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  • File : 1327901589.png-(196 KB, 900x900, IRONHEARTSCOVERVOSS.png)
    196 KB Ironhearts Vol.2 VVarroom Dagram Predeploy DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)00:33 No.17730787  
    We've arrived yet again at the sandy ruins of the ever shrinking Kashir Empire. The prince may protest our arrival but since the majority of the royal guard is called into service, it is imperative that we bring him to the Grand HQ of Kashir.

    And yet, he said not a peep. With eager eyes he looked on anxiously at the soldier's faces as we made our way through airship. Was he perhaps elated to see the reality of our wars ? This made our arrangements consideraby easier.

    As announcing his presence to all of Kashir Command would be troublesome and meddled with garish ceremony....
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)00:36 No.17730840
         File1327901814.png-(236 KB, 800x404, DAGRAMRECON.png)
    236 KB
    Good of you all to arrive everyone: I hope you will achieve proper rest today as the night will prove our first call back to action in the Desert since 5 years ago.

    We will deploy at around 5pm est.

    Our objective this time around is to make a strong showing for the tired forces at the front.
    We are to be sent to Dagram from the west, here we will fight to control the territory long enough for reinforcements to arrive.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)00:45 No.17731011
         File1327902337.png-(190 KB, 800x800, VOSSDEADweb.png)
    190 KB
    Joining our attack force will be the trained Corpsiers of Hinzerhaus, who will run their first deployment in the battlefields of Voss.

    Using Terror, a Corpsier can utilize dead bodies to rise up as further weapons to turn against the enemy.
    >> [H]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 01/30/12(Mon)00:47 No.17731042
    All that cover, I like the place already.
    >> [Btl1]Axel+Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 01/30/12(Mon)00:49 No.17731061
    "Such a dour looking lot, aren't they?"

    "W-what are those s-shovels for...?"
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)00:49 No.17731064
         File1327902548.png-(616 KB, 900x1500, vossVARMACHweb.png)
    616 KB

    Some point expenditures didn't take effect during the previous thread due to premature termination. Feel free to spend those points again.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)00:54 No.17731133
         File1327902857.png-(1.12 MB, 800x1800, VOSSCARDweb.png)
    1.12 MB
    Officers are already briefed of their use,
    implement them as a logistics attachment to make full use of them.
    >> [R]Scurm !!lIURwBKIw5c 01/30/12(Mon)00:57 No.17731176
    25xp for Death Unto
    >> [Spy]Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 01/30/12(Mon)01:02 No.17731243
    Interesting. What possible use could the undead have for Coffee?

    I must be sure to steal this document. It will hold great and valuable secrets for the Souf.
    >> [Btl1]Axel+Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 01/30/12(Mon)01:03 No.17731262
    Is there nobody that you DON'T work for?

    Btw, just restating that I put 19xp into Gunnery Cap.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)01:03 No.17731275
         File1327903439.jpg-(666 KB, 1050x1600, ManaGuidetowinning.jpg)
    666 KB
    Here's the time you all waited for kids... Some hint and tips on how to play Iron Hearts, made by a well known rp hater this guide will help you sur... win the well known mission phase of the game.
    >> [Spy]Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 01/30/12(Mon)01:13 No.17731393
         File1327903985.gif-(1.6 MB, 350x197, 1323202175585.gif)
    1.6 MB

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)01:13 No.17731395
         File1327903991.jpg-(303 KB, 600x800, Kriegerguide copie.jpg)
    303 KB
    What's this? Did someone just say "But I don't have enough brain to know what my character role is." Don't worry I knew that would happen and made mini guides for all the voss royal guard units (except CO and FO but that's because they use mooks and I didn't make mooks guide yet) Tank and mook will be covered later.

    First of all the krieger, Voss finest soldier. When they aren't afraid of a bullet wound or five.
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)01:15 No.17731421
    Please do pay attention to this, a lot of it is stuff you should all know well by now.

    This battle will be tough as nails, so every mistake you make will cost us dearly.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)01:16 No.17731437
         File1327904186.jpg-(294 KB, 600x800, HunterGuide copie.jpg)
    294 KB
    Moving on to the deadly hunter, if you find yourself with a limbless child or a dead friend head on your front door a hunter probably want you to understand something.
    >> =Bb=[CO1ae-aev+m] Cpt. Wolf !!1PcziW/L/r+ 01/30/12(Mon)01:17 No.17731456

    Enemy Forces
    The Kashir have teams on force recon. Should they spot our allies the enemy will throw everything he has at us. They have extensive reserves.

    The Red Sands, The Blue Sky, and the Eastern Gold Legion are being engaged by our allied, flanking units.

    Friendly Forces
    The royal infantry company, The Terrible Children, has been dispatched, supported by a battery of Hydra self-propelled artillery and a company of armoured fighting vehicles. A team of Corpsiers from Hinzerhaus is slanted for support.

    Companies of the 66th Armor, The Legion and the Nibelheim company are to the north, south and east of us, tasked with similar objectives. Expect them to retreat into our sector when they are routed.

    A team of infantry was pinned down in the complex.


    The intent is to secure and hold the complex to facilitate the extraction of the allied infantry and their cargo.

    Scheme of maneuver
    Our forces will fan out and move on the complex. Do not enter the sand.
    We have secured a tunnel and will infiltrate some Hunters.

    Main effort
    My main effort is to open an escape vector for the pinned down infantry.

    We have two objectives. Secure the compound and extract the infantry team's cargo.

    1. Rescue pinned down team and confirm status of cargo.
    2. Hold complex.

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)01:20 No.17731513
         File1327904451.jpg-(328 KB, 600x800, RitterGuide copie.jpg)
    328 KB
    If it was some flaming dog shit in a brown bag though? That was the work of a Ritter. Know for being raised by, living, sleeping, eating, bathing and fornicating with wolves (or any mount they can get their hands on). Ritter never were teached about gun because lets face it it's easier to but a sword on them than teaching them to fire a gun.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)01:26 No.17731583
         File1327904772.jpg-(278 KB, 600x800, DestroyGuide copie.jpg)
    278 KB
    Talking about gun the Destroy compensate for something, look at the size of that thing. Destroy are crazed convict sentenced to death, but killing them is a wast of a bullets so voss decided to have them waste the enemy bullet. Still that gun compensate for something.
    >> [Spy]Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 01/30/12(Mon)01:28 No.17731621
    [D]s have the best base hats among all Voss troops though.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)01:30 No.17731656
         File1327905054.jpg-(273 KB, 600x800, QemistGuide copie.jpg)
    273 KB
    Last and least useful classes Qemist are what you get when you give someone a PhD in biology and tell him to go kill stuff without a gun. I also think they are the main voss income source and the reason why Clovis is cracking down on mushroom use. Ever heard the story of that plumber that ate a Qemist mushroom and disapeared into a sewer pipe?
    >> Countess Hel !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)01:35 No.17731712
         File1327905358.png-(797 KB, 1800x1800, countess.png)
    797 KB
    Quemists are also neeeded to qualify for

    Corpsier training,
    However, since Corpsiers are an Undead progression, a Quemist must undergo DEATH in order to become one. Be careful, this can't be reversed.

    Quemists can Advance to Field Corpsier
    First time players can't play Advance classes.
    >> [Q1]Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 01/30/12(Mon)01:48 No.17731886
    >8xp for mistress Iceheart
    >2xp for coffee
    >1xp for Violin lessons
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)01:51 No.17731928
         File1327906299.png-(283 KB, 800x404, sadfasdfasd.png)
    283 KB
    Just a bit of clarification for the map.
    Red is a ravine, don't fall in. Blue areas are sand, try not to step on it, who knows what lurks beneath. As Captain Wolf said, our Hunters will infiltrate using a tunnel that exits into that small shack on the southwest side of the map.

    >Using 30 xp to purchase a crew member slot for my tanks.
    Current upgrades, +1 DR, +1 Range, +1 Crew Member position.
    >> [Btl1]Axel+Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 01/30/12(Mon)03:10 No.17732824
    Any particular reason why we should be avoiding the sand, besides the fact that it plays hell on treads?
    >> =Bb=[CO1ae-aev+m] Cpt. Wolf !!1PcziW/L/r+ 01/30/12(Mon)03:13 No.17732845
    The enemy uses the sand for relocation of forces.
    >> =Bb=[K]Birch !!xYakjSddt4S 01/30/12(Mon)03:15 No.17732872

    Cargo, sir? Just what are they transporting?
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)03:18 No.17732906
    That's on a need to know basis, and right now, you don't.
    >> Will 01/30/12(Mon)05:26 No.17734025
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)06:59 No.17734665
    late night bump
    >> [Btl1]Axel+Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 01/30/12(Mon)08:22 No.17735069
    That's... quite a large chunk of the map we can't even set foot on...
    >> [K]Pvt.Helmut !6I2oPszWa. 01/30/12(Mon)08:36 No.17735153
    Pvt. Helmut and his squad enter the Terrible Childrens staging grounds with heavy packs from their long journey. He begins wondering helplessly around looking for someone of important rank that he can report his transfer to.
    >> =Bb=[K] Birch !!xYakjSddt4S 01/30/12(Mon)08:58 No.17735285

    Ah. Well, then, if I may speak freely about the map:


    That "wall" structure looks like it has a paved top--could be a road. There's a pyramid-like structure breaking over the horizon in that recon photo--could be important. Also of note--that road/wall looks like it wasn't blasted apart; it looks like something smashed *through* it--to me, at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)09:02 No.17735304
         File1327932149.jpg-(29 KB, 380x340, Hmmmmm.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)09:09 No.17735341
    Don't worry, this isn't the entire map, it continues on to the south.

    Anyway, after a lovely game of darts between Cpt. Wolf and I, promotions have finally gone through.

    Officer Schäfer: 2nd Lieutenant

    Officer Victor Reginrave: Sergeant First Class

    Trooper Graves: Corporal

    Hunters Elizabet and Volto: Corporals

    Rider Scurm: Private First Class

    Qemist Armitage:Corporal

    Tankers Axel and Alfie: Corporal and Sergeant

    Tanker Blitz: Private First Class
    >> =Bb=[CO2cg-cgs+hit] 2nd Lt Schäfer !Hs8sSROxkA 01/30/12(Mon)10:22 No.17735781
    Tag adjusted, thank you.
    >> Countess Hel !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)11:38 No.17736328
         File1327941504.png-(149 KB, 600x600, undeadsiringQ.png)
    149 KB
    Undead Specs can turn during field engagements or they can spend the necessary EXP to train into becoming one off the map.

    To become a corpsier, a quemist can auto-administer a DemonShroom. They all have at least one, however using it on any other party member will result in untrained /zombification/

    Not all Undead Specs have the same method of siring, Werewolves for example, initially requires a wolf to fuse with the spirit of it's sibling to achieve lycanthropy. But that Lycan can sire others by fatal maiming. And even then those subsequent lycans are untrained and may go berserk on the field.

    Off the field, 10xp is required regardless of method.
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)11:54 No.17736484
    rolled 36 = 36

    Do you have a moment Marshal? I was curious how far Oderkonn has gotten on that supertank and gunship research. It's been nearly five years that he has been working for us, will a prototype perhaps be ready soon?
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)12:03 No.17736557

    Try not to buy into anything that madman may have told you. He's proposed at least 50 projects that theoretically we do not have the technology for yet. He's either far ahead of this time, or he's just another spoiled scientist chasing his own eccentricities.

    He has however managed to hit on a few advances. And all around the Motorpool he's a considerable pain to the engineers there who have to put up with his antics. "

    Beatrix primes the coffee maker. A dubious letter O printed on the sterling steel.

    " Now that I think about it, he is attempting to build up a research branch,"
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)12:07 No.17736599

    Gain 36 Exp to MotorPool.

    " Cmon gents, how about a bit of love for the Research dept. "
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)13:01 No.17737003
    (Looks like a mission today, roll call will probably be around 6pm EST.)
    >> [FO1vv+hp]Victor Reginrave !!H5iqjs/+5EJ 01/30/12(Mon)15:23 No.17738188
    >10 exp from last mission
    >donate to this mission's starting terror.
    The seething Field Officer addresses his Vulcan troopers.
    "Eight kills, REALLY MAGGOTS?! THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A SUCCESSFUL MISSION? I expect each of you to kill at least five enemies, or you will be shot for incompetence, do I make myself clear!?"
    >> [Q1]Cpl.Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 01/30/12(Mon)15:53 No.17738482
    Bump and tag change. Too worn out for rp
    >> =Bb=[K] Birch !!xYakjSddt4S 01/30/12(Mon)16:56 No.17739122

    Theoretically? Are we missing some component that would allow us to see these concepts realized?
    >> [Q1]Cpl.Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 01/30/12(Mon)16:59 No.17739152
    A research branch? I would be extremely interested to partake in such an endeavor. It's been far too long since I've been part of a research project. No offense to the Voss war machine, but as of late I feel as if my education has gone to waste, being treated as a specialist soldier rather than a scientist...
    >> [Q1]Cpl.Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 01/30/12(Mon)18:04 No.17739894
    Back to the top
    >> =Bb=[K] Birch !!xYakjSddt4S 01/30/12(Mon)19:50 No.17741126
    So, we're going to deploy tonight?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:53 No.17741152
    Unless said otherwise, but as you'll learn DeathMarshal isn't a fan of ponctuality
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)20:02 No.17741244

    For the sake of Sanity, we'll begin when 12 people join. But others can deploy soon after.
    >> [K]Pvt.Helmut !6I2oPszWa. 01/30/12(Mon)20:03 No.17741252
    Reporting in
    >> [H]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 01/30/12(Mon)20:03 No.17741260
    Ready to start the hunt.
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)20:03 No.17741262
    Ready to go.
    >> [Btl1]Sgt.Axel+Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 01/30/12(Mon)20:04 No.17741272
    >> [Is2]Fitz !cCsMsaA4k2 01/30/12(Mon)20:04 No.17741273
    "Here's to hoping I get to die finally"
    >> [R]Scurm !!lIURwBKIw5c 01/30/12(Mon)20:05 No.17741286
    "Deploying in my Basheee"
    >> =Bb=[H]Volto !j8gTXHkdsQ 01/30/12(Mon)20:05 No.17741288
    >> =Bb=[CO2cg-cgs+hit] 2nd Lt Schäfer !Hs8sSROxkA 01/30/12(Mon)20:05 No.17741289
    I'm here.
    >> [e1] DDDr. Urlaub !!v8c5lmz81fK 01/30/12(Mon)20:06 No.17741300
    >24 xp
    >13 spent on violin
    >11 spent on into death
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 01/30/12(Mon)20:08 No.17741319
         File1327972102.png-(648 KB, 900x1500, vossVARMACHweb.png)
    648 KB
    Your current logistics are listed.

    VeeVee, I told you not to get into the coffee...

    By the way, should the lab get built, it can start research on certain prototypes.
    >> [e1] DDDr. Urlaub !!v8c5lmz81fK 01/30/12(Mon)20:09 No.17741343
    Quick correction. the 11 into the werewolf thing. not skeletons
    >> [lt1] PFC. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 01/30/12(Mon)20:11 No.17741373
    " my what lovely stripes these are "

    Ammo: 2
    Speed: 6
    >> =Bb=[R] Kurt von Claude !!66F0+1Pe8+6 01/30/12(Mon)20:12 No.17741380
    Another year, another son of von Claude to fight the war his father is so willing to forget exists.

    >Reporting in
    >> [Q2]Elm !!L2zyfu679cs 01/30/12(Mon)20:12 No.17741382
    Reporting in.
    >> =Bb=[e1] DDDr. Urlaub !!v8c5lmz81fK 01/30/12(Mon)20:18 No.17741462
    Might as well put on a hat.
    >> [Q] Igor Grigori !CCpwpbxBgE 01/30/12(Mon)20:19 No.17741475
    We are present.
    >> [lt] Fen's Hound !!TwNoeZiFT8s 01/30/12(Mon)20:21 No.17741496
    "I await your orders, command."
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)20:23 No.17741522
    Current roster is as follows.

    =Bb=[CO1ae-aev+m] Cpt. Wolf
    =Bb=[CO2cg-cgs+hit] 2nd Lt Schäfe



    =Bb=[R2] Kurt von Claude

    [Q1] Igor Grigori


    [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart


    =Bb=[e1] DDDr. Urlaub
    [lt1] PFC. Blitz
    [lt2] Fen's Hound

    Please make sure your tags are correct.
    >> =BB= [lt2] Fen's Hound !!TwNoeZiFT8s 01/30/12(Mon)20:25 No.17741545
    "Tag corrected"
    >> [e1] DDDr. Urlaub !!v8c5lmz81fK 01/30/12(Mon)20:25 No.17741552
    I suggest our infantry at least puts on a hat. all it does is change your tag a bit. doesn't cost anything.

    The only unlocked hat is the black beret, which adds+1 move. And our commander wolf's aura adds a global +1 move as well. we are extremely mobile.
    >> [Q1] Igor Grigori !CCpwpbxBgE 01/30/12(Mon)20:28 No.17741588
    We have our new names ready.
    >> =BB= [lt2] Fen's Hound !!TwNoeZiFT8s 01/30/12(Mon)20:28 No.17741589
    "Hat is for decoration, yes?"
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)20:30 No.17741612
    I'm sorry to say, but we tankers can't use infantry hats, only a few specific ones we haven't unlocked yet.
    >> [lt2] Fen's Hound !!TwNoeZiFT8s 01/30/12(Mon)20:32 No.17741634
    Fen grudgingly sets the hat down on the dashboard of his tank.
    "So cannot into hat. Is sad day for Fen."
    >> [Q1] Igor Grigori !CCpwpbxBgE 01/30/12(Mon)20:33 No.17741651
    We are requesting for the unlocking of Uushankas. We hereby give 10 of our experience for it.
    >10 exp to Uushanka
    >> =BB=[K1]Pvt.Helmut !6I2oPszWa. 01/30/12(Mon)20:45 No.17741809
    tags correct
    >> =Bb=[Q2]Elm !!L2zyfu679cs 01/30/12(Mon)20:52 No.17741894
    Tag corrected.
    >> =Bb=[R2] Kurt von Claude !!66F0+1Pe8+6 01/30/12(Mon)20:52 No.17741903
    Going to fix this beforehand.
    >> =BB=[FO1vv+hp]Reginrave !!H5iqjs/+5EJ 01/30/12(Mon)21:46 No.17742559
    Reporting for duty!
    >> [Hy1]Lt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 01/30/12(Mon)21:55 No.17742631

    Move out.

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