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  • File: 1329789886.png-(30 KB, 320x400, elf6.png)
    30 KB ELF SLAVE: WUT DO??? (part 5) Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)21:04 No.18033403  
    Trying this one more time.

    Were last we left our heroine (well, we'll call her a female even though elves don't work that way), she was remotely spying on a meeting between the goblin hags as they decided what to do about their orc problem. Her friends, Shetsh the ilgoblin and Ersel the bugbear, are around.

    You can read the first three threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Elf%20Slave%20Quest

    The last two were improperly archived:

    The hag who leads your tribe seems to want to flee beyond the hills, but the others disagree. You hear talk of breeding, war strategy, and magic.

    Wut do?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:06 No.18033416
    Keep watching. Secretly side with out hag.
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)21:15 No.18033542

    After the better part of two hours, the four grekls leave the hut, none of them looking totally satisfied. The most happy looking one is a tall, formidable-looking specimen with a strange bluish tint to her skin. The least happy looking on is...your own Grekl.

    She stomps up to you and says in a mixture of elf and goblin "Why you stand do nothing? Help sons! Make food!"

    She then storms off.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:17 No.18033567
    Grow/track down some food. Maybe after she's filled her stomach, she'll be in a less antagonistic mood.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:21 No.18033627
    *checks map again*
    These damn random portals, man.
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)21:25 No.18033688

    You go over to some nearby wild carrots and pour some river water on them, using your biomancy to speed up their metabolism. The grekl is yelling at her men, and in between that muttering the word "fools" over and over.

    As you work, the tall, bluish hag comes up to you.

    "Elf," she says with an expressionless face, "An elf on the northern prairie?"

    She's using the trade tongue that you're mostly fluent in.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:26 No.18033706
    "I'm with her tribe." Point over at our Grekl.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:34 No.18033814
    Tell her we were captured by orcs.
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)21:38 No.18033857

    You tell her a short summary of your story.

    "How strange," she says, "orcs planting trees? What could they have wanted with them?"

    She looks back at you.

    "Well, if you're an elf, show me some life magic. Maybe if you impress me, I'll tell you something that might pertain to your future."
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:38 No.18033872
    Have we finished growing those carrots? If so, pull the massive plumpers out and show her.
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)21:50 No.18034044

    That takes much longer, unfortunately. The carrots won't be ready until tomorrow, at least.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:51 No.18034061
    Let's just grow some vines or summat like that.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:52 No.18034072
    What about having a whole ton of little birds fly down and perch on us? Make them thing we look super-comfy and safe or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:53 No.18034083
    Better yet on the goblin.
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)22:08 No.18034315

    Animals move faster than plants. You raise an arm and let the birds know that you are a tree and that the hag is actually just a clever imitation of a hag. A crow flies down and lands on your hand.

    "I see I have not been misinformed about your people. If you can do that, then you can no doubt tame wolves, entice deer to the trap, bring fish to the nets, and ripen the grains."

    She smiles in a friendly manner that is rather undermined by her mouthful of steely tusks.

    "And many other things, in the forests from which you hail. Yes, I've been much further from these lands than anyone else you'll meet here. And met more people too. Now, for my side of the bargain."

    As you talk, she's been leading you behind a large tent, where you are unlikely to be observed. Some of her own hobgoblins approach, but she motions for them to stand aside.

    "The meeting of the Witch-Mothers, the grekls in our language, is in recess until tomorrow. They are saying that we will come to a compromise. But there will not be any compromise. Grekl Yama wants to turn around and rush the orc forts in sequence with our combined numbers. Grekl Ruu thinks that if we work together for long enough, we can overcome the force that protects the orcs from our curses. And of course, Grekl Shtath, your current guardian, wants to flee across the hills."

    She shakes her head in disgust.

    "Has she told you what's beyond those hills?"
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:16 No.18034462
    "No, she hasn't."
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:27 No.18034630
    Ask her what's beyond the hills
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:35 No.18034748
    What kind of deal does she want to make?
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)22:35 No.18034753

    (sorry for the long delay)

    "The hills themselves are the lair of mountain giants. They slumber until someone foolishly tries to climb, at which point they stand up and throw boulders the size of cauldrons with surprising accuracy. The only way to avoid them is by following the river along the pass."

    She frowns. Its better than her smile.

    "That is guarded by humans. The mutual enemy of both our races. Some have tried to break through them and raid the lands beyond, but the humans have...some powerful force at their command. Deadly, winged demons were summoned. Not a member of the invading army survived."

    "If I know Grekl Shtath, she will break away from the others and try to cross over with just her own tribe. And you will all be slaughtered."
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:41 No.18034841
    Perhaps she will seek peace with the humans or the giants?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:41 No.18034844
    Ask her if we would be able to trade for passage through the human lands as she speaks a trade language
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:42 No.18034857
    "And you, ma'am? What would you have us do?"
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)22:52 No.18035006

    She laughs at this.

    "You met her. You've traveled with her. If you were a leader of any competence, would you want her and her brigands setting foot on your land?"


    "Perhaps I could do this, were these humans not already weary of goblin raids and trickery. This can be a longterm goal, should opportunities present themselves. But at the moment, I see no good way of making inroads."


    She smiles again. Damnit.

    "I want to scour the prairie free of greenskins, and for things to be a little different from then on. The other two agree, even if they have foolhardy ideas on how to do it. The only one who won't go along is Shtath."
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:53 No.18035029
    rolled 61 = 61

    "And your method, ma'am?"
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:54 No.18035047
    Maybe the humans would reconsider if they knew of the orc threat?
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)23:07 No.18035254

    "A possibility, if the orcs were to come closer. I think that that is exactly why the orcs haven't come closer. But I like the way you think."


    Her smile widens. Ugh.

    "Meet me tomorrow morning before our next productive and mutually satisfying meeting of the grekls," she says, "if you're still curious, that is."

    Then she just turns and leaves.
    >> Taskmaster 02/20/12(Mon)23:22 No.18035501
         File: 1329798179.jpg-(133 KB, 1152x864, elf-4.jpg)
    133 KB
    And...I'm really tired tonight. Still mildly sick.

    Quest will be back on Wednsday night. Hopefully for a nice, full-length thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:24 No.18035524
    Sounds like a plan to me. Get better.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:24 No.18035527
    If our tribe is wiped out, we're free. We just have to make sure we're not wiped out with them. If we join these other goblins we're just extending our slavery, and possibly being cursed by our Grekl for running away. It's not like our Grekl would listen if we tried to persuade her either. I'm mildly curious what they want but also worried that they could take us by force if we go to meet them secretly and then refuse to help. We've got a good thing going here, let's not ruin it. It's not like they really have a chance to wipe out the orks who massively outnumber them and are individually superior anyway.

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