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>mfw no L5R thread.

Seems that L5R is not as big as it use to be here.
Old L5R threads in the archive.
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Maybe because no one plays the card game and there's a shitlong metaplot and a bunch of rules you have to know for the RPG.
File: 1341884589644.gif-(14 KB, 350x50, dutyst1.gif)
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Just get the rulebook, has all the plot you'll need to play.
Card game's plot has been separated form RPG plot.
Hiruma family is best family.
Anyone who argues differently is a Crane.
And here for the card game.
Generally I find that a party of almost entirely the same clan, plus maybe one hostage from a friendly clan works well.
Such as all Crabs, and one Unicorn hostage. It lets you have some diversity, but still have mostly converging goals.
File: 1341885348612.jpg-(147 KB, 780x580, l5r_crab01.jpg)
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i would love to play me some fukken L5R, but none of my players would go for it. they're all into breaking rules and breaking faces, and the concept of the long con or patient vengeance is lost on them.

the closest i get to playing is reading threads about it on /tg/, which leaves me feeling quite...

Dude the Crab clan is perfect for face breakers. Just make a Shadowlands campaign. Put them on the wall and watch them break some twisted faces. Then when that gets boring have them transfered to Shinsei's Last Hope (I'm fairly certain that's its name) the farthest village on the shadowlands border. Then if that gets boring send them into the Shadowlands itself as a scouting party.
I love L5R, both running and playing in games soon.

I'm curious about you other /tg/ folk who run L5R games though. The metaplot is seriously long as fuck and not always good. Every time I have an idea, I discover more complicated details that sometimes interfere with what I had in mind. How do you guys deal with this? At this point I've got my own Rokugan setting with some pretty substantial differences.
Do your players read the metaplot?
If no then do whatever you want.
If yes then tell the players that you changed some of it because it was silly then do whatever you want.
They know just a bit about it, and I'm not really concerned about that. My own take on Rokugan's been going pretty well so far. Just curious about other peoples' experience with it.
File: 1341886701795.gif-(22 KB, 350x144, wearethewallna7.gif)
22 KB
This man has it.
Anyone got amusing/awesome stories they can tell?
I kind of want to tell some stories about the Dragon player in my group and some of the stupid things he has done but I've forgotten some and often really short.
My Crab character once aced an ikebana check untrained with no void during a Topaz Championship, kinda floored the Crane hosts there. Doubt that is a big thing though.
My Scorpion courtier out wrestled a Hiruma wrestler during the topaz championship. Badly too. The Crab pretty much had a temper tantrum and made the rest of the Crab look bad after I beat him.

We also had a Unicorn NPC fail at his horsemanship test.
Any non-rulebook resources you guys like to use?

I use l5r.wikia.com for details at times.
Wish the card game was more popular. It's a lot of fun. Haven't played since Samurai edition, does anyone know how the clans stack up in Emperor? Also is emperor edition near the end of it's cycle or not? I'd like to get back into it but would rather get back into it if the stuff they're releasing will be legal in the next edition.
I'm interested in the card game too, though I've never played. Is it good? How expensive/exclusive is it?
Am I the only one considering a ronin deck now that the gencon pack has been spoiled? There's some delicious stuff for them and lion, gold-wise.
Emperor just started at the beginning of the year. Kotei season just ended, Crab stomped everything, Lion and Dragon also did respectably.
It helps that the dev team has been throwing crab everything they need to win forever. Crane and Spider are struggling to find one workable theme. Crab have three.



Thanks. Guessing Phoenix is as unviable as ever. The race for the throne was not fun for us....
So why don't more people play the card game? Personally I've always thought it was much more enjoyable than MTG. I never even though I liked card games until I picked up L5R a few years ago, now I play it all the fucking time
It's not expensive, not compared to magic. A starter deck runs you $25 and gives you everything you need to play, plus three boosters. They come in beautiful, reusable boxes that are big enough to hold both of your decks sleeved, too.

It's pretty good, and right now it's coming out of a slump, story-wise. A friend of mine claims that Emperor Edition's story is a wonderful place, it's just a shame you have to cross the Destroyer War to get to it.

Phoenix is actually pretty amazing right now! Their enlightenment deck is ridiculous (not sure if good or bad, but certainly ridiculous), their honour deck is one of like two still playable in the current environment, and their military is CRAZY if you can get like one or two of the right spells.

Now now, no need to be rude. Remember, courtesy and kindness first. If someone is to act like a barbarian, let it be the other person.
It Isn't Magic. Same reason people don't play non-40k wargames. You can play this, which is as good or maybe slightly better than the well known one, or you can play the well known one and guarantee yourself a game and a community.
File: 1341890779927.jpg-(164 KB, 1039x1600, 0000 Samurai 3.jpg)
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Best part of L5R is the world. The RPG is awesome if you filter out problem players...

honestly, the more you know about japan, it's language, and it's culture, the less fun L5R is, or the more of a refuge it becomes. if you hate the school girl obsession, or hentai, or the bishonen, L5R is the shit. l5r is USA conservative friendly.

most 4channers like the stuff
l5R is generally lacking in. though, if samurai armor and epic war are your kool-aid, L5R is da bomb.

I played against a Phoenix and Dragon player last night. The Phoenix deck that guy had was just... ugh... that was disgusting.

That's great to hear for a former Phoenix player. I just remember it being so frustrating despite Temple Honor being a decent build during Samurai.

Miss my bro Shiba Aikune.
>l5r is USA conservative friendly.

In that everyone's a backwards, xenophobic religious zealot?
I've always figured that the setting itself could help quite a bit with certain types of problem players. By removing (most) of the loot incentives, it certainly would have handled the worst player I've ever dealt with - assuming he could have been convinced to play it in the first place.
I love that enlightenment deck so much. There's nothing quite like working through half of your fate deck on turn 2.

God do I hate it. I play a Crane dueling/honor burst deck most of the time, and I can't even do anything against my friends Phoenix deck. Not enough force across my cards to openly attack him, and even if I did he has a million spells and kihos out. I can hardly ever duel him, because his Shugenja already have hi chi, and he has sooo many double chi spells and shit like that. The worst thing is that his stronghold lets him unbow personalities/spells, so he can completely fuck me over. The only times I've ever beaten him have been when I managed to just burst to 40 honor so quickly he didn't have time to take my provinces.
So, what's /tg/'s opinion of the Ikoma Lion's Shadows, both fluffwise and the power of the school? It's in Emerald Empire if you haven't read it.
> double chi spells
> stronghold lets him unbow units
> emperor edition
I think the guys who make the card game have a particular plot advancement that they want to happen, so they make the cards in favor of whoever they want to win.

Oh no, he's not playing an Empire Edition deck. It's a mish-mash of cards from about 1995-2004 or so. I was just expressing my all around hatred of Phoenix.
And as a Hiruma, you'd know, right?
aaaaaahahaha. Play current-era dragon kensai and just kick his everything in.

>Playing Dragon anything

I've been learning from a Sparrow friend.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'll fuck you with a tetsubo.
So, I haven't been paying much attention to L5R for the last few years, mainly because I wound up moving to an area with no notable playerbase. I haven't really seen the game since Iweko became Empress.

What have the Mantis been doing lately? Are we actually meaningful to the plot? Do we do anything interesting in Emperor Edition? And last, but not least, did our playerbase ever stop obsessing about setting up a line of succession by getting Naizen laid?
The Mantis were supposed to be the main force colonizing the Colonies, along with the Spider. They're currently getting involved in an economic war with the Crane. The first parts of this fiction is extremely relevant.

>>19813938 here.

>Look at Emperor Edition stuff on L5R website
>"Melee 6 attack"
i'm out of touch and what is this i don't even
It's like a Ranged attack, only with a different keyword so different stuff affects it.
Everything I know is a lie!

You kinda haven't any of those things.

If you think a Hiruma with a tetsubo is strange, you should see my Ikoma who carries one around.
Actually it more because of the card game the plot went full retard more times then not. A serious an immersive setting cannot survive on the idea that you can kill Sun and Moon gods who created the entire universe with a nifty geological hand.

With stupidity of this grade, and the foolish slaughter of BBEGs that are SUPPOSED to keep coming back and you have a incredibly wasted oppurtunity for a great setting. Everything after the Clan War is crap and even that was pretty fucked up.
He's a Matsu school right?
He's... he's not an Ikoma courtier with a tetsubo right?
>Killing gods using legendary artifacts ruins a setting.
Welp, guess I better go tell some religions that they suck.
Get right to it. I'm sure so many religions allow you to kill gods as a lowly mortal with a geological prosthetic hand. There has to be tons....
The hand was chopped off the fucking moon.

And yes, yes there are several mythologies that allows you to murder the shit out of gods using select artefacts.
Like say: The Greek one, the Germanic one, Celts allowed for it, and several native American belief systems.
The hand could have been shit by Amaterasu, it's still a fucking hand. It doesn't give you the power to take up the mantle of creator of the entire fucking world/cosmos. Kill a pathetic god, sure. How many have you taking over for Zeus? Odin Allfather? Even Coyote?

Try again. I know the myths as well douche.
Odin gets killed by the fenrir wolf, Baldr was murdered by mistletoe, Uranus was killed by a geological object (A rock), and so on and so forth.
You're an idiot.
There are perfectly good problems with L5R, but that ain't it.
Yes and how many are replaced by mortals? Ignore one part while addressing the other just shows your weak ground. Simple truth is the story is fucked and has been for a very long time. Mostly because of the crappy tournament win decisions made by card players that really couldn't care less how fucked the story gets. That being the case, the story gets more and more screwed until it more resembles a comic books story, rather then a samurai drama.

The killing of the creator gods is just the symptom of the disease, but it's the one you wanted to attack so I countered. So try again.
It's a fucking central tenet of Egyptian mythology that the god-king Osiris is dead and replaced by the "mortal" pharaoh.
The Japanese emperors replaced gods when they died, and the current reigning emperor is also the ruler of the spirits.
Odin was replaced by mortals.

Now none of those are "Creator deities" (Odin was only one of several creators), because you're talking about leaders of pantheons, and so shall I

He's not NOT an Ikoma Courtier, in that he is an Ikoma family member who often finds himself working the courts due to his skills, though if anyone asks him he's a Bushi first and foremost.
File: 1341939675435.jpg-(35 KB, 320x450, touched by the realm - ch(...).jpg)
35 KB
I've been in many campaigns of L5R of various length, and never seen this kind of thing even come up. If you know generally what the clans are about and how Rokugani society works, that's all you need. Pull in some of the books for location/plot ideas and you have all you will ever need for a game
L5R bump with a question:

What are the best weapons of each category in 4th?

Additionally, should Weapons: Crossbows use Agility or Reflexes?
I'd say reflexes. And... I'd have to take a closer look at all the types of weapons, but nodachi is the best kenjutsu weapon. 3k3 all the time is better than 4k3 a couple times.
The words. Tell me the words.

Tell me of the Nezumi.

Buncha rat people. They have piss-poor memories. Pretty much all of them died fighting tomorrow.

Like, not, they died fighting tomorrow, but the *concept of* the day after today or some shit like that.
Soon I am going to get involved in a L5R campaign and the GM told me to choose from these three clans: Scorpion, Mantis and Dragon.
The campaign is going to involve mostly investigation, so I thought about a Kitsuki, but I don't know if there will be possible options concerning investigation in the other two clans.
Nodachi and Ono.

If you use anything other than Kenjutsu or Heavy Weapons you're a giant tool.

Any sort of Shugenja (especially air though) can be good in investigative campaigns.

Additionally, Ninjas. Fucking ninjas, bane of investigative campaigns. Especially ones where the bad guy 'slips away' and wins out in court despite your proof otherwise because he wins a duel or whatever.

What if you're a ninja?
Then you're a giant tool, obviously.
Beneath my armor
mighty tetsubo rests
the womenfolk gasp

Many crab have claimed
To woo women with their ways
Still, crane wives are best.
Crane women are best
Alas many are armed
Fundoshi beneath
I played in a online game that unfortunately died. Ide courtier and my first character in L5R. Had some rather amusing bits in the Topaz championship sessions of the game, including biffing a heraldry so hard she couldn't identify the major clan it belonged to, and biffing a perception roll so hard she basically walked into the corner of the door when leaving the starting hut for a hunting/speed section of the championship.

She then proceeded to outshoot and outrride everybody else in the competition leaving her with some measure of pride and success, although a twinge of irritation that everybody remembered her outshooting the Imperial Heir himself, and not her impressive court behavior.

The second half of the game before it died was a winter court setting. She spent most of her time running around just trying to keep the rest of the delegation in line, especially a boisterous Moto Bushi woman who probably was a crab who get lost on their way to being born. Got drunk under the table a couple of times keeping the Moto out of the way, losing honor a bit, but ended up getting to buy the Moto as a high devotion ally, which came in huge at the ending when stupid bloody spider clan tried to fucking kill almost everybody.
I've told this to alot of my friends, but I feel like I cannot into normal L5R characters.

Right now I'm playing a Scorpion with 6.0 Honor and Paragon of Courage, a Unicorn Shugenja built more like a Bushi who carries a Katana around, and a Lion with 3.5 honor, lechery, and compulsion (drinking). And Crafty.
Crab boasts of hardness
But when he removes his shell
Flesh beneath is limp
Who never uses
his private wakazashi
Crane obviously
Of course Crane does not
Crane has private nodachi
Where Crab has kaiken
Crane boasts of prowess
forgetting the painful truth
atrophy sets in.
Scorpion watches
bickering samurai babes,
smiling for the knife.
Scorpion clan mon
Has a larger appendage
Than its followers
To my Crab brethren:
Boasting is a Crane Folly
The Crab simply show.
Few Crab samurai
can defeat the Crane at court
thus I am useful
Your haiku lack grace.
Seasons pass and nature sings
Metaphor crowns all
Your Haiku is stale
thus I tetsubo your face
it looks much better
Polearms are better overall than the Katana, deal with it.
To your Crab brethren:
Showing is your clan's folly
What with your hygiene
So what I'm getting from this thread is that making a moto who uses a chain weapon in one hand to entangle people and ride them to death, not a very functional idea, gotcha. Stick with one-handed a tetusbo, bisento, or nodachi, then?
Best weapons by category:
Chain: Much like D&D's tactical masters, your enemies will find it difficult to get attacks off when they can't move. You need initiative, high ranks in jiujutsu, chain weapons, and agility to pull this off. The Kusarigama is your weapon of choice (mostly because the kama end does 0k2 damage if you need it). For bonus melee damage during the grapple you can pick up Fists of Stone advantage.

Heavy: Everyone picks the Ono because it gets 0k4 damage. So will you!

Swords: 4k3 damage, readied as a free action? Say "Hai, sensei-sama!" when it comes time to learn how to use the nodachi. Just make sure your school techniques do not require weapons with the Samurai keyword first! (Lion bushi may also strongly consider the 5k2 katana granted by the Sacred Weapon advantage for the honor rank bonus.)

Knives: Fancy fighting with two weapons while not being a Dragon or Mantis? Look no further than the tanto. As a bonus, you can shave with it, so you'll always be sure to keep it sharp!

Polearms: 3k3 damage with +5 initiative during the first round of combat? Fight a lot of mounted opponents or huge monsters? Say hello to the bisento!
Crane women can not
show, for if their husbands knew
he would seppuku
Mantis Clan was here
Now your women are not here
For they saw our boats
Mantis would do well
to remember their allies
laugh at Crane, friendless
No need to worry
Her husband already knows
He likes her to top
We do remember
That's why we sent mail-order
brides down from Phoenix
We will not worry
They will be back very soon
Bringing your ships with
Indeed, I must say
They love to ride on our ships
Perhaps yours have sunk?
There is only one
true female of the Crane clan
the Emperors wife
Bows: Get a horse, get a dai-kyu! Enjoy the free +1k0 for being mounted while your opponents are not! Just whip out the standard arrows for a 6k2 weapon!

Spears: The mai chong, with 0k3 damage, retains it all when thrown 25'. Think about it as a first strike weapon!

Staves: Tonfa, hands down. Better be a Mantis if you want to use it, though.

War fans: You don't really have a choice here. Sup, tessen?
Your haiku all stinks
They really really stink bad
Almost like this one
You cannot compose
Perhaps peasants should not try
to create haiku

Your skills are valued.
A Crab who acts as a Crane:
Needed, though adverse.

Blood from the Relm's foes
Is hard to remove; good thing
It makes women wet.
Soft as mantis silk.
The beautiful new Crane bride.
Has something extra.
> Heavy: Everyone picks the Ono because it gets 0k4 damage. So will you!
The ono only works for strength focused builds. You're usually better off with a Tesubo, though a Matsu bushi can grab an ono and Large for a cool starting damage of 5k4.
Yes, your haiku reeks
like your mother's vagina
Crusty and oozing
I am ready to
destroy goblins and oni
or shame the Crane clan
You've misunderstood how chain weapon works.
You do damage with your weapon if you're grappling with it, and use your weapon rank in place of Jiujutsu.
Basically if you're chain-armed you don't even need jiujutsu.
Worst haiku of the bunch.
This is not haiku
so why the three line structure?
Stop confusing me
I know right. He must be a spider or something.
Well it's been quite fun
However a Crab does sleep
Crane is quite flaccid
Shame and the Crane Clan
like maho and the Phoenix
Never far apart
Just ran the first session of... well, it was probably one of the most out there L5R games that has been run. Ever.

The PCs were Kami, from a slightly alternate cosmology (Identical save that Sun and Moon have been replaced by Sea and Sky). Through a series of events it was unfortunately necessary for them to be cast down to Ningen-do. Theirs is still a very Asian inspired land, but it is not, geographically speaking, Rokugan.

The Kami are, by order of their age (We rolled for order of birth, though I've been running Tengoku as a land where the meaning of time and distance is questionable at best):
Barudo: A fairly generalist Kami (Fat chance being Hantei though) whose focuses lie with inherent ability rather than skill. Has a bit of a bodyguard complex, and has a bit of interest in smithing. None of these features are unique in the party, but their combination is.

Haruhi: Her fascination with the void dragon and the mentorship that followed led to her being only one privileged with seeing their exile to Ningen-do coming. She used the opportunity to learn about and even contact a mortal, though this was more of a machination of the Void dragon, and the mortal in question, while powerful, and willing to help her, doesn't actually seem to consider Tengoku a thing to be venerated. So good luck there. The only one of the Kami currently able to use magic, though extremely limited. Likes peace.
Kitasenju: A highly industrious Kami who was on good terms with Ebisu. Believes that simple, difficult work is enriching to the mind and body, holding that its value as training is inestimable. Also, suffered head trauma as a child that led to a strange, unearthly song bleeding into his mind from another world BUT THAT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE SIGNIFICANT.

Ennupuku: The second daughter of Sky and Sea, went missing during the fall to Ningen-do. Always kind of quiet, like her immediately younger brother.

Jintate: Being middle child is suffering. Didn't receive much attention as a child to the point of now feeling discomfort from people watching him, and so spends almost all his time hidden. Shares Barudo's bodyguard complex.

The Twins:
Yomichi: Another generalist (Though extremely devoted to the mechanisms of the human body, having the highest Medicine stat concievable, and pretty good Lore: Anatomy too). Focuses on skill more than others. Really hates Haruhi and compulsively tries to outdo her or ruin anything she attempts.

Ambiru: The Hida of the group, a warrior and blacksmith who believes strength of arms is the real judge of a man's value.
Haiku is more than
Morae five, seven, five
Summer's harvest: crap.
File: 1341985367906.png-(24 KB, 666x409, 1323982558385.png)
24 KB
Crane 4 life
Yours isn't even in the correct format.
What the fuck is that? A goblins attempt at haiku? And what the fuck is morae anyways?
I was actually really impressed with how well it worked. I was expected a horrible clusterfuck, and it was, at times, but those times were exactly the same as when a normal L5R game is.

Lord Sky and Lady Sea's relationship was... deteriorating. Their arguments had been getting more and more extreme, and the world beneath Tengoku mirrored the turmoil of their hearts. The Celestial Court held a meeting in their absence, something unprecedented, instead giving seats to the Kami. The Fortunes elaborated that they had arrived at the conclusion that the only way to save the lower realms from destruction was to cast down the Kami, for two reasons:
a) Sea and Sky would be unified by their grief
b) Tengoku, serving as a mirror to the other realms, would then be devoid of a parallel to the creatures of the land itself, and thus unable to drive them to chaos (Which they explained that the Kami fulfilled: In this cosmology, Lady Sea in the context of the ocean literally gave birth to the Earth, thus making the life upon it and the Kami inherently mirrors of one another)

One or two of the Kami were pretty shocked by this treasonous talk, but were eventually convinced it was the only way. Haruhi expressed an issue that it might make things worse, by colocating both life on Ningen-do and its abstracted representation in Tengoku, but the Dragons were of the opinion that that would only be a problem if Lord Sky and Lady Sea physically manifested themselves as well.

And thus the Dragons created a shaft that would carry them to Ningen-do. As they fell, the sighted the Celestial Dragon, something of a rumour in Ningen-do. Yomichi tried to grab one of its scales, failed, but had a Raiju latch onto his arm instead. I played Raiju as essentially being ticks of the Celestial Heavens, so this wasn't good for him.
You know the meaning
of Haiku. You do not know
The meaning of fun.

My personal favorite Haiku:

In a Station of the Metro:

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.

-Ezra Pound.
>Let me respond in proper haiku format
Jade shard presented
back monstrous shadowlander
count your syllables
Bitches don't know bout my honor.
All Cranes have honor
similar to viking men
show me your honor
You, sir, should count yours
Your second line of Haiku
Has eight syllables.
Perhaps in your speech
but my pronunciation
counts only seven
Crane dialect is
somewhat strange for Rokugan
has word for pegging
I truly need to
get some sleep before it is
too late to reach work
Morae are what
Hopeless gaijin call syllables
The same, yet diff'rent

(Note: Mo-Ra-É, moh rah ay, three morae/syllables, not two. This haiku illustrates the difference: gaijin properly has FOUR morae: ga i ji n but only two syllables: guy jinn)

There was an old man
From Peru, whose lim'ricks all
Look'd like haiku. He

Said with a laugh "I
Cut them in half, the pay is
Much better for two."

I don't like the above in haiku duels because the separations all fall in bad places for the haiku. Mastery of not only meeting the form but doing so elegantly is required.
First, fuck Ezra Pound.
The seasonal reference
last haiku fight forced

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