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  • File: 1336605192.jpg-(193 KB, 701x1000, 1e7d5916e5d71a71172659470a8012dfc1d9c97c.jpg)
    193 KB Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:13 No.19044770  
    Please do not take these items.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:17 No.19044815
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 05/09/12(Wed)19:17 No.19044818
         File: 1336605442.jpg-(40 KB, 300x400, NoNoh.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:26 No.19044949
    Noh. :)
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 05/09/12(Wed)19:31 No.19045010
         File: 1336606268.jpg-(35 KB, 300x400, NohSmile.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:36 No.19045079
    Noh is a story from a time long ago.

    A time of myth and legends, when the immortal gods were petty and cruel, and they plagued mankind with suffering.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:37 No.19045083
         File: 1336606636.jpg-(93 KB, 360x460, Slowpoke Noh.jpg)
    93 KB
    Tell me more.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:37 No.19045092
    What the fuck is happening here?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:38 No.19045106
         File: 1336606702.png-(229 KB, 386x386, 1269339079876.png)
    229 KB

    ...So...from last Thursday?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:39 No.19045116

    Day successfully made.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:39 No.19045119
         File: 1336606772.jpg-(35 KB, 420x300, Freaky_fred.jpg)
    35 KB

    My dear, It's not the items I'm interested in taking...
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:39 No.19045121
    I take these items.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:40 No.19045136
    Nostalgia is battering some old grognards.
    >> Anonymouse 05/09/12(Wed)19:41 No.19045148
         File: 1336606897.jpg-(68 KB, 479x598, Titus_titlescreen.jpg)
    68 KB
    Give me your undying devotion to the emperor, and you may keep your weapons. resist and face exterminatus.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:42 No.19045155
    Noh vs the Blood Ravens.

    What happens?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:42 No.19045162
         File: 1336606935.jpg-(22 KB, 300x376, sorbo4.jpg)
    22 KB
    Only one man dared to challenged their power: Hercules!

    Hercules possesed a strength the world had never seen; a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart.

    He journeyed the earth, battling the minions of his evil stepmother Hera, the all-powerful queen of the gods.

    But wherever there was evil...

    Whenever an innocent would suffer... there would be Hercules!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:45 No.19045200
         File: 1336607115.jpg-(8 KB, 283x238, 1325634347736.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:45 No.19045205
    oh wait i remember hearing this once, wish i could remember where....

    can't remember the details either, but the summary of it is a GM presented the players with a grim a puzzle/moral choice, and the party derailed it in an unexpectantly altruistic way. or something like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:45 No.19045211
    >Whenever an innocent would suffer... there would be Hercules!

    Does that mean those Innocents turned into Kevin Sorbo when they suffered?

    Did they turn back after that or were they forever doomed to play in shitty TV-Series and even shittier movies?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:46 No.19045218
         File: 1336607183.jpg-(25 KB, 248x360, anonsaysno.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:47 No.19045228
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:47 No.19045233


    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:47 No.19045236
         File: 1336607276.png-(259 KB, 400x518, 1328330546100.png)
    259 KB
    Please, do sit down.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:48 No.19045243
    >> Sleeping Dragon !!rSK+AszrrNq 05/09/12(Wed)19:49 No.19045254
    Still more faithful to the mythology than the Disney version.

    But why is Hades always such a dick? Aside from one kidnapping incident, he seemed pretty cool, and he even offered to give her back except she'd already started stealing his food and shit. Hell, he did Orpheus a solid too.

    ...Guy really wasn't that devoted to his job, now that I look at it. Didn't Sisyphus break free like, twice?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:49 No.19045258
         File: 1336607354.jpg-(85 KB, 300x525, nohdress.jpg)
    85 KB

    Some of us grognards remember Noh. Here, Noh. Your dress.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:51 No.19045286

    And your sword. You don't go anywhere without these, do you?
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)19:51 No.19045289
    He kinda felt dicked over. Zeus go the sky, Poseidon the oceans, and all he got was wealth that he couldn't use and the land of the dead.
    Otherwise, he was one hell of a chill dude.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:52 No.19045295
         File: 1336607531.jpg-(8 KB, 393x466, nohrapier.jpg)
    8 KB

    Here it is.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:53 No.19045318
    Hades did a lot of dick moves, including allowing two guys to sit upon a chair that would adhere to them, trapping them forever.

    Hercules saved them by pulling them off that chair with his incredible strength, but ripped off half of their asses in the process, resulting in their progeny being plagued by flat asses.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:56 No.19045348
    Noh Quest, for those that missed it.

    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:57 No.19045354
    Hell, the kidnapping thing isn't even quite as bad as it sounds. It seems that at one point in greek history, you had to 'kidnap' a girl from her parents house before you could marry her.

    The only Greek gods that weren't complete dicks were Hades and Hephaestus.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:59 No.19045368

    >The only Greek gods that weren't complete dicks were Hades and Hephaestus.

    Note that both of them got consistently fucked in the bum by the brother and father, respectively. Zeus: he's a cunt.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)19:59 No.19045375
    because the closest analogy christian writers have to Hades is the devil/Lucifer/Satan/whatever you want to call him. so they use him to base hades's personality on. really he was a loner, harsh, but also fair and just. and he actually wanted to be lord of the underworld by choice, preferred to stay down there than in Olympus, and the gods were just fine with that because they found Hades creepy. no idea what Persephone saw in him.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:00 No.19045386
    Nah, Hephestus was a semi-dick. He HATED Hera for throwing him off Olympus. And the fact that she set him up with a cheating bitch. So he got revenge in subtle ways. Helping Hercules, that sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:01 No.19045391

    That's not being a dick at all.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:01 No.19045392
    Hades let his nephew borrow his dog too, and it wasn't his fault Orpheus didn't make it out of the underworld. He's a pretty swell guy, especially by death god standards.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:01 No.19045393
    So, Hades is basement-dwelling neckbeard of greek gods?
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:01 No.19045394
    Zeus was a prick with legs. In more ways then one.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:03 No.19045420
    No, he was a filthy rich basement-dwelling neckbeard of greek gods
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:03 No.19045426
    Semi-dick. He was quite the asshole to Ares. Because, you know, Ares was dicking his wife. So he made a net, and rigged it to restrain whoever was on the bed on a set time. Lo and behold, Aphrodite and Ares are doing the horizontal tango at just the right time. He then calls the other gods so they can all point and laugh at the two.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:04 No.19045430
    OP's pic of Noh always reminds me of the girl from the animated series of Highlander.

    >singular only
    Thanks captcha
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:04 No.19045435
    >Didn't Sisyphus break free like, twice?
    Well, see, here's the thing: Hades played by the rules. When Thanatos (the actual god of death) came up to claim him, Sisyphus bound him in his own chains. So no one could die. So Hades couldn't touch him.
    Then when that was sorted out, Sisyphus manipulated it so he was stuck on the shores of, Styx? With no way to pay Charon. Which didn't make any sense, since he was a wealthy king, but Charon wouldn't take him further into the Underworld, so he was able to be sent back to "fix it".
    As to be expected from a jackass that attempted to trick the gods TWICE, his afterlife kind of sucks.
    As for Hades being chill, he didn't fuck you over unless you really went out of your way (why would he? You're his when you die anyway), but it isn't like he wasn't going to let you not die.
    Of course, there really aren't a lot of myths specifically about Hades. Unlike the Vikings, the "good" Greek afterlife wasn't really something with easily defined requirements, so death and the afterlife aren't really talked about.
    >> Anonymouse 05/09/12(Wed)20:04 No.19045439
    that's not even being a dick. His wife was cheating on him, and he knew it, and he wanted everyone to know. that's justice if I ever hear it.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:05 No.19045440
    I'd say ares was a slightly bigger prick.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:06 No.19045457
    >he actually wanted to be lord of the underworld by choice
    Huh. The version I've always known was the Zeus got the Sky and Kingship automaticly, no one really argued against that, and the others had to roll a die to claim their domain. Hades had always had bad luck, so he got the shaft and the Underworld.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:06 No.19045460
    Almost forgot. Hephaestus tried to rape Athena. Really.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:07 No.19045474
    The one I'm familiar with had the three brothers draw lots/straws. Zeus got first, Poseidon got second, and Hades got last.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:07 No.19045475

    Yeah, that's the only version. That other guy is talking out his as.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:08 No.19045484
    >but it isn't like he wasn't going to let you not die.

    well there was this one time, he agreed to let someone return to the living. But her husband made a good case and Hades felt bad for the two.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:09 No.19045493
         File: 1336608541.jpg-(697 KB, 1280x1997, 1318151097820.jpg)
    697 KB
    Ares was the kind of god you love to hate.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:09 No.19045494
    They drew lots. He wasn't like, all bitter and scheming about it though.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:09 No.19045501

    My favorite version was that Cronos threw him into It-wasn't-called-Hades-at-that-point rather than eat him, and he took the motherfucker over like an undead Conan. So it was more like, "Why would I want to leave? I live here. And it's named after me."
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:09 No.19045504
    Wonder Man and Ares really deserved a spin-off, best team-up is best.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:10 No.19045508
    Ares at least had the excuse of being war, which is the ultimate of dick moves. And the fact that he accepted being bitchslapped by Diomedies is pretty bro.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:11 No.19045522
    Diomedes reads like Homer's fucking fanfiction.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:11 No.19045534
    Always keep in mind that the majority of what we know about the Greek Gods comes from plays, not divine texts.

    That's sort of like basing your knowledge about Jesus solely on "Jesus Christ Superstar."
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:11 No.19045535
    well I always remember him being pretty content about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:11 No.19045539
         File: 1336608703.jpg-(350 KB, 1280x800, 1293128036812.jpg)
    350 KB
    Ares was just such amazing character
    and Wonder Man played off him very well.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:12 No.19045550
    I know? Wonder Man is a Marvel character too bro.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:12 No.19045553
    Odysseus reads like Homers fan fic.
    How many chicks did he screw on the ten year journey back to his wife? HE LOST COUNT.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:13 No.19045556

    see pic >>19045539

    He clearly doesn't care what you think
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:13 No.19045559
    No, Odysseus doesn't. Odysseus totally has flaws. Odysseus does a spy mission with Diomedes and he gets jelly of Diomedes and attacks him from behind, but Diomedes sees his fucking reflection in his shield in the middle of the night and effortlessly beats the shit of Odysseus.

    Fucking. Fanfiction.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:13 No.19045561
    Athena was also a deity of war and she's a textbook example of an anti-dick
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:14 No.19045566
    hey man, everything i needed to know i learned form jesus christ superstar
    like how to hit a killer falsetto
    and the merits of giant dome shaped leather hats
    >> Hades 05/09/12(Wed)20:14 No.19045573
    Yeah, pretty much. Got a spanking amount of shelves for my games and a bunch of fellas to play with. I never really liked ruling, so as the dead dudes boss I can continue to be forever player.

    My basement dwelling. God tier.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:14 No.19045574
    AKA One of the best things ever.
    So I think we're good.
    >> Anonymouse 05/09/12(Wed)20:14 No.19045576
    >beardy enough to have read the theogony
    get on my level /tg/

    True, but Zeus raped lots of people, and if he's got a pass, Haphaestus does too.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:15 No.19045586
         File: 1336608944.jpg-(566 KB, 1280x1956, wonderman.jpg)
    566 KB
    Speaking of, that whole bit sounds a lot like the Shinto myth of how this one goddess got turned into the Underworld Goddess, or something.
    Instead of a mortal husband going after his mortal wife, and couldn't look at her till they left, it was two gods.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:15 No.19045587
    Medusa, and Scylla would like to have a word with you.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:16 No.19045588

    I'd actually join that church.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:17 No.19045602
    which makes it amazing that HE of all the gods had one of the most stable marriages on mount Olympus
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:17 No.19045607

    Depending on the version, Arachne might have something to say too.

    But strictly speaking you're right, Athena wasn't a dick. She was more of a cunt.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:18 No.19045611
    Zeus got a pass because he was a fucking king. Hephaestus got SHAMED. Number one, because he didn't make a god out of it, and number two, because he tried to rape his Dad's mind.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:18 No.19045618
    The Underworld is nothing if not…rock solid.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:19 No.19045623
    Getting a three months out of each others hair must have done wonders for the relationship.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:19 No.19045626
    didn't Athena do that because Scylla and Medusa were complete bitches and needed to be taken down a peg?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:20 No.19045636

    Once again, depends on the version. And to be honest the politics of the writer.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:20 No.19045638
    Nope. Because Poseidon screwed them in her temple. Gods are dicks.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:21 No.19045649
    fair enough
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:21 No.19045657
    Well...mostly Greek Gods, Egyptian gods (except the two or three evil ones) are pretty cool, and most of the Norse gods are okay in small doses, just don't have the party at your place, because you won't have a place at the end of it.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:22 No.19045668
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:23 No.19045671
    >didn't Athena do that because Scylla and Medusa were complete bitches and needed to be taken down a peg?
    From the story I remember they were raped in a temple and Athena was all like "You DARE to get raped in my temple! YOU ARE NOW HIDEOUS MONSTERS!"

    Sounds like a cunt move to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:23 No.19045673
    also, Loki's pranks suck
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:24 No.19045685
    That's true, Loki's a bastard who would fit much better in with the Greek Gods, than the Norse ones.
    >> Anonymouse 05/09/12(Wed)20:24 No.19045689
    >didn't make a god
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:26 No.19045699
    Loki would be fucking awkward to party with. Since he might be a pregnant female horse at some time or another. Thor would end up somehow in drag, asking for help to find his hammer, and Baldur would drop dead when Loki spikes his drink with a bad roofie.
    Until, you know, the giant snake and wolves and shit show up. Fucking po-po.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:27 No.19045711
    As I recall, that was a SIX LEGGED HORSE.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:27 No.19045712
         File: 1336609621.gif-(219 KB, 500x392, sleipnirloki.gif)
    219 KB
    I don't know, he had the crowd running wild with that bit were he turned into a mare, got fucked by a magic stallion, and gave birth to an 8-legged super-horse that his dad rode around on.
    The Norse were weird man.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:27 No.19045719
    Well, he was a frost giant, and not a true god.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 05/09/12(Wed)20:28 No.19045727
         File: 1336609686.jpg-(36 KB, 300x400, NohSmile2.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:28 No.19045733
    Loki wasn't a bastard, just an idiot. Granted it's hard to tell sometimes, but I'm going with idiot
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:28 No.19045735
         File: 1336609707.jpg-(52 KB, 467x700, Norse crisis flowchart.jpg)
    52 KB
    Oh please, before Loki goes off the fucking rails, he's a pretty cool guy, it's just that he and Thor are incredibly destructive.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:29 No.19045739
    No, he was definitely a bastard see:>>19045735
    >> Anonymouse 05/09/12(Wed)20:29 No.19045742
    close, but

    no, you're not even close. Ask yourself why Haphaestus would be making horses.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:30 No.19045753
    And Arachne? How dare that little shit be better at one single thing than Athena?

    Greek/Roman deities were all a bunch of massive douches.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:30 No.19045760
         File: 1336609844.jpg-(97 KB, 400x412, 20223143.jpg)
    97 KB

    Okay, so he made a REALLY FUCKING OBSCURE God.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:31 No.19045768
    I know some bastard child of the gods ended up a six legged horse. Wasn't that dude then. Plus, he had to be made a god. Point stands.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:32 No.19045771
    This, Loki got the gods out of trouble pretty much as often as he got them into it.

    Also, he's not a giant. What he is isn't exactly clear, and there are a lot of theories upon the subject. He's not explicitly anything, and whenever there seems to be a reference to his parentage its contradicted elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:33 No.19045782
    Arachne…kind of asked for it. With the whole "weaving better than the goddess of weaving, in a weaving contest with said goddess, weaving images of and running my mouth off about how the gods are asses to us". Unless YOU are divine, don't go out of your way to piss off divinity.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:37 No.19045817
    So, Loki could be a Lovecraftian Old One? That explains a lot of the fuckery that happens around him.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:37 No.19045819
    Yeah, but she still fucking won that contest. And the gods kind of ARE asses. So. No one's entirely in the right here.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:37 No.19045822
         File: 1336610268.jpg-(235 KB, 1600x1200, c18934c2f13b17d96ac0851324ec89(...).jpg)
    235 KB
    I'm going to crusade all over your mythology.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:39 No.19045839
    pfft, with those scrawny little chicken legs?
    mkay. Good luck with that.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:39 No.19045843
    No, there's just conflicting sources in the canon of myth as to whether he is god or giant or half of each.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:39 No.19045846
    Even if he was a giant, it doesn't really matter. Fucking Odin himself was half-giant. All the gods had some giant blood in them.

    In the words of Magnus Magnusson, “In the dawn of time, they [the gods] seemed gay and innocent, but Odin’s mother had been a giantess, and their blood was flawed with latent corruption. The universe they created was always a precarious, vulnerable place, beset by terrible forces of destruction that had to be constantly kept at bay. ”
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:40 No.19045847
    It's more like it seems that being adopted by a God somehow made him half-god, but your idea sounds awesomer.

    This. Athena didn't punish Arachne for blaspheming, she smugly thought "I'll show her", lost in a fair contest, then threw a tantrum.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:40 No.19045848
    that only applies if Loki created the crisis with the intent of sowing destruction and chaos, most of the time it was the result of Loki not thinking a plan through. Example:

    > Loki: hey everybody
    >everyone else: what the hell you doing here? you were supposed to be fixing the city walls!?
    > Loki: Naw it's okay I got this one schmuck to fix it, said he could make it good as new, and we don't have to pay him.
    > Odin: what?
    > Loki: yeah said he'd do it under the condition that if he could repair the whole wall on a single day he could get Freya.
    > Freya draws ax
    > Loki: Now, wait, wait, wait! It's just one guy and his horse there's no way he'll finish in one day trust me!
    >walls nearly done and it's mid afternoon
    > Loki: Ooooh, I'm in trouble aren't I
    > Odin: YOU! FIX! NOW!
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:40 No.19045850
         File: 1336610415.jpg-(34 KB, 540x539, 1331416833894.jpg)
    34 KB
    My hunter-gatherer/nomad/early agricultural society mythology is more valid than your hunter-gatherer/nomad/early agricultural society mythology!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:41 No.19045867
    Yeah, Loki was the God of Mischief - I.E. harmless screwing around - long before he got a sudden and jarring upgrade to BBEG.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:42 No.19045876
    >Your average P&P player, deified.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:42 No.19045877
    >Loki:Sigh... alright, come with me brother, let's go ix it.
    >Thor: Why the fuck do I have to help?
    >Odin:Because he's your brother.
    >Thor: ... Damnit.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:43 No.19045882
    Sounds like the introduction to a campaign
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:43 No.19045883
         File: 1336610594.jpg-(633 KB, 1280x1755, 1334506674907.jpg)
    633 KB

    Get on my level
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:43 No.19045884
    Am I the only one that would want a sitcom done around Loki's antics in Norse mythology?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:44 No.19045890
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:44 No.19045898
    Then go read the Prose Edda. Everything involving Loki before he goes off the rails is basically just that: a sitcom.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:46 No.19045914
    I'm still not convinced that he didn't so much "upgrade" to bbeg as so much "trip and fall" into being the bbeg
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:46 No.19045919
         File: 1336610804.jpg-(107 KB, 369x600, tumblr_luopwtZDB31r6xqzfo1_400.jpg)
    107 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:46 No.19045920
         File: 1336610810.jpg-(126 KB, 960x687, M106A6_Paladin.jpg)
    126 KB
    Get at me.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:48 No.19045940

    The important part of my sentence was the 'sudden and jarring' bit. It's very retconny- First he was just the god of jokes, then he got the dark 'n' gritty backstory and nasty fate.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:48 No.19045942
    I don't think he had a choice, Ragnarok -HAS- to happen, it's just the way it is, and Loki is the only one who can kick it off. Now I can't recall off the top of my head why Ragnarok -HAS- to happen, but it does.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:48 No.19045945
         File: 1336610937.jpg-(372 KB, 640x628, c7a0e99ab19131629f17213720db45(...).jpg)
    372 KB
    Holy shit, why doesn't this exist?

    As an actor and a Norse mythology expert, I have found my calling.

    Fate is on my side!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:49 No.19045957
    I'm sure /tg/ has enough talent lying around somewhere to make this happen.
    Why aren't we making this happen?
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:50 No.19045962
         File: 1336611028.jpg-(665 KB, 1280x800, BlackTemplars.jpg)
    665 KB
    I'll look into it.
    Either way he DID get Baldur killed.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:51 No.19045968
    I'm eating.
    >> OP 05/09/12(Wed)20:52 No.19045982
         File: 1336611136.jpg-(167 KB, 731x533, 1333162220509.jpg)
    167 KB
    Oh wow, this derailed quick.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:52 No.19045986
    I need to read more Norse myth. Otherwise I'd get right to it.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:53 No.19045994

    Blame this dude >>19045162
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:54 No.19046000
    He also brought Baldur back to life, it's just that a lot of people had to die to make it happen.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:55 No.19046010
         File: 1336611318.gif-(417 KB, 500x382, tumblr_m2z0u9nJtU1qztik9.gif)
    417 KB
    oh, indeed.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)20:55 No.19046018
    That doesn't excuse it. He had to end THE FUCKING WORLD to get that to happen.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:55 No.19046019
    It isn't so much a 'sudden upgrade to BBEG' as it is an illustration of the fatalism that pervades Norse mythology. Everyone starts out nicer than they finish but it can't last, because Ragnarok is coming.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:56 No.19046029
    It got better... eventually.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)20:59 No.19046059
    There's a difference between fatalism and simply existing in a very lethal setting. Fatalism is what the Russians had, one of their gods found the place where he was supposed to die, he just hopped right in and died. The Norse gods all fought for the future, each of them dying in turn despite their best efforts and preparation, but they still managed to keep the world from being completely fucked. A few humans and gods still lived at the end and it was implied that they set about rebuilding the world.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:01 No.19046072
    Mind you, Ragnarok is one hell of a way to end the world. Fuck the Four Horsemen, we've got giant snakes killing and getting killed by gods, wolves eating the sun and moon and a whole shitload of other crazy motherfucking things going down in OUR end of the world extravaganza.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:01 No.19046085
    >Fatalism is a philosophical doctrine emphasizing the subjugation of all events or actions to fate.
    You cannot possibly argue that the Norse mythic cycle is not fatalistic. It pervades practically every story there is.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:01 No.19046090
    he did get balder killed, true, but see here's the difference:

    sinister plot to kill Balder to get back at the gods: Evil Bastard

    tried to play a joke on Balder and it went horribly wrong, again, and got balder killed: Not a bastard, just a dumbass.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:02 No.19046093

    The whole thing was predetermined! They lived in a Calvinistic universe! Odin spent his whole life trying to avert it and failed! How isn't that fatalistic?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:02 No.19046094
    If you actually read Revelations it's pretty weird and out there and creepy.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:03 No.19046112
    I've read it. Still ain't got shit on a GIANT WOLF EATING GODS AND THE SUN AND MOON.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:03 No.19046116
    He doesn't want to admit his glorious Aryan mythology is on par with the Russian lay down and die folktale, I'm guessing.

    Also maybe he views a 'very lethal setting' (lol@ this description being applied to any mythology, by the way) as somehow superior to a fatalistic one? I dunno. But Norse mythology is fatalistic as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:06 No.19046145
    The point is that they fought it, sure it was predetermined, but they tried to change it, and that's what makes them not fatalistic. The overall story may have been somewhat fatalistic, but the characters therein were not.

    Besides, those aren't even remotely close to what the Bible has.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:06 No.19046156
    Thor can't kill the Midgard Serpent until the end of the world, and in turn, he will be killed by the Midgard Serpent.
    Odin, despite knowing all, cannot prevent or avert his own demise or Ragnarok.
    Face it, Norse myth is fucking fatalistic.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:07 No.19046164

    And if we'd been talking about the attitude of the character that might actually be fucking relevant, but we weren't.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:07 No.19046168
    >but they tried to change it, and that's what makes them not fatalistic
    Nope. It's all really fatalistic.

    Deal with it bro. You have to, it's fate.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:07 No.19046170
    As an Asatruar,
    I approve wholeheartedly of a Norse mythology sitcom.

    Go forth, and make this happen with the haste of Sleipnir!
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:09 No.19046190
    Trying to change fate but failing means its fatalistic. It's kinda part of the definition.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:09 No.19046196

    But really, asatru is basically just fan fiction of what we imagine a viking religion to have been. It's about as legit as scientology.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:09 No.19046197
    My biggest beef with Revelations is that it doesn't come out and tell you what's going to happen, it has too much ambiguous symbology mixed in.
    The Whore of Babylon and the Dragon with seven heads and ten horns and ten crowns, WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MEAN?
    Thor killing Jorgumand then taking nine steps and dying on the spot and Fenrir eating the sun and the moon- perfectly clear.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:09 No.19046199

    Your daily reminder: Loki is Slepnir's mother. Yes, mother. He changed into a mare and got knocked up by a horse.
    THAT'S a sitcom I'd watch right there.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:12 No.19046218
    >Go forth with the haste of an eight-legged mutant born from a man turning into a mare and getting knocked up by a magic stallion.
    Fixed that for you.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:12 No.19046227
    You're absolutely right. But that doesn't make it any less awesome. It also complements my Norse heritage and nihilism well.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:13 No.19046239
    >Fenrir eating the sun and the moon
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:14 No.19046251

    That's a very healthy attitude. I could learn a thing or two from you. Infact, as a fan of Lord of the Rings I'm going to set up the First Church of Iluvatar. I'll plant a birch tree and then stare listfully into the west.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:15 No.19046255
    And nobody tried hitting him with a rolled-up newspaper to get him to spit them out.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:15 No.19046260

    Hey, he's hungry. The last meal he got was... Forever ago, and that was just Tyr's hand.

    Giant wolf's gotta eat.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:15 No.19046262

    BRB, founding new religion.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:16 No.19046263
    Still makes more sense than the Twilight fans that believe Edward and Bella are real.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:16 No.19046264
    That's the way brother!
    >> OP 05/09/12(Wed)21:16 No.19046266
         File: 1336612569.jpg-(348 KB, 850x505, 2010-01-12.jpg)
    348 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:17 No.19046277
    You do know it wasn't Fenris who ate the moon and sun...
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:19 No.19046309
         File: 1336612755.jpg-(391 KB, 798x1138, 1310182137952.jpg)
    391 KB
    Then founding Credo Omnissiah. Just need to get some amputees with a sense of humor about it, are techies/computer nerds and don't mind wearing red robes..
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:20 No.19046324
    >Then I'm
    Then who did?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:20 No.19046328

    Feel free to break it to him yourself. I'm sure he could do with a snack.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:21 No.19046332
    >he wolf Skoll will finally devour the sun, and his brother Hati will eat the moon, plunging the earth [into] darkness.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:22 No.19046343
    Norse mythology isn't fatalistic because Norse mythology isn't that deep.

    the Ragnarok story is meant to be an allusion to the seasons, things grow, thrive, everything gets covered in snow and dies, and then regrows again.

    fatalism would not include the "everything starts over again" part of the story.

    plus, Ragnarok wasn't an inevitability until Loki kills balder

    lastly, Of course Russian folk tales are going to have a tinge of old Norse mythology, half their cultural heritage IS Norse.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:22 No.19046351
    Fuck. Then what did Fenris do exactly. I know he ate Odin.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:22 No.19046353
         File: 1336612960.jpg-(747 KB, 1600x1200, Adeptus_Mechanicus.jpg)
    747 KB
    I'm all for it.
    Good thing I like the smell of motor oil.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:24 No.19046373
         File: 1336613049.jpg-(158 KB, 1024x743, 1336502864100.jpg)
    158 KB
    Then welcome. Praise the Omnissiah!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:24 No.19046377

    If nothing else, you've proved that YOU aren't fatalistic.
    Have you ever thought of getting a job in hair-splitting? I hear Sif needs a wig.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:24 No.19046385
    Pretty much just that, then he gets killed by Vidar.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:25 No.19046396

    He swallows Odin whole then Odin's son steps in his mouth and stabs in right in the palette. In order to step into his mouth without cutting his food on Fenris's teeth he wears one big-ass shoe made from all the leather every shoe maker in the history of the world has every thrown away.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:27 No.19046433
    God damn. Norse myth is like twelve levels of awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:28 No.19046453
    That's something you don't find in most mythologies either: fun.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:29 No.19046462
    >"please do not take these items"
    >loki takes those items
    >goddamnit loki
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:31 No.19046491
    >Twelve-stanza epic culminating in Loki being forced to give them back in a humiliating fashion
    >Everybody laughs ending
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:31 No.19046493
    >implying he would ever do that

    Loki is no thief, poor Noh must have just misplaced them, that's all.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:33 No.19046515
    >Also, somehow, Thor ended up in a dress at some point.
    >It is never explained.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:33 No.19046524
    Convincing someone else to take those items makes you just as responsible, Loki.

    Especially when that someone else is yourself.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:35 No.19046541
    >Zany plot somehow involves Loki trying to pawn Odin's eyepatch off to a Frost Giant while stopping Hugin and Munin from telling on him
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:37 No.19046566
    It was so he could marry the king of giants and get his hammer back in the form of a dowry.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:39 No.19046606
    Because Loki sold Mjolnir to the Frost Giants. Then Thor killed everyone involved, except Loki.

    Apparently, if you crossdress once, because your brother is an asshole, you are a crossdresser for life.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:40 No.19046609
    He has to do it again then. This time for the items. And Noh.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:42 No.19046646

    And Loki needed to sell the eyepatch to buy the dress! BRILLIANT!
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)21:45 No.19046689
    Let's send it into hollywood then!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:50 No.19046750
    on a side note, in old Norse culture, cross-dressing was considered grounds for divorce. and yes, the woman still got half even then.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:51 No.19046765
    Pssh, a norse woman could divorce her husband whenever she wanted and for whatever she wanted.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:51 No.19046767
    Good thing Thor was single at the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:51 No.19046774
         File: 1336614712.png-(130 KB, 325x294, 1332642809010.png)
    130 KB
    Women are scary.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:54 No.19046810
         File: 1336614855.jpg-(92 KB, 498x453, womenareterrifying.jpg)
    92 KB
    Scary? They're downright terrifying.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)21:55 No.19046826

    And in the end, Noh and her items were returned to her mother, the goddess Idun. Which was a good thing, as there's a story to that, too. After all, once she wasn't Noh.

    One day, Bragi and Idun, as husbands and wives often do wanted to spend some time together- alone. So Bragi gave his sword and mail to his daughter, and Idun her basket that she used to carry the golden apples that keep the Norse gods ever-young- and they went to a bower to do such things as any man who desired his wife would do.

    Loki saw this and took the form of a raven and flew down to Noh, cawing and clawing at the basket of apples. The little girl cried out "No! Please, do not take these things!" as the Loki-raven snatched at Idun's prize, carrying away two apples and destroying the rest. To insure that his theft would never be told of, Loki cursed the child with a raven's voice- repeating, repeating the last thing she had said over and over again in a harsh tongue. And a raven's desire- that she would want only the shiny things she had, and none would take them from her.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)22:03 No.19046942
    Wow. That's perfect.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:06 No.19046975
         File: 1336615593.png-(218 KB, 512x384, 1332659739313.png)
    218 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:07 No.19046991

    Bragi and Idun came back from their pleasures, and found their daughter sitting in the clearing, bits of apple and torn basket scattered about, clutching her father's armor and sword with a fierce glitter in her eye that no child should have.

    "No! No! NO!" she cried when they tried to approach, and when Bragi came to reclaim his arms, she first said "Please, DO not take these items!". Of course, her father did- and the curse made her like a wild thing, and she bit at her father's hand, dragging his sword and mail into the forest, into a hole in a tree. But that tree was in truth a branch of the World Tree, Yggdrasil and the godling-child tumbled into the depths with her prize, lost in the darkness.

    Her parents wept- for while they had been in each other's arms, their child had been struck mad and lost! Idun tore her hair and neglected her groves, and bearded Bragi spent each day hunting for his wildling child, and every night would only play dirges and sorrowful tunes fit only for mourning in the halls of the gods, for he searched all of the heavens, he did not find the little hole that had delivered his child to Midgard.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:09 No.19047027
    So wait
    Wait guys
    That means
    C'mon guys, that means
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:11 No.19047051
    see now all this here, this is what makes me think you could make an rpg out of the gods. most of the gods of Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythology sound exactly like pc's
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)22:11 No.19047053
    The Goddess of lost objects.
    My god, we have a perfect story.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:12 No.19047062
         File: 1336615920.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, image.jpg)
    3 KB

    you blame the dude, he totally got fucked on the divine division of responcibilities.

    As plato says "I'd rather be the poorest serf for the worst off landowner then the king of all of hades and the damned".

    Still the fucker's rich so he got something going for him. Its not called plutocracy for no reason. You should all start giving him some alter space. only good things can happen.

    >> Mfw the catcha is greek
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:12 No.19047073
         File: 1336615959.png-(1.43 MB, 1440x900, Hastur5.png)
    1.43 MB
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:15 No.19047118

    Even trickster Loki, who knew his guilt and would not tell did but one thing- his crime so great, a part of his curse rebounded. He could not cast off the raven's skin, and since he had given the raven's voice to poor Noh, he had none of his own. Every bird in heaven and earth knew that a bird with no voice was accursed indeed, and Loki was driven from every home, every perch or nest until he stole into Odin's hall to try and hide in the rookery where the All-Father granted Huginn and Muginn a home as fit for a bird as the hall of the greatest lord would be unto men. Now, Odin's ravens are wiser than any bird and many men, and they figured out what beggar had snuck into their perch and pecked him half-bald until Loki found himself claws-up on the ground in front of Odin's throne, with one giant black bird standing on each wing.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)22:20 No.19047198
    Continue with your magic words glorious Anon!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:30 No.19047327

    Odin, who has drunk the mead of wisdom and knows more than any of the other gods (and indeed, far more than a giant-kin trickster) was not fooled by Loki's plucked form, and quickly divined what the trickster had done. He sent Loki-Raven with a message tied to his leg to the hall of Skadi and Uller, telling of Loki's crime and bidding them find the lost child- but not that the raven was Loki.

    Skadi read the message and grew filled with wrath, for no mother hates anything more than to see a daughter ill-used, and the jotun are often found to be quick to a terrible anger. She seized the messenger and smashed the raven Once! Twice! against her stone table and threw him out a window, then went to seek out the daughter of Bragi and Idun. Loki would lay senseless in a snowbank for two fortnights, and so cold that all his feathers would turn white- when a true raven found Loki and took the battered raven to his nest, where the skin-trader would find himself mothering a clutch of eggs soon after!

    This is where white ravens come from, and why white ravens are always the greatest of tricksters- for they remember their parent Loki, and do always to please him.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:34 No.19047371
    Ah Odin, you know how to mete out justice like few others.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:37 No.19047412
    haha Loki got bird-raped.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 05/09/12(Wed)22:38 No.19047429
    Man. Loki is kinda a dude magnet when he's in animal form isn't he?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:39 No.19047436
    He's something of a dude magnet in human form as well, it's just that no one respects the power of his human form.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:40 No.19047443
    erm... I mean animal form
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:41 No.19047457

    Skadi is cunning in the ways of hunting and tracking that none, even a father and mother so desperate could equal. She found the child's trail and the hole and the deep dark below, where the wind spoke of Midgard and the mountains. Down Bifrost she ran, with Uller behind her and across the hills and valleys she hunted, telling every village and hovel to seek the child. But the raven-child, with a raven's cunning had hidden herself and her prizes deep beneath the earth, where Skadi's eyes would not find them. Many dark things were around her in the tunnels and caves, but they knew the smell of Loki, and would not touch her.

    A winter passed, and Skadi returned to Asgard with her husband, where they would spend every day peering down with eyes that eagles would pluck out their own to have, but Idun wept and Bragi howled and their grief left even the other gods with ragged beards and sunken eyes, for no creature could hear Bragi's music so long and not grieve themselves.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)22:51 No.19047598

    Now, mortals only knew that the gods were sad, and any man knows that only great deeds will please them- so it was that in every village, the children of Midgard tried in their own ways to do such, for it was feared that such sadness was in truth an omen of the Ragnarok by the mortal folk. Some went and made war, others roamed the lands and one trio blessed by fate found their ways into the caves where the raven-child laired. Night-beasts clawed at their mail, but their axes and swords were true and a trail of blood and glory marked their descent into a den of worms and worse. Behind the two walked a skald, who sang and played his harp as they traveled- and unknowing, lulled or scared far worse than mere worms, for Loki's curses drew fell things about the daughter to bask in it's power. Finally, they came to a black cave, hidden behind a stone placed so well, even a dwarf should not have found what laid behind it. But the bard's song reminded something in the child of her father, and she scraped her foot upon the stone- and the heroes in turn moved it and found her.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:00 No.19047731
    more, more!
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:03 No.19047778
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:07 No.19047845
    I think this might have to be added to Noh's 1d4chan page. This is good stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:11 No.19047905

    The two warriors saw Bragi's mail and sword and wondered at how a child would have such godly gifts, but the skald (who surely was blessed with some of Odin's own wisdom) consuled them to take care.

    They asked about the mail of shining silver and the gold-crafted sword.

    "NO!" she croaked in her raven's tongue.

    Fearing they had offended her, they asked her name.

    "No..." she spoke, more in a harsh whisper than a croak. For not having seen mother or father, man or child in so long, even under her curse she was glad to know company.

    What are you doing here, they asked, confused- for even in her dirt and filth, her dress marked her as easily a child of great parents, perhaps a jarl or merchant-prince.

    But when she tried to answer, Loki's curse only allowed a sad "No..." to trickle out of the corner of her lips. The heroes thought that the poor child had been laid prison here by some wicked creature- perhaps the beasts they had slain - and asked of the armor and sword. Were they your father's? Some ransom?

    "PLEASE, do not take these items!" she cried- though behind the words was a plea of another kind. Thinking her distraught, the skald sat down and pulled free his harp, playing lullaby and bright song that made the dank cave seem almost a warm home- and moved the child so much that a single tear found it's way past the curse, filled with memories of a mother's lap and a father's harp.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:12 No.19047917

    No man worthy of the name would leave such a child there, and they took the girl and placed her on the shoulder of the skald, and went to escape the place. Not wanting to see their prize leave, a plague of monsters assailed the two warriors and the skald- revenants of the unburied dead, shadows and hungry worms as big as three men- and when they fought, the raven's curse would grip the child they called "Noh" and she would run back to her father's things and would not leave them. Once, twice Noh would flee back to her cave, and never let the heroes touch them.

    "She is a warrior, and would not leave this place without looking like one" said one of the warriors.

    "Then she will walk out as a warrior" said the other, and the two bound Bragi's mail to her with lengths of leather, and bound the scabbard of his sword to her back, and the four walked the long road to the surface armed and armored as great heroes should be into a night filled with stars, fading into morning.

    And as they did, Skadi finally saw her quarry and raised a great shout, bidding Heimdall to lower Bifrost.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:14 No.19047941
    >"She is a warrior, and would not leave this place without looking like one" said one of the warriors.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:16 No.19047957
    After anon's done, someone needs to screencap and add this to Noh's legacy
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:16 No.19047967
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:18 No.19047988

    Now, any mortal, no matter how brave he be would be set aback by the sight of a she-giant running down a rainbow from the heavens, pell-mell and soon followed by not only Uller, but Heimdall himself. But these are heroes, and they only did take one step back before Skadi came upon them, demanding the child- and brave they were to defy her, because no giant would kidnap their little girl!

    Skadi, short-tempered but unwilling to risk her quarry's safety wound her hunting-horn of ash and wyrm-horn, and Bragi and Uller answered, armed and terrible as only the gods can be. Loki, white-winged heard the horn and knew what had happened, and flew down from Asgard behind them, perching on a tree to watch.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:25 No.19048068

    Gods and heroes traded words, and words grew like mountains with thunder striking between them- for the heroes cared greatly for their child, and would not abandon her even to those who claimed to be her parents- for what parent would leave their little girl in such a foul place? Noh looked back and forth, ever more fearful "No!" "No!" drowned by the voices around her- until she spied Loki-Raven, perched and thinking to himself that a quick fight would end all of his problems.

    And she picked up a rock and hurled it with all of her might- and being the child of two gods, that is no small bit of might indeed, and Loki deserved it. Senseless, the white bird dropped to the ground, and little Noh pounded it with her fists as the gods and heroes looked on with astonishment. With a puff of yellow smoke, BOOM! they found a little girl punching a stunned Loki, finally in his own skin again as little Noh did her best to start taking it off with her father's sword.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:26 No.19048086
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:27 No.19048097
         File: 1336620456.gif-(486 KB, 256x192, 1320422339718.gif)
    486 KB
    > they found a little girl punching a stunned Loki, finally in his own skin again as little Noh did her best to start taking it off with her father's sword.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:31 No.19048150

    Bragi, realizing what had happened rushed to his daughter and took her into his arms, weeping- and Skadi nearly killed Loki where he lay, but Uller held back her arm and prevented it. From that day, Skadi hated Loki like few others, and when the time came, was delighted to place a bowl of poison over Loki's head when he is punished for the slaying of Baldur, for she knew that if Loki would do such to one child, he would gladly do so to any.

    The heroes found themselves taken upwards in the company of Heimdall himself, for the gods wished to know how three men had found themselves a child-goddess not even the most cunning of Asgard's hunters could discover. Loki found himself bound head to foot in chains and deposited in front of Odin's throne (again), where the All-Father compelled him to confess all.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:32 No.19048152
    >his dad

    Blood brother, not father. Loki was the son of Laufey.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:40 No.19048272
    Is this the end?
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:41 No.19048281
    I hope not, the issue of "who gets to keep the girl" hasn't been resolved.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:47 No.19048357
    and Noh hasn't gotten her voice back
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:48 No.19048379

    Being true, the heroes and their skald spoke of their journey, with Idun seated beside Odin and little Noh staring wide-eyed from her lap as the skald recited. Pleased as the words rolled out in verse, as is the only proper way to tell such a tale, the gods rewarded them with great gifts. To replace their battered and notched gear, hauberks of shining steel and mighty smith-work were bestowed, with bracelets of gold as thick as a man's thumb clasped about their wrists and helms painted with runes of protection and honor. To the skald who opened his daughter's heart, Bragi himself gave a harp of ash and apple-wood, with strings made from Idun's own golden hair, and garb dripping with silver and precious stones of many kinds, so much so that it nearly made the poor mortal bend double. And to each was given a sword, made from sky-iron and woven with spells worthy to pierce any foe, if they were not the gods themselves. And three days straight of feasting was had in Valhalla, the Odin-hall, where the einherjar fight and feast to prepare for the end of the world and the final battle.
    >> Anonymous 05/09/12(Wed)23:56 No.19048463

    And what of Noh, you ask? After all the feasts and heroes and curses and caves and such? Noh had beaten most of Loki's curse out along with a good bit of Loki's scalp, and most of the harm was mended with it, Well, one bit of Loki's curse did remain and never could be gotten rid of- little Noh forgot the name Bragi and Idun had given her, and only answered to "Noh", the one the heroes gave her in it's place. But they did not mind, because their daughter was with them again and full of laughter. The tale of Noh came down with the skald, and men found it to be full of wonder, for few men could be said to know of what the gods did and how things were, and the skald spoke with lips that had touched Odin's mead, and such lips are inspired to legend-telling. The two warriors and the skalds did many other deeds as are worth telling, but they are not Noh's tale, so another will tell them.

    And little Noh, who had proven herself quite good at hiding and being found, grew into a fine goddess herself- and Odin put her in charge of doing just that for him, hiding what the gods desired hidden as a test for men, and keeping them until they showed themselves worthy to be revealed. Many runes and secret things did Odin place in Noh's care, and her name would find itself eventually a charm for those who would seek and be the finder.

    For when you ask a Norseman if he's lost something, he'll answer you "Noh", and keep looking until he's found it, for everyone knows that if you find Noh and keep to her, you'll have far better than anything else in the end.

    And as it's the midnight hour, my tale is done and my bed is too cold, so I go to warm it. May you find Noh yourself and never be lost again.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:00 No.19048520
    God bless you anon, this was a glorious tale you've wrought. I now await screencap and archivel
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:01 No.19048538
    OP here...
    What have I done?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:02 No.19048555
    something amazing.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:03 No.19048571
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:11 No.19048644

    Anyone got a better title for this?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:17 No.19048702
    I feel like there's some Noh/Loki pun to make, but I'm too tired to discern it.

    Maybe "Noh and Loki's Raven Curse?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:19 No.19048723
    "Noh More Loki"? I am terrible at puns. I should also get in the habit of using American quotations/question mark grammar instead of British, but I like this so much more...
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:22 No.19048763
    Copy-pasta--damn good copy-pasta, but still...
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:28 No.19048814
    I went with this.

    God speed to the writefag that did this.
    I'm going to bed myself.
    Night /tg/
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:28 No.19048817
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:37 No.19048916
    screencap where?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)00:38 No.19048951
    this MUST be archived.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)08:32 No.19052766

    Noh's tale-teller here. All I did was make sure the essentials were tucked into the story from the original story about Noh- but the entire bit of Norseness was all written in one go, as you saw it posted. Maybe someone slipped me a little mead when I wasn't looking? :)

    But honesty, it was Noh smiling that started the whole thing. We tale-tellers are a sucker for smiling children.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)08:50 No.19052878
    Loki's sudden swerve into being a super evil bad guy isn't actually from classical norse mythology, but from christian revisionism when they were working to discredit and convert the people. Kind of a dick move, since that's the version of Loki we see now instead of his actual persona, which is more like (as in exactly like) a Trickster from King of Dragon Pass.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)11:48 No.19054087
    Bump for epic Noh story.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)12:05 No.19054203
    bump for screencap and archival
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)13:48 No.19055201
         File: 1336672125.jpg-(43 KB, 593x389, 1321669733067.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:03 No.19056512
         File: 1336680237.jpg-(167 KB, 943x704, nohtale1.jpg)
    167 KB

    It's been archived on suptg, but here's screencaps.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:04 No.19056517
         File: 1336680267.jpg-(180 KB, 940x706, nohtale2.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:05 No.19056528
         File: 1336680303.jpg-(121 KB, 943x727, nohtale3.jpg)
    121 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:06 No.19056534
         File: 1336680363.jpg-(131 KB, 949x628, nohtale4.jpg)
    131 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:14 No.19056627
    >Kind of a dick move, since that's the version of Loki we see now instead of his actual persona, which is more like (as in exactly like) a Trickster from King of Dragon Pass.
    What confuses me is that if Loki wasn't the bad guy that Christianity made him then what's the whole deal with Ragnarok, he was a central figure in the end of the world.
    Also why are people in this thread calling Loki the brother of Thor.
    He's Odin's sworn blood brother, not Thor's.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:16 No.19056640
         File: 1336680965.jpg-(151 KB, 945x543, nohtale5.jpg)
    151 KB

    And the end. Flood detection, bah.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:18 No.19056673

    They're talking about the /co/ version- in which Loki is the adopted brother of Thor, vs. the mythological one.

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