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  • File : 1328214523.jpg-(40 KB, 400x258, man-08.jpg)
    40 KB MAQuest Part 2 Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)15:28 No.17778417  
    Looks like we're starting earlier than I thought!

    Previous: >>17764918

    On our last thread, we were SOUTH MOTHERFUCKING BURNING, STORMING THE FUCKING CASTLE- er, the Flannigan Institute, and stealing us a prototype mobile armor and it's cute Irish Newtype pilot.

    You are now her.

    (Status next post)
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)15:33 No.17778464

    UNIT: ELMETH (Improved)
    OUTPUT: 14200 kW

    You wake up, in the cell. The door is locked, but you can call the personnel if you need something.

    >> OvermanXAN 02/02/12(Thu)15:37 No.17778504
    Look for reading material. We are a cultured newtype badass, after all. We must be classy.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)15:45 No.17778595
    Call to the guard and ask for some reading material.
    >> Rick Dominated 02/02/12(Thu)15:48 No.17778630
    Find reading glasses, employ them.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)15:50 No.17778644
         File1328215803.jpg-(78 KB, 400x400, Rb-79k-work.jpg)
    78 KB
    You search around, finding a 0070 edition of UC HISTORY, the foremost reference on history since the Bombing of Laplace. Flipping it over, you begin to read.

    A few hours in, you come across a chapter omitted in the 0074 edition you owned as a child. It details the history of the Mobile Pod Series, including an incredibly detailed chapter on how many mobile pods were converted for construction work. You decide to hold onto it.





    Congratulations, you've just discovered your first secret plan! Many special units can only be created using these special plan, with existing units as a base, as well as parts obtained from destroying enemy mobile units.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)15:51 No.17778670
         File1328215915.gif-(462 KB, 350x267, tumblr_lixh4ixPlB1qhico7o1_500.gif)
    462 KB
    >cute Irish Newtype
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)15:54 No.17778707
    Find out exactly what our situation is, i.e. who is in charge around here, and try to talk to them to learn what the future has in store for us.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)15:55 No.17778722
    >acquired "Secret Plans"

    Let's ask the personnel who's in charge, and what's going to happen to us.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)16:10 No.17778954

    You call for someone, and, after a few minutes, the rugged man, South Burning, from before saunters to the door, waving.

    "How can I help you, kid?"

    You say nothing for a moment, before looking at him.

    "What are you planning to do with me?" you ask, your tone hard from years of dealing with bureaucrats and slave drivers. Burning chuckles.

    "Well, that's not really my call. The captain makes that decision. If it were up to me, though, I'd like to get you down to earth. Where are you from?"

    "Dublin," you say, deciding to tell the truth. "My father took me with him to Side 3 when he and my mum got divorced." Burning nods.

    "Well, we're just past Lagrange Point 2 right now, so it'll be a while before we can get you there."

    Well, you aren't going back to Dublin anytime soon, and there's no chance of you getting back to Side 3 (Not that you'd want to.)

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:23 No.17779109
    I suppose we could ask for a change of clothes. I imagine that whatever test subject uniform we're wearing now has unpleasant memories associated with it.

    Maybe repatriation forms to become a Federation citizen again?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:32 No.17779233

    Although the repatriation forms might have to wait until we reach port. We see about getting out of this cell, too.

    Also, what do we look like?
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)16:34 No.17779262
    "I guess that's reasonable," Burning says. "I'll see if we can get a spare from Ariwel. As for the repatriation forms, we'll have to get out of the minovsky interference before we can request for HQ to send some. Mind waiting a bit?" You nod, as he begins to leave. "By the way," he says, "welcome to the Trafalgar." With that, he is gone, and you are alone once again.

    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)16:35 No.17779279
         File1328218559.jpg-(104 KB, 544x755, 102810_emma_stone_beauty_544.jpg)
    104 KB
    In a nutshell...

    Yeah, you're pretty cute.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:38 No.17779303
    Keep our mind focused and sharp.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:39 No.17779310
    Well, we're not stupid enough to go wandering on our own, without permission, and especially if we're cute and nubile and fucking Monsha is around.

    So, lock door, take a shower, and relax until Burning comes back with new clothes.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:41 No.17779337
    We're in the stockade. There's not a whole lot we CAN do.

    Finish the book if we haven't already, then wait.

    And see about getting out of this cell.

    I like this. replace wait with meditate.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)16:47 No.17779397
    You lock the door, and turn on the shower. The hot water feels fantastic, and you can feel your muscles relaxing.
    A few minutes later, you walk out, clean and comfortable, clad in a comfy towel. Sitting on your bed, you meditate, just like you were taught. The clarity it grants you allows you to focus your powers, keeping stray thoughts from the crew out of your head.

    After about 10 more minutes, you hear a knock on the door. Standing up, you readjust the towel, and look through the peephole. Burning is standing there, with a federation female navigator's uniform. You open it up just enough for him to put his hand through to give it to you.

    "Thank you, Lieutenant," you say calmly, accepting the clothes happily.

    "No problem, kid. Just stay away from Monsha when you wear that. Ariwel has enough of a hard time keeping her dress buttoned around him." You shudder, and nod. With that, he leaves you to your business. You get dressed quickly; the uniform is slightly baggy, but comfortable.

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:49 No.17779413
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)16:50 No.17779420
    Request from the captain of the Trafalgar permission to leave our quarters. We're not seconded to Burning's team or anything, and right now we're just a civilian.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)16:52 No.17779430
    You continue to read, until the book is complete. You've got the plans, but other than that, there wasn't much that was new; in fact, a lot of it was out of date.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)17:02 No.17779534
    You call back Burning again, and ask him to get the captain's permission to leave. "Sure thing," he says, calling the bridge.

    "Captain Vismenda, she's asking to be let out,"

    "I don't see why not," a feminine voice says from the intercom. "Let her out. I want to meet her, anyway." With that, the call ends, and Burning steps aside.

    "Well, that's that. Enjoy some freedom. Mess is on sub-block 3, bridge is on Block E. This is Sub-Block B." He leaves, nodding to her as he turns the corner.

    You are now free.

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:05 No.17779561
    Lets have a look around the ship. Get to know our new home.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)17:09 No.17779605
    That's a tall order. Including the floor you're on right now, there are 10 areas of the ship: Blocks A through E(Bridge), and Sub-Blocks B(Mess)-E.

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:11 No.17779614
    Go bro it up with the guys in engineering.
    They keep things working, it would be nice to be on their good side.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:12 No.17779622
    Go check up on the Elmeth. It may have been damaged
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:15 No.17779655
    Long term plan: Get Robin Diez up to KOBE BYALANT tier.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:23 No.17779733
    Go to Block E and meet the captain.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)17:28 No.17779783
    You head over to Sub-Block C, the engineering block. As soon as you get there, you duck to avoid getting your head taken off by an errant Mobile Suit arm. Looking at its source, you see a couple of engineers flinch away from a bullet lodged in the elbow joint of the GM that owns the arm. One of them spots you, and gulps.

    "Uh, sorry miss. Didn't mean to nearly get you there."

    "It's alright," you say, breathing shallowly from shock. One of the engineers, a young man, not much older than you, hops down, walking over to you.

    "Hey, you're the civvie we picked up! Welcome to the Trafalgar! I'm Ben, and that's Jerry." He points at the older, bearded gentleman, who waves halfheartedly, focused on the MS's joint.

    "Nice to meet you," you say politely. "I was wondering if I could check on my machine?"

    "Sure thing," Ben says, pointing you towards the hangar, which is just up the stairs. "There were a few dings from the Oggo attack, but that thing is solid. We just had to hammer them out." You nod, thanking him.


    You walk down the stairs, where you find your Elmeth sitting there, practically untouched. The paint isn't even scratched. Breathing a sigh of relief, you turn, catching sight of a large pile of scrap to your immediate right as you begin to go back up.


    As you go back through Engineering, Ben stops you.
    "Hey, you're probably getting hungry. We're going to the mess in about 30 minutes. Care to join us?"

    You're planning to go and meet the captain now, but you're free after that.

    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)17:28 No.17779788
    Don't worry, he will be. You'll make sure of it.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:30 No.17779797
    Take up Ben's offer after meeting the captain.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:35 No.17779838
    Agree. Also see if you can somehow get your Elmeth painted dark blue. Green is so Zeek.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:38 No.17779867

    Lets eat with the engineers.

    And find out the date.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:40 No.17779897
    Let's go with the engineers. Becoming friendly with the people maintaining our MA Is a good thing.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)17:41 No.17779905
    You nod, smiling.
    "Sure thing, I'd love to." Ben smiles.

    "Cool, see you in 30 minutes." With that, he gets back to work, and you head up towards the bridge.

    A few minutes later, you make it up to the bridge, where you are greeted by Burning. He takes you the captain, a handsome Indian woman who appears to be in her late 30s. She smiles politely at you, and holds out a hand.

    "Hello there, Miss O'Clay. My name is Vismenda Thomas. I am the captain of this ship. You've been quite the unexpected gift, you know. We were not expecting our newly-obtained mobile armor to come with a pilot." You scratch your head awkwardly.

    "Er, yes..." Should you tell her that you were merely the test pilot, and had no actual combat experience? Or do you tell her a lie and say you're a proper pilot?

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:43 No.17779918
    Tell her the truth.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:44 No.17779920
    Tell the truth, but be sure to work in the 11/12 funnels in there.
    If they got someone who can use 12, they deserve that seat.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:44 No.17779921
    Tell her the truth. We're a pressganged test pilot. Ideally we just want to go home.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:45 No.17779929
    Tell her the truth. We've never been in combat.

    Our actions in the hangar, however, speak for themselves. We're a Newtype, which gives us a certain edge. Also, it makes us the only person aboard capable of using the Elmeth at anything close to its full potential.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)17:53 No.17779997

    "Permission to speak freely, captain?"


    "I'm not a proper pilot, just a tester. I was the one who could use the most bits at once, so they had me test its systems."

    You don't say that you weren't an entirely unwilling participant.

    "How many can you use?" the captain asks.

    "At most, 11." She whistles appreciatively.

    "Quite a number, Miss. We may ask you to help us out, if you can do that."

    She's asking you to become a pilot for the Federation? Fighting against Zeon? Against Dad?

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:56 No.17780035
    "I need to think about it."

    Obviously, when shit goes down, as it inevitably will, we'll fight, but let's not be too eager.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)17:57 No.17780043
    Tell her we're not entirely comfortable with the idea of fighting at all.

    Do we have any friends on Side 3? Or did the war break out right after we moved?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:00 No.17780085
    Being a test pilot meant supporting the fight against Zion and our Dad, and on some level we knew that, but we are not sure if we're ready to get into a real fight yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:10 No.17780192

    Might as well tell the truth. But mention that the main functions of the suit work with us
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:12 No.17780206
    Fighting a against our father would be a bad experience. Is he in the military? How does he feel about Zeon?

    We may want able to contact him about defecting. (We should think carefully on this. Even if he's a civilian, it may lead to some unintended consequences)
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:39 No.17780468
    As much as we don't want to fight dad. Zeon did bad things to us. And dad didn't save us from it. Besides moms on earyh so we still have her
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)18:39 No.17780469
    You think of Dad, of how he's probably in his lab, mulling over test data from your last training sortie, trying to find a way to compensate for your absence. After all, his precious data was always more important then you. You think of Ecce and Vice. Will they have to fight? If you have to fight, would you... have to fight each other?

    "If I don't have to fight, I don't want to," you say carefully. The captain nods, an understanding smile on her face.

    "We won't make you do it unless there is no choice. May I expect that of you?" You nod, eyes stern, and her understanding smile becomes an impressed one.

    "Good on you. Now let's-" You tackle Captain Vismenda to the ground just as a blast rocks the ship. "Front cameras on!" the Captain bellows, and the screen brings up the image of the the assailant. A Zudah is there, accompanied by 3 Oggos.

    "Ready the GMs!" the captain yells into the intercom.

    "It's no good! Engineering got hit by that blast! The GMs are too damaged right now! All that's functional right now are the Oggo we captured and the Elmeth!"



    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:43 No.17780498
    >Obviously, when shit goes down, as it inevitably will, we'll fight

    What a surprise!

    Get to the Elmeth. Ask South Burning if he'd like to come with us or take the Oggo. No time to waste, the ship is under attack.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:43 No.17780502
    Right now would fall under the category of "No Choice". They're going to kill everyone on this ship if we don't hurry.

    Volunteer to take the Elmeth out and fight.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:48 No.17780536
    Run to the elmeth

    They need our help
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:49 No.17780554
    Get down to Engineering, launch in the Elmeth.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)18:56 No.17780640
    >inb4 everyone we make lunch plans with ever dies.
    Lets get to our MA.
    We have a ship to save.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:09 No.17780822
    Why does it sometimes take you 15 minutes to post, and sometimes 45?
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:11 No.17780866
    You look at the captain. "Looks like I'm going to have to fight." You run off, towards the hangar. The captain looks at you as you go, and turns to Burning. "Get in the Oggo. And try not to get by friendly fire." He nods, and follows you.
    You have to take an alternate route to avoid the fires in Engineering, but you make it down to the Elmeth and launch, shortly followed by Burning in the Oggo.

    Upon launch, you find yourself staring down the Zudah, while the Oggos chase after their former brother machine.

    VS. ZUDAH!

    HP: 25
    ARMOR: 15
    120mm MACHINE GUN (Deals 5 damage, must roll 5 or higher on a 10 sided die to hit) STURM FAUST x3 (Deals 10 damage, must roll 6 or higher on a 10 sided die to hit)


    HP: 50
    ARMOR: 50
    WEAPONS: MEGAPARTICLE GUNS (Deal 12 damage, must roll a 6 or higher on a 10-sided die to hit), BIT CONTROL SYSTEM (First roll 5 or higher on a 10 sided die to see if it hits, then roll an 11 sided die to see how many you send out, then roll X 5 sided dice to see how much damage each does.)

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:13 No.17780890
    cocaine is a helluva drug
    >15 minute post
    Heroin is a helluva drug
    >45 minute post
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:13 No.17780891
    rolled 4 = 4

    Activate Bit Control System.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:14 No.17780908
    rolled 5 = 5

    Somehow we have missed entirely with this many bits.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:15 No.17780930
    rolled 4 = 4

    We're in a Elmeth. The guns are backup weapons. Fire up the Bit control system.

    Rollan even though OP will probably make all rolls.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:16 No.17780936
    rolled 10 = 10

    I try to post as quickly as I can, but I occasionally am pulled to do things. I apologize.
    You try to start the Bit Control System, but your worry for Ben has made you unfocused, and you fail.

    The Zudah aims at you with the machine gun!
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:17 No.17780959
    You yelp as the Elmeth is struck by bullets, dealing 20 damage! (Critical!)

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:18 No.17780966
    rolled 7 = 7

    Bit control again.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:18 No.17780968
    rolled 9 = 9

    I suppose I'm not surprised that even the dice are following the standard Gundam formula.

    Try to activate Bit Control again.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:20 No.17780990
    rolled 9 = 9

    Attack my minions!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:20 No.17781001
    rolled 4 = 4


    Mega particle cannon time
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:21 No.17781012
    rolled 3, 4, 3, 3, 1, 3, 5, 5, 4 = 31

    How do you like now, baby?
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:21 No.17781020
    rolled 11 = 11

    The bullets focus your mind, and you activate the Bit Control System, summoning...
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:22 No.17781034
    It's on now.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:22 No.17781042
    rolled 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 5, 3, 5, 1, 4 = 41

    Your rage sends all the bits you can summon out, at the Zudah! They swarm around it, striking it for...
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:24 No.17781068
    And boom goes the dynamite... err, Zudah.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:25 No.17781101
         File1328228752.jpg-(94 KB, 596x392, 1299138247072.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:26 No.17781108
    rolled 17 = 17

    The Zudah is blasted by the bits, defeating it instantaneously!


    Now, folks, we'll roll for our reward! I have tables for rewards set up for what you'll get for defeating enemies, of varying levels of awesome!

    So we roll...
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:28 No.17781143
    I hope it's something shooty
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:32 No.17781185
    Flying over to the defeated Zudah, you spy a hole in the cockpit, and half a corpse slowly flies out. Burning returns, the mashed up remains of the Oggos being towed by him. He connects the Zudah to him as well with a towing cable, and drags it back towards the ship.

    You got: A damaged Zudah and 3 tons of scrap metal!

    The Zudah is unusable, but can be repaired with 4 tons of scrap metal, and used as a unit.


    I have to leave for about an hour, folks. I'll try to get back sooner, if I can.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:33 No.17781198
    5 tons, I apologize, not 4.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:34 No.17781211
    So we're one short of repairing it?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:34 No.17781216
    We have four tons of metal, let's get this Zudah repaired.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)19:35 No.17781233

    However, the GMs will take a ton of scrap metal each to fix. Alternatively, you could scrap any of them, for 4 tons each.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:37 No.17781255

    Check damage from the outside. Look for distress signals
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:38 No.17781270
    Getting all of the GM's repaired might be better though, since Burning's team are all used to the GM.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:38 No.17781277
         File1328229529.png-(51 KB, 318x470, sieg-zeon.png)
    51 KB
    ... SIEG ZEON
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:40 No.17781296
         File1328229614.jpg-(52 KB, 283x400, EMS-10_Zudah.jpg)
    52 KB
    Nope, we found 1 ton of scrap earlier. So we can repair it. And we should. Just look at the thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:40 No.17781307
    We'll repair the GMs, then.

    Though I don't know why we get to decide this, being a civilian test pilot and all.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:41 No.17781316
    He changed the number of tons required to repair it from 4 to 5.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:44 No.17781356
    Wait, weren't there some Oggo's Burning went off to fight? He might need some help with them.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:45 No.17781362
         File1328229918.png-(323 KB, 495x420, 1273344403009.png)
    323 KB
    rolled 35192 = 35192

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:45 No.17781366
    >Burning returns, the mashed up remains of the Oggos being towed by him

    He killed them all with his own Oggo.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:48 No.17781411
         File1328230131.png-(615 KB, 1200x833, The Nachtmaren Unit.png)
    615 KB
    Maybe if we're really lucky (unlucky), we'll get to see the Nachtmaren.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)19:49 No.17781421
    Whoops, missed that part. I'm guessing that's where the scrap metal came from.

    What are GM's stats?
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)20:43 No.17781985
    RGM-79 GM
    HP: 20
    ARMOR: 15
    60mm VULCAN GUN (Roll a 5 or higher to hit, deals 5 damage, 7 if the enemy missed his last attack), BEAM SABER(Roll a 5 or higher to hit for 4 damage, 10 or higher to hit for 8 damage, 15 or higher to hit for 12 damage), 100mm MACHINE GUN(must roll a 5 or higher to hit for 5 damage)
    It costs 1 ton of scrap metal to repair. The same is true for any Mobile Pods. The Zudah will cost 2 to repair, and the Elmeth will cost 3.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)20:44 No.17782004
    >The Zudah will cost 2 to repair

    Does that overrule the previous figure stated, 5?
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)20:47 No.17782030
    No. This Zudah is extra-damaged. Once it is serviceable, it will take 2 to repair when it is heavily damaged.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)20:50 No.17782052
    Alright. We should recommend that the GMs be repaired first, because the Elmeth costs more to repair, can take more damage even in its current state, and is only a single unit anyway. Lieutenant Burning's team takes priority here.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)20:51 No.17782061
    How many GM's are onboard?

    We should consider repairing the Elmeth with any leftovers.
    >> Derek58 02/02/12(Thu)20:57 No.17782123
    Let's repair the Elmeth first, then fix as many of the GMs as we can, seeing as Burning and his team are way more used to them.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)20:58 No.17782134
    We have 4 GMs inside. All are damaged right now. The Elmeth, however, is NOT damaged enough to require repair. Armor must be completely depleted to require repairs that cost resources You can currently repair all of the GMs in the ship's possession, leaving you with 0 Tons of Scrap Metal. You do not have enough metal anyway to repair the Zudah yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)20:58 No.17782140
    >Armor must be completely depleted to require repairs that cost resources

    Okay, good to know. Repair the GMs.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)20:59 No.17782146
    Well then it's settled. Repair the GM's. And see how engineering is doing.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:01 No.17782159

    also recommend elmeth first for repairs.

    Then as many gms as we can.

    Also we did ok for our first time out I guess. Hopefully If/when we decide to join/get drafted, They may send us to help some new alternate universe white base thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:10 No.17782237
    Repair the GM's, and see if Ben and the other engineers are okay.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)21:16 No.17782289
    As you return to the Trafalgar, you and Burning drop off the scrap and the Zudah in the hangar. You jump out, and run to Engineering, to check on Ben. You arrive just as the area just as the birdlime finishes sealing the hole shut. There is no one to be found.

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:19 No.17782322
    Find someone, and ask them what happened.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:19 No.17782325
    "Hello? Is anybody here?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:20 No.17782346

    Oh god like everyone got spaced or everyone got splattered, everyone went to the mess hall, everyone is in the sick bay oh god! This is now way to start our new life.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:24 No.17782387
    Check the infirmary.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:25 No.17782389
    Find a crewman, ask about the engineering crew.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:25 No.17782393
    I've been reading up, and I noticed that the Salamis-class doesn't have a hangar bay. What class is this ship?
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)21:30 No.17782453

    You exit Engineering, and move to the bridge, to ask the captain where the survivors of the attack are.
    "He's in the med-bay."

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:30 No.17782457
    Go to the med-bay, of course.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:32 No.17782478
    Do we need to answer? Med-bay
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:33 No.17782485

    I think Shannon is simply latching on to the first semi-normal potential friend she's found after waking up to Monsha leering at her.
    I guess Burning would count as well, but he's not the one in Med-Bay.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)21:47 No.17782646
    You run as fast as you can down to Block C, the medbay. There's only one bed taken. Ben looks at you with his one non-bandaged eye as you come in. You wave at him, and your breath catches as he does the same with red-soaked, bandaged stump.

    "Sorry... I don't think I'll be able to make it to lunch..." he mutters, coughing. Your sadness and worry opens your mind, and you can see his memories. You see yourself reaching out for Jerry as he flies, silently screaming, into the void. You see the Beam rifle explode, and feel the burning pain on your left side, before you see no more. Involuntarily, the tears begin to flow.

    "Don't worry..." Ben mutters, smiling weakly. "I'll survive, and I'll be the one fixing your Elmeth whenever you bang it up." You smile at him, and take his good hand, squeezing it tightly.

    "I know."

    You keep holding on until they put the shroud over his face.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:49 No.17782668
    War is hell.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:49 No.17782675
         File1328237399.jpg-(630 KB, 1593x1080, 1327864620976.jpg)
    630 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)21:53 No.17782710
    OP, did apologized say anything about Zeonquest?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:01 No.17782820
         File1328238105.gif-(183 KB, 480x270, 1326687610960.gif)
    183 KB
    We didn't even get his full name...
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)22:14 No.17782973
    I haven't found a way to contact him yet, unfortunately.

    You walk out of the medbay, hand still clenched as though Ben's hand was still interlocked with yours. As you walk out, Monsha pushes you aside, and you hit the wall.

    "Watch it, bitch!" he says, flipping you off and lighting a cigarette.

    "Leave me alone, Monsha. I'm not in the mood," you mutter, eyes downcast. Monsha eyes you, his bandaged lip curling as he looks into the medbay.

    "What, you sad because a fucking mechanic is dead? Big deal. We'll get a new one, they're a dime a dozen."

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:16 No.17783003

    That is, discreetly use our Newtype powers to have a look at his mind. If our emotional state made us receptive to Ben's memories, it could do the same with regards to Monsha.

    Information is the most powerful weapon.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)22:27 No.17783123
    You saw that dark place before. You don't want to go there again. It's a storm of mysogeny and narcissism. You look back at Ben, trying to ignore him, in his memory. Monsha catches you looking at him, and a sick grin slides up his face.
    "You liked him, didn't you? Ohoho, that's RICH! No one's going to mourn that red shirt piece of shit! All he and his buddy could ever do was scratch my GM's paintjob.

    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 02/02/12(Thu)22:29 No.17783156
    As the shrouded body was led away to its final rest, the Irish Newtype sat in place.

    Like a broken doll.

    Inside her head swam the feelings and last memories of Engineer Ben Charles Stuart.

    What got to her the most, though; Was not the tearful adventure of leaving his parents at the spacedock.

    Nor was it the wrenching heartbreak of his 'one true love' leaving him a 'dear John' video as a man chuckled in the background.

    It was his last thought that froze her.

    He felt both saddened and guilty he would never take this breathtaking redhead to lunch.

    The emotions rolled and boiled inside her, his peace submerged under the rapidly unbalanced feeling began to boil over.

    Her scream pierced the inside of the medbay.

    Thankfully, the oldtypes thought it was just that. A scream.

    But even the weakest newtypes at side 2 could feel the anguish, anger, and most importantly; the saddness.

    >What do you think, Ori?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:30 No.17783170
    "I did like him. And I will mourn him. I will mourn all those who have been lost in this senseless war. Even you. Because you are human."

    Walk away.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:33 No.17783218
    I think we should drop this. If we really want to know what makes Monsha tick we should ask Burning.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)22:38 No.17783272
    I cried. That happened.
    As you walk past Monsha, his expression goes from devilishly mirthful to enraged.
    "Hey, I'm not done with you, bitch! Get back here!" You just keep walking, teeth grit.

    "You did good, girl," Ben says, walking beside you.

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:39 No.17783289
    Didn't sink to his level?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:41 No.17783304
    "Are you referring to the battle or Mr. Monsha?"
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)22:52 No.17783467
    "Bit of both, really. But mostly for not sinking to his level. He's nothing but a bully and a creep." He walks beside you,the light passing through his transparent arm. "...Man, this is really weird..."

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)22:56 No.17783522
    "It is weird... But I'm glad you're here. I didn't think I'd see you again. You're not in any pain, are you?"
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)23:02 No.17783596
    "Not pain, no. I feel... Like I have something I have to do, you know? I can't pass on until I do it."

    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:02 No.17783607
    "Huh. Didn't believe in ghosts till now.
    "And all things considered, I seem to be taking it pretty well. Are there...others out there?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:03 No.17783612

    So, um are you gonna follow me around now or pass on or something?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:04 No.17783617
    "Do you want to come with me for now? I suspect I'm the only one who can see you, anyway."
    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 02/02/12(Thu)23:08 No.17783668
    I see a dead ghost ally/ boyfriend that MIGHT become 'attached' to her favorite MS, and SHINANNIGANS will ensue.

    >It's like patlabor, but wierder.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:09 No.17783681
    Go to the mess hall, have that lunch with Ben, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:13 No.17783726

    in a horrible but still normal reaction to tormented teenage girl newtype I say we do this excitedly and then remember that only we can see him.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)23:30 No.17783954
    You walk with Ben into the mess, talking to him.
    "I don't know about any 'others'. I haven't seen any."
    "Neither have I. It's weird..."

    Meanwhile, the crew of the mess hall just stares at you, blankly.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:32 No.17783978
    Clam up, get some food, and sit down. We don't need to appear any weirder than we already do.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:39 No.17784059
    I agree with this.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)23:56 No.17784281
    Noticing the looks, you close your mouth, making facial gestures to indicate the presence and scrutiny of the other patrons to Ben. He gets the hint, and nods, staying silent as you walk to the counter, get some food, and eat.

    After a brief meal, you leave the mess hall, yawning. It's been a long day.

    "I promise not to peep," says Ben, earning a chuckle out of you.

    "Good night," you say, tucking yourself in bed and turning off the light.


    Meanwhile, a young Oggo pilot breaks free from his cell.

    ((Status next page.))
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/02/12(Thu)23:59 No.17784324

    SKILLS: SPIRIT GUIDE (When confused, you may ask Ben for help. He can also cover your back, or at least inform you of enemies behind you.)
    UNIT: ELMETH (Improved)
    OUTPUT: 14200 kW


    ITEMS: Damaged Zudah, RB-79K "Work Type Ball" Plans
    >> Anonymous 02/02/12(Thu)23:59 No.17784327
         File1328245192.png-(8 KB, 400x350, 1262159262456.png)
    8 KB
    >Meanwhile, a young Oggo pilot breaks free from his cell.
    >> Anonymous 02/03/12(Fri)00:00 No.17784335
         File1328245221.jpg-(33 KB, 676x386, 1326596205369.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/03/12(Fri)00:02 No.17784378
    >Spirit Guide

    We have ourselves an Obi-wan.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/03/12(Fri)00:22 No.17784654
    Gonna hit the hay. Same time tomorrow, folks? That's 3-4 PM EST for any new players.
    >> Anonymous 02/03/12(Fri)00:31 No.17784741
    Yet again? You're going to spoil us.

    There's always a lot more people in a Friday thread though.
    >> Ori !cBEvEK4Lak 02/03/12(Fri)00:33 No.17784776
    I'll just relish the disappointment created when I fail to make it the day after tomorrow, due to classes in the city. Although I may be able to start it later.

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