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Previous Threads:
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Engines back in tune again and you're cruising hard once more, soaring above the treetops, below radar. Radar being one of those things you aren't sure if the gorillas actually have, but you don't feel like testing their MANPAD/AAA capabilities. Not tonight.

The locals had warned you about flying into gorilla territory bro, they'd told you dog. People went north and never came back, it keeps happening.

You'd ignored them completely. You know the risks. The gorillas don't take prisoners. Not unless you consider being boiled and eaten being taken captive, at least.

Now several hours later, and you're checking your instruments and watching for the LZ you'd picked out. You wake Bill up with a rough shake, "Get up, and start looking."

Pretty soon you've got both Karin and Tomoe awake, neither of them grumbling about wanting go back to sleep. Not now that they know you're deep in gorilla guerrilla territory. That fact has you a bit on edge as well.

"Got the gun I gave you?" You ask Karin, who meekly raises the MP7 suspended by a sling around her shoulder.

"Good, pray we won't need it."
File: 1338442031490.gif-(53 KB, 288x374, Admiral Ackbar.gif)
53 KB
Ackbar senses tingling.
What equipment/weapons did we bring this time?
Same as on the ship?
"There, that has to be it." Bill points out a break in the trees ahead, and you double check with your instruments.

"Yeah, it is. The gorillas aren't stupid, they'll know a chopper was flying around their territory, so we'd better make this quick enough that they don't find it when we set down. The camo net won't help if they get close."

After a quick and rough landing, you power the engines down hard and hang on every sound as they begin to quiet. Pretty soon the sounds of the jungle surround you. Birds, frogs, bugs, seems peaceful enough.

"Too peaceful." Bill says in a barely audible whisper.

"What do you mean too peaceful? What's going on? Why are we whispering?!" Karin hisses as quietly as she can while still sounding anxious.

Tomoe watches out the window with you and Bill, her senses attuned well to combat, it would seem.

"There are gorillas in the trees." You tell Karin.

"Arr peee ggeeeeeeee!!!!" Bill suddenly bellows.

1d20 to avoid explosion
File: 1338442279313.png-(10 KB, 284x276, 1327646601614.png)
10 KB
Hold onto your butts.
rolled 19 = 19

Alright; no one else roll. We got this.
... must... resist... urge... to roll... low....
I'll take that one
File: 1338442555016.jpg-(50 KB, 506x480, 1329073160626.jpg)
50 KB
We got this
rolled 14 = 14

rolled 2 = 2

That's not how you roll low.
This is how you roll low.
rolled 1 = 1

Hey, that modern fantasy thread has a recurring Illithid girl as a character, any interest Papa-N?
File: 1338442803863.jpg-(32 KB, 651x451, 1323053260045.jpg)
32 KB
You mother fuckers.
Well, guess Papa gets his threadly dose of HUE in after all.
Just gonna point out, we as a yukionna can't be boiled without us freezing the water, so if their remotely intelligent then were going to be made into sushi.
The gorillas may get to enjoy shaved ice then.
rolled 11 = 11

Or...Ice cream?
rolled 7 = 7

Well better roll for a 20. Look it's another one, great.
And I didn't have to do a thing. Glorious.
rolled 15 = 15

And because I failed at dice...
You don't have time to get out of the way. Time to watch the rocket, time to see the trail of smoke, but not enough time to move. Not even close.

The rocket impacts, showering with you with shrapnel, much of it embedding itself into your skin. You cry out in pain, noticing the blood pooling on your skin.

What happens next might be described as disgusting, or erotic, depending on who you were talking to.

The gorillas hand you over to a pack of Illithid slave traders from the north, and you spend the rest of your (short) life pleasuring female tentacle faces. You don't know what happened to the others, they separated you quickly.

You just know that your heart is slowing, organs shutting down.

Not much time now...

You wonder for a last moment, whatever it is that happened to Karin and Tomoe. You're sure they killed Bill upon finding out who he was.

A last thought...

You don't want to know.
File: 1338443648821.png-(98 KB, 215x306, Kuzko Smile.png)
98 KB
But that's a 7.
File: 1338443768727.jpg-(18 KB, 204x283, 1337311811512.jpg)
18 KB

The mental images are very, very uneeded, this is not hue.
This... This is not happy times.
In a snap decision, you grab Karin and dive to the floor, covering her with your own body. The rocket slams hard into the side of the Osprey, punching a nice hole right through the middle of it. You feel shrapnel bounce against the armor plate on your back, something you'd put on at Bill's insistence. Hell, he's even got one on, unusual for him.

Now that any hope of a quiet in and out is gone, you heft your G3 and tuck the stock into your shoulder as you flip off the safety and start laying into the treeline. Bill even has his mp5k out and chattering snappily toward the bush. Karin has yet to manage to disengage her safety, but has successfully ejected three live rounds. Tomoe, gun-less, can just crouch and watch.

"We need to get the fuck out of this plane!" Bill yells, and you rise to your feet, still firing. The 50rd drum magazines you'd thought to bring give you a much-needed firepower boost now. The imposing .308 rounds shredding trees and underbrush alike. You just hope you're hitting some gorillas.

Keeping a heavy layer of cover fire up, Karin finally getting her smg up and running (though she's just magdumping into the canopy), you exit out the side door opposite the rocket launch site.

"Well this plan went tits up real quick!" You curse as the four of you hoof (and slither) your way into the far treeline. Still keeping your gun at the low ready, should you spot any silverbacks in need of some 150gr medicine.

"Karin, quit pointing that thing at me! I thought I taught you how to use it!" You push her arms away.
rolled 12 = 12

Im sad now...
"Ah! Sorry, I'm freaked out!"

"Get it together, we don't have time for blue on blue!" Bill hounds her.

The four of you manage to make it into the trees, but you don't slow down, can't slow down. The gorillas may know the jungle, but so do you, you've fought in it. If there's one thing you know, its that the gorillas can't move ridiculously fast through the trees, not in a straight line.

"How far to the ruins?" Bill asks, not looking back to even see if you're still following.

"Not far, half a kilometer?" Karin answers, huffing from the fast pace. You wonder if the snake tail slows her down because she's not used to it, or if she's a bit out of shape.

[ ] Keep running, push to the ruins

[ ] Stop and set up an ambush, confront your assailants

[ ] Slow down and cut a zig zag to try to throw off any would-be trackers
i'd say to throw them off.
>life pleasuring female tentacle faces
Woops almost pulled a Fritz and left those dice on... sorry guys.
[X] Stop and set up an ambush, confront your assailants
[^] Stop and set up an ambush, confront your assailants

If we kill a few of them they might think twice about attacking head. That and slow down their chase for us.

>raids village

Later captcha after the ruins.
[X] Slow down and cut a zig zag to try to throw off any would-be trackers
[x]Push to the Ruins

Setting up an ambush in enemy territory, with an unknown number of enemies, when they can drop down from trees and quite literally rip you limb from limb? Nope.
Slowing down? Double nope.
[ ] Ambush
Dead men tell no tales.
"We can't just run away, they'll catch up to us in no time. If they figure out we're holed up in the ruins, we'll never make it back out alive. We've got to put the hurt on em, make them think hard about following us." You stop and put your back to a tree, directing Karin to do the same.

"Hold on, I'll give them a nice surprise." Bill nods and disappears into the forest behind you for a quick minute.

"Tomoe, if you're not going to grab a gun, than keep your head down. The last thing Bill and I need is to have to worry about you getting in our life of fire." You tell the kitsune samurai.

"If they get close enough, I'll cut them to bits."

"They won't. If they do, those claymores should give them a bit of a shock." Bill informs her as he pops back into view.

"Now what?" Karin asks, clearly terrified, clutching the pdw so hard you wonder if she's bending the polymer.

"Now we wait." You tell her in a hushed tone, and sink down into the ferns to conceal yourself. Funny thing about gorillas, they are great at navigating the jungle at all levels, but they aren't the smartest of the bunch.

The telltale click of a claymore, and not a nanosecond later, the blast.

"Time to dance!" Bill howls, whipping around to level his gun.

You don't need to get told twice, you spin around the tree and pull the G3 up. A large, hairy target presents itself. A gorilla, fancied up with grenades and a shotgun, but still a gorilla. Squeezing the trigger, you don't pause to watch as the burst of three rounds blossom red on the beast's chest. You just keep shooting.
[x]keep running

These are THEIR jungles. Any ambush we set up will be outmaneuvered and turned on us. Zigzagging will just slow us down and they'll still find us.

They're slow running straight lines. That's our chance.
I suggest we quickly loot the bodies before we move on. A shotgun and a few shells might fit into Tomoe's close fighting style.
>Forest warfare small-unit tactics

Why is this happening when I need to weld cars? My favorite part of training during conscription, right there.
True to form, the G3 flings that fucking brass with such force that it might indeed be capable of doing damage were it to hit someone within half of it's fifteen meter chuck. Also true to form, it functions brilliantly.

You can see the muzzle flashes in front of you, hear the bullets whizzing and snapping and slamming into the ground and foliage around you. Karen has apparently given up on shooting, as she's clutching her ears with her eyes clamped shut underneath you.

Despite your wall of fire, the gorillas get where they want to be. Close combat.

You barely manage to duck out of the way as a tree trunk slams into the tree above you, the gorilla holding it howling in fury before readying another swing. He never gets a chance.

A flash of steel, and a shower of blood. Bill swings his sword again in time to plunge it into the chest of a second gorilla, the end of the sword jutting out of the monster's back.

Tomoe doesn't waste time either, and you watch as she cuts through two of the charging silverbacks with what looks like graceful ease. A third levels a rusted AK with a shovel for a stock, before he's engulfed in a bright red flame and crashes to the ground, batting at his skin. It does nothing to put out the fire, and you can't look away as the flesh on his bones begins to melt off.

Your own brand of magic isn't worth use here, the ambient water in the air not enough to form a weapon of the required strength to do much. Or armor dense enough to stop anything. So you resort to the gun in your hands as you've done before, when you were in these jungles over a year ago.

A roar from behind, and you spin around with just enough time to sink the bayonet of the rifle into the chest of an oncoming gorilla. The guerilla screams furiously, trying to strike you with a cudgel, but is quickly silenced when you squeeze the trigger and pump two rounds into him.
"We've showed them we won't back down from a fight, now we need to get out of here before they overrun us!" Bill yells just loud enough for you to hear him, ears ringing from all the gunfire.

Forming up as a pair with the girls behind you, you resort to your training. As you fire, the other three move back to cover. Once in cover, they lay down a hail of rounds to allow you to run back toward them without easily being shot in the back. The gorillas don't seem to get the tactic, but they didn't get it when you used them on it during the war, either. Though they were the last to surrender, some question whether it was out of bravado or stupidity.

The further you move back, the less gunfire follows. Pretty soon, you aren't shooting, instead moving swiftly away from the site of the ambush.

"They could have chased us if they wanted, I reckon we've got them a bit shaken up. It won't last long, and our plane is busted. We better get in and out of these ruins quick, we'll need to setup somewhere for the night pretty soon."

"Nothing we aren't used to." You nod.

Still moving as fast as you can through the dense jungle, the going is nonetheless slow. For every kilometer of jungle you move across laterally, you move just as much vertically and just as much trying to find a passable route. It is tiring travel indeed.
Though all of your spirits are lifted substantially when the ruins loom into view near the top of a mountain.

You've never seen much of the Frost people save some old relics, carved statues, tablets covered in writing indecipherable as far as you knew. Until Karin had come up with a series of algorithms that had begun to chip away at the mysterious text of squiggles and bars. It was far from complete, but it let her get the just of a lot of text.

These ruins, though. These are something else.

Massive arches built of some kind of grey stone, covered in the Frost runes, as the writing is called. You'd stop and marvel in sheer awe if you weren't concerned that the gorillas might still be pursuing.

"In we go?" Bill asks at the foot of the mountain.

"Yeah, but we have to go UP first."

[ ] Leave Bill and Tamoe as guards, head in with Karin

[ ] Head into the ruins as a group instead of splitting the party

[ ] Take Bill inside and have Tomoe and Karin find a place to hide
[ ] Head into the ruins as a group instead of splitting the party

[^] Head into the ruins as a group instead of splitting the party

If we got some extra mines we can leave them as guards.
Let the DnD trainning kick in.
[x] Head into the ruins as a group instead of splitting the party
You never split the party. Ever.

I mean

File: 1338446832818.jpg-(407 KB, 724x1024, 1329071497445.jpg)
407 KB

Group, group if the gorilla fortify the exit then we'll have to find another one.

Maybe grasping some tails will lift the spirit.
[X] Head into the ruins as a group instead of splitting the party
After a moment of thinking, you insist to head in as a group. Now you find out why Karin is so out of breath, it's the amount of shit she's got in her pack.

Namely, several automated proximity sensors rigged to a frequency that will alert a device on her belt to any large movement outside. You're a bit sad to find out the sensors don't posses any weaponry themselves though.

"Well at least it's something. Lets try not to stick around long enough to make them matter." You say before planting the last sensor in the ground at the base of the mountain.

The trek up isn't as hard as it first appeared it would be, the Frosts having built stairs into the side of the mountain. Carved from the same white rock as the arches, but covered in years of dirt and growth.

"Hey look Erik, they were smart enough to build stairs. You sure you're the same species?" Bill smirks, and you don't bother replying. Mostly because even you are starting to huff and puff a bit, still over a full combat load of ammunition despite the rumble in the jungle.

At last, you reach the mouth of a cave leading into the mountain. It seems to go deeper than you can even see.

"Lights out ladies and gentlemen..." You shake your head.

Bill pauses for a moment, putting his hand to his ear and frowning.

"Got something?"

"Not much, just a bit of gorilla radio." He shrugs.

"Well turn that shit up. See if you can recognize anything that might be useful."
The inside of the ruins is dark, almost pitch black. You dish out the night vision goggles you brought along, feeling a sinking sensation in your stomach. The last time you used these didn't turn out to be too much fun...

After switching them on, you glance over at Karin who has managed to secure hers faster than you even.

"What?" She shrugs.

"You look strangely alluring with nvg's and a gun."

"Save it, you two. I just want to get this side show over with." Tamoe walks between you and Karin, heading deeper into the cave ahead of the three of you.

"Eh, guess I'm down for a bit of spunking." You mutter.

"You mean spelunking?" Karin corrects you.

"Yeah or that."
The walls of the cave, much to your surprise, don't narrow the further you go in. Instead widening out and even splitting off the deeper and deeper you go. With no layout of the place, you just choose routes at random based on which way your gut tells you. Somehow you just know your way back out, as well.

This point Karin finds incredibly interesting, asking question after question, her curiosity apparently kindled.

"I don't know WHY, I just know I know the way out because I know it. Shit that doesn't sound right..." You bark, and Karin finally relents the torrent of queries.

Unfortunately, you don't exactly know the way toward whatever part of these ruins that your ancestors called the hospital. If they even had hospitals, or doctors.

"Could be witch doctors..." You frown.

"What? No you're thinking of shamans."

"Really not helping my confidence right now, Karin."

"As much as I find this flirting cute, perhaps you two could take a second to oh I don't know... Read whatever is written on some of these damn walls?" Bill points toward one of the far walls, at runes carved into set blocks of stone.

"Nah, too easy. I'd rather just wander around and shit." You reply sarcastically.

"Give me a second, I'll run this by my database..." Karin raises a device and a bright flash temporarily blinds all of you before the goggles auto-shutoff feature kicks in.

"Ow." You state flatly.
Anyone else get that spurt of 503 cloudflare issue?
Yeah. Don't you love it?
yeah, and the bugged autosage issue. page 8, whee
I did, also
this is the one I mentioned
"Ah, sorry!" Karin exclaims, bumping into you before her goggles kick back on.

She keeps taking scans to check against her known database of the runic language used by the ancient Frosts, her device making soft pinging noises as it pulls up rune meanings and a different tone when it begins to decipher phrases into something you could understand.

"It's working, it's working!" The half cow-half snake girl squeals in delight as her gadget indeed appears to at least be doing SOMETHING.

Several more minutes of scanning and deciphering, and Karin presents you with a series of routes. Some sound less... Appealing, than others.

[ ] Great hall

[ ] Mines

[ ] Crypts

[ ] Farms

[ ] Barracks

>last choice of the night, have to be up at 9am after all
[X] Barracks
Either [^] Great hall or [^] Barracks.

And no thank you Crypts we've had our zombie quota for time being.
Ah. Mr. Auto-Sage is at it again. (There's apparently a mod who has a raging hate boner for quests and tags them with autosage.) At least, that's what I've heard.

I've been getting 503s in /k/ too though so I think it's just the site server for that one.
Crypts. Always.
rolled 68 = 68

Great hall
All the important shit there i bet
"Crypts? Fuck no. Fuck. No." You shake your head rapidly, "We'll try the barracks first."

"Heh, scared of a few zombies?" Bill goads you, but you ignore him. As far as you know, he's never been stuck on a ship at high seas, never mind a ship full of the undead.

So you cut off to the right, down the tunnel marked as "barracks", these walls even further apart than the last. Perhaps to allow the quick access of troops?

Maybe these guys were smarter than you give them credit for. They certainly were tenacious diggers, judging by these tunnels.

"I don't think these tunnels were dug by hand..." Karin suddenly interrupts your quiet thoughts.

"Eh? What are you talking about?" Tamoe frowns, "They seem dug to me."

"No, look." Karin points and you follower her finger.

"Tool marks. So what?"

"Not tools. Teeth."

"Eh? You sure?" You crouch down and look at the long marks on the wall, they certainly look like chisel marks to you.

"Look up."

You follow her finger again, and swallow, hard. The teeth marks arc around you, from floor to ceiling, all in a connected line. These tunnels weren't dug out... They were ate out?

"Happened thousands of years ago, hardly of concern. Lets keep going, we're on limited time here." Bill cuts into the silence.
Putting any fears of giant cave worms aside, you press down the tunnel, further and further. Until you stop fifty yards or so in, rubbing a finger inside of your ear, than the other one.

"Bug?" Karin asks.

"Nah, some kind of ringing noise. Maybe the changes in elevation or something." You don't think much else of it.

That is, until, you make it another fifty yards in and the ringing intensifies.

Only it isn't a ringing.

What a beautiful song... It draws you closer, that song. You can't think of anything but that song.

>Singin in the cave? How does Erik plan on keeping ice in his veins inside the ruins?
>Finally finding out what Arachne eat?
>A parade of fluffy tails?
>Giant cave worms? Nahhh

Find out next time on Generation A! Which will continue... Sometime soon, as in Saturday or Sunday. Check the twitter for update on thread time.

I need sleep.
I bet it's the song of the Illithids

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