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We are Ned Salter, young, ambitious, and recently graduated from business school. Having landed a job as a manager in the XWF (Extreme Warfare Federation). Right now we are handling Rob "The Brass Reaper" Wolfside, and Samuel "Python" Rodriguez, two veteran fighters in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation for Novas, superpowered beings that in a world with less materialistic tendencies, may have been what we know as "superheroes".

Having gotten Brass out of his drug addiction and back into the ring, and helping Python into developing his potential as a nova, as well as learning "Dormancy" to be able to better interact with normal (baselines) humans, we are looking at one or two weeks of training before Brass and Python have to go up into the ring again.

Previous threads

Python´s sheet
Brass´(updated) sheet
Checking in.

First order of business is, if we've not done it already, is to ink the Tag Match vontracts
File: 1350900054328.jpg-(31 KB, 353x500, python.jpg)
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hey man. I updated the spreadsheet´s stats a LOT. You have the link? I´m nervous about posting it here since it seems like anyone can edit it, I can´t find how to save it, and at this point there has been a fair amount of work poured into them.

Anyway, remind me, we are gonna have Brass fight Kodiak for the grudge match, and then after the (shot) 1st round, Black Hawk moves in and then Python moves in as well, right?

I think we already secured the negotiations for that, and also found about the conspiracy among champions of the Gold and Omega divisions to keep Ami as arm candy instead of letting her fight.

I was cleaning the spreadsheet and the sheets and realized I had overcharged Pythin for a few upgrades here and there, so he has a liiittle more exp than I thought he had, available
File: 1350900575253.jpg-(120 KB, 991x816, Python 003.jpg)
120 KB
Oh, by the way, since someone asked why Brass actually weaker than Ami on the spreadsheet, I added backgrounds, advanced techniques and maneuvers to it, so his experience should be more obvious now. Also, since Ami won´t fight for at least 13 more weeks, I had to give her a fair amount of power so she won´t be useless when she IS allowed to fight.

Oh and what did you think of the pic in >>21235996 ?? I found a nice site that lets me edit Time Magazine covers.

Oh, and Python´s sheet has his background, since we sort of never mentioned it IC but he´s famous so the manager should know it

Link to communal sheet is in the archived threads.... I think Brass Champ had the master copy somewhere

That was indeed the plan to set up the tag match, the only question being the fine details of the interference (I voted that the Ref call a No Contest, so nobody gets a loss by their name). I also can't remember whether Kodiak and Hawk's managers said their wanted to extend the feud a bit, rather than go straight for the tag match? Or was *that* the reason for the Hawk fight, rather than going straight back up against Kodiak?

Also, nice pic. Is this an actual in-Universe copy of Time? Do we have to defuse (or exploit) a PR bomb?
I had the impression they were going to fake the first round, then after Brass "takes a beating", as the second round starts, Python joins in.

The whole idea is, on the giant screens over the ring, something like hp bars show up, showing people that Brass is going down, then Python shows up, and through a brofist charges him right back up, the referee calls for a restart, and then the real fight begins.

I think the technology level is at least Deus Ex Human Revolution like, since we have mega intelligent novas around, so if the people are told something like hp bars exist, they will accept it.

Of course, is just for drama. Also, I realized that with the "Supreme Mastery" martial arts ability, Python can now (that he learned at least 1 point in other martial art) buy advanced maneuvers from any other martial art as if they were part of boxing, and use them as boxing maneuvers.

I can see much potential in buffing up his fists with kung fu and karate, for example.

And yeah, remember this is basically an alternative timeline so Time magazine is supposed to exist. It should become clearer if you read the background I added to his sheet.

This is the spreadsheet
Something like
Python: "I saw the fight at home and flew righ over, old man. How you holding?"
Brass: "I´m alright now"
Python: "Then let´s teach these kids how to have a fair fight!" -jumps into the ring-

Also, reading the inner rules of the XWF, I feel it´s more like a MMA thing than wrestling, at least until we move to the Omega division and the fights become 60 minutes long with no rounds

Oh, any suggestions for pictures for Brass or Red Jane to use on magazine covers? Well, Brass is easy, of course (I will use OP image, I guess).

Also, I really really like this as Python´s theme

My only worry was that if we had them actually fight in the aftermath of the grduge match, there'd be no reason for the formal tag match the next week. Hence the No Contest, especially if XWF is more MMA, the whole Outside Interference thing is probably more frowned upon.
Well, is still very much the entertainment industry, still. The fight isint going to be fake, it´s just gonna get spiced with a history, so I think it´ll be alright. I assume you let the upper management know so they know not to stop the fight when Black Hawk moves in.

Anyway, we have two weeks of training to go with, or you wanna fight in 1 week? and I would seriously like some suggestions of pictures for Brass and/or Ami.

The magazines I can fix a cover for are Cosmopolitan, Gossip Girl, Motor, People, Playboy, Time, Playgirl, Rolling Stones, Glamour, and Wired.

Ami, Brass and Python actually have a very high perform skill, so it would be interesting if they had rock bands or the like, on the side.

Well, Python has been in movies before. That reminds me we were gonna try to get him some merchandising and such and havent gotten around to it. Brass isint so good on the screen, but Live events? he´s awesome in live events
I'd be fine with Python taking a week off to train with his new style, but the other regulars (BC and SPA) usually want Brass fighting every week, especially since we gave him Super Metabolism.

Merchandise-wise, I think we should sell Extra Arm props that the fans could wear, along with the usual clothing selections

Phone posting ATM, so imagesearch is somewhat slow.

Also, bump until some other regulars arrive
File: 1350905419720.jpg-(36 KB, 351x270, athletic redhead.jpg)
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>Merchandise-wise, I think we should sell Extra Arm props that the fans could wear, along with the usual clothing selections
Genius. Friking genius. Something like jackets with extra sleeves and fake arms?

Any other ideas like that? and why is it so fucking hard to find a good picture googling for athletic redhead? all I can find are NSFW pics and this, and it doesnt looks that good as a cover. Probably too small

The premium, limited-edition Python Arm jackets have servo-motors in the arms, so they can perform basic XWF spectator tasks like holding your beer, or a sign

Phone is busted, so no uploading of pics, but if you don't mind a bit of /a/, google for Project A-Ko, the lead character being a redheaded japanese schoolgirl who's the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman expies. She can jump for miles, go hand-to-hand with giant robots, and use missiles in flight as stepping stones.
Sounds fun

Anyway I dont know where the others are but I guess we should start?

roll6d10 for discussing the merchandising with the right companies. If you read Python´s background, it should be obvious he could do advertising for sport equipment. Maybe Harley Davidson? riding a chopper with proper clothes and such. I dont think he would support a tobacco company, but probably would be cool with beer.

roll 6d10 for your business check
Proposal - Ami was reluctant to do the Charm School stuff, but she's a Brass Reaper fangirl from back in the day.

I propose that this week, Brass spends his time showing her the basics of flair, style, working the crowd, that sort of thing. You said he's amazing live; He could impart some of that knowledge, and Ami might respond better if it came from him. We'll have a camera team record it, and it'll be part of Red Jane's first official XWF DVD

Meanwhile, we need to start putting out feelers to the Gold Champion's manager about setting up the belt fight. Should he refuse to talk to us, we can begin a Troll Campaign of calling him a coward, until he gives in
File: 1350908026150.jpg-(44 KB, 353x485, Ami Playboy cover.jpg)
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If you read Python´s background, you´ll notice the gold division champion is sort of his rival. Brass´ rival is the omega division champion, so it´s more of a long-term project. We need brass to win enough that he´s promoted from Gold to Omega division after the title fights at the end of the year. We could also have him win the Gold division, and then use his right to challenge the Omega division champion. That would be much faster, but risky.

There´s a surprising amount of XWF logos out there
Rolled 1, 3, 1, 2, 10, 6 = 23


Also, this would be a good time to talk to the lab about agumenting Ned. Is there a "Smooth Talker", "Silver Tongue" or "Gift of the Gab" power we could grab? Not going the whole Nova package, just a latent Quantum spark...

Failing that, we can spend Communal XP to boost Ned's negotiation skills
File: 1350908375347.jpg-(40 KB, 353x485, Ami Playboy cover 002.jpg)
40 KB
Rolled 5

You can´t graft powers to a human being. Like I said, you could make him into a "superior" by using 40 exp. A superior is a human with quantum 2, who cannot raise his quantum or attributes past that, so he can only buy very low-key powers.
He could buy enhancements, tho, and hell, charisma and/or manipulation 2 would already make him incredibly hard to resist.

You going with the deal for the jackets or something else?
Rolled 7, 2, 7, 8, 2, 7 = 33


Right, I understand now.

Gess we'd better be saving the pool... Unless we're getting our own XP from succeeding at our personal goal. Is there an Aspect mechanic, where you get Willpower for doing stuff in line with your nature? Because Ned should have something like that, in terms of Business Success.

I don't know if we did well enough for good terms on the external deals, but the Arm Jackets, along with other clothing, is solely our concern. So stick with 'in house' merch for now. After the tag match, when both our guys are even bigger, we can try again.
File: 1350909862192.jpg-(115 KB, 754x603, xwv 001.jpg)
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Rolled 9

Uhmm... I guess we could give his own exp to Ned, but it would have to be a "every six months" thing, as in, at the end of season, if he did good. Then the things we buy him would represent all that time. For example, he could buy more charisma, intelligence, or more points in business, etc

Well, technically a success is simply "moderate success" so you probably get some cheap stuff made.

Also, alright, let´s have Brass train Ami. Let´s see...


Brass: "No no, you make the blow bounce, bounce! try again!"
Ami: "Alright... but wouldn´t it be more spectacular if I smashed it?"
Brass: -hits her on the head with a "small" wooden beam- "Then it would be over in an instant and what would you do the rest of the show? you are entertainer, an entertainer! give the audience what they want. Even in the Omega division, we usually just fool around the first 15 minutes or so"
Ami: "...fine"

The redhead powerhouse does her best to just slightly demolish the boulder she is hitting, but small and not-so-small craters keep popping up where she hits.

Mai: -to you- "It was a good idea to get mister Wolfside to teach her. She would just say yes yes and do whatever she wanted if I tried"
I'm here.

KOAND, the sheet is uh, kinda confusing. It's open to be edited by anyone, but I keep a copy on my computer anyway, so it's no problem if someone edits it a lot.

It's uh, kinda confusing right now. Hard to see what powers have already been bought.

Shockwave, which we have bought, is the same place as Thunderclap, which we haven't, which makes it a bit difficult to see what is and what isn't already bought.

"I think it's good for Rob, too. You know better than anyone how it feels to take your talents and use them for the good of someone else. It's like when I look at Rob and think 'a month ago, he was washed out, now he's in full-on Career Rebuild mode'. I helped make that happen, and it feels good"
File: 1350911105106.png-(115 KB, 2000x900, xwf-logo.png)
115 KB
You have both shockwave and thunderclap. In Aberrant, if you have at least one point in a mega attribute, you get a free enhancement in that attribute. You guys bought Earthquake, but Brass already had Thunderclap, that´s why he has both on the sheet.
Everything that they have on that sheet, they bought or already had
..but the point of the sheet was that we could look up what upgrades were available so we could quickly decide what to buy without you having to explain it for us
File: 1350911388069.png-(53 KB, 215x213, XWF Logo (1).png)
53 KB
Mai: "You know, I could help make you into a warrior, too. It wouldn´t be hard. You see to have will and guts, and that´s about 80% of what it takes. The rest is training. I promise to be gentle" -she smiles.. somewhat maliciously-


Well, when it comes to the exp, the first number, the one between parenthesis is the exp spent on a power, for example (6), and then number next to it, is how much it would cost to upgrade it. So if you see (6) 3 it means it would cost 3 exp to upgrade it. If you see, for example (11) 10/15/20 it means the next upgrade would be 10 points, and the one after that would be 15, and the last would be 20

Sorry, is just that someone said last week that Brass looked really weak next to Ami so I just poured down more info so his experience was more obvious.
File: 1350911547493.png-(64 KB, 1600x837, see post.png)
64 KB
No no, I understand how you set it up, it's just that now we have to ask if there's something they don't already have that we want to teach them.

I made three tabs so the information about what Brass and Python have already bought could be put in while we could still check what we could buy with our XP.

It's no huge problem, but we do need to know what our upgrade options are without having to spend time getting you to explain it to us.
"Me? A warrior? No disrespect, m'am, but I'm more of a lover than a fighter. Besides, I've got no experience or anything, and I don't think I'm ever going to get into a fight.
'sides, it would probably take too much of your time."

Welcome, BC.

I think, as regards the sheet, keeping the Upgrades Bought and Possible Upgrades separate would work best.

Also, is there scope for a second document that says what the techniques (leg scissors, takedown throw, etc) actually do, including the mechanics?
File: 1350911988222.gif-(32 KB, 449x197, l.gif)
32 KB
Oh, by the way, if we raise Brass´ energy-absorbing power, he can gain a maximum of strength equal to the level of that power. Maximum "normal" strength is 5. After that any extra points go to mega strength, so if he has the absorb energy power in level 5 (maximum), and then he got hit with an energy attack, and absorbed it, he could end up with
Strength 5
Mega Strength 8

Which is beyond superman level... way, way beyond that... let me check what you can do with mega strength 8...

Mega-Strength 8
• Rip the Statue of Liberty free from its base & haul it
on your shoulder.
• Uproot a full 38 meter tall water tower.
• Uproot a large submersed oil pipeline station (rated at
1,300 meters of depth).
• Use a Cyclone-class patrol ship as a weapon.
• Use a 300 meter tall radio tower as a fighting staff.


Mai: "Are you making a move on me, Ned?" -Apparently she misunderstood the "lover" bit. She gives you a look, but doesn´t seems angry, just playful-

Meanwhile, Brass hits Ami on the arm with the (relatively) small log again as he admonishes her. It seems they are both having fun, tho.


Well, if you want me to write all the possible options, it would take forever. I honestly prefer just explaining you a few here and there. Also, usually you just get a few powers and max them out together with your attributes.
>Also, is there scope for a second document that says what the techniques (leg scissors, takedown throw, etc) actually do, including the mechanics?

...you could check that on the pdf sheets I posted at the beginning of the thread. The techniques are included in there
Well, you both suddenly went afk or 4chan got a heart attack and died (again). Back in 10 minutes, gonna get breakfast
I've added a tab for the purpose. I'll add what things do what as it comes up.

Remember, you can add several sheets in the same document.

See: >>21236870

"Trust me, if I were hitting on a lovely dame such as you, you wouldn't have to ask."

Fair enough, I guess.

It's 4chan. Moot heard you like yo yos so he put yo yos in the servers so they can go up and down while you post

"Uh..." Ned blushes slightly "What I mean to say, uh, Ma'am, is I was never the physical type. Always preferred to talk my way out of trouble"

He grins "Though a man'd have to be blind not t'appreciate a fine lookin' woman such as yourself"
Oh, yeah, Brass Champ - We need ideas for Python merchandise.

Best so far is jackets with extra arms; The business roll wasn't very good, though, so no endorsements just yet
Python-endorsed running shoes.

Brass Reaper metallic action figures.

Python sports gear. Boxing gloves and shit.

Brass Reaper wigs and other costume pieces.

Action figures.

Video games.
File: 1350915032734.jpg-(342 KB, 570x506, redhead_girl___ballpoint_(...).jpg)
342 KB
>Video games.
Can definitively see some Double Dragon vibe going on there.

Anyway, if you look at his sheet, you may notice that Python, (compared to ami and brass, at least) is squishy as fuck. Do you wanna buy him more armor or hp with his exp? Also, he has quantum 6, which means he could buy ridiculously strong powers, or upgrade any power of the core rulebook to ridiculously high levels.

For example. Ami´s clones only last 1 fight, but if he took clone (lets not. This is is just an example) he could make them PERMANENT.

So really, more than me giving you hundreds of options and then thousands of variations (because you can customize the powers), just tell me what you want and I´ll tell you how we can get it with the powers that exist, or which ones do we need to modify to get them

And did you like the logs? and which magazine cover did you prefer?
Ami´s forcefields only cover HER, but if Python had the same power, instead of its force bubbles being measured in meters, it would be measure in kilometers. Stuff like that.

Those powers would be VERY expensive to take and upgrade tho, but of course, you can already start seeing how it would be totally worth it.
Holy fuck, Python's quantum is THAT strong?
Soak seems pretty good, but dodging sounds even better. Any of those impossibly powerful quantum abilities that allow for super dodging?

Brass and Python are tag teaming it up this week, right? Brass has to fight every week, at least.

Not sure what logs you're talking about.
The magazine covers are a nice touch.
An end of month magazine cover dump with a "this is what happened" thing would be cool. Reminds me of those old WWE games.
second playboy cover is better
>An end of month magazine cover dump with a "this is what happened" thing would be cool.
actually, I dont know if you are aware, but I sometimes host drawthreads here, so I was hoping in drawing a couple comic pages for the fights, maybe.

I meant logos. I posted a few XWF logos. Which one did you like

Did you read the background on python´s sheet?

Dice Pool:Varies
Effect:Allows a character to manipulate space in more involved
ways than Spatial Manipulation
Multiple Actions:No
Description:This power is to Spatial Manipulation what
Elemental Authorty to is Elemental Mastrey. It allowa a Nova to
manipulate space in profound ways beyond the scope of Spatial
Dice Pool:Wits + Spatial Authorty
Range:(Quantum + Spatial Authorty) x 100 Meters
Area:(Quantum + Spatial Authorty) x10 Meters Diameter
Duration: Maintenance
This allows a Nova to create a small pocket in reality, a ‘bubble’ in space. When it is activated an entrance like a warp appears and leads to a small space with grey boundaries. The space is a shere when initially created, but the Nova can spend a success to alter it into any shape they desire, so long as the total volume remains the same. They can also spend a succsess to double the current size of the bubble. A success can also be spent to alter any of the following characteristics to the desires of the nova creating the space between the maximums listed.
• Illumination : The default level of the light in the space is a dim twilight, but it can vary between bright enough to serve as a strobe with a dice pool of five to utter darkness.
• Temperature : The defualt temperature is a little cool about ten degree’s centergrade, it can vary between –40 degrees and 100 degree’s either extreme is deadly to unprocted baselines.
• Gravity : The defualt level is earth normal, it can vary from nothing to arround 10 times the gravity of earth.
• Atmoshere & Pressure : The default level is one atmoshere of pressure and an earth-like mix of oxegen and other gasses. It can vary from total void to 100 atmoshere’s pressure of pure oxegen.• Boundry Appearance : The edges of the space appears to be a blank grey plane by defualt, but they can be any image the creator desires, even realistic looking scences of nature or any other scene desired.
The pocket lasts for one hour for each dot the nova has in Spatial Authorty, and it can be renewed by paying the same quantum cost again at any point before the pocket colapses. When the pocket ends, all physical objects within in a gently deposited as closely as possible to the gate. Once created the gate cannot be moved.

Basically he could create his own pocket world for a little bit, and pull a Unlimited Blade Works. Only it would be an Unlimited Punching your Lights Out Works

Also, if you ogle the books, you may notice that some powers have an "extra" at the bottom. Taking an extra raises the level of a power by one, so if you take a level 2 power with one extra, it becomes a level 3 power. With quantum 6, he could raise a power up to level 4. Or he could take a custom extra from the players guide to raise a level 3 power to level 4

So anyway, he has a LOT of wiggle room when it comes to powers, so just say what you want and ill see how to get around to it.


I thought we were having the semi-worked Grudge Match this week, then hyping the Tag Match for the week after
I am the bone of my fist
Speed is my body and quantum is my blood
I have created over a thousand beatings
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
Have withstood lose to create many wins
Yet, these hands will never hold anything
So as I pray, unlimited ass kicking.
No, no... at least I think no. Training two weeks, then the tag-team/grudge match

Anyway, I´m happy to see you are still with us.


Mai: "Alright. I´ll remember that"

Brass spends the week teaching Ami how to work a crowd.
Meanwhile, the bio engineers at Yakazawa are going crazy over the near limitless potential of Python, tho the boxer doesn´t seems interested in anything that doesn´t directly improves his box
>Zap a foe with 10x normal earth gravity
>Locked down while we engage SUPER PUNCHAN MODE

Going afk for about an hour. Be back directly
File: 1350917789301.jpg-(350 KB, 769x1418, exp costs for 1st gen novas.jpg)
350 KB
And yeah, checking the previous thread, we are supposed to have spent a week already, so at the end of this week well get 5 exp and it will be time to fight. Anything you wan to upgrade on them? toughness, hp, improve an attribute, buy a power?
File: 1350918301771.jpg-(539 KB, 1532x1489, godhood exp costs.jpg)
539 KB
This table is for Python´s use only, and only for Python´s use. This is why he has so much taint. It´s the price of power

Anyway Im including this because you keep asking the costs. Seriously guys, just tell me what you want and Ill try to come up with as close an option as possible for it
Have you read Biscuit Hammer?

Airspace Control Babylon
>Have you read Biscuit Hammer?
Are you a turtle knight? can we have adventures now? Is... is the earth in great danger!?

I dont remember what airspace etc is, tho
Anyway, I think we should try to give Python powers that go with his "theme" so to speak. He is a sportsman obsessed with developing box into a supreme fighting science. Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is temporal mastery so he can stop time and hit people extra times.

I would say immolate so his punches are in flames, but that´s sort of Ami´s trick

Anyway after his fight, I got a feeling for how you guys wanted to run him so I built him towards that. He should be much stronger now than when he fought for the first time, since now he has an actual "build"
Developing Spatial Authority and putting the gravity up to a hundred million thousand, and training him to be able to punch while in that field will allow him to essentially fight while his opponent is completely stationary.

If he has enough quantum, it could even be paired with superspeed super punching.

Maybe another set of arms?
File: 1350920917641.jpg-(92 KB, 750x600, adventure.jpg)
92 KB
each extra arm reduces his multiple action penalty by 1, before applying the penalty denier enhancement.

So if he punches 4 times, normally his penalties should be
But instead right now they are
And if he rolls wits successfully to reduce penalties, they become
With his boxing bonus to punches, and his ambidexterity bonus to anything he uses both hands to, it becomes
Adding another arm would not actually change anything. At this point you would need 2 more arms to get
which with his wits enhancement would end
It´s a bell curve, if that means anything to you. After a certain point, the benefits:cost ratio doesnt really pays off
Eh, I think we have maxed his penalty reduction now. 2 additional arms + Omnidexterity + wits roll. Now we need to make him even more
Goddamn failed copypasta.

Now we need to make him even more dodgy, and get him some armor and toughness.
Anyway, keep present that Spatial Authority is basically the "Master" version of Spatial Manipulation, which allows things like teleports across dozens of thousands of kilometers, and that you get to choose a free Spatial Authority technique for each time you buy it. The Micro-pocket power is not a "real power", but instead merely a "technique", like:

Dice Pool:Intellegence + Spatial Authorty
Duration:Special - This power lasts one round for each success achived on the roll.
It has a simple but profound effect, any attempt to teleport or warp by the character has its effect greatly magnified. For each 1000 km they would normaly have been able to travel they can instead travel an entire light year

So instead of being able to teleport, say, 30000 kilometers, you could easily teleport from around inside the milky way galaxy.

Like I said, level 4 powers are a serious business. Travel the galaxy, direct the evolution of animal species on earth, create new, stable species, level 4 powers are very, very strong.
The only way to make him MORE dodgy that I can think of, is to buy another dexterity enhancement, that gives him +3 dice to dodge, and a mega appearance enhancement, that causes a penalty to attacks on his opponents equal to his mega appearance.

Mai has that one. She has mega appearance 5. Trying to hit her ain´t fun at all

What techniques from spatial authority can do crazy shit with his boxing?
None that I can think of. Spatial Authority was just a example. There are like 14 different "Authorities". Really, just throw an idea, I will quickly check what there is and bounce an idea off you
I honestly don't know.
Punching hard and punching fast are about all I can think of.
Rapid-speed teleportation combined with hyperspeed punching
Alright, let me see what is there for teleporting (to which I like to refer to as "poofness")
Naaah. Let's make his punches work like Gae-Bolg. As in: Enemy being hit in the face is the cause, and Python throwing a punch is the effect.
Alright, NORMALLY you cant use teleport as part of a multiple action. Meaning you cant teleport and attack. Also, it is meant for travels of thousands of kilometers anyway. You COULD take teleport with a extra from the players guide so it could be possible to teleport and attack in the same turn, but given that you are fighting in a ring, your move speed of 500km/h seems plenty fast to me. It is almost as good as teleporting in that small space.

What I -do- think would give you more mileage and be closer to what you want would be Temporal Mastery. Basically you stop time for a few seconds, so you get various extra turns in a row. Punch a LOT of times in what your opponent thinks was just 2 seconds, but which, in "relative time" were like 10 seconds for you. As a "Mastery", doing that little trick is just ONE of the techniques you can learn. You can learn 1 different technique per level in Temporal Mastery, and each point on it increases the power of them all. Hell, you can even gain control over aging and de-aging people. Eternal youth, here we come!

(Aging can be used as an attack, tho personally I think its cruel)
What about Temporal Authority?
File: 1350923277582.jpg-(119 KB, 750x600, temporal mastery.jpg)
119 KB
It upgrades temporal manipulation. For each time you buy a level in temporal authority, you can learn a "super technique" to boost x100 the power of a temporal mastery technique, or 2 temporal mastery techniques
>Once Gáe Bolg's name has been called, the cursed spear reverses the nature of causality to make it so the cause of the "lance being thrust" comes from the effect of the "opponent's heart being pierced" by it. The actual action of the thrust is merely a formality, as the lance has already pierced the opponent's heart before the attack has even started.

Something like that.
Hell, buying a single point in Temporal Mastery means you go twice each turn, basically
So buying temporal authority won't let us go 200 times a turn?
A pity.

Temporal manipulation sounds great, though. Any good techniques that would make authority worth it?
well, for starters, you get this as a freebie when you buy temporal manipulation. It doesnt counts towards your "techniques known"
File: 1350923825310.jpg-(85 KB, 579x424, freebie.jpg)
85 KB
File: 1350924003320.jpg-(301 KB, 1181x742, time lord 001.jpg)
301 KB
This has accelerate time, which would allow us to, instead of punching four times with +0/+0/-1/-1, to punch eight times with +0/+0/+0/+0/-1/-1/-1/-1, or 12 times with +0/+0/+0/+0/+0/+0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1 if we take two points in temporal manipulation, and 4 more times each time we take it again
File: 1350924258537.jpg-(210 KB, 560x987, stop hammer time.jpg)
210 KB
These are all the techniques from temporal manipulation. Since Python has quantum 6, he could buy the power as if it was level 2 (saving a good bunch of exp), or power it up to obscene levels (for a fair more bit of exp). Hell, even powering it up just a little would make it obscene
(Stop Time + Accelerate Time)*Temporal Authority = Fun
Oh, Quantum Imprint lets you copy and use other people´s powers (up to 1 power per point in Quantum Imprint) and you could bump the effect for free (thanks to your quantum 6) so the effect lasted a whole scene. Could go into the ring carrying Ami´s immolate and forcefield, Brass invulnerability to mental attacks and energy absorption, and Mai´s ...well that´s a surprise
Oh, and taking mastery in Time Manipulation could make the effects from it last hours instead of turns. It would be fun to act 2-to-5 times in a row for various hours instead of 1 turn
oooh finally found how to go Dhalsim
Teleportation Mastery
Lets us teleport away from an attack with our Quantum (6) as automatic successes to dodge to see if we got away, and Long Range strikes lets us attack (Quantum Rating (which is 6) + Power Rating) x 100 meters, so if we take it, even at level 1, would let us attack 600m away. Technically we teleport the kinetic energy to the target instead of stretching, but we can fluff it like that if you guys want
I think I'm the only one here.

Probably because we're only really discussing.

Personally, I think the story and fighting is more important than the customization.

A suggestion: maybe we should just give some input on how we want our fighter to look/what we want him to do, and then you can stat it out, and we mostly just fightan and roleplayan?
That was the idea to begin with.
Anyway, can we continue?

The last thing was that we had Brass training Ami in the art of wooing the crowd, and Python was developing his powers at Yakazawa. I think I´m gonna go with Teleportation Mastery for extra dodginess since it gives us 6 automatic successes to dodge, and if that´s enough, we teleport away, interrupting any multi attack action they may have been doing against us


Wednesday during lunch
Brass: "Hey Ned, do you think Python can come over to the ranch after the tag team this saturday?"
"You'll have to ask Python. He's doing some serious progress over at Yakazawa's, though. I mean serious progress. Apparently, he's got a quantum signature that's through the fucking roof, I'm talking huge.
Why, what's up, my man?"

Meanwhile, we need to arrange an after-party for Brass and Python after the tag match. Open invitation, so the marks can join, Brass and Python only come by for about half an hour to show off and celebrate with their fans, they're revealed to be as great guys as their personas on the stage (with a little help from our camera crew, wink wink nudge nudge).
I think a night club would be good for that


Brass: "Well, I´m happy to have my old buddy train with me, but I hope he won´t hit on the girls. Anyway, as a face, I should probably go for a image of cleanliness, so I was thinking in changing my black wrestling suit for golden or dark orange. White gets dirty much too easily, and blood splats would be disturbing for the children"
"The brass costume sounds like a good idea, easier with the merch and stuff, but I'm not sure Python's suited for training by the ranch. You have to remember, we were working on your weaknesses with Mai. To be honest, I think you'd get a lot more from training in the biolabs, given that you can pretty much train forever. It's obviously your choice when it comes down to it, and it's not like you can't hang out 'round the ranch if you train by the biolabs, but ultimately it comes down to you. Maybe give it a shot at the biolabs for a week or two, see how you like it?"
Brass: "Ah, is more about interest. I can´t really find it relaxing when I´m doing something as a chore. When it is boring. The girls make conversation, so it´s enjoyable... do you think we could get Ami to tag along? tho if it is just come raising my physical abilities, maybe we could simply use the facilities at the XWF. We DO have a very good gym, remember?"


Honestly, I think we should just raise Brass´ base strength and mega.strength when possible, and get Ami to get a point or two in the mega social attributes. Mentioning that Brass is doing weights while Ami does dance/ballet nearby should work well as IC justification for it, I think.

Both Brass and Ami have "good" powers (for their "type" anyway) already. They just need to up them, and they can do that anywhere. If/when we want them to raise their quantum so they can start taking mega attributes over 5, or "Authority" level of powers, we´ll have to send them to the biolab, tho. And if we want someone to learn a combat maneuver, we have the ranch
XWF gym it is

Could the Super Special Material (I forget its name) be used to create a thin layer of *actual* brass as a costume?

Failing that, let's have a metal chestplate. Brass is hard as nails, but the metal would show the damage.
Yakazawa Biolabs: Quantum, Quantum Powers & Enhancements
XWF Gym: Strength, Stamina & Appearance
Morgan´s Ranch: Fighting maneuvers, Wits & Dexterity

Most other stuff would be acquired by roleplaying.


Ami and Brass are almost constantly on the gym at the XWF, so it is quite easy for you as their manager to check on them to talk about fight arrangements, publicity or the like.

Python is at Yakazawa, so having the time for herself, Mai takes the chance to continue with her job as trainer with her regular customers. You can easily visualize her visiting a boot camp and shouting orders at the troops, tho she is just as likely to loving and patiently train someone´s dog to take care of a blind/paraplegic owner.

All this gives you quite the bit of free time to check through your pending business

Health & Fitness, Motors and Men´s Health wants an interview with Brass. A chain of restaurants specialized in BBQs also would like to have him show up for some events
Penthouse is asking for an interview with Ami, tho at this point you can see her agreeing just as easy as you can imagine her throwing you or the "reporter/photographer" through a wall
There is a large number of sport brands who want to discuss deals about sponsoring Python
Actually in Aberrant, armors are considered to be exceedingly frail. A brass armor would probably only last a couple super blows.
Besides, it would work against his reputation to have him walk into the ring with armor.
As for having his Eufiber suit create a layer of anything... let me check if Brass has Weave among his skill list. It allows you to shape and control your Eufiber suit like spawn´s suit/symbiont
File: 1350928569000.jpg-(1.54 MB, 1944x2862, Weave is a pretty cool guy.jpg)
1.54 MB
Okay, he doesn´t has Weave -right now- but it would just be 3 exp to get him a point, and then 2 more to get him a 2nd point.
These were options, btw. You could and probably should choose to call one or more of these magazines back
Well, I doubt Ami wants to do any lewd things, and Brass would probably have a cow, so we hit up Penthouse, ask them for details, pressure them into a deal about no lewd/nude shit. Some sexy poses, maybe, but nothing explicit. We then tell them that the conditions are still not to our satisfaction, but that we'll give them a call in a couple of days if we run out of more attractive offers.

We then ask Ami about whether she wants to do all that shit, then reply to Penthouse with that.

As for Brass, I think it's fine if he gets to have a bit of fun with the restaurants. We'll need to set up some terms and conditions (Brass needs special attention, etc., no half-assing it) and stuff.
The interview can pretty much be confirmed now, though.

Let's get the sports brand with the highest customer satisfaction ratings hooked up with Python. We want his word to be respected and if his mega charisma works out properly, the price of the shoes won't matter. Also, the expensive guys will probably pay more and give more exposure to our man Python.
Alright, I googled around for best sportwear and wasnt surprised one bit by Nike and Adidas being #1 and #2

(0) TKOAND: BIZ [6d10] => [8,9,10,7,9,8] result of (6) success for Penthouse
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [6d10] => [1,8,4,5,10,1] result of (2) success for BBQ Chain Restaurants
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [1d10] => [5] result of a failure for possible extra success on Penthouse
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [1d10] => [1] result of a (-1) botch for possible extra success on BBQ houses
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [6d10] => [6,4,4,2,10,7] result of (2) success for Nike
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [6d10] => [10,10,4,1,8,3] result of (3) success for Adidas
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [1d10] => [5] result of a failure for possible extra success on Adidas

You can basically get Penthouse to agree to whatever terms you want with that many successes, but they´ll pay very little if you get her to take a picture as a snow bunny (ie on skywear in the snow) and she won´t get much attention (was thinking in rising her Followers Background with it)

I say leave Penthouse alone; We want to get Ami over on her fighting skills, swimsuit editions would be counterproductive.

Brass is an old pro, he could do interviews in his sleep. Maybe further down the line, after Ami's debut, get a group photoshoot done at Mai's Ranch

Python brand fightwear is a must. We'll look at all the offers, see what we think are best, but let Python have the final yay or nay; He takes his principles seriously
(0) TKOAND: BIZ [2d10] => [7,1] result of (1) success for possible extra success on Adidas

The BBQ chain restaurants wants Brass to host the opening of a new restaurant, and hire him to eat at their restaurants twice a week for a month, in as public a manner as possible so people sees him. He should agree to sign autographs and the like.

The people from Adidas wants Python on sneakers, unsurprisingly, and are sending you various designs for his approval. In his size, of course, so he can try what he will be sponsoring. If it goes through, he could get tens of thousands for a couple of ads showing his footwork at eyeworm eye level on the ring floor, with the shoes, of course
Brass: "You know, I can´t see anything wrong with getting paid for eating. How many nights are we talking about?" -he asks while pushing up some easy 600 tons, according to the display on the side of the geomagnetic weights.

Meanwhile, Ami and Equitas are working on ballet positions against a mirrored wall nearby. Seeing the tall, "violent" Equita act like a regular, surprisingly friendly girl out of the ring feels slightly weird, but then again, that´s just her "character" after all.

Weave is nice, but a bit expensive for what we want. Better to save the XP
Eh, honestly I think it´s very cost efficient. It can give you +1 die of damage per point on it, and dice of damage are very hard to come by. Also remember Brass can convert dice into automated successes when it comes to melee damage, and each point on weave becomes +1 damage on any attack he does, including holds since he could have his suit grow spikes

"Twice a week for a month, with options for an extension. Unless you're sick of BBQ by then"
Brass: "Not me. I guess I will have to hire an escort for it. It would go against my image if I´m seen alone."

Things seem to go easy on Brass´ side, and you find Python just as agreeable, tho he DOES indeed want to try the shoes before loaning his name to them.

Python: "Any sneaker that can take half an hour of my running, has my approval"

"Hey, y'know, I like BBQ too. Maybe we could have a business meeting or two? Or you could invite Ami... She'd be A sparkling dinner companion I'm sure, and it'd boost her profile a bit... Give her a chance to practise gladhanding with the fans."
Both guys seem okay with the deals, so after calling back the companies, you find yourself blessingly free for the rest of the week. You still need to adjust little details here and there, but and by large, it is the first peaceful week since you got the job.

Brass invites you (you are meant to bring along a lady friend) to the BBQ restaurant with you. He is along with a pretty girl from a escort group, but she seems intelligent and well educated.

A few press members have been "surprisingly" invited that same night by the restaurant owner to sample his menu, and of course, they gravitate towards you and Brass.


Roll 4d10 to act charming and stylish for the press.

Someone also roll 8d10 for Brass´ style check
oh sorry didint see your post while I was typing. Brass says he doesnt wants to show her off hanging from his arm like Kodiak did, and he doesn´t wants her to think he´s interested in her that way.
Rolled 5, 8, 2, 6 = 21

Ned Salter is the king of charm, silver-tongued serpent and salubrious artisan of speech.
Well, one success is enough to not say anything dumb, not stutter, so at least he doesn't gets his feet in his mouth
Rolled 6, 3, 3, 8, 3, 1, 2, 4 = 30


Brass be stylin'


Not yet. We need 40 xp to become Superior, then it's Manipulation all the way
Rolled 4, 2, 10, 3 = 19

Can Ned spend a willpower point?
Sure, but Im not sure on what the bonus for that would be for a regular human being

1 success. Well, is not a problem since his enhancements give him +3 successes anyway, so 4 total.

Brass appeals to the -small- crowd and makes sure they enjoy the meal as he tells them stories.
The following day, the restaurant owner calls quite happy as the reviews for the restaurant come forth.

Python finally picked a pair of sneakers, which have been worn down almost smooth on the sole.

Python: "These ones. The others all wore off half way through my jogging"

Ami has spent the week practicing dance and grace with the veteran (still about her age, but has been in the business two years already) deva, and picks up a few tips.


The weekend rolls by, and Brass gets ready to fight Kodiak for his "grudge match". The twins are going to be in first row, of course. Python is going to be watching from a VIP cabin until it is time for him to join up.

Roll 11d10 for Brass´ perform, to trick the audience into thinking it´s all real. You can roll up to 2 less dice to instead get 2 automatic successes
Guys, did you die?
Rolled 1, 7, 10, 2, 4, 8, 5, 8, 7 = 52

I'm semi-AFK due to packing my bags for a trip cross country tomorrow.

Will probably be on and off
(0) Ami: [7d10] => [9,2,7,7,1,3,3] result of (3) success
(0) Mai: [7d10] => [3,10,7,10,4,3,10] result of (4) success
Brass pulls a flawless performance, even Ami and Mai fall for it!

Narrator: "And we are here for the grudge match we all knew was coming. As Brass walks to the ring surrounded by the cheers of the crowd, he is suddenly ambushed by Kodiak as he runs out of the tunnel already transformed, grabbing the Reaper and tossing him unto the stage!"

Brass lands hard on his back (really, more loudly than hard) and the stage resounds all over!
Kodiak immediately jumps unto him, but Brass receives him with a powerful kick.

The fight seems real, and not a single member of the audience can tell the difference.

When Kodiak pins Brass in a bow hold, forcing him upwards, and suddenly Black Hawk comes down from the roof to crash unto them, the audience starts shouting and booing as the heels "get to work" on Brass.

Mai: "That´s a bit too much, isin´t it?"
"the value of a good performance my dear."
"I, uh, wow. They're really going at it. Brass is probably strong enough to beat both of them to a bloody pulp if it gets serious, though. We've got you to thank for that.
I think it's just a good representation of their showmanship."

ib4 someone sitting next to Ned punches him because HOW DARE YOU SAY SHIT ABOUT BRASS REAPER HE ISN'T FAKING IT

Still phoneposting, currently catching up with the thread during lulls in activity
Ami: "Good performance my ass, those two are taking advantage!"

-Ned is showered with soda cups and beer cans-

Narrator: "Oh the humanity!" -A loud THOOM! sounds all over the arena as they rise and then slam Brass against the ring

The clear (sligthly too clear) sound of a helicopter overhead crosses the arena, and on cue, a camera team starts filming live (and transmitting to the giant screens on top of the ring) the landing of Python´s helicopter.

The cameramen try to interview him, but the boxing prodigy quickly excuses himself with a "This is not the time, dammit!" as he hurries downstairs.

The crowd starts getting excited
"Ami, I would've thought you knew to trust me on these things."

Brush away the trash that just landed on us, keep it cool.

"Everything is proceeding according to plan."

Assume Gendo stance.
A few tense moments pass by. When the tunnel doors are punched open and Python is seen hurrying towards the ring, already changed into his eufiber shorts, the crowd starts hurrying him up.

Soon enough, he´s at the edge of the ring, calling names at the youngsters while on of them pins the "exhausted" Brass against the ring and the other tries to stop Python from going up.

Python surrounds the area while Black Hawk keeps preventing him from coming onboard. Eventually, he makes a dash/feint and Black Hawk is caught off position for just long enough for the boxer to hop up and roll under the ropes.

The crowd pops!

Announcer: "Python has come to rescue the Reaper! Is this the rebirth of the strongest face tag-team in XWF history?!"

As Black Hawk "tackles" Python, he´s sent to the ground outside the ring, and Python takes the chance to uppercut Kodiak off Brass.

Python: "Get up, old man. We need to school two punks!" -he offers his hand to his old friend, and as the old bros get back together, the pop of the crowd is such that it feels as if the arena could collapse!
Initiative rolls
(0) : Python [16d10] => [10,5,1,4,7,6,5,7,8,9,4,8,2,10,3,3] result of (7) success
(0) : Brass [12d10] => [6,6,7,7,4,1,10,5,7,1,9,2] result of (5) success
(0) : Black Hawk [13d10] => [4,4,9,2,7,3,6,9,5,5,7,6,9] result of (5) success
(0) : Kodiak [9d10] => [8,6,7,8,8,7,1,6,5] result of (5) success

Python / Black Hawk / Brass / Kodiak

As was the plan, the "heels" retreat to a corner while the "face" move to the other, and then the actual fight begins!!

Python goes first, do you
*Rush in against both of them and go Rain of Blows on them
*Try to focus one of them
*Stay on your corner and let one of them come at you first?

It's Python.

He unloads with punches on Kodiak
Rolled 4, 3, 5, 4, 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 3, 2, 7, 5, 6, 1, 7, 6, 7, 1, 5, 10, 8, 10, 5, 2 = 117

Go after Black Hawk as fast as humanly possible and attack a trillion times (or, well, 4 times. That's 19d10, 19d10, 18d10, 18d10, right? Is that including omnidexterity?)

Rolling 25d10
Isn't it better for Brass to take out Kodiak since Python is fast enough to keep up with Black Hawk?
Actually if you are using ONLY punches and doing 4 attacks, you dont actually have any penalties, so it would be 20/20/20/20, which I´ll roll because it´s just so much more efficient and that way we save so many posts.

(0) : Python [20d10] => [9,5,7,10,5,3,4,3,4,6,8,5,1,9,10,7,3,3,9,10] result of (9) success
(0) : Python [20d10] => [4,4,8,9,9,10,10,8,3,7,8,7,10,5,3,2,2,9,8,1] result of (12) success
(0) : Python [20d10] => [7,3,7,3,2,6,3,3,1,10,1,8,5,2,3,4,4,5,9,5] result of (5) success
(0) : Python [20d10] => [4,6,1,1,8,8,4,6,7,7,1,4,8,8,6,3,4,10,10,6] result of (8) success

Who do you wanna attack, tho, because one said Kodiak and the other Black Hawk
Probably should've added a headbutt or two in there too, then, since that gets the boxing bonus too.
Yes but omnidexterity only mullifies penalties when ALL your actions are the same action. Throwing a headbutt in would have brought the penalties back. Well, is not like it is a huge penalty anyway.

Erhh... so you attacking Kodiak or Black Hawk?

Changed my mind. Python vs Hawk.

Having trouble with someone else's bad
so quadruple headbutt next turn, Edric? We agree on this, right?
(0) : Hawk Dodge [15d10] => [1,7,2,4,1,2,4,7,6,3,5,3,4,6,10] result of (3) success
(0) : Hawk Dodge [14d10] => [8,3,7,1,5,2,9,8,3,10,2,5,3,9] result of (6) success
(0) : Hawk Dodge [13d10] => [2,8,3,1,6,9,2,8,9,7,8,10,5] result of (7) success
(0) : Hawk Dodge [12d10] => [6,5,1,9,5,9,3,9,4,10,4,3] result of (4) success

9/12/5/8 vs 3/6/7/4 so 6/6/miss/4 dice go to damage...
(0) : Hawk Dodge [15d10] => [1,7,2,4,1,2,4,7,6,3,5,3,4,6,10] result of (3) success
(0) : Hawk Dodge [14d10] => [8,3,7,1,5,2,9,8,3,10,2,5,3,9] result of (6) success
(0) : Hawk Dodge [13d10] => [2,8,3,1,6,9,2,8,9,7,8,10,5] result of (7) success
(0) : Hawk Dodge [12d10] => [6,5,1,9,5,9,3,9,4,10,4,3] result of (4) success

(0) : Endurance [10d10] => [8,7,8,3,8,7,9,5,1,3] result of (6) success
(0) : Endurance [9d10] => [5,7,4,7,10,10,3,1,2] result of (4) success
(0) : Endurance [8d10] => [3,6,2,8,8,4,2,1] result of (2) success

6 damage and Black Hawk is dazed for 1 round

Quadbutt confirmed.

It's Python's new signature (not a Finisher) move
Forgot to paste the damage dice
(0) : [9d10] => [4,5,6,9,3,5,8,4,6] result of (2) success
(0) : [9d10] => [10,10,1,4,3,6,3,8,1] result of (3) success
(0) : [5d10] => [10,6,2,5,5] result of (1) success

Commentator: "The Python is on the hunt! Rodriguez moves blindingly fast against the Hawk, and unleashes a tremendous combo on his opponent before we have time to blink! Left Right Left... or was it Right Right Left?! Hawk is stunned, he´s groggy! Just three powerful jabs was enough to send his consciousness on vacations, but those are the jabs of a man who conquered 6 world belts in pro boxing. Ladies and Gentlemen, Samuel Python Rodriguez!"

****Hawk´s Turn - Dazed - Wasted Turn****
Brass targets black hawk. Its the smart move.
****Brass´ turn****

Across the ring, Python knocked Hawk´s head around so hard the heel´s brain bounced all over inside his skull and looks dead on his feet!

*Charge/Tackle someone
*Run and Flying Kick
*Start a clinch/hold
*Reaper Charge against someone

Can´t use Earthquake or Thunderslap since either would also hit Python
I propose we do a sweeping kick on Kodiak, knee his back while he's in mid-air, throw him to the wall of the ring and put him in a clinch as he lands.

Sweep -> Kick -> Throw -> Clinch

I think the marks would be bored. Besides, it's cooler if it's brawler versus brawler, speedster versus speedster.

It's not like our guys have a chance of losing anyway.
Brass' turn?

Going after Kodiak with a couple of stiff right hands and a side headlock
Alright, looks like majority wants to go after Kodiak. Roll 5d10 to see if you get the multiaction penalty reduction.

So, I think we agree, two striking attacks and a grapple (converted to a hold for free)
Rolled 2, 10, 6, 5, 7 = 30

Rolled 1, 1, 2, 4, 9 = 17

(0) : Brass [15d10] => [9,6,10,10,2,7,5,7,2,7,7,10,10,9,1] result of (10) success
(0) : Brass [15d10] => [2,8,5,1,7,3,3,8,3,3,6,10,4,4,3] result of (4) success
(0) : Brass [14d10] => [8,10,10,6,1,8,4,4,4,1,2,1,6,8] result of (5) success

(0) : Kodiak [15d10] => [7,8,8,4,6,7,1,9,2,2,6,8,2,2,1] result of (6) success
(0) : Kodiak [14d10] => [1,2,2,6,5,4,4,7,3,4,3,2,10,5] result of (2) success
(0) : Kodiak [13d10] => [9,9,1,1,9,5,3,7,7,8,2,4,1] result of (6) success

10/4/5 vs 6/2/6 so 4/miss/miss

(0) : Brass [5d10] => [5,8,6,5,5] result of (1) success
1 Damage

Commentator: "And the Reaper charges Kodiak. A blow connects solid, but Kodiak manages to avoid the rest of the Reaper´s attacks after taking the first blow!"

Didn't both the strikes hit?
I also thought mega strength meant auto success on damage dice?
Actually the 2nd punch also hit, so here´s the damage
(0) : Brass [3d10] => [1,2,8] result of (1) success

*** Kodiak´s turn ***

Kodiak: "Not bad for a relic, but I got new trick, too!"

Commentator: "Oh My God... Kodiak is... ! Kodiak is surrounded by lightning!"

(0) : Kodiak [14d10] => [1,9,6,2,7,6,10,10,4,10,5,8,1,1] result of (6) success
(0) : Kodiak [13d10] => [6,1,7,2,9,10,4,2,8,3,3,5,6] result of (4) success
(0) : Brass: [15d10] => [8,3,4,8,5,3,4,6,10,4,8,6,3,8,3] result of (5) success
(0) : Brass: [15d10] => [3,8,9,3,5,6,2,3,5,9,8,2,5,1,2] result of (4) success
(0) : 6/4 vs 5/4 so hit hit
(0) : Damage [5d10] => [4,10,9,7,10] result of (4) success
(0) : Damage [3d10] => [3,5,5] result of a failure

Do you want to use your Absorb (Energy to absorb electrical damage?) If so, roll 9d10
You are totally right, I forgot. Correcting it now. Good thing Im keeping track of hp on paper
Rolled 1, 3, 3, 7, 7, 9, 8, 2, 10 = 50

"Why do you kids always think you're the only ones who have aces up their sleeves?"

Time to uproot the statue of liberty
It will cost 3 quantum points to absorb damage from a blow, and 6 to absorb damage from both. Brass has 29 quantum points so this will leave him at 23
Didn't only one attack actually hit, though?

Brass' next action...

You know what Hulk did to Loki in the Avengers film, during the fight at Stark Tower?


One-handed multislams
With our extra strength from the absorb, I can only imagine this being fantastic.

Have Ned yell something like:
"See, this is what happens when the Reaper goes all out!"
You cant do that until you get absorbtion (energy) to level 5. It gives you 1 point of strength per damage absorbed, up to a maximum of its level (currently 1). But even if it doesnt gives you more strength, it still is soaking 5 damage from the first blow, thus denying it completely.
Just realized the 2nd one did no damage, which is sad as fuck
So... essentially, Brass just pummeled the fuck out of Kodiak, he used his trump to try and survive, and Brass shrugged it off like it was a super soaker?


Gotta be tough to be Kodiak right now.
Still, right now he has maximum possible base strength. If later we get him another point of absorption (energy), then he can absorb raise strength 2 points and be at "maximum superhuman" strength. Any level we give absorption beyond level 2 takes us into superman, sentry, and hulk territory
Eh, at least Immolate is 1 point cheaper than absorb, so it is possible Brass will run out of quantum first.

*** Python´s turn ***
Commentator: "The reaper takes the damage without even trying to block or dodge! he just takes it, and now he looks pissed and even stronger than before!"

Hawk comes out of daze this turn.
Punch him some more? Regular punches or pressure strike punches?


We can save quadruple-pressure-point-stun for next round
File: 1350940784227.gif-(239 KB, 320x240, aww yeah caught them nigg(...).gif)
239 KB
I assume you both saw Ninja Scroll? the final fight?

(0) : Headbutt [15d10] => [5,7,7,1,8,8,8,5,5,10,2,1,9,6,5] result of (7) success + [6d10] => [4,5,6,5,2,9] result of (1) success
(0) : Headbutt [15d10] => [7,7,6,1,3,10,6,9,1,4,7,9,10,9,9] result of (9) success + [6d10] => [6,10,7,7,8,6] result of (4) success
(0) : Headbutt [14d10] => [5,6,4,4,8,10,7,3,10,4,6,3,4,4] result of (4) success + [6d10] => [5,2,1,6,5,10] result of (1) success
(0) : Headbutt [14d10] => [10,2,6,7,2,8,3,7,1,4,8,4,6,4] result of (5) success + [6d10] => [2,1,3,9,6,7] result of (2) success
(0) : You can only defend against one attack while dazed
(0) : Dodge [15d10] => [4,2,1,2,7,6,10,2,3,2,2,8,1,3,4] result of (3) success
(0) : so 9/18/7/9 vs 3/*/*/*

(0) : Damage [6d10] => [10,7,3,7,9,1] result of (4) success
(0) : Damage [15d10] => [9,3,4,1,10,8,3,9,1,3,10,1,5,4,1] result of (5) success
(0) : Damage [4d10] => [5,6,3,2] result of a failure
(0) : Damage [6d10] => [9,3,2,1,1,8] result of (2) success
Doesn't headbutt get boxing bonuses and omnidexterity bonuses?
Commentator: "Oh the humanity!"

Python grabs the semi-conscious Black Hawk and gives him a solid headbutt on the forehead, and another, and another, an another before Black Hawk falls down unconscious unto the arena!

*** Black Haw´s turn - KO´ed ***

*** Brass Reaper´s turn ***

Boxing yes, but I just rolled the mega dice separately since I remembered I could easily do it in open. Notice how it is 15d10 + 6d10. Otherwise it would have been a roll of 21d10 with boxing bonuses

And no, it doesnt gets the bonus from Omnidexterity because you are using only one body part to hit. Omnidexterity wipes away his hands penalties to hit
We do


Switching to phone
Watch from 1:45

Anyway... that would count as an imaginatively executed throw.. let me calculate it

(0) : Brass: Jesus Christ if this works it´s going to Hurt SO fucking much. I was hoping to save this until we entered the Omega division [14d10] => [8,8,8,7,2,1,3,7,5,7,10,10,6,10] result of (9) success
(0) : Kodiak: Block [12d10] => [7,1,10,2,4,10,3,1,6,5,8,2] result of (4) success
(0) : Brass: 15+[5d10] => [5,9,2,9,6] result of (2) success damage

17 damage. Kodiak had 11 hp so he went from near full health to unconscious to lethal damage bar to Maimed
Can we take that back? I thought a Double Team finish would be more appropriate for this...
We could let Kodiak survive until Black Hawk is conscious again
This is how I monk >>21242247

The Brass Reaper grabs Kodiak by the neck. The huge beast man can´t help but look surprised as the veteran lifts him and smashes him against the ground, then again, and again and again and again and again as if trying to out-do his friend!

The entire thing lasts just a couple of seconds, but the entire arena goes quiet.

Brass: *grabs the mic that is descending from the lights above* "Play fair or play dead. Bad dog!"
Python: "You can get really sappy, you know old man?"
Brass: "I´m just a year older than you!"
Python: "But my fans keep me young, and I keep young for my fans! Can I have a Hell Yeah!?"

The Crowd Cries out "Hell Yeah!"

Brass: "No, no, this is how you do it. Can I get a HELL YEAH!?"

The crowd pops! as one, the entire arena cries out Hell Yeah! while the Reaper and the Python clash fists in a warrior´s greeting over the unconscious bodies of their opponents.

Commentator: "And it is over! Only a few moments after Python came to the rescue of his friend, the strongest face team in the XWF! What a show of friendship, what a brutal beating, what a night!"

Ami: "I knew he would be okay"
Mai: "That´s why you were stripping to your Eufiber, right? It´s not that you were getting ready to jump in, at all?"
Ami: "I-it is hot here!" -sinks into her seat, blushing and quickly dressing back up with her biker jacket
Python has theme song.
We are the champions
Ami is adorable.

Ned looks over at the twins and smiles

"Your turn soon, Ami. I promise"

Sorry, my browser isint updating and I didint see your posts until I posted mine.

Commentator: "And as usual, our beautiful head physician graces us with her presence at the head of the emergency staff... she is checking both fighters and--- yes, it is over! the doctor´s gesture means they are both unconscious. They tried to ambush the reaper, but the rebirth of the face team took them by surprise. The veterans have schooled the youngsters, what a beating, what a one sided fight! As you prepare to leave, remember that records of the fight in glorious holograms are already available in the gift shop! Thank you, and goodnight, ladies and gentlemen!"

Ami: "I´ll be right back, I need to go to the little girl´s room for a moment"
Mai: "Buy me one too. And put on some pants"
Ami: "I´m a wrestler, is part of the uniform!" -leaves in a hurry
You know what? I actually feel sorry for Hawk and Kodiak. They've been slaughtered...

We should find a way to give them a boost, make up for the reputation damage. Perhaps title shots once the Old School control the gold once again
Want to stop here? I can continue but we have done a lot

*** Later in the changing room ***

Python: "Hey, you sure you were faking it? it really looks like they beat the crap out of you" -looking at Ami´s small hologram record of the fight
Brass: "I´m just that good"
Python: "At getting your ass kicked"
Brass: "Pfft. Now if you are ready, we should check on the guys at the medical building to make sure they aren´t going to die, and then we should leave to the party"
Ami: "Sign me this first" -offers the bottom side of her holo plate
Brass: "Sure, sure. Ned, do we have another fight scheduled already?"
That was fucking awesome.

Ned's job is never done, though. We have to use this leverage, get a silver league fighter on the team, maybe another gold league face.
The Old School is back. Let's ride the wave and establish Ned Salter as the greatest businessman in XWF history.
Why stop?
"Wait for it...." (Aol "You've got mail" sound right on cue)

Sorry, those were mine (Damn phone-posts)

When do we start calling out White Mamba?
Wolfsidw, with you and Rodriguez's phenomenal performance out there, the would-bes and poseurs that call themselves novas will be lining up in droves. You give me a name, I'll make it happen.
Just wait for the championship
IMO, we should go for the tag team championship. Going after White Mamba might make Bomber give them cancer or some shit.
File: 1350943911805.jpg-(331 KB, 713x544, the uniform.jpg)
331 KB
Dat uniform. Cammy approved.
I entirely support keeping Ami´s "uniform" like this. The fact the bodysuit is hidden under the jacket only makes it sexier. You know, insinuating rather than showing

"Well, since you could take anyone in the division, we have to try and play for the Title, and that means White Mamba. We'll get you booked regularly, but you'll need to start calling him out. Lots. So he can't hide"

Which reminds me, we still have to hack Bomber's medical records, see exactly what his addiction infliction does
Tag Team championship sounds pretty good. Anyway, your remaining options for matches are... lets see...
Brass already fought
Black Hawk

Python already fought
Would Kodiak and Blackhawk count as "already fought"?

Anyway that leaves us Duke, Equitas, Salamander, Snide Bull, Phalanx, Wavelength and White Mamba
Actually White Mamba did offer you a fight, right after his return match. You could check to see if the offer still stands, tho
He called us out first. Calling him a coward is not a good idea. Who did he take the title from/ who was his last challenger? If we beat the crap out of that person, we become the logical contender for the title. (Plus, White Mamba's work ethic is crap compared to Brass's time is on our side)
Right. Ami can't help us despite her godlike 5 mega wits. If she found out he gave Wolfside spark addiction, she'd kill him. That means Ned needs a bit of training.
Python: -grabs Brass by the shoulder- "Hold on, wait a minute. Mamba´s ass is mine. That´s MY title he´s holding to, remember?"

Brass: "Suits me fine. I got no real issue with him. All my debts are up in the Omega division, anyway. Only person´s I´m interested in from the Gold division are Equitas and Phalanx"
Python: "What, too scared to call me out?"
Brass: "Too scared of breaking you in half"

It clearly looks like the two are about to break into a fight
It was Python´s title, he defended it 3 times, then it was Mamba´s, then it was Equitas´ then it was Mamba´s again.

He offered us a fight, but it wasn't for the title, IIRC.

He wants to prove he's not an upstart? He needs to put his belt on the line to prove it.
Guys, you two are the best fighters in the league. No reason to prove that by tearing down the building. I can book you up for the tag team champs, how's that sound?
btw Equitas didint lose the title to Mamba. When you become champion of a division, you can challenge the champion of the next division over. She won silver, challenged and beat Mamba, then challenged and beat Lord Bomber, then lost her title and had a bad run, ending down in Gold. Sort of like Brass, minus the life-threatening addiction
Can't they wait until they are both champs to slug it out? I like the idea of them sitting on both the Omega belt, the Omega tag belt and the Gold belt. Then they can beat on each other.

"Guys, guys. You gotta calm down, let me plan this. That's what I'm here for, right?"

"Now, we all know getting the gold is the risky, quick route to promotion. So we're gonna put the Reaper on the fast track to Mamba. He gets the belt, drops it to get promoted, then it's all yours, Snakeman... At least, until Ami comes along and kicks your ass for it"

Ned grins
So the runner ups for the end of year title fight are Brass, Python, and Equitas. One of them has to win and challenge White Mamba, then the winner "can" (doesnt has to) challenge Bomber Lord for the Omega division belt

Brass: "Well... I guess that´s fine, if shorty here agrees"
Python: "Which moveset does the pantless wonder use?"
Ami: "It´s my wrestling uniform!" -blushing brightly- "And submission holds"
Python: "...I´m game"
btw im gonna add the exp to the spreadsheet. I think everyone wants to raise absorb energy for brass? Im thinking in taking the spacial mastery thing for Python so he can teleport-dodge and attack with punches from afar, like dhalsim
Speeding up time would be my preferred power, but teleportation dodging is so cool I bet there'll be Martial Arts named after Python from sheer awe

That sounds good. Are we going with the Deluxe version of Space-Time Mastery for Python?
File: 1350945712939.jpg-(31 KB, 450x600, raggedy ann.jpg)
31 KB
Found Ami´s Halloween costume. Mai will probably disguise herself like some videogame ninja
yes, but not sure if to go for reduced quantum cost (paying 1 point to use a power instead of 3 is so tempting) or another change. I will think about it for a while. Maybe change it later if I regret it
Anyway, you going to try and book them matches for next weekend or gonna wait two weeks? 11 weeks remaining until title championship

Brass: "Get me Equitas or Phalanx. I´ve never fought Phalanx, but he always struck me as a fair, solid opponent"
Python: "Let´s discuss work after the party. Miss Morgan" -offers his arm to Mai, and leads the redhead out of the room
Book 'em. Brass should fight as much as possible.
It's 1 AM and I have to get up early, so I'm off. Great thread, bro.
Ok, Ill see you the day after tomorrow, then?
...erhh.. can someone store the thread? anyway, I think im gonna lie down for a bit and rest. Take care guys

Booking for next weekend, for sure.


I'll be around tomorrow, but have my regular tabletop session in the evening, and it's rude to keep checking your phone in them middle of a session

Thread is now archived.
See you tomorrow guys

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