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The tournament for the Gold Division title belt has already begun. Already Paladin, Wavelength, Python, Specter, Claymore and Salamander have advanced to the second round. Now it is time for the Brass Reaper v/s The Krew´s Boss, and Kali v/s Snide Bull.

In the changing room.

Python: "Want a charge, man? You can use it for the whole fight now, right? Boss is just like you, a retarded muscle head, so you can´t expect him to use any powers on you"

Python extends you his hand, crackling with electricity. He is wearing a high class italian suit, complete with a short wing hat, since tonight he is just going to watch the fights.

Right outside the changing room, as you talk with your secretary:

Aritsu: "Sir, mr Rogers, the Boss´ manager wants to know if the fight is going to be shoot the first two rounds or if they are going all out from the beginning" -your blond bombshell of a secretary is wearing her "bimbo suit" as she calls the XWF secretarial uniform, with its microskirt and ridiculously high heels, yet still manages to look serious and professional.
File: 1352198069473.jpg-(233 KB, 2431x803, Tournament week 002.jpg)
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<-- The tournament chart so far.
Brass´ updated sheet, tho all I did was to raise his absorb 2 points

"Two rounds of shoot can be done. This is a tournament match, after all. Please pass that on to Boss and his manager"

So, with Ned's absorb, he can get to Mega Strength 6 at "full blast", yes?
Not sure what you mean by full blast, but yes, he can get strength to 5 and mega strength to 6 for a entire scene. It will cost him 3 quantum points, but I think it is well worth it.

Aritsu: "Yes sir" -she steps away for a little bit to make the call.

The arena overhead is already full of the sound of thousands of fans waiting for the fight. Dozens of feet above you, their sound still reaches down all the way to where you are.

Query: Where are we with Ned's metamorphosis? The plan was to go for that after we finished training with Mai, which we've now done....
File: 1352200663662.jpg-(42 KB, 251x323, yes.jpg)
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Uhmm... we are 15 exp short still. Let´s see... if Brass wins, we will have 30 communal exp, then of we send Ami to a successful event... ooooh right, she had an excellent amount of successes in her debut in Africa, so I guess that would count as one, so thats 5 more... so we are 10 exp short... Need Brass to win then send Ami to another event to get all the required exp.

Lets say she does a event or interview on monday, we could start Ned´s transmigration on tuesday, and he would emerge ready on friday.

We'll get a softball Interview set up for Ami with our guy from N! - Talking points will be the trip to Africa, her training, what she thinks of Brass and Python's successes, and her debut (which she now knows is expected to take place first week after the title fights)

Fight time now, or are we waiting for more people to join us?
I had a power blackout, actually. Just came back. Should we wait a little bit more? meanwhile, will we accept the charge from Python or go out with out current strength?

Tempted to save that trick until we need it... As far as anyone will know, Brass doesn't have the Extended version of the power.
That is true, but I dont see a possible application for that. by the way, if we got his quantum to 6, he could take another extra for the power. It would be interesting if he could go Highlander style, and drain lightning from the electrical things around him, like the lights on top of the arena or sockets on the walls and such. After all, Highlander is the only movie where you can see how it looks like when someone levels up
I agree, besides, others might call it "cheating."
Alright, so going into the arena now? by the way, as getting some taint is sort of unavoidable in the long run when you grow powerful past a certain point, do you have any ideas on what would be interesting "aberrations" for Brass or Ami? I had already decided to give a snake-like or medusa-like appearance to Python. We have mental and physical aberrations, and some that are a little bit of a mix between them, but I think it would be better if we milk them in mostly funny or IC ways.

For example, there is a mild mental phobia for those with super strength, the "world of cardboard" situation, if you know what I mean. I was thinking that if we go with mental aberrations for Brass, we could go that way, and if we go physical, we could go with giving him a more metallic appearanca. Not sure about Ami. Was laughing a bit when I read there was an option to having "estrus" as an aberration, making her non-sexual 11 months a year and "on heat" 1 month a year.

Anyway, just going to the arena now?

Metallic appearance for Brass is good.

Not sure about estrus for Ami... Maybe her hair could actually be on fire...

Or make Ami's naivete and social-awkwardness into an actual mental issue. Anyway, to the ring!
Brass' seems good, I guess, personally I was hoping our "theme" could be good ol' fashion hard work "average joes." That could help sell the whole "If you work hard you could be just lie THEM" schtick.

Ami's ventures into creepy personally.

By the way, what time zone are you in, I'm in pacific time at it's 4am here.
File: 1352205193515.jpg-(279 KB, 679x1024, really permanently in fla(...).jpg)
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>Hair permanently on fire
That sounds annoying as fuck. Pick related
Meh, strength is strength in my opinion
File: 1352205921021.jpg-(207 KB, 500x381, flame off already you jerk.jpg)
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Rolled 8, 6, 5, 2, 6, 9, 10, 9, 4, 4, 5, 3, 3 = 74

that sounds more like making her into a retard instead of a naive and sweet girl. I dont think I could go with that

it is 9:32 am right now over here

Well, I just thought it would be a easy way to explain why she goes on vacations to somewhere desolate and private (ie with no guys) once a year.

Anyway, permanently on fire.... no. Pic related
Commentator: "And tonight we will witness a match between colossus´. On one side, the Brass Reaper, who has made a spectacular return to the spotlight this season, and on the other, the Krew´s Boss, who as always, is ready to get to work for our entertainment. I remind our audience that the stage has been built to endure even omega class attacks, but by buying your front line tickets, you release the XWF in case of any accidents."

The lights go dark and the spotlights turn on to point at the tunnel´s exit as Brass walks out, waving and greeting the fans, arms up high in a victory gesture as he makes his way to the stage

Brass: "Hello, people! Are you ready to see a slugfest? are you ready for a true fight!?"

The audience pops, greeting Brass as he calls out to them

Then, the spotlights point up, and the Krew´s Boss descends unto the ring wearing a working harness and his toolbelt, together with two more members of the Krew, that receive his tools and helmet and step down from the stage.

Boss: "Reaper, don´t think this fight is yours, man. Because I am fighting for the working man, and we, all workers everywhere, are ready to be champions!"

The crowd pops for Boss, and the fight is ready to start.
Roll 12d10 for Brass initiative. Im rolling for Boss
Rolled 3, 6, 10, 8, 2, 3, 8, 6, 1, 6, 7, 3 = 63

Your timezone's 1/2 an hour ahead? You live in Newfoundland or something?

Can we try and hit him with a tackle/headbutt combo?
Rolled 9, 3, 8, 6, 10, 8, 2, 9, 6, 6, 1, 8 = 76

File: 1352207153182.jpg-(201 KB, 500x375, flame off already.jpg)
201 KB
Rolled 10, 10, 3, 3, 9, 1, 5, 4, 2, 7, 1, 5, 4 = 64

I live in Chile, in southamerica. My entire country fits conveniently length-wise inside a single timezone, so sorry, but I dont "get" how timezones work for people from countries with more than a timezone. I have 10:00 am right now, if that helps any

The first roll was a tie, so rolling again and using the second roll to break the tie.

Also yes, you can tackle/headbutt, Roll 6d10 to see if you can reduce the multiple action penalty.
File: 1352207358366.jpg-(271 KB, 800x1199, fire off.jpg)
271 KB
Alright, Brass gets initiative. What do you want to do? and if you want to do multiple actions, roll 6d10 to try to lower the multiaction penalties
Rolled 1, 10, 2, 3, 7, 4 = 27

File: 1352207681019.jpg-(101 KB, 600x723, 1188748-storm55_super.jpg)
101 KB

★★★★ Brass´ Turn ★★★★
You passed the multiple action penalty, so what do you want to do?
Punch, (flying) kick, tackle, headbutt, shockwave, thunderclap, grab/hold? combination?

Do we roll to make the first two (worked) rounds look good, first?
Oh, right. Well, sure go ahead, its 14d10+4d10 so 18d10
Rolled 6, 6, 8, 2, 1, 6, 4, 9, 5, 2, 3, 6, 6, 8, 9, 8, 7, 2 = 98


One round
Rolled 6, 5, 10, 8, 4, 7, 5, 4 = 49

That´s pretty solid. Let me see... "human" martial arts master would at most have 8 dice for that, and Im talking bruce lee level of master.
Rolled 1, 2, 2, 4, 9, 2, 9, 8, 6, 9, 9, 4, 9, 4, 10, 9, 7, 2 = 106


Round 2
Rolled 8, 8, 3, 7, 4, 2, 5, 8 = 45

Yep, first round looks completely legit. Roll for round two. I´m rolling too

Commentator: "And the Reaper opens the fight by charging head on against the Krew´s Boss. They collide in the middle of the arena with a sound of thunder. I am sure many of the present felt that on our teeth and OW! the Boss has summoned a quantum wrench! that thing looks heavy and huge, and it´s Boss working tool when he is securing the dozen feet long screws that hold the arena in place against even the most powerful omega division attacks and... yes, he uses it to hit the Brass Reaper on the side of the head, and Brass fliess off against the ropes and Lariat! Boss is down... what a fight, and the audience roars!"
Goddamn son, that looks so real that I can see the holo-records of the fight selling out within minutes after the fight is over.

Anyway, so we get to the third round, and the real fight starts now. We had already decided that the initiative was Brass´ so what do you want to do?

Punch, kick (flying kick?), tackle, grab/hold?
I say a tackle, followed by a headbutt, leading into a submission hold next turn, I'd roll, but Bishoff is so much better at it than me.
Alright, so tackle, headbutt and a hold. Rolling it in open, hold on, rolling it

(0) : Tackle [14d10] => [3,1,1,5,6,2,3,1,6,7,5,3,3,5] result of (1) success
(0) : Block [13d10] => [8,8,1,7,2,1,10,10,3,9,9,3,3] result of (7) success

Tackle.. blocked!

(0) : Headbutt [14d10] => [9,9,7,10,4,7,2,2,2,5,8,1,10,6] result of (7) success
(0) : Block [12d10] => [4,7,5,6,9,9,2,6,7,8,3,6] result of (5) success

Headbutt successful, rolling soak and damage...

Eh, normally I roll pretty average.

How about we try using Catch Limb instead? Boss is a brawler, we don't expect him to be chucking fireballs at us...
(0) : Soak [23d10] => [6,6,1,10,8,1,9,4,10,10,1,7,9,2,5,4,4,7,1,6,10,5,1] result of (9) success
(0) : Damage [7d10] => [8,8,3,9,10,8,10] result of (6) success
Six damage on the headbutt

(0) : Hold [13d10] => [1,2,9,5,5,2,1,1,9,6,7,2,8] result of (4) success
(0) : Block [12d10] => [1,4,2,8,3,8,7,9,9,9,2,3] result of (6) success
Hold blocked!

Commentator: "And the Brass Reaper opens the third round with a charge straight ahead against the Krew´s Boss, but he´s blocked when Boss places his massive quantum wrench in front of him to use as a barrier. The Reaper smashes against him and it becomes a contest of strength! they are even, but the Reaper shows off his experience as he gives Boss a headbutt with enough strength to kill a rampaging elephant! The Reaper tries to initiate a grapple, but Boss still has enough presence of mind to push him away with his massive wrench. Boss is dazed, he can´t move while he shakes off the Reaper´s headbutt...!"

★★★★ Boss´ Turn - Dazed - Lost Turn ★★★★

★★★★ Brass´ Turn ★★★★
Tackle, punch, kick, sweep, grab, something else?
Well a clinch into a submission hold would be good against his willpower, on the other hand, Reaper's been winning a lot of his fights lately due to grapples.

A flying kick or a shockwave might be good here, since he can't really do anything about it, can get him into prone, and look reel flash, boss!
Oh, we have never used a flying kick before. You want to do it together with some other action or alone? with Brass´ multiple action penalties, he should do two actions per turn, usually. Python does 4 without penalty, Brass does 2.

Btw, I assume you guys have played other ST games? how do you handle damage in, say, Vampire? here you take the attack vs defense (dodge, parry or block) and any extra dice over the defense of the target go to damage, then you roll soak and subtract that from the damage being rolled.
We never use Flying Kick because it's the hardest move to pull off, 10+4 with +2 difficulty AND you need to make a check to avoid falling prone.

Tackle does equal damaage, gets +3 dice and has a harder to resist stance change, and makes doesn't make you roll vs prone.

Unless it gets buffed, it's pretty much stuck as "flashy move that's never going to be used"
I say let Boss come to us and use Catch Limb to counter.

If we do it right, we can use Mat Technician right after, and slap on the submission hold from there.

Use quantum to boost our dice pool on the Catch Limb evasion
Right now he's lost a turn due to headbutt, so Catch Limb's not going to do anything.

We attacked first, he was dazed and lost his action. Turn 2 now, isn't it?
Rolled 2, 6, 6, 2, 10, 9, 6, 1, 1, 4, 3, 8, 3 = 61

right. By the way, roll initiative. 14d10 in Brass´ case IIRC. Rolling for Boss

Poor flying kick, makes me so sad
Rolled 2, 6, 2, 1, 3, 3, 9, 10, 8, 8, 10, 4, 3, 7 = 76

Rolled 4, 7, 3, 7, 8, 8, 10, 2, 6, 10, 7, 7, 6 = 85

Alright, Brass gets more initiative, which is good because that way he can ready a catch limb move. Rolling it

(0) : Boss Strike [18d10] => [8,7,6,2,3,5,5,5,8,1,1,4,6,9,10,5,10,2] result of (6) success
(0) : Brass´ Block [14d10] => [2,8,9,10,8,2,7,6,8,1,9,3,9,10] result of (9) success

Success on the catch limb
Rolled 10, 6, 2, 5, 2, 3, 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 4, 2 = 54

(0) : Brass´ Brawl [13d10] => [4,8,4,2,4,9,9,2,4,9,8,10,5] result of (6) success + [4d10] => [2,4,7,3] result of (1) success
(0) : Boss Brawl [10d10] => [1,7,2,4,10,1,8,7,5,6] result of (4) success + [5d10] => [8,4,8,4,4] result of (2) success

Tie - Success for Brass --> Automatically into a Hold

Want to make it a regular hold, which only immobilizes the enemy, a choke hold, or a submission hold. The choke hold does 1 willpower damage per turn, while the submission hold forces the enemy to roll willpower and can get a instant surrender if the opponent doesnt gets at least one success. Right now Boss has Willpower 6
Rolled 1, 4, 6, 7, 5, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10, 1, 1 = 56

Commentator: "And Boss swings his wrench at the Reaper, but the Brass Reaper stops it one-handed and socks Boss in the face, making him stumble and starting a beautiful leg lock! The Reaper has Boss immobilized... which kind of hold is it, tho...!?"
Would it be possible to use the thunderclap move like this?

Obviously with less head explosion.

Chokehold to weaken

Trying to remember what we called it when we used it last...
That looks hilarious. We could just refluff the headbutt like that, I think

Also, do you want to do a regular lock, a submission lock, or a chokehold lock?
Rolled 5, 10, 3, 7, 4, 6, 3, 3, 4, 9, 9, 10, 4 = 77


Alright moving to chokehold...
(0) : Brawl [13d10] => [5,7,4,8,5,6,6,7,8,10,5,2,8] result of (6) success + [4d10] => [6,3,10,8] result of (2) success
(0) : Resistance [10d10] => [4,4,10,6,7,6,3,5,1,3] result of (2) success + [5d10] => [2,10,5,3,2] result of (1) success

Jesus, that assraped Boss´ Willpower. It went down by 5!

Commentator: "It´s a submission hold, and it looks painful. You can see Boss face go red and purple as he tries to get free from the Reaper´s Embrace!"

Roll initiative for the next round (14d10), and do you want to keep the hold, switch to a choke hold to force a willpower check (now Boss rolls just 2d10 and if he doesnt gets a success, he gives up. Continue the submission? if we deal enough damage to lower his willpower to 0, he gives up. Do something else?
Rolled 8, 5, 3, 4, 1, 5, 3, 6, 4, 1, 2, 8, 1, 3 = 54


Switch to a regular submission hold is the merciful thing to do. On the other hand, the Embrace will give us an almost-guaranteed win next turn.

Tempted to keep the choke locked on

>Note to self: Never let anyone else lock a choke onto Brass
Willpower attacks really are the best way to deal with tanks, aren´t they?
★★★★ Boss´ turn ★★★★
(0) : Brawl [10d10] => [3,8,10,1,8,8,1,7,7,2] result of (6) success + [5d10] => [8,1,4,3,10] result of (2) success (difficulty +1)
(0) : Brawl [13d10] => [1,8,6,1,6,1,5,10,9,2,8,6,6] result of (4) success + [4d10] => [5,8,1,8] result of (2) success

Boss manages to shake Brass´ off, and stands up a bit unsteady!

★★★★ Brass´ turn ★★★★
Punch, kick, shockwave... etc
I'm not to keen on how Brass keeps winning via choking, it's effective yes, but having him do it repeatedly is boring.

The reason Ami was kept as eyecandy was because she was a boring technical fighter.

Winning every fight in 5 minutes via grappling doesn't seems like it would be boring for his fans, it's not about winning, it's about winning with style.
I vote for Thunderclap followed by a head-crush(re-fluffed head-butt).
Need to have some flair in showbiz.
Sorry shockwave, had the name confused.
Try to headbutt and reaper charge, then? I think we should do various attacks and since his willpower is so low now, could probably consider it "safe" to go for a more flashy fight. If things go south, we can try to finish it with a hold. What do you think?
(0) : Shockwave [4d10] => [7,8,7,7] result of (4) success
(0) : Strength check [5d10] => [9,3,5,4,9] result of (2) success + [2d10] => [9,9] result of (2) success

4 damage, but Boss doesnt gets flown away by the shockwave

(0) : Headbutt [14d10] => [8,6,3,3,3,7,1,4,2,8,1,4,4,1] result of (3) success
(0) : Parry [14d10] => [7,5,1,4,8,3,3,7,8,8,4,6,10,3] result of (6) success

Boss blocks the headbutt with his wrench. When you use parry, if you have more successes than the attacker, you attack back for free.
To further expand, have Brass begin clapping which escalates to a shockwave, then close the distance and deliver a final clap like >>21457275
Sounds good to me, in the future however, I want Brass to buy Irresistable force, so he can Reaper Charge/Tackle his opponents out of the ring.
(0) : Brass Soak [23d10] => [2,3,1,6,10,5,1,1,2,8,10,2,3,2,5,6,10,5,6,3,1,10,2] result of (5) success
(0) : Boss Damage [6d10] => [8,1,1,9,8,4] result of (3) success

Commentator: "And the Reaper hits the stage with such strength that we can see the concrete surface ripple with waves from the impact! Boss keeps his footing, but the Reaper is already charging with his arms wide open as he tries to squish Boss head in betwe.. Boss blocks it with a powerful Wrench swing, and hits Brass on the left arm!"

Boss: "Not so fast, man"
Rolled 2, 8, 8, 10, 8, 5 = 41


Headbutt now stuns Boss for next turn, while we set up Reaper Charge

Actions will be two stiff right hands, and another headbutt.

Rolling for multitasking


Don't forget, Brass and Boss have already done 2 rounds of quite exceptional wrestling before this. All very flashy, all very worked. It's already been a show...
This sounds excellent for flair
★★★★ Boss turn ★★★★
(0) : Strike [14d10] => [4,1,3,2,3,8,10,3,5,6,2,1,4,8] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [6,5,9,1,6] result of (1) success
(0) : Strike [14d10] => [5,3,10,9,8,3,1,8,8,1,4,10,2,10] result of (7) success + [5d10] => [9,2,5,10,9] result of (3) success
(0) : Strike [13d10] => [6,8,10,3,7,8,6,1,8,8,5,1,8] result of (7) success + [5d10] => [10,1,4,7,5] result of (2) success
(0) : Strike [12d10] => [4,3,9,6,2,9,8,4,10,10,10,9] result of (7) success + [5d10] => [5,3,9,6,6] result of (1) success

(0) : Block [14d10] => [4,4,7,9,6,2,3,8,6,9,5,7,1,3] result of (5) success + [4d10] => [8,10,10,7] result of (4) success
(0) : Block [13d10] => [2,3,4,6,9,3,3,1,4,1,9,6,2] result of (2) success + [4d10] => [6,1,9,2] result of (1) success
(0) : Block [12d10] => [6,3,4,8,6,6,6,8,5,9,8,1] result of (4) success + [4d10] => [8,2,8,1] result of (2) success
(0) : Block [11d10] => [6,6,3,3,3,5,7,3,1,10,6] result of (2) success + [4d10] => [6,6,3,1] result of a (-1) botch
Boss Wrench Strikes 5/14/12/9 vs Brass´ blocks 15/4/8/2 so blocked/hit/hit/hit Rolling soak and damage... 14 damage our of Brass´ 18hp
Yeah but eventually the fans are going to realize every fight begins with an awesome fight and ends with Brass strangling the crap out of his opponent by round five.

Being the king of anticlimatic wins seems a rather dubious title.

Besisdes, Reaper Charge is his signature move, using it more often should help 'shore up the base' as it were.
Rolled 7, 1, 8, 5, 2, 5, 7, 10, 2, 7, 2, 9, 4 = 69

Commentator: "Boss is on the attack... the humanity! each of those blows could break a tank in half! The Reaper´s blood flies in wide arcs across the stage, the match could be brought to a technical halt any time!"

Ami: "H-he can´t do that!" -she cries out- "He´s using a weapon!"
Aritsu: "It is not a weapon he brought into the ring. He made it out of his own powers, so it is legal"

Roll Initiative, 14d10. Im rolling for Boss

Boss: "I don´t need no fancy locks and moves, man. I got all the technique I need right here...!" -he says while pummeling Brass with his massive quantum Wrench
Shouldn't Boss' attacks be 5/13/11/9 instead of 5/14/12/9?
You know, I just thought, couldnt Brass or Python learn Quantum Weapon? is a good way to increase your melee damage and attack, but the problem is that it only benefits your strikes.
there were some 10´s in his mega dice
Anyway, roll initiative? (14d10)
Maybe a Quantum headband might be more effective, with all the headbutts we seem to be doing.
The problem is that, like I said, the quantum weapon only helps with vanilla strikes.
Rolled 6, 9, 6, 6, 5, 3 = 35

Fuck this phoneposting bullshit. Signal keeps going, and when I come back, 5 posts...


I'd rather see that, than endure what happened in >>21457596 where Boss nearly dropped us in one go.

Now, we're going second this turn, so, we have room for another headbutt, to buy us time to start a Reaper Charge... If we want.

Still thinking of going for that submission though, we need this ended quickly.
Rolled 8, 6, 6, 9, 5, 7, 9, 1, 7, 3, 7, 5, 8, 10 = 91

Uhm? still noone has rolled Brass initiative so I guess Im rolling it. Boss got 6 successes
Yeah, hindsight is 20/20, we had almost full health and lost 3/4's of it due to a bad rolls, that does not make my statements any less valid.

Winning every fight is pointless if no one cares, Brass won his last 3ish fights in a row due to strangling.
Rolled 6, 9, 8, 5, 10, 1, 2, 4, 10, 6, 7, 6, 4, 4 = 82

Alright, 9 successes so Brass goes first
★★★★ Brass´ Turn ★★★★
Tackle, Grab/Hold, Strike, Kick, something else?
btw this is the last turn of this round, then comes a 5 minutes break and then the 4th round starts
If Bishoff agress, I say headbutt and go into a submission hold.
Five minutes? I say we have Brass exercise for 5 minutes to heal at least a little bit. One or Two hp could make the difference into the 4th round.

Brass is at what, 4-5 hp? but has his full willpower, while Boss has almost his full hp, but almost no willpower. How much damage did we do to Boss so far?
9 damage. Someone else would be 1/2 dead by now, but Boss is a tank so he probably has about as much hp as Brass. Couldnt really tell you guys the exact amount, could I?

Agreed. We need to finish this *now*

Headbutt and submission hold; Fluffwise, we're going for a "Torture Rack"


Fair point. However, the three recent matches have been against fellow tanks, and as KoaND mentioned earlier, submission is the way to sort those guys out.

Rest assured, when we come up against Python, we'll be backdropping and bodyslamming him all over the place.
Assuming you can catch him.

Alright, rolling headbutt and submission now
(0) : Headbutt [14d10] => [10,5,3,6,4,1,5,6,9,5,2,8,9,4] result of (4) success
(0) : Parry [16d10] => [8,9,4,10,7,6,7,4,6,5,9,8,5,10,4,8] result of (9) success
..blocked with the wrench, deals damage back to Brass
(0) : Soak [23d10] => [6,3,4,9,9,4,1,8,2,6,10,3,4,9,7,4,4,3,8,8,9,7,7] result of (11) success
(0) : Damage [1d10] => [3] result of a failure
No damage!
Rolling for the submission hold

Boss: "Saw it coming, Brass" -stops the headbutt with his wrench
(0) : Hold [14d10] => [1,6,7,4,8,7,4,5,8,8,9,8,4,7] result of (8) success
(0) : Parry [16d10] => [10,5,8,3,4,7,3,6,4,10,2,1,1,8,2,5] result of (5) success
(0) : Hold into submission!
Rolling for Boss attempt to escape the submission...
Rolled 4, 2, 6, 3, 5, 9, 4, 10, 7, 5, 8, 5, 9 = 77

★★★★ Boss Turn - Tries to break the hold ★★★★

(0) : Boss´ Brawl [10d10] => [6,3,6,10,10,6,2,5,1,8] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [6,8,9,2,9] result of (3) success
(0) : Brass´ Brawl [14d10] => [8,3,4,4,10,10,2,8,10,7,10,8,6,8] result of (9) success + [4d10] => [6,2,7,9] result of (2) success

The submission continues! roll initiative! (14d10)
Rolled 6, 2, 1, 3, 5, 4, 8, 2, 8, 6, 3, 6, 4, 3 = 61


Did Boss make his Willpower roll? Did we get him?
Rolled 8, 9 = 17

Cant believe I forgot, let me check. Rolling it here
Yep, two successes, he somehow makes it through and the round ends. Now we are going to round 4 after a five minutes break

Round four, turn one
★★★★ Boss´ turn ★★★★
Boss: "Here comes the wrench, Brass, here comes the pain!"

rolling the attacks
(0) : Strike [14d10] => [5,9,6,2,5,1,6,10,4,7,4,6,8,4] result of (4) success
(0) : Strike [13d10] => [8,6,8,7,1,4,9,6,8,10,10,7,10] result of (9) success
(0) : Strike [12d10] => [6,5,1,5,5,6,2,8,1,9,2,8] result of (3) success
(0) : Block [14d10] => [7,1,1,4,8,5,3,7,2,10,9,8,6,3] result of (6) success
(0) : Block [13d10] => [9,5,10,5,1,5,9,10,9,3,7,5,10] result of (7) success
(0) : Block [12d10] => [2,8,7,4,1,9,6,5,7,3,10,8] result of (6) success

One hit goes through with 2 damage spilling from attack into damage...

(0) : Soak [23d10] => [5,3,2,7,1,8,2,5,9,6,6,3,8,7,4,10,7,10,10,10,5,10,1] result of (11) success
(0) : Damage [2d10] => [4,9] result of (1) success

Only 1 damage, but now Brass is at 3 hp
That was a godly soak roll

As per >>21457812, can Brass use his Restorative Activity + Quantum Metabolism to do a workout during the break, and feel better?
>★★★★ Brass´ turn ★★★★
Strike, kick, headbutt, hold, other? Brass is at 3 hp and Boss is at 5, so some few good strikes can make it happen for either side. Hell, one strike can

OK, could we do a Headbutt style maneuver, but using Wrestling? I'm thinking of a DDT, or other drop-on-head move that would serve to daze our opponent

Also adds variety, so it looks better
Sure, then he´s at 4. I forgot my trip on the previous post
Tackle (Clothesline), then a DDT if Boss isn't down.

Followed by a flying headbutt off the turnbuckle, Benoit style.
Alright, roll 6d10 for the multiaction penalty then
Any chance we could have used the break to have python give us a charge?
Uhmm... a bit too late now. Could consider it in the future.
Rolled 3, 8, 10, 8, 1, 7 = 37


This assumes nobody has any better ideas, or wants to go for the submission again.

Spending a point of whatever to add Quantum dice to the Clothesline.
(0) : Headbutt [14d10] => [3,10,10,8,7,2,2,3,1,9,8,10,9,7] result of (9) success
(0) : Block [16d10] => [4,1,10,4,9,3,5,6,10,5,2,1,7,1,6,3] result of (4) success
(0) : Soak [23d10] => [3,7,8,1,1,5,6,6,2,7,5,9,4,9,10,9,8,5,7,8,3,8,2] result of (11) success
4 damage, and Boss is dazed
Now rolling for the DDT
(0) : Brass Brawl [13d10] => [7,5,4,6,1,10,8,8,7,8,1,5,6] result of (6) success + [4d10] => [8,7,6,5] result of (2) success
(0) : Boss Might [8d10] => [2,6,4,9,1,5,5,2] result of (1) success + [5d10] => [10,6,1,7,7] result of (3) success

(0) : Soak [23d10] => [9,1,7,5,1,2,6,2,1,6,1,3,10,7,1,6,1,4,1,8,5,10,9] result of (7) success
(0) : Endurance [8d10] => [10,9,7,1,1,5,1,4] result of (3) success
Commentator: "Boss is stunned by a massive headbutt from the Reaper, and the Brass Reaper picks him up and climbs the ropes... it´s a setup for.. yes, the Reaper is airborne... there´s a crater in the arena, Boss´ legs are standing up from the arena, and this fight is over!"
Whew, that was close
I had to look up the rules for the DDT (yes there are rules specifically for a DDT), sorry it took so long

Commentator: "And here comes out beautiful head doctor followed by her staff, and the members of the Krew that are present hurry to help dig out the Boss! the Reaper took the Boss to its concrete grave! buried him right on stage!"

A few minutes later, Ami is pouring some cool water on Brass´ head as he sits on his changing room

Brass: "Stubborn, Jesus christ that wrench.. I think he almost knocked my teeth off"
Question... Does Aberrant have any combat-valid Healing Factor powers? We're talking about Wolverine/Deadpool-level at least...

If we gave Python Quantum Weapon, could they be boxing gloves?
Yes, it does. There is healing and regeneration. But White Wolf isn't printing any more books, so there are fan made healing powers.

Maybe, but Python would loose most of his passive bonuses.
I think Brass needs hyper-speed punch. With his dice to damage, it would be absurdly deadly
What the regeneration and healing powers do is, you pay 2 quantum to activate the power, then 1 point per each hp healed. Remember normal novas can use up to 8 quantum points per turn.
Hyperspeed punch adds your mega dexterity to damage. Brass has mega dexterity 1, so ... not worth it
Any power that adds mega strength to damage?
Each point in Mega Strength gives you +1 to damage and makes up to 5 dice on a melee damage roll be auto successes, already

But yes, taking quantum weapon would add a fair amount of damage and accurary. Oddly enough its more practical for brass than for python because python has all those passive bonuses to his punches. A strike is not the same as a punch.

For example brass could summon.. I dont know, a scythe? it would use his "strike" attack roll, for a +4 to attack (but would lose his +3 wrestling bonus in that attack) and about a +8 to damage.

On the other side, each punch that python throws causes the enemy to roll to be maybe dazed with hefty penalties, and if we start taking pressure secrets, each punch could cause -2 penalties to everything on the target, which wear off at a speed of -1 per hour, so.. thats important penalties right there

No, but if we come up with ways to deal extra damage, Mega Strength automatically turns those damage dice into successes

We could give Brass a Quantum Folding Chair, for example, or do that thing with Eufiber
That would be Quantum Weapon, actually. We could take the "Armory" extra, which lets you summon whatever (nothing with mobile/complicated parts. ie cant summon a gun) instead of just one specific weapon. That way he could summon chairs, stairs, rocks, pillars, lamp posts, tables, etc

Or we could give him the "claws" powers, which is a "cheap" (being lvl 1) power, and each point in it gives us +1 melee damage. It can be fluffed anyway we want, like retreating adamantium claws (Bub!), or just a quantum field of power around his fists (i would let Python use claws with his punchesm for example) or maybe his punches just hurt that much. But yeah, the thing with mega strength is, it doesnt adds much damage, but if you add dice to damage rolls, it makes them automated successes. Things like a street lamp post, which would add +12 dice to damage, are really really good to characters with mega strength.
Well, anyway, should we stop here today? the thread always seems to slow down at this hour
I'm still around, trying to figure out more about Bomber lord than you probably want us to know. (I'm pretty sure he has "the voice" enhancement for example)
File: 1352225600450.jpg-(420 KB, 880x720, 1346282050640.jpg)
420 KB

>Absorb 5
>Suck up damage, Mega Strength 8
>Can use Statue of Liberty as a club
>Quantum weapon
>Everyone's faces when
File: 1352225708069.png-(7 KB, 310x81, Jackiechanadventures_logo.png)
7 KB
I'm still here, it's just that a good chunk of the time I'm about to suggest something, I'm already beaten to the chase, and it sounds pretty stupid of me to post just saying "I agree".

Now that Brass' and Python's careers have been revived, prehaps an animated kids show loosly based on them would be in order?
ah that reminds me to add the exp to the spreadsheet. Well, Im gonna go get something to eat, so either way, we´ll keep discussing it tomorrow
I think that those wanting to turn give Brass a "angel of death" form should buy shape-change, since it allows brass to raise attributes based off an endurance roll, and brass is very good at endurance.
I proposed Holo to just make an illusion. Anyway, I assume everyone left the thread already

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