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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 11 points (You received 2 points from last quest because I forgot to add it from last time...)
File: 1349540774526.jpg-(23 KB, 499x349, 1468_Hilton_Nottingham_Hotel.jpg)
23 KB
You go back to Koutarou and Kelly's table and it seem that it is already over. Koutarou and Kelly are happily talking each other and it seem that he overcome his shyness.

You walk to you Croco and Tomoe and start asking them.
"How did it go with him?"
"Well he seem to be pretty slow at the start until Kelly said something to him." Tomoe answered.
"Do you know what she said to him?" You asked her.
"She said something like... "By the way I'm a lesbian." What is "lesbian" brother?" She suddenly asked you.

After a long day, you, Koutarou and the girls wave good bye to Kelly before you head for one of the hotel in Nottingham, because tomorrow the Game Workshop will release the new Chaos Space Marine codex.

After you get rooms in the hotel, you walk down to the hotel entrance to get fresh air but you suddenly spotted four strange figures....

One of them is a big and tough biker with red leather, he look awful aggressive.
The second one is a extremely fat man who don't had a bath for very long time and he is wearing dirty green clothes...

>Continue on next post.
File: 1349541287674.jpg-(471 KB, 728x970, blondes women pornstars k(...).jpg)
471 KB
The third person is a sexy blondy woman in pink dress and she look like a pornstar. She remind you little about Rachelle...
The last strange figure is a skinny man with hawk like nose. He is wearing eyeglasses and blue and gold trench coat.

Those four stranger seem to searching for somebody.
What will you do?
A: Ignore them, just go out and take the fresh air.
B: Avoid them and go somewhere else.
C: Investigate those peoples.
D: Something else.

C. Investigate those people.

But be very careful about it; text Croco and Baby Sister about who we see in the lobby, tell them to be on guard. After that, shadow the four without letting them see us.

I have a bad feeling about the unwashed fat guy (Leisterman, maybe?).
File: 1349543049000.jpg-(84 KB, 600x524, obeseamericanfatass1.jpg)
84 KB

You decided to investigated those peoples. You text messages to Croco-chan and your little sister Tomoe first before you start shadowing them.

You hide behind the pillar as you watching at them. The big red biker seem to be very annoyed and he turned to blue trench-coated man.
"GAAAAHH! Where is he?! Are you sure that he was supposed to be here?" The red biker asked to the shady man in blue.
"Calm down...! I have already figure out that he suppose to be around here..." The man in blue answered as he still looking after somebody.

The fat man don't look like Leisterman because he is too dirty and he can't stop coughing. The women in pink started to look boring until she decided to flirt a young a man who passed through.

Roll 2d6+3 to avoid getting spot and you get max 3 rolls.
File: 1349543286766.jpg-(50 KB, 213x213, Rolling.jpg)
50 KB
Rolled 3, 4 + 3 = 10

Rolled 3, 3 + 3 = 9

Rolled 3, 1 + 3 = 7


Luckily you avoid their sight and they keep on looking for somebody. The dirty fat just simple chuckle despite his coughing.
"Oho! I wished that I should brought along my children! Just searching for him just started to get hopeless!" The dirty fat man said as he sitting down the chair. You notice that all people are avoiding getting near him.
"Just quiet you nihilist! That are still hope for finding him..." The blue eyeglasses man said as he get annoying at the dirty fat man.
"It is no pleasure for searching somebody... Why not trying to find him at the bar?" The women in pink said.
"I hope that you are not fooling around bitch!" The red biker said in angry tone.

All of them are heading for the bar in hotel.

What will you do now?
>> My boss need my help right now. I will be back about 20 minutes.

Text to Croco and Tomoe: They're looking for somebody, don't know who. Going to the bar.

Is there some place to hide close enough to the bar where we can listen in on their conversation? They may be looking for Hito, but I'm not sure.

If not, let's summon Melphina and have her eavesdrop on them. She's small so she can get closer to them while hiding than we can. May want Croco and Little Sister to stand by as backup if things get dangerous.
File: 1349547440920.jpg-(90 KB, 849x545, sample-c645aa53c4b00335ff(...).jpg)
90 KB

>I'm back.

Before you following them, you texting the message to Croco-chan and Tomoe about that the strangers are looking for somebody and you will heading for the bar.

As you follow them to the bar, you don't find any good place to hide so that you summon Melphina. When you summoned the pixie, you notice that Melphina was about to undress before you summon.

Before you could react, she slap on you face while yelling, "You perverts!"
You rubbing your cheek and her hand slap is pretty strong despite her small size.

How will you say to her?

Put a finger to our lips. "Shhhh..." Point over to those four people in the bar and tell her quietly, "See those people? They're looking for someone. I don't know who but they're acting suspicious. Mel, I want you to hide somewhere close by them and eavesdrop on their conversation. See if you can find out who they're looking for."

You put a finger to your lips. "Shhhh..." And then you point over to those four people in the bar and you tell her quietly, "See those people? They're looking for someone. I don't know who but they're acting suspicious. Mel, I want you to hide somewhere close by them and eavesdrop on their conversation. See if you can find out who they're looking for."
"Ok, I will spy them." Melphina say as she fly away to spy them.

After a while, she come back but she tremble in fear and it look like she just seen the ghosts.
"They are not normal...!" She said in tremble voice as she hug herself.

It is first time that you seen Melphina tremble in great fear. What will you do?

Keep an eye on them and be ready to head back to the room if they get ready to leave. Pat Melphina on the head to try and calm her down. "What's wrong, Melphina? What did you find out?"
File: 1349550571964.jpg-(20 KB, 500x281, ssy1-1.jpg)
20 KB
You pat Melphina on her head as you try to calm her down.
"What's wrong, Melphina? What did you find out?" You asked her.
Melphina slowly recover herself after you calming her down and she answer your question.
"I could feel their dark corrupted powers... The plants that are standing near the fat guy suddenly start to die... When I getting closer to them, I could hear sound of the crying souls who are in pain..."

The four strangers start to leave the bar and they slowly heading out from the hotel and once again you could hear their voice.
"Grrrrr! It annoying me greatly! I want to spills bloods and collect those skulls for my throne!" The red biker said as he clenched his fist very hard.
"Calm down...! If you start killing people in the open you will get attention from the guardians of this world." The blue trench-coated man said.
"He have the point there... I wish that I could play around this world but our visited to this world is very short." The blondy women said as she playing her long hair.

After they left the hotel, you went back to your room.

What will you do now? It started to get late.

Probably should head back to our room and get ready for bed. Big day tomorrow with GW releasing the new codex, plus we should stop by Miss Poppins' school and see how Genki and the girls are doing (Araki's starting to miss us and we know Rachelle doesn't handle too much separation from Hito well).
File: 1349551970475.jpg-(28 KB, 257x187, village_hotel_nottingham_(...).jpg)
28 KB
You head back to the room and get ready for the bed. When you lying on the bed, you suddenly have a feeling that you forgot somebody... Oh well, it is better you prepare for morning release of new codex that GW will release.

Sidequest time, you can choose one character that you will take control until you go back to the main character.

The following characters that you can take control:

Rachelle: let's see how she's doing without opportunities for trolling.
File: 1349553699209.png-(535 KB, 516x729, Rachelle5.png)
535 KB
Rachelle are lying on the bed and she become quit frustrated even since she come to the school. Miss Poppins confiscated her sextoys after she shockly discover them in her bedroom.

She was forced to use banana as replacement... She started to wonder why she become so addicted to sex... When she was maid to Ward Leisterman, she was forced through dirty sex and she don't real enjoyed the sex until she meet Hito. Somehow Hito caused her to enjoy more sex and she was quit happy about her sex life.

She feel that she need to do something tonight.

What will Rachel do?
A: Go and sexual harass Katherine in her bedroom.
B: Go to Genki and try to learn him the basic sex.
C: Go troll Araki.
D: Explore the mansion.
E: Something else.
File: 1349554381325.png-(79 KB, 318x470, RachelleTroll.png)
79 KB

First things first:

A. Time to harass and troll Katherine!

She'll probably kick Rachelle out eventually, then Rach can D: explore the mansion

If Kat's already asleep, commence trolling by crawling into bed with her and snuggling; see how long it takes her to notice.
File: 1349555977853.jpg-(411 KB, 1020x1404, anime-girls-revealing-clo(...).jpg)
411 KB

Rachelle start to grin when she thought about Katherine. It was long time that she sexual harassed her and she love to grab Katherine's ass. She licking her lips when she thought about it and she jumping off the bed.

She silently sneak out from her room and heading for the Katherine's room. She finally arrived at front of the door that lead to Katherine's room. She looking through the keyhole and see that Katherine are now only wearing her panties and unbuttoned shirt. Rachelle lick her lips as she said, "Bueno!"

Katherine switched off the light and start sleeping on the bed. Rachelle pulled out her lockpick set and tried to unlock the door to Katherine's room. After she successful unlocking it, she still can't open the door. Rachelle suspect that Katherine put something behind the door that preventing her enter the room...

What will Rachelle do now?
File: 1349556379642.jpg-(100 KB, 480x360, 52636102.jpg)
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Quick! Tear up your clothes and hit yourself in the eye to give you a bruise! Then cry for help to lure her in. Then jump that bitches ass and grab her!
find another way in

>Curses, foiled

But....we do have another Delicious Flat-Chest in the group. Find Araki and try trolling her. Darling's progress with her is steady but kind of slow.

Help him out with that since Kat seemed to be expecting us. Araki probably won't be since we haven't done anything to her so far.
File: 1349557457429.jpg-(15 KB, 354x500, window-at-night-2.jpg)
15 KB

Rachelle come up with a brilliant idea! She will tear up her clothes and punch herself in the eye to give her bruise. Then she will cry for help to lure her in, when she get close she will jump at her and grab those assess...! The plan should work but against Katherine she will properly ignore it...

She need a other plans... Maybe she should find a another way in. Maybe she should sneak through the window! Because Katherine's room are in second floor, she will need the ladder. Rachelle sneak out the building and putting up the ladder to Katherine's room.

She climbing up the ladder until she reach the window. She use the glass cutter tools that are used for burglary. After a while she successful enter Katherine's room.

Rachelle can't clearly see in the dark room but she could see that somebody are sleeping in the bed.
Roll for Luck 2d6+1, you get max 3 rolls.
Rolled 1, 6 + 1 = 8

Rolled 6, 2 + 1 = 9

oops sorry rolling
Rolled 5, 4 + 1 = 10

File: 1349558535107.jpg-(407 KB, 2000x1271, Konachan.com - 61080 bed (...).jpg)
407 KB

Rachelle strips of her clothes so that she become fulled naked and she sneaking in Katherine's bed. She checking that Katherine is still asleep and it seem that Katherine are in deep sleep...

What will Rachelle do?
A: Just sleeping with Katherine.
B: Sensual touch sleeping Katherine.
C: Maximum lewd with sleeping Katherine.
D: Something else.
Rolled 4, 1 + 1 = 6


C: Spoon with her and feel Kat up while cuddling.
File: 1349559812123.jpg-(51 KB, 500x425, normal_4814680.jpg)
51 KB

Rachelle can't hold out her desire so that she started to cuddling her. Rachelle enjoyed the feeling and scent of Katherine. She start to touching her exposed skins and her skins feel nice.

Rachelle nibble her ear so that the sleeping Katherine started to moan in the her sleep and it sound pretty cute. Rachelle become more turned on so that she moved her hands to Katherine's breast and pinched her nipples. Katherine moan louder in her sleep and it made Rachelle wet.

Rachelle slowly moved her hand to Katherine's groin. Rachelle gently touching Katherine's flower until she feel something growing into her hand... She gripped on the growing thing and she gasped in surprise.
"A boner...?!" Rachelle said and then the sleeping Katherine moan louder and she accidentally swing her fist at Rachelle's head so that Rachelle fall unconscious...

>HAHAHAHAHA Now Rachelle knows Katherine's "secret"
File: 1349560638723.jpg-(59 KB, 500x550, VaryingDegreesOfWant3.jpg)
59 KB

>Rachelle's face when
File: 1349560894813.jpg-(20 KB, 400x300, Warhammerworld-GW-HQ-(3).jpg)
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The morning was very fresh! You jump of the bed and taking the morning shower. After you are done with the shower, you put on the clothes and meet up Koutarou and the girls.

You took the rented car and drive back to the Warhammer World. When you arrived at the Warhammer World, you see some Chaos Space Marine are wearing their chaos power armor and some are wearing their cultist costume.

You see many people are standing in line to get their own Chaos Space Marine codex and new models.

What will you do now?

Let's pick up a codex for ourselves and one for Koutarou. Then go check out the new models with our bro and the girls and see if there are some we want to buy.

I wonder if Kelly is around; Koutarou and her get along great since she told him she likes girls.
File: 1349561667884.jpg-(67 KB, 500x500, CSM-cover.jpg)
67 KB

You picking up the codex for yourself and for Koutarou while Koutarou gathering some models. When you turn around, you see the four strangers from the hotel again!

All of them are looking through the crowd until they spot something. It seem that they are watching at you and all of them start to grin.

What will you do?

Uh-oh, trouble. Alert Croco and Tomoe. "It's those four weirdos from the hotel lobby last night."

Memorize the exits and try to make our way there. No sense in risking fellow gamers getting hurt if it turns into a fight.
File: 1349563156368.jpg-(59 KB, 200x288, reissskyblue.jpg)
59 KB

"It's those four weirdos from the hotel lobby last night." You tried to alert to Croco-chan and Tomoe.

You tried to make your way out without letting the gamer to get hurt. When you find the exit, you encounter the skinny man in blue trench-coat.
"Excuse me for disturbing you. I hope that you don't mind if I could talk you alone?" He asked you until the red biker suddenly pushing him away.
"Move away you wimp! I'm gonna take him!" The red biker yelled at the blue trench-coated man.
Suddenly the dirty fat man came behind you and giving you a friendly pat on your back.
"Ignore them! Let have a joyful talk with the papa!" The fat man said as he smiled at you.
Then the blondy women in pink pulling you in so that your face are pressed against her valley of breast.
"Don't mind them! Let have private moment in the bedroom..."

What will you do now?

"Who are you people, and what do you want with me?" Be ready to throw on the Señor Jalapeño mask if it looks like it's time for a fight.
File: 1349564433071.jpg-(81 KB, 683x476, justasplannedtzeentch.jpg)
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"Who are you people, and what do you want with me?" You asked them as you are ready to put on your Sênior Jalapêno mask.

"You see... we are taking in great interest on you so that we took great afford to coming over here." The blue-coated man said as he dust of his clothes.
"By yes! *coughcough* I like how you value your life! *cough* How you value your friends and loved one in your life. *cough*" The fat man said in joyful tone despite his coughing.
"I value your martial skills and honor! You will make a great warrior!" The red biker said as he raised his fist in the air.
"And also I love how you take pleasure in the life and you know how to make women feel good..." The blondy women said as she touched her lips in seductively way.
"You make any great change! You will be the man who will make the great change to the universe!" The blue-coated man said as he fixed his eyeglasses.

"I see but... Who are you people?" You asking them again. The four strangers become quit silence.
"I think you already know it Hito..." The blue-coated man said as his face become like blue bird before he return with human face again.

End of Part 32, Continue on part 33
Hail for Chaos Gods!
Thank for playing with me guys! Now it is time that I end quest tonight. See you on next weekend!

See you next week, ML!

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