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  • File : 1327232537.jpg-(94 KB, 800x774, Paladin7.jpg)
    94 KB Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:42 No.17629470  
    This is how I Paladin

    Personal Paladin musack:
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:45 No.17629482
         File1327232754.jpg-(51 KB, 300x516, HardBoiledDetective.jpg)
    51 KB
    This is how I paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:48 No.17629489
         File1327232883.jpg-(89 KB, 600x379, m109a6_paladin.jpg)
    89 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:49 No.17629495
         File1327232967.jpg-(13 KB, 296x275, taggart.jpg)
    13 KB
    This is how I paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:52 No.17629511
         File1327233139.png-(64 KB, 442x363, 1325665989885.png)
    64 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:54 No.17629522
         File1327233273.png-(162 KB, 1000x800, Goblin knight.png)
    162 KB
    this is how I paddlin'
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:56 No.17629532
         File1327233364.png-(146 KB, 593x572, 1326452517029.png)
    146 KB
    This is how I paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:58 No.17629544
    If I see that fucking unconquered sun one more time...
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)06:59 No.17629549
         File1327233542.jpg-(126 KB, 600x601, lovecomics7.jpg)
    126 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> helpful comrade 01/22/12(Sun)07:00 No.17629555
         File1327233604.jpg-(159 KB, 716x955, 1299173089599.jpg)
    159 KB
    This is how I Paladin

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:01 No.17629561
         File1327233707.jpg-(165 KB, 540x540, Graham_Chapman_Colonel.jpg)
    165 KB
    This is how I Paladin.

    >In before silliness
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:06 No.17629587
         File1327233973.png-(646 KB, 769x1149, dunking volibear and attack sp(...).png)
    646 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:06 No.17629591
         File1327233997.jpg-(63 KB, 600x668, Sol Invictus.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:06 No.17629595
         File1327234014.png-(124 KB, 251x415, Praise the sun!.png)
    124 KB
    Much as I hate the fact that it can happen, his "fall" is extremely well done.

    I mean, consumed by self-doubt and led astray by a false light? Awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:11 No.17629616
         File1327234310.jpg-(21 KB, 384x256, 1290011987822.jpg)
    21 KB
    >My sun ... is setting ...
    >It's dark ... so dark ...
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:16 No.17629637
    >DM a starting game of DnD 3.5 for some of my friends who want to get into it.
    >over a few sessions, they utterly fail to stop a necromancer from starting a massive zombie uprising in a small town.
    >they're doing so badly that I have to drop massive hints that the necromancer is in the sewers beneath the town, and getting there through hordes of zombies will be tough.
    >group paladin, new player who is only vaguely aware that as a paladin he is good against undead and should try to uphold the forces of good, makes a suggestion:
    >As zombies burst into the inn they were sleeping in, paladin sees them all out the window, then barricades himself in to give them time.
    >As the zombies burst through finally, with the other group having barely made it to the BBEG, the paladin kisses his holy symbol and i tell him, just becuase he's doing something awesome, that his gods are with him, meaning that he can Smite as often as he wishes.
    >door comes down, Paladin vs Infinite Zombies.

    >The other team manage to beat the BBEG.
    >They return to the inn, all the zombies dead and shit, and find the Paladin surrounded by dead zombies and shit, and in one peice (albeit badly injured).

    >This guy always plays Paladins now.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:16 No.17629639
         File1327234599.jpg-(450 KB, 707x1000, 1279275081608.jpg)
    450 KB
    This is how I Paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:20 No.17629657
         File1327234827.jpg-(35 KB, 377x245, darkness.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:21 No.17629659
         File1327234869.jpg-(29 KB, 610x311, Alibert_wakfu_02.jpg)
    29 KB
    This is how I Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:22 No.17629664
         File1327234947.gif-(343 KB, 300x256, 1323138211900.gif)
    343 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:23 No.17629669
         File1327235000.png-(157 KB, 640x360, tumblr_lhd5rvSqwh1qh3b2lo1_128(...).png)
    157 KB
    >> helpful comrade 01/22/12(Sun)07:25 No.17629678
    Ordinary men are baptized in water
    Kings and priests are baptized in sacred oils

    Heroes are baptized in fire
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:26 No.17629687
         File1327235204.jpg-(288 KB, 1280x1954, 1325965030595.jpg)
    288 KB
    This is how I paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:27 No.17629689
    You mean zombie giblets
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:27 No.17629690
         File1327235243.gif-(7 KB, 348x360, French_Guy_Drinking_wine.gif)
    7 KB
    He was a Dwarf wielding a Warmaul. The DM agreed that Dwarven should be French just for the laughs. The baby was the McGuffin.

    I will miss you Pierre. You were a wonderful character.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:28 No.17629695
    Not every setting has zombies, however I've yet to see a single setting without fire.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:29 No.17629700
    what is this from?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:30 No.17629706
         File1327235431.jpg-(433 KB, 666x1000, tumblr_ltnrmgLGBX1qilq9oo1_128(...).jpg)
    433 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:31 No.17629711
         File1327235503.jpg-(147 KB, 632x576, reaction_I_like_this_01.jpg)
    147 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:31 No.17629714
    That last panel should have been made into a banner.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:35 No.17629730
    just for that, i'm going to run a prehistoric underdark campaign

    lovecraftian undertones √
    light from phosphorescence √
    heat from thermal/steam/vents √
    religious dogma √
    drow, abberations, and what the hell a couple of falmer for shits √
    a quest to steal fire from the gods √
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:37 No.17629743
         File1327235861.jpg-(65 KB, 554x769, 1292233323420.jpg)
    65 KB
    This is how I Paladin

    Personal Paladin musik:
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)07:39 No.17629752
         File1327235944.jpg-(19 KB, 400x304, Jet_Jaguar2.jpg)
    19 KB
    This is how I Paladin

    Personal Paladin musack:
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)08:05 No.17629937
         File1327237531.jpg-(38 KB, 630x556, erazm-baracz-portret.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)08:27 No.17630065
         File1327238871.jpg-(32 KB, 417x375, Ghosts-n-Goblins.jpg)
    32 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)08:34 No.17630099
         File1327239245.jpg-(14 KB, 320x240, 1296873866221.jpg)
    14 KB
    One question, /tg/: is it better to paladin in a system where it's mechanically enforced, or is it better to paladin in a system where there's no paladin mechanics, but your GM has a tendency to mechanically reward good roleplaying?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)08:35 No.17630105
    It's better to paladin wherever you can.


    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:25 No.17630463
         File1327242345.png-(100 KB, 675x1053, tomoyo1.png)
    100 KB
    this is how i paladin (1/3)
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:26 No.17630467
         File1327242381.png-(117 KB, 675x1394, tomoyo2.png)
    117 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:28 No.17630485
         File1327242508.png-(125 KB, 675x1737, tomoyo3.png)
    125 KB
    (3/3) note to self: shoop multi page comics into one long strip
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:36 No.17630537

    Is he disappearing because he's been friendzoned? Sorry haven't played Demon's Souls.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:38 No.17630553
    You are doing it fucking right.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:44 No.17630584
    phantoms can only manifest temporarily. they usually dissipate when the summoner can move on

    gameplay wise thats until the boss is defeated. in this strip I guess the phantom stuck around until he was sure that the girl was ok
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:44 No.17630586
    This is how my Broseph here and I paladin!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:46 No.17630598
         File1327243604.jpg-(32 KB, 500x377, 317380_2267659702556_158047833(...).jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:47 No.17630607
         File1327243650.jpg-(150 KB, 672x640, Cool - Courage the Cowardly Do(...).jpg)
    150 KB
    This is how I Paladin. And this is my soundtrack.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:49 No.17630614
         File1327243741.gif-(496 KB, 230x130, 1325450411394.gif)
    496 KB
    this is how i smite evil
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:53 No.17630645
    Oh Man.
    This is cruel
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:57 No.17630674
         File1327244241.png-(904 KB, 675x4166, The Silent protector.png)
    904 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)09:58 No.17630684
         File1327244314.jpg-(123 KB, 1280x1963, undead knight.jpg)
    123 KB
    This is how *I* Paladin, and I defy any of you gentlemen to try and stop me.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:02 No.17630706
         File1327244529.jpg-(57 KB, 550x434, untitled.jpg)
    57 KB
    This is how I Paladin.

    Personal Paladin music: http://www.bartleby.com/40/12.html
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:05 No.17630722
    Ironically the closest I've ever got to playing a Paladin was playing a LG necromancer that I'm playing right now.
    Eventually I'm going to create an undead Paladin, by bolting a Skeletal Champion into his full battle armour, giving him a zweihander and awakening him.
    As he'd put it, he's not really a warrior, or a hero.
    but he can build heroes.

    It's cool dude, Duty goes beyond death.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:05 No.17630727
         File1327244751.jpg-(110 KB, 626x800, 1276413290442.jpg)
    110 KB
    This is how I Fallen Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:08 No.17630732
    Obligatory song

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:13 No.17630747
    This is how I Smite Evil
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:14 No.17630752
         File1327245264.jpg-(149 KB, 540x820, Undead_Paladin_1_by_redcapture.jpg)
    149 KB
    This is how i reuse the paladin
    >Not even in dead you can stop fighting for justice!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:16 No.17630767
         File1327245415.jpg-(39 KB, 480x600, Paladin.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Dragoon 01/22/12(Sun)10:27 No.17630814
    This is how I Paladin

    Personal Paladin musack:
    >> Dragoon 01/22/12(Sun)10:29 No.17630824
         File1327246197.png-(14 KB, 348x400, 1327176234014.png)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:33 No.17630837
         File1327246389.jpg-(21 KB, 500x372, swow.jpg)
    21 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:34 No.17630846
         File1327246470.jpg-(136 KB, 550x828, Optimus Prime and Captain Amer(...).jpg)
    136 KB
    This is how my brother and I paladin!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:36 No.17630859

    Aw shit yeah
    >> Braith117 01/22/12(Sun)10:36 No.17630860
         File1327246609.jpg-(167 KB, 1000x726, 1307799249739.jpg)
    167 KB
    This is how I roll
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:43 No.17630910
         File1327247003.jpg-(498 KB, 892x1213, 20101116.jpg)
    498 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:45 No.17630927
    >this is what faggots think a paladin can get away with
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:49 No.17630961
         File1327247385.jpg-(184 KB, 1169x776, 1324208780442.jpg)
    184 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:50 No.17630971
         File1327247457.jpg-(17 KB, 507x799, warforged paladin 1.jpg)
    17 KB
    This is how I Paladin.
    Lawful Good ain't ALWAYS 'nice'.

    Musics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_B3OjQzUUE
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:51 No.17630977
    He can, you're just stupid.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:52 No.17630986
    Holy shit, worst DM ever.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:54 No.17630995
    I'm pretty sure torture counts as an evil act no matter who you do it to. Especially pointless torture like that could very well have been.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:56 No.17631003

    Fuck this shitty comic.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:57 No.17631012
    So? Paladins are devoted to some idea or some person, that's all.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:58 No.17631025
    They are dedicated to GOOD, you fucking idiot.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:59 No.17631038
         File1327247982.jpg-(150 KB, 649x587, fantasy_armour_expectations_by(...).jpg)
    150 KB
    rolled 15, 25, 87, 37, 28, 51, 72, 21, 39, 16, 43, 69 = 503

    this is how i paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)10:59 No.17631043
         File1327247999.jpg-(188 KB, 900x844, Wrong Neighborhood.jpg)
    188 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:00 No.17631045
    Sorry, which one of "paladins" we talking about?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:01 No.17631060
    The dorf.
    >> Braith117 01/22/12(Sun)11:01 No.17631066
         File1327248083.jpg-(84 KB, 600x750, 1309280493738.jpg)
    84 KB
    Were. They are the worldly instruments of their patron deities.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:02 No.17631078
    Fuck 4E.
    >> Magic Fridge 01/22/12(Sun)11:02 No.17631080
         File1327248157.png-(2.54 MB, 1227x1129, 1302034490087.png)
    2.54 MB
    This is how Paladins should be
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:02 No.17631083
    right, thats just awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:03 No.17631100
         File1327248232.jpg-(21 KB, 300x333, Rolandfealty.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:05 No.17631111
    Charlemagne wouldn't have tolerated that bullshit. Roland wouldn't have either.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:09 No.17631152
    Given that in most settings (certainly the previous editions of D&D but also in other games) paladins are strongly associated with good, 4E would be the aberration not the norm.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:10 No.17631172
         File1327248655.jpg-(100 KB, 900x662, 1309919247509.jpg)
    100 KB
    This is how I oldschooladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:13 No.17631197
    Yes, he would not.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:13 No.17631201
         File1327248804.gif-(350 KB, 500x647, 1323709498794.gif)
    350 KB
    Thia is how I paladin
    >> Braith117 01/22/12(Sun)11:16 No.17631231
         File1327248992.jpg-(50 KB, 600x750, 1309280440915.jpg)
    50 KB
    Odd, here I was thinking the main reason people didn't like it was that it gimped magic users and took away a few of the lazy DM's plot hooks.

    They're divine warriors, no different from a cleric in the scheme of things.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:17 No.17631242
    Oh man, source?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:19 No.17631261
    That's a good way to Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:20 No.17631273
    Exactly. No different than a cleric.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:20 No.17631274
         File1327249257.jpg-(82 KB, 720x481, 2zf8i0y.jpg)
    82 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:23 No.17631308
         File1327249416.jpg-(457 KB, 905x521, Azor-Ahai-a-song-of-ice-and-fi(...).jpg)
    457 KB
    This is how I Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:23 No.17631313
         File1327249425.jpg-(40 KB, 400x581, paladin of truth.jpg)
    40 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:24 No.17631320
    To be fair, it was vaguely foreshadowed that Kore retains his power through a curse and those souls.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:25 No.17631327
    >As fervent crusaders in their chosen cause, paladins must choose a deity. Paladins choose a specific faith to serve, as well as an lignment. You must choose an alignment identical to the alignment of your patron deity; a paladin of a good deity must be good, a paladin of a lawful good deity must be lawful good, and a paladin of an unaligned deity must be unaligned. Evil and chaotic evil paladins do exist in the world, but they are almost always villains, not player characters.Paladins are not granted their powers directly by their deity, but instead through various rites performed when they first become paladins. Most of these rites involve days of prayer, vigils, tests and trials, and ritual purification followed by a knighting ceremony, but each faith has its own methods. This ceremony of investiture gives a paladin the ability to wield divine powers. Once initiated, the paladin is a paladin forevermore. How justly, honorably, or compassionately the paladin wields those powers from that day forward is up to him, and paladins who stray too far from the tenets of their faith are punished by other members of the faithful.

    I like this so much more, than 3.x Paladins, yes, maybe it's not "canon", but it gives you idea how you can became one, and instead of "lol you fall" you can become an outcast, even being hunted by your own sworn brothers, so many possibilities for RP and storylines and you can do what you want, chose your own way in serving your god without being tossed around with stupid mechanic.

    And if you have stick up your ass so deep, you always can play Sacrifice paladins.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 01/22/12(Sun)11:26 No.17631345
         File1327249576.jpg-(113 KB, 400x621, skullknight.jpg)
    113 KB
    This is how I paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:29 No.17631378
    Like it matters.

    In 5e there will be no alignments and you can play your character however you want with no penalties at all, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:34 No.17631423
    What 5E have anything to do with it. It didn't even come out yet.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 01/22/12(Sun)11:35 No.17631435
    Playing a paladin will be even harder then. I can see all the "LAWL NO REPPERCUSSION" paladins. Kinda reminded me of a time I played a paladin whoe's tasking from his church was to hunt down renegade Paladin's who thought they were beyond reproach and took their gods will into their own hands.

    Good vs Good are amazing campaigns, you should try them.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:40 No.17631488
         File1327250445.png-(237 KB, 445x390, 1.png)
    237 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:43 No.17631504
    I've setup an order of paladins in a setting of mine that have a failsafe built into their armor in the event of their death. I've been told it's somewhat hypocritical in nature, but I find it fitting.

    When the paladin dies, his remaining magical energy and his spirit are channeled into the armor and his dead body, transforming it into something like a golem. A sufficiently willful paladin can even temporarily anchor his soul to this construct and continue fighting (sometimes without even realizing he's died). The now-animated armor continues the paladin's objective as best it can, or if it finds it impossible it returns to the nearest sanctuary of the order. If neither are possible, it will attempt to fight its enemies until utterly destroyed.

    The purpose this serves is plural. First, it allows the paladin the opportunity to complete his mission despite his misfortune. Second, it denies the necromancer the spirit or flesh of the paladin. Third, hopefully the armor can walk its ass back home so they don't have to retrieve it or the body and they can reuse the armor and grant the paladin a worthy burial.

    I've been told it's a bit too much like necromancy for a paladin order to ever consider it anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:43 No.17631512
         File1327250638.jpg-(7 KB, 260x370, SKULLKNIGHT.jpg)
    7 KB
    This is how I Paladin.

    Because Chaotic Evil Powers, Lawful Good Paladin doesn't happen often enough.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:47 No.17631545
    Oh, I forgot to say: In the setting, paladins are not divine agents but rather humans with an elemental "Light" magic.

    The existence of gods in the setting is speculative and not confirmed either way.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:48 No.17631556
    If you treat Necromancy as control over Life&Death rather than "evil only, suckers" it's somewhat fitting.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:48 No.17631557
    Give these guys
    this armour, and all my money.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:53 No.17631585
    This is fucking AWESOME. I might have to take that.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:53 No.17631592
    Loyal Beyond Death
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:54 No.17631602
         File1327251291.jpg-(41 KB, 600x750, aligntment LG.jpg)
    41 KB
    I've seen this motherfucker smite.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:57 No.17631619
         File1327251463.jpg-(139 KB, 1000x800, 1288945018306.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)11:58 No.17631630
         File1327251513.jpg-(222 KB, 450x494, pious.jpg)
    222 KB
    This is how I Paladin. I hold the line!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:01 No.17631654
         File1327251666.jpg-(98 KB, 1200x900, Ico and Yorda 006.jpg)
    98 KB
    This is how I Paladin. I don't wait, I don't pray, I don't pounder... I just DO.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:01 No.17631661
         File1327251713.png-(244 KB, 370x280, AnnoyedHouse.png)
    244 KB
    >(sometimes without even realizing he's died)

    Imagine getting back from a mission, winding down, getting ready for a good nights rest, taking your armor off and realizing you died.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:03 No.17631675
         File1327251781.jpg-(159 KB, 650x852, 1322368172910.jpg)
    159 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:03 No.17631677
    But necromancy is basically another word for healing magic.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:03 No.17631679
    Is there a falcon glued to the back of his helmet? That doesn't seem very Paladin-like.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:05 No.17631692
    "Telling the future through the use of the spirits of the dead" has nothing to do with healing.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:06 No.17631706
         File1327251972.jpg-(182 KB, 536x603, 1314333786191.jpg)
    182 KB
    >No Samuel Motherfucking Vimes
    >No Carrot Ironfounderson

    /tg/ I am disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:09 No.17631726
         File1327252155.png-(133 KB, 911x1346, 1291915932626.png)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:09 No.17631733
         File1327252197.gif-(422 KB, 900x1165, It is not because I am strong&(...).gif)
    422 KB
    Heres the colour version.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:11 No.17631744
         File1327252308.png-(161 KB, 1521x1354, 1291915979708.png)
    161 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:12 No.17631751
         File1327252363.png-(306 KB, 1240x1176, 1291916258197.png)
    306 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:13 No.17631760
         File1327252435.jpg-(52 KB, 400x321, clint-eastwood-pale-rider.jpg)
    52 KB
    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:14 No.17631766
         File1327252499.jpg-(510 KB, 648x1224, 1323549410569.jpg)
    510 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:16 No.17631779
         File1327252595.jpg-(128 KB, 1420x469, 1304609729972.jpg)
    128 KB
    Paladin screencap dump?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:16 No.17631786
    how exactly do paladins of different dieties interact?

    is there some sort of courtesy law or mutual respect that they need to show to each other?

    for example will a good paladin be forced to go against an evil paladin by code?

    i guess above might be a bit too convenient. how about lets say a neutral based paladin meet a good or evil paladin. would they take offense against each other for simply having different views?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:17 No.17631787
    rolled 8, 7, 2, 2, 10 = 29


    I love stories like this.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 01/22/12(Sun)12:17 No.17631793
    He dies........
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:17 No.17631796
    oh and what happens to blackguards when they start allowing evil paladins? will they be obsolete or will they also start allowing netural / good blackguards?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:18 No.17631808
         File1327252724.png-(113 KB, 1872x592, 1307067342260.png)
    113 KB
    This is probably the best goddamn paladin I've ever heard a story about.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:19 No.17631814
         File1327252772.jpg-(27 KB, 520x314, blasto.jpg)
    27 KB

    Depends on their Gods and the setting, really.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:19 No.17631817
         File1327252782.png-(388 KB, 640x479, bear.png)
    388 KB
    >screenshots in jpg
    >with text
    >not png
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:20 No.17631821
    Who are you talking to?

    I really don't like using PvP social rolls, only in special occasions. Meta-spells are bullshit though.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:21 No.17631825
         File1327252865.png-(220 KB, 1273x955, 1312335276937.png)
    220 KB

    Paladins in 4e, if I'm remembering correctly, can be of any alignment, as long as it's the same as their patron deity. You can't fall, but if you fuck up, you're not off the hook still...
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:21 No.17631828
         File1327252887.jpg-(102 KB, 300x500, wolf-in-shadow.jpg)
    102 KB
    Although, thinking about it most of the protagonists in Gemmels books could classify as paladins. I really want my little brother and cousins to read his books when they're older.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:23 No.17631846
         File1327253024.jpg-(393 KB, 1360x881, 1316229917266.jpg)
    393 KB
    Not exactly a paladin, but relevant nonetheless.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:25 No.17631860
    They can be any alignment period(they have to share god's alignment on the moment of initiation). They do not get their powers from gods themselves. Bahamut can have evil paladin, who will do "justice" in the name of his lord, it's church problem to take care of him.

    There is a quote a little bit above.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:26 No.17631874
    not directed at anyone in particular just a general question.

    and also not a pvp question just asking about fluff if applicable
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:30 No.17631902
         File1327253404.png-(128 KB, 1368x1232, 1299024440705.png)
    128 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:33 No.17631922
         File1327253592.gif-(380 KB, 550x525, StayDown_WEB2.gif)
    380 KB
    Here, have another one
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:35 No.17631938
         File1327253720.gif-(66 KB, 500x331, 1317969235696.gif)
    66 KB

    And another!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:36 No.17631946
         File1327253793.jpg-(540 KB, 1174x910, 1305628468591.jpg)
    540 KB
    >mayiona fkin
    I beg your pardon Captcha?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:37 No.17631957
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:37 No.17631959
         File1327253842.png-(442 KB, 1254x903, 1305629194949.png)
    442 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:38 No.17631975
         File1327253913.png-(70 KB, 1545x450, 1306964474741.png)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:40 No.17631993

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:40 No.17632002
         File1327254046.jpg-(698 KB, 1024x2810, 1307692561283.jpg)
    698 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:40 No.17632003
         File1327254054.jpg-(2.57 MB, 2160x1780, l.jpg)
    2.57 MB
    And another, not by the same artist, but if anyone ever does a modern day campaign in a D&D setting, this shall be how I Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:42 No.17632010
         File1327254127.png-(205 KB, 988x1336, 1311072363394.png)
    205 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:45 No.17632039
         File1327254301.png-(127 KB, 1259x1050, Malstrom serpent.png)
    127 KB
    A /tg/ classic of course.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:46 No.17632046
         File1327254367.jpg-(680 KB, 500x634, MarioPaladin.jpg)
    680 KB
    this is how i paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:49 No.17632075
         File1327254576.gif-(191 KB, 700x1023, tumblr_loa7y1Ofhp1qizbpt.gif)
    191 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:50 No.17632082
         File1327254620.gif-(199 KB, 700x1023, tumblr_lobz390mfa1qizbpt.gif)
    199 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:51 No.17632091
         File1327254673.gif-(219 KB, 700x1023, tumblr_loe4xs7ZKr1qizbpt.gif)
    219 KB

    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 01/22/12(Sun)12:54 No.17632111
         File1327254841.jpg-(395 KB, 1200x1864, NewFrontier1.jpg)
    395 KB
    How to Paladin 101, part 1.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:55 No.17632120
    How he dies again?
    The Russian kills him?
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 01/22/12(Sun)12:55 No.17632122
         File1327254907.jpg-(391 KB, 1200x1865, NewFrontier2.jpg)
    391 KB
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 01/22/12(Sun)12:56 No.17632135
         File1327254988.jpg-(325 KB, 1200x1834, NewFrontier3.jpg)
    325 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)12:58 No.17632150
         File1327255083.jpg-(101 KB, 480x272, princeofpersianextgentaile.jpg)
    101 KB
    I'll tell you how I paladin...

    This city smells of corruption, cheap wine and sweaty leather, just like an old whore. The city streets flow with people, like veins flow with blood, and it's old heart keep on pumping. Some people just want to get on with their lives, do they honest work to earn a few coppers, maybe one lucky silver. But some people want the gold. Some people want power and fortunate, even in the expense of others. And they rape, torture, kill and intimidate to get what they want. And when the blood is bad, we have to bleed it out, so the body can be healthy again. We must make a cute, not to shallow, not to deep, and let the bad blood out, so the balance is restore. This city is sick, but I'll make it better. I'm the cure.
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 01/22/12(Sun)12:58 No.17632159
         File1327255118.jpg-(303 KB, 1200x1861, NewFrontier4.jpg)
    303 KB
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 01/22/12(Sun)13:00 No.17632179
         File1327255221.jpg-(448 KB, 1200x1874, NewFrontier5.jpg)
    448 KB
    And that is how to paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:02 No.17632194
    why couldn't he just throw the grenades down the beasts open maw?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:03 No.17632209
    Why suffer a long drawn out death from infection and internal bleeding? He had shrapnel in his stomach, he's a dead man without actual medical treatment. It would just take about a week for him to die.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:04 No.17632221
    There's a quote on the 1d4chan page for Paladins that summarizes them better than I can, I think.

    >"There is none of that, "Oh well if you're truly sorry, there's nothing I can do." horseshit. No, he coup de graces your ass because he's a goddamn paladin. His job is killing evil. You know what his job doesn't entail? Being a sympathetic ear for every whiny NE or CN or LE douchebag who's only being evil because the world is unfair to him or every punk that lets his own dislikes or laziness overcome his own personality. You know what unfair is? Being able to know what kind of person everyone is before you even talk to them. Smelling evil so potent on a motherfucker that you want to sink your fingers in his chest and pull that tar out until the screaming stops. Having the psychotic urge to murder people that you've never even met, for the sole reason that your God decided that you ought to be his right hand without your choice in the matter, that's unfair. But unlike Evil McBlacknails over there, that Paladin puts on his helmet, sharpens his sword, and then continues walking through crowds of people day by day, resisting the urge. Seeing evidence of injustice so black it makes him sick. Seeing murderers and rapists walk the street, watching good men hang as evil ones pull the lever. Saving his righteous violence for when the situation exactly, specifically, precisely calls for it. Surgically removing that which is most evil. Because he's a Paladin. And if he gave in to the urge, what would he be? Who will right the true wrongs if not he? It's not about not falling as a Paladin. It's about falling so fucking hard you crash through the planet and stand up on the other side."
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:05 No.17632241
    id think i would rather die via blood loss then being chewed then exploded
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:06 No.17632255
    >Implying the dine would not simple eat him anyway
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:07 No.17632257
         File1327255631.jpg-(41 KB, 463x700, 1303247197017.jpg)
    41 KB

    That's because you aren't thinking badass enough.

    This guy wanted to die a warrior's death. KNEW he was going to die a warrior's death, and what better way to go out with your boots on than jumping down a dinosaurs throat with two primed grenades in your hands.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:07 No.17632260
    That's why he will simply explode when the Dino closes his mouth
    >> helpful comrade 01/22/12(Sun)13:08 No.17632270
         File1327255702.jpg-(291 KB, 1245x875, 1256273671298.jpg)
    291 KB
    >That last panel
    Sup Siegfried
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:08 No.17632280
    instant, painless, badass death >>> death via long hours of blood-loss and suffering
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:10 No.17632293
    This is how my Paladin dies a hero

    And This is how the world remembers my Paladin, after a thousand year time skip.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:11 No.17632305
         File1327255895.jpg-(213 KB, 423x639, Comic_page_1_by_MattRhodes.jpg)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:12 No.17632311
         File1327255930.jpg-(211 KB, 423x639, Comic_page_2_by_MattRhodes.jpg)
    211 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:12 No.17632312
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:12 No.17632318
    Oh God yes, I forgot that song existed...That's how you start out as a 1st level Paladin.
    Singing this fucking song.

    When a knight won his spurs, in the stories of old,
    He was gentle and brave, he was gallant and bold;
    With a shield on his arm and a lance in his hand,
    For God and for valour he rode through the land.

    No charger have I, and no sword by my side,
    Yet still to adventure and battle I ride,
    Though back into storyland giants have fled,
    And the knights are no more and the dragons are dead.

    Let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed
    'Gainst the dragons of anger, the ogres of greed;
    And let me set free with the sword of my youth,
    From the castle of darkness, the power of the truth.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:13 No.17632322
         File1327255991.jpg-(179 KB, 423x639, Comic_page_3_by_MattRhodes.jpg)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:15 No.17632351
         File1327256154.jpg-(101 KB, 952x838, an_ant_taking_on_the_sun_by_ma(...).jpg)
    101 KB
    Oh, this fuckin' video.
    Long Live Haggar
    Mayor of Earth
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:18 No.17632372
    >They Kidnapped the girl he loves, he's running after them and he's still got the flower in hand.
    Oh now they fucked up.
    Bracing for heroic impact.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:19 No.17632396
         File1327256396.jpg-(298 KB, 1022x317, 1314823134657.jpg)
    298 KB
    >"And the knights are no more and the dragons are dead."

    Not while we yet remember their stories, my friend.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:21 No.17632403
    I don't know about you Anon, but I'm personally pretty glad the dragons are dead at least.
    I might have a heroic soul, but I'd not be much use against a dragon.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:22 No.17632408
         File1327256524.jpg-(448 KB, 1280x1920, SinCity-01-151.jpg)
    448 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:23 No.17632418

    We all face little dragons in our lives though. They may not be giant scaled monstrosities that breathe fire, but each of us has something that we fear, and that fear holds what we desire most captive in its hoard.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:23 No.17632423
    about the alignment restrictions for LG paladins. how strictly is the "no working/associating with evil / chatic people" rule followed? do paladins instantly fall for breaking this rule or are they allowed some leeway if the cause is sufficient?

    for example lets say that a paladin made friends with a neutral evil mercenary prior to him making his oath as a paladin. basically the mercenary was one of many who were hired to supplement the numbers of the actual faithful during a past crusade and the church/religion has kept him in the payroll all this time.

    The mercenary was known to be professional and they needed someone who was willing to get his hands dirty so they send him out as an inquisitor of sorts in a far of region to do an important and ultimately good quest and the paladin was sent as his Partner/bodyguard.

    obviously the paladin can detect his evil alignment but he has never witnessed any act of evil.

    Will this fly? or does the paladin fall just by associating himself with someone evil?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:25 No.17632440
         File1327256743.png-(562 KB, 1880x2624, paladin necroking.png)
    562 KB
    Maybe not the type of paladin story you're looking for, but hey.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:25 No.17632442


    Taskmaster has to work with captain america
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:27 No.17632451
    This is how I paladin.


    >Iudex ergo cum sedebit,
    >Quidquid latet, apparebit:
    >Nil inultum remanebit.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:29 No.17632476
         File1327256963.jpg-(43 KB, 500x405, arn-the-knight-templar.jpg)
    43 KB
    This is how I Paladin

    Personal Paladian Track:
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:29 No.17632477
    What is the game at 3:52?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:31 No.17632489
         File1327257107.jpg-(35 KB, 600x480, 1129849-believe_super.jpg)
    35 KB
    The picture is the single least important part of this. The message is what matters, that said, the book version of this guy would make a pretty damn good paladin..... even if you can't actually mimic this guy using the materials available in D&D or Pathfinder.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:31 No.17632494

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:32 No.17632497
         File1327257132.jpg-(64 KB, 480x480, art-odin1.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:32 No.17632498
    Humm...kinda makes me want to make a warrior farmer type guy...who's goal in life is to become a Paladin. I'd be more interesting in writing the story, but I'm sure there's a zillion of those already.

    (mostly, the reformation! amirite guyz?)
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:40 No.17632552
    I don't know, this is closer to Paladin-in for me personally.
    Total personal sacrifice and giving up everything just to do the right thing.
    Miller might be terrible at Women and do incredibly dark worlds...but when he goes for a hero, he goes all out for a hero.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:46 No.17632590
    He hasn't been this good at writing in years though, this was before he completely lost his shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:48 No.17632616
    I honestly believe that everybody has a certain level of epic that they can achieve during their life. Some folks just burn it out real quickly.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:50 No.17632626
    No, he's not even winning these days, currently his best work can only be described as shit, it's not even adequate for fuck's sake.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)13:55 No.17632675
    What ever happend to good old fashioned chivalry. That's, in the vague sense, what I try to go for when I Paladin.

    To fear (your) God and maintain His Church
    To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
    To protect the weak and defenceless
    To give succour to widows and orphans
    To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
    To live by honour and for glory
    To despise pecuniary reward
    To fight for the welfare of all
    To obey those placed in authority
    To guard the honour of fellow knights
    To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
    To keep faith
    At all times to speak the truth
    To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
    To respect the honour of women
    Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
    Never to turn the back upon a foe
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:03 No.17632742
    You read books on modern day chivalry and gentlemanliness and they read like a paladin code.
    In fact just look at what I was greeted by when I went to selection for the British army

    Army life is based on six core values:

    Courage Be brave enough to do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances

    Discipline Set a good example and follow lawful orders

    Respect for others Treat people as you’d want to be treated

    Integrity Be honest and never lie, cheat or steal

    Loyalty Look after your mates and stick with them, even when the going gets tough

    Selfless commitment Put the team, your mates and the mission before yourself
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/22/12(Sun)14:18 No.17632856
         File1327259904.jpg-(23 KB, 356x334, Razgrizpatch.jpg)
    23 KB
    This is how I paladin.

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:23 No.17632910

    I actually had a debate with a mate once if a character who was a 'Good Soldier' could be a paladin. Mainly over an Iron Kingdoms Paladin who played by army rules rather than knightly ones (He was a sniper, though an exceptionally faithful and determined to do good one.)

    I'd have to show him that at some point as he was arguing that the character should have fallen for not being honorable.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:28 No.17632960

    Seems fine to me. Not every paladin is a knight.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:30 No.17632982
    paladins can use bows. A sniper rife is just a really high tech bow. And if protects the innocent, obeys the law, and fights evil at every turn, you gotyourself a paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:33 No.17633013
    Truth and wisdom.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:35 No.17633032
    Courage and Honor
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:36 No.17633044
    Faith and Duty
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:36 No.17633048
    Thats because EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER I have ever liked playing was a paladin, Albeit some were a little... different. One of them served a homebrew god of magic (dm made, not me) So instead of divine spells i got to pick from wizard. And i was pretty much an armored mage.
    another one just had a huge ass lance and rode his pegasus everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:39 No.17633077
    A paladin who neglects to arm himself properly is one who doesn't care enough about the lives of the people he's protecting, allowing notions of vainglory and honour limit your effectiveness is no less than sacrificing the lives of innocents. As the challenges and weapons of evil change so too must defenders of justice change or fail in their duty.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:40 No.17633094
    can't tell if for or against. But you still sound like a broladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:48 No.17633181
    This is how I Paladin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibmcsEGLKo&list=PLE050EB165041386C&index=86&feature=plpp

    Sometimes words are stronger than weapons.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:48 No.17633185
         File1327261710.jpg-(77 KB, 457x640, 1264559276871.jpg)
    77 KB
    Well I'm trying to decide whether to be a combat medic or a veterinary technician. So far though the people I've met in the army seem to be a bunch of foul-mouthed paladins, maybe I'm being naive but after passing selection I'm really looking forward to joining up.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:55 No.17633258

    Heh. The Paladin's logic was more 'I'm GOOD at sniping, I'm not going to clank about like a Paladin of the Wall if I can help more people with my rifle'

    In the end his proudest possession was a Widowmaker rifle he got when he managed to outsnipe a widowmaker marksman.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)14:55 No.17633259
         File1327262119.gif-(1.37 MB, 200x113, 1326868564660.gif)
    1.37 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:00 No.17633313

    Sounds like good logic to me. Everyone has talents. For some people, that's reaching out to people...for him, reaching out and touching people with a big gun.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:06 No.17633367

    This is how i inspirational video
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:06 No.17633371
    Weapons are merely tools of war, in the hands of a paladin they serve only the purpose of allowing the paladin to evil and protect those that cannot protect themselves. The choice of weapon should be affected only by its ability to save as many innocent lives as possible.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:22 No.17633531
         File1327263723.jpg-(25 KB, 244x320, 4952745914_9c551ae572.jpg)
    25 KB

    Oh man I remember seeing this speech for the first time.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:23 No.17633545
    This is how I old man Paladin

    And this is how I young Paladin:
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:23 No.17633552
         File1327263833.jpg-(140 KB, 600x783, oldecodes1.jpg)
    140 KB
    Seeing as how this is the closest to a Paladin's code that I would use...nothing here really discounts use of sniping. Unless your opponent didn't know he was in a battle. But if you're a soldier in a war zone, then everybody there kinda knows what to expect. So I'd totally green light that dude for pally.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:42 No.17633731
    >Posting Mr Rogers.

    And now the entire thread will be filled with love and joy.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)15:45 No.17633764
    >Mr Rogers
    Holy balls, it's like being wrapped in a blanket of words.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)16:06 No.17634002
    >No charger have I, and no sword by my side,
    >Yet still to adventure and battle I ride,
    >Though back into storyland giants have fled,
    >And the knights are no more and the dragons are dead.

    Everyone who sings this is a Proto-fa/tg/uy, this is the /tg/ song.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)16:34 No.17634311
    I can't tell if this is Superman or Roland Deschain.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)17:26 No.17634923
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)17:40 No.17635076
    This is how I Paladin
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)17:41 No.17635098

    You see that badge, it says the Holy Order of Pelor.
    You tell them I'm coming! And Justice is coming with me! JUSTICE IS COMING WITH ME!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)17:42 No.17635110
    Rogers last line was the shit.
    Mr T was okay.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)21:39 No.17637929
    Bumping for Paladins.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)22:55 No.17638640

    OP here.

    This was far more successful then i ever hoped it would be.

    Thank you Elegan/tg/entlemen.
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 01/22/12(Sun)22:57 No.17638660
         File1327291030.png-(175 KB, 1261x1192, teegeewhiteknights.png)
    175 KB
    Did it really surprise you?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)00:11 No.17639609
         File1327295475.jpg-(1.69 MB, 1621x1513, 1315151859553.jpg)
    1.69 MB
    Please, fellow fa/tg/uys, archive this for the greater good!
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)00:31 No.17639854
    Vertinary Tactician, dogs are cool, and working with them is less insane than being a medic.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)00:42 No.17640000
    Being vague, but can someone help me out with this?

    There was a video from youtube that I suppose was a play or opera about the french revolution, all I can really remember was that someone hopped on top of a wagon during it.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)01:54 No.17640765
    I'm gonna guess it was the great Les Miserables. Jean Valjean would be a legit as fuck paladin.

    I can think of at least one scene where he'd have a wagon to jump on.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)01:55 No.17640777
    Already done:
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)01:55 No.17640779
    we have on our archive you know?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)04:33 No.17642101
         File1327311223.png-(87 KB, 1093x311, 1287377617876.png)
    87 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)04:35 No.17642118
         File1327311302.jpg-(194 KB, 1264x849, 1323594727292.jpg)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)04:36 No.17642130
         File1327311413.png-(65 KB, 1342x294, 1323556970468.png)
    65 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)04:57 No.17642244
    You know, it might be The Scarlet Pimpernel, although I've never seen it so I have no idea whether a wagon is involved.
    >> FAGGOT 01/23/12(Mon)05:43 No.17642511
    how bizzare sir, as I read your post I myself was in fact listening to this
    am I part of the evamind?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)05:58 No.17642587
    Les Misrables.
    An Epic tale of good, evil, big things, little things, freedom, justice, redemption, human kindness and cruelty and everything else.
    Google that shit, then go watch it in the West end.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:04 No.17642616
         File1327316658.gif-(1.84 MB, 482x344, 1289906090582.gif)
    1.84 MB
    >An Epic tale of good, evil, big things, little things, freedom, justice, redemption, human kindness and cruelty and everything else.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:14 No.17642684
    He's not a paladin so much as his buddy is an asshole for taking the nice and shiny role while knowing what his friend is going to endure. HE/she didn't have a family killed by an evil army, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:18 No.17642708
         File1327317490.jpg-(115 KB, 766x1000, evil doesn't rest.jpg)
    115 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:18 No.17642714
         File1327317535.png-(60 KB, 1010x176, Kamen Speech.png)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:20 No.17642724
         File1327317616.jpg-(130 KB, 600x599, Kamen Rider Statue.jpg)
    130 KB
    So mighty that his statue survived last year's huge earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:23 No.17642737
         File1327317818.png-(48 KB, 746x780, paladin.png)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:31 No.17642780
         File1327318295.jpg-(36 KB, 300x390, paladin.jpg)
    36 KB
    rolled 25 = 25

    This is how I paladin.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)06:46 No.17642864
    rolled 93 = 93

    Eh, Waylander isn't really, although I suppose Dardallion takes up that role.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)07:29 No.17643130
    This is now a pale blue dot thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)07:30 No.17643136
    Too bad he fell in the end.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)07:31 No.17643146
         File1327321895.jpg-(668 KB, 700x1000, Seras Victoria 2.jpg)
    668 KB
    This is how you should paladin, pic related. Even turning her into a full-fledged vampire didn't deter her from pursuing truth and justice.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)10:10 No.17644087
         File1327331446.png-(254 KB, 475x594, WHEREAREYOUAKU.png)
    254 KB

    If that is how you paladin, I shall paladin like so.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)10:34 No.17644243
    My favourite moment of the "new" version of it.
    After been handling with fuckin' Nick Jonas(Not accusing him of a bad musician, he is just not fit for the job) the whole musical, the old Marius just appears the kick ass.

    Also Full Santa Javert

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