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You are Gerald DeFlynn. After arriving at the outpost located outside the wild lands, you began exploring and charting the unsettled territory. You found various sources of water and vegetation patches, even a vein of gold.
After venturing further into the territory, you found a zoid wreck, its core ripped from its body. Following a trail from the metal corpse, you come upon someone being attacked by a wild zoid, a rare sight today. After rescuing the people under attack, your group coordinates an attack on the metal beast, and despite its strength and inteligence, your group brought it down.

Excited to have aquired something so valuable, you take it out of the wildlands area back to the outpost. Unfortunately this attracted the attention of the Guylos military, and because your contract did not give you any salvage rights, they lay claim to it. You hold a tearful Audrey, who had befreinded the liger, as the soldiers hall it away to their Whale King.

You are soon joined by the others. Rick shuffles over next to you, whilst Sara paces around, a scowl set on her flushed faced.
"That insufferable, pigheaded..ARGH!"

"What happened?" you quietly asked Rick.

"She tried to talk that guy down. He had a counter for every argument she tried though. Eventualy she quoted some article that says they can only claim ownership if they provide proof that the asset in question was in fact from their land."
File: 1346206522407.jpg-(16 KB, 244x242, Empire_Sign.jpg)
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"Great, then they can't take him!" you say with relief.

"Don't get too excited." Sara warns, catching wind of your conversation. "They're gonna scan him for residual soil and magnite samples. If it really is from this land, and lets face it, it is, they'll know after a few hours of scanning. I bought us half a day, at best."

You sigh. To good to be true. Just like finding the wild liger to begin with. You look down at Audrey.
"Audrey, what do you want to do?" you say to her calmly. "I'm willing to do what it takes to get him back, if that's what you want."

She stiffles her sniffing and looks up at you. "I just don't want them to hurt him anymore."
You hug her, and look to your companions. Rick nods enthusiasticly, while Sara shrugs, though she has a faint smile on her face.

That settles it then. But you have to be smart about this. These aren't some chumps that stole some outdated equipment. Your enemy are profesionals. A direct confrontation would be a disaster, even if you managed to beat them. You can't risk everyones life on a frontal attack. This requires a more delicate aproach.

Sabotage, leaving clues that point them towards another group such as bandits. We'll smuggle it out in the confusion, get all the paperwork dealt with and come out smelling like roses.
(posting updated combat system while waiting)

Combat is resolved in instances, a character launching an attack allocates how ever many dice from their pool, Shelling or CRC.
The defending character then allocates however many die they want to dedicate to evasion.

Each attack requires a hit location die to be rolled. All hit locations are determined and the dice for attacking are placed in seperate cues. The attacker rolls the dice for any weapons they selected, applying any bonus or penalties to the roll.

Next the Defender rolls Evasion using all the Manuever dice allocated, and rolls for each hit location. Skip locations that had no attacks assigned to it.
The target number for evasion is the attacker's skill, plus or minus the difference in their Maneuver score, plus the number of successful attacks. If the roll is successful, the defender evades all attacks to that hit location. If they are unsuccessful, damage is rolled against all armor die for the section under fire. Any successful attacks are applied to the next hit check as shock, which increase the DC of the Evasion check.

In the event that the target number exceeds 10, a succesful evasion will require a roll of ten plus a high enough roll to pass the difference. If the target number is greater than the defenders number of dice x10, the hit check is automatically failed
For damag calculation, roll armor die aganst allsuccessful attack. Match the highest results against the highest WP of the weapons, working down

I wish we had the Molga, it'd make sabotage easier.

We can set up explosives at key locations, make it look like an enemy attack, Rick and/or Sara can take to the air, relay false enemy force data to force them to mobilize stuff and we can shoot in that direction to make it look like there're enemies and kick up enough dust clouds to hide things from them.

Possession is 9/10ths of the law and Sara ought to know enough to claim his as ours legally once we get some time to do stuff with it.

What bandit groups are known in this area? What tactics do they tend to use?

We can claim that we we're protecting the zoid from bandits to justify running with it. If it can move on its own that's great, otherwise we'll have to have it loaded up on the Gustav beforehand.

We could have Vince sneak off beforehand to act as "bandit", as far away as possible to give them something to chase. They won't catch him.
(unfortunately Vince is not with you)

You look around to make sure no one is within range to hear you.
"Alright, we're gonna have to do this carefully. We need to set some explosives to act as a distraction, and stage a bandit attack. If we can't take the wild one with us, we have to at least set him free. He'll be safe out there with the magnetic activity and storms."

"But how?" Rick interjects. "It's daylight, and there isn't any cover. They catch us snooping around the Whale King and they'll fill us full of holes."

You bite your lip. He's right. If only you had your Molga, you could turn invisible and get close. Turn invisible...

"Hey, where did those people we helped get to?" you ask.

"Hm? I think I saw them parked somewhere around the outpost." Sara mentions. "Why do you ask?"

"Thinking about cashing in on a favor..."

>Find the accident prone stoners
>Survey the area
I just want to remind everyone that if it comes to it Tom could get us in touch with some well connected people in the republic and he wants to see Audry happy. So we could defect if it comes to it.
Right, Vince isn't. It's been a bit.

We'll find and negotiate with the accident prone stoners.

Either Rick or Sara can take to the air in a Sinker, get a better idea of the terrain and how to best utilize it for this.

Also you dropped your name/trip.
>Find the accident prone stoners
and have someone do this
>Survey the area
probably rick
You release Audrey and prepare to make your way over to the Helcat.

"I hope you kids aren't up to anything." a familiar voice says. You look to see a woman in a plain jumpsuit making her way over to you. She's tall, with long dark hair with a slight blue tint.

"Watcher four, if I'm remembering correctly."

"Call me Tifa, hun." she says in a friendly voice. "Sorry about the mess." she continues with a frown. "Boss called your find in as soon as he saw you pulling in."

"That weasel!" Sara growls. "I figured he was behind it."

"Don't be to hard on him." Tifa says. "If it became known he didn't report this, he'd be lucky to just loose his job. Those Guylose guys don't mess around."

"Anyway, what can I do for you, mam?" you say.

"I've been given the honor of 'keeping an eye' on you guys. Don't try anything, or I'll report you!" she says mockingly, holding out her hand with fingers crossed.

"Heh." You and Rick have a small laugh. Sara seems less amused.

"It's more a formality, I'll just walk around in my Zatton when you kids mount up. Boss seemed to have the idea you were gonna try to go up against them."

You cough. "Yes, well, I have some things to do before we head out to finish our job."

"Take your time hun."

Only a Zatton. That's good. It's out of date and no good in direct combat, good recon and command Zoid though.

How many Guylos troops are there here? What Zoids do they have, aside from the Whale King?
File: 1346212775742.jpg-(84 KB, 284x215, D1983032018.jpg)
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You head towards your destination as indiscreetly as possible. You look back and see that Sara hasn't budged.

"Hey Sara, you coming or what?"

"Huh?" she says, seemingly distracted. "Uh, no, I'll stay back a bit, maybe look around."

"Ok, but don't go too far away."

You walk away, but you think you hear her whispering to Tifa about something.

"..is....close by..."

You spot two guys hanging around the Helcat. You wait till your fairly close to them before you get their attention.

"Hey! You two!"

They jump and spin around.

"We didn't do it!" they say in unison.

"Sure you didn't..." Rick says dryly.

You shush him. "You two okay? That was a pretty close call you had."

"You're telling me!" one says loudly. "This guy even lost his zoid to that monster."

The other falls to his knees and sobs pitifully. "My beautiful kitty!"

"Um, sorry to hear that. Listen, we kind of need to borrow your Helcat."

They eye you suspiciously. "Borrow it? For what?"

"For stuff."

They look at each other, then back at you.
"And just why should we?"

>What do?
Because I saved you guys from the Wild Zoid, I'll owe you a favor, and I won't look any further into what you "didn't do" and report it.

I'll bring it back in one piece, don't worry.
They both eye you uneasily. "Yeah, I guess we owe you."

"Pss, hey Gerald!" Rick whispers. "If you go in the Helcat, they might get suspicious. We need to make it look like you're with us."

You consider that for a moment, then look at the two in front of you. "I could use one more small favor from you guys."

"Look man, I know you saved us, but you can't just keep ordering us around. If you want anything else we need some compensation."

Rick pulls out a small piece of gold from his pocket. They lock their eyes on it as he moves it back and forth.

"This work for compensation?" he asks, making them nod their heads by moving it up and down.

Well, now that that's settled.

>What do?
Okay so we need to plant the explosives with the Helcat without anyone noticing us getting in the Helcat.

So we pull a bait and switch, get the stoners in the Red Horn, for now, take the Helcat ourself, loaded with the explosives. We leave town, stealth, and double back, plant things and meet up with the group later.
File: 1346217835088.jpg-(11 KB, 225x350, 116647.jpg)
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Promising your two accomplices there's more gold where that came from, you instruct them to meet at a designated location on your map. They mount up and prepare to head out, while you and Rick make your way back to your zoids. Audrey and Sara are waiting in front of the Gustav.

Audrey looks a bit calmer now, with Sara keeping an arm over the girl's shoulder. The older girl looks up at you once you've gotten closer.
"Everything set?"

"Yeah, we got them to cooperate, we'll meet up with them later."

"If we can get around our escort, that is." Rick adds.

"Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem." Sara says confidently. You raise an eyebrow, but don't press.

"Alright, everybody saddle up, we're heading out." Audrey nods quietly and slowly heads to her Zabre. Rick follows suit. You start going to your zoid when Sara puts a hand on your shoulder.

"Hey DeFlynn." she says morosely.


"About what I said last night..." she glances at Audrey briefly. "...Forget it."

You smile. "Sure."

You all mount your respected zoids, and head away from the outpost. The soldiers patrolling around the Whale King watch you depart warily, before continuing their duties.

After some traveling down to the wild lands, you stop in a small grove. You all dismount in the shade and have lunch, though no one really has an appetite.
File: 1346217903576.png-(67 KB, 800x600, Helcat.png)
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"Will they really show?" Rick asks.

"I picked this spot along the edge to make sure they don't chicken out." you explain.

"What's that you're talking about?" Tifa asks, causing you both to flinch. She chuckles. "I hope you boys don't do anything bad while I'm here."

You are about to speak when you notice some movement in the sand some distance away. You get up and hurry over to the Red Horn and use the radio.

"Is that you guys?"

["Yeah, man, it is totally us, or me, my buddy's off hiding somewhere."]

"Alright, stay there for a bit, I'll be over to switch."

You start the Horn up and start moving away.
"I'm going to scout ahead a bit." you say over the speaker.

"Alright, but stay where I can see you, hun." Tifa begins to say. She looks in the opposite direction. "Oh dear, I seem to have something in my eye."

You grin. "You're a real piece of work, mam."

You hastily make your way over to where you estimated the Helcat was located. Double checking that no one was watching, you give the ok and he decloaks.

As you dismount to make the switch you give him some final instructions.
"Just follow them, and don't say anything."

"But what if-"

"Don't. Talk." you stress. He nods, and you hand him half a sandwich before getting into the Helcat. You reactivate the cloak, and start making your way back to the outpost.

(going to take a break for the night here. back tomorrow.)
Bump for survival.

We really ought to look into getting Rick a new ride, a Raynos would be my first choice but I could see a Buster Eagle working, a Storm Sworder is a bit melee focused and IIRC his CQC isn't that good, and the Salamander is just too big.
File: 1346265888809.jpg-(18 KB, 669x502, wkmap.jpg)
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You silently move into range, kicking as little dust as possible. Things would go a lot easier if it were dark, but you can't do anything about it.

The Stealth shield is thankfully working properly, and you are able to get within a few miles of the great machine without problems.

You spot two pairs of Raptors patrolling around the transport. The pattern seems to be a simple clockwise patrol.

>What do?
What exactly do we have with us in the way of explosives because i would plant some and be gone if we had any otherwise im not yet sure
Some bombs you have in the cockpit with you. They're primarily meant to serve as a distraction, getting them to deploy the rest of their forces and giving you an opportunity to go inside and free the Liger.
Derp, you'll also have to use the Helcats cannons to make it seem like there's a bigger threat than there actually is, without getting spotted
Okay, that patrol pattern leaves a lot of ground not covered, and the Whale king itself can be used as cover to prevent us from being seen.

Go in during the gaps of the patrol, get close, start setting things and stay perfectly still when patrols come by, under the whale if possible.
The best idea I can come up with is trying to draw them off the whale king, the problem is we have to set the bombs and since they're in the cockpit that means we have to get out and hand plant them.
File: 1346280514804.jpg-(19 KB, 669x502, wkmap.jpg)
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You work your way towards and under the Whale King through the gap in the patrols. You are currently in the great transport's shadow, between the three landing supports.

You have a limited number of explosive charges to work with. You could split them up into various locations, or concentrate them in one spot. You are able to set a timer on all of them, or detonate them remotely.

>You have 6 charges
>What do?
Concentrate them in two locations. Maybe 3 explosives each on two of the supports, I think it falling over will get everyone's attention.
Would you like two place them on the two front ones, or one front and the rear?
One front one and one rear one. This will give it a very high chance to start rolling and smashing things, as well as end up on its back.
As you prepare to lay the explosives, you find a note placed amongst the charges. You pick it up and unfold it.

'DeFlynn, wait till 1600 to begin.'

Did Sara write this? You check the time. You have a good thirty minutes. You move to the rear support and, being watchful of the patrols, quickly open the cockpit and exit, setting the charges and jumping back in. You head back to the front left support and repeat the process, though the extra cover present makes things less frantic.
You bide your time. Checking the time once more, it reads 1545.

"Just a bit longer."

["Patrol units, come aboard. We're pulling out."] the radio blasts.

Shit, shit shit!
Whatever Sara was up too, it won't matter if they leave.

>What do?
Okay, we need to keep them here for 15 more minutes. We already have the explosives set to go off when we want them to.

Get out from under the Whale, pass in front of a patrol at a decent distance, modulate the stealth so they see a vague flicker for just the tiniest bit so they want to stick around and investigate for a bit longer.

Kick up a few dust clouds. Not enough to make them immediately hostile, but enough that they want to stick around, investigate a bit more.

After that get some distance and hide in the sands.

Make sure that the place they see us is as far away from the explosives as possible.
File: 1346285998241.jpg-(18 KB, 669x502, wkmap.jpg)
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You head over to the south most pair. You pass by a large boulder and 'accidentally' hit it with your limbs. This causes the stone to shudder, and the stealth shield flickers for an instant.

The patrol stops, and follows the dust you kicked up as you run past them. You don;t dare give away more then that, as the raptors could easily overtake you if they got any idea where you were.

The Whale King has opened its bay to allow the other patrol in. The remaining patrol is nosing around the stone. A little over ten minutes remain on the designated time.

>What do?
Okay we need to keep them here for 10 more minutes.

If their attention to the boulder starts to wane kick up some dust farther away, something slightly noticeable before they can return to the Whale. Keep on luring them away.

We want to keep them suspicious and curious, but without enough to go on to make them go truly hostile.
You need a way to distract them long enough without getting cut to pieces. You also can't attract more soldiers just yet.

Do you:
>Kick up more dust
>Use your radio
>Bump against something
>Something else
(taking a break till participation picks up)
Can we use the radio and sound like another random soldier?

If so radio and say that we think we saw something away to the south west of the Whale and that while we're not sure we'd like someone to check it out, just in case.

While they investigate that we'll head to the south east.
rolled 36 = 36

Dangit, I just realized we could have bribed the guy with the location of that Gold deposit we found. I bet that would have worked.
(It wouldn't have worked)

You switch on the radio.

"What's that over there?!" you yell.

["Over where?"] the soldiers look around wildly.

"By the rock!"

["Which rock?"]

"That rock over there!"

They look around i confusion.

["What the devil are you two doing?!"]

["Sir, there seems to be something out here."]

["I don't give a damn! It's not our problem anymore. Now get on board, before we leave you in this god forsaken place!"]

They begin to hurry towards the open bay.
Looks like that's as much as you can stall. There's a bit more time left, but it looks like you'll have to trigger the explosives early.

>Plan your actions
We've delayed as long as we can. Wait for them to get near it but before the engines of the Whale start up. Blow the explosives and, we do it right everything inside it is going to get thrown around something fierce. We got them as much time as possible.

After it's blown fire some shots and get to cover staying invisible, we're not going to do any major damage with this thing's guns.

Sounds good.
File: 1346297769523.jpg-(24 KB, 669x502, wkmap.jpg)
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You bide your time, steadily moving near the Whale King's right side. Once they're out of sight, you take aim with the Helcat's beam cannons. As soon as the bay door starts to lift, you fire, and simultaneously trigger the detonation. The explosion and beam fire rock the supports, and the transport is visibly jostled. The damage, combined with the zoid's great weight, warp the support structure. While it doesn't flip over, it does lurch heavily to one side, those inside certainly did not enjoy it.

If they're sending messages to each other, you don't pick them up. However, in roughly on minute, the bay door goes back down. Rev Raptors promptly poor out after, like a bunch of aggravated ants. There are roughly twenty of them now, and they're out for blood.

>What do?
Fleeing, fleeing sounds good. Keep stealth on, head in a direction different from the one they're pursuing if possible, make full use of Sandwise to keep safe.

Do not engage, they will murder our paper mache kitty.
You move under the left wing and take shelter underneath the shadow of its engine. The troops have no idea what just hit them and fan out around the transport.

A terrible thought comes to you. The Whale King may still take off after deploying its troops. The Raptors have no guns, so it may try to get airborne to bring its own guns to bear. Or it could leave outright, leaving its troops behind. You wouldn't put it past that commander.

You spy the bay door, still hanging open. It's unguarded, you might could sneak aboard with your cloak.

>Go aboard
>Wait and see
Head on inside, they've deployed their forces so we ought to be able to free the Liger now. We're safer in there as well.

I hope this meshes with the plans that Sara set up.

Be ready to bug out of the Whale if needed.

Into the breach.
that is a colossally bad idea do not do that
File: 1346300061061.png-(554 KB, 624x544, WildLigerScan.png)
554 KB
Cautiously but quickly, you make your way under the whale King's Mouth. Making sure not to disturb the earth or make any noise, you turn onto the ramp and slowly make your way up.

Inside it's like a enormous hanger with two levels. There are some personnel about, but you thankfully have enough space to move around them. There are a number of ramps and elevators leading up. You don't see the liger in question.

>What do?
What do we know about Whale King layouts?

Where would good storage or containment areas for a Wild Zoid be?

Head towards those places, be extremely careful and quiet.

How long until 1600?
Five minutes.

You can also choose to either continue in the Helcat, or try searching on foot.
Continue as much as possible in the Helcat, it makes getting out of here easier and if we need to break things to free the Liger the Helcat will be much better suited for it.

Stay in the kitty.
(going to break for the night after this one)

You never been in a real Whale King before, but you know its layout from the outlines you've read. Your in the dedicated zoid hold currently. It's unlikely they would keep a wild zoid here. Most likely it is being kept in the cargo hold.

You make you way down the path, and walk up a ramp. You soon reach what you believe is the entrance to the cargo hold.

Unfortunately it's shut. You'll have to get it open somehow.

>What do?
How securely is it shut? Are there any control panels nearby? How thick is it?

I'd rather not have to bust it open with force as that would cause undue commotion too early.

Going around isn't a good option, it'd take too long and we want to get there quick.

If possible open it manually, use a control panel, pry it open. If not blow it up and be quick about it.
one more bump
Third bump.
back bump, gimme half an hour to get my shit together
rolled 2 = 2

The door is shut tightly, it may or may not be locked. There should be a operation panel somewhere close by, but you'd need to exit your zoid to use it. It's possible you could pry it open with the Helcat's paws.
You could also just through caution to the wind and blast your way through, the walls for the hold would not be near as strong as the outer walls.

>Find and operate door panel.
>Attempt to open it by Zoid
>Dynamic entry
>Find and operate door panel.

Keep our Anti-Zoid Rifle with us, find it quickly, if not found quickly enough get in the Helcat and pry it open.
You scan the area, and spot the panel on an elevated platform to the left. There is an engineer standing nearby, going over a clipboard. He's facing away, but he might spot you exiting the cockpit, and he'll definitely hear the hold door open.

>What do?
How good are we at silent takedowns?

Plan of action is get out of cockpit, if he sees us point rifle at him and tell him to not say a word. Get close to him, knock him unconscious with the butt of our rifle and open the door. I'm pretty sure a rifle that is meant to hurt Zoids being pointed at you will scare you enough to comply with whatever the person holding it says.
File: 1346372380823.jpg-(137 KB, 700x525, WildLiger1.jpg)
137 KB
You get the cat as close as possible, leveling the cockpit with the platform and opening the canopy. You hop out lightly, doing your best to remain quiet. There's the odd garbled announcement over a distant speaker as well as a din of busywork further down, which helps to mask your presence.

You sidle up to the engineer, rifle in hand. He's too focused on his task to notice even if it was dead silent here. You briefly entertain giving him a quick chop to the neck, but decide that's stupid and probably doesn't work in real life. Closing in, you lift you rifle up, then loop it over his head while kicking in his knee in one deft motion. In his surprise he lets out the slightest of gargles while attempting to grasp at the rifle strangling him.

After a moment of flailing, his arms droop down. You give it another ten seconds to make sure he isn't faking before letting him slump to the ground.
God damn your good at this.

You quickly make your way over to the panel, and press a few keys. It's not difficult to figure out, and to your fortune the door is not locked. Hearing the telltale noise of it opening, you hop back in to the Helcat and ease your way the the opening as soon as it is high enough.

You make your way through the hold, and after a brief search, come upon your objective. The Liger is secured in a mechanical harness. It's limbs as well as the head and body are held by strong metal bonds, as some kind of ring moves back and forth over it.

>What do?

We're getting close to the time they said to start things no doubt.

Examine the restraints, look for weak points in it, if possible break it with physical attacks but if those won't cut it use the beam cannon to carefully free the beast.
You work your way through the hold, stepping over crates and through gaps. You near the liger, who immediately begins growling. That reminds you, it can seemingly sense other zoids, even if they aren't visible.

You go over to the bond for one of its front legs and begin batting at its base. The jostling alerts the personal present. They scatter frantically as you finally remove the bonding. The liger swipes its freed claw about in a limited arc.

"Easy, boy, I'll get you out."

It roars, and tries to move, but is still secured. You move to the next bond and begin swiping at it. It begins roaring frantically now.

"Calm down, I just need a little-"
The base the liger lays on lifts off the ground slightly from its struggling, it roars repeatedly in quick succession while scratching violently.

Then over the ruckus it makes, you hear something. An unfamiliar wir, just reaching your ear. A cold spike runs up your spine.

>Think fast

Break stuff. But check what the ring thingy does first.
Don't want any explosions or dead zoids.
Move, don't think just move. Do not be where we were 1 second ago. We'll work on removing the other bonds once the threat is identified.

Dodge. I think up and back is a good direction.
File: 1346377107436.jpg-(38 KB, 370x431, deadborder.jpg)
38 KB
Acting on instinct, you leap away. A split second later you see a bizarre distortion of air, like a bullet path in those action movies you've seen. It's clearly visible to you, as if time in that space stood still. Then an instant later, the impact.

Oh, what an impact. The ground seemingly crumples around itself, and an unseen pressure bursts out, pushing the contraption the liger is in back several meters, and sending your Helcat flying. Your thrown about in the cockpit as you impact against the wall heavily. You groan as you try to bring your vision back into focus.

["I new I smelt a rat."]

You try to make sense of the words as something lands in front of you. The dark form must have been hiding somewhere in the upper hold. You focus on the figure, and come to the horific realization.

No. Impossible. Those shouldn't exist any more!

["Thought you were pretty clever, did you?"]
The commander says as the Deadborder moves between you and the liger. ["Too bad, I anticipated your infiltration the moment those explosions occurred."]

Shit! Your down, and you are fairly certain your stealth shield is down. If he hits you, your dead, it won't even matter where the shot lands.


It'd probably kill us if we tried to ram the helcat into'em and into the liger.

Dodge and weave. Try to free the liger first. If we can maybe it'll attack'em instead.
Holy shit. This is not good. This is majorly not good.

Run around, don't let him draw a bead on us, open fire with the beam cannon on the restraints as we move.

Try to get the stealth field working again, even if only to make us a bit harder to hit.
You shout loudly as you pull on the controls. The Deadborder fires its smaller beam cannons as you leap out of the way. The shots scar your armor, but you avoid a direct hit thanks to the zoid's small frame and agility.

You dive behind some large containers, and quickly go over the system for the stealth shield. It is no use, however, you'd need to repair it from outside in its current state.

["Give up, mongrel. My men are already returning. Even if you escape me, in these confined quarters, you will be cut to pieces."]

You grit your teeth, you'll just have to run with it. You leap out from the containers and fire a few distracting shots. The beams all but bounce off his zoid's armor as he sluggishly turns to face you. Staying mobile, you fire at the liger's bonding before ducking behind more containers.

["Very well. Have it your way."]

The whir reaches your ears again. He's going to fire those things again.

>What do?
Run, dodge, see if we can have him aim the shot at a location that breaks the rest of the bonds on the Liger without hurting it.

I hope to hell that whatever plan Sara and the rest cooked up is going to help us about now.
Hoist him by his own petard. We should make him carve a nice hole in the ceiling, which willl drop the ship on'em.
You hop up onto the containers and leap. He traces your movement and fires, but your too high over his head for the guns firing arc to reach. You feel something pull on your zoid momentarily, before landing behind him unscathed. Well, you would have, if the blast from above didn't push you forward as the Gravity shells impacted on the ceiling. You are able to react this time, though, as you plant your feet and skid to a halt.


The Deadborder tries to back away as structures from the upper topple and fall toward it. You turn your beam cannon and shoot his leg, stalling him just that little bit more. The rubble topples him over and pins him, for how long you can't be sure.

Wasting no time, you blast the bondings on the liger with your beam cannon, each one only needing a single carefully aimed shot.

Then you hear the whir. You frantically look behind you. The Deadborder is still down, and facing away from you still. Facing at an angle toward the floor.

"He wouldn't..."

He does. The gravity cannon fires, and the debris is blown away, the zoid itself sprawls on the floor. You wince as you fight to keep the Helcat stable.

The damaged zoid slowly raised, like some risen undead beast.

He's likely preparing to fire again. You look down. He'll hit the liger! You got to do something before-

The Whale King lurches heavily left and right. The jostling causes the damaged Deadborder to stumble about. You steady yourself and remove the last bonds of the liger. As it wearily raises itself, your hub blinks.
Someone's sending you an encrypted message. You switch the com on.

["Hello!"] greets a friendly voice. ["Am I speaking to..."] he pauses and you think you hear the sound of folding paper.
[",,,Caterpillar Dick?"]

>What do?
Yes, this is Caterpillar Dick.

I'd really like to get out of here with the Liger before the FUCKING DEADBORDER gets its legs back under it and blows me to pieces so please make it quick.

While talking identify the direction that looks the most like a good way to get out of this place and prepare to run with the Liger following us.
"*sigh* That's me. Who am I speaking too?" Get the liger out and cripple the deadborder's weapons.
File: 1346382751057.png-(Spoiler Image, 136 KB, 669x502)
Spoiler Image, 136 KB
"Yes, this is...you know what, just refer to me as Molga."

["Oh? Bragging now, are we?"] he jokes. ["I've got these guys outside tied up, just run out of there."]

"I would, but there's a Deadborder in my way."
You look back to your foe and the path to safety behind him. He's getting his bearing now.



["Right now, jump."]

You do as he says, jumping as high as you can. A half a second later the floor jastles back and forth again, sending the enemy stubbling again. It stops as you land and you sprint for the exit.

["Your welcome."] he says smugly. How the hell?

The Dead border tries to face you as you pass him, only for the liger to pounce ontop of him, sending him crashing into the floor before bounding after you.
Ah, sweet poetic justice.

It quickly catches up, and then leaves you in its dust as it heads toward the open bay. Damn, they weren't kidding about that self recovery, aside from some missing armor it's almost like it's undamaged.

It flies outside, and you follow shortly after and-

What the fuck?!

"What the fuck?!" you say aloud.

open image now

["Heh. Mine's bigger."] your savior boasts.

>what do?
Thank you for your help. Who are you, what are you piloting and why did you just save me?

I think that we should run, get some distance from the Whale Lord, the Deadborder and the horde of Raptors.
"That's a big arachnid. Mind telling me who you are? I like to know the people who save my ass."
["This baby here is the Veerl, my own personal mobile fortress. And no, you can't have one."] he laughs.

You quickly head away from the Whale King as the defending forces are batted and blasted away. When any get close to one of its legs, it simply lifts it up and sets it down further away as it deals with them.

"Why are you even helping me?" you finally ask.

["Because first of all, fuck Guylose. I never pass on a chance to mess with these pigs."]

A bright purple hexaplated shell washes over the Veerl as it begins to back away.

["And secondly, you're friends with someone very close to me. What more reason do I need?"]
You make out some Gustavs picking up fallen raptors before the barrier fully reaches the ground.
["Anyway, I need to make myself scarce. Even I don't want to mess with something packing gravity cannons."] he says. ["I'll see you later."] Bidding you farewell, the great zoid begins moving away.

You head out far into the wildlands, stopping to mend your stealth shld, then continuing to the cave you had agreed to meet with the others.

You find the other of the pair you borrowed the zoid from waiting for you.

"Finally!" he declares. "I thought you'd never show. How's our kitty?"

"In one piece, as promised." you assure him as you dismount.

"Thank god!"

"Also, you guys are gonna want to stay hidden, for like, a year. In fact, you'd probably be better off just selling it off on the black market."

He turns to you slowly. "What'd you do?"

It was very important stuff.

Check in with the rest of our group, see how the Wild Zoid is doing. Ask Sara who that was and how she knew him.
Also we should make a note onto how to deal with Gravity based weapons.

And study the inside of other carrier zoids. Never know when it might become useful.
There are two reliable ways to deal with Gravity weapons. The first is to be very very far away. The second is to have enough overwhelming firepower that they get blown up instantly.
File: 1346388426366.jpg-(5 KB, 130x180, sara.jpg)
5 KB
You wait a few hours in the shade, drink some water, and some alcohol. As the sun begins to set, a shadow covers you. You look up to see your Red Horn in front of the cave. The canopy opens, and the guy piloting quickly hops out.

"We never met." you say.

"Damn right we didn't, you fuckers are insane."

You quickly hop in the Horn.

"Hey, wait a minute! Where's our gold?"

"Yeah, you said there was more where that came from!"

You look back at them. "There is. Out here." You grin evilly. "You just have to look for it. Out here."

They swallow nervously as you close the canopy and head out. After a bit of searching, you find your companions.

["Done with your scouting, Mr DeFlynn?"] Tifa says coolly.

"I did indeed, mam. Everything went well."

["Glad to hear it. After all, I'm suppose to keep an eye on everything you do."]

You shake your head. She's a real piece of work.

["So where's the, *ahem"] Sara says over a direct message. ["Thing."]

"Out here, somewhere. It should be safe for now."

["Look, DeFlynn, I'm sorry about last, I didn't-"]

"You apologized already. Anyway, who was that guy?"

["What guy?"]

"THAT guy. You literally could not miss him. And I get the feeling you know him. Really know him."

She laughs over the radio. ["You could say that. I'll tell you when things quiet down."]
File: 1346388460950.png-(36 KB, 415x615, Audrey.png)
36 KB
Your group leaves the wild lands, having the whole region mapped out as accurately as possible. You spot a rather nasty storm some distance away, but you manage to get back to the outpost without difficulty. You look over the area, the Guylose forces seem to have cleared out.

You hear some crackling over the radio, before the outpost chief begins speaking.

["Watcher Four..."] he says weakly. ["Report."]

["Their zoids never left my sight, sir. All areas were successfully chartered."] Damn, she's a good actor. Well, she's not technically lying.

["...Roger that. Come back in."] he cuts his transmission. You sort of feel sorry for the guy, but he should only end up loosing his position at worst if any blame gets shifted to him.

You pull into the out post and park your zoids. You see Audrey after dismounting. She offers a weak smile.

Totally worth it.

>What do?
Hug, tell her that the Wild Zoid is alright and the Guylose have cleared out so we ought to be able to find him and get him out of here safely now.
File: 1346390460333.jpg-(8 KB, 200x200, Crest-Zenevas.jpg)
8 KB
She hugs you back and looks up at you happily.

"Gerald, I...I want to wait."

"What? What do you want to wait for?" you say in confusion.

She pulls away from you. "Until I can find him myself. When I am strong enough to come back on my own, then I will go see him again."

You rub your head. "Well, if that's what you want."

"Aw, you kids are adorable." Tifa says from behind you. You turn to her.

"Are you sure you won't get into trouble?"

"Why, what ever to you mean? I did nothing wrong and followed my orders to the letter." She says, pointing her crossed fingers down. Looking closely, her remaining fingers and thumb are cupped and positioned a certain way. At this angle it almost looks like...a coiled serpent.

"So that's it." you say aloud. "You're a Nat-"

"Shh!" she hushes you. "The key to not getting caught is not saying things out loud!" she whispers frantically. You nod.

The coiled serpent, the former symbol of Zenevas empire before Guylos subjugated these lands. Nationalists are those that actively appose Guylos influence and try to restore the nation's sovereignty.
Sara must have recognized the sign earlier.

"Anyway, I have paper work to fill, and some moaning and weeping to listen to, so I'll see you kids tomorrow. Get some rest."

You bid her farewell, thanking her once again.

>What do?
Sara, I think you have some explaining to do. I already have a decent idea what's going on but a more detailed explanation would be appreciated.
You find the others, and after a quick meal you head back to your respected rooms, except you. You follow Sara and discreetly get her attention.

"Hey DeFlynn, what's up?"

You cross your arms and eye her seriously.

She coughs. "Right, that." She looks around, and motions you to follow her inside. She pulls a chair away from a desk and offers it to you, before sitting down on her cot.

"Alright. What do you want to know first?"

>What say?
Right, I worked out that you have ties to (make the snake symbol).

What did calling this favor in cost you? How did you come to be acquainted with them? Is Vlad associated with them as well? How wide spread is this network? What are your goals?
"Whoa, hey, slow down. Calling them in didn't cost anything."


"Yeah. That guy... that man is my brother."

Silence fills the room as you process this information.

"Your brother?"


"You had a brother?"

"I have three brothers."

"Well, that explains-"

"I will murder you if you finish that sentence."

You grin mischievously. "So is this a family thing?"

She looks sad as she shakes her head. "Just him. My older brothers are in the military. My dad's an obedient officer who's disowned him. Uncle doesn't care one way or the other."

"What about you?"

She sighs and falls back onto her cot. "I don't know...I just want us to be a family again."

>What say
I am not the best person to talk to about family.

I mean I don't have any siblings, my Mother and Father are divorced and have been for a while and don't really stay in contact with each other. I love them both but it was not exactly a stable marriage.

All you can really do is love all of them as much as possible, but sadly that rift isn't going to close up easily. Judging from how stubborn you are the both of them are going to be just as stubborn and reconciling their political differences is going to be hard and it's something neither will be able to overlook. But maybe if you keep trying they can put aside their differences for a bit, I don't know.

I deal with it by making families out of the people around me and take care of them as if they were my family. But you don't really have the luxury of choosing your family like I do.
She looks at you.
"I really wish I'd met you sooner." she says in a melancholy tone. "Maybe I wouldn't be so messed up now.

"I think you're fine being a little messed up."

She throws a pillow at your face.
"Whatever!" At least she's smiling again. "Now beat it, before anybody gets any funny ideas."

"Sure. Thanks for telling me everything. I don't know what I can do, but if you ever need help let me know."

"I always do."

"Night." You exit and shut the door behind you before heading to your room.


Sara walked over to the pillow and picked it up.
"Damn it." She returned to the cot and laid down.
"Stop it." She hugged the pillow closer. "I can't have you."

Sara buried her face into her pillow.
"Stop making me love you."

>To be continued
Poor girl, she got in too late. After we already decided to go out with our Wrench Wench.

I think this is a perfect time for Rick to be Seeker Smooth. That'll go over well.

To be continued when?
I want that spider
We all want that spider. It's huge.


Really huge.

It looks like it's bigger than the bed.

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