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Alright, this is a little weird for me, so I'll just get right down to it.

It is with my deepest regrets that I'm announcing that I'm gonna have to stop doing Metahuman Renaissance Quest indefinitely.

There are a couple of main reasons for this. First is that my sleep schedule is still off (and thus, so it my eating which probably doesn't help with the first thing) and quite frankly, me stressing over getting enough sleep and getting up early enough to run my regular quest time/length doesn't help. Second is a formatting issue, for lack of a better term. I've realized part of the reason why I'm not so excited to do this any more is that I don't think I'm handling the story in my head the way I should for the quest, and end up detailing too much stuff I want to happen, rather than my sweet spot of creating a situation in a place with some people and having you guys interact with it. Also part of that is that by tying myself to something mechanically, that portion's gotten way out of hand, and it's really my own fault for setting up the premise too loose about the powers.

I'd like to keep doing quests, I even have a couple of ideas, which I may get to after maybe a month or two of getting myself in order. I'd even restart/reboot MHR but I'm not sure I'd be able to untangle it all to make it work the way I think it should work. Again, I'm sorry to end it like this, especially in such a poor spot for an ending, but I've had some time to think about it and trying to go on probably wouldn't be right either.

I'll be around to answer any questions you have about the story, my possible future plans, or even if you guys want more detailed explanations of why I can't do this anymore.

And, as always, it's been a blast, guys.
I was so looking foward to it!

...Welll, thanks for the good times anyway Omega. Im sad to see it go.
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Your health and well-being comes before all else, so there is no shame to be had. It was a good run, and I'll hope to see you around here doing stuff.
That said, what other ideas have you had in mind?

Well, obviously, since I'd both put a thought into this quest's setting I was thinking of a kind of "sequel" something set chronologically later. But I'm not sure it'd work out so well long-term. I'd have think about how I wanted to handle powers better, for sure. But I think just the setting changes I had in mind would make for that better, more sandbox style thing that made the best parts of MHR. I'd just have to be more careful about less hinging on the player character I think.

I also had an idea for an Eclipse Phase-based quest after I saw somebody run like two threads of one a couple months back. The idea I have in mind would combine the best of "existing character" and "quest players make character" I think. And it'd be impossible for me to start off with long-term planning because I would have no idea what kind of character the MC would end up being at the end.

And a more recent idea I had was after re-reading some of the Dresden Files books and doing some more work on my own personal Supernatural Kitchen Sink setting was to do some kind of Noir-ish Occult Detective quest, but that idea is a lot less solid in my mind. Not as sure where I'd take it. I'd probably either have a single defined main character, or a handful of defined viewpoint characters readers could pick to follow, maybe switching characters if desired every few threads.
Well that's unfortunate.

The unfortunate-est.
Omega, this quest has brought me much happiness. More importantly, though, you brought me this quest. You brought me this happiness. You take whatever time you need to sort yourself out and do whatever you think is right for your creative projects. I look forward to seeing more out of you, or even just more of the same. Good luck, mate, and I hope I see more quests out of you soon.
One little note about any quests you do in the future? The thing that attracted me to MHRQ in the first place was that you gave us a blank slate in the beginning and allowed our early actions to shape character creation rather than going through normal processes. That was fantastic, the way our base ability scores and relationships were set up based on our actions. I would love to see that in future quests, where our initial choice of actions IS our character creation.

Well, that's kind of why I did that. The blank slate means that even I'm not entirely sure what character will result and what they can or will want to do. I think I'm personally at my best in this kind of collective game thing when I'm doing sort of a sandbox where there's a setting with shit going on in it, and players build character(s) who go out and decide what they want to do related to that setting and that stuff going on. And then throw some interesting characters in along the way. Part of the reason why I don't necessarily have the drive to keep up with this quest is because I've gotten into planning too far ahead and too narrowly, and I'm thinking of stuff more like a novel, which means when it comes down to thread time, I already know the stuff I want to write and have imagined it already, and so it's not as entertaining, for me.
Makes sense to me. For what it's worth, when you're enjoying it, the positive effects do trickle down to us.

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