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  • File: 1335491715.jpg-(50 KB, 744x567, fuck science.jpg)
    50 KB IN STRIKE WITCHES AU, SHARK JUMPS YOU, MOTHERFUCKER planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)21:55 No.18876623  
    You are a fighter pilot of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, flying a shark-shaped plane that rides on electric fire with Nikoli Tesla in the backseat, and you've just lost power.

    Where science fails, BOUNCE PREVAILS.

    With the ion generators in the wings still making the entire lifting-body craft aerodynamically "slippery," you've got more gliding leeway then you previously imagined. Banking gently, you aim the nose for the mainland, in the vicinity of "Eddington Strip," an elaborate name for a strip of grass pressed flat with weighted rollers. You judge it suitable for those rubber-band models you built as a kid.

    And Zeroes, for that matter.

    The Shark is losing energy fast; at 150 feet you just have no room to glide, no matter how good your glide ratio. Before you lose all your smash, you nose down and put your plan into effect.

    Exploiting the streamlined shape of the shark-plane, you deliberately skip it off the Channel like a thrown stone.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:56 No.18876637
         File: 1335491797.jpg-(229 KB, 1280x720, 132981091015.jpg)
    229 KB
    Inb4 Panzer
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)21:57 No.18876643
    HAHA, Panzer
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:58 No.18876655
    I... I LIKE Panzer.

    That said!

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:58 No.18876656
    There is no Panzer, only Zuul.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:58 No.18876659
    Panzer is slipping
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 04/26/12(Thu)21:58 No.18876661
         File: 1335491914.png-(414 KB, 894x480, Impact explosion.png)
    414 KB
    Still inb4 Panzer.
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)21:58 No.18876667
    Get it together, Panzer
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:59 No.18876671
    He's gone ? Good.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:59 No.18876673
         File: 1335491961.jpg-(64 KB, 1023x769, Sup_Panzer.jpg)
    64 KB
    Guys... I have some bad news...
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)21:59 No.18876677
    >> Pranefag !mYedictMKA 04/26/12(Thu)21:59 No.18876683
         File: 1335491993.jpg-(208 KB, 672x960, 1329436649379.jpg)
    208 KB
    I already won my fair share tonight, time to let others back in the glory, besides, I am writing for my quest. Bitches love writing for quests (It's still shit though)
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 04/26/12(Thu)22:00 No.18876691
         File: 1335492042.png-(134 KB, 559x511, Aku is unamused.png)
    134 KB
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/26/12(Thu)22:01 No.18876697
    rolled 62 = 62

    Whaaa It's back?!! HUZZAH!
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:01 No.18876700
         File: 1335492084.jpg-(74 KB, 640x400, cupcakes.jpg)
    74 KB
    Off from work finally~
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:02 No.18876716
    So our plan is... to bounce?

    I approve.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:02 No.18876724
         File: 1335492177.jpg-(36 KB, 369x500, 1335377825632.jpg)
    36 KB
    >Shark Planes
    >Powered by lightning
    >Skipping off the Channel
    The only way this could be more badass would be if the plane was flown by the soul of the Red Baron, the radio was blasting heavy metal, and had ghostly flames all around it.
    On the badass meter, we now rate a solid 8.9 out of 10. Because we just bounced an entire ocean in a shark plane designed by Tesla, that runs on lightning, with Tesla in the back.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:03 No.18876727
         File: 1335492193.jpg-(214 KB, 850x850, 1329443114582.jpg)
    214 KB
    Ahaha you're gonna be disappointed
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:03 No.18876736
         File: 1335492224.jpg-(260 KB, 800x620, I WILL FEAST ON YOUR ENTRAILS.jpg)
    260 KB
    Last thread needed this picture, I apologize for not being there.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:04 No.18876743
         File: 1335492247.png-(237 KB, 400x326, putin riding shark.png)
    237 KB


    "SHUT UP FLYING NOW," you scream as you angle the Shark down for another bounce. You flare just before impact, like you're landing, presenting enough of a belly and upwards AoA to send the Shark flying through the air again. Still, you're losing energy fast.

    "CAN WE MAKE IT," Tesla asks tersely.

    You apply all your long-trained instincts at energy management to the current situation.

    "HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW ASSHOLE" you scream back.

    "OKAY!" Tesla replies, sounding quite too cheerful.

    You grip the controls white-knuckled, your heart leaping into your chest every time you WHUMPH the Shark off the still Channel waters with every 'skip.' Your fangs out, nerves afire, you're fairly rigid with electric excitement, your hair standing on - okay, perhaps that's the plane. Whatever.

    After the sixth or seventh bounce, you grow confident that the Shark will at least settle in the shallows. You might not even get your shirt wet.

    And then you see it.

    The behemoth.
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)22:04 No.18876746

    When you put it like that, Cupcake better be watching, we need to put out an unchallengable act, no more draws or stalemates.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:04 No.18876752
    Change that to "electric fire" so we can go ahead and make it an even 9.0.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:05 No.18876757
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:05 No.18876761
         File: 1335492319.jpg-(46 KB, 375x523, Eli Stone, Lord of Spiders.jpg)
    46 KB
    I made something for you.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:05 No.18876766
    well shit...
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:05 No.18876771
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:05 No.18876772

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:06 No.18876777
         File: 1335492365.jpg-(529 KB, 658x1000, 1322966903019.jpg)
    529 KB
    >electric fire
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 04/26/12(Thu)22:06 No.18876780
    Welp, was nice knowing you
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:06 No.18876785
    >you're fairly rigid with electric excitement
    Did we just pop a boner from this?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:06 No.18876791
    Or, we're totally holding this over her whether she sees it or not. And we still need to actually call her Cupcake(ski).
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:07 No.18876802
    You mean you haven't yet?

    We surfing now.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:07 No.18876805
    Aww. Nice to see someone remembers my short lived quest.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:07 No.18876816
         File: 1335492476.png-(45 KB, 750x600, I cant believe this picture ex(...).png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:08 No.18876821
    What really bad thing did she do?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:08 No.18876826
    I want a .gif so bad.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:08 No.18876827
    >cromartie witches
    u wot m8
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:08 No.18876828
    Is the Yoshika demon thing frowning there?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:10 No.18876856
    S'not Yoshika
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:10 No.18876866
         File: 1335492651.jpg-(24 KB, 456x250, SPROOCE.jpg)
    24 KB

    Before you, plowing through the water perpendicular to your course, is a flying continent. Eight massive engines are windmilling sedately as a winged beast from the End Times plows through the surf like a fucking battleship.

    It looks like three flying barns bolted together, and it's sitting right in your way.


    "Do your part, and I'll do mine," Tesla assures you.

    The craft grows huge in your windscreen - you've neither time nor energy to attempt to skirt it. Knowing it's futile, you husband every scant joule of energy left in your rapidly lagging shark-plane, and enter the final 'skip' at the best angle you can manage, focusing on your task with furious intensity, hoping against hope that you can gnome the SHIT out of that water.

    And then a fucking bomb goes off under your ass.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:11 No.18876869
         File: 1335492665.jpg-(274 KB, 602x876, IM BUSY HERE GOD.jpg)
    274 KB
    It's Edytha
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:11 No.18876870
    I think that's Krupinski's Mark.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:11 No.18876880
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:12 No.18876888
    Did Tesla just explode half the plane to propel us?
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:12 No.18876893
    Did Tesla put a BOMB under this thing?
    Jesus, he's gone mad. OK, slightly more MAD.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:12 No.18876897
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:12 No.18876898
         File: 1335492764.gif-(1.13 MB, 400x190, 1271741365664.gif)
    1.13 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:12 No.18876902
    So we're rocket-jumping the shark over a barn-plane?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:13 No.18876906
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:13 No.18876913
         File: 1335492808.jpg-(138 KB, 633x1000, 101845.jpg)
    138 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:13 No.18876921
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:13 No.18876922
         File: 1335492833.jpg-(134 KB, 466x367, GOTTA GO FAST.jpg)
    134 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:15 No.18876942
    "See, hun... I make this look good."
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)22:15 No.18876944
    What the fuck? Is Hughes here too now?
    >> drawfag 04/26/12(Thu)22:15 No.18876945

    Ok, I am trying to draw this flying death trap of awesome. But I need some details.

    1). Control surfaces:
    V tail?
    Traditional (flaps, elevators, flaperons, ect) ?

    2). Flying machine dynamics

    Flying wing?
    Box wing? (Please let it be box wing)
    It literally looks like a shark top down?

    3) SCIENCE!

    Where are the engines? You have established a gas engine to power the TESLA! ion engines, but are the ion engines on the wings, kept close to the body CG, ect
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:15 No.18876954
    >Not drawing our Cupcakeski Standoff

    ...This alternative is most acceptable. Continue.
    >> yawn yawn 04/26/12(Thu)22:16 No.18876955
    Fuck you we are NOT navy.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:16 No.18876958
    Holy shit, Hughes actually finished the damn thing ahead of schedule?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:16 No.18876967
    War is hell.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:17 No.18876983
    Worse. WE'RE MARINES!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:18 No.18876994
    I hate amphibious landings
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:18 No.18877004
    but marines ARE navy
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:18 No.18877006
    No, a hearty fuck you t'you too. We are ARMY AIR.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:19 No.18877013
    That's what we get for trying to skip off the water like some jarhead trying an amphibious landing.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:20 No.18877032
    >We are ARMY AIR
    Not when we're on the water, we're not!
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:20 No.18877046
         File: 1335493243.jpg-(29 KB, 603x403, 1328152689225.jpg)
    29 KB

    With the sternum-shaking KKKKKRBBOOOOOOOOM of a nearby blast of lightning, the Shark quite literally explodes into a huge, massive bounce. The cockpit is surrounded by steam, and when it clears you see the wingtip of the gargantuan plane vanishing beneath your Shark's nose. Somewhere, rattling around in your head your pea-brain seizes on the salient data - the pale green outline of Eddington Strip just off the beach. You line up your Shark and aim for it, since you've got enough altitude to just...

    ... not....

    .... quite...

    With gut-wrenching terror, you aim for one more skip. Don't fuck it up, don't fuck it up, not the very last bounce, don't fuck this up all you have to do is


    A scream of pure, electric terror and brain-dead testosterone-fueled exhilaration rips through your brain and out of your mouth as you ride the second thunderclap's energy and altitude into a perfect belly landing. So smooth is the Shark's belly that it barely digs divots into the grass as it slides to an elegant halt.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 04/26/12(Thu)22:21 No.18877067
    We're going to need those cigarettes.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.18877076

    Y'know what? Tesla's aaaaallllright.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.18877077
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.18877078
         File: 1335493339.jpg-(433 KB, 1400x1050, YOU'RE PRETTY GOOD.jpg)
    433 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.18877083
    Brofist Tesla immediately, then yell at him for his piece of shit plane not working right.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.18877086
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.18877087
    Go out of it and scream to the martians
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:23 No.18877091
         File: 1335493388.jpg-(7 KB, 137x137, 1295413036656.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:23 No.18877106
    Just another day at Castle Barin.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:23 No.18877108
    If she didn't, we need to do it again. AND LAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:24 No.18877112
    This is what Tesla gets for not filing a flight plan, and what we get for not radioing control.

    At all.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:24 No.18877114
    Edison aint got shit on this
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:24 No.18877116
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:25 No.18877124


    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:25 No.18877133

    Do we even have a radio? I mean, it's Tesla, so he sure as fuck has something he can tesla into being a radio back there, but do we have something we can use?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:25 No.18877137
    >By the way, aren't we forbidden from non-minimal fraternization with guys now that we're part of the 501st?
    Y'know, Tesla's a guy...
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:26 No.18877145
    Celibate. He doesn't count.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:26 No.18877153
    He's celibate, its cool
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:26 No.18877161
    >You glide the shark over the boat without problems, and just as you think this is going really, really well, there's something like a horrific thunderclap underneath your ass, and the radio is drowned in static.
    >the radio is drowned in static.
    >the radio
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:27 No.18877163
    Considering all the men and equipment they're sending to Castle Barin for whatever the brass is cooking up, I think that little Minna rule went tits up a long time ago.

    Heh. Tits.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:27 No.18877174
    I'm pretty sure that's likely been lifted at this point, ever since our dumb ass showed up and got Minna all in a tizzy.

    >carrol forbid!"
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:28 No.18877186
    Get out of plane, get Tesla some aviator shades.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:29 No.18877193
    No, we're not a witch.
    >The Sakamoto says, "Witches are forbidden from any non-necessary contact with male personnel or civilians."
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:29 No.18877197
         File: 1335493755.jpg-(33 KB, 550x550, flying shark 1.jpg)
    33 KB

    To be frank, I didn't spend much time working out its appearance. Effectively, though, think of a flatter kind of shark, like a tiger shark. That'd be an effective "lifting body." The wings would have a mild angled sweep to them. The powerplant is just used as a generator, it wouldn't be visible except for some exhaust ports at some point. The tail would be exaggeratedly large, at least larger then an actual shark's tail, proportionately, probably with vertical stabilizer.

    >box wings

    Teeemping but I honestly just imagined a literal flying shark, like a faggot. But a box-style wing looking something like fins would... that'd work quite well, too. Especially if they're somewhat like rhomboid-ish style wings (without the rear part of the rhomboid, just backward-swept box wings,) since the curved ends of annular box rings would be a great place for generating the ionic coronas that help make ioncraft go. Specially shaped wingtips, ionized, could even be... like wingtip stabilizers.

    Mmmmm. Yeah.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:30 No.18877216
         File: 1335493814.jpg-(171 KB, 502x335, Minna is juagg.jpg)
    171 KB
    Flying Amphibious units?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:30 No.18877232
    We need to get a drawfag on this, methinks.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:31 No.18877239
    Good thing he's responding to a guy named drawfag.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:31 No.18877240
    >Minna is juagg

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:31 No.18877249
    ...that's what we're doing. Said drawfag was asking for clarifaction on what the thing looked like.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:32 No.18877256
         File: 1335493947.jpg-(39 KB, 500x375, 1334276214665.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:32 No.18877262
    Oh hell yeah. I'm imagining about 15 of these just circling a dreddie like a pack of wolves.

    Just toying with the kill. I love this image.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:33 No.18877267
         File: 1335493985.jpg-(189 KB, 1697x717, wall of umad.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:33 No.18877268
    Fuck you Minnapup, I'm getting you spayed.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:33 No.18877269
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:33 No.18877274
         File: 1335494020.jpg-(37 KB, 500x415, 1331771655702.jpg)
    37 KB
    Oh no you didn't.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.18877282
         File: 1335494067.jpg-(113 KB, 1280x720, 1334181358358.jpg)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.18877283
    Funny thing is I'm actually working on a kitbash in Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke's colors using a gouf flight type and a gelgoog-j.
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.18877284

    Its that constant bad behavior that means you arn't sleeping on the bed, but in your basket.
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.18877286
         File: 1335494078.jpg-(85 KB, 416x500, 1334276289137.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:37 No.18877318
         File: 1335494225.jpg-(67 KB, 513x964, 1334111030648.jpg)
    67 KB
    Mad Sanya is still adorable
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:37 No.18877323
         File: 1335494237.jpg-(24 KB, 400x298, fucking told.jpg)
    24 KB

    You leap out of the shark so violently you pop the canopy open with the force of your skull impacting the persepex. Leaping clear over the sharky nose, you find yourself standing in front of Malleroy, who is standing in front of thirty dumbfounded reporters.

    Malleroy is staring at you, his face drained of blood, his eyes smouldering with bright, rubescent hate.


    And then you flip Malleroy, head of RAF Fighter Command, the double birdie.

    >... now what?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:37 No.18877325
    Might be just me, but it looks like she's humping the wall.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:38 No.18877332
         File: 1335494287.jpg-(26 KB, 300x400, minnapupdestroyingthings.jpg)
    26 KB
    She's just a puppy, she can't help herself.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:38 No.18877335
    >now what
    Find Robin.

    And I mean actually find her this time.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:38 No.18877337
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)22:38 No.18877340

    We should go get a drink, we've earned it today and its probably not even noon.

    So make it a double.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:38 No.18877344
         File: 1335494328.jpg-(66 KB, 288x288, 1240161695290.jpg)
    66 KB
    We make sure Lynette and Miyafuji are okay. No telling what Wilma's been up to.
    After that we can gather up Robin and Sanya and get to work on the pillow fort.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:39 No.18877349
    Turn to Tesla:

    "How are we getting back?"
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:39 No.18877350
    Oh we just did it. Find little sister and boast ourselves to her.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:39 No.18877356
    These minnapup things are adorable. Are there any for the other witches?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:39 No.18877357
    First off, keep doing it.

    Then go find our sister to find out if the UBER-MOLESTER THAT JUST ARRIVED ON BASE has gotten to her yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:39 No.18877362
    Go find the O Club.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.18877374
         File: 1335494413.jpg-(342 KB, 600x817, I don't understand this but go(...).jpg)
    342 KB


    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.18877376
    Sister can take care of herself. She's demonstrated this before.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.18877378
    And not a single fuck was given that day.

    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.18877380
    Flip off Malleroy again.
    Find Sean and Ian. Emergency Gnome Conference. Sean needs to accept he's a wizard now. Also, see if we can get an upgrade to the widow from Tesla since we did after all save his ass, and fly his death machine.
    >> drawfag 04/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.18877382

    Good enough for me. The stability controls required for a box wing would be difficult with current tech, but we are a gnome so it actually makes a lot of sense that literally NO ONE ELSE but us could fly it. I will play around with the design and throw up something as I get farther along. We can adjust from there.

    In all honesty, we probably should look like a giant manta ray if the body is supposed to be a lifting surface aerodynamically. But I like a flying shark better.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.18877386
    Well we're stuck on the mainland until we can get transport back, right? Might as well drink, I suppose. That or find someone else to brag to.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877390
    Get a drink, we earned it. We just earned all the drinks.
    >> Tofu 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877395
         File: 1335494469.jpg-(10 KB, 450x355, 1313045656359.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877396
    Steal his hat
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877401

    I do believe we need to get tesla aviators. He deserves them.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877404
    Find cigarettes and alcohol to smoke and drink, respectively. Bring Tesla along.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877406
    Holy shit, more art of Galland. Nice find.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.18877407
    rolled 43 = 43

    Light up a smoke and walk back across the channel all the way to Barin.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:42 No.18877422
         File: 1335494572.jpg-(159 KB, 500x500, 1334799912131.jpg)
    159 KB
    So I heard you were good with Minnapups. I brought over the litter so you can all have one!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:43 No.18877424
    Y'know, these witches must only be operating at, like, 10% or 20% of their maximum magical output.
    >puppy with humanface
    That's not how you 75%
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:44 No.18877443
         File: 1335494661.jpg-(71 KB, 600x450, 1332807977288.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:44 No.18877446
         File: 1335494668.jpg-(157 KB, 640x427, 215.jpg)
    157 KB
    >three hours later
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:45 No.18877466
         File: 1335494738.jpg-(54 KB, 1024x768, endcat.jpg)
    54 KB
    You begin pondering exit strategies at about the same time every reporter in sight mobs you.

    Malleroy points at you as the reporters rush forward to surround you and Tesla.


    MP's step forward. Big MPs. Big, mustachioed MPs. They charge towards the crowd of reporters, screaming and roaring, their Enfields raised in reverse grips to serve as skull-crushing clubs. Malleroy has clearly picked the best of the best, and they will not be denied.

    They're magnificently brave, amazingly powerful, and never had a fucking chance. As one, the mob of reporters turns away from Tesla and the pilot who bounced the electric-fire shark over the gigantoplane with thunderblast jumps, and towards the men who would deny them the most insanely hardcore story of the century.

    The screams.

    Amplified through the very microphones being rammed into their tender orfices. The pumping of blood through pain-wracked bodies rapidly BUMBUMBUMBUMPING through the monitor speakers as the screams become gutteral and eerily organic, transmitted through the vibrations of the MP's interior tissues.

    The god-damned screams.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:46 No.18877476

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:46 No.18877489
    They never stood a chance
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.18877495
         File: 1335494834.jpg-(171 KB, 473x553, 1334953967391.jpg)
    171 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.18877500
    Oh dear. Should we maybe not tell them that we're the same guy who shot down (mostly) the EF? Or would they recognize us on sight, now?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.18877503
         File: 1335494855.png-(5 KB, 170x236, 1280898596311.png)
    5 KB
    Never get between the press and a story.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.18877507
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.18877511
    >wake up sweating from night terrors influenced by this horrible day
    >acquire drink
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.18877516
    How does this base FUNCTION with this kind of bullshit going on?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.18877523
    >getting between a pushy wartime reporter and his scoop

    This is why you are a terrible commander, Mallory. You do stupid shit like this all the time.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.18877524
    Haven't you been paying attention? It doesn't.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.18877525
    >this base
    Haha, what?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.18877530

    Wait i'm here late tonight.

    Did we really bone Shortbreadski under the kitchen table with Yoshika in the room?

    For srses.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.18877533
    Let's take this opportunity to skedaddle. Head to the O Club while they're distracted.

    Yeah, we're a Big Damn War Hero now. We've probably sold our weight in war bonds by now.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877538
    You tell me, I have no fucking idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877540
         File: 1335494949.jpg-(47 KB, 378x512, 1218023443587.jpg)
    47 KB
    War is hell.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877542
    We're not at our base. We just literally crashed Mallory's press conference where he was showing off the Spruce Goose for some obscene reason.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877546
    >Did we really bone Shortbreadski under the kitchen table with Yoshika in the room?
    Of course not. Lynette was there too.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877547
    It was such a nice, quiet place, before a certain asshole pilot bounced the everliving shit out of it.

    No kidding. I bet we're approaching a critical mass of gnomes and witches that's going to turn Barin into motherfucking Atlantis at this rate.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877552
    Yeah we did.

    High five
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877554

    I do belive this is the time to make an effective escape while the MPs are down, and the Press are all over Tesla, only Mallory would even think to look for us and quite frankly, he is smalltime.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877555
    Yoshika and Lynette, yes. We had to teach Yoshika how to not be useless in bed. It was our duty to give her a demonstration.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.18877558
    Yes, we put our loaf inside Donutski's hole.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:50 No.18877565
    Tesla better get out his stun guns.
    Malleroy is in some deep shit though.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:50 No.18877574
         File: 1335495056.jpg-(7 KB, 125x171, ss.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)22:52 No.18877591

    Would it be fair to say there could be a bun in the cupcake?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:52 No.18877595
    Damnit. wrong thread.
    >Point out the Big Wing that you just jumped the shark over.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:52 No.18877600
    Meanwhile, Malleroy:

    > Finally get something to one-up the sparklebitches
    > Showing it off to the press
    > The Sparklebitches' boy-toy and some crazy asshole crash the party
    > try to get them removed
    > press turns on you
    What a day.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:53 No.18877606
    I was just about to tell you to post that here. It's too good to pass up.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:53 No.18877616
    Mallory, had a hard life
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:53 No.18877618
         File: 1335495239.jpg-(22 KB, 500x463, Internet_High_Five.jpg)
    22 KB
    We must immediately start with the pastry-themed pet names.

    Cinnamon Rollski.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:54 No.18877619
    ...If there's a bun cooking, then we may have just created a bouncing abomination.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:54 No.18877624
    We should take pains to point out that this is 100% craftgnomeship, and in no way related to boring female magic.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:55 No.18877638
         File: 1335495315.png-(192 KB, 500x375, whathassciencedone.png)
    192 KB
    This could be bad. Very very bad. Why?
    Gnome with witch powers. Oh dear god no.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:55 No.18877648
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:56 No.18877651

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:56 No.18877659
    ...oh for the love of...

    A gnome is just a male witch. Being borne of a witch does not confer some extra benefit on top of that.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/26/12(Thu)22:56 No.18877661
    rolled 95 = 95


    Why is this not a big deal, MC finally got laid in quest!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:57 No.18877672
    Electric fire
    Big wing
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)22:58 No.18877679
    No no no. Most gnomes have subtle powers. I'm talking a gnome with non subtle ones. Like say, shields. This could end badly, considering how strong a gnome we are.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:58 No.18877684
    Cause we just bounced a shark plane powered by lightning fire over an H-4.
    Remember, we're a pilot. Sex is just a nice bonus to getting to fly.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:59 No.18877695
    Cupcake is not a designated waifu. She is just competition.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)22:59 No.18877696
         File: 1335495555.jpg-(39 KB, 604x599, 1310719002529.jpg)
    39 KB
    >ten minutes later

    "Obadiah curses upon thee, you lanky-faced sallow chump shrimp!" Tesla rages at the boats pilot. "YOU SAIL LIKE PINE-CONES CONDUCT!"

    "You mean like old people fuck," the pilot mutters, tightening his hand on the tiller.

    "How would you KNOW!?" Tesla says, leaning in. "Did you WATCH?"

    The pilot's jaw ratchets a few notches tighter, but he says nothing. As the little boat approaches the loading dock of Castle Barin, you see... no Minna waiting with crossed arms, no Trude waiting with adorable pouty face, and not even a Yoshika bearing another non-issue to sperg about.

    There's absolutely nobody.

    Behind you, Tesla is raging at the boats pilot about something else insane. You think this is a great chance to skip off and do your own thing.

    >Find Robin FOR REALZ? There's a lot to talk about.
    >Find Perrine? We need to unfuck this Ian situation, srsly.
    >Find Trude?
    >Find CREW?
    >Find Yoshika? She still needed shooting lessons, right?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:59 No.18877699
    Confirmed for not listening.
    WE CAN LEARN witch-style MAGIC. THEY CAN LEARN machine affinity TOO.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)22:59 No.18877700
    >implying gnomes and witches haven't been boning constantly for all of history

    Really not a big deal here bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877704

    At least here the girls aren't all psych-
    Oh, wait.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877707
    But I'm fairly sure that's not how it works. First, it either has magical powers or it doesn't. After that, if male then gnome, if female then witch. There isn't a way to form some kind of hybrid.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877711
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877713
    >Find Yoshika? She still needed shooting lessons, right?


    >Implying we'd ever go LOOKING for Perrine
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877714
    NOW we find Robin.

    Also, why do quotes suddenly have a p in them?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877715
    Find Robin to find out what Patton's gift was. Plot revenge.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877717
    >Find Robin FOR REALZ? There's a lot to talk about.

    Might as well, while the coast is clear.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.18877718
    >Find Robin FOR REALZ? There's a lot to talk about.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877719
    In that order.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877721
    The gift of magic is the same damn thing either way, it's the gender itself that says which kind it ends up being. We'd need some kind of hax to get a gnome to produce a shield, or at least a very strong natural inclination to it.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877722
    Find CREW, then ROBIN. We should talk to her, but we can brag some, first.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877723
    Find Minna, Explain Situation.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877726

    We Big Bro now
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877727
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877732
    >Find Robin FOR REALZ? There's a lot to talk about.
    We already told Yoshika where she can go for shooting lessons.
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877733
    >Find Robin FOR REALZ? There's a lot to talk about.
    Noogie her till we get some damn answers.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877734
    >Find Yoshika? She still needed shooting lessons, right?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:01 No.18877737

    Let's talk to our sister, and make sure Yoshika didn't try to swag something she shouldn't while we were busy with Cupcakeski. Or vice versa.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:02 No.18877738
    Find Robin for real this time. We haven't even talked to her about being in the service and her being a witch and all that shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:02 No.18877739
    >There isn't a way to form some kind of hybrid.

    There are many doujins that have led me to believe otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:02 No.18877741
    >Find CREW
    We really need to go tell them about that shit. Then we can go talk to our sister.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:02 No.18877743
    >Find Perrine? We need to unfuck this Ian situation, srsly.

    Assuming they aren't fucking/murdering each other with Ian.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:03 No.18877751
    Find Yoshika. Make sure Wilma didn't get her.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:03 No.18877754
    Let's find our crew, since we can make sure the Perrine situation isn't too out of hand that way, and then go talk to Robin.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:03 No.18877759
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:04 No.18877761
    Nobody likes perrine.
    Going to Trude would only ignite waifu shit.
    Our crew already knows we are big goddamn heroes
    Yoshika knows to go to Ian.

    Robin is the only solution
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)23:04 No.18877762
    As was said, before we got distracted by making things in a happy cake oven, its a real oven with a 40watt bulb, with icing packets. We were on a mission to stop some woman stop swagging on our Mayofuji, or something. We should probably get back on it.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:04 No.18877763

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:04 No.18877768
    >Find Robin
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:04 No.18877773
    Okay, any other time, i'd say find Robin, but... i really think we should make sure that Yoshika didn't learn bad lessons from us.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:04 No.18877778
    Robin, also, is 4chan X shitting itself for anyone else?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:05 No.18877787
    The magical abilities of an intersexed or transgendered person IS an interesting question. Not one that is going to be widely addressed in a WWII era setting, but still.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:05 No.18877789
    >Bad lessons
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:05 No.18877791
    What? We already took care of that. We delivered Yoshika to Lynette. We have completed our mission. Let's go brag to Ian and Sean, and then go find Robin.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:05 No.18877794
    Yeah, can't see quotes or follow the links. Pretty annoying.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877796
    >Loading p18877696...
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877797
    Me. The "Show linked post on mouseover" feature isn't working.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877798
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877799
    Sort of. It's only the comment preview in inlining I'm having trouble with. I can still QR and autoupdate fine.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877800

    Quote backlinks stopped working, and post links don't work either.

    Probably more stuff that I haven't noticed yet.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877803

    I see we're all suffering broken site code.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.18877805
    Hey, she doesn't have 800 Swagpower to lay down. She could get hurt trying to imitate us.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:07 No.18877809
    Yeah. And this other thread I'm keeping tabs on on another board just went https for some reason. Maybe moot is fucking around with the code.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:07 No.18877810
    Considering the slapping noise we heard, that may have already happened.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:07 No.18877812
    If you delete the 'p' in the URL and go, it redirects properly.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:08 No.18877819
    Oh, that'd make sense. Moot mentioned in that sticky that he was going to be adding some stuff soon. He probably messed around a bit with something.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/26/12(Thu)23:08 No.18877820
    rolled 27 = 27

    >Find Robin FOR REALZ? There's a lot to talk about.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:09 No.18877831
    I'd vote Robin, Minna, then Trude. Robin is top priority, then Minna (since she's probably still pissed), then Trude (who may or may not be in deep shit).

    Hopefully Minna can explain to us what the fuck happened with Patton and Trude.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:09 No.18877837
    >Find Yoshika, make sure she's safe
    >Pick up Lynette
    >Pick up Robin
    >Pick up Sanya
    >Work with Trude and Chris to make pillow fort
    It's like you guys have ADD or something.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:10 No.18877841
    I think we should stay as far away from Minna right now as possible. She's apt to cut off our dick. If we really need to find out about the stuff with Patton, let's just talk to Trude herself.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:10 No.18877842
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:10 No.18877845
    crew, robin, yoshika, in that order.
    >> deeeep duuuude 04/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.18877856
    It's like, if the MC were controlled by OTHER PEOPLE, maaan
    and, like
    like it's so deep
    They'd get bored and wander off and it'd be like we completely changed direction, maaan!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.18877864
    Oh hey, backlinks and mouseover quotes are back.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.18877868
    Can't you see anon? The pillow fort is just a lie perpetuated by Planefags lackey's to keep us all blind to his plans. There is no pillow fort. There never will be a pillow fort. Wake up.

    Also backlinking seems to work now.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.18877869
    This. We can do SRS BSNS right after we gloat about jumping the shark.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.18877876
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.18877877
    And now it's fixed.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:12 No.18877883
    psst, it's fixed now
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:13 No.18877896
    The time for pillowfort is passed. It may come again, but right now it's no good. Besides, I'm not sure Yoshika and Lynette would want to be anywhere near us, depending on exactly how much they saw, and how kinky MC and Cupcakeski got.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:13 No.18877908
    Having had enough suicidal lunacy for one day, you decide it's time to find Robin and beat the ever-loving fuck out of her for enlisting like a god-damned dumbass that stupid little-

    "Y'know that talking to yourself is the second sign of madness," a voice says from behind you.

    "And isn't riding a hellcow into battle the first?" you return, looking over your shoulder at Sean.

    "No, that would be staying on your crew after the third snap-roll, you bastard," he growls. "Anyhow, what are you doing lurking around the baths?"

    "I could ask you the same question."

    "I just came here looking for you," Sean says. "But you, now, you're actively luuuuuuurking," he leers.

    "Looking for Robin by way of Yoshika," you tell him. "She seems to like body aesthetics."

    "She oggles dem tittays?"

    You tilt your head forward and give him a glare from under your eyebrows. Sean snorts with clear disbelief.

    "Well, Ian's not here," you say defensively. "Still, I'm tired of hunting for the little shitbird. I wish she'd just show."

    Then Robin hits you like a roid-raging organi-train.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:15 No.18877920
    fuck shit dyke cunts
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:15 No.18877922
    > roid-raging organi-train.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:15 No.18877924
    Pilot, I'm disappointed. Work on your SA.
    >> Writefag 04/26/12(Thu)23:15 No.18877929
    I'd suggest unfucking the Perrine-Ian situation, but I think getting raped by a 16yo Frog with severe interpersonal problems might be good for him. Clean out the pipes, so to speak.

    I say we go find Robin. There are things about this island that we need to inform her about, or else she's going to learn the hard way. (For instance, don't take baths alone- bring a bathing buddy who won't attempt to rape you.)
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:15 No.18877931
    Oh she mad.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:15 No.18877932
    /swq/ - English Majors
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:16 No.18877944
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:16 No.18877949

    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/26/12(Thu)23:16 No.18877953
         File: 1335496618.jpg-(30 KB, 512x384, preposterous.jpg)
    30 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:17 No.18877955
    I'm proud of her right now.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:17 No.18877960
    >"Well, Ian's not here," you say defensively.
    What? I think I missed something in this last exchange.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:17 No.18877961

    >Seriously we're getting down to wily-behind-your-back level.
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)23:17 No.18877966

    She's probably just angry we never cleaned that table, some people do eat off it you know.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:18 No.18877974
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:19 No.18877985
    Ian is gay. Weren't you here when that bombshell dropped? Why do you think he's been avoiding perrine?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:19 No.18877990
    We were UNDER the table if we stayed there you flying-
    No. Flying is too good for you.
    You groundbound nincompoop.
    >find robin
    Too late, got Soviet Russia'd
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:20 No.18878007
    Why in fuck's name would we go to the baths again? We've never been to the baths and had not bad things happen. It's always bad things that happen.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:20 No.18878009
         File: 1335496834.png-(30 KB, 781x508, The Truth.png)
    30 KB
    Deary me I forgot to post this.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/26/12(Thu)23:21 No.18878023

    Oh yeah, did we get to say that or not? I can't remember.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:21 No.18878024
         File: 1335496872.jpg-(140 KB, 350x350, angrypoke.jpg)
    140 KB

    You go flying ass-over-teakettle through the trashed changing room, tumbling through the scattered towels and pokey bits of scienc-y boxes left by Tesla's lackeys, to come to rest with your head lying in the water covering the first steps down into the hot springs.

    "BLhrrrrrb," you complain. Through the water above you, you see Robin grinning down at you.

    From inside a strange football helmet.

    She seizes your shirtfront and hauls you out of the water.

    "BRRRRUUU" she hows, hugging you and collapsing on your chest, neatly pinning your face underwater for several seconds as she compresses your chest with a fierce hug. You feel something warm and fuzzy swell in your brain as asphyxia begins to assert itself.

    Finally, Robin releases you and hauls your wet head out of the water. "HEY!" She gives you a big, sloppy grin, insanely happy.

    "What... are you..."

    "General Patton is such a great guy!" Robin says eagerly. "He showed me all around and he even gave me a helmet! He said he designed it himself!"

    You give the modified football helmet the once-over.

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:22 No.18878037
    >Patton helmet
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:22 No.18878042
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:22 No.18878046

    ... How do we feel about Patton showing our sister around?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/26/12(Thu)23:23 No.18878050

    "Is... is it a magic helmet?"
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:23 No.18878053
    "You know, since you have that helmet, I don't have to worry about damaging your brain in the beating I'm about to give you. Or I wouldn't if you EVEN HAD A BRAIN YOU STUPID SHIT WHY THE FUCK DID YOU FUCKING ENLIST YOU-"
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:23 No.18878054
    Is this something from the series?

    No idea yet. Don't know enough.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:23 No.18878055
    >showing Robin around and giving her gifts
    The man lives only to skirt death from us, doesn't he?

    ....What did he do to the helmet, and will it actually protect Robin?
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)23:23 No.18878059

    Spear and magic helmet.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:24 No.18878062
    We came down here for a reason. We must convince her to go back to liberion. I vote going PTSD on her
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:24 No.18878065
    Patton designed a tanker uniform
    It had a gold football helmet, green leather suit, and brass buttons
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:24 No.18878068
    i trust patton you should also
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:24 No.18878069
    I still say we just put her in a box and ship her back to the states.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:25 No.18878085
         File: 1335497157.jpg-(44 KB, 245x351, 41241222112.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:27 No.18878105
    Not striker-compatible.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:27 No.18878110
         File: 1335497254.jpg-(21 KB, 331x331, 1332061513204.jpg)
    21 KB

    "Robin, when you tackle people, wear that."


    "When you tackle me, don't wear that."


    You sigh miserably and rub your head.

    "So what'cha wanna see me about?"

    You look at Robin, your beloved little sister, and feel a heavy weight settle in your chest when you contemplate her being thrown in the hellacious meat-grinder of war. You open your mouth-

    "-bout that GIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL YOU LIKE!?" Robin drawls.

    You sigh. "Robin, not right n-"

    "That giiiiiiiiiiiiirl," Sean joins in on cue. "THAT GIIIIIRL," they say together.

    You stalk out of the baths with Sean and Robin hot on your heels. "Ghost-rider likes a gi~ir, ghost-rider likes a gi~irl," they sing-song after you.

    God damn it, now what?

    >free choice
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:28 No.18878113
    This is the middle of WW2 with a full-on alien invasion. I don't think that the military is going to let Robin transfer back to the States, OR resign her commission (all Witches are commissioned officers, right? Like pilots?).
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:28 No.18878119
    "Sean, I thought you were GOOD at communications."
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:28 No.18878120
    Weren't we supposed to talk to her?

    >Harass Cupcake
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878124
    Slap Sean.
    God knows, he has it coming.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878125
    Turn around:
    > Hey Robin, call me a gnome
    When she opens her mouth - NO MATTER WHAT - hit her. Lightly, a play-hit, but enough to instigate.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878126
         File: 1335497359.png-(234 KB, 874x894, 1323911608948.png)
    234 KB
    Soon Sean....
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878127
    Create mattress fortress.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878129
    Show her the silk scarfs of all of our buddies that died in the war. Ask her if she is prepared to see others die and watch our widow plunge into the ocean. We have to get her out of this castle.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878131
    "Fuck off, I do not!"

    >rc: ntofpo militaris;
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878136
    You know what? Let's just drop that bomb.

    "YES! That girl I like! You know the most interesting thing about her? I'm not her first love! Her previous boyfriend died holding the line at Calais! That's what happens in war, Robin. PEOPLE FUCKING DIE. SO WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE."
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878138
    ...Which one? WHAT IS BEING SAID?!?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878139
    Crazy Ivan
    find trude
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878140
         File: 1335497384.jpg-(98 KB, 379x600, 1334291628133.jpg)
    98 KB
    Try and figure out what girl they're talking about...
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.18878143
    Find a way/reason to ditch Sean so we can have a real conversation with Robin. Throw the gnome thing at him again.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878146
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878149
    Talk to Robin. There's a reason we went to find her.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878150
         File: 1335497423.jpg-(100 KB, 1000x1000, Gnome vs Leperchaun.jpg)
    100 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878152
    We traded those away a while ago.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878154
    Find Minna, arrange for Robin to be given Luftwaffe training. If it kept the kraut girls alive through these years of war, it should keep Robin alive.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878157
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:30 No.18878158
    Talk with Robin about her being a Witch
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.18878162
    "I know your fucking Mio Sean, and if you don't want the whole base to find out I suggest you shut the fuck us. Robin I need to speak with you now."
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.18878165
    That's why we put her in a box and don't tell anyone. Give her some MREs and she'll be fine.
    >> Writefag 04/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.18878167

    They're talking about Minna. As far as I can tell the only people who know we fucked Cupcakeski are Yoshika and Lynnette.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.18878168
         File: 1335497488.gif-(1.75 MB, 320x180, 1330047984916.gif)
    1.75 MB
    Hey Robin, guess how many times I've almost died in ways that wouldn't leave a body to bury?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.18878169
         File: 1335497489.jpg-(90 KB, 640x360, 133437366175.jpg)
    90 KB
    >mfw it's not one of the big three
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.18878172
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878177

    Psshhh. Like she wouldn't chew her way out. Dude, that shit doesn't work on hamsters, and it sure as fuck doesn't work on little sisters.
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878178

    That girl, thinking she's all that, but she is not all that! We'll show her who can smoke more cigars, drink more shots and crash planes that are on fire!

    We are the best! Us! Not her!

    >> Shield Eaters and World Leaders 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878180
    We don't like that girl. Sure, we'd fuck her, but like like? no.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878184
    ...So that she gets put down as AWOL, put in front of a court martial, and jailed?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878186
         File: 1335497552.jpg-(99 KB, 374x457, 131154181288.jpg)
    99 KB
    >shut the fuck us

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878188
    >Patton showing Robin his special helmet

    I don't like this at all.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.18878189
    This, just to shut Sean up. Then we talk to Robin. We didn't try to find her just so we could walk away, PF. Come on.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:33 No.18878195
    You may have missed this, but we went and flew an electric fire shark between then and now.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:33 No.18878205
    It'd be better than going into combat, but they wouldn't do that anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:33 No.18878206
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:34 No.18878228
    Yeah. Something about the telepathic rumor mill or whatever.

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:34 No.18878231
    "I like a lot of girls. You'll have to be more specific."
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:35 No.18878240
    You're right. They wouldn't jail her. They'd just send her back, and probably to a different airbase so that we can't protect her. Maybe the African Front, or the German Front, or the Balkan Pocket. The REAL meatgrinders.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:35 No.18878242
    >Implying I don't love you, Robin
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:35 No.18878251
    I got it!
    "Sean your a fucking Gnome, I am too. Get over it. Honk." and then we grab her boob. Should shut them both up.
    I am not a siscon. I swear.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:36 No.18878258
         File: 1335497777.jpg-(28 KB, 459x412, no fucks to give.jpg)
    28 KB

    "HEY!" you round on Robin. "What's small and wears red hats and tends gardens!?"

    "Gnomes!" Robin replies immediately, before Sean can warn her.

    "AHHAHA," you rave, the madness entering your voic. You seize Robins hands and start drumming them on her new helmet hard enough to make it noisy in there. "Stop drumming yourself stop drumming yourself stop drumming yourself~"

    "Hey! Quit it! Quiiiiit iiiiit!" Robin howls. "You're just avoiding! Just like with HEATHER!"

    "CAN'T HEAR YOU," you say, drumming Robin's hands on her helmet louder.


    "Ooh, what happened with Heather and Stacey?" Sean asks.

    "He went for them and they went for each oth-EY!" Robin shouts as you trip her. She wrests her hands away from you and punches at your belly, but you dance away, then rush back in to drum with your own hands.

    "You suck with women and you need my help so stoppit and listen daaaamiiit-"

    "I, have no fucks to give, PAH RUM PAH PAH PUM," you sing-song, matching the beat to the groove.
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)23:36 No.18878259
         File: 1335497783.jpg-(137 KB, 550x650, 1328667790710.jpg)
    137 KB
    You totally are. You're not fooling anyone, Trude.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:37 No.18878273
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:37 No.18878279
    I think we've done well enough without her.
    But really, we need to have a serious fucking talk with her.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:37 No.18878282
    That is the most amazing pic.
    >> Major Airlift 04/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.18878285
    I think it's time we consider another power of gnomes is causing rampant lesbianism in women around them.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.18878287

    >"I, have no fucks to give, PAH RUM PAH PAH PUM," you sing

    Planefag, hey planefag.

    You're the best.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.18878293
    Robin watch your fuckin' language
    >> Writefag 04/26/12(Thu)23:40 No.18878315
         File: 1335498008.jpg-(30 KB, 520x380, p38.jpg)
    30 KB

    Well if she's flying in Africa she'd be in good company.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:40 No.18878327
    >they went for each other
    >we just went from trude to minna to cupcakeski
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:41 No.18878338
    Y'know, all'a you who're saying "Why the fuck did you go to war, Robin?"

    Witch talent is RARE. She has it. It'd be unpatriotic not to.

    Enough fucking around. Unless it's masterwork fucking around of Rommel. Let's actually get some of what we meant to talk about talked about, be it with Robin, Sean, Yusuke, Cossack, Sakebro, or whomever.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:41 No.18878340
    > actually shagging a witch
    > HAM radio joke and the return of tech shit
    > Tesla being tesla
    > Turning the press on the military
    > I have no fucks to give PA RUMPA PUM PUM

    Yeah, this is worthy not getting the paper done for tomorrow's class.

    > He went for them and they went for each oth

    Having been there, ouch. This is the sort of wound that never stops hurting.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:41 No.18878343
    I gather that lesbianism is generally more acceptable in SWQland's 40s than in RL due to Witch influence (they are restricted from fraternizing with men, only have each other during those long deployments and well...)
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:41 No.18878345
    Trude and Minna? They're both fucked in the head. It'd be a good pair.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:41 No.18878346
         File: 1335498115.png-(153 KB, 286x302, winkingcat.png)
    153 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:42 No.18878357
    I sure as fuck hope you're talking about Yoshika unless we suddenly gained a little gnome bro and no one told us.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:43 No.18878362
    That was only Minna's retarded way of making sure her witches didn't suffer the same pain she felt.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:43 No.18878379
    >Let's actually get some of what we meant to talk about talked about
    The pillow fort, right?
    Let's get on that pillow fort. Sisters only.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:44 No.18878381
    We've only really seen it with witches, thus far, apart from the Heather and Stacey thing. It seems more likely it's a byproduct of the witches locking themselves up in castles with each other.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:45 No.18878395
         File: 1335498317.jpg-(144 KB, 449x363, 1297940841672.jpg)
    144 KB

    "Sean, help!"

    Sean sweeps you up in a bear hug from behind, and you retributively sweep up Robin. Sean staggers under the load, but he's strong as hell, and begins to slowly spin you AND Robin around.

    "Centrifugal force will set you free!" Sean says.

    "AAAAH I DON'T WANT THAT KIND OF FREE" Robin yells as her feet begin to swing outward with the circular force.

    "THE HELMET TRUST IN THE HELMET" Sean says. For your part, you're just getting dizzy.

    "DON'T LET ME GOOOO" Robin screams.

    "ARMS, SO WEAK" you say automatically, and she elbows you in the gut, which almost DOES make you let go.


    The crisp words are so clipped they land halfway between you and the speaker with a faint *ting* of chilly metal on worn floorboards. Sean halts the spin so abruptly that you all lurch to one side as he arrests the momentum.

    Ian stands before you in the hall, cold, empty chill flowing from his blank eyes.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:45 No.18878397
    What paper?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:45 No.18878400
    Didn't we have a Fiancee who cheated on us while we were in trainning?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:46 No.18878405
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:46 No.18878414
    No? We had a girlfriend who wronged us in some unspecified way, but I didn't think it was a terribly serious relationship.
    >> Writefag 04/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.18878416

    Perrine raped him, didn't she?

    And the fucker still didn't enjoy it?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.18878418
    push sean in the way
    better yet
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.18878419
    >What have you seen, Ian, in the void between stars.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.18878423
    "Did she rape you?"
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.18878424
    I think Ian needs an adult. That sounds like the look of someone molested by the Hound of Gaul.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.18878425
    Fine I admit it.
    Grab Robin ass. It's our one chance.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.18878429
    $5 says he saw Frenchie's armpits.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.18878430
         File: 1335498488.jpg-(125 KB, 466x700, 1323634262688.jpg)
    125 KB
    ...oh shit. What happened so bad that he sought us out to shit on our fun?

    Oh, who am I kidding there's about exactly ONE thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.18878432
         File: 1335498499.png-(19 KB, 212x90, OMG PANIC.png)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.18878433
    Stop it Trude
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.18878435
    She's sucked the soul right out of him...
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.18878436
    Yeah, that one.
    He's using the voice. This is unwarranted to the situation. Something may be dreadfully wrong.

    On the other hand, he's been getting icier and icier. Maybe he's finally frozen psycho.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:49 No.18878439

    Give Ian the whistle
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:49 No.18878441
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:49 No.18878443
    point at sean
    "show us where she touched you"
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:49 No.18878444
    I vote for this.

    It'll throw him off and give Sean and Robin something else to gossip about.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:49 No.18878450
    >> boco+phage loco+mage 04/26/12(Thu)23:50 No.18878451
    It's our sister; cut it out
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:50 No.18878452
    >Show me on Sean where she touched you, Ian.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:50 No.18878457
    I-ian... she got you didn't she. WE WERE NOT THERE! We are failures!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:51 No.18878466
    Both of these sound like good options!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:51 No.18878467
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:51 No.18878470

    Yes yes yes
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:51 No.18878473
    Everybody, SHUT UP. We do not fuck with Ian. We do not joke with Ian. We do not speak a WORD to Ian until he has said his piece.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/26/12(Thu)23:51 No.18878478

    Ian glides towards you, his legs sliding over the ground with no apparent friction. His lean body dangles from his head, like the skull is floating on its own, in its own slightly disconnected dimension.

    He sliiides on over to you, and reaching right past Robin, seizes you by the shirt-front.


    You, Robin and Sean all hold your breath.

    "HIDE. ME." he says in a voice more taught then the mooring line of the USS Arizona at high tide.

    "... wut," you venture.

    "BISHOP," Ian breathes. "BISHOP. BITCH. HERE."

    "... one of Lynettes sisters?" Robin muses. "But Lynette said they're all pretty cool and... pretty! Don't tell me you're afraid of sex too!"

    "SHE WILL NOT SEX," Ian says, planting his forehead against Robins helmet and staring deep into her eyes. Robin shudders as she sees the titanic forces held in check by Ian's straining will, within a hairs breadth of the break-strain point.

    "HIDE ME."
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:52 No.18878480
    Maybe we can get Robin to focus on Ian and Perrine instead of us.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:52 No.18878491
    Fuck, this is some serious shit. Throw him in Yoshika's secret peeping room.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:52 No.18878492
    Oh dear. Either we did something BAD, or Ian got raped.

    Is anyone else still worried about the consequences from cupcakeski in the kitchen?

    Either wrt. Yoshika, or PROBLEMS from our other things.

    Or fallout from Mallory.

    Or one of our OTHER mistakes caught up to us.

    Oh god, Yoshika walked in on Perrine raping Ian because she was looking for gun training.
    >> Lust 04/26/12(Thu)23:53 No.18878493
    Very well but know this: I will be in the back of our mind - lurking in the shadows -waiting for that one moment of weakness, and then I shall make my move.

    Be prepared common sense for I am here plotting your demise.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:53 No.18878499
    Hide him. NOW. Then whatever's going on, we know where he is.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:53 No.18878503
    I'm still not clear on what happened here.

    It was blown up.
    >> BURN ZA WARUDO Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:53 No.18878504
    I don't get it.
    "Sean, you're the communications guy, what is he saying? Also, get in a suit of armor again, it'll work for sure this time."
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878510
    >she will not sex

    I don't get it. He either REALLY doesn't want to screw her, or she's coming after him for some other reason?

    Let's hide him. Then go tell Perrine that Ian is being harassed by another witch and that she needs to defend her man.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878511
    Shit, man. Throw him in the baths or in Yoshika's cubby hole if it's still there.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878512
    To ze peep hole!
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878513

    We need to find this Bishop Bitch and see what all the fuss is about.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878514
    Hide him
    He needs a break
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878515
    If Wilma did that to Ian...

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878516
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878518
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878521

    Okay, we're by the baths. To the peeping room with him.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878523
    He's not talking about Perrine this time.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878524
    Let's hide him in Perrines room
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878526
    Put him in Minna's room and tell Minna what's going on. Describe it as a "Morale situation".
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878527


    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878528
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:54 No.18878530
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:55 No.18878545
    Hide him, either find a tarp to toss over him, a suit of armor to hide him in, a closet that Sean just happens to stand in front of. Anything.
    >> Writefag 04/26/12(Thu)23:55 No.18878549

    Scene: Ian's hanging out in the hanger working on the Widow when Bishop and entourage land and dock their Strikers. From across the hanger her eyes meet Ians. She points at him, like a slugger pointing exactly where the homerun will land. She has her target, and he knows it.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:56 No.18878559
    Yeah, I think a suit of armor, and telling Perrine he's in trouble are in order.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:56 No.18878563
    Alla you, the peeping hole place got destroyed by Tesla's experiments, and by the description it hasn't been fixed.

    Honestly, though, if you can make it there...
    Have him hide in the wing of the plane, like the beer.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:56 No.18878565

    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:56 No.18878566
    Wouldn't that imply that SHE WILL SEX?
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:57 No.18878569
         File: 1335499033.jpg-(37 KB, 640x480, 2.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:57 No.18878571
    "Robin, what-"

    She knees you in the gut, winding you. Sometimes this girl is really unruly. Doubling over and trying to concentrate on restarting your diaphragm, Robin slumps to the ground. "You're always trying to protect me! Robin, don't do that! Robin, watch out! Robin, stay at home! I have things I want to do too. You think you're the only one that loves flying? The only one that loves the thrill? We're family, you idiot!"

    You're stunned. You haven't seen Robin like this since...well, since you started going to middle school. She cried and raised hell when she realized you two wouldn't be going to the same school anymore. The years have passed, but that same little girl is sitting in front of you. If you weren't still struggling to breathe, you might even have been touched by the scene.

    "Exactly!" you wheeze. "We're family. I don't want to see you hurt. I don't want to see you doing the same stupid stunts I do. If I can keep you from being out there, facing a bunch of Men from Mars, I'll do it!" Giving little regard for respiration at this point, you stagger back to your feet, pointing your finger and Robin, who is now looking right at you with teary eyes. "If I have to kill a thousand martians to keep my little sister safe, I'll do it! If I have to bounce a million witches, I'll do it! If I have to..." your voice chokes a little as you struggle to get this out.

    "If I have to...die...to keep you safe, I'll do it! I'll do it because you're my sister and I love you!"

    You're knocked back to the ground, flat on your back as Robin kisses you.

    >FUCK NO
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:57 No.18878575
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:57 No.18878582
    Yes! And she can be his knight, then she gets laid, Ian gets laid, and we only need to get rid of every other man on the island. All to protect Robin/
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.18878587

    I don't think so, Tim.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.18878589
         File: 1335499103.jpg-(16 KB, 551x352, 1281066328150.jpg)
    16 KB
    Too slow, bro. Too slow.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.18878590

    You didn't even try to fake the name; seriously?
    >> Writefag 04/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.18878592

    I read him saying "SHE WILL NOT SEX." as being a desperate statement that he must be hidden so she won't sex him, not him thinking she's not going to sex him if she corners him.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.18878594
         File: 1335499126.jpg-(181 KB, 700x930, 1331250818991.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:59 No.18878604
    Well at least the siscons have something to fap to for a while.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:59 No.18878606
    Th'fuck're you quoting THAT for?
    Also you're not planefag, but okay, writing's decent.
    >> Anonymous 04/26/12(Thu)23:59 No.18878608
    For Trude!
    >> Tofu 04/26/12(Thu)23:59 No.18878613
    Not this shit again. Atleast it isn't IanxMC.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:00 No.18878616
    Psyentific> Planefag what sort of kiss is this
    <Psyentific> Is it "I love you in a bro-sis way, bro"
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:00 No.18878619
         File: 1335499225.png-(28 KB, 418x338, NEXT TIME TWO ELECTRIC BOOGALO(...).png)
    28 KB


    STRIKE WITCHES will resume TUESDAY, Regular Time. BE THEEEEERE
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:00 No.18878620
    Oh come on, the only problem with that one was the writing was shit. It's decent here.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:00 No.18878624
    IRCfags confirmed for dumber than a sack of hammers, once again.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878626

    The infection spreads!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878628
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878629
    A bit early. And why don't you want us to talk to Robin about SRS stuff? Shit's important, yo.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878636
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878637
    >> Psyentific 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878638
    Fuck you too.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878645
    Ok so planefag, how many minna and trude points did we lose with that little fling?
    >inb4 all of them
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.18878647
    What. Is this some kind of joke or are people really this retarded?
    >> Tofu 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878650
    That's like saying that 4chan is nothing but hackers on steroids.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878654
    No, seriously, you're a fucking idiot. The guy wasn't even pretending to be PF.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878655
    there are no points
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878657
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878658
    [22:59] <@Dante41> ...that ain't PF you daft fool
    [22:59] <+Psyentific> FUCK
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878660
    he mad cuz he dumb
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878662
    Don't give a shit. Tesla is our waifu now.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.18878664
    Keep going Anon, you can do it.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:03 No.18878670
    The fags in IRC are consistently more stupid and butthurt than people in the thread. You too.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:03 No.18878671
         File: 1335499414.jpg-(24 KB, 500x465, 1316897098921.jpg)
    24 KB


    Because you are telling nobody.

    And neither is Waltrude.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:03 No.18878672
    Welcome to SWQ, where the waifus are made up and the points don't matter.
    >> プレインファグ 04/27/12(Fri)00:03 No.18878673
    "She will not sex? The fuck're you saying?"

    ..."BUT I WILL!" His lips find purchase against yours...
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:04 No.18878674
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:04 No.18878678
    But Yoshika and Lynette might.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:04 No.18878679
    What about Minnas emotional radar?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:04 No.18878680
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878683
    Best outcome. So long as Lynnette and Yoshika can keep a secret.

    Which they probably can't.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878686
         File: 1335499516.jpg-(7 KB, 250x215, 1333942715218.jpg)
    7 KB
    ...I trust you little, but I see no reason to doubt you until you prove otherwise
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878689
    Remember that slap? They're too busy dealing with their own failed attempt at makeouts to tattle.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878690
    I'm sure we can clear things up in the Pillow Fort™(No Groping Allowed).
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878691
         File: 1335499522.jpg-(24 KB, 360x360, 1319779599018.jpg)
    24 KB

    But little girls are so... pliable....
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878693
    We saved Lynette, and she owes us. Miyafuji owes us as well. Also were going to teach her to shoot so we can ensure her silence then.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878697
    But it was in the middle of the kitchen.

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878698
    What? That's bullshit. The rumor mill here will out it eventually. You can't just sweep something like that under the rug (what am I saying, you've done it enough before).
    >> archivalfag 04/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.18878702
         File: 1335499558.jpg-(149 KB, 600x600, 132541027629.jpg)
    149 KB
    Good to see SWQ back again. Two more threads to the archive AND IT STILL HUNGERS FOR MORE.

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:06 No.18878716
    Good to see you hard at work as well. Thanks again for your continued service.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:06 No.18878719
         File: 1335499616.jpg-(50 KB, 500x280, 1208904096688.jpg)
    50 KB
    Pliable? That's the word you're using?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.18878723


    You're not having much luck, and this is a weird fucking situation. Given your emotional sensitivity of a spoon, you're not quite sure how your sister ended up on top of you, giving you a deep kiss as you struggle to breathe. The situation is not helped by your fucking diaphragm refusing to help you live. Struggling, you try to push her off of you before you pass out. Luckily, Robin also has a need to breathe.

    "Robin! What the hell are you doing?" you manage after gasping for air.

    "I...I!" she begins, before a look of horror materializes on her face. Realizing what she just did, she bolts out of the room, still teary-eyed and unstable. Fuck. You did not plan on having to deal with this today.

    Don't you have enough on your plate with your standard fair of insane witches?

    >Do Not Pursue Lu Bu
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.18878727
         File: 1335499636.png-(258 KB, 421x500, 1326778831241.png)
    258 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.18878729
    She was just messing with us, it's not real.

    But we have to call her Cupcakeski and make her think we've given her a pet name. Acting all pseudo lovey dovey with her would be great.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.18878735
         File: 1335499667.jpg-(9 KB, 125x125, ironman.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.18878736
    >translators note: pliable means plan
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878742
    they're also flexible, but that's neither here not there.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878743
    >miyafuji owes us
    >she fixed our liver
    Uh. She can never be indebted to us again.
    We could probably convince her to save it as blackmail for a strategically important occasion. Like when we find her in bed with Robin.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878746
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878751

    No.. You see... It's perfect

    The little ones will NEVER say a word.

    And anyone who heard or though they heard anything won't bring it up... why?

    "So, you're saying Waltrud and that dumbass were dancing the horizontal mambo in the fucking kitchen? Even he isn't that stupid. And she doesn't even like him."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878752
    You always persue Lu Bu! Give chase!
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878759
         File: 1335499719.jpg-(9 KB, 200x200, 1331690358745.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878766

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:08 No.18878768
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.18878779
    let's get something to fap to in here. chase.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.18878781
    pursue lu bu
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.18878782
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.18878784
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.18878785
    Chase! She's the only woman who will ever love us!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.18878786
    >standard fare
    Chase, because that's obviously the author's keikaku
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:10 No.18878793
         File: 1335499826.jpg-(42 KB, 475x302, eeeehhhh.jpg)
    42 KB
    You forgot about Mio at Minna's door, you can just turn around and forget about that.

    If you need a reason, say that she was still too fucking pissed to use it right.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:10 No.18878794
         File: 1335499826.jpg-(74 KB, 726x1000, 5c9cbc73a2f421ded4da43c1b6fa4e(...).jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:10 No.18878799
    After Lu Bu! Guy's a pussy, we can take him.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:10 No.18878801
    ha ha oh fuck

    >bUSta unless

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.18878804
    You know I don't even think it's that sensitive. All she would have detected was RAGE and then orgasm, I don't even think she could tell it was two people and not an angry masturbation session.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.18878806
    Or that it's not real, and she was just messing with us. That's what I've been assuming from the start.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.18878807
    Th'fuck does that mean?
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.18878809
         File: 1335499894.jpg-(204 KB, 700x610, I have no idea what you are ta(...).jpg)
    204 KB
    10[23:26] <Crix`> if only it was animooted
    [23:57] <Demetrious> this is your fucking fault, crix
    [23:57] <Demetrious> you gave me those pictures
    [23:57] <Demetrious> you planted the seed
    [23:57] <Demetrious> >what if we fucked cupcakeski
    [23:57] <Demetrious> >and didn't tell anyone
    10[23:57] <Crix`> hahaha
    10[23:58] <Crix`> YES
    Session Time: Fri Apr 13 00:00:01 2012
    10[00:06] <Crix`> german witches quest
    >> Major Airlift 04/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.18878815
         File: 1335499903.jpg-(203 KB, 720x720, 1333773414705.jpg)
    203 KB
    > acting all pseudo lovey dovey

    Yes. Pseudo. Lets go with that.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.18878819
    She'd have to have a baseline comparison.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 04/27/12(Fri)00:12 No.18878823
         File: 1335499935.png-(105 KB, 196x474, What's going on in here.png)
    105 KB
    Heh. Can't wait to see what you're planning next.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:12 No.18878829
    You've done it now crix.

    You've ruined us.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:14 No.18878848
    Minna would probably just chalk that up to SUCH IS LIFE IN CASTLE BARIN and call it a day.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:14 No.18878852
    [00:09:17] Reilock> all part of the magic
    [00:09:51] also, did we win or draw against cupcakeski?
    [00:09:56] Demetrious> draaaw
    [00:09:59] there might be a re-match
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:16 No.18878872
    No, seriously though planefag, i don't think the thread has called cupcakeski by her real name in months. Why does hasn't this translated into what MC says yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:17 No.18878884
    >Something to fap to
    >Implying I can into fapfics


    You bolt after her, using your years of military training to catch up with the young witch.

    Wait. You're a flier. She's a track runner. Fuck.

    Robin stays in the lead, though your familiarity with the castle helps you keep her in sight. Unfortunately, you still can't breathe properly and she's still managing to widen the gap. Dammit, it's bad enough that you've got the whole 501st going crazy. You can't let your relationship with your sister end up the same way.

    Tapping into your hidden reserves, you activate WEP and kick into overdrive as you both make a turn into a long, straight hallway. Grinning, you remember Robin was a sprinter, not a marathon runner. She's slowing down.

    And so are you. As the pair of you feel the burn of running for so long, you both slow to a pathetic pace that's more conducive to talking. "Rob-in!" you sputter. "Slow, down! I need, to talk!"

    "No!" she yells back before collapsing next to a wall. You do the same, relieved at being able to take a breather. "No! I...I can't have done that..."

    "Robin, is there anything you want to say?" What a surprising moment of emotional clarity! The deoxygenated state your entire body is in must be triggering some sort of crazy lucidity. You're going to use this unexpected gift to its fullest.

    Robin avoids your gaze. "...you."

    >What was that?
    >Say nothing
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:17 No.18878887

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:17 No.18878888
         File: 1335500254.gif-(2 MB, 319x264, 1333935657158.gif)
    2 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:17 No.18878891
    There, it's been said.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:18 No.18878893
    Yeah, I was hoping MC'd scream it out during sex, but then PF just faded to black. I mean that's fine and all, but he seems to be taking for granted certain things that went on during that time which we aren't privy to. It's not just annoying, it's bad writing.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:18 No.18878897
    Thisis SWQ. We will not be so lucky.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:18 No.18878898
    And to think some people want her as a waifu. Disgusting.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:19 No.18878912
    >hahaha this will confuse the shit out of everyone when they read it in the archives
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:19 No.18878917
    Not unless we're fucking Cupcake in it.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:20 No.18878926
         File: 1335500405.jpg-(21 KB, 233x280, fun is awful.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:20 No.18878931
         File: 1335500424.png-(85 KB, 483x220, 1331667424015.png)
    85 KB

    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:20 No.18878932
    >implying you're not going to call her that now to annoy her, as an in-joke
    >implying she's not going to retaliate
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:20 No.18878933
    >What was that?

    Oh god I hope so.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:20 No.18878942
    What was that?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:21 No.18878951
    Embrace her. "Robin you can't just do that to a guy."
    >> Major Airlift 04/27/12(Fri)00:21 No.18878952
    I'm both horrified and intrigued at the idea of MC getting a nickname.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:21 No.18878957
    >black guy: Minnafags in the last few threads
    >kid laughing in the back: Planefag
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:22 No.18878963
    What? Did you link the wrong post?

    I thought his was "That Fucking Pilot."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:23 No.18878972
    We just have to keep pushing for it. Don't give up.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:24 No.18878986
    But now when Cupcakeski uses it, it'll have another meaning.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:24 No.18878991
         File: 1335500683.jpg-(170 KB, 640x480, 1291534561789.jpg)
    170 KB

    But wasn't the Widow Fort good enough?
    >> Humakt is all for Peace 04/27/12(Fri)00:25 No.18878996
    Expect lots of infrequent quick, angry pilot sex with Cupcake which we never speak of, and lots of explaining to innocent girls why we are alone in a cupboard looking so dishevelled.

    I'm sure they'll buy that we were just trying to get her into pants and we wont' slip up in the delivery at all.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:25 No.18878999
    Pillow fort in the widow.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:25 No.18879003
    Why not both?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:25 No.18879006
    The Widow can't fit our crew and four other witches (comfortably).
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:25 No.18879007
    >SWQ fapfiction

    We'll get one eventually. It'll be a 10-page long masterpiece.

    By Xiombarg's Storyteller.

    (I still can't forget about the one with the dark elf and the horse).
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:26 No.18879013
    I support this. Maybe we can finally put those self-locking closets to some good use.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:26 No.18879014
    Well, this was fun. It's lovely to have you back, Fap Angel.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:26 No.18879018
    We didn't build it in minna's room.

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:26 No.18879021
    It was lacking in little sisters. And pillows.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:27 No.18879040
    >Why are you guys giving answers this is fucking ridiculous oh well let's continue

    "...What was that?" You look at her, determined not to let her worm her way out of this. You will not have emotional drama between you and your family, no sir. Especially not any of this potentially fucked-up nature.

    "...I love you," she says, just barely above a whisper. She sniffles a little bit, still teary. After another moment, she turns around. "I love you, dammit! And don't give me that 'of course you do' bull! You know what I mean! Even you aren't that dense!"

    "Robin, I-"

    "When you left, I was so lonely! I was worried sick! You're off to fight in the war, flying metal deathtraps to serve the country! And then aliens! Did you expect me to sit back home, not doing a damned thing? And now you go on a well-intentioned 'I'm your older brother and care about you' speech? It hurts listening to that! I know you're my brother, but..." she trails off, once again avoiding looking at you.

    "But I love you. I care for you. I want to be with you, no matter the danger, no matter where you are."

    Silently, you move closer and put your arms around her. "Robin..."

    >I love you too
    >I care for you too
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:27 No.18879041
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:28 No.18879050
    Maybe we'll bump into Kathy in one of them. Together, we could easily break Cupcakeski.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:28 No.18879053
    I love you too.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:28 No.18879058
    >widow fort

    Club Ghostrider?

    That was ages ago, man. And it was to get away.

    This one is a bonding exercise.
    >> drawfag 04/27/12(Fri)00:28 No.18879062
         File: 1335500921.jpg-(542 KB, 2532x2500, Tesla Prototype copy.jpg)
    542 KB

    >We hammerhead now.

    How's this look. I took some...liberties with what you said. But canards make more sense for a box wing any way (not really, but I can bullshit a reason if you really care).

    Also, I will be gone next week, so no new drawfaggins' till the next week. Might post another WIP of the "uncanny valley:the picture" tonight. Dunno yet if I want to tweak it some more or not before showing it to you guys again.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:28 No.18879066
    Hot dickings!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.18879070
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.18879071
    [x] Silence
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.18879078
         File: 1335500976.jpg-(131 KB, 331x459, 1325875364497.jpg)
    131 KB
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.18879079
         File: 1335500980.jpg-(8 KB, 226x220, 1275798105017.jpg)
    8 KB



    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.18879084
    We build the pillow fort in the widow... which we get in minna's room somehow.

    The look on her face.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.18879085
    I like it
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:30 No.18879088
    I love it. Particularly the side profile.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:30 No.18879091
         File: 1335501033.png-(141 KB, 300x300, galo_sengen.png)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:30 No.18879096

    I LIKE it.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:30 No.18879097
    Are we gonna crash the widow into Minna's room and then fill it with pillows?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:32 No.18879108
         File: 1335501137.jpg-(23 KB, 640x480, master neckbeard.jpg)
    23 KB




    Jesus. Am I allcaps sperging? Yes. But even the engine placement looks amazing. Shit. That really, really, really looks good.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:32 No.18879113
    >magical incest AU fapfiction

    It's like I don't even need the other boards anymore.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:35 No.18879147
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:35 No.18879151
    >I love you too
    There are no other options
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:37 No.18879161
    Disassembling it and reassembling it in her room would be better for the "what?" factor.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:39 No.18879176
    I love you too.

    There are no breaks aboard the Wincest train.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:39 No.18879181
    >hug her
    >long pause
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:41 No.18879190
    I wonder where that is
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:42 No.18879198
    >God dammit /tg/ there's so few of you voting make this stop you have the power
    >Field too long
    >God dammit

    Squeezing Robin tight, you nuzzle your head against her. "You know you're the most important thing to me. You know I'll always be there for you, supporting you, protecting you. You don't have to worry about me leaving; I'd always come back when you need me."

    Robin still doesn't perk up. "...Of course you'd do that. You're expected to do that. You're my brother. It's selfish, but...but I want more! I want you to do more, be more!" Her face shows how close she is to bursting into tears again and bolting. You've got to handle this smoothly, and fast.

    "...I don't know if I can, Robin," you say truthfully. She's your sister. You've seen her as your sister for years. You watched her grow up, change, and become the young lady you have in your arms right now. She's always been someone to protect, someone to love, someone to be with...but as family. You really don't know if you can see her any other way.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:42 No.18879201
    Disassemble the prototype Widow, and reassemble it in Minna's room, then paint "LITTLE SISTERS AND GNOMES ONLY" on the side?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:42 No.18879204

    But Robin sees you differently. You're a young man who has always been there for her. Strong and kind, you've always taken the hard hits for her and done your best to be someone for her to look up to. Boy, if she wasn't your sister, she probably would have fallen for you. Hell, she still did.

    "...It's not fair," she says. "Everyone else can have you, fight for you, and maybe even get you to be there. It's a lot, but all I'll ever get is you, my brother, not you, my...something..." Trying to stand up, Robin begins to make as if leaving. You hold her tighter.

    "...Life isn't fair, Robin. You know that. It's why we're fighting a war against things that can flip physics on its head like we flip coins." She begins to renew her attempts at breaking free of your grasp, but you hold her steady. "...But I can do my best to try and make up for it."

    At these words, Robin looks at you with hope shining in her eyes. Disbelief, happiness, caution, and fear, all reflected on her face. As you draw her closer, she begins to shake, nervous.

    And then you kiss her.

    >> drawfag 04/27/12(Fri)00:43 No.18879211

    Oh god...remote controlled Tesla death cannons with Ian manning them as we power slide under the aliums. Planefag, I might have a suggestion for what to do with that prototype Widow that isn't in use...
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:43 No.18879213
    Wake up, slap self vigorously for having creepy dreams.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:43 No.18879214
    Even I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.


    That is, we give her a noogie and promise her that while we can't do that, we'll always be there for her.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:44 No.18879217

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:44 No.18879218
    I left for a bit. What the fuck is going on in here?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:44 No.18879223
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:44 No.18879224
    Hot dickings!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:44 No.18879227
    Tell her that's as far as we can go, find a nice man your own age. If he ever hurts you I'll rip out his lungs and feed them to him.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:44 No.18879230
    Are we asleep? Or just insane?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:45 No.18879234
    After Cupcake, we moved on to Robin.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:46 No.18879239
    /tg/ is giving in to its neckbeard, THAT GUY lust.

    One overweight sweaty man is posting erotic stuff for other sweaty, overweight men to masturbate to.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:46 No.18879240
    Bunch of completely canon stuff that is 100% canon.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:46 No.18879242
    We're in too deep now, we have to go all the way.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:46 No.18879246
    Like there's an option.
    We take it further! Let those hands wander.
    >And so began the game of Incest Chicken.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:47 No.18879248
    Witches can project shields.
    Like, shields to protect them from things being shot into them.

    Sorry, doesn't feel like Robin.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:47 No.18879253
    No duh it doesn't feel like Robin. I can't connect with the character at all, and I'm not going to spend time trying to do so with a throw-away random-ass "fapfic" miniquest at the tail end of a SWQ thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:47 No.18879255
    Ahh gee I dunno, take her to bed?
    >> Starshadow 04/27/12(Fri)00:47 No.18879256

    The quest is done for tonight. So its time to dick around!
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 04/27/12(Fri)00:47 No.18879257

    You heard the man.


    Jesus, I dropped the IanxMC route already, would you let it go?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:48 No.18879263
    PF fade to black'd on us, you can't leave us now.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:49 No.18879278
    >implying we aren't about to 'hide' with him in one of those self-locking closets
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:49 No.18879279
    oh god
    my sides
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:49 No.18879280
    So do you really go back and read all the stuff that gets posted in these threads after you leave? Some of them drag on quite a while, and I'd feel better about staying up way too late if I knew you actually saw that shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:50 No.18879282
    But that was totally you, pureinfagu-san.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:52 No.18879288
    We should start including Robin in our angry fuck sessions with Cupcakeski.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:53 No.18879299
    >We should start including everyone in our angry fuck sessions.
    Except Perrine.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:55 No.18879311
    I still think she should have ended up as a third with Ian and Sakamoto.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:55 No.18879312
    We lock Perrine in a room with a viewport so she can get all worked up, then we hit a button and Ian, strapped to a table, drops into the room.

    Two screams will come from that room, for different reasons.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 04/27/12(Fri)00:55 No.18879318
         File: 1335502545.png-(1.53 MB, 1142x1763, 4-Coming of a Goddess.png)
    1.53 MB
    stop hating french girls!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:56 No.18879327
    >fuck you faggots I can't write fapfaggotry god dammit it's going to be horrible and you'll wish I just faded to black god damn

    The kiss doesn't stop. She doesn't try to pull away, and frankly you're too committed to this action to back out. You're balls-deep in this situation (oh god what a horrible metaphor why did you think that fuck fuck fuck) and if you stopped, your relationship might end up even more fucked up than where this is going. You think.

    Finally, a break in the moment comes. Looking at her smiling face, you know that, at least for now, you've done everything you could to make her happy. The best part? You succeeded. "I love you, Robin." With this, she breaks into tears again, happier this time.

    Slowly, you two start exploring. The awkwardness of the situation looms over every action you make, a constant reminder that this isn't just any witch. At the same time, however, you _are_ a pilot. Not only that, you're a young guy. Sometimes...certain things come naturally. Your hands start moving, tracing an outline you never really thought about. Robin does the same, using her fingers to learn just how wide your shoulders are, just where your muscles and tendons and everything is. Amazing how much you two didn't know about each other, even as such close siblings. Going lower, you find that Robin has quite a round posterior. You hesitantly keep your hands in the area, mesmerized by the mere shape. As if on their own, you both find that your hands are beginning to undress the other.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:56 No.18879331
    >The awkwardness of the situation looms over every action you make
    I'll say.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:58 No.18879344
    It's not too badly done. But did you really go into a siscon fic without expecting it to end in sex?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)00:59 No.18879349
    No, we need Perrine to run interference with Ian and/or Sean.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:00 No.18879362
         File: 1335502836.png-(41 KB, 333x348, 1299225968703.png)
    41 KB
    And Trude is watching, biting hard on her thumb while her other hand works its way slowly down...

    "Yes... just like that. Sisters like it when brothers do that... yes they do...."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:02 No.18879374
    Oh god. I hope Chris isn't around.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:03 No.18879382
    Alright I've had my fun, anything more and we will start a shit storm. Good show Anon, you've bested me at Incest Chicken.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:05 No.18879401
    Oh come now, the fun's just starting.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:05 No.18879403
    >fuck I can't believe I'm writing this mother father I'm sorry for everything I regret everything why am I doing this I have to actually think this in my head as I write this fuck fuck fuck
    >I was just trying to get a million nopes out of you faggots. I wasn't expecting you guys to egg me on, and I'm sure as hell not going to lose this battle

    Staring at each other, an awkward silence fills the hall. Thank goodness you're in one of the more remote portions of the castle; You'd hate to have to explain this to Ian or Sean. You notice Robin. No, really _notice_. As much as you hate to admit it, your sister is an attractive female. She's shapely, with no real flaws, if no real spectacular features. Her chest is just so, enough to be noticed and desired, but not enough to become an issue. Her hips draw the eyes to themselves, making it obvious that...well, she's a girl, to be a little more tasteful. It's Robin, and she's a girl.

    She seems to have come to a similar conclusion about yourself. Snapping out of it, you both draw closer to each other, wrapping arms around each other. As you embrace, you begin to kiss her, surrendering to the moment. Quickly unbuttoning her bra, you carefully set it aside.

    "How did you know how to...?" she begins.


    She's a little dismayed at this reminder that you've...been a pilot for several years, but doesn't back down. You both let yourselves down to the floor, deciding laying down is a better position than standing. Cautiously, you place your hand on her chest, feeling something you would never have felt if not for this crazy turn of events. She sighs softly as the difference in temperature between your hand and her breast slowly disappears.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:05 No.18879406
    She's watching Trude with Miyafuji and Lynette, as they discuss which sibling is more fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:05 No.18879409
    >one guy wants INCEST CHICKEN
    >everyone else wants HUGS FOR THE HUG GOD
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:05 No.18879411
         File: 1335503158.gif-(603 KB, 843x613, astronope.gif)
    603 KB
    >Robin incest fic
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:06 No.18879412
    >I was just trying to get a million nopes out of you faggots
    It's /tg/, dude. We're as bad as /d/.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:06 No.18879421
    So let me get this straight: we fucked cupcakeski, and due to her empath powers Minna knows.

    How are we going to keep this situation from ending horribly?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:07 No.18879434
    You could have stopped at any time.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:08 No.18879438
    Please see >>18878848 for my take on the situation.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:08 No.18879445
    But then he would lose.

    This is like the incest fapfic version of the Cupcakeski battle.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:08 No.18879446
    Yes...Keep going.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:09 No.18879455
    Minna isn't really an empath, I'm guessing. She was probably just trolling us. Either way, PF seems to have forgotten about that, and will probably handwave even if it is real.

    From what we can tell, PF took someone from the IRC's idea of having MC and Cupcake secretly fuck and not tell anyone.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:09 No.18879458
    >fuck fuck fuck fuck

    She reaches for your underwear, intent on going all the way. Evidently, you are too. Lowering yourself, you begin to rub-

    "...and then he took off, just like that!"

    You hear voices.


    "Wow. Wasn't he going to stick around and help you out?"
    "Yeah! I guess Tesla's a bit forceful..."
    "That's not what I heard. I hear he waltzed right in like a fool and hopped right in!"

    This does not bode well. They're still pretty faint, though, and Robin doesn't seem to have noticed...

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:10 No.18879471
    We should probably move out of the hall, lest Sean, Ian, Minna or Trude show up.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:11 No.18879482
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:11 No.18879488
    We can either continue this elsewhere (are we in the hallway), or we can invite them to join us.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:11 No.18879494
    What happens if you're wrong and she figures out?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:11 No.18879497
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:11 No.18879500
    Does the Widow have autopilot? Because MILE HIGH CLUB MOTHERFUCKERS.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:12 No.18879502
    >living anywhere but the edge

    I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:12 No.18879506
    Might as well turn this incest into an orgy.

    We'll burn that bridge when we reach it.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:12 No.18879511
    Who cares? Cupcake's funner, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:14 No.18879533
    It's not about her not knowing, it's about her knowing it was casual, meaningless sex between two people who treat almost all sex as casual and meaningless because they both know their current partner could be dead this time tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:14 No.18879539
    >Not living on the edge
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:14 No.18879548
    Think of it this way, you're just creating another work like Erica's ball crushing habit or pregnant Perrine. They're a bit odd, but it's the quirkyiess that everyone loves.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:15 No.18879566

    About as emotionally invested in her as anything else, its just a different emotion.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:17 No.18879589
    I think we should care if we're being a dick. Although that dosn't appear to concern you.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:17 No.18879591
    >post-thread fapfic



    But seriously, public sex is best sex.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:17 No.18879593
    Why do you keep making continue so damn good.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:18 No.18879601
    I don't think we're being a dick. We aren't really that invested, Minnafag.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:20 No.18879636
    >I can't write fapfic
    So stand down and find someone who can, or ADMIT DEFEAT
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:21 No.18879639
    Not us. Her. The first man she has opened up to since her boyfriend died just had random sex with another woman. She's emotionally invested in us.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:21 No.18879643
    Keep going, we will not surrender.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:24 No.18879666

    No. Bad metaphors aside, you're doing this. Damn everything to hell, you're on top of your nearly-completely naked sister wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. There's no backing out now. You rub yourself against Robin, feeling the fabric of both your and her underwear between the two of you. Breathing heavily, Robin also gets into it, moving her hips to aid your motions. You let yourself rest on top of her as she embraces you with her arms. Staring into each other's eyes, you have a mutual understanding. You take off your shorts. Robin takes off her panties. Bracing yourself, you realize this is it.

    This is the line. This is the barrier. No matter what you thought before, this is the true point of no return. You line yourself up, fighting the temptation to just keep rubbing. Looking her in the eye, she nods. You break on through to the other side.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:24 No.18879669
    She only sees us as Kurt 2.0. She needs to get over him before she can have any sort of healthy, meaningful relationship. I think us being with her would only make things worse, since she could just use us as a replacement instead of actually dealing with it. Having her "lose" MC like this would be painful, but it might also make her see things more clearly, and be better in the long run.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:25 No.18879673
    >How fitting

    A moan escapes from Robin's lips as you thrust into her, losing yourself to the physical pleasure of the moment and the "forbidden fruit" situation. The sheer craziness of the situation only serves to multiply the moment. In a second of movement, moaning, kissing, and loving, you feel a thousand years of pleasure. Drunk on the ecstasy, the euphoria, your motions become more brazen. You find her nipple and begin sucking. You find her ear and begin nibbling. You find her mouth and kiss deeply. All the while, you move back and forth, reaching that peak both men and women long for.

    Finally, in one fell swoop, you tumble over the edge. Pulling out (God, you're not going THAT far. Not...yet), you close your eyes as a tidal wave of pleasure rushes over the two of you, perfectly in sync. It is at this exact moment that Trude, Minna, and the Adorable Cossack turn the corner.

    Frozen, they stare at the scene before you. As silence washes over them, you can think of only one thing to say.

    >What say?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:25 No.18879680
    It's almost like we want to protect her from ourselves. We'll be dead soon, so she shouldn't get close or she'll be hurt again.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:26 No.18879681
    ... Ladies
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:26 No.18879682
    "We're the Aristocrats!"
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:26 No.18879687

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:26 No.18879689
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:26 No.18879690
    "What? It not like you ladies were putting out."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:27 No.18879697
    "So, who's next?"
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:27 No.18879699
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:28 No.18879702
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:28 No.18879709
    "Pilot. I'm not ashamed in any way. Now are you just going to stand the and gwack or is anyone going to join in?"
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:29 No.18879710
    It's not like we're making an effort to be differnt from him. Or at least we're not succeding.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:29 No.18879716

    As a look of genuine terror finds itself on Robin's face, you stand up, casually. Putting on the biggest shit-eating grin possible, you lean against a wall. Completely and totally naked, with the remnants of recent sex quite evidently on you and Robin, you stare at the trio of witches.


    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:30 No.18879721
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:30 No.18879726
    "Line forms here. The next show will be in five minutes."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:31 No.18879739
    Doing it wrong, etc.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:31 No.18879742

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:31 No.18879743

    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:32 No.18879749

    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:32 No.18879752

    Victory is ours!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:32 No.18879754
    Well done, sir. May your accomplishment be preserved for the ages.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:32 No.18879756


    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:34 No.18879778
    Oh come on, you've got to do a follow up with Trude and/or Chris now. She's bound to be impressed by MC's demonstration.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:34 No.18879782

    I have shamed my family with this story.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:35 No.18879789
    But I can't write sex! Hell, I can't write romance!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:37 No.18879796
    Welcome to 4chan. I see you've already received your horrible sense of shame; the free loli should be coming soon.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:37 No.18879805
    7 years is a long time to wait for shipping and handling.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:38 No.18879814
    Too bad, you're on the hook now. You just need more practice, and if you just do MC/Trude, you can feel slightly less dirty about it. Until she makes him call her onee chan.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:38 No.18879818
    Good news is by the time she gets to you, she'll be of age.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:38 No.18879819
    you're telling me...
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:39 No.18879825

    I, uh...

    No. Nope. I don't know enough about these characters to write shit about them.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:40 No.18879835
    You showed them? Gee, you sure are into incest.
    No, you're still doing it wrong, it requires a past identity to match up with, that identity's only posts are in this thread.
    Now you're speaking sense.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:41 No.18879848
    You don't need much. She's a siscon who wants to molest Chris. Also, see:

    We'll be expecting you to join the writefag rotation with T&L and Prune Barge.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:42 No.18879854
    Actually, you'll find archives of posts with this trip on /a/ and /v/ as well. I ran a CYOA on /a/ for awhile. It was pretty popular in the first two threads, but died off in popularity somewhat quickly.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:42 No.18879860
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:44 No.18879873
         File: 1335505444.jpg-(8 KB, 251x243, 1317560007360.jpg)
    8 KB
    Hahahahahaha! Ha hahahahahaha! Evil laughter, evil laughter!
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:44 No.18879886
    I hate all of you. I'm never playing chicken again.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:49 No.18879943
    Go watch the series then. It's not that bad. After the first 7 episodes.
    12 episodes total, by the way.
    I'm halfway through the second season and it's been pretty good so far. The siscon thing actually shows up in this season, episode 4.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)01:49 No.18879945
    N- Only the tripcode, not the name, I see.

    And it, too, involved the female alternate-universe version of yourself.

    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)01:51 No.18879968
    ...It was an interesting idea I had one day, and I decided to spice it up for /a/. Then they took it in the complete opposite direction of where this "fapfic" went here.

    Yep. /a/ took a fapfic hook and made it go to plotland.

    I watched most of it once upon a time when it was airing. The only good thing I remember was Sanya's episode. I tried to forget everything else.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:00 No.18880060
    And now you know that reverse psychology can work on 4chan. But really, this was ALSO character-hitting-on-female-duplicate, if you think about it too much.

    You were coming in after a FTB. It was practically impossible for you to get booed out.
    >> Kotters !frHeeRur5g 04/27/12(Fri)02:05 No.18880129
    Well, in the CYOA it wasn't like it was a different person; it was still you. And there were a lot of opportunities having two bodies opens up beyond the obvious sexual escapades I expected /a/ to attempt.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:06 No.18880138
    He's all over her. They're on the ground, writhing against each other. Hands everywhere. And you can't believe how hot it is. The man that saved your sister, Hell, the man that you almost drunkenly FUCKED, is rolling around with Krupinski of all people.

    And you just can't hate her for it. She's just like him, with the goddamn attitude. Hell, that's half the reason you paid attention to his shenanigans. He was just so like her. And seeing them now... seeing him, and her, together. Goddamn. You wish it was you in there. With either of them. Fuck, with both of them. It'd be just like training, when Krupinski would bring some cocksure groundpounder back, and you'd wring them dry together.

    And those thoughts, together with the incredibly enticing show you're getting... it's got you wetter than you've been in months. You just can't help yourself, sliding one hand up under your uniform shirt, and sending the other further south. You slip a few fingers inside the waistband of your panties, and fuckdammnit you can't think straight.

    Slamming yourself to the ground, you tear your panties off, getting down to business right as they do. He's beginning to slam into her, and they're too distracted to notice as you start panting. They're fucking with relentless abandon, and your fingers are echoing them. One hand is working around the top of your slit, while your other is pistoning in and out, matching their rhythm. Your tempo increases with theirs, and you start to lose yourself, everything going white.

    You shudder to a climax right with them, and find yourself gasping for breath in the corner of the kitchen, while they simultaneously light cigarrettes, and try to blow smoke in each other's faces.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:08 No.18880160
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:13 No.18880203
    Unexpected, but definitely appreciated. Can we anticipate more?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:14 No.18880226
         File: 1335507286.jpg-(256 KB, 880x649, hindisfulloffuck.jpg)
    256 KB
    oh god my sides
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:15 No.18880233
    >simultaneously light cigarrettes, and try to blow smoke in each other's faces
    That's what makes this pairing fun: the way they so quickly revert to childish antics like that. Curious how it'd keep up in more serious circumstances.
    I really would be interested in seeing it developed more seriously, but I'm not sure PF's willing to give up on Minna.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:16 No.18880242

    Eh, I suppose I could keep it going, diverge from SWQ canon, and make it a threesome.

    Ooor pull back again, and cut to MINNA watching Trude AND them. Chain through the whole goddamn base.

    Throw Patton in the chain somewhere, just to fuck with y'all?

    At the end of the chain, Tesla. And he shakes his head and goes back to work. Because he has fucking death rays to build.

    But in all seriousness, probably not. I haven't written anything in ages, and virtually ZERO fapfic. So enjoy the experiment.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:19 No.18880273
         File: 1335507554.jpg-(44 KB, 251x231, 1321213417441.jpg)
    44 KB
    Oh well.
    Still, if it strikes your fancy again, I'd certainly encourage it, if only to mess with people reading the archives.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:23 No.18880320

    Well, there is that...

    We'll see.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:29 No.18880376
    sure bro, chicken out on us, no one will think less of you ...
    >> we must go deeper with fingers 04/27/12(Fri)02:30 No.18880380
    As your hands slip under the civilized façade of your clothes, you feel a presence press up behind you, with two superior forces, her hands slipping along your own, a murmuring in your ear, "Let me help you with that."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:33 No.18880397
         File: 1335508394.png-(142 KB, 371x261, 1317329392533.png)
    142 KB
    Go on...
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:33 No.18880400
    It's the fucking black thing from the Space Mars thread
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:33 No.18880401

    Roundrobin fapfic? I approve!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:35 No.18880413
         File: 1335508504.jpg-(43 KB, 640x360, datface.jpg)
    43 KB
    >round robin
    ba dum tish
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:35 No.18880414
    he wont, he lacks the balls to write even a full post's worth
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:35 No.18880416
    >Who is it, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:35 No.18880419
    Is this the third person to do a fapfic in this thread? The same thread where we finally get hot witch dickings and fly a lightning plasma shark plane? I'd forgotten how good SWQ could be.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:36 No.18880423
    either chris or charlotte
    >> Writefag no 2 04/27/12(Fri)02:36 No.18880427
    Sorry about missing that, by the way. The update today caught us unready. We'll have the next chapters of T&L and PBS ready on Tuesday.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:36 No.18880429
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:37 No.18880432
    big sister Bishop, for ultimate siscon roundabout
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:37 No.18880439
    >Superior forces

    makes it most likely Charlotte, and definitely rules out Erica and Chris
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:39 No.18880460
    All Krauts all the time. SWQ really has a thing for the German girls.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:41 No.18880475
    s'okay, can't plan ahead if homoseksualistasamolot doesnt warn you when he's gonna update
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:41 No.18880477
    well, all of the non-german legal girls are:
    she'd either kill us for hurting minna, or kill us because she's with sean
    Chuck's sister, don't invite retribution in kind
    not sure if legal, not all that well characterized as of yet
    >> without fingers 04/27/12(Fri)02:46 No.18880508
    Thanks for reminding me why they aren't schlickbait.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:48 No.18880530
    fucking the mentally retarded it's statutory even if they're of age, so Kathy is out.

    And don't defend her. to be too dumb to keep up with the Suomus misfits, the only witch unit purposefully built to keep the dumbest, weakest and lesss disciplined witches out of the way she must either be mentally 6 of doing it on purpose to get an dishonorable discharge
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:51 No.18880547
         File: 1335509475.jpg-(342 KB, 744x1052, minnatrude.jpg)
    342 KB
    i wasnt defending her, merely saying i had no idea about just about anything about her, except AMERICA

    but yea, that's why MC's options are basically the german witches (Minna, Trude, possibly Cupcake) unless we want to stray down the dark path of the pedo...or the dark, but hilarious path of incest (as demonstrated above)
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:51 No.18880550
    I don't know. I think Sakamoto's somewhat flexible in that regard. If we could have let Minna down gently, I think she might have been quite receptive. And I still think there was more between Sakamoto and Ian than with Sean. At least before the sword gnome stuff.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:54 No.18880570
    i'm not sure i can see a "letting her down gently" option arising in the near future. she's had the no men allowed policy around forever, and then we come in, fuck with her head, finally get her to drop her wartime emergency tsun, almost fuck her, then get pulled away for shenanigans and fuck cupcake.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:57 No.18880582
    So we've got a sweet tooth.

    Can she blame us?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:58 No.18880590
    Yeah, the next few threads should be fun there.
    I do maintain, though, that a healthy relationship with Minna simply isn't possible unless she gets over Kurt, and that she won't get over Kurt if we're with her.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:59 No.18880595
    I think someone already made the "giving her our frosting" joke, but just in case they haven't...
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)02:59 No.18880598
    her character it thus:



    every appearance of her in the novels it's either in a ball of fire of being lusted upon by the others and being too dumb to notice why everyone begins to make suckling noises when she walks by
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:01 No.18880612
    not at all. i just don't see the "easy out" option. if she doesnt find out via empath or base rumor mill, eventually we'll tell her ourselves or something. planefag's tear-powers will become overwhelming at that time
    hmm, that might be true, but how does she "get over" kurt? just happens as time goes by?
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:01 No.18880614
    Well she's certainly proved more conscious of that sort of thing in the quest, given her interaction with Cupcake. Remember, PF is by no means sticking to the canon here.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:04 No.18880631
    The oddest part? She's not from Texas. She's from Missouri. And Missouri isn't exactly known for their cowboys.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:05 No.18880653
    in japan, america has 3 locales. the urban northeast (NEW YARK) the south/west (goddamn boy i tell ya hwhat raight heair) and the west coast
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:06 No.18880656
    Well of course that's trickier, and I don't claim to understand her head - PF's played her real kooky here - but I'd say that having the romance with MC go south would actually go a fair ways there. It would separate the conception she has of Kurt from the romantic/emotional feelings she has for MC, which might let her extricate her romantic feelings generally from Kurt's memory.

    I'm not actually sure that makes sense. I don't know whether it's cause I'm tired, or just cause Minna's real fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:07 No.18880665
    well, japs aren't exactly big on their Mark Twain, and they would probably mix up and make a witch version of huckleberry hound
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:11 No.18880699
    yea, if there's one thing a wartime pilot shouldn't be relying on, it's his own continued existence, odd as that might sound. thinking "time heals all wounds" isnt as comforting when you could die in the next sortie, i'd guess. honestly though, i can kind of understand why she's so fucked in the head. PF did her explanation with having to hold together a unit of essentially female child soldiers through a war pretty damn well. and her fiancee having died to cover a retreat probably didn't help that at all

    speaking of, it's been a pretty friggin long time since we've seen some real "skin of our teeth" combat, either groundpounding or aerial
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:17 No.18880742
    Yeah, I was hoping that the shark plane was going to lead to some of that, but we'll have to wait for Tesla to get it fixed first. And add some guns.

    War really is a good environment for- well, maybe not romance per se, but something more than just lust at least. It's the human urge to mate in the face of danger, in the hopes of passing on one's genes. You can be angry, and more direct with the other person because one of you will probably die before you have to deal with the real consequences.
    That's why hate sex sessions with Cupcake offer so many interesting possibilities. We've sort of lost the edge with Minna.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:20 No.18880765
         File: 1335511246.jpg-(69 KB, 587x774, minnagymshorts.jpg)
    69 KB
    thats cause cupcake seems to be more of a sort of rival in terms of who can be the most "pilot"...and neither shied away from the game of tonsil-chicken that we played. we've lost the edge with minna because between PF's occasional railroading and the waifu-ing (i won't say that either of those are explicitly good or bad) MC acts like...well a confused, possibly lovestruck retard around her
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:24 No.18880792
    Eh, that at least is because the previous three interactions with her were on the same day. Seriously, check them. Her outbreak because we couldn't understand what "emotional connection" meant, the kiss followed by the fight in the hallway, and even the encounter on the tower. All in the same 24 hours.

    We just need some time to pass so new material can develop.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:25 No.18880797
    Oh sure. And it might even seem in line with his revelation about not throwing his life away. And Trude was tending toward fairly low tension stuff too. Cupcake could appeal specifically because she'd be more of a challenge now, but could still develop into something more serious (again, cause *war drama*).
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:27 No.18880814
    Oh wow, you're right. Good fuck, that makes it all the worse.
    Then again, PF has a bad habit of stretching days out far longer than they should be.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:29 No.18880832
         File: 1335511785.jpg-(39 KB, 280x339, magicalchildsoldier.jpg)
    39 KB
    that's why i was thinking about the "skin of our teeth" fight sequences. i'd think that something like us or her (or hell, any of the witches) being in serious, life threatening danger from alium weaponry would be a good prod for more character development...especially if it were Robin

    >MC has gone berserk!
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:31 No.18880845
    That is true. Everything from Yoshika waking us up in Minna's bed, fixing Chuck's plane, the confrontation in the cellar, the soap fight, the ELINT flight, the carrier landing and takeoff, the trip to London, to sometime probably during the stuff at the bar (hard to tell since PF timeskipped to the EF mission) was supposedly 24 hours, I think.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:32 No.18880854
    Yeah. That breakthrough from War Emergency Tsun to accepting the fact she loved us was a huge one for only 12 hours. Give it time for the reverberations to start to appear.

    But, to be honest, their whole deal about being two broken war vets leaning on each other to stay above water gets to me on a personal level. Forget MC fucking Minna, I want to see *that* aspect of their relationship grow.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:33 No.18880861
         File: 1335512017.jpg-(676 KB, 2560x1570, 1326855063648.jpg)
    676 KB
    it IS lust

    he IS somewhat lovestruck, but mostly it's lust and his authority issues. since his mid is our collective and we're on average wanting to fap, disregard her authority and trying to have something BIG happen in her route, either real good or real bad.

    chances are we'll NOT fuck anyone other than the quickie we already had with cupcakes in the whole damn quest, get a couple of panties wet along the way, maybe get mio worked up one day and finally get the big damn hero death we always wanted in the cydonia invasion
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:34 No.18880870
    I was just counting from when we got back to Barin and then took a nap. We supposedly slept for a good long time, so that could be anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. And seeing as by that point the witches were all drained of magic, I'm leaning towards the latter.

    But even from that starting point, it was a relatively short time for the relationship to develop so much.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:35 No.18880871
    Really? I mean, for starters, MC doesn't really strike me as being all that broken, but it's precisely that part of it all that I just don't care for. It seems entirely too obvious a direction to go with their relationship, when there were plenty of platonic paths that could be (I think) much more interesting. To each his own, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:37 No.18880886
    MC hides it well at least partially because his decisions are somewhat decided by some /tg+a/ hivemind. there have been a few times where its got to him though. he's talked about the guys who died in his unit, and when robin showed up for war, dude was bawling his eyes out for at least a few hours
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:37 No.18880888
    Oh no, I totally agree. I think PF was really rushing a lot of that stuff, which is why he had to railroad it in. I'm still not clear why he did it, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:38 No.18880894
    He's not to Minna's point on the PTSD scale yet, for sure. But he's seen a lot of his friends die. He's been affected by the war, and knowing that there's someone like him out there helps.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:38 No.18880898
    even with his infinite level of patience and infinite thirst for our tears, i'd assume he gets tired of us making MC into "one of us" occasionally
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:39 No.18880907
    >since his mind is our collective
    Well, that's the theory, at least. Often doesn't quite play out like that, especially around Minna.

    >maybe get mio worked up one day
    This I would definitely like to see, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:39 No.18880908
    only platonic paths are Sanyan, Elia and Yoshika, and the later has already cupped our balls once
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:40 No.18880914
    we've already got mio worked up. she tried to turn us into amerikajin sushi, and we had to call in a sword-gnome favor
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:41 No.18880922
    I'd like to think that there's more to the plot of this quest than just waifus.

    I mean a platonic relationship with Minna. They had a good dynamic going back with the bit in the cellar after the raid, but it just turned into your everyday tsundere bs.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:42 No.18880930
    Eeehhhh...like it or not, when personal interaction with Minna gets put on the table, anon *does* start going towards that option more than any other.

    Honestly, I'm impressed it actually got to that point. We started out hating Minna's guts pretty hardcore, because frankly, she was initially the same Psychobitch she was at the end of S1 of the anime.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:42 No.18880931
    Eh, I still don't think she really would have done anything. And I think the worked up was more along the lines of >>18880861's pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:44 No.18880943
    there's a difference between not waifuing and turning into some sort of blathering idiot whenever we're around minna. plus, i'd think asking a platonic friendship between two 20 year olds in the middle of an interplanetary war is a bit much. MC's already got ian and sean and POSSIBLY robin/yoshika for "bros"
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:45 No.18880948
    >everyday tsundere bs

    I think that's up to personal opinion, my good man. Minna got over the whole Tsundere bit actually pretty quickly. We haven't been able to see how it's going to actually progress beyond that, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:46 No.18880956
    I'm thinking more along the lines of some of the dialog PF puts in MC's head, the way he kept getting so flustered with Minna, but none of the other witches. The way he kept putting us in situations where our only options were go for Minna or nothing. I don't blame anon for taking the path of least resistance to pussy, I just think PF's kept to the tracks too much.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:48 No.18880963
    Obviously. As I said before, to each his own. And sure, Minna did get over it pretty damn quick. 24 hours, as mentioned. I'm just a bit disappointed, is all.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:50 No.18880984
    the path of least resistance to pussy was to get Perrier drunk and daterape her back in cristchurch, but no one like Perineum anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:51 No.18880991
    I'm not quite sure I follow your first part.
    As >>18880930 noted, we started out really hating Minna. It seems like we could have maintained that hatred, in addition to the attraction, and had a somewhat more complex relationship than just "two wounded souls find love in a time of war, but can their hearts survive the trials of ok you get the point."
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:52 No.18881007
    I think that'd be the path for MC, not for the players. They have enough meta knowledge to realize that PF won't let them get laid that easily. Frankly, I still rather shocked that we actually fucked Cupcake. I think PF's just doing it for the minnafag tears.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:53 No.18881011
    That's the thing, though. If you're going to maintain that hatred, you've got to actually maintain it. You've actually got to keep hating the person.

    And somehow, PF actually made anon grow to like Minna. There may have been *some* railroading, but not all.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:54 No.18881015
    Fuck. We ended early and I'm still up at 4 in the morning in this fucking thread. Dammit, Planefag, you'd better at least be reading this shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:55 No.18881022
    she dint get over it, hell, the bint probably already bounced back into her paperwork and is blaming her lapse on stress and sexual frustration.

    widows never get over and forget, even our plane is rone to break down on us and will certainly get us killed when she eventually trows a fit on the worst possible time.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:56 No.18881031
         File: 1335513364.jpg-(68 KB, 798x788, minnawhy.jpg)
    68 KB
    it'd be fine if we just straight up hated her, or straight up liked her. hell, even the whole tsundere thing can be okay IF DONE WELL. it's just that we tend to act like ADD schizos around her. although i'd say that there was at least a little railroading on PFs part, it somewhat solidified our actions towards her, so i can't be all that upset
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:56 No.18881034
    I'm guessing we'd disagree about the extent of anon's feelings toward Minna and how much railroading there was to get there, but, per >>18881015, I'm going to fucking sleep.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:56 No.18881038
    >minnafag tears

    The incident earlier in the day was completely our own fault. We let ourselves fall right into Patton's plot. If we had kept our cool and called him on his bullshit, there probably would have been a good chance of us just slamming the door in his face and turning back to Minna with a "Now where were we..."

    But we, completely in character, got pissed off, and started playing his game. And that's how we lost that situation.
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:57 No.18881050
    but, we can gnome the mechanical widow. we can't gnome the biological one...
    >> Anonymous 04/27/12(Fri)03:58 No.18881054
    >lost that situation
    >sexed up Cupcakeski
    I think we came out ahead, all told.

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