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File: 1352111505374.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
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We are finally starting the XWF Gold Division tournament!

Commentator: "Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you just emerging from your caves now, the Extreme Warfare Federation brings you the very best in uncensored, magnificent violence between nova sapiens sapiens! Witness the next step in human evolution beating the lights out of eachother for worldwide fame and glory in pay-per-view across the world! And tonight we have a treat, as the first match of the night is between Samuel "Green Python" Rodriguez, former world champion of six different professional boxing weight divisions, and Alexander "White Mamba" Strong, former muay thai champion of the pacific and the world!"
File: 1352112686317.jpg-(466 KB, 1282x1324, Chew_009_017.jpg)
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Previous threads here
<--- cooking is fun, pic related
"Can we make this quick, Mamba? I've got a date tonight"
File: 1352113569082.jpg-(939 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-03.jpg)
939 KB
Rolled 2, 1, 6, 5, 2, 3, 3, 2, 7, 9, 10, 6, 3, 3 = 62

Mamba: "Whores don´t count, man"

(roll 16d10 for Python´s initiative)
Rolled 1, 7, 2, 9, 7, 7, 4, 3, 1, 1, 3, 5, 1, 10, 6, 6 = 73


"I don't need to pay. Unlike you, who's been paying all your life. Remind me again how many people you had to bribe to get your title shot?"
File: 1352114927151.jpg-(1.32 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-04.jpg)
1.32 MB

W. Mamba: "More like, how many people I had to break. Like I´ll break you now, Samuel" -he takes his fighting posture

********** Python´s turn **********
Punch, kick, grab (which can be turned into a hold), hyper speed punches, time accel, time deccel?

Hyperspeed Pressure Strikes with added Dex-To-Damage. Spend 2 MegaDex dice to lower the difficulty

Remind me, does Dex-to-Damage work for the whole scene, or just one set of punches
File: 1352116375241.jpg-(1.31 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-05.jpg)
1.31 MB
So fucking annoying, keeps throwing "field too long" at me so I cant post the rolls. Im just gonna post the results, I guess
One set of punches, but dont be cheap, its just 1 quantum point and python´s pool is probably the largest in the gold division

Python´s attack successes vs W Mamba´s dodge successes
11/6/12/10/1/6/7/6 vs 5/5/6/6/12/4/3/7
Mamba´s soak roll (10) success
Python´s total damage 1/1/4/2/miss/1/1/miss (9 damage)
File: 1352116751196.jpg-(843 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-06.jpg)
843 KB
Commentator: "And the Python showers its opponent with blows from every single direction! they slip past Mamba´s thight guard without him being able to do anything but barely dodge a few!"

****** Mamba´s turn ******
(0) : Clinch [13d10] => [1,8,8,5,1,5,6,10,8,9,10,7,9] result of (8) success + [6d10] => [10,8,3,10,9,3] result of (4) success
(0) : Python´s dodge [9d10] => [8,2,1,8,9,1,7,2,9] result of (5) success + [6d10] => [10,10,3,2,7,8] result of (4) success + 6 successes
(0) : 18 vs 21, Python dodges
(0) : Clinch [12d10] => [4,9,7,6,5,8,3,7,9,8,4,1] result of (6) success + [6d10] => [6,3,5,10,3,1] result of (1) success
(0) : Python´s dodge [9d10] => [2,5,8,1,2,3,6,1,6] result of (1) success + [6d10] => [3,3,2,2,9,7] result of (2) success + 6 successes
(0) : 8 vs 7 Mamba grabs him!!
(0) : Soak [12d10] => [8,9,3,10,2,8,2,5,4,10,9,4] result of (6) success
(0) : Knee Strike: 7 damage
File: 1352117166657.jpg-(1.4 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-07.jpg)
1.4 MB
Commenator: "And Mamba has managed to grab Python! this is dangerous, this is extremely dangerous!"

Mamba: "Dah! Dah! Dah!" -the kickboxer grabs Python in the famous muay thai clinch and starts showering concrete-breaking knee strikes on the boxer´s side!"

******* Python´s turn ********
You will automatically deal damage to eachother every turn until one of you "escapes" the clinch. If you decide to attack this turn instead of escaping, you will deal 1d14 damage (depending on his soak roll) and he will deal 1d15 damage (depending on Python´s soak roll). Do you want to try to escape the clinch, or hit him with 1-inch punches?

If you try to escape, you cant do anything else this turn. If you fail the escape attempt, thats your whole turn.
Actually, my bad, you CAN do other things after trying to escape, but you can only try to escape once, and it would count as a multiple action so you know, penalties.

Time accel?

Did the Pressure Strikes work or not?
File: 1352117864139.jpg-(1.22 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-08.jpg)
1.22 MB
Holy crap I was so pissed at 4chan for not letting me post the rolls that I forgot! shit let me check

(0) : Endurance [2d10] => [3,2] result of a failure + [3d10] => [5,8,5] result of (1) success
(0) : Endurance [2d10] => [5,6] result of a failure + [3d10] => [3,5,3] result of a failure
(0) : Endurance [2d10] => [1,9] result of (1) success + [3d10] => [1,5,6] result of a (-1) botch
(0) : Endurance [2d10] => [1,8] result of (1) success + [3d10] => [8,9,6] result of (2) success

Alright, totally my fault. The pressure strikes work so Mamba was dazed! nm the clinch and all that

Commentator: "Python´s strikes are sharp and blindingly fast! Mamba looks dazed, he can´t move!"

******** Mamba´s turn - Dazed - Lost Turn *********
******** Python´s turn *******
"Not so much fun on the receiving end, is it, Mamba? Looks like my Kung Fu is superior!"


No worries... Gremlins everywhere today, to the point of locking me out of posting by not providing Captcha images...

Temporal Acceleration Punches now; And if he tries to get us in a clinch, we spend Quantum to use the Automatic Dodge Successes
File: 1352118449405.jpg-(1.03 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-09.jpg)
1.03 MB
Alright, then roll 7d10. Each success is an extra action, up to 2 extra actions per turn, the whole scene.

Remember each action can be separated into different multiple actions, but cannot be used for anything other than physical attacks

Also, are you enjoying P★O★Y★O ?


Is the chef guy from >>21440237 besically the Nova Chef Guy?

Poyo is fascinating, and mildly disturbing
Rolled 4, 3, 7, 4, 1, 4, 10 = 33


>John Layman
>Shares my last name
>And there is no way I can tell if we're related because of how generic the name is
File: 1352119129589.jpg-(1021 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-10.jpg)
1021 KB
Rolled 5, 3, 10, 5, 10, 1, 3, 8, 2, 8, 5, 1, 3, 2 = 66

>basically the Nova Chef Guy?
pretty much

>fascinating, and mildly disturbing
I thought it would be funny to assume it is Mai-trained

Alright, two extra actions. This turn you already used one (in accel) so you have those two extra actions left. What do you want to do? Mamba came out of his daze just now. Either way, roll initiative for this turn. 16d10 for Python. Im rolling for Mamba
File: 1352119298693.png-(235 KB, 636x1000, JK028.png)
235 KB
How many dice would we roll for a pressure point quantum conversion hyperpunch?
File: 1352119547486.jpg-(1.13 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-11.jpg)
1.13 MB
15d10 + 6d10, so basically 21d10 for the attack, but why would you ever just throw one punch when you roll the same dice for the first four attacks?

the quantum conversion adds to damage, same as the hyperspeed punch. The attack roll stays 21d10 with or without the extras
File: 1352119666732.jpg-(1007 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-12.jpg)
1007 KB
btw, where are you reading it? reverse image search throws only untranslated results
I kinda thought the hyperspeed punch worked similar to Reaper Charge.

So we could spend 8 quantum to do 4 hyperspeed quantum conversion pressure point punches, right?
Diamond is not Crash
Mah nigga
What system are you using for this?
File: 1352120264988.jpg-(6 KB, 210x230, 1350369158636.jpg)
6 KB
Something about the works of this artist makes me feel like I am fucking gay. What is it?
No, you pay 1 quantum and it adds your mega dex (6) as extra dice to damage from punches for 1 action.

Reaper Charge you pay 1 quantum and 1 willpower, and it charges a turn, then it deals str + 4 damage that ignores soak. That´s what a smackdown does

Python´s Smackdown is described as a minigun of punches, but the description isint that important. Mechanically, it works the same. 1q + 1w + 1 turn then it does str +4 damage that ignores soak.

The problem is that when you are starting a smackdown, all you can do is defend yourself ONCE
I commented on the pic, not the comment
File: 1352120325873.png-(274 KB, 636x1000, JK032.png)
274 KB
Cooking arc is the first 4 chapters of http://www.mediafire.com/?9hjtxgdvx2xcqt5
Entire manga can be found http://www.mediafire.com/ArakiCollection#4gnihlcgwhw1p with a pastebin for everything JoJ http://pastebin.com/Zv7N4pGN
File: 1352120347155.jpg-(1.01 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-13.jpg)
1.01 MB
the ST system for the Aberrant cooks.. i mean books
Ahh, I see, I thought you had to pay 1 quantum per hyperspeed punch and one for quantum conversion for each attack.

If we have two extra actions, I say we go for one more flurry of Quantum Conversion non-pressure point punches (6 punches; 4 at normal, 2 at penalties which Multitasking will reduce), then latch on Python's Coils with our third action
File: 1352120650426.jpg-(1.16 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-14.jpg)
1.16 MB
yes, quantum conversion is 1 point for every 2 extra dice of (we said python did lightning? i forgot) damage you want to roll. Per punch. But it is stil a huge die addition

Sounds good to me. Rohan?
in http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21339435/ you said 4 dice because of his high (6) Quantum stat

That sounds good I guess, I can't really remember the downsides of using PP's, so I'll just assume there is one.
File: 1352121056486.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-15.jpg)
1.06 MB
Ah right, his high quantum gives him a free extra and I took the ability to do double the effect

Anyway his quantum pool is 36. We already used 4 points so we have 32 left. He cant use more than 8 points per turn, and this turn he already used 3 to turn on the accel time. Turning on quantum conversion would be 1 point, and doing hyperspeed punches is 1 more point, so 5 already. Can only use 3 more points this turn

Pressure Points add +2 difficulty, so you need more successes, which means less damage. And the difficulty of the the Resist Daze roll is based on damage dealt.

They seem to work best when Hyperspeed Punchan, because of Dex-to-Damage, and also fits with You're Already Dead/In Three Seconds Your Body Will Explode
Yeah, just saw that, this is a new harddrive, so I had to go and download Reader to view the PDF's, we COULD spend a Quantum to start his Theme Song right before he unleashes the special attack to add some flair, I guess, like how they do in movies.
File: 1352121401034.jpg-(944 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-16.jpg)
944 KB
so, 2 actions left. Spending 1 quantum for hyperspeed punching (which basically adds 6 dice of damage for a entire turn for 1 quantum) and maybe quantum conversion (which adds 4 dice of damage for a single punch, but can be used multiple times on the same punch)?
sure, so 1 quantum for theme song, that leaves us 2 quantum for extra damage, or 8 extra dice in the first punch, which would be good for trying to cause another daze
How about we use quantum coversion each punch instead of stacking it?
That way we don't lose 4 quantum due to one missed attack.
Ignore my previous post, can we how about we Quantum Convert the first 2 attacks?
File: 1352121950673.jpg-(868 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-17.jpg)
868 KB
rolling it
First Extra Action, 6 punches with pressure strike and hyperspeed punching.
Punching 12/16/13/12/18/8/5 vs Dodging 14/6/11/10/7/13/5/2
So a spillover of 10/2/2/5/3/3 dice to damage. With a base damage of 8 dice per punch and a soak of [17d10] => [3,9,2,5,1,5,10,3,10,7,5,1,10,2,1,4,1] result of (5) success
So really its 13/5/5/8/6/6 damage... and that´s enough to knock him out, even without using quantum conversion
File: 1352122123082.jpg-(1.21 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-18.jpg)
1.21 MB
Bah I suck cock, I meant that as dice, this is how much damage it came out as
(0) : [13d10] => [8,4,7,7,4,6,7,10,5,2,3,4,7] result of (6) success
(0) : [5d10] => [2,5,3,6,2] result of a failure
(0) : [5d10] => [7,6,5,5,2] result of (1) success
(0) : [8d10] => [7,10,10,1,4,9,4,9] result of (5) success
(0) : [6d10] => [9,2,8,5,3,7] result of (3) success
(0) : [6d10] => [1,3,6,7,9,3] result of (2) success

Which is almost enough to knock him out, but not quite enough. What do you wanna do with your second extra action?
I hope the Theme Song helped rile up the crowd, the more popular he is, the more publicity he'll add to the game.

(Should've used Irresistable force to blow him out of the ring to make it look flashier, I guess)
Sweet, I say we Irresistable Force Hyperspeed Punch him, to try and knock him out of the ring.
File: 1352122346191.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-19.jpg)
1.06 MB
That´s a very good idea. But this turn we already used our allowed quantum per turn. What do you want to do with your second extra action?
How about a tackle followed by a submission hold next turn?

Do something other than straight punching to excite the audience.

Is there a way for python to strike using his extra arms while in a grapple?
Digging that comic.
File: 1352123078888.jpg-(924 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-20.jpg)
924 KB
Rolled 1, 1, 10, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 10, 10, 2 = 106

Uhmm... Well, I think that after this fight we should very seriously consider taking pressure "secrets" (basically mods or add-ons to the pressure strike) that do other effects, like dislocating limbs to stack penalties on the target´s actions afterwards, so we can drag fights by crippling the opponent´s dice pools. That way we can do stuff like holding our hands behind our back and dodging easy attacks for a couple of turns or play with out opponent without worrying so much about a single lucky attack turning things around.

(0) : Tackle [17d10] => [5,9,4,8,10,10,6,9,10,3,5,9,4,10,3,6,1] result of (8) success + [1d10] => [8] result of (1) success
(0) : Dodge [14d10] => [9,7,1,7,2,9,1,3,1,1,10,10,6,2] result of (6) success + [5d10] => [6,3,4,8,3] result of (1) success

Commentator: "What an impressive display by the Green Python. He unleashes a lightning storm of blows unto the Mamba, who looks confused as to when his rival grew this strong! Everyone will have to step up their game in this tournament, or the Green Python is sure to grab the belt this year!"


Tackle failed. Roll 16d10 for initiative again. Rolling for Mamba
Rolled 6, 3, 6, 8, 5, 10, 9, 3, 5, 2, 8, 2, 10, 1, 6, 7 = 91

Mein gott is that 16 fucking successes?
File: 1352123542985.jpg-(1.25 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-21.jpg)
1.25 MB
nm, tackle successful. Lets see..
0) : Soak [17d10] => [5,6,4,7,9,3,1,6,4,10,8,1,5,10,10,6,7] result of (7) success
(0) : damage [6d8] => [5,2,3,6,8,6] result of (1) success

Only 1 damage, tho. That -could- have ended the fight. So now we have him grabbed. Lets see how he does trying to break free

(0) : Martial arts [11d10] => [6,5,4,9,6,9,10,5,9,7,2] result of (5) success + [6d10] => [4,5,8,9,9,2] result of (3) success
(0) : Reistance [10d10] => [3,3,5,1,4,5,3,10,7,5] result of (2) success + [5d10] => [9,9,1,9,3] result of (3) success

Commentator: "The pain of Python´s arms chocking the life out of Mamba is too much! the White Mamba taps out, the Green Python is the winner in this lightning-fast fight! this is just the semifinals and we are watching fights in THIS level already, folks! Please remember, the gift shop at the exit already has holo copies of this fight available, at just 19.99!"
White Mamba: "You... fuck... do you really think Bomber Lord will let you do as you wish?"

Commentator: "And here comes our beautiful head physician to check on the state of our fighters...!"

White Mamba: "...I hope your will is stronger than your fists, old man"

The doctor is lifted unto the ring and walks over to the two of you, checking on W Mamba´s state and declaring the fight over

Ami: "Well, that was pretty amazing, and quick"
Speaking of debilitating attacks, is there a way to use lightning quantum conversion to mess with the enemy's nervous system? Basically the same thing as pressure secrets only with lightning.

Hitting someone with a lightning punch and of them twitch or something could look great on tv.

Something like a (much) toned down version or Storm Dragon style from Jade Empire.
File: 1352124369215.jpg-(911 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-22.jpg)
911 KB
I think we could fluff the pressure secrets that way, no problem
I want to see what the others think before commiting to anything, it seems like a tossup between Kenshiro and "Don't tase me, Bro"
File: 1352125060764.jpg-(976 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-23.jpg)
976 KB
>"Don't tase me, Bro"
I laughed a little

Ami: "We still have a week until Mister Brass has his fight, do you think there is time to train a bit more still, mister Salter?"

(btw, would we bring our secretary along to the actual fights?)
I'm slightly in favor of the electric punches to be honest.
XWF is a spectator sport and you can't really go flashy with fist of the north star without doing grievous bodily harm to your opponent.
I'm guessing exploding heads do go to well with the refs.
"With Brass, there's always time for more training."

With Brass' godly work ethic, and the fact he can train in Leiu of sleep, he should be training a fuckton, does this have any mechanical benifit? I thought he might get a bonus to training XP or something.
With his build, for now 5 minutes of training have the same benefit as an hour of complete rest. Meaning he recovers 1 quantum every 5 minutes of training instead of 1 quantum every hour. He also heals while training, basically 1 point of damage every 5 minutes. Basically like Mighty Mouse

File: 1352126031957.jpg-(1.17 MB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-24.jpg)
1.17 MB
Also yeah, I am that old
Sweet, that means we basically can have Brass burn Quantum and have multiple fights per week.

Although I wouldn't have him do any fights if he has temporary Taint, it does me we can afford to not be stingy with Absorb.

It kinda makes me with Brass had a higher quantum rating and some more variety with Quantum attacks.
File: 1352126520578.jpg-(422 KB, 1280x1968, CHEW-01-27.jpg)
422 KB
Just remember willpower recovers 1 point per day, and temporal taint needs about a week to go down.

Anyway, would we bring our secretary to the fights? what do you want our people to do during the week until Brass fight?

Hey, leave MM alone!

Although in terms of crimefighting rodents, Dangermouse was always my favorite


Electropunch Pressure Strike Secrets sounds fine with me.

Literally moving with lightning speed

Pretty sure there were elemental type fighters in FotNS (been I while since I watch the OAV though)
File: 1352126768841.jpg-(233 KB, 2431x803, Tournament week 002.jpg)
233 KB
you mean the guy dressed in blue?

Bring the secretary. Have Python train in mental resistance, brass trains in extending the duration of his power boost
Yeah, Brass shouldn't fight unless he has full willpower and no taint.
I think he should bring her along, she seems pretty smart and might be able to provide some insight during the fights.
Have Brass spend the week doing some training and sparring.

We should have him look into developing quantum attacks that don't use willpower to take advantage of his quantum regeneration.

Shockwave and Thunderclap are a little to AOE for my taste, while they do have lots of flash, sometimes you just want to punch the ever-loving crap out of your opponent.

How hard would it be to raise Brass's Quantum rating?
File: 1352127313756.jpg-(668 KB, 1754x1419, Experience Costs.jpg)
668 KB
The exp cost should be here. Right now he has quantum 4. So 32 exp or 16 if we are willing to get a permanent taint point in exchange.

We need to keep majoring in Brass' Absorb. As was pointed out, if he got it high enough, for long enough, you could have a situation whereby Ami feeds him fire to power him up before a big fight.
Well, that seems fine to me. So, should we stop the thread for today, or is anything else you wanna do? Ill update brass´ sheet again with higher absorb for tomorrow. Brass vs Boss is going to be a very old school wrestling fight between two powerhouses... how come he almost always gets physical powerhouses... uhmmm i guess Paladin was more of a power user, tho

Anyway, see you tomorrow? and, I´m feeling up to doing another quest thread, maybe. Or perhaps a drawthread. Either way, I´m going to keep watching this thread so you can leave me messages here until it dissapears

I could have gone for fastforwarding to Brass' fight, but leaving it here works too
well, I wasnt sure how you guys wanted to spend his exp. Now I will raise his absorb and we can have the fight tomorrow

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