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  • File : 1326324165.jpg-(49 KB, 364x600, 1297222170821.jpg)
    49 KB Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:22 No.17506545  
    ITT: we make up knightly orders

    > Steamshields of Yore
    These dwarven knights are the protectors of the dwarven lands, occupying several mobile forts along the borders. They wear special armour crafted by the most ancient and wise of dwarven armour makers, these suits of plate makes the wearer stronger and faster, as long as he can keep the engine fueled.
    Their knightly code demands them to protect all allies of dwarfdom. Stay true to their word. Forsake all glory and their own life for the sake of protecting their lands and allies. And to never invade, for the rock does not attack the ocean, but let its waves break on it.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:31 No.17506632
         File1326324682.jpg-(90 KB, 1024x667, 1297286633367.jpg)
    90 KB
    >Brotherhood of the Ram

    An order of mercenary knights with bases in nearly every kingdom. They follow their contract to the letter while refusing to partake in the traditional rape and pillage of war.
    They are renowned for being a powerful heavy cavalry force and for their steadfast spear walls.
    Their code demands them to honour their contracts and viciously persecute any clients that does not do the same. To abstain from thoughts of good and evil. To do nearly anything to achieve the goals of their contract as long as it does not conflict with any other vows.
    They are higly reliable, if somewhat cold and detached
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:32 No.17506651
    This is perfect, I was just trying to think up knightly orders for my campaign tonight.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:43 No.17506779
         File1326325397.jpg-(431 KB, 600x849, 1297220986664.jpg)
    431 KB
    >Knights Draco

    Scattered across the lands, in remote fortresses and abandoned outposts are the Knights Draco. Founded a century ago when marauders allied with dragons, these wandering warriors still serve their reptilian masters. Recruits are almost exclusively young children kidnapped at an early age or survivors of their raids, taken in by the knights to be trained and indoctrinated. Their goal? To gather enough power and influence to bring back the age of the dragons.
    Their code demands them to serve their dragon overlords without question. To obtain wealth and power in their name. To let no challenger dishonour them, should they be defeated they can only regain their honour by exacting gruesome revenge upon their enemy.
    Rivalry between knights is encouraged, as this weeds out the weak, although it makes them somewhat disorganized and hard to control, specially considering that dragons like to use them in their petty squabbles with other dragons.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:51 No.17506874
         File1326325919.jpg-(87 KB, 470x890, 1294550830524.jpg)
    87 KB
    >Outriders of Ys

    Long ago a group of heroes defeated some or another evil, among these glorious misfits was the Barbarian King Ys from the northern snowhills. During their adventures he freed several tribes in the Sun scorched mountains from their bondage under the Sultan (who was by no means an evil monarch, but you know politics), After their quest was over he took on the tribes that had followed him as his hird. They rode around the lands righting wrongs and bringing freedom where it was needed.
    To this day, many years after his death, the descendants of those tribesmen, and their many new recruits, are nomads of justice and freedom.
    Their code demands them to seek out evil wherever it is hiding. To help people help themselves. To kindle the spirit of freedom and defiance in the enslaved. To never let the words of kings or barons sway them from their path.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:53 No.17506894
    Where are the mighty Penisriders? And their brothers-in-arms, the Cockjockeys?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:54 No.17506907
    On a cruise with Asspirates.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)18:56 No.17506929
         File1326326214.jpg-(241 KB, 750x1050, Lady-Captain Joanna Pia.jpg)
    241 KB
    >The Venerable Lodge of the Jaegers

    An order of knights and rangers dedicated to protecting the frontier settlements and wild lands from monsters, particularly abberations and lycanthropes.
    They prefer spears, longaxes, and bows to sword and shield and are famed for their cavalry scouts and archers.
    Their code dictates that they exterminate abberations wherever they find them, maintain a neutral position in political conflicts, and to defend the borders of civilization from the threats of the wild.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:02 No.17506994
    Need an image for this one, my character art folder is pretty sparse

    >The Order of the Feather

    A small group of mercenary knights whose bases are always situated in high places. Their combat doctrine spurns close quarters fighting, instead opting to excel in the bow, or crossbow. Seeing this as the ultimate in clean efficient warfare. The phrase "our arrows will blot out the sun" is not an understatement if some foolish lord were to assault one of their eyries.
    Their remoteness and strange doctrine causes the Order of the Feather to be a little known group, yet when they do appear on a battlefield their opponents often simply retreat, knowing that any charge will be crippled long before it reaches the front lines.
    Their code is that of efficiency, "One Arrow, One Death" is their motto. They wish to make the suffering of war as brief as possible for both sides, through their intervention a man may die quickly, instead of screaming in the mud from an infected leg wound.
    >> CN knights, my oh my Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:04 No.17507022
         File1326326692.jpg-(109 KB, 800x537, 1305564279088.jpg)
    109 KB
    > Order of the indisputable battlemasters

    Founded by a disowned princeling, this order is all about personal glory and fortune. Their knights are often nobles with little prospects of inheritance or with egos too big for their own good.
    They have bases in many of the biggest towns on the continent, preferring to stay close to the luxuries of the cities rather than freeze their nuts off in some far-away castle.
    They are very much an order of mercenaries as they have no ideals other than to serve their own benefit. Knights take insane risks to out-hero each other in battle which makes them uncannily effective but also nigh impossible to control.
    They do not seem to have much of a code to speak of. "Do not kill any members of the order and try to not get us too much trouble" seems to be the general gist of it
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:06 No.17507048
         File1326326810.jpg-(225 KB, 1115x1500, 1286210963259.jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:08 No.17507062

    Sure that'll work. Thanks
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:11 No.17507095
         File1326327064.jpg-(987 KB, 1200x1726, Awesome Knight.jpg)
    987 KB
    >The Order of Saint Markov the Illuminant
    A sect of scholarly knights who patrol the remote regions of the world, attempting to educate the peasantry through their religion, which advocates free thought and advanced science. Very much capable warriors on top of their scholarly goals, they also attempt to civilize the barbarians hordes in the East or, when the barbarians prove to be too stubborn for subtlety, exterminate them by fire, shot, and sword.
    Their standard is a candleholder with a burning candle in it, on a blue background. Their motto is "We bring the light of knowledge into the darkness of ignorance."
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:12 No.17507113
         File1326327155.jpg-(80 KB, 530x708, 1312655798929.jpg)
    80 KB
    Perchance this one could assist?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:12 No.17507117
         File1326327170.jpg-(139 KB, 385x636, Knight 3.jpg)
    139 KB
    Gonna dump some more pictures of Knights, because why not?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:14 No.17507144
         File1326327273.jpg-(222 KB, 1024x843, hospitaller.jpg)
    222 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:15 No.17507153
         File1326327327.jpg-(129 KB, 520x700, Knight 2.jpg)
    129 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:16 No.17507179
         File1326327419.jpg-(131 KB, 450x678, Ironclad Knight.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:17 No.17507182
         File1326327439.jpg-(64 KB, 630x415, SorinMarkov.jpg)
    64 KB
    Your work sure is commendable but sorry, i didn't found that. You must be mistaken.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:19 No.17507221
         File1326327586.jpg-(36 KB, 269x400, knight.jpg)
    36 KB
    right, I gotta get back to work
    you guys keep on founding
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:23 No.17507265
         File1326327820.jpg-(70 KB, 800x600, Knightdoinghistask.jpg)
    70 KB
    >Knights of the nine hundred ninety nine nights
    They work at night, fighting for the innocent and who can not defend themselves.
    Masters of the stealth and ocultism. They wear black robes as sign of his mother...the night.
    >> Akhenaten the Frustrated 01/11/12(Wed)19:26 No.17507301
    So they're fighting evil by moonlight?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:28 No.17507334
    Winning love by daylight
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:28 No.17507336
    >Winning love by daylight?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:39 No.17507498
         File1326328751.jpg-(386 KB, 1000x1395, 1288754603095.jpg)
    386 KB
    >The Lions of Gladry

    Long ago, Castle Talvic was a shining citadel that guarded a lonely mountain pass that guarded a city which sat on the easternmost edge of the known world. Beyond the mountains exists the Great Eastern Wild, an inhospitable land claimed long ago by an unseen evil that stretches across unfathomable horizons. For generations, the brave knight of Castle Talvic fended off the attempts of the beast-men and thus prevented the destruction of the civilized world. But one hundred years ago, the nature of the Wilderness changed and the evil charged Talvic with a vigor unheard of in recorded history.

    The beast-men attacked in numbers unheard of since the founding of the citadel, charging the castle by the thousands for months on end, slowly crumbling her defenses through attrition. But that was only the beginning. Soon, new horrors, unheard of by the civilized worlds arrived at the walls of Talvic to unleash their terrors upon the brave soldiers who defended her.

    Realizing that if Talvic were to fall, the rest of the civilized world would be subjected to untold destruction, the kingdoms of men united, sending their best men to defend the remote outpost. Thousands died by the month defending Talvic, and on the night of the worst onslaught, the defenses of man were finally broken and the inner walls of Talvic fell.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:39 No.17507507

    Realizing that Talvic was lost, the armies withdrew from the castle. And even when the Matriarch of Talvic had relinquished his throne, Sir Gladry and his knights remained to defend the pass. No one expected them to survive the night, but for two months, with no supplies or reinforcements, they defended the pass. When reinforcements did arrive, Sir Gladry greeted them on his deathbed, and of the fifteen thousand who had come to defend Talvic, only two hundred remained.

    For over one hundred years, Talvic has been under siege by the horrors of the Eastern Wild. And for over one hundred years Lions of Gladry have fought and died to ensure sure it never falls.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:39 No.17507510

    >Never running from a real fight!
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:41 No.17507537

    ooh tricky. LE/NG/TN
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:43 No.17507563
    >matriarch relinquish HIS throne
    she had a penis the entire time!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:44 No.17507568
    LoL, I totally missed that.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:44 No.17507573
    Why do you feel the need to shoehorn everything into that shit?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:45 No.17507589
    I dont. I was just trying to see if I could guess what alignment they are
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:47 No.17507601
         File1326329241.jpg-(182 KB, 1000x731, 1314825395659.jpg)
    182 KB
    Handsome, are you talking about me?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:52 No.17507652
    I actually like my backstory more when the last lord of the castle was a tranny.
    >> Anonymous Knight 01/11/12(Wed)19:52 No.17507656
    > The Halberdiers of Ancefor

    An order based in the city of Ancefor, these knights are dedicated to the protection of their home and the surrounding lands from highwaymen, bandits, and in times of war invading armies. Although their duty is to Ancefor, they are not controlled by the Lord or Lady of the city. Their signature tools of combat are halberds and similar polearms, with veteran knights capable of uncanny speed and precission; it's said that Ancefor will never be taken by cavalry because of these knights. Their motto is "None shall breach the walls as long as our arms stand tall." Their standard is a white tower to the left of a trio of crossed halberds behind a grey shield on a blue field.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:52 No.17507660
    >I got 99 problems but the light aint one
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:54 No.17507690
    >Knights of the Gray Mask

    The Gray Masks welcome any and all from the youngest to the older into their order, of any race and of any background. Not that your background matters, joining the Gray Masks means to abandon your identify forever. A painful imitation rite ensures those initiates of their conviction, the order's signature mask, a simple, smooth and featureless steel face plate with nothing more than holes for eye, mouth and a bridge and holes for the nostrils is fused to your face via it being heated metal and forcefully bonded to the skin. Those joining the Gray Masks are those who have lost everything else or suffered some great dishonor. The knights live in poverty and only take in what is given to them in donations. From their stronghold they ride out and meet any challenge likely to be their end and fight like men possessed with nothing to lose.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)19:58 No.17507742
    From a thread a couple years ago, here's one for a modern supernatural setting (apologies for a mixed monastic/knightly order if that's off-topic):
    >Humanist Paladins of the Order of St. Carl
    The Knights of Sagan (as they are more commonly known) are unique among the magical religious orders in that they worship no deity. Instead of deriving power from communion with divinity, they spend their days contemplating the scientific method to learn how to better serve humanity. Their philosophy is best epitomized by their Oath of Initiation, which is "I (name) do swear, that it is my earnest and honest belief, that there exists no material nor immaterial wealth, which equals or exceeds the value of a sapient life."
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:00 No.17507760
         File1326330049.jpg-(523 KB, 1200x820, 1200x820_4195_The_Trench_2d_fa(...).jpg)
    523 KB
    >Order of the First March

    When the word spread and command sent forth the orders to the deployment of the Eastern Front, the men of the Second Legion were first to receive the alert. The battalions of the Legion were deployed across the Eastern Front; burning and sweltering into the hot desert, under the unbearable heat storm they marched on. The sand melded with the joints of their armor, their hearts as heavy as their bodies, their thirst for water, as much as it was for victory.

    Countless attacks had been waged upon the deployed battalions during the initial siege, the fighting in the desert was from trench to trench as the enemy stormed positions with their massive War Elephants, Mastodon Tanks, and overwhelming use of Cavalry. The men were exhausted, crumbled from battle fatigue- The Eastern Hordes continued to focus on 1st Battalion's line until it broke, allowing the enemy in, and furthering a gap between the forces until all communication was lost.

    They were all trapped and separated from one another in an unfamiliar world, far from home. Though exhausted from their constant march of retreat, they continued to fight against enemy forces that raided their expedition to a safer territory. Eventually, they came across a small and abandoned temple left behind by the churches. There they fought against the enemy force in a final fight or flight attempt; Holding till dawn when mysterious sky-machines saved them from an ill-fate. The survivors banding together and forming the small order- Which soon evolved into a large and prestigious military sect and award of their nation.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:01 No.17507768
    The two rival Paladin orders in the campaign I'm running:

    >The Order of the Lantern (LN)
    Though small in comparison to some of the larger knightly orders of the Empire, the Lantern-Bearers (as their members refer to themselves) make their home in cities and holds on the Empire's northern reaches. Though their doctrine of bringing the light of civilization into the dark reaches of the world is tolerated by the mainstream religious and political establishment, they are still considered borderline heretical because of their worship of the Eternal Flame, a primordial being which they claim bequeathed fire to the civilized races and therefore have very little power further south. In the north, though, they are a force to be reckoned with, acting as a sort of frontier police force in many more lawless settlements (whether they like it or not.)

    >The Torchbearers (CN)
    A splinter faction of the Order of the Lantern (depending on who you ask; the Torchbearers claim that the Order was a splinter faction from them) the Torchbearers are, if possible, less popular than their rivals. Hailing from small holds scattered around the northlands, with a few hidden further south, the Torchbearers worship the same Eternal Flame as the Order, but in a different guise—while the Order sees it as the Light of Creation, the Torchbearers see it as a two-faced entity, which, while it drives creation (forging metal, burning for heat and light, and so forth) it must first destroy something else in order for that creation to occur. As such, they tend to be very anti-establishment, and though they do not directly oppose the Empire itself (narrowly escaping being declared traitorous) they are prone to joining up with various revolutionary causes as well as less-than-legal endeavors, all for the sake of preventing 'stagnancy'.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:02 No.17507777
         File1326330145.jpg-(506 KB, 800x1067, 1284838126448.jpg)
    506 KB
    > Ironhounds
    One day in the year of the fox there came strangers to the northern snowlands. they had crossed the great icebergs, braving the giants, trolls and the weather. The Snowlanders had little to offer these refuges and sent them down south.
    The strangers had odd weapons and kept great wolf hounds, not to mention that their looks and manner was most peculiar, they had a hard time making friends.
    They traveled further south, still not finding anyone willing to take them in, until one day they came upon the severely under-guarded entourage of a Southland duke on his way home from a diplomatic mission. The strangers asked him for food and any clothes he could spare, in return they would show him kindness. Thinking that he was being robbed the duke gave them the goods and told them to begone, so they did. When he later camped for the night his entourage found itself under attack by mercenaries, no doubt hired to assassinate him, but before they could as much as reach his tent the strangers from before fell upon them from the woods.
    After the battle he asked them why they saved him and from where they came, to which their leader replied that they were warriors of a great lord who went against the orders of his emperor but before the emperor could command him to take his life and dishonour his men he let them and their families flee across the mountain. As much as they needed food they could not bring themselves to sully his memory by bringing dishonour upon themselves, and that is also why they protected the duke.
    To this day their descendants hire out the most loyal bodyguards in these lands, with their peculiar weapons and great wolfhounds, they are loyal and honourable, they are the ironhounds.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:04 No.17507803
         File1326330285.jpg-(128 KB, 524x834, magisagan.jpg)
    128 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:08 No.17507840
         File1326330483.jpg-(176 KB, 1049x708, 1292101116426.jpg)
    176 KB

    "tonight we dine on horse, lads! HAHAHA!"
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:11 No.17507870
         File1326330677.jpg-(472 KB, 3222x4833, 1292268331709.jpg)
    472 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:13 No.17507885
    >The One Hundred Companions of the First Fist

    Or simply "The Hundred Fists" for short. A group of knights strangely founded by an eastern monk. The first recruits were defeated in a barfight so soundly they gave up their arms and wished to be taught by the monk. As their fame grew the Fists gained more and more recruits. Finally the founding monk had reached his limit, too many new recruits, and not enough time. He released "The First Edict of the Companions" limiting the group to one hundred of the best fighters and brawlers. This is often considered to be the founding of the group.
    As their founding might suggest The Fists use just that, fists, but they combine this with use of heavy armor. Later edicts made all true members of the Fists be required to be knights prior to joining. This was made in order to retain their status as a knightly order, their founder unable to knight men, or pass this power on to his sucessors.
    On the battlefied The Fists form a tightly packed sledgehammer, smashing through the toughest sections of an army.
    Their code only states that The Fists must strive for perfection in their physical art, through training and practice.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:14 No.17507897
         File1326330870.jpg-(52 KB, 434x611, deadmarcher.jpg)
    52 KB
    >Dead Marchers
    Men of the North were stricken with an illness known as the Living Rot. Those stricken with this disease are usually found begging with open sores that weep puss and blood.

    When a band of warriors were cursed with this, they used this to their advantage. As their bodies rot apart and their limbs lose feeling they cease to feel pain, making them unstoppable machines till they finally die.

    As they have no need for coin or goods beyond food they have become an arm of the Church, spreading the plague amongst other armies, and smashing against foes in battle. Any afflicted with the Living Rot are welcome to join to atone for their sins that afflicted them with the disease. They call themselves the Dead Marchers as they are for all purposes already dead. Their enemies call them Dead Marchers for the uncanny resemblance to rotting corpses.

    Their sigil is a man with weeping red sores.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:16 No.17507918
         File1326330966.jpg-(274 KB, 875x1157, tre tvilsome typer.jpg)
    274 KB
    the CN guys
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:17 No.17507941
         File1326331064.jpg-(134 KB, 730x576, 1292589763762.jpg)
    134 KB

    this thread needs archiving
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:19 No.17507960
         File1326331158.gif-(2.9 MB, 317x223, 1304326815564.gif)
    2.9 MB
    The Order of the Blue Tabard

    This legendary group of knights was formed in the distant past, when during a bloody war between two kingdoms, casualties ran so high that both were forced to draft unskilled, young, naive troops to fill their ranks. To bolster their morale, and make them think they were more then just cannon fodder, each side was issued a banner made out of a spare tabard. In a strange turn of events, both tabards were of the same cloth, design, and color; the eponymous blue. These two new orders of knights fought bravely to uphold their honor, willingly throwing themselves head-on into the most desperate of odds. Of course, due to the similar uniforms and flags, the two orders ended up fighting together, mistaking each other for comrades, and often times causing far more friendly fire then actual damage to their enemy. In the end, both kingdoms agreed to a truce, after one particular incident in which a Blue Tabard charged up a hill, getting crushed by boulders hurled down by mages encamped on the top, but rising each time until he reached the summit, at which point he engaged in a furious whirlwind of flailing arms and high pitched screaming. The scene was so pitiful that both sides stopped simply to point and laugh at the poor sod, excluding the Orders, who celebrated their accomplishment by engaging in "Victory Laughing" with the other soldiers. The kings, brought together by the heartwarming comedy, henceforth ordered the combined Order to the farthest reaches of the two Kingdoms, so that they would never have to deal with the buffoons ever again. There they stay to this day, occasionally riding out to confront evil, and no doubt getting themselves killed or maimed in horrible, yet comedic ways in the process.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:20 No.17507967
    Nice pictures.

    Incidentally, most other knightly orders, as well as the Imperial military and most local militias, kind of just wish both of them would go away, since even though both of them strive to do good for the people of the area, every time they run into each other something important usually ends up burning down.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:24 No.17508007
         File1326331447.jpg-(145 KB, 570x900, 1305831875677.jpg)
    145 KB
    > The Sovereign Order of Saint Vivian

    Based up in massive fortresses carved out of the local mountains are the true lords of the north, the Sovereign Order of Saint Vivian. Moving in after the assassination of a local lord, the Order originally came to act as a shield between the Orcish lands and civilization. Over time, they began to take on more and more of the functions of the now leaderless local government, until the Grandmaster of the Order became the ruler of the land in all but name.
    Recruits are drawn from the local populace, and they are split evenly between the peaceful scholars and the heavily armored infantry. Their code states that order must be maintained at all times, at any cost. In an ordered society, the strong will not harm the weak, so they believe that helping the helpless is achieved through the establishment of order.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:24 No.17508013
    >The Starry Knights of Vis

    Within the grass plains of Vis lie the Starry Knights brotherhood. A group of knights residing underground, they only come to the surface on star lit nights to protect the plains of Vis against invasion.

    Clad in rare metals only found from aetheric sources and utilizing strange crystals that shimmer like the night sky, their defence deems nigh impenetrable. With the use of these rare and briliant crystals they summon deadly meteor showers from beyond the aether to crush flat all who dare present a threat to the land of Vis.

    Who are these knights who protect us? None are for sure, but if you see a shooting star you won't need to make your wish. The knights have already granted you the best blessing of all, freedom.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:25 No.17508025
    Wow, I'm actually kind of proud my order is tricky. They were meant to be pretty ambiguous in the game they were in anyway, though.
    >> inb4 aliens Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:28 No.17508053
         File1326331735.jpg-(1.29 MB, 2550x1650, '.jpg)
    1.29 MB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:28 No.17508054
    Wish I had a good pic for this one.
    >Red Scarves
    The Red Scarves reputation for ferocity in battle is matched only by their hunger for material wealth. Needless to say, while they are never at a loss for recruits, their attrition rate is high. Their level of skill is inconsistent but their audacity leads them to victory at unexpected times, and they aren't below using dishonorable strategies and killing the innocent. Although a true knightly order, they have often, been derided as a glorified mercenary brigade, selling their services to other nations, and there are many theories as to the nature of its mysterious founder.

    The typical Red Scarf knight prides himself on his skill in the halberd. Unlike many orders, they focus on group combat similar to pikemen. True to their name, every knight in the order can easily be recognized by their flowing red scarves, which as a ritual they wrap around the ends of their polearms at the start of each battle. At the end of the battle, the scarves that are fouled with blood are burnt along with their foe's corpses in a grisly pile.

    Out of battle the Scarves are a mystery. Despite their cohesion and sense of brotherhood, few associate with each other off the battlefield, and many men serve their often short lives without seeing under the visor of the man next to him. Many are highly disturbed individuals kept only in check by their severe discipline and strict adherence to the company charter, which carries a draconian set of rules. The Scarves are infamous for leaving mid battle if their "contract" with whatever kingdom they are serving is violated in the slightest.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:30 No.17508066
    yeah they got that "kill the savages that wont be reschooled" angle while at the same time being "enlightenment" and "free thinking"
    gets kinda confusing.
    (I assume you are the candleknights)
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:31 No.17508077

    So, these guys are like the Wimp Lo to every other Knight order in this thread? Do the other Knights just laugh at these asshats every time they come across one, or do they feel a sort of pity, like a regular healthy person does when they see a quadriplegic amputee?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:33 No.17508098
         File1326332019.jpg-(149 KB, 540x820, 1324012764104.jpg)
    149 KB
    >The Covenant of The Risen

    Undead clerics and paladins who serve as a personal cadre and order to serve Mellifleur the Lich-God. They are not inherently evil and often combat the servants of Kyuss and Nerull who despise their master. In return for pious worship and devoutness Mellifleur 'blesses' certain mortals with undeath and a measure of power. Those of the Covenant see undeath as the highest state of being next to lichdom. The living are looked down upon and the undead are seen as equals. Those undead that serve Kyuss, Nerull, or worst of all a mortal necromancer are the most hated of all for not adhering to the Covenants hierarchy. In their eyes Lich's are the supreme beings, followed by lesser undead, followed by humans who should pray to awaken as undead. Those that violate this system especially those undead that do not swear fealty to Liches are avoided or if foolish enough to provoke one of the undead knights destroyed. These warriors are usually Heavily armored but are known to include fighters and wizards of every type - merely dead.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:33 No.17508100
         File1326332027.jpg-(487 KB, 667x1000, 1292100859156.jpg)
    487 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:33 No.17508104
    Isn't that redundant?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:34 No.17508107
         File1326332079.jpg-(161 KB, 1024x661, 1297871898992.jpg)
    161 KB
    sadly lacking in scarves though
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:36 No.17508125
    That reminds me... Didn't we try to make a quad amputee paladin character, two months ago?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:36 No.17508126
    They do look "highly disturbed."
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:37 No.17508136
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:37 No.17508140
    they aren't aliens just knights from a lost nation who saught to protect a peaceful land from those who destroyed their long lost home
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:37 No.17508145
    it's a battle.
    they're having their fun.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:37 No.17508148
    It is, yes. And to be fair, they take such a harsh stance against the barbarians because the barbarians invaded their kingdom, committed genocide against their people, and drove them from their homeland. It doesn't exactly make it right for them to do that right back, but the knights aren't being dicks for the sake of being dicks, at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:38 No.17508152
         File1326332298.jpg-(40 KB, 600x450, unholy crusader.jpg)
    40 KB

    The highest aspiration of one such warrior is to serve so nobley and staunchly as to recieve a second, higher blessing from Mellifleur to become an arch-lich. knowledgeable both in the arcane and the art of combat with whatever tool they favored in life

    >played one such warrior and ended with a Cleric Lich-king who fought with a rapier that doubled as a wand and outlandish spells of death and resurrection
    >> Erthidrix !53a7ZkkbwA 01/11/12(Wed)20:38 No.17508159
         File1326332318.jpg-(1.81 MB, 1086x1517, 1273881555125.jpg)
    1.81 MB
    >The Brotherhood of the Void (The Knights of Dirt)

    Founded around a bitterly nihilistic viewpoint, Void Brothers are mercenary to the extreme, working with a rare zeal and passion that makes them very valuable employees. While many Void Brothers are simply criminals and vagabonds looking for a network to sustain themselves off of, true "Dirt Knights" fight together, attempting to fill the emptiness of their lives with camaraderie and fraternity.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:39 No.17508168
         File1326332353.jpg-(50 KB, 800x532, 78314495.jpg)
    50 KB
    like in real life, you seldom get heroes and villains.
    only people being people, doing people thing to other people.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:41 No.17508185
         File1326332482.jpg-(175 KB, 700x598, 1292556293690.jpg)
    175 KB
    NO WAIT!
    I got it!
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:43 No.17508206
         File1326332602.jpg-(205 KB, 548x940, 1310586977385.jpg)
    205 KB
    this lady has no order. will you make her one?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:44 No.17508214
    make me a sandwich
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:47 No.17508234
    >Order of the Arcane Eye

    Who says all knights have to use weapons? The Arcane Eye is a "knightly" order who specializes in the arcane arts. Striving to maintain training and practice in order to master their art for the battlefield alone. The wizards and sorcerers of the order have also taken to the honourable codes of other more typical knightly orders. Striving to protect the meek, uphold order wherever they go.
    The Order of the Arcane Eye is frequently looked down upon by the normal orders. They are seen as somehow less honorable for being able to fry an opponent with lightning or fire rather than face him with a blade. However, they are deemed invaluable by many lords and kings in any conflict, because of their raw power.
    Because of their high demand the Order of the Arcane Eye is very discerning of who they serve. Only those with a truly great cause are able to hire them, at equally great cost.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:47 No.17508240
    i apologize for nothing
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:49 No.17508259
    sorry but no pic

    >Coalition of The Chained

    A brotherhood of knights many years ago attempted to topple a tyrannical and greedy judge who in his town had manipulated the law to become very powerful. The judge of course was able to escape and then have them imprisoned for life. Of course eventually the it was revealed the judge had been making deals with demons to secure more power and thusly was hanged (of course he had made a deal for undeath and so he waited, cut the noose, and ran off presumably to terrorize others) anyhow, it had been 32 years since he imprisoned the knights. Upon being told they were free they broke the now rusted chains and though older, were wiser and with much meditation and patience became renowned for their steadfast and staunch resolve, unwavering in any conflict. They still wear those rusted chains and those who wish to join go through a rite of being chained in a dungeon for 32 hours, and upon exiting they keep the chain as well. It is said these knights have learned to use the chains as a weapon, and true some of these warriors have added blades or bludgeons to the end of their chains for devastating and elaborate attacks. They serve justice, true justice, wherever they might find it.
    >> Erthidrix !53a7ZkkbwA 01/11/12(Wed)20:49 No.17508264
         File1326332992.jpg-(332 KB, 1134x1540, 1274302802324.jpg)
    332 KB
    >The Wards of Balthazar

    The Wards are dedicated to the celebration of life, death, and the relationship between the two. The Wards are a variable bunch with varying motives. What unifies them is their purpose; to bridge death and life. They seek to grant repose to the undead, to grant the restless rest, and to prepare souls for their journey Beyond. Despite their morbid affiliations, most Wards are quite cheerful, viewing their work as beautiful and awaiting the wonders of life... and the wonders of death.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:49 No.17508265
         File1326332994.jpg-(17 KB, 367x266, order.jpg)
    17 KB
    screenshotted for posterity
    >> I am so posh I shit tea and bastard sons Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:50 No.17508271
         File1326333015.jpg-(228 KB, 782x1580, 1290378008030.jpg)
    228 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:51 No.17508281
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:52 No.17508290
         File1326333124.png-(235 KB, 737x854, IAMTHELAW.png)
    235 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:53 No.17508314
    implying it is not all samefagging
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:55 No.17508331
    >The Assembly of the Brewers (Order of the Shitfaced)

    Ever since ancient times, the brewing of alcoholic drinks has been a masterful art passed down through the generations. Countless taverns exist across the world, each with their own peculiar mixes and concoctions.

    It would be expected, then, that an organization would rise to acquire the secrets of such recipes to spread them far across the world's lands.

    The Assembly dates back to 500 hundred years ago, when a bunch of city guards who went to a tavern to speak of old stories and jest with clever drunkard wit, tasted the delicious brew of the highly acclaimed barmaster from there.

    After an exorbitant amount of drinks consumed, the guards, having fallen under the influence of the powerful concoction, swore an oath right then and there. Together, they would unite famous Brewers all over the world-

    -And would make the ultimate order designed to make the best possible drink in the land, while letting its members get completely shitfaced by it.

    Due to the great popularity of alcoholic drinks, gentlemen from all over the world, races forgotten, differences set aside, united under the guise of Full Plate, a set of drinks within a Bag of Holding, and Drunken Martial Knight Arts.

    There have lately been rumours that the belief in the strength of alcohol is so strong among this men, that a deity has begun to be given birth.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:56 No.17508333
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:58 No.17508354
         File1326333486.jpg-(221 KB, 898x677, 1295889485414.jpg)
    221 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)20:59 No.17508362
    >Knightly Order
    >hire them

    Mercenary Companies thread?

    Mercenary Companies thread.

    >Eagles of Mor-Asceta

    The company of Mor-Asceta was founded by an ex-Paladin of the Order Hierophant, a Knightly Order that was split from within by dogmatic disagreement on The Scripture of Mor-Ascetain, A finder of knowledge and supporter of minimalism and asceticism. The Order came to bloody blows in its own Keep, and was assaulted from without by a confederacy of its old enemies and apostates.

    the Paladin Rognas Tormaline escaped the sack of the keep and forswore his vows, seeking vengeance on the enemies of his Order.

    The Mors-Asceta are the Holy Scriptures of Mor-Ascetain, and when Rognas escaped his burning fortress, he smuggled out the charred pages of the original. They form the basis of their mercenary charter, and he holds all inductees to the same high standards of his Knightly Order of old.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:03 No.17508409
    >The Grey Legion

    In the early times a displaced and dishonored knight took up arms as a wandering warrior who did good and rightness wherever he went. Travelling alone in a full grey cloak and hood with leather gloves and boots, he was more or less unremarkable. Save for the greatsword strapped to his back that was carved of stone. How he created or acquired such a blade is a mystery. This lone wanderer never spoke, though people heard his call. The dishonored flocked to him, wearing rags and robes and cloaks of unadorned grey, they followed him fighting for good. He was referred to as the Grey King and lives to this day - for his good deeds it would seem he's been granted everlasting life, or perhaps he has always been and always will be. Regardless, his following has mastered the art of forging stone swords, which is their tool of choice. These tools weigh much more and so instill great physical strength in their bearers, and such heavy blades easily cleave through the thickest plate mail. If you should see a band of wandering warriors who carry the foretold swords of stone you need but tell them of evil or wrongdoing and without a word they will do good for reasons still unknown.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:06 No.17508447
    The Axe Heads, not actually a knightly order but a street brotherhood of thugs, racketeers, hooligans, and neighborhood protectors. Their source of legitimacy, of their devotion to the commonborn, is the extent at which they will throw away their lives to protect the sanctity of the life of the People's Magistrates; those officials elected by the commonborn whose only political powers originate from the fact that they are sacrosanct, that all commoners in the nation swear an oath to defend them to the death and the avenge their deaths or imprisonment no matter the cost. The Axe Heads are the living embodiment of that oath, always willing to be the wall of steel at the front wave of a riot when a People's Magistrate has been harmed by the aristos.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:08 No.17508462
         File1326334107.png-(322 KB, 350x600, Pathfinders.png)
    322 KB
    >The Pathfinders
    An ancient order of elf rangers that serve as guides, protectors, scouts, and soldiers to all elves that need them. Pathfinders from place to place are different depending on which type of land they inhabit, but they all serve an ancient cause set out by the elven kings of old. Common tasks laid before the Pathfinders in their duty to protect and assist all elves who require it include defending elven territory from intruders, guiding and aiding elven settlers/travelers/pilgrims, and serving as scouts for the elven kingdoms when they march to war.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:08 No.17508465
    The Order of Monkfish.

    A poor order, operating from its base (previously an empty warehouse) in the coastal city. Their armour is of poor quality, brownish steel, their combat skills could use much improvement, and their patron animal is ugly at sin. To cap it all off, nearly all of them are commoners!

    Yet they are one of the most popular orders, because they are known as a kind, dependably group of knights focusing on humanitarian work, with helping the poor and disaster relief being some of their foremost duties.

    Because after all, the founder of the order mused, the monkfish is common. It is also plentiful, and makes a hearty meal, and (if you believe the tales) is very wise. If there was ever an animal to represent supporting the man in the street, the monkfish was it.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:09 No.17508477
    >The Eyes of Anaximander

    Anaximander is a powerful prophet-general who is blind because he sees constant visions from many gods of many pantheons, for some reason he is simply in contact with all gods or perhaps just cursed to have an accidental tether that forces him to witness many, maybe all, of their deeds - horrific or glorious. He is stoic, reserved, but many revere him and so formed under him a knightly brotherhood which serves as his army of sorts. He does not serve a king and partakes not in wars, but simply makes instrumental moves in furthering or hindering the designs of the gods and his knights are always standing ready to defend him from the wrath of these deities and stand firm no matter what hellish beasts or horrific cataclysms are sent to thwart Anaximander. He is revered as godlike by these warriors. Their weapon of choice is twin swords and heavy gold or brass plate mail, resplendent in the face of evil.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 01/11/12(Wed)21:13 No.17508515

    Order of the Rose Shields.
    Unique in that they only accept females in their order. Their ranks usually consists of the wives of other knights, inspired by their husband's zeal, or orphans. They can be found in major cities, acting as a protector to the women and children of the city, no matter what their class is. From the Duke's children to the poor orphans living in the streets, they will take care and protect them. When wartime comes, they are famous for organizing relief efforts or escape routes, and escorting the refugees safely.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:20 No.17508588
    >Knights of the Lily
    It seems that for as long as there has been chivalry, there have been Knights of the Lily. An order dedicated to combining beauty and grace with combat and warfare, they have survived the ages defending the weak and promoting justice for all. Despite their effeminate mannerisms on and off the battle field their home of Bristlethorn Keep has always been well populated with some of the finest warriors in the land. Though they have adopted many mottoes and slogans over the ages one in particular has stood out: "There Will Always Be Knights of the Lily."
    Within the last several decades their keep was invaded by a large tribe of barbarians, who slew the residents and plundered it's riches. Instead of moving on the tribe stayed in the castle, making it their permanent residence. They trained with their new ornate weapons, adopted new tactics and strategies from the books and maps they found, and even began bathing on a regular basis. Soon they found their braided hair was always shinning and tied with colorful ribbons, even when they had shaved themselves bald the night before. No matter how often they filed their teeth to points, they always end up with two perfect rows sparkling at them like pearls. Most of the dents and burns on their shields are self-inflicted in a vain attempt to remove the symbol of the Lily that appears on each new one they make. Villages they had once raided were now grateful for their presence, for the townspeople knew that if there was ever any trouble one of the tribe would instinctively be there to defend the weak and promote justice for all.
    Only the people of the tribe can remember the night they raided the castle. To everyone else they have always been there, because There Will Always Be Knights of the Lily.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:21 No.17508598
    The Order Against

    This order of what are nominally knights were first established in a war-torn territory that played the part of buffer between three large empires. The already hard life due to the poor soil was only worsened by the constant squabbling; sections constantly changed hands, and not always in the same chunks; the territory might be held by one of the empires temporarily, or all three might have a piece. The borders changed every ten years at the very least, and settlers that came in fell to occupiers along with the natives, but retained their own loyalties, further muddying the waters. For several centuries the god-forsaken land was torn apart like a deer between three wolves; always the natives dreamed of independence, but the revolutionary groups were just as splintered as the land itself, and so it remained a dream for as long as loyalties held.

    But then, a warband arose, just as all three empires began new incursions. At first it was thought they were raiders, but the knights, who appeared from nowhere and disappeared to it, whose dead faces came from all three sides, struck with no apparent distinction between empires. Not content with mounted raids, assassinations and sabotage haunted the assembled armies, and whenever one looked to take the upper hand, precision strikes ground the action to a stalemate once more.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:22 No.17508607
         File1326334942.jpg-(82 KB, 550x1000, 1323393959522.jpg)
    82 KB

    For a hundred more years the empires attempted to take the buffer, and for a hundred years, the order grew stronger. It's suggested that they always acquired supplies under false pretenses, taking from all sides they could, and they drew people from all sides; they fought with any methods they had the manpower to use. They seemed to have no grand plan or design, siding with an empire for one day, and turning on it the next. Their only constant was a complete refusal to pick a side. And one day, the empires gave up; and the territory was left alone.

    The Order Against fights on today, with only one goal; to fight against power. Empires, kings, warlords, popes and cult leaders, generals and admirals, the Order Against seeks to weaken and destroy centralized power wherever they find it, while striving to avoid it among themselves.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:33 No.17508707
    request for archive: 1 of 4
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:37 No.17508734
    request for Archive the second
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:56 No.17508922
    /tg/ has our own archive
    Already archived here
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)21:58 No.17508942
    Why do they call their own order "of Yore"?

    Can't they tell if they're still alive or not?

    And if they're only called the Steamshields of Yore by people who remember them from the past then what were they really called during their own time?

    Really now. You can't just stick "of Yore" onto anything and make it sound mysterious and erudite.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)22:11 No.17509070
         File1326337913.jpg-(100 KB, 452x623, 1322513477234.jpg)
    100 KB
    The Glorious Order Gynomancer of Shar'Ymir.

    A Gynomancer can call forth storms of lightning or bolts of fire from a woman's vagina, or summon a few ounces of healing liquid from it. So long as the woman posesses heat, water or flesh a Gynomancer can use that and transmute it into any number of things.

    Of course, few women survive a hail of fireballs firing out of their womb and misogyny in Shar'Ymir is so prevalent that only men may join the order Gynomancer. A score of spread legged women chucking hurling fiery vagina balls is too much of a boon to killing power and a dirge to enemy moral to be simply given up, though. So the stewards of the Gynomancers can be found prowling bars, brothels and bathhouses through the nation, promising gold and honor to the women and their families who would willingly make themselves their weapons and warmachines.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)22:25 No.17509201
    >Order of the Eternal Guardians

    The Order is a primarily monastic chapter of Knights, living quiet lives dedicated both to the pursuit of goodness and protection of the land. Found in small, walled monasteries throughout the kingdom, they are reclusive and quiet, many of them having taken a vow of silence. They remain inside their walls for the most part, asking only for occasional tithes of metal to repair their armor or equip new recruits, and in return, give to their communities whatever parts of their own surprisingly bountiful crops that they do not need for themselves.

    The truth of them is somewhat darker, and yet not. More than a eighty percent of the Order's members are undead, knights who bore such a strong loyalty to their country in life that they forsook their own afterlives to continue to protect. They number far greater than they would outwardly seem; while a monastery may only have a few dozen monks who tend their fields, in times of war there can be hundreds more, waiting in the crypts beneath to come forward and protect the land they held so dear in life.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)23:45 No.17510027
         File1326343524.jpg-(39 KB, 250x250, poe.jpg)
    39 KB
    What the fuck am I reading?

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