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Iron Master Build:
Model T (4xp)
Athletics 2 (2xp)
Super vehicle (power armor) (peak speed) (4xp) Or grab a 3+ star power and abuse the hell out of it [effective athletics score: 4]
Power armor (meta speed) [effective athletics score: 6] (2xp)
Power armor (energy beam) (2xp) Combine with Meta speed for stunlock combo of doom!

The summary contained in the next few posts should be ALL you need to start playing. You might miss a few minor-but-relevant details here and there, but generally speaking you'll know everything that you really need to know even if you never touch the archives.

You are Smith Sterling, the Iron Master! After you used your ghostly spies to discover the secret identities of super hero Amp (actually Kurt Dobek, a high school teacher) and his sidekick Kestrel (Sofia Span, a high school student at a different school), you attempted to blackmail them into giving up cape and cowl forever. Unfortunately this plot backfired when they called upon their super friend Behemoth, who helped them to undermine your plot to usurp control of the Santos Espada gang by having one of your bots impersonate an avatar of Santa Muerte, a figure of some reverence to the Espada. They were ultimately unsuccessful in discovering your own secret identity, however, and your ghostly spies inform you that they still have no clue who you are (and indeed, refer to you as "Santa Muerte" still, even though it has now become clear that you were only using the Santos Espada's faith as a tool for your own sinister ends). You have sent an android with synthskin named Steve to get close to Kestrel at her school, seeking to gain her trust so that you can turn her to the dark side.
File: 1345399851957.jpg-(572 KB, 1755x1275, Villain Quest Gang Map.jpg)
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Meanwhile, your gang, which has seized control of Catalina Island (just barely visible at the southern edge of the map), is getting ready to expand. Following the advice of your henchman Rica Rivera, a former Goblin Ganger who defected to your side after her gang betrayed her, you have decided to attack the Nine Rollers so as to subvert the Dream Boy Nine Rollers and/or the Easy Nines, a pair of weak but extremely profitable sets. As part of this, you have made plans to subvert the leadership of the 23rd Nine Rollers, and then crush the Manhattan Nine Rollers (who are named after Manhattan Beach, not Manhattan Island).

Elsewhere, you continue to stoke the fires of war between the Goblin Gang and the Family, hoping to weaken both gangs for your inevitable conquest.

Health: 1 (3)
Power: 3 (9)
Resources: 1
XP: 0

Athletics: 1
Cunning: 3
Technology: 4
Insight: 2
Observation: 3
Nefariousness: 2
Stealth: 1

Powers: Terminators, SynthSkin, Ghost Whisperer

>Link to rules (including powers list): http://pastebin.com/6VPaUgJw


4 Warrior bots at H4 A4 C0 T3 I0 O3 N0 S2
2 Info gatherer bots at H0 A0 C2 T4 I2 O4 N0 S4
Julio Pedone at H3 A1 C3 T2 I3 O3 N3 S2
Rica Rivera at H2 A3 C1 T2 I2 O3 N2 S4

Action Points:

The Iron Master: 0/2
Julio Pedone: 1/3
Rica Rivera: 0/2
On the subject of weakining the gangs for our inevitable conquest, I have a brilliant plan all typed out and ready to go. Unfortunatly, my internet died, so I'm posting from my phone. Tdlr of plan: use ghosts and if neccissary hacking to gain access to the families books (payroll and profit). Post the books on wikileaks under the handle cybernetic avenger. Yay for fake superhero ID! Also, the carnage should be hilarious.
For the sake of summary purposes, I feel I should also mention Julio Pedone, the former Family man who was basically kicked out when the higher-ups decided he was too old to be useful, and jumped ship to someone more appreciative of the benefits of experience.

The first few posts may come a bit slow, I had to break off the last thread due to exhaustion and there's a few actions from that thread I'll be resolving right off the bat, and it may take a bit to write the scenes up.

Also, archives:

Other hilarious heist idea I had:
Hit the west los angeles National guard armory dressed as guardsmen from the base. Steal weapons and interceptor body armor. Pre attack preparations: use the power of Science! To add silencers to the guns. Scout the fuck out of it with ghosts, we need to know everything about it and the routine it usually follows. Use hollywood hacker skills to plan viruses that will disable alarms, landlines and the guards non regulation cell phones. Wipe all camera footage to. They should have no ability to call for help once we remotely activate the virus. Couple of fake guards men /w concealed pistols walk in, knock out the guards on duty with a sleeping gas bomb or something.(or just some super-fast trank guns) once all the guardsmen are down, we administer a short term memory loss serum to cause them to forget everything. Then load up the vans we left outside with all the body armor, guns, grenades and ammo we can carry. And all the cash in the guardmen's wallet on principle. Then take our leave.
Upside: a ton of weapons and body armor. Possibly two tons, maybe more.
Downside: army will be pissed.
We acquire anything we can't make from our underworld contact, but it is best to leave no traceable trail at all. Also, might need to rebuild the murder bots with more stealth for this job
Wow, this next scene is taking forever. Let's go over some mechanical stuff since I can get that out way faster, stop this thread from going under.

Your next false flag attack could be spoofing another Goblin attack on the Family, but the Goblins have been pretty aggressive all on their own. The Family's been pretty reluctant to retaliate. Either way, the Nightmare Goblins, Maniac Goblins, King Goblins, Rizzo Outfit, and Conti Outfit are all pretty well chewed up from the shootouts, you're reasonably likely to collapse one of them altogether with an attack. On the other hand, the De Luca Outfit and the Ogre Goblin Gangers are so far unscathed and reasonably easy targets.

Julio and Rica warn you off messing with the Colombo Outfit and the Hob Goblin Gangers, respectively, without some kind of backup. Apparently these two sets are extremely vicious and competent and will require a dedicated attack of some kind.

Meanwhile, the Troll Goblin Gangers and the Costa Outfit remain shielded, as they're money-makers, and weak in a fight.

>Which set should Rica attack?
Hit the Costa outfit, we need to get the family riled up. More importantly, the goblins are already the weaker party so we need to do some damage to the family unless we want this to be a very short war. Also, we are committing seven warrior bots to the attack, not four (we built three more when we got the power upgrade so we should have seven killbots, one gather info and steve)
One second thought, hit the rizo outfit, take them all the way out.

Costa's shielded, you can't hit it. Also, forgot to mention, the shielded sets are being shielded by the big scary ones.
Then hit which ever family outfit is the easiest to take out, and take it out all the way. Oh, andmhow does iron guard sound as a gang name?
Rica swaps her usual goblin mask for an orange one. Tonight, you're framing the Hobs. If you can get the heavy-hitting sets to start shooting at each other, that should weaken them up so you can get rid of the bastards once and for all.

You're able to ambush the Rizzo Outfit in their hideout on the upper floors of a front business, a small office building in Beverly Hills. The bots disguise themselves as members of the janitorial staff while Rica slips into the security room, slits the guards' throats, and calls all the Rizzo Outfit members to a nearby meeting room. The "janitors" follow close behind them, slip on the hob masks, pull out their SMGs, and shoot up the Rizzo Outfit before they even know what hit them.

You're able to slip away before the cops arrive, and with most of its members dead, the entire set collapses completely soon after, leaving Beverly Hills completely unoccupied.
Is this thread autosaging?
It's showing up on the front page for me.
Nope. Anyway, that worked well.
"I still don't get it," Sofia said, sighing with frustration, "why do we have to learn all this anyway?"

"So you can get a neat little piece of paper that says you're allowed to be a functioning member of society, mostly," Steve said. "Come on, you'll get it sooner or later, you always do."

"Today's just a really bad day for this," Sofia said.

John, who'd been quiet for the past ten minutes or so, finally spoke up again. "So maybe now was a bad time to get high?" he said.

"I'm not high," Sofia said, glaring.

"Oh, come on, this is easy, we've been doing it all year," John said, "if you weren't stoned out of your mind you'd have got it in the first five minutes."

"John, if you don't like it, you can leave," Steve said.

"I've been here almost half an hour, I only need help with one section," John said.

"Yes, and doing that section requires knowing this one, so we can all do it together once Sofia finishes. She's missed a couple of classes, I'm pretty sure this is kind of new to her," Steve said.
"So you're helping her instead of me because she was too busy toking up for the first month of class?" John said.

"I am not high," Sofia said, "and I guarantee that every person who's ever told you that I've ever been high heard it from someone else, because I've never been high. That's just a stupid rumor."

"Well of course you'd say that," John said.

"John," Steve said forcefully, "does she look relaxed to you? Do you even know what drugs do? If she were high her eyes would be too glazed to muster up any kind of glare, let alone that steel-melting gaze she's got going for her right now. Now either shut up while I help her get caught up or leave."

"Fine, keep begging for sex while you do her homework," John said, shoving his books in his pack and storming away, "she's probably desperate enough to give it to you, anyway."

Sofia sighed in frustration and slammed the book shut, then dropped her head to the desk.

"So, I know this is a cliche, but don't let him get to you," Steve said, "he's just a jerk, thinks the world revolves around him."

"Yeah," Sofia said, "I guess." She picked her head up off the desk and said "thanks." Then, flipping through the book again, "crap, what page are we on?"

"106," Steve said.

"Right," Sofia said.
Success! Now I suppose we should either run the national guard hiest, or start our expansion. Thoughts anyone?
Using a bot dressed as a non-descript street type, you're able to make contact with a number of the 23rd Rollers, but unfortunately they don't seem to be very interested in what it is you're offering. Apparently your ghosts are not super familiar with what a disaffected gangster looks like. Fortunately, however, you've taken great pains to make it impossible to trace any of this back to you.
Right, so, new turn. With Julio at the helm of his two sets, you're raking in the money and are sitting at +5 resources again, giving you a total of 6. Meanwhile, the police have basically called off their investigations into Catalina Island to make sure the Goblins and the Family don't burn down half their respective regions while fighting their war, which continues to escalate.

More on that after I take some Advil, because ow that cut is somehow still sore a week later when something that small has no business bothering me for this long.
Shouldn't some of our ghosts be gangsters? Cause, you know, gang war that we started. Anyway, we might want to do the armory job. We're going to need some nice untracable cars, some very fast acting knockout gas and a whole lot of pre attack recon.
The Conti Outfit attacks the Nightmare Goblins in Westchester in a series of driveby shootings that make the LA Times, while the De Luca Outfit hits the Maniacs up in Bel Air, although the news reports that for all the lead flying through the air, it appears as though nobody was actually hit. In Westwood the Conti Outfit are themselves attacked by the King Goblins, but again the actual ability of gangsters (40% of whom don't even know how to use the iron sights on a gun) is called into question. The big news, however, comes when dozens of murders pop up all across Century City. The police say that so far half of the victims had a history with the Ogre Goblin Gangers or else were suspected of being involved with them, and it's likely the others were as well, though the investigation is ongoing. Either way, the Ogres collapse overnight. Julio informs you that this is pretty clearly the work of the Colombo Outfit.

Certain types of ghost are generally unwilling to do certain kinds of spywork. Gangsters usually suspect you're some kind of government spook if you ask them to spy on other gangs, and refuse because by the time the "never snitch" conditioning has worn off, they've usually passed on. The same thing generally holds true with asking any given ghost to spy on places they have relevant experiences with.

This is waived in some cases, like for example when certain gangs just hate each other. You'll have little trouble persuading Goblins killed by the Family to spy on the Family, but the Nine Rollers don't really have any enemies. They're mellow like that.
Okay, call our contact we need:
Unmarked cars, very fast acting sleep gas and some short term memory erasers. Once we have those, we follow This plan. >>20388004
If we send two people to subvert a set how do the checks work? Because I was thinking after the armory job we have both our henchmen subvert the steel killer nines, hopefully by offering them enough of the loot from the armory job (or perhaps less tracible equipment upgrades) to finally go toe to toe with their hated rivals without getting pounded on again.
lets do the armory heist
"Whisper," he says, as usual.

"It's the Iron Master," you respond, "I have a few unusual requests."

"Specifically?" Whisper asks.

"Unmarked cars with fresh plates, sleeping gas, and some method of erasing memories in the field," you say.

"First two are standard, no problem, the last one...Memory erasure is super tech. That's not going to come cheap," Whisper says.

"Can you get it?" you ask.

"Perhaps...There's another villain nearby. He doesn't like to make much noise. He has psychic abilities, including the erasure of memories. I can put you into contact with him," Whisper says.

"Please do so," you say, "I'm sure we can come to an arrangement."

"I'll see what I can do," Whisper says, "anything else?"

"No, that will be all," you say, and Whisper hangs up.
Subverting a set twice just means you make the roll twice, and smack it for two Morale if they both succeed. Nothing's particularly stopping you from sinking multiple actions from one henchman into demoralizing a set, either (well, except for the fact that both your henchmen only have one action left to work with).

Also, this little scheme was something you punted around a while ago, but I'm only just now getting around to writing it out, apologies.

The police step up their actions against the gang war, but they seem to be directing a lot of their efforts exclusively towards the Goblins. You've probably got the Family legal teams to thank for that...

In order to help keep the heat up on them, you use some Goblin ghosts to provide a few anonymous tips to the police, but without a source better than "criminals who are also dead" you're not likely to get much response there...But if you can find the Family's paper trail and send it to WikiLeaks, that could get some results.

Unfortunately, a project at your normal work is entering a crunch period as one of your customers is threatening to pull out due to repeated schedule slip, and it looks like your product might miss another deadline. So for the first time in forever, your work is actually exhausting for a few days before you find the time to recalibrate Mick to take care of most of it for you. These clods you're working with are so dumb you can literally make a better engineer out of spare server parts...

Either way, the distraction prevents you from cracking the Family's computer records.
Well, rica is definitely the better at subverting things, though it will not be easy. Have her spend her action trying to subvert the steel killers. Then next turn have her do it again, twice. Once we subvert this set things will be much easier, as the first thing the ninerollers will no is when the steel killers and our footmen take out their other combat set. Then, they will be in trouble.

Rica's spending an action leading the Avalon Goblins every turn right now, to bump up their Warfare in case someone (particularly Chimera) decides to bump them off. Do you want to call her off that?
Will they "heal" my subversion damage naturally? If so, yes, if not, no.
Oh, and she is actually leading the iron guard primus, which is sheilding the avalon goblins.
Meh, I need to take care of something. I should be back in a bit.
Got it
That took a bit longer than expected. Oh, well, back now.

It's not long before you receive another phone call on the phone you use for Iron Master dealings. "Yes?" you ask.

"This is Mesmer," the voice on the other end says, "Whisper told me you required the services of someone who can erase minds. Is that correct?"

"Indeed it is," you say.

"Then I shall have to know the details. Naturally, you can rest assured that I will tell no one whether or not I accept your offer and help you with whatever it is you're planning."

>How much will you tell Mesmer?
Tell him most of it, after all, he will learn all of it eventually. Tell him that we have a plan to loot a government facility. We will provide the mucle and vehcular transportation, also, we have every reason to believe that we can compromise their electronic defenses, silence alarms wipe camera Footage, ect. If everything goes correctly they will not even notice the theft until morning, possibly later. Name of the facility will not be revealed unless we come to a tentative agreement, although you can rest assured it will not be heavily guarded.
"A government facility? Hrm, interesting..." Mesmer says. "Very well, for a small share of the loot involved, say, one third?"

>That sound good?

Steve, meanwhile, is chilling out in your hideout (it is like 9 PM) when he gets an incoming call. Being far from prying eyes, he takes it directly to the receiver built into his head. "Hey, is this Steve? It's Sofia," she says.

"Yeah, what's up?" Steve says.

"Hey, tomorrow's Friday so I was just getting some friends together to grab a movie after school. You want to come?" she asks.

Fortunately she cannot see Steve's evil grin. "Sure, sounds like fun," he says.

But then about an hour later, he gets another call. "Hey, Steve, it's Sofia again. About the movie...Well, most everyone else I called made some excuse."

"What about the others?" Steve asks.

"They were less subtle about it," Sofia says.

"Oh," Steve says.

"Yeah...Anyway, if we still went, it would be just you and me, so if that's too weird for you, I'll totally understand. I won't hold it against you or anything, really."

We haggle, obviously, you always haggle in these situations. Once we agree on a price we tell him its the west LA guard armory, guarded by sleepy troopers and chock full of weapons, armor and expensive communications equipment. Since we are going for subtle, we won't be driving out in a tank, unfortunatly. As for the movie, say yes. We spend the next several days putting all the peices in place for the heist. Planting the viruses, getting to know the habbits and membership of the personel, ect.
rolled 21 = 21

sounds good to m
That's not weird at all were just two very good friend's , who happen to be of the opposite gender, who are going to be some alone in the dark together, nothing weird at all. Unless you want it to be!
Note: she is 16, the I'M does not have the hots for her. Steve might though
You aren't able to haggle Mesmer down much. You suspect he might be reading your mind by the end, since he has psychic powers and all, but you're able to shave him down to 30%, which is a moral victory, you guess. Or an immoral victory? Whatever.

Your ghosts are an unreliable lot, as always, but by providing them with some simple instructions and taking meticulous notes, you're slowly able to build up a reasonably solid picture of what the inside of the base looks like.

The plan goes well, at first. Your bots and Mesmer sneak in disguised as guards, and he's able to Jedi mind trick his way past the security checkpoints. Then he breaks out a gas mask and your bots toss the sleeping gas around, and begin packing up boxes full of every kind of weapon you can think of. M4s and Interceptor armor, sure, but while you're here you also grab a few bazookas. It's just too bad a tank would stand out to much to use as a getaway vehicle...

Unfortunately, your hodgepodge of information from the ghosts isn't perfectly accurate, and more guards show up. You've got a backup plan, naturally, and you break out additional sleeping gas to deal with them, but during the brief gunfire before it takes effect one of your bots is shot to pieces.

If you lug that thing along, you'll have to leave some of the weapons behind. If you leave the downed bot behind, they won't be able to trace things back to you, but they'll know it was someone with robots. Either way, the covert part of this operation hasn't gone so well, so you need to bail immediately.
Or we could use a few grenades to blow it to tiny bits.
Or a bazooka, whichever will make it completly unrecognisable
File: 1345422143253.jpg-(45 KB, 500x549, Oh right the murders.jpg)
45 KB
You fire a bazooka at the downed bot. The scrap remaining is clearly still clearly mechanical, but there's not much else discernible about it. That'll have to do. You grab the stuff and leg it. As you've hacked into the base, there's no risk of any alarm going out, so the response is confused and disorganized. Some guardsmen have heard the gunfire, but there's no order to investigate...By the time they realize their communications have been compromised, you're already driving away at top speed.

Steve was literally born three weeks ago (give or take). He has no idea what the original Bourne movies were like, something that seems like it might come up while watching the Bourne Legacy.

There is an interruption to the film, however. "Attention, ArcLight customers, we have an important bulletin from the police. There has been widespread gang violence in this area tonight, but we urge you to remain calm and simply remain inside the building until after the police have given us the all clear. Again, remain calm and stay inside the theater until-"

That's the point when he was cut off by gunfire. "Well, that's never a good sign," Sofia says. There's a few moments of confused murmurings, and finally people begin getting up to leave, including Sofia (though likely for different reasons). As they reach the door, more gunfire is heard, along with screams as the bodies drop.

A note for the record: This wasn't really intended to be topical in a stupid way (pic related). I was just looking for a way to tie the high school drama back into super villainy now that Steve had a couple of chances to gain Sofia's trust in a mundane environment. My first good idea happened to be pretty similar to recent events, and I was too lazy to scrap it and come up with another. The odds of my 2-3 readers being one of the people directly affected by the relevant tragedy are basically zero.
If you ever run out of ideas for supervillian drama, go ask /co/ they'll probably help you, and you might gain a few readers. Also, is this a wat do?
"Hey, everyone, just stay calm like the nice man on the intercom said," Steve can hear someone saying. As they step around the corner, he can see they're Hob Goblin Gangers. They're going to get all the police heat in the world for shit like this...The Goblin Gang isn't even backed by a super as far as you know, but...Damn, they'd have to be, wouldn't they? Would a totally normal street gang actually do something that would draw the attention of every SWAT team and super in the city?

"Alright, everyone, stay seated, we're here just for one guy and the rest of you will probably get out of here in one piece once we find him. Probably," you can tell the ganger's enjoying this power trip.

"You lookin' for me, you bastards?" a man in dark clothes asks. "Martin Bartelli? Comin' for revenge, you Goblin shits? Well, eat lead!" With that, he raises a pistol and fires on the Hobs, who respond with an assault rifle volley that tears him to pieces. "Well, that works, too," the Hobs say. "Alright, since Mr. Bartelli was kind enough to make this so easy, everybody's just going to file out one at a time and if we like the look of you, that's it! You're done! Go home! Come on, get in line, get up, don't try and run or we'll blow your face right the fuck off, hurry up."

The Hobs let most of the people through, but occasionally pull one of the younger ones aside, always in the range of about 11-17. The first one screams and the Hob clubs her over the head to shut her up. "Be quiet, next person to make noise gets shot."

Sofia's eyes are clenched shut as she gets nearer to the Hobs, and Steve can hear a soft humming from under her clothes. "Come on," she says under her breath, "just a little closer..."
"Hey," the Hob says, grabbing her by the arm, "you look good enough, off to the side."

"Today's not your lucky day," Sofia says.

She plants a kick in the gut of one, hard enough to send him off his feet and into the wall, then grabs for the assault rifle the other one is carrying. He begins struggling with her for it. Looks like the suit doesn't do as much for her strength as it does for her speed...Also she's apparently got at least part of that thing under her clothes. She's moving a lot faster than in the fight with the bullies the other day.

The Hob behind her is beginning to recover. If she doesn't win that grapple soon, she stands to get shot up by an assault rifle at point blank range. Unless her suit is also really awesome armor, that could end fatally for her.

Meanwhile, your bots are returning to base when you start getting urgent news bulletins from basically every news channel in the city that there have been a series of terrorist attacks across Hollywood. Public shootings, pipe bombs tossed into the windows of residences, and one office building completely consumed by fire. Apparently the perpetrator are the Hob Goblin Gangers, which leads police to believe that this might be an unprecedented escalation of their conflict with the Family. This certainly calls into question the competence of the current police chief.

>Wat do?
Anyone remember steves stats? I think he was good at stealth, so can we stealthy club the guy with a pipe or something?
Our so- I mean EVIL infiltrator skin bot was out tonight, Give him a call and see if he's see' anthing.
Also, having the avalon goblins pose as goblins just became a liability. Have the avalon types "quit in disgust."

I don't know why this isn't in the minion list with the others, I've fixed that now.

Steve's statline is H1 A1 C4 T2 I4 O2 N0 S2
Yeah, stealthy clubbing is the best idea, unless there is a way for him to make a cunning attack?

He doesn't have any powers that let him literally deal damage with a Cunning roll, but if you can find a way to stop him from shooting by using Cunning, that could work, too.
"The cops! We're saved!" then club him in the back of the head. Aka: the oh look, a distraction! Plan.

"The cops, we're saved!" Steve exclaims. The Hob turns towards him and immediately opens fire. Sofia, meanwhile, has yanked the gun out of the first guy's hands, but isn't quite fast enough to stop the other Hob from firing...

Split-second decision. You can step behind someone else. Sofia will see it, but Steve will live. On the other hand, Steve can take the entire machine-gunning himself, and a full blast from an assault rifle is guaranteed to disable a bot as fragile as he is. However, if you can recover the wreckage, you may be able to restore him later on.

>Wat do?
Let Steve die and send 2 bots disguised as paramedics to retrieve the remains. Maybe it will rustle her jimmies enough to start heading to the more brutal form of vigilantism seeing a friend gunned down in the street.
Hit the deck, its the logical thing to do.
Wait, how good is the sythskin? Will it be obvious that steve is a bot?

Yes, it will be obvious he is a bot. Hitting the deck won't help, there's 30-odd bullets in that clip and the Hob can adjust his aim.
But sofia has a gun *utterly evil grin of doom*
So all we need to do is make him miss the first burst.
And then, well...
So, my efforts to post to /co/ scrounging for ideas have not gone well. No one answered. Maybe I've somehow gravely offended their mysterious, distant culture?

Regardless, you elect not to sacrifice a random bystander to save Steve, and your reflexes are not near good enough to avoid being chewed to pieces by the Hob's assault rifle. You'll have to retrieve that scrap before someone else can if you're going to put him back together.

>Wat do?
Send the stealth bot to see if we can recover what is left of steve.
Something came up that kind of dragged me out of things a bit. Sorry about that. I am kind of mentally thrown a bit, which is usually not really a problem but it makes it very hard to write at all. So, I'm throwing the archive link up here:


I will try and get back in the right mindset for this, but I can't make any promises.
Nope. My emotions are fucked for the night. Tomorrow at 14:00, guys.

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