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  • File: 1336615938.jpg-(170 KB, 490x694, 2097_1336042080.jpg)
    170 KB The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)22:12 No.19047070  
    Hey /tg/, I had a question. If you surgically removed all of the viscera and what-not from a muscular humanoid with a height of about six feet, what is the volume it could contain? I'm trying to sneak a corpse stuffed with explosives in to a morgue covering a drug smuggling base of operations.

    Pic semi related.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:29 No.19047319
    about 15 liters of volume give or take a few. remember your main constrain will be the volume of the thoracic cavity so obese people who went by emphysema would have the most capacity (by all viscera I assume you removed the diaphragm and all intrathoracic viscera too )

    that's nearly 20 kilo of c4, but not a very efficient shaped charge and nearly no useful shrapnel
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:32 No.19047348

    Damn it /tg/, I don't know whether I'm more impressed or terrified by you sometimes
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:33 No.19047362
    This, right here.

    This is why /tg/ is my favorite board.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)22:35 No.19047385
    Thanks, Anon. Think there is any way I can maximize the damage it can do? I was thinking random shards of metal, fechettes, or something along that line. Only thing is, I have no idea where would I put them make everyone in a 20 foot radius FUBAR.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:36 No.19047395
    So you put a bunch of a buckshot in it too. Nails would be good, but those might poke through.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)22:37 No.19047413
    >I have no idea where I would put them to make everyone within a 20 foot radius FUBAR.


    It's a dystopian future type setting, so guns and ammunition are sparse.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:43 No.19047475
         File: 1336617789.jpg-(144 KB, 800x800, HyperTerresque.jpg)
    144 KB
    >>$5 box of screws

    Seriously, OP, are you even trying?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:44 No.19047500
    I would say put ball bearings in it but it would add so much weight that it would be suspiciously heavy
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:46 No.19047520
    I like the part where OP never said this was for a game
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)22:46 No.19047528
    That's actually not a bad idea, save for the screws as >>19047395 mentioned. Shave off the rounded ends of the jacks, and that would be rather devastating.

    Good idea. Now we have our shrapnel, but where and how would we position it? A lot of unnecessary details, I know, but our DM is really anal about shit like this.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:47 No.19047533
         File: 1336618023.jpg-(28 KB, 768x576, Vinny.jpg)
    28 KB

    >A small amount of C-4 packs a pretty big punch. Less than a pound of C-4 could potentially kill several people, and several military issue M112 blocks of C-4, weighing about 1.25 pounds (half a kilogram) each, could potentially demolish a truck. Demolition experts typically use a good amount of C-4 in order to do a job properly. To take out one 8-inch (20.3-centimeter) square steel beam, for example, they would probably use 8 to 10 pounds (3.6 to 4.5 kilograms) of C-4.

    >Half a kilo could demolish a truck.

    >OP has, potentially, space enough for 20 kilos.

    I'm fairly certain that even if he didn't put any shrapnel into the cadaver, the interior of the room would be decimated and everyone in it probably dead from the sheer concussive force.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:48 No.19047549
    I do know the minimum safe distance for 20 kilos of C4 would be roughly 350 meters in the open. While I can't remember the detonating force of C4, I'm pretty sure anyone within 100 meters of that explosion in an enclosed environment like a building is pretty much fucked.

    Also, if this is a normal house type building, then the house itself will provide more than enough shrapnel to kill anyone outside the kill radius.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:48 No.19047552
         File: 1336618115.png-(25 KB, 877x300, theperfectcomic4xa.png)
    25 KB

    I thought OP just failed at knowing how to make a pipe bomb
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:48 No.19047557
    could you smuggle the shrapnel material in with the bodies clothes? or will it have been stripped by that point?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:51 No.19047589
    Game? What game?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:51 No.19047603
    Oh shit, 20 feet?

    Buddy, the explosive force of like a single pound of C4 would kill someone within 20 feet.

    20 kilos of it is going to, as I said, kill everyone within 100-200 meters. And likely bring the whole building down on anyone who got lucky enough to survive.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)22:53 No.19047621
    From what I understand, bodies are stripped when they're prepped for post-mortem diagnosis. The C4 is homebrew, and crappier than the stuff a soldier might carry. Even so, we (the players) are going to use this to take out some guards, a doctor that steals the personal belongings of the deceased (IE shoes, earings, etc. Family member got pissy when he found his father's heirloom ring was missing).

    So, the building is going down, everyone inside it will die, and most of the immediate surrounding area will be turned in to pulp. What else can we do to make this comically large explosion even bigger?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:55 No.19047658
         File: 1336618552.jpg-(13 KB, 369x393, Oh my Little Finger.jpg)
    13 KB
    >What else can we do to make this comically large explosion even bigger?

    TWO corpse bombs?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:55 No.19047660

    bodies filled with jugs of gasoline. makes it look all Hollywood.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:56 No.19047676
    C4 wall packin foam, c4 briefcases, c4 delivery pigeons, c4 doctor
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:58 No.19047700
         File: 1336618683.jpg-(32 KB, 498x497, Da Mole.jpg)
    32 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:59 No.19047711

    Pack it in flour.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:59 No.19047717
    I like the cut of your jib.

    Is your jib c4 by any chance?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:59 No.19047718
         File: 1336618773.jpg-(117 KB, 467x413, 1335671283698.jpg)
    117 KB

    Shut the fuck up for a second.

    C4 lined boots.
    And pipe gasoline into their sprinkler system.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:00 No.19047736
    >Mfw everything is C4.

    Oh god, the ideas.
    >Have a female PC pose as a prostitute for the doctor to pick up.
    >She drugs him, knocks him out.
    >1 bloody surgery later, his body contains C4, but not enough to be noticed.
    >Pray to God her first aid skill rolls high so the scars will be unnoticeable.

    We have limited security access from a paid off guard, so theoretically we could fill the sprinkler system with gasoline or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:02 No.19047768
         File: 1336618956.jpg-(74 KB, 640x360, cardholder.jpg)
    74 KB
    >I like the cut of your jib.

    I like the cut of his hair.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:02 No.19047776
         File: 1336618978.png-(479 KB, 588x556, 1325961646096.png)
    479 KB
    Unless they're on a private grid, their sprinkler system (and consequently local sprinkler systems) will be piped in from local water providers.

    In fact, if you're accessing from that point you could essentially empty out the tanks of local vehicles into the local piping systems and have them explode along with the C4, creating a chain explosion with deadly shrapnel and ruining local city functions for a few months at minimum.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:03 No.19047785
    Replace the room with C4.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:04 No.19047799
         File: 1336619071.jpg-(96 KB, 533x446, ohshitmotherfuckers.jpg)
    96 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:04 No.19047804
    Replace C4 with C1. C1 is like C4, but much more powerful and volatile. It's also really easy to make.
    >> Alpharius 05/09/12(Wed)23:04 No.19047806
    I think that siphoning gasoline out into the local water-supply to trigger a massive chain-explosion goes far beyond the remit of assassinating a single doctor.

    At this point you might as well smuggle a homemade nuke in the dead bastard's chest and call it a day.
    >> Alpharius 05/09/12(Wed)23:05 No.19047818
    Speaking of which, OP, you should smuggle a homemade nuke in the dead bastard's chest and call it a day.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:05 No.19047825
         File: 1336619158.png-(75 KB, 700x466, it's so beautiful.png)
    75 KB
    >At this point you might as well smuggle a homemade nuke in the dead bastard's chest and call it a day.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:06 No.19047829
         File: 1336619179.jpg-(35 KB, 525x481, 1284427430930.jpg)
    35 KB
    Well he asked for ridiculous explosion shenanigans.

    Seconding this motion.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:07 No.19047849
    -Pay criminal to rig 2 bombs
    -One bomb in the corpse, one fake bomb on top of it.
    -When police come to remove the bomb from off the corpse, it triggers the deadman switch (ba-dum tss) inside; causing the actual explosion.

    Fill in the details.

    Saw this on some tv show, used it twice, pissed players and Doritos spilling everywhere.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:07 No.19047852
    Even if we had enough money for uranium, or any other kind of radioactive material, we'd all probably die from radiation poisoning before we made the bomb.

    I was thinking of using our paid off guard to tamper with the cremator or something. Suggestions?
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:09 No.19047870
    Interesting. I'll write that down.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:11 No.19047900
    I'm liking the sewer-gasoline idea. It's time consuming, but technically free.

    If you're gonna have the guy mess with the cremator, perhaps you can try to have it heat up the room.
    When [most] glass is exposed to extreme heat, it'll rapidly expand and consequently explode.

    Glass shards.
    Next to a corpse full of C4.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:11 No.19047902
    New idea:
    >Get a recorder, tape a message on it.
    >What does it say, /tg/?

    I was thinking some sort of Saw-esque thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:11 No.19047904
    Fill the cremator with thermite and c4?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:12 No.19047918
         File: 1336619572.png-(62 KB, 736x736, 1308305416946.png)
    62 KB

    >Use your contact with the guard to sneak inside and make some 'adjustments' to the cremator.
    >Re-wire the cremator so that the pilot spark is instead used to ignite all the C-4 you could pack into a cremator.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:12 No.19047919
         File: 1336619574.png-(54 KB, 248x248, 1333573238641.png)
    54 KB
    "Tick-tock, doctor. Tick-tock."
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:13 No.19047930
    If you're hearing this, that means the assassins failed.
    Don't worry, we have a back-up plan.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:15 No.19047947
    Thermite, maybe. C4 would take too long, and the things needed for thermite could probably be found scrounging in a junkyard or something.

    Brilliant ideas.

    I'm taking the sewer-gasoline idea in to serious consideration should we find ourselves in a corner, and need an ear-popping distraction.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:16 No.19047961

    Lilly-lilly illy bing bang boom.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:17 No.19047975
    3 seconds of silence then

    >> Wololoooo

    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:19 No.19047991
    Mind you all, this guard is paid off, and can't be trusted completely. The only real reason we've decided to use him is because he's promised secrecy, and hasn't snitched yet.

    Perhaps we could make the show more flashy with some fireworks, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:19 No.19047994

    >"This message will self-destruct...NOW."
    >Tapedeck pops open and a tiny flag that says 'boom' pops out.
    >The action of the flag popping out just pulled the pin on the grenade I stuffed inside the tape recorder.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:21 No.19048016
    The Joker would be proud, anon.

    Now, the explosion can't go on without some classy music broadcasted to the dumbfounded masses flocking to see the destroyed... everything. What music plays?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 05/09/12(Wed)23:22 No.19048043
    1818 overture, obviously.
    With real cannons this time.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:23 No.19048046
         File: 1336620183.gif-(342 KB, 248x198, 1331015275454.gif)
    342 KB

    We here on /tg/ have a sick sense of humor.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:23 No.19048047

    >What music plays?
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:26 No.19048085
         File: 1336620387.jpg-(27 KB, 220x174, D.A.R.E.jpg)
    27 KB
    All good suggestions.

    Now that we have a giant explosion, a classy message to the soon-to-be-liquefied doctor, fireworks, and music, what else can we add? I'm thinking we need a threat to the remaining drug lords, the lead role played by pic related.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:28 No.19048109
    Arrange for a news team to be filming something of little consequence in the area so the whole thing is caught on live news?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:29 No.19048125
    A question, why not instead of just the corpse bomb, you drain the corpse of the blood and inject petroleum jelly. There you go, you have a napalm corpse bomb.

    Oh, and napalm burns through steel pretty badly too, so it will pretty much destroy the building
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:30 No.19048134
    Pack nearby mailboxes/containers with a list of the other Drug Lord's names, so when it all blows a list of your next targets is spread across the local area.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:32 No.19048153
    Both of these, with hidden speakers blaring the song that you chosen.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:34 No.19048181
    Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Good idea.

    God damn, /tg/, I wish I had you all as players for my group?

    From my experiences, napalm isn't very explosive, just a slow-burning, skin-melting, jellied gasoline. Plus, it'd be difficult to inject every single, vein, artery, and capillary with petroleum jelly.

    Since we're on the topic, what other rediculous ways do you think we could kill the drug lords? I can think of two off the top of my head:

    >Kamikaze explosive pigeons.
    >A simple, classy poison in a drink or something.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:35 No.19048197
    >God damn, /tg/, I wish I had you all as players for my group.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:36 No.19048209
    Crash a flaming napalm bus full of petrol and c4 into their daughters birthday party at a restaurant.

    That'll show em
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 05/09/12(Wed)23:36 No.19048214
    >what other rediculous ways do you think we could kill the drug lords?
    Depends on the personalities of these drug lords. dfetail them for us so we can tailor their death for you.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:39 No.19048248
    Nah, the poison drink is old. Take a normal wine glass, do nothing with the wine but cover the lip of it with clear contact poison. Wine's fine, but the glass isn't.

    That, or take a fancy little route I saw once that seemed rather brilliant. Take some poison, take some water. Freeze the water around the poison to form an ice cube, put it in people's drinks. Won't poison them until the ice melted, so delayed poison.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:40 No.19048268
    I'll need to ask the DM if any of the drug lords have a son or daughter, but that'll be hilarious.

    One is hiding in a bunker somewhere, because we've already offed one of his fellow lords.

    Another one is an avid playgoer and opera attendee.

    The final one is your classic, Black Mask-type villain.

    The one we killed was a pampered fat bastard.

    Is that from a movie? I remember seeing something like that on TV.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:42 No.19048301
    1. Surround the bunker with thermite, enjoy beers as he burns underground.

    2. Hang him from the rafters to be dramatically revealed as the second act of his favourite play begins.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:42 No.19048304
         File: 1336621379.gif-(417 KB, 500x375, 1317711980449.gif)
    417 KB
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:46 No.19048341
    >2. Hang him from the rafters to be dramatically revealed as the second act of his favourite play begins.

    Maybe, we kill him before the play while his guards as distracted, cut off his head, and use it in place of Yorik's skull for the play "Hamlet."

    Seems to simple for such a self-assured, rich, snarky person that no-one likes. I was thinking starting some kind of civil war or something. Maybe some kind of infiltration.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:48 No.19048367
    >Seems to simple for such a self-assured, rich, snarky person that no-one likes. I was thinking starting some kind of civil war or something. Maybe some kind of infiltration.

    And, as his empire falls around him, law enforcement surrounds his home, and his world crumbles, he will look up to me, and beg for death. I do not grant it, and leave him to rot in jail.
    >> The man formerly known as Writefag 05/09/12(Wed)23:52 No.19048414
    And with that, I'm off to bed. Thanks for the info, and thanks for the ideas. I'll be sure to tell you the results.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 05/09/12(Wed)23:54 No.19048445
    >One is hiding in a bunker somewhere, because we've already offed one of his fellow lords.
    Make him really paranoid, feed him false information that a nuclear war/plague is happening etc.
    In the meantime, poison his canned food with lead. After 3 weeks, bury said bunker in a mound of dirt and sand, make sure it's packed. This should be done after cutting off all his connections and any bodyguards or defense mechanism.

    >Another one is an avid playgoer and opera attendee.
    Make his death a public spectacle. Put him gagged and tied behind the curtains, and inform the shocked attendees of the man's crimes using the AV system. Then, noose around neck, open the trapdoor on the stage, and slowly rise the body as the curtain closes. Then move the body somewhere else.

    >The final one is your classic, Black Mask-type villain.
    Corrupt one of his trusted henchmen via blackmail or what-have-you. Get the henchman to believe that they're going to inherit the dude's power if the henchman kills him. Have the henchman devise the plan...
    blow the whole place sky-high anyways.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:55 No.19048446
    Alright, we're counting on it.

    Also, if you want to go the "beg for death but death is not given" route, go the "I have to scream but I have no mouth" route. Basically? Paralyze him, and leave him. Force him to live without the use of his arms, legs, voice, everything. Make him live in a hell that is just himself.

    I think there is some powder that does something similar to that in Africa, or was it South America? Retards the person afflicted. Why kill him when you can make him your mentally challenged servant?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:24 No.19048785
    /tg/, /tg/, I'm so disappointed. And now he's left, confound it. But no one thought to suggest this?

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:34 No.19048879
    Yeah, I've seen the ice thing before too, show was called Tru Calling. One episode, a guy was plotting to poison his friends, heroine found out and tried to prevent it by replacing the alcohol at the killer's party with her own. Turned out the killer had poisoned the ice, not the alcohol itself. It didn't matter what liquor anyone drank that night, so long as they tossed in a couple of cubes. For added appropriateness points, the protagonist was a morgue attendant.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:36 No.19048902

    You mean like Bad Boys II?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:38 No.19048945
    Oh HELL YES! Seconding this so very hard.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:42 No.19049007
    guys, put c4 on spiders!
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:45 No.19049030
    > I'll be sure to tell you the results.

    We'll be sure to keep an eye out on the board, and an ear out on the news.
    Just in case.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)03:56 No.19050780
    For this glorious thread
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)04:09 No.19050863
    All you need for Bunker Boy is a location and a cement truck. Bury him alive, then leave.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)04:44 No.19051195
    Never change, /tg/.
    Never change.

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