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Thread 1 - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19684953/

You wake up early in the morning, the sun just starting to shine through the curtains. You slept well but your dreams made even less sense than they usually do.

You get out of bed and put on your clothes, your coat makes a slight jingling sound as the coins you were given move about in your pocket. After you're dressed you make your way downstairs.

You step into the main foyer and you hear a voice from your side, "Morning Mr Butler, did you sleep well?"

You grunt in approval and stretch your shoulder muscles slightly. Walking towards the door you put your hat on and stare into the main street, people are just starting out for the day, you can see all the shopkeepers unlocking their doors and flipping the open/closed signs round.

The well is right next to you, you forgot to fill your waterskins the other day, so you fill them up entirely.

Still no word on where the Hunter boys are yet.

>Wat do /tg/?
I thought there was a shootout at dawn? Oh well, fill dem skins.
The same thing we do every thread pinky, not give a toss until it falls off the back page.
There was a shootout a dusk yesterday, and you've already filled the waterskins.

Unless I've missed something that I wrote in part I :/
We shot one guy. That's just a plain ol' murder. I thought there was a shootout at dawn between the Hunter Boys and the residents of Vindication.
Nah, I see where you've gotten mixed up though.

I said you'd have a days notice between the Hunter boys hitting the next town and coming to yours.
OK, we run the town through the drills of what's going to happen and where to put the dynamite.
You go to the Sheriffs Office and knock on the door, after a while he opens up.

"Morning Karl, need anything?" he asks.
"I just wanna get everyone together and run over the plan for when the attack comes." You tell him.

The Sheriff nods and tells you to wait in the main street by the Saloon, he then walks over to the Morse key and starts tapping away.

You walk down the main street and sit outside the Saloon. You're only there for about an hour until everyone shows up. The five prospectors, the six ranchers, yourself, Sheriff Foster and Johnson, the owner of the General Store.

The prospectors are armed with rifles, the ranchers with pistols, Sheriff Foster has both, you have a single pistol and Johnson is going to help co-ordinate some of the effort.

>Plan time, your move.
>and the prospectors have a few sticks of dynamite
Dynamite under the main road in the center of the town. Gunmen on roofs and in windows. Seeing as how we shot that guy, and things like this have to happen for the sake of a good Western, we'll be in the middle of the road waiting.

Everyone gets into a semi-circle in the main street and faces you. "There most likely going to just sweep through this street here, just like they've done before, so I want your guys dynamite" you point to the prospectors, "place down the middle."

The miners look at each other with big smiles on their faces.

"Johnson, i'm going to need your help in co-ordinating the guns on this one." The nervous shopkeeper fidgets with his glasses. "Well...we couldn't do wrong just by getting the high ground.."

You nod towards him. "Everyone whos got a pistol I want on ground level, inbetween alleyways and doors. Everyone with a rifle get up top, hide in a window or on a balcony."

"As for you and me Sheriff, I was thinking we'd just wait out in the open for them." The Sheriff nods.

"Until then, everyone get your stuff ready and stay alert, Sheriff I want you manning that Morse key for as long as you can."

Everyone starts to move off, the prospectors talking amongst themselves about maximum blast radii and other technical explosives mumbo jumbo, the ranchers head into the Saloon and start to clean off their guns.

Sheriff Foster immediately heads off back to the Prison and Johnson starts muttering and walking off in the direction of his General Store.

Until you get the message, you've got to find something to do.
Ask for more information on the Hunter boys, and the bigger group they belong to. I think someone said that they're leader had a special power. So card.
On your quest to find more information about the Hunter boys, the obvious place to look is also the closest. Walking into the Saloon you notice the ranchers sitting at the table, uncharacteristically focused at the task in hand.

You sit down at the table and enquire if any of them know anything about the Hunter boys. They tell you the only thing they know is how they dress, you've seen it with the man you killed yesterday.

You head over to the bar and place your hat down. The barmaid notices you and eagerly rushes over. "Back so soon hun'," she waves her eyelashes at you, "Beer and a bottle, right?"

You shake your head, she looks slightly dissapointed. "I'm trying to find more information about the Hunter boys." you tell her.

"Hmmm, well I ain't never seen any of them myself, and those boys over there don't know anything 'bout them either" She gestures towards the ranchers.

"Who was that guy you were talking to the other day? You know, the one with all the tattoos, I bet he knows something"

You nod and make your way out of the Saloon. You remember watching him leave the place and see the alleyway he disappeared down.
Make sure your gun's loaded and go down.
Taking your pistol out of its holster you check it's full loaded. It is, but it doesn't give you any reassurance.

You make your way down the alley, on one end is the main street, where you've just come from, on the other you can see the surrounding landscape.

You keep walking down, the alley is just made of the walls of two buildings, there's no windows but you make out a doorway at the very end.

You stand in front of the door and see a small hatch that would open from the inside, you knock on the door loudly.

The hatch opens and you see a pair of eyes stare back at you, the person behind the door shouts something in Chinese. You fumble around in your pockets and hold one of the coins up to the man.

You're about to ask for the person who gave them to you but the hatch shuts and the door opens. You see a small Chinese man, much smaller than you are, standing in front of you. There are no chairs or steps around, how he looked through the hatch is a mystery to you.

He gestures you to follow him as he makes his way down a dusty corridor with doors either side.

>4chan deleted my post :(

The man you are following starts to open a door on the right side of the corridor, he ushers you through and locks the door behind you.

You can barely see past all the fabrics that are hanging from the ceiling. Through the various colours you can see a few Chinese men meditating, someone chanting over a pot of dubious ingredients and, at the end of the room, the man who gave you those coins.

As you make your way towards him, no one looks up or even notices you are there. You can see he has his eyes closed, but he greets you nonetheless.

"Hello again."

"Hello there. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and ask if what you know about the Hunter Boys."

"How did ya know? Nice trick. Anyways, Let's go straight to buisness. Hunters. You know about them, and their shady boss. I already killed one of em, cant back out anymore even if i wanted to. So you can start by telling me anything you know."
"What do you know about the Hunter boys?"

The monks stop meditating and look your way, after a few seconds they start chanting a different prayer.

The tattooed man opens his eyes and stares directly into yours. "The Hunter boys are just criminals" he says between rasps and coughing, "Their leader is the one you should be worried about."

"If you're skilled enough you can overcome anything mortal, but it takes something special to overcome unholy skill."

"Unholy skill?" You ask. The tattooed man nods back, "Yes, the full story will come to you in time, but you must prepare for when you face the Ace of Spades."
God damnit, this is set in the wild card setting isn't it?
Nope. You'll find out eventually.
Oh thank fuck, Anyhow, what the hell is this ace of spades then.
Really? I had no clue.
Speed. I think.

"I have not forgotten the face of my Father, my vengeance will be had and I will carve a bloody path to those responsible."

"The Ace of Spades?"

The tattooed man nods at you. "He used to be a part of the Dead Man's Hand, but...something happened. The rest, like I said, you will find out later."

Go and ask the local priest for a blessing. We're fighting unholy power, we're gonna need the wrath of God.

"Dude, you can just tell me, ive seen some shit, i aint gonna drop from the revelation. Noone is helped with you beating around the bush."
If their leader has unholy skill what do I need to kill him?
Dynamite. Twice our weight in dynamite.

"Thanks, for whatever help it was you gave me."

You make your way out of the room and knock on the door. You hear a shuffling outside as the door unlocks and make your way out of the corridor.

The sun is still beating down, it's around noon.

You make your way to the Church and find the Reverend outside.

"Pastor we need to talk..." you tell him.
"Again?" Comes the reply.

"It's..about something else this time, i'm in need of, well how can I put this...protection." You ask him, he looks a bit puzzled.

"Well Sheriff Foster'll probably be able..." You cut him off. "No, no, I mean protection." You point to his crucifix.

"Ah." He fumbles with the chain around his neck. "Come on in i'll see what I can do."

Lets go on in then, nothing ta lose.
>Couple more people posting so whenever I do a post i'll wait for what the next few people say.

The Reverend makes his way over to his room at the back of the Church, he opens a door and the two of you go in.

It's a small room, just enough for one man. The Reverend moves over to his desk, it's covered in pieces of paper and various trinkets. He opens the drawers and starts shuffling things around.

"Rosary....cross...ah here we go!" He hands yuo a small silver chain with many circular pieces of metal hanging off it. "Anointed silver and charms of the disciples, should give you a bit of protection." He looks pleased as he puts it around your wrist.

He slowly looks up and sees you staring at him. "Umm...not a fan of jewellery then..." He hurriedly takes the bracelet off and shoves it back in the draw.

"Well i'm afraid that's pretty much the only strong stuff we have" He says dissapointedly. You notice a large metal cross on the wall and point to it.

"Oh no, no, that's a personal favourite, I can't be giving that away." He says, moving over to it, trying to defend it from you.

"Father, i'm going after the Hunter boys and eventually the leader, you can have it back when i'm done." All the colour drains from the mans face. "I've heard some stories about the leader, unnatural stories..."

He chews his lip for a few seconds before taking the cross down. He starts to hand it over, "You're sure you'll give it back?" You nod and he gives it to you.

"That's an 11th Century cross, anointed by an Archbishop at the time. That should give you all the protection you need." You handle the large chunk of metal in your hands, it has inscriptions and Latin verse all over it. It may be a little difficult to get onto your person though.
Maybe strap it to our back?
To our belt more like.
Either work really.

Either way is fine, but it's going to be awkward as hell to keep it strapped to your back, easier on your belt but mobility will be affected.

>Waiting for orders.
The back will limit movement, while the belt will make us look like we're the fucking inquisition.
OK, decide on cross positioning, thank the priest, and go back into town. Then we'll put everyone into position and wait.
Inquisition look works, lets tie to our side.
>Karl Butler, Holy Warrior.

The Reverend gets a spare belt he has and attaches it to the Cross. You place the other belt on and immediately feel its weight slow you down.

As you're making your way back into town the Sheriff rides up as fast as he can.

"They've hit Shermans Pass, they'll be here tomorow." He says quickly "I've sent word to the others and they'll be outside the Saloon any minute now" He pulls you up onto his horse and rides into town.

As soon as he's done tying the rope onto the wooden posts outside, your militia start to show up. You see a few new faces in the crowd, townspeople most likely.

>Anything you want to change, or just stick with the plan?
Stick to the plan.

"Alright by now you've heard the Hunter boys are a day away. I want all the explosives planted as quickly as possible, Johnson I want you to drill everyone on where they should be tomorow."

You point towards the new faces in the crowd "You three, go with Johnson, he'll tell you where to go."

"I want everything set up and ready in the next few hours, tomorow morning I want everyone up and in position. I want you up early, so no drinking." The prospectors start to look somewhat disheartened.

"Sheriff i'm going to need to borrow your horse and some camping supplies. I'll station myself in facing Shermans Pass and ride into town when they start coming."

"All right, let's do this." Everyone starts to move. The prospectors retrieve their equipment, the ranchers and townsfolk go over with Johnson, who places them in strategis locations.

You jump onto the Sheriffs horse and make your way towards a hill, where you'll have a clear view of the Hunter boys as they start to ride towards Vindication.
And now we wait.

Typing the other now.
You plant yourself ontop of a hill. You tie the horse down on the other side, so it can't be seen from where the Hunter boys are coming.

You place a large rope circle around the site and sit down, the time passes very quickly and before you know it, it's nightfall.

You water the horse once and give it something to eat before preparing to sleep rough, you don't want a tent or a fire to alert anyone of your presence.

You fall asleep pretty quickly and images come to you in your dreams. The white eyes of the tattooed man, the cross the Reverend gave you and the chanting monks.

The last image to come to you in your dreams is of a mans hand, the word 'HELL' tattooed on his knuckles. He places a coin with his other hand, briefly displaying the 'FIRE' knuckle tattoos, in between his thumb and index finger. As the coin rolls along the knuckles you coin starts to glow white and you suddenly and violently wake up.

The sun is just starting to come up so you keep a watch on the horizon, waiting for the Hunter boys.

About two hours after sunrise you see a faint trail of dust rise up. You grab a telescope that the Sheriff had in a saddlebag and focus it on the dust.

You see a lone rider, covered in wolf pelts, despite it being pretty hot. Right behind him is the rest of the gang, about 20 strong.

You immediately grab the rope, jump up and onto your horse and ride as hard as you can into town.
Get moving nigga, we gotta fight.
Everyone is already moving about when you get to town. You see the Sheriff co-ordinating the milita with Johnson. "They'll be here any time now Sheriff!" You bellow towards him.

You stop the horse and jump off. The prospectors gather round and tell you where they've placed the charges, before running of to the upstairs of a few buildings.

You and the Sheriff stand in a spot just far away enough from the explosives so that you won't get hurt, but close enough so that when the Hunter boys stop, they'll be directly above it.

Johnson locks up his shop, ranchers and prospectors alike are both fearful, but anxious to get revenge and their payday. You stand side by side with Sheriff Foster as the wind blows through the town, your duster blowing with it, the coins in your pocket slightly jingling as it does so.

The sun beats down on the town but your hat keeps it off your face, leaving your sight unhindered. The cross on your second belt hangs straight down, completely unaffected by the wind due to its weight.

After what seems like an eternity you hear the trampling of hooves. The entire Hunter gang rides into town and sees you there. The rider at the front puts his hand up and the whole posse stop just a few meters away from you.
>Anything epic you want to say, or just give the signal to blow the ever loving Christ out of them?
“I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.

I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.

I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.”

Then blow the leader away.
>But your father is alive and well in a small mining outpost on the other side of the country.
rolled 10 = 10


You can make out a long scar down the leader face, across his left eye and down to the corner of his mouth. He snarls at you, showing a set of filed down teeth.

“I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye" You stretch out your finger muscles and place your hands by your side.

"I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind." The Sheriff senses what is to come and matches your actions, getting ready to go for his gun.

"I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.” You and Foster simultaneously go for your weapons, shooting the leader in the chest and then in the head.

One of the prospectors by an alleyway next to you sees you go for your guns and detonates the explosives.

There's an earth shattering boom as dust flies into the air and horses start to go rampant. Many of them are just too close to the dynamite and die instantly, whereas some of the riders just get thrown off.

You and the Sheriff don't move out of the way as you unload into the crowd, the panic caused by your extra help completely throwing the bandits into disarray. You can make out Johnson on top of his store taking pot-shots into the dust cloud.

Everyone runs out of bullets, once the dust completely clears you can see the carnage laid before you. Not a single one of these boys had a chance to go for their guns.

You walk into the mass grave and start to loot the bodies, divying up any goods to make up for the prospectors, ranchers and Johnsons stolen goods. After a little while you hear a coughing sound come from your feet.

One of them is alive, but barely.
Interrogation time.
>Your turn /tg/
He's barely alive as it is. You can't risk getting violent on him unless you just want to kill him.
Bumping once.

If there's no replies i'll just archive and call it a day. Other quest threads need attention too :)
Then ask nicely.
>Huh, satanic trips. I like it.

You look down and see one of the Hunter boys coughing blood near your shoes. You bend down and whisper into his ear.

"You bastards took my family away from me, unless you want to die face down in the dirt, and believe me you will, I want to know everything about your leader."

He starts to smile and all you can see is blood in his mouth. He spits out a massive glob of it and starts to talk. "Our leader...the Ace....*cough*" he hocks out another wad of blood, "the Ace of Spades...no one can get close to him with a gun...he's too quick."

The blood loss combined with collapsed lungs and organ failure causes the man to pass out after those words. You put a bullet in his head just to make sure he won't come back.

>Leave it here tonight /tg/? Lots of quest threads around atm so responses may be slow.
Let's try again on Thursday.
What times usually busiest, GMT-wise?

Right i'll archive this and just hang around on this thread for a bit.

Thanks for posting :)

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