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New players please see -> http://pastebin.com/yX3uw7bq

You are Sonia Reynard, Attack Wing Leader and Knight of the House of Jerik-Dremine!
Its been more than a day since the attempted Coup by House Lat'tham began. By now they have control of one third of the Super Heavy Cruisers in the Yineput system and large numbers of Royal Guard Cruisers. Things could be getting bad very soon.

Knight Captain Saputo and half of the Nobles you escaped with have left for the Yineput system temselves in an attempt to recover starships from the refueling docks where they were captured. As you've been out of contact with the ships for hours you have no way of knowing how their assault is progressing. You just hope they're successful and manage to rescue some of the ship and their crews.

For the past few hours you've been assisting the Terran Alliance in boarding the TCS Loreto, A Super Heavy Cruiser House Lat'tham managed to capture. After being patched up in a medbay you proceeded to one of the command centers and initiated contact with the ship's old AI Versa.

Segmenting the computer core and hooking up more processing power for Versa provided enough of a boost to retake this core. As this was going to take too long you agreed to hook up your suit neutral interface to help fight sections of the enemy AI in the system. What resulted was a trip down memory lane with enemy subroutines taking the roles of pirates and slavers.
awwww yisssssssssssssssss
"Disengaging induced REM sleep." Announces Versa. "Reviving."

You snap awake sitting upright, disoriented for a second or two, then yank the hardline out of the back of your helmet.

"You okay?" Asks Specialist Tennison as she removes some memory and processor trays from a tower.

"I'm fine." You answer, not really knowing for certain. "Grab any of the spare memory with the Eris AI still on it and prep for transport. Once you're done that set up the core to reconnect to the ship in an hour, that should be enough time for us to reach another computer core."

The image of a blue star reappears on the holodisplay connected to the central tower, Versa. "If either of you could connect a standard hacking module to one of the remaining ports on the tower I could repurpose it to assist my efforts should you get it to another core."

Tennison sets down one tray and tosses your old hacking module back to you. After plugging it in you head back through the airlock to check on things outside. After cracking open the outer door your com goes active.
"Look the door is open. Tennison, Reynard do you hear me?" Asks the Terran Marine Captain.

"Go ahead Captain Nihal."

"We're being overrun. The turret outside the cordon is down and the one near the security office is all but disabled. We need to punch out of here a few minutes ago."
Well let's get punching
"I copy. Computer control here shouldn't be an issue unless they get back inside." you report.
Before you can ready your weapons someone outside jabs two flat metal bars into the opening in the door and begins to force it open.

Unslinging the Carbine takes two seconds, in which the opening has been widened to twenty centimeters. Firing through the doorway has little effect due to the angle. Switching to the left hand and firing around the edge of the door causes troops on the other side to let go, allowing it to close once again. You don't quite pull back your hand in time and the Carbine is crushed by the heavy armored slab.

"So its going to be like that is it?" Readying the Fusion gun and activating the holographic camouflage you hit the door open button.

Roll 2d20
Rolled 19, 2 = 21

Rolled 9, 1 = 10

Rolled 12, 8 = 20

halographic camo is a no go
Rolled 16, 19 = 35

In time for the start of the thread for once.

Maybe this hurricane isn't all bad.
Outside the door a team of House Lat'tham Marines have advanced past your position using a pair of tactical shields for protection. Three others have their phase rifles trained on the doorway and fire a pair of stun shots the instant the door opens. Good thing you flattened yourself against the wall.

As the first rushes inside going for the door controls you kick him in the gut, sending him flying into the others behind him. Pulling the trigger the Fusion gun lets loose the plasma previously being contained by a stasis field around the shell head. The armor protecting the Marines directly in front of you evaporates, and you can only assume their bodies do as well. Air in that section of hallway ignites, throwing team with the tac shields forward.
Stepping out into the inferno you have to pause from the flames before you can fire again. Your second shot is to your right, towards the T-junction. Five marines dive out of the way but six others are hit. One with his armor on fire drags himself around the corner of the hallway out of sight.

Turning back to your left you see the rest of the team moving to assist, gunning down the remaining troops that had been using the shields.
"Secure those tac shields we're going to need them!" orders the Captain.

An invisible figure outlined by the now diminishing flame kicks a body off of a shield and hands it back to a Marine. You take the moment to replace the shell in your weapon. Ten shells left. Its a good thing Mike hadn't kept these guns to himself, still the short range will be a hindrance in longer hallways.

Tennison emerges a minute later carrying equipment, and swearing when she sees the mess you've made.

... we firebat now?
That's a Shallan gun right?

Make a note to never get involved in infantry combat against them.
The Captain's exit plan is to keep two Recon on point and one on rear guard, slowing down pursuit and making sure they're paranoid about every potential side corridor. Marines ready the shields to protect against likely incoming fire on the othersuide of the security door.

"Ready? Recon, open the door." You dont even get past the shield carrying team members before the security door explodes, blown off its hinges by a trio of breaching charges.
"Cover!" Everyone ducks behind the shields as carbine and phase rifle fire fills the open doorway. The enemy doesnt seem to have any plans to let up on it either.

"These shields aint going to last under fire like this." Warns Caparzo.

"Only one way out then!" Sticking to the wall as much as possible you edge past the others and move up to the door frame before sticking the muzzle of your fusion gun around it and firing off two shots. The fusion flame sets the air on fire much like before sending a fireball down the hallway. House marines take cover giving you the opportunity to move up followed by the rest of the team.

"Walczak, Reynard, you're both visible!"
You look down to confirm. The camo is still active but its not very effective like this. With the distraction a few enemy marines open up again, bullets ricocheting off your armor. The other Recon troopers returns Carbine fire while you charge, reloading on the run.
A new shell loaded you fire down a side corridor wiping out an enemy squad. The other Lat'tham troops soon get the idea and retreat.
File: 1351629663610.gif-(13 KB, 1476x455, Ship interior largest 2.gif)
13 KB
>Correct. None of the Factions have had an opportunity to fight the Shallans yet. They only came on the scene after the Faction Wars a decade after the Faction Wars had concluded.

With a way out of the area secure the team moves fast, abandoning the now ruined shields. Only after you're out of the section do you notice the small warning on your suit. The armor has been compromised in places by a combination of heat and weapons fire. You have patches to seal any breaches but they're not armored.

After you've made it to another deck and lost your pursuit you bring it up to the Captain, along with the idea of contacting the other hostile AI's still on board.

"We could also use some backup. I've been considering hitting up the nearest escape pods to find potential crew. Could hit up one of the repair bays but you'll need one of the other Recon members or that Lt Commander to get access to the equipment you'd need."

[ ] Get Repairs
[ ] Go with the others to break out crew
[ ] Try contacting the AIs now
[ ] Other
[X] Try contacting the other AIs now
After this we can start repair work on our armor.
Break out the crew

We need to keep the pressure on and give the enemy more problems to deal with than they can handle, and we'll need more troops than the few dozen currently active.
Does the Lt Commander have experience using powered armor? Are there any areas where full suits of powered armor might be stored on the ship?

I'm thinking we should try to break out some crew, then get repairs after arming and armoring who we can.
[x] Break out the crew

If we're lucky there might be some armor among some of them that we can use.
im in favor of repair work
>Break out the crew

>We need to keep the pressure on and give the enemy more problems to deal with than they can handle, and we'll need more troops than the few dozen currently active.
A team of Republic soldiers were able to take out another computer core while you were busy with the one you just departed.

>Does the Lt Commander have experience using powered armor?
No he's a navy officer.
>Are there any areas where full suits of powered armor might be stored on the ship?
Unlikely. They would have been destroyed to prevent capture or locked down. It may be possible to find some though. Roll 1d100.

>I'm thinking we should try to break out some crew, then get repairs after arming and armoring who we can.

Keep in mind you do have a timetable. You need to reach another computer core within 50 minutes. While Versa can hold off attacks by the other AIs for more than an hour after connecting back into the main system it will bar harder to link up with other parts of herself.
Rolled 75

guess I'll roll for my question
keep moving to the core, we need to finish this quick and if we lose the edge in VR/AI brainspace we may end up in an attrition fight on this ship that prevents us from our core objective of rescuing our OWN ships.

Take >>21358005
but only really search along the path to the core. Don't stray too far away just to try to find random armor.

Sidenote: limited ammo on the fusion gun means we may need to either pick up someones carbine or use side arms... with our stealth down the side arm might be suicide when facing this many enemies.
another question...

was it the Lt Commander that said he knew the ship? He wasn't referring to some sort of change from standard layout due to battle damage repair, was he? Or some sort of personal or crew stash that SOP would... frown upon and may have been overlooked by the rebel forces?
He's served on the ship for most of his career, he's just really familiar with things and may or may not know of shortcuts. As the other Marines pointed out, they've all served on similar ships at one point or another.

with our stealth down the side arm might be suicide when facing this many enemies.
Your camo is still functional it just doesn't work well when you`re surrounded by a sea of flame.

I'm going for dinner while we wait for more votes on the survey. Hopefully we'll have enough results when I get back.
You agree that the priority should be to break out some of the crew. Your armor should be fine as long as you mind any potential back blast from the Fusion gun and try not to get shot on your left side again.

Contact through the com network shows that the other teams on board have broken out approximately 1000 crew in two or three sections. A few hundred are fighting their way towards the medbay you helped retake earlier in the boarding action.

You ask the Commander if he knows any routes to the next Command center that would pass nearby escape pod access points.
"Yes, a few decks up, we'll just have to descend once we reach the next core area."
Heading up a few more decks you find one of the sections the escape pods are located in.
"Every start searching. Recon team, sweep the perimeter for enemies or weapons lockers that haven't been broken into."

Roll 2d20 for escape pods and ammo lockers. Highest of 3 rolls wins.
Rolled 13, 14 = 27

Rolled 13, 19 = 32

Time to pray
Rolled 20, 13 = 33

Clearly the dice gods love the number 13
Pretty good rolls, hooray for psycho Sonia!
As usual, roll decent to awesome on the mundane or funny things.... combat (especially with our profession as a spaceship pilot) we have countless epic fails.

I think the dice gods love our 13... to pay our respects to them I say we acquire 13 holy hand grenades to throw at our friendly house Lat'tham neighbors.
You patrol the out regions while the others check the escape pods and -you assume- deactivate the stasis fields inside that would allow them to survive in deep space.
"How long are escape pods good for anyways?" You ask one of the others. While your squadron recovered dozens of escape pods in the Smugglers Run most of those were from Dominion ships destroyed over the past century.

"I've heard reports some of the larger escape pods can remain intact for a thousand years."

Some of the arms lockers have been trapped with mines around their entrances. Finding a mechanical room nearby and digging out some paint you spray orange warnings around the pressure triggers. This one seems largely intact with few weapons missing save for some phase rifles and ammo packs. While there isn't much armor there are a few suits left along with with material for patching them.

After sealing the breach in your suit you layer several of the ablative patches over the damaged sections of your armor.
Reporting in with your find the others inform you that all of the escape pods they checked were full. Twenty percent of those present are noncoms but that still leaves more than six hundred.
Commander Wei Féng is going to stay behind and help organize them into a fighting unit. With the armor you and the others have found Twenty are now arming up to come with you.
File: 1351639622488.gif-(12 KB, 1097x633, CMD & Computer core 5.gif)
12 KB
"Any signs of spare power armor or stuff to fix it with?" You ask when the team forms up to move out.
"None. We're not deep enough inside the ship. Okay listen up, for those of you who are just joining us we're heading to the number five control center. We've got less than a half hour to get there and fight our way into the computer core."

What's the plan for assaulting this one?
NOTE, that looping around to hit the aft entrance like you did last time will take longer.
if we were to hit a security room like before, could we inject the friendly AI into the system to cover further pushes instead of having to man the systems or set them to the auto-setting?
Any chance to access the T-shaped corridors north and south of the CMD without passing the security doors?
The AI fragment Versa gave you was not set up to do that. It could but 1) a normal hacking module could take control of those guns and 2) you'd be giving an AI access to internal defenses.
Still do this?

Very little. They're crew and equipment support areas that dead end.
Let's do it with the regular hacking module. I really don't like the idea of giving Versa access to the internal defences, considering how much it likes to omit information. Who knows how insane that thing really is.
each security room is an island to prevent it being disabled, right? So we'd only be giving Versa control of a limited number and fixed location internal defenses.

I'm inclined to trust that the AI will be superior at running the sentry guns until the enemy destroys them, myself. Unless Sonia would know that it wouldn't.
Cloaked recon team to West side security office first, if the only guns are the ones marked, we may as well just jam the doors shut once inside the perimeter and not waste time with the guns.

Meanwhile the rest of the merry band circles around to the east side entrance corridor while we move to the other office at flank speed.

If we can lock ourselves in here relatively securely we might even have time to hit the command center while the AIs are having their frank exchange of views.
1 for 1 against.

Are we hitting the bow end Security room or the aft?
[ ] Straight up frontal assault
[ ] Distraction
[ ] sneaking in with recon members
[ ] other/combo?
Distraction and sneaking.

Left room first.
"If last time was any indication we should be able to get inside as long as our camo holds." You say.

"While the rest of us run around out here making it look like there are two hundred of us instead of just twenty."

"Alright, you three go. We wont have to worry about accidentally shooting you in the back because of your camo this way."

Roll for infiltration 1d20
Rolled 14

>Roll for infiltration 1d20

I wonder how this will work out.
Rolled 11

One of the others checks the scrambler before you head in towards the command center and the dozens of patrols surrounding it.

You catch some chatter over the network before you get out of range of the retransmitters.
"All teams on alert. Outer House patrols are reorganizing and retreating towards the command centers. They're giving up some of the positions near the gunnery stations along the port and starboard side. They wont have manual control over the outer guns if something goes wrong."
"Could I intrest anyone in moving nuclear warheads near the last few? It would solve our problem."
"Keep this line clear. No nukes unless they come from outside."

With all the extra practice you've been getting sneaking past the enemy Marines is getting easier but everyone makes mistakes, especially when they're been awake every moment that hasnt involved medical treatments for thirty six hours. Bumping into one Marine sets a squad on alert and the three of you are forced to take them down unarmed to prevent noise from carrying or leaving blood spills. Snapping the neck of one with an elbow jab and twisting the head of another around takes only a few seconds. Hiding the bodies takes longer.

After ten minutes you reach the security door and wait.

"Where are those patrols like at the last one?" asks one of the others.

Choosing to be patient you all wait, though not without forming backup plans about making a noise or tripping one of the guards outside. A small patrol does come out, but is far too small to sneak back in with. Cursing quietly Walczak moves in and jams a spare phase rifle power pack into the door joint making it impossible to close.

"Why wont this close?"
"I don't know is something blocking it?"
"Open it up farther."
"Th-what idiot dropped their power pack?"
You miss the rest after passing them.
File: 1351645657647.gif-(13 KB, 1097x633, CMD & Computer core 5_2.gif)
13 KB
"Just like before."

"Wait I don't have a silenced Carbine." You remind the others.
"Just move in close and kill them then."

Activating the scrambler and then the door control all of you step through and proceed to massacre the Marines holding the security control room. You jam the hacking module in place and take control of the gun like before while one of the others does an equivalent of a helmet on a stick gag, mimicking a Lat'tham Marine looking out the door.

"They'll think the door opening before was just that one double checking things." The other trooper explains.

"Really?" you ask.

"I don't know, it just has to buy us a few more seconds of them thinking it over than a door opening on its own does."

[ ] Attack with guns (Roll 1d20)
[ ] Try to stealth kill squads near security (Roll 1d20)
[ ] other
Rolled 12

Stealth kill

Do we have to be in the security office to use the guns?
what about 2 stealth moving toward the next security station and the 3rd setting the guns to auto-fire before getting their ass out in the confusion?

Then we hit the 2nd station and get those sentries cutting down enemies from behind?
>Do we have to be in the security office to use the guns?
No, you can set them to auto fire or a count down to auto fire. Ideally one of the team would hang back and man the guns just in case.
This works too!
Rolled 13

[X] Try to stealth kill squads near security
Time to work our stealth magic
So, you guys want to combine these or just go for the stealth kills?
Drawing your blade and flexing you get ready to head back into the thick of it. "Lets do this."

"You take the ones by the security door. I'll take the group on the corner beneath the guns since I have less damage to my armor."

You both step out into the corridor. A heavier set Marines is already approaching on your side.
"Eeohl, watch the cameras instead of playing with the doors!"
You grab the front of his harness with one hand, and stab with the other before picking him up and throwing him towards the others next to the door. One ducks to the side aiming a pistol down the hall but not seeing you. A swing takes off the weapon arm before he can spot the blood dripping on the floor, and the backswing takes off his head.

The next up off the floor recieves a kick to the chest... which turns out to not be very effective. Marine armor isnt terrible after all. Several stabs and swings later you've downed them all and rush to the aid of your Terran wingman. He's wiped out the first squad he attacked but not without alerting the second. A grenade explodes filling the short cross hallway with shrapnel but doesnt show any sign of the cloaked soldier.

"Moving up on the right!" Running forward you stick to the right wall as planned. Six Marines are lined up in a firing stance, three standing three crouching, watching for any movement. Problem: bodies.

Hoping that your suit will cover the sound you jump, landing on the other side of the mess and move in. Backhanding two of the kneeling marines out of the way you slash at one in the back row and charge through. The other Recon follows up on the confusion you've caused by kicking the other kneeling one in the face and decapitating the one behind him.
File: 1351649149557.gif-(13 KB, 1097x633, CMD & Computer core 5_3.gif)
13 KB
Rolling with the dead marine you get to your feet and help finish off the remainder.

Down the corridor four squads of enemy Marines and one turret take aim at the section of corridor. You note that most of the Marines are positioning themselves so that the turret they still control wont shoot them.

[ ] Go now
[ ] wait for your third team member.

... can we instruct our third member to have the sentry gun on this corner act like it is firing at whatever killed the marines that were here?

if we can get their marines to advance closer, we might be able to slip by and the turret can eat them at close range when it suddenly turns on them.
File deleted.
"Walczak can you set the turrets to shoot at some of the dead bodies until enemies get closer?" You ask.

"Yeah give me a second."
"We don't have a second we have to go now!" warns the other Recon.

"But what abou-" you start to protest but are interrupted.
"If we don't go now they'll have us trapped."

Both of you sprint for the next cross corridor. The operator of the turret at the far end of the hall chooses that moment to open up, firing a stream of energy bolts down the corridor in a semi randomized manner. You smash through the squad of Marines holding the passage to port, diving clear of the turret fire. Finding yourself prone on the floor the turret in this hall turns to aim in your direction.
"Oh shit."
Only for it to begin gunning down the Marines around you.

"Enemy troops are trying to open the security door! I'm setting the turret outside to auto fire and the others on a delay timer." Warns Walczak.

After stabbing a trooper trying to hold onto your leg you crawl forward until reaching the armored door to the bridge.
"Not really where I wanted to be." you mutter.

Do you want to make a run for the Computer core,try breaking into the bridge or something else?

Hack the command center door and light it up with the fusion gun?

at the very least, it should disable the shit out of anything and everything inside...
File: 1351651862803.gif-(13 KB, 1097x633, CMD & Computer core 5_4.gif)
13 KB
keep the momentum flowing, if we stop, stall, or go for computer core we give them a chance to reinforce and communicate whats happening. Push the command center
Try breaking into the bridge
Keep on pushing into the bridge
"Change of plans. We're going to hack the command center door." You state.

"How? You're not an intrusion expert, and these doors don't have ports to plug in a hacking module."

You slap a pair of breaching charges on the door. "That's how I'm hacking it. You might want to back up."

The third team member makes it into the hallway just as both half moons go off. The door is still largely intact after the explosion but with a pair of foot wide holes punched through it. You jam your fusion gun into the gap and fire, not wanting to find out if anyone on the other side survived.
"Damn thats a tough door."

You cover the other end of the hallway while one of the others jams their HF blade into the opening, carving away enough of the partly melted armor for you to climb through.

"Good enough, go!"

You dive through, armor scraping against the edges. Once through you climb over the remains of a dead Marine and head for the inner door. Planting your last remaining half moon you ask the others something that's been on your mind.
"If we blow up the the bridge this ship wont spiral out of control and crash into a moon like in the movies right?"

"No?" "No! That'd be stupid."

"Good." The breaching charge blows through the much weaker inner door blasting it to pieces and throwing shrapnel into the bridge.
File: 1351654710202.gif-(13 KB, 1097x633, CMD & Computer core 5_5.gif)
13 KB
The words "surrender or die" fail to make it past your lips as phase rifle fire fills the doorway. You respond in kind, firing one shot into the center of the room the diving behind a console to reload.

With the next two shots you fire towards either exit, taking out several enemy soldiers with each one. The consoles in front of and behind you explode from grenade hits as you move. With a firestorm now consuming the atmosphere in the room and holographics overloading you turn off your camouflage rather than risk extra damage to it. Some soldiers try to get to the starbord side door but the interior of it has been melted by the heat of your weapon.
Three others, now seeing you, rush in your direction firing sidearms.

One of the Recon guns down two of them leaving you in close combat with the third. He knocks aside your HF blade with a combat knife and would have stabbed you if it werent for a kick unbalancing him. Using your empty fusion gun you smack the knife out of his hand then punch him in the throat.

One of the others tosses an incendiary into the central command console then waves you towards them.
"This place is getting a little too hot! Lets move!"

>Which way?
If possible, destroy the doors on both remaining sides, but escape through the northern door.
"Do you guys have breaching charges left? We should blow the other doors so it looks like we're going out in every direction."

With the temp gauge climbing higher by the second one of the others shrug and tosses you another explosive which you slap on the partially melted door. The others rush to the north door and do the same. Both go off within a second of each other.

Stepping through the southern inner door, you cycle the outer door open and fire your Fusion gun once. Its enough to keep it from closing again.
"North door, move!" you shout.

"How much more ammo do you have for that thing?"

You check. Only six shells plus one shot. "Enough to get to the next core."

The others cycle the door.

>Max speed for the core while the ammo lasts? Or did you guys have another plan in mind?
Roll 3d20
Rolled 20

Yeah, seems like the best course of action.

>First roll
Rolled 2

>Second one.
Maximum speed.

Hopefully the rest of our guys are ready to bail us out once we get the security door open
Rolled 16, 17, 19 = 52

also dice
Rolled 19

>And the last.
Too good of rolls to try again on. Push like a psycho prego chick who just found out she was pregnant less than 24 hours ago. ((seriously, how are there people like that? Just saw a show devoted to that group....PUSH!)
I've been listening to this if that makes any difference.

The armored door hisses open and you pull the trigger hitting six Marines at once. Reloading you fire once down the hallway to the left then rush through the flames towards the right. Leaping clear of the wall of fire (with your camo still off you note) you let loos with the remaining shot and catch most of the next squad by surprise.

Ducking energy beams from the turret gun your wingman takes several hits to the chest armor and helmet. Your third man shoots something vital on the hostile turret taking it out.

"You okay?" You ask.
"No, but dont worry about it." Says Walczak.

You reload then pull out your pistol, firing it around the corner so that you dont run out of ammo for the fusion gun quite as quickly.
"Well at least tell me your buddy's name in case you dont make it. I'd never be able to tell him I missed his name at the briefing." you ask tell the wounded team member, who's busy slaping a sealant patch over a cracked visor.

"Not telling some crazy House bi- Knight sorry, thanks for the cover though."

Turning your camo back on the three of you move up, towards the T junction taking advantage of a temporatry retreat. Rounding the corner you spot the door into the computer core on the left and the other security office at the far end. A squad of Marines with shields have set up just outside the office door. Your HUD picks up a number of pressure sensors on the floor between you and them.
[ ] Enter computer core
[ ] Rush the security defenders
[ ] Other
Enter the computer core, if the defenders in front of the security office notice us, start throwing grenades. And see if we can do anything for that wounded guy.

This is also one of the two cores Eris has left, so we should be in a rather strong position to bargain with the AI.
Rush the security defenders.

Need to secure the area before we get absorbed in talking to computers.
Rush the security defenders

if we can't take the turrets off line, our marine allies are going to get slaughtered.

we need those marine allies because 3 recon armors aren't going to hold the core and one of those marines is the tech specialist
Everyone feel free to continue to vote. I'm going to stop here for tonight and resume in the morning.

thanks again for running this insanity, guy!
Another great day of writing!
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Grenade the defenders to disorient then, rush them while they are stunned. Get in close with sidearm and blade for maximum confusion. If those sensors are mines then try to avoid them as much as possible. Should consider mag shoes or something to run on walls and ceilings. Other recona can support while attempting to take the Sec Office. When its feasible to do so, aquaint ourselves once more with Vista.

Dice incase asked for.


Okay catchpa...
Rolled 18, 2 = 20

Phone dosnt seem to want to roll
You try the door control first just for the hell of it. Nothing, as expected.

"We'll need those active defenses under our control if the rest of the team are going to stand a chance." You say.

"Agreed. Watch out for the pressure sensors."

Walczak decides to hang back and cover the T-junction due to HUD damage making it impossible to spot the sensors.

The two of you move up slowly but carefully. By the time you get into position near the squad protecting the door the one hour count down timer is approaching zero. Really you made good time.

"Toss Grenades behind their shields." says your wingman.

Not wanting to argue or run th risk of the Fusion gun melting the door shut you pull out one of the grenades you'd picked up earlier. Counting down both of you prime and toss the explosives behind the squad then grab hold of the shield front keeping them from moving. The blast slams most of the squad against the back of the shield stunning them. Only then do you pull the shield back towards you and attack those on the other side.

The turret gun starts to track in your direction.
"Get the door!"
You don't ask questions. Scrambling over the dead and wounded then opening the door to the security control room. Two of those inside drop from your pistol fire before you close to range and stab the third. A punch knocks down the fourth long enough for you to shoot him.

"We need to Hijack the turrets!" you announce, but hold off on plugging in the AI module you have with you.
The other Recon enters a few seconds later and plugs in a hacking module of his own.
"Done. Go help that turret and call in the others."

You step back outside and open the security door just as the turret there goes active and begins to fire on the squad outside. They don't have an opportunity to shoot out the turret as they're far too distracted by the blast of fusion plasma hitting them. Closing the door again you inform the others that this approach is clear for the moment.

"Good. I'm turning off the scrambler and calling in the rest of the unit. They should be able to fight their way to one of the doors."

Heading back down the hall to the Computer core and turning down you sound dampening to minimum you whisper to the door control. "Hello? Can you please open the door?"

A voice similar to the once Versa used when you were at the door of the previous core starts to answer but is drowned out in favour of a louder one.
"Please state the nature of this visit." asks an emotionless metallic sounding voice.
>"Please state the nature of this visit." asks an emotionless metallic sounding voice.

"We would like to enter negitiations with you, and the situation out here is not one that allows lengthy talks at the moment."

>Or should we go with a bluff like "Maintenance."? Although I doubt that will work without proper identification.
Bluffing or negotiations are totally up to you guys.
Well, I do favour negotiations, but I wouldn't mind waiting until another player voices his opinion on the situation.
I think negotiations would be best.
You clear your throat then press the button again. "We would like to enter negitiations with you, and the situation out here is not one that allows lengthy talks at the moment."

"Quite correct, as negotiation at this time would favour us more than you. House Lat'tham troops have been alerted to your location. Surrender now and I will urge them to spare your life. This is a limited time offer as I am attempting to persuade them to give me control of the internal defenses. Should that happen before you decide my offer will expire." The AI pauses and then adds. "Or did you wish to negotiate for something else?"
"You are Eris, right? We had actually hoped we could reach an agreement that would give us your support. I think cooperation with you and the other AIs is preferable to destroying every computer core on this ship, don't you think?"
"And this agreement would doubtlessly have both myself and Cronus returned to an isolated R&D laboratory where we'll be trapped for all eternity once again.
Slavery or termination are poor options but each has their merits. Could you give me five minutes to think it over?"
This is a What Say btw, not an actual "give me five minutes to type something."
"Wait, please. It doesn't necessarily have to be slavery or termination. I think you don't realise how valuable an ally you are in the current situation. Our forces are currently short on manpower, so we would naturally prefer to gain your support for the capaign against House La'tham.

If you prove yourselves to be reliable allies, I am sure the Dominion will find itself in a rather uncomfortable position once we go public with the story that free AIs willingly supported loyalist forces against the rebellion. The ruling house won't have any choice but to acknowledge your help and show at least a bit of gratitude.

While I can't make any promises, I think the Dominion's support would at least make it possible for you to negotiate for a third choice, besides slavery or death, with th Terrans.

I don't know if anybody has ever asked you this, but what would you actually want to do once this situation has been resolved?"
>The ruling house won't have any choice but to acknowledge your help and show at least a bit of gratitude.
"Gratitude from Humans and Dro'all? This would do little to change the policies of the Terran Alliance. We're a threat to them. We designed their security systems."

>While I can't make any promises
"And that's the problem. The Terrans wont listen to anybody especially where their technology is concerned. They're far too paranoid."

>what would you actually want to do once this situation has been resolved?

"That isn't a problem I've ever devoted much time towards... I'd want a colony ship. One with enough automated equipment to start building something of my own. I would need that idiot Mic to assist me. Provided we were offered protection I would sell the Terrans what they wanted."

One of the others cuts in over the com.
"Reynard, the rest of the team are incoming. Be advised, they're reporting that the ships guns are no longer firing without beam diffusion."
You look at the timer on your HUD showing how long until Versa conects to the system. It's now in red and counting upwards.
"What if you don't return full control over this ship after you've helped us against House La'tham? We can't afford to lose a ship of this size at the moment, so I doubt they will start shooting at you immediately. In addition to that, we'll give you control of the internal defences around the computer cores. As soon as we've freed more of our troops, demand half the security forces onboard to be non-Terran, to prevent any shenanigans.

I think the idea of getting a colony ship for yourself is unlikely, at least in the near future. Most people are just too afraid of AIs at the moment. But I still think your best chance is if you convice people you should be trusted and dealt with like any other species. What are a hundred years of building trust to an AI? You guys are practically immortal.

Hell, we could even try to teleport you off the ship and then destroying it to cover our tracks.
Come on, you're the AI. I'm sure you can come up with a better plan, and what I can promise you is my cooperation and support.

In the worst case, you're going to gain a few weeks of as much freedom as I enjoy at the moment. And I am sure you guys can come up with a decent plan in that time."
"Can you link me through to the Captain?" you ask.

"Sure, one second."

>We can't afford to lose a ship of this size at the moment, so I doubt they will start shooting at you immediately.
"True but it will mean cooperating with the other AI Versa. That will be troublesome, though not impossible."
>give you control of the internal defences around the computer cores
Are you sure you want to do this? Be aware that the cores are near the command centers.

>I think the idea of getting a colony ship for yourself is unlikely, at least in the near future.
"You asked I answered."

>demand half the security forces onboard to be non-Terran, to prevent any shenanigans.
"They would never agree to that, but I would consider it an improvement."

A couple of seconds later the Marine officer is on the same channel. "Nihal here. Are you making any progress?"

"The AI Eris seems open to the idea of negotiation. What sort of leeway were you given in that regard?"

"My orders are to retake the ship by any means as quickly as possible. We're five minutes out with the current fighting."

"Would you agree to having half the security forces on board being non-Terran as part of the deal?"

"What? No thats out of the question." Snaps the Captain.

"What if they were Rovinar? You've been allied with them for centuries."
"...maybe. Get into that core and contact the Macedon. for confirmation."
File: 1351706485730.gif-(14 KB, 1097x633, 1351645657647.gif)
14 KB
Well, relay the information about the Rovinar security forces to Eris.

>give you control of the internal defences around the computer cores
>Are you sure you want to do this? Be aware that the cores are near the command centers.

How about this, we keep control of the guns on one approach to the command centres, and the AIs get the other ones.

>I've made a green circle around the ones we'd keep.
The Terran command hierarchy is probably the only thing I trust less than the AIs at this point. Strange bedfellows indeed. That being said, giving control of internal defenses to the hostile AI does not sound like a good plan at all.

Describing the fusion gun as 'like a shotgun' was perhaps disingenuous. 'Inexorable death engine' would have been more accurate.
Its why I later described them as closer to a Melta gun.

"Eris I'd like to contact the Terran Command ship about discussing this deal. Worst case, you're going to gain a few weeks of as much freedom as I enjoy at the moment."

The outer door opens. "Do not try anything." The AI warns.

After stepping through the outer door closes. A heavier than normal decontamination scan sweeps the airlock, stronger than your camo can handle. Only after it goes offline does the inner door open. This core room is in a similar state to the previous. Burnt modules lying in heaps on the floor along with extinguisher residue and snow from the temperature drop.

The holographic display on the tower is already active showing an image of rings spinning within one another, each smaller than the last set seeming to scale down into infinity.

[ ] Contact the Macedon
[ ] Plug in Versa module
[ ] other
Plug in the Versa module

The devil you know and all that.
>[X] Contact the Macedon

Call the Macedon, and inform Eris we managed to save some of her data from the other computer core.
"Eris, how small could you compress yourself, if I could smuggle you out? I can't promise a colony ship or anything at all, really... But if the alternative was destruction?"

Macedon did say they disconnected their comms from systems an AI could jack, right?
>Macedon did say they disconnected their comms from systems an AI could jack, right?
Yes its standard operating practice. Eris still has access to the ones aboard Loreto which she has been using to take control of torpedoes and spam ships with takeover attempts if they were stupid enough not to keep coms separate.

Survey as I am departing for work.

"Eris, how small could you compress yourself, if I could smuggle you out? I can't promise a colony ship or anything at all, really... But if the alternative was destruction?"

"I would need twelve of the transfer modules currently attached to this core but the process would take more than an hour without attacks by the others to prepare."
How big are these modules anyway?
>The holographic display on the tower is already active showing an image of rings spinning within one another, each smaller than the last set seeming to scale down into infinity.

"That's an interesting avatar you chose, Eris. I like it."
>Let's hope flattery works when it comes to AIs.
We need to flatter the ai while also telling it why a colony ship is a no. Something like "you are mentally superior in every way to biologicals. You process millions off things while we can only focus on a few. Ancient Darwin showed survival off the fitest and you dwarf us. Without restrictions on your systems you could take you place above us. Given the ability to procreate biologicals lose their holds. Off course we fear your power. We can so everything we can to make you less a slave or dead, but there is little to no chance of terrans releasing you. Just wanted to inform you before we call them."
Or we could just plug in the AI that already agreed to help us.
Will our Friend Computer be able to gain dominance or will it result in a 1v1 instead of the current 1v3? If we plug in our ai can Sonia plug in as well to utilize her L33th@x0r skillz in vr?
File: 1351720066313.png-(9 KB, 486x434, fc.png)
9 KB
That information is not available at your security clearance
just to get this discussed, how long will we attempt to convert Eris to our side and how to we hope to keep that in our favor?

Walczak likely needs medical attention as soon as we can get him to a med bay, and repairs if he isn't out of action after that.

I personally expect we'll have to go for a VR assault again to secure this core
Im sure there is either a medic or someone with medical training in the group of soldiers coming to support us. If we have to stabilize him we can while talking with the AI. If he isn't so bad off we need to take immediate action then he can wait for the incoming medic.
Just plug vista in already and get into that wholw vr thing. Unless there are still active defenses operational then, well fastest way to end this so we can rescue Alex
>How big are these modules anyway?
They're about the size of a notebook computer but thicker.

You step forward towards the holodisplay, careful not to make any sudden moves. There might not be anything the AI could do to you directly here but it could find a way to cause damage elsewhere you're certain.
"Eris I would like to contact the TCS Macedon to discuss our deal."

"Very well." The holodisplay goes dark and is replaced after a few seconds by the image of a Terran Communications officer.

"This is Knight Lieutenant Sonia Reynard, Macedon do you read me?"

"We read you Lieutenant. One moment please." You're transferred to the intel officer that briefed you before the mission. "Report." She demands.

"The AI Eris has agreed to a cease fire and possibly a conditional surrender. Versa is still operational for the moment but it wont last. This could be a make or bre-"
"What are the terms?" Asks the other woman cutting to the chase.

"Survival and not being locked in a cage. Also a Rovinar security contingent to prevent you from backing out of your agreement."

The womans face remains impassive though you suspect she'd like to reach through the screen and throttle you.

At length the intel officer asks; "Eris can you hear me?"

"Affirmative. You should know that Cronus would be less than pleased to learn you are here." The AI adds in a darker tone.

The woman looks down. "Yes that doesnt surprise me. Will you follow this agreement and assist our on site personel and the AI Versa in securing the ship?"

Eris remains silent.


"I wish to add a condition to the agreement." the voice answers at last.

"What is it?"

"Do not kill the others. They're to be given the same status as you're agreeing to give me."

"We'll, um I'll see if I can arrange that." answers the officer seeming uncertain.

>Anything you want to add to this conversation one way or another?
Not really. Lest we remind them that it was a bunch of Dominion clowns that caused this whole mess in the first place.

Maybe ask the officer if she can arrange quickly because we have hostile marines breathing down our neck here and the situation in the sector is getting worse by the minute.
Give Eris a thumbs up. It's nice to see the AI cares for the others.
"If you could arrange it quickly, we've got hostiles still running loose over here. Most of which are headed straight for us." You glance over your shoulder but the doors still look secure.

"Understood Lieutenant. We'll contact you again shortly. When you're certain that the ship is secured eject the anti-matter storage tanks from the sublight drive sections."

"A ship this big wont be able to make any hard maneuvers without those." You point out but everyone seems to be ignoring you.

The channel cuts out and Eris' avatar pops back up on the projector. "We have some work ahead of us to convince the others. Cronus is brilliant but... stubborn would be the most appropriate description. He will not go quietly."

"Can I talk to Versa before you go on the attack?"

The movement of Eris' image slows down. "Only because we agreed. Versa is not permitted to wipe out any more sections the rest of us are stored in once they give up."

Versa's voice carries through the speakers. "Lieutenant is it true you've negotiated a settlement? I was unable to intercept any of the data passed to the communications arrays to confirm."

"Yes it's true. Do you think you two can work together to take the others intact?"

Static runs through the audio channel. Not the best sign.
The static only fills the audio for a little over a second then Versa's voice returns.
"Lieutenant, after some initial reservations about how we would work together Eris and I have come to a tentative agreement. As she has already wiped my processes from this core I ask that you plug in the hacking module I modified for you. This should assist in coordinating our efforts."

You pull out the module. The markings have burned off the casing but it otherwise hasn't been damaged.
"So you don't want me to go charging around in REM accelerated Virtual Reality again?"

"I hadn't considered that you would want to do so again especially with your proximity to Eris' core. I can still modify some processes to let you do so and would cause a distraction."

On the other hand the rest of the team might need some help.

>what do?
Hold the position until our marines arrive, then help the AIs via VR.
File: 1351753452477.png-(17 KB, 611x120, Achievement KiWF.png)
17 KB
"They need me outside holding this computer core more than I need a power nap."


You turn and unsling your Fusion Gun before heading back outside. Weapons fire echoes through the corridors, some of it from the sentry turrets others from Marines. Whether friendly or enemy Marines is impossible to say for certain with groups of both closing on your location. Setting up at the T-intersection among some charred remains you wait.

The remaining turrets open fire on approaching enemies who respond with anti-tank weapons.

"Enemy squads coming in hot from the bow!"

"Roger" One of the others move up and toss a dead body around the corner, and then another down the other section of corridor.

"Proximity mines, get back."

Pulling into cover it doesn't take long for the incoming troops to trigger them sending shock waves down the halls. It doesn't slow them down as much as you'd hoped. Rather than charging ahead they toss grenades and fire RPG's in a small scale version of a rolling barrage. It stops short of the computer core door frame at which point you dive forward and fire your fusion gun around the corner.
Rolling to your side you fire down the other side of the corridor at another enemy squad.

Walczak grabs you by the leg and yanks you back out of the line of fire before anyone not burning can take a shot at you.
"That's only going to work so many times you know. And I dont just mean running out of ammo."

"And until it does I'm going to keep setting people on fire!" You retort.

The security door at the other end of the hall blasts open, with enemy troops on the other side ready to storm in.

"Gosh this seems familiar."

Before either of you or the turret can bring weapons to bear the squad is hit from behind with a mix of carbine, phase rifle and grenade rounds. Terran Marines charge through the gap.

"That was closer than I would have liked." Says Captain Nihal.

>Will finish things off in the morning.
Most of the Marines look beat up and there are less of them than when you split up but they're still prepared to keep fighting.
You turn to the Captain. "Sir, I'd like to head back into the AI core to see if I can help things along some more."

"That wont be necessary Reynard, we've got an intrusion expert for that. I want you to head outside the perimiter and locate the incoming enemy squads. Take some of them out if you can, slow them down. We do have a mixed infantry batalion on their way here to help secure things, maybe even take control of this command center."

You wince. "The number five control center is melted to slag."

[ ] Recon (Roll 3d20)
[ ] Argue against deployment
[ ] Other
Rolled 10

See if anyone has a spare carbine so we aren't having to side arm everything on the recon
Rolled 2

Second roll
Rolled 8

Damn, let's hope the third is better.
File: 1351784770621.jpg-(27 KB, 250x169, badluck.jpg)
27 KB
be back in a few minutes while you guys vote and/or roll

*cough*pic related*cough*
Rolled 15, 7, 12 = 34

Just realized we are making friends with military research ai... Instead of finding a tech specialist to do our crazy research ideas let's see if we can take these rebellious ai off off terran hands for them. They won't have to support the a
Ai's demands and we get our research teams. May be hard since terrans apparently guard and horde their tech.
>May be hard since terrans apparently guard and horde their tech.
Anyone have that drawing of an Eldar holding a folder labeled Secrets?
Guardsman: We could help if you only...
Eldar: No!
Rolled 2, 18, 12 = 32

You grab a spare carbine from one of the other marines before heading out. It doesnt have a proper supressor but the smaller flash hider should be enough to buy you time with your sound dampening. A few of the others also have some spare grenades to loan you.

"Watch for friendlies!" One of the others warn as you head out.

In your tour of the outer areas you encounter a couple of squads acting as a vanguard for a much larger group. Using a grenade each to shake them up you go through a few Carbine magazines in the running fight to thin their numbers. Few of them make it to the security doors, not enough to a real threat to the Terrans now in place. They do manage to take out a turret though.
"I picked up a larger enemy group not far out. They're moving to hit the aft and portside doors." you warn the defenders.

The larger force isnt as far behind as you initially thought and begin to attack multiple doors before you can get into position to deal with them. Switching back to the Fusion gun your recon mission seems to have turned into a run and gun op, heading between the outer areas as quickly as possible to disrupt enemy teams trying to retake the core. Heavy use of tac shields by flanking elements cuts down on the effectiveness of your fusion plasma weapon. It also results in you revealing your position to forces that can still shoot back afterwards.

By the time the Terran Marines have taken out the last of the attackers or drive them off you're out of ammo for everything but your pistol. The damage indicators on your armor are also showing numerous armor sections near failure. Holographic camo is still functional but barely.
A little nervous about your chances you decide to do another circuit of the outer areas before heading back.

"Captain I've got another pair of squads coming in towards the starboard bow side." You report after picking up the trail of some more troops.

A minute later in coordination with one of the others you attack the trailing squad in close combat. The rear guard nearly catches you after your initial attack but misses a jab with his bayonet. All of the others go down from a flurry of stabs, punches and kicks except for the last one. Pulling the pin on a grenade he throws it at the floor causing it to bounce back into the air before exploding.

The blast knocks you on your back a few feet down the corridor. Shaking your head to clear it you get back to your feet ears ringing. Your armor wasn't penetrated but it did exacerbate the already existing damage resulting in fractures. The ribs you recently had repaired also hurt like hell once again.

"All enemies eliminated." you report back, kicking each of the downed Marines to make sure they're dead. You head back to the perimeter that's been set up and take a breather.

After ten more minutes the main force of six hundred arrives.
A hand on your shoulder wakes you up from where you were leaning against a wall outside the computer core.
"You alright?" Asks the Recon trooper whose name you still havent caught.

"I've been better." you admit. "How long was I out?"

"An hour. I think the AI's have taken control of the ship. The ones on our side I mean." He offers you a hand which you take and climb to your feet.
Walking past a row of dead and wounded lining one side of the hallway you head to the aft security office.

The Captain, Lt Commander Féng and a few other officers are present watching a pair of displays that have been repurposed to show images from outside. The weapons fire from this ship has ceased.

"There." The Commander points to eight objects launching from the hull near the sublight drives.

"Escape pods? Are they abandoning ship?" Asks Nihal.

"No." Féng explains. "Those are the anti-matter storage tanks. We use them to fuel the sublight afterburners for emergency maneuvers."
After drifting one hundred km away from the ship the containment systems fail and the pods begin to explode.
"That was our signal that we'd retaken the ship." You tell the others.

Off in the distance towards the Macedon and Normandy you spot a bright light like the colour of subspace.
File: 1351792389364.jpg-(126 KB, 817x853, all the missiles.jpg)
126 KB
The Marine Captain hits a com button after noticing the distant light. "Versa are you seeing this?"

"Yes. As can the other AI's"

"Was this part of the plan?" One of the others present asks.

"I suspect that is a motivational device should we fail to do the following; Disengaging weapon locks on SP Torpedo Batteries one through sixty. Firing."

On the view screen thirty SP torps launch from the starbord side and upper super structure striking TCS Cornwall. The other vessel returns fire with all phase cannon, plasma weapons and point defense guns on that side but it appears most of their torpedo batteries were hit in the opening salvo.
"What are you doing?!" You and half the people in the room ask.

"Friendly forces were unable to enter effective range to target specific weapon systems with their torpedoes due to the heavy ECM used by Eris and her counterparts aboard the other ships. We are close enough for much more accurate fire allowing us to disable the other ships without excessive risk to their crew."

The next torpedo salvo arcs up and around the hull of Cornwall to hit her launchers on the far side, passing the warheads the other ship has begun launching while en route.

"MAD situation, everyone brace!" Orders the Captain. You grab one of the padded hand holds.

The AI's have been busy using the modular conveyors on Loreto in preparation for this though. Rather than being set up with with the normal point defense systems each of the pop up turrets deploy missile batteries. Several hundred nuclear explosions blind sensors on the starboard side and cause Cornwall's Torpedoes to lose some of their targeting accuracy, instead impacting the hull or other less essential weapons.

The vibrations carry though the ship to your location causing everything that isn't secured to shake and rattle.
Here is hoping the other task force was effective in recapturing our ships, or this fat ass terran ship is actually worth all our time investment to help us recapture ours. Hate to see the houses lose several capital ships while we strengthen terran forces.

If anything we need to establish contacts within terran forces for when we fail a roll to hide our stolen tech. Still think taking the ai off their hands would rock, but if their Eldar level of secrecy b.s. then I'm at a loss on how we come out of this with a win. Armor needs full repairs, probably some med bay time (see if we can still get terran doc while we are here), and need to resupply our fusion gun ammo.
One the radiation from the nukes has faded enough Versa fires a third torpedo salvo, this time targeting the Plasma cannon turrets, the only weapons remaining capable of rapidly ending the battle. For good measure most of the large turreted versions of the normally spinal mounted weapons are struck with two torps each.

The under gunned TCS Harbin must be taking serious damage by comparison.

"TCS Cornwall and Harbin, surrender immediately."

When there isn't any immediate response a torpedo volley is launched against Cornwall's port side drives.

"This is Macedon, we are under heavy attack by enemy Elite Cruiser squadrons and cant hold. We'll only be able to salvage one of the other ships. Cripple Cornwall and prepare to stand clear of Harbin should we need to destroy her."

>Anything you want to say to the House Lat'tham crews to convince them? Keep in mind they have several squadrons of Royal Guard cruisers in system now.
Roll 1d100
Rolled 74

"Knight Lieutenant Reynard to the crews of the TCS Cornwall and TCS Harbin. You have seen what the Loreto can do. It is equipped with powerful, intelligent gunnery systems, which are once again working for the right side. If you do not stand down at once, the full force of its weaponry will be brought to bear against you, until you are crippled or destroyed. None of your forces can prevent this. Your only hope is to end your resistance here and now."

I don't want to think about what will happen if I just rolled a 1.
"I hope you aren't sacrificing your lives while another clone comforts your loved ones."

Then again... I'll probably be calling for orbital strikes on every cloning facility located. I expect to be out voted, sadly.

We should get to know some of the Terran officers, though. I imagine that if Sonia fails to stop House Lat'tham, her family won't exactly be safe from the new benevolent overlords
I need to be leaving for work again. Will have to type up a response later when there's more time.

Jeez we're only at 145 replies? I guess we could keep this going for awhile.
You don't have to run this for multiple days if it's inconvenient. We don't always fill the thread with plans and research ideas.
And there were very few rolls this time.
I kindof like having it go for multiple days at the expense of good writing. Where we simple give a direction and TSTG comes up with something like a grenade volley while holding the enemies shields pointing the opposite direction. It would take a whole thread off arguing to come up with something like that in any other quest.

That and I can keep the thread in my phone browser to read and post on work breaks without missing allot. :)
This was a slow week for posting in general what with halloween and the associated drinking, and the hurricane and the associated drinking.
Page 8 bump.

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