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File: 1337585222546.png-(85 KB, 600x603, IRONHEARTSWARROOMYAY.png)
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managed to get a landing force on Zanzibarland, and just as the
spearhead has warned, the jungles grew back. Along with it came the host
of beasts and animals that seemed to come out of nowhere. It's almost
as if the island is some primordial god's workshop.

Defense was
minimal. Less guards meant less food for the animals, and our territory
were limited to the areas behind the wire. In a matter of weeks the
posted guards started developing what personalities and hijinks
inappropriate of them on their own; night time hunting trips, midnight
retreats, and the general repurposing of their uniforms, along with the
13th Unit... The dangers and necessities of occupation, I suppose.

the other hand, Oderkonn had been eager to get a lab here, and with
much help from Gustav, managed to put together a research station with
all manner of strange devices that his eccentric contacts cooked up.


soldiers, this offense marks the first real step into the Skylands, the
territories that the Kashir had thought unconquerable are now the front
yard of Voss. We've much to gain from this island beyond it's treasure
trove of monstrosities so hold this place as dearly one would hold on to
their families, for the monsters here could be our weapons tomorrow.

we are expecting a counter attack from Kashir- radar in the sky has
been picking up movement all around the desert borders, as if they're in
desperate search of something, probably a way into our mainlands- so
expect a desertbound encounter; a Kashirn specialty.

Dismissed ! >>
File: 1337585480741.png-(167 KB, 505x519, FRANFRAN.png)
167 KB
everyone, long time no see ! I couldn't stand waiting around so I've
begun offering my services as an acquisition agent ! Like the new
ranking pin ? It was a hand me down from a retired Officer.

all familiar with the artifacts in these skylands right ? I ust happen
to know plenty on the mail track who are willing to offer up rare
collections of their own to get their hands on them.

Type 32 Laboria pistols ? Got it
Hakatellan Clovish Warbows ? Just wait a few days for the next Halberd shipping !

a catch, though. In order for me to get a hold of these things, some
amount of your private funds would be needed, also, it would be rare for
meto find something in mass quantities. Rest assured however, that I
won't stop till I get it !

So how does it work ? Well see this empty ledger here ?

1. VosskonBlossom Autograph- 10%

Completely empt- OH wait let me just scratch out that bit there...
R-right sorry;

as you can see, I can start filling out requests for items. And the
more funding I have to work with, the better your chances are.
doing something for free means I'll give it 10 percent my all ! Except
for the part of me that's on a wheelchair anyways. Hahaha..

Anyways all you have to do is
> Fill in a request for an item, if it is rare or hard to get the acquisition rate will be lower and more expensive
To increase your bid for a certain item, spend one point for a one
percent increase, or attach an artifact you find on the skylands to
greatly boost your chances !

And finally- hope that the
item you get is in the exact condition you want ! I've seen gun
enthusiasts get disappointed before when the weapon they got was not up
to par. But since I also worked with a machinist let me offer some
advice to improve it or make it worth your time !

This is a first come first served, I will only be able to have up to 5 requests at a time !


1. Soleam's PF-02 retrofit [Acquired]
>+24 survival
>+5 for truce
>+3 from kills or assists
> 26 remaining from previous mission
>Total= 58 xp

Putting 40 xp into What has Science Wrought?

> -40xp
> 18 xp remaining.
Oh god how did I get here I am not good with Colossus
File: 1337585740594.png-(2.88 MB, 1200x3750, VOSSCARDweb.png)
2.88 MB
Unit sheets
> Royal Guard

>Pilot Jacklink
>completely wrong game
>almost a year later
>you hijacked a Colossus and disappeared


Why do I remember your bullshit
rolled 9, 6 = 15

>73 exp
>Spend 70 exp to give Beetl capability to mount a double MM system like a Hydra, in addition to its main weapons.
>3 exp remaining.

>NCA: Try to figure out a way to reload both the MMs and cannons more efficiently so separate actions wouldn't have to be used.

As always, Alfie had the feeling that Axel would have approved adding more firepower to the Beetl. An extra MM launcher meant that it could put out twice the steel rain. However, she frowned when she realized that one of he biggest issues she had currently was reloading both the cannon and the MM launchers, especially if they were fired at the same time. Maybe if she could rig up some sort of autoloader system like the Halberds had...
To all Soldiers
Priority: Silver

And finally as a formal notice,
IceHeart is hereby recognized as Major of the Royal Guard, do well to
serve the prince in these next years- nay decades as you did since the
declaration of war that accompanied his Genesis.

Rank Upgrades:

> 10 Starting Terror.

> Hero Unit Calldowns x 1
per battle a Major may call in available hero units to assist in a
battle at the risk of their very lives ! They will be assigned a mission
and they are to autonomously follow it unless given direct orders by
the Major. OR get 10 starting terror.

> 2nd Wave Reinforcements:
per battle, a Major may spend a whole turn to reinforce her [own] troop
numbers back to pre-deployment status. Otherwise, her [own] unit count
doubles for one turn before her first wave is relieved. This benefit may
be useable to non-deadspec units below her. OR get 10 starting Terror.

Combat Maneuver 1: A Major may design her own ONE TURN special maneuver
to be reviewed and recognized by command; Captains under her may design
their own in the event that they may take emergency command. OR get 20
starting terror.

That is all. Congratulations, Major.
File: 1337586111954.png-(2.59 MB, 1200x3300, VossVarmachweb.png)
2.59 MB
Varmach before current;

Isane may post the purchases as they stand so far.
>66 exp to share

"Hey look fellas, a requisition form!"
"Check this out, there's stuff to order from this catalogue."
"Man, so many stuff I don't know where to begin!"
"How about we donate some to science?"
"Oh posh, we got nothing in our skulls right now!"
"I meant monetary, Lennox."
"I dunno, we should spend something that all of us can use, as well!"
"Look at this item, guys - 'musical instruments re-worked as ranged weaponry, made to order, deliver straight from Predatoria'"
"You guys thinking what I'm thinking?"

>30 exp to What has Science Done
>30 exp to requisition Instruments of Doom (basically, musical instruments turned into guns and stuff)

Man I don't even remember the [?] for Pilot anymore. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S HAPPENING.
"Warrant Officer Fran, I have a requisition. If possible, keep this to yourself please, it's... a gift."

>Requisition: Clovish Espresso Steamer
>50 xp (not like I can think of any new upgrades anyway, and I haven't even counted up xp from last battle yet.)

The war's over son,
actually it hasn't even started.

We're just telling som unsung tale in a planet called Tera, in the region called the Valknyres

If I recall, that guy with the weird armadillo robot requisitioned the Colossus, nearly everyone died, AIs were hacked, some transgendered alien mutant baby ran the COs into the ground and probably any extra clones had their cortex bombs detonated.

It is likely that your head either exploded ages ago or you were cast out into space frozen in some tube like Captain America, only to be found in the future to recreate the events of Bionic Commando.

So yeah. I don't think Pilot Jacklink would... mesh with this universe.

>hasn't even started

Oh god I've traveled back in time.

You can't do that, Jack! You'll create a time paradox!


File: 1337586959732.jpg-(68 KB, 1024x768, FissionMailed-1.jpg)
68 KB
What the fuck is going on in here?
>50 XP from last mission
>Purchase Monster Labs
rolled 2, 5 = 7

"Good Lord, what happened to you Elfriede?"

tall, lanky medic betrayed her usual calm at the sight of the Ritter's
missing appendage. She was alarmed by the grievous injury, but at once a
little proud that she would be so stoic as to keep fighting through it.
Kraus can't help but smile slightly in admiration

"Let me check
that out, Elfie, you should be able to regrow it, but it could be
infected, or worse...I'd hate it more than anything if you got knocked
out of the fight before I get the chance to ride alongside you again"

>Assess and treat Ritter Elfriede's missing arm
>Speculate on possible prosthetic replacements if it can't regenerate. Flexible expanding fibre attachments?
Wait, is this game actually a prequel or a sequel? I don't even know anymore.

Also what the fuck is a Pilot class?

I can field the second one. Basically you get grappling fists for climbing onto things and hijacking them. You can pilot any vehicle within reason. You don't have any other weapons though, and are very squishy. No vehicle/mecha, you're in trouble. You CAN technically punch someone with your grapply fists but it isn't a good idea.
rolled 2, 8 = 10

just how many arms were lost in this battle? Well, at the least it may
provide good information and testing on the most recent nerve and muscle

>Assess and treat Von Claude's amputated arm
>Attempt prosthetic replacement (At least basic pose-able wooden or metal dealy until full mech arm is possible)
It is best described as an alternate reality set in a stempunk/dieselpunk-ish world.
Once again Zel finds himself watching as several assistants scurry around a mostly finished tower with a few panels open here and there leaving wires and steel beams exposed; tightening cable connections, performing last minute safety checks, and adding the finishing touches to his latest project all according to the specifications in the notes he provided. With some military officials of high rank (or at least rank) gather around behind a blast shield.
"Here you go," Zel address them, passing out paper bags with some sort of foil interior, "these will protect you should there be malfunction and too many errant z-rays, hoho." The gathered officials followed his lead and placed the bags over their heads, while Zel motioned to a lady with a camera nearby. The bags didn't actually have protective value, he just wanted to see them put bags on their heads.
rolled 8, 8 = 16

"Now for those who have read the distributed reading material, and I am sure you all have, this tower here," Zel gestures to the tower, from which assistants are moving away form quickly, "this device is designed to release a cloud of ectoplamic particles similar to those found in haunts and other ghosts and spirits. As you know, haunts become visible when exposed to bright light. This is a result of their ectoplasmic properties, which effectively absorb and consume light it is exposed to resulting in a reaction that causes it to become semi-solid.
Another secondary function of this device it to release large levels of z-radiation which I assure you fall under minimum hazardous levels. These z-rays, when they come in contact with ectoplasmic matter that has consumed light, excites the particles to a point where they do not become semi-solid. Being unable to bond together the particles continue to harmlessly disperse even after having consumed light, evaporating completely.
What this means for us, is that by releasing these clouds of ectoplasmic matter and exposing them to z-radiation, we have a means of removing large amounts of light from a localised area. Enough to simulate nocturnal conditions. Useful for the DeadKorp and those well trained for nighttime combat. And now, the demonstration-"

From behind his blastshield, Zel flips a switch.

>Creating a device that'll allow us to simulate nighttime conditions during any point of the day, allowing DeadKorp to use night stats.
To Vonclaude
Priority: Copper

Effective today , prior to Icehearts' restaffing due to her promotion, you have been demoted to Sgt. after the following charges have been compiled from the action report;

- Midian Friendly fire, and the subsequent death of Elizabet of Hel

- Negligent endangerment.

These charges are final, as Vilkas cannot be reached at this time. He is grieving. "

Beatrix leans back as she powders her cup of coffee with a cigarette ash, and drinks it in one motion.
I regret skipping on my poetry classes when I was young...I'l need to grab some books before we ship out again...
An official looking report is posted in the command tent, copies sent to those whom it concerns.


Scientist Armitage: Master Sergeant
Tank Officer Blitz: 2nd Lieutenant
Pilot Officer vonClaude: Sergeant
Officer Cotton: Lieutenant
Ritter Elfreide: 2nd Lieutenant
Tanker Alfie: 2nd Lieutenant
Medicist Kraus: Specialist
Scientist Zel: Sergeant First Class
Scientist White: 2nd Lieutenant
Skeleton Soleam: Staff Sergeant
Skeleton Lennox: Master Sergeant
Gatling Tanker 'The Exultant': First Sergeant
Stargazer Espresso: Apprentice

Congratulations are in order for the success of the previous skirmish, especially you Lieutenant Cotton, for your quick thinking with that ferocious counter attack upon the encroaching Kashir forces. Medics (SFC Armitage and Specialist Kraus), please ensure Ritter Elfreide comes about with a speedy recovery, a mechanical limb for Sgt. vonClaude comes secondary.

A reminder that requisitions sent to Warrant Officer Fran should be of a useful nature, and if not, than I do not wish to know or hear about it.
Suggestions for science initiatives are welcome to be heard, please put it in an easy to understand wording.

/ Mjr. -Redacted- 'Iceheart' Konnair /

yer a buncha faggots but i lov all offf ya anyways

goddanit im drunk
File: 1337599721621.jpg-(85 KB, 802x451, 1336532686993.jpg)
85 KB
M-me, an o-officer? I-I d-don't think I'm r-ready for this...!
"I have the utmost confidence in you dear, or else I would have passed you up for this promotion. I shall leave it up to you to pick a candidate for the second tanker in your armor column."
Imma reissue my order for swag

>Requisition - 1 Naval Spyglass
>Spend 7 of 17 EXP
>10 EXP remaining
And because a certain someone is so easy to completely miss when they are not a giant tank:

Living Armor Tao: Staff Sergeant
One step closer to becoming the master of the order...
"Ah, um... thank you very much for the promotion, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put this patch though... AH HA! MY HAT! I will also add it to my helm in battle."
"Could someone please sew this onto my had I currently lack the dexterity to do so."

>Reposting Purchase and Request
>50 XP Soul Repairs: Burn Souls at a 3 to 1 rate to repair damage on mount up until full. May not be used if mount is dead.
>Requesting a mechanized mobility unit from WO Fran.
Putting in 77 exp to
Armor Level 3 and then > Gold Nitro if able.

Using 30 exp
> Purchasing +1Dmg MG Rounds; 10exp
> Hiring dedicated gunners 20exp; [+1 weapons action, +1hit, -1crew seat]

In the shout laden, spark filled din of the motorpool, an army of engineers work under, around and besides each other moving mammothine machines about in the workshop. Bltiz eyes the stack of boxes that usually acted as a nest for one of his senior tankers when the melody of work lulled the drunkard to sleep. But this time, the man gets up from his spot possessed by some unknown urge and spots the 2nd. Lt. standing right there.

" S-Sir it's been a while" A grissly armor man comes out from a stack of crates.

" At ease, Krieg, is Brunhilde still around ? "
" Aye sir, we had to use old parts from the machine graveyard, but .... there she is, ready to be breathed life into "

Blitz pulls on the tarp shiny with rain puddles here and there. Before him was the gleaming red iron chasis of a long lost friend.

" Seeing you like this, it's almost like you're a Soldat again"
Blitz glares at Krieg through his thick shades
" Ah I mean to say tha- "
" Wrench "
" ? ? "
" Wrench, Krieg, I require one "
" Y- Yes sir"
" And contact Himmel and Glocke I need them here briefed for a logistics assignment "

" Aye aye, " Krieg slips before leaving to his other duties, hip flask in hand.
File: 1337628529841.jpg-(217 KB, 672x831, Skelly.jpg)
217 KB
sketch isane wanted to see it im not done
Still unsure of herself, Alfie stumbled into the motorpool, where she was supposed to meet her new subordinate. From what she had heard from the Major, instead of getting a green recruit, she would be in command of a hardened vet. She wasn't sure if that was a better option or not. Apparently, he was an armor pilot of some repute in the regular forces, and impressed (or angered) enough of the right people to get him transferred (or exiled) to the Royal Guard.

Sure enough, she instantly picked out the new trooper. She could tell since she knew the faces of pretty much everybody in the Royal Guard's armor corps, and his face terrified her. It was a patchwork of splotches and lines, caused from shrapnel wounds and burns from what had to be countless tank battles. The new tanker gave Alfie one good look. If he felt anything, he certainly hid it well behind his poker face.

"You my new CO?" He asked.

"S-second Lieutenant Alfie r-reporting, s-sir!" Alfie stammered.

"Hey now," Tanker Mesani frowned, "YOU'RE the officer here. I'M the one who's supposed to be calling you "sir", however troublesome that is."

"I'm s-sorry!"

"And officers aren't supposed to apologize to their own goddamn men, either."

"I'm k-k-kinda n-new a-a-a-at this..." Alfie's stammering grew even worse as her nerves got increasingly frayed.

"I'm pretty sure you are." Mesani grunted. "Your hat's on all wrong, your rank pins are upside down, and your posture is stiff as a board."

"I'm s-sorrrrryyy!"

"What did I tell you about apologizing to your men!"
Well, lieutenant, eh? Things are definitely lookin' up!
>The Voss Ministry of Information has a certain saying: "Where the men of Voss march, there will the Voice of The Empire be heard." The conquest of Zanzibarland was of no exception to this saying. As the foundations of the new Imperial Skyland base were being set up, several reporters and a construction team under supervision from the Ministry of Information set out to work, interviewing soldiers, recording footage for the bi-monthly news reels, and setting up broadcast and loudspeaker towers to send and receive messages throughout the Skylands. The following is a transcript of the first official broadcast sent out from the Zanzibarland base's loudspeakers:


VB: Hello, hello, you desert soldiers. It's me, Vosskon Blossom, your favorite girl, broadcasting live from the Voss capital to all your homes and bases. Word getting around is that the Voss Empire has captured one of your Skylands. Well, I come to you tonight, desert soldiers, to tell you that the news is true—the Terrible Children, the finest of the Voss Empire, have successfully captured the Skyland of Zanzibarland. An odd name, to be sure, but nevertheless, shows you the power of Voss against a formidable foe. And if you're wondering about the authenticity of our claims, you can go ask that commander of yours Hassan about it—I'm still thinking he should go back to selling used camels.

(a giggle is heard here)

VB: But don't you see, desert soldiers? If not even the crushing brute force of nature could stop the iron warmachine of the Voss, what makes you think that you will? You delay the inevitable—like sand struggling against desert winds. Think of your families, your homes. Under the Voss banner, you are guaranteed food, shelter, and prosperity! We are not conquerors, Kashir—we are your liberators! We are here to free you from the madness of your rulers, to bring order to the chaos of this desert, of these Skylands that you call home! Greet us with open arms, and you shall not find a better host anywhere in this world; greet us with your spears pointed at our throats, and the full might of the Empire will be brought to bare.

VB: But enough of that talk; time for some music! We have got another rousing hour of tunes queued up for all you folks out there,starting with Lorelei Levett and her new single “I Gave My Heart to a Soldier”.

>The singer's voice shimmered, the backing singers responding in time. Her voice echoed across the Skylands...
Okay, I just remembered--I still have to spend my XP.

>60 XP
>Spend 30xp on WHAT HAS SCIENCE WROUGHT to buy it
>Spend 30 xp to upgrade MOTOR POOL
rolled 2, 9 = 11

>NCA: Use Stargazer powers to dig in the floating island's earth to find the special tar and bring back a big quantity of it for the scientists to analyse.

>Requisition a coffee mug made from Megarex bones with the words *You're my favorite star* on it.
File: 1337642031754.png-(118 KB, 318x550, dafuq.png)
118 KB

List of Requisitions:

1. Soleam's PF-02 retrofit [Acquired]
2. Instruments of Doom (basically, musical instruments turned into guns and stuff) : 30 xp
3. 'The Majors requisition' : 50 xp
4. Naval Spyglass : 7 xp
5. 'Mechanized Mobility Unit' :
6. Coffee mug made from Megarex bones with the words *You're my favorite star* on it. :


< "..."

Warmach Purchases:

What Has Science Wrought : Acquired
Monster Lab : Acquired
Motor Pool : Lebel Up'd


"Here is the final requisitions Warrant Officer. If you manage to acquire number 6, please make sure you find me first before presenting it to the one who requested it."
rolled 1, 97, 73, 79, 61 = 311

" Oh boy here goes. "

2. 42 Percent >Instruments
3. 96 Percent >Clovish Industrial Espresso mchn
4. 76 percent > SPAH Glass
5. 23 percent > Leetle cart
6. 07 percent > Paleontology art assignment
>4% chance of failure, misses by 1.
"It is times like this that I wish to stab out my eye with a rusty bayonet. Fran, do your best not to disappoint me again next time."

S-sorry ma'am it seems like my courier agent got in a bit of legal trouble with Clovish border patrol... says he's under suspicion of smuggling weapon designs... in any case the cargo can be shipped here another way, ma'am it just won't come this week.
rolled 4, 9 = 13

A bat clung to the ceiling of the laboratory, listening.

>85 XP
>10 XP upgrade-Umbrella Conjuration, conjure convenient umbrellas from blood.
>20 XP upgrade-Bat Form, turn into a bat.
>NCA:Spy on Savant to determine if she is a Spy
>Also use new bat form to do that.
"Just... don't let it happen again, I feel bad enough telling off a crippled girl."

The Major looks down solemnly at her requisition request, and speaks quietly, almost to herself. "It'll make a nice gift, eventually."
By Voss, how hard are those bones to carve! Guess I'm stuck with my tin cup for awhile longer...

>76 percent chance to aquire
>Roll a 73

"I'de feel sorry for you. If it wasn't for the fact that I actually got what I ordered. Haaaaaaaaah" He looked through the glass, and was satisfied with the quality of the item purchased

"Borislav do you really have to-" Soldat Grigori began to say, before a finger was pushed to his lips.

"Shush. I want to play"

The42nd Haunted March was renowned for being the first trumpeters and drummers that not only raised but heralded the banner of Von Voss, it was an unfortunate fact that in the biggest battles that beseiged the fields of Valknyre, the 42nd Marching band played one chaotic medley that drowned out the divine songs of the Cruxtanian choir maids. Such a counter strategy had made them the target of a Red Bishop's damning curses that bound their souls eternally to their instruments. Many years, later however, the portable drumsets, the side slung carinets and trumpets and guitars found their way to the many antique trading posts that only wished to get rid of them because of their bewitching nature and infernal history.

> [SkBand] unlocked;
+4 AOE to siring range , -2 to combat rolls when playing, when playing as a passive action SkBand gains one terror per skeleton.

More secrets are lurking within these instruments...

Marine Spyglass;
As a charm it can be given to Stargazers to increase their LOS or improove their summoning by +1

Used as an action, the Marine Spyglass can increase the user's sight twice over towards a target direction. It is otherwise a rather tempermental thing that has survived many battles...

Neato! I could save on flares and just use my fancy eye glass

I assume I stick it in my upgrades a long with my armor upgrades?
A squad of skeletons trundled into the logistics offices.
"Hello, Fran! We heard our instruments have arrived, yes?"
"Yeah, they're out back." Fran replies before returning to her work.
And out back, a crate labeled 'for Lennox' sits. A marching band tune is subtly heard in the distance as Lennox's squad of skeletons dismantle the crate.
Inside, a set of instruments lie in their cases. The small ensemble includes a portable drum kit, a clarinet (with a shoulder strap, curiously), a trumpet, a guitar, a small accordion, and a bagpipe.
"This... is... PERFECT!" Lennox grabs the guitar.
"It's not my birthday yet, and they gave us these?! LONG LIVE VOSS!"
Some sweet, sweet music is heard emanating from the logistics offices, and for a while, everyone on the base has caught the dance jitterbug, even for a brief minute.

And thus, Lennox's Lonely Hearts Club Band is going on a permanent tour.
Lennox - Guitar
Koschei - Accordion
Waldorf - Bagpipe
Jensen - Drums
Mordred - Clarinet
Johanssen - Trumpet

Coming soon to a battlefield near YOU!
rolled 10, 2 = 12

>1 dice for recording a song
>the other's for sending it to Vosskon Blossom

"I feel really confident with our little band now!"
"May I request an option to mute M. Sergent Lennox on my personal radio? I'm quite sure I'll be able to hear him over the sound of battle without it and anyone who wishes to continue hearing him could relay any important information he might have. I only ask because both my helmet and Iron Skull Echo horribly and I don't need a band playing in there to help the din."
Lennox's Lonely Hearts Club Band records its first song! They played really well, but alas, due to a sudden power outage due to Zel's experiment, none of it was recorded.
The band thought their recording is done, and sent the empty record to Vosskon Blossom. Oh, how their faces will be when they realized the record was empty!

Lucky for me I can simply remove my headphones from my awesome robes.
rolled 10, 2 = 12

The disgraced Norr lays slumped on a makeshift table, with a crate of booze beside him, a pile of bottles, and a radio playing Lennox's godawful music over it.

>NCA: Try not to pass out

((Well at least you don't hurt yourself.))

The song wouldn't happen to be this one, is it?
That is terrible and you should feel terrible for suggesting that.
To Oderkonn and the Lab: Science Initiative
Priority Bronze

Improved Personal Radios:
1 Paranormal
1 Micro Mechanics
1 Geophysicist
1 Thanatologists

Parachutes as basic equipment for ALL infantry units:
1 Energy Physicst
1 Medic
1 Thanatologists

Lowering the cost of the Doom Missile, more ammo types for it besides explosive and ghoul bomb:
1 Energy Physicsts
3 Alchemists

/ Mjr. -Redacted- 'Iceheart' Konnair /

Final warmach purchases:

What Has Science Wrought : Acquired
Monster Lab : Acquired
Motor Pool : Lebel Up'd
Energy Weapons/Projection: 30 xp

Ella sighed, looking over the clipboard. She had been given a recommendation by the Captain--no, /Major/, she had to remind herself--to think of Combat Maneuvers just in case something were to happen to the Major's artillery tank. 'Better to be prepared, I suppose,' she thought, thumbing through the different Combat Maneuvers she had thought up. When she reached the front of the tent, she directed her bodyguard Abby to keep lookout, cleared her throat, and stepped inside. The interior was dark--darker than usual. The smell of alcohol lingered, drifting up from the floor and mixing with the Skyland's heat as it rose toward the top of the tent. The smell made Ella's nose wrinkle. "Sergeant? I was planning to run through some things with yo--"

She stopped in mid-sentence as she surveyed the scene before you. The sergeant was fully laid out on the floor. A collection of bottles of various color and size surrounded him. He wasn't moving. “Oh, shit.” Ella grit her teeth, dropping the clipboard and dashing over to the fallen officer. She rolled him onto his back. “von Claude? Otso, can you hear me?” Ella shook the man. No response. Her thoughts raced. “Abby! Abby get in here!”

“What? What's going o—” Abilene said, rushing into the tent. She gasped when she saw the sergeant on the floor. “Is—is he—?”

“He's unconscious. Help me get him up, we gotta get him to Armitage's tent.” Ella and Abby scooped the sergeant up, each taking an arm and putting it around their shoulder. “Okay, on three, we lift him. One, two three—Goddess alive, he's heavy!” The two soldiers managed to pick up the unconscious officer, and started to carry him to the medic's tent.

"My, my, just one thing after another with you, Otso." she says regarding the sergeant. She leans over his chest, pressing her ear to his jacket, then puts a finger to his neck. She stands straight, looking into his closed eyes, before laying a slap across his cheek, producing a small groan from the unconscious man.

"It's nothing major, just alcohol poisoning. He can't tolerate nearly as much without an arm's worth of blood in his system. We'll just run a stomach pump, and put him on IV. I'd suggest keeping him away from the alcohol shares...But you can cut him a little slack. It's been a hard week."
Friendly bump before bed.
Man, that guy can never seem to catch a break.
File: 1337690420389.jpg-(491 KB, 1920x1080, 1332079530682.jpg)
491 KB


That name...so familiar.

Heh. Got me waxing goddamn nostalgic...

"Well, thank you for the advice, Doc. I'll be sure to alert the quartermaster and the mess hall staff." Ella gave a smile and a pat on the doctor before stepping out of the tent.

Abilene was waiting as she stepped out of the tent, fiddling with the buttons on her uniform. She straightened up when she saw Ella. "So what's the news, Ell-tee?"

"He's fine, apparently." Ella slipped a hand into her pocket, grabbing her new carton of cigarettes and popping out one of the small white rolled pieces of paper. The two of them started to walk off toward the mess hall. "Just can't handle his alcohol as well as before--loss of an arm apparently took a lot of blood with it."

"Eh, I was never one for science--I wouldn't know how that works." Abilene stretched, earning a few cracks from her spine. She let out a giggle. "Heh, 'Ell-tee.'"

Ella rolled her eyes. "Is this gonna be a thing now?"

"What?" Abby stretched out her arms. "Ella, 'Ell-tee'--this stuff writes itself!"
Just helping this not disappear a little longer,
"Well, in light of this recent attack, I want reports sent out to all border stations to be on the defensive and prepare for anything. Also, if someone would be so kind as to inform Thane to find a better spot for dangerous artifacts than on the edge of an enemy country."

Major, good to see you still live. Sorry I couldn't help out at the front--personal studies, you understand. These new developments, though, are very troubling. This Afyra character, for one--that eyepatch is very interesting. I think we may have found the Eye of Shiva's previous owner.

The loss of that anti-air equipment is troubling though--Thane's war prizes even moreso. What could have possessed Thane to not store his prizes in a heavily fortified city? While I salute the man's military achievements, leaving anti-air weaponry and artifacts at a border outpost didn't exactly seem like the best of choices. In any case, can Major Kane tell us anything about just which artifacts were stolen by the Kashir?

On 646, September 05th
Zel has invented the off-switch.
The z-rays that have been said to absorb light and emulate night time conditions did exactly what it sought out to do. By creating a counter-current to local circuitboards, The Offswitch induces an opposite charge exciting only a small area.

Resulting in the lights turning off in the room.

Unfortunately the off switch not only fails at defying the rays of the sun, but it has made many a tanker, electrician, radioman, and even a Vosskon Blossom fan --very put off.

[Off Switch Created. It Turns things off when activated. ]
rolled 6, 7 = 13

"Well damn, looks like I missed a great opportunity to wipe out some Kashir scum, let's see if I can run a quick sortie, maybe catch some while they're running, but first..."

>21 xp, purchase TOW missile upgrades for my hardpoint mounted Ghoul Bombs. 1 xp remaining.
>Upgrades: DR1, TOW Ghoul Bombs.

"Hah, today I put thrusters, on these bombs."

>NCA: Fly some border patrol, try and see where the Kashir retreated to, and whether there are more attacks coming. Personal safety comes before completion of objectives here.
"Well, that'll be a hit to funding. There goes the future grant money."

=Oil Rainbow=

As one would suspect from fighting in Zanzibarland, the small island carried with it massive animals , too big and too many to have occupied all at once. And so it has been surmised, that perhaps the eco-system was disturbed by the presence of ibonyte.

It was here that in some remote green field, Espresso managed to dredge up some sentient black mass which then went bright-green as soon as it was exposed to some ancient weed.

The ensuing garden battle left espresso hospitalized for a week- but his discovery yielded him a quantity of suspended flora and fauna genomes from ancient periods preceding myths and monsters.

> Black Amber Acquired
Well, sir, if I may suggest something?
We could weaponize it, sir?
Like, putting it on the enemy base?
rolled 4, 5 = 9

"I have the final warmach purchases here Ma'am, the last report, it seems only twenty had actually gone into researching Projection of energy weapons. Oh, and..."

>NCA: Tactfully inquire whether DeathMarshal got that thing I sent her.


The Norr awoke to the sensation of his chair tipping backwards. As a reaction he gives a start to prevent from falling down, only to realize that a team of young Adepts came by the bunk to do routine cleanups.

" We've wondered where you've been , Sir. And we thought we'd clean up your room since you were busy breaking etiquettes 5a and 5c "

" Adept Veevee - What'reyoudoinghere I aint no ranked officer why're youstill sucking up tothewrongsuperior "

" Well myself and Finn just thought that you were down on your times having lost 4 brothers after all "

" And ? Whussat got to do with me being ablundering fool and gettin one of Vilkas's top soldiers killed eh ? "

The adept seized up at the thought of Elizabet, but continued to put away bottles in an ammo crate.

" Everything "


" Huh ? " Vonclaude's eyes shift towards the adept.
" Having lost so many siblings, you must've known what it's like, right ? And you hurt because you feel like you've let them down. Dishonored and living you know ? " Vee shrugs inhaling something salty at the back of his head.
" Maybe you'll find pride in living, and maybe even your brothers and the emperor will be glad you were around." He walks over and gives Vonclaude the clattering ammo crate.
" But today, we're gonna have room inspections. So please dont let the quartermaster find these "

" Vee- our tent's getting inspected, hurry up ! "
" Ok , ok ! " The adepts begin to leave, but not before Finn manages to snag a half empty bottle that smelled heavily of cork.

=Nothing Here But Us Bats=

It's been 2 weeks. And he was sure that it wasn't her.

How is he sure ? Because while his extended stay in the labs garnered the covert presence he needed, the savant was all but dismissive of finding a white bat hanging around at the corner of the lab. Why was it white ? What did it eat ? What region was it from. She had to know

She fucking loved bats.

It was then on that the white bat was snagged out of the ceiling one night and then encased in an iron cage. Where there, he knew many more things about his captor. Her habits and her taste in music. And how she wasn't much of a spy. Even her deep dark secrets were not any more bigger than plankton macronomics, and her world shattering inventions were passing hobbies to her even now.

It was at the peak of that 2nd week when another eccentric pet was seen lurking in the labs. A white cat in fact that only for a moment flickered in and out of sight as soon as the white bat made some form of acknowledging eye-contact. Something in the energy workshops had changed, and he'd known it.
File: 1337758027727.jpg-(401 KB, 896x792, 1331428658465.jpg)
401 KB

>mfw the prince is about to discover the wonders of underage drinking

This kid, I swear.
rolled 2, 6 = 8

>Train in knife fighting with Nibelheim
It's not underage when you have the power to change the legal drinking age...

Is Vilkas even old enough to rule? How old is he right now?
File: 1337788612550.png-(21 KB, 331x517, PlayingIronhearts.png)
21 KB
Are you sure you wish to learn from them? After their complete uselessness at Zanzibarland I don't have much faith in their combat expertise.

He is 7, a child king if ever there was one.
Have I ever mentioned I hate kids?
I hope no one minds me joining in as a qemist. Oh, the glorious mushrooms....

Gottlieb Funkel was sure that he had definetely made it this time. Getting into the royal guard hadn't been easy, but now that he was in.... oh, the opportunities!
With the resources the guard provided, and the ability to actually field test his fungi on the battlefield, his research would be jump-started to a whole new level!

Eager to start working as soon as possible, he strode into the guard compound with his research assistant in tow. "Hey there, freshly assigned quemist reporting in. Who's the CO here and were can i start blooming and grooming 'shrooms?", the new soldier enthusiastically asked the next important looking person he could find.

Been awhile since we've had a Quemist around. Your CO in this unit is Major Iceheart. Try not to turn your tent into a biohazardous area and I think you'll get along swimmingly.
rolled 8, 6 = 14

>Attempt to take the Junior officer's entrance exam !
Times like this make me want to try something different

Something new

Something, heroic
Lets see how this works out. It might be fun
rolled 10, 10 = 20


=A for Effort =

"You don't say. "
" Yes, the Junior Cadet, snuck into an examination room apologized for being late and the instructor paying him no mind, gave him the test."
" And his marks ? "
" Ahh... well about that. He skipped all but the last section of the test and how shall I say it /smited/ them handsomely. Have you considered having the boy publish his own thesis on Chessex strategies ? "

" What does that have to do with anything ? "
" Ah - well you see, the questions were all tactical quizzlers, bonus questions in fact. The instructor had been collecting master-plays from Chessex masters over the years and created paradoxical puzzles like the plays of Kassarov and Hawken. Of course they exist in the test as a lesson to Junior cadets that they can't solve everything. "

" But."

" He solved 9 of them and rewrote the official answers on 3 in less moves, we've sent the answer to Grand Master colleagues on Greenia and are awaiting verification on the answers "

" However ? "

" He failed of course, he must try again next year. As an officer he's too sentimental, unrealistic and naive in his practical applications. He doesn't even know what disciplinary executions are. Surely your adepts in the Royal Guard are accustomed to a much higher pedigree if they hope to Represent the next Emperor. "
[thank god i did not roll that for anything]

The headmaster gives Beatrix the twisted up test book. As if the reader had wracked their brains figuring out what kind of juvenile mind would rewrite chessex theory before their name. Or how the'd have the audacity to suggest that a Two story lizard should be fielded against Battletanks.

" The next emperor, " Beatrix takes the booklet,
" would do away with words like Disciplinary Executions if he wished, Headmaster." She turns to leave. The Headmaster's scowl following her.

" You were a load of trouble yourself, Beatrix."
" And I see that the canteen lifted the ban on coffee ? "
" Only on weekends," DeathMarshall

"Thank's for the heads-up, sir. I think i am quite capable of keeping the really nasty 'shrooms in the lab. It would be a damn shame not to preserve them for our empires enemies pleasure, wouldnt it?"

Laughing at his own joke, the gaunt Qemist salutes the officer and starts looking around for the laboratories. "I heard this company found some superrare, near extinct race of delicious pigs? I think it's high time to do something for the preservance of a dead race. Or at least its Taste. Not to mention my purse..."

>NCA: Trying to cross mushrooms with the special meat pigs the company found on that sky island. The goal is to create mushrooms that taste like the pigs, have the same consistency as the pigs, and grow one hundred times as fast. Then. Profit.
rolled 6, 1 = 7


rolled 4, 4 = 8

Tao approaches Deathmarshall as she returns from receiving Vilkas's grades.
"Ah, um Deathmarshall a word please? I was wondering if I could requisition a corpsier to accompany me in battle. While the ghouls I generate are fully under my control the incident in Zanzibarland in which we had no corpsier to control the Megarex Ghoul worries me. Perhaps one that I could carry in my hull for emergency deployment? I'm sure it would bolster confidence amongst the troops as well knowing we have an safety measure in place should such an event occur again."

>NCA: Requisition a corpsier for emergency deployment in battles.

[Dead End Job Training]

" I see, " Your actions in Waterhol were greatly vital, Tao and you hold the unfortunate honor of being the youngest Death Korp. Your developing powers also outpace a small battalion of our forces so a corpsier should be no problem for you.

I shall arrange for Hinzerhaus to make an exchange then. I suppose he'll send an embedded corpsier to study your case as you are a greatly coveted asset in the Voss Army. Does that sound any agreeable, Staff Sergeant ?
"More than agreeable ma'am. Thank you."
Tao does his best to stand up straight and salute without a body then sharply rotates and rolls away.

That would be *ma'am*, Quemist. It would do you best to learn the gender of your superiors.
File: 1337830010648.png-(1.05 MB, 2397x1257, VOSS100.png)
1.05 MB
Project Centurion was an incidental success.
The Voss's finest soldiers may fight and die once again for all time.

Vilkas may rest well knowing that these dolls evade the touch of death. For once my compliments go to Oderkonn for making such a groundbreaking attempt !

Though their empty eyes elude me....

Clarifications needed ? Ask them here.
Can personal experience be substituted for terror?

Yes it may. Personal Funds can apply to this. Others may chip in.

Machine men with machine minds...these Men of Iron may be of great use to us. But what would it profit a man if he could attain perfection, and yet lose his memories?
"From what I have read ma'am it appears these "100Man's" must be made from corpses. I suppose it is not personal gain found through these but profit for others. A use for the body, after the mind has left for greener pastures."
rolled 8, 6 = 14

In a long days of gathering tons bones of allies from the graveyard.

I craft a large spider mount of bones to carry a unit.

" Spiders don't have bones "
"whu- "

But before he could answer back, the person was gone...

> The spirit of a beastly spider must be captured !

What exactly would happen if one of these soldiers came into contact with water? And what would happen if they were shot with an electrical or energy weapon?
File: 1337843594485.png-(1.56 MB, 1352x1944, ARMOR3.png)
1.56 MB
The civilian motor association has been rather forward in geting their brands for millitary use. With nothing else in the works [other than this blasted gold nitro workshop...] we've opened up what options we can feasibly use this time around.

Either/or of those bikes?

Why not both?
One of the (in)famous Firestorms has come under the control of a new officer, fielding a ridiculous beard Sdt. Hailmarrow stands atop his machine laughing wildly.
It just wouldn't be possible for the factories to divide production between both vehicles, they must focus on one or the other. I am leaning more towards the smaller [uc] bikes, but I would like to hear if there are any opposing opinions.

Now, if only we could do something about how unappealing the Puma transport looks...

We could paint racing stripes onto it. That could make it look appealing right?
File: 1337859427799.jpg-(46 KB, 515x292, Comparison.jpg)
46 KB
I doubt there is anyway to make this look good. Perhaps a complete modification of the chassis, and a half track system.

I stand by painting it black with flames on it
Any clue on when the next mission is? Thinking of joining, just need to know when to check in.
The Next Mission will very likely happen on Sunday Night due to tasks regarding the outside world.

Meanwhile, heavy tuneup is occuring not only for voss , but for the enemy.
=Pear Shaped=

To: Dmr. Beatrix
Priority: I don't know it's important

I've looked up the lost inventory in warehouse Q1 and cross referenced the suspected artifacts there. As it turns out the Artifacts there were mostly unknown devices that Thane couldn't or hadn't bothered to figure out. His specialists reported it as a "serpentine crown" consuming a jewel of Obsidian. So I contacted some friends in the business and all reports came back the same:

The Crown of Gram, conqueror of worlds holds the highest seat for he ruled even the Wyrms whose absolute dominion consumed those from beneath.
If it is to be believed, it is a destructive tool capable of controlling an ancient monster-- but who knows if they exist anymore. Right ?
rolled 7, 1, 5, 5 = 18

To Oderkonn and the Lab: Science Initiative
Priority Bronze

Improved Personal Radios:
1 Paranormal
1 Micro Mechanics
1 Geophysicist
1 Thanatologists

Rating: 5
1+3 Success Needed
rolled 6, 7, 4, 3, 4, 9, 2 = 35

Parachutes as basic equipment for ALL infantry units:
1 Energy Physicst
1 Medic
1 Thanatologists

Rating: 4
Success Needed: 1+2

Lowering the cost of the Doom Missile, more ammo types for it besides explosive and ghoul bomb:
1 Energy Physicsts
3 Alchemists

Rating: 5

Successes: 2+2
Now wheres Fran or one of those scientists when you need them...Took me a week of pain to extract that big black lump from the island, someone better have something useful to do with it... *Espresso makes his way to the science department, a large box in hand holding his prize.* Anyone here? I'm leaving some dangerous possibly magic and organic material in the lab! Have fun! * he yells while he tags the box so the others can know what's inside. Satisfied he leaves it smack dab in the center of the lab before leaving.*

"Oh, what a faux-passe? I am terribly sorry ma'am." Gottfried turns around and grins sheepishly. "I guess i've been spending too much time among the invertebrate and eucaryotic lately..."

The scientist quickly managed to regain his composure, as evidenced by his increasingly beaming eyes.

"Tell you what leutenant, i am working on a special, extremely nutritious and delicious prototype fungus at the moment. And i pride myself in being an exellent chef as well as a qemist. As an apology for this... unfortunate incident i could prepare a hot meal of mushroom stew for you and your men if i get that project done with. What do you say, Leutenant ? I guarantee you it will taste like nothing you ever had before! "

"Of course... first i need to get rid of that tiresome venom spores... Funny, never thought i needed to get THOSE out of a shroom..."

The quemist seems deep in thought...

It's fine, Quemist. Just take what I said to heart, yes?


If the Kashir are so heavily invested in these artifacts we should make it a priority to either steal the artifacts back or acquire and catalog several of our own. If the Kashir can summon dragons, elephants, and jaguars to fight for them, I would not want to see what this "ancient beast" the Crown's description refers to.

That new METAL BAWKS could be a useful addition--what determines its usefulness, however, is its troop capacity. How many squads can be fitted into it?

Like the Ironskull, it may contain a whole platoon

So how much health do these 100Men have--as much as the class they were previously trained in? Do they use standard infantry health, or vehicle armor?
>health +2
seems to say that it's the class+2
Also seem they use HP
It just occurred to me, but I think this is the first time all the science has actually been successful.

And since the Motor Pool is updated:
>Put 53 terror into Gold Nitro, purchasing it. 40 terror remains.
File: 1337925164205.png-(18 KB, 123x139, 1332319868146.png)
18 KB

In that case, I'd recommend us to research the monocycles. Strap some rockets or machine guns on that mobile of a platform and we have a nice little flanking vehicle.
File: 1337931601257.png-(2.02 MB, 1200x3000, VOSSARMORweb.png)
2.02 MB
Gold Nitro ,
afer much synthesizing with ibonyte we finally created a high octane fuel state capable of increasing our armor's output by nearly 3 fold. All the parts are rough and the engine for it isn't perfected but at our current state, it's the fuel doing most of the job as crude as it is !
> Doop doo doop my Upgrades required a crew slot so I'm gonna take the exp loss for the oversight.

Sorry guise !
An adept arrives at Blitz's quarters, delivering a poorly written letter.

'It's no good if one of our best tankers can't even receive an upgrade he himself helped make available. Take this, you owe me a favor at some undisclosed date.'


>give 3 xp to Blitz, giving him a total of 20 I believe.
=It is just a Fleshwound=

Ema lets out a mist of smoke as she stares down on her work.
Otso VonClaude awakens from his surgery, a "light" weight on his left arm.
" You should be getting used to the ibonyte suspension- I took a leaf from oderkonn's playbook and replaced gold nitro with an Iron heart engine "

Otso looks down an alien appendage rises up from the sheets his eyes go wide.


" Relax, you're not a cadaver , those are augments , and you're alive "

" they're.. light ... and yet massive "

" Good that means that you integrated it "

" Is this permanent ? "

" Only a stump is the actual limb, we can change out the whole rest of the arm as new things come up, but that's a stand in.... an expensive stand in"

" I - I see... thank you.. "
" oh.. don't mention it " Ema squashes the cigar on the metal arm.

> Vonclaude now has an Mk1 attachment, no trip change is needed but he can now perform its attacks and regains the actions lost from his severred arm.

> Ema now has " Augment" as a Zrx heal skill. It is a full action to replace any [lost] limbs in battle, rating is determined by difficulty of task. [medical classes may assist]

> Augments progression track: like the ragnyll arc, Player may spend exp to upgrade their newly acquired limbs using the 10/ 20/ 30 exp progression track.
[H] Marrow==
You gain a +1 hit for training in knife combat with VAMPIRES

[Q] Funkel==
You have invented baconshrooms. It was delicious.
Bacon Shrooms may grow on the field as a +hp mushroom. Are you really gonna question where that mushroom grew from ?
Personnell Radios
The radio handset allows any fireteam leader to take a full action to
> Call in Reinforcements of the same unit type [Only if you have mooks attached of that type]
> Order Troops remotely under the CO rules
[Only if you have the proper rank to order them]
>Units lower than SGT. cannot use =PRs= for the above purposes.
> All other units may use =PRs= to offer a +1 Hit against an enemy they see, enemies found this way lose Stealth and their accompanying bonuses.

-Fall damage, higher than 3 Levels maybe ignored once. Allies forced off the map in this way may land safely but are out of the battle.

Parachutes need no equipment slots but are one time use.

DoomMissile Reappropriation:
> The cost of Doom missiles has been decreased to 15. And once again decreases for every Control Tower present on the field by 2 terror.
> Doom missiles can now rain down Napalm that will cover the blast field with a sustaining flame.
> Similarly They may also bring down an equal payload of Test Paint. [Used for testing]
.. an energy based model is still in the works, however...
>Command Maneuver: "Love is In Progress"
The Major's Hydra tanks can hit targets at all ranges. Critical hit rating increases to possibly 3 or 4 (subject to approval).
Sitting before the remains of his "experiment" in the mess room of the guard compound Gottfried Funkel burped satisfied. His two interns, Klara and Alfred looked like they were enjoying their meals, too. The mushroom stew made from the new strain of fungi he created had indeed been delicious. The rich smell of the special porkshrooms was still hanging thick inside the mostly empty room.

Pulling a bottle of rather cheap looking wine out of the large brown pouch he usually used to store his mushrooms in Gottfried stood up and started pouring three glasses for him and his assistants.

"Well, looks like our first project has been quite some success. As you know the flesh of the meal pig (and by extension the baconshroom) seems to have special, medical properties that have yet to be explored properly. I will shortly file a request to the scifax division to look into this."

"We havn't been here a week and we already made our first breakthrough. Keep up the good work!"

>It seems like the power of SCIENCE is strong in this thread...

I see, it would seem that your experience and yours alone have let you develop an instinctual insight into your own fighting potential. Follow this feeling, for Voss may only provide what you need to better to serve our empire.

Capture that moment, and capture victory.
so im not a player but i've spotted this quest thread pop up from time to time, is there an archive of it anywhere cause i've always been curious and i love the art style used for it

Right here.
thanks dude
File: 1337966286298.png-(783 KB, 1062x1893, MONSTERLAB.png)
783 KB
The Monster Research Labs have finally opened up.
On top of keeping and maintaining the monsters we collect, the Monstro labs is also capable of sampling genetic information from our subjects to be


I honestly don't get this genetic business, truth be told so we have a hinzerhaus monster geneticist to help us carry out the projects.

" Yes thank you, as you know monsters somewhat follow a different pattern of life than most creatures on this planet do. This is mostly due to the fact that their genetic codes have an alien configuration to them. Pre-determined before any proper evolutionary process could take hold. We call this foreign set of data, Protoculture, it's found mostly withi- "

" Ehm "

" Right. To use the genetic crosser one must know that each "monster" has roughly 1 of 9 elemental configurations and 1 of 6 adaptive bases. FIguring out the pattern is a "monster" of a task so it would be better and faster to simply use trial and error until a pattern could be predicted. For now all of this is theory not yet possible until now. So, who would want to volunteer a combination ? Perhaps themselves ? Hmhmhmhmhmh "

I'd like to propose our first little monster mix, if you will. I think that the wyverns and salamanders would provide a good result in my opinion. I'm no scientist but seeing as they are 2 *lizard* or lizard-like creatures they would be a good fir for eachother.

Mind you with my thirst for knowledge and the unknown I'd love to propose myself but experimentation, especially with that Black Amber I found last week from the tar, but only after I see that the odds are highly in my favor.
File: 1337968701241.png-(126 KB, 750x382, LABKOB.png)
126 KB
well looky here ! Two mythical lizards seems to be the root of the so called Kobold. Known for having an instinct to build, and a [diet] for rocks ! Perhaps they can be trained....

Hmm... Everything x mushrooms seemed to have worked for me up till now. But i agree with Mister Stargazer that a wyvern and Salamander crossbreed seems to be a logical first choice.
That....that's the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Let's give it a room and a boat load of tools, a big bucket of rocks and see how it eats and build things. I'l go use my powers to dig some different kinds of rocks and minerals to see what it likes.
Yes, put them in a /contained/ environment, and see what comes out of it.
rolled 2, 2 = 4


"Mind if I tag along, miss? Patrols are safer in numbers."

>NCA: Helping Overwatch with search and borderpatrol

.... But she was already gone....

> Deadline for NCA's passed as of the last processed event and the monster lab. While it was not stated, command would like to remind you that 4 days of back log had already processed and that Overwatch's NCa was already processed - the outcome of which will be soon declared.

That....worked out surprisingly well. Makes me wonder what would happen if we crossed humans with the tar substance...
If you've already processed it, why hasn't it already been posted?

It's the introduction to the next mission. And for narrative purposes, has to happen last.
Marshal, if I may: what intel do we have on this new Kashir CO, Afyra? Is she related in any way to Executor Hassan? And what's with the eyepatch?
Say Monday
do you have any idea when you will run Rainbow Arcade
Probably sometime after the next mission is what I heard.

Sounds about right.

Hmmm...what would happen if we crossed the meal pigs with humans?
For those still even paying attention, mission is planned for Sunday unless things screw up. I possibly might not be able to be there for the entirety of it, so please defer to your Officers for command. VonClaude, this is your first chance to redeem yourself.
Friendly bump.

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