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  • File : 1327518442.jpg-(366 KB, 1224x694, portals city 6.jpg)
    366 KB Storytime: Stranded in Fantasy. Part 6 008 01/25/12(Wed)14:07 No.17670989  
    Part 6: What the?!
    Part 1 archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17586304/
    Part 2 archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17611378/
    Part 3 archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17632664/
    Part 4 archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17648894/
    Part 5 archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17663235/
    Old Thread: >>17663235

    Journal Entry 241

    It's been quiet at the sun church, but we're keeping watch on it. We've moved back in Raina's house and things have more or less calmed down for now. Austin stopped by to show off his first Artificer project. He's building magic speakers and is planning on using them with his mp3 player. Well, okay I guess. I don't think the locals are ready for our kind of music in all its glory. The last thing I want is to get chased out of town because Austin decided to play death metal or jpop. Anyways, a festival is starting up tomorrow. Some old fertility festival that dates back to when Aeyllin was an elven city and some of us, me included, have been drafted to help set up. It's money and I didn't have anything else to do today. I do enjoy the fairs here. Simple, but with everything important. Good food, good booze, good music and women.
    >> Leeginn 01/25/12(Wed)14:10 No.17671030
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:11 No.17671042

    Oh man... he's going to invent a magic amp and the electric guitar next! Actually that would be awesome, introducing rock n roll to a medieval world.

    Imagine it... glam rock elves.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:13 No.17671056
    6 threads and counting, keep going 008, it just keeps getting better.

    Also it's nice to see that they're finally doing something about the Sun Church.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:13 No.17671058
    i'm pulling for something along the lines of the whole tenacious D thing to happen at some point.
    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 01/25/12(Wed)14:14 No.17671065

    Bard DJ's

    >Calling it now, like I called it a couple of threads ago.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)14:27 No.17671198
    Journal Entry 242

    It's been a total clusterfuck. The fair started today and we all go out to attend. So I'm flirting with some pretty redhead when suddenly there's a scream of pain. Raina's water burst and she's feeling it. Marcus ditches the stage, Avery recognizes one of the midwives in the crowd and we haul ass to a nearby inn, clear the table and set her on it and assist in any way we can. The only pain killers we had was booze. So she's pushing and screaming and this goes on for hours and then it happens. It's a boy. Marcus's son. It's amazing. And then a fucking dragon smashes the inn and flies away, shooting fire everywhere, wrecking the fair, panic in the streets, guards swarming the area, adventurers shooting magic into the sky. The dragon flies off. We dig ourselves out of the wreckage of the inn. No one was injured but we can't find Raina. Marcus suddenly starts sobbing. We get them back to the house and the midwife is currently helping deal with the baby. After everything calmed down, my head clears enough to put two and two together. This is one seriously fucked up situation. I don't even know where to begin.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:28 No.17671204
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:29 No.17671220
    . . . Did she just ditch her half-dragon baby to be raised by a bard?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:30 No.17671224

    whoever called that the elf lady was a dragon...

    damn you

    but ya, you called it
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:30 No.17671225
    Oh snap! She was a dragon after all! What they going to do with the half-dragon baby? Marcus can't raise it, he's an adventurer and bard. Perhaps adopt him out to the midwife, and visit him every so often.
    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 01/25/12(Wed)14:30 No.17671227

    Serves him right?

    >Puberty going to be a bitch, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:31 No.17671233
    If you hand over your infant to a bard you're a very bad mother
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:31 No.17671236
    >Imagine it... glam rock elves.

    >> Leeginn 01/25/12(Wed)14:31 No.17671237
    He did it. He really fucking did it. By god...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:35 No.17671271
    >Did she just ditch her half-dragon baby to be raised by a bard?
    Standard MO for dragons.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:49 No.17671384
    So how long till Avery & Narrator hook up?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:50 No.17671392
    nah, that's too predictable
    >> I 01/25/12(Wed)14:51 No.17671396
    >Magical Bard Power-Rock
    Oh. Oh. OH YES.
    >yfw he busts out all the classic punp up songs for buffs and dubstep/techno/D&B for attacks

    >Suddenly, dragons.
    Looks like Raina's actual hubby is PISSED. That or this was justasplanned.jpeg by someone who wants a half Terran half otherworlder to be the chosen one/magic focus/energy channel for whatever shenanigans they're planning.

    >captcha: feateso connected
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/25/12(Wed)14:53 No.17671417
    Ditching isn't the problem. Ditching with a musical man-whore is. Would you leave your son to be raised by gene simmons or keith richards or david bowie?

    I'm more startled at her carelessness in dropping the rubble of an inn on her newborn. Draconic or not, that's dangerous.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:53 No.17671421
    How 008! This is so excellent, and you are so fast! I've only just finsihed reading thread 1!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:55 No.17671438
    I've said this before in storytime threads, and I'll say it again...

    Damnit why did I have to catch up?! Now I have to actually wait for more story!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:57 No.17671452
    dragon pwned.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)14:59 No.17671463
    Reminds me, we need to give this a 1d4chan page already so people can read the archive without the troll fouling things up.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)15:03 No.17671496
    Journal Entry 243

    Raina returned today. I couldn't even touch her mind. Either way, she had some explaining to do, but she had other plans. First thing she demands that the baby is named Katzakon. I think that's how it's spelled. Probably an apostrophe in there somewhere. Anyways, Marcus suddenly grows a backbone and demands that he be named Nathan. An epic argument broke out between the two that none of us wanted to get involved in. Screaming, hissing, magic gestures. We all decide it's a good time to not be here and go out back with the baby and midwife. After several hours, it suddenly goes quiet. Jason sneaks over and peeks through the window to make sure someone didn't suddenly get killed. Nope, they're both making out. When all was said and done, they both got their way. Nathan Ka'tzakon. Marcus apparently lost his surname in the fight. She then gives us an ultimatum. Get our stuff and get the fuck out of her house except Marcus. So we're back at another inn. Well, time to plan that trip I guess.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:05 No.17671512
    confirmed dragon = monsterbard.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:06 No.17671522
    >Nope, they're both making out
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)15:12 No.17671568
    Alright, going to take a few hour break.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:12 No.17671570
    It's funny how you make it sound like you're actually buttflustered.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:12 No.17671577
    I'm wondering what the point of the magic ring is, if Raina isn't going to bother sticking around. Maybe Marcus needs to march off into the wilderness to track her down.

    He laid a dragon, though. So, props.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:13 No.17671579
    stop fucking replying to him
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:13 No.17671581

    >Don't mind me, just fagging up the thread with my butthurt.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:13 No.17671584
    While he's in the city, narrator should try learning some wizardry or something. His psionics are starting to get a bit behind in power, with all the resistant or immune people they're encountering.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:13 No.17671586
    you too, why are you enabling him?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:15 No.17671598
         File1327522523.jpg-(63 KB, 408x229, Nathan_Explosion.jpg)
    63 KB
    >Half-Dragon Bard
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:19 No.17671636
    I thought it was stolen from some famous Polish writer?

    Or did you drop that one?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:21 No.17671651
    The troll isn't even good. Ignore him.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:23 No.17671665
    Ooops. Forgot to read >>17671617 before posting that. Should be at just >>17671636
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:30 No.17671736

    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:34 No.17671776
    She came back and demanded all except for Marcus to leave her home. I wonder if he ever goes back home, how he'll explain to his parents that he knocked up an Elf that was really a Dragon, and now they're grandparents to a half-dragon child. And... probably grandparents to a dozen other bastard children.
    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 01/25/12(Wed)15:35 No.17671781

    Are you the kind of person that likes twilight?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:37 No.17671798
         File1327523841.jpg-(152 KB, 750x600, 1233781304066.jpg)
    152 KB
    Bards, man. Fucking bards.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:38 No.17671805
    He's the kind of person that likes attention.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:38 No.17671808
    Only very powerful beings like Dragons & Arch Mages are able to resist his telepathy. Undead are immune, but he has his sword skills to deal with them. Even if they are lacking.

    What he needs to do is branch out, perhaps try to learn some kinetics.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:54 No.17671953
    He's not a telekine, though. Not all psychics have access to all psychic techniques.

    He should be able to affect physical enhancements on himself, though, by turning his talent inward and planting thoughts in his own subconscious. Mind over matter, after all.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)15:55 No.17671956
    Oh shit, you're right. I completely forgot about autohypnosis.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:30 No.17672318
    and psycho-metabolism for that matter. Psychic psudo-shapeshifting sounds useful, doesn't it?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:39 No.17672424
    I'm going to go ahead and call it. Pic Related. Any objections besides the one buttfrustrated troll?

    On a side note: I'd like to call a vote. All in favor of adding 008 to the official list of /tg/ Namefriends Who Don't Suck, raise your hand. (Admittedly, it's a very short list)
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:42 No.17672471

    Raises hand
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:43 No.17672480
    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 01/25/12(Wed)16:44 No.17672490

    Seconded by the /m/ Tripfag.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:44 No.17672496
    Raises both hands
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:45 No.17672502
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:46 No.17672511
    I'm going to vote yeah sure why not.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:47 No.17672529

    Part six and onwards? Naturally; yes.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)16:49 No.17672554
         File1327528191.jpg-(80 KB, 495x700, bard5.jpg)
    80 KB


    Also, picture related to our poor, poor bard.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:00 No.17672675

    got my vote

    say - who's on that list?

    Scriptarius comes to mind, but that was a long time ago

    I also recall one going by some name starting with W - but can't I can't remember his name that well. I do recall that it was some good stories though, mostly about what he'd done with his gaming group in D&D and a few other games
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:05 No.17672722

    Wasteland Warrior

    Good 'ol uncle WW.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:06 No.17672743
    Wafflehouse Millionaire?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:14 No.17672841
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:18 No.17672895

    add Wasteland Warrior to that list
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:23 No.17672947
         File1327530185.jpg-(180 KB, 527x587, listofnames2.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:29 No.17673021

    what did wafflehouse millionaire write?
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)17:31 No.17673044
    Haha, thanks guys, you rock.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)17:32 No.17673057
    Journal Entry 244

    Alright, we made our plans, our trip back to Winterfield. We're going to head the same way we took getting here originally, cutting across the wilderness, pay a visit to New Chicago, resupply at Brightly and then make our way to our destination. We managed to negotiate with Raina for Marcus. She's calmed down a bit but she's still a bit pissy at us since we're still treating her the same even though we know her secret. She's expecting to be worshiped or taken in awe and fear. Maybe she deserves it but I'm certainly not going to give her the satisfaction. To me, she's still the elf groupie that got knocked up in a tavern. Probably not appropriate things to say about Marcus's wife, but that's just how I feel. Anyways, we've still got some supply shopping to do. We let our three students know what we're up to. They wanted to come, but it's too dangerous. They need to be here.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:33 No.17673066
    Shas'o Tau'quest should be on that list. She was a friend to /tg/
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:33 No.17673073
    Black Mesa Janitor, Dr. Mr. Stark, and Lawful Nice.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:34 No.17673078
    Miko, too.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:35 No.17673093
    Ah, yes, wasteland warrior. After reading his story of Kjellmir Bloodskull, I thought to myself 'hey, maybe all of 4chan isn't a shithole. Maybe this /tg/ place is cool to hang out at' and so I started browsing /tg/

    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:41 No.17673165
    Papa-N's been pretty good with Heretical Love even if it is fanwank. Though he's a tripfriend technically, don't know if we're including that as well.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)17:43 No.17673185
    Journal Entry 245

    About a days walk and we're still not out of the kingdom. We're set up in one of the farming settlement inns for the night with some adventurers passing through. They came in from Ashvale and have been on foot and living off the land for two months. They seemed in good spirits and somehow we ended up in a drinking contest. I don't remember who won but I woke up in their female shifter's bedroom, so I guess that's a victory of some sort? Maybe? Anyways, we're getting ready to leave. This will have been the last bed and warm meal that we're going to have for a few days.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)17:58 No.17673352
    >Incoming Tsundere Avery Detected
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:01 No.17673382
    I'm thinking more Eberron Shifters, the werekin race. That if they get angry they become really animalistic.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:05 No.17673421
    They sound like a bunch of werewolves, given the fact they managed to put "wolf" in the name of just about every place in the settlements they founded.
    Alternatively, Space Marines.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:06 No.17673428

    Hey anon, this is a blue board -- Just pointing it out.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)18:09 No.17673457
    Journal Entry 246

    It's been several days. We were tromping through the woods when we break out into a clearing and there it is. New Chicago. The kobolds immediately panic and grab for anything they can use as a weapon until they realize who we are. So, welcome to New Chicago, the kobold village. They have about 5 buildings built, each less ramshackle then the last, so they are improving. Their farmland is kind of a mess so we're going share some farming knowledge with them since they have the very basics down. We spent time in one of their buildings regaling our adventures and hearing about their first year struggle. They didn't manage to get their farm up in time for winter, but managed to survive on hunting and fishing and once things froze over, they figured out ice fishing on their own from the nearby lake. There's a bunch of little ones running around, so I'd say this is a success so far. Good for them. Alex was a bit weirded out that we're so casual with the kobolds, the only ones he's ever met were feral or bandits. Avery had no problems, she's used to us making friends with odd tribals. So we're staying an extra night to make sure they get all this farming knowledge down and see if we can give suggestions on how to improve their construction.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:11 No.17673479
    ah damn, leave it to my sense of haste to get the better of me. Admittedly this is /tg/, but you're right, it's not in proper taste.

    Awwwww :3
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:23 No.17673600

    Glad to see the brobolds are still alive and kicking it.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:28 No.17673668
    You and Shas should be on the list as well.

    I'm glad you didn't have that adventuring party murder the whole tribe before they even began construction.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:32 No.17673701

    new chicago confirmed for brobolds

    ...also, will Marcus fuck one of them?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:34 No.17673726
    I dunno. Do they have tits?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:36 No.17673745
         File1327534615.png-(156 KB, 470x321, 1317909457781.png)
    156 KB
    >Kobolds building a city and discovering agriculture, effectively removing the basic limits to their incredible growth speed
    >Kobolds, natures greatest trapmakers
    >"Hmmm, what would an invading party be likely to face in such a place?"
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:38 No.17673756

    Don't know if ECW would be worth putting on the list.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:40 No.17673790
    I don't think that matters. He's a bard, they do these things on principle. Even if all the women are ugly, well...alcohol can make anyone look good.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)18:44 No.17673825
    Journal Entry 247

    Well, we said goodbye to our kobold friends and headed back into the wilds. We were escorted to their boarder by a few of their rangers and off we went. Sure, they may smell, but they're alright little people. Maybe one day when they become a city, they'll start their own trade route with Aeyllin. God, I hope Marcus didn't bed one of them. Anyways, tonight though, we're camped at the foot of the mountains. We have a short distance to cross over. Last time it took two to three days if I remember right. It was also cold at the time. It's a lot warmer this time, but the winds are pretty strong. We gathered up and watched Strange Days. We've taken up almost ritual behavior with watching it. Things we say and do during specific scenes. It's creepy looking back on it. On the other hand, it gave me an idea. So what if we start publishing plays based off Earth movies or earth plays? That'd be amusing. If I were feeling particularly evil, I could unleash Rocky Horror unto the world.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:48 No.17673867
    >If I were feeling particularly evil, I could unleash Rocky Horror unto the world.
    >unleash Rocky Horror unto the world.
    >unleash Rocky Horror
    Not sure if awesome or horrifying.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:48 No.17673868
    >God, I hope Marcus didn't bed one of them.

    Well...not ONE of them.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:50 No.17673894

    I bout died, thank you for this!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:52 No.17673909
    Good to hear that they're getting their legs under them. Perhaps later on they could be taught how to build a tractor.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)18:55 No.17673942
    Rocky Horror Show would be great, assuming they can get all of it right. Including the songs which were the best part.

    Now something that would probably catch on really fast would be Frankenstein.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)19:05 No.17674039
    Journal Entry 248

    We are in the mountains and camped out in a ship wreck. It was fun watching Alex try and figure out how this got up here. He figures some kind of misfired greater teleportation effect. We marked our passing inside again and just as we were about to start cooking, the Rheingraf spymaster appeared and was immediately stabbed in face by Jason, who was apparently ready for him. He vanishes again. It was so fast, Alex doesn't even realize something's happened. So how did Jason know he was coming? He just shrugs and smiles. What the fuck? After I manage to calm down and after dinner, we sat around the fire and saw who could make the most outlandish tale as to how this regular ship managed to crash in the mountains, hundreds of miles from any body of water large enough to hold it. Mike won with a tale of demons and devils gambling, sea-elven tsunami cannons and alien intervention. That guy's got an imagination. Damn.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:09 No.17674079
         File1327536560.jpg-(4 KB, 145x217, 1321866266076.jpg)
    4 KB
    >[...] the Rheingraf spymaster appeared and was immediately stabbed in face by Jason, who was apparently ready for him. He vanishes again. It was so fast, Alex doesn't even realize something's happened. So how did Jason know he was coming? He just shrugs and smiles. What the fuck?

    I guess that eye is coming in handy.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:15 No.17674131
    >Mike won with a tale of demons and devils gambling, sea-elven tsunami cannons and alien intervention. That guy's got an imagination.
    Yes, an... imagination... of course...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:17 No.17674154
    I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that the lich from earlier is the Rheingraf spymaster.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)19:17 No.17674157
    Journal Entry 249

    Still in the mountains. It's too windy for an open fire, so we've got no warmth outside our camp blankets and using flashlights and our tablets for light and entertainment and no way to cook our food. The camp moral is low and everyone is worn out from climbing up and down, struggling to keep balance and dealing with the occasional wild animal. We had big bear incident, one of the dire types. I managed to convince it not to attack, but every time I made it go away, it would come back an hour later. It was hungry and angry that something was in it's territory. Very primal, instincts, very raw, pure feeling, but dangerous. We finally had to put it down with spells and bullets or we'd of been at risk of attack all through the night. Went over the map. We should be out of the mountains tomorrow and be at Brightly a few days after that, possibly a week depending. It'll sure be nice having beds again.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:20 No.17674183
    I am totally beginning to lose track of all these cities. I can`t even remember if the party has been to Brightly before.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)19:21 No.17674191
    Brightly was the dragonborn city with the infinite trees
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:23 No.17674215
    Ooooh, okay, I remember now. Thanks, 008.
    >> Leeginn 01/25/12(Wed)19:25 No.17674243
    we need a piece of paper with dots on it and maybe some triangles and some words that go beside the dots and triangles.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:28 No.17674275
    I have a question because i apparently missed it and am dumb, but is Marcus's kid A Half-elf or a Half-dragon?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:30 No.17674295
    >I have a question because i apparently missed it and am dumb, but is Marcus's kid A Half-elf or a Half-dragon?

    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:30 No.17674296
    his kid is all right.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:31 No.17674306
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:34 No.17674327
    Theoretically speaking, what if a dragon was a bard?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:36 No.17674340
    there would be an incredible aqmount of rape.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:38 No.17674360
    Nothing would be safe.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:46 No.17674425
         File1327538764.jpg-(117 KB, 500x333, problem_human.jpg)
    117 KB
    Pickup lines to dragon bard: "Say, those were really beautiful scales!"
    "Oh? What about *these* scales?"
    *immediate dragon-bard/* sex ensues*
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:49 No.17674457
         File1327538982.png-(200 KB, 600x443, 1321665398507.png)
    200 KB
    booo get off the stage
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)19:53 No.17674495
    but then who was phone?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:02 No.17674602
         File1327539776.jpg-(52 KB, 640x512, 1315895150393.jpg)
    52 KB
    >"Half-dragon" is an inherited template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature).
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)20:09 No.17674685
    Journal Entry 250

    So we make it out of the mountains and are tromping through the woods when I start feeling this odd presence again. It's hard to describe but I can't focus on it. Then blam, we walk right into a bee hive. Fucking bees. Mike panics, screams that he's allergic and starts blindly throwing black fire everywhere. The man who threw down and went toe to toe with an archmage and consorts with demons and he's terrified of bees. I try and bring up the concentration to help him gain control and I'm being stung. We make it out covered in bee stings and Avery's still working at trying to heal them all. God dammit. Anyways, we should of stumbled onto that goat path we followed last time by now. We may be a bit off course.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:13 No.17674740
    >The man who threw down and went toe to toe with an archmage and consorts with demons and he's terrified of bees.
    To be fair, I think he's also terrified of the demons. Or was. Maybe he should consort with bees for a while and see how that works out.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:15 No.17674778

    as long as the bees weren't part of an amazon bio-weapon attack
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:18 No.17674810
    to be fair though, he knew magic fire could slap the shit out of demons.
    bees can dodge things like that yo.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:18 No.17674811
    Maybe if Mike calls up one of his demon friends they'd tell the group why devils refuse to deal?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:36 No.17675036
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:41 No.17675090
         File1327542071.jpg-(13 KB, 242x170, beeweapon.jpg)
    13 KB
    >the man who threw down and went toe to toe with an archmage and consorts with demons and he's terrified of bees
    >he's terrified of bees

    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)20:59 No.17675338
    Damnit, 008. Usually I'm all over the paladins instead of the darker alignments, but your pasty, wall-skittering warlock named Mike is also allergic to and terrified of bees? I lose, I fell in love a little bit there.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:14 No.17675518
    When you've seen a man covered in boils and blisters all over his body in the span of 15 minutes and losing consciousness because he was stung by a bee, then you, too, will be terrified. Thank god I'm not allergic to those fuckers
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/25/12(Wed)21:25 No.17675654
    Really, I think re-writing Harry Potter as a spy novel, or re-write Star wars so that the evil Sith Priests and their Wizard minions have murdered all the loyal Psions and overthrown the Grand Kingdom, but a handful survived and Darth Vader's lost Psion son is found and trained to fight against the Evil Priests etc etc you see where I'm going. The Terrans have a WEALTH of stories at their disposal that the locals have never imagined. Backed by bardic magic, they could put together the most amazing plays this land has ever seen.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:25 No.17675662

    Oh no, I can totally sympathize. I'm not allergic to them, but I'm terrified of bees and similar stingy insects after getting swarmed and stung by a whole damn nest of yellow jackets as a kid. I wasn't being sarcastic or anything, he was my favourite character before, but that really endear Mike to me even more for some reason.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:29 No.17675704
    Psion gently mass-raping the audience to make them feel the right emotions at the right time...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:30 No.17675718
    the memories
    >down a steep ravine
    >"Hey anon, this looks like a great place for a tree forWAASPS WAAASPS WAAAAAASPS"
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:32 No.17675754
    The wasps thought so too!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:32 No.17675755
    Except for all the people reading and responding?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:35 No.17675788
    You'll attract its attention!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:35 No.17675792
    I'm actually not surprised. Without a druid, you can't talk to bees. At least you can negotiate with demons. Bees? They just want to sting the fuck out of you.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:36 No.17675800
    Don't give the hater the satisfaction of responding. He knows he's a failure. Let him wallow in his own disgrace by himself.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:40 No.17675857

    Then again, He did say that he felt their minds. So, perhaps he could mind control a swarm of bees if he concentrated on it? Keep a back of bees around, unleash at an opportune time.

    Best business idea. He has a portable bee farm in a box of holding. Dispenses honey and sells it. Delicious, delicious honey.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:40 No.17675859
    Just report him for a ban. Trolling is bannable outside /b/. Mod won't do shit usually but if 200 reports are bugging him he might.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:40 No.17675863

    Stop responding to him and he might go away.
    Come on guys, Troll 101.

    Also: Fucking bees, man. I'm not allergic but seriously, fuck those things.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:41 No.17675887
    Fight the good fight anon!
    You're doing gods work.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:45 No.17675935
    Wouldn't it be hard as fuck though, all those minds? That said, i'm going by Pratchett's rules, so YMMV.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)21:48 No.17675996

    Bees. Hive mind!
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)22:03 No.17676218
    Journal Entry 251

    We've been walking for two days now and just when I'm convinced that we're lost, we break out of the woods and onto the trade road. We were just east of it. We make it to Brightly before nightfall. The place has quieted down for the night except the tavern, filled with loud dragonborn lumberjacks. Marcus got to playing and got them all singing along to DuranDuran stuff. There's another group of humans in town, a trade caravan from Winterfield that's been staying here until they hear back from the city. They've been here nearly a year and are afraid to return since the barbarian sacking of the town. We invited them along but they declined. Come morning, we're going to resupply and head out. It'll be nice to sleep in a bed tonight, and get a warm meal. This trail ration shit gets tiresome.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:05 No.17676257
    >Marcus got to playing and got them all singing along to DuranDuran stuff.

    That's uh, pretty horrific.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:14 No.17676383
    Which city's Winterfield again, and why are they going there? I thought it was the zombie city, but that's apparently Wolflake.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:16 No.17676407
    The city the escaped from the barbarians to, and where they killed the king.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:16 No.17676408
    Winterfield is the one with the barbarian sacking hunting party, where one or two of the terrans bit it - I can't remember which.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:19 No.17676440
    Only one Terran ate it to barbarian shenanigans, Amanda.

    I wonder if we're going to run into the airship captain that they saved?
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)22:19 No.17676441
    Journal Entry 252

    The Brightly to Wildlake airship was coming in for a landing while we were on our way out. It's only been a few months since they started this route, shifting over from the Wildlake to Winterfield run when the civil war started. Already the city's expanded and signs of new prosperity. The people are wearing newer clothes, using better and newer tools and so on. Anyways, we should have a few days on this road before we hit the plains. Then, Winterfield. I'm not sure what we'll encounter when we get there and no one seems to know the condition of Winterfield. Maybe the whole city will be destroyed or under barbarian occupation, or maybe they eventually won the conflict. That's what we're here to find out. That and vengeance. Hopefully we won't have bandit issues.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:21 No.17676469
    So, what level are the Terrans at this point in terms of power?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:25 No.17676507
    i believe the the sorcerer (alex i think) was able to use lightning bolt and fire ball, so that points to at least 6
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:26 No.17676514
    What level can warlocks spider climb at?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:27 No.17676522
    thats a least invocation so thats a level one thing.
    could be at any point TBH.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)22:28 No.17676540
    Something around there. Alex would of been the lowest level in the group since he'd been indisposed of and then later at the University. The three attending the University currently would be very low, 1-3. The rest of the active party would probably be 8-10 or so? Maybe more.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:31 No.17676570
    Ah, right then, thanks. I keep thinking of it as basically 'the place where Amanda bit it'.

    The brobolds aren't in much danger though, are they? By the sounds of it, if Winterfield fell, they might be next.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:33 No.17676589
    There's a zombie apocalypse brewing somewhere not that far away. Everybody is in danger!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:37 No.17676648
    You know until the gods get involved and then there will be smiting everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)22:54 No.17676842
    Bumping because I for one need to know what happens next!
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)23:00 No.17676948
    Protip: don't bump the goddamn thread. Threads usually last about four hours during the period with the highest traffic and even longer later at night. We're fine; the thread isn't going anywhere.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)23:03 No.17676990
    Journal Entry 253

    We came across an abandoned caravan style wagon in the middle of the road. One of it's wheels were broken and there was signs of old blood but no bodies. I didn't detect anyone so if anyone survived, or the ones who caused it may have been long gone. Nothing worth scavenging. A few hours further down the road, we came across several long dead horses along the side of the road. If it was bandits, I'm not picking them up nearby. We'll see I guess. We're doing double guards for the night because of our encounters. I've got first shift with Mike. What ever has been prowling the road may of left long ago. Anyways, Mike and I have been discussing a few things. Our theory is that we're here to change the world, presumably for the better. So aside from bikes and ballpoint pens, we've introduced implements of war. If this what we're going to be known for? We're ushering in the age of war? Who had the right to give us this kind of responsibility? We're we picked for this or a random sample? I've long given up on the idea of going home, but I would still like to know.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)23:06 No.17677024
    The BroBolds are safe. the zombies would have to go through Winterfield, Brightly, AND the hard-as-hell-to-traverse mountains to get to them. New Chicago is shielded from them.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)23:09 No.17677055
    Or at least bump it every hour and a half or two hours. This isn't /b/, despite the troll's attempts. The first few threads lasted days at a time. Relax, there's no rush.
    >> 008 01/25/12(Wed)23:21 No.17677219
         File1327551677.gif-(86 KB, 810x583, portals prototype map.gif)
    86 KB
    Here is a very basic proto-map I've been using with locations visited and rivers/ocean. I'm constantly shifting around their placements but it should give you a general idea
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)23:55 No.17677693
    Cool, it's always nice to have a working of a map, even if you do change things around. Have you named the continent they're on or their world?

    I think it would be interesting if say 100+ people DID arrive just different places. Where this place seems pretty D&D standard, other places might be al-qadim, matizca...etc. Now if they adapted and survived and brought about as much change, as these guys here. It would be interesting view of things. Especially how as they adopt the cultures they settle into, how if they ever do meet up with other terrans things might get heated.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)00:04 No.17677802
    Especially if they differ in what and how much of Terran tech they shared. Maybe one group had a few Trekkies in it and insisted on the Prime Directive, forbidding them from giving away any advanced knowledge. Maybe another group had a few too many jerks who thought giving them advanced weapons was a good idea, or even chemical warfare, but withheld medicine and farming information. Maybe a third was hippies who shared farming and medicine but withheld weapons technology. I can see that turning into a nasty argument really fast. Especially if one group wanted to maintain their own 'cultural purity' and refused to 'go native' and learn magic/psionics/whatever, or a hardcore fundie of a Terran religion objects to Avery adopting a 'heathen god', results or no. Lots of room for fighting there.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)00:12 No.17677891
    I doubt the Powers™ that brought them here would choose people like that- mind you, this is the same Power that thought bringing Dan and Manda over was a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)00:19 No.17677983
    who knows, maybe the next group of terrans won't even speak English...

    > Ich gehe über das Portal, and ich sehe elves!
    >germans, sorry if i mangled your language
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)00:53 No.17678367
         File1327557205.jpg-(21 KB, 263x265, 1305018971486.jpg)
    21 KB

    >Gott im Himmel, sind alle diese Notizen in englischer Sprache verfasst! Kann mir jemand lesen? Nein? FUCK!

    That feel when every single word you just put down turns red.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:04 No.17678494
    Someone should be keeping a running tally of how many times the journal-guy has wrote down an exasperated "fuck."
    I'm loving this, OP.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)01:06 No.17678518
    Journal Entry 254

    We have exited the Brightly woods and have crossed the Winterfield border, onto the plains. It should be a few days to the city itself. I'm not sure about where the barbarian tribe would of migrated by now or if they're even still migrating. I guess we'll find out. We've all been holding up well considering the distances we've been traveling. So the campfire discussion for the day is the large variety of races and their similarities to fictional work back home. Of course every race has their creation myths but are they just myths? Did evolution occur here or was this a case of divine creation? That's not exactly something Avery can pray to the sungod for an answer to. So was this all just made? How about the similarities? More questions.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:18 No.17678614
    Didn't some author muse that perhaps what we call inspiration might actually be us glimpsing images of another world or some shit? Mind you, this would imply every piece of bad fiction/fanfiction is also happening, which should keep you up at night.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:37 No.17678769

    Oh god.

    We have looped back around into Metaquest.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:38 No.17678781
    Not so much inspiration as probability. If the multiverse theory is correct than than everything that can be real is real in other universes.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)01:41 No.17678803
    Journal Entry 255

    We are camped out on a ridge several miles from Winterfield, it gives us an elevated view and makes it more difficult to see us. Unfortunately it may mean that we can't use a campfire. At night, the illumination would give us away. During the day, the smoke. Well, the city is still standing but it's under prolonged siege by the barbarians. Their camp looks far larger then I remember it. It reminds me of the Orc war camp in Wolflake its size. Their encampment circle the front side of the city just out of range of bow or spell and mounted patrols are regularly being sent out. I wish I had some binoculars with me. The best thing we have is the zoom function on one of the mp3 player's camera and it's really not made for this. We're looking around for a better place to set up. Hopefully something with cover as it looks like there are rainclouds coming our way.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:43 No.17678817

    Drawfag reportin' in. I decided to do the bard and the dragon lady first. It is maybe 50% done. OP, if you want I can post a WIP. Otherwise I will just post the finished one tomorrow (fingers crossed).
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:48 No.17678877
    Last time I saw this was The Dark Tower series.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)01:51 No.17678895
    Journal Entry 256

    We had our first encounter today. We were scouting the area when a barbarian scout party of 5 rides up, spears and swords and demands that we surrender or we're all dead. They were more of mind to just kill us and loot our corpses. Mike didn't even let them finish before he was blasting the shit out of them with his magics. I leap in and dominate one of the younger barbarians and force him into spearing the guy next to him. Between us all, we destroyed them before they could fall out of their saddles. Unfortunately for the horses, they were caught up in the blasts and didn't make it. We checked them for anything we can use and then kept looking. It felt good. Somewhere in the back of my mind, the fear from those days, the hunt, was still haunting me and some of it left with the slaughter of this scout team. Anyways, just before nightfall, we came across an old crypt and have taken residence inside. The dead residing here aren't of the moving variety and Avery went around ensuring that they never will be, not without a lot of work anyways. It's hidden away in a hill and only a few hour walk from the city. It didn't have anything worth looting, the place has already been sacked, more then once from the look of it.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)01:52 No.17678908
    Sure, that would be great if it's not too much trouble.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)01:57 No.17678960
         File1327561048.gif-(44 KB, 354x236, 1296159960041.gif)
    44 KB

    Wait for the blessed cover of darkness, a moonless night. -- A light drizzle of rain has the heathens huddled in their ramshackle hide tents. Let the slaughter of barbarians begin.

    A flash of light pierces the veil of black, cries of pain abruptly cut short. The most respected of the warriors gain a deranged eye, turning on their comrades, murdering them in their sleep. A man about to sound the alarm to the camp at large slides to his knees, a blade protruding from his throat.


    The Night of Retribution is near at hand, my brother Terrans. The murder of our comrade shall not go unforgotten, oh no. It shall not be forgotten.


    captcha: delivering goosts.
    Yes, Captcha. We will soon be delivering 'goosts' to the very pits of hell.
    >> LostSoviet !USSR.tgXbk 01/26/12(Thu)01:59 No.17678978

    Why are they having zoom problems when they've got a guy with a ruby eye?

    The narrator told us the rogue's vision was better with the ruby, and we "saw" it in action during Wolflake campaign (where he saw details of the gate opening and undead being pushed out).
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:01 No.17678991
         File1327561268.jpg-(862 KB, 1620x2000, Marcus and Wife WIP copy.jpg)
    862 KB


    Just started on the clothes, so you can still see the body layer underneath. Marcus' face isn't quite there yet.

    Also, yes, that is a cod piece. He is a bard, and I honestly can't see him NOT having one in fantasy land. On the plus side, it is a good place to keep his ipod. He needs to keep his source of rock within a foot of his cock at all times, lest he not be able to rock out with his cock out properly.

    Anyway, time for sleep. Keep up the good work OP.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)02:07 No.17679042
    That's true, but would you rather be able to see for yourself what's going on, or rely on some guy's description? That and Jason isn't going to be up all night to keep watch.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:08 No.17679047
         File1327561697.jpg-(196 KB, 1280x720, 1320554558385.jpg)
    196 KB
    That's good and you should feel good.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)02:15 No.17679113
    You sir, are an excellent artist.
    >> LostSoviet !USSR.tgXbk 01/26/12(Thu)02:18 No.17679125

    This is our bro. We did our first adventure together - B&E counts because there was a mind blast involved. Unless there's some sudden fear due to his new Improved Initiative feat (stabbing the teleporting assassin) or reservations on his part about using the ruby eye, why *wouldn't* we ask him to help and trust his word?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:18 No.17679128
    You are awesome and i love you.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:24 No.17679183
    Also couldn't he just access the memories of him looking at the camp anyway? And then put that in everyone's head so they could see? Of course I can understand if no one want their brain scrambled but it's on the table at least.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)02:27 No.17679210
    I see what you're saying, but it would still be a nice luxury to have beside Jason's eye.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)02:52 No.17679393
    Journal Entry 257

    We've begun a campaign of guerrilla warfare against the barbarians. We've figured out where their supplies have been coming from, several roaming camps that have been looting the outlaying farmsteads and hunting parties. They resupply at a main supply camp where the women and children are, and then that gets sent to the war party sieging the city after they treat it. If only we had the cover of a forest to work with. The plains make our maneuvering much more difficult. We we'll move at night. Our first target was one of the hunting parties, camping out in the foothills. We caught sight of them entering the area and then the illumination of their camp fire. We snuck in. They were a band of 3, armed with bows, javelins, and a series of knives and on one man watches. We got in close enough without them detecting anything, that alone took awhile. Once I got in range, I dominated the one on guard duty and had him bring us the weapons of the others while Jason and Marcus went in to kill the two in their sleep with their blades. I could have had the captive kill his compatriots, but killing one might wake the other and cause unnecessary complications. I tore through my captive's mind looking tactical information and for a reason as to why they had become violent like this. I was half expecting to see reasons similar to the Orcs of Wolflake, but no. Their warrior culture started breeding contempt for anyone that wasn't them until it was perfectly fine and preferred in their culture to kill any non tribe members. Hence, they aren't tribals, they're barbarians. I purged the captive, we looted them for anything we could use and headed back to our hideout. They were on foot unfortunately, so no horses to steal.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:55 No.17679412
    Battling genocide with potentially more genocide, FUCK YEAH!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:56 No.17679420
    Combating genocide with genocide? Truly, these are worthy PCs.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:57 No.17679430
    This leads e to an interesting question: When dealing with savages, is it more intimidating to:
    A: String up the body in a trophy-like fashion?
    B: Leave it laying where it fell after stripping it of useful items?
    C: Take and hide the body so that it appears the individuals vanished without a trace?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:59 No.17679438
    I vote C.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)02:59 No.17679441
    woah, woah, they're not going after the women and children. They're only executing the combatants for now. Withhold judgment until it's deserved.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)03:02 No.17679458
    This, bros. They ain't killing kids. Yet.

    But the warriors totally fucking deserve it.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)03:18 No.17679548
    As long as they get the option to surrender. That's more they got when they were with the airship crew.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)03:33 No.17679632
    This might sound off topic, but the "Earth" books should be reproduced alot more so one or two are in every city Not every group might make it to Aeyllin as they did. Letting them know sooner will be important.

    Also the physical samples taken. There may.be something different after all, but hard to describe. However, if found out, can leave a whole mess of knowledge and preperation for the next "crew". Information, money, lineage, maybe even living allies (dwarves, elves, dragons, SD cards) and most assuredly they were picked to be something great. Never a more powerful motivator hope can be, even for those about to die. The last group left what they could, but I think they could a bit of a better time capsule than the last group did.

    I imagine our fair sorcerer and artificer will be able to combined make the needed starter kit for the next Revolutionairies.

    But that's one anon's thoughts.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)03:54 No.17679771
    Possible. Maybe make a spell seeking out subtle differences modern terrans would exhibit on a routine basis, and act as a calling beacon. Like "oh hey you resist the magic rhinovirus here are some shared dreams to find me" which I don't would be impossible to recreate. If there is one thing mathematics like to do, it's laugh at previously thought impossible things and then make thirty new impossible things. Magic run on mathematics. A computer would be something possibly terrifying to behold there if in the right hands.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)04:01 No.17679815
    Journal Entry 258

    We caught another horse mounted patrol. We saw them in the distance and decided to set up a trap. Avery got to be the damsel in distress and managed to attract the group over while we lay in wait around some waist high grass. Just as they get in close, I make the horses flip the fuck out and dump their riders. Then we pounced. We captured two of the four alive. We're not exactly out here to take prisoners and Avery won't let us just execute them. So we sent them loose after making them a sure drain on resources. Jason removed their thumbs and Avery healed the wound closed. I purged their memories of us, of what happened, though I made one of them believe that they devoured their two compatriots and their missing digits over the course of the night. Not sure how that will bake in, but it's sure to cause some chaos. In the meantime, we're back in our dungeon base trying to figure out a more permanent solution to enemy captives since we don't have the resources for a POW camp. Our loot for the day, some more gear, namely more arrows, spears and javelins. We would of taken the horses but we can't really house or feed them which is a shame. It's also a shame that none of us were any good with bows, even when Marcus tried taking up one, he never could hit a damn thing with it. Well, we have lots of arrows to practice with, maybe we'll set up a firing range deeper in the crypt.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)04:01 No.17679825
    Alright Gents, I'm going to head off for the night. I'll see you after I'm up and fed.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)04:05 No.17679848
         File1327568720.jpg-(103 KB, 361x318, 1325927149231.jpg)
    103 KB
    >Jason removed their thumbs and Avery healed the wound closed.
    Wow, that's pretty clev-

    >I purged their memories of us, of what happened, though I made one of them believe that they devoured their two compatriots and their missing digits over the course of the night
    O lawd.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)04:06 No.17679857
    Their base is starting to sound like a proper dungeon.
    I foresee an adventuring party attack in their future.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)04:46 No.17680015
    >Their base is starting to sound like a proper lair
    >> Starshadow 01/26/12(Thu)06:38 No.17680344
    Brilliant work! Very inspiring.
    >> Starshadow 01/26/12(Thu)08:43 No.17680914
    Since the current plan seems to be killemall, how do you guys think they could go about this? A straight up fight isn't going to work unless they have an army. Taking out the leader won't do anything because its the cultural beliefs that are the problem.

    The other option is to mindfuck them so hard it neuters their culture. And we are a psion...
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)08:48 No.17680940
    Are suggesting that one psion mindfucks an entire army?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)08:50 No.17680955
    Perhaps they don't really have to kill them all, not yet. A few acts of terror might lower morale to the point where the barbarian army decides to bugger off instead of risking the cannibalistic madness that seems to be taking over their people.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)08:57 No.17680996
    I think Journalist and Mike could really inflict some psychological damage here. Instead of sending back enemies confused, they should start sending back ONE enemy every time, and every barbarian says the same thing. They were attacked by a monster, black as night and 20 feet tall with bat wings and razor claws. It spits black fire and eats people with one bite.

    Then have Mike conjure up something, maybe have Alex do an illusion if he can. Make sure it walks in sight of the barbarian village, far off in the distance, and have it appear closer and closer as the days pass.

    They will probably move out after a week or so.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)09:16 No.17681124

    Hey, guys.


    Remember Amanda, who was murdered and desecrated by barbarians?

    Amanda, who seemed to be specially attuned to the ghosts in the haunted house the Terrans first shacked up in when they arrived in Rosenbridge?

    The Terrans who are, right now, shacked up in a dungeon crypt - which we all well know are frequently anchor points for spiritual energy?

    What if Amanda comes back as a badass specter or banshee?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)09:19 No.17681152
    fuck yes.jpg
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)09:38 No.17681280
    Depending on the setting this will be a very melodramatic and possibly devastating reunion.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)09:52 No.17681374
    same can be said for you, why dont you just ignore the thread if you dislike it, sure i hate spess mareen chapter creation threads but i dont have to be a holier than you fagot about it.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:07 No.17681461
    Nah, Amanda will not be here.
    She has her hands full at Wolflake
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:10 No.17681490
    All hail Amanda the Banshee Queen!
    >> Gundrium !EorQ25Gak. 01/26/12(Thu)10:13 No.17681509

    So either she's a fellow adventurer, or under the thrall of the big bad guy....

    >This is either REALLY good, or REALLY bad.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:14 No.17681514
    What if she came back as a ghost, because she had unfulfilled problem (I.E getting back home & telling her loved ones she perished but don't worry there's an actual afterlife here). How ever she'd be tied to the spot that killed her.\

    Sounds like someone's butthurt. Too many dicks in the butt lately?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:19 No.17681550
    Why the fuck do you idiots keep responding to him? A full HOUR after he wrote that shit to boot?

    Do you not understand how trolling, ie being a flaming idiot to catch the ire of someone, works?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:30 No.17681630
    Her unfulfilled problem is that she was brutally raped and murdered, then raped again. Maybe she hasn't passed on to the afterlife because she's too full of rage and hate for the barbarians that did that to her?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:34 No.17681662
         File1327592066.jpg-(97 KB, 882x681, trollthread2 - tg.jpg)
    97 KB
    Welcome to /tg/.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 01/26/12(Thu)10:48 No.17681779
         File1327592912.png-(81 KB, 500x341, TROLL FIRE.png)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)10:52 No.17681812
    Breaking news: The earth is not flat.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)10:55 No.17681844
         File1327593335.jpg-(926 KB, 610x4350, 1282073400882.jpg)
    926 KB
    A: It helps keep the thread alive for when OP returns.
    B: He's only trolling himself, since he's the only one getting upset here. Cally pointing out a person's mistakes isn't being trolled, it's counter-trolling. And it's fun to watch him flounder while hitting almost every point on the list of the Internet's Eleven Deadly Stupidities in pic related. The only ones he hasn't hit are 7,8, and 11. At this point he's less 'successful troll manipulating and enraging people' and more 'court jester who doesn't realize we're laughing at him'

    As for this not being /tg/ related: EVERYTHING is /tg/ related as there is nothing that cannot be used in a game in some way. A lot of people seem to forget that these days.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:06 No.17681945
    Have we finally given up on the Polish fantasy novel that nobody's ever heard of?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:10 No.17681990

    nah there still seems to be at least one idiot who's genuinly offended that we're fawning over quality fiction instead of his CWC-fapfic
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:13 No.17682018
    not everyone lives in your timezone, derp.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:19 No.17682070
    It's like watching the birth of a religion: a wonderfully written fiction, and one chucklefuck trying to tell everyone what to do and constantly contradicting themself.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:40 No.17682246
    -It does belong in /tg/ as story telling is one the few things it /tg/ encompasses. It's kinda like a quest thread which the mods have said are /tg/.

    -/lit/ is about discussing established works like Twilight, your favorite movie, and other published works. /tg/ is about Elves, Dwarves, Fantasy, Sci-Fi..etc. As I said before this could easily be chalked up as a quest-like thread.

    -Voicing your opinions on an anonymous board is part of 4chan's M.O. if you don't like that we have a real interest in the story, which can be apparent from 6 threads and counting of comments, then you can just leave. He has incorporated some our ideas into the story, that or we've guessed what he's about to do which is similar to incorporating it in.

    - Cliches are everywhere, the point of story telling isn't telling something new. It's making an old thing interesting again. Just because you go on the hunt, and every other person knows what the hunt is and knows where it's going. Doesn't mean it's not interesting to hear it told in a new way, even if it draws upon all the "cliches" in the world.

    - Perhaps he does have a job, he's on EST. He doesn't post till later in the afternoon. Or perhaps he's in college with a flexible schedule. W/e the case, who cares what he/she does and doesn't do.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:47 No.17682313
    He's already been banned at least once, too, since all of his posts and a huge number of direct replies to them were all pruned from the last thread; that sort of thing only goes down when moderators purge an IP address.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:54 No.17682394
    dude, you just said sorry for being a faggot then spent most of your post insulting people.

    Meaing every word you say makes you seem like a even bigger retard.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)11:54 No.17682397
    Bravo. 2,4,9, and 10 all in one post.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)11:58 No.17682440
    Seems to me it's just you friend-o.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:01 No.17682483
    Please, direct us to this "last thread"

    Or post screencaps.

    Also with a way to make sure all the people posting in the thread aren't you.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:04 No.17682509
    >not uneducated
    >has valuable degrees
    >uses 'kthnxbye' like it doesn't make him sound like a straight-D student

    Uh huh.

    In other news, I have decided that the Journalist sounds exactly like Mentok, the Mind Taker. Bweeeooo!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:05 No.17682517
    Thank you, you got the point of that comment.

    Also you've hit 4 now.

    Anyone want to set up an Anti-008 Bingo sheet so we can play bingo in these threads with him?
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:06 No.17682530
    The one with 100 responses flaming you that got deleted and got you banned for a day? The one where we systematically explained how and why you were wrong, disproved all your arguments, and left you crying in a corner? The thread that lasted all of an hour, while each of 008's has lasted 24+? That thread?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:10 No.17682562
    Is this your thread?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:11 No.17682572
    Funny, I haven't actually seen anyone but you use Kthxbye in...

    God. Ages.

    Two again.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:15 No.17682621
    Number Six, Hotel California. Calling it right now.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:18 No.17682651
    It's true. Nobody did disprove your points, which, from what I read were


    Which the mod disagrees with otherwise this wouldn't have gone on for six threads, so we don't need to disprove that one.


    Plagiarized from Polish Novel That Doesn't Exist.

    Which. Well.

    It doesn't exist. We've covered that. A lot.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:19 No.17682665
    It's like a trainwreck of anal devastation, failure, and bad trolling stereotypes. It's already reaching the fail/win event horizon from how persistent and tryhard he is.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:20 No.17682670
    I think he's hitting them on purpose.

    You think he can get all ten in one post?

    I hope he can I'll be impressed.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:22 No.17682693
    I don't know. 11 and 8 will be hard to hit with the subject matter at hand.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:23 No.17682703
    Hey, were you one of the translators of this obscure Polish novel you mentioned before? Is that why you're so mad? Maybe you could provide us a link to the whole novel, I'd like to read it please.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:23 No.17682705
    Don't strain your fat little head about it.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:24 No.17682715
    We're talking about you.

    Direct your attention here.

    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:24 No.17682726
    Check out the pic I posted in >>17681844.
    Now, compare each of the techniques listed there to your posts. We're playing Bingo with your failures. You just committed Number Six. The Hotel California. Claim to leave but still hang around.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:28 No.17682759
    >go on, be the most retarded niggers in the world, it's your right as fatass americans who cannot recognize true rights.
    >By rights I meant "art" of course.
    Sounds like 11 to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:29 No.17682776
    It might be, but I believe in Anti-008. I think he can do it.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:29 No.17682786
    Ehh.... maybe. I guess it counts. All he needs now is 8. Or all 11 in a single post. And that takes effort.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:30 No.17682790
    If you were really gone you wouldn't have noticed he talked to you.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:32 No.17682818
    oh, and I don't think he's done 7: the Innocent Question yet.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:33 No.17682823
    Can I have a link of the superior polish novel then? The whole novel this time?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:45 No.17682925
    if you're so unhappy about this thread - why not just hide it, ignore it and move on with your life?

    it says a lot more about you constantly whining and bitching, yet still sticking around, than the rest of us who just enjoy the story
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:49 No.17682968
    we could probably find it in the previous thread, my spidey sense says he's begged the question at least once already.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:51 No.17682987
    >A: It helps keep the thread alive for when OP returns.
    I just see 50 wasted posts, if you keep talking to him you will put this thread into autosage before 008 comes back.
    >> Magus O'Grady 01/26/12(Thu)12:55 No.17683026
    yeah, I went back and deleted a number of my previous posts to clear up some space. If everyone else could do the same, it would really trim down on the thread's bloat.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)12:59 No.17683085
    This ought to be good.

    For a very limited value of 'good.'
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)13:30 No.17683454
         File1327602644.jpg-(35 KB, 377x527, a OH WOW.jpg)
    35 KB
    >That whole thread
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)13:41 No.17683566
    >terrible grammar
    >unimaginative story
    >made with the same defiance shown when a 5yr old stomps around in the mud after being told not to

    you're hilarious

    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)14:17 No.17683947
    Anyone have any idea when 008 gets back?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)14:31 No.17684090
    usually he's posted by now, but I don't know what his schedule is, so maybe something came up? Hope everything is alright.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)14:31 No.17684092
    not a single clue. best to wait ad find out later on.

    At least anit-008's fucked off - His thread was bloody painful to read.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)14:38 No.17684171
    Journal Entry 259

    We managed to intercept one of the supply wagons heading for the war camp. Loads of salted and smoked meat and a barrel of mead. They had 3 people, women, and one male guard. We disposed of the male guard and I wiped the memories of the women. As for the wagon and it's cargo, it was more then we could use, so we moved it to a valley, got what we could and Mike burned the rest. So now we have some alcohol, best not to abuse it in this situation. Jason wants to try something a bit more daring with our next raid. He wants to infiltrate the supply camp. I won't tell him no, but that's really fucking dangerous. I hope it's not the mead planning this for him.
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)14:39 No.17684178
    Im canadian. please do not lump me in with the americans. thank you. lol jk.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)14:39 No.17684181
    and sorry for the delay gents, decided to sleep in.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)14:42 No.17684215
         File1327606961.jpg-(27 KB, 526x482, 1321574373894.jpg)
    27 KB
    It's all cool, completely understandable.
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)14:47 No.17684263
    lol so did i. it be cool yo
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)14:53 No.17684312
    Journal Entry 260

    Well, we made sure we had clear heads and made a plan and Jason went in. I lent him my gun for this one just in case. So we waited for nightfall and then for things to calm down at the camp for the night. Jason slipped off and we waited. After what felt like hours, a fire erupted across the camp. Lots of yelling and the whole camp woke up to try and put it out. Jason showed up shortly after and gave us the run down. He managed to cripple their penned horses and while checking out some of the unoccupied tents, found a load of waterskins, a map and a barrel of lamp oil. So now we have a new map and the barbarian women and children have a burning camp. We went back to our hideout before sun up and celebrated. Jason returned my pistol and we checked over the new map. It only covered the general area of Winterfield, but it was in greater detail then my continental map.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)14:53 No.17684314

    I have some shopping to do but i'll check back later on. have fun guys!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:03 No.17684429
    Even if you are a dick, thanks for the bump.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:05 No.17684456
    >008 wakes up
    >I'm about to go to sleep
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)15:10 No.17684510
    Journal Entry 261

    I guess we were followed, either that or one of the scouts heard our celebration. A group of 30 or so barbarians set up outside of our crypt base, archers holding the door. The first few swordsmen they sent in died fast. Any time we peered around a corner, their archers would try and hit us, so we had a standoff. So things go quiet and we start wondering what they're doing. Alex sticks his ipod around the corner and snaps a photo. They're building a bonfire at the entrance. I don't think this place has vents, and certainly no other exit. Then they start the fire. With the bonfire blocking the entrance, their archers can't draw a good bead on us. Alex pops around the corner and hits the bonfire with some ice magic and puts it out. They try again, and Alex puts it out again. This goes on for an hour. Finally they clear the now mostly frozen wood out and decide to do a charge. The crypt isn't really that wide, they can get two in at a time. Mike and Alex step out and unleash everything. Marcus starts playing some empowerment song, Avery throws around some defensive blessings and I do my best to fuck up the minds of those that aren't caught up in the blasts. We put down about half of them before they decide to retreat and get more people. Our fight filled the crypt up with smoke and we were having trouble breathing, so we pack up and leave as well. We're camped out in the foothills right now. I guess we got their attention.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:14 No.17684569
    The shelter was nice while it lasted at least.
    The barbarians now have a two front battle if they want to keep Winterfield under siege!
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)15:14 No.17684571
    yay war
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:15 No.17684588
    As long as you define yourself by what you're not, anti-008, you'll never be anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:18 No.17684622
    How many bullets does the narrator have? He should've at least gotten a few more bullets from all the time they've spend in Aeyllin
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)15:22 No.17684672
    He's getting 1 bullet a day out of the dupe bag since he got it over a hear ago. He's got quite a lot.
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)15:25 No.17684714
    he's been carrying that much ammo around for the last while? someone do the math for how much 365 sig rounds weigh cuz im lazy and im heading out soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:26 No.17684736
    If I was him I would start looking for more of these bags, especially bigger ones. What are the biggest duping bags around? Could he get one that copies his entire gun. A bag that size wouldn't be even that big.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:27 No.17684739
    Why hasn't he tried making a duplicate of his gun? 1 part a day, so he could dual wield, or give it to someone else?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:28 No.17684751
    They have a lesser bag of holding, doesn't really matter.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:28 No.17684753
    There are probably parts that are bigger than the bag. Like the barrel, for example. It's a small bag, just enough to dupe a single round.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:30 No.17684782
    Plus, narrator doesn't look like a gun nut who can disassemble and reassemble a gun on demand. I'm halfway expecting it jamming soon, at least he didn't seem to be taking care of it anyway.

    Some cool stuff to dupe would be batteries btw.

    Also, now that I think about it there's an upside for the duplication purse. If you need the last bullet for yourself, it'll be in there.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:33 No.17684820
    If you own a gun, you can probably take it 90% of the way to parts with very, very basic tools. They really aren't terribly complicated.

    is right though, at the least the frame, slide, barrel and most likely magazine wouldn't fit into a coin-purse size bag. The parts that most often need replacement would though - smaller springs, shell ejection mechanism, magazine feed springs, stuff like that.
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)15:33 No.17684823
    ok... so i did it anyway.

    the 60 grain SIG round is 3.9g so 365 of those is 1.423 kg.
    the 60gr is the lightest.
    the heaviest is the 147 grain FMJ at 9.5g so thats 3.467kg.

    thats a lot less than i thought.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:35 No.17684844
    Don't forget that he has been using those bullets, so the final number is even less.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:37 No.17684868
    >The parts that most often need replacement would though - smaller springs, shell ejection mechanism, magazine feed springs, stuff like that.

    If the journalist was smarter, he would have copied those parts long ago in case he needs replacement.
    Actually, if he was smarter he would have his own gun factory right now.
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)15:37 No.17684875
    but he has had more than a year already to use the bag. and he did have a standing count of the rounds he had used. which is less that 50 is total for the entire event. sooo give or take a month and a half or so its about the same. fuk it im canadian i dont know about guns lol.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:45 No.17684980
    Really? Assuming we go off the the 1st's threads image and exact gun (A Sig Sauer P220 Two-Tone DAK), which supports .45ACP, the highest grain is 230 FMJ. I figure that's a likely type to carry since the narrator was probably thinking Unknown Universe/Medeval Times = Big Nasty Things/Things With Armor. Not sure as to the effectiveness of hollowpoint against older armor, but we'll assume FMJ anyways. The weight on a Remington 230-grain FMJ round is 15 grams,

    15g * 365 = 5.475kg

    Okay that's still not a ton, but that's around 12 pounds of carry weight for us non-metric people

    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17586304/ Post No. 17586561
    >> Leeginn 01/26/12(Thu)15:48 No.17685015
    i defer to your judgment
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)15:48 No.17685022
    Journal Entry 262

    So I'm getting a nice sleep in when Mike raises the alarm. Barbarians on horses riding towards us. We grab everything and make a run for a more defensible location. We head down between the foothills with the plan to get up on the higher ground when Jason suddenly stops us. He says there's a shit load of traps in the grass. Then groups of barbarian archers spring up along the hill top and start firing down on us. We got played good. They have no interest in taking prisoners, so we do what we're good at. We fight back. Avery starts throwing out defenses and heals, our spellcasters throwing around their widest area attacks and their own defenses and I open fire between mindrape. In the end, we turned the tide and got them on the run but suffered a lot of injuries. Jason's kindle caught a few arrows and won't start anymore. Mike's mp3 player was smashed. Avery's so burned out from that we're still not fully recovered. I'm a bit lightheaded from bloodloss. I don't know how we'll manage if they come at us again like that.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:49 No.17685031
    >Ok fuck you you know what, maybe the book never existed but I proved my point about the mediocre quality of his writing and how neckbeards were retarded for praising his "work" so much so who care about the fucking book I had to come up with something at first alright?
    He's finally admitted that he made up the plagiarism claims.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:51 No.17685049
    >dead kindle and mp3 player
    :S, hopefully they can recover the data off it at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:52 No.17685065
    That was such a shitty game.
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)15:54 No.17685096
    The author's Sig is only 9mm. He has 2 magazines with him, the rest of the bullets are in the minor bag of holding.

    And we're in autosage.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)15:57 No.17685123
    Hahaha, curses, quit undermining my plans to avoid doing more work!

    It was interesting to research anyways though, at least I learned something.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:11 No.17685266
         File1327612268.png-(91 KB, 320x320, idiot.png)
    91 KB
    >such snobbish little prepotent fucks
    >Calling us powerful as an insult
    >Pic related

    Also, speaking as an Australian I hope you die of a heart attack from the terror of drowning in spiders when we bomb wherever the fuck you learnt your English. I would love to watch you bombed to FATAL.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:15 No.17685300
    >sage a thread in auto-sage

    Here I'll help you.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:15 No.17685306
    implying we're not already in auto-sage
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:16 No.17685311
    >Anti cannot into sage.
    Also the threads in autosage due to the number of posts, something your thread will never achieve.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:22 No.17685379
    holy fuck, you suck
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:24 No.17685394
    No it is archived.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:24 No.17685397
    >If we were in autosage then the thread would fucking disappear you morons
    Troll or just fucktard, your mind must be a treasure trove for whatever shrink will get his hands on you.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:26 No.17685414
    Ha! Jokes on you! I have no basement!
    >> 008 01/26/12(Thu)16:27 No.17685429
    New Thread
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:27 No.17685433
    How can anyone be this stupid?

    The thread's in auto-sage, and eventually, yes, it WILL disappear.

    From /tg/. We have an archive. It will go there.

    Also, this isn't /b/. Threads do not disappear within two seconds when people fail to snatch onto them and post.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:27 No.17685436
    Don't know the rules? I'm surprised you didn't get permabanned yet.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:27 No.17685437
    like hating in the same shithole
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:29 No.17685451
    newfag, auto sage means that the thread will no longer be "bumped" forward to the front page, after this happens the thread will drift back through the 15 pages of the board and eventualy get bumped off(depending on how active /tg/is this can take anywhere from 1-14 hours). thats when it dissapears.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:32 No.17685476
    When's the new thread 008?

    This is getting interesting, as for the electronic devices, I'm sure a repair spell or something could repair it. When they get back to the artificers I bet they can fix it up.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)16:33 No.17685488
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)18:17 No.17686642
         File1327619861.jpg-(12 KB, 204x207, bwahaha.jpg)
    12 KB
    OMFG. anti-008, you are pure comedy gold. It's amazing how much butthurt all of your posts contain. If we could somehow harness the power of your injured rectum, we could power a small city.

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