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  • File: 1329937999.jpg-(447 KB, 683x815, MonsterQuest.jpg)
    447 KB Chlaon-Quest 2 Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:13 No.18056857  
    [Opening this for OP again, he's still having difficulties making threads.]
    Previous threads:

    You are CHLAON THE CHARRED, a minor, newly created Imp of the lowest order. You have, for the past week, been running around sowing havoc in the slums of a Nameless City in the frozen north. You have claimed a handful of souls within that week, and devoured them to gain power for yourself. Your sire, however, SAMAS TIRAZEL, has learned of your success and demanded your presence. And by demanded, he has forcibly summoned you to his Palace in the Pits of Hell.

    You stand before the Charnel Prince, the Soul-Glutton, dwarfed by his monstrous form. Even as a demon, it hurts the eyes to look directly, a massive, writhing cacaphony of mouths and tentacles, with a single, perfect, human form at its center.

    He has yet to speak.

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:15 No.18056872
    Bow way down. On your knees. Wait.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:15 No.18056874
    Look for routes of escape (LOL, LIKE THEY'LL HELP), stay ready.

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:15 No.18056877
    Umm, shuffle feet and wait for him to address you.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)14:15 No.18056880
    Yay, and here goes my evening.

    I vote we wait for him to act first
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:16 No.18056884
    "What is your bidding, my Master?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:19 No.18056917
    "Yo boss! What can I do for ya?"
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)14:22 No.18056942
    You shuffle your feet slightly, looking down at your still human-looking toes, before bowing down on your knees. As your forehead scrapes against the cold, wet stones of the floor, you hear his sibilant voice creeping inside your head once more.

    "My child, why do you avert your gaze? Do you fear me, pet? Do you think I have called you hear to punish you? You have done well, my child. Have you not claimed souls in my name? Have you not sown discord and havoc amongst the mortal races? Have you not served your own desires, and thus, my own? Stand, and discard the skin you wear. I want to look at my pet as she truly appears."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:24 No.18056963
    Drop the disguise.

    "I don't know why am I called and that makes me scared"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:26 No.18056978

    "Heh, guess I'm still new at this. So why did you call me here?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:27 No.18056983
         File: 1329938822.jpg-(234 KB, 700x463, Hakim you dumb shit.jpg)
    234 KB


    This feels like a trap...

    "Master I prefer to keep this form... it helps with the... uh... I prefer to keep this form..."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:29 No.18057014
    Why would this be a trap?

    I would agree not to drop the humble act though but if he asks to remove the disguise ,we should do that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:31 No.18057026
    You shed the disguise of human form, your hands forming claws, your tiny wings sliding free of your back, your stumpy tail bursting from your backside. Your skin darkens to it's normal blue as you open your mouth to speak.

    "I...I do not know why I am called, Master. That worries me."

    You hear a throaty chuckle reverberate around the room, not in your head.

    "We never assigned you, pet. Do you not remember? I was hardly done spawning you before you were called to the mortal realms. There is so much to teach you, so much you need to learn...subtlety, for one. I have been watching your adventures on the mortal planes, child. Already they advance to stop you. Do you truly think you could steal so many souls and not attract the ire of the Divine? It is but a trickle now, but as you continue to steal, the more they will try to stop you. As to that end...you are useful to me in that city, and assigning you elsewhere...well, that would be too easy now, wouldn't it?"

    You nod, if nothing else.

    "Now...we must find a sin for you, my pet. And I think I have the perfect one in mind, my little soul-glutton." As you look down, you see once more the souls of those you have taken them from burning brightly through your skin, illuminating you from the inside.

    "Do you have any objections?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:32 No.18057035
    "No. What sin do you have in mind, master?"
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)14:34 No.18057056
    Heh, the guy who wanted succubus won't like this.
    I have no objections
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:36 No.18057073
    The master could assign us Lust as sin.
    .... But I don't want to be succubus though
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:36 No.18057077
    "Boss knows best!"
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)14:37 No.18057084
    I think were getting gluttony
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:39 No.18057102
    Afterwards we should ask the master about the divine. How they took notice of us and how we can steal souls stealthily.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)14:40 No.18057113
    "Whichever sin you feel suits us, Master. But, which one do you have in mind?"

    "Is it not obvious, darling? You are a perfect glutton. You let nothing stand between you and your next meal, you think nothing of the consequences for devouring the soul-stuff of those you deal with. You have the hunger inside you, right now, don't you? Burning away, always driving you to take more and more until you burst! Even the most idiotic Imp shies from soul-gluttony on a scale such as yours. But you do not shy away, no, you EMBRACE it. And of course...we'll need to shape you so that you can properly take advantage of this..."

    He chortles again, a malicious tone to it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:42 No.18057124
    [I hope we're not going to become fat]
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)14:42 No.18057130
    Heh, saw this coming.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:47 No.18057169
    "For thee, a bottomless pit I shall be!"
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)14:55 No.18057224
    As his chortling becomes uproarious laughter, the tendrils that make up his form begin to inch towards you, slowly growing closer. In your fear, you turn to run, but they whip out and grab you by the legs, dragging you up in the air. The blanket falls from you, and the tendrils wrap around you like a cocoon, leaving only your face uncovered. They pull your eyes open, wrench your jaw until it dislocates, and squeeze around your throat.

    "You are such a small thing, child...we need to change that."

    And with that, you are drawn into his form, and, thankfully, pass out. Occasionally you awake to great pain and worse nightmares. Your teeth are wrenched free of your jaw, and hard metal jabbed into their place. Your skin is stretched, torn, replaced, over and over. Your eyes are ripped out, allowed to heal, and ripped out once more. He never stops laughing, never stops telling you that you agreed to this.

    And as your torture draws to a close after what seems like an eternity, you realize he...he did what?


    >Belly of the Whale
    Your innards were removed, leaving only a single digestive sac. You have no hard internal structure, but have the muscular control to retain human shape.
    Your jaws have been strengthened to the point where you could bite through stone. Your strength overall is greater then that of a man.
    >Giant in Chains
    You were force fed and bloated, and bound with chains and sigils to a resemblance of your past form. You are far denser than anything of your size should be, and inhumanly tough. You can release the chains to grow, but binding yourself again pains and damages you as you force your bulk into a smaller cage.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:56 No.18057242
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)14:57 No.18057246
    Voting giant in chains.
    We can go on as we have been doing so with that on reserve in case we are in trouble.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:58 No.18057251

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:58 No.18057254
    Belly of the Whale
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:58 No.18057257
         File: 1329940733.jpg-(140 KB, 578x536, lick.jpg)
    140 KB
    This would aslo mean we don't need new character art.
    Just sayin'

    pic unrelated!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:00 No.18057270
    with this, we can probably become the ULTIMATE shapeshifter
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:01 No.18057281
         File: 1329940916.jpg-(16 KB, 320x232, chains.jpg)
    16 KB
    Is there anyting else we can do with those chains?

    Cause if we can go all Hellraiser on people, count me in!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:02 No.18057283
    Wait wait wait, before we decide, we should figure out which one gives the most benefits to what we do.

    >Belly of the Whale
    So this basically means we can eat pretty much anything, and force ourselves through small spaces? Good for stealth, and combined with Soul-Thief, would make future upgrades easier, as we could swallow corpses whole.
    Again, synergizes well with Soul-Thief, as it makes the process of devouring corpses much easier. It also makes defending ourself much easier, as we can simply resort to fisticuffs instead of flashy, draining shock spells.
    >Giant in Chains
    Sounds like it would blow our cover rather easily. Being far denser than we should be would be easily discoverable, and the benefit of increased survivability doesn't really cancel that out. In addition, what does BECOMING HUGE do for us?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:03 No.18057292
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:03 No.18057294
    Giant in Chains also seems like the option which will be the hardest to shapeshift.

    I'm still for Bonechewer but my second vote will go for Belly
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)15:06 No.18057311
    Gonna give you guys five minutes to make a final decision while I take care of some shit, then type out the description. Once that's done, 20 minute break while I walk home before we can resume again.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:06 No.18057315
    Yes, good point.

    OP, please clarify the applications of these abilities.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)15:10 No.18057343
    Oh ok, applications?

    >Belly of the Whale
    Enhances your shapeshifting to a considerable degree. It won't let you get rid of, or create new limbs, but it will allow you to alter the shape of what's already there by a considerable amount. You'll also be able to force yourself through small spaces as you no longer have hard internal structure.
    Should be pretty obvious. Enhanced strength and incredible biting capability, a huge combat boon. Biting will be awkward though.
    >Giant in Chains
    You can use the chains binding your bulk as weapons, become monstrously durable and hard to injure, but do not gain the ability to heal more easily. It's more like...ablative damage reduction. When you remove the chains, you become a giant, which is strong, but no tougher or stronger than a normal human of that size. About 20 feet tall, I'd say.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)15:10 No.18057344
    I vote Bonechewer
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:10 No.18057347

    Belly of the Whale as a secondary, but I'd rather not go with the Chains, that sounds like it'd hamper our style more than help.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:11 No.18057355

    Oh in that case, Belly of the Whale. Improved shapeshifting sounds like a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:11 No.18057361
    My vote still stands >>18057294
    Bonechewer or the Belly
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:11 No.18057363
         File: 1329941517.jpg-(29 KB, 500x294, dog-bone.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)15:12 No.18057367
    Will there be opportunities to get the others at a later date by eating a load of souls?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)15:13 No.18057372
    Belly of the whale
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)15:13 No.18057378
    The others would have to be gained by prodigious acts of gluttony or soul consumption.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:14 No.18057386
    Has to be belly of the whale. Bonuses to shape shifting? Yes please.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)15:15 No.18057388
    you know what? change that to Belly of the Whale, didnt see your post there
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)15:15 No.18057395
    Right, looks like I have to pack up for now. Be back in 20 minutes or less. I expect a decision by then.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:19 No.18057428

    I think the majority is going for Belly of the Whale now.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:22 No.18057447
    Casting my vote for belly of the whale
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)15:33 No.18057516
    Yeah, shapeshifting is awesome. And no inernal structure means no ropes can hold us! (except stupid magical ones)
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)15:39 No.18057550
    Right, I'm back. Belly of the Whale it is?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:39 No.18057557
    Looks like it
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:40 No.18057560

    Yup. Let's do this.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:47 No.18057609
         File: 1329943653.jpg-(25 KB, 450x375, thanksgiving_dog_gets_bone.jpg)
    25 KB
    Well, I still like the Bonechewer idea, but I must bow to majority rule.

    It's WHALE time.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)15:52 No.18057650
    Your innards were forcibly removed from your body until you were nothing more than a boneless sack flapping in the wind. It took a while to get used to the lack of bones, but eventually, without any aid from your chortling sire, you stood up.

    "Now my pet, we need to send you back to the mortal realms. It looks like your summoner needs your help again..."

    You already feel the tug of summoning pulling against your body, and you are helpless to resist as you are pulled once more into the summoning circle Eric has drawn in his now...quite neat and clean room.

    "There you are!" he exclaims exasperatedly.
    "You haven't checked in on me in like, a week! I was thinking you'd ditched me. You look taller though"

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:54 No.18057663
    Aw shit. Check the circle, did he do it properly this time?

    Ask him what he wants.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)15:57 No.18057679
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)16:04 No.18057734
    Checking the bindings, you find that he's actually made a PROPER circle this time. You are bound within it, and can only be released at his bidding.

    "Look, can you just teach me magic now? The Djinn is useless. He only taught me how to fold laundry."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:05 No.18057746
    We're not actually that good at magic are we?

    Lets teach him what we know but he'll have to pay. We know that he wont give us his soul, so what should we ask from him?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:06 No.18057754
    Order him to release us from the bindings first.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)16:10 No.18057779
    "Only if you free me first."

    He shakes his head.
    "Oooooh no. I learned a thing or two from that Djinn. We make a contract FIRST, then I let you out of the summoning circle. You don't get out till I can cast a spell!"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:13 No.18057798
    Every minute I spend in this summoner's circle I shrink towards nothingness. You can't bind blue imps such as myself effectively. Then put our newfound ability to the test.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:13 No.18057800

    "Well then I can just refuse you. Hmph!"
    Cross your arms and turn around like a spoiled child.

    If that shit don't work on him, teach him the shock spell we know... Wait, he still hasn't offered anything in return. "Okay, but what do you offer in return? I have no need for money before you say that."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:15 No.18057816
    I like the spoiled child idea.
    We don't need to eat, right? It'll be just like the Sandman comci, we'll wait the bastard out!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:23 No.18057876
    See, I told you guys we should have gone with Bonechewer.
    Had we done so, we could offer him a blowjob in return for our freedom, then bite his dick off!

    I suppose seducing him is still an option, though. Praise him for his cunning and skill in trapping you...
    "Oh, you don't want some boring parlor trick spell, now do you? Somethingsomethingsomething I'll make you a REAL man."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:25 No.18057883
    We look like an IMP!
    And this guy is no idiot even if he sucks at being a wizard. He's not going to settle for quick lay.
    Also, you cannot attack one who summoned you. He summoned us properly.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:27 No.18057899
    rolled 41 = 41

    "We are already under a contract that states I have to teach you, are we not, you little idiot?"
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)16:28 No.18057903
    Right guys, my powers gone out, currently typing from my phone, of all things. As soon as it gets back on I'll start running this again. If the thread dies before that happens, Im going to wait until friday to run another thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:29 No.18057911
    Hah. Does that happen often?

    Don't worry, we'll keep the thread bumped.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:32 No.18057940
    "We still have a contract in place - food and a place to rest in exchange for tutelage. Go get me something to eat and let me out to rest on your bed or I get your soul. Silly mortal."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:33 No.18057945
    Who did that arts?
    It is very well done and I might want to commission the artist sometime soon...
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:36 No.18057970
    It was taken from here
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)16:40 No.18058010
    How good are we are we at bluffing
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:41 No.18058023
    That's not a bluff. It's true.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:42 No.18058033
    He never agreed to trade his soul iirc
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)16:43 No.18058048
    We hid a clause in the agreement
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:44 No.18058058
    All agreements have a soul as collateral in the event that they break the deal. It's how this stuff works.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:46 No.18058081
    Might be in our best interests to try to get him to summon a demon that could teach US a few thngs--assuming we can't summon other demons, he could be useful to that end.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:51 No.18058127
    Hey OP, did you draw that? I like it.

    Got any more stuff to show? I would appreciate that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:52 No.18058141
    No, OP didn't draw that. We're still waiting on the drawfagging of Chlaon that he promised in thread 1.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:56 No.18058174

    well, thanks for clarifying that!
    >> Disgruntled Guardsman 02/22/12(Wed)17:03 No.18058247

    I sketched a sketch in response to a request in the drawthread earlier today. Dunno if anyone took notice, or liked what they saw if they did.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:04 No.18058252
    Do you still have it? I wasn't here for that thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:04 No.18058254
    post it here
    >> Disgruntled Guardsman 02/22/12(Wed)17:09 No.18058308
         File: 1329948567.png-(566 KB, 1024x1024, Chlaonquest Request.png)
    566 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:11 No.18058328
    That's pretty good
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:12 No.18058341
    Isn't Chlaon blue?
    >> Disgruntled Guardsman 02/22/12(Wed)17:13 No.18058351

    Well thanks.


    Idunno, requester didn't specify any colors at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:14 No.18058356
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)17:58 No.18058831
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:00 No.18058855
    Don't bump without content or adding something to the discussion.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:01 No.18058883
    he's keeping the thread alive in case op returns.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:03 No.18058897
    He should still bump with content or an addition to the discussion. It isn't that hard. For example:

    Which power do you think we should try to go for next?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:07 No.18058958
    Well, we wanted to take boneless so that we could eat entire bodies in one go.
    We should go for that or a similar power-up
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:08 No.18058977
    We already got that with the hollow-body thing. I think we should go with the predatory dexterity. That would make us more easily-able to kill people.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:09 No.18058982
    We should GLUTTON OUT, in order to get Giant in Chains.
    Then we can eat bodies in one bite, too.
    Even if they're still alive.
    >vore is the best strategy
    Wait. Maybe... never mind? Shit.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:10 No.18058992
    Is it really that much of an issue? It was a casual bump.

    I say giant in chains if we can get it.
    Combined with boneless, 12 foot tall amorphous form? I'm sure we can find a use for that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:10 No.18058993
    Yeah, that's why I'm sad we went gluttony to begin with. Oh well, play the cards you're dealt, and all that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:10 No.18059002
    20 foot tall, actually.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:14 No.18059066
    Even better. Forget fiend become eldritch abomination.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)18:31 No.18059282
    Right, I'm back. Let me just read back up on shit and let's continue.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:31 No.18059286
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:32 No.18059289
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:33 No.18059298
    Ah, many thanks.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:33 No.18059299
    yay, did you get your lights back?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)18:33 No.18059303
         File: 1329953602.png-(162 KB, 352x488, Bird Person.png)
    162 KB
    Oh, and if y'all want to see an example of the kind of shit I'll do...ugh I don't like this one though, the colours are shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:34 No.18059309
    Cool, I can't wait for the drawfagging.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)18:37 No.18059337
    "Fool, we already have a contract in place. In return for food and a place to stay, I teach you magic. You don't want to break that contract, do you?"

    He rubs his chin in contemplation, massaging the peach fuzz growing there. Dear god, he's probably trying to grow a wizardly beard.

    "Oh, uhm, right. So...do I just tell you that you can get out of the ring or something?"

    "Yes, that's exactly how it works."

    "Ok, uhm, you can step out of that circle whenever you like. But you can't attack me or my mom. Or my friends and family."

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:38 No.18059350
    Sure. Then lie down on his bed, snap our fingers, and say, "Food. Now, boy."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:39 No.18059358
    Sure, just tell me who your friends and family are.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:40 No.18059372
    We can't attack?

    Alright. We just want to make deals anyway.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:40 No.18059373
    This works for me.
    And this
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:41 No.18059388
    As I recall he managed to get that binding right.

    And there is nothing stopping us wandering off again, he didn't specify we had to stay. He said we can leave the circle. Nor did he specify a time frame in which to teach him.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:42 No.18059396
    Hey, yeah we need to eat and sleep.
    Was that a factor in getting so thoroughly trounced by the pimp's defenses? We haven't explicitly slept or eaten, that I recall.
    Or does consuming souls help with that?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:43 No.18059400
    Also tell him to specify who his friends and family are.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:43 No.18059406
    We don't need to sleep, it may help though
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)18:45 No.18059428
    "Fine, I accept these terms."

    "Alright, you can get out now."

    The bindings fizzle and die, and you walk over to his bed, sitting down and snapping your fingers. "Food. Now, boy."

    "Oh uhm, ok, Mom made too much bread like always, I'll go get you some. But then you teach me magic!"

    He rushes downstairs, barreling down the stairs and waking up his mother, who yells at him to keep it down. He returns with an armload of bread and some sausages and butter.

    "Ok, this is all we can spare for now..." he drops it on the covers beside you.

    "Now, your friends and family are? I need to know them so I don't hurt them and break the contract."

    "Oh uhm, there's ma, you've met her. Then there's Jenny, she's a cute young girl with the most beautiful long flowing golden hair, she goes to the same university as me. Pa is off doing guard work like always, he's kind of a big fellow, scruffy black beard and missing his right eye."

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:46 No.18059436
    rolled 38 = 38


    Just teach him a basic shock spell. That ought to keep him happy for a while.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:50 No.18059467
    Have dinner with the boy. Pour both of us a glass of alcohol and dine like a wizard and a demon.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:51 No.18059476
    We can't attack these people at all? Or are we allowed to defend ourselves if we get jumped by a one-eyed black haired city guard, for whatever reason?

    I'm certain we can still arrange for accidents to occur.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)18:51 No.18059485
    rolled 19 = 19

    Voting for this. We should also LOOK for a way to kill him silently him without attacking him, a backup plan in case he tries to use something against us. Remember we can steal souls from dead bodies.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:52 No.18059487
    He has only specified that we cannot kill them or him.
    If he abuses or tries to take advantage of this deal we can hurt him or them as much as we want.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:52 No.18059497
    Yeah, he used the word "attack" so you know, if we poison them it'll be fine.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:53 No.18059504
    Ignore this, apparently i misread the post.
    We can set the place on fire bar them in and refuse to help however.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:54 No.18059530
    If we are teaching him magic as our means of remaining here on this plane, then perhaps we should start using some of the souls we devour to learn new or improved spells?
    Say every other or every third?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:55 No.18059534
    rolled 19 = 19

    Unable to bring harm, at least directly, I would expect.
    I don't like the idea of teaching this chump - with a measure of control over us and whom we can no longer attack, whatever that means precisely - an offensive spell. I would suggest the NOTICE-ME-NOT instead.
    When he points out that it's not very impressive, tell him he has to start somewhere. Then turn invisible and laugh.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:55 No.18059541
    rolled 8 = 8

    Do not think it matter what word he used, it matters how the binding restricts us. I'm sure it prevents such actions as well.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)18:56 No.18059554
    You find some glasses lying on his desk and have him rinse them out before pouring both of you a glass of fine wine from your creepy little mouth hands. He glances at the glass warily and sniffs at it before taking a drink, but ends up liking it.

    You munch on the bread and sausage, liberally smearing butter on the prior and using the latter to make meat sandwiches, whilst teaching him...

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:56 No.18059556
    It depends how resistant we are to shock. If we teach him things that we are resistant to then we should be fine.
    Say only teaching him invisibility when we have some form of true sight or see invisibility.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:57 No.18059559
    I figure it'll be okay so long as we don't actually attack. If we weaken the supports of their house such that it collapses in the night or something we ought to be good I think. Or dulling the father's weapons, or replacing some of the food in the kitchen with less healthy look-alikes. As long as we aren't direct about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:58 No.18059568

    It's a cool parlor trick and does not affect us in the least.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)18:58 No.18059569
    rolled 3 = 3

    We teach him notice me not
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)18:58 No.18059572
    Darkness, it seems the least threatening, or notice me not.

    >suppresseth ilylen
    I agree, captcha, we must find and suppress this "ilylen"
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:01 No.18059606
    You teach him to cast a field of darkness to obscure the sights of men. Nothing you can't see through, of course...it would be silly to teach your student something that could harm you, wouldn't it?

    As the night goes on and the lesson continues, the mountain of food disappears bit by bit. As the sun sets, the pile of bread and sausage is gone, and the boy has managed to cast the spell once successfully. Drained by the effort of repeated spell attempts, he falls asleep in his bed, ignoring the crumbs littering the covers. He doesn't even get out of his clothes.

    He snores rather loudly...
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)19:03 No.18059625
    And now off into the city, I'm sure there is someone who could pay for our expertise. Lets find our hobo servant.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:04 No.18059640
         File: 1329955445.jpg-(456 KB, 843x1000, Imp.jpg)
    456 KB
    Let the hunt for souls commence! Soooooouuuuls~
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:05 No.18059653
    Before heading off into the city, would you like to do anything about

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:07 No.18059674
    rolled 14 = 14


    Whoa, whoa.
    Slow down. Remember what our master said? We are drawing attention to ourself.
    We need to be more stealthy.

    I say we go out of the city and hunt some people living/working out there, like lumberjacks, hunters, fishermen, etc.

    Yeah, change our looks to a woman like before and cast see-me-not
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)19:07 No.18059675
    This is a good point. Prudence is not my strong point it seems
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:08 No.18059683
    Yeah lets become human.
    and as a test of new shapeshiftability lets go for attractive, human males are often tricked by such powers.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:08 No.18059689
    Any specific description in mind for becoming human?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:09 No.18059703
    Before we do anything can we try getting some clothes? I'm not even sure we kept the blanket after the marathon torture session. I'd really like to try eating a bolt of cloth and making our own clothes trick with our fabricators.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:12 No.18059731
    rolled 7 = 7

    Just a piece of fabric and the spell to ignore us should be enough. If not, we could always steal clothing.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:12 No.18059736
    The only cloth available are the BED COVERS.

    >Devour Bed Covers, Create Clothing?
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)19:12 No.18059738
    Female, attractive enough to look good but not enough to get noticed.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:14 No.18059754
    By the way, are we actually female, or is that just the form we take?

    Been wondering about that, because at some point we stopped being an it and started being a she...I had assumed we were genderless.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:14 No.18059757
    rolled 48 = 48

    If that fails then we will have nothing anymore. Lets not do this.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)19:14 No.18059759
    Nope, it may wake the twerp. We could always kill someone and take their clothes.
    It would give us a chance to try out the soul eater ritual, see how long it takes.
    Though this is not subtle I will admit.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)19:15 No.18059762
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:15 No.18059764
    Let's do it, also how well off does this kid seem to be? His family seems to be doing pretty well if they can afford excess meat and bread.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:17 No.18059781
    Yeah, essentially the same as we've been going by before. Dark hair and eyes, light skin, average height for a woman in the city, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:17 No.18059789
    The first thing decided upon in the quest was that we were female.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:25 No.18059865
    Stealing the bed covers from beneath Eric, you make yourself another impromptu shawl to cover your jiggly bits. Thankfully, the bed covers aren't too thick, so it sort of works. You'll need real clothes eventually...perhaps his mother has a spare dress?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:27 No.18059879
    rolled 79 = 79

    Turn on our disguise and then leave the city to search for any hapless fools alone.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:31 No.18059926
    Let's go raid a tailor's shop.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)19:34 No.18059955
    rolled 11 = 11

    this. with invisibility it will be a piece of cake
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)19:35 No.18059965
    Agreed, voting this.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:40 No.18060019
    Ignoring the thoughts of dresses intended for a much more full figured woman, you wrap the shawl-blanket tighter around you, making sure to cover everything before heading out into the city. You alter your skin tone and hair colour to once again match that of the average woman here, short, wide-hipped, dark haired, light-skinned, green eyed.

    You go invisible just in case and head outside to begin a night of thieving. Your first target being a tailor. The House of Eric is quite close to the mercantile district, and you don't even have to duck under the walls in the sewers to get in. The guard presence seems higher, for some reason. And as you pass through a gate, you notice a tall man, in splendid, guilded armour. He wears no helmet, holding it in his lap. He seems to look right through you for a few seconds, but goes back to talking with a beautiful woman sitting behind him on his white steed. They laugh over something you can't hear.

    You find the tailors store in due time, but it's locked.

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)19:42 No.18060053
    Use boneless and belly of the whale to slip through any gaps.

    Check to see if anyone else is about first though
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:42 No.18060060
    See if the second story windows are unlocked. If not, I bet we can squeeze our boneless self down a chimney.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:43 No.18060066
    rolled 72 = 72

    Can we shapeshift enough to nudge though the space between the door and the floor?
    Is there a chimney? We could climb up the roof and go through it.
    Go around the building and see if the backdoor is closed, or the windows.
    >> Nurw 02/22/12(Wed)19:44 No.18060077
    rolled 17 = 17

    squeeeze in!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:53 No.18060195
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)19:53 No.18060198
    You look around to make sure no one is watching before remembering that you're still invisible to the eyes of men. Climbing up the buildings wall, you get to the roof and squeeze your way bonelessly down the chimney, opening into the basement floor. As you cough and splutter the soot and ash out of your lungs, you notice an old man with a curly white mustache and gaunt features sleeping in front of the fireplace, a thick comforter draped across his frame.

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:55 No.18060225
    Let's play this is subtly as possible. Try not to wake him while shaking the soot off of ourselves. Then move upstairs to try on clothes. I would advocate eating him, but let's eat people we're sure won't be missed instead, yeah?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:55 No.18060230
    We took Soul Thief last thread right, which allows us to devour the dead for their souls? Now that we have belly of the whale, let's put it to the test.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)19:56 No.18060237
    Well, either ignore and acquire clothing, or try out our new powers on him.

    What level of shapeshifting can we do?
    Could we, say, flatten our limbs and wrap them around his face to smother him?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:56 No.18060243
    It might be wise to incapacitate the man now, possibly even kill him. We don't want the noise of him waking up and freaking out to bring more people.

    Look around for some plain clothes.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:57 No.18060251

    No. Lets not kill someone who can bring attention to us.
    Search for homeless people who no one would miss or people outside the city whose disappearance would not be as suspicious.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:57 No.18060257
    Find clothes that look like this:
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:58 No.18060268
    rolled 53 = 53

    But look at him, all defenseless, and delicious.

    We should eat him, and his tasty, tasty soul.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:59 No.18060276
    But we have the perfect opportunity. He's alone, it's late at night, he's defenseless, his soul is probably tasty. We could devour him alive and people will never find his remains.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:59 No.18060282
    Not worth the attention it would draw. The gilded men, they might be paladins. We don't know how quickly is absence might be noticed.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:00 No.18060294
    rolled 87 = 87

    Yeah, but that's then, and here we are now.

    Hes so delicious, and look, hes warming by the fire for us!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:00 No.18060296
    Let's not kill what is probably a wealthy merchant when we've been warned about rising suspicion and danger already. Let's sneak around and find some suitable clothes and/or money and jewels and get out of here.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:00 No.18060298
    We don't know how long it will take. We don't know if the commotion will wake up anyone else. His death will spark an investigation since it is not a simple hobo we are killing.

    It is safer to test out our powers on someone else.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:01 No.18060303
    Remember that the man lives relatively close to the House of Eric, if we just steal clothes he's bound to notice missing merchandise and things will get all the worse if we run into him later and he recognises what we are wearing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:01 No.18060306
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:01 No.18060307
    The city is ripe with crime. An old store clerk going missing won't be noticed for days, and then it's ridiculous to expect that paladins will suspect that a demon did it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:02 No.18060317
    Guys, consider the following

    >We eat the guy
    >End up with a giant gut
    >Can't get out through the chimney
    >The front door is locked
    >We're trapped until he digests, however long that would take
    >We get taken out by paladins when they find our bloated selves the next day
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:04 No.18060349
    But we get his tasty, tasty soul.

    We're Gluttony, thinking is not eating.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:05 No.18060355
    Listen, we don't know how long it take to devour someone. It could take 10 minutes, it could take 2 hours. If someone decides to take a piss, or wakes up in the morning then we will be noticed. And we will be in no position to fight. If we flee, then the alarm will be raised.
    It was ALREADY noted that the guard is higher. Why needlessy risk it?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:05 No.18060361
    Just use his tools to make a simple habit or something out of whatever fabric he has the most of.
    Then wrap it in the sheet and leave (to keep it clean and ash free).

    Killing him just isn't worth it. We need to find a hobo, or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:06 No.18060367
    We're not even sure we'll become bloated from eating him. Honestly I think this is the safest environment to test exactly what happens when we consume a person for their soul.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:07 No.18060374
    You hesitate as you brush the soot off of yourself, not sure whether to devour the man or leave him alone for now. A thin sliver of drool runs down your mouth.

    Eventually, caught in hesitation, the old man wakes up. Still invisible, he doesn't notice you, and begins a creaking walk up the stairs.

    A young girl opens the door at the top of the stairs, she appears to be about 10 years in age.

    "Poppa? Didn't mom tell you not to fall asleep in front of th' fireplace again? You know that's bad for you!"

    He sweeps her up in a hug and ruffles her hair. "Don't worry Lisa, your old man is tougher than that. Now come on, let's get you some water and get you to bed. It's past your bed time, and y'need to get up early in the morning."

    You are left alone in the dark basement as he shuts the door behind him.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)20:07 No.18060379
    It may well be the safest for now, but it may call down attention that we don't need.
    Personally I'm for killing him, but I do understand the arguements against.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:08 No.18060402
    Steal some swag and gtfo, we don't want to mess with a whole family at once.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:10 No.18060419
    It must not be too late in the night. KILL THE ENTIRE FAMILY. DEVOUR EVERY SOUL.
    Really though, we need to get some clothes. Go find the mother's wardrobe and get some decent clothes first thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:10 No.18060420
    Shwag, that is.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:10 No.18060428
    perhaps we could make the old man beg for her soul? trade his own for hers.

    This could be our ticket to the weekly stipend we talked about.

    And if he declines, well...She did look tasty.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:11 No.18060436
    Okay, let's wait until we stop hearing footsteps, in the hope that means they're asleep, then go up and start trying on clothes.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:11 No.18060439
    And some sewing equipment... just in case
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:12 No.18060451
    Hm, possible point. We could use this guy in our loanshark plans. We need clothes first, though.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:13 No.18060463
    You wait until you can no longer hear footsteps before heading upstairs. Searching around, you find primarily womens dresses and mens overalls, and some nice shirts. Nothing fancy, more artisan-class clothes and finery. They could be spruced up by jewelry, but there's not too much you can do...

    Anything you want to steal in particular?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:14 No.18060480
    Panty raid
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)20:14 No.18060484
    Something practical I suggest, though if we can get something that is both practical and doesn't look that bad then definately that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:14 No.18060485
    Just some woman dress and another in case we mess up the first one. Something plain and unassuming.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:14 No.18060487
    Nothing too fancy, we don't want to be noticed for wearing these. Select towards good, quality materials and designs over anything else.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:14 No.18060488
    A skirt, a belt, and a loose shirt. That way, if our size changes, we should be able to keep our clothes fitting.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:16 No.18060497
    The least expensive child's dress we can find. We're still pretty small, so it shouldn't be too difficult to re-do our disguise to look kid-ish.

    Maybe we could steal a nice shirt in Eric's size as a 'present,' hoping that the tailor notices and has him arrested. Just an idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:16 No.18060504
    Actually, you're wrong. We are higher than an average adult woman
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:17 No.18060507
    We're in the mid five feet, last I checked.. We're well above child size.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:17 No.18060510
    Oh, WONDEFUL idea

    >Eat the whole family
    >Become a WHALE.
    >Never fit inside houses again
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:17 No.18060516
    We should grab something fancy, for when we need to infiltrate high society for a contract, and something utilitarian for every day.

    Maybe something buisness-y too.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:19 No.18060536
    We're taller than the average woman. We don't pass for a child anymore.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:20 No.18060546
    You narrow it down to a few options.

    A pleasant blue dress, soft to the touch, but not visually extravagant.


    A skirt, belt, and nice loose shirt.

    >Choose now
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)20:21 No.18060553
    Take both, stash in apprentice's room.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:21 No.18060558
    We can't have both?

    take the loose clothes, we can at least shift with them on that way.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:21 No.18060559
    Take both. Wear the second option.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:21 No.18060563
    Both. It's always good to have a spare outfit, just in case.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:22 No.18060576
    You put on the second option and fold up the first, holding it in your arms. You can feel the initial creeping feeling of exhaustion beginning to affect you. Perhaps you've been invisible for too long?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:23 No.18060580
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:24 No.18060591
    Look around for any would-be watchers, then drop it. Find a nice corner and put on the second outfit.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)20:24 No.18060593
    Can we climb back up the chimney?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:25 No.18060597
    Turn off the invisibility and get out of this place.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:25 No.18060600
    Unlock a door, ideally a side or back door, and slip out into the night. We'll chill on our pet wizard's bed until our strength recovers. We need to stash the dress anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:26 No.18060607
    quick check if theres any money around,grab it, and then skedaddle.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)20:28 No.18060633
    Agreed, no excursions for us.
    The only other thing I can suggest is keeping invisibility up in his room for a while to try and get a feel for how long we can reasonably be expected to keep it up.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:31 No.18060670
    That seems a nice thought. However, what I recall is the likely-divine-watcher that we passed on the way in. And that we want to save some effort for disappearing upon us being spotted on our way elsewhere. So, exhausting ourselves to better understand our limits is good, but not when we plan to do other things, like leave the building and go somewhere safe (presumably).
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:32 No.18060685
    ...which you acknowledged by it being his room.
    My apologies.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:35 No.18060713
    Holding the dress draped over one arm, you sneak around to the back door and unlock it as quietly as you can. The door creaks open as you exit, and creaks even more as you close it behind you. You walk off in the night, still invisible. You return to Erics room without much difficulty, and stay invisible for an hour longer, at which point the exhaustion forces you to dismiss it. Without a clock, you can guess that you can stay unseen for about 2 hours before it overwhelms you.

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)20:36 No.18060723
    Do we feel exhausted now the spell is down?
    If so, perhaps rest for a while.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:37 No.18060732
    Rest until we aren't tired anymore. If that little shit is in the bed, make him lie at the foot of it.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:37 No.18060735
    You still feel tired, and your eyes struggle to remain open.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:37 No.18060736
    Start drumming up ways to evade detection by these Angelic overseers. Our transformation into the bone cage must have given us something more...maybe even a soul-o-meter?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:37 No.18060737
    So, how long does it take us to recover then?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:40 No.18060762
    Well, take a rest then.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:44 No.18060794
    You fall asleep, into a dreamless slumber. You hear that infernal chortling once more...

    In the morning, you find that you've been tucked into bed by someone, and as you get up, you can hear Erics mother talking to somebody downstairs.

    "No, I don't know anything about a theft...it was just a five minutes walk away? Awful, awful. This city's going to burn."

    "Well, thank you for your help ma'am. Just keep an eye out if you can, every bit helps."

    The door slams shut, and you are alone in Erics room.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:46 No.18060808
    Time to leave. Let's go hang out on the other end of town for a while, maybe try to find some homeless people or shut-ins that nobody will miss. That sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:46 No.18060811
    I told ya'll it would be a bad idea to steal clothes the guy had on display. Now we can't wear them because he's probably given a description to the guards so someone might notice.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:49 No.18060840
    Shit. I also told to take plain clothing, something like that wouldn't stand out.
    We should use see-me-not spell while out, it's weaker than visibility so it wont drain as much.

    Lets get out of the town. Search people who work outside of it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:52 No.18060860
    I say we speak with the mother.
    Its likely that she is the one who tucked us in, and it would be suspicious to simply disappear.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:53 No.18060872
    I doubt it. We ask the kid about the mother. We don't risk revealing ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:55 No.18060894
    I'm sure it was Eric who did that. Lets not talk with the mother.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:56 No.18060900
    but where is the kid?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)20:57 No.18060916
    Casting Notice-Me-Not, you wander outside into the slums again. There still aren't any guards afforded to this area, aside for...That Fucking Gilded Knight. He's right there...feeding the homeless? The bastard totally just has his horse loaded up with food and he's just handing that shit out like it was a holiday or something. He's shaking hands with men, hugging women, ruffling the hair of children, and laughing and joking with all.

    Everyone seems to love him. He turns, noticing right through your glamour.

    "Ah, I was wondering if I would see such a beauty again! You ignored me at the gate...I didn't know you lived around this area. Do you need some food?" He holds out a loaf of bread.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:58 No.18060925
    Cold shoulder him. Just keep walking.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:59 No.18060937
    "Ah... thank you."
    Take it and quickly walk away.

    I told you, I TOLD YOU we should have gone outside the city.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:01 No.18060958
    Take the loaf and leave
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:02 No.18060969
    Well, he has to die; stealing our thunder and giving the populace hope. How are we supposed to get souls when they have hope!?

    Since it may be too direct to kill him ourselves, perhaps we can arrange for an accident?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:02 No.18060972
    Will this become tsundere waifu quest? Only time will tell!
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:03 No.18060979
    Taking the bread, you stammer out your thanks.

    "Think nothing of it, my friend! Now, would you mind telling me your name? Perhaps we could have dinner together, say, tonight? My treat."
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:03 No.18060986
    My wings are moving on their own?

    But in all seriousness, it is far more likely that we kill him.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:03 No.18060987
    I'm feeling so much tsun for the Gilded Knight. Also, a little dere...
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:04 No.18060996
    Mmmmm, blackrom. Kismesis. Hatemance. This is the start of something ugly and I love it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:04 No.18060998
    >How are we supposed to get souls when they have hope!?

    Just find someone alone, somewhere away from prying eyes, kill him and eat him.

    "Um..ah... SorryIgottago"
    and then quickly leave.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:05 No.18061006

    We goin' eat a paladin soul.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:07 No.18061022
    >He gives people hope, but we're beholden to a demon prince.
    >Why can't he save us too?
    Chlaon cries in some forgotten corner of her mind.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:08 No.18061047
    Man, I don't really want to do anything with this guy.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:08 No.18061049
    "My name is uhm, Chell. Now I need to be going now..."

    He smiles brightly, his bushy mustache bristling.

    "A beautiful name, fit for a princess! I won't bother you any longer. But if you would meet me here tonight, I would dearly enjoy making this night magical for you."

    He winks, passes you the bread, and gets back to distributing food as you walk off into the alleyways, far away from the Gilded Knight.

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:08 No.18061051
    >in this thread, OP wonders what the fuck just happened.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:10 No.18061059
    ...let's show up here again tonight against our own better judgement.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:11 No.18061067
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:12 No.18061080
    Let's take him up on his offer and fall in love with his charm. Our forbidden love, Paladin and Demon, will make for a tale to be told for aeons.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:13 No.18061084

    Anyway, we need to find someone to eat. I'm going to suggest again leaving the town in search of some hapless wanderer or a lumberjack or whatever. Or maybe a farm, way away from this town where we could eat entire family or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:13 No.18061087
    He's a bastion against evil and a true test of our ability to defeat or subvert good.
    We could use him to help hide our activities, as a foil to gain strength from, a possible boost in power to oppose our master, and a source of food and intelligence on the other side.

    And totally not because he seems dashing. Nope. Not at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:14 No.18061102
    NOT. AT. ALL.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:15 No.18061105
    I like the idea of eating someone. We should go wander for a cottage.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:15 No.18061109

    lol, you guys
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:16 No.18061116
    Indeed! To make a paladin fall is a calling for daemons, a duty!

    Soon we will take his muscular, shapely ass down!
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:17 No.18061121
    I feel this quest has taken a turn for the amusing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:17 No.18061124
    Let's just go try to find a hobo to eat on the other side of town or something. And not keep looking at the Gilded Knight and his mustache...
    Mmmmm... Yeah...
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:17 No.18061127
    You wander off, leaving the slums to get to the outer wall. A guard asks your business for leaving the safety of the town walls.

    "Miss, don't you know there's a war going on out there? And it's dangerous. Full of monsters, absolutely INFESTED. It's too dangerous for a pretty thing like you."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:19 No.18061136
    The gates are open, right?

    "Oh, you're right"
    Walk out of his sight, turn the invisibility and walk out of the town.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:19 No.18061138
    I'm not saying I called it, but:
    I think I might have called it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:21 No.18061162
    "infested? But I have to visit my brother, he lives out (insert direction), and he needs medicine..If you could escort me, I'd be very grateful."

    And then we lure him out and fucking eat him.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:22 No.18061185
    My thoughts as well
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:23 No.18061206
    "But my father really needs this loaf of bread he sent me to get. I know it's dangerous but... " then try to subtly convince him to escort us there out of his sense of nobility.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:26 No.18061239

    And then the other guards (since I doubt he is alone here, they are always in pair) will probably take note how their comrade went to escort us and disappeared, while we return unharmed.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:26 No.18061243
    "Oh, of course. Far too dangerous for a girl like me."

    "That's right, far too dangerous for someone like me...surely a big, strong, handsome man like you could help me? I need to deliver the medicine to my brother down south...can you maybe escort me? I can make it worth your while."

    He licks his lips, sweating slightly.

    "Why uhm, of course, miss. But uh, I don't need any reward, right?" he says to the guard next to him, a tall, thin man who looks disapprovingly at the both of you.

    The man opens the gate, and you walk off into the forests outside the gate. After an hour, you reach deep into the dark of the woods, all alone.

    "So, uhm...how about that reward?" The man says, licking his lips.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:27 No.18061252
    Smother with boneless? Or embrace and shock to death?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:28 No.18061262
    Tell him that we'll have sex with him.. but we need his soul.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:28 No.18061265
    Kneel, let him whip his junk out, then shock him to death while crushing his balls.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:28 No.18061267
    "What kind of maiden would I be to provide the reward before the gallant knight has fulfilled his quest?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:29 No.18061272
    That is, phrase it as something like, "but only if your heart and soul will forever belong to me"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:29 No.18061273
    Fuck yeah, time to eat him. Incapacitate him while giving him his 'reward,' then eat the body.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:30 No.18061286
    We have soul thief, lets try using that.
    We wanted a safer opportunity, well here it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:30 No.18061289
    lick your lips right back
    get him to take off his armor and weapons (shouldnt take much convincing)
    then shock him till he stops moving
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:30 No.18061299
    I like to think the first is somewhat more horrifying. Let's do that. Also, no scream, no smell, and easier to do with subtlety.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:31 No.18061301
    Hey, if that works, then great. After the deed, we should shock him so that he passes out (do not kill him!) and take his soul. Don't want him to actually see this happening.

    We SHOULDN'T KILL HIM because the other guard saw us leave with him. If we kill him, we will need to adopt different guise.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:32 No.18061316
    Combine the two? Smother with boneless and shock him whilst doing so.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:32 No.18061318
    At this rate, maybe we'll be able to pick up Lust too.

    Do we, as a demon, actually gain pleasure from sex, or is it not something that we can actually enjoy? Also, we aren't an imp anymore, right? What's a gluttony demon called?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:32 No.18061324
    Yeah, say that suggestively, flirty as if half-joking.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:33 No.18061329
    We return with a ragged and bloodied appearance, act hysterical and claim that he was killed by something in the woods and we ran.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:33 No.18061333
    Just belch up his bones, and return sobbing with a tale of how he died at the hands of a monster, nobly buying us enough time to escape.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:34 No.18061353
    "Oh of course, a Gallant Knight can't simply walk into the dragons den before getting a kiss from the maiden, now can't he?"

    You motion for the armour to come off, and he happily obliges, revealing a rather unimpressive figure, rather chubby, overly hairy, and without any muscle tone whatsoever. He closes his eyes and puckers up for a kiss.

    >Shock him to death
    >Smother him bonelessly
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:35 No.18061362
    Crush his windpipe and balls while shocking him. Can we digest his clothes and armor?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:36 No.18061373
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:36 No.18061378
    And then we get take to the paladin so that we recount our tale, running into the risk they use their magics to search for evil creatures

    Sigh. We should have just given it to him after tricking him into giving away his soul.
    Shock him/.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:36 No.18061379
    Yeah, I'm a proponent of the "trick into making a soul-deal" method in this case. I don't want to have to deal with guards questioning us for his disappearance. Though in any case we could just change appearance.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:37 No.18061396
    Is it just me, or do we suddenly have some sexually violent impulses towards men after having met the Gilded Knight, who we totally don't like or anything?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:38 No.18061412
    We are assuming that it is the same guard on shift when we get back.

    If it is, we wait whilst invisible or out of sight untill shift change and then enter.
    Or just enter whilst invisible and adopt a new persona.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:39 No.18061422
    I agree

    >Though in any case we could just change appearance.

    True. We could even change the gender we look like. Of course this will sever any hooks we had wit the paladin. Although, I don't really care about that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:40 No.18061426
    But if we shift into a new persona, then how will the gilded knight recognize us?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:41 No.18061441
    Oh noes, we meet him again under a different persona.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:42 No.18061452
    >We are assuming that it is the same guard on shift when we get back.
    That's not really the problem. The fact stays that he saw us leave with the other guard. You think he will stay quiet after the guard disappears? So they'll search for us and question us, if they have any means of magical detection then they'll learn that something is off about us.
    You guys are not thinking this through imo.

    Should've tricked him into giving his soul like >>18061272 said
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:42 No.18061453
    We could shift into a different woman!

    but back to the matter at hand, we've come too far not to eat this guy
    we need to get our gluttony on
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:42 No.18061455
    I think he sees through our shapeshifting anyway, same as our invisibility and see me not.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:43 No.18061465
    Agreed, hence why I find this amusing.
    I think he is well aware of what we are.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:44 No.18061474

    The way he acted with us made me think he saw us just as a regular woman. He definitely can see through our actual spells though, so we need to be cautious about that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:44 No.18061479
    I say we still sex it up.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:44 No.18061480
    >He sees right through us.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:44 No.18061483
    Well, then he can't be a palidin if that's true.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:46 No.18061501
    Sorry, dog was about to take a shit on the floor, had to walk it. Decisions?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:46 No.18061503
    We don't know what paladins are capable of here.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:46 No.18061506
    We can change into the guard when we go back!!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:47 No.18061510
    General consensus seems to be to kill and eat him, though I personally want to try to trick him out of his soul first with flirty-talk. If he doesn't go for it, eat him anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:48 No.18061518
    It seems pretty split down the middle between the 'tricking him into giving his soul and not killing him' and the 'eating him alive by smothering him' camp, at least to me.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:48 No.18061522
    I mean if he can see though our disguise then he knows we are an imp, a demon. He cannot suffer the likes of us to live. If he knows who we are and doesn't act upon it, then he is no paladin.

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:48 No.18061526
    We don't know if paladins *exist* or not, let alone what powers they might have.
    All we know is that the Divine are looking for us, and this goody-goody appears to have found us.
    That is bad.

    Kiss the fat asshole, then demand his heart forever.
    Once he agrees like the worthless idiot he is, sex him and be done with this.
    We have eating to do.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:49 No.18061532
    Yeah, may as well try it first at least.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:49 No.18061536
    Alright, I want a roll-off. D20, highest wins, for flirty talk-soul-entrapment or SHOCK-SMOTHER-EAT.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:50 No.18061547
    rolled 145 = 145

    Flirty, but shock and eat if flirty fails.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:50 No.18061549
    rolled 20 = 20

    Filthy talk soul entrapment
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)21:50 No.18061550
    rolled 18 = 18


    This is the safest environment we have had to try out our abilities, I say we take it.
    And stealing his soul is obvious, he would notice the glowing soul as we took it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:51 No.18061554
    Holy shit, did I really just do that? That counts as a 14, yeah?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:51 No.18061560
    Unless we suck it out mid-fellatio so that he never gets to see it before we swallow it.
    >> dice+1d20 Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:52 No.18061572
    rolled 13=13
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:53 No.18061581
    This, a thousand times this.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:53 No.18061582
    "Ooooh, what a masculine figure..." You say, rubbing your finger in circles on his chest.

    He blushes, turning his head away.

    "We can take this further, but you need to make a promise to me, big-boy."


    "Pledge yourself to me, heart and soul. I want you. I want everything about you..."

    He stammers and gulps, before blurting out "Yes!"

    As if on cue, you see a faint glowing from beneath his chest. He doesn't notice it...for now.

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:53 No.18061583
    What the fuck do you think you're doing?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:54 No.18061590
    Suck his soul out through his dick.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:54 No.18061597
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:54 No.18061599
    rolled 5 = 5

    Here's some dice, if you want it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:54 No.18061600
    Fulfill the the contract. Sex him up. Sex him up so good that he doesn't remember the deed at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:55 No.18061610
    Eat his soul, subtly, keep distracting him with sexyness/sex, if he gets suspicious and tries to run shock him and continue to eat.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:56 No.18061617
    Well looks like we're well on our way to being a succubus after all!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:57 No.18061625
    rolled 17 = 17

    I'm pretty pleased about that.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)21:58 No.18061652
    You press your mouth to his chest, pretending to kiss him whilst quickly swallowing his soul as it rises out of his chest. As you look up, he looks down at you and-

    Well, here's where I stop. I sorta can't write sex, and don't really want to. So we're going to fade to black here, and I'm just going to put down some sound effects and you can IMAGINE what happened.

    >Kapow! Zap! Boom! Biff! Pow! Moo!

    You untangle yourself from an unconscious tangle of sweaty, naked limbs and fat, putting your clothes back on. It was dirty work, but you did it for the soul, and that made it ok because you said so.


    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:00 No.18061678
    rolled 10 = 10

    Can we upgrade the soul-eating ritual to allow us to also gain souls from sex or something? Straight-up succubus-style sould-stealing?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:01 No.18061687
    Our vice has already been decided, unsure if we can change it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:01 No.18061688
    Head back to the city with him. It'll probably be getting late and time to meet up with the gilded knight. Also, SOUL POWER LEVEL UP!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:03 No.18061708
    rolled 68 = 68

    >>Kapow! Zap! Boom! Biff! Pow! Moo!
    Good enough for me
    *fap fap fap*

    Wait, lets not.

    We should search for people outside the city. Again: hunters, lumberjacks, whatever. We can easily try out our new soul-thief powers on them.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:03 No.18061711

    It's another way of consuming souls. We don't do this because we like the pleasure that comes with sex (which would be Lust), but because we want more DELICIOUS SOULS (still Gluttony).

    It's the intention. The sex itself it just a means to distract whoever we've targeted.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:03 No.18061713
    I was curious how this was going to go. I like your style.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:03 No.18061720
    You decide to absorb the power of the soul burning in your innards here and now.


    >Mana Pool
    >Iron Skin
    >New Spell
    >Upgrade Spell
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:04 No.18061725
    There's a chance that the paladin's tocuh might burn us. What are we going to do then?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:04 No.18061726
    rolled 12 = 12

    Why bother? We can gain souls by making contracts and if that happens to involve sex then we do what we just did, no need to waste an upgrade on it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:04 No.18061728
    I'd rather use the soul to give us some extra magical abilities that would help with sneaking or fighting. Like leveling up our shock attack thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:04 No.18061730
    No, we should go back to meet with the Gilded Knight. Because, uh... To spy on him?
    Upgrade Soul Thief. Gain more soul-stealing options than just eating a person.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:05 No.18061738

    Or something that can to improve our soul-thief ability.
    Or something to help sniff out humans in vicinity.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:05 No.18061741
    rolled 3 = 3

    Could you give a brief description of each?

    I'm erring on the side of size shifter, as more body-mass to play around with when combined with our shapeshifting capabilities would be useful.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:05 No.18061742


    Let's get some force lightning up in here.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:06 No.18061753
    I feel dirty, and not in the best way. We seriously need to move up in the ranks, getting souls for favors rather than "favors". We also need to do more stuff quite directly in gluttony than leaning into lust.

    Lets look around this sort of area for now for now and see if we can't find some people who no one will miss, hunters, woodsmen, workmen, hermits, no one whose disappearance will be odd.

    If we choose New Spell, which i'm leaning towards what options are there?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:07 No.18061761

    Buff up our mana pool. Two hours is a bit of a time crunch right now, especially if we have targets later on that require a more prolonged, subtle method.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:08 No.18061770
    >Options: Expanded

    >Celerity: Double your movement speed and reaction times.
    >Mana Pool: Double the length it takes for spells to tire you out, and how many you can have active at a time.
    >Iron Skin: Make your skin as tough as leather, but soft to the touch.
    >Size-Shifter: Gain the ability to gain or lose 50 pounds when shapeshifting.
    >New Spell: Think of a new, minor spell to learn.
    >Upgrade Spell: Upgrade the power of an existing spell
    >Predators Vision: Enhance your sight, hearing, and sense of smell to inhuman levels.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:08 No.18061779
    rolled 15 = 15

    Agreeing with the first part.

    I'm awaiting a description of the abilities before I actually decide on something, though I feel another ability may be useful rather than a spell at this point.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:08 No.18061783
    What do we get if we upgrade Soul Thief?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:09 No.18061791
    rolled 29 = 29

    Bah, we're a demon. What do we care how we get a soul?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:09 No.18061792
    You do not have enough souls sitting in your guts to upgrade Soul-Thief at this time.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:09 No.18061795
    Size Shifter would give us Loli status
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:10 No.18061803
    Then let's keep saving souls. How many do we need?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:10 No.18061814
    >Implying we can't become delicious chub in a society that most likely values those who can afford to be overweight

    You disgust me.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:11 No.18061818
    Hmm, size shifter gives us a bigger range to work with, innocent looking girl, big hulking bouncer, it lets us spread out descriptions of who entered a place before an accident and that can keep it from being pinned on us.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:11 No.18061820
    rolled 17 = 17

    Predators Vision, useful ability that has direct payoffs.

    ...I am dissapoint
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:11 No.18061822
    rolled 56 = 56

    If we take Celerity, can we have it and visibility on at the same time or do we need to expand mana?

    I vote we save up the soul.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:12 No.18061834
    Celerity is a permanent biological upgrade, not a spell.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:12 No.18061839
    We really need some magic resistance, I think. Is there any avenue of upgrade towards that, or would we need more souls?
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:13 No.18061846
    I'm assuming the same for Predator's Vision?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:13 No.18061848
    I almost forgot to offer magic resistance

    >Magic Shield: Ignore 25% of negative spell effects.

    Anything not explicity listed as a spell does not consume mana.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:15 No.18061868
    How many souls does boosting soul thief cost, though? Because I want to save up for that if it's three or less or get Celerity if it's three or more.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:15 No.18061875
    You don't know how many more it would take.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:15 No.18061877
    I meant get celerity if it's four or more. Sorry.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:16 No.18061883
    rolled 5 = 5

    I'm not gonna lie. I want them all.
    >dicks all around me

    Ehm. Anyway. I think it would be better to save the soul but if we aren't then here's my vore:
    Second choice: New spell: teleport.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:17 No.18061898
    Voting for magic resist. We've been fucked over by magic before and I don't want to be again.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:17 No.18061901
    rolled 15 = 15

    Personally, I think at this low level stage we should stock up on passive bonuses, so things like celerity and predators vision.
    There is plenty of time to get funky abilities later, however things like the aforementioned abilties are always on and always useful.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:18 No.18061906
    Maybe we wait until such a time as we need something, and then pick? Hang onto it for a bit?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:19 No.18061919
    I like that. Develop abilities as-needed. Personally, I want to get a Charm ability that makes people drunk and pliant to make deals easier.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:19 No.18061922
    Final decision needs to be made before I get back from eating some delicious Chicken Lo-Mein and Crab Rangoon.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:20 No.18061929
    rolled 28 = 28

    yeah, not a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:21 No.18061940
    Dude, I seriously can't go making a decision until you tell me how much upgrading soul thief costs. I need to know that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:22 No.18061945
    You don't know that.
    I think the consensus is hold onto the soul and upgrade later though.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:22 No.18061952
    >You fool! This is what the succufags want!
    In all seriousness though, that seems like a reasonable suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:23 No.18061961
    I think we should wait a bit, see what we end up needing and upgrade that, wait and see and apply the soul to what we need later.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:27 No.18062005
    Alright, let's hold off on digesting that soul then, for now. And, seeing as the thread is far past auto-sage and I'm getting increasingly tired, let's just pick up on Friday.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:27 No.18062010
    In that case, I propose the following.
    We stockpile souls for a while. We wait and see how many souls it takes to get each tier of abilities, we don't blow them all on the fucking soul-thief upgrade the moment it becomes available, we wait and see what we can potentially get access to and then plan.
    How many souls can we hold at once?
    How many upgrades can we get in what period of time if we stockpile them?
    Does stockpiling souls grant us more uber-upgrades and an evolution like last time?
    Can we gain additional vices by doing this?
    Etc etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:28 No.18062014
    I agree with holding on to this one for now. We can upgrade if the need arises, but for now I think it'd be good to try and work our way to upgrading Soul Thief.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:29 No.18062026
    rolled 73 = 73

    Well, alright. Later, OP
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:31 No.18062044
    Ok OP, see you on friday.

    Eh, could be useful. If nothing else, it would give us a load of souls for if we did need something desperately to help us out in a situation.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:34 No.18062064
    You know what, I'm still eating chicken lo mein before I pass out. I'll answer questions for the next 10-20 minutes.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:34 No.18062073
    rolled 20 = 20

    The quest has been fun, see you on friday.
    I disagree on the whole soul-thief thing. There are far more interesting things we could get than fucking someones soul out if you think about it. Folk tales and mythology is full of weird and wonderful abilities, I'm sure we can find something awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:35 No.18062076
    rolled 27 = 27

    what are the "Divine"?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:36 No.18062090
    Please, please, PLEASE tell me what the Soul Thief upgrade costs and does. Or at least tell me that you won't tell me. Just stop ignoring me, please...
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:37 No.18062104
    see >>18061875
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:39 No.18062124
    The Divine are the Immaculate host of angelic deities and heroes elevated to Divine Status. Though bound by rules and stipulations that prevent them from interacting directly with the material realms, unlike the Demon Princes, who are simply too weak to pierce the veil without the aid of mortal wizards.

    Don't think of them as pretty things though, they're still horrifying eldritch abominations and concepts given form, think Old-School Biblical Angels.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:40 No.18062135
    rolled 66 = 66

    are there such things as paladins or people who have been give the powers of the divine?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:41 No.18062138
    Yes. The Immaculate Host is capable of imbuing mortal champions with their powers.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:42 No.18062156
    Is it possible to obtain more than one vice?

    Is there a limit on how many souls we can stockpile? And if we do stockpile, how many different abilities can we pick up at once?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:42 No.18062157
    rolled 49 = 49

    Are the demons bound by any rules beside the circle bindings?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:46 No.18062207
    Yes, before the sheer undigested power burns right through your body. It takes a moment to digest a soul, so it'll take a few seconds between each one.

    No. It is only the mortal champions and weakness of Demon Princes in comparison the Divine that stops them from ruling the mortal realms
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)22:48 No.18062240
    Is it the apprentice who is keeping us bound to this world?
    Is it possible to find a different source of power to bind ourselves to so as to keep us on this world?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:49 No.18062248
    rolled 33 = 33

    What DOES happen with the souls we eat?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:50 No.18062258
    Ooh, this. That's a damn good question.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:52 No.18062292
    Yes and yes.
    You digest them. They become a part of you, and you control exactly what happens to the disparate consciousnesses floating about inside you. Torture them, force them to experience pleasure forever, etc, etc, your choice. They cannot be resurrected while you live, and if you spend enough time, you can corrupt the soul and create a fledgling demon.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:53 No.18062306
    Then... I honestly imagine we'll give them pleasure. We aren't terribly sadistic for a demon, just utterly amoral.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:54 No.18062311
    rolled 42 = 42

    why would anyone bother torturing/pleasuring the souls they take? Is there some benefit to it?
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:54 No.18062317
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:55 No.18062334
    Well, he said you can corrupt a soul into a fledgeling demon. I expect you would want to make the souls happy so that they would serve you willingly and happily.
    >> Monster Quest !!2+7gWdDw/nh 02/22/12(Wed)22:59 No.18062386
    Right, goodnight guys
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:59 No.18062393
    rolled 38 = 38

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/22/12(Wed)23:00 No.18062398
    Cya OP

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