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New players please see -> http://pastebin.com/yX3uw7bq
>Pastebin will be updated before each session with ship and squadron equipment,

Also after repeated requests a wiki. I haven't had much time to work on it.

You are Sonia Reynard, Attack Wing Leader and Knight of the House of Jerik-Dremine!
And you've been running around like you're in a tv series that takes a season to cover the events of a single day.

You currently lead the Third Attack Wing, an Elite unit composed of fast hard hitting starships. Or you did until a Coup attempt by House Lat'tham siezed control of most of the Expeditionary Force. After escaping from the ballroom of the House Lat'tham Estates you and some of the other nobles fought your way to the vehicle bays. Thanks to a distraction by your rear guard a convoy of vehicles were able to slip away into the nearby wilderness preserve. From there you and approximately half of the nobles you had escaped with staged an assault on a planetary shield generator followed by the spaceport, stealing transport off world.

Several hundred nobles including Troy Harmen remained behind so that the rest of you would have a chance of escape. They have enough experienced officers with wilderness training to hide the majority for a few days if needed.
File: 1350414606665.gif-(9 KB, 830x673, Carrier group-nearbysectors4.gif)
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Following the escape from Yineput III, you and former Republic Mercenaries under the command of Captain Thebe have been attempting to rally friendly forces. A small force of Krath starships have been aiding you in your efforts. Their battlecruisers are able to move smaller starships such as Light or Attack Cruisers under cloak, even making detection at FTL difficult. This has allowed you to make a number of surprise attacks that otherwise wouldn't have been possible.

Your allies House Helios should be able to last several days without more assistance thanks to your destruction of some medium cruisers and repair docks. They have a powerful fleet and long ranged siege guns suitable for fighting battlestations, super heavy cruisers or taking down planetary shields.

For most of the past day the Republic mercs have been assisting the Terran Carrier Group Akagi. Their SP torpedo stockpiles are a godsend at this point and House Lat'tham knows this. So far you've crippled a shipyard enemy forces were using to support attacks on the Carrier Group and are now trying to remove a starfighter production facility.

Towards that end you and a team have boarded a mining barge with the intention of using it to ram another asteroid into the base.
Yay, H&D is back.
File: 1350415440206.jpg-(31 KB, 310x412, propaganda1.jpg)
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You don't have a lot of time but moving the mining barge any faster would be suspicious. A minute of repositioning the ship later you're in position.
"Someone get on the com panel. Once we start this 8 ball rolling we may need some cover until we can get this ship far enough away to jump." you order.

"Sir, we blew up the coms array."
"Right... well um." Shit.

"Do you want me to go EVA and try to signal the ships?" Asks Sergeant Ecord.

You shrug. "I guess, but better hold off on that. Saputo and Moton should get the picture once we start moving and dont abandon ship. Wait, just blink the running lights in code when we're sure we're not under observation. What kind of weapons have we got besides the mining beams and tractor/repulsor systems?"

"Seeing four heavy phase cannon ball turrets and eight point defense guns. I doubt the phase cannon will have enough power to fire while both the tractor beams and mining systems are online."

You look through the engine power settings and begin rerouting from non essentials. "I'll keep it in mind. Stand by for full power to engines and tractor beams in twenty seconds. Bridge to engineering, do what you can to prep the FTL systems but be ready to abandon ship in a hurry."
"Aye sir!"

One of the marines gets your attention. "I'm not sure if we have enough engine power to move this thing quickly but I think I've found an alternative."

"Just do it already." you grab the group of thruster levers and push them forward. The barge presses in closer to the asteroid until the tractor beams offer up enough resistance.
"Shields up."
"Mining beams reconfigured. Firing."

Where normally the exploding bits of the asteroids surface would be dragged in for processing the current settings cause something different. Some of the debris thrown from the continuous explosion bounces off the shield, the rest blasts out into space providing thrust. Each second the beams are active the deeper they cut, the crater deepening and focusing the outward blasting plasma like a thruster cone.

"Our velocity is increasing. What the- sir please dont redline the engines yet." asks one of your heavy troopers with a nametag labeled "Davis."

[ ] Red(line) makes it go fasta
[ ] Save your engines
>[X] Save your engines
(For now.)
One of the other Marines calls out the speed as both ship and asteroid accelerate. "One hundred meters per second relative to the base. Two hundred... Five hundred. That should be enough to badly damage the base sir."

IFF contacts start to appear on sensors.
"Enemy Starfighters moving to surround us. They're transmitting on all channels, and flashing signal lights. Our suit systems should be able to pick it up their signal."

You scan through the frequencies over your headset.

"Mining crew you are ordered to stand down. Cut your engines and beams or you will be fired upon. You have thirty seconds to comply."

"We're getting resistance. There must be station or starship tractor beams trying to slow us down, we need a few more seconds."

You grimace. "Cutting it close as always. Let me know when its too late for them to stop it."

A trio of corvettes swing out around the asteroid and begin to close in, possibly planing to board.

"You have ten seconds."

Seemingly out of nowhere several hundred missiles appear. Most of the enemy fighters surrounding you explode in bright fireballs. Ninety Type Four attack bombers swoop in firing off missiles from box launchers equipped to their hard points. A few fire torpedoes killing the corvettes. Three Republic Frigates appear, using their nuclear missiles to shields you from view.
"Good enough lets get the hell out of here!"
File: 1350418481309.jpg-(15 KB, 504x338, Fucking missiles.jpg)
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You chop the throttle back and reverse engines before swinging the bow around. The barge is sluggish in its movements to say the least.
"Damn this thing has a fat ass."
After completing a 180, you aim your drive exhaust at the crater you've blasted in the hopes it adds a bit to the thrust to the giant rock. The Frigates with you continue to bombard the area with nukes, although with a ship as big as this barge hiding it from view will take some work. More enemy starfighters appear and are soon locked in battle with the friendly fighters. The missile loadout used by your allies is giving a good advantage, the backseat gunners helping to target and fire the short and medium range weapons.

It takes awhile for more enemy starships to appear let alone cruisers. They must be putting all effort into stopping the asteroid. Just before the impact you find out the real reason for the delay in your pursuit. Arthur must have attacked from the other side of the base as a distraction. You spot the bright flare of the EX-K's afterburners as he retreats.

"And impact."

You see the asteroid shudder from the hit, either against the shield or the main body of the base, you cant tell which. What you can see are the three carriers that had been docked now in full reverse trying to get clear. Most of the House Lat'tham cruisers are doing the same. Debris from the colission begins to drift outward a few seconds later.

"The asteroid rebounded a bit."

"This is RF-48K1 to Mining barge crew, can you read?" You hear over your helmet com.
"Change course 35 mark 5. If you can microjump do so to a distance of fifty AU."
You bring the ship around to the indicated course and tell the trooper on the navigation console the distance necessary.
"Data loaded. No gravitational bodies in the way which is good because I don't know how to calculate for drift."
"Punch it." You order, getting the ship up and past the minimum 5G threshold.

The Marine throws the lever forward.

Nothing happens.
"Engineering where's our drives?" you demand.

"Still down." Ki tells you. "We're fixing it."

Enemy forces are forming up around the three carriers that launched and are pulling back the badly mauled starfighter screen. Your own are likewise retreating.
That wont last long. A pair of battlecruisers and light cruisers are assembling a formation along with fresh fighters that are now launching from each carrier.

[ ] Abandon ship
[ ] Wait until they're fixed (Roll 1d20)
[ ] Ask 2 Krath battlecruisers to decloak and tow your ship to FTL (NOTE: This will reveal the existence of the Krath ships to the enemy.)
[ ] Other
Rolled 3

>[X] Wait until they're fixed (Roll 1d20)
If they can't get the crap working, we should abandon the ship. But we should at least give them a chance to repair the drives.
Rolled 16

Prepare to abandon ship. If the drives aren't fixed in time, get everyone off the barge.

Before we leave, though, set it on a collision course with one of the carriers, put all weapons on autofire, and, if possible, set tractors to "pulverize" and aim them toward fighter formations.
"How long are we looking at here Sarge?" You ask him.

"Ten minutes? We'll see."
You quickly order anyone not working on the drives to prepare the ship to be abandoned. Any civilian workers onboard are told via intercom to make for the escape pods as soon as possible.

"We've got a pair of escape pods up here by the bridge. Recommend we stuff the bridge crew into one and we take the other. I can signal the Frigates for pickup." Says Ecord.
You tell him to do so then hit the controls to lower the blast shields around the bridge viewports. No reson to be scoured by subspace radiation if the drives do kick off.

"Incoming enemy ships."

The pursuit unit sends a wave of starfighters out towards you first, a mix of Z5's and bombers. The republic fighters launch the remainder of their anti-starfighter missiles causing the House Lat'tham unit to momentarily break off. After the fighters have finished pulling back the starships launch a spread of nukes, trying to blind the smaller missiles. While they take few starfighter casualties because of the trick it has bought you a few more minutes.

"Core is up. Hooking up the drive plates!" Reports Ki as you start to take hits. You starfighter cover departs after firing the few torpedoes they had with them, now headed for their pickup point.

Your shields are holding but do little against SP torpedoes. Explosions wrack the ship port side and you're about to give the order to abandon it when Ki says to try the drives.
The Barge jumps out. Barely but it jumps.
After the microjump you pick up more engineers from the other ships and then get assistance with the following jumps you head back towards the Terran Carrier group. It isn't until after the Cascading Fury has escorted you alongside Enterprise that you find out how much damage the barge has taken.
After the blast shields come back up you can clearly see ten craters along the port side superstructure just from the view ports on the bridge.

"Well that was a little closer than I would have liked." you tell the others after taking your helmet off.

A half hour later you're back aboard the EX-K talking to Saputo over the com while you head to the bridge.
"The damage to the asteroid interior was likely catastrophic judging from the impact. Any production facilities in there are going to be out of commission. The external docks are slightly damaged and could still be used in a pinch. No way of knowing how much material had already been moved to the docks. It should be tagged for a follow up strike once we have the manpower and material."

The next bit of information the Captain tells you is surprising. "That mining barge you captured may be out of action for a couple of weeks but the Terrans say they can make use of the ore that was onboard. Their Carriers have just enough processing equipment to manufacture more armor to repair our ships. It wont be anti-torpedo grade but it will replace the stockpiles they've been burning through for repairs. If it was in better shape and we had more ships it would be interesting to try a combat mining op if we cant capture a logistics base."
File: 1350422689176.gif-(14 KB, 1112x696, NAV DRH 2-Sectors Travel (...).gif)
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Recon reports
-TCS Macedon reports that the captured super heavies they've been engaging have gone active, which is unusual since House Lat'tham hasn't been able to get more crews aboard. Accuracy of enemy weapons fire has just jumped by more than 30%, almost as though they're able to fire without the beam diffusion caused by shields. Friendly forces are also being hit by an elevated number of wireless intrusion attempts.
Speculation at the moment is that we may be dealing with an integrated A.I. which shouldn't be possible unless the Terrans have been purposely configuring their ships to operate like this.

-Krath recon ships and agents have successfully make contact with the Navigators guild and found their station is not under House Lat'tham control. Unfortunately their systems have been sabotaged. No additional ships can depart from either end of the corridor, though the ships which already left five days ago should still make it to their destination in one piece. Communications are also down limiting us to a communications range of 12 hours travel equivalent.
There is some good news. Mercenary units from the Smugglers Run and elsewhere previously cleared for work have arrived. NOTE: Most Mercs have a strong distrust of Krath operatives so you'll need to send someone out there, even if its one of the Republic Mercenaries.
Could we use the mining barge to contact the mercenaries, once the ore has been unloaded? Or is the ship too damaged to make the jump?
>Speculation at the moment is that we may be dealing with an integrated A.I. which shouldn't be possible unless the Terrans have been purposely configuring their ships to operate like this.

Things just keep getting better. I see some opportunities if we can take key components intact.

>Mercenary units from the Smugglers Run and elsewhere previously cleared for work have arrived. NOTE: Most Mercs have a strong distrust of Krath operatives so you'll need to send someone out there, even if its one of the Republic Mercenaries.

Look for volunteers. We need a fast ship that we can afford to lose without compromising our combat effectiveness. A corvette, if possible.
File: 1350423156352.gif-(24 KB, 1334x1140, Yineput System 3.gif)
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sorry, afk 20 minutes. Assembling more data.
File: 1350423337041.png-(12 KB, 342x568, intercept_cruiser.png)
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I hope that data includes a way for us to gather a large enough force to take Yineput before the second block of ships becomes operational. I don't think there's any chance for us to interrupt the first block.

By the way, did we go through with our plan to send boarding teams back to Yineput under cloak?
Mercenary Bands at the Nav station

Flag Snatchers - Planetary Assault/Boarding
Gnomish Blades - Long range stand off
Band Stampers - Close ship combat/Ramming
Mythal League - Generalists
DEATHSCYTHE - Carrier & Starfighter unit
Tarsis Mettle - High speed attack
Novus Excess - Battleships

Recon Continued: Yineput system
Krath intel believes the captured ship crews may be help at one of four locations. Given the number of personnel captured its possible they're being held at all of them.
>Yineput III
The prisons or other facilities on the House Lat'tham capital world would be able to hold large numbers of people but there is nowhere near enough room for them all. The Ruling House and Terran officers that are missing may still be on world.
>Yineput IV
The various and fuel refineries and storage stations choke the orbital space around the systems only gas giant. The Super Heavies from the Dominion Expeditionary force are in a high orbit of this planet but have not been manned yet. The bases have enough stasis equipment onboard to be used for makeshift prisoner storage.
>Mobile Refuelling docks
The tanker ships and fuel storage pods attached to the docks could be used to hold prisoners
>Escape pods
Ship escape pods are often equipped with built in stasis systems to ensure crews can survive for years at a time in deep space. While unlikely it is possible they've been repurposed for this task.
We might end up needing all the merc units, but the Flag Snatchers for sure. For whoever goes up to hire the mercs, the first task is to employ them to destroy the enemy forces at House Helios's position.

After that, assuming we can get the timing right, it would make sense for the forces we have collected to move through the left route as Helios, the mercs, and everyone else moves through the right. Then we all jump into Yineput simultaneously.
On second thought, since we're looking at a 17 hour minimum wait time before the mercs can be brought back to the Helios units, we might well be done with the left route and assaulting Yineput before Helios is even free. In that case, the mercs and Helios would be our cavalry.
>By the way, did we go through with our plan to send boarding teams back to Yineput under cloak?
Not yet. You now have some possible locations to check if you wanted to grab some crews to man any ships you board.

The Terrans and House Helios can provide some skeleton crews in addition to some Marines.

You now have me wondering what to arm that thing with.
There are still some Republic Mercs at House Helios' location. While damaged they could make it to the station in 7 hours.
>Look for volunteers. We need a fast ship that we can afford to lose without compromising our combat effectiveness. A corvette, if possible.
One of the Republic Frigates with the TCG is a newer model, as fast as your attack ships. It would be able to zip past any blockades more easily but would still take about 10 hours to get to the station.

The barge is out of action for more than a week. It could jump but would be easily intercepted at subspace realignment points.
Chances of the Mercs to make it through blockades vs. the frigate?
6 Centurions, 2 of them rather badly damaged. They should be able to shoot their way through most anything they're bound to encounter.

There are 5 Krath battlecruisers there as well. (Didn't bother to check the list first.) You could send them under cloak, or ask that the Krath ships head over to the Terran group to rejoin your unit for operations.
Take some Terran skeleton crews in addition to the personnel we already assigned to this job. As outlined before, the purpose of the operation is threefold:

1. To steal back ships that are low on House La'tham's capture priority.
2. To prevent or sabotage House La'tham's capture efforts.
3. If possible, to rescue prisoners, and either use them to assist with meeting the first two goals or simply get them out of Yineput.

I recommend focusing on the refueling docks and House fleets near Yineput. The sooner this mission is launched, the better.

>You now have me wondering what to arm that thing with.

I figured it would mount a very heavy spinal weapon of some kind, either a mass driver, plasma, or particle gun. That's just because of its shape, though.

>6 Centurions, 2 of them rather badly damaged. They should be able to shoot their way through most anything they're bound to encounter.

I suggest sending one or more of these. It doesn't matter how many as long as they can get the job done and the Helios forces can afford to lose their support.

In that case, I suggest using one of those to cloak a Centurion and take it to the mercs waiting to be hired.

The other battlecruisers should be used with other friendly ships to conduct hit-and-run attacks on House La'tham's ships in the area.
File: 1350426288929.png-(32 KB, 628x944, Beam Destroyer.png)
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>I figured it would mount a very heavy spinal weapon of some kind, either a mass driver, plasma, or particle gun. That's just because of its shape, though.
I could easily see this thing armed with a spinal mount plasma cannon. Its certainly solid looking enough.
File: 1350426590069.png-(29 KB, 373x781, cannonship.png)
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I guess the plasma cannon is the standard "tough guy" weapon, then? What about the fusion cannon?
Fusion cannons are the "oh god I no good at phase weaponry" since its less technologically demanding to repurpose a fusion drive.
Could we make these things modular? So we'd be able to mount whatever we need for a mission.
I guess that make sense. I suppose that makes the mass driver and the nuke the uncomplicated bargain bin weapons.
The more I look at that thing the more it looks like that ship has an extending stock.

Theoretically yes. Its similar enough to another ship I had planned to show up farther down the line that you could do this.
Pretty much. They're still usable but it gets trickier as shields become more advanced.
>The more I look at that thing the more it looks like that ship has an extending stock.

Extending control surfaces for better stability in atmosphere. So it kind of does have an extending stock.

I am not an aerospace engineer, and it shows.

>Theoretically yes. Its similar enough to another ship I had planned to show up farther down the line that you could do this.

And our R&D list gets bigger.
File: 1350428293769.jpg-(11 KB, 396x300, spaceballs_large_151.jpg)
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>The more I look at that thing the more it looks like that ship has an extending stock.
Side arm for a gigantic Mecha-Sonia?
Okay, plan atm is to send a Centurion with a Krath battlecruiser to the station to recruit the Mercs. They should return to the House Helios position in 15 Hours if everything goes as planned.
>roll 1d1million!
No not really.

You have 10 Krath battlecruisers with which to bring ships to the Yineput system covertly.
Each can carry 1 Light Cruiser, 1 Attack Cruiser, or 2 Frigates.

11x Centurion (4 under repair) (2 Plasma cannon shots each)
16x Pandora class Frigates (6 under repair)
3x Ballista class Carriers
1x Hunter class cruiser
Special: Excalibur class Battlecruiser with its own cloak. (NOTE: Can be detected at FTL)

Current Troops
1000 Republic Soldiers
1000 House Helios Marines
2000 Terran Marines
20 Heavy Strike Team (Yours)
40 Marines (Yours)

[ ] Go to the Yineput system now
[ ] Help Akagi group reach Helios forces
[ ] Refuel Centurions at TCS Normandy
[ ] Other
I recommend we send the Hunter, an undamaged Centurion, and four Pandoras with six of the battlecruisers and an appropriate load of marines and soldiers that can be gathered at our present location. I believe we also have at least one LST that we attached to the EX-K for this purpose, and we should have that and any other suitable transports piggyback on the battlecruisers.

Those units will head to Yineput.

Now, would it be advisable to break out the Akagi group and take them to the Normandy with our remaining forces?
>Now, would it be advisable to break out the Akagi group and take them to the Normandy with our remaining forces?
There are benefits of heading to either the Normandy or the Helios group. It might tip the balance at either location.

>I believe we also have at least one LST that we attached to the EX-K for this purpose, and we should have that and any other suitable transports piggyback on the battlecruisers.
Just to be clear the EX-K is not going with them?
No, the EX-K will not go to Yineput at this time.

I support taking everything we have left, including the Akagi group, to the Normandy, after the Yineput mission is launched. The Helios forces can hold their position longer.
We should definitely scout the Yineput system before jumping any ships we can't cloak in. Who knows what's exactly waiting for us.
Inform the Helios forces the Terrans are capable of repairing damaged ships at the moment. Just in case some of their vessels are heavily damaged by now.
There are House Lat'tham Light Cruiser and corvette squadrons patrolling all areas where captured ships are present. They have regular times and are in position to respond to calls for assistance from the stations within a few minutes at worst.

Orbital defenses around Yineput 3 are active along with the planetary shields. Traffic around Yineput 4 remains heavy with large numbers of corvettes present, especially around the Super heavy Cruisers in orbit.
Other than fuel tankers and shuttles there is little extra traffic around the mobile docks where the main Dominion fleets are.

Anyone/everyone in favour of this plan? Or is something else preferred.

Captain Saputo has volunteered to go with as many of the officers from your House as possible in the attempt to retake the ships. Captain Thebe is also anxious to get the several hundred nobles off his ship.
>Captain Saputo has volunteered to go with as many of the officers from your House as possible in the attempt to retake the ships. Captain Thebe is also anxious to get the several hundred nobles off his ship.

I don't have a problem with Saputo going. And if the nobles are willing to get some more infantry experience, great.
Do we have any intel on the system with the TCS Macedon?
Binary star system. Unremarkable except for a logistics base on an airless ice dwarf and attached refueling dock.
When the Terrans realized what was going on they destroyed the base with a sustained bombardment. As the moment the planetoid does not posses a solid surface.
House Lat'tham forces have been attempting to reach the captured ships using a fleet from another system. Its mostly been small units but more have been arriving every hour and the Terran ships now have to keep at range from the captured vessel.
Wouldn't that system be the more reasonable choice then?
It's surely not as heavily defended as Yineput.
EX-K, Agaki group, and everyone else not going on the disruption raid to Yineput should head for the Macedon/Nomandy.

We'll rely on the Mercs to bail out Helios when they get there, and then pile everyone to Yineput ASAP once we've got the Super-Heavies with us.
File: 1350434511539.jpg-(69 KB, 811x426, Our system thinks your me(...).jpg)
69 KB
We are in the fastest ship around aren't we?

Let's put them afterburners to use and start whacking transports.
File: 1350434941814.gif-(6 KB, 970x689, Macedon group.gif)
6 KB
As one of the faster ships in the Carrier group the Terrans would like your assistance in intercepting enemy Frigates. They're currently far enough away you could micro jump towards them.

What ships would you like to take with you? Keep in mind, only starfighters and republic frigates are fast enough to intercept Standard Frigates. Centurions are too slow.

5x Centurion (2 plasma shots each)
8x Pandora class Frigate
1x Ballista class Carrier
2x Terran Assault Corvette
Take the ships fast enough to intercept with us, and have the others support the Terrans in the most efficient way they can.
Let's take six Pandoras and both corvettes, as well as some starfighters and bombers if available.

Everything else can hunt transports.

What is the plan as far as trying to recapture the supers?
The carrier, the Pandoras, and the Assault Corvettes to escort the carrier.

Recommend Centurions head over to the Normandy and charge up their plasma
You check your weapons before moving out. 15 conventional torps for each launcher.
"Getting a little light on ammo here."
The carriers cant spare any more SP's for you as their ammo reserves are getting a bit light and they'll need some for their corvettes in a pinch. Still, they have plenty of older average ones you can have.
Mk.38 - Roughly analogous to the torps you carry.
Mk.39 - Higher yield with more sophisticated targeting options. Carry sensor networking options to cut down on the chances of all torps in a volley being blinded.
>Pick one

Linda brings up something. "Sonia, I can have our unit drop out of FTL ahead of the enemy so we do a head to head, behind them forcing us to pursue but where they have less coverage, or somewhere on their flank."
>Where you micro jumping to?
>>Pick one
What's worse about the Mk.39? I don't see any drawbacks.

>>Where you micro jumping to?
Kavos' input on Linda's idea?
>What is the plan as far as trying to recapture the supers?
You get in contact with one of the Terran officers while waiting for ammo loading.
"I have some experience boarding super heavies if you need a hand."

"We're working on something. For the moment we just need those Frigates knocked off. Watch yourself if you get too close to the Supers, and double check that your systems are set to prevent remove hijacking. We don't need a full blown AI war happening because of people forgetting to unplug their com system."

>Kavos' input on Linda's idea?
"Its personal preference, but once we start getting closer to the larger ships it might be best to only jump into pursuit positions."
Hmmm, okay. If our shields can take it, do it. Otherwise, don't.
>Hmmm, okay. If our shields can take it, do it. Otherwise, don't.
Do what? Head to head?

Just to make sure, sets see.
File: 1350437245202.png-(62 KB, 382x423, 40k Commisar Discipline t(...).png)
62 KB
Also going to need a roll of 3d20
Rolled 14

First roll.
Rolled 3

Second one.
Rolled 4

And number three.
Rolled 5, 16, 15 = 36

Rolled 11, 20, 2 = 33


No, /tg/-dice, no.

[ ] Head to Head
[ ] Flank attacks

Pick one people, we're at a tie vote and there's only so much I can write without actually knowing how we're doing this.
Already voted, sorry.
>In addition to that:
If nobody else is around, or it's going to take too long, just roll a d2.
After requesting some Frigates and the pair of Assault Corvettes there Terrans are making available you pause and think about adding more support.
"Lets bring a Carrier but make sure that it hangs back, especially once we get near the cruisers."

Linda punches in the coordinates for the jump and your unit breaks away from the rest of the fleet. The Heavy Carriers continue to head deeper into the system to link up with the Macedon. The Centurions that have already been repaired undock and head for the Normandy, their crews eager to refuel the plasma cannons.

As you align for the jump across the system you contact the other ships in the squadron.
"Save your SP torps for anyone that looks like they're going to make it through. Energy weapons and conventional torps only. That goes for the starfighters too. If you have any normal torps left use them."

"Stand by for micro jump all ships." Says Linda, activating the drives.
A burst of the usual sight of subspace blots out the stars for a fraction of a second and then you're at the destination.

"Accuracy is good, enemies dead ahead" You report as you flip the power for your phase cannons on. Apart from some lingering armour damage all systems look green.

The Carrier breaks off even as two squadrons drop away to provide escort. "Assault Corvettes, you might want to stick with the Carrier and give it some more support.

"Negative, we'd do more harm than good next to them. More likely to hit the fighters with engine wash or pulse cannon fire."

You frown but let it slide. They're not technically under your command.

The Frigates on both sides open up with a long range missile barrage even as phase cannon begin to find their mark. You launch one volley of torps but hold off on any more until you're closer in case the missile fire is too disruptive.
Each of the Pandora's stick close together overlapping shields and trying to focus fire on single targets. You pick one Frigate and pound on it mercilessly, hammering its shields with your four phase cannon until then hit it with two torpedo volleys destroying the front half of the ship. Using the emergency thrusters you dodge out of the way of some combined torpedo fire that might have otherwise been a problem. Maneuvering hard you swing the EX-K in below the enemy formation slicing open the belly of one frigate as both units pass each other.

Both of the Assault corvettes are already in behind the Frigates even as you complete your turn and throw on the afterburners. Their combined heavy pulse cannon fire knocks down the shields of first one then another Frigate, torpedoes used to finish them off. Your own fire finishes off two others the frigates had weakened on the head to head by which point the enemy unit scatters.

Splitting up only makes things worse. Two microjump out, one microjumps in the direction of the cruisers and the rest are knocked off by the friendly Frigates who have now turned around.

'What happened to the one that jumped towards the cruisers?" You ask.
Linda sends data to Arron who checks. "Oh shit. What the fu-" He pauses and double checks the readings. "The phase cannon fire from the Loreto tore it apart."

"Is it friendly now?"
"No. The Terrans aren't sure what's going on either."

"Then it doesn't matter. Get set up for the next group. Damage reports?"
"One frigate is damaged badly enough that it must retreat. The others are letting their shields recharge."

"Most of our ships are older models. They're not equipped with emergency thrusters as the structure might not be able to handle them." One of the other captains explain.

You get ready for the next fight.
>The phase cannon fire from the Loreto tore it apart.

That's interesting. I wonder if the AIs are giving the new crews some trouble.

Any bets on whether the Terrans made those things sapient?
Can we attempt some sort of non-digital communication with the AI controlled ships? Do our vessels still have signal lamps?
The next group of enemy Frigates direct all of their weapons fire towards you and the assault corvettes. Initially you take enough fire to drop your main shield and lost most of your secondary before the weakness of the plan becomes apparent. All three ship's they're targeting have emergency thrusters.

Using your superior engine power you evade most of the remaining fire much as the corvettes had been doing since dropping in. Missile fire blinds them at an inopportune moment and your unit is able to land some devastating blows. By the time you whip past one another the other unit had largely taken heavy damage, one going so far as to signal its surrender. You finish off the others who dont before sending over a shuttle to secure the Frigate.
One of the Pandora class ships waits with it until more support can arrive.

The last frigate group proves to be more problematic. Shorty after you revert a couple of the incoming frigates launch SP's. Two of the Pandora's lose half their weapons and retreat giving the enemy a momentary two to one numbers advantage.

"Switching to SP's" Says one of the Corvette captains.
You take one hit on your armor while trying to stay ahead of the other Frigates, being as distracting as possible.
"Spam your missiles!" You order. The battlefield lights up with ball explosions a moment later even as your backup begins to retreat.
"This is a little too heavy for us! We're out of here!" One of the Republic captains is nice enough to warn you.
"What? No, don't retreat! Starfighters get your asses in here, Frigates form up with the Carrier!" You order them but you doubt they're listening.
The Carrier squadrons choose that moment to join the melee. Units of six dumping four conventional torps each into the House Lat'tham Frigates, causing heavy damage. One of the assault corvettes flies out from some of the explosions, firing a torpedo that wrecks the bow of a frigate lining up on you.

"I think that was the last of them." Says Arron.

"Damage?" you ask.

"Hull breaches topside, we lost some of our point defense too." Reports Kavos. "Starboard torpedo launchers should be taken off line to make sure damage dint reach the magazine."

"Engines are still fine?"
"Yes, as are the phase cannon. If we dock quickly engineers might be able to fix the damage in a couple of hours."

After the fighters have been recovered you spot the Republic Frigates moving to form up again.
You feel some verbal abuse towards them coming on.

>What say?
>Can we attempt some sort of non-digital communication with the AI controlled ships? Do our vessels still have signal lamps?
Yes and Yes. Aside from normal coms and com lasers all ships are equipped with signal lights/lasers for emergencies.

What did you want to say?

>2 what say's in a row? Very odd.
Keep calm. No shouting, just a stern tone.

"Republic Captains, your mistake could have cost many of us our lives. You either stand with us or you stand apart. You do not suddenly decide to turn and run in the middle of a battle. We are in deep here, and we need every ship and every man we can muster. If you cannot accept the demands of combat, you are not fit to serve with us. If any of you wish to abandon us, do so now, so that you can be replaced."
"This is Knight Sonia Reynard to anyone aboard the captured Superheavy Cruisers Cornwall, Loreto, and Harbin. We are attempting to restore your vessels to Terran alignment. If you can provide assistance, please respond."

"If you are unable to respond conventionally, please prevent your vessel from firing on this IFF code: (attached here)."

We would then program a fighter's transponder with that code, and send it, unmanned, within weapons range of the superheavies. That would be a good test of whether we got through or not.
You're certain one of the captains was starting into saying something derogatory when suddenly the channel is filled with static.
"None of that shit." Says one of the others, directed at their fellow captains. "Give good reasons not bigoted drivel. Lieutenant Reynard, we'll stay but only because the alternative right now is fighting our way out of enemy space on our own."

There seems to be no response but you ask Arron to keep an eye out.
"I respect your pragmatism. Thank you for your cooperation."

Now that the frigates are busted, we can return to our primary task: Getting the three superheavies back under friendly control.
Taking formation alongside Akagi to wait for repairs you try to find out what the plan is for dealing with the Super Heavy cruisers. Whatever the people up top decide it needs to be done soon. If the time estimates were right House Lat'tham already has control of six super heavy cruisers just in the Yineput system along with hundreds of Royal Guard Cruisers.

After waiting a half hour still without repairs you're contacted by someone on the Macedon.
"Knight Lieutenant Sonia Reynard?" Asks a woman who looks to be in her thirties. "I was informed that you have experience with boarding super heavy cruisers? If so what class was it?"

"It was a Champion class. The Forbearance. Can you tell me what's happening with that trio of ships? If we're not likely to make any headway in the next day or so I'd like to help break my people out of prison."

The woman looks away from the screen for a minute, checking another display perhaps. "Lt, if you're willing I would like you to take a shuttle over to the Macedon along with any personnel you can spare with experience aboard such a ship. Bring any equipment you feel you may need."

>Did the heavy strike team go with Captain Saputo to retake your ships?
Yes, the team went with Saputo.

I'm assuming we're about to be briefed on something classified.
The Terrans are looking for spare personnel to assist in a plan to retake their ships. How effective or suicidal this plan will be you don't know yet, and by the time you find out it may be too late to refuse.

[ ] Rush in
[ ] Sorry have to go stage a prison break
[ ] other
If we can do the IFF-testing plan at all, now would be the time. Otherwise,

[x] Rush in like Bittenfeld into a trap
>IFF testing
"Yes we picked up the destruction of the enemy Frigate. It seems that they're having some sort of problem with IFF recognition if not given enough time. We're currently speculating that the ships are being manually input into the recognition system which takes time. If they jump directly to the cruisers the AI thinks they must be enemies and kills them. Or thats the theory. We're sending out a drone soon with no wireless systems active. We could try your IFF to see if it has any effect."
Perfect. This could have a massive effect on our boarding plans.

I assume that otherwise, we'd be using the Krath ships to try to get close in.
The heavy strike team went with Saputo, but there were a lot of marines on the Forbearance so presumably some of them are still around.
>I assume that otherwise, we'd be using the Krath ships to try to get close in.
There is 1 Krath Frigate in the system, but while the Terrans do get along with them they rarely count on the Krath (or anyone for that matter) to get shit done. It just doesn't fit their timetable.

You spot the reason for your delayed docking being towed into the Akagi's docking bays. The Frigate that surrendered to you. Wait, that couldn't possibly work. Whatever.

"Lieutenant, we'll be carrying out the drone test shortly but if you're agreeing to assist we need you on the Macedon as soon as possible. If not we have other resources to tap."

Its going to be awhile before the results of that drone test are ready. You going in or staying on the ship and looking for other missions?
Go in. I have no good reason for refusing.
>Sonia turning down a boarding action

File: 1350448462906.jpg-(42 KB, 348x465, -guns.jpg)
42 KB
Choose your weapons loadout!
HF Blade is selected as standard melee weapon unless otherwise stated.

>Melee weapons
Republic bayonet
Repulsor gauntlet

Fusion Gun
Mass driver rifle (Cant be silenced)
Shotgun (Grenades, AP Slug, Flechettes Incendiaries, other)
Phase rifle
Silenced Carbine (+Splinter rounds)
X-Ray Laser (Ki left it behind)

Silenced SMG
Silenced Pistol
Pulse Pistol

>Grenades (Max 8)
High explosives
Frag grenades
Half moon (Breaching charge)

Anti tank plasma gun
Anti tank RPG
If we can take a repulsor gauntlet as well as the blade, go for it. Otherwise:

Fusion Gun
Silenced Carbine (this is the priority if we can't take both)

Pulse Pistol

1 Frag
4 Flashbangs
3 Half Moons

I'd also like to know about the X-Ray Laser.
>HF Blade
Not even a question
>Silenced Carbine (+Splinter rounds)
Good all around
>Silenced Pistol
This is not one of those times where we need a stun option, and SMGs lack cool factor.
>2 HE, 2 Frag, 4 Breaching
>This is not one of those times where we need a stun option

I disagree. We might need to interrogate someone, or take down a group of enemies quickly without damaging the surrounding equipment.
You have a point.

I will defer to your loadout suggestion.
File: 1350449489619.png-(11 KB, 538x370, gun_destroyer.png)
11 KB
Thanks. I expected an argument.
Not knowing what to expect you decide to take a little of everything. Aside from the Fusion Gun nothing is ridiculously huge and it fits on the back of your armor. You just have to carry the Carbine.
Pulse pistol in the leg holster and grenades on the harness.

If you weren't so damn tired and rushed for time you might pose in a back lit entrance way for effect.

Mike wishes you well before you depart. He's been keeping a gun on him at all times since this started. You don't blame him.
"You okay?" you ask him.
"Never better, now its just like home whenever there's a recession."

You take the shuttle over to the Macedon with three other Marines.

The Terran Marines in the landing bay you set down in are more than a little twitchy at the sight of you and the others stepping off the shuttle fully armed.

"I'm sorry, you cant bring those aboard." Says one of them, the other calling for backup.

"Then get a duffel bag and start carrying them. I was told to bring my gear and my person ASAP."

After a minute of waiting another two troopers dressed in ship security uniforms arrive and relieve you of your weapons, stowing them in carry bags before leading the way.
>on a terran ship

We have fucked up now. Head on a swivel and get ready to start punching things, just in case.
If they want our weapons we can give them. One bullet at the time!

Look, two session ago we got in this mess because we surrendered our weapons.

We dont do that shit anymore.

Especially with that surrendered ship docked so fast, that we can smell the fish.

Sonya comes with the weapons included. There is no separation.
Before handing your pulse pistol over pull it back out of the security officer's grip.
"I'm keeping this one." You state flatly.
"Sir, we'll have your weapons in the bags near you at all times. Its just a standard security precaution."

"Less than two days ago a standard security precaution meant I had to fight my way out of a building full of enemy troops using a gun with one stun shot in it. How standard do you think that was?"
You slowly and carefully pull out your HF blade. "You can have my gun or you can hang onto my blade. Only one of them has a stun setting."
The officer frowns but takes your blade.
"This way."

After taking a few lifts around to other parts of the ship you're eventually ushered into a briefing auditorium. There are a mix of Terran Marine officers and Special Forces present, a couple of them already wearing power armor. A few Rovinar and a couple of Hune arrive just after you, taking seats indicated by the woman leading the briefing.

A schematic of a super heavy cruiser heavily modified from the base Kavarian design it likely started life as pops up on the display screen.
"Thank you for attending. As you're all aware we likely have a rogue AI propagating through the command and control systems of three Modified Mega class ships. First I would like to state that yes we were configuring a select number of our ships to make better use of advanced AI through a broad range of ship systems. Whats happening here is not the work of one of the AI's we put aboard that ship."
"Among the many, many worlds that were raided by the Pirates when they struck the Centri cluster last year were labs dedicated to AI research. Following methods agreed upon by treaty these were closed systems, no contact be it wireless or otherwise with the outside world. At least a dozen AI cores were stolen, each powerful enough to run one of those ships on their own. We've been trying to track the ships carrying them but lost contact with them when they passed through House Lat'tham space.

This is one of those nightmare scenarios we hear about but never expect to see in our lifetime. We could be looking at an amalgam of several recovered AI fragments all mashed together in an attempt to create an enormously powerful super AI that could be used to defeat us. If it doesn't backfire and kill both us, the pirates and this upstart House that is."

>burning out. Well resume in the morning.
See you later, TSTG. It's always fun.

If we DO have a developing AI catastrophe on our hands, we might need help from the enemy to crush it. There is absolutely no way we can afford to let an unsanctioned AI with unknown motives run wild with three superheavies.
Oh yeah before I forget (again) I'd like to know what articles everyone wants to be given priority on the Wiki.

Also if there are any problems with other people being able to edit it and so on.

Finally figured why this looked so familiar. Human Police cutter in SotS minus the node ring. Still looks good though.
Articles on all the ship types would be nice. It's easy to forget exactly what we're using and what we're fighting.
File: 1350453726009.jpg-(40 KB, 342x405, Space pimpette.jpg)
40 KB
install all logic programs in our hacking module, we may need to talk this rogue AI down that House Lat'tham installed to try and gain control of a fleet of ships obviously beyond their capabilities.

For future, never surrender a single weapon. They asked for our help, if they don't want a single fully armed person on their ship or cant handle one person then they should have never asked. Our new formal uniform includes a gorgeous, highest craftsman quality silenced SMG with splinter rounds, and monoblade sword. Make it classy enough to not cause to much of a problem, but NEVER go anywhere unarmed again. If people ask questions refer them to the files of the House Lat'tham coup
Probably a good idea. I'll start with getting the basic list up and then slowly plug away at pages for each. I have file with a list of every ship class that's shown up so far in the quest (and some a lot that haven't).
Then there are the randomly generated designs that pop up just out of common sense usage of equipment combos I hadn't previously made a ship out of.

>totally not viral marketing up this thread
Can you drop box that file? I'll use it in combination with the archive to add info to the wiki.
>Then there are the randomly generated designs that pop up just out of common sense usage of equipment combos I hadn't previously made a ship out of.

I am now thinking about the Borderlands weapon randomization system as applied to starships.
File: 1350472607902.jpg-(125 KB, 1280x960, warlockviews.jpg)
125 KB
Reminds me a bit of the Warlock, as well.

4 hour bump
File: 1350489986934.gif-(16 KB, 1378x680, MCS Close up.gif)
16 KB
"We're still doing tests to find the best method of getting our teams close enough to attempt a boarding action.

Once within range you'll be getting inside via their Modular Conveyance System. For anyone not familiar they're essentially cargo elevators and lifts which can be used in a wide variety purposes. The Terran Alliance developed them so that we could put retractable point defense turrets on our battlecruisers. When the Kavarians got their hands on the specs they had a field day. There are lines of deployment points on each side of the Mega class Super Heavies. We have intrusion specialists and hacking program that should allow a team to gain control of an access door and a lift without alerting anyone.

Unfortunately we dont know how effective they'll be against the intrusion countermeasures an AI might have put up. Worst case scenarior you should still be able to commandeer a conveyor but the enemy will know about it by then.

Your Primary objective will be to reach the main computer cores and find out if you can disable them or reverse whatever they've done. Secondary objective is to find the crew. There are probably still some on board, either in the brigs or the escape pods. If you cant complete the primary objective your orders are to destroy the sublight drives so the ships cant leave the system.
Could we bring the largest amount of additional storage space for digital data we can? Just in case we could convince the new AI to return control of the ship if we guarantee safe conduct.
If its a hardware unbound AI, then isn't any electrical circuitry able to run parts of it able to resume control of its higher functions?

Shouldn't we just cut power all over and manually reconnect only to the FTL and STL drive without using any on-board computers - we could sever any connections and bring our own.

It's not like we will be able to have them ready for a fight with the enemy this instant, so we would fulfil the intent of denying them these assets, as well as dealing with the existential threat of a rogue unbound AI.
"You should be able to find such equipment on site. We normally keep spares near the computer cores. Its difficult to say how effective that might be.
I would recommend disconnecting the AI processor modules but the bulk of them are probably inside the main computer by now. Even with extra storage space they might not be too large to fit without some pruning.
Still, keep it in mind if you think you can reason with it."

While you wait the officer brings up a smaller screen on the wall behind her showing long range scans of a starfighter approaching one of the captured ships. Shortly after it gets within weapons range two streams of point defense fire shoot it down.

"Well, thats hardly encouraging."
After closing the window she brings up three new images, one of a wireframe defense missile.

"It seems as though we have three methods of getting on board. First is a Frigate that was captured an hour or two ago. Its being repaired and fitted with a cloaking device so that it can leave the Akagi unnoticed and link up with another unit of enemy ships. The Admiral is working on a convincing attack that would make it seem to be a real enemy ship.
The second is the Krath Frigate. It's going to match speed and get close enough for a team to jump across, passing through the shields. Or thats the plan anyways, the ships are changing course constantly meaning if the difference in speed is too great you'd bounce off the shield and into space.
Third, we have a couple of boarding missiles. They've been constructed in a similar manner to a shield piercing torpedo but have never been tested in combat. They might not hold up well considering they'll be partly hollow."
>I would recommend disconnecting the AI processor modules but the bulk of them are probably inside the main computer by now. Even with extra storage space they might not be too large to fit without some pruning.

So there's a relatively sane choice, one that's only incredibly dangerous, and another one that's pretty much insane... gee, I wonder which one Sonia will choose.
>Boarding missiles
No. Just no.

Let's use the captured frigate.
>If its a hardware unbound AI, then isn't any electrical circuitry able to run parts of it able to resume control of its higher functions?
"Yes but it would need access to processing power only a larger ship's computer core could provide. Without it they'll slow down, possibly even beginning to trim down parts of itself, reducing in size and making it easier for us to put back in a box."

>Shouldn't we just cut power all over and manually reconnect only to the FTL and STL drive without using any on-board computers - we could sever any connections and bring our own.
"There are service junctions at regular intervals through the ship with which to disconnect the primary computer core from systems. It will give away your position to enemy troops and can be rerouted around if you don't take down enough of them."
>Even with extra storage space they might be too large to fit without some pruning.

>gee, I wonder which one Sonia will choose
That's entirely up to you guys.

I for one support the boarding torpedo. Mainly because I picture Sonia's insertion being similar to Solid Snake going into Shadow Moses or Big Boss in Operation Snake Eater
Rolled 2

I'm back and it looks like we're tied. I don't see any arguments for the Krath ships though so unless we get some more votes soon I'm going with the following.

1 Captured Frigate
2 Boarding missile
save the frigate for our assaults. no need to get it chewed up against the wrong enemy
We are not suicidal. Use the damned Frigate!
Teams will be inserted via all 3 methods, this is merely to determine which one you'll be accompanying.

I can continue to wait for votes I suppose...
"Boarding teams, we'll be trying to take back Cornwall and Loreto. Harbin doesn't have as many heavy weapons and wont be as severe a loss if we have to destroy her. Marine are dismissed, head to the launch bays, special forces wait behind a moment."

After the marine squad leaders have left the officer changes to display to show various models of power armor including your own. A few others present have similar suits, with Jump jet armor out numbering your type by one. There are also two people with medium power armor.

"Those of you still here have a higher chance of making it to the objectives than the others. I need volunteers for each of the three groups attempting this assault. If we can even out the number of you going with each group that would be for the best."

You raise your hand when asked for people to go aboard the captured Frigate. The last thing you need is to be crushed in a collision or tumble off into space forever. Three of those with jump jets and one of the medium armor troopers volunteer for the shield jump.
You and two other Recon along with one jump jet trooper will be taking the Frigate.

"Remember to make regular check ins. This is important for you recon troopers so that you arent hit by friendly fire. Make sure you disable the control connections and security for that section before giving away your position or who knows what sort of intrusion countermeasures the AI might use.

You put your hand up. "What kind of internal defenses to your ships have?"

"They can vent the atmosphere from sections, seal blast doors, or crank the air pressure up to five times normal in some places. We don't have plasma purge systems thankfully as they were too unstable. You suits should be able to withstand over pressures of more than fifteen times average for a short while. Long enough to blow the doors and get yourselves out of there."
Of course now that I've resumed I have to step out for a moment. Try to be back inside the hour.

While we're waiting lets get a roll of 1d20 for luck.
Rolled 10

>"Friend Computer has detected an intruder. Drones dispatched to vaporize intruder."
Rolled 5

Foreshadowing shows we are gona have the ai crank the pressure up to 20. Sure it might break the systems and the Terrans would never think of it, but the AI is rogue.

So we've got 3 recon, 1 jump, and a ton of red shirts? Or is it just the 4 of us in armor?
Sounds like this citizen has a double plus ungood view of friend computer. Dispatching trouble shooters.
>So we've got 3 recon, 1 jump, and a ton of red shirts?
You and your Marines are escorted to one of the launch bays, following the group of terran special forces the whole way. Before boarding the shuttle you reclaim the remainder of your weapons, promising that you'll never go unarmed again. It could get you kicked out of a ball in the distant future but you dont give a fuck, your life is worth more.

A short flight over to the Akagi later and you're walking up the starboard cargo ramp of the docked Frigate. You havent had a chance to look closely at the interior of the Heavy Carriers docking hangar before. Its two and a half km from your position to the ceiling of the bay, with ships parked everywhere undergoing repairs. As you watch the EX-K is dragged in with tractor beams and moved into a berth. Grappler arms secure it and move cutting gear into place to start work on repairing the armor yet again.

Reaching the top of the ramp you come to the realization that there are no shuttles or other craft parked inside. A mechanic is spraying a direction marker leading to the escape pods.
"What are we supposed to do if the ships is disabled? We dont have any way of making it the rest of the way to the target." You ask one of the other soldiers.

"If this ship is hit we'll be so close that any shuttles or fighters would be wiped out by point defense. You can either run for the escape pods with the rest of us or jump."

With this news you start looking for a gas gun.
Two hours later you feel the ship take off and begin to accelerate for its jump. The time hasnt been spent idle. Everyone has checked what broadcast frequencies to use and what to do if contact is lost. Your hacking module has recieved a thumbs up but you've been warned that it isnt configured for overpowering modern Terran computers, let alone an AI.
"Just be careful or you might end up with a passenger on that module of yours."

After a couple of short jumps the captain announces the ship is back in system and linking up with another group of enemy ships trying to make it to the cruisers. It should take twenty minutes to reach them.

"So, with armor like that you must be a Noble." Says one of the Terran Marines trying to strike up a conversation. "Does that mean you've got an estate with a bunch of peasants you Lord over?"

>What say?
Rolled 2

Well, technically you could say we are a noble.. but we only recently got promoted from a normal grunt. The armor was acquired from just being a badass and not turning down a challenge.
damn, forgot to remove rolls
Let's be honest.
"I got knighted X weeks ago, so I'm relatively new to it myself. They gave me some land back home, but we're a rather small house, so I doubt I have more than a bunch of trees to lord over. Maybe a small river with fish, if I'm lucky."
"Fine, fine, but when you get back from this campaign you're just going to order civilians around and make them do whatever you say?"
"Caparzo shut your mouth." orders one of the officers and the Marine moves off.

"All hands brace for impact." Warns the bridge officer, not sounding at all alarmed.
The familiar sensation of a torpedo hit rocks the Frigate seconds later, followed shortly after by another. You grab one of the hand holds towards the back of the bay in preparation for more hits.
A minute later the ship shakes again, but harder this time.
"Mark thirty nine. Get ready to make for the escape pods." Warns the jump jet trooper. Artificial gravity and lighting cut out just before another weapon strikes the hull.
"Hull breach topside. "

"If this is our cover story to get closer they're making it a little too convincing!" You shout.

"Incoming. All hands get away from the outer hull if you can."

You wait for the inevitable explosion but nothing happens.
"I think we're clear. Looks like the ship AI's remotely hijacked the torpedoes. We're going in."
"Stand by for drop." Orders the captain. "The tractor beams are bringing us in but we're being challeneged by someone on the ship not the AI."

Everyone moves up closer to the bay doors and ready their weapons. The ship begins to shake slightly from the tractor beams.
"Thats not good."

"They're not buying it but we're inside the shields. Blowing the doors in five."

[ ] Door surfing
[ ] Hang back then jump clear
[ ] Other

Roll 1d20
Rolled 2

>[X] Hang back then jump clear

Let the guys in proper armour take the hail of fire. Chances are too high it would damage our cloaking, and we're a lot less useful if that happens.
If we're the best kind of armour on the frigate, we'll probably have to go first. Can't let the redshirts die.
Rolled 10

Try to sneak out through the breach on top of our ship.

Would that be possible?
Rolled 20

Ride that door out with stealth suit activated. Let's show that marine how to gain knighthood through shear badassery (and not giving a fuck despite low dice rolls). The enemy will think it's just the blown out door and be waiting for someone to come out.
It would take a few minutes to reach the top of the ship. That's considerably longer than five seconds.
[X] Door surfing
Can't argue with that plan or that roll.

Door surfing.
Red lights flash in the cargo bay and the artificial gravity begins to drop again, but at a more controlled rate. You decide to join the others, rushing to the door and activating your holding clamps.

"Venting!" Shouts the captain over the intercom.
The explosive bolts in the cargo bay door go off simultaneously. You don't know how many, only that its enough. The door is blown clear of the ship a fraction of a second after you activate your camo. Atmosphere rushing out of the bay provides more than enough propulsion to send the metal slab drifting towards the topside hull of the Loreto. Bright light fills space as two heavy phase cannon beams burn through the bow of the Frigate, six smaller turrets firing at the drive section.

The door strikes the Cruiser hull and everyone bails out in every direction. Marines using magnetic grapples and gas guns to help control their movement, those in power armor using the built in repulsors to grab hold of the armor. The Frigate reactors explode propelling the remainder of the bow section into space and blanketing everything within two kilometers in burning plasma. The blast wave very nearly yanks the entire team off the hull. With the amount of debris heading in your direction nearly everyone decides to go with the flow as it were to reduce the impact speed of any objects.
By the time the orange glow fades the team has mostly stuck together. The one trooper in jump jet armor is a bit farther off, having used the explosion to propel him towards to the aft sections of the ship.
Time to try one of those conveyors.
Still writing?
If not, try to get a status report to see who made it to the ship, then head towards the conveyors cloaked and at a slight distance from the rest of the marines so that we can aid them should they get jumped.
You make for the closest point defense turret at a quick jog. Its not that far just jesus is this ship ever big. Behind you the built up sections of the vessel rise up like a low mountain range covered in weapons. Your camo is still on so no one can see you, but the same might not be true of the other Marines going with you.
Most are trying to skim along just above the hull surface using the occasional thrust from their gas guns. You stick close, for the moment. No reason to split up just yet and increase the chances of multiple intrusions being detected.

A few meters out the Marines put their feet down to slow their movement or use the electromagnetic tip of their guns to latch onto the hull. This particular turret is scanning open space, back and forth looking for target. Likely AI controlled but not necessarily.
The intrusion expert on the team uses a pry bar to pop open an armored hatch on the corner plate of the lift. The soldier makes a hand signal about the gun being broken then waves everyone onto the lift. After fiddling with the systems for a minute the woman pulls out a pistol, and while keeping the muzzle covered to minimize a flash, fires it into the open hatch.

The turret stops tracking then rotates to face inward seeming to power down. Vibration from locking bars retracting travels through the lift before it begins its descent downwards into the ship. Four heavy blast doors seal shut above you once the turret it clear.

Everyone from your group seems to have made it but the jump jet trooper went a different way.
Now that you're inside will you be splitting off from the others to hit sites, sticking close and acting as forward recon, or something else?

>Gone for dinner, don't know how long. Please discuss your plans.
Doing a bit of forward recon seems got to mee, at least until we have a clue how the whole boarding operation is going.
File: 1350515646107.gif-(9 KB, 1047x504, Ship interior large.gif)
9 KB
You turn off your camo to keep anyone from bumping into you while the car travels through the ship interior.

"Where are we headed exactly?" You ask using a laser com to talk to one of the squad leaders. This section is pressurized but you'd rather not ask out loud just yet.

"Our specialist activated a damage diagnostic. We'll be headed to one of the maintenance bays scattered through the ship. Once there we have to take down any security guarding the bay and prevent them from getting an alert out."

"Don't you have scanners to detect intrusion attempts like this?"
"Normally yes but they seem to be offline. So far we haven't seen any sign of internal sensors being active or we would have had to use a scrambler. Thats a portable ECM unit by the way, its not very effective though."

The Modular conveyor system uses the tramlines marked in green to move spare point defense turrets and equipment around the ship. The same lines can also support multiple passenger cars to help cut down on the wasted empty space.
Maintenance bays can repair weapons systems or swap them out for new turrets or missile batteries.

Like other similar ships you've been on this vessel has multiple command centers. Seven in this case. Primary computer cores should be located near each one.
>Doing a bit of forward recon seems got to mee, at least until we have a clue how the whole boarding operation is going.

"Do we have any way of contacting the other teams?" you ask.

"Not yet. Once we've taken the repair bay we'll send a couple people back to the main tramway and start placing lasercom relays. These tunnels are good, long, and most importantly straight. Once the other teams do the same in their sections we'll be able to talk to them. Don't take off your suit in these tramways for any reason, half the time they have no atmosphere to cut down on friction for the cars. Also if the AI starts a lock down we may have to manually open the transverse bulkheads, if we do that security measures might vent the whole network."

"Like I said, internal security seems to be down but that could change. Keep your head on the swivel."

The officer transmits a databurst. "This is the security node for the section we're about to arrive in. One of you might want to consider taking it down while we clear things out."

[ ] Stick with the team and clear maintenance
[ ] Get off early and hit the node
[ ] Suggest everyone leave the car early
[ ] Do something else
[x] Suggest everyone leave the car early

There is always an ambush when the elevator doors open.
>[X] Get off early and hit the node
But I'm okay with >>21169695 's suggestion as well.
"If there's a good chance of enemies being present in that bay we should all bail out now and come at them from a different angle. Disable the security node before we go in or even bypass them completely." you point out.

"We cant afford to bypass them. With the systems in that bay we can undermine control of the entire tram network, or at the very least use the cars to move explosives into positions around the ship.
Two of our recon can disable the node and scout the surrounding sections while the third continues in with the tram car to scout the bay. Tennison, slow this car down."

The intrusion expert opens the pannel again and jams the prybar in beneath a boxy relay.

"Ready when you are sir."

>Sorry for the question seeming a bit redundant but the situation changed slightly.
[ ] Scout surrounding sections
[ ] Disable node
[ ] Go in with tram car

>Roll 1d20
Rolled 11

>[X] Disable node
"Whoever stays behind hide my pry bar, I wont have time to get it out."
Tennison presses on the pry bar with her foot and the car lurches, reducing speed. Red warning lights illuminate the edges of the car, making it easier to pick out for any engineers that might see it on security cameras. Was this such a good idea?

Regardless the Marine timed it so that the car was already going to come to a stop before heading towards the opposite side of the ship.

"Everybody out!" Yells the Marine officer. You jump off along with them and activate your camo again, moving off towards the relay you were directed to. The Marines hunker down in between some support braces while one of them sets up a lasercom relay.

Artificial gravity proves to be a hindrance, as doors used by passenger cars are higher up and tend to be sealed against vacuum. Thankfully, you can still get them open without too much trouble as the tunnels are still pressurized.

"Note to self, don't go in there once we blow some bulkheads. Unless we turn off the gravity or I get better at hacking door controls."

After making it through an airlock and into the ship interior you find it to be unremarkable. Much of it has the same industrial construction as the other super heavies you've been on but is cleaner. These sections are filled with storage and spare parts lockers all having to do with the lifts, particle beams or missiles and their launchers. You take cover for a moment as a House Lat'tham Marine guides a trolley carrying accelerator coils out of one locker and towards the repair bay.
"Any chance we can hook up some automated repair bots and just let them deal with the point defense turrets?" Says the one moving the trolley towards the bay.
"What are you nuts? Yeah lets let some automated equipment loose while we've got an AI that could do who knows what if it took them over."
"So that's a no?"
"Just get back here, we've got another turret that just came in and we need to check it. Watch for enemies."

After reporting the enemy position to the others you move up and around them towards the security node. When you arrive at the position marked all you find is an intersection of two hallways.

What the hell?
You page up and down through decks to see if that helps. Nothing, this is the right place. After checking in every direction for more enemies you lift up a floor plate to access the usual bundles of pipes and cables underneath. There's definitely something here. A thick cable.
A noise from the direction of the repair bay reminds you there isn't time to screw around. The panel in the center of the intersection reveals the junction box you're after which you saw in half with your HF Blade. A bit messy but it'll do.
The sonar picks up incoming contacts and its a rush to get the metal covers back into place. Two enemy marines round the corner on their way to the repair bay. When one of them steps on the panel in the intersection it shifts slightly. They both stop and one moves to check if everything is alright.
You drop one of them with a fist to the faceplate and stab the bent over one in the back. Rushing over you make sure to finish off the one you'd punched.
It's 2 am here, so I'll head to bed. I hope somebody else will take over, but just to give you a heads up in case the replies stop if nobody else is reading atm.

As usual, thanks for the thread so far.
File: 1350523197662.gif-(8 KB, 965x677, Ship interior.gif)
8 KB
Blood everywhere again, great. No easy way to clean it up either. You drag the bodies back into an alcove then try a burst transmission informing the Marines that you took out the node.

"Copy that, moving in."
As you head back towards the bay your sonar picks up the rapid muffled pop pop pop of silenced carbine fire. A grenade goes off a second later but by the time you arrive all of the enemies in the bay are down. One of your Marines are dead, another wounded as are two terran marines.

"Watch it, they're carrying splinter rounds." warns one of yours. "We'll need to either put our wounded in stasis or find a medbay quick. Cauterizing can only do so much."

Where are you headed next?
[ ] Nearest command center
[ ] Escape pods, some may have trapped crew
[ ] Medbay
[ ] other
Command center is the priority but a medbay would be a valuable tactical asset if this operation ends up taking a while. How many marines are with us?
The nearest medbay. We need to deal with the injured marines first.
Your group started with 1 jump jet (off screwing around somewhere) 3 Recon, and 13 marines, 3 of which were yours.
Another group of Zero G specialists went out the port side bay of the Frigate, or were supposed to.

Always glad to hear someone's enjoying it.
Had a case of the writers block this afternoon so I wasn't terribly broken up about anons not suggesting courses of action.
Medbay then.
The closest medbay is 3 levels up. Not all that far really. There is a problem though, its on one of the ship's promenade levels. A strip of shops, stores and other locations used by crews for R&R. While it is unlikely that the House Lat'tham troops are taking downtime there what with the constant battle going on outside it is very wide open.

The next closest one is 1500m away and given its closer proximity to a Command center could also be occupied.

The escape pods are also an uncertain bet as some may have been jetisoned already.

If you want to stick with the current plan roll 2d20 for encounters.
Rolled 18, 7 = 25

Given the location of the medbay, invisible Recon scouting has become very important.
Medbay, Command Center, then pods. While the chances of finding someone with rank and access to the CC might be high we don't have the time to keep dicking around in this area before gaining control of the CC. If they're trapped in the pods this long they can wait a few more hours. (Assuming that an escape pod contains life support and food since floating in space without food after losing a ship would suck)
supporting this roll since it'd be pretty hard to beat even if /tg/ dice didn't hate us. (although my 20 earlier was nice to see)
The other recon trooper with your unit reports back after having taken out a squad that was headed towards the area. The bodies are hidden but wont remain that way for long.
"We've got to move quick. Between our casualties and the soldiers we've taken down its only a short while before they fail to report in."

"How many hours do you think we have?"
"These arent Pirates, have you never fought against your own? They'll have check in times of fifteen minutes."

You and one of the other recon members clear the way ahead, each staying to one side of the hallways and using low power line of sight broadcasts. The third remains behind to guard the repair bay.
After setting up a relay the intrusion specialist on the team commandeers a turbolift getting you all up the three decks.

After arriving you take the lead, heading out across the promenade and scaning the area with your rifle scope. There's an ornamental arched bridge farther down towards the mid point. Two soldiers are clearly visible as are the long barreled rifles they're carrying.

"Snipers." You report. "Just past seven hundred meters. I'm not sure my carbine can make that shot with the silencer on it."

"Clear the medbay first then. We'll wait in cover on this side until we're certain its worth trying for it.

After moving in closer you're about to enter the outer clinic when you spot something wrong with the floor. Extra thick panels around the doorway.
You carefully back away. "I think there are mines here."
damn, they mined it expecting intrusion teams to try to use them. Stealth and go take care of those snipers ourselves while the other team members try to disable the mines on the medbay.
File: 1350528463088.jpg-(89 KB, 531x500, 1337899183314.jpg)
89 KB
"Clear out those snipers ASAP. Our other recon will cover you incase something happens to your camo. Once thats taken care of we can try to clear those mines. Move people."

After making sure there are no other mines nearby you move into the center of the promenade and start sprinting. Other than some knocked over stalls and products scattered onto the floor everything looks largely intact. A few blood stains here and there show that not everyone went quietly. Much of it is Human but some is Dro'all. That could mean anything though, with small amounts of humans serving a large number of Houses.

Where are some stairs when you need them?

You find some when you get closer to the bridge, the floor around the bottom looking like its been pulled up now that you know what to watch for. Jumping over it you rush up the stairs and approach the first sniper. Just before you stab him you notice he's looking at a display on his left arm.
Too late for him, your blade is already on the way down.
You cant do anything about the strangled gurgle he gives out over the open com. His squadmate immediately turns and fires. Aiming above the shoulder of the one you just killed the 20mm round hits the armour protecting your forearm setting off damage alerts.

Your backup opens fire as you duck behind a railing, letting go of your melee weapon. Despite the pain you shoulder your Carbine and rise, firing on full auto. He goes down from multiple hits, yours and the other recon, while still trying to line up a shot on the source of your gunfire.
>Sorry that one took a lot longer than it should have.

Your orders?

Recover the guns, bodies, anything before heading for the medbay?
Acquire anti-materiel rifle.

Don't futz with the bodies, our cover is only going to last a few more minutes anyway.
check the first guys display to see what he was reading. If it's anything more than porn or some space age comic book transfer a copy to our unit.

As for weapons, if they're nice shiny new stuff then grab, or if we are only carrying 2 magazines of our own stuff (think we grabbed 2 guns and HF blade so shouldn't be a problem)

Finally we need to acquire a grapling hook that uses either graphene or a spider-silk compound. Both should be thin enough to not be easy to see when the line leaves our stealth field, yet strong enough to carry us. Oh, and if we ever run out of ammo we can shoot and drag people around with it :)
File: 1350529456341.jpg-(46 KB, 449x700, his fucking head.jpg)
46 KB

Clearly we need to adjust our silent takedown technique.
Check the first victim's arm display for useful information. If nothing else, it could tell us how much time we have before a squad shows up to investigate his messy death.
>arm display
It shows a number of pressure sensors on the stairs leading to the upper level. It does not seem to show the locations of the mines. You take it with you in case someone else can figure it out.

>Acquire anti-materiel rifle.

The rifles are long barrelled models of the same type Sergeant Ki used to carry around. You're not rated on them but someone else might be. They're also a tiny bit too big for your camo to effectively cover.
>acquire a grapling hook
This was on a list of things you were going to get after the mission anyways so that works.

I don't know if your fist could penetrate helmet armor, its rather sturdy and your fist is blunt, even if you used a repulsor gauntlet.

You avoid the mines near the stairs and make your way back towards the group.
The engineer in your party does something to the floor around the medbay entrance and then crawls backwards to a safe distance.
"I've cut them off from any external systems that could be used to trigger them or detect detonation. Go for it Caparzo."
One of the Marines recovers a toy from a nearby shop and tosses it onto the mines. It bounces off and after a three second delay the frag mines explode showering the area in shrapnel.

That could have been worse, the noise might be a problem though.
"Recon on guard duty. Reynard you're wounded anyways right? Check the interior."
After handing off the extra rifles and reloading your carbine, you move in checking the medbay and bio beds for signs of damage or tampering.

"Outer sections look clear."

In the back are medical stasis chambers. A few of them have wounded Terran personel, others look to have doctors and medics. Three have Dominion soldiers, almost certainly House Lat'them troops.

As tempted as you are to shoot them there are better things to do. You do crank the time remaining on them up to a couple of years so they dont suddenly wake up.

After reporting the find the squad medic enters and goes about waking up the doctors, you move on and check the storage areas but they all seem fine. By the time you get back the wounded Marines are being treated while a few of the medical staff oversee waking their fellows.

Ones spots you and tells you sit down, pulling out a hand held scanner to check your arm.
"You've got a hairline fracture. Sit down and we'll fix you up. Should only take a few minutes. We cant fix the dent in your armor but but thats not normally my department."
This is me btw.

After ten minutes of work by a doctor with an autosurgeon suite your arm is (nearly) good as new. For much of the proceedure they had a neuro isolator on your arm so you wouldnt feel the pain. Now it feels like the bones in your arm are on fire.

"I also notice you've had some other work done recently, probably an older Republic built medical system right?"
"Yes, why is there something wrong?"

"Not wrong but with an hour I could strengthen the repairs so that they're less likely to come apart from additional injuries."

[ ] Do it
[ ] No time
[ ] other
Not right now. Much more pressing matters.
[ ] No time

We are already stretching it with this visit to the medbay, we can't afford to stay there any longer than strictly necessary.

Gear up and move out.
By the way these are Terran, not Lat'them medical personnel right?
File: 1350533780263.gif-(13 KB, 1277x1081, Ship interior 2.gif)
13 KB
>By the way these are Terran, not Lat'them medical personnel right?
Yep. Massive bonus to treating Humans.

A few of the wounded Terran officers that were in stasis are out now undergoing treatment. They weren't even that bad off really. Apparently the Lat'tham troops decided they would be worth more for ransom and stuck them in there against the protests of the medical staff.

Command center next I'm assuming?
How did you want to approach it?
By way of the other security node, and with promenade exposure kept to a minimum

Indeed. Killing another node might be beneficial.
As for their massive bonuses, we should see about getting some grade a treatment as long as we dong go unconscious. For no reason whatsoever do we go unconscious.
Not that we dont thrust the doctors, but we sure as hell dont thrust anyone else. Especially with the current army of clone liberation usurpers fuckup.
File: 1350535337781.jpg-(106 KB, 800x582, 1327343931382.jpg)
106 KB
As the team gears up to move out one of the officers who had been stuck in stasis asks to come with you. He's found an armored vest and HUD visor, and claims to be a passable shot with the sniper rifle.
[ ] Take him
[ ] Leave behind

"Picking up a signal over the network we've been putting down sir." Reports Tennison "Looks like there are a few Republic troopers that have made it aboard in the forward sections."

I just realized I have to be up really early in the morning so I should probably end it here for today. Not sure if I'll have any time tomorrow.
Pic unrelated?
Spiffy armour.
Does our look somewhat similar? I would think a Aristocratic society usually goes for decoration.
>Pic unrelated?
That should really read: meanwhile in another star system.

Your armor is not decorated in any way as the Rovinar were the ones to acquire it for you. It is a Terran model and is designed to be functional first. Most suits of Recon armor produced in the Dominion are used by Dro'all and so wouldn't have fit you.
Since it's invisible any time you're doing your job right there hasn't been much point but if you wanted you could have some ornamental attachments made up.

We should leave to officer behind. If he only has an armoured vest, he'd be in big trouble if somebody started playing with the atmosphere of the section we're in.
Page 7 bump.
That is not really a power armour suit, is it. Its more like power armour half suit.

Regarding the officer, we should take him with if one of our accompanying marines are too damaged to continue. (so he would get their gear, in case of decompression or lack of air.) Or if he is able to get similar gear in a hurry.

We need to start developing some Terran contacts out of this endeavour. Its not only rescuing our entire House Fleet that went with the expedition, its also something that gives us some future wiggle room and political manoeuvre options.
I dont know about the officer. does he has a way to resist lack of air or pressure like the marines?
there are two dead snipers he could take gear from?

and those enemy marines in the pods... were any of them put into stasis with armor on them due to critical nature of wounds?

hell, the snipers' gear might even let the Terran officer monitor the enemy coms.
So, we take him with.

He might be a plant.

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