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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 9 points
File: 1347121433329.jpg-(84 KB, 720x400, 5688-1497087172.jpg)
84 KB
"By the way, about the training and cost..." You are about to ask her until miss Poppins interrupted you.
"You don't need to think about sir! Your last name is Hijikatai right? Then you must be Genma's son right?" Poppins asked.
"How do you know...?" You asked her in surprised tone.
"I had met your father when he was little boy and your grandfather was a real dashing man with warm smile!" She said.

"You had meet my father and grandfather?" You asked her to confirmed her.
"Why yes, I remember that your father love golf! He had even start playing golf at his young age." She answered.
"So you know my grandfather as well? I only remember a little bit about Grandfather, and Mom and Dad refuse to talk about him."
"Hmmm... they must have very good reason about it... Even I love to tell about your grandfather. For respect for your father, I can't tell you more than I willing to marry him if he where a single..."
"Hmmm... Let talk about the training for my servants..." You said.
"Yes. Let us talk about it i my office." She said as she leading you to the office.

While being in the office, miss Poppins take out the schedule and giving it to you.
"I can provide your servants for a whole month of training. But I can't provide extended training because I have something important to do after the training. Now then, what kind of training do your servant need?" She asked you.
File: 1347122572569.jpg-(74 KB, 635x437, maids-story2.jpg)
74 KB
Ok, you can decided which training type that your servant should get.

Training Types:
Normal: The servant increase most of their traits.
Focus on Garden/Cooking/Cleaning/Service/Other: The servant get better to one trait than other traits.
Only focus on Garden/Cooking/Cleaning/Service/Other: The servant get real high trait but no increase to other traits.

Your Servants:

Remember that you could help (or unhelp) your servants to improve their traits depending on your actions.
Katherine - Focus on Cleaning
Sasha - Focus on Cooking
Araki - Normal
Rachelle - Focus on Service
Genki - Focus on Combat

This is a pretty good idea. All our employees have strengths and weaknesses (Genki's the indestructable moron butler, Kat's the best fighting maid, Rachelle's the skill monkey, etc); we should concentrate on shoring up their weak points so that they become more well-rounded.

Ok, do anybody agreed about it before I move on?

Yep, I'll second >>20646904. Sasha and Araki appear to need the most work...though hopefully we don't completely eliminate Sasha's clumsiness, just lessen it.

Sasha's the apparent dojikko and it's part of her charm, but we don't want her tripping over her own feet during the contest with Lady Crownswell's servant.

After you are done with the schedule, you gave it back to her and she look over it.
"I see, they need those kind of training... No worry sir, I will properly give them the best training." Miss Poppins said with the smile.

Somewhere else, Katherine, Sasha, Araki and Rachelle start to freeze for unknown reason while Genki are eating banana with James the Gorilla Butler.

Back to the office, Miss Poppins put away the schedule and looking back at you.
"By the way sir. All your servants will live here and train for a month. If you want, you can live here too. What will you say?" She asked you.

What is your answer?
A: I will live in hotel.
B: I will live in the school.
C: I will need to travel to Nottingham and check at the Game Workshop headquarter first.
D: Something else.
A: I will live in a hotel.
I don't want to interfere with our servants' training.

And we can go and try to buy up some shares of Games Workshop before we go to their HQ.

A. We can stay in the hotel with our bro Koutarou so we don't distract the girls from their training. A trip to Games Workshop's HQ is definitely in the cards; our bro would be in heaven. We can take the girls out on the town whenever their training allows (date nights for each girl are a must and we know what happens when we don't give Rachelle enough "attention").

Let Tomoe stay with us or at the school, whichever she wants. Baby Sister might want to stay with her friends Sasha and Araki.
"I don't want to distract their training so that I decide to live at the hotel for a while." You said to her.
"I understand it sir, but please come here and visit here sometime. Because you as a master, it is important that you improved your relationship with your servants. A loyal servant is like a very precious diamond." Miss Poppins said.
"I see... I will come back later when I have time." You said to her.

You make good bye with your maids and butler before you head back to the hotel with Koutarou, Garenn, Croco-chan and Tomoe.

Back at the hotel, you decided to buy up the shares of Game Workshop.

Roll 2d6+5 for buying the shares and you get max 3 rolls.
rolled 2, 6 + 5 = 13

We won't be getting 51%, but I'd be happy with 2%.
rolled 2, 5 + 5 = 12


Later on, we should let Koutarou know that Rachelle knows a little about 40K.
rolled 1, 3 + 5 = 9


Yeah, just enough to go "Aw shit nigga what are you doing?" if GW starts doing something stupid.
You successful bought about 5% shares. You wished that you could bought more but that is your limit.

After had bought the share, you walking to Koutarou who had already planned the trip for Nottingham.
"By the way Koutarou... Did you know that Rachelle knows a little about 40k?" You asking him.
"Why yes... She even put on the Battle Sister suit before me... I fainted when she start stripping..." Koutaru said nervously as he still looking through the maps.
"Okaaaay... Hmmm..." Suddenly the atmosphere in the room start to feel very weird...

What will you say?
Change the subject.

"So, I bought up some shares of GW. Not enough to get on the Board of Directors, but I think it's enough to get us in."

Young, rich playboy we may be, but we shouldn't go the Bruce Wayne route of just sitting on our money and funneling it into being a caped crusader.
There's companies out there that we can buy, investments to make, new products to test and release to an unprepared market.

"Yeah, she tends to go...overboard like that, but she has a good heart. Rachelle hated spying for Leisterman. Anyway, I did get a 5% stake in Games Workshop: not enough to carry any real stroke but at least enough to get a piece of the action."

We should take a picture of us with Rachelle cuddling up and put it on Twitter or e-mail it via throwaway account to Leisterman. That sperglord needs some trolling...badly.
Maybe ask GW to make a limited run of metalcast Abaddon figures, but with Leisterman's face?

We should also ask Croco-chan if there's anything she wants to see/do in London. If our bro spends some time around her it might help him with his inability to talk to girls. Croco's cute but she's quiet since she can't talk.

Since she can only communicate via writing, maybe Koutarou will make some headway pretending she's a VN heroine.


I like the way you think.
File: 1347129303929.png-(421 KB, 545x800, 1331399611871.png)
421 KB
"Yeah, she tends to go...overboard like that, but she has a good heart. Rachelle hated spying for Leisterman. Anyway, So, I bought up some shares of GW. Not enough to get on the Board of Directors, but I think it's enough to get us in." You said.

Koutarou become very silence and he slowly turned to you.
"How much share do you have?" He asked you.
"About 5% shares." You answered.
"I have also 5% shares. If we combine our share we will get 10%! " Koutauro yell happily.
"By maker! We can make some influence!" You said and both of you make high five.
"By the way Koutarou, I will need to check with the girls first before we head to Notthingham."
"No problem, just take care with the girls while I keep on planning." He said.

After you left him, you head to Croco-chan and Tomoe's room. you knocking on the door and suddenly the fulled naked Croco-chan open the door. The naked Croco-chan smiled at you while Tomoe start to panic while she is still wearing her lingerie.

What will you do in this situation?

"Whoa! Croco-chan: shut the door until you and Tomoe are dressed!" Turn away and wait until they're done. If our bro is with us, we may need to pick him up out of a puddle of his own blood due to nosebleed.

We should probably talk to Croco about the topic of human modesty later. Make it clear we're not angry and it's not her fault, but she probably needs to understand why Tomoe was upset.
No need to panic. For one, Tomoe is our half-sister, and seeing her in such a state should not be embarrassing (even if the Westermarck Effect hasn't imprinted on us), and it's being seen naked isn't something that Croco-chan sees anything wrong with.

Though we should close the door, if Tomoe is feeling exposed, and tell Croco-chan that she shouldn't expose her nudity or that of other women to men without prior permission.
File: 1347130987582.gif-(31 KB, 350x350, polls_pants_down_l_answer(...).gif)
31 KB

"Whoa! Croco-chan, shut the door until you and Tomoe are dressed!" You told her. You are about to close the door but Croco-chan quickly pulling you in the room and then closed the door.

Now you are in their room, Tomoe start to blush heavily and she start to look nervous when she is half naked in front of you. Croco-chan seem to be clueless about the situation until she decided to pulling off your shirt.

"What are you doing Croco-chan?" You asked her.
Croco-chan pulling out her sign that read,
<We are about to take a shower. While you are here I decided that you should join us too! Now... take off your pants! ^_^ >
Croco-chan are now trying to pull down your pants in front of your nervous half-sister.

What will you do?!

Stop her. "Wait a minute, Croco-chan, is Tomoe okay with this? We both know that Rachelle doesn't care, but Tomoe is not Rachelle. We really should ask her first."


No worries about Westermarck Effect: Hito and Tomoe never met or even knew about each other's existence until the day she walked through that magic portal. Dad's even okay with Hito pursuing her as long as we treat her well.

That plus the fact that our techno-pixie has a taste for WINcest manga means Tomoe joins the harem...if she ever gets past her emotional problems first.
File: 1347132350706.jpg-(46 KB, 500x378, Boy-s-Boxer-Underwear-BBU(...).jpg)
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"Wait a minute, Croco-chan, is Tomoe okay with this? We both know that Rachelle doesn't care, but Tomoe is not Rachelle. We really should ask her first."
Croco-chan looked confused at you and pulled out another sign that read,
<What are you talking about? We are only take normal shower. Tomoe is your sister right? It should not be a problem.>
Then she finally take off your pants. Now you are only wearing your boxer.

Roll 2d6+2 for notice something, max 3 rolls.
rolled 6, 4 + 2 = 12

Sounds like Croco-chan is assuming we're under the Westermarck Effect.

And where IS Melphina anyway?
rolled 1, 1 + 2 = 4


I hope Tomoe's not chanting the Dragon Slave.
rolled 2, 6 + 2 = 10


She's probably dormant waiting for us to summon her or flitting around somewhere.
File: 1347133027667.jpg-(90 KB, 849x545, sample-c645aa53c4b00335ff(...).jpg)
90 KB

Suddenly you see Melphina who are sitting on edge of the bed while eating popcorn. She simple watching at you while you getting stripping by Croco-chan.

"What are you doing Melphina?!" You asked her.
"I'm just watching." Melphina said as she still eating her popcorn.
Now Croco-chan tried to removed your boxer while you try to resisting her.

What will you do?

Grab a sheet or something to cover up then CRAZY IVAN to get away from Croco-chan.

"Half-sister, and that's not the point! Tomoe's home dimension was a terrible place for a girl to grow up. So you really should ask her first rather than decide something like that on your own, Croco-chan."

"Tomoe: are you okay with this: yes or no?"
"Croco-chan, while I appreciate the sentiment, Tomoe grew up in a world where the men were all terrible. You should ask her if she's okay with taking a shower together before dragging her into it."
Anyone else think that Croco-chan is spending way too much time with Rachelle?
File: 1347134611971.jpg-(381 KB, 900x900, Crazy_Ivan_by_Retoucher07030.jpg)
381 KB
You start to panic as you pull down the curtain and used it to cover yourself.
"Croco-chan, while I appreciate the...
You tried say something with sense to Croco-chan but she is too caught up for stripping you off...

"Strip him off Croco-chan!" Melphina tried to encourge her and you suspecting that she want to see you with Tomoe in the shower...

By GOD! Now it become even more chaos! Now you start running around while being chased by exciting Croco-chan.

What will you do?
A: Jump out from the window.
B: Smash through the door.
C: Lock yourself in the bathroom.
D: Try to wrestling down Croco-chan.
E: Strip off your boxer.
F: Something else.
File: 1347134766483.gif-(26 KB, 320x392, Calm Down.gif)
26 KB
Crazy Ivan never solved problems.
F. Something Else
Calm the fuck down, ask Tomoe if she's okay with taking a shower with us, just a simple shower together and no funny business.

Point at Melphina. "No comments from the peanut gallery! You're not helping things, Mel."

Then do this: >>20648854

Let Tomoe decide if it's okay or not.
File: 1347135677560.png-(235 KB, 320x480, Tomoe2.png)
235 KB
"No comments from the peanut gallery! You're not helping things, Mel." You said to her while pointing at her.

Now you tried to calm down Croco-chan. You stopped your running and quickly pushing her down on the bed. Now you are on top of Croco-chan and you turned to Tomoe.
"Tomoe, it is ok that we take shower together?" You asked her.

Ok time to roll for Affection. Roll 2d6+3 and you get max 3 rolls.
rolled 3, 5 + 3 = 11


rolled 2, 2 + 3 = 7

rolled 5, 6 + 3 = 14

Let's see if we can do better.
rolled 4, 6 + 3 = 13


I'm okay with it if she doesn't want to.

You almost got boxcars, bro.
File: 1347137859679.jpg-(60 KB, 640x553, pedobear-pedobear-everywh(...).jpg)
60 KB

Tomoe nervously tried to decided until she say, "You are my half-brother... so it should be fine to shower together right?"
Croco-chan swagging her tail with grin while Melphina grinned even more and you could hear her saying "Bueno!"
Tomoe slowly stripping of her lingerie so that she finally become naked..

All of you except Melphina are in the bathroom and taking shower. It feel odd to taking shower with your half-sister and the shower it not very large so that you are forced to pressing your body against Tomoe and Croco-chan...
"Bear!" Tomoe yell and pointing at the window.
You turn around and see a bear who are peeking in. The bear seem to be very disappointing and it quickly moved away.

What will you do?
Check the window, make sure it's a bear, and wait a minute, aren't we on the upper levels of a hotel?
File: 1347138415102.jpg-(13 KB, 400x300, TooOld.jpg)
13 KB


>the bear's face when

At least we weren't showering with Araki when that bear showed up. Carefully get out and block the window with a large towel. "That should take care of that." Finish our shower with Little Sister and Croco.
File: 1347139536274.jpg-(107 KB, 800x600, pedobearinfiretruck.jpg)
107 KB

You check out the window to make sure it was a bear. Sadly it was a bear... It seem that the bear are using the ladder from the firetruck.

You closed the window and start covering it with the large towel. "That should take care of that." You said as you went back to take to finish the shower with little sister and Croco...

After finish the shower, you see Melphina who was waiting outside the bathroom. She quickly pulling you away from the girls and she whisper in your ear.
"Did you do anything with your sister?" She whisper you.

How will you respond to her?

Whisper back "No, I didn't. Now look, Melphina: Tomoe is beautiful and I don't think Dad would care, but keep in mind two things."

"First: Tomoe comes from a dimension where most of the men are sexual predators, so her first reaction to guys is either suspicion, fear, or rage. Second: Tomoe is capable of casting the Dragon Slave if she's angry enough."

Keep our voice low.
"Look Melphina. Tomoe came from a home universe where the men were all rapists. I've half a mind to put together a tactical response and resource acquisition corporation just to clean the place up. Her usual reactions to male contact are fear, anger, and fireball spells that are tiny tactical nukes.
"So no, I didn't do anything with her."
You whisper her back, "No, I didn't. Now look, Melphina: Tomoe is beautiful and I don't think Dad would care, but keep in mind two things.
First: Tomoe comes from a dimension where most of the men are sexual predators, so her first reaction to guys is either suspicion, fear, rage or fireball spells. Second: Tomoe is capable of casting the Dragon Slave if she's angry enough. So no, I didn't do anything with her."

"I'm quit aware about it, because as your familiar I can read some parts from your memory." She whisper back to you.

What will you do now? Tomoe and Croco-chan will dress up, Koutarou are still planning in his room. Garenn is in your room.

That is my post.
Get dressed, ask Tomoe and Croco-chan if there's any place they want to visit while we're in England.

This. We can plan things out (our trip to Nottingham, date nights with the girls, places to go, etc).
File: 1347143098283.jpg-(462 KB, 600x847, Round-The-Bend.jpg)
462 KB

You get dressed up and turned to the girls.
"By the way, is there any place you want to visit?
"I couldn't think anything because it is first time that I had visit England..." Tomoe said as she tired to dress up.
Croco-chan pulling the sign that read,
<I want to visit Doc Croc, the television host of Round the Bend.>
"I see. Let see if we ca visit him." You said.

End of part 29, Continue on part 30

I started to feel sleepy so that I decided to end now. Thank for playing with me. If you need to contact me, you can contact me through twitter or wiki.

Good night people!
Alright. Good night.

Night, ML. See you next week.

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