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So yeah, we are well overdue for a good Nechronica thread.

I'll rollup a couple of characters in a min, but for now, zombie lolis!

the old threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=nechronica

The TLWiki page: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Nechronica
Anyway, for those who have never heard of it, Nechronica is an RPG not yet released in the west by the same guy who did Maid.

The idea is you play a group of zombie girls raised from the dead by a necromancer, either for some distinct purpose or simply for their amusement.

The world itself is dead. The book states that at some point people waged war with necromancy and their weapons eventually went mad. It is not likely that there are any living humans left and if there are, they are on the edge of survival.
Anyway, time to roll a character.
Rolled 4, 6, 1 = 11

bah, messed up.
Forever sits in my Cool Games I'll Never Get To Play Because It's Not Generic Fantasy folder.
This, I can never get my group to play anything fun. I only got them to play traveller and paranoia once each.
How could they not like paranoia?
They liked it, but they generally are like. "yeah, it was fun, BUT we're going to do some more fantasy."
Sorry, got called away for a bit.

ok, so I have rolled:

Type: Alice - The most 'human' of dolls, the Alice never truly gets used to the brutality of the world and desperately clings to the distant memories of their happy lives before.
Class: Romanesque - The Dolls have a innate grace and beauty, weaving their way across the battlefield in what is more like a form of dance than combat.
Sub-Class: Stacy - The most standard type of doll is the Stacy; a walking corpse with no real special skills other than their unnatural durability

Ok, so now we need a name for out little doll as I sort out some 'equipment' for her.
My group once thought about playing a modern-era zombie apocalypse game. I told them d20 modern was shit. Learning a new system(even though it would be simple and easier to learn than d20) is apparently equal to the end of the world and not even a possibility.
So they didn't even look at AFMBE I take it?

This again, I have GURPS basic set just collecting dust because no one wants to learn new things.
What if we made Paranoia-Fantasy?
I've already run Orcbusters a few times. It's been done.
MAID was one of those games for a while, but I eventually got the chance to run it for them and they fell in love with the system and the game.

If I could get my hands on a translated hardcopy version of Nechronica, I'd keep it waiting on my proverbial shelf until the chance arose to play it.
so is there a pdf floating around afterall? I searched for one again last week and ended up empty-handed.
And shitty fetishy game from Japan...I think >>21001745 has the right of it.
Corrine it is!

With what I rolled, Corrine gets a 3 Skills, 1 Armament, 1 Mutation and 2 Enhancements:

Skills: Healing (Alice), Dance of Death (Romanesque) ,Remain Dead (Stacy)
Armament: Katana
Mutation: Tail
Enhancement: Voice Effect and Reflexes.

Ok, so Corrine is a good girl who helps her friends where she can, but when needed becomes a whirlwind of death with her sword, ignoring the blows she takes on the way.
Sorry, there is no PDF right now, just the TLWiki page and some content from the other threads (character sheets and battle table)
Seriously? Are we going to do this again?
D&D is 10 times more fetishy than MAID at its worst.
Not only that, but Maid has one over it by not even trying to hide the fact that it is fetishy
Rolled 6, 1 = 7

Ok, there are a couple more things before we can finishe Corrine. Those are Fragments and Premonitions.
sounds like a standard protagonist
Rolled 9, 8 = 17

Fragment: In the Rain - "You were standing in the pouring rain. Except for the sound of raindrops, you don't remember anything around you. The rain was dark, but it did not burn you, simply soaked your body and left you shivering. Yet you miss it terribly."
Premonition: Catastrophe - "It's just as well you don't remember any more of that tragedy, malice, and betrayal. But, in order to understand what is happening right now, you have no choice but to..."

Yeah, I guess, but thats how the dice rolled.

Personally, I would have preferred to roll a Holic with double Gothic, but there you go
And suddenly everything got super Blade Runner.
Rolled 8, 1 = 9

Oh shit. Now we'll have no fucking clue if we were even alive in the first place!
Didin't someone post a translated expanded list last thread for Fragments?

I think it was pastebin but that was pretty neato IIRC.
Really? Let me go check and I'll note it down
Okay I found it in Japanese there, I'll drop it into google translate.
File: 1349463204922.png-(39 KB, 479x546, necroasdasd.png)
39 KB
I'm really rusty...
its good being anonymous in moments like this.
Okay here it is gents. Keep in mind this is a Google Translate so it's not perfect, or even good.

The unfortunate truth is that Google Translate will only get you so far.

Any moonspeakers out there we can rely on? If we can get this one done, I'll see about submitting it to the TLWiki so we have it in a table for future use.
Try hunting around /jp/, plenty of moonrunes fans there that might take an interest in this.

That and they're total hipsters, can't get more niche than a foreign RP game
I thought /jp/ hated "Translated pls" threads?
As far as I know they hate "HURR HOW DO I SAY DIS IN MOON" but actual efforts to translate something worthy is possible. It's hit or miss though.
Do we have all the moonrunes?

The moonish runish words in question
Alright, let's ask 'em. We got a more complete list of Premonitions too?
I think that there are onlt 10 premonitions included in the book. The idea on those is that they are junt general stuff to help give the GM ideas
I remember somebody implied there were more, but.
It's at times like these that I wish a group of translators could get together, make a kickstarter, and get the funds together to secure the rights to publish English language versions of these books.
Some of them are, (Tenra Bansho Zero, Golden Sky Stories), but Nechronica is a little out there, even we have to admit.
There are groups interested in translating it (i.e. the guy who got Maid released over here), but apparently the creator doesn't feel that it is appropriate for our market.

Clearly he doesn't know how messed up we really are once we are in private enough situations to actually say "I want to play a dead little girl with claws and no legs!"
>"I want to play a dead little girl with claws and no legs!"
And really, who DOESN'T want that?

I certainly do.
to be fair, my dream character is a double Gothic with the Quadruple Amputee trait.

"Yay! A zombie!"

*wriggle, wriggle, wriggle, NOM*

"Mmmm, fresh!"

So. Fucking. Adorable.
Not from /jp/, but I can do some Japanese. Giving these a crack.

> Flower Garden (11)
> Father's Arms (12)
Memories of your father.
> Petals of Love (13)
> Curse (14)
> Song (15)
I remember a song. A very, very important song. //// I only remember one song. It's just a song that I whistled or hummed to myself, but it's very dear to me.
>Cake (16)
Sweet and delicious. I wonder if I'll be able to eat it again? //// I ate a cake.
>Flames (17)
Blazing amidst the flames engulfing my surroundings. In that flickering wave of heat, you felt more intoxicated than frightened. You want to feel those flames, that intoxication, one more time. Even though this is a world where even burnable things are scarce...
>Cut (18)
While doing housework, I cried and raised a clamor at the smallest cut. Now, though...
>White Room (19)
White sheets. Shining scalpel. A blinking life support system.
>Black House (20)
>Chains (21)
A butterfly with its wings torn off. Perhaps it was a bird? Now, even while I'm dead...
Anyone who doesn't is clearly a bad person.
Is it wrong that I want this just for the artwork?
Great! This is a great start. Once we have them all, I do what I can to compile them into a neat table

Indeed. Now if only the rest of the world could be so honest, perhaps we would get fewer lunatics.

Not at all. I found this through the artwork because I follow the artist.
His site: http://www.geocities.co.jp/AnimeComic-Ink/9393/
An archive of his old site, best stuff at the bottom: http://www.geocities.co.jp/AnimeComic-Ink/9393/index2.html
A lot of them seem to be lacking descriptions in the moonrunes pastebin that was posted, but-

>Starry Sky (22)
>Young Girl (23)
>Treasured Item (24)
Cute clothes. //// Important treasured items. You must be bound to them by the string of destiny.
>Funeral Service (25)
>Party (26)
>Pet Dog (28)
>Everyday Life (30)
>Discarded (31)
thrown away. no dreams or hopes left
>Monetary Greed (33)
Wondrous magical pieces of paper...
>Death (34)
>Birthplace (35)
>Request (36)
>Water (37)
>Knitting (38)
You were knitting something. Who was it for? What were you knitting, a muffler or gloves or a sweater... your fingers still remember how to knit. If you had wool and needle, even now, you should be able to knit something...
>God (41)
There was an existence who you offered up prayers to. You believed that praying would bring me happiness. Are you happy as you are now? If you're not happy, perhaps you just didn't pray enough.
>Classroom (42)
Everyone talking together... laughing together. Class made you sleepy, but you still looked forward to going to school.
>Dresser (44)
>You believed that praying would bring me happiness.
- would bring YOU happiness. My bad, I couldn't tell if it was first person or second person when I started out (it's the latter), and made the switch halfway through.

I'm actually sort of bored right now, so I'll work through these real fast and post them here.
Well some of them are kind self explanitory.
Since it's pastebin, can't you just use google translate?
Google translate blows.
It's still relatively coherent for short phrases and words
Google translate is good for short words or phrases, but for everything else, it's about as useful and comprehensible as shit on a log. And you miss out on a lot of subtler meanings.
you sir, are a marvel. In a bit, shall we write some description for the ones that lack them?
Actually, /jp/ had a couple threads about this some
month ago. the feedback wasn't very positive...apart me and op, a couple guys, also from /tg/, were the only interested, and the whole discussion revolved around nobody wants to play this etc.
besides, if you want to translate something in runes, going to /jp/ will just reasult a waste of time. don't do it.
Weren't these already on TLwiki?
Holy wow, I found Nechronica through danbooru just yesterday, and have already fallen in love with it.

Too bad I'll never get to play it.
only the first 10, out of 100
And here I thought something involving little girls would be right up their alley. I guess they can't be arsed to get anything done at all.
You know, running the thoughts of the dead girls through google translate might be good for that reason alone.
This game is about undead loli dolls that can get pregnant though. It's kinda weird.
>Operating Table (45)
Things with the same kind of faces as cut gems are scattered around...(?) (Single Session 1) //// You received it from someone who was probably important to you. It's a one of a kind treasure that's important to you. //// Tied to an operating table, your eyes wide open in fear. Your mouth plugged up, you can't even scream. Blood-drenched doctors draw ever closer. Shining scalpels draw closer and closer, to your skin, your skin-!
>Stalker (46)
At the corner of your vision, thickening wrongness, terror
>Jealousy (47)
So jealous, so jealous. Why is everyone smiling, even though you were that unhappy? They must be happy. So jealous, so jealous. More than all else, you're jealous of your own self, back when you were still happy.
>Shower (49)
You think you still want to take a shower.
>Gunshot (50)
>Mask (52)
>All Alone (53)
Lonely all the time, all alone, you wanted friends.
>Musical Performance (54)
>Snow (55)
Memories of snow. Of looking up at the sky. White fragments drifting down. Was that... was that really snow?
>Sports (56)
You just wanted to get better, and although you did your best back then, here and now, even that meager dream is...
>Doll (59)
A pitiable broken doll. That's what you yourself are, aren't you?
>From the Window (60)
The view outside the window is pretty. Or it should have been.
>Fortune-Telling (61)
Memories of predictions of good luck. Someone promised you good luck. Words telling you that your good luck would surely make you happy. That might have been nothing but childish playing, but those words support you now, those important words.
Your first mistake was expecting NEETs to do anything but masturbate and hate themselves.
File: 1349469199749.png-(86 KB, 548x1222, necroasdasd2.png)
86 KB
you wanted no more bad oc? no?
too bad!
last one, don't worry.
Look, /jp/ have in proportion less NEET than /a/. most of that board (shit)posters are just barely 18 that use the place like a province of their dungeons of myspaces, formsprings, irc and various shit. and I can tell you that they don't hate themselves for sure.
>Holding Hands (62)
it may be impossible with one person, but with two-
>Hunger (63)
>Disgrace (64)
You were told that there's work that even a good-for-nothing like you can do.
>Cute Clothes (65)
>Cooking (66)
I made dishes
>Bully (67)
When you got irritated, when you felt like it, you harassed weaker people. That's right- you had friends. And you would all surround that weakling and play with that person. Kicking, pulling hair, putting things on that person's head. ... that sure was fun.
>Disgrace///Picture (68)
>Senses (69)
The pleasure of lust.
>The Dead (70)
>Dozing (71)
Don't wanna get out from the futon.
>Conversation (72)
>The Moving Dead (73)
You were grieving over someone's death. That person's corpse got up. It started moving. You, who thought that that person revived, were attacked by that person's nails and teeth.
>Game (74)
A geek girl who loves games!
>Sold (75)
Something was sold. Was it blood, or hair, or organs? Or small buds or petals?
>Study (76)
You have to study and get good grades. You have to show everyone that you excel.
>Time of Blessedness (77)
>Burial (78)
You are being buried under the earth. The earth covering your limbs is cold, and then lukewarm, and even though you're conscious, you're being covered by a lot of dirt. You can't move your body, and then your face. You are going beneath the earth.
>Shopping (79)
Shopping sure was fun. Wonder who you went with?
>Amusement Park (80)
>Tea Party (81)
Birds chirping, a beautiful garden, white chairs and a white table. Black tea poured from a teapot. Sweet-smelling cookies. Enjoyable friendly chats. Sweet memories from that time you lived as a young girl. It is those memories that allow you to continue on as a young girl.
>Flowerbed (83)
>Ghost (84)
>Refuge (85)
This place, separated from all else, was supposed to be a world just for me, my paradise, my flower garden, my world...
>Separation (86)
>Story (87)
>Big Brother (88)
You had a kind older brother. You always fawned on him. Admired him. To you, he was more important than anyone else. The ideal person. And you can't even remember his name. Even though you think you'd remember if you met up with him...
>Lost Child (89)
>Beach (90)
>War (91)
Was it called universal conscription? //// You ran, fleeing the war. You didn't want to accept reality, and you saw the shell flying at you as a bird. You reached your hand out to that bird...
>Corpse Handler (92)
Someone important to you died. No, that person is surely just sleeping. You've got to wake that person. Surely that person will wake up. That's because you woke up even though you were dead. But that person must still be sleeping out there somewhere.
>Medicine (93)
You've got to take it //// You've got to hurry and take it //// You need that medicine.
>Insects (94)
You hate them.
>Death Calls (95) (?)
Someone important to you has died. It would be nice if they died properly.
>Lie (96)
>The World After Death (97)
>Angel of Slaughter (98)
You were trained to kill people. Without any questions, you killed people many times over. If you killed people, you were praised for it. You now live in a world where you won't die. A world where you can keep killing. Perhaps if you kept killing, more and more and more, you will get praised. //// You get the feeling that you've been fighting since long ago.
>Necromancer (99)
Someone who turned me into a toy; I remember their existence.
>The Final War (100)
Information you received from the diary of an R&D employee. Your mood darkens. //// The knowledge and memories of one like a bystander who has seen the end of humanity.
And I guess thats the lot. I'll do what I can to table this lot
File: 1349470815591.jpg-(83 KB, 600x905, 1339962641137.jpg)
83 KB
And that's everything in that pastebin so far, translated. Hope that helps!

Now to go do something that doesn't involve staying seated for hours.
You're some sort of amazing wizard, you know that?
Anyone looking for Skeleton quest, I'm afraid I've been drugged and it's a challange to write this.

I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Thank you, wonderful translator man.
That's good to know, we're not Skeleton Quest though.
File: 1349471826277.jpg-(25 KB, 350x350, polls_awesome_3432_231682(...).jpg)
25 KB
Well, I just forwarded this thread to be archived, so yeah.
File: 1349473455402.jpg-(31 KB, 300x380, veronica_madaraki.jpg)
31 KB
Have I found the right place?
I love this setting.
If I ever ran a game in it though I would make this song the only instruction the group ever receives from their necromancer


Because ultimately while I can do obscenely depressing settings. I always leave room for hope through adversity.
Sorry, Veronica, but you are still alive.

That said, I think you deserve to be an honory zombie-loli.

How are your sisters doing?

(on that note, from now on, Franken Fran is our necromancer)
>How are your sisters doing?
meanwhile in another thread... >>21004382
File: 1349474639503.jpg-(103 KB, 500x454, zombiekitties.jpg)
103 KB
That does sound like fun actually, I'd play it.
The kickin song probably helps
/jp/spie spotted

ohhh I remember this, makes madoka look like babbys first dark edgy experience, I wish I had players that would entertain such a notion.

don't suppose anybody lives around Manchester in sunny ol' blighty?

The ending would be pretty hilarious. Depending on how they roll through the campaign their either die withoue ever knowing what was going on, rampage throughout the world in a pointless manner.

Or if they pursue the right path. They stand there together as the giant evacuation ships return to Earth bringing with them a new generation to populate the world they have won for them.

Or after the final battle their battered bodies lie there stranded in a field for thousands if not millions of years until the world slowly returns to a semblance of life and their necromancer comes along to gather the scraps.
Alas, no, I am in Hull. I wish I were closer though, for I would love to play a game of this and even my more tolerant friends looked at this and denied it instantly.

That said, I play to sway them in steps with Maid and then Magical Burst.

*sigh* I wish that were possible with my players but one is an autist who thinks little girls are disgusting (he's 25), my brother who would never let me live it down and the autists brother who would give me a strange look and call me a freak.

oh and my best friend of 15 years would probably look at me strangely then shrug and say ok as long as he gets a big ass sword.
I think little girls in gruesome situations is disgusting as well.

Then again, I may be a bit autistic.
File: 1349477461535.jpg-(771 KB, 1500x1500, 1325633800895.jpg)
771 KB

me too, that's why I love it
That picture makes me wonder how different these girls would be than some of the things in 40k (like techpriests)
File: 1349477942338.jpg-(20 KB, 389x288, 1332711626239.jpg)
20 KB

the game is based on a world picked clean by chaos
File: 1349478161779.jpg-(100 KB, 261x600, Delicious parasites.jpg)
100 KB
See that DOES sound like fun.
Interesting note, Dolls never die. If the party falls in battle, they get stuck with a fate worse than death.
They become unable to function but are still fully conscious until they eventually go insane and piece themselves back together, only to 'die' again when they appear as monsters in the next campaign
File: 1349478693672.jpg-(34 KB, 500x500, mutant sisters.jpg)
34 KB
The more you talk the more I really want to read this game.
Are there a copy in non-moonrunes?

I like to run games with strong story elements.
I'm running an AdEva game right now that is going to have the players be forced to make a decision that will affect mankind forever after.

Do they preserve the peace that the UN and the EVAs have created at the cost of creating more angels and effectively engaging in a fake controlled war for the rest of their lives and committing mankind to this fake war for ever.
But preserve the peace and unity of mankind.

Or tear the UN apart. Break down the prison of lies that has been raised around mankind. End the lies, end the war, set the humans who have been enslaved and turned into horrifying monsters free (let them die). And in doing so return mankind to the old ways. Of nations bickering amongst each other over every little thing and quite probably result in mankind killing itself in another series of pointless wars much like the ones the Earth in the setting barely survived.
File: 1349478864991.jpg-(241 KB, 494x700, Deadboss.jpg)
241 KB
Extra extra fun! Big plots like that can be great to play through, especially if your in such a horribly depressing setting as the one I've been described
My apologies

damn it why can't I be a player in your game!? WHY!?

I've got another one. A classic D&D game running where the party have generally been tromping around as your standard group of insane sociopathic adventurers.
What they don't realise is they're being nudged along by the gods who have aligned along two lines because of an exterior threat that threatens to destroy the world.

A number of gods including traditional good aligned ones have decided to deny the world to the enemy by destroying it.
These gods have chosen a lich and an army he has raised as their weapon of choice. He believes he is acting to save the world but in reality his actions will end it entirely in the past and the future.

The party however are backed mostly by evil gods and a few good/neutral ones who believe that if they must die and the world with it? Then they will all go down fighting.
They keep nudging the party along into conflict with the necromancers group and the party don't know yet. Probably never will.
File: 1349479771109.jpg-(109 KB, 425x600, Mechfrank.jpg)
109 KB
But what about the cute undead girls in horribly depressing circumstances.
I need to know if I can read this book.
Or if I am doomed to moonrunes

So...the good gods want to destroy the world while the evil gods want to save it?
The lich wants to save the world but will destroy it and the players just want dosh but will save the world?

I think it's mostly in bits right now. Check OPs link
Yeah not everything's done.

Honestly I'm half tempted to run another game.
But really I've got my hands full with two.
Plus I'd probably run with people I know rather than random folk from /tg/

so no single pdf?
how complete is it?
File: 1349483976389.jpg-(416 KB, 750x1045, 1346914184977.jpg)
416 KB
I just got done looking it over.
Its all the basic rules by the look of it, but absolutely NONE of the fluff.
How Unfortunate

Well doesn't matter to me since I'd make my own.
File: 1349484173062.jpg-(1.57 MB, 1470x1000, 1349080850521.jpg)
1.57 MB
Well, I wanted an interesting read, but I suppose its not THAT great a loss...
Oh, but there's nothing written on the Necromancer themselves, other than their capacity as DM

They are whatever you want them to be I guess. Like my necromancer would only have given that song as instruction.

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