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File: 1351773434044.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
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As Ned Salter, manager of the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, which manages fighters with superpowers worldwide on pay-per-view, we went to Africa to organize a fight between our fighters and some of Utopia´s finest, for charity.

We were relazing by the pool, dreaming of merchandising and videogames for our fighters, when a misterious ebon beauty sent us a drink from a nearby restaurant.
Well lets go meet the lovely lady
I am secretly James Bond mode: You emerge from the pool to receive the cute waiter´s drink, the water dripping off your chiseled body as you thank the girl and slip her a tip, a smile, and your room number, then grab a fresh towel to clear off the excess water from you as not to drip all over our soon-to-be acquaintance and head over to her table to meet her. (Roll Style, 4d10)

I´m actually a businessman version: Getting out of the water and tipping the waiter, you walk over to the ebon-skinned beauty to greet her with a gentle handshake. She is dressed in a well-cut, form fitting Utopia security uniform. Her white hair is cropped short and fluffy, being at the same time boyish and coquettish. She shakes our hand and introduces herself as Stella Ozzii.

Stella: "A pleasure to meet you, mister Salter. Enjoying your visit, I hope?"
Rolled 3, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 10 = 53

Businessman, son. Better than Bond on his best day.

"Very, ma'am. It's nice to get a chance to relax."
Rolled 88, 18, 30, 100, 39, 33, 90 = 398

>Dat roll

This is what happens when you forget to turn off your dice, gentlemen. You waste the best roll of the game.
I see you rolled business already, I guess that just shows your commitment to businessman mode. Given that many successes, I believe I will have to agree.

Stella Ozii: "I am glad you are enjoying our installations." -she takes a sip from her cocktail- "This is for you. Now please tell Mai we are even, alright?"

She slips you a elegant looking package. It has the logo of a well known jewelry firm.

Stella: "And about your visit and its original purpose, is there a chance I could meet mister Rodriguez?"
Rolled 81, 22, 24, 66, 2, 94, 72 = 361

"I certainly see no reason why not. And fear not, I'll make sure this gets to Mai, along with the message."She
She gives you her phone number, and finishes her drink.

Stella Ozii: "While you are here, I recommend you ask for the Lion´s Share. It is quite popular among the baselina staff. Have a good day, mister Salter" -with that, the Utopia officer excuses herself for work, and leaves

Ami approaches

Ami: "Oh, mr Salter, I didin´t know you had such fast game." -she teases mildly as she steals your cocktail and sits with you, her dripping superhuman figure a welcome sight at your table.
I feel compelled to mention that getting involved with her probably breaks at least half of the ethics rules of the XWF.
With miss Ozii? why, she doesn´t works in the XWF with you. Or you mean Ami? you don´t have a relationship beyond friendship and business.
FFS, been looking for this thread for ages. Bastard phone interface, not reloading pages properly...

For anyone who wasn't here yesterday, Stella was someone that our friend and trainer, Mai Morgan, recommended we meet.


"Actually, that lady was a friend of your sister's. She gave me this..."

Open the package
You take a peek inside the package...

A couple of very elegant men´s cuff, each with a tiger´s eye rock in them.
File: 1351777716250.jpg-(39 KB, 448x303, These are men cuffs.jpg)
39 KB
These are men´s cuff, btw
File: 1351777776527.jpg-(26 KB, 400x267, they go like this on your(...).jpg)
26 KB
They are part of any elegan/t g/entlemen´s attire

Ami: "Those look nice. I guess you will wear them at the fight?"

"Absolutely. Though maybe we need a new suit to go with them... Didn't you say something about a shopping trip, Ms Morgan?
File: 1351778507347.jpg-(80 KB, 638x569, Men's Cufflinks.jpg)
80 KB
Ami: -nods- "I want to get some local clothes and a souvenir for Mai. Luckily we are alike. Makes it easy to buy clothes for her. Will you be getting a suit, then?"

She finishes our drink and ask for another.

Ami: "Mr Salter, is it alright if I order something to eat?"
Sure. Also, pretty sure she doesn't need our permission to eat.

She's pretty nervous right now.... And even normally, she's not a very forceful personality. A gentle naivete, an innocence, something of a Little Sister complex.

Until she gets in the ring and throws you 15 miles.
Ah, but you are charging stuff to the company´s account and she has a nova appetite.

The girl orders a large serving of every local dish the kitchen can produce. The waitress doesn´t blinks an eye, probably used to the novas way of eating.

Ami: "Oh my God this is delicious! a little bit spicy, but delicious!" -she says with a little bit of glee- "Oh, I am sorry, you don´t have to wait until I am done eating. Would you like to meet later to go shopping? or why don´t you join me and order something?"
Have the Lion's share. My Ackbar senses are tingling, but what the hell.
Ami´s eyes grow large as she sees the very colorful cocktail you get. It has bananas shaved into long thin lines to form a mane, slices of fruit and the sweet scent of fruit liquor. The liquid itself is made of three different drinks giving it a golden, orange and yellow layers over each other.

Roll Endurance (6d10)

What, aren't the UN picking up our hotel bill? We're here at the direct request of Utopia, they should be funding this.

Not our shopping, obviously, but food and drink...
Rolled 1, 1, 10, 3, 9, 10 = 34

Actually that is a good point. I guess you are right.
Be back in 15 minutes, going to get breakfast and clear my head. Goddamn assault soldier missed a shot with 98% to hit and 100% critical chance against a muton berseker RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO IT and got killed, starting a chain reaction of panic in my XCOM troops
Lucky for us, the 1´s dont cancel the 10´s in this system.

The drink is very strong, but quite tasty. You can easily see why it is the staff´s favorite.

Ami: - tries to very discreetly licks her fingers clean- "Alright, that was delicious. Meet you in half an hour to go shopping?"

Years later you will write that there is nothing boring about going out to shop for girl´s clothes with a redheaded tomboy with a inhibited personality. Either way, getting dragged around by Ami wears you out, and you collapse in bed upon arriving back at your room.

Room: "Welcome back, mister Salter. You have no new messages"

then I suppose we sleep and wait for the match?
You still have two days, tho.

Mid-morning, you wake up in a brightly lit room. You feel rested as you head to have your shower, and when you emerge, your room informs you that you have two new messages.
play them
Utopia Contact: "Mister Salter, I hope you have been enjoying your stay. Please give me a call this evening"

Samuel Rodriguez (Python): "Hey Ned, meet me and Brass for lunch! We´ll be waiting on the 19th floor. You can ask the building to locate our bracers to take you to the restaurant"

Query: Could "Doing Business" be a category of Restorative Activity, like how training counts as sleeping for Brass?
We need to get those cufflinks scanned for any potential hazardous elements. Bugs, nano-bombs, paralyzing electric booby traps, the works.

I don't trust anyone in Utopia.

I'd prefer "strenuous mental activity", which is broader and more ripe for abuse if we get the quantum rest thing.
uhmm... I dont think it could be so. It´s not a hobby (for you). By the rules, it could, tho, but I´m saying no because of common sense. I assume you are asking for when we get Ned to be a Superior?

Unless we also get the mega stamina enhancement that means you dont need to sleep or eat.

I think it´s too broad a category

Anyway, I assume you mean scan them when you get back home?

The man from Utopia wants to introduce you to the fighters your people will wrestle with for the event. Two bruisers and a very nimble martial artist, all males. A well know members of Team Tomorrow Africa, and two Utopia staff members. A security officer and a laboratory employee, both of them looking quite athletic

Panther (Dawit Getachew): "A pleasure to meet you, mister Salter" -Dawit is a very tall nigeroan young man, with a body like a sword and sorcery fantasy hero, dressed in a fine grey suit

The other fighters are Iskinder and Hagos. They all seem polite, smart, cultured, and of course, physically imposing.

Iskinder: "I was told it wouldn´t be a -real- fight, right? since it is just a charity event"

Despite the fact they came from someone who knows Mai, and who we were encouraged to make contact with?

Anyway, Ned passes the time before lunch by going through the info that Room dredged up about XWF rookies and video game companies.
That is my understanding.
Give them a look-over manually immediately, then do a more thorough search using specialized tools when we get back.

As for quantum rest, how about "strategizing" or such? It's not much more abusable than "training".

"The pleasure is all mine, and yes, it won't be a proper all-out brawl. The event is for the fans, and the money that the fans are willing to donate.
That said, if you want a fake fight to be convincing, you have to be even more careful to avoid serious injuries, and I will still need you guys to bring your A-game. Just, your entertainment A-game rather than your brawling."

Especially because it comes from someone who knows Mai and with whom we were encouraged to make contact.
Besides, I'm not going to trust that Mai is actually the one who necessarily sent the message. Why not call our cell instead of the tower? It also seems strange she had a message ready for us before we even got lodged in.

Paranoia saves lives.

"Spot on, lad. Fans get a show, everybody gets good PR, nobody gets hurt."

"Which reminds me; We'll have to schedule a meeting to sketch out the flow of the match, plan some spots, that sort of thing. I take it there's a secure conference room we could use, maybe later this afternoon? We don't want spoilers leaking out."

If it makes you feel better, we can have Ned call Mai later (depending on the time difference between the Ranch and our local time)
Sure, but what if Stella put some important shit in those cuffs? A secret encoded message or some shit.

Why on earth would she give us some cufflinks and expect any debt with Mai to be cancelled afterwards if it was just a pair of fancy cufflinks? We've got more than enough money to get some bloody cufflinks, there has to be something important about them.
I have no idea about the time difference between Ethiopia and Florida. Leave a message, I guess?

As for not calling your cellphone, at least my company doesnt covers Africa.

Dawit: "We could use the staff´s gym. We have a boxing ring, and could use it to practice and orchestrate how it is going to go, if you are fine with it."

The men seem nice, and after agreeing to meet tomorrow early in the gym, you leave to meet with Brass and Python for lunch.

Brass: "Hey Ned, didin´t see you at all yesterday"
Python: "Hey. Have a seat, order something. Do you know who we are fighting yet?"

As you explain things to them, they nod and agree. They seem satisfied with your work and ask you for the meeting/rehearsal place.

Brass: "I will tell Ami after lunch. She went to the city early, or she would be with us now"

Do you have anything you´d like to do before the fight? shopping, looking around, trying to meet with Stella again for whatever reason, look what you can find on the OPnet about the guys your people will be fighting with, calling the XWF´s HQ about your videogame idea? something else?
find out about who we are fighting. I still say we should go with the indie game first. Let the big game be done once we are higher on the totem pole.
Time difference is probably around 5-6 hours. If Mai is an early riser, we might be able to call her now, otherwise we'll do so in an hour or two


If you don't trust anyone here, who would we go to to get the cufflinks checked out?

Unless one of our guys has scanner-senses, that is.


We have the info that Room scraped for us to crunch through.

I still think investing in a small games company, creating a tech-demo, and approaching the /v/ issue from that direction is best. Don't let management get a sniff until we're ready to go, means there's less chance Flair (or someone) could cut us out of the deal.
We need to use the time as efficiently as possible. We can still do our business even though we're abroad.

Get the videogame idea to HQ, go through the data we ordered the room to collect while we were gone, etc.
No. We do the indie game first. We'll save the bigger game once we have a proof of concept and are a bigger player in the organization.
I can picture Mai enjoying having the house to herself, showing off her mad guitar skills in her underwear around the house while her dogs stare in confusion. Seriously tho, if you ask Ami she´ll tell you Mai doesn´t sleeps anyway

And yeah, where would you get the cuffs checked? will have to wait until you are back in the states

The Room´s AI has your information ready. There are various promising game developers you could contact. Once you have a solid idea and some concepts, you could speak with the people back at HQ
I never said we were going to get the bigger game first. I said the video game idea.

An idea as in a prototype.

It can always be checked manually.

If we're meant to find out why they're important, she'd have made it so we can do so without external help. If we're not meant to do so, then we'll have to wait, yes.
I vote we do the "bad enough dude" indie game. Because if we try to make an XWF fighting game currently, the fucking Bomber Lord will end up on the cover.
This is a very valid point

You get various companies lined up as possible developers. It will take a couple of weeks to speak with all of them once you get back to the states.

Looking at the cuffs, you find you can turn them on/off by pressing on the tiger eye´s gems, but you have no idea what they actually do, You just get a very light sensation that they are "on" when they are.

The meeting between your people and utopia´s goes quite well. They practice all day, leaving you free to roam around or do whatever.

Room: "You have one message"

It turns out to be a message from Stella, the attractive nubian girl you meet the day before, asking if she could meet Python today.
Well lets go meet the lovely lady

Call Python

"Hey, Sam. Got a friend of Mai's who wants a personal meet-and-greet. Think you're up to it?"
Samuel has no reason to say no. It turns out that Stella is a boxing fan as well as a nova, and it is quite clear to her that Python won his world title belts before erupting, regardless of what the media said at the time. They hit it off quite well, and you eventually excuse yourself, as it seems clear to you that you´ve become a third wheel.

The day of the fight, the Utopia event hall has been converted into an impressive arena, and the locals are flowing to fill it up quite quickly. The earnings are already starting to roll in, helping to fund a development project for cheap, accessible prosthetic eyes for the blind.

Ami: "Oh God this is real, isin´t it? I´m really going to finally go into the ring..." -the girl looks great in her wrestling eufiber suit, but she literally walks around on tiptoes as if the floor was on fire, jumpy at everything.
"Ami, this isn't your debut. Not even close. This is going to let you know how it feels to have the crowd in your hands, how to hear the cheers and exaltation of the public, and direct it however you wish.

It is going to give you a taste of total and utter control, eternal devotion from people you will never meet and who will never meet you, but it's not your debut.

No, when you finally fight in the next season, it'll be much, much bigger."
Ami looks at you with eyes like a deer in front of a truck, and nods very, very slowly. You can see she is still a bunch of nerves.

Ami: "A-alright... m-my suit isint too boring, right? is it fitting right? should i wear knee boots instead of sneakers? A lot of devas wear knee boots...!"
File: 1351789811743.jpg-(212 KB, 1160x525, would this be OP or not.jpg)
212 KB
Roll 5d10 to try to calm her down using diplomacy, unless you think you can use some other means. Don´t worry about the specific skill, just suggest something and I´ll tell you what to roll.

If you give her a good enough speech I´ll give you guys bonus dice.

<<<-- is it too strong? the standard today is so fucking weird I dont even know any more
Rolled 5, 2, 1, 10, 2 = 20

"You aren't "a lot of devas". You're Red Jane. You do what you want, when you want, for whatever damned reason you want.

That's what you want the marks to believe. And before they can believe, you have to believe it yourself."

We move to put a hand on her shoulder, before saying:
"Ami, they won't care how you look, they won't care what you're wearing, they won't care about any of that. Because what you are is a fighter. And you're going out there to fight, not to look good.

Your days of being an accessory for Kodiak's costume are over. You just have to prove you've got what it takes to kick some serious ass out there.

Are you ready to beat the ever-loving crap out of the poor sod you're going up against, and make the marks love every moment of it?"
File: 1351790431626.jpg-(137 KB, 662x447, just look at this shit.jpg)
137 KB
Rolled 3, 3 = 6

Alright, I´m rolling 2 bonus dice.

Ami: "Alright... alright! I can do this, I can do this... I can do this? I can do this!"

Brass nods towards you with a smile. Python seems in his own world as he swings punches at the shadow on the wall, focusing as usual before a fight, even if it is already prepared.

Your fighters go out to the ring...

(0) : Ami Perform: [10d10] => [5,8,8,4,4,2,10,3,10,4] result of (4) success
(0) : Brass Perform: [10d10] => [4,1,10,3,10,3,7,9,1,1] result of (4) success + [2d10] => [9,10] result of (2) success
(0) : Python Perform: [10d10] => [10,9,3,7,5,7,3,3,10,5] result of (5) success + [2d10] => [9,9] result of (2) success
Rolled 8, 9, 1, 7, 1 = 26


"You look amazing. You fight amazing. You *are* amazing. All you need to do is go out and show everybody just how amazing you are. You go out there and do what I know you can do, you'll steal the show. You've trained for this, you know the spots, you know how to work a crowd. Just nail this, and they'll be clamouring to get you into the XWF, where you belong."

"We all believe in you; Rob wouldn't have spent his time on you if you weren't worth it. So now you have the tools, and it's up to you to build your legacy, starting right here. Go kick some ass!"
Rolled 1, 10, 3, 2, 4 = 20


No, not really.

Do Ami's 10s not count double? Or explode?

>Tfw you genuinely want her to excel beyond everyone else
Rolled 5, 1, 8, 5, 9, 5 = 33

Sadly I rolled like shit on the bonus dice, but you still got more than enough successes to boost her confidence.

Now rolling for Ami´s 10´s, Brass´ 10´s, and Python´s. First 2 are Ami´s then come Brass, then Python´s

In the end, she decides to take off her sneakers and go barefoot into the ring. You find Stella dressed in a long, black negligeé dress with numerous, strategically (but seemingly randomly so) placed designs all over it under a brand new Utopia officer jacket. The effect is overall quite enticing as her generous bossom sticks out and pushes aside her shoft jacket, yet elegant looking.

Stella: "Mister Salter, good evening. Are you wearing the cuffs?"
Rolled 5, 1, 5, 3, 10, 3 = 27

Oh well, 4 successes is still very good. Come think about it, she has the maneuver to use her brawling skill to pretend fight, so she should actually roll her wrestling instead of perform for it. 4 successes isint bad, tho, far from it. Do you want to try rolling her Brawl instead, tho? its 14d10 + 5d10 so it could be spectacular
We hold up our wrists with the cufflinks in it, showing her that yes, we are indeed wearing them.

"I haven't turned it on, though."
Stella: "You must mean right now, right? I imagine you have already notice how to do so, or you wouldnt know you can. These should give you about fifteen or twenty minutes or mind shielding against telepathic attack, like Mai asked. They can´t be recharged, so be careful with when you use them, because they are much too expensive to get you another pair"
Rolled 10, 8, 10, 8, 2, 4, 8, 2, 9, 4, 3, 9, 9, 3, 7, 10, 1, 6, 1 = 114


"Telepathic attack? I wonder what Mai's up to. Regardless, there must be some reason, so thanks. I appreciate it."

Feign ignorance.

>mfw 10s count double
>mfw 11 successes, even with 1s cancelling
>mfw even the Dice Gods want Red Jane to succeed
How about instead we just say thanks.
Rolled 3, 6 = 9

Rolling for extra dice
10´s on normal dice count double. The 10 on mega dice counts triple, so she is getting 15 successes before rolling the 2 extra dice

Stella: "I see? well, let´s enjoy the show, now"

Ami puts a great show that will have the fans crying out for her to join the normal XWF rooster. After the fight, her first words, however, will be "I´m about to pee myself!" as she runs to the bathroom. Successful or not, she´s still her open, almost childishly sincere self.

Python: "That went well. Miss Ozii, a pleasure to have you with us again!" -Samuel is coming out of the showers with a towel on his waist and another hanging from his shoulders.

Brass: "I think that went quite well. We have three days before going back to the states now, right? I was thinking in camping out. Seeing Ami play with the lions when we arrived made me think about swimming with crocs and hippos, and maybe wrestling an elephant, if possible. Of course, I´ll need to borrow someone to take as many pictures as possible"

Stella: "I am afraid mister Rodriguez and I already made plans for the rest of his stay"

Python: "Ask Ned or Ami, man. Like the lady said, I´m booked already"

Brass: "Ned? how about it?"

"Pictures *and* video. We'll be a Youtube sensation... Second only to the bootleg footage of Red Jane's fight tonight."

"Stella, Who do we call about *not* getting those clips DMCA'd off the OPNet? The publicity for Red Jane will be amazing. If it's a question of rights, I'm sure an additional charitable donation could be made..."
You spend some very scary three days and night as Brass keeps going off into the middle of all sorts of wild animals and insists you get as many pictures as possible.

Samuel decides to keep to himself the story of his three remaining days in Africa, and as a gentleman, you skip on asking about it.

Ami spent the first day after the fight cloistered in her room, but eventually went out to enjoy the rest of her stay, checking the shopping floors, the pools and the historic tours around the city.

By the time you make it back to the states, you are a bundle of nerves from when a croc wandered into the tent at night.

As you arrive back at the XWF, you are surprised to find you have a new secretary. Your bosses were quite impressed with your idea of a videogame, and hired someone to help you make it happen.

Aritsu Windsong: "Mister Salter, good day"

The young woman looks like the quintessential "bimbo secretary" at first. Blonde, curvy, busty and with a short miniskirt and almost cute little jacket as uniform, but as your morning goes on and you keep getting flooded with calls, projects, requests for meetings and mails of all types, you come to appreciate her for the brain under all that feminine glory more than her curves, and realize she is actually very competent, despite wearing the XWF "bimbo suit" as she calls her uniform over a hurried lunch-while-working meeting in your office.

Want to go with a first person shooter thing? A company suggests something like an ancient game called "Oni", while others talk about traditional FPS with powers instead of guns, dancing babes and teragen "monsters" as enemies, and one is hung up with the idea of a scroll beat-em-up game
Stella: "Not my area. But I don´t think it will be a problem. Utopia wants the publicity, remember?"

>Duke Nukem
>Final Fight

Options, options... I still like the idea of an XWF simulation game, though.

Wondering... Is our secretary a secret Nova?
File: 1351795180774.png-(70 KB, 618x564, 618px-Trollface_HD.png)
70 KB

Well, not every nova is a powerhouse. Some just enjoy being "normal", you know? there is in the official setting a famous nova cook that is simply an awesome cook. Doesnt wants to join utopia, the teragen, t2m... eh, he just wants to cook

There is also a group of novas called the Daedalus Group, which are science-oriented novas that are doing INCREDIBLE discoveries without anyone, -anyone- having a clue about it simply because they are very low-key, publishing their discoveries in very specialized science magazines. Heck, right now, they already have moon bases and are exploring other solar systems looking for inhabitable worlds.
Side-scrolling beat-em-up in the style of Shank with co-op.

Python as the fragile speedster, Brass as the powerhouse who needs Python to kite shit to him.

People who like Python probably appreciate his technique and finesse which makes for very good "hardcore" gameplay, which obviously kiting and maneuvering is great for.

Brass is loved by kids and shit, they love being huge as fuck and only hitting once in a blue moon.

But, honestly, we should tell them we want a game that could just as well not have the XWF logo on it and still be great. Not good, great. We want quality, no matter what. Whatever product they can make that is the best possible game on the entire market, that's what we want.

We want Riddick/Arkham Asylum-tier gameplay, not Smackdown vs. Raw.

It doesn't have to be as BIG as Riddick/AA, but certainly as GOOD in its own genre.
XWF is a good idea. I just think we should wait until it doesn't feature Bomber Lord on the cover. No need to give that prick free publicity.
Regarding the Video Game:
Run it as an Oni homage.
Opening Sequence:
Scene: Mia's training ranch
Fighter is training on the ranch gets a call
???: Brass Teragen has teamed up with Al Queda (we need someone to provide the unpowered mooks) and Kidnapped the president! Are You a bad Enough Dude to Rescue the President?
Brass: ... I don't see how relevant my badness is to this, but Yeah I'll save him.
???: Good I'm sending you the Location of where we lost his trail, be careful
Brass: I'm on it... Who are you anyway?
???: Oh, right. Commander Keen, Homeland Security.
First fight Scene
Brass: No one told me there were ninjas!
So one vote for a side scroller beat em up, and one for an oni game

Aritsu: "Sir, I admit I don´t follow videogames, but why don´t you hire someone to come up with a story that you like, and then see which style fits better to it?" -your secretary is having chinese, deftly holding the chopsticks with one hand as she holds the phone between her chin and shoulder and the paper "jar" with her food in her other hand. Her long blonde hair falls softly behind her as she sits with her legs crossed and to a side.

You can do good SvR-style games.

But any project will be a ways down the line, plenty of time for us to do away with Bomber and reinstall Brass as XWF Omega Champ
"Story needs to be secondary to the gameplay. A good game with a mediocre story is still a good game. A terrible game with a great story won't get people to play it. It will become a cult classic, sure, but we're going for a blockbuster here.

You get good gameplay, then integrate a story that flows seamlessly within its boundaries, not the other way around.

Some tech demos to try out which is the best might be a good idea though."

I think it'd be funny if Ned still had some of those college traits of being a giant neckbeard.
>You can do good SvR-style games.
sorry what are SVR games?

Aritsu: "I´m sorry, sir. I just don´t know videogames. Still, wouldnt asking for a demo be like asking them to do a lot of work, potentially for free?"

(uhmm... which do you think would be better to represent picking a "in" game? rapport, the ability to understand other people´s feelings and desires, business to just get a good deal without so much worry about the game being fun, maybe carouse to offer the audience what they want at the risk of a poor deal? What is our objective right now?
Profit isn't the point right now. What we want to do is market penetration. It's a very basic skimming versus penetration marketing setup, and we're going with penetration.

We need to establish XWF games as being high-quality, fun as fuck games, and not just as licensed XWF games.

We want people to buy our shit even if they didn't know what XWF is. Because it's that fun.

SvR = Smackdown vs Raw, the last WWE-based game that was actually good.

I'm going to be checking out of the thread for tonight; Stuff to do. I'll see people tomorrow
Uhmm... honestly I can´t see how you could really decide on the result so early. For now just choose a company... it looks very out of your control unless you are all over the game team all the time.

I guess just pick one group and then check on them a month from now?

Aritsu: "The upper executives want to know your choice, sir" -she says as she holds the phone so she´s not heard on it- "What do you want me to tell them?"
"Ask them about whether they think a college graduate who's spent the last decade of his life playing video games extensively and has up to now shown perfect business sense is the better choice for direction of the video game, or them.

We've got this under control."
Aritsu: "Should I really say that to them?" -gives you a friendly, complicity look. As you give her a look back, she tells them that you already have things well at hand and that you expect to review some demos in two months, then hangs the phone.

Aritsu: "You said you wanted a technical demo in a month, right? that should give us a safe margin of error, I hope"

You spend the rest of the day just as busy.

Meanwhile, what do you want your fighters to be doing? Brass is relaxing on the gym, Ami is at her dance lessons, tho now she doesnt whines about them, and Python is practicing muai thay at Mai´s

Want to skip forward a month?
Fine by me.

What do you other guys think?
File: 1351799963732.jpg-(241 KB, 650x541, I would vote for Brass fo(...).jpg)
241 KB
Personally I think everyone else left already. They usually do about this time, man. Should we stop here for today and continue tomorrow?
Sound good.
Okay, saving the thread. See you tomorrow, man

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