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  • File: 1333932985.jpg-(36 KB, 470x419, Hydralisk_SC1_Art2.jpg)
    36 KB Zerg Quest LXXXII Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)20:56 No.18630097  
    Happy Easter! Praise Oestra!

    Last thread winked out of existence before I could archive it! Oh noes! Last archived thread:
    What's up with that?

    Despite now having no record of it...last thread, we replaced our fleet of planet-harvesters with machines from Cyberbrate's factories, reproducing and modifying VoidGate's designs. We did this because the UED figured out what we were doing: stealing resources to make a barren zone (to stop them from expanding, but they don't know that part). They have attacked our robotic fleet twice, now, demanding that we stop. Artisanlord has built a massive false home for our imaginary AI. It's all very silly.

    Meanwhile, the Protoss managed to keep us from boxing them in, as well, by out-colonizing us. They haven't said anything about our clear attempts to put them onto reservations, yet.

    (Scheduling: the 16th or the 17th? YOU decide!)
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)21:16 No.18630359
    Don't everybody post at once...
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:19 No.18630414

    /tg/ has been dead as of late.

    No idea why.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)21:20 No.18630425
    I suppose it is a major holiday.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:22 No.18630441

    It's Easter.

    No one gives a fuck about Easter.

    No one.

    As for me, I've been a ZQ Lurker since Thread 1.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:22 No.18630448

    Consider the fact that there are about 5 Quest Thread circulating right now.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:22 No.18630454
    Sorry about that. Forgot it was today.

    Anyway, don't say anything to the Protoss. Nonchalantly continue our colonization program while using dropservers to make sure they don't encircle us.
    As for the UED and the Machine Empire, has Artisanlord been able to use his special FX knowledge to make the machines appear ancient?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:24 No.18630476
    That doesn't mean jack shit. Nothing keeps people from having multiple tabs open.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)21:24 No.18630486
    I don't see why not. Sure.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:33 No.18630626
    Good. The Machines are supposed to appear ANCIENT. Like, armor pock-marked by untold millennia is micro-meteorite impacts, battle scars hundreds of meter deep and running the lengths of their hulls that were old when the Terrans were young.
    I want the Machines to be unshakeable in their directives set by their long-dead Builders: consume resources, construct more ships.

    I also want Cyberbrate to continue its AI development program. I want these Machines to be viable as a final fail-safe measure. A mechanical Zerg, programmed to eliminate all non-Zerf life from the galaxy with machine precision and implacable determination. I want the machines to be sel-replicating, self-evolving.
    I want Berserkers.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)21:36 No.18630671
    >I also want Cyberbrate to continue its AI development program

    Actually, we've never started one of those, if memory serves. The reason we need the Terminators tethered to transmitter craft is because the only way for them to operate away from it is to have their own AI, and everybody is reasonably terrified that I'll use that as an excuse to bring back VoidGate.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)21:41 No.18630768
    Cyberbrate was working on going through the neural net processor circuitry and Terminator firmware to eliminate VoidGate's backdoors. It said that it would take a lot of time because of how complex the software was, and we needed the Terminators and Zergleks sooner rather than later, so we told it to use remote control for now.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)21:50 No.18630915
         File: 1333936205.jpg-(32 KB, 718x262, Penny Arcade Poker Face.jpg)
    32 KB
    That process will just make it possible to order them into battle without the direct link open all the time. Making them truly independent of Cyberbrate would require developing a true AI independent of Cyberbrate.

    Pic is the face everybody's afraid I'll make.
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)21:56 No.18631019
    Ah, seems I missed a Zerg Quest. Looks like i'll have to head to Easymodo
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)22:02 No.18631154
    Seems Easymodo no longer has an archive. On the bright side, I found last week's thread at http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/18601318
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)22:09 No.18631274
    W00t! Records of it exist!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:14 No.18631345
    Easymodo's been dead for months, guys. Everyone uses Foolz now.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)22:16 No.18631385
    Anyhow, The Terrans have been attacking our Faux AI fleets. Are we going to let that sort of behavior go unpunished?
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)22:17 No.18631400
    Do we have any clue on the size of the protoss empire? If we use the highliners, we could start doing massive amounts of colonization on the other side of their territory as well to help cut them off quicker.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:19 No.18631432
    The Machines will strike back at the UED with a measured response of proportionate force. As the Terrans escalate so will the Machines.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.18631514
    rolled 8, 18, 9, 12, 8, 11, 20, 5, 20, 15, 7, 4, 7, 10, 14, 11, 8, 7, 14, 10, 9, 5, 5, 9, 4 = 250

    The Imperium of Man warps into the Starcraft Universe.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)22:29 No.18631592
         File: 1333938562.jpg-(28 KB, 640x384, Hades just no.jpg)
    28 KB

    So, you want to decimate two UED mining colonies?

    Warbrate is very nervous about using the heighliners so close to Protoss space.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:31 No.18631617
    >Decimate mining colonies
    Yes. Two of them.
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)22:32 No.18631638
    Seems fair. An eye for an eye. If the UED contacts us about it, we can get "paid" to "drive off" the homicidal AI.

    Also, Warbrate generally knows what he's talking about. Ignore my previous comment.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:39 No.18631772
    +1 for decimation.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)22:41 No.18631806
    Ok, then. Roll yourself 2d20.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:42 No.18631839
    rolled 7, 2 = 9

    oh okay
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)22:43 No.18631869
    rolled 11, 5 = 16

    Worth a try.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)22:48 No.18631950
    rolled 20, 6 = 26

    This is not going to go well.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)22:56 No.18632102
    The cold metal ships descend on the first UED colony in silence, raining plasma on the Terran workers. We see none of it firsthand, watching instead on video relayed to us by Cyberbrate. The colony is completely unprepared, and we destroy almost everything before a retaliatory strike force arrives. Rather than engage, Cyberbrate's forces just leave.

    The second attack comes half an hour later. Unfortunately for our forces, they have been put on alert. The colony's militia fights back bravely, destroying several of our ships before we can wipe them out. We inflict minimal damage to the colony itself before the UED's reinforcements arrive. Not the best operation we've ever had...

    (DM rolls 1d100: Gets an 11. Great)

    A retaliatory strike force arrives in the Barrens, but the mining fleet's escorts disable all of the ships while taking minimal damage. We pack up and leave the system before they can repair themselves.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)23:01 No.18632183
    To keep the archive's integrity, I've put this thread in there early.


    What new silliness do you have planned?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)23:04 No.18632232
    Now have the Machine Fleet begin producing cruisers and dreadnoughts. I want ships of battle cruiser-size and bigger, their armor tens of meters thick, nothing but armor, engines, weapons, and shields. By taking out the life support system the new dreadnoughts should be more heavily armed and armored than anything in the UED's arsenal.

    Ultimately I want a battleship made that can take on an entire UED task force by itself, have a handicap of being only 80% effective, and still wipe the floor with the UED like a heavy-weight boxing champ putting down a 10-year old kid.
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)23:05 No.18632257
    Looting background characters that are unimportant, but enough about other quests.

    Um. Could we dig into the Xel'naga computer again? i don't remember us breaking it yet.
    >> Fruityling 04/08/12(Sun)23:07 No.18632293
    I suggest that we make our mechanized legion appear more threatening. Machines are like Father in a way: Dedicated to efficiency, with no regard for the survival of individual units it makes use of.

    How would CA and Labbrate feel about designing a stripped down, fighter sized vehicle decked out with point defense systems carrying a nuclear payload? We use them sparingly, only on population centers of colonies our terminators will be attacking.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)23:09 No.18632318
    Shush. We're already planning surprises for you.

    You want them produced out near the Barrens, or on Dagobah where Cyberbrate's been making their ships thus far?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)23:13 No.18632383
    Out near the Barrens. Use the resources being sucked up there to make these. We made an HQ factory ship, might as well put it to work.
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)23:14 No.18632402
    Offhand, I'd say have the "AI" colonize some empty planets and start crafting them there. It would prevent the UED from finding the main cluster, and if we don't do anything with them, it would prevent it from being traced to us.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.18632450
    Alright. 2d100 crafting roll for machine capship!
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.18632455
    This is a machine, though. It would put its shipyard either in close orbit around a star for delicious energy, or put it in the void between star systems to be more difficult to find.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)23:18 No.18632478
    rolled 49, 24 = 73

    Come on, Berserkers!
    >> Fruityling 04/08/12(Sun)23:19 No.18632483
    rolled 61, 35 = 96


    Rollan for dem capships
    >> Derm 04/08/12(Sun)23:20 No.18632509
    Crafts for the craft lord!
    >> Derm 04/08/12(Sun)23:21 No.18632527
    rolled 21, 30 = 51

    Well hell, that'll teach me to capitalize.
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)23:31 No.18632681
    Also. . .
    Xel'naga computer - hack it till it self destructs
    Dyson sphere plans - hopefully Cyberbrate found them. I want them.
    Time travel technology - Nice to find, but odds are so low it isn't funny.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)23:32 No.18632700
    Cyberbrate tweaks some designs and comes to us with what it has developed. It is approximately the size of a carrier, with powerful armor and fairly powerful shields. Unfortunately, we notice that the weapons systems are less than ideal, hardly even comparable with a battlecruiser.

    Should we use this design, or try again?
    >> Codeki 04/08/12(Sun)23:35 No.18632748
    Build a couple as test subjects.
    Have Cyberbrate work on a backup design that is more what we want.

    If the test subject preform to our expectations, we'll mass produce them.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)23:39 No.18632814
    rolled 34, 92 = 126

    Try again!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/08/12(Sun)23:55 No.18633061
    The Mark II design is a bit flimsy, with clear weak points, but the weapons are incredible. Warbrate is impressed, actually. It's got weapons everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 04/08/12(Sun)23:59 No.18633101
    Dammit! Make the Mk III! I want both high defense and offense. This is to be the last, hate-filled strike of a dead civilization. Spare no expense!
    >> Fruityling 04/09/12(Mon)00:00 No.18633121
         File: 1333944008.jpg-(41 KB, 450x301, picard-facepalm.jpg)
    41 KB
    rolled 100, 99 = 199


    Perhaps one more go?

    captcha: contracting itaload

    I might take that advice about a contractor at this rate...
    >> Codeki 04/09/12(Mon)00:00 No.18633134
    Take armor from design one and take weapons from design two.

    If design three is a failure, we'll just use the armored ones to protect the strong ones

    Now, that's what I'm talking about.
    >> Fruityling 04/09/12(Mon)00:01 No.18633145
         File: 1333944096.jpg-(742 KB, 1704x2272, 503.jpg)
    742 KB
    rolled 64, 16 = 80

    >> Fruityling 04/09/12(Mon)00:02 No.18633167

    I would forget to pull out the dice roll in my excitement. Bleh.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)00:05 No.18633222
         File: 1333944353.gif-(490 KB, 500x277, Looking daggers.gif)
    490 KB
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)00:08 No.18633287
    After a few moments of feverish work, Cyberbrate produces for us a design that's honestly flawless. It has thick armor, powerful shields, powerful weapons, no blind spots, no clear vulnerabilities. It's sleek, but menacing. It's huge but versatile.

    This is surely one of the finest ships ever designed.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)00:17 No.18633473
    (This invasion from metaquesters is getting less and less likely to succeed as time goes on...)

    So, you want to put these machine battleships into production, then?

    (DM rolls for UED pissing match. Rolls a 95. The dice giveth, and they taketh away)

    A UED fleet absolutely destroys one of the planet mining teams, including its planet stratification device and military escort, before jumping to a nearby system and destroying it fully, as well.
    >> Codeki 04/09/12(Mon)00:18 No.18633478
    Great. Now mass produce them.

    So. . . Xel'naga computer?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)00:25 No.18633602
    >Xel'Naga computer

    Not tonight, dear. I'd have to go track down which parts are still unexplored...
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)00:39 No.18633886
    We put these into mass production.
    Have a small task force built secretly at te heart of our empire for Warbrate to play around with and to see how he can incorporate them into our own forces when the need arises.

    The first ones to roll off the dry docks in the Barrens are to look OLD. Like they were mothballed battleships recently reactivated after eons of cold storage in the void between stars. Others, to have hastily patched battle damage, as if they were finally repaired after millennia because the resources at last became available and the repair facilities reactivated.
    The we have them descend on a UED colony and obliterate it. We extract all usable minerals and the dreadnoughts lie in wait, and ambush the inevitable UED response.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)00:41 No.18633927
    That's a pretty clear plan.

    Are we all behind it?
    >> Codeki 04/09/12(Mon)00:43 No.18633969
    I'm up for it and it's got the main important things.
    May also want to put in something where if they get hailed or sent a message, they have a preprogrammed response that's something Voidgate would have probably sent like

    "All your base are belong to us"
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)00:45 No.18634004
    Mkay. Lemme see what kind of things I need you to roll for.

    I'm going to go with 4. 4d100.
    >> Codeki 04/09/12(Mon)00:47 No.18634031
    rolled 55, 40, 6, 35 = 136

    Come on, dicegods.
    eh, who am I kidding. It's after midnight. Rolls suck now.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)00:48 No.18634044
    "This is the CORE Central Intelligence. Further aggression towards CORE operations will be met with lethal force calculated as a quadratic function."

    And then we can name our back-up plan in the case that we are defeated, as The CORE Contingency, where we unleash an AI controlled machine faction to wipe out all non-Zerg organic life in the galaxy.
    >> Fruityling 04/09/12(Mon)00:48 No.18634055
    rolled 13, 8, 48, 38 = 107


    Here goes something!
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)00:49 No.18634067
    rolled 23, 42, 34, 32 = 131

    I hope Artisanlord is recording all of this.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)00:51 No.18634091
    rolled 56, 21, 49, 30 = 156


    Damn early morning dice seeds. Very rarely good.
    >> Codeki 04/09/12(Mon)00:56 No.18634166
    Oh, we're fucked.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)01:06 No.18634381
    (Oh, look at that. The dice are making it up to me for giving you godships)

    The battleships begin rolling off the production lines. We gather a team for stripping the colony of resources, and first crop of battleships, and send them on their way.

    Seurat XII is a bustling young colony with a lot of promise. Its blue star creates vistas of astounding beauty, which have already drawn famous artists from across the Directorate. It is also very rich in minerals.

    That last part is why we choose it. The initial attack is devastating. The local military forces were completely unprepared. As Cyberbrate relates to us, the planet falls in less than twenty minutes. We take no casualties.

    The mining team arrives immediately and sets to work. Unfortunately, they are hardly halfway done with their task of stripping all the resources from the world when the UED's military response arrives. Despite the new battleships' strength, Cyberbrate's tactics could use some work, and two of them are lost before they are forced into a retreat as more UED ships arrive.

    We had hoped for a better inaugural mission.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)01:07 No.18634408
    rolled 80, 46, 32, 35 = 193


    Didn't know there was a Zerg quest today. Or on Friday, for that matter!

    But here I go
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)01:10 No.18634449
    Speaking of not knowing when the thread is (stupid work, scheduling me unpredictably after all this time), you guys should choose the 16th or the 17th.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)01:11 No.18634468
    It's okay, Cyberbrate, you weren't grown to be a tactical genius.

    If Warbrate has nothing better to do (since Defensebrate will be handling the defenses of our Empire) maybe he can provide Cyberbrate with tactical advice. The two will need to work closely together if we use these Mk III dreadnoughts with the Home Fleets anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)01:14 No.18634526
    Voting for 17th.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)01:27 No.18634747
    One vote?

    >> Fruityling 04/09/12(Mon)01:30 No.18634799

    17th also.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)01:31 No.18634808
         File: 1333949466.gif-(224 KB, 500x300, trolldance.gif)
    224 KB

    I vote the 16th then. Partly due to it working out in the schedule, and party to be an ass.
    >> Codeki 04/09/12(Mon)01:34 No.18634857
    17th works for me. I wasn't going to comment because that's what's best for me and nobody was picking 16th.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 04/09/12(Mon)01:36 No.18634888
    Tuesday it is. Awesome!
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)02:34 No.18635503
    Okay, well, that could have gone better.
    Have Warbrate provide tactical assistance to Cyberbrate until his tactical decision routines are completed.

    The Machines are to continue using the resources gathered in the Barrens to produce more Mk III Dreadnoughts and consuming more planets.

    What about our recon of Protoss colonization efforts? Are they trying to encircle us? How quickly are their colonization efforts going?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)03:08 No.18635755

    Noes! Must have delicious Delta Emblock waifu!
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)03:36 No.18635938
    So, uhh...did Cerebrate Anon get banned by the word filter?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)06:51 No.18637143
    So, are we going to have our faux AI fleets launch another attack, or wait until we have a bigger task force?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/12(Mon)15:05 No.18640424

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