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  • File: 1332862020.jpg-(43 KB, 475x500, Fatty.jpg)
    43 KB CHLAON QUEST Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)11:27 No.18476328  
    You are CHLAON THE CHARRED, Minor Imp of the Arcane Order. You have been wandering about a human city, advancing your plans and stealing souls in the name of your sire. You have also have managed to meet the Crown Prince, Karl. He has shared with you his hatred of demons, and has recruited you in helping him to hunt them down.

    But that's in the past.

    You have just recently stolen a soul from a man who could not pay off his debt. In exchange for paying it off, you have tricked him into giving it up unknowingly. You now possess a small kitten, which you for some reason asked for as the "Obvious" portion of your contract.

    The man has left, a smile on his face and a sack of silver coins in his palms.

    You stand in the middle of a street, currently appearing as a very average man in baggy pants and a vest, in the poorer district of town.


    (Sorry guys, for the delay. My computer sorta...died. I'm working off a temporary replacement, and will get one of my own very soon. Hopefully we can get this show back on the road.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)11:37 No.18476401
    First of three bumps.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)11:48 No.18476496
    Second of three bumps.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)11:57 No.18476567
    Did you usually run the quest at this time?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)11:57 No.18476573
    I usually start the quest in the mornings/early afternoons, EST time.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)11:59 No.18476590
    I'm busy with cramming my head full with number theory, but I'd be game on the weekends.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:02 No.18476620
    >Still butthurt about Con-Quest

    As am I.

    Well, what time would work best on weekends? I'm free most of the day on weekends, depending on what the kids want to do (Have to drive them to friends houses and whatnot).

    I normally run things on weekday mornings because I have the most free time then.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:04 No.18476630
    walk around town looking for opportunities
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:05 No.18476641
    I think 5 or 6 pm 4chan time tends to work best.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:09 No.18476673
    >Walk around town, looking for opportunities.

    You tuck the mewling kitten into your vest pocket, making a mental note to take care of it later.

    You wander about the streets of the city, keeping an ear to the ground and your eyes open to potential contracts.

    You hear a few rumors along the way...

    >Did you hear? They say the elves took an entire village this time! The king says he's got his wizard on it, but nothings happened.
    >They say someone's been digging up graves just outside the gates. They're posting guards now, I heard, to try and catch him. Do you think they'd be able to stop the bloke if he's a real necromancer?

    But enough rumors. You're searching for the poor, weak, and destitute. The most likely to give up their souls.

    The orphan girls, looking to be on the cusp of adolescence, are still begging for food and water just a few blocks from your summoners home.

    You hear a woman pleading with a man inside a fancy home, before she begins to scream in pain and fear.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:15 No.18476710
    >You hear a woman pleading with a man inside a fancy home, before she begins to scream in pain and fear.

    Investigate! Desperation is afoot.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:18 No.18476742

    You stop as you hear the woman begin to scream. It's...not like you want to be altruistic or anything. This is only for the soul, yeah.

    You look around the house. Eventually, you find a window and peer in. You see a young woman, thick-set and wearing a torn gown. She is lying on the ground, crying, as an older man with a thin mustache shouts at her, calling her a whore and a bitch. He begins rifling through the drawers as she lies weeping on the ground, and produces a small knife.


    >Shock/Darkness/Notice Me Not/Invisibility Spells
    >Boneless anatomy
    >Preternatural Reflexes
    >Mild Shapeshifting
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:28 No.18476816
    >she lies weeping on the ground, and produces a small knife.
    go invisible and help her kill the man. Hold him while she stabs him or something.

    Stay invisible and tell her that someone will find out about the murder and tell her that she will hang for this.
    unless she lets you(the disembodied voice) cover this up. All she has to do is sell your soul to you in exchange for freedom.
    Then, when he's dead
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:30 No.18476836
    >typos and bad sentence structure everywhere!
    Didn't have a whole lot of sleep lately, sorry about those
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:36 No.18476890
    >Help her kill the man

    Deciding quickly, you elect to help the woman. You become invisible, and pull the window up a crack. As the man turns at the noise, you slide in through the small opening. As you flop on to the ground, he starts barking about how he's going to kill the woman for what she did.

    He begins advancing, and you extend your leg, tripping him. The woman gets up off the ground as the man screams in frustration, and she begins trying to wrestle the knife from him. You hold his arms down as she does so, and she, with relative ease, wrests the knife from the mans hand, and throws it away. She runs outside, screaming for help.

    Damnation! You curse inwardly as the man gets up. He goes to pick up the knife.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:39 No.18476909
    Well, looks like this is a bust. Just kill him off and leave unless someone comes up with a better idea.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:48 No.18476988
    >Just kill him off

    You stand on your own two feet, and go over to the man. You trip him again as he rushes for the door, and begin kicking him in the ribs. He begins to mewl in pain, and he curls up in a ball. He drops the knife, and you begin kicking him in the face until he stops moving. Still invisible, you slide out through the window again. Though currently unseen, your shoes are now wet with blood, and there is a tooth embedded in the sole of your boot.

    You hear the woman return with guards, and you hear their gasps as they discover the scene of your crime.

    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)12:52 No.18477027
    kill him and eat him. A soul is a soul
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)12:52 No.18477034
    Bah company. Leave. That was pointless.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:54 No.18477052
    >Just Leave.

    You make haste and leave the scene of your crime. You are beginning to feel tired. You can't stay invisible forever, it's beginning to exhaust you.

    You are still coated in blood. The kitten is still in your vest pocket. It is still mewling.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)12:57 No.18477071
    Let the kitten like some of the blood off and we should find a place to wash off as well. Maybe steal some new clothes and ditch the ones we have.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:57 No.18477078
    find someplace to take cover and rest. And clean your clothes.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)12:58 No.18477084
    Go home, get a bath and feed the kitten.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)12:59 No.18477099
    >Steal some new clothes and wash off

    You find a fountain and wash the blood off yourself and the clothes. You then wander about until you find a clothesline, and steal something that looks like it fits, and switch into them. You are now wearing a nice jacket, a simple shirt, and nice pants.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)13:01 No.18477118
    Lets find something to feed the kitten something. Buy some fish I guess? As we wander the market keep an eye out for oppurtunities.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:02 No.18477131
    Drop the kitten off at that summoner guy's place so that it doesn't give away our position. Then rest for a while.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:05 No.18477162
    >Drop the kitten off and rest for a while.

    You walk back, now visible, to your Summoners home. Making a nest for the kitten out of Erics old clothes, you give it a bowl of milk warmed on the stove and take a nap.

    When you awaken, the sun is getting ready to set. Eric is in the room, petting the kitten. You can hear his mother cooking downstairs.

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:09 No.18477205
    Do we have any objectives other than devouring souls?
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)13:10 No.18477208
    Hmm what about our date? Been a while since this has been up so the details are a little fuzzy. If we don't have to go its time to wander the sewers again since I believe theres a curfew.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:10 No.18477210
    Oh man, in time for more tsundere adventures of Chlaon. Its like my wings are moving on their own.

    Ask Eric of any news he heard today.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:11 No.18477224
    You have not set any personal goals beyond DEVOUR ALL THE SOULS. You have, however, agreed to aid the prince in finding out demons and necromancers in the city.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:12 No.18477228
    You already had the date, and during the date, discovered that THE GILDED KNIGHT is Karl, the Crown Prince.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)13:13 No.18477242
    Souls, and keeping out of the local church's and governments clutches since both are fairly anti-demon.

    for anyone who hasn't seen the previous threads.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:15 No.18477257
    "Hey Eric, heard anything in the news?" You ask, as he holds the kitten in his lap, a smile on his face as he pets the tiny creature.

    "Oh, uhm...they said the elves took an entire village this time."

    "Is that all?"

    "Uhm...cloth prices are going up. And there's a big festival this Tyrsdagen."


    "In two days."
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:15 No.18477258
    Wait a minute, weren't we supposed to meet with the spymaster of Prince Karl? And give him the necromancy book? And get a new dress?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:15 No.18477264
    Well I've always wanted to try kitten soup.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:16 No.18477270
    >I forgot completely....

    This is why I need to take notes.
    And run things weekly.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)13:20 No.18477309
    Lets do that then. maybe he'll have soemthing for us to follow up on.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:22 No.18477332
    Change to Chell form. Meet spymaster. Give book. Get nice dress. Get more information about Prince Karl and the church. Snoop around. Hopefully we can more info on a necromancer or demonologist who isn't our summoner so we can deflect attention to them when we need to. Attend festival with prince. Have a good time.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:28 No.18477390
    >Go meet the spymaster.

    You suddenly remember that you need to deliver the altered demonic text to Karls spymaster. Retrieving it from Erics room, you take on the guise of Chell, the completely average woman who looks just like any other in this city.

    You go out to the center of the city once more, harassed by guards wondering what a woman in such poor clothing such as yourself could be doing there. It gets quite annoying.

    Eventually, after you frustratedly explain the situation, a guard decides to just take you to the castle himself.

    The guard is short, red-haired, and rather young, with the fuzzy growth of an almost-but-not-quite-beard on his chin. You are brought inside without much pomp or circumstance. Eventually you are brought to Karl, and he's wearing princely clothing for once, instead of his armor. By him is a thin man, who reminds you of a jackal, wearing dark leather and a mask that obscures his face.

    "Ah, Chell. I assume you brought the book? This is my spymaster, The Wizard Rorix. Once he's done reading the book, we can get your dress ready."

    You nod, and hand over the small book. The wizard flips through it offhandedly, and whispers in Karls ear.

    "Where did you find this book?" Rorix rasps.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:32 No.18477439
    In a wrecked caravan along the road. It appeared to have been attacked by trolls.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:37 No.18477486
    "In the wrecked remains of a wagon outside of the city. It appeared to have been attacked by trolls."

    He looks at you, and then the book.

    "That would explain the missing pages...But nevertheless, it must be investigated. I'll send my men out to retrieve the rest of the wagon."

    Karl beams. "Excellent! We're making progress on capturing the fiends who are spreading this filth about. But, let us get your dress ready. It will be important for the festival."

    "Why is that?"

    He looks at you. "I almost forgot to ask...would you accompany me at the Parade? The Prince cannot be seen alone, and the noble women father has selected...between you and me, they are self-obsessed strumpets."

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:41 No.18477533
    Um..I don't know if I should do this,but this is a chance of a lifetime, so yes, I would be honoured to accompany you to the festival
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)13:49 No.18477609
    "I would be honored to go to the festival with you."

    He smiles broadly. "Excellent! Now, let's get you a dress." The spymaster sighs as he leads you away. The both of you remain relatively silent as you wander the halls, until you come to a small room. A thin, regal looking woman and a handful of young girls sit around, looking bored. They seem to perk up as you and the Prince appear.

    "And this is the woman?" The regal looking one asks.

    "Yes indeed. Give her your best, Lucilda."

    Lucilda nods. Karl leaves the room, mumbling something about not wanting to see "Frills and lace" all over the place.

    Lucilda leads you to the center of the room, and begins taking your measurements, as the girls flutter about the room doing their work.

    It takes hours, but eventually, the work is completed. You didn't know just standing there could take so much effort, but it did. Lucilda tells you to do whatever you like, but to be back in an hour.

    You seem to have been left alone inside the castle.

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)13:51 No.18477628
    Glad to see this quest is back.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)13:54 No.18477661
    Lets try to find a library. I bet they will have all sorts of interesting books. Maybe even spell books we can look for. If the prince or someone else asks we can say honestly that magic is something we've always been interested in. Just you know not the demon summoning parts.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:55 No.18477676
    Just wait for now, make sure no priest randomly tries to stake you.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)13:57 No.18477691
    Or we do this, plus the watching out for priests or anything that can cast 'detect evil' along the way.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:07 No.18477790
    You wander the halls, looking for a library. It's rather surprising how few guards there are in the castle, as you don't encounter anyone in your searching, until you eventually find a room. It's filled to the brim with books and scrolls and tomes. You begin reading through, searching for something that can aid your magical growth.

    Let's see, treaty, treaty, tax report, treaty, crime reports, this all seems fairly normal. It seems that the "Royal Library" doesn't have much in the ways of magical tomes. There is, however, a locked door that is labelled "KEEP OUT".
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)14:09 No.18477802
    produce a skeleton key with our mouth-hands and try the door.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:11 No.18477819
    We can assume that the KEEP-OUT-ROOM of the ROYAL CASTLE in the ROYAL LIBRARY has at the very least adequate magical defenses for beings of both material as well as supernatural existence.

    I say we brutally break in and steal everything before slaughtering our way out, kidnapping the Prince along the way, falling in love and ascending to heaven with him.

    In that order.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:13 No.18477833
    I say do it in reverse order.
    Ascend to heaven with the prince, fall in love with him, kidnap him and slaughter our way out of heaven before stealing everything and brutally breaking in.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:14 No.18477849
    Hah, good one. But in all seriousness, what are y'all doing?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:16 No.18477870
    Anything in the crime reports that indicate the existence of any organised criminal groups?
    A guild of thieves if you will.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:18 No.18477887
    Find a way to sneak int he room with the KEEP OUT sign. Come on, our disguise is a spy for the church. Might as well use that to sate our curiousity
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:19 No.18477889
    The crime reports point to a few small gang of thieves, but nothing concrete about guilds or such large organizations. There are rumors, of course, but the reports say that investigations have gone no where.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:20 No.18477899
    Getting caught would be really bad. Lets go to the Royal cafeteria and stuff our face.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:20 No.18477900
    You consider different ways to get past the door.

    >Break it down
    >Slide under with boneless anatomy
    >Form a key from your mouth hands
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:22 No.18477912
    I agree that getting caught would be really bad, however I don't think we should give up on the library just yet.

    We may not have access to the really interesting bit, but I'm sure there is something we can glean from the bit we have available to us.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:26 No.18477956
    I suppose we can not try to find out just WHAT kind of magical defenses the door possesses?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:27 No.18477962
    Crazy idea, subvert a gang of thieves to target specific people and drive them to desperation and make them more susceptible to deals.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:27 No.18477963
    If you want to attempt to discern the magical defenses the door has, roll me a d20.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)14:27 No.18477967
    I still think they key is the best bet. We can say we wouldn't be an investigator if we weren't the curious sort. And the key is easily explained away as standard equipment.
    >> redaeth 03/27/12(Tue)14:28 No.18477975
    rolled 7 = 7

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:29 No.18477994
    You know guys, I was thinking and maybe the GILDED KNIGHT actually DOES know what we are, however he is so confident in his MANLY-GOODNESS that he thinks he can seduce and use us to get at our master, at which point the might of his moustache is unleashed to turn hell into heaven?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:30 No.18478012
    Can't we just eat the door?

    Try to let anyone explain THAT.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:31 No.18478016

    You see a faint glimmer play over the door, but you can't find out anything concrete. There might be something, but there might not be.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:33 No.18478037
    I think he suspects as well. Mainly as he saw through our 'Notice me Not' when we first met him.
    It all hinges on whether he was just unaffected by it, or whether he can notice people using that sort of ability. If it's the latter, then he knows. If it's the former, then he might not.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:33 No.18478038
    That would be a shitton of fiber.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:35 No.18478066
    I think the door is the trap. We don't have to interact with the door thus risking triggering the trap, since we can just use our bonelessness to go under the door.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:36 No.18478070
    Alright, that's it.

    Ignore the door, EAT OUR WAY THROUGH THE WALL BESIDE IT. Only Batman could have prepared for that.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:36 No.18478071
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:37 No.18478092
    Well wait, if the door's rigged to explode and we just eat the door, we can breathe fire right? That's how these things work, isn't it?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:38 No.18478097
    I say leave it, we'll likely have another opportunity later when we have had time to prepare.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:38 No.18478099
         File: 1332873485.jpg-(1.05 MB, 1920x1280, I DON'T EVEN.jpg)
    1.05 MB
    I second this.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:39 No.18478115
    NO, we cannot absorb things's abilities just by eating them, we can only do that to souls...
    Does the door have a soul?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:42 No.18478145
    Plagued by gluttonous indecision, you elect to...

    >Roll off to see what you do. I honestly can't stop laughing at this point, so we'll go with whatever wins.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:42 No.18478156
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:43 No.18478160
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:43 No.18478161
    rolled 10 = 10

    Skeleton key time!
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:44 No.18478177
    rolled 36, 97 = 133

    rolling 2d100, first number is for EATING THROUGH THE WALL

    Second is for checking if the door has a soul and if yes to eat it for DOOR-POWERS

    Whatever is higher has my final vote
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:46 No.18478201
    Converting to d20 for convenience and to bring it line with the other rolls.
    That would be 7 for eating the wall and 20 for checking if the door has a soul.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:46 No.18478209
    >We roll d20s round these parts...

    You elect to form a skeleton key. The mouth in your hand opens up, belching up a key. You try to jiggle it in the lock, but it doesn't work. In fact, the door seems to absorb the key, and the lock seals itself, becoming a blank metal surface.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:47 No.18478219
    Welp. That's likely set off a magical alarm, time to leave.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:48 No.18478232
    Time to leave. Let's check if our dress is ready.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:49 No.18478245
    Quickly check if there is any sort of alarm!

    >distance aymobat
    >indeed, captcha, we may have to distance ourselves via turning into a bat
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:53 No.18478286

    You decide to leave, thinking that the door probably set off a magical alarm of some sorts. You begin wandering the halls, checking to see if your dress is ready yet. You eventually, after an hour of wandering the labyrinthine halls, find the room again. You need to familiarize yourself with the castle, you think, as you open the door.

    The woman are lounging around, a finished dress in the center of the room. It is fancy, red, accentuated with themes of harvest and bounty, and ornamented simply.

    "Ah, you finally return to us. The dress is almost finished, we just need to do some test-fitting...do you have the time?"
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:54 No.18478300
    I can't recall, isn't our body scarred or marked in someway?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:55 No.18478304
    No, it is not.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)14:57 No.18478327
    Then, how much of our presence could that key we formed and tried to open the door with reveal if inspected by a seasoned magic user?

    Or better formulated, how much of US was in that key?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:58 No.18478335
    You produce things from your own flesh and energy. Any seasoned magic user could, if he was knowledgable in such clairvoyant magic, discern who made the key.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)14:58 No.18478346
    Would it inform them that we are a demon?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)14:59 No.18478366
    Possibly. It depends on the tests they do.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:01 No.18478389
    We need to get that key back.
    We could confess to the prince that we tried gaining access to the locked room and that it ate our skeleton.
    Apologize profusely and blame it on our inquisitive nature, one does not simply stop being an investigator, it's part of who we are after all.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:02 No.18478404
    >ate our skeleton
    ate our skeleton key
    Given the nature of what we are meant to be investigating, the last word is rather important here.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:03 No.18478421
    and this is why I wanted to eat the wall...

    Very well then, we must assume it is only a matter of time till we are discovered, take the dress, then quickly leave the castle and set ourselves on that search for the cult. We need to prove our worth and come up with results which we present if we are accosted by the Prince after which we 'admit' we tried to secure unallowed entrance just in order to be able to better...

    You know what, screw that, just take the dress, go to the prince and ask for forgiveness BEFORE we are accosted. He seems like the kind who appreciates the sinner seeking his own redemption. That redemption brought via setting extra-effort into investigating that cult.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:06 No.18478445
    If we play this right, we won't have to reveal we're a demon.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)15:06 No.18478447

    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:07 No.18478472
    Try on dress, then go find prince to confess losing our skeleton key to the voracious door.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:13 No.18478535
    Indeed, my good man


    I elect for us to admit ourselves to the Prince, and ONLY the prince, for ourselves to possess some minor magical ability that has its uses in our line of work -we had told him that we are a 'spy for the church' or something of that kind, yes?- which is also coupled with an inherent interest to improve our capability, also coupled with our inquisitive nature which, as we have proven earlier, brought him hard evidence and at least several steps closer to his own goal, for which indeed it had been our sole interest to gather more information, while forgetting that we are indeed not on unfriendly grounds in our eagerness to serve.

    In short, excuse ourselves to him on grounds of our willingness to work with and for him. For the Good of All.

    Also avoid looking at his moustache as it may rob us of our speech, if only for the moment.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:14 No.18478552
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:14 No.18478556
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)15:17 No.18478596
    You try on the dress, feeling nervous about what could happen to the key. The women poke and prod with needles and string as they adjust the dress to your frame. Eventually, they remove it, considering the job done, and allow you to leave wearing your old dress, the new being too fancy for casual wear.

    You search for the prince, asking around for his location. Eventually, you find him talking to the spymaster about the book. The spymaster Rorix turns to face you first, having heard you from a distance away.

    "Ah, Chell." He rasps, putting the evil tome down on a table.

    "We were just looking for you." The Prince says, his expression looking...worried?

    "You didn't go into the library, did you? The alarm went off not too long ago."

    >Erm, uh...action?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:19 No.18478628
    voting for >>18478596
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:20 No.18478640
    admit the attempted break in on account of curiosity/church spy not the demon part. ask if its possible to get key back
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:24 No.18478687
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)15:28 No.18478730
    "I did go into the library..." You admit.
    But before they even open their mouths, you raise your hands.

    "Because I'm interested in learning magic! There, I admit it."

    Karl raises an eyebrow. Rorix remains expressionless under his mask.

    "I'm a very, very, minor wizard. I barely know how to cast a spell, and I haven't been able to find a teacher...I was hoping that your library would have something I could teach myself off of. And, well...I'm a very curious person. When I saw the door, I just had to try and get in, do you understand?"

    Karl nods. The spymaster however, begins to laugh. It sounds almost like a barking cough, and he doubles over. The prince pats him on the back, trying to help, and eventually Rorix recovers from his fit.

    "Minor wizard? Minor wizard indeed, to make such a key. I've never seen anything like it! As soon as I extricated it from the lock, it melted in my hands, burning my gloves. I almost lost a finger to it. Clever indeed, to put such a trap into your creation..."

    He looks to the prince, and then to you.

    "You wouldn't perhaps...be interested in an apprenticeship? I may not know the fancier, flashier magic, but I know what works and what doesn't."

    Karl nods. "It's true! You won't find a better Seer in all the land."
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:30 No.18478766
    Well that turned out better than expected.
    Though if he is a seer, apprenticing to him could end up revealing our identity.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:30 No.18478767
    Gents, I dare say, everything went better than expected.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:30 No.18478768
    My vote is to humbly decline the offer. This reeks of a trap to me. What if agreeing to be his apprentice counts as some kind of binding contract forcing us to be his thrall, and he already knows what we are?

    On the other hand, the soul of a wizard would be something else... but just be careful here, we're playing with fire.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:32 No.18478784

    We are already a servant of the church, to accept tutelage from another would be a betrayal.
    Though we would not decline any small tips or help that could be given.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:32 No.18478794
    If he's a Seer, then it's only a matter of time before he sees through the disguise. But we can't turn down the offer outright as that would be rude.

    Say that we would like to but we have to finish our mission then get permission from our handlers in the Church before we can try it.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)15:35 No.18478823
    "Erm, I'd love to! But...I have to finish my current mission first, and then maybe I could ask for permission. I'm very busy."

    The spymaster remains quiet for a few seconds.

    "Well...alright. What is it that you need to do first? I'd very much hate to see such a talent go to waste..."
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:36 No.18478841

    We might be able to decline the offer on grounds of us trying to keep a 'low profile'...

    But honestly, I see no reason to, I say we go with the offer, but keep watch over any needles or anything with which he might attempt to remove blood or skin from us for him to examine, if he has any suspicions.

    And assume that he possesses suspicions we must, as he is indeed a seasoned user of the arcane arts it seems. It is likely that he seeks to confirm said suspicions, but will not tell the Prince of them until he knows more, if we accept the offer that is.

    However, if we decline, then it is possible that he will either tell the Prince to keep an eye on us on grounds of his suspicions, which he will certainly tell him or further investigate our claims of being a spy of the church.

    I vote we accept the offer and take care of ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:50 No.18478994
    Mission is to investigate suspicious books being brought to the city and find out who is behind them. She's done the first part. Now we need to look for the people who brought the book,
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:50 No.18478997
    Tell them that we have to do top secret spy stuff.

    Then we can go break into a different library.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/27/12(Tue)15:52 No.18479017
    Alright, I need to go pick up the kids now. I'll try and continue the game tomorrow night if the thread lasts that long.

    See you guys around and I hope you had fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)15:56 No.18479055
    Oh I certainly had fun, my good man, good day to you.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/27/12(Tue)15:59 No.18479097
    Game was fun op, i look forward to it tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/12(Tue)21:34 No.18482207
    quick bump

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