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The connection between Greywind and Serpico has gotten off without a hitch- and with a few spare resources and some extra hands, we managed to create a town portal back to Greywind in an empty field that was soon dotted with a guard patrol, and then traders and foragers that traded their hoarded resources and foodstuffs.

Before long, we found ourselves in the median, travelling to and from the two towns. Our quiet little GreyWind, visited like a back alley in colorful Serpico.

Windy and salty Serpico with a port and a Scholomance towering over. Even though we saw nothing of their urgent need for protection against the undead, we found ourselves more desperately alone than we thought. The ports report delays and soon naval correspondence that would turn up missing for a time now. Trades steadily stopped and foodstuffs were beginning to disappear from markets. One did not need to be a soldier to realize that we were at /war/.

>> Welcome To Ironhearts where the shirts are red, and the deaths are free.

>> Canon posting is not on yet.
In response to the rising dire of the situation, the Scholomance has kept its doors shut tight. Its students kept under lock, never to leave the premises. It is possible that they have magicked a way to eschew the problems of hunger and disease and likely do not wish to share such resources with the rest of the city. And who can blame them, the Scholomance exists to protect its own, whose importance supercedes a city or two.

And yet- even Lord Crusher could not get anything in edgewise. And so we find ourselves waiting for a word from the Crown, reflecting on the reality of our most recent losses in our own way. It was true that we were adventurers and sellswords bound together by our township. But by no means did that prepare us for an enemy that lived and breathed killing and death against no town in particular....

Quest Rules: [New, Clarified, etc..]
0. You get one per Warroom.
1. Post a story with an open plot capable of being ended by a confirmation post.
2. Describing the hows and whys is important, as context will heavily influence its success. [Just like a story !]
3. You Get one Quest of up to 4 posts. Do not rely on replies or dm fills to carry the story it must carry itself. [Just like a story ! ]
4. At the end of your Quest, the DM will declare result. Compatibility to canon is needed here so slight editing to the story's parameters may result.

>>Why the fuck are we doing this: The GM needs to not spend 10 hours typing through 12 individual stories . So you're free to type whatever shennanigans you have but I will only be obliged to pay attention to the declared quests. Everything else can happen on your own initiative..

Other Warroom Options:
Downtime abilities.
-Selling / Spending of xp or gold.
-Interacting with other characters. In a non-quest fashion.
-Planning for the next move.
- OOC talk

= Shop Updates=

Dueling Wands have broke ! We'll see about making some more wands. We are in a magic city after all.

Canon Posting is on.
File: 1350453335271.png-(430 KB, 900x1800, iffram_races1.png)
430 KB
Races, Part 1 of 3
File: 1350453397668.png-(443 KB, 900x1800, iffram_races2.png)
443 KB
Races, Part 2 of 3
File: 1350453467309.png-(383 KB, 900x1800, iffram_races3.png)
383 KB
Races, Part 3 of 3
File: 1350453500469.png-(444 KB, 900x1350, iffram_guard.png)
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Town Guard Classes
Getting this out of the way before quest
>Level up: Get an extra HP -20 xp
27xp left
>If possible fuse the Ghoul Knight and the Marsh Crocodile

Level 2
9hp (6 base+1leather+1 Contractor)
3L move

[7]x 1 2 damage piercing 3hex range
[6]x line 2 damage piercing 3hex line(?)
[5]x 1kick (hind action) 3 damage conc/stun
contract rating [12]-hp

Leather armor
[Not in use]
Storm Umbrella
This odd thing is constantly dripping with rain water when opened as if it was raining. Aquas Battery, Aquas Aligned.
Focus Range: 5Hx Radius. Rating 5+lvl
When Closed: LOS Single Rating 5+lvl

Familiar cards:
1. Sky Fae:
Mov. 4
HP: .5 +3 hp
-Evasion 5
Wind Ball.
Range 4 , Moves a target 1 hex.
4 if Up close
*Grants adj allies 2 Evasion.
1 Action.

2. Ghoul Knight: 3hp +3hp
Move 3 (5 night)
sword stats
Has Ghouling
Immune to neutral ghouls

3. Ghouled Red Troll
Hp:8 +3hp
Str: 2
Night Hunger: +2L Move at night
Ghoul: Neutral Ghouls will ignore this target
Devour: Medium Sized Targets can be eaten whole. Get Back 2Hp
*Water Weakness
*Black Hunger; if Ghouled Red Troll reaches 1Hp they will find the closest thing to devour until HP reaches full.

4. Slime
2 +3hp
Move 3

Enzyme: Slimes will cause damage equal to its HP. If it defeats the enemy they will consume it.
Fuse: Slimes may fuse with other slimes combining their HP. Similarly they can split, so long as they have 1Hp.

5. Marsh Crocodile
Hp: 6 +3 Dr1
Str: 4
Act: 1
Move: 2L

Bite [*] Marsh Crock will always connect ! Hvy Dmg Piercing and concussive.
Dragdown: MarshCrocks can move targets that they have bitten. They may let go anytime.
Swimmer; Doube Move in Water !
Writefaggotry to follow later tomorrow
File: 1350453553041.png-(253 KB, 750x1050, iffram_scholo.png)
253 KB
Scholomance Classes

Hetros was not happy with the way the last battle had gone. The fortifications had saved lives certainly, but they had also boxed in the force. No, what they needed was something better, faster, more able to preserve lives, but also to converted for offense. A mobile device that would assist a mobile fighting force, that they could make cheeply and easily, while on the fly.

Wagons were all well and good of course, sturdy, well suited for combat situations in terms of carrying about supplies and munitions, and even building materials, but more importantly, the Squalldamian had proven they could be upgraded, made into mobile artillery pieces. Of course he had spoken with the human before the battle itself, the original plan had been to build several such wagons, then convert them into mobile artillery pieces. They had come out with 2 wagons and 1 mobile catapult. But it wasn't enough... not by half.
[Quest :: The Ash Hammer :: Part 2 :: The Apprentice]
Freyja sighed as she left yet another bar. Though the drink had been excellent it had not had what she truly sought.

There were two things, the first; a master. One who could teach her the ways of the smith, the crafter. One who could not only help her craft her hammer but teach her how to craft other things as well. Eventually people would need more then what the shops could offer.

But her search so far was in vain. The smiths she found were all too busy. Daggers, Swords, Axes. All for the various people arming themselves out of fear. If only she could find someone willing. Then perhaps... her future would be bright indeed.

The second was to sell her skills with armored prosthesis or bloqsmithery. Though she loved her work she had to admit she was envious of the wealth the others brought in from the subsidies paid by Her Majesty.

If she only she could find someone interested in what she could offer. While the town was beginning to feel the fear Greywind knew all to well it had not yet truly touched it. The buildings were well maintained and her only other skill, armored prothesis was similiarily unneeded.
>QUEST 2nd Entry!
And so the centaur Bloq Master had decided to set about designing what he refered to as a War Wagon. A War Wagon would not be meant for transporting supplies, no, it was built for transporting troops through a chaotic battlefield, to be designed to be pulled quickly and easily while people were inside, while also not requiring much in the way of supplies.

And so he began to make the rounds of Serpico. He went to the libraries, the Bloq Master guild houses, the masters of the trade. He spoke on designs, he made small replicas, he bargained and he discussed and he went out of his way to find ways to make his War Wagon, finding advice and making adjustments whenever and wherever he could to reach his goals

The War Wagon was larger than a normal wagon, capable of carrying multiple people behind reinforced walls and with covered shutters that could be opened and fired out of, the entire thing providing a kind of mobile pill box or guard tower/bunker. The inside could be converted, however, to become a fortified artillery piece. If a ballista or catapult were built inside, there would be room for not only the device, but for a gunner, as well as ammunition, and a kind of turn table set up that could be easily put into place with the artillery piece to allow it to fire in a direction other than the way the War Wagon was facing, permitting it to fire on the move. It would require at least two peopel to opperate, one in the back to fire, one in the front to pull it (unless a beast of burden were hitched up). Centaurs, obviously, would be best suited as drivers for War Wagons, but Hetros went out of his way to ensure anyone could potentially pull the Wagon with a full load.
>QUEST 3rd Entry
It was not an easy task, not in any sense of the word. Hetros was not as experienced a Bloq Master as he might be, but the large port had many more experienced than he, and many sets of old blue prints, old designs, to borrow from. He looked to methods to compress materials down into denser materials, allowing fewer resources to go into making tougher armor plating for the device. He worked on structural forms for the wheels, the axels, the steering, the harness poles to be pulled by, all in an effort to distribute the load inside in such a way to make it easier to hold. He looked for magical forms and designs, from runes, to traditional Bloq Mastery geometric magics (such as those used in the building of gates) to boost both of these.

Finally, he would speak with the new comer, this Klein character. He came with his nearly finished designs. "Sir, I understand that you have much experience with the militaries of the world beyond Iffram's borders. I have heard tales of self-motivated, armored artillery pieces, manned by men contained safely inside of them. I wondered if you might assist me in putting the finishing touches on a design I have been working on, a mobile war transport, easily convertable into a mobile artillery piece, armored, and capable of transporting people inside who can then shoot out from within, or be protection for a siege weapon that fires and aims with the assistance of someone inside. This would be... new... here in Iffram, but I think, given the nature of our last battle, given the range at which our people were slain by the foreign weapons, such devices and objects will be necessary. Can you help me improve upon their design?"
Rolled 6, 6 = 12

Rolling a character, hopefully I won't have issues being able to post next mission.
Holding on to my 67 xp.

HP: 6
Act: 2
MOV: 3
STR: 2
INT: 1

Weapon: Hammer [Dmg 3, Rng 1, Smash [6]x1, AOE [5]x1] (Free)
Armor: Traveller's Cloak [+1 Hit Defense] (35g)
Gate Blueprints, Wagon Blueprints

Gold: 115

1) Somebody needs to quest for the new wands?
2) What's up with the Scholomance? We need info on the Ethereals so we can get our nutty moon bunny back!
3) We now have a connection with Serpico, we'll probably get a boost to our armory options with this if we're lucky!
4) Now we can head to the other town? Should we go by road or clear out more of the Wylds of this undead infection?

That cover about everything?

Also? Monday, did we expend a Gate Blueprint to build a Gate or do we still have those?

Player's Guide to Iffram. Have fun with that guys. Those with the link should be able to edit. Conjecture and Guesswork is welcomed, provided that it is marked clearly as such, and not presented as known, and proven, fact.
Lv: 2 // Shadow
Exp: 5/10
Hp: 1 // ???
Act : 2 // ???
Move: 3 // ???
Jump: 1 // ???
Sight: 6 // ???
Str: 0 // ???
Int: 2 // ???
>Lvl up, Int +1

Traveler's Cloak [+1 hit defence]
Potions: 4
Gold: 65

[Quest : New-found importance]
So many words slung back and forth as Rye was hiding in the fort, piecing back together carefully the shattered pieces of his psyche while his shadow did the same. The euphoria of the cleansing worked for awhile, enabling his guardian shadow to conjure up a strike powerful enough to annihilate the previous guardian, but now, there was work to be done.
After realizing he'd be stuck here for awhile, if not forever at the worst, Rye resolved to make himself comfortable. With everyone leaving what he'd dub *his* section of the Wylds, he would begin to work, channeling his focus on one task after the other to ease himself, and his shadow's role, as the new guardians. After initial clean-up of the corpses laying around, he'd stack them all neatly near the fort, monsters, allies and ghouls alike, carefully sampling the leftovers of corruption from not only the small corpses, but also of the old guardian and the water himself, having set-up a small lab in the fort. Working helped make him feel better, more focused, especially under the relative safety his gargantuan offered him. "Well, this obviously isn't natural, from what some of the Graywind citizens told me, the water taint happened from the blood loss of the ghouls in their own river, at a much more minor level really, but it's a start." he'd talk out loud, feeling the need to hear his own voice as he spoke to his shadow.

Working tirelessly, he'd explore the rest of the sector up to the gate to the north. He'd ask about that one later when he'd relay a message to the outside world. On the way back to the fort, he'd work on distilling the taint from the water, hoping it that while it was obviously magical in nature, it could have some sort of physical form, and working with it safely and slowly, he could make some form of antidote, an anti-taint even. Or at least some sort of vaccine or temporary protection in case of future situations like this one. If one guardian could turn this bad, who knows what could happen the next time.
"So many things do to, so little time..." He'd sigh as the time passed, having taken the time to help out and protect anyone who needed to travel in this area from one gate to the other or if someone needed to explore the area. For the need of others he'd have assembled all of the weapons, armor and items of both the deceased allies and enemies, sending them all to the Serpico gate with a note to make sure everyone had their gear delivered to their new reincarnations and more importantly, so the strange explosive weapons could be analyzed by smiths and alchemists on the other side, keeping one to himself for his own experiments. So much to do, so little time...Experiments boilings, item investigating, wylds cleaning and helping friends. So much to do, so little time and a duo capable of doing it all, working together to patch their minds and the clues left behind.
"Are you the group that built the connection to Greywind? Given the rumors of what you encountered out there, would you need any more feet on the field in case something thinks you are worth knocking over?

Kob Firas Adept
Level 1
HP: 3 (2+1)
Act: 2 (1+1), 1 Jump
Move: 3
Str: 1 (+1)
Int: 1 (+1)

- Weapon Training [A]
- Dual Wield [A]
- Spell Blade [A]

- Bow [Dmg 1, Rng 5(4+1), Shoot [9x1] {+2 from adept, +1 Kob} (Starting weapon for Adept]
- 15 Arrows (-15g)
- Traveller's Cloak (-35g, +1 Hit defense)
- 0g
Rolled 10, 7 = 17


Seems like I am a Drakkei of some sort...
Rolled 1, 2 = 3

1. Luminas
2. Vitas
3. Terras
4. Aquas
5. Aerias
6. Firas
7. Pandoras
8. Abysmas
9. Chronos
OH! A new tam :D
>Correct Updated Character (missed exp counting)
VIII.[B] Hetros of Gaiannas
Exp: 15

Centaur Bloqmaster
HP: 8 (5race+2cls+1eqp)
Act: 2 body/ 2 hind
Move: 4L (8 hexes-ish)
Str: 2 [1race+1cls]
Int: 1 [1cls]

(+)Heavy Back: No overburden
(+)Reach: Lances Gain 1hex Range
(+)Charge: Can attack after double move.
(-)Centaurs lose 1exp everytime someone mounts them.

Equipment (50g, 2 Weight)
-Bloqmaster's Hammer: 3HvyDmg[1wep+2str], 1Rng, Smash:6*1, Thump:5*AOE(1.5Dmg)[3Dmg*0.5], Hex Comb:2[2str]
-Leather Armor
-Blue Prints (Wagon, Gate*2)
-1 Quality 2 Wagon

Hetros is not the sanest of individuals at the best of times, but recent events are spurring him to even greater heights of insanity. Hetros has NEVER taken well to travel through the gates, and in these times it is likely he will have to do so over and over again. Each passage of reincarnation unhinges Hetros a little more, leading him to imagine more and more fantastic devices, fueled by feats of bloqmastery and thaumaturgy, eventually, he may not even be sane enough to continue the fight at all.

EXP Gain/Loss
Chapter 2: +45xp (+24phase, +12 Global, +8 Building, +1 Assist)
-10(2): +1 Act
-20(3): +1 Mov
+30 GP (3 People used Inn)
Excuse the interruption, but the picture in the OP, I've seen it come and go, never really looked at the thread but..
the sword..
it's in a toaster?
'Tis quite amusing.
A major theme in the setting is that Iffram was established by some great sorcerer-warrior-king named Arthur. The capital is called Round Table.

I think it can be safely assumed that the picture is of the Sword in the Stone (not Excalibur)
My train fo thought wasn't far off in that regard; just a bit more like "sword in the toaster".

>rams sword into toaster
>is electrocuted
>noone can pull the sword since they're all electrocuted
>the land decays
The one who shall succeed is the one who remembers to pull the plug first.
Rolled 9, 7 = 16

now with dice
For reference, element rolls:

1. Luminas
2. Vitas
3. Terras
4. Aquas
5. Aerias
6. Firas
7. Pandoras
8. Abysmas
9. Chronos
10. Your choice
I can live with that! I think Ill go with an Adept. And to be funny I'll take a sling.

HP: 11
DR: 1
Act: 2
Jump: 1
Move: 3L
Str: 3
Int: 1
Sight: 5

Sling (1 dmg , [8] to hit, 5L range)
Travellers Cloak

Gold: 15
would it be wrong for me to start questing right away?
Inside the tavern, Professor Eldred can be seen shuffling some papers which he begins sticking to a board.

-=Quest Board=-

(1) Recover and analyze the workings of the ranged weapons used by the unidentified invaders. Research methods for replication and production for use by our own people. Reward: 50gp, Traveler's Cloak, Choice of spear/shield/crossbow

(2) Search for an Ethereal. We are looking for an ethereal of suitable caliber to become the next Guardian of Serpico. Look for one either through the Scholomance, or journey into the Wylds if you are bold. Reward: 50gp, Traveler's cloak, set of leather armor, choice of spear/shield/crossbow
[Curiosity didn't kill the cat.]

Vynessa would never get used to the process of reincarnation. It was always so sudden, the shift from complete darkness to blinding light. It doesn't take long for her to admire her new form, then return to the rest of the town guard. A kind barmaid catches Vynessa up on recent events, and right away the sleekfoot girl is drawn to the recent postings on the Quest Board.

Those ghoulish troops indeed had firearms, and if the town guard wanted better chances, they'd have to learn to understand them. Luckily for her, upon retrieving her equipment, she finds the Tam Rye had sent along many of the weapons of their fallen enemies.

Locating a quiet area to work, Vynessa goes over one of the rifles, examining it front to back. It's been a long time since she last saw one, way back when she left her hometown, a little less than a decade ago.

Still somewhat familiar with a gun, it doesn't take her long to finish examining it and collect her thoughts. While complicated, the weapon operated on a very basic design. An explosive force of some sort would propel a metal slug down the long barrel. The rest of it was simply to improve on that concept and make it easier to use. Finding Eldred, she presents her findings to him...
Rolled 5, 4 = 9


How about I re-roll for your cheating ass.

Your Character now has half their starting gold. And is possibly on the run from the law.

You did not.
I'm not sure why you felt the need to cheat and re-roll anyway. Sleekfoot with an element of your choice is pretty good. You would have made a decent evoker or bow adept.
Then why did delete the posts?
And doesn't rerolling contradict the main point of a roll system?
In short, screw you, you knew what the fuck you were doing.
Quest: Thought for Food
Sonia was wandering the market place, most stalls empty and those that were not with price so high that no one but the more upper strata of the social order could afford to buy them. As she neared the end of it a small sivvian approached her: "Milady, a gold coin ssso I can buy bread for my sssissstersss, it'sss been two daysss sssince we had our last meal." As she was going to hand two or three gold coin, she got an idea. "You know, I think I have a better idea. Is there any source of refuse near your home?" Hesitantly the sivvian answer "Yesss milady. Why do you asssk.", after explaining that she was a contractor and that she may have a solution for the food problem she heads to the poorer part of town guided by the young beggar.
Sonia: "Can you readily get shells and some ashes?"
Sivvian: "Yes Milady but why would you need thossse?"
Sonia: "To make food what else?"
Sivvian: "I'm not sssure where you're going with this but my sssisssterss should be able to fetch sssome why?"
Sonia: "I need to reduce the acidity so the thing is palatable."
You could have just gone with your initial roll, which was 3. 10 (several archives retain all posts, even deleted ones). Why not have just chosen your element and gone sleekfoot?
As they arrived to the child house, she told her to wait before slithering inside and coming out some time later.
-"Do you think you can feed more than usss?"
-"If everything goes to plan I could feed the whole nation for the duration of the war as long as I have enough biological matter."
-"Then let me get the othersss."
Showing the sivvians community how to have the slimes divide, how to make sure they wouldn't become a treat and how to transform them in base foodstuff with the help of the base made from the shell and ash took her four days. But at least they weren't risking starvation anymore, saying her farewell to those she helped, she headed back to the quarter assigned to them by the authorities.
File: 1350524963761.gif-(48 KB, 2034x1491, 1348091154786.gif)
48 KB
Welcome to Ironhearts where the updates take hours and the entire game is run on IRC so your posts on /tg/ don't matter.

Get your own forum already.
or admit your mistake, honest or not, go with sleek foot. We NEED a sleekfoot battery commander for a nice set of rear artillery run by kobs under their command while they see through everyone else's eyes.
Well I didn't want to go Centaur, now I'm rocking the four hooves and rear and hind actions.

Figure it out dude. Figure OUT how to make the Sleekfoot do what you want it too. That's the fun of Iffram, imagination trumps pure statistics more times than not.
rear and front*

Pandoras dragon then. I shall be a spear wielding adept...

Then don't play.
Thanks! Additionally, though I was there I did not understand the "Global XP". Was that for everyone, including me?

[Quest :: The Golden Bell :: Part 1 :: Seeking in the Wild]

Rory was disappointed that he had frozen in the conflict in the woods. Sure, he had assisted the rescue of an ally, but there were more ways he could have contributed.

So, saddling Epictetus and casting about to ensure he is not being followed, he decides to go seeking divinity.

It did not take long to flit over the roofs of Serpico, stopping here or there to gesticulate wildly at the locals, gleaning mostly rumors and fearful stares.
included hard core meta knowledge last post, so deleted, replacing with new post minus the meta.
We now have lost our latest moonbunny alchemist, whose shadow has become an Ethereal, or a very close copy, We are now is Serpico, our goal, and are alligned with an old Voss Officer who will be helping us north with intel, and possibly combat assistance, while we discover what's going on.

Our characters do not know who these enemies are, though we know they're outsiders due to their rifles. Also they were undead cause we got a corpse or two of them.

We've lost all our current wands, and are getting new ones, soon hopefully, to buy. Um.... I -think- that's everything. Just read the first posts and the quest posts for ideas of what everyone is doing. We need somebody to help find an Ethereal, so I guess you and Rory could go and fly out into the Wylds searching, or try to sneak into the Scholomance or otherwise gain access too it?

Yes. Global XP is for anyone who participated.
Even if I died midway?

...harder call, but I'd say no if you died before it was awarded.
If I go out into the Wild seeking an Ethereal, does that mean I'll define and describe it? I like the idea, but I am not clear on what Ethereals are, if they have a type or template, or just how far the narrative powers of Quests grant me creative license in the game world. I don't mind working on it at all, though, and Rory is already on his way to search the wilds.
>Use your imagination, go wild. If something too extreme, Monday will alter the result.
A shame a shame. This old rock would have liked the taste. From immortal dragon to immortal giant, I have all the time in the world. This, expedition....I will go, others will follow....Everyone who....wants to go in the wylds.....lets talk....
Purified Guardian: 7
Gate unlocked:5
Phases: 24
Slimes: 2
Ghoul: 1
Spellxp: 16
55 (x2 human bonus)
Total 110 xp

LV:3 --> 6
HP: 2 -->3
Act: 3 --> 4
SPD: 3
Int: 1 --> 2
Soc: 1

6/60xp to Lvl 7
Not sure myself. You've already started your quest though, so you should continue it. Whatever story you had in mind to either build skills, or gain exp or gold, or whatever.
[Quest] A Bow as Promised

"A bow, a bow. I promised a bow to someone, but who!?" Elegear walks into the tavern. "Who, in the name of Squalldam, have I promised a weapon to!? A bow I shall make to that one so silent, for a Squalldamian is not without kindness! Squalldamians are a people who know full well the power of a promise! Call out to me, silent-person, so I may make you a bow of your own specification!"

He pauses for a moment.

"I hear not her words! Could it be! No! It must be! She has perished! Oh, woed am I to know that my promise shall forever go unfulfilled! A bow made too late! Such a shame I have around my neck! Such dark-justice I thought I left behind in Squalldam, but the black-wind of misfortune persists even in these lands!" Elegear continues to rant until Fleur hopefully shows up with materials in hand.
>QUEST 2nd Entry

The little Kob's eyes gleamed as he overheard the Alchemists speaking. The woods, and the thing that dwelt there, and its particular - tastes.

Satisfied, and somewhat daunted, he mounted Epictetus again and flew over Serpico, circling once, before traveling out into the wilds.

His knowledge of plant life served him well enough to find the right herbs to burn, and finding the stream was simple, but the right reeds were a trickier matter. A few experimental prototypes left the kob with only perforated sticks, but eventually a serviceable reed flute was produced. Patting his friend reassuringly, Rory wrapped a makeshift cloth around Epictetus' eyes, and closed his own.

Setting his mouth to the reed, he began to play.

The music was harsh at first, but the kob persisted. Epictetus' shrill croaks soon silenced, and the forest grew calm around him.

A melody of sorts began to form, a sweet, soft call. His eyes remaining firmly shut, he gave his all to the music and forgot about the waiting.
The glow was subtle at first, and the little kob hardly noticed the warmth. The music that blended with his was just as gentle; a chiming that began as softly as the rustle of flower petals striking the forest floor, or the wind caressing the autumn branches.

The music swelled, and grew, and the little Kob nearly opened his eyes - but he remembered the creatures particularities.

Steeling himself, he began to play a more intricate tune, and conveyed as best he could the tragedies of the previous encounter with an Ethereal; of the restless dead, and the tubes of flame, of great loss and sorrow.

The music surrounding him took on the quality of windchimes, and then tuning forks or dulcimers, as if many hands and many instruments lent themselves to the music. The song picked up the tales of sorrow and grief, and the force of the pain made the dogged kob's fingers shake in their movements.

The limits of his talents reached, the little creature took a deep breath, and he opened his eyes.
>Quest 4th Entry
The clearing he had selected was empty, as he had expected. Fingers shaking, he fumbled at the flint and steel until a spark was struck, and the fire was lit. He made a pile in each cardinal direction with the flowers and herbs, and burned each in turn.

As the last pile smoldered and caught, the shadows deepening, the Golden Bell reached, after a fashion, Rory looked out into the forest to commune with what passed for the divine.

"We wish for your aid, and for your succour. The scholomence is shut against us, and the darkness is coming, or so I fear. Some great power has taken one of your kith and made it Evil, and I do not know if it is in our power to resist it entirely, or in yours. I would ask a boon, but in my limited wisdom I cannot know or name it."

"Can you help us?"

He has not spoken before, and the sound of his voice is disturbing to his ears.
He waits for his answer.
[Quest :: The Ash Hammer :: Part 2 :: The Apprentice]
>Part 2
In a rather upscale bar she finally found part of what she was looking for. The richer townfolk wanted their walls and buildings reiforced. And a young and cheap Bloqsmith fresh from creating walls in the Myst was just what they were looking for.

While the others did their own thing that it was Freyja worked on. Nothing glorious as healing Castors or building a ballista that could kill a troll in a single shot. Walls. Pah.

As she worked she would listen to the gossip of the servants as they bustled around her. Much of it she knew. The coming war, the loss of trade and life. But then something caught her ears. A pair of servants were talking in hushed tones about a Dorf. Who apparently had shut himself away from the world years ago. He was rich from years of service under Her Majesty as a knight and experianced enough to craft wonders in a single night of effort. Apparently the only interaction he had with the outside world was a single old woman who cooked his meals. And she was ill and dying. No one knew who would take her place.

This was what she had been waiting for. With several quick strikes of her hammer she finished her task and rushed over to the pair to get more information.

All Scholomance classes are granted a 50 gp weekly allowance.
>13 + 36 exp = 49 -10 - 20 = 19
Lv2 => +1str
Lv3 => +1dr

Lv: 3
Exp: 19/30
Hp: 11
Act: 2
Move: 4L
Size : 2.5
Str: 3
Int: 0
Dr : 2
Sight: ?

Gold : 130
Gear : Nothing yet.

Contracted Summon:
Talos (Windup Shield)
Hp: 5 Dr 2 , 1.4 Hexes Wide
Mov: 0 [Must be carried weight is 0 however]
Act: 2
Str: X

Windup: Everytime Windup Shield is wound up, it increasese by Y. Y is user's strength. Winding up takes an action.

Armed !: Windup Shield has two arms capable of wielding weapons it keeps on itself. Any wield penalties to Windup shield will affect the user's Mov. It cannot wield another shield [it gets confused]

Reborn, I am.....New feelings, alive but not flesh...*The giant would follow the local's words to find his allies somewhere in Serpico, eventually making his way to the tavern. With the help of someone smaller, he'd learn of the quest in the Wylds to find a new guardian.* Yes, a new guardian....Find one....

I wouldn't expect a fast response time. You don't need to stick around for it either, you're not really on a clock for this. Feel free to check back later after you've fulfilled life's requirements.
[Quest :: The Ash Hammer :: Part 2 :: The Apprentice]
>Part 3
It had taken some time to convince the woman, named Rebecca, to tell her the location of the Dorf's home and even longer on what to drink she needed to soften his ire. His name was Helos of Fairlight and never a more cantakerous Dorf you could find. However he had a soft spot for certain rare scotch from his home town. It had taken most of her gold from Argo's will to find a bottle and buy it. And with it in the basket of food from Rebecca she journied to the home of Helos.

She knocked twice, as Rebecca had instructed and waited patiently. As long and bolt were loosened. The door swung open and the Dorf grumbled at her in a deep voice. "About damn time, I've been waiting all day... wait you aren't Becca! Leave me be. I have no time for the foolishness of the young!" He started to close the door in her face.

Freyja pulled the bottle of scotch out of her bag and presented her offering. "Please sir, at least give me a chance to speak."
>Part 4
To her relief he paused. "You know of that from Becca no doubt. For that though I will listen, no more then half an hour you understand! "

He gestures her to sit at the table while he unseals the bottle and takes an appreciative sniff. He immediately takes a long draft. Freyja blinks, she was pretty sure you don't drink scotch like that. He lets out a long sigh as he puts the bottle down.

"Gossiping old biddy. Why did she not come herself?"

"She is ill I am afraid."

"And you are here to take her place." At that Freyja shakes her head.

"No Master Helos." She brings forward her pack. "Please look at this."

SHe brings out the Umber Red and the old Dorf leans forward to run his hands along the material. "It's been a while since I've seen any of this. Where'd ya find it."

Freyja smiled with faint pride "I made it sir. Ash from the Troll I killed, wood from the ballista I made. First battle I ever fought in. I thought it, appropriate that both were preserved. "

"Hmph, no battle is remarkable. All are alike, you either live or die and same with all others around ye. I take it you wish for me to craft ye a hammer. Bloqsmith."

"I wish for a hammer yes. But I need to craft it of my own two hands. Please sir."

He is silent for a long time then nods. "Let us see what we can do."

He gestures and Freyja follows. Day and night they work. Freyja learning and he teaching.
>Quest End

>TLDR Version
Freyja spent time in bars looking for work and smith. She first found work building walls, then a smith through gossip. After buying bribery scotch she convinces him to help her learn how to smith. Hopefully getting that Ash Hammer.

Apologies Rory - if you were not aware, phase XP is based on your /personal/ involvement in the mission. The number of phases you survived in. All those who are claiming 24 XP for phases were in the mission from the start (or at least are claiming to be, I'm keeping them on the honor system). I know you weren't, however.

By my count, you were able to enter the map on Phase 17, and there were 24 total phases, meaning your personal phase XP count would be 8. This puts you at Level 2, 10/20 XP until LV3.

No, that's perfectly fine! I actually had no idea how many phases I was in, or how many there were, and I neglected to ask when I was transferring over the materials, my apologies for that. Here's a corrected sheet, and though I don't have a lot of time or a very stable schedule, I really like the game and hope to be able to play more in the future.

Rory of the Aerie Peak -> Advancements

Global XP: 12
Phases: 8
Saved An Ally XP: ?
Total: 20
Gold: + 50

Lvl 1 Kob Contractor -> Lvl 2 Kob Contractor
HP: 3 (Base Kob 2 + 1 Contractor)
Act: 1 -> 2
MOV: 4
Sight: 6
STR: 0
INT: 0

Bird Shot (Dmg 1, Rng 5 ,[7] x 1) (Base 6 + Kob Bonus +1)
Traveller's Cloak (+1 Hit Defense)
Smoke Ball x 10

Gold: 30 -> 80
XP: 10

Hp 5 -> 6 ( 4 + Contractor Lvl (2) )
Mov: 3L Flying.

Claws: Terror Dactyl have two claws capable of grabbing one medium sized creature each or one large creature.

Swooping Grab:
[HP] x 1
* when grabbed held targets maybe dropped before the turn ends.

Screech: Range 4Hx Radius
[5] x AOE
Causes stun.

[Quest] A Bow as Promised: The Bones of a Dragon of Time.

Fleur survived, again. The toll this time was much worse, five dead and a good number of those whisked away as dust.. Death was not something she wanted to experience, again, but to give up like that... it wasn't something she wanted to keep thinking about for long. So she drank, to forget about hopelessness such as that and also for those who had fallen. She had a plan... to expand on her design, but it would involve going back to that accursed field. She wondered into the night after she finished her drinks. While this wasn't the best thing to do, she had set her mind on what she wanted.

Drunkenly making it to the gate out of Serpico, she ran through what she was going to do in her mind. Her grip tightened on her bow as she approached it, but it seemed that... someone had done part of her job, the easy part at least. The hard part was what was coming... The body of Rockwell, a long with the... weapons.. that had slain him lay at the gate. What game next was.. Well, Fleur was glad she was drunk. She rationalized that she was giving the dragon what was taken from him, Eternity.

In a few days, the mute, messy haired girl would approach Elegear, carrying a large bag. She handed it over, a sack of gold, and her rough drawings. He'd find the bones of a dragon of time in the bag.
>Buy Bow, give it to awesome shield.

[Quest for the Ethereal]
Stoneslab's movements echoed as he'd walk right back to the gate, stone feet carrying him with great lazy strides. As he'd set foot infront of the gate, he'd turn toward's the town, and he'd yell. "PEOPLE OF SERPICO, FRIENDS OF GREYWIND AND OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES, A PARTY WILL SET OUT INTO THE WYLDS TO SECURE THIS HERE HAVEN, A NEW GUARDIAN, A PROTECTOR WORTHY OF ITS PEOPLE. JOIN ME AT THE GATE, AND WE SHALL TREK TOWARDS A NOBLE GOAL, WITH YOUR HELP, SUCCESS IS BUT A QUESTION OF TIME!" he'd hope to have inspired enough people to join.

>Quest to be continued after players/npcs join in.
"Ah! silent-girl! How I had wept when I heard that you had perished, but I see now that such things were grave exaggerations! Please, let me fulfill the bargain we had made before this heinous battle began and forge for you a masterpiece of a weapon! A weapon that would make the squall-winds cry out in envy! Its destructive power shall be unmatched and its legend will live on, next to yours, for eternity!"

Elegear takes the gold, drawings, and the large bag. "I now go off to the forge to create this masterfully designed bow, which shall have the power of Giganticus the Big and the destructive nature of the squall-winds! It shall be so powerful, not even a Squalldamian wall will be able to break its will!" He pauses for a moment, "Maybe not that strong, but strong enough!"

With that he travels to get materials and then to the forge. He looks over the notes and visualizes the design of the weapon. He then slowly lays out the materials he had bought along with the materials his mute friend had given him. After one final minute of meditation, he begins to construct the weapon.
>for clarification: Quest: Designing the War Wagon End.

Synopsis: Hetros visits any source of information on Bloq Mastery he can to improve his designs, and then takes the final product to the one person versed in vehicular warfare to review and assist him in improving the designs further: Klein of the Krussers. The goal? To produce the War Wagon as described in the quest.
File: 1350555664092.png-(85 KB, 917x1532, asdasdasd.png)
85 KB
File: 1350578452692.jpg-(312 KB, 761x1011, IHcorruption.jpg)
312 KB
in the vein of art postings, I present the work of a friend of mine based upon Rye's experience!
[Any other players want to join on the ethereal quest with me before I finish writing the rest of my quest?]
I love you.
We already have somebody on it Stoneslab, but I guess a second expedition couldn't really hurt?
It seemed rather non-official.
It's Rory I guess? I'm all for waiting for his results before I handle my continuation.
It's a quest. They're all nonofficial >_> his goal was to find an Ethereal... quests are, by there very nature, unofficial.
But he's going to the school....I'm actually going into the wylds. I'l wait for him to be done.
File: 1350596546696.png-(396 KB, 900x900, 1350449995879.png)
396 KB
>But he's going to the school....I'm actually going into the wylds. I'l wait for him to be done.
He... he is? No he went out into the Wylds I thought o_O
Everything you know is an intricate lie
the Wyldsarethe school
and then Rory was a norwegian.
Nope. Rory went into the Wylds - if you read the post, he wandered out into the woods, played a reed flute, communed with something. Et cetera.
>Joining this quest
Irontalon was still attempting to figure out what to do with himself. When he heard Stoneslab calling, he decided he should probably join. Ethereals so far seemed to have a tendency to try to eat people, and he figured he could do some good running security for a group.

You guys can go out and join *my* quest, and that way we're all together.
4 posts maximum per quest I believe... not positive of that o-O;
Ah well. I just don't want people to feel ANGRYTIMES with my post.
Nonsense. No.....angrytimes....needed.....integrate your quest....with mine....Writting time....
(Seems like your quest is well underway and wont require my aid)
>Part 2
>This Quest is aided by Irontalon

One hour passed as Stoneslab remained immobile, waiting for others to show up. Most of his friends and allies from Graywind seemed busy, but as the fellow castor Irontalon marched up to the gate he knew he'd have a powerful and faithful ally in his quest. Surprised by the presence of the twin giants, a handful of concerned sivvians slithered to the gate, not wanting to leave the job of finding a new guardian to outsiders. Something about honor, and finding the right one.

His small group formed, they would be sent into the wylds where an ambush of GigaSlimes and Beasts awaited, but none would stand again Irontalon's cleaver nor the combined might of the sivvian party and his own javelin sized arrows. "Where should....we go..." he'd ask the sivvians, hoping one of them had an idea. Alas this quest would start in the clouded unknowns of the wylds and while the end goal was clear, searching would take time, and that, he had enough.
>Part 3

Slowly but surely they would advance, past the forests, past the fort and temporary guardian, past the large mountain and right up to the third gate. As he was about to activate it, an elderly looking sivvian stopped him. While another realm of the wylds would be an interesting place to look for, searching close to home might bring the better results. An aquatic being would fit better their needs. And so they lumbered east until they reached water. Sivvians swimming around, both Irontalon and Stoneslab stayed vigilant as they would enter the waters. With the mighty knight watching his back, he'd unsummon his shield in a sign of respect, kneeling down at the edge of the large body of water to prey in silence, hoping a benevolent creature would sense his plea and the sivvian's elaborate water dancing.

"Noble beings of the water, these people are in need of you. Their protector has fallen to a horrible attack and is alive no more. Without your help, the young Sivvians of Serpico will no longer be able to live in peace as the forces of the wyld, or worst, may bring them harm. Show benevolence mighty Ethereals, head my words and the dance of water, a pact is needed once more."

He would wait, for hours if need be, his body half immersed in water, pleading for the safety of others.

[End Quest Entry]
Ivy had done what she could for the Town Guard after their latest battle, preparing food for the hungry soldiers, and tending to what wounds she could. It looked like things would stay calm for a little bit, at least until they moved out again.

One thing she couldn't shake out of her head was the sudden appearance of the man named Krusser. He had that unmistakable look of Voss to him, and that name was familiar as well...

"It's always nice to see someone from the homeland. Tell me, are you the same Colonel Krusser of Pandemon's National Pride Army Corp? I recall my sister mentioning you a long time ago in one of her letters. Perhaps you know her? The last I heard was that she's a Major in the Royal Guard, went by the name 'Iceheart'."
Rolled 8, 4 = 12

First race, second element.
>Questing for a Purpose : Part 1
Ever since he was young Gnarl had felt he was destined for more. More then a simple shepard, even one with the best aim with his sling. Not a single animal under his care had ever been lost to predators and such he was in high demand to gaurd the great flocks of the wealthy who lived around the Gorge which was his home. So when So when the call of Greywind came he immediately set out.

But the trek was perilous, and his sling though far reaching often took long to slay the beasts and monsters that he came across. And so when he finally arrived at the gates of Greywind it was too late. The battle was over and the Town Guard and Schoolmances had already left. He despaired. How would he find his purpose now?

When the gate to Serpico opened a new chance came. And he was here to seize it with both hands. Trusty sling in tow. For now he wanders the towns of Serpico and Greywind, familerizing himself with his new companions. Especially the one known as the Crusher.
This group is popular with hooves.

Level 1
Health 7
Actions 1/1
Movement 3L
Strength 2
Intelligence 0
Sight ?
Gold 70

-Lance (Upgrades: +1Hit)

Don't forget to keep your weapon rating and damage in your post; it's easier to reference. Default sight range is 5. Other than that, you are good to go. My only recommendation would be picking up a Traveler's Cloak for a small defense bonus.

- Lance [Range 3; Point - [8] x 1, 3 DMG; Lunge - [7] x Line, 3 DMG]
- Shield [Directional DR 2; Bash - [7] x 1, 2 DMG
- 70 gp
I am waiting to see if this town will warrant a shop upgrade. Thank you for the rest.
>Questing for a Purpose : Part 2
For Klien he had many questions, the realm outside of Iffram always fascinated Gnarl. What might a Castor find there? How did the realms of man cope with mortality that ended so abruptly? Reincarnation was such an integral part of Iffram true mortality was frightening. How did they make such wonders without Bloq Masters and Dorfs to craft towns from metal, stone and wood?

The machines and skills the Crusher described briefly were interesting enough but Gnarl was no Bloq Master. No Dorf. He was a Castor and his body to great to use such. However the weapons. They sounded like something he would interested in. Imagine to wield such. They would make his sling look like it was flinging grains of sand! However when asked about gaining a weapon like that he recieved a shake of the head. Much of what made the weapons available was lacking. The ammunition, the propellant. Even the machining of the weapon itself. While they could scavenge off of dead soldiers; as a weapon for everyday use it was not viable quite yet.

Disapointed Gnarl continued to ask about the armies of Voss and Aeon, both great realms he, even in his small hamlet had heard much about. The man's face turned grave as he described the tactics of their long enemies. And how it was only terrain that kept Voss from being overrun.

Throughout the days that follows Gnarl keeps the man from Voss constant company trying to eck out everything he can of battle and war.

player guide updated. All class info added. Will be adding races and elements next.
races mostly added. Elements tomorrow. Then making a PDF to upload for players after some more comments and tips have been put in.
Races Finish, Elements added. May do deeper descriptions of them.
Is there a game happening soon or are we waiting for those quests to get answered?
In all seriousness quests have to be answered then the game will run. Might be Monday.
>Reincarnate from Cray
>Collect stuff:Traveller's cloak, 40g, walking stick, broken dueling wand
>38 xp/2=19
>Level 2: +1 act
>Purchase 9 boulders-90g
>Carve them

Kob Abysmas Adept
Lv:2(9 xp)

-Weapon Training:Fist
-Dual Wield
-Spell Blade

Gear: Traveller's cloak (+1 defense to hit)
Walking Stick
Broken Dueling Wand

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