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File: 1351857043888.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
289 KB
We are Ned Salters, manager of superhuman fighters at the XWF, the extreme warfare Federation.

Having recently returned from a trip to Africa with our fighters, we found we have a brand new platinum blonde, bimbo secretary. Yet it is amazing, amazing! Turns out she is actually very competent and personable.

We go now forth in our quest for greed? power? not getting our heads smashed by people who can crush coal into diamonds barehanded? All of those things at the same time, really!
well, lets get the ball rolling
File: 1351858372335.jpg-(76 KB, 413x309, stillwaitingonop.jpg)
76 KB
Rolled 48, 93, 88, 94, 54, 33 = 410

So, no terrorists in Utopia after all.

Now we have a secretary to help us organise things, I think skipping forward to the end-of-season matches is good. OP, you'll need to explain exactly how those work.

Also, we want Ned to finish his training, and then get Upgraded at the Bio-Lab during the skip. Mega-Manipulation + Persuader extra is clearly the way to go
Alright, I´m gonna type the timeskip, then go into the title tournament, if nobody says otherwise?

Also, I can finally stream again, so to apologize for being so late, I will drawfag for you guys in between posts if you just say at the end of your posts what you would like.

Aritsu, our new secretary, soon grows into someone almost indispensable for us as she sorts out our phonecalls, crossfires the upper management and the gaming companies, appoints the biolab dates for our people, and even keeps track of their training on a general timechart to help us.

It doesn´t hurts that the "bimbo suit" how she calls her uniform, seems designed to fit her nice figure, either.

As time goes, Ami continues with her dancing lessons, growing more and more graceful whenever she isin´t running away to her sister´s ranch to wrestle with Brass or Paladin (who seems just happy to train alongside our guys, and has begun developing a crush for the tomboyish, exuberant redhead).

Brass spends most of his time between the biolabs and the ranch, mostly working on his quantum powers of resistance and absorption.

Python seems to have begun a long distance relationship with the nigerian beauty she met in Africa, Stella Ozii, tho they surprise you from time to time as they visit each other for entire weekends at the time, which means Samuel is either bringing the busty security officer to the weekend BBQ´s at Mai´s, or he´s away visiting her at Utopia´s HQ on the weekends.

Mai continues to slave drive us for training whenever we are around. We are confident that by now we are at Delta Force levels of readiness, or at least, at the level Delta Force used to be before patriotic nova replaced the elite troops.
File: 1351859579481.gif-(433 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lxapw0h4by1r9ui0bo1_500.gif)
433 KB
Mai: "C´mon Ned, give me a hundred more and I´ll throw two extra steaks on the grill for you this weekend!" -she is sitting on our heels as we lift our entire body off the floor, crouching there with as much trouble as if she was a couple of weight cuffs.
Okay, how are we supposed to play this championship tournament? I know that Brass just wants to move up to the Omega League while python wants a title shot.
File: 1351860116275.jpg-(26 KB, 485x356, opfinallydelivered.jpg)
26 KB
Rolled 59, 54, 76, 94, 14, 97 = 394

So, tell us more about the tournament
Well, if its just about moving up to Omega, Brass can simply apply for it, the doctor at the XWF checks him over and decides on go/no go for it. But if he wins the Gold belt, he can immediately challenge for the Omega belt.

If he loses that challenge, he has to relinquish the gold belt and stays in that division for another season.

For the title itself, it will be like this. Your fighters pick a number and get assigned a position within the tournament grid. Simple elimination matches every weekend, with the Omega division starting a week early, then Gold, and then two weeks after Omega, Silver. That way the champion of the upper division will always be decided before your current division, so you can decide if you want to challenge him or not.

Lets see now
Snide Bull
Black Hawk
White Mamba
So pick two numbers, one for Brass and one for Python, between 1 and 12
Actually, between 1 and 18. I need to add six more fighters. Let´s see... trying to not go with the [color] [animal] thing here. Boss, Xhaya, Dethrone, Promethean, Specter and Claymore.
Rolled 9, 1 = 10

let the rolls decide

What is Brass thinking about Gold belt? We should ask him if he's willing to take the risk or just apply normally.
Rolled 9, 13 = 22

wait, new rolls then
I think he should just apply normally. Bomber Lords work ethic is crap, so Brass should be gaining strength much faster than he is.
Rolled 6, 6 = 12

If the matches are 1 on 1, shouldn't there only be 16 fighters?
File: 1351862147164.jpg-(103 KB, 717x780, Tournament.jpg)
103 KB
Here we go, Looks like Brass vs Python will happen before the finals.

Yeah, its just 16, my bad
Rolled 2

Okay now. What do we know about their opponents?

And yeah, we need to convince Brass to apply normally, othertwise Brass vs Python is going to be messy.
I'm sort of surprised they didn't seed the tournament.
Nah, the title defenses are Omega vs Gold Challenger and Gold vs Silver Challenger

Should I move the numbers around just so Python and Brass can meet at the finals instead?
1 to 16 straight, just like that? I'd have thought you'd randomize the order a little.

Couldn't you arrange things so that
a) we don't get repeat fights with our previous opponents, and
b) in the event that neither gets eliminated, Brass and Python meet in the finals?


Reignign Champ Mamba auto-#1
Brass 2
Python 3
Equitas 4?
White Mamba is in the bracket. I vote we move the numbers around so that we have them meet in the finals. But what about the tag team belt?
Moving the numbers.
That´s a different tournament, that happens a month after this one
File: 1351863489854.jpg-(225 KB, 2431x803, Tournament.jpg)
225 KB
Alright, this is still pretty randomized but they don´t meet till the end this way, assuming they win their sides of the tourny
lets do it!
If Mamba's the current Gold Champ, shouldn't he be at the top?
File: 1351864407367.gif-(4.08 MB, 300x221, which muscles does this help.gif)
4.08 MB
I just noticed this works great because White Mamba is Python´s rival, and this way they settle things and we still get our bro vs bro match at the end, assuming everything goes well.

Alright, Paladin vs Duke, let me check what I have and add some random numbers... Winner: Paladin
Equitas vs Wavelength. Winner: Wavelenght. Tho that makes a fucking lot of sense as metal woman vs magnetism controller isint much of a fight, and the fans will ask if this wasnt seeded that way on purpose.
Kodiak v/s Specter. Winner: Specter
White Mamba v/s Python. Jesus Christ Python gets his shot at White Mamba right off the gates
I will be back in a little bit, gonna get breakfast first

Maybe in lesser, punier federations. This is the EXTREME WARFARE federation. Noone gets a free ride here

(<-- Meanwhile, in Ami´s training?)
File: 1351864650070.jpg-(28 KB, 230x409, Tonio Trussardi.jpg)
28 KB
I just find it hilarious that the current division champ can get knocked out in the prelims.

Also you mentioned in the last thread there's a nova who uses his powers to cook, does he do Italian?

Did Ami's no-compete stipulation include the Tag Belts? Or could we pair her with Python for that?
>not pairing the bros like we've been building the hype for
Why would you do that?
I can't remember if we already have Ami's contract or if we're slated to acquire it after the season's over.

If we don't already have it, I'd rather not risk it by violating the spirit of the agreement, if not the exact wording.

After the Equitas/Wavelength match, Ami comes out to check on her trainer, and all but accuses Wavelength of cheating. Lots of stuff about unsportsmanlike conduct. She says when she gets her XWF contract, she'll show him what respect is supposed to be about, because that's the Old School way
We get first bid on her contract next season.
>He looks you in the eye and tells you it was a request from both White Mamba and the Bomber Lord, the current champions of the Gold and Omega divisions, that Ami shouldn´t be allowed to fight until after the title bouts are done with this year.

>Look kid, I like your guts, so this is what we´ll do. Her contract expires after the title bouts. There only three months left until then. You get first dibs on her contract then, and then you deal with whoever the champions are at the end of the year, how´s that?"

Seems like having Ami fight is right out.

Because Brass wants to get back to Omega, and he can't compete for Gold titles there
File: 1351865399710.gif-(88 KB, 280x191, Exercise.gif)
88 KB
How did you know? (many official aberrant NPCs are "tributes" to other characters or people)

Uhmm... not really

They will meet in the final. Oh you mean the tag belt? yeah I was wondering about that too

Good point


Wavelength: "Little girl, this is my changing room. Not only is that bullshit because I didint fix who fights who, but it just makes a ton of fucking sense. I always knew I could take her if I fought her. A metal form? Seriously?"

Wavelength dries her hair off (she´s fresh from the shower)

Wavelength: "Now get the fuck out before I throw you out. This isint the ring, its a changing room, and its full of things made of metal"

(<--- meanwhile, at Mai´s place)

What we do have is a signed pre-contract agreement with Frank
File: 1351865585917.gif-(501 KB, 366x244, Ned and his dog.gif)
501 KB
We could sign him up now before he moves to Omega. We have been announcing this for months now, while he is still gold. I dont think anyone could really call foul play there. But we could make it so that the challenges happen AFTER the tag team tournament precisely so this problem doesnt arise

(<--- Meanwhile, at Mai´s place)
Actually, titanium isn't particularly magnetic, so the most Wavelength could do would be create a current in Equitas' metal form. Unless her innards are still flesh, the current would just be conducted away harmlessly, though resistance could potentially generate quite a bit of heat. If they are still flesh, there would still be a Faraday's Cage effect, though the heat to her internal organs would probably cause lethal organ failure. So I'm curious how, hypothetically, Wavelength would defeat Equitas.

So... How about, if he wins the tag titles with Python, then goes up to Omega normally, not taking a direct shot at Bomber.

He has to drop the title, leaving Python on his own... Until he can find a replacement, in the form of XWF Gold Divison rookie, Red Jane.

At the same time, Red Jane issues an open challenge to anyone who thinks she doesn't deserve her position... BAM, instant feuds with everyone. Ami proceeds to beat down all-comers while cementing her position as co-Tag Champ
Let´s not bring real world physics into a game, or so many cans of worms will open up

Ami storms out of Wavelengths changing room and goes to see how Equitas is doing.

Python: "Well, I thought they were good matches. I get my own sweet grudge match next week, right Ned?"
File: 1351866560206.jpg-(118 KB, 586x800, Tonio Trussardi figure.jpg)
118 KB
>Nova who uses powers to cook
>Italian Chef who uses powers to cook in the same arc as Rohan.

Was I *not* suppposed to make the connection?
Rolled 4

Sure, I don't see a reason not to.
We pick up Ami and Brass, and get ready for the guy´s matches.

Commentator: "And now, a fight our knowing fans have been waiting for. The White Mamba versus the Green Phyton! Both of these men were already sports stars before erupting, both have held the belt to multiple divisions, both have defeated eachother in the past. Are you ready for a Classic!?"

White Mamba walks into the arena with a white silk robe on him, and sheds it as he jumps to the ring, showing a faintly glowing body, exuding health and power, even for nova standards. He almost seems oiled, the way the light dances on his muscles as he moves.

Commentator: "And from the north tunnel, Samuel Green Python Rodriguez!"

Python walks unto the arena at the tune of his own song, swiping the air with countless jabs as he finishes his last second warm up and focusing. Bow vs Muay Thai. The sweet science versus the art of war.

White Mamba: "You are getting old, Python. Your tricks are obvious" -he says, gesturing at your extra arms

"Even if they were, you're still nowhere near good enough to stop them."

Python makes the 'belt' gesture with his lower set of arms, while maintaing a boxing guard with his upper set
Slow him down, speed us up and hit him with an absurd number or punches
I'm a bit worried, he's a highly technical fighter with godlike attributes in Speed, Power, and Toughness. Taking him out's going to be tricky, Python might have more success with using grapples or his Quantum Conversion instead of just going oraoraora on them.
File: 1351868676331.gif-(859 KB, 500x274, Im sure Brass does this w(...).gif)
859 KB
White Mamba: "You aren´t the only one with new friends and tricks, Samuel" -he seems to grow for a moment, or maybe it was just a quantum illusion

Commentator: "And here we go, the fight many of us had been waiting for, poison versus muscle and power versus power!"

((I think we should stop here and do the fight first thing monday. It is at about this time we always seem to slow down)
Just to check: Can we combine Pressure Strikes with either Time Warp or Hyperpunches?
File: 1351868847513.png-(86 KB, 359x216, Falcon_Punch_SSB.png)
86 KB
Pressure Point Quantum Conversion Hyperpunch!

I'll be around for another couple of hours, but calling it here is fine, too.

KoAND: Are you on any Daylight Saving time at the moment, or are any clock changes coming up for you? I was wondering why the threads were popping up an hour later than before (noon GMT, not 11) then I realised it was us putting our clocks back...
I'll be around too
The pressure strikes are "passive mods" to our punches. We can use them whenever we want.

On the turn we use the accel, we use one action turning it "on" then we get 2-3 more actions right away. The extra actions cant be used for powers, tho

You actually CAN do this.

I really want to leave this big fight until monday so I have the weekend to prepare for it. Also kind of wanna do a drawthread. Any requests?
File: 1351869450373.gif-(354 KB, 256x192, Tryndamere uses Mocking Shout.gif)
354 KB
No, I just overslept. Was just really really tired, and last night I slept like crap.

I have 12:11 pm right now. I usually start the threads at 7am my time (ideally)

Who was it that said was interested in maybe playing online in "real time"? I assume this would be from your house rather than a phone? did you got openrpg already?
File: 1351869551519.png-(672 KB, 1338x1099, Sunlight Yellow Overdrive.png)
672 KB
Is there a skill to make Quantum Conversion last for a single round or something? Having a character specialize in multiattacks kind of makes you want to use them.

Pic related, It's kind of what I imagine the skill to be like.
Let me check
File: 1351870099554.gif-(1.99 MB, 484x256, hats off.gif)
1.99 MB
Apparently no. It would become immolation. We could double the power on it, tho

OK, so you're 3 hours off GMT (15:30 here) Good to know, I'll start looking for the threads at 10 from now on

Waiting until Monday is fine, but I will ask you to post links to updated Character Sheets for Brass and Python ITT, so we can be clear exactly what they can do.
That'd be really good if he had a Single powerful attack.

Immolation might be better for Python, if Brass had a Higher Quantum rating, I'd reccomend him taking it for Quantum headbutt/strangling/Reaper Charge, but his Quantum score makes it less worthwhile.

It might be better using it on his special attack "Python´s Coils" since his grappling's better than Brass's (I think he focused on it alot because you can't grapple him back, well he did before joining us and going ATATATATATATA)

I guess old people are really good at strangling, or something.

Heh. Have you read CHEW? Im looking for some pages to show you
File: 1351873805319.jpg-(466 KB, 1282x1324, Chew_009_017.jpg)
466 KB
Here you go. See you monday, man

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