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  • File: 1329324252.jpg-(76 KB, 600x750, Tggsd.jpg)
    76 KB HAPPY BIRTHDAY /tg/!!!! Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:44 No.17960493  
    Happy birthday day /tg/!!!!

    It's been 5 long years since Moot made /tg/! Look what we have accomplished in these short 5 years.

    Let us take a moment and dwell in the past glories of /tg/ and how we came to be known as the board that gets shit done.


    Remember all the epic stuff we have done /tg/?

    Dungeons the Dragoning - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14440223/
    Kromgol - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12591647/
    Undead Computer - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12936417/
    Kender players suck - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/5114798/
    Tyrone the Monk - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8483458/
    Feminist diplomancer gets shut the fuck down - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9740414/
    What to do when you're dragged into a LARP. - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11295346/
    Crazy Hassan - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11730759/
    The Story of Super Dave - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9560328/
    lich vs PC rap battles /tg/ style - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/5315595/

    Look at all this amazing stuff! And these are just the top rated ones in the archive!
    Let us give thanks to all greatest of /tg/ on its birthday and remember why we come here every day.

    Epic story and screencrap thread of anything related to /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:45 No.17960497
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:47 No.17960504
         File: 1329324423.jpg-(336 KB, 1239x2512, oldmanhenderson1.jpg)
    336 KB
    Old man Henderson time
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:47 No.17960509
         File: 1329324478.jpg-(506 KB, 1239x2946, oldmanhenderson2.jpg)
    506 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:48 No.17960514
    ahh yes /tg/ I remember when you emerged from warhammer Wednesday threads on /b/.
    If been here for too long.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:49 No.17960519
         File: 1329324568.png-(23 KB, 988x413, beingadworf.png)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:53 No.17960549
         File: 1329324787.jpg-(16 KB, 259x283, grampsdread.jpg)
    16 KB
    GET OFF MY LAWN! Goddamn kids and their godamn celebrations.

    Don't make me get the heavy flamer!
    >> Sweet Soul Bro !!H5XdMKmBv5G 02/15/12(Wed)11:53 No.17960551
    /tg/ was born the day after valentines day?


    I support this post. All power to the homebrew. Because without it, nothing good would ever be written.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:53 No.17960556
    Remember when Grandpa Dreadnought was good?

    Me neither.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:53 No.17960558
    Oh gosh gramps is here.

    Someone get Tankred up!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:55 No.17960568
         File: 1329324951.jpg-(543 KB, 1100x1000, 1226552358411.jpg)
    543 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:56 No.17960576
         File: 1329324984.jpg-(214 KB, 679x1459, clownwizard.jpg)
    214 KB
    Clown wizards = gods
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:56 No.17960581
         File: 1329325010.jpg-(139 KB, 812x661, moot tg (2).jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:57 No.17960590
    Ah yes, the day moot banned he who shall not be named.

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)11:59 No.17960596
         File: 1329325188.jpg-(569 KB, 1000x781, Nottohereticalaward.jpg)
    569 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:00 No.17960600
         File: 1329325214.jpg-(2 KB, 98x123, CelingtauSkeptical.jpg)
    2 KB
    But I'm not on your lawn.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:01 No.17960607
    I have to say my deepest regret is never saving any of the ilustraded games that got spammed here for a while.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:01 No.17960612
         File: 1329325293.gif-(409 KB, 1634x3488, 1304608403527.gif)
    409 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:01 No.17960613
         File: 1329325302.jpg-(72 KB, 1024x702, power shovels.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:02 No.17960620
         File: 1329325368.jpg-(216 KB, 576x379, 1261218927649.jpg)
    216 KB

    Goddamn Tau get everywhere, i swear. Somebody get me a spray bottle!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:03 No.17960627
    What's the big deal with this pic anyway? I keep on seeing people talking about 'power shove's, but all I can see are power swords.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:04 No.17960631
         File: 1329325461.png-(109 KB, 600x601, tsunderray.png)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:05 No.17960640
         File: 1329325551.png-(442 KB, 1254x903, 1304607833111.png)
    442 KB
    Then there of course is this tale.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:06 No.17960641
         File: 1329325561.jpg-(4 KB, 98x123, CelingtauCommissar.jpg)
    4 KB
    Tau? Who said anything about Tau? There's no one here but us Commissars. Maybe you should go inside and rest for a bit, gramps.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:06 No.17960642
         File: 1329325574.jpg-(151 KB, 800x800, powershovels3.jpg)
    151 KB

    I posted that pic yonks ago and someone thought the dude jumping through the hole in the back wall looked like he was carrying a shovel. It derailed the pic dump thread I was posting in.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:07 No.17960651
         File: 1329325634.jpg-(15 KB, 259x283, grampsdreadzztop.jpg)
    15 KB
    Fine! Maybe I will!

    > mutter grumble upside-down commissars with no chin-straps on their hats

    > grumble mutter what's the world coming to
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:07 No.17960652
         File: 1329325637.jpg-(139 KB, 676x461, techpriest 4chan.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:07 No.17960660
    Oh gosh he looks like he has a shovel!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:08 No.17960663
         File: 1329325684.jpg-(57 KB, 883x719, RetardedScience.jpg)
    57 KB

    That's actively retarded.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:08 No.17960665
         File: 1329325697.jpg-(158 KB, 732x533, astropath shock image.jpg)
    158 KB
    I'm pretty sure someone on /tg/ drew this after someone requested two astopaths sharing the kinds of shock images /b/ thrived on.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:09 No.17960675
         File: 1329325771.jpg-(538 KB, 1000x984, 1274639535027.jpg)
    538 KB
    What? How the hell are you even seeing that? He has a sword in front of a bit of deris.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:11 No.17960694
         File: 1329325917.png-(134 KB, 863x393, 1304609278944.png)
    134 KB
    Because I have imagination.
    >> Xenobiologist 02/15/12(Wed)12:12 No.17960698
         File: 1329325929.png-(141 KB, 1150x695, Never Change TG3.png)
    141 KB
    Happy Birthday, /tg/. Never change.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:13 No.17960707
         File: 1329325992.png-(366 KB, 722x600, stoprightthere.png)
    366 KB
    I can make myself see it if I try, but seeing it straightoff? There's a line between imagination and disconnect from reality.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:13 No.17960710
         File: 1329326005.jpg-(68 KB, 700x620, IG Cadians.jpg)
    68 KB

    Great a Commissar! Do you have any orders Sir?
    Also, why do you have only one eye and are dressed in orange?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:14 No.17960717
    >Ah yes, the day moot banned he who shall not be named.
    >> Sweet Soul Bro !!H5XdMKmBv5G 02/15/12(Wed)12:15 No.17960723
    >/tg/, taking troll threads and turning them into awesome threads.

    It's what keeps me coming back every time.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:15 No.17960724
         File: 1329326118.jpg-(132 KB, 383x566, 4000_year_old_virgin.jpg)
    132 KB
    5 years later and she still hasn't gotten laid.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:15 No.17960728
         File: 1329326143.jpg-(2 KB, 98x123, CelingtauCommBeer.jpg)
    2 KB
    I'm wearing a new model of gas mask that the tech priests recently found the STC blueprint for, and everyone from my regiment dresses like this.

    As for orders, how about everyone go get a beer?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:15 No.17960729
         File: 1329326149.png-(148 KB, 817x811, ohtg.png)
    148 KB
    This is what keeps me coming back.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:16 No.17960736
         File: 1329326171.jpg-(296 KB, 1263x766, 1246520913157.jpg)
    296 KB
    Happy birthday fa/tg/uys.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:16 No.17960738
         File: 1329326176.png-(600 KB, 460x586, uplifitingheresy.png)
    600 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:16 No.17960743
         File: 1329326206.jpg-(63 KB, 709x585, captain planetfall.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:17 No.17960752
         File: 1329326249.jpg-(37 KB, 500x500, sdf.jpg)
    37 KB
    Faptau, what are you doing?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:18 No.17960758
         File: 1329326295.jpg-(230 KB, 1198x1419, 1304609400148.jpg)
    230 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:18 No.17960764
         File: 1329326332.png-(19 KB, 626x492, GET SHIT DONE - kinda.png)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:19 No.17960767
         File: 1329326342.png-(420 KB, 2550x3300, 1328308175729.png)
    420 KB
    /tg/-The Manga.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:20 No.17960778
         File: 1329326424.jpg-(24 KB, 706x309, 1246941772485.jpg)
    24 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:21 No.17960789
         File: 1329326502.jpg-(125 KB, 700x620, Cadian beer.jpg)
    125 KB

    Huray, Huray ,Huray for the Emperor and that funny Commissar!!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:21 No.17960792
         File: 1329326518.png-(168 KB, 676x519, The Scots are revolting. How w(...).png)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:22 No.17960795
         File: 1329326534.png-(769 KB, 2000x2000, 1252463218515.png)
    769 KB
    you know, once you start thinking about fish, it's hard to stop.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:22 No.17960799
         File: 1329326577.png-(130 KB, 682x886, 33omt5i.png)
    130 KB
    All hail the mighty forces of the adeptas senoritas!
    >> Sweet Soul Bro !!H5XdMKmBv5G 02/15/12(Wed)12:23 No.17960807
    We actually do get shit done.

    But it's not "/tg/ as a whole, gets shit done" It's "/tg/ thinks up a cool idea and either a /tg/er takes up initiavle and completes the project", or in the case of a select few RPGs "Homebrew guy ask /tg/ for help, and distributes his homebrewness on /tg/."

    Shit gets done, it's just how you look at it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:24 No.17960815
         File: 1329326662.png-(600 KB, 1000x1000, 1316917045623.png)
    600 KB
    > that story
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:24 No.17960819
         File: 1329326688.png-(63 KB, 510x545, harry.png)
    63 KB
    That feel when no one mentions /tg/'s most glorious and honorable chapter.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:25 No.17960822
         File: 1329326700.jpg-(4 KB, 98x123, CelingtauHatRemove.jpg)
    4 KB
    Shhh, it's me, Ceilingtau
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:25 No.17960828
         File: 1329326747.jpg-(218 KB, 600x395, grandpa.jpg)
    218 KB
    I KNEW IT! Cadians, fire!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:26 No.17960835
         File: 1329326784.jpg-(141 KB, 832x543, UmKW7.jpg)
    141 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:26 No.17960840
         File: 1329326812.png-(204 KB, 679x565, 1178054065005.png)
    204 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:27 No.17960846
         File: 1329326847.jpg-(825 B, 98x123, CelingtauVent.jpg)
    825 B
    Ah shit, leg it!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:28 No.17960852
         File: 1329326888.jpg-(64 KB, 600x750, 1309581683767.jpg)
    64 KB
    >Stay awesome you guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:28 No.17960855
         File: 1329326925.jpg-(30 KB, 400x282, Turnip Field.jpg)
    30 KB
    Where does he even go when he does that? We're outside!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:29 No.17960859
    >> battle burgers Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:29 No.17960860
         File: 1329326940.jpg-(4 KB, 120x94, indrick.jpg)
    4 KB
    Don't have a screencap but it's worth posting:





    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:29 No.17960861
         File: 1329326961.jpg-(655 KB, 619x2260, 1180106991244.jpg)
    655 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:29 No.17960863
    Certainly not the most famous, though. The Angry Marines have gotten into everything.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:29 No.17960867
         File: 1329326979.jpg-(176 KB, 700x590, IG Valhalla.jpg)
    176 KB



    Yes Sir! But be aware my aim might be of a bit..hik!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:30 No.17960868
         File: 1329327013.jpg-(441 KB, 1597x996, 1181809856418.jpg)
    441 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:30 No.17960869
    How.... HOW DARE YOU!?

    IT's the most glorious PARTRIDGES!
    We didn't invent John Woo Drop Pods to be called pigeons!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:30 No.17960871
    Less excuses, more firing, men!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:30 No.17960872

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:31 No.17960881
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:31 No.17960883
         File: 1329327078.jpg-(81 KB, 638x600, 1257418983905.jpg)
    81 KB
    Where is that Krieg lovin' ?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:31 No.17960885
    He must've found the Webway's ventilation system.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:32 No.17960889
         File: 1329327144.jpg-(225 KB, 686x944, 1245427182746.jpg)
    225 KB
    Over in the Imperial Guard thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:33 No.17960901
         File: 1329327190.jpg-(68 KB, 595x569, my name is huge.jpg)
    68 KB

    Yes, yes it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:33 No.17960909

    Close that box before he starts digging a trench inside our spaceship!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:34 No.17960921
         File: 1329327288.jpg-(388 B, 98x123, Celingtau In Vents.jpg)
    388 B
    Make me!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:35 No.17960925
         File: 1329327304.png-(197 KB, 700x700, gavandbob.png)
    197 KB
    Never forget /tg/

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:35 No.17960930
         File: 1329327351.jpg-(95 KB, 1216x728, meatbread2.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:36 No.17960936
         File: 1329327386.jpg-(52 KB, 780x280, 1328676486902.jpg)
    52 KB

    Whose idea was it to give him a power shovel?!

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:36 No.17960938
         File: 1329327389.png-(46 KB, 500x500, jeanstealer.png)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:36 No.17960939
    it's... beautiful.

    you may thank us, the Galactic Partridges, for this post.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:37 No.17960943
    Stop taking those!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:38 No.17960952
         File: 1329327526.jpg-(115 KB, 981x796, 1209214261226.jpg)
    115 KB
    >> Guardsman (Not Alpharius) 02/15/12(Wed)12:39 No.17960956
         File: 1329327549.jpg-(60 KB, 360x358, 1324861301606.jpg)
    60 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:39 No.17960959
         File: 1329327594.png-(217 KB, 1346x495, 1309325149589.png)
    217 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:40 No.17960970
         File: 1329327659.png-(2 KB, 99x123, lil cadian.png)
    2 KB

    What you say? Are you bringing that Tau back
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:41 No.17960974
         File: 1329327718.jpg-(71 KB, 777x698, mr culexus.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:42 No.17960980
    Why is /tg/ obsessed with bears?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:43 No.17960988
         File: 1329327818.png-(53 KB, 564x601, 1194985056161973028broom_nicu_(...).png)
    53 KB
    Ceilingtau, commissar broom would like its hat back
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:44 No.17960996
    because /tg/ and /sp/ are closer than you think
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:44 No.17961000
    Because they're overbearingly cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:44 No.17961004
         File: 1329327888.jpg-(572 KB, 1500x1055, arkhamtouhou29.jpg)
    572 KB
    /tg/ - Touhou Games
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:44 No.17961005
    >> Guardsman (Not Alpharius) 02/15/12(Wed)12:45 No.17961008
         File: 1329327915.jpg-(74 KB, 798x284, 1324874678104.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Guardsman (Not Alpharius) 02/15/12(Wed)12:46 No.17961019
         File: 1329328013.png-(56 KB, 442x450, 1328136170998.png)
    56 KB

    Shit. I had a pun, but I forgot it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:47 No.17961024
         File: 1329328051.jpg-(61 KB, 720x443, 9284572473567.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:48 No.17961031
    I wish that comic hadn't died.

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:48 No.17961038
         File: 1329328113.jpg-(347 KB, 800x542, brethrenbeforewenches.jpg)
    347 KB
    5 years (plus the few months warhammer wednesday lasted) and it's been worth every day.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:48 No.17961041
         File: 1329328121.png-(113 KB, 1872x592, 1328768366786.png)
    113 KB
    Never Forget
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:48 No.17961042
    I'm almost surprised we don't have a bear quest and a bear based RPG system.

    Also >Super Dave

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:51 No.17961072
         File: 1329328271.png-(137 KB, 1267x934, 1318716239196.png)
    137 KB
    I love you /tg/

    Never change, all that. Still, thanks for three years of laughs so far.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:52 No.17961092
         File: 1329328373.jpg-(97 KB, 882x681, 1303167974624.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:53 No.17961098
         File: 1329328408.jpg-(7 KB, 211x228, dwarfs.jpg)
    7 KB
    motherfucking dorfs
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:54 No.17961107
         File: 1329328448.png-(13 KB, 427x106, hide.png)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:55 No.17961118
         File: 1329328502.jpg-(96 KB, 600x527, Lolifex_Melee.jpg)
    96 KB
    Beware the lolifex
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:55 No.17961122
         File: 1329328529.jpg-(80 KB, 739x1024, 2dd7de090764174f33eaed3325590d(...).jpg)
    80 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:56 No.17961128
         File: 1329328587.png-(68 KB, 1008x441, 1307759008535.png)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:56 No.17961131
    I haven't been on /tg/ for overly long as /v/ or /co/, but I've grown to love it just for all the crazy-ass campaign ideas it has, remembering shit like Deep Rot or Bagworld.

    Out of all the boards, this is one of my favorites.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:00 No.17961162
    I think Moot said we are the most civil of all the boards.

    And the mods are scared of us.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:01 No.17961169

    Why would the mods be scared of us?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:02 No.17961179

    That's like saying that the germans were afraid of the jews.

    Terrible example, but it stands.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:02 No.17961180
         File: 1329328940.png-(8 KB, 681x118, 1304608060894.png)
    8 KB
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/15/12(Wed)13:03 No.17961191
         File: 1329329037.jpg-(30 KB, 622x201, 1319615654739.jpg)
    30 KB
    No, he said he wished he could discuss things as civilly with /a/ and /b/ as he does with us. He never said the mods are scared of us.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:04 No.17961198
    Holy sheeeeeeeeeeet.

    Damn /tg/ you're into some really freaky shit.

    But that's why I love this board.
    Stay classy /tg/.
    >> DM Kroft !ScSfaqO.RY 02/15/12(Wed)13:05 No.17961205
    Happy Birthday, /tg/!

    You're the reason I risk visiting 4chan almost daily, and you are well worth it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:05 No.17961211
         File: 1329329157.png-(121 KB, 1261x639, flyingcastles.png)
    121 KB
    The mods said that separate of moot.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/15/12(Wed)13:08 No.17961228
    Oh, really? When? I wasn't around for that.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:09 No.17961238
         File: 1329329380.jpg-(107 KB, 600x480, thatfuckingimageman.jpg)
    107 KB
    Was around the time you started Emprahque.

    Little before that.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:09 No.17961243

    Yeah /tg/ is the best, it's a fantasy/scifi novel that I don't have to borrow or pay for and it really gets the imagination going. Also since I came here from lurking /pol/ I can tell you that I almost never get angry after reading posts here. Even when a subject becomes more serious I know that after a while everyone will be regailing us with tales of slaying demons and saving princesses.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/15/12(Wed)13:11 No.17961255
    Wow, holy shit. Do you have a post number I can look up in foolz?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:12 No.17961258
    it's a well know fact that the three most intelligent boards are /tg/, /lit/ and /sci/.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:12 No.17961260
    I'm the guy who posted the original Crazy Hassan advertisement.

    Feels mildly good, man.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:13 No.17961269
         File: 1329329602.jpg-(31 KB, 982x178, feminism.jpg)
    31 KB
    I'm trying to find the damn thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:13 No.17961276
         File: 1329329626.jpg-(504 KB, 3648x2736, 2yz2L.jpg)
    504 KB
    Happy belated Valentine's day.

    I'm taking all of you fools out on a picnic date. :3~
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:14 No.17961282

    >> CAT !!fzMkxxrtKt+ 02/15/12(Wed)13:14 No.17961283
         File: 1329329666.jpg-(403 KB, 799x720, peter_in_all_his_glory.jpg)
    403 KB
    Looking at this thread made me wish my group didn't break up just when things were getting really good.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:16 No.17961300
         File: 1329329786.jpg-(133 KB, 1425x268, crawlingupass.jpg)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:21 No.17961342
         File: 1329330073.png-(213 KB, 1577x502, 1304609096623.png)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:24 No.17961375
         File: 1329330277.png-(1.5 MB, 1293x860, presents.png)
    1.5 MB
    saw this yesterday for the first time. priceless.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:25 No.17961384
         File: 1329330349.png-(150 KB, 767x759, 1302861510299.png)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:26 No.17961389
         File: 1329330376.jpg-(71 KB, 750x600, 1298770989737.jpg)
    71 KB
    That's a good one.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:30 No.17961436

    Oh, so that's why you stopped updating?
    Feels bad man...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:31 No.17961441
    Wait, what?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:32 No.17961452

    >> CAT !!fzMkxxrtKt+ 02/15/12(Wed)13:34 No.17961464
         File: 1329330848.jpg-(30 KB, 640x412, cat_vtec.jpg)
    30 KB

    Mostly, yeah. Two of my group members just aren't available anymore, and we don't have anyone else to fill in for them
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:34 No.17961466
    Hnnng, every time I imagine this, I get all jealous as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:34 No.17961467
    Talking of how /tg/ gets shit done, the fuck happenned to chapter master?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:34 No.17961471
         File: 1329330896.jpg-(1.35 MB, 2066x4493, 1312341123283.jpg)
    1.35 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:35 No.17961478

    Welp, it was great while it lasted...


    Still in development I think, they come from time to time and show the progress.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/15/12(Wed)13:36 No.17961480
         File: 1329330962.png-(210 KB, 1439x735, fuck yeah.png)
    210 KB
    This was on /tg/
    lol summer
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:36 No.17961481
    Good question.

    Project was in shambles when I tried to help. No one able to figure out how to do anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:37 No.17961490
    Damn shame ;_;
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:40 No.17961523
    Apparently it is still being worked on.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:41 No.17961535
         File: 1329331282.jpg-(71 KB, 600x444, monocake.jpg)
    71 KB
    You guys don't know how much I love this place!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:42 No.17961545
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:46 No.17961590

    Do you want this cake?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:48 No.17961627
    I would enjoy it very much.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:49 No.17961634
    Oh. Uh, alright then.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:50 No.17961649
         File: 1329331831.jpg-(123 KB, 1218x644, hypercube.jpg)
    123 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:54 No.17961687
    We should invite Moot to hang out with us.

    Last time he came here we got Profit banned and before that we got dice.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:56 No.17961716
    Who was Profit?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:58 No.17961746
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:59 No.17961760
    I'm...hesitant. Why don't you tell me the legend in your own words, oh Elder of Tales?

    You know you always tell it best.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:00 No.17961762
         File: 1329332408.png-(226 KB, 1024x768, super_galaxy_dai_gurren_by_cap(...).png)
    226 KB
    (I love that one)

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:02 No.17961787
    We should really finish the TTGL setting.

    Actually I never saw the man myself, some how I dodged seeing him. All I know is that /tg/ hated the shit out the bastard.

    Maybe another oldfag can explain.
    >> vbcoder !!zk7AKmPfxNS 02/15/12(Wed)14:04 No.17961810
    's still going. Making reasonable progress coding the game engine, shouldn't be too long by my calender. Which is fairly lax, I'm not going to lie. I'd say there'll certainly be a release within two months, very possibly before then.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:04 No.17961817
         File: 1329332686.png-(33 KB, 428x366, what the hell.png)
    33 KB
    Nevermind, I read it anyways. Jim Profit himself wrote that, didn't he?
    >added months ago by Jim Profit
    Oh. I reopened it to make sure the author wasn't listed, cause I didn't check before, and lo and behold.

    I already hate him. I wish I could have seen him in his peak of obnoxiousness.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/15/12(Wed)14:07 No.17961841
    Bumping for the infamous mod quote.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:10 No.17961870
         File: 1329333008.jpg-(12 KB, 364x62, tgmods.jpg)
    12 KB
    Found it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:10 No.17961881
         File: 1329333055.jpg-(13 KB, 150x150, 1310027542005.jpg)
    13 KB
    Well duh no shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:16 No.17961943
         File: 1329333389.png-(113 KB, 722x781, 1327249309474.png)
    113 KB
    I love you people. This is a glorious bastion of laughter, sanity, and non-judgemental fetishism in the sea of crap that is most of 4chan. Stay classy.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:16 No.17961950
    The way that was written, I imagine either Profit or his mother wrote that article.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:18 No.17961962

    It was indeed.
    >> Neo Odin 02/15/12(Wed)14:18 No.17961965
         File: 1329333500.jpg-(83 KB, 1325x484, 1327450575494.jpg)
    83 KB
    Wheres our mascot? Anyone have a screencap of the Buddha Cat thread? Aka Manul?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:21 No.17961996
    Unfortunately I don't.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:23 No.17962004
         File: 1329333784.jpg-(28 KB, 640x480, profit_outside.jpg)
    28 KB
    >Jim Profit meme? Sounds awesome how could I miss....
    >Read article
    >Oh.... some day Jim, some day you'll get your due
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:25 No.17962030
         File: 1329333916.jpg-(35 KB, 681x237, banned.jpg)
    35 KB
    >epic things we have done
    Like get rid of the 40k wargame crowd. Good job!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:31 No.17962089
         File: 1329334291.png-(469 KB, 1000x1000, GrandpadreadtheDreadening.png)
    469 KB
    > Come back from lunch
    > Thread is infested with screencapfags
    CIELING TAU! I know you're responsible for this, get down here!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:34 No.17962116
    He left gramps.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:39 No.17962169
         File: 1329334772.gif-(387 KB, 1000x800, hawaiidread.gif)
    387 KB
    Curses! Foiled again! Remind me to get the techpriests back on figuring out how to turn back time. TOO LONG have I been awoken only once the battle is past!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:39 No.17962174
    Found the thread, for future reference.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:40 No.17962184
         File: 1329334853.jpg-(62 KB, 323x400, winin.jpg)
    62 KB
    This thread is winin'.

    Happy Birthday, /tg/!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:42 No.17962201
    Go hang out with Tankred.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:45 No.17962233
    I love you guys
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:48 No.17962275
         File: 1329335298.jpg-(430 KB, 600x2400, mootmakingtg.jpg)
    430 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:55 No.17962349
    Did the guy who wrote Feminist diplomancer gets shut the fuck down - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9740414/ ever come back and do the follow-up? I seriously want to know what happened afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)14:57 No.17962362
    I think there was a second lesser known story.
    >> CDR Nonsense 02/15/12(Wed)15:01 No.17962394
         File: 1329336060.png-(245 KB, 1394x914, Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 3.00(...).png)
    245 KB
    The Emperor protects
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:09 No.17962485
    He always does.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:12 No.17962518
    Man...I seriously need to find that now.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:33 No.17962751
    Thanks /tg/, I can honestly say that if weren't for the stuff that I learned here I wouldn't be HALF the DM I am today. My largest file is filled to the brim with /tg/ related pictures and stories and I have spent quite a large amount of time reading all the glorious writefaggotry that is suptg. It's nice knowing there's a board out there populated with people sharing my favorite hobbies and willing to help others become better, happy birthday.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:34 No.17962763
    I spent a good 2 weeks just reading threads over the summer.

    My neckbeard grew a lot.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:48 No.17962908
         File: 1329338914.jpg-(102 KB, 877x732, 1325734013298.jpg)
    102 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:51 No.17962932
    That's our battle cry at the top as well I suppose?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:56 No.17963001
         File: 1329339381.jpg-(367 KB, 1280x939, Herpaderp.jpg)
    367 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:06 No.17963151
    I haven't been on /tg/ long, but it's quickly become my favorite board.

    Happy 5th birthday, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:10 No.17963202
    Everyone loves /tg/.

    We should invite /sp/ over for a bro out.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:11 No.17963222
         File: 1329340278.jpg-(436 KB, 3000x2400, 1296857229996.jpg)
    436 KB
    Happy birthday from /k/, /tg/. The threads you guys start over there are always fun.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:13 No.17963253
    >Rap Battle

    ...shit, wasn't there a feat in 3.5 where you could replace all of your rolls with a perform check?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:14 No.17963257
         File: 1329340441.jpg-(2 KB, 98x123, Celingtau.jpg)
    2 KB
    Is he gone?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:14 No.17963267
    Yes he is Ceiling Tau.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:24 No.17963412
         File: 1329341058.jpg-(5 KB, 98x123, Celingtau Stealing Turnip.jpg)
    5 KB
    Then I guess he won't miss this.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:24 No.17963423
    How did you get the ceiling tau?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:28 No.17963471
    He's on the goddamn ceiling, how the fuck do you think he took it?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:28 No.17963483
    No one ever looks up.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:29 No.17963487
    Well he is floating in the air, how does he get a vegetable on the ground.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:29 No.17963499
         File: 1329341384.jpg-(6 KB, 84x77, 232131.jpg)
    6 KB


    It's been a while.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:30 No.17963509
    Oh snap.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:30 No.17963511
    He uses a rope.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:30 No.17963512
         File: 1329341432.jpg-(3 KB, 98x123, CelingtauBeer.jpg)
    3 KB
    The same way I get my beer
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:32 No.17963544
         File: 1329341535.jpg-(2 KB, 98x123, Celingtaulol.jpg)
    2 KB
    Hey, I remember you! You're that Dark Angel that kept throwing parties then pissing everyone off with your lame suprises!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:35 No.17963589
         File: 1329341737.jpg-(7 KB, 100x92, 232131.jpg)
    7 KB

    >> Rubbish Soldier 02/15/12(Wed)16:36 No.17963597
         File: 1329341763.jpg-(686 KB, 1024x1024, 1328736628588.jpg)
    686 KB
    Aye my fellow elegen/tg/entlemen, lets raise our flagons, our tankards, and our mugs to 5 years excellence, awesomeness, and getting shit done! For /tg/ and /tg/ related stuff I say huzzah!!!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:37 No.17963615
         File: 1329341829.jpg-(3 KB, 98x123, CelingtauConverse.jpg)
    3 KB
    Eh, Fuklaw's parties were better.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:37 No.17963621
    A ratling stripper in a cake is not entertaining to anyone.
    >> CDR Nonsense 02/15/12(Wed)16:38 No.17963628
         File: 1329341890.jpg-(52 KB, 511x546, 395475_295631217151972_1000011(...).jpg)
    52 KB

    Aye, fellow battle brother.
    Let's raise our mugs to /tg/ indeed
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:39 No.17963648
         File: 1329341958.jpg-(9 KB, 98x123, CelingtauAnnoyed.jpg)
    9 KB
    Dammit all I have are bottles, can you teach me how to acquire a good mug?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:39 No.17963655
    How do you drink upside down?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:40 No.17963665
    Not that hard actually.
    >> edgelovesvickie !!msy8QUGSNCf 02/15/12(Wed)16:40 No.17963666
         File: 1329342028.jpg-(19 KB, 234x295, cake.jpg)
    19 KB
    Happy birthday!

    <3 /sp/
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:41 No.17963686
    Am i really the only one who remembers the planetary, undead, lich-based super computer that /tg/ spent the majority of a month creating?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:42 No.17963689
         File: 1329342131.jpg-(156 KB, 700x639, Freya_Crescent_Cosplay_by_rifa.jpg)
    156 KB
    You shut your dirty mouth.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:43 No.17963710
         File: 1329342224.jpg-(7 KB, 100x92, 232131.jpg)
    7 KB

    Fuklaw had nothing on my parties. I mean, I even had a jack in a vox.

    But it's been years since. The Adeptus Moderatus kept all parties away for some years with their harsh ways. Here's to this place being a little bit as I remembered it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:44 No.17963720
    Check the OP


    This is what happens when we figure out how to network it.
    >> CDR Nonsense 02/15/12(Wed)16:44 No.17963724
         File: 1329342279.png-(33 KB, 510x546, 1315694160011.png)
    33 KB
    Ok xenos scum, listen and listen well. The best way to claim a mug for your own is as follows:
    Step 1: Sneak up by the mug when it and no one else is suspecting it.
    Step 2: Take the initiative and capture the mug
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: Profit!

    Now then, you think you can remember all of that? Oh and prepare to be purged in the name of The Emprah
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:45 No.17963740
         File: 1329342345.gif-(6 KB, 98x123, Celingtau2.gif)
    6 KB
    Fuklaw had a Titan wrestling match at one of his, I announced for it.

    Fuck I still have the mic I used that night.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:45 No.17963742
         File: 1329342355.jpg-(276 KB, 1680x1050, leandrosandinquistor.jpg)
    276 KB
    >> Rubbish Soldier 02/15/12(Wed)16:46 No.17963744
         File: 1329342362.jpg-(345 KB, 900x900, 1326786063045.jpg)
    345 KB
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 02/15/12(Wed)16:46 No.17963746
    Deep Rot?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:47 No.17963773
         File: 1329342473.gif-(5 KB, 81x79, Scars.gif)
    5 KB
    Your party was shit, even the little fish man knows it, just give it up, you guys can't do anything right.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:50 No.17963803
         File: 1329342632.jpg-(2 KB, 98x123, CelingtauSweat.jpg)
    2 KB
    Oh, hey Cousin Beakie, sorry about the whole "Bricking your Pink DS" thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:51 No.17963819
    This thread keeps getting better.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:55 No.17963863
         File: 1329342959.png-(46 KB, 306x238, -_- 16.png)
    46 KB
    I, for one, was not here when cieling tau was around. I approve of this.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:56 No.17963865
    While it was awesome, one of the titan arms landed on my car, good thing it was insured or I'd actually be pissed about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:03 No.17963953
         File: 1329343413.jpg-(101 KB, 510x442, Ds.jpg)
    101 KB
    What the fuck did you do to her anyway, the tech priest still haven't been able to fix her.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:04 No.17963962
         File: 1329343460.jpg-(6 KB, 155x156, CelingTauPulseGrenade.jpg)
    6 KB
    I dropped a pulse grenade on it, remember?

    Fuck some random jackass even took a photo of it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:04 No.17963964
         File: 1329343475.jpg-(32 KB, 479x361, 4567456745643237.jpg)
    32 KB
    Are you guys gearing up for another all-thread ban again?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:07 No.17963999
    No lug?

    Jeez, half of our party worships the guy. I am taking a level in cloistered cleric to be his first true worshipper.

    Also, I am franchising a bunch of bars/taverns/places of entertainment with his scripture all over the place to spread his word.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:09 No.17964022
         File: 1329343799.jpg-(96 KB, 457x376, Be careful.jpg)
    96 KB
    Be more careful next time. You don't see me dropping grenades on your shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:10 No.17964026
         File: 1329343810.jpg-(80 KB, 375x600, wallhammer1.jpg)
    80 KB
    i love you guys
    >> Liar 02/15/12(Wed)17:10 No.17964033
         File: 1329343854.jpg-(696 KB, 1200x800, Tyra.jpg)
    696 KB
    just saying hi
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 02/15/12(Wed)17:12 No.17964048
         File: 1329343979.jpg-(54 KB, 1215x551, Mod-kun.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:13 No.17964051
         File: 1329343994.jpg-(115 KB, 697x436, wallhammer2.jpg)
    115 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:13 No.17964052
    Kinda hard to drop a grenade "up" isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:14 No.17964064
    Sup Liar? Are you going to add more shadows to that beaut-, heretical xenos scum?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:14 No.17964066
         File: 1329344051.jpg-(224 KB, 697x938, wallhammer3.jpg)
    224 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:18 No.17964130
         File: 1329344316.jpg-(138 KB, 631x749, wallhammer4.jpg)
    138 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:21 No.17964164
    I think my favorite /tg/ creation is still the Server Crash setting.
    That setting just feels so awesome for some reason.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:22 No.17964170
    I always thought that animes like Pokemon were retarded, but put into perspective of Wallhammer, I didn't realise HOW retarded it was.
    >> Liar 02/15/12(Wed)17:22 No.17964185
         File: 1329344575.png-(115 KB, 386x432, trolltyrannus.png)
    115 KB

    yeah. I'll get around to it sometime. been busy with jp ACV
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:23 No.17964187
    It's for the best anyway. Design by committee never fucking works, and it'd be that except far worse. Better to get /tg/ on the things that work in groups (brainstorming, etc) and leave the details to people who are fully invested.

    Related: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Machina_Dei
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:23 No.17964196
    try playing any traditional game like a character from Yugioh would. its too much fun
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:23 No.17964200
         File: 1329344633.png-(61 KB, 894x983, 20.png)
    61 KB
    more screencaps which I thought were awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:24 No.17964215
         File: 1329344682.png-(265 KB, 1870x959, Bjorn.png)
    265 KB
    I've yet to start my storytime folder.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:24 No.17964216
    That's the only way to play poker, let me tell you.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:25 No.17964220
    Oh god I have to do that next time I play poker
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:25 No.17964226
         File: 1329344737.jpg-(1.17 MB, 980x3558, Captain BluddFlagg 1.jpg)
    1.17 MB
    part 1 of 2
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:27 No.17964249
         File: 1329344838.jpg-(1.7 MB, 980x4365, Captain BluddFlagg 2.jpg)
    1.7 MB
    part 2
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:28 No.17964256
         File: 1329344880.png-(363 KB, 956x1284, Cuptain Khahn.png)
    363 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:29 No.17964275
         File: 1329344958.png-(170 KB, 1194x1520, His son the Horse.png)
    170 KB
    This picture has actually crystalized my own views.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/15/12(Wed)17:29 No.17964282
         File: 1329344977.png-(127 KB, 510x546, 1328671372600.png)
    127 KB
    Happy birthday to the best board. We're so good even /sp/ wanted to be next to us.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:31 No.17964296
    Good gods no!
    Image limit reached.
    Good while it lasted /tg/
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:33 No.17964331
    I don't care what anyone says, those bloody magpies are always good for a lol.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/15/12(Wed)17:34 No.17964345
    Fuck yeah meta thread. missed this shit

    NOW As an edict from the GOD-EMPEROR himself:

    GO FORTH Be helpful, be creative, think of news ways to solve problems, invent new things, and kill everything you encounter.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:35 No.17964354
    I want more ceiling tau though.

    Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:35 No.17964358
    >be helpful
    >kill everything you encounter
    and thus the Imperium was born
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:35 No.17964359
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/15/12(Wed)17:36 No.17964375
    Image limit reached right when I found the pic of the sisters laughing about the horse
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:37 No.17964385
    Start a new thread then.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:38 No.17964397
    On it
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:41 No.17964426
    New thread
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:52 No.17964589
    Hey, it's Papa!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:02 No.17964697
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:15 No.17964901
    Fuck has it been 5 years already? Shit.

    Not finishing Server Crash has always been my biggest /tg/-related regret, and I still want to finish it someday. I probably still have my design notes floating around here somewhere.

    >image limit reached
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:17 No.17964922
    See >>17964426
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:33 No.17965922
    I request that this thread gets posted, for it was brilliant and I have lost it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:39 No.17966010
    Five years? Wow. Happy birthday, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:46 No.17966116
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:25 No.17966717
    Happy Brithday /tg/.

    You guys are great and I love you all, even if I did leave you for /tv/.

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