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We are Ned Salter, young, ambitious, and recently graduated from business school. Having landed a job as a manager in the XWF (Extreme Warfare Federation. A fighting league for super human beings), our first client was Mr. Rob Wolfside, aka The Brass Reaper, an aged, former champ currently consumed by his drug problems and low self-image issues. We took Brass and put him through an intensive detox and workout program, getting him back on his feet and cleaned up.

We have helped Brass and our other fighters get over all kinds of issues, and helped them organize themselves with a proper training schedule, increasing their martial ability and their nova powers.

Now, we have been invited to Ethiopia, to the HQ of project Utopia, for some exhibition matches for charity. Having just landed, we are already having trouble convincing our rookie to take it easy. It is a charity fight, so it will be an arranged one to keep anyone from getting hurt for free.
Previous threads here
I´m going to be looking at the thread while having breakfast.

Ami: "I can´t lose this!" -she sounds halfway between angry and desperate- "It will be my first fight with an audience!"

The airport is the most modern in the world, made of brand new super materials that look almost organic, but for their obviously mineral composition. You could almost say the concrete and steel grew into the building.

It was obviously designed by a genius architect, and despite its enormous size, you can easily see everywhere around you. The roof, high overhead, arcs up into a wide open space and seems to channel the bright outside light without letting the heat or humidity in.

The airport staff is polite and helpful, which by itself is already a shock for those in your group used to dealing with such places.
Ethiopia feels greatly blessed by housing project Utopia. Not only was it their first and one of their most well-know projects to turn their arid, cruel land into the new, lush bread-basket of Africa, but when they settled their HQ there, with the full blessing of the Ethiopian government (the people would have rioted if they refused), they also began afecting their immediate countryside and the nearby capital, using it as a testing ground for some of their most beneficial developments. Before AIDS ceased to exist worldwide, it was healed in Ethiopia first. So it was with cancer, leukemia, malaria and countless other diseases that had caused humanity endless suffering, be they old or new diseases.

The fact they also hired and trained the locals to work the medicine labs and factories was also a huge boon to the local economy. Schools, universities, fair wages, the best hospitals in the world, can all be found in Adis Abeba (Ethiopia´s capital) now, just under an hour away from project Utopia´s archology itself, if you go there on board the world´s fastest, most efficient mass transport in the modern world.
"Ami, calm down. First, nobody's losing, they've agreed to the 3-on-3 draw. Second, you need to stay calm and professional. As of right now, you're in character as Red Jane, no-nonsense, kick-ass fighter, trained by some of the best in the business, ready to take Gold Division by storm. You're not going to fret about losing, because you're too good. Got it?"

OOC: The Utopia PR man *did* agree, didn't he?
He doesnt really seems to care. Is just about getting pay per view money for charity and getting utopia more face time on the news. Public opinion is starting to go against them because they feel they are too intimidating, "too big". Sort of "what have you done for me lately?"

You could just talk to the Utopia people and have the fight still be a shoot, but maybe Ami could win it, I guess.

Ami: "A-alright..." -she can smash tanks into beach ball size with her hands, but right now she just looks like a very normal, very nervous young woman

No, we want to keep it worked; Maximum spectacle, minimum risk. Like I said last thread, if it's a tag match, it could last for 90 minutes easy, without a winner. Time Limit Draw saves face for everyone, and the viewers get an hour and a half of extreme combat action.
He has of course agreeing on shooting the fight, but hadnt discussed any specifics about it yet.

Oh, alright
A guide approaches your group. Its a good-looking young man dressed in a white and black suit, with the Utopia logo in his breast pocket.

Guide: "Welcome to Ethiopia. You are the XWF group, correct?" -he shakes your hands in a friendly manner- "I am Kazzim, I will be your guide in town if you wish to sight see before going to the arcology, or I can help you take you there right away if you wish.

All around, people move without bothering you. Brass seems quite happy with it, used to fans as he is back home.

"I could go for a bit of a sightsee. What do you guys think? Want to check it out, or just relax for a bit?"
Python: "Well, I was worried you may be tired from the trip, but if you are feeling alright, Ned, I´d like to go sightseeing for a bit"

Ami: "Oooh, I could get something local for Mai, maybe some dresses?"

Brass: "I... don´t think spending the evening buying clothes was what Kazzim had in mind when he mentioned sightseeing, Ami"

Kazzim: "I was indeed planning in taking you on a tour of the city and then maybe the wildland reservation around Utopia HQ itself before going to the arcology itself. But I can certainly show you at least how to at least reach the shopping centers, miss"

Ami: "Alright, that will be good enough, I guess. We will have some time before or after the fight, right Ned?"

Since the fight is on 3 days, there should be enough time. You can also take a few days before going back to the states.

"Plenty of time for all that, Ami. We can make extra time if we need to; This is, after all, more or less a holiday!"

Of course, that doesn't mean Ned won't be on the lookout for business opportunities...
Kazzim proudly shows you around his town. Most of the buildings are new, barely a decade old, meshing together harmoniously thanks to inspired nova architecture and street planning. There are plenty of (ecologically friendly) cars on the streets, but despite it, there is no "traffic" as we understand it.

The streets are clean, but the weather is, for now, beyond even the geniuses at Utopia to control (constantly) so whenever you are out on the streets, you suffer the full blast of the african heat.

People are a curious mix of traditional and modern clothes, with most women wearing colorful long dresses stamped with traditional designs, yet cut and modeled according to the latest fashions.

There are few old buildings left, but those have been repaired to fully reflect their best moments, such as the government palace or the old library, which have been given large green areas around their edges, so that the gardens exalt their traditional looks, rather than have them compete with the newer buildings.

Once you are done sightseeing, Kazzim leads you through the -newly reinvigorated- savanna, dotted as it is with patches of trees and grassland. The animals are every bit as majestic as you dreamed of as a child, and Ami can´t help but to beg her guide to stop the car so she can hug-wrestle a lion until she can tummy rub it.

The great cat is of course not happy or willing to comply with it, but it doesn´t seems to make a difference as the redhead eventually gets away with it, and the lion lays down resigned as this strange little thing rubs its rummy (and of course gets you to take plenty of pictures as souvenir)

Kazzim: "Miss, if you are quite done, we should get going. It isin´t good to get the animals used to people."

Ami: "Right, sorry. Couldn´t resist"

The arcology itself is a mile-high building that raises off the landscape like a man-made mountain. About three hundred thousand people live there right now, but it could house five times as many without issues. The building, of course, was designed to harmonize with the area around it, and despite its magnificence, you can´t help but feel "of course it should be there" when you look at it.

Hundreds of floors tall, the building uses geomagnetic plants to generate all of its power needs, and you can see lush plants and trees standing up and spilling out of its massive balconies (which turn out to be park sized once you are there)

Kazzim: "This is it, project Utopia. If those of you quantum touched wish it, you could go to an MR clinic at any time while you are here. We have plenty of amenities inside the building itself, and I am sure miss Morgan will be able to find a souvenir, or anything else, in its commercial floors."

As the vehicle gets closer, you can get a true impression of the building´s size. Man-made mountain is about right.

Kazzim: "We truly hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, and please have these" -he hands you some bracelets- "If you get lost, press the small green button and the building´s system will help you find your way wherever you wish to go"
Now that you are at the building itself, do you want to check your room, look around, change clothes and go to the pool, talk business right away, or do something else?

Ami is going to the pool

Python is checking the MR clinic to see how it compares to Yakazawa Biolabs back home

Brass is going to his room

Check out the room first, see if we have any messages, then go for a swim and a workout. We need to keep working on Ned's physique, otherwise Ami's hard work will be wasted.

I meant Mai

You mean Mai´s work. Now that I think about it, since Ned´s physical stats are all at 3 now, I guess I should give him an appearance of 3 too. You know, good looking athletic body with noticeable abs and all that. A commando´s body after all

Your room is quite spacious, and has a magnificent view of the savanna, stretching for miles (you in the floor 25, room C-47) as far as you can see. There is a slightly raised platform on the side of the room, where your bed is (a large king size bed), and it has its own living room with entertainment center.

The bath is as big as you expected, of course, with a tub large enough for three people.

Your room greets you as you come in, and tells you to simply call it "room" whenever you want to speak to it. It speaks from the entertainment system speakers with a friendly female voice.

Room: "Well come mister Salter. The temperature is... -it gives you some info about the weather now and tomorrow- .You have 2 messages, would you like to hear them now?"
"Play 'em room."

"Messages, please, Room"
Room: Message one
Utopia Agent: "Mister Salter, I hope you are enjoying your stay. Please give me a call if you need anything."

Room: Message two
Mai: "Ned? while you are over there, please greet my friend, Stella Oizzi, from Utopia´s security staff. Her number is 95 273 273 282. She should give you a call soon, either way"

Room: You have no new messages. Have a nice day

Check the numbers. Did the first message come from the number Mai gave us in the second?
No, it came from her house phone. The other line is for emergencies only

No, I mean "did the message from the nameless agent come from the number Mai gave us for her friend Stella?"
Is there a XWF video game licensed out there?
I doubt it very much. Also, Hi man
No is not the same person. The person negotiating with you its someone they have to do PR or maybe a low-level executive. Stella is a security staff in Utopia HQ

While we are on the topic, would you like to have some adventures fighting terrorists attacking utopia?, or just stick to slice-of-life and wrestling?
>I doubt it

Well, get to work on licensing it. Have a chat with Flair and let's get to work. We can earn some mad dosh if we get him to outsource the production to us. We'll, of course, get a good, flashy game dev on the job.

We need to put some more plans into motion. Managing wrestlers is what a mediocre manager does. Managing them well is what a decent one does. Controlling the market, that's what a great one does.

We also need to create a separate team where we can put rookies, which we will recruit ASAP from the Silver division, so they can be in our stable without sullying the Old School brand if they end up being shit.

We've got rudimentary combat training now. We should monitor newbies in the different divisions to see if there's improvements that can be made in their training, have a look at their schedules (if we don't have access, we need to get the XWF gym managers into our pocket), then see if we can optimize. We'll offer to buy the wrestlers off their former managers for a decent amount of money, and get a good turnover by directly controlling their training.

We might even get some quantum rebates (no pun intended) if we have enough wrestlers at the Biolabs.

As for the terrorists:

Why do you think I wanted Ned to get commando training?

Only Nova Terrorists would be stupid enough to attack Utopia, surely?

In which case, not a lot Ned can do until he gets Mega-Manipulation and the Persuader enchancement

Still, could be fun!
I still think Ned should get a way to disable quantum.

Best power would be the absorption of quantum, though. We know that novas can uplift baselines using their own quantum, with mega intelligence, Ned might be able to find a way to forcibly take that quantum.

It would be very useful against the Teragen when they, inevitably, try to destroy the XWF.

You forgot "Controlling the champions in multiple divisions" as a top manager trick.

I'd imagine that, in this world, video games are holographic-interface at worst, and full-on VR at best. A game would be a superb licencing opportunity... The hard part will be convincing Flair to give Ned a slice of the action. We need a codehouse to present a tech-demo, potentially modelled off Brass
Well, terrorists dont have to be smart, See: Suicide bombers.

But yeah, I was thinking, to have the novas fight other novas, but not you gave me a great idea for some Die Hard hostage situations with Ned saving the day before the novas even realize something happened somewhere on the building

I imagine handheld consoles would be holographic games.

>MFW holo-pokemon still looks like the shitty pokemon stadium games

Oh you still havent told me what you guys want to do right now. Pool? There´s like twenty pools in the building

As mentioned previously, the dice pools required to do that sort of thing reliably are fairly beyond Ned at this stage, because even if he goes Superior, his Quantum is forever low, and he couldn't make the successes needed.

Great idea, but unfortunately unworkable, it seems
Single player campaign mode, with Python and Brass both featured, as separate paths.

One of the secret unlockable fighters is Red Jane (Ami).

"Room, record every fight any XWF wrestler with less than five matches behind him does, and dig up some info on indie developers on obscure video game websites who've been making a splash. I'm going for a swim, and will review the data when I return."

Beach episode? Except with a guy, this time?
His quantum would be 2, no?

That's not THAT low, and if we use mega intelligence to develop a way to absorb quantum, we might be able to effect a change.

You're thinking too small, man.

I say we go to whichever pool Ami is at. Make sure the nerves aren't hitting too hard
Well, you could ask your room to locate where Ami went to if you want cheesecake -shrugs-

be right back
What? Hell no, no cheesecake, it was a joke. Also it was supposed to be beefcake.

You know, while on the porcelain throne, I thought:

It would be hilarious to get Team Ninja on development. The physic-- how do physics work for super strong combatants? I mean, even if you weight 120 kilos, at some point, punching with enough strength to uproot the statue of liberty must mean you are lifted off the ground by your own punch and you sink your target in the ground, no?

Would trained mega strong fighters therefore try to duck slightly to punch upwards? thus supporting themselves on the ground when they punch?

The core rulebook has a couple of suggestions for alternative rules mentioning how a super strong combatant can send his/her opponents flying

I meant Ami in a swimsuit. I can see her either wearing something scandalously small (the future by 20 years, and swimsuits do seem to get smaller as time goes) or a very pure-looking one piece

You locate Ami easily enough thanks to her bracelet, and meet her in one of the pools. The girl is wearing [swimsuit/clothes undecided] while sipping a fruit cocktail and sitting at the pool´s edge, wearing a large, white grass hat.

The pool has about two dozen people, but it´s of such size that it looks quite empty. There are green areas around it, and you can see a small restaurant nearby.
File: 1351695131355.jpg-(36 KB, 500x375, bad enough dude.jpg)
36 KB
I was thinking of a First-Person Final Fight game, with Brass being power, Python being speed, and Ami being balanced, but that kind of game might be a little dated.

The cover, naturally, will be of Brass suplexing a shark.

Pic related, it'd kind of what I figured the plot would be.
Also, I think making Ami a secret character was genius. Is a good way to get her fans even before she fights for real in the XWF, and even some buildup as the fans argue if she really is that good

Also a secret character, Ned, wearing a prototype armor and guns, if we make a shooting game, or just a prototype armor like the cargo lifter from Alien II if we make it a wrestling game


But I reckon a game more in the style of WWF/E franchise would be best. Full-on metahuman fights, with suitable branching story mode.

When we get to the pool, Ned waves to Ami before diving in and swimming a few lengths.
Personally, I'm against making the game *too* big or complex, it's going to be our first game, and while we'll have fans who'll buy the games, we should try to present ourselves as someone who makes good games that are licensed, rather than licensed games.

Once we have established a good reputation for games, then we move on to bigger projects.

Hopefully it'll be more The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and less Black & White or Daikatana.

I'm not saying make a BAD game, but since it's our first time, and our budget's realitively small, we focus on making a smaller game that's incredibly polished, rather than a large game that could be potentially mediocre.
Naturally, but secret characters and easter eggs are staples of Wrestling games and a subtle way to introduce big guns.
Focusing on just the profit is rather short-term if we indeed decide to foray into the video game market, if we do decide to go ahead and make a shorter game, I suggest we also lower the price to compensate. That way people won't complain about the game being to short, and we'll increase sales, and the people's reaction to it.

Rather than focusing on the profit, our goal should be to establish ourselves with a reputation for making good games, and to increase our audience and raise awareness.

If we make a game good enough, we can even convert some people into XWF fans, kind of how like Top Gun was perhaps the Navy's greatest advertisement, the game could increase audience attendance, and thus make the pots for the fights larger, and help set up an even bigger market for any sequel games.

"It's only $30" could get a great deal more exposure, and could do wonders for our plublicity.
Oh yeah, of course, I just didn't want this to be like a game developed by Peter Molyneux or like how Spore turned out.
Well, I guess we should now roll business to see how we do on the contracts for the videogame. Roll 6d10, or 7d10 if you can find a way to use marketing (I think it was marketing, IIRC?) with it

Ami turns out to swim like the most graceful brick in the world, but since she can hold her breath forever, it doesnt seems to bother her.

Ami: -once she reaches the edge of the pool again, so she can hold her head above water- "Mister Salter, do you think I can take the day off? I want to go looking for a gift for Mai later."
Oh God Spore... I had such high hopes...

Guys, a friend just dropped by to visit. I´m gonna have to end the thread here. I´ll see you tomorrow at the usual time, okay?
Ah, nm, we can keep posting. Anyway, roll for business, I guess (6d10 or 7d10 if we can use our specialty for it)
Rolled 5, 5, 6, 3, 3, 1, 1 = 24

Oh god, I've'n't rolled dice in so long, because I'm afraid I'll ruin stuff, and my last couple of rolls were mediocre (4-6 on a d10)

Unveil the plans for the game during the charity event fight, infront of the world on PPV, I guess.

(I guess it's a little late in asking if making a smaller, more polished game would give us a boost to our roll?
That's it, I quit rolling FOREVER.
WAIT WAIT those were fucking d6's? that's actually a pretty damn good roll on a d6....
Rolled 10, 5, 6, 5, 4, 4, 9 = 43

d10's now
My friend and I were aready going like "oh shit nigga what are you doing?" when we saw those rolls.

Three successes (counting the 10 as double) is okay. You going with a larger company of asking a indie producer, after all?
My vote's on indie.

On that note, I'm heading for the gym. Might post on my phone, might not.

"Absolutely! No point being here if we can't enjoy ourselves a bit! Perks of the job! Just remember to stay in character as far as possible; Cool, calm, collected, the consummate professional"

>Regarding the video game, there's no way in hell we could get something ready to go in a matter of weeks, it'd have to be a long-term project. I think Ned's best option would be to find a company, invest in it, then set them up to do the XWF game. Finding a company who's working on a new, amazing Physics engine (the latest answer to the Havok, HL or UT engines) and debut their technological advance in our game.
Yeah, dice gods are very apathetic to me.
I agree with going for indie, maybe we should take some extra time or resources to make sure the game's as good as it could possibly be, maybe have us come by and help oversee the game, and have the wrestlers stop by occasionally, to help the programmers/artists really get a feel for superhero wrestly (and it might improve their morale having celebrities come see them in person!).
I agree completely, I don't want it released soon, I just want to announce that we're planning on releasing an XWF game in the future at the fight.

If anything I want to spend time make sure its polished as much as possible.

I say Indie, with the stipulations laid out in >>21371396
Alright, but remember you will probably also need to speak with upper management, and Ned isint high enough on the totem pole to truly keep the reins of the project.

Also, my friend suggest collectible cards

Ami smooches you and gets out of the pool, saying she´ll go to her room and then head to the shopping "floors".

While you are on the pool, one of the restaurant waiters brings you a fruit cocktail, saying it´s from a lady on table 6

This is why we need to invest in the company that makes the game, exerting our influence on the other side.

"Lady on Table 6? Thank you" Ned tips generously, and looks over in that direction

>Anyway, I'm going AFK for a bit; Going to watch Skyfall. I'll be back if the thread is still going.
There is an attractive lady with ebony skin and clear hair, dressed in a Utopia security staff´s uniform at the table.
Wait wait wait, what kind of cards, like stat-cards, or a TCG, because i've seen a wrestling TCG, hell I think I still have some (friend ran a FLGS awhile ago, gave me a shoebox full of assorted cards)

Either way, XWF cards are go! (cue cheesy Thunderbirds soundtrack)
He says colectible cards, and that developing the mechanics for a TCG would take a while, unless we bought the rights to the defunct raw deal game (traditional wrestling game) and converted/updated them
Yeah, I actually have a few cards for the Raw deal game, not enough for a deck, and I don't actually know how they work...
It looks like the thread died for today without those guys. We will continue tomorrow I guess

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