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We are Ned Salters, freshly graduated with a business degree. Having landed a job as a manager in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, the trillion dollar business where superhumans slug it out in pay-per-view under the eyes of the world, we have helped the Brass Reaper, a washed up former XWF champion, overcome his crippling young addiction and return to the ring as a force to be reckoned with.

Along the way, we have made friends, added more fighters to our stable, uncovered conspiracies, and made deals with Nike to have one of our fighters sponsor their shoes.

Now, we are about to party in a exclusinve night club after (the) Brass (Reaper) and Python won their first tag team match in years by a landslide, but first Brass wants to stop by the XWF medical facility and see how his opponents are doing.
Ah! Here it is

"Tell you what, Rob, I'll join you. I'm sure Sam can make sure Ami gets to the party OK, and the guys'managers might be there"
I find it humorous to note that, while KoAND takes pains to note that Brass' full stage name is the Brass Reaper, not even he seems to care any more that Python is Green.

Anyway, just about the only things I can recall from skimming last thread are the thoroughly one-sided tag team fight and that Python is god. So, now that that little arc's over, what's on the itinerary now?

We need to get Brass back into Omega division. Brass Champ suggested a Tag Title tilt, but I favoured going for the Gold division belt and leveraging that to go after Bomber Lord (but not until we find out the exact details of his Cancer Power)
>I find it humorous to note that, while KoAND takes pains to note that Brass' full stage name is the Brass Reaper, not even he seems to care any more that Python is Green.
Actually, is not that I don´t care. Is just that with White Mamba, Black Hawk and Green Python, we have too many [color] + [animal] wrestlers so I was hoping everyone would forget it
Kind of embarrassed about it
At the medical building, you find the beautiful dr Minamikami overseeing the readings of Kodiak while the large young man is inside the Healthgel (tm) tank.

She greets you and tells you it is alright to speak with Black Hawk, if you want. He is almost ready to leave and should be getting dressed up in room 7 of the second floor
>Anyway, just about the only things I can recall from skimming last thread are the thoroughly one-sided tag team fight and that Python is god. So, now that that little arc's over, what's on the itinerary now?
There´s actually no pre-arranged matches right now. You are going to a celebration at The Sweet Hell, a exclusive night club downtown.
Before that, Brass wanted to check on Kodiak and Hawk to see how they were


In the room, you find Black Hawk talking with Phalanx. Phalanx real name is Eldric. He´s a clear-eyed, tall young man with an athlete´s build and short-cropped autumn hair, wearing a good suit and tie.

Black Hawk: "Oh, hey men. You kicked the shit out of is" -he has one of the small holoplates on top of the bed-

Phalanx: "Sir, it is an honor to finally talk to you in person. You always were an inspiration to me" -shakes Brass´ hand
I think we're more or less following Brass around right now, so yeah.

>the beautiful Dr Minamikami
THERE IT GOES AGAIN. Not that I'm complaining, but I have to wonder how ridiculously high her appearance is, for you to have to note this /every time/?
> how ridiculously high her appearance is
About on par with Mai, but eh, I´ll stop it

Brass: "Really kid? eh, im not sure that´s such a good thing. This is Ned Salters, my manager"
Phalanx: "A honor to meet you, sir" -the young man gives you a gentle squeeze.

You realize of course most nova could just turn your hand into a red wet thing, but Phalanx seems to have fine control over his own strength.

Phalanx: "Do you think there is a chance mister Wolfside would fight me?"
"If he's willing, no reason not. Perhaps I'll see about speaking to your manager?"

>Phalanx's real name is Eldric.
Calling it. His full name is Eldric Blishoff.

"Absolutely. Rob was saying that just a few minutes ago; He could pick anyone in the division, and he said he'd like to square off against you next. With you gentlemen's permission, I'll get the fight contract sent over tomorrow"

Ned looks over at Hawk "Good to see you up and about. Any word on Kodiak?"

Citation for Brass' comments - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21235924/#p21243132

Phalanx: "That would be amazing. I´ll need to call home and ask my family to record the match for me. Oh, is it alright if mister Wolfside signs something for me after the match? Right now I have it at my apartment, but I could go my Brass Championship poster if you´d give me time"

Hawk: "Chill down, man, you are popping out all over him." -then to you- "The doctor says his ribs will be healed by midnight tonight, and come morning he´ll be walking around, and we shouldn´t worry about it. I´m going home and have my girl lick my wounds for me. Are you guys going to celebrate now?"
I can't help myself.
>"What? No! How could you think that of us! We just broke a man's ribs and mercilessly pummeled another in an utterly brutal display of violence; why would we celebr- yes, yes we are. Will either of you be dropping in at any point?"
Black Hawk: "Har har. No, the loser shouldn´t go to the winner´s party. I´m just gonna go home. Take captain good manners here, tho. He´s just dying to get invited, I´m sure"

"After the match? Why wait? Come to the party, get your poster signed, and ask for a match. We can work the Respect Angle for your fight; Now your hero's back, you want to test yourself against him. It's perfect!"

And on a meta-level, this will fit nicely in with building Ami for her debut. If Phalanx was inspired by Brass, Red Jane could be too.

I'd definitely want to see a pre-fight vignette where Phalanx and Red Jane are talking about how Brass inspired them.
Phalanx: "That would be amazing, sir. If you give me the address, I´ll meet you there as soon as I can"

Having the club´s address, Eldric leaves in a hurry to get his poster.

Hawk: "You know that kid is a contender, right? I mean, he´s actually pretty fucking tough"

Brass: "It wouldn´t be good if he wasn´t. He´s from the Brass Reaper school of wrestling, after all"

Hawk: "Don´t let it go to your head, man. You better have a PR plan in case he beats you. Well, I´ll see you around, guys"


Having made sure your rivals did not suffer a career-crippling injury (tho as novas, as long as they don´t die, almost everything can be healed), you call the rest of your group and find that they are waiting for you at the parking lot.

This time, you go out on a limo.

Ami: "This sure feels nice" -prodding the seats- "is there a reason they are this long?"

Mai: "I´m quite sure. So what are your training plans for the next week. Are you dropping by the ranch? A friend who does Muay Thai is going to stay with me for a couple of weeks. Maybe you could pick something up from her"
Hmm. Now that the Python-Brass team-up is in the open, it would probably actually be beneficial to have them seen training side by side or sparring with each other.

Provisional Training Schedule
Brass: More absorption
Python: Going all Space-Time on us
Mai: Could learn some May Thai, add some strikes to her Catch-Wrestling repertoire

What's Phalanx's fighting style like?
Python: "Well, I have heard a lot of good things about your place, and now there´s no reason I can´t show up, right? Besides, Muay Thai always looked to me like box with legs, so I would be delighted to have a spar or two and learn something new."

>No, wait, she said "you". Is she still angling to put Ned through some kind of physical training?
No, she meant that Ned is the one that comes up with the guy´s schedule.

You arrive at the party, and Python offers an arm to Ami and the other to Mai

Python: "Besides, if your friend is half as beautiful as you, it would be foolish of me not to take the chance"


While you are at the club, Phalanx arrives in his own car and gives the valet the keys to park it away. He is carrying a poster tube slung over his shoulder.

The press immediately swarms the handsome young man, and he stutters for just a moment before reacting and humbly saying that he was invited and was hoping to have his poster signed by the champ. He excuses himself and goes into the club, The bouncers keep the press outside.
Are there any high-end magazines taking snaps inside the club? We want some footage of Phalanx's challenge.
You could probably tell the bouncer to let some in. Which magazines do you think would cover the XWF? Oh, by the way, N! is a channel that covers all things Nova 24/7. You could probably find a camera crew outside
I would have thought we'd want to talk things through with Phalanx's manager first. Maybe we could quickly exchange some brief messages during the party?

N! sounds good. A legit news outlet, too, perhaps (BBC, not Fox News). Possibly a sporting equivalent of Vanity Fair.

But whoever we let in, we basically play up the 'you scratch my back' angle. Never hurts to prime a friendly journo or two.

Can we roll Business or Streetwise to spot someone with a good reputation?
Sounds good. I got an idea, let me type it while you roll 6d10 for Ned´s Biz check


You call Phalanx´s manager and tell him to tune into N!

N! Live Coverage: "We are the Sweet Hell club in downtown Miami, where the XWF super stars Rob Wolfside, known by millions as the Brass Reaper, and Samuel Rodriguez, beloved by boxing fans the whole over, are celebrating their reunion as a team after two years, and their earlier victory in the XWF arena...!"

Phalanx: "Sir, I am so grateful with you for inviting me. Now if you could sign this up for me..." -unrolls his poster. It´s a large HQ image of when Brass won his third defense for the Omega belt, showing him standing on the area with the belt up and the fans on the back

Brass: "Sure kid, just turn around, I need something flat to write against." -he takes Phalanx´s marker and signs the poster for him

Phalanx: "Thank you sir. I´ll treasure it. Do you think there´s a real chance I could meet you in the ring soon?"

>Meanwhile, you are on the phone with his manager
>Can we roll Business or Streetwise to spot someone with a good reputation?
Fine by me. Ned´s Biz (Business) is 3 and his Wits is 3, which is why Im always making you guys roll 6d10 for Biz. His manipulation is 3 and his streetwise is 1, so if you want to roll that, roll 4d10 to try to find "that rogue reporter that always seems to have the inside scoop on things"
Rolled 10, 5, 3, 9, 3, 7 = 37


Ned's pretty legit, let's go with Business
Updated Brass: Very minor changes. Just added one star to his Absorb (energy) power, so now if he´s hit with any energy attack, he can absorb it and match Ami in Strength. Any point we raise this power further, takes him into "godhood" territory as far as strength goes.


Updated Python´s sheet to include Temporal Manipulation level 2 and correct a error (I hadn´t written down his Hyperrunning power.) He can use 3 quantum points to, for an hour, gain up to two extra actions each turn. All that multi punching we did? that was all just one action. That means he can do three times as many punches now (just an exampl)

You caught Phalanx´s manager by surprise, and manage to convince him it would be a good idea to exploit this opportunity for a respect match.

He says Phalanx is booked early next saturday to fight with Duke, but there´s no problem getting him into a fight with Brass on the same day.
What are the penalties for 5, 6, 7 or 8 punches?
Given that we have omnidexterity too, using 24 punches every turn would be incredibly cool.
Python slowly but surely edges his way to becoming Ball of Arms Kenshiro Brando. And our first special shall be the Hundred Headbutts.
Unless he would rather give his fighter some time to recover, it's honestly little difference to us, so a same day fight would be fine.
The default penalty on any multiaction is always the number of actions and then it gets +1 per action. For example for four punches it would be
Then for 7 punches it would be
The Extra Limbs lowers actions we do with one hand and copy with the others by 1 by extra limb, so it´s +2 when we are just punching
So 4 attacks would be
And 7 attacks would be
Omnidexterity wipes out the penalties for the first (number of arms) punches, so it would look like this
Four punches
Seven punches
Eleven punches
The wits roll, so long as we get at least one success, cuts all penalties from multiple actions in half, and rounds them down, so
Seven Punches
Eleven Punches
Ambidexterity gives you a +1 bonus to when we attack with "both" hands, so the attacks bonuses/penalties end up like this
Four Punches
Seven Punches
Eleven Punches
Now imagine doing that up to three times per turn
>The Extra Limbs lowers actions we do with one hand and copy with the others by 1 by extra limb, so it´s +2 when we are just punching
I fucking butchered that. Should have said

Extra limbs give us a +1 penalty reduction (before wits check) to multiple actions per each time we have taken Extra Limbs. We have taken it twice, so its a +2 penalty reduction
So, Python can essentially attack for 11 punches with no bad shit. That's fucking insane.

Python confirmed for champ.

Seriously, is there any way someone would be able to win against 33 punches in the same turn?
Rolled 9, 2, 2, 8, 10, 7 = 38


Book for the week after then. We don't want anything getting in the way.

We can call Kali's manager this week, and book a Tag Match for our guys


Rollan Biz to see how well we did with the newsies
Each punch does between zero to an absolute max of thirteen damage. Brass right now has a soak of 21. If he takes Armor just two more times, it will be 27. The rules say that if your soak is double or more the damage of an attack, you completely ignore it. So by using 6 more exp, Brass would be completely immune to Python´s punching madness

It´s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket (punching). We should try to give Python some alternative way to win beyond merely physical attacks
Rolled 7, 8, 4, 4, 9, 1 = 33


Go back to Yesterday's thread.
Relive the glory of the Quadbutt
I have to agree, but not because of anything "getting in the way".
If Brass fights and wins against Phalanx, the marks will complain that he had already fought once. They'd say it wasn't fair.

Which is why temporal magic can be pretty cool, here.
Python should probably get some Authority that allows him to do some serious environmental damage, though, pulled out only in the most extreme cases.
Btw, I haven´t played other WoD games other than Vapire (albeit very very briefly) but I get the impression than in Trinity (the sci fi WW game) I havent seen a mention of vampires, wereworlves or mages anywhere. Only humans, psions, novas and superiors.

Really, if vampires and werewolves ARE found out, I´m pretty sure they couldn´t hold their ground against groups of novas trying to hunt them down
As it stands, not a fucking chance.

The only thing that could stand up to a nova, as powerful as novas are in this 'verse, is a Mage.
And that's only because Mages can hack reality into whatever the fuck they want.
>I have to agree, but not because of anything "getting in the way".
>If Brass fights and wins against Phalanx, the marks will complain that he had already fought once. They'd say it wasn't fair.
This is a very good point. So a match in two weeks, then?


You walk over to where Brass and Phalanx are, and step in with good news. Phalanx´s manager was watching N!, and he has agreed. The match is confirmed for two dates from today!

Phalanx: "Oh wow. That´s... that´s amazing. Mister Wolfside... I mean, mister Reaper, it will be an honor to lose against you"

Brass: "Don´t say that, kid. I need you to try your best if I´m going to get ready for the championship this year"

Phalanx: "Yes sir, I will do my best, then!"

They shake hands and Brass drags the kid away towards the bar. Ami tags along (the cameraman takes a couple-seconds-too-long shot of the lower hem of her jacket) trying to buy Eldric´s poster.


Alright, so training
Brass raises his energy absorption at Yakazawa´s Biolabs
Python goes into the Morgan´s Ranch to learn Muay Thai, raises his punching speed into Jojo´s BIzarre Adventures meets Fist of the North Star dimensions
Ami continues taking dance and charm lessons from Equitas at the XWF gym
Is that what you guys wanted?

That's part of what I meant by "getting in the way"


Would that apply to the effects of Pressure Strikes as well? Or would the Stamina roll still be needed, even if double-damage-soak rule applied?
Sounds good
I'm fine with this. Unless anyone has any other suggestions?
File: 1351000208220.jpg-(668 KB, 1754x1419, Experience Costs.jpg)
668 KB
Pressure Strikes daze you for a number of rounds equal to the damage you did, so even if the pressure strike "i´m gonna daze you!" effect goes through, the daze length would be 0 rounds.

Want to buy anything for Ami? remember she still has 40 exp to assign, since I gave her all her exp in one sitting for all 13 weeks since we got her to the moment she makes her debut at the beginning of the season, minus the exp I already used on her.
Otherwise I will just raise her social attributes and buy her some stuff for that purpose.
Won't she need at least SOME combat stuff if she goes up in the Omega division?
She actually does a lot of damage already. Only combat stuff she would need right now would be maybe more hp. If she was a red card, she would be a 5/1 trample with haste creature, I think
So, terrible?

Give her first strike, at least.
File: 1351001026397.jpg-(43 KB, 375x523, Ami Red Jane Morgan.jpg)
43 KB
Anyway, anything you want to do along the week, or Fast Forward (as of known referenced to as FF) to the Saturday? Things I can think of that need doing:

Talking with magazines, if we want to get an interview for any of the guys, or Ami (if any magazine wants to, tho at this point she´s just a pretty face seen with some of the fighters so it would be hard. Not much interest right now)
Getting some more events for Brass
Talking about advertising with Python
Trying to get a look at Bomber Lord´s medical records, maybe talk to his manager?
Other (suggest ideas)
Would it be possible to delay spending the exp till right before we first get to use her? Or else also spend it in a week by week basis, so we can be sure she meshes well with our other fighters?
Actually week by week sounds like a pretty good idea. Mostly for RPying her growth.
Right now she has forcefields and immolate both "maxed out" since I just wanted to have her ready to jump into the ring at the beginning of the new season.
She has "clones" in level 1, which means that she makes (number of successes in a 6d10 roll) when she uses her power. More levels in clone add more dice to that roll.

In a nutshell, she deals very, very respectable damage just by touching someone, and is very very hard to damage. If hurt, however, she doesnt has much hp, at all.

Anyway, what do you wanna spend your time as their manager, during the week?

Some kind of additional Strikes might be good. Straight up catch wresting isn't exactly the flashiest combat style, and with all those free successes from Mega Strength, her hits will really hurt when they land.


More HP and/or Soak might be nice.

Does she currently have a finisher available? I could see her getting mileage off using her clones to slap on multiple submission hol.ds at once

>Simultaneous Crippler Crossface and Walls of Jericho, while another clone unloads punches on the victim's back
Perhaps we ought to arrange fights for next week?

If everyone else agrees, I'd like us to start going a bit Black Ops.

We need to find out what Bomber Lord's 'nasty secret power' is. I'm thinking the best way wold be to have someone hack his medical records, or bribe someone to hand them over
>Does she currently have a finisher available?
Honestly I havent designed anything, but I imagine it would revolve around a LOT of Ami´s jumping someone and tossing the target from one to the other for multiple submission maneuvers in the same round (this is mostly just fluff, tho)
Are you going to discuss this with your fighters in private, at the club, or try to arrange for it privately?

Keep it quiet initially. We'll need to tell Brass fairly soon, but we don't want him to go charging off after Bomber until we have a plan in place
Alright. But it´s a whole week. You doing anything else during that time, or focus completely on that?

Anyway, I guess it would be streetwise (4d10) to find someone willing to help you to the files, within the medical staff
Rolled 9, 4, 7, 2 = 22


I believe than non Novas can spend Willpower of autosuccesses. Streetwise is not our speciality, so we need to spend a point, I think.

Our other actions will be setting up matches, as per >>21253074
Rolled 9, 8, 10, 4 = 31

The usual managerial stuff, arranging fights and so on, as well as whatever life Ned has outside the XWF. We might focus on it now in the thread, but Batman isn't Batman 24/7.
>I believe than non Novas can spend Willpower of autosuccesses. Streetwise is not our speciality, so we need to spend a point, I think.
Alright but as a normal human being he has willpower 3 right now. I haven´t actually made him a whole sheet yet.

>The usual managerial stuff, arranging fights and so on, as well as whatever life Ned has outside the XWF. We might focus on it now in the thread, but Batman isn't Batman 24/7.
But right now he´s Bruce Wayne. I mean, it´s his business self.

You both got 3 successes so let´s go with that. You find a lab assistant that makes you a copy of Bomber Lord´s medical files.

His quantum and physical abilities are all written down as "sligthly out of the charts" by the dr.
His most immediately obvious power is his ability to punch/launch quantum fireballs, which is how he got his name.
His most intimidating power is plasma manipulation, which does aggravated damage, but he´s forbidden from using.
The doctor mentions that she suspects Bomber lord has the ability to manipulate his target´s quantum in unsuspected ways, as well as directly affecting the target´s personality.
She also writes that she knew Bomber Lord´s manager from before he started working with him, and the man has changed greatly. Used to be a rather impulsive, religious and outgoing person, but now he seems very meticulous, cold and calculating man. She suspects Bomber Lord can alter not only a person´s health, but even it´s personality/mind
File: 1351003954806.jpg-(119 KB, 991x816, Bomber Lord.jpg)
119 KB
There are also comments about how the psychiatric staff that have evaluated Bomber Lord, all without exception has simply written down "An example of a fair and balanced mind" in exactly those words.
Here's hoping we've properly covered our tracks.
Mind control? Oh dear...

We need to get Brass' opinion on Bomber Lord. Presumably they'd have interacted on some occasions. We also need to tread extremely carefully and on no account allow Ned to come into contact with the Lord.
Anyway, who do you want to have the next match with? we still havent fought
Snide Bull
White Mamba
Next monday. Brass is standing inside a large, reinforced chamber at Yakazawa´s biolab, using his energy absorption abilities to drain down a flamethrower´s attack.

Brass: "Bomber Lord? Nasty piece of work. The rumors are that he buys into that whole Null Manifesto bullshit. Some think he may even be a Terat member"
You have heard about the Null Manifesto, of course. It was in all the news for a few days, some years ago.

After the emergence of Novas, there was a great deal of arguing until with the vatican´s blessing, the leader´s of the world (except China and a few muslim nations) signed an agreement stating that novas are human beings and have the same rights and obligations as any other person.

The Null Manifesto, however, says (a quick OPnet search shows it to you):

"We are our own nation; to be nova is to transcend the baselines from which we evolved. We want only to live in accord with the promptings, which come from our true selves. Why is that so revolutionary? We exist beyond human comprehension, and while we have yet to define our own laws, we must have the space and freedom necessary to chart our own course. Only those novas who are too lazy or too comfortable to think for themselves, to judge and regulate their own behavior accordingly, obey baseline laws.

True members of the One Race sense their own laws within them; things are forbidden to them that a common baseline will do any day of the year, and other things are allowed to them that are generally despised. Each nova must stand on her or his own feet. I beseech all members of Homo sapiens novus to follow the path that will take them to a better understanding of what and who they are. This will require courage, but the chick that fears the outside world dies in its egg. To be born, the One Race must destroy its egg and, in time, fly. For this we are slandered, but we cannot claim surprise. Those few powerful individuals with courage and character have always seemed sinister to the rest. Anything that threatens the calm in which the baselines live they call "revolutionary"

They have become nervous because they realize that with the coming of the One Race the rules by which they have lived are no longer valid. The labels they affix to us are of no concern. We cannot and will not apologize for a difference this fundamental. We must explore what it is to be nova, not for a betterment of the human race, but for the betterment of the nova race. Perhaps there are some novas who prefer to stay with the baseline herd for the warmth it provides. I say obtain your warmth from equals. Humans do not require the companionship of monkeys, and likewise, novas do not require the companionship of baselines. We are destined to make a strange and terrible journey, and this we cannot do alone.

While each nova must walk his or her own path, we must gather and share our knowledge and our companionship. We are at the gates of a glorious new age, and we must take the first steps towards our destiny; to do this we need to be one. Realize that it is only novas who can lead this journey. Homo sapiens sapiens had its chance -- it is now the age of the One Race.

Whosoever would be creator, must first destroy, and in the age of the One Race, a terrible angel is loosed, preparing his grand creation..."
Rolled 7, 7, 5, 1 = 20


Duke and Phalanx are busy, so let's see if Equitas is available.

Brass can start the process of preparing for Ami's debut by facing off against the woman who's been helping train his new protoge


>Manipulate Quantum
>Taint happens when Quantum is overworked

Could he be forcing the development of Tainted badness as a technique to nobble those he fights? It could account for the various affllictions and downward spirals than those who've fought him have suffered from

And, oh dear mind control indeed. Just as well Brass is prepared for that...
The person who released the manifest identified himself as "Divis Malis", which can be translated in many ways, including divine evil and angel demon. He´s worldwide famous for funding a group of nova "thinkers" known as The Teragen. They claim to have found a way to turn taint into strength, and many say they have.
Even if the Teragen started as a group of philosophers and thinkers dreaming of a new age of morals and ethics for those capable of walking on the surface of the sun (happened in 2009), however, today it is better known as a nest for criminals and terroists. The idea of "I am nova, and therefore above human laws" seems to have attracted all the wrong types.

Equitas is available.

Who would you want to have Python fight, if anyone?

>Could he be forcing the development of Tainted badness as a technique to nobble those he fights? It could account for the various affllictions and downward spirals than those who've fought him have suffered from

Rumours has it, the Teragen have developed such powers as they prepare to fight those "of the One Race" that may choose to side with humanity
That's all well and good, but we didn't come to speak to Brass specially to hear what the rumours think about the Bomber Lord, we came to speak to Brass specially to hear what Brass, as a man who's worked alongside the man, thinks of the Bomber Lord.
Brass: "Alright, but do you know how, when you have nothing good to say about someone, you shouldnt say anything? that is sort of what comes to mind when you ask me about Bomber Lord. He seems to think humans are like pets or toys, and I have seen enough of him to know he´s not the type of person that is kind to his pets, or careful with his toys. In short, I would call him a dick. Try to stay away from him, Ned"
Clearly mind control, then. We will also need to see if the psychiatrists who examined Bomber Lord are still under its effects, and if they are novas or normals. Perhaps novas have greater resistance and necessitate more potent powers?
You know, I haven´t seen Brass Champ post in almost an hour. You still there, champ?
Alright, arranging for a session with a psychiatrist is a perfectly normal thing so you dont need to roll anything. You just look who they were and then search for his contact info on the OPnet.

Anyway, try to arrange a fight between Brass and Equitas? (roll 6d10) Who do you want Python to fight?
Rolled 9, 2, 4, 10, 6, 10 = 41

I am now.
Getting ready for a trip cross country in an hour or two, so packing.

Getting Snide Bull (a kicker) against Python would be pretty neat.
Legs vs. Arms
Footwork versus handiwork
Bull vs. Snake

An animal with powerful legs against an animal without any.

Make it sound cool and shit.

Brass and Equitas sounds good too.

I think we should ask Mai about getting some spec ops training. Or, at the very least, something to make our resolve stronger. If we're putting Brass against Bomber, Bomber might realize we're behind his resurgence, and he'll come after us.
If we learn some guerrilla warfare techniques and stealth, maybe some anti-mind control routines, we could avoid getting our asses killed.
Could we get a Quantum Manipulation Backlash power? Basically, when Bomber tries to mess with Brass's quantum, he gets burned, literally.
You have little to no problem arranging the two fights.

Mai: "You know, if this Bomber person is as dangerous as that, there isin´t much that a baseline like you could do to defend himself. Here -she gives you a number- In case of emergency, and I mean a real emergency, just call me. I won´t even answer, I´ll just track you down and help. This is a line separate from my personal everyday life"

She pours you some orange juice (I´m assuming we are at her home- and sits across from you on the kitchen table. She´s wearing a shirt and jeans, with an apron, since she is also preparing lunch.

Mai: "You know, I have a lot of contacts. I work with a lot of novas in my line of business, so I could make some calls if you want some more information about Bomber Lord."

That sounds very nice indeed. It keeps with our theme of making Brass into the ultimate tank

>Tons of health
>Massive soak
>Immune to mindfucks
>Absorbs energy

>Fries you if you fuck with his Quantum

A nice set of defenses

"Thanks" Ned takes the number

"If you could ask around, that'd be amazing. This goes beyond 'people don't like the guy'... Call it a hunch, but I think there's something really, genuinely sinister about him."
File: 1351007709971.jpg-(41 KB, 375x523, Brass Reaper.jpg)
41 KB
Probably, but I will need to read the books to look for something. Nothing comes to mind right away.

Anyway, I´m going to have lunch and then I got to go out. Should we leave today´s thread up to here? I mean, we can keep discussing things, but so Brass Champ doesnt miss anything like a new fight or character development or shocking info about someone being revealed.

Also, what did you think of Ami´s card?
I can still check the thread on the train. There's internet. I just won't be able to post very well, probably.

Please, don't stop because of me.
Mai: "Not a problem. I can´t have my little sister´s boss getting mind controlled by a bad guy, right? Are you staying for lunch? I can easily make room for one more at our table"

She is chopping some vegetables while talking with you, now

Mai: "Oh, by the way, Ami is very excited about her debut match. Any idea when that will be?"
People missing parts of a quest is kinda the nature of the medium. I say go on.
Well, slow-posting anon is also going. Anyway, I have to go myself for lunch now. When I come back I can help our anon with any questions, and I will archive the thread before I go.

As mentioned yesterday, I'm nearly out, as well


"Plan as it stands is for her to debut after the next round of championship matches. We struck a deal with Frank to get developmental control of Red Jane, but we can't take over the contract until the title scene is clarified."

At this point, I'm tempted for us to tell her that Bomber was involved in holding her sister back. Yay or Nay on that idea?
Sure. I mean, i'd even say tell her everything. She is smart enough not to imediately inform Brass and Ami, and we can trust her as long as we dont fuck over her sister. We need her as a failsafe should Bomber Lord scrub our memories.
You know, you could try keeping a journal/diary, I think

Mai: -looks at you for a moment- "Why don´t you just reinvent her as someone else? I´m sure that must get done in your line of business, right? I don´t know... Firemask or something like that. After the season is over, she can go back to being Red Jane if she cares to"


Okay, I´m off to lunch. Take care guys, see you tomorrow

"It's... complicated, Mai" Ned sighs "It's not just up to me. I'm still the new kid...."

He pauses

"What I'm about to tell you *has* to stay between us, for now. Partly because I'm not supposed to know it, and partly because our fighters have enough to deal with right now."

>And yes, that was a deliberate use of the plural. Old School is as much Ami's stable as Ned's

"Frank was being strong-armed into keeping Ami off the circuit by Bomber, Mamba and their managers. Don't know why, maybe they were scared of her. But as part of the negotiations, in order to get developmental rights, and first chance at her contract, I had to agree to keep the stipulation intact for now. Frank wouldn't budge."

"I didn't like it, but sometimes you have to play by rules you don't like... At least, until you're in a position to rip the rulebook up"
Back from lunch. My yahoo mail and messenger is in the email field is you wanna contact me or add me to yahoo/trillian messenger.

Mai: "Alright... I guess that just gives me more reasons to look around and into Bomber´s business, no? Oh, you aren´t allergic to shellfish, right?"

You enjoy lunch with the girls, and go back to work assured that Mai will do her best to look into things.


See you tomorrow, guys

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