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  • File: 1331132532.jpg-(447 KB, 683x815, Pasuuna.jpg)
    447 KB Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)10:02 No.18240567  
    Hey guys, sorry for shitting out on you last friday with only 70 posts in and not at all a lot of stuff done. However, I do have a lot of free time today, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in both

    (A) Organizing some way for you guys to contact me and talk to each other outside of the threads
    (B) A make-up session of Monster Quest run over the next few hours.

    If anyone shows up and expresses interest in anything, I'll begin typing up an intro. In the meantime, threads are

    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)10:12 No.18240643
    The first of three, and only three, bumps.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)10:30 No.18240794
    Second of three bumps.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)10:40 No.18240893
    Right, final bump. Gonna delete the thread soon if there is no interest.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:42 No.18240918
    you still here?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)10:42 No.18240922
    Still here.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:43 No.18240925
    >(A) Organizing some way for you guys to contact me and talk to each other outside of the threads

    I have your skype, although I never use it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:46 No.18240954
    I'm sure more people will join soon. So start the quest!
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)10:50 No.18240981
    You are CHLAON THE CHARRED, minor imp and soul-thief Extraordinaire! You have recently run screaming like a little girl for your life after being pursued by a troll. Making it inside the city gates with a belly full of books thieved from an overturned cart, you were "Saved" by the one, the only, GILDED KNIGHT. He dispatched the troll with ease, and then brought you its head as a trophy.
    He's asking for your name and if you are still willing to come with him to dinner tonight.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:51 No.18241001
    Start the quest. I've been waiting for Chlaon's tsundere paladin crush and eating more souls.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:55 No.18241031
    I think we gave him the name last thread, right?

    "Umm, umm, no- Imeanyes- I mean I don't know-
    and then rush back to our room and barf up the books, clean them and see what they are about.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:57 No.18241049
    Stutter out your human name, Chell. Accept the dinner at the nearest inn or tavern (You have gluttony as a sin and you don't accept free food? WHAT IS THIS!?) and the troll head. Say we'll probably sell the head to whoever gives us a decent price for it, but we'll probably eat it after the dinner in private. And we're not doing this because its the gilded knight. It's free food and gluttony our sin. That's all. Not beacuse we gonna be close to the paladin.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)10:59 No.18241062
    we need to start plotting out escape plans
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)11:02 No.18241088
    "My n-name is um, Chell...yeah, Chell."

    He raises an eyebrow and his mustache bristles ever so slightly, almost imperceptible in its follicle movement.
    "And for Dinner?"

    You consider for a moment. Only a moment though.

    "Why, umm, uhm, just any old tavern will do!"

    He smiles broadly, and hands you the troll head, which you cradle in both arms.

    "Haha! I would not take a lady of such class to a mere TAVERN! Only the best for my flower of beauty. Meet me at the Riouxe, in the Pearl District. It would be my honor to show you a higher class of living."

    With that, he takes one of your hands, kissing the back of it, before leaving with a spring in his step, and humming a happy song. He barely seems to notice that he's dripping troll blood EVERYWHERE.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:04 No.18241104
    Go back to our room, barf up the books, clean them.

    Also, we need to have better clothers, I think. What are we wearing right now?
    And we can't wear the ones we stone as they are looking for a thief.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:04 No.18241105
    An amendment. Don't say we're gonna eat the troll head, just say you may be selling it.

    Also, when we are back in Hell, can we go to our domain? We got two new souls there and I'm curious on how is our domain like.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:09 No.18241141
    Find a private spot like the place in the sewers with that old man. There you can barf out the books and eat the troll head. Wonder if you can use Soul Eater on the head?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:13 No.18241161
    We have GOT to consult with our Sire on this.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)11:15 No.18241190
    You abscond back to your room, given many an odd look for both your mud-stained clothing and the massive troll head in your arms. Eventually you make it up to Erics room, and thankfully, neither him or his mother are there. On the table that you place the troll head on to give your weary arms some rest is a bowl full of sweet rolls, and a note with your name on it. Bringing the bowl upstairs with you, you try to figure out how to disgorge the books.

    You attempt first, to poke the back of your throat and initiate a demonic gag reflex. This fails. You then try a hand, then an arm, before realizing your lack of structure means you'll just have to stick your arm down and pull them out one by one. Most of them are slick with your various internal juices, but the ones in the middle are relatively safe. Cleaning them off with Erics clothes, you have a nice pile in front of you.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:20 No.18241228
    Let's prep our stories, just in case he uses the dinner to interrogate us.

    What were we doing out in the woods, for example?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)11:27 No.18241284
         File: 1331137639.jpg-(16 KB, 499x306, tommyleeReallyNow?.jpg)
    16 KB
    I dunno, looking for souls to eat?

    My advice: Be honest. It totally won't end horribly.
    At all.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:31 No.18241326
    Eat head, read book.
    We were hunting for food. Yes, hunting for woodland creatures to eat.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:32 No.18241334
    Might not want to eat the head. We should show some "respect" to this knight, and have it preserved. Put it on our mantle. Make him think we keep it as a little reminder of the first time we met our knight in gilded armor

    >Eyebrows, tonsear

    Well, captcha wants us to eat the eyebrows. Why not? We have never tried troll before.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)11:38 No.18241391
    You pick at the head, but eventually decide to leave it alone out of respect for the Knight.
    You mean...as an insult. Yes, as an insult to his...let's not even kid ourselves here, you don't even know how that work as an insult.

    You begin poring over the scrolls and tomes formerly located within your belly. On many, the ink has run and the parchment softened to uselessness by acids, a handful are still legible.

    You find a children's storybook about a very hungry insect of some sort that ate all of a farmers crops and was then stamped to death by a very angry boot.


    You also find a small tome wrapped in one of the parchment papers like a gift...You flip through it, and find it to be full of rituals for necromancy, demon summoning, demon binding...every form of black magic you know and then some! A note is on the back...

    "S, know you needed this for the "Party." Page 78 has what you're looking for.


    Flipping back through it, you discover the 78th page to be a demon-binding ritual...

    However, the night is coming. You'll need to meet the Gilded Knight soon.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:45 No.18241448
    Hide the black magic book, We can use that as a bribe to our summoner.

    For the dat--- meeting at the high class restaurant, borrow one of mom's better dresses to wear.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)11:49 No.18241491
    You consider for a moment that it might not be the best idea to show up for the date in a stolen dress. You consider stealing one of the Mothers dresses...

    You sneak into her room, looking around for dresses. Unfortunately, she's a rather...full-figured woman. You find yourself utterly lacking in the bust department to fill any of these dresses. Hell, any department is lacking.

    You do however, find a very old dress in the back of her closet that could almost fit. It's a faded shade of green, now almost olive. It's modest and rather nice in its simplicity.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)11:53 No.18241523
    Yes. Wear the dress, but take care of it. We don't want it to get dirty.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)11:59 No.18241582
    You WEAR THE DRESS! Sliding out of your old, mud-stained clothes, you toss them lazily into Erics room before putting on his mothers dress. That's never going to be creepy to him ever. No way no how.

    The sun is setting and you've got a head full of tsun, and a belly full of empty.

    Any actions before going on your date/information gathering mission?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:02 No.18241604
    Page 78 in the tome sounds like trouble.
    Rip it out just in case it contains something we wouldn't like Eric to learn.
    Or anyone for that matter.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:05 No.18241621
    You rip out the offending page and...stuff it in a pocket.

    You don't really know what to do with it.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:10 No.18241666
    Right, just gonna assume we can move forward without needing to do anything further. That ok, or do y'all want to do something real quick?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:11 No.18241675
    I don't think there's anything else for us to do.. Other than maybe take a small weapon with us, yes?
    It might be a trap.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:11 No.18241683
    Scout out the restaurant. Hopefully it has outdoor seating in case of a quick getaway.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:17 No.18241726
    You begin making your way to the restaurant. It takes quite a while to find the Pearl District, as most guards tell you quite frankly that someone like you has no business there. Even telling them that the Gilded Knight sent you doesn't have much effect other than making them laugh at you. No one seems to believe that he's invited you of all people there.

    You eventually just buy a map of the city with one of the silver coins, receiving some copper ones in exchange. The pearl district seems to be the innermost district, composed of a ring around the castle. Seems like your knight is taking you someplace fancy as fish eggs.

    You find the restaurant and do some "Scouting." It's a fancy establishment, built like a Castle Room. It's essentially a disconnected ball-room with some kitchens in rings around it, with the dance floor in the center and the tables in a ring around it.

    As you look around inside, a rather snooty looking servant stops you, and asks for your name and business. He is flanked by large, hulking men, who look quite...displeased.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:23 No.18241763
    "My name is Chell, and I have been invited to dinner with the Gilded Knight. Now if you don't mind..."
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:24 No.18241773

    "We are awaiting the gilded knight, who invited us to dine with him this evening."

    Wait for reaction.

    Since it is most likely doing to be more laughing, cross our arms, and stand our ground, smiling with a "Well, if you do not believe me, and send me on my merry way, I am SURE he would have a few choice words for both you, your friend, and your employer. Now, is your continued cushy job worth believing me, or do you feel the need to boot me onto the street and end up picking rags for a living?"
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:27 No.18241794
    "Um..um. Is the Gilded Knight here? He wanted to... take me out to dinner here. Oh no, is this the right place? This has to be, isnt it?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:30 No.18241819
    "I am Chell, and I am awaiting the Gilded Knight, who has invited us to enjoy a meal this evening."

    The servant gives a snicker, before pointing over to a table where you can see the Gilded Knight, sans armor, picking idly at a cut of meat.

    "Alright "Miss Chell", he's over there. But if he's not happy to see you, we're kicking you out. And I do mean kick, Bruno here has a mean leg." One of the thugs nods.

    You head over to the table and sit down, followed by the servant and the thugs.

    "Ah, Chell! What a pleasure to see you. Is that a new dress? I've never seen you in it before."

    The servant gulps nervously behind you as the Knight greets you.

    "They didn't give you any trouble now, did they? I realize now that I should have asked if you had any fancier dresses, but there wouldn't have been enough time for a fitting...maybe tomorrow? My treat."

    The servant stammers out behind you.

    "Ah, erm, y-yes My Prince, we'll just ah, fetch the food for you and your lady friend."

    He waves them off as they leave.

    "Nice fellow, but a bit too much of a stickler for doing the job exactly as the description states. Now, how have you been?"
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:32 No.18241830
    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait, PRINCE?!

    Ohhhh boy.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:33 No.18241839
         File: 1331141608.jpg-(106 KB, 600x316, Problem?.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:35 No.18241859

    "A new dress sounds lovely. Thank you."

    Give the servant a toothy grin.

    "Oh, not much since you were so kind as to save me. Did a little light reading, pondered what to do with the head. Really, a troll head? You have an odd way of courting, you know that? Most gals would be happy with some chocolates, some flowers."

    Look for something to nibble on.

    "Still, I will have to find some way to preserve it, a nice little momento for the day I was saved by a knight... No, PRINCE, in shining armor."
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:35 No.18241860
    "Splendid, really. And your generosity knows no bounds, does it? I feel, I suppose, now, that the reason you've never introduced yourself properly to is because I should have already known your name. I feel so silly... But could I be so bold as to ask for it?"
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)12:37 No.18241879
    Excellent, thought I had missed the quest or something.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:43 No.18241917
    "Why, your generosity knows no bounds. A new dress would be lovely, thank you."

    You give the servant a rather toothy grin as he scampers off.

    "I didn't do much since you saved me. Did some light reading, pondered what to do with a troll head...really, bit of an odd gift to give a girl, isn't it? Most I know would be happy with flowers or chocolate."

    He laughs a bit at that, and lets you continue.

    "Now, I know this sounds odd, but I'm guessing the reason that you never properly introduced yourself is because I'm supposed to already know who you are? Well, I'm rather new around these parts...I know this sounds silly to be asking now, but what's your name?"

    He smiles, and takes a sip of wine as you nibble on the disappointingly small fish brought by the servant.

    "My name is Karl Aasvolger Coetzee Vuster the Third. A bit of a handful, so just call me Karl, if you like. Oh, here comes the main course!"

    The servants bring over an entire TABLE that is set beside your own. It is festooned with pastries, meats, and...an entire roasted pig? The Knight must be going all out. You assume, at least. This might be normal for him.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)12:51 No.18241975
    Resist urge to inhale the entire table of food.

    But show we have a healthy appetite, not like some of those noble bimbos he has to deal with.

    Some table manners are in order. No grabbing anything by hand. They made cutlery for a reason.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)12:57 No.18242025
    You don't exactly show the finest decorum, but on the other hand, you don't just inhale the entire table, wood and all. You grab a knife and fork, incorrectly, as Karls corrections show you. What follows is an impromptu manners lesson as Karl shows you what order to eat the food in, how much to take, and how to eat it. You still end up feeling like a classless peasant, and feel a mild annoyance at being forced to take such...small bites. Damnit, you're SURE you could take the entire pig if there just wasn't anyone there to watch you unhinge your jaw!

    You still end up feeling, if not full, but sated. At the end of your meal, as you both pick at your desserts, the Knight asks you a question.

    "So, milady. I must wonder...you have a very, erm..."Healthy" appetite, you've never heard my name, you wander into the forests, alone, might I add, and no one I ask has ever heard of you. Your entrance to the city isn't even logged! We keep tabs on everyone in the palace, even the homeless. And yet...there's nothing on you. Whatsoever. Who are you, Miss Chell? Where do you come from?"
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)13:03 No.18242075


    We were out INVESTIGATING that cart. We're from the church on a SECRET MISSION, so secret that nobody can know about it. Show him the page as evidence of what you've started to uncover.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)13:06 No.18242087
    That's....a really good idea, anon.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)13:12 No.18242131
    "Well, erm, ah, you see..." You search your mind for an idea. Anything to convince him that you have a right to be on this plane.

    "Alright...I'll tell you the truth."

    An eyebrow is raised, and a mustache bristles.

    "You see...I'm on a mission. From the church, I was...investigating the cart. Not the cart itself I mean, but the contents. I found a very peculiar book, you see. Look, here's a page from it."

    You remove the offending, crumpled up piece of parchment with the demon binding ritual and hand it to him.

    He reads it, and his face darkens.

    "This is...completely illegal."

    The blood drains from your face.
    He looks at you curiously, before smiling.
    "Well, it's a good thing you've found this out. If you could just bring the book tomorrow at your fitting, we could set my top spymaster on the job! He's sure to find out whoever is summoning demons in my city. Well...technically, my fathers city. But one day, my city. You are aware that summoning demons is...an incredibly high offense, correct?"

    You nod.

    "Then you know that even having the knowledge of how to summon them is highly dangerous. Trolls can be dealt with by the guard but a demon...even the most minor of them can slowly but surely wear away at the morals of such a close-knit city such as this. I've pledged my life to hunting them down."

    He slams his fist on the table, an angry look on his face.

    "My reasons are my own, but surely...you will aid me. Will you not?"

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)13:15 No.18242146
    Absolutely. If only to hamstring him and get him beneath our heel at the right time.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)13:22 No.18242188
    Agree to aid him in rooting out demons. This is our territory after all, don't want anyone else muscling in.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)13:24 No.18242202
    This is better than we anticipated. Of course, we'll 'help' you.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)13:24 No.18242204
    You smile on the inside as you put on a face of shock and sadness.

    "Of course I'll help you. It's my duty, after all."

    His expression lightens, and eventually he smiles.

    "Thank you. This...means a lot to me."

    He looks around, and calls for the servants to take away the rest of the food and plates.

    "We can meet tomorrow at the castle. Here, take this, so they know to let you in."

    He removes a badge from his pocket, and hands it to you. It's a small, but elaborate little thing, red with gold trimmings in the shape of a roaring lion.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)13:28 No.18242229
    Of couse, I would love working with you!
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)13:33 No.18242263
    You accept the badge, putting it in the only pocket the dress has.

    "Of course, I'd love to work with you."

    He nods.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)13:41 No.18242304
    Dinner ends as he accepts your "Oath". He leaves with a wave, and you are left alone with an empty table and an increasingly annoyed set of servants. The night, however, is still young. There's much to do, and so little time to do it.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)13:41 No.18242309
    Lets go back to our summoner's place. We have to return the dress and rip out a few pages that we can use as a bribe for our summoner or to use ourselves. We then can give the torn up book to the spymaster.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)13:49 No.18242354
    You leave the establishment to the snooty huffs and puffs of the servants who, while afraid of the Princes displeasure, are not afraid of yours. You still are very much almost kicked out by Bruno. You smooth out your skirts and head back to the summoners home. It takes you a while to find your way out of the elaborate maze of the Pearl District.

    You make your way back to the house, and enter the front door. Erics mother is cooking something in a massive cauldron, and Eric himself is upstairs in his room. You make your way up, and find him prodding and poking the troll head, and chewing on the sweet rolls that you forgot to devour. The book is open, and he's reading it in between pokes.

    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:01 No.18242440

    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)14:04 No.18242466
    Make our presence known I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:05 No.18242483
    Change back to our old clothes and invisibly put back the dress, i guess.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:10 No.18242532
    You turn invisible for your next action, removing his mothers dress and replacing it in her closet, before putting on your old one. Then, you go back to his room and upon becoming visible, make your presence known.

    "Ahem? Exactly what are you doing, poking and prodding at my things?"

    He jumps up, turning around as the color drains from his face.

    "Oh oh umm I was just looking at things! Honest!"

    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)14:16 No.18242579
    Tale book, glare.
    Our loot, not his. That being said, we could possibly teach him things from them. Possibly.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:19 No.18242606
    Snatch a sweet roll out of his hand and eat it, then ask what he did today.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:27 No.18242688
    Well, we should tell him to be careful with his summoning acts.
    The prince is on a personal mission to eradicate anyone who dabbles in it.
    If he asks how you know it, don't answer.

    Also. We should adopt a different disguise.
    Maybe a male one.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:34 No.18242756
    You take the sweet roll from his hand and pop it in your mouth, as you take the book from the bed, snapping it shut in your hands.

    As you finish the sweet roll, you glare at him.

    "This is mine. Not yours. Now, what did you do today?"

    He thinks for a bit.
    "Well, me and Mom went out for lunch, picked up some cooking supplies and bread. Other than that...not much. Why?"

    "No matter. What you DO need to know, apprentice, is that you should probably...stop with the whole demon-summoning thing."


    "The Prince himself is on a personal mission to eradicate even the most minor of dabblers."

    "And how do you know that?"

    "It doesn't matter. Now...what to do with you..."

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:35 No.18242767
    Also, we pretended to be a part of the church. We know nothing about the "church". So I suggest we spend the entire day reading books and learning as much as possible just in case.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)14:37 No.18242782
    We could teach him something minor. Or read the books we acquired. Hell, combine the two if one is on theory.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:37 No.18242794
    Ask him for some clothing (his), something to wear in the city. We will adopt a new guise, completely different from the previous one. Take a male form with a face that doesn't even slightly resemble the last one. Apprentice here will tell us how believable the guise is (so that we don't hit uncanny valley)
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:44 No.18242853
    "Give me some of your clothes."
    He looks at you with a confused expression.
    "But...aren't you a woman?"
    "Give me some of your clothes, apprentice!"
    "Fine, fine."

    He grabs a vest and some baggy, maroon pants, and throws them to you.

    "These are my dads, so...do whatever you like."

    You turn invisible, and replace the dress with the clothes. Turning visible again, you stand in front of him, and begin fine-tuning your new appearance, to the apprentices shock and horror.

    What does the male you look like?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)14:46 No.18242873
    Troll sugestion? Him.
    Non troll suggestion, average build and whatever features are average for this region, we create generic forgettable person!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:47 No.18242881
    >What does the male you look like?


    Then ask apprentice how we look.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:48 No.18242885

    Also, our voice. Make sure we have male voice.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:50 No.18242906
    Still vaguely androgynous, and with hips curvier than normal for a man. Not especially effeminate, just more foppish than your typical bloke. Maybe a thin moustache which flips up at the ends and a strip of beard on your chin, musketeers style. Also, this is of paramount importance:
    LEARN AS MUCH FROM THOSE TOMES AS WE CAN. IF WE ARE GOING TO HAND THEM OVER TOMORROW, TRY TO GLEAN AS MUCH TONIGHT AS POSSIBLE. Also, we still have a soul saved up in our gut, right? I don't want to spend it now, just make sure that we've still got it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:51 No.18242914
    No no

    The whole idea is NOT to look anything similar to our old guise.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:51 No.18242915
    You turn yourself into a very, very forgettable man. Of average height and plain in face, you have simply put, no distinguishable features whatsoever. Your chest both flattens and pushes out, your hips shrink, and you are a man!

    The most forgettable man in existence.

    "So, how do I look?"

    "Like I'd forget you as soon as I turned away. You sure you don't want to put in maybe a barrel chest, or be taller, or maybe a beard? Something, at the very least? I'm not going to even notice you in the street."

    "That's the point, dear apprentice."

    Wow, it sounds weird to be a man. Your voice is all rough and deep and scraggly. Manlike.

    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:52 No.18242921
    You still have a soul in your gut, yes.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:53 No.18242930

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:53 No.18242931
    Start flipping through that tome, finding the specific parts that are beyond our current knowledge. Then study the shit out of those parts.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)14:55 No.18242941
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:57 No.18242964
    You study through the tome, ignoring the parts you already have knowledge of, and begin reading and re-reading and re-re-reading the parts you don't know anything about. The book mostly covers necromancy when not talking about summoning and binding demons. And while you don't have the opportunity to test it out, you do learn quite a bit about Theoretical Necromancy!

    Reanimate a fresh corpse under your control.
    Stop a corpse from rotting and make it seem like a living being.
    Drain the life of another with an extended touch and feed on it to heal yourself.

    The book is of no further use to you, as the majority of it is incredibly advanced magic. You can't make heads or tails of it!

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:58 No.18242972
    I wonder should we use the soul in our gut to increase our magic? I don't want invisibility or notice-me-not to fail in a church or cause us to reveal ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)14:58 No.18242975
    Is there a way for us to retain a copy? Or just a few select passages for future use?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)14:59 No.18242981
    Is the apprentice interested in necromancy? I'd so teach him the corpse preservation spell.
    Let's earn our keep.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)14:59 No.18242984
    You guys never did use the item creation power.

    Like, ever.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:00 No.18242993
    We don't need the other two as we eat corpses with soul eater. Deathtouch makes corpses.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:00 No.18242995
    >The book is of no further use to you, as the majority of it is incredibly advanced magic. You can't make heads or tails of it!

    Damn, that would have been useful!

    Maybe we can learn something that helps us understand these complex magical stuff?
    We might be able to gain more books on magic through the prince in the future. Could be useful.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:01 No.18243000
    I'd forgotten about that...
    Let's remember to make a forged gold coin every day, slowly gain money
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:02 No.18243012
    Oh, I thought we gained all of them.
    Gain deathtouch.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:02 No.18243013
    Cab we copy the entire book with it?

    If so, then do it!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:03 No.18243020
    We should probably steal a spell book soon so we can learn more spells and have something new to teach him that isn't about summoning demons.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:03 No.18243023
    I think we should use the item creation spell to make a copy of just the advanced pages of the book. If we are skilled enough to at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:04 No.18243028
    Good idea.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)15:04 No.18243030
    You gained all of them.

    You think for a moment, and open those tiny little mouths in your palms. Eventually, one of them coughs up a smaller, thicker copy of the hand-held tome, slick with demonic saliva. The apprentice reacts with a fair amount of disgust to the production, but no matter. You flip through it, and find it to be word-for-word accurate to the original, down to the ripped out demon-binding page.

    Also, gonna disappear in about an hour, be back as soon as possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:06 No.18243046
    Ask Eric to look after the copy of the book for us. But make sure he understands the consequences of his actions if he loses it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:07 No.18243057
    Find a good place to hide this counterfeit tome. And by good place, I just mean somewhere that nobody will randomly stumble across it. Like our apprentice's floor or something. That said, let's tear out any demonological pages that could be used against us. We want him educated, but we don't want to arm him against us. Say that he can read any of the pages we left in it at his leisure.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:07 No.18243064
    Teach the apprentice the corpse preservation If he is interested in necromancy
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:07 No.18243065
    And if someone finds out he has it.
    He'll probably be burned as a witch or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:07 No.18243066
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:08 No.18243075
    Make sure there isn't any information in the original tome dealing with identifying/finding demons. If there is, destroy those passages. We can't have this book used against us when we hand it over to Karl.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:09 No.18243079
    That works
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:09 No.18243080
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)15:13 No.18243119
    You look through both copies, tearing out offending pages. Primarily, pages on identifying, binding, summoning, or otherwise harmfully interacting with demons, before handing the copy to Eric.

    "Now, I want you to hold on to this. It's dangerous, so I want you to make sure not to let people know about it, or bring it around. Hide it as best you can, and I'll teach you more magic."

    He takes the small book and slides it into a pocket.


    You rip the offending pages into confetti, before placing the original away.

    "Read anything left in there as much as you like, but don't try anything out without my supervision."

    "Alright. I'm going to go to bed now, can you...leave? I...don't want to fall asleep with you here. Just saying."

    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:16 No.18243133
    'Awwww, don't you trust me?'
    Leave regardless and find somewhere to read up on the church we said we were from
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:16 No.18243139
    Oh my, this. We need to find out information about the church. Mostly the hierarchical side of it, not so much the theological side.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:18 No.18243156
    Well, we could go to the sewers. Find that old guy and hang with him.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)15:20 No.18243169
    "What, don't you trust me? Fine, I'll leave."

    You climb out the window and drop to the ground. It's the middle of the night, but you decide to go to investigate the hierarchy of the local Church.

    But where at?

    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:21 No.18243173
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:22 No.18243187
    Library. Also look for interesting stuff on demon mythology whilst there. And maybe a book on the prince and his ancestry etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:23 No.18243192
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:23 No.18243196
    Don't go asking for demon mythology. Too suspicious. Let's just focus on the church for now. We need a solid cover. We'll get Karl to tell us about his family.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:23 No.18243197
    oh and grab some money too (if we don't have it all on us all the time)
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:24 No.18243205
    Local church will give you the most information, but it's the riskiest.

    Library is medium risk, medium information.

    Hobos is low risk, crappy information.

    We need a lot of information if we are to seem as if we are working for the church. Local church it is then
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:26 No.18243219
    I think they'll be more likely to give you theological information than hierarchical stuff. We should focus on the library. The church's information would be useful if we wanted to learn more about the religion, not blend in as an agent.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:26 No.18243220
    Library would be best.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:27 No.18243226
    We don't know if holy ground or the likes harms us, let's leave the church alone for now
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:27 No.18243227
    I get the idea we'll burst into flames or our magic will be undone if we step into a church.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:27 No.18243231
    we shouldn't try the church at least till we are much more powerful
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)15:32 No.18243274
    You decide to visit the local repository of books available for rentals. The Royal Education Institute is the only one that the guards can remember. Displaying the princes badge, you are allowed in, but told to stay out of the "Restricted" section.

    Going over to the section on religion, you find mostly books detailing the heretical practices of the religions of other nations. Auto-Cannibalism, Baby-Stomping, etc. It doesn't seem to have even the slightest ring of truth, but that's what these people seem to believe. However, you do find a book on the hierarchy and practices of the LOCAL Church, which happens to be a Sun-Deity worshipping cult with a heavy emphasis on the Divine Mother as a fertility goddess who's husband created Humanity and rides the sun around the world as a flaming chariot.

    The hierarchy is fairly bog-standard, comprising of priests in every town, high-priests in every city, and a religious center located in the booneys where the highest ranking members shut themselves off to study the holy texts and occasionally send out religious orders and excommunications. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

    You also find a book of demonology, as in a text devised to the proper methods of hunting demons. It's mostly full of lies and misinformation, but the classification is quite sound. You even find a picture that sort of looks like you under the section for "Imp, Third Class." Apparently, demons are classified by humans under the categories of how many souls they've stolen, and what they do with the power given to them by the souls.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:35 No.18243289
    Go invisible, have a peek at what is in the restricted section.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:35 No.18243290
    How well protexted is the restricted section? We could invisibility pur way inside
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:35 No.18243297
    While no one is looking, srtike "third class" and write "TOTALLY AWESOME" over it.

    See what the restricted section is but don't enter it.

    Also ask if there are any other libraries in the town.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:36 No.18243304
    Invisibility and/or See Me Not. Also, based on the book, how many souls do we need to consume before we go up a class? That could be some modicum of useful information we could glean from the book.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:36 No.18243310
    Also, we are meant to be hunting demons, do the books have any marks identifying them as from the library? If not, copy the demon book and claim it is our own.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)15:43 No.18243374
    Reading the book, it says you'd need to fully absorb 2 more souls to go up a classification. And once you reach Imp 1st class, you would be technically called a "Djovikl" and be considered a threat worthy of burning the town instead of confronting directly.


    You strike out third class and write in "TOTALLY AWESOME" in the margins, and go invisible to peek in the restricted section. The restricted section doesn't seem to be anything too awful, just a collection of spell books barred from the general public. No death-magic, necromancy, secret histories, demon summoning or anything. Just...normal spell books.

    Which are apparently highly illegal to own.

    You become visible again in between stacks of books and go up to the librarian, a plump woman with thick glasses on her face and her hair tied back in a bun.

    "Excuse me, are there any other libraries?"

    She looks up at you after crossing out some words on a text she was reading.

    "Three that I know of in the Merchants Quarter, I believe."

    >Aaaaaaand with that I have to leave for now, see y'all around.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:44 No.18243376
    What are people thoughts on Karl btw?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:47 No.18243395
    That he's handsome, easily manipulated, and unquestionably powerful. He fancies us, we fancy him, but we're super-tsundere, saying we're just in it for the soul or to crush him or something. We're likely going to become seriously infatuated with him and it will create a huge source of drama, especially once we start to wonder whether or not being evil is worth it. In short, I think he's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:48 No.18243406
    >The restricted section doesn't seem to be anything too awful, just a collection of spell books barred from the general public. No death-magic, necromancy, secret histories, demon summoning or anything. Just...normal spell books.

    Oh. That's pretty damn useful.
    Look for couple of useful books and copy them them. Later we will study them somewhere more private.

    Well, bunch of people seem to like playing tsundere for him. While I'm not on the same boat, I fins it amusing.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:52 No.18243454
    I have no quams with taking his soul just so long as we don't burn him for eternity. I can't remember what we do with the souls, or even if we know what we do with them other than level up.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)15:52 No.18243456
    Easily manipulated, dangerous, likely tasty soul.
    Would be brilliant if we could tempt him to evil. That being said, using him to run off rivals is brilliant, and it will be hilarious when he finds out what we are, hopefully we are first class by then
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:54 No.18243471
    Meanwhile, we become enamored with him, become his lover while steering his blade, and start being wracked with crippling self-doubt about the whole situation. He's a great plot device.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)15:58 No.18243511
    We know enough about the Church stuff to talk our way out of that future conversation. I think we should explore the town and look for our next soul(s) maybe try to get two for the price of one.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)16:00 No.18243533
    Or just cackling at the whole situation. Depends what we run with.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:01 No.18243545
    >>Aaaaaaand with that I have to leave for now, see y'all around.

    Man, I'm glad I caught this thread before you decided to delete it. >>18240893 >>18240918

    Remember that most players are on a bit later in the day.
    That said, I hope you wont be gone for too long.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:06 No.18243577
    >not stealing the souls of hobos


    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:08 No.18243595
    Apparently they keep tabs on the homeless in this city. I actually kind of want us to become a vigilante. In the past we've been shown to be selfish and capricious, but not without a desire to make people happy. I think we should find organized crime figures, murder them, and eat them. Three birds (public opinion, doing good, eating souls), one stone. You know?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:08 No.18243596
    pssst, OP said that he will be ramping up the difficulty a while ago. If we go willy-nilly like in first few threads, we will be running into trouble very soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:16 No.18243666
    Yes. Yes. And freaking Yes. Vigilante sounds awesome!
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)16:17 No.18243674
    That's not a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:20 No.18243704
    Thanks. I came to the idea reflecting on our murder of the pimp and the fact that we've actually gone out of our way to help people and ease their worries regarding their souls. We're definitely not nice - in fact, we're definitely evil. We eat souls. In spite of that, it seems that we do good whenever it doesn't conflict with our own self interest - and especially when it aligns with it. In simpler terms, being a soul-eating vigilante seems ideal for a non-sadistic demon. Which is what we are. We're evil, but of a non-sadistic variety.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:26 No.18243769
    I wonder if we get more powerful from consuming bad souls. Or we grow in a different way.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:27 No.18243773
    So far it's mostly just been a matter of flavor. Evil/depressed souls don't taste as nice.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:34 No.18243825
    there was this one soul that shone brightly like sun
    I thought that one would give us some more power.

    I wonder what happened to that guy
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:34 No.18243835

    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)16:37 No.18243858
    She will know fear.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:38 No.18243865
    Show mercy people. She was poor and hungry, we should be angry at the people who made her family starve.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:40 No.18243877
    I just want muh soul.

    Though you gotta admit, that scene was hilarious.

    ...Oh, what about our hobo servant? We should tell him to stop looking for people who would want our services as not to attract attention to himself and us.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:41 No.18243886
    She didn't take our food. Remember? The kids were still starving the next day. She just made us drop it.
    He died of alcohol poisoning. That's how we got that soul.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:45 No.18243922
    >He died of alcohol poisoning. That's how we got that soul.

    No, there was some other guy, remember? Who was dying on the street, we promised to save him for his soul.

    >She didn't take our food. Remember? The kids were still starving the next day. She just made us drop it.
    Someone must have taken it. I wonder who? Didn't she call her husband or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:45 No.18243926
    We're evil. But no moar!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)16:55 No.18244016
    It's been an hour, hopefully OP should be back soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:18 No.18244199
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:21 No.18244220
    What's this "not being evil" hogwash
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:26 No.18244258
    I think we should still be evil, but we don't need to be puppy kicking over the top silly evil. We have long term plans, our only priority is our own advancement. But when we eat people's souls we try to comfort them a tad, tell them our realm is a pretty OK place, not heaven but you're not getting burned for eternity, we have no clue if we're lying or not.
    We're selfish but there is more mileage is being reasonable and workable with than being a complete walking prick.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:42 No.18244416
    The guy whose life we saved didn't have a noteworthy soul.
    Exactly. We're evil. We're just not sadists. We genuinely want people to be happy - as long as that doesn't get in the way of our own personal interests.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:48 No.18244470
    > We genuinely want people to be happy

    I don't see it that way. Or at least don't really want it to be that way.
    Sure, we aren't going to torture them for shit and giggles but I don't think we should spend time and effort to make it comfortable either. Just "here's your endless void of nothing, enjoy your stay". Neither awful nor pleasant.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:53 No.18244506
    Note that souls you've consumed can eventually be converted into fresh imps who are our bitches. It's seriously in our best interest to make sure those souls are as happy as possible. So, you can reflect on the selfish angle while I reflect on the altruistic angle. Aside from that, doing good things and being nice even as we take sounds is awesome PR. You cal also reflect on that selfish angle while I reflect on the altruistic one. Let's just agree on the means and methodology and leave the motivation up to personal interpretation.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:54 No.18244523
    But WE are a fresh imp and we don't remember anything from our previous life/afterlife... I think.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:00 No.18244574
         File: 1331161217.jpg-(11 KB, 430x240, weiner..jpg)
    11 KB
    I vow to make good mostly-non evil choices.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:01 No.18244582
    I vow to make evil choices when we can get away with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:02 No.18244607

    I would rather go for most practical approach
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:06 No.18244646
    I would like to go for a practical approach that, whenever possible, leaves people thinking that we're a good person or, at worst, not as a bad as we could have been.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:09 No.18244688
    You mean, like, fulfilling the intentions of contracts rather than twisting the wording? And not actively harming people unless we stand to specifically gain something? And helping people out whenever it doesn't inconvenience us? And getting souls in ways that leave people grateful rather than hateful?

    i.e. being evil the non-retarded, least-mean, but still evil way?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)18:10 No.18244701
    I'm ok with that, but just remember; we are not a celestial or even neutral aligned. We are evil, we are selfish. We are not altruistic or in any way benevolent.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:12 No.18244719
    Sounds about right.
    That we know of. We don't really know how the cosmology in this setting works or how it relates to Always Certain Alignments. Regardless, we can still be Nice Evil, rather than Cruel Evil. We're the friendly person who's rather helpful and stuff not because they like helping people but because they like it when people like them. They'll still throw someone under a bus to save themselves, but they end up appearing to society as good, if not being good in actuality.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:13 No.18244727
    Sorry for off-topic, but the text in OP's image reads:
    -Embarrassing things
    -Instruments out of tune at the beginning of concert
    -Car battery empty
    -Allergenic foods"

    What the hell?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:13 No.18244735
    Well yeah, who are you going to want to contract with. The puppy kicker who never fulfills the terms of the contract, twists everything around and has a giant trail of souls trying to drag him into the deeper pits of hell. Or the one who while evil fulfills contracts, tries to be polite about it and has a slew of satisfied customers. Being at least honorable about things is helpful towards our future success.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:14 No.18244743
    I think it was a doodle in the margines of some notes.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:15 No.18244761
    We have Enlightened Self Interest. We do Good, or at least nice-Evil, because we recognize that we stand the most to gain from it, and that there's no actual reason not to maximize the positive outcomes for other people too. We may be evil, but you wouldn't know it by talking to the people who know us. You know what I mean?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:23 No.18244832
    If we do good things, will that make our demon boss angry?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:25 No.18244849
    I got the impression from the conversation with the boss that they don't give a shit about good and evil. What they care about is acquisition of souls. As long as we keep the souls flowing, I don't think they give a flying fuck as to our methods. Furthermore, even if we didn't keep the souls flowing, I'm betting they still wouldn't care about good or evil, just about the efficiency and effectiveness of our methods.

    TL;DR: Our boss is less Satan, more CEO.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)18:37 No.18244962
    Sup guys, not sure if I'll be available for the rest of the night (Definitely will be able to get on tomorrow) but I'm working on a pic of Chlaon and Erik and will hopefully have it ready to scan tonight.

    Also, I plan on setting up an IRC channel or maybe a skype room for this. Preferably a skype room so I don't lose the logs/at least remember to check it on it every now and then.

    Sound good?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:39 No.18244971
    I'll be looking forward to the Chlaon and Erik picture. As for an IRC/Skype thing, do whatever you want. I'll just be waiting here in MQ for actual posts.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)18:43 No.18245029
    Sure, sounds good. Artwork is always awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:44 No.18245035
    If you use mIRC it saves logs. Just fyi
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:54 No.18245133
    do we post suggestions?
    If so then >>18243406

    make copies of useful spellbooks. One or two for now.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:22 No.18246019
    okay, has anyone archived this thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:20 No.18246471
    Its been archived.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)21:28 No.18246540
    Right, my changeling game died on me, so I'm available for the next hour and a half. Anyone still here?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:28 No.18246548
    I am. Ready to go, too.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:31 No.18246570
    Roll it, I'm here.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)21:32 No.18246575

    Where we last left off, you had been researching the Hierarchy of the Local Church, a Sun and Earth worshiping cult with a fairly bog-standard method of organization. After doing so, you discovered the presence of spell-books in the restricted section, and that there were at least three libraries other than the Royal Library.

    A rather chubby, tight-laced woman is looking down at you after giving you the information.

    "Would you like to check anything out?"

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:35 No.18246606
    "Not today, thanks."

    Then go check out the other libraries just to double-check our information.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:35 No.18246608
    It might be a tad odd to not get anything and we are in a man's shape currently so we may as well grab a standard trashy novel. Once we have our book visit the merchant quarter, they might have some more interesting books.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:36 No.18246613
    This isn't a modern library. I don't expect trashy novels are here. Most of these books are probably hand-printed, not even using a press.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)21:41 No.18246657
    "Not today, thanks."

    You take a trip down to the merchants quarter, and visit the three libraries she mentioned in turn, looking at all of their books on Religious Hierarchy and rules. Double-checking your facts, you eventually remove the falsehoods and strain out the truths, and you feel fairly knowledgeable, or at least, passably well-informed, on, if not scripture, but Church rules and regulations.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:42 No.18246666
    What time-ish is it now?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)21:43 No.18246672
    It is almost morning. The night grows old.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:44 No.18246684
    Eh, not like we need to sleep. Let's see if we can con another person into accidentally and unknowingly giving us their soul in exchange for sex. Ideally, suck the soul out of them during a moment when Chlaon's mouth is on their body for whatever natural reason.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:47 No.18246701
    How about we try to find out how much food is required to trigger the gluttony growth? We have a pouch full of silver coins, we could spend it all on food and just BINGE.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:48 No.18246703
    See if there are any starving orphans in the streets willing to barter their souls for a loaf of bread, or a single happy moment or some shit like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:50 No.18246724
    What are we, a common whore? Let's see if we can't find some other way to get the one other soul to bump us up, since we haven't digested the one we still have in our gut. Keep an eye out and an ear to the street and look for opportunities.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:55 No.18246755

    we should have copied couple of spelltomes!
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)21:55 No.18246756
    You wander the streets, keeping an eye and ear open for soul-thieving opportunities.

    You hear a man complain about how he's going to get his legs broken if he doesn't make his next payment for his house.

    You see two orphan girls begging for food at a corner.

    You see a man kicked out of his own home, frantically banging on the door and yelling at what you assume to be his wife to let him in.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:55 No.18246762
    No, we're a classy, expensive whore. Really, really expensive.
    There's time for that another day.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:56 No.18246768
    >You see two orphan girls begging for food at a corner.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:57 No.18246780
    We can make gold. Let's target the homeowner.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:58 No.18246787
    Well first lets talk to Mr. soon to be broken legs, offer to solve the problem. After we've talked to him and hopefully gotten a bargain lets see the little orphans, they're always a good opportunity, and just plain adorable at that.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:58 No.18246789
    Whatever we do, let's be fucking subtle about it. We can't risk someone fucking announcing up and down the streets that someone's trying to steal their soul. We have to play this very close to the chest.
    >> Taffer 03/07/12(Wed)21:58 No.18246791
    >Two orphan girls
    Two for one deal? Two for one deal
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:59 No.18246799
    ADDITION: Let's make him a "loan" that he can't possibly pay back, and that nets us his soul if he defaults on it or tries to cheat us. Don't make the consequences any clearer to him than they have to be though.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:59 No.18246802
    But... orphan... girls... probably sisters
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:01 No.18246824
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:02 No.18246838
    But even if we do that, we need to make sure that the actually moment of taking his soul is subtle enough that he doesn't notice. Can we eat a soul through our mouth-hands? If not, we'll need to stalk him and take it while he's asleep. Unfortunately, it will take him a while to default; if he needs to pay us back tonight, he'll never accept the deal.

    Here's my idea.

    "What would you give for me to make your money problems go away, no questions asked?"
    We put our hand to his chest, suck out his soul while spitting out gold coins. When we pull our hand away, it's full of gold. Hand it to him and leave.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:03 No.18246844
    Let's start with the Homeowner, he ought to be simple to deal with and his problem isn't that hard to fix. After that we can decide what to do with the Orphans, whether to use them to construct a spy network or take their souls or both. How adorable they are will influence our decision.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:03 No.18246854
    I don't wanna say it, but I'm against stealing souls in this city.
    For now at least.

    but I know I'm in minority
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:04 No.18246862
    The more adorable they are, the more likely we are to eat their souls.
    Let's go with this, but if it at any point starts going wrong, we cut and run. We don't risk exposure and we don't try to make it work if it's not working. Play it fucking safe.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:05 No.18246867
    Why don't we, y'know, just eat em?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:06 No.18246874
    Because then his disappearance will be noted by the town guard. Karl mentioned that they keep track of everyone in the city, even the homeless.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:07 No.18246886
    Which is most likely a gross exaggeration. Without powerful surveillance magic and/or a huge amount of dedicated spies and whatnot, how would they do it?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:08 No.18246903
    It's rather unsubtle, loud, messy, disappearing people in large numbers or over a short period of time is like a neon fucking sign that something weird is happening. Also dead people can't do us favors, pass on information and so on.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:08 No.18246904
    Of course it's an exaggeration, but a disappearance of someone like this will still draw suspicion, especially since they DO check for IDs at the gates.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:09 No.18246917
    Huh, didn't expect the quest again. Pleasant surprise.
    Two for one deal sounds good.
    Why? This is practically our teritory. Hence working with the prince, we can keep others out. It's a well stocked larder which we don't want to share.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:11 No.18246935
    Agreed. Start with the homeowner, use conjured gold, try to eat the soul quickly and subtly with mouth-hands. If at any point the tricky deal stops going smoothly, end it and leave.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:11 No.18246941
    You walk up first to the homeowner, steeling your heart against the cries of the orphans as they moan in pain and pull at your pants leg in desperation.

    Damn kids.

    You walk up to the homeowner as he sits on his stoop and grumbles about his payment related troubles.

    "Is something the matter?"

    He looks up at you. You are still an incredibly forgettable young man, and he raises an eyebrow.

    "Yeah, of course there is. But it's...a personal problem."

    You sit down on the stoop beside him.

    "Well, why don't you share your story? Take a load off your chest, maybe I can help."

    "Pffff, if you can come up with 20 silver coins before tomorrow evening, then maybe I'd tell you what happened."

    You remember that you still have quite a few silver coins in your purse...

    "Well, maybe I do."

    "Oh? And what do I have to give you in exchange for them? I don't have much else but my home and my cat. And I don't have food enough to keep her happy either."

    What CAN you do to help?

    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:14 No.18246972
    We can't straight up demand his soul. Any subtle ways if suggesting it?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:16 No.18246992
    How about we offer him the money in return for a favour at a later date?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:17 No.18247002
    "What would you give for it? Anything?"
    "Yeah, sure. Anything."
    "Hmmm... I accept."
    Give him the money. Give him a hug. Steal the soul during the hug by eating it from his back with your hand-mouth.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:18 No.18247009
    "I do have the money and I know people who could 'talk' to whoever you owe the money to, I'm not asking much for this just your story and your SOUL..." pause for a second and laugh like it was a joke
    " and your cat. I had a cat when I was a kid, nicest little thing. Helped me through a lot of hard times and the fact that you're trying to take care of it means a lot to me. I would hate to see an animal someone cares about starve. If you accept this offer, in the future if you meet someone in a situation like yours, try to lend them a helping hand like I did."

    When he weeps from the generosity hug him and steal his soul.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:24 No.18247067
    Tell him not to worry about collateral. If he comes up short, we're sure we'll find something to make up for it. But not anything like slavery or leg-breaking, that would be barbaric.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:25 No.18247073
    "Y'know what?"
    You put your hand on his back, to his mild annoyance.
    "I have to money, and I know people who can talk to whoever you owe the money to. Not asking much for this, just your story...and your SOUL."
    He gives you a confused look and pushes your arm off his back.
    You laugh, and he appears to take this as a poorly placed joke, laughing half-heartedly along with you.

    "And your cat. I had a cat when I was young, helped me through a lot of shit. You're trying to take care of it, and I respect that. Hey, if you get the money to take care of it, I'll even give it back t'ya. Sound good?"

    He looks at you, tears filling his eyes. He throws his arms around you and begins weeping about how he took out a loan to propose to a young woman he admired and loved. When she turned him down, his depression caused him to be fired from his work as a tailor. With only a ring and no methods to pay for it, he's been trying to do oddjobs around town for money, but hasn't been able to find good work as a tailor. He's skilled, but no one will take him on the word of his former employer.

    As he finishes his story, you hand him the pouch full of silver coins. As he slumps over your shoulder, sobbing with joy, you see a now familiar glow coming out of his back. You open the mouth in your hand and slyly swallow it down.

    As he finishes crying and his soul fills your gut, he stands up and goes to retrieve his cat. The small thing, in fact, tiny, mewling little kitten is in the palm of his hand as he passes it to you. It's mostly white with a brown tail and ears. It also can't be older then a few months.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:28 No.18247116
    Pet the adorable kitten, now we have a cute kitten which means the Orphan girls can't be distrustful of us. Talk to them, offer them some food and listen to them, after that we should have a pretty good idea of how much or little they're willing to sell their souls for. Also if we want to use them for other purposes than just soul eating, informants, maids, we could probably find something for them to do if we thought it useful.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:29 No.18247124
    Take the kitten, check its gender, cradle it with genuine affection because it doesn't have a soul we can steal. What two-soul upgrades are available now?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:29 No.18247128
    Let him keep the kitten, tell him thar was a joke. Why the hell do we want it anyway? A favour would be more valuable and was suggested earlier.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:31 No.18247150
    First he already will probably do any favor we probably want given how grateful he is, second he was having trouble feeding it and it gives him a chance to work himself up again thus giving us a tailor, who might work on important people in his pocket, and earning back the kitten is motivation, thirdly, it's fucking adorable and everybody trusts a man with a kitten.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:33 No.18247164
    Yeah, let's hear the upgrades available. Maybe a better Soul Thief? Something that doesn't require us to outright eat a dude?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:33 No.18247166
    ...I now before your logic
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:35 No.18247189
    You pet the kitten, cradling it in one of your mildly, but not noticably tan hands. It's female, as you can tell by the lack of oddly disturbing large cat balls.

    You place it in your front shirt pocket, and walk off into an alleyway to consider the changes to your body. The changes being...?

    >You have TWO SOULS in your gut. You can either choose any two upgrades I have previously mentioned as possible, OR you may name an upgrade and I will tell you if it's ok or not.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:39 No.18247232
    Some kind of upgrade to Soul Thief? Being able to take souls with sex/blood drinking/just inhaling it out of the air around a fresh corpse rather than eating the corpse? Any of those work?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:40 No.18247245
    I'm ok with blood drinking.

    Sex would sort of work but I'd rather this not turn into FUCK EVERYTHING quest 2012.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:41 No.18247250
    How about some kind of sense that tells us how powerful someone's soul is? It would also allow us to notice people who are trying to hide
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:41 No.18247261
    is a-ok with me. Being able to view peoples souls from a distance, the more powerful the soul, the farther away you can see it from.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:42 No.18247276
    Hmmm, our current Soul Thief, does it only work on intact bodies? If so, would upgrading it allow us to get souls from old bones? I.E. if we upgraded it and went and found a derelict graveyard and dug up the graves and ate the bones, would we have a small feast of souls or would we require some upgrade to allow us to consume the long-dead?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:43 No.18247290
    Being able to gain souls from the old dead and the ability to gain souls from damaged bodies would be separate.

    One or the other, at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:44 No.18247292
    What would it cost for some sort of charm characteristic that made us extremely convincing, likable, made others more persuadable and so on. Given how many souls we seem to be obtaining through chatting we might want to buff that.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:45 No.18247302
    would be a 2 soul upgrade.
    Just becoming better at talking to people is just going to take practice.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:45 No.18247305
    So, how intact would the old dead have to be? Would they still have to have their dessicated flesh on their bones? Or would eating all of their bones be sufficient?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:45 No.18247309
    That sounds rather useful. Voting this.
    Would it work through walls?
    >> Taffer 03/07/12(Wed)22:45 No.18247316
    Can we go for more magic or an extended mana pool? Invisibility is a high upkeep spell and we may need to use it more often in the future.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:46 No.18247318
    I think we need to get Giant in Chains, just in case some shit goes down.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:46 No.18247323
    >Being able to gain souls from the old dead
    If we do this, we can raid a graveyard


    Do the upgrade AWAY from PEOPLE. Somewhere PRIVATE!
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:46 No.18247335
    It would work through walls.
    Bones would be the only things necessary, but you'd have to go for quite a few bones to gain even a minor benefit.

    You can quadruple your mana pool or upgrade two spells/gain two new spells of your choice with your two souls.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:48 No.18247352
    Exactly. It could provide us with a hefty-but-one-time boost if we go raid a derelict and out-of-the-way graveyard somewhere that people won't be observing us.
    Would we be able to get an entire soul by eating an entire old dead's worth of bones? Either way, I totally vote this now. A raid on a graveyard, even if we only get a fraction of the souls, would still probably net us at LEAST two more souls.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:49 No.18247373
    Think more like 5 or so corpses per "Soul" gained.
    >> Taffer 03/07/12(Wed)22:50 No.18247374
    Soul sense and double mana pool. We can see ensouled people through walls and can be invisible for longer. This is my vote
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:50 No.18247379
    rolled 2 = 2

    It would be super obvious though. Graveyard dug up, no bones left, obviously something evil running around.

    I'm still in favor of the upgrade, but we have to be super carefull with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:50 No.18247384
    How is that useful?
    The most useless thing. What do we need soul-sense for? The quality of souls does not count for shit and powerful souls does not automatically mean powerful/dangerous person (example: old adventurer we got soul from).
    This is a gimp ability.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:51 No.18247389
    This is a bit meta, but we were told that it would become harder for us to gain souls. I don't think we will gain that much of a benefit from being able to consume the long dead, at least not enough to justify it. And people will notice if we start exhuming bodies. That points to necromancy, which may result in witchfinders or paladins being called in.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:53 No.18247407
    our husba.......contact the prince is hunting for necros. He would see it as evidence of Necromancers, not of a cute little imp.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:54 No.18247422
    So the ability to notice people hiding and to gain at least some measure of their experience is useless?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:54 No.18247427
    Okay. My vote is for boosted mana and the predator's reflexes. We've been needing a physical ability boost, and the mana is just plain useful. Sorry, but I don't think soul sense will get much actual use.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:54 No.18247431
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:55 No.18247437
    Not useless. Just not as useful as some other options.
    >> Taffer 03/07/12(Wed)22:55 No.18247439
    Well, we are going to give a book on necromancy to the prince's spymaster tomorrow.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:55 No.18247442
         File: 1331178925.png-(455 KB, 500x601, 1297285269070.png)
    455 KB

    Yeah about that...
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:55 No.18247454
    Oh, shit, I forgot about the predator's reflexes! We should have taken that ages ago. I'm definitely voting for that. I don't care what the other one is.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:56 No.18247468
    Alright, so what I'm seeing as a vote is...

    Predators Reflexes and another small upgrade?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:57 No.18247477
    Agreed. Soul sense sounds somewhat useful, but I think we'll only use it once or twice if at all. There are just better things to take.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:58 No.18247485
    I'm casting my vote for Predator's Reflexes and Boosted Mana Pool. I think we'll get a lot of use out of both of those.
    >> Taffer 03/07/12(Wed)22:59 No.18247500
    Looks like predators reflexes and more mana is winning. Predators reflexes is a pretty decent upgrade so i don't mind dropping soul sense for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:59 No.18247501
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/07/12(Wed)22:59 No.18247503
    Seems like that, probably the mana pool boost.

    Personally, I feel that the soul sense would be worth it for the boost to detection it would grant, but people think otherwise.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 03/07/12(Wed)22:59 No.18247506
    Well, I gotta go right the fuck now. How about we try to make a decision this friday before the quest starts?

    Man why am I asking I gotta go right now I'm not gonna read responses

    See y'all around
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:00 No.18247520
    >at least some measure of their experience is useless?

    Say we see the best baker the universe has ever seen in a thousand years. Like he makes buns so great that gods call them godly.
    That certanly gives him AMAZING experience and his soul will shine like a sun going nova.

    But for us, that means jack-shit. Because we have no idea WHAT experience they have. The only thing we will thing when seeing super-bright soul is that they are amazing at fighting. Experience is not necessary combat experience or any other single thing. That ability is not so great to measure anyone's STRENGTH or a CERTAIN ability. Sure, we could see their WORTH but that doesn't say us anything.

    To see people hiding we could take supernatural senses which can be useful for many other things than noticing people... we can notice animals and monsters for example.

    Unless the soul-sense gives us idea WHAT the person is great in, it's worthless
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:01 No.18247529
    Even if you're not going to read responses, we've pretty much come to a consensus. Predator's reflexes and mana pool.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:02 No.18247537
    I'll second that
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:04 No.18247559
    And My Axe!

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