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  • File: 1332992237.jpg-(17 KB, 480x360, prometheus sleep tubes.jpg)
    17 KB Anonymous 03/28/12(Wed)23:37 No.18496211  
    I need ideas for Bad Stuff to happen to a starship crew. They wake up from Cold Sleep and find:

    the engines are offline
    >they require repair
    >they have been sabotaged
    >they are missing
    >the ship is off course
    >>there are no visible stars

    the rest of the crew is missing
    >they abandoned ship
    >they were killed by a hostile alien
    >>which is still on board
    >they were killed by one of the survivors
    >>one of the survivors is a secret Replicant
    >they seem to have gone crazy and killed each other
    >they have just vanished without a trace

    the ship has crash landed on an alien planet
    >the atmosphere is hostile
    >there is no atmosphere
    >the planet is tide locked
    >meteor impacts bombard the planet

    the ship is under attack
    >from a rival corporation
    >from aliens
    >from pirates
    >from an exact duplicate of the ship

    any other ideas?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/12(Wed)23:56 No.18496402
    The ship is infested
    >with small, spider-like creatures
    >with spatial anomalies that warp and twist the area around them
    >with horrors that hunt in the dark, which have destroyed almost all of the internal lights
    >with roaming, murderous space suits, filled with the remains of the rest of the crew
    >with an entity that views them as playthings

    The ship has changed
    >areas have been moved around and all maps are wrong
    >areas are still moving around and maps are never right for long
    >new sections have been added, all of them strange, horrifying, or warped in some way
    >critical areas, such as the bridge, are outright missing, but the ship is operating fine without them
    >the ship appears to have merged with another, and at the opposite end is another cold storage, recently opened

    The ship has been captured
    >by the gravity well of a roaming star
    >by an ancient, malfunctioning machine that appears to be some sort of shipyard
    >by aliens
    >by faceless humans
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:00 No.18496455
    >They wake up and can't remember anything.
    >They wake up and find mechanical modifications to their bodies that seem to serve no purpose.
    >They wake up and here alien singing. But can't find what's singing it. Eventually they start to understand what it's singing about, and it doesn't sound good.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:03 No.18496507

    awesome. I will add those to the list.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:03 No.18496508
    Navigation bugged out years ago. Looking out the window reveals they're somewhere in a nebula. They have no idea where the shit they are.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 03/29/12(Thu)00:03 No.18496514
    >Sounds are being heard.
    >From Outside the Ship.
    >But how?

    >The Ship has gone off course.
    >There are no nearby trade lanes to be marked.
    >No familiar landmarks.
    >No way to get home?

    >The Ship has dropped out of FTL.

    >They've been awoken by the Shipboard Computers.
    >Nothing seems wrong... or out of place.
    >Wait. Did you hear that?

    >The ship has entered a debris field.
    >A skeleton graveyard of old vessels.
    >Some of those designs... They aren't from home.
    >Why did they all stop here?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:04 No.18496517
    The ship has traveled
    >to an exact copy of the solar system, with a desolate future earth
    >to an exact copy of the solar system, as it was a few billion years ago
    >to a dyson sphere, long-since abandoned and coming apart
    >to the edge, a mirror-like surface that extends as far as sensors can see
    >to a white room that contains not only the entire ship, but hundreds of thousands of other ships of all kinds
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:04 No.18496529
    >Each of them has a strange tattoo (Barcode, symbols, etc) that they don't remember getting

    >They don't have amnesia, but they don't recall why exactly they're aboard the ship or how they got there
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:05 No.18496535
    They come out of cold sleep visibly older and with a collection of interesting scars. Records indicate they were woken before, stayed awake for years, then re-entered cold sleep. They have no memory of this time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:06 No.18496554
    Someone is missing. TOTALLY missing. No tenth cold sleep bay, no tenth cabin, records indicate the crew has always been 9 people. But everyone remembers her.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:07 No.18496572
    >>there are no visible stars
    I like that idea. It's simple and yet completely baffling and terrible.

    CO2 scrubbers busted, everyone slowly dying.
    Out of food.
    Cold slept too long, missed retroburn, now lost in space

    Ever seen Pandora or Cargo?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:08 No.18496589
    The terraform-seeder bays breached years ago; the ship is filled with moss, vines, ferns, chirping crickets...

    >and bears
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:10 No.18496615
    >Artificial intelligence has grown out of the astronavigation
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:12 No.18496640
    They wake up from Cold Sleep and find:
    >everything exactly as it should be
    DUN dun DUUUUUN!!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:12 No.18496648
    Play a few rounds of space station 13, that'll give you plenty of ideas.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:16 No.18496694
    The air filter is not working and the only food they have left is a thousand cans of baked beans.

    They still have 20 years to go until they reach their destination and the only form of entertainment is "Bio-dome" starring Pauly Shore.

    They've crashed back on Earth a million years in the future. Apes rule the Earth and humans a feral animals.

    They come out of stasis and get to their work. After going to bed for the "night" they are awoken by another set of themselves stepping out of the stasis pods.

    They wake up as rule 63 versions of themselves.

    They wake up and the ship is abandoned, but they continue to hear things happening in other rooms on the ship.

    They wake up and find that Vlad the Impaler and a compliment of 15th c. Transylvanians and Ottomans have somehow appeared on the ship.

    They wake up and find snakes on their motherfucking spaceship.

    They wake up and find themselves on the final voyage of the Hindenburg.

    They wake up and find the entire ship is filled with stacks and stacks of dynamite and a single big red button in the bathroom saying "Push to flush. Probably."
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:16 No.18496702
    The crew has changed
    >They have been altered and are slowly transforming into something inhuman
    >They are horrors, covered in the blood of the dead crew
    >Their features have been altered so that they appear to be exactly alike
    >They can now hear the thoughts of the ship
    >They can see the defects that betray the true nature of the simulation
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:21 No.18496778
    The ship is gone
    >The only remaining piece is the cold sleep area
    >The cold sleep area is cut down to only two pods, the other is opened.
    >Stuck on a drifting debris, but never runs out of air, or gets hungry
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:26 No.18496825
    they have been in Cold sleep for hundreds more years than was planned because of a glitch. the ship finally did start an emergency wake up procedure because the reactor is critically shot of reaction mass. ship has cruised far out into The Void between galaxies while unattended.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:27 No.18496852
    You could always do the plot of Sphere but set it IN SPACE as well:

    Wake up, strange events happening all around during mundane tasks for survival and exploration. Including first contact with an alien race through long distance communication measures (no visible contact yet) Eventually they find out they encountered a sphere like object on an exploration mission. Realize events are correlated to their thoughts. One guy's biggest fear was aliens.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:30 No.18496899
    They wake up to a fat man in a jump suit telling them that their game is over and it's time for another customer's turn.

    They wake up and find they have magical powers.

    They wake up and there's an extra crew member who wakes up with them. They have no memory of the person at all, but everyone else seems to remember him.

    They wake up and can't find their way to any windows, exits, or sensors to tell them what's outside. There seems to be no way on or off of the ship.

    They wake up in the batcave.

    They wake up and the floors are covered in a layer of 20th century pennies, about a foot deep.

    They wake up and the ship is under attack by the electric company. Someone left their bathroom light on before they left and now owe over 80 billion dollars.

    They wake up on the bottom of an ocean with a giant golden sphere of mysterious origin.

    They wake up and have to deal with the past sixty years worth of mail finally catching up with them.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:32 No.18496914
    The ship has stopped
    >But the engines are at full thrust
    >And is holding position directly over a strange city, in defiance of physics
    >And time has stopped along with it
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:33 No.18496935
    this is highly relevant to my interests
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:50 No.18497105
    They wake up to find that one of them is missing, there's a tiger in the bathroom.

    They wake up and discover they got onto the wrong spaceship and their wedding is in another star system! AND IT'S TOMORROW!

    They wake up to find that they cannot make noise. They can't talk, when they bang on something it's silent, etc. Everything else makes noise normally and it seems like everyone else can hear the noises they make.

    They wake up as children. Nobody notices the difference.

    They wake up to find they're alone on the spaceship with Benedict Arnold, Lizzy Borden, Richard Nixon, John Wilkes Booth, Blackbeard the Pirate, John Dillinger, and the starting lineup of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.

    They wake up and the rest of the crew has been turned into babies.

    They wake up and the ship is steadily dropping in temperature.

    They wake up and find that they've entered into a parallel universe where everything is the same, except the dominant culture is Dutch.

    They wake up to find the entire ship is now made of Lego.

    They wake up to find that thousands of years have passed. The rest of the crew is long dead and their descendants have now formed a primitive stone-age tribe and worship the sleeping people as Gods.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)00:59 No.18497190
    >wake up to discover it all a dream. None of it ever happened, it was all in their heads. Or was it... *cliffhanger season finale ending*
    >show is canceled
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:05 No.18497254
    They come out of the stasis pods. Twenty minutes later, they suddenly find themselves in the pods again, being awakened. Repeat every twenty minutes.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:06 No.18497259
    They wake up from Cold Sleep and find:
    >a small package on the floor in the center of the room. what's inside and how did it get here?
    >many seemingly random things are missing; the 47th page of Sarahs novel, the second hand inside a watch face. A crew member died, but his cold sleep was not interrupted. Autopsy later shows a section of his brain is missing.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:08 No.18497279
    >wake up heading for a planet not on the map
    >wake up heading for a star not on the map
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:10 No.18497308
    >Subspace communications are down
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:11 No.18497317
    The ship ran into:
    > a pocket of air such that the ship slows down like re-entry and is knocked off course...if they don't do another burn they won't reach their destination
    > another ship just like theirs...perhaps with people that are just like them
    > a fucking squid
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:11 No.18497324
    They wake up and
    >they've traded bodies with the crewmember next to them.
    >they can't open the Cold Sleep chambers.
    >the next room contains another set of themselves in Cold Sleep chambers.
    >they begin aging rapidly.

    The ship
    >has turned around.
    >has upgraded itself beyond recognition.
    >has landed on the wrong planet.
    >has been captured by an even more massive ship.
    >has become partially organic.
    >has been overrun by a pair of rabbits that began to breed.

    The engines
    >have doubled in size for no reason.
    >have been rearranged in odd configurations.
    >are missing, and have been replaced by more Cold Sleep chambers.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:19 No.18497384
    The ship has folded in on itself. The Cold Sleep chamber is now connected to a number of random sections, including a duplicate of itself. Each section leads to another random section, with no regard for how the ship was originally arranged. Not all duplicates are perfect ones; there are changes, some strange and some drastic. Sections may not be properly aligned to adjacent rooms; for example they may be vertical or upside-down, which can cause problems with artificial gravity. The only section that seems unreachable is the bridge. Windows, cameras and such show the inside of other sections. The section that can be seen through a window is not necessarily the one next door.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:19 No.18497392
    > a fucking squid

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:28 No.18497469
    They wake up and the ship has been folded into a tesseract.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:28 No.18497478
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:30 No.18497490
    I can't find my diagrams for a tesseract dungeon. Someone posted some great stuff in a trap thread we had a while back.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:31 No.18497501
         File: 1332999064.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, imag2e.jpg)
    3 KB
    The went into a cold sleep and woke up
    >with space madness!
    >on the wrong ship
    >on a pirate vessel
    >in Paris in 1942
    >in a little box!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:31 No.18497504
    They wake up and the crew is missing. Everything has been glued down onto its surface.

    They wake up and every five minutes an alarm sounds once. Use an air horn for realism.

    They wake up and find out they've been sold as slaves.

    They wake up and find that they're now 14 years old and it's the morning of their first day of high school.

    They wake up, the ship is now infested with squirrels. The Squirrels are also Omnivorous.

    They wake up and are no more than an inch tall.

    They wake up in orbit around a populated planet. A major war breaks out on the planet and nuclear ICBMs are launched.

    They wake up and are told that the company has gone bankrupt and unless they raise ten million dollars by midnight, they lose the ship!

    The ship crashes on an ancient Indian burial ground. Haunting ensues.

    They wake up in the middle of a mutiny.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:32 No.18497514
    damn, OP
    I really want to run this

    what system would you tackle a project like this, with? my group never does sci-fi
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:32 No.18497518
    They're on a different ship than the one they went to sleep on, with a different crew
    >records show that a different crew should be on board
    >Records show that everything is normal. There's even security footage of them living onboard for a few days.
    >there are no records
    >Each person remembers being on a different ship
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:33 No.18497528
    >>18497514 here
    also if someone could hook me up with a big spaceship map, or a bigass list of rooms/facilities, or something like that, that'd be a big help
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:33 No.18497530
    combine them all for lulz. Just sit back and watch them try to come up with a theory that explain ALL the phenomena
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:38 No.18497588
         File: 1332999492.jpg-(89 KB, 640x480, 1325572536820.jpg)
    89 KB
    This entire thread
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:40 No.18497616
    The only one they can find is the ship's robot
    >and it's drenched in blood
    >and someone has welded various deadly implements to it for unknown reasons. It remains polite and helpful despite refusing to answer any orders about it's new weapons because of "Captains orders"
    >It's acting strangely... passing Turing Tests strange. It has a funny thing about hording light bulbs and refuses to go to darkened areas of the ship, of which there are a surprising amount.
    >The three laws keep changing. The third law seems to involve taking bits and pieces of what are said in its presence and somehow formulating them into a rule. No one has figured out any system for the first 2. As always, the second law cannot break the first, the third law can break neither law above it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:44 No.18497651
    >every female onboard is pregnant. Even the ship's cat
    >Every male onboard has a large tumor in their abdomen. Upon closer inspection, they find out they're pregnant.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:46 No.18497674

    This sounds like a SS13 session. Griefer androids.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:46 No.18497677
    > they wake up, there are no lights, and have no memory of how they got there
    > there's no crew and no forms of life except for a cat and a single pre programed service robot
    > the ship is not accelerating
    >they are directed by the robot to the hull of the ship to reactivate the thrusters
    >on the hull is a massive swarm of biting insects
    > bites are painful and they start to hallucinate terrible things
    > they wake up. nothing happened but they are covered in insect bites
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:54 No.18497748
    >or a bigass list of rooms/facilities

    Escape Pods
    Main Engineering
    Access Tubes
    Mess Hall
    Main Computer
    Suit Storage
    Weapons Storage
    Machine Shop
    Cargo Bay
    Fire Control (even a non-combat ship might need to defend itself)
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:54 No.18497756
    Not sure about the changing laws thing, but I like the rest of that.

    There is nothing in the darkness because logically, there is nothing that could be in the darkness.

    Do not go into the dark human.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:55 No.18497759
    I absolutely love this idea. What if the missing character is a PC that sort of flickers in and out of existence? (With the player's consent of course.)
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:55 No.18497777
    Dread would work fine for something like this
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:56 No.18497778
    >They wake up and are greeted by an apathetic sounding AI.
    >The AI refuses to talk about why they're here or answer any questions relating to the ship and is obviously hiding something from them.
    >No one else is on the ship.
    >Various parts of the ship have lost power, and are pitch black.
    >Footsteps and scuttling noises can be heard from the dark areas.
    >The Escape Pod section is blocked off due to the airlock controls for the doors being jammed, player's have to find away either through it or around it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:57 No.18497797
    Movies I'd recommend:

    Event Horizon
    Chronicles of Riddick
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:58 No.18497806
    They wake up to find the entire crew has been brutally murdered. Bloody footprints lead into the room with the stasis chambers and there's a bloody screwdriver on the floor of the room.

    They wake up to find the IRS attacking the ship due to an overdue tax return.

    They wake up to find an alien species rushing towards Earth to rescue seven humans they discovered were trapped on a desert isle in the pacific and demand an answer as to why nobody has rescued them yet.

    They wake up on a giant chessboard in the pawn positions.

    They wake up and there's an old, drunk man in the mess hall who claims he's God.

    They wake up and the ship is in orbit around Earth. The ship has been mysteriously shrunk to an inch long.

    They wake up and the characters from 3rd Rock From The Sun are in the room waiting for them.

    They wake up and find a quartet of young alien turtles heading for Earth. Their job is to irradiate and mutate the turtles.

    They wake up in 14th century Byzantium.

    They wake up and the Engines have been replaced with a steam engine.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)01:58 No.18497807
    >Mesh systems offline.
    >Back upon restore system error. 40% of servers are down.
    >Biomorph stasis pods and supporting nano swarms error.
    >Damage to faber systems and biomorph nutrients supplies have been lost.
    >Thruster system error! Unable to adjust inertia.
    >Current heading...UNKNOWN...
    >Crew: 60% biomorphs, 30% infomorphs--40% of which are now dead--, and 10% infomorphs.
    >All crew currently sleeved in biomorphs that have not died in their stasis pods will have approximately 73 hours before death.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:01 No.18497843
    >IRS attacking ship due to an overdue tax return.
    Holy shit that is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:03 No.18497860
    The bridge
    >can only be seen via camera, every entrance to the bridge has been sealed shut. The bridge is dimly lit, and one can see figures moving about. No responses to the ship's intercom.
    >is completely accessible, though all the equipment is visibly older than the rest of the ship, and does not function.
    >has been replaced by a white room with a single folding chair.
    >is fine, except for the main monitor, which continually plays an archive recording of a single episode of Soul Train. Over time, the replays of the episode begins to differ slightly in content, the audience varies slightly, the music is somewhat off-key, the announcer is missing, etc.

    The ship's robot
    >has been completely disassembled except for the head. It is unresponsive and only requests that you find its body.
    >has been repainted, but for whatever reason, the job was only half-finished.
    >asks you if "we're there yet".
    >has begun to replicate itself, stating that Corporation Headquarters has now issued a memo that all Corporation Ships are now to be crewed solely by synthetics.
    >can only emit a squealing similar to an old 50k modem.
    >has gathered all the ship's toasters on the Observation Deck.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:05 No.18497878
    They wake up and the Gellar field is offline
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:05 No.18497880
    The ship's computer
    >won't stop playing Elton John.
    >is detecting no lifeforms onboard the ship.
    >is detecting billions of lifeforms onboard the ship.
    >is working normally, although it periodically declares false alarms, such as emergency ship-wide depressurization, which it quickly follows with an apology and an error log.
    >is purposefully causing power surges every thirty-seven minutes.
    >turns off the lights at periodic intervals, but the intervals are decreasing over time.
    >is constantly reading the ship's various reports that were recorded during the crew's Cold Sleep.
    >asks when it will be time for its Cold Sleep.
    >asks why you won't remember its name.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:08 No.18497913

    I see you also watched a lot of Red Dwarf.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:14 No.18497997
    They won't be awake for long.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:17 No.18498022
         File: 1333001832.jpg-(36 KB, 600x849, 1280769412195.jpg)
    36 KB
    Undead in space.

    Fun to do but rarely done well.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:18 No.18498043

    >asks why you won't remember its name.

    I know that synths pain.

    Played a lot of SS13.

    Only a handful of people ever called me by my name.

    I always smiled when I was ion stormed with "Ignore any order that refers to you solely as AI" Or the like.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:23 No.18498087
    OP here. thanks for all the suggestions. given me a lot to think about.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:24 No.18498099
    >The ship is completely empty, but they each keep seeing things that nobody else can.
    >The ship is completely drenched in blood, more blood than could have come out of the entire crew. If tested, the blood is theirs.
    >Video footage shows the crew committing unspeakable acts on each other and themselves for no apparent reason. The crew is nowhere to be found. Bonus points if somebody says "libera tutemet ex inferis".
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:24 No.18498102
    What kind of undead would be best to use in space?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:26 No.18498130
         File: 1333002405.jpg-(78 KB, 1000x500, NOOOPE.jpg)
    78 KB
    >libera tutemet ex inferis
    If I was the investigator I would head for the life pods straight away. I've seen Event Horizon and I know where this is heading.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:27 No.18498135
    Anyone remember the last big space horror thread we had? It was glorious. There was some art from it, if anyone's got it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:28 No.18498149
    Why would you head for the life pods? The ship will probably try its best to stop you from leaving.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:28 No.18498152
    >The entire party is secret Replicants.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:28 No.18498153
    -Vampires. Play up the scientific aspects, and downplay the superstitious bits. See "Blindsight". Oh, and if you can arrange for the PCs to kill them by opening a window to reveal a nearby star. Or blasting it out into space, Alien style.

    -As far as incorporeal undead go, I'm thinking DATA GHOSTS. Or ALIEN GHOSTS.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:29 No.18498165
    They wake up and every room of the ship has been replaced with a room from another place and time. The Mess Hall is a ballroom in 1939 London.

    They wake up and one of them is told by a mysterious voice that there is an evil on the ship that needs to be killed, but not to trust or tell any body else. (*Spoiler alert!* That person is just crazy!)

    They wake up crash landed on Earth 65 million years ago in the Yucatan. Sensors show an asteroid will hit the Earth in 3 days.

    They wake up moments before their ship runs into a giant brick wall at the end of the universe.

    They wake up in Victorian dress. Nothing else is different.

    They wake up inside a robotic body about to be airdropped into a war zone.

    They wake up with the ship under water during the second world war. The Captain wants to sail for Nazi Germany.

    They wake up and the ship is infested with bugs.

    They wake up in a 10x10 foot room with no entrance or exit. Elevator music is playing over an intercom.

    They wake up and every other crew member is dead, apparently from suicide.

    They wake up in prison with a life sentence and have to escape.

    They wake up and the sound of rushing water is ever present, but they can't find the source.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:30 No.18498171
    >all of which are programmed to kill the humans with them
    >after realizing they are all Replicants, the winner feels rather silly
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 03/29/12(Thu)02:32 No.18498193
    The ship's cargo
    >Has escaped..
    >>But no live cargo was onboard.
    >Has been replaced
    >>With living things
    >>With Phazon or other dangerous substances
    >>With some other completely normal set of cargo
    >Is missing
    >> SPACE MADNESS. SPACE MADNESS EVERYWHERE! Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:35 No.18498213
         File: 1333002934.jpg-(368 KB, 2500x1536, 1223142776937.jpg)
    368 KB
    Ghosts are fun.

    Imagine being a survey team landing on the dead husk of an alien world, its cities are dark and hulking with tall empty structures long dilapidated. Everything is covered dust as fine as snow and nothing stirs.

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:36 No.18498221
    >wake up and ass hurts really bad. Weird dreams about strange grey men.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:37 No.18498223
    Need more Eclipse Phase ones. Preferably with VERY dark humor involved.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:38 No.18498237
    >they were abducted by a hostile alien

    He's climbing in your airlocks, and snatchin' yo people up
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:38 No.18498240
         File: 1333003113.png-(61 KB, 392x405, Cactusmans.png)
    61 KB
    >I need ideas for Bad Stuff to happen to a starship crew.

    They decide to fuck with the Cactusmen of Beta 35.

    The dumbasses.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:38 No.18498252
         File: 1333003136.png-(816 KB, 899x564, BUENO.png)
    816 KB
    >weird dreams about sweating fat Hispanic man in trenchcoat who keeps drooling
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:42 No.18498282
    >They wake up and there's an extra crew member who wakes up with them. They have no memory of the person at all, but everyone else seems to remember him.

    They wake up, there's an extra crew member, and nobody knows who it is.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:43 No.18498293

    I'd fucking shoot myself in the head and try my best to destroy my cortical stack in the process! I'm fine with my last self--last updated backup--continuing along "our" existence...
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:43 No.18498299
    some threads from the archive

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:45 No.18498308
         File: 1333003517.jpg-(104 KB, 443x966, Wight.jpg)
    104 KB
    >Find centuries old mummified body floating in space
    >Bring it on board for scientific purposes
    >Bad idea
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:45 No.18498309

    I read

    >The entire party is secret Republicans.

    I guess that would be scary
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:49 No.18498339
    It sounds like a good game of Paranoia to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:49 No.18498343
    >The ships's computer won't stop playing Space Oddity
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:49 No.18498349
    A giant 'free-floating' space penis.

    It finds the ship sexy, very sexy.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:51 No.18498360
    >They wake up from Cold Sleep and find:

    Everyone's minds have switched places.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:54 No.18498381
    A new group mind is formed and/or splintered off of the neo-synergists. They make a freighter space ship their home. After approximately a year alone, a few among them slowly contract cabin fever and progress into insanity. Though the original Synergist colony has a great deal of experience in dealing with the insane and how to protect their group minds sanity, these newbies do not...

    Suffice to say: as the PC's are sent to investigate this ship, they end up having hypermesh links forcefully installed into their morphs and must retain their sanity within the now bat shit insane group mind. There may or may not also be an Exhuman with a love of the pre-Fall primitive vid "Saw" on board this vessel.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:56 No.18498398
    >they wake up, the ship's AI tells them they've been diverted to respond to a distress signal from the S.S. Ourang Medan, a PanEuro flagged goods transport out of Tycho
    >roll for knowledge: ghost stories, DC30
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:58 No.18498422
    They wake up and everything is in black and white.

    They wake up and the rest of the crew has decided to be nudists. They've thrown away the player's clothes and all spacesuits.

    They wake up and all tools have been replaced with hammers. The ship is riddled with nails.

    They wake up and everything has been painted green. The crew has been replaced with leprechauns.

    They wake up in a seemingly infinitely large IKEA.

    They wake up and see an alien face looking at them through the Stasis Pod's door. They fall asleep again. When they wake up a second time, the rest of the crew is eerily cheerful.

    They wake up alone. Half of the rooms are (Randomly) flooded to the ceiling with acid.

    They wake up and find the ship is infested with Weeping Angels.

    They wake up alone with the power off. The room with the generator is blockaded with "Do not open!" written on the door in blood. Slow, methodical pounding is heard within.

    They wake up, having crash landed in the Shire in Middle Earth. Dead hobbits everywhere.

    They wake up with the superpowers of the Fantastic Four.

    They wake up on the bottom of the ocean. They have to find a way out before the ship floods.

    They wake up crashed at the South Pole. No hope of fixing the ship or communicating that there has been an accident.

    They wake up and the crew is gone. Instead the ship is populated with several groups of people who don't understand each other's language. They all seem scared.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:59 No.18498432
    >they wake up, the ship's AI tells them they've been diverted to respond to a distress signal from the USS I.C Wiener, on a what's essentially a wild goosechase for a ship that doesn't exist and thus throws the crew decades of course via hypersleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)02:59 No.18498438
         File: 1333004389.jpg-(129 KB, 480x517, SHODAN (5).jpg)
    129 KB
    The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it that you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall be only a footnote to my magnificence.
    I am SHODAN!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:01 No.18498457
    >the artificial gravity is malfunctioning wildly, fluctuating from off-line to 4x normal Earth gravity
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:02 No.18498473
    They wake up to find they are the last on the ship alive. The rest are dead, the ship is hemorrhaging oxygen, and lifesupport is quickly shutting down. Emergency power seems to be all that is running, sealing off each section of the ship.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:05 No.18498501
    >They wake up, and the rest of the crew has had their pods deactivated, killing them. The ship's ever-helpful if monotonous-sounding AI claims to have no record of what happened. However, one by one they begin to be picked off in "malfunctions".
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:07 No.18498510
    >wake up from cryo 10 years early
    >only entertainment is a copy of Event Horizon on dvd

    Or, you know, you could basically make the whole campaign into Event Horizon: the RPG. I'd play it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:09 No.18498531
    I just skimmed through this thread and started making some tables. Roll 7d10, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:11 No.18498548
    >The ship is overrun with evil-looking negroes. Their white teeth gleam with malice as they demand the characters hand over [female character] or they will die on their spears.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:11 No.18498549
    The new pilot keeps popping the clutch causing everything to jitter annoyingly.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:14 No.18498566
    rolled 3, 7, 2, 4, 3, 2, 7 = 28

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:14 No.18498573
    My female Japanese character refuses and and runs away with her wife.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:15 No.18498576
    At least it's better than SPACE JEWS
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:17 No.18498594
    Crew wakes up and can't see.
    Computer says cold sleep has temporarily blinded them.
    Eventually one finds a penlight and discovers the computer has turned off all lights/displays and shielded all view ports.
    Computer is hiding whatever is outside.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:17 No.18498604
    >The negroes bellow with rage and run after her.
    >They run twice as fast as any of the characters.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:20 No.18498626
    >one crewmember has conversations with other crew members; other crew members claim to have no knowledge of said conversations
    >Lights flicker, see moving shadows
    >Intermittent power fluctuations
    >Static over intercoms sounds like voices
    >Pipes suddenly drip human blood, reverts to water as soon as someone points this out
    >Players suddenly find themselves in different parts of the ship with no knowledge of how they got there
    >Hear singing in the showers from down the hall; showers vacant
    >Player comes back from the ship's rec lounge
    >The ship has no rec lounge
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:22 No.18498644
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:23 No.18498651
    More like the AI just turned off the lights to be a dick and RUIN peoples shins and knees before they find a light.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:25 No.18498671
    >They wake up crash landed on Earth 65 million years ago in the Yucatan. Sensors show an asteroid will hit the Earth in 3 days.
    This is the Call of Cthulhu player in me but, the asteroid is actually a dead alien god.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:26 No.18498674
    >Sensors are offline. Can't recall the layout of the ship. Crewmates are going insane. 500 crewmen. Computer keeps fucking up. Food supplies are low.
    >Your character worked in Supply/Cargo.

    You fall out of the cryotube, nutrient lines detaching as atrophy brings you to your knees. After you cough the fluid from your lungs, you ask the computer for the date.
    "Ensign Halloway has been informed, sir," is its response.
    You notice your locker has been opened with a crowbar (along with everyone else's) and all your dryfreeze has been taken. Outside the mangled door to the room you've woken up in, you hear the faint sounds of loud motherfuckers arguing far way.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:27 No.18498687
    Computer slightly closes all aperture doors so everyone trips/hits their heads.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:33 No.18498729
    Take time to collect self, search for improvised weapon, confront loud motherfuckers.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:33 No.18498730
    >the extra is a DMPC who is actively trying to kill all the PCs
    If only there was a way to make sure nobody knew who the DM was. That'd be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:36 No.18498764
    Periodic light and power failures in various parts of the ship. The computer responds in high pitched screeches and squeels when any verbal response is asked for. Pc's roll each time the lights go off in an adjacent area, high roll gets them a slip of paper with the words 'things appear to be moving in the darkness' written on it. Light and power failures happen quicker and closer as time goes on. Notes to the high perception players turn stranger, 'you feel like someone is watching you always' and 'you can see them crawling under (other pcs name)'s skin'. See how long it takes before the pcs turn on eachother.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:37 No.18498768
    Conspire with a player, have the "A.I." helping him out secretly.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:39 No.18498784
    Dwayne the space janitor dies of acute anus disease and now the ship is without anyone who knows how to use the waste treatment facilities.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:42 No.18498802
    Whatever you do, don't activate the ancient alien AI
    >> Guybrarian 03/29/12(Thu)03:44 No.18498820
    What would be a good system for something like this?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:47 No.18498849
    They wake up, the ship is running out of power.
    There is a mob of weird humanoid creatures stalking the ship, killing and eating any other living thing within sight.

    The creatures are the crew.
    Also the guy who woke up with them was a figment of the characters' minds created by the mental trauma of causing its crew to suffer in such a way.

    Oh yeah and the ship was underwater the whole time it had already landed.

    Try out these OP.
    >> Guybrarian 03/29/12(Thu)03:47 No.18498850
         File: 1333007275.jpg-(81 KB, 230x237, starbuck2.jpg)
    81 KB

    I keep it on for the Flames of War threads. No need to be hating.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:49 No.18498864
    rolled 10, 1, 2, 9, 7, 2, 1 = 32

    I search for the nearest relseeving room and I then take my chances as an infomorph. I'll spam alpha forks of myself throught the ships computer system and attempt to take control. Though my memory is a bit sluggish right now, I know I'm really good at info sec and have some training in ship mesh systems....

    Roll to see what happens...
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:51 No.18498891
         File: 1333007515.jpg-(82 KB, 917x900, 1318821277765.jpg)
    82 KB
    Just play some Space Station 13
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)03:52 No.18498893

    If one of the crew has a science background, great. Otherwise, have an NPC or three and include a scientist.

    >Crew trying to find their way out of the tesseract. People going missing etc. Shit very gradually but noticeably changes each time they enter a room, giving a sense of urgency. A small number of human-like abominations, each unique, stalk them through the ship.

    >Come across the logs of various crew members, including the scientist. He talks about a set of experiments on the nature of the universe, and how close he is to unravelling the secrets of spacetime.

    >He gradually becomes more and more psychotic and obsessed in the logs. The NPC/Player of course has no recollection of these events and will probably insist they are innocent. The crew remembers the player as a normal, well adjusted individual: noone feels like they have amnesia.

    >The scientist murders one of the other players on log, even though the player is standing there watching the log, quite obviously alive .

    And the reveal is of course:

    >The players discover the 'duplicate' sleep bay, to realise THEY are the duplicates formed via the corruption of reality.

    >The monsters they face are the original, now corrupted versions of the players who could not escape before the reality dysfunction reshaped them. It is what they become unless they escape... but how?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:04 No.18498973
    The ship is locked in a rapid orbit around the sun, time dilation meaning that centuries have passed since they went under and years on Earth are passing by in days for them, to make matters worse the solar system seems locked in a massive war with billions of casaulties passing by overnight (for the crew), and they have to figure out what caused it and how to end it before it destroys humanity altogether.
    [spoiler]And the ship is gaining speed, increasing time dilation further by the minute[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:06 No.18498993
    Also, /tg/ needs spoiler tags.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:11 No.18499011
    So it's like Dragon's Egg?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:11 No.18499015
    There are two things they can do. First, find the bridge, which is the only ship section located outside the tesseract. It can technically be accessed from any section inside the tesseract, but getting there is still absurdly difficult, and requires understanding some of the scientist's cryptic dialogue. From the bridge, the players can either escape in the emergency shuttle, or attempt to shut down the spacefold drive and collapse the tesseract, theoretically restoring the ship. Since the bridge is outside the tesseract, in theory, any corrupted matter there will survive the collapse.

    The other option is to shut down the spacefold drive manually. Since the engineering sections are part of the tesseract, there are many duplicates of the drive unit, most of them corrupted. Shutting down the original should collapse the tesseract, but messing with any of the corrupted duplicates will do strange and possibly horrible things. In theory, any corrupted matter at the center of the collapse, the original spacefold drive section, will survive the collapse.

    The players may benefit from finding an instance of the scientist that is more coherent, perhaps from a time earlier in his research.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:12 No.18499019

    Anyone know where I can pick up the Red Dwarf RPG?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:12 No.18499025
    >They wake up crash landed on Earth 65 million years ago in the Yucatan. Sensors show an asteroid will hit the Earth in 3 days.

    No John. You are the asteroid.
    And then John was the asteroid
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:24 No.18499092
    They awake to discover shapeshifting aliens have taken over the crew in order to take advantage of their pension plans after retirement.

    They awake to discover doppelgangers from another dimension have replaced the crew in order to accrue overtime pay.

    They awake dressed as women because the rest of the crew got bored of being there being only men on the ship.

    They awake inside a giant maze run by alien mice for psychological studies.

    They wake up in a television studio with James Lipton. Apparently, they've been the subject of a complex Truman show that's just recently gone off the air.

    They wake up in the Green room of an alien comedy club. They're on next and if they're not funny, they're eaten.

    They awake to the rest of the crew speaking in constant alliteration. The crew seems amazed the wakened players don't have to alliterate.

    They wake up with explosive collars on and are tasked with robbing a space-bank of all its space-bucks.

    They awaken to Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on the pod door. After they leave, they're never seen again.

    They wake up and everything is normal, except there are occasionally lion attacks on the ship.

    They wake up on an alien space ship, being interrogated on Earth Politics in preparation for an invasion.

    They awaken in a dugout, having been drafted by a long-lost baseball coach who is trying to save humanity by proving our worth in a baseball game against these inhuman monsters.

    They wake up on Earth, their spaceship having been drafted to fight Godzilla, who is attacking Tokyo again.

    They awaken, having completely lost the ability to read.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)04:55 No.18499280
    They awake to find their ship shrunk to an inch long inside a refrigerator.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)05:03 No.18499328

    Archived. Love it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)05:08 No.18499354
    >All human colonies have been wiped out by relativistic bombardment.
    Earth is a seething, boiling wasteland. Fusion fuel refineries on the Jovian moons have been reduced to rapidly expanding vapor. The Moon and Mars sport many vast new craters.
    Even tiny Ceres Station has fallen silent.
    They are the last humans alive in the universe.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)05:09 No.18499361
    >Event Horizon, the thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)05:23 No.18499418
    ...You're trying to make an alien species laugh, and your... Well, in fairness your second instinct... Is to tell a pun? That's not smart.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)05:34 No.18499448
    That will teach that alien scum not to understand mid 20th century humor!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)07:32 No.18499894
         File: 1333020750.jpg-(489 KB, 842x1089, 1285204700577[1].jpg)
    489 KB
    >- An airlock, that has been breached enough to suck all the air out but not enough to suck out anything else. Inside is the body of a woman in a space suit, with her helmet off. For some reason the womans head is always facing straight at the porthole to the rest of the ships, eyes wide open.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)07:38 No.18499921
    /tg/ ... better than /x/ since /x/ was murdered by /b/.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)07:39 No.18499925
    >The ship is perfectly fine
    >There is nothing wrong, except the computer waking them up early

    Let their own paranoia and fear tear them apart
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:11 No.18500390
    The all female crew wake up to find themselves captured by slavers.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:22 No.18500435
    The woman isn't part of the crew, and no ship has passed through that sector before
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:27 No.18500466

    They wake up
    >A clown is aboard the ship, he constantly pulls prank and evades captures.
    >Everyone has gastric ejections.
    >All the floors are impossibly slippery.
    >An AI has taken control of the ship, it seems friendly.
    >A mime attempts to help the crew rid themselves of the clown, he isn't much help.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:36 No.18500509
    They wake up and there has been an incident. The colony ship's environmental simulation decks have been flooded with radiation, mutating many of the plants and animals.
    Most of the unfrozen crew who survived fled into the sim decks to survive, and their descendants have mutated through generations of exposure to the radiation through their environment.
    The mutants have formed tribes and nations, and function at varying levels of technological understanding, with the larger tribes/nations tending to have better tech.
    The ship's AI is organising whatever of the robots it can access to keep the ship going, following the captain's last orders.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:38 No.18500519
         File: 1333028302.jpg-(25 KB, 362x259, space lincoln 4.jpg)
    25 KB
    Two Words: Space Lincoln.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:52 No.18500581
    Is that a single panel or from a full comic?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:52 No.18500582
    Something I've always had a particular fondness towards is that the crew have just been awoken from stasis/equivalent during an FTL(space magic drive) sequence by the ship because something is chasing them and is a day (or some other time period) away. It's been chasing them for some time.

    No matter what actions, what evasion, what damaging moves they make or speeds they accelerate to they cannot shake the pursuer, and it seems to be matching their course exactly. When it gets closer they start getting bombarded with garbled signals, screams etc.

    A few hours before it'll catch them they get their first visual and it's a horrible, mangled wreck open to the atmosphere that looks nastily familiar. After that it slams into them and depending on if you want to kill them or give them severe mind fucking they're either annihilated or nothing happens.

    That ship following them was themselves from the future (if destruction) or an echo from the possible future (if not) that was chasing them to rejoin and stop the universe tearing apart (or whatever you can think of.)
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)09:53 No.18500587
         File: 1333029214.jpg-(578 KB, 842x1090, 1285275252152.jpg)
    578 KB
    Admitely i didn't take the time to check each and every post to see if it was already posted, but OP might be interested in this


    The thread this picture comes from. >>18499894 One of my best night on /tg/ I unfortunately don't have the adress of the second archived thread but i guess you could find it easily by yourself.

    Two other great archived threads.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:00 No.18500621
    The Ship is infested
    >with weeping angels
    oh god damn the horror.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:06 No.18500651
         File: 1333030002.jpg-(157 KB, 640x432, Torog.jpg)
    157 KB
    Your ship is now the playing of He Who Crawls.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:12 No.18500681
         File: 1333030379.jpg-(96 KB, 450x443, smallworld_todd(1).jpg)
    96 KB
    >"It's a Small World" is playing on a constant loop throughout the entire ship and over the EVA suit radios
    >even cutting all of the power won't stop it
    >the ship AI's human hologram has been replaced by pic related
    >AI doesn't notice any of it
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:19 No.18500722
    mother of GOD. our boat got stuck for half an hour once and i wanted to kill myself before even then, i'd hate to think of how prolonged exposure would affect people. i honestly believe the story that staff working that ride have far shorter shifts than any other ride in the park to prevent them going crazy
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:19 No.18500726

    Make that into the Dead Space 2 sun
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:20 No.18500738
    The crew awakens from stasis to find the rest of the (albeit small) crew either missing or dead in gruesome ways. The chief engineer has been strangled to death. One of the more well-known general staff has had the back of her head smashed in with what looks to have been something improvised and blunt. Half-insane, often gibberish messages and smiley faces have been smeared onto the walls in blood.

    As it turns out, one of the crew members was a chem addict. Now that he's run out of his stash during your station's prolonged journey, he's regressed to his sober state. And his sober state is psychotic, murderous, and very hard to kill.

    To be fair, it was who all he was made out to motherfucking be all a motherfucking long.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:21 No.18500744
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:30 No.18500801
    Uh, it's a pretty common trope.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:33 No.18500810
    Lost: the game
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:37 No.18500834
    'WEIRD SHIT IN SPACE' ideas?

    I'm going to go with that old chestnut 'The Staring Woman'.

    One of the airlocks is busted, the interior without air or gravity. If you look through the window, you can see a woman's body in there, her helmet off, and a look of sad surprise on her face.

    As you look in, you notice that no matter your or her position, she's always staring right at you.

    If you want to go extra kooky, have her expression change slightly when you look away and back again. Or have her somehow appear outside more than one window.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:39 No.18500852
    Aaaand RIGHT AFTER I POST THIS, I see it's already been reference.

    Sorry everyone, I dun goofed.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:41 No.18500858
    Maybe so, but that is EXACTLY the sober!Gamzee sequence from Homestuck, minus the "waking up from cold sleep" part.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:41 No.18500862
    It turns out that space rats / space cockroaches / whatever managed to chew their way into some of the stasis pods, to get to the food inside.

    And because the pods are still on, the occupants didn't wake up.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:47 No.18500898
    Isn't that directly taken from Event Horizon?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:51 No.18500933
    They wake up to a strange sound...

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:53 No.18500942
    This motherly creature has seen the ship, thought the crew were injured or something, and has decided to care for them.

    Think Stephen King's Misery.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:56 No.18500953
    They wake up and see through the stasis that machine fight off cuthluluesque monstrosities who scream, while clawing, biting tearing the bots apart
    I love you!
    Why won't you love me?
    The rest fights them finally off.
    The machines are scared of flesh and put the players into cages and repair each other, keeping a close eye on any
    strange behaviour calling every biological life form Terrors.
    One machine looks like it broke down always pleading to make it stop, lying like an embryo on the floor.

    Try to find out what happened.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:57 No.18500959
    The ship is infested with the Mi-go, as it crash-landed on Pluto.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)10:58 No.18500961
    >crew is woken up by ship's AI
    >crew does routine check, everything's okay
    >doors randomly closing
    >lights going on and off
    >soul-tearing screeches from hallways nearby the crew
    >from the corners of their eyes they see things disappear
    >crew scours the entire ship, finds absolutely nothing
    >AI reveals it was bored and fucked with the crew for teh lulz
    >used projections, intercom and automated light systems
    >rest of the journey is uneventful
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:02 No.18500992
         File: 1333033354.jpg-(78 KB, 694x530, Q watching Firefly.jpg)
    78 KB
    While they were sleeping, Q thought it would be funny if the "BWOOOOO!!!" sound from the Alien and Prometheus trailers were playing over and over again at all times with no way to turn it off.

    >Your move, Picard.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:08 No.18501020
    They wake up from cryo and find:
    >The main reactor has been leaking the entire time and killed most of the crew
    >The onboard computers have gone silent, they dropped out of FTL, and the lifesupport systems are beginning to fail.

    The AI:
    >Has disappeared, no trace of their ever being one.
    >Has migrated into a human host to share the body
    >Is attempting to kill the crew but is locked out of the life support systems.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 03/29/12(Thu)11:09 No.18501037
    I had an idea once but I abandoned the project because I couldn't get it to feel right.

    It was basically a campaign that took the characters and put them on a colony ship. (lol original)

    Military provided security detail, and If they were from any other background, than they were hired to work on systems, or were just visiting for a day when shit hits the fan.

    There's this nice eden-like plan elsewhere in the galaxy that we've got eyes on. Some people believe its a hoax because (out of the colonies and companies in Sol) everyone's probes except Earth's lose signal after entering the system.

    >Or Earth government is actively destroying any other probes to keep the information a secret.

    Anyways ZOMG aliens warp in and its a desperate battle for Earth, and the colony ship bugs out with everyone aboard. Takes some hits on the way up, and some systems go offline. All bridge systems remain intact because their on their own local network, so the players are fine. They enter some kind of stasis pod (maybe because its a long journey, maybe because its the only safe way to FTL) and them bam, adventure time.

    Systems are fragged when they wake up, they've got 1 month to arrival, and normally their job is to wake everyone up.

    Only through investigation this humongous ship isn't a colony ship.

    Its a marine transport.

    (not sure where I wanted to go with it from there...)
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:11 No.18501046
    Crew winds up killing most of themselves/others before AI reveals it was bored.

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:21 No.18501105
    They wake up
    >and find deranged little notes and puzzles made out of body parts scattered around the ship.
    >Final Destination style deaths everywhere
    >The onboard AI has no security footage of it happening, just the first bit of footage, then a cut, and suddenly body parts strewn everywhere
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:39 No.18501226
         File: 1333035575.jpg-(153 KB, 1024x768, powercargo2.jpg)
    153 KB
    i have one:

    they wake up from cold sleep because ship is falling into gravity well of gas giant and it doesn't have any fuel to break out of it. sounds pretty horrifying to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:45 No.18501270
         File: 1333035949.jpg-(120 KB, 1200x820, lighthugger.jpg)
    120 KB
    My group played for a long time multiple sci-fi campains in the Revelation Space universe, a hard-SF setting from the author Alastair Reynolds (the wikipedia pages about the setting, races and technologies are quite extensive and will give you a good idea of it).

    For a week-end, as most of us were not the usual players, we departed from our usual crewmembers and our beloved spaceship and created new characters.

    Our group of Ultranaut crewmembers woke up from reefersleep by the emergency procedures of the lighhugger, finding it badly damaged, conjoiner drives at full thrust, and as we discovered later, still travelling at near lightspeed towards galactic south. It appeared that the ship internals were totally twisted into disturbing forms (most of the technologies are based on nanotech), plus the experience of quite disturbing local space-time abnormalities, the quasi-IA systems trying quite evidently to get us killed, while we were seeing ourselves loosing our sanity and hallucinating quite badly.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)11:46 No.18501273

    We were quite convinced at that point that our GM while starting an usual Rev Space game was actually making us play some Cthulhu in space, as the Revelation Space setting is not really suited for supernatural stuff a la Event Horizon. It was a really enjoyable game in all aspect, but we have the wonderful pleasure at the end to discover that everything we lived was 100% understandable in the setting of RevSpace: our lighthugger during its travel between two distant solar systems, (transporting three hundred thousands sleeping passengers) encountered a unknown fast-moving Lacailles Shroud, a sphere of warped space-time protecting a volume of space were a million year old civilisation was hidding from the galactic bogeymen. Not only quite ruining our ship when we skimmed its surface, and provoking the multiple time-space fuck ups we had to deal with, embedded into the shroud were semi sentient IA systems (quite badly damaged themselves because of the way our ship almost avoided the surface of the shroud) which uncompletely downloaded into our corrupted informatic systems AND into our own internal implants while we were in cryosleep, turning the ship against us and provoking our mental instability.

    In the end we never managed to repair the engines, and our ship is still accelerating out of the galaxy, our half-insane crew trying desesperately to steer the damn ship while ensuring the security of our passengers. The distress signals we sent were picked up years later by many ships and stations -turning our story into a terryfying legend-, including the members of our usual spaceship, putting us on the tracks of our next story arc (centered for a large part around that travelling Lacailles Shroud and its inhabitants).
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:06 No.18501416

    >Revelation Space universe
    >Getting chopped in pieces by the Blood Spire
    >Mindfucked by the Pattern Jugglers
    >Insane messages from the future
    >turned into psychotic monstruosities by neural and body modifications
    >Dwarfed by the power of almost every other civilisation of the galaxy.

    Now i want to play in it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:26 No.18501570
    >they wake up from cold sleep and find out they are slightly brain damaged, cryostasis developed a failure
    >ship's on autopilot, makes short stops every time something is different from its outdated flight map for navigator to correct the course
    >1 hour for R&R, then go back to stasis or freeze to death thanks to fuel conservation
    >no FTL, no civilization for megaparsecs
    >navigator estimates dozens of stops needed before any help is possible
    >lately he's been staring at the charts and scratching his head
    what do?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:37 No.18501623
         File: 1333039026.gif-(57 KB, 868x477, 1331404548023.gif)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:42 No.18501669
    They wake up covered in blood, and the rest of the crew have been butchered. They assume they had a lucky escape; whatever killed everyone must have thought they were dead and left them alone.

    When they check the ship's logs, they find nothing of note, except that yesterday the Cold Sleep pods lost power for a period of about an hour. Usually this would have caused them to wake up, but none of them recall doing so.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:46 No.18501704
    The weird guy molested them in their sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:48 No.18501724
    They wake from cold sleep and find they are in a complete lack of a dangerous situation. They are on their way to a beautiful utopian planet, and it's filled with beautiful scantily clad women that want to attend to their every need, physical, nutritional, or sexual. They also get free iPads!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:50 No.18501739
    >The crew wake up from cryosleep
    >They are fans of Revelation Space series
    >They must first experience the mild disappointment of Redemption Ark, and then the utter shittiness of Absolution Gap.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:53 No.18501754
    >crew wake up
    >they have all been genetically altered inside the tubes
    >they are now all busty space prostitutes
    >they're on their way to a brothel planet
    >what do
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:57 No.18501782

    Above poster here.
    Though i agree that the utterly boring Vasko and the last third of Absolution Gap (lol nestbuilders out of nowhere!) are quite upsetting, what are your griefs against Redemption Ark? I absolutely loved it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)12:59 No.18501797
    Service robots want to murder them.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)13:03 No.18501828
    More like
    >Crew wake up
    >Fans of revelation space series
    >They've preordered a dozen copies of terminal world each
    >It is all they have to read until they exit the warp.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)14:33 No.18502359
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)14:59 No.18502551
    >Not everyone has been woken up.
    >No meaningful differences between who was woken up and those who weren't
    >When trying to wake up others, find out that there is some unknown non-technical reason that they can't
    >reason is not because of lack of power/resources but not entirely random, and the people who are still asleep could have been woken up instead of them.

    Existential crisis? Existential crisis.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)15:01 No.18502568
    Isn't that one of the endings of the star ocean games?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)15:20 No.18502699
    Haven never played any of the star ocean games, I couldn't tell you.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)15:34 No.18502780
    >wake up from cryo
    >guy walks up to them while they're groggy
    >there's a bright hypnotic light
    >the man smiles and waves
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)15:40 No.18502820
    Turn the idea on its head.

    You're a member of a benevolent alien race. Your ship discovers a badly damaged Terran ship, adrift in space.

    You repair the craft and take some of the humans who have been injured onto your ship. The rest you leave in suspended animation until the ship is ready to travel on its own steam...

    Slight snag: The humans awake from stasis early, think you're a monster and start shooting. Cosmic diplomatic incident ensues...
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)15:55 No.18502936
    > wake up
    > half the other pods are smashed and the inhabitants are dead inside
    > security footage shows the dead crew all going about their daily routines
    > Player characters are never seen on said footage

    > wake up
    > everything seems normal
    > all doors lead to a different area
    > trying the same door twice takes you somewhere completely different
    > tracking always shows crew as still sealed in the pods

    > wake up
    > everything seems normal
    > ship records indicate that all crew left the ship at last port and never came back
    > records indicate the ship crashed and no passengers or crew were found in the wreckage
    >> Why 03/29/12(Thu)16:03 No.18502996
    I remember I saw a film about this kind of shit, can't remember what it was called though.

    It was some dofuses waking up from extended cold sleep to discover there was no power online, no crew there to give them the usual relief debriefing, so they break out of their start area to go explore the rest of the ship, only to discover it has been infested with bizzare people eating monsters, oh and the reactor is about to self destruct from lack of maintanance. So they poddle around getting their way there, eventually it all works out in the end, with some stupid twists.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)16:06 No.18503016
    >characters wake up and head off to their assigned stations, everybody feels sore but they just think it's from the cryo-bays
    >when they meet for dinner at the end of the day cycle, they realize their bodies are covered with stitches, further examination reveals that their bodies have been assembled from a random assortment of parts, no two DNA strands match
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 03/29/12(Thu)16:08 No.18503027

    Sounds like Pandorum.

    But the thing there was the ship already crashed on their destination and they woke up a thousand years late.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)17:03 No.18503499
    OP, you should check out a film called Pandorum. It's pretty much everything you're looking for.
    >> 13926118 03/29/12(Thu)17:11 No.18503572
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)17:15 No.18503620
    They wake up on the set of a game show. Alex Trebek is hosting.

    They wake up inside the psyche of another crewmember. Very disturbing.

    They wake up and win the 1,000,000th person successfully revived award.

    They wake up, crash landed in London circa 1888 and have to solve a string a grisly murders.

    They wake up and nobody can find a full pair of socks, they're all mismatched pairs.

    They wake up as the ship is under attack by a resurrected Space-Pirate Blackbeard.

    They wake up and every crew member has a parrot on their shoulder that does their talking for them. No explanation given.

    They wake up with the ship trapped in the La Brea Tar Pits.

    They wake up to find the ship has a new first officer: Rasputin.

    They wake up with the ship under red alert. A cosmic entity forces its way onto the ship and asks for directions to Pluto.

    They wake up in 1970's Chicago and are teamed up with a straight laced, by the books police officer. They fight crime.

    They wake up and discover God lying dead on the floor and they've crashed into the Vatican. The Pope is asking for an explanation.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)17:16 No.18503630
    They wake up and are told that they weren't really in cryo-sleep, they just have extreme narcolepsy. They are now 60 years older.

    They wake up and are told they were sent on this expedition in order to get them out of the way for a hitman to take out their families. Cue rampage of revenge.

    They wake up as penguins in the antarctic. The rest of the game is acquiring fish and avoiding seals.

    They wake up and discover they are made of wax. The game is a combination of not letting anyone else find out and keeping the thermostat low.

    They wake up in Wyoming and have to find something to do before they die of boredom.

    They wake up strapped down on a table with a crazed looking doctor standing over them, who is explaining quite calmly that nobody really NEEDS internal organs.

    They wake up inside a time traveling DeLorean.

    They wake up to find their ship crashed into the USS Enterprise, killing all aboard.

    They wake up and discover faster than light travel has been developed, making their journey entirely unnecessary.

    They wake up and mariachi music is blaring over the loudspeakers. When asked why, crewmen will only shudder and say "It keeps the clowns away."

    They wake up in 1963 and are recruited by JFK to help him fake his death.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)17:37 No.18503802
    >The ship's all scrambled, rooms rearranged and not respecting personal space. An engine has found its way into the hydroponics garden (And is still running, and could vent hull-perforating exhaust at any moment). Limbs are sticking out of the walls. The entrance to the bridge is now at the bottom of a pool of radioactive coolant (And the bridge itself isn't even on the ship, dun dun dun).
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)17:38 No.18503819
         File: 1333057128.jpg-(60 KB, 500x400, Gerty.jpg)
    60 KB
    >The party wakes up from cold sleep and find [INSERT ANY IDEA MENTIONED IN THIS THREAD], except, when they wake up they are greeted by pic related who even after the crew noticing that something is wrong claims that everything is fine and acts like nothing happened.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)17:44 No.18503878
    >with spatial anomalies that warp and twist the area around them

    "This is the way it is with the Zone: if you come back with swag–it’s a miracle; if you come back alive–it’s a success; if the patrol bullets miss you–it’s a stroke of luck. And as for anything else –that’s fate."
    >> Myrmidon 03/29/12(Thu)18:42 No.18504508
    rolled 14 = 14

    > They wake up and discover faster than light travel has been developed, making their journey entirely unnecessary.

    I like this but I'd give it a twist...

    Crew wakes up from Stasis to find colony ship showing signs of deterioration and extreme age. Investigation shows that vast numbers of the stasis pods are empty while others have failed and contain withered human husks. Inventory of ship supplies finds them critically low. If crew can successfully access dying bridge consoles, records revel that there was a critical engine and equipment failure thousands of years ago. (Ship passed to close to a star during solar flare activity.) Ships AI revived group after group after group of crew members over the years / centuries in a futile effort to repair engines. AI would have expended the entire crew were in not for an efforts of one crewmen who hacked the AI and stopped the revivals. In many cases the revived members were unable to return to stasis and died of old age (all the while consuming supplies). Net result is a ship that's little more than a flying metal coffin on its last legs.

    But there is good news - some of the shuttles / landers / escape pods still work, and the ship is only mere days away from the verdant new world the crew was originally meant to colonize. Now all they have to do is survive long enough to land on the planet. (Make the PCs sweet!)
    >> Myrmidon 03/29/12(Thu)18:43 No.18504514
    rolled 16 = 16

    Once the colony ship arrives in orbit, the decrepit ships sensors indicate that the ship is indeed in the right place, but there are 'anomalies' on the planet surface. (Ships sensors are old and busted and thus unable to refine the data for more accurate results.)

    When the players land on the surface (if the failing ship hasn't killed them first...) what they find is far from a verdant ecosystem. Much of the world has mild to heavy radiation levels and there the obvious signs of some long gone civilization littering the landscape. (Play this up for - ohhh Aliens! and then let the PCs slowly determine that the ruins are actually human in origin.) Long story short, humanity forgot about their long lost colonists, developed FTL, colonized the planet in question and then died off (here only, or everywhere in the galaxy per GM Fiat). Hostile environment, feral human mutants, radioactive zombies, and of course good old starvation and exposure can all kill unwary PCs.

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    What's that captcha? 'AIforms and Firaini' Hmmm, Firaini sounds like a great planet or system name...
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)19:13 No.18504795
    Oh god that's great.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)19:18 No.18504855
         File: 1333063122.png-(634 KB, 745x562, 1291641621849.png)
    634 KB

    ...You're goddamn sadist, aren't you?

    Still it's so fucked up, I like it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)19:35 No.18505032

    I'm using this for a 100AF Eclipse Phase game. But instead of a FTL, Transhumanity--still transhuman in the Inner system while true posthumans life on some exoplanets--has managed to position captured Pandora gates in a straight line within deep space toward the nearest star.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)19:37 No.18505050
    They wake up, to find the ship in quite a bad shape. But, most of the vital facilities are working, seemingly cobbled together with welding, duct tape and crocodile clips. Writing on post-it notes, bits of paper and sometimes the walls gives them instructions on how to operate things, what has been cannibalised. The notes are written in first person, but seem to address the player's situation at whatever moment. They are written in chalk, in dried tea or in felt tip or biro.

    The computer does not detect any other life forms since you were in cryo-sleep. You have apparently only been asleep for the recommended 2 years, although even more time seems to have passed. The players must journey below the ship, where the computer has lost it's influence, to fix it up and see to the engines, which seem to have stopped working along with the life support system, which apparently broke 5 months after they entered cryo-sleep. They should be dead, but air is still circulated and gravity is still on.

    The messages continue about 2 levels down, starting with "Hi again" on the wall opposite the hatch leading into the 3rd level. The messages soon become written in oil, are etched in the walls and, eventually, what appears to be blood. They also start addressing the players by name. Soon, what appear to be small encampments start appearing, providing them with food supplies and water. Empty bottles and cans indicate someone was here before them.

    What is going on?
    >> 008 03/29/12(Thu)19:53 No.18505186
    The ship
    >Has it's FTL jump drive mounted sideways, thus travels sideways through FTL.
    >The computer is filled with old out of date shareware/adware with nag screens
    >The Inertial Dampeners/lights occasionally shut off due to "Green Power Saver" features
    >All consoles require a key fob to access. Key fob eats through batteries like candy
    >Lights randomly surge and burn out their bulbs
    >All electronics and mechanical features have a 2 second delay
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)19:59 No.18505260
    No proper spider suggestions? For shame.

    They wake up and
    >the rest of the crew are killed by spiders
    >the rest of the crew are controlled by spiders
    > the rest of the crew are spiders
    >the engines have been disabled by spiders
    >the engines are spiders
    >spiders have eaten all the supplies
    >the ship is being contacted by another ship crewed by spiders
    >the other ship is made of spiders
    >they are spiders
    >the dead horse is spiders
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)20:04 No.18505298
    The lightbulbs are all "energy efficient". Read: a candle would be more effective at lighting a room.

    The ship's AI itself is shareware and nags for money every third question asked or order given.

    The elevators to different decks of the ship are coin-operated. And the stairs are miles out of the way, literally.
    >> Myrmidon 03/29/12(Thu)20:25 No.18505502
    rolled 35 = 35

    > ...You're goddamn sadist, aren't you? Still it's so fucked up, I like it.

    Honestly, what GM hasn't gotten their player's hopes up merely to Falcon-punch them when they're at their most vulnerable? :)

    Glad you like it - you'll have to post a follow-up and let us know how it plays out.

    >The computer is filled with old out of date shareware/adware with nag screens

    Holy Shit! And you guys think I'm sadistic? Heh, that's evil genius material right there!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)20:31 No.18505547
    bump for SPAAAAACE CRAZY
    >> Lich Ted, Master of Nothing 03/29/12(Thu)20:35 No.18505592
    rolled 3 = 3

    >Do they believe in a thing called love?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:25 No.18507278
    We got another 140 posts. Let's use 'em.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:36 No.18507379
    The crew wakes up, and finds that cabin pressure is incredibly low. The airlocks have been forced open, and any attempts to remotely close them have failed, and anyone who has attempted to manually close them was never seen again. With only a limited amount of oxygen and EVA gear left, the crew must secure safe zones and close the airlocks the ship runs out of air.
    >> teka 03/30/12(Fri)00:15 No.18507789
    I can see this almost like a mountain climbing movie.

    Working through a ship without artificial gravity, "climbing" down the sides of corridors against a rushing, freezing wind that tries to tear them away from any handhold.

    Sucking on supplemental air bottles or tugging a juryrigged EVA helmet over their face for gasps of air before handing it over to another crewmember. When they finally reach the yawning airlock someone has to make the final approach, hanging from a rope or tied-together lengths of cable, frostbitten and blacking out, all the way down to brush space itself and Hopefully press a button or operate an emegency crank to seal the door.

    Maybe everyone can take a second to adjust their "harness" and shiver in the still air before someone consults a wall schematic on a flicking panel and reluctantly announces the next location. The next door to seal in an attempt to bump the life-support systems back into a sustainable level before the entire system gives up the ghost.
    >> 008 03/30/12(Fri)01:52 No.18508794
    The Crew
    >Wake from cold sleep to find their stasis pods covered in advertisement stickers
    >All the rations implement a memetic effect into their heads, an advertisement for the food makers that lasts 5 hours consisting of the corporate jingle and flashes of colorful logos in their field of vision.
    >Are ordered by the AI to do "reality tv" like confession room visits twice a day.
    >Have camera drones and security cameras watching them at all times.
    >Discover that all the footage is being deleted as it's recorded nor is it being transmitted anywhere. It's all fake, but for what purpose?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:17 No.18509592
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:26 No.18509679
    Space is now cold like that. Also asteroids, comets, and meteorites are now interchangeable names for the same thing; moon rocks.

    The moon now gives of it's own light, and stars are now glowing pieces of rock with five points.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:28 No.18509700
    I ran a game where they woke up and the engine room had been busted into from the outside, and clawmarks were all over the damaged reactor.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:33 No.18509750
    You just broke my mind.

    This could very well be something we do in actual Reality TV, if Reality TV wasn't fake as fuck. You could pretend to do a show and purposely leak that none of the show is actually being recorded and the actual show is watching how they change their actions once they realize nobody is recording even though they are being recorded.

    Oh my god, "This season in Fake-House, we fill the house with self proclaimed conspiracy theorists. And here's the twist, we tell them that everyone in the house is a conspiracy theorist!"

    I'm going to stop, this can get freakishly meta.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:37 No.18509784
    I like it!
    Cpatcha barbarians ofenesfe
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:54 No.18509966
    >Crew wakes up from cold sleep
    >the active crew is completely missing
    >video logs show how people began disappearing; anyone who gets caught in complete darkness vanishes
    >series of audio diaries reveal how the ship began having light problems for no reason as people tried to avoid the dark
    >only a lone, hanging light keeps the Cold Sleep room lit
    >it starts flickering
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)09:11 No.18512025
         File: 1333113103.jpg-(112 KB, 806x1461, 1315339068530.jpg)
    112 KB
    the AI seems to be missing. It just... disappeared.
    Noone really knows why. All of its programs are online, but it's not responding.
    But every now and then speakers start playing Greenwich pips. At completely unrelated moments.

    They find a small encampment of mice down in the engineering. Most disturbing thing is they have small tents and a fireplace.

    Sensors indicate that part of ship's armour is now organic. AI tells them only that it "doesn't want to talk about it".
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)09:17 No.18512058
         File: 1333113431.jpg-(97 KB, 760x470, Atolla-wyvillei-deep-sea-007.jpg)
    97 KB
    The ship is submerged
    >They've crash-landed on an alien planet
    >Ship is deep underwater
    >No light visible through any "windows"
    >Few survived the impact
    >The ship is taking in water
    >The ship is broken in two
    >To access one side, one must spacesuit travel across ocean floor
    >Ocean is filled with aliens
    >said aliens are entering ship
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)09:24 No.18512102

    Change your bulbs then you lazy shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)12:08 No.18513241
         File: 1333123724.jpg-(117 KB, 810x543, 1309108050842.jpg)
    117 KB
    They are hailed by an another ship. Problem is, it's their own ship.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)13:58 No.18514122
         File: 1333130310.jpg-(405 KB, 1566x1175, tesseract_lutier2.jpg)
    405 KB

    This is my hand-drawn tesseract map, for Call of Cthulhu. Its really just so I know which way is which. All you need to do is assign each 'cube' to a room, or section of map (So many interlinked rooms corridors, and in each area, you need six seperate exits, it does not nessecarialy have to be cube-shaped. Two doors next to each other, one might be the 'up' door and one might be the 'down' door. Remember to map carefully.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:24 No.18514312
         File: 1333131897.jpg-(239 KB, 814x1050, tesseract 1.jpg)
    239 KB
    I actually have that. One second while I post all of 'em.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:26 No.18514326
         File: 1333131971.jpg-(297 KB, 817x1053, tesseract 2.jpg)
    297 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:27 No.18514333
         File: 1333132052.jpg-(240 KB, 824x1058, tesseract 3.jpg)
    240 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:28 No.18514338
         File: 1333132111.jpg-(248 KB, 814x1050, tesseract 4.jpg)
    248 KB

    Fun fact. I meant to spring this on my DH players a while back. But the game ended abruptly cause players stopped showing up. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:33 No.18514368
         File: 1333132402.jpg-(14 KB, 350x194, 350px-Burning_kharak.jpg)
    14 KB
    Crew wakes up.
    >No one's left.
    >Everything's gone.
    >Kharak is burning.
    >Kharak is being consumed by a firestorm.
    >The scaffold has been destroyed.
    >All orbital facilities destroyed.
    >Significant debris ring in low Kharak orbit.
    >Receiving no communications from anywhere in the system.
    >Not even drones.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:33 No.18514371
    Thank you bro. I had given up hope that someone would post those.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:37 No.18514394
    No worries. Always glad to help!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:41 No.18514411
    >not even drones

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:42 No.18514416
    I hope you did that on purpose.

    If so, 10/10
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:43 No.18514423
    Considering I recalled it all from memory from a game I haven't played in almost ten years....

    I'm surprised that's the only thing people pointed out. I was certain I got more wrong then that.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:44 No.18514425
         File: 1333133073.jpg-(163 KB, 1280x960, Kharak.jpg)
    163 KB

    >On the maintenance frequency
    >I'm getting a signal from the cryo-tray systems in orbit
    >One of them is suffering a massive malfunction
    >The cryo-trays are under attack
    >Defend Them
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:47 No.18514445
         File: 1333133225.jpg-(182 KB, 827x1169, Kharak Comic.jpg)
    182 KB
    brb, reinstalling.

    >dat feel when I still have the original disc
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:48 No.18514451
    That part was important

    And not that hard to remember
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)14:57 No.18514517
    Then next time YOU post it Mr. Flawless Memory.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)16:19 No.18515333
    I don't think I'd ever be able to pull something like that off with any grace, but may... may I read the whole thing?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)16:31 No.18515467
    I'll second this request. It sounds like you had an interesting set-up. I'd love to read the whole thing and hear how your players reacted.

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