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  • File : 1325704949.jpg-(22 KB, 500x285, Gas giant moons.jpg)
    22 KB For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)14:22 No.17423231  
    Mission 1 B
    Previous thread

    You are Sonia Bethany Reynard, daughter of a middle class merchant and Rookie Corvette Pilot for the House of Jarik-Dremine. Its your first time in combat and so far you havent died!
    It might have something to do with your one wingman having drawn most of the fire so far.

    You and your wingman Mike are currently in persuit of a damaged Attack Cruiser as it flees the area. Your commanding officer Knight Lt Dayton and your other wingman Alex are trying to catch up from behind. You and Mike both command Standard Corvettes which have 2 phase cannon that cover the worward arc, it can hit anything that's within 75 degrees off center.

    Dice Rolls: As a rookie pilot you're still relying more on luck than skill. Most rolls will be for maneuvers, either to evade or to help your gunners land a hit. Your corvette is designed with abusive inexperienced pilots in mind, because of this bad rolls wont necessarily kill you but there will be some 'not as planned.'

    >As the wordfilter does not seem to like starship combat most of the text for fighting will be posted in images. If I cease posting for longer than 30 minutes it means I have probably been auto-banned.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)14:26 No.17423267
         File1325705217.jpg-(45 KB, 636x318, Mission Text 1B 01.jpg)
    45 KB
    >2 phase cannon that cover the *Forward* arc

    I'd like to thank the one anon who drew up those two ships at the end of the last thread. They're cool, and I'd like to use them for a different ship class later on. (I tried posting my own less than amazing pics but the board kept eating them.)

    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)14:32 No.17423300
         File1325705533.gif-(12 KB, 382x395, Bricks in SPAAAAACE.gif)
    12 KB
    "Damn. I thought for sure you had him." Comments the Lieutenant as all three of you form up.
    "Still, that jump might not have been surviveable with the damage he took. I'll put an alert out to look for that ship in a moment. Pilot Alexander, is your ship still spaceworthy?"

    "The hull breach is contained. Down to one phase cannon turret and we cant get shields above 50%. Other than that no major damage."

    You and Mike appear to have taken little or no permanant damage, just some equipment needs to be reset.
    "Okay you three. Good job on your first rough and tumble. Contacting system defense..."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)14:49 No.17423447
         File1325706573.png-(444 KB, 2048x2048, Space_Debris_Low_Earth_Orbit.png)
    444 KB
    "This is Loran Two Planetary Defense Forces to all House Jarik-Dremine starships. Pirates have raided one of the high security munitions stockpiles! They disabled the local land networks and had our wireless coms jammed. It they haven’t lifted off already they will soon! We need starships to intercept them."

    "Shit. PDF please Transmit your co-ordinates to our ships. Dayton to all ships get ready to intercept enemies leaving the planet surface in the area they indicate."

    The Chief check the data you're being sent. "The target zone seems to be on the opposite side of the planet from where we'll be approaching from. When we drop out of FTL in orbit of the planet we can either try to swing through low orbit to get there faster or high orbit to stay clear of the orbital platforms. There are big cargo platforms in lower orbit which might slow us down but if we can get past them it will be much quicker."

    [ ] High Road
    [ ] Low road
    [ ] Make up your own route?

    Note: FTL will not function properly inside a gravity well. This can be used to your advantage to pull you back into real space.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)14:53 No.17423471
    Oooh, I thought this quest had been abandoned.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)14:56 No.17423490
    >[ ] Low road

    We need every bit of practice we can get.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)14:59 No.17423512
    I'd been banned 5 times by the wordfilter trying to continue it so far.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)15:01 No.17423523
    Did you mail moot or go on the IRC? We had issues with the filter before.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)15:08 No.17423593
    I've emailed moot and the admin but havent checked the IRC.

    I'm going to keep waiting for a bit to see if anyone else votes.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)15:16 No.17423658

    Low road
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)15:23 No.17423726
    You brace yourself for another micro-jump across the system, leaving the the gas giant behind you. The jump itself lasts barely a fraction of a second, not even enough time for you to blink. The transition isnt as jarring as the longer range ones. Maybe you'll be better prepared for the jump home later?
    In either case the blue and grey world in front of you fills part of the sections of viewscreen in front of you. Swarms of orbital objects are visible to the naked eye, at nearly every altitude.
    "Why the hell cant the orbital platforms shoot down the badguys?" Asks Alex.
    "They must have a trans-atmospheric capable starship." Comments the Knight "I'm betting on a tricked out Frigate."

    As your group accelerates toward the lower orbital reaches your commander breaks off, his cruiser slower than your corvettes and a bit too large to attempt squeeking past the orbitals.

    "Good luck you three. The other flights are on their way too so you shouldnt be alone."

    Roll 3d20 linking this post for piloting.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)15:25 No.17423755
    rolled 7, 4, 20 = 31

    I tend to have horrible luck with the dice here on /tg/. But seeing as there are only two or three guys in this thread, I'll take my chances.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)15:36 No.17423861
    you've doo-


    not bad, not bad...
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)15:41 No.17423899

    "Are you certain this is a good idea Pilot Sonia?" Asks the Chief as you crank the throttle to full.

    "No?" You reply in a less than confident manner. "First time for everything!"
    Your navigator facepalms and begins plotting a course that will avoid the worst of the stations.

    "PDF to House Jarik-Dremine forces we have some updated info for you. The weapons stolen from the stockpiles were mostly small arms but... They may have taken as many as Two Hundred SP Torpedoes."

    "Is this channel secure?!" Demands your CO.
    "...we needed to get hold of you as quickly as possible!" replies ground control sounding more alarmed by the second.

    "FUCK. If any of the other pirates in range know what they have onboard we're screwed. Dayton to all ships, stop that transport at all costs, I don’t care how just stop it!"

    Space stations start to fly past to either side of you as you attempt to follow the narrowing corridor your navigator is laying out. At first they're passing several thousand km away from you then hundreds, then tens of kilometers.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)15:52 No.17423996
         File1325710356.jpg-(62 KB, 800x680, Orbital City.jpg)
    62 KB
    Mike and Alex are falling back slightly. "Uh... Sonia things are getting a little tight there, and not in the kinky way either."

    Your three corvettes pass in between a pair of docking lanes filled with shuttles and light haulers, setting off a slew of warning and alarms from traffic control. You still had several km to spare on either side though.
    Alex is falling farther back, his corvette now quite as fast as yours. Mike is holding 2 klicks back.
    "Oh god that was close."

    "Hab station coming up." warns your navigator. " I had some trouble plotting a path around it."
    "So how did you fix it?" you ask.
    "I didnt! You'll have to dodge it!"

    "Is tha-" Mike stats to ask
    "Break starboard!"
    The hab station, already monitoring your approach drops its shield at the last moment letting you zip past unimpeded. Mike already farther over clears the station with room to spare.

    "What the hell was that?" Asks Alex once he's clear.
    According to your nav data you now have a perfect intercept course for anything leaving the planet.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)16:04 No.17424090
         File1325711049.jpg-(201 KB, 375x500, Fuck this thread dropship.jpg)
    201 KB
    "Erebus class heavy Lifter dead ahead." Reports sensors.

    Heavy Lift Vehicle
    HLV's are some of the largest ground to orbit transports available. While many starships can be outfitted to enter atmosphere safely this is expensive. Most factions use civilian built HLV's as dedicated landing craft for heavy armor and other vehicles too bulky to be deployed by the Dropships and assault shuttles used for infantry.
    >Think Union dropship only 4x bigger

    "Those things have limited FTL." warns the Chief. "If it gets out of the gravity well it'll microjump out of the system and get picked up by a pirate taskgroup."

    >Your orders?
    [ ] Shoot to kill?
    [ ] Shoot to disable?
    [ ] Other?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:06 No.17424110
    [X] shoot to kill
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:08 No.17424119
    Calculate the point where they'll be able to make their jump.

    Try to disable their engine for 50 percent of the way, call them and give them the chance to surrender. Those torpedoes probably cost a lot.

    If that doesn't work and we aren't really close to disabling the ship, shoot to kill.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)16:14 No.17424148
    >Disable, then kill if it looks like he'll jump
    Since these 2 dont really contradict each other...

    Roll to assist gunnery. 3d20 linking this post.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:17 No.17424180
    rolled 1, 17, 8 = 26

    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:19 No.17424195
    rolled 15, 11, 13 = 39

    Okay, let's try this once more.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)16:22 No.17424216
    I sure hope this isnt the same person rolling twice.
    But it is a better roll.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)16:35 No.17424305
    >Calculate the point where they'll be able to make their jump
    "We're catching up fast. We've got about a minute or more, its a little sketchy. We'll know for sure once they light up their core."

    "Lets try to disable them if we can." You tell the others. They both seem fine with it, though Mike has to be convinced you'll blow them up if it looks like they'll escape.

    "Firing." The three of you are approaching the transport so fast that your gunners are caught by surprise, missing the first few shots entirely. You keep firing though, one burst penetrating the shields and blowing out a section of the landing bays and one engine.
    "Like that! Keep concentrating fire like that!"
    Another hit on the centerline seems to make it through but doesnt cause as much damage. You're so close now that its going to be difficult to land a hit. Alex actually passes you and puts a shot across the now unshielded bow, all shields now protecting the engines.

    "House Jarik-Dremine forces to Pirate transport, surrender now or will will blow you out of space!"

    "Y-you wouldnt dare blow up this ship! It's cargo is too valuable! Your Lord would have you executed!"

    You have 30 seconds until the ship reaches the supposed edge of the gravity well.

    roll 1d20 for one of the following actions

    [ ] shoot to kill
    [ ] convince him to stand down
    [ ] ram the fucker he has no shields on the front
    [ ] other
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:36 No.17424319
    Is the bridge of the craft at the bow?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)16:38 No.17424335
    Its closer to the bow but still a good 20m inside the ship.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:40 No.17424355
    [x] convince him to stand down

    "Better the cargo is lost to the void than to the hands of pirates."
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:43 No.17424371

    Shoot to kill, we don't want those torpedos in hands of pirates
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:44 No.17424381
    >[ ] convince him to stand down

    "If you stand down we might not notice the escape pod you and your crew used to get away. Offer is only valid for the next 5 seconds, though."

    It wasn't. I only did the second roll this time.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)16:51 No.17424447
    rolled 15 = 15

    Rolling my d20 for this. Hope I won't screw up.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)17:00 No.17424547
    Alex is moving his ship farther in front of the HLV.
    >2 to 1
    >Will that was getting close. Wasnt sure who was going to win there.

    "Better the cargo is lost to the void than to the hands of pirates. If you stand down we might not notice the escape pod you and your crew used to get away. Offer is only valid for the next 5 seconds, though."
    You all lock weapons on different parts of the ship. You and Mike on the aft to hit his engine, Alex to shoot the bow with his turret.
    "Three... Two... O-"
    The HLV reverses engines reducing speed. You then notice 6 other corvettes from your squadron racing in towards you from both high and low orbit.
    Shorty after, before the ship comes to a stop, several escape pods launch off from the bow. The vehicle bays also pop open and a pair of 2 legged walkers jump out falling towards the planet.
    "I'm not sure the Lieutenant will honor your agreement Pilot Sonia. Even in escape pods pirates could cause some trouble. They wont be able to escape the planet so they may try to land on the surface or one of the stations."

    "Hey you said escape pods not walkers! They're getting away with some mechs!" Shouts Mike.

    "Dayton to Third flight secure that HLV with your tractor beams, I'll be there in three more minutes to board it with my Marines. Leave the escape pods to the PDF, we dont have the point defense guns to hit them or brigs to secure them."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)17:05 No.17424593
    AFK for dinner, 1 hour tops.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)17:07 No.17424616
    >"I'm not sure the Lieutenant will honor your agreement Pilot Sonia.
    "I never mentioned them having to honor the agreement.Secure the HLV!"
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)17:55 No.17425151
    The Knights Cruiser arrives quickly, a pair of assault shuttles launching from its small landing bay. One lands on the upper sections to sieze the bridge while the other secures the drives. Recovery shuttles are also starting to fill local space, some going after the escape pods while others try to collect debris from the damaged HLV. Everyone avoids the pair of walkers headed for the atmosphere.

    After twenty minutes of tense waiting the Marines declare the ship secured. The FTL is still functional as are the remaining sublight drives. 180 SP Torps are quickly accounted for and are shipped back to the waiting Cruiser. Twenty minutes after that two squadrons of starfighters arrive on station and deal with the pair of walkers.

    After an hour you quietly conclude that salvage operations are boring.
    It takes a two full hours more for a pair of Frigates to arrive to put a spare crew aboard the ship and escort it in to dock at a local station.

    "This is Knight Dayton, listen up squadron, we did some good work today and we're headed home. Form up on me and we'll get ready to jump back to our home system."
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)17:59 No.17425185
    >180 SP Torps

    Are those all they managed to get? Did ground control confirm that?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:00 No.17425195
    Form up.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)18:04 No.17425233
    rolled 6 = 6

    The squadron jumps out. 25 Light years distance. 25 agonizing seconds at FTL. You're still not used to it.

    "You seem to be taking the jumps fairly well for a beginner." Remarks Chief Kavos. "I've seen many crew that had to be signed on to special jump acclimatization flights. Very expensive, and very messy."
    He pantomimed someone throwing up."

    You bring the ship in, avoiding the other berths and squadron mates as they line up to dock. This is it. the crowing moment of your first mission. Undoocking is supposed to be easy, can you dock without giving everybody on the station a headache?

    Roll 1d20
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:06 No.17425250
    rolled 8 = 8

    Let's be extra careful. No need to rush things.

    >The dice have been extra nice to me today. I hope they will continue.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)18:06 No.17425251
    There are 6 unaccounted for, the rest were found on the ground. Its possible they were thrown into space when the one vehicle bay was hit.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:17 No.17425367
    Not bad at all.
    could have been disasterous.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)18:36 No.17425459
    Reversing drives and killing most of your thrust you come in extra slow. You were always fairly average in docking simulations and you want to do this right.

    Your navigator gives you the following look ಠ_ಠ but you fail to notice. After coming in so slowly the last few meters almost sneek up on you. Almost.
    With just a small burst of repulsor power you lose the rest of the speed you need to avoid damage.

    There is a heady dull *THUNK* from directly ahead as the ship connects.
    Docking signals turn green as the stations clamps grab your ship.
    "I think that went well!" Proclaims the Chief. "All hands secure for station keeping. Leave rotations will be broadcast shortly. Pilot Sonia, since we left the station in a hurry we do not currently have quarters prepared aboard ship. Your things should have been transferred to a temporary housing zone aboard station. We'll have something for you tomorrow. "

    After you're given the ships communications number you see yourself to the nearest docking hatch.

    >Wat do?
    [ ] Look around the ship/Annoy the crew by getting in their way
    [ ] EAT/SLEEP
    [ ] See what the other pilots are doing
    [ ] Look for a Bar
    [ ] Read up on ships and weapons
    [ ] other?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:39 No.17425481
    >[x] Read up on ships and weapons
    >[x] Eat
    >[x] See if any other crew members would like to tag along to a restaurant
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:40 No.17425497
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:40 No.17425505
    Let's see if we can chat up a few of our fellow pilots
    >[ ] See what the other pilots are doing
    then combine
    >[ ] EAT/SLEEP
    >[ ] Read up on ships and weapons
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)18:41 No.17425520
    Hooboy that's a lot. Any particular order?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:42 No.17425528
    Food and socialize first. Information later.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)18:43 No.17425548

    sounds good.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)18:51 No.17425650
         File1325721118.jpg-(84 KB, 853x551, Starbase_03.jpg)
    84 KB
    You decide to try and look for the other pilots as they come aboard. Some food would also be good.
    Before long you spot Alexander entering the station interior from his own ship's berth. You wave to get his attention and soon Mike spots you as well.
    "You want to get something to eat?" You suggest.
    "Oh man I'm starving." Replies Alex. "I think I was the last of the squadron to arrive so I dont know where anything is."
    "Most of the bars and restaurants are in the station's central hub." Mike informs you. Apparently he'd been stuck here for two day before the squadron had been ready to move out.

    "This place is nearly a backwater. They dont even have holo sims aboard."

    The Three of you resolve to head for the central sections and see if you can find anyone else from the squadron.

    >Not quite this layout but similar.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)19:01 No.17425758
    The station core has a number of large multi level open areas. Some are well lit and have trees, others are darker and lit with neon lights. MP's patrol junctions that connect the different levels and it become apparent to you that some decks and sections are intended for different classes. You're all pilots with unconfirmed House loyalties, officer recruits who dont really belong anywhere just yet.

    "I know that guy." Mike says pointing to someone headed into a middle class restaurant with an open air bar on the side. "I think he's with first flight. I've seen some of them go into the lower class bars before. Only saw one of our people go into a higher class place. Not sure if he was let in."

    So far you've only spotted the one other person from your unit. Alex has no clue.

    >Your orders?
    >Look around? Check one of the three levels? Follow the other guy? Something else?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:04 No.17425801
    Let's try to find somewhere quiet and comfortable. We're looking for a relaxing dinner with our comrades, not a night of boozing.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:14 No.17425902
         File1325722450.png-(11 KB, 328x389, corvettes_new.png)
    11 KB
    This should more accurately represent the corvettes.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)19:21 No.17426006
    You look around a bit before spotting a less shady looking place in the mid level. It looks to be a chain restaurant, you're familiar with. After a month of bland military prepared food, it's something different.

    "Al Tazaj? Really?" Complains Alex. "I wanted to get drunk, I nearly died today you know!"

    You and Mike drag him along. The last thing you need is a hungover wingman the next time you go into combat. Despite the initial complaints he's one of the first to finish his food, and considers going for seconds.
    "After eating rations for more than a month that was pritty good. I thought you said this place was a backwater?" you remind Mike
    "It is, but its a backwater with good food."

    "So you guys both signed up?" you ask.
    "Yep. Was better than running around on the streets until a press gang could find me for the infantry." replies Mike.
    Alex frowns. "I had nothing better to do. My older siblings are going to be getting all the inheritance. I need to get somewhere and make some money, or a name for myself. If I could become a Knight that would do it."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)19:32 No.17426131
    You tell the others about not wanting a fate more or less similar to Mike's. Low or middle class, the infantry doesnt discriminate. You were about to tell them your father's old army horror story when you notice what sounds like a fight outside. Grabing your drinks you rush to see whats happening.

    The pilots from second and fourth flight are having a brawl with what look to be some mechanics on one of the lower levels. Which isnt smart if you figure these guys might be called to help fix your ship at some point.

    >Your orders?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:33 No.17426142
    Break it up. We're all in this together, after all.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:33 No.17426153
    Try to keep people from getting seriously injured. We have no idea why they're fighting but if somebody goes down or gets beaten up a bit too much, get him/her out of there.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)19:45 No.17426302
    As the fight doesnt seem to be in any danger of spilling into other areas at the moment the MP's are holding their positions. You notice they are calling for backup but who knows how long that'll take.

    "Lets break it up." You decide.
    "Why?" Mike asks.
    You're aleady headed for the stairs by this point.
    "Hey wait for me." says Alex as he charges after you.

    "Its not even our fight!" Mike shouts as you pass by his postion a level down. You keep moving.
    Running down a third flight or stairs you almost crash into one of your squadron mates who was sent sliding in your direction.
    "I'm fine." He reassures you.

    "Break it up, everybody stop fighting!" you shout.
    "Who the hell are you?" One mechanic asks.
    "Looks like another couple pilot ratings, we can take 'em."

    >Roll 1d20 to talk them down, preferrably with a convincing argument.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:48 No.17426331
    Seems like the other anon will have to take this one.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)19:52 No.17426372
    rolled 16 = 16

    "This kind of disorganized fighting will only breed resentment and vengeance! You're not solving anything. You should settle your disagreements like men. With boxing, which we can bet on."
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:06 No.17426509
    Everbody stops what they're doing for a moment and looks at you.
    One of the drather drunk looking pilots was in the middile of saying "What the fu-" When the man next to him covers his mouth.

    The lead mechanic, a large female Dro'all finally starts to smirk. "Boxing huh?"
    She looks around taking in the number of people watching.
    "You're on. And I mean you. You wanted to stop this then we're also going head to head. You've got 50 hours to find a spare arena and call me out. You wont like the results if you dont."

    "What's wrong with right now?" You ask.
    "You flyboys started this, but I've got shit to do. Namely fixing a Corvette that's got a hole blown in the top of it. Probably one of yours too."
    Alex swallows.
    "Lets go boys!" she shouts and the work crew turns away.

    A nearby lift dings and Mike walks out. "What did I miss?"
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:18 No.17426627
    "I'll be boxing a mechanic in less than 50 hours. A Dro'all mechanic. A lot of us are probably going to settle our differences in the ring, and there's money to be made. I need to find an arena."

    We might as well organize this, since we suggested it. See who else wants to fight.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:20 No.17426649
    "You shouldnt have gotten involved." One of the others comments
    "Guys look at yourselves. You were getting your asses handed to you." you tell them.

    "Who started it anyways? They can pay rental on that arena."
    The most drunk looking one holds up his hand then salutes.
    "Jarik Windsor. Hey is it hot out here or is it just y-"
    "SHUT. UP." interrupts his wingman. "I'll try and convince him later, right now I think we should all just get the hell out of here.

    Each flight team goe off their own way, headed for the hab blocks.

    >Anything else you want to do before heading back?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:22 No.17426667
    Where can we read up on ships and weapons?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:32 No.17426779
    I agree with >>17426667
    grab a manual for something that interests us and then it's time to go to bed. We've had enough action for one day.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)20:34 No.17426795
    Is me. Lost my name.

    "You know they put on a lot of weight in female phase right?" Mike asks as you avoid a patrol of MP's.
    You briefly consider joking about weather he means mechanics or Dro'all then change your mind and sigh. "I just hope tomorrow is a better day. When do they usually post the patrol roster? I need to work out a time for that fight. And, you know, practice fighting at some point."

    "I dont know, we just got called to the squadron briefing office before it was time to go last. It's amazing you two got to your ships in time with your late arrival."
    "If i'd arrived any later the LT probably would have sent a different flight after that Attack Cruiser." comments Alex, frowning.

    You make it back to the hab block and go your seperate ways. There should be a terminal in your room with basic defense net access no matter how bad it is.

    The Room isnt much to look at. Fold down bed on one wall, closet on another and sliding door blocking view of the toiletries. Almost an exact duplicate of the one at the training school but for one person instead of two or three.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:38 No.17426855
    Write a letter to our parents. First combat mission and all that.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)20:51 No.17427008
    You fold down the bed and turn on the holographic terminal on the back wall. Thank goodness for small upgrades.

    >Level One security clearance granted.
    >Please stand by.
    >Welcome Pilot recruit Sonia Bethany Reynard.
    >Our database shows you have not previously accessed the fleet archives on weapons and ships prior to this time.
    >Please feel free to review any of the publicly available archives on vessels and weapons in current use with the Houses and the other Factions.
    Skipping through some screens you write up a short letter to your parents. Nothing big, and nothing that will compromise security but enough to let them know you're out there flying around now.

    Now about that archive... which to look at first.
    [ ] Ships
    [ ] Weapons
    [ ] Ship systems & FTL
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:53 No.17427023
    [x] Ship systems & FTL
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)20:55 No.17427047
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)21:12 No.17427215
    All of the Factions in the known universe make use of a nearly identical method of FTL, the so called 'jump drive.' This name is seen as inaccurate by many scientists but given the relatively brief nature of most 'jumps' by crewmen the name has stuck.
    Each ship requires one or more jump drive cores which focus particular bandwidths of radiation through a focusing system into subspace. This creates a bubble effect around the ship which is not visible, though direct emissions from the core can be seen from the engine room. As a ship is accelerated in a particular direction subspace will begin to tear open on the leading edge of the bubble.
    Heavy solid state drive plates act to propell the ship both through this hole and as it passes through subspace itself. Drive plates and focusing sections of the drive core require rare elements which remain classified.
    The inventor of this drive system is unknown. Kavarian records of use date back some 10,000 years, though they have long ceased copyright claims for the design.

    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)21:19 No.17427283
    When traveling through subspace radiation in every spectrum is extreme. All starships are hardened against radiation and typically carry heavy armor in excess of 2m thick. Military ships carry special internal bulkheads which allow FTL travel even if the hull is breached. Because of this most starship designs are large and rather blocky.

    FTL Drives, large energy storage capacitors, fusion reactors and sublight fusion drives take up the vast bulk of interior space in most starships. Because of the great weight of these ships the outer hull is normally fitted with several tractor/repulsor systems to assist maneuvering and effectively reduce the mass of the ship.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)21:27 No.17427355
    Energy shields
    One of the more challenging aspects of ship to ship combat energy shields protect against nearly everything that could harm a ship. Someone inside the shield can safely fire out of it without being exposed to enemy fire. This comes at a cost: shields can cause scattering and beam diffusion for weapons passing through it limiting their effective range. Torpedo and missile weapons are still in use by most factions for this reason.
    In their early days the Terrans countered this by using mass drivers but this was long ago rendered inefficient.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)21:30 No.17427386
    >That just leaves:

    -Inertial compensators (Same as they work in every setting)
    -Subspace communications (need beacons and relays to boost signal strength after a certain distance.)

    I think that's it for ship systems other than the more mundane stuff like onboard recycling.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)21:36 No.17427457
    Let's see ship types. Focus on those we're likely to face. I don't think anyone will send us up against a battlecruiser anytime soon.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)21:52 No.17427596
         File1325731931.jpg-(9 KB, 365x275, Oh this is great BillPaxton.jpg)
    9 KB
    >I don't think anyone will send us up against a battlecruiser anytime soon.

    Due to exponential growth in ship sizes in the Faction Wars (read: rule of cool/rule of stupid) some types of ships are actually ridiculously large. So large that the main classifications had to be redone to make room for all of the big ships.
    All starships have since been grouped as types of Cruisers under the current scheme.

    Light Cruisers cover anything between 100m to 1,500m in length.
    Medium cruisers are anything between 1,900m and 4,000m.
    Heavy cruisers are generally found in the 5,000m range.
    Anything larger than a heavy cruiser counts as a Super Heavy Cruiser.

    This can cause some confusion as Corvettes, Frigates, Attack Cruisers, battle cruisers and older battleships all fall within the current Light Cruiser designation.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)21:54 No.17427609
    So, what exactly do we need to do to get something beyond the cannon fodder we're currently piloting?

    Serve a certain amount of time? Kills? Missions?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)21:59 No.17427665
         File1325732376.gif-(2 KB, 123x127, Ships -Frigate.gif)
    2 KB
    You've already seen the Daggar and Standard Corvette, moving on.

    Attack Corvette
    Length 210m
    Weapons: 1x Dual linked phase beam cannon(Forward Arc only 150 Degrees)
    One of the primary warships used by the Great Houses, the Attack Corvette uses a pair of beam turrets linked to fire a single supercharged beam. This weapon is far more likely to penetrate energy shields earning it much hatred from the Terrans in the Faction Wars who go out of their way to target them.
    They are launched from shipyards with a shining coat of white paint and heraldy of the House that built them on the bridge. Experienced crews sometimes take to repainting these ships the violet colour of Standard Corvettes making it more difficult for Terrans to single them out.

    Faction Frigate / Standard Frigate
    Length 430m
    Weapons: (Varries) 3 phase cannon turrets (90% coverage)
    Upgrades: 2 Torp launchers, 2 small starfighter bays (4 fighters each)
    Perhaps the single most produced ship in the known universe the Standard Frigate is in use with nearly every Faction. It has a somewhat undeserved reputation for being cannon fodder as the majority are civilian built models intended for hauling Freight. Bulky, sluggish and undergunned the civil versions were often dragged into emergency service in the Faction Wars. Properly outfitted with military grade weapons, launchers and other systems combat Frigates can outrun anything they cant outfight. They remain a rarity however as Attack Cruisers cost only slightly more to Construct.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)22:04 No.17427702
    You must complete between 4 and 5 missions to be confirmed by the House you are currently serving as a Man at Arms. You will then have to right to carry the Heraldy of House Jarik-Dremine should you chose to do so. However it may be possible to aquire a better ship before that time depending on your actions.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:05 No.17427707
    Ah, okay thanks. Will we get some kind of debriefing the next day?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:05 No.17427712
    I don't suppose those actions could have anything to do with boxing?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)22:14 No.17427792
         File1325733252.jpg-(53 KB, 425x282, OH NO.jpg)
    53 KB
    HAHAHA! No.jpg

    Things like not blowing up a ship loaded with expensive irreplaceable torpedo weaponry is a good start though.
    >MWF I thought for sure you were going to blow up that transport.
    But you got that damn 20 just before that let you catch up to it.

    Yes you should get a briefing before your next mission.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:16 No.17427820
    >53 KB
    Excellent. Can we start our day with a jog around the station the next morning? Would help us to get to know the station a bit better and also improve our stamina.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:17 No.17427825
    Can the terminal show us a map of the station? We might as well look for a suitable arena before we turn in.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)22:24 No.17427869
    Knight class Light Cruiser
    Length 640m
    Weapons: 2x Torp Launcher
    4x spinal mounted phase cannon
    4x phase cannon turret (360 degree coverage)
    The most common cruiser design among the houses, it is narmally assigned to officers of the same rank as the class name. It is tough, cheap to build and reliable, so much so that other Factions will occasionally use them. This is the type of ship used by Knight Lt Dayton.
    Upgraded versions are available to the members of the Royal Guard serving the ruling house. They are sometimes given as gifts to Minor houses that have proven their loyalty.

    Hunter Class Battlecruiser
    Length 1,200m
    Weapons: 1x spinal mounted pulse weapon
    3x phase cannon array
    2x aft torpedo launchers
    A fast tough cruiser design that packs a punch the Hunter class bears more than a passing resemblance to a giant Shark. Its powerful pulse weapon is mounted in what appears to be its mouth. These are relatively rare ships, comissioned by the Great Houses from only a select number of shipyards. They are typically bestowed upon a Knight-errant or Knights without a House. The main weapon of the ship can be swapped out for others spinal mount designs.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)22:35 No.17427961
    >Can we start our day with a jog around the station the next morning?
    I'll see what I can do. Next morning will be start of the next thread, sometime next week. It'll probably be a Tuesday or Wednesday, whichever I have off.

    The station consists of a central hub 2km across with docking arms sticking out in 6 directions like a d6. Most of the 'arms' of the station contain not just the ship docks, but cargo bays, repair equipment, power systems and everything else needed to keep them running. Each arm coud be cut off the station by weapons fire and remain operational.

    Most of the recreation centers are found in the hub, with a dozen cargobays converted to house several sports arenas. There are two designated for fighting of several kinds.
    Looking up the reservations it looks like one of them will be open in the time you need it. You put down a blanket reservation until you can find out when your next mission is.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)22:41 No.17428021
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)22:59 No.17428197
    >Ends with the players starting some kind of fight club.
    I loled.

    Sorry I keep droping out. We're pritty much done here and I'm trying to get some house work done. I just realised I never came up with a name for the Carrier the Dominion uses.

    >This space for rent!
    Starfighter Carrier
    Length 1,500m
    Weapons 2x Heavy Phase cannon
    5x Phase cannon
    0-8x point defense particle beam turrets
    200x Starfighters
    These ships make up the main carrier arm of House fleets, able to deploy frightening numbers of both fighters and assault shuttles. Its large underside launch bay can leave it vulnerable while deploying or recovering fighters but this is an old problem commanders are familiar with.
    On their own Starfighters are annoying pests at best but they can be armed with a single torpedo for anti-ship attacks. Few Houses can afford to equip whole squadrons of fighters with Torps let alone entire wings.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/12(Wed)23:05 No.17428242
    >Sorry I keep droping out.

    Don't worry, it was a fun thread. Looking forward to the next thread.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 01/04/12(Wed)23:44 No.17428532
    Ascendancy class Heavy Cruiser
    Length 5,000m x 2,990m
    Weapons 8-16x Heavy Phase cannon Array
    64x Heavy Phase cannon
    24x point defense particle beam turrets
    ???x starfighters
    1-8x Mechanized Divisions

    The largest ship class produced in the Dominion these cylindrical vessels can seem to bristle with weaponry. Their heavy phase cannon menace any large ship class while point defense guns and swarms of fighters protect against torpedo runs. The central section has hollow areas with room for either starfighters or troop transports. Most Admirals will keep these ships guarded at the rear of a formation and only commit them when absolutely necessary. Their usefulness in ships to ship combat is sometimes overshadowed by its troop transport capability.

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