is maglad_at@yahoo.com and my yahoo messenger is maglad_triunfant@yahoo.com

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