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  • File : 1323305953.png-(518 KB, 1367x629, 1306890778895.png)
    518 KB Monster Girls Quest pre intro InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)19:59 No.17138060  
    After some enthusiastic planning and having sent my writer juice into overdrive, I’d say I managed to create a good base for a quest that I want to share with you guys. Sex won’t be the primary goal here, lust is going to play an important part of course but ``aphrodisiac rape`` is going to be a bit hard to be done, unless of course you want it.

    Before starting the show, got to start with some decision and one of them will be to choose 2 monster between a set of 4, I am of course open to all suggestion if what I present is lackluster, but I tried my damn best to give each of them a good personality. Also I’m planning for the quest to evolve into Empire building so you could consider this adventuring debut as a long prologue, unless you guys stir it in a way that I totally did not anticipate.

    The past career of our character must be decided, the only thing that I will decide is the age and that is placed in the ``prime of his life`` for…obvious reason. No bias against old men. 5 choices here, but again open to suggestion, I’d like to avoid stealth but if that what you guys want I’ll roll with it.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)19:59 No.17138066
         File1323305994.jpg-(162 KB, 900x600, 1181b65600d24715dadcfa1b724e84(...).jpg)
    162 KB
    [ ] Wielder of weapons clad in heavy armor, trained in two handed style but doesn’t shy away from any conventional weaponry.

    [ ] Light armored warriors, more fit as an adventurer than being in a military unit, good with the bow, conservative fighting style with a shield and either a short spear or a sword. Excellent stamina.

    [ ] Strongly gifted elemental mage, only one specialisation possible due to the capricious nature of magic. Holy flame of the south, used primarily by the church? Calm, yet vicious water, mastered by the island of Zipangu? Lost art of earth manipulation? Or the majestic thunder of the North, impossible to bend yet so incredibly destructive.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:00 No.17138072
         File1323306031.jpg-(121 KB, 900x600, 488fbc6fbcd281189b27074c0cce54(...).jpg)
    121 KB
    [ ] Combining might and magic with an adaptive style, mainly wielding Holy magic since it’s the easiest to study for those with a mild gift in magic. Worthless against human besides healing but effective against the Dark Minions as a defensive tool, using holy in offense is heresy. Trained in weapons with long reach such as the halberd and naginata.

    [ ] None of the above, whatever talent you had is gone and forgotten; though, it is replaced with incredible potential. You are effectively worthless in confrontation unless you receive proper training. Hey, at least you have a healthy body!
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:01 No.17138079
         File1323306061.jpg-(177 KB, 900x600, 149e02d80c441ca68fa2fd66882b48(...).jpg)
    177 KB
    There you have it, let’s see what you gentlemen have to say. Also this is the first time I’m starting a quest, but I hope I’ll do a good enough job
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:01 No.17138088
         File1323306115.jpg-(154 KB, 900x600, c6e879ba0678e3f95f3c604b93fd6f(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    You didn't post the best monstergirl. Here let me help you.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:03 No.17138108
    I've looked through pretty much every Monster Girls profile to come up with a good ploot hook and the best thing I could come up with is with Monster that are mostly neutral
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:05 No.17138126
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:07 No.17138151

    What I mean is I'll take your offer, its just that Baphomet are rather high level monster, but I'll do it since this is fun before plot
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:08 No.17138160
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:11 No.17138196

    Am I that hard to understand ? I may not be a native english speaker but I don't speak like a retard.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:14 No.17138233
         File1323306862.png-(441 KB, 934x629, 73c3a65d349013261c4d1bb8d831c7(...).png)
    441 KB
    No its just that what I posted was a simpler "here is my favorite monstergirl" post and had nothing to do with the quest thing. I don't like quests (personal opinion). But I wanted to post monstergirls.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:17 No.17138276
         File1323307073.jpg-(425 KB, 900x900, 1309828080446.jpg)
    425 KB

    Oh, well might as well turn it into Monster Girl thread if this doesn't catch on I guess

    I did jump the gun there
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:18 No.17138287
         File1323307126.png-(565 KB, 1367x629, Alp.png)
    565 KB
    "best monstergirl" is entirely subjective
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:21 No.17138315
    Well now that /tg/ lost the thread where it was arguing about bad /v/ideogames there might be more people seeing this.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:23 No.17138333
         File1323307396.jpg-(285 KB, 426x600, 1312589910294.jpg)
    285 KB

    I'll try one last time another day if this doesn't catch on
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:25 No.17138356
    >I’m planning for the quest to evolve into Empire building

    You can't tell us this already, it detracts from the feeling that we're the clever creative ones who took it there.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:26 No.17138368
    lizards and spiders. and shame on you for no minotaurs.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:27 No.17138383
         File1323307676.jpg-(201 KB, 432x600, Baffo.jpg)
    201 KB
    >one last time
    Bad idea
    >another day
    Good idea

    >Another time of the day
    Best idea. Especially in the afternoon because it has European posters as well. European posters also seem to make better posts than Americans.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:28 No.17138395
         File1323307733.jpg-(37 KB, 212x208, howhorrifying.jpg)
    37 KB
    >Monster Girls Quest

    You may have more luck with this on tgchan.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:28 No.17138396
    Lizardgirl and girly mantis.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:29 No.17138401
         File1323307769.jpg-(61 KB, 500x384, mite b cool reaction.jpg)
    61 KB
    >monster girl quest

    You just might have picked a bad time to do this OP, may want to try again later.

    That being said, I'll give this a shot if nothing else.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:29 No.17138403
         File1323307782.jpg-(155 KB, 900x600, 8e69416e33d96540883379f948c817(...).jpg)
    155 KB

    I see your point, I just tought that naming my intention would be for the best


    You could always vote for one, I'm not that anal about my choices
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:31 No.17138418
    I think I'm beginning to notice a trend with these monstergirls.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:32 No.17138433

    Thank for the info


    I just like it more here, even with all the occasional rage.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:32 No.17138435
         File1323307946.jpg-(335 KB, 1280x1244, Makoto_SSFIV_01.jpg)
    335 KB
    I'll never be able to not relate Minotaur to Makoto
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:35 No.17138470

    Oh, and I'm voting for mantis and lizard. What are the option boxes for by the way? Player character?
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:38 No.17138495

    The box options are abilities, think of them as class but the whole thing will be done for a bit of background, what your mc trained in basically.

    You can always offer something else of course
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:41 No.17138531
    Hokay... Lizard and Orc.

    Then some kind of magic person, think either water or earth.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:44 No.17138556
    4 for Lizard, 2 for Mantis, 1 for Spider, 1 for Minotaur 1 for orc.

    1 for being a pure mage.

    Maybe tonight should be descision making before officially starting the quest ?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:48 No.17138592

    Start whenever you feel you have enough votes. Voting for the mage idea too, should we go for an elemental style, or something else?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:50 No.17138611
    Third'ing pure mage.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:50 No.17138625

    Since this is my first quest, part of me want to wait but maybe not wanting to screw up will fuck me over anyway

    As for mage, that depend, being a pure mage means you must pick up a elemental style because those are incredibly effective. The most popular form of magic is ``Holy`` and that is usually combined with martial training because its rather easy to teach, and lot of people can learn it.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)20:55 No.17138667
    Lizardman (woman) has the msot vote so she's in, as for Mantis and Orc, they seem to be tied. Here might be the time for /tg/ dice god.

    Unless another vote came in, roll 1d6 1-3 = Mantis 4-6 = Orc

    Style seem to be mage with a specialisation in Water
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:58 No.17138701
         File1323309525.jpg-(74 KB, 634x720, fiveelementscyclebalanceimbala(...).jpg)
    74 KB

    Will taking a single style limit us? Or will we be able to pick up new things along the way. Pic possibly related.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:01 No.17138728

    You'll be able to branch off yes, but its going to be pretty damn hard and will probably cripple your potential for a while. Think of your element as your ``origin`` its what your good at, manipulating something else mean changing or gaining another ``origin``
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:09 No.17138815
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:12 No.17138850

    Duly noted, then its a Lizardman and Mantis combo, quite the physical powerhouse.

    Pure mage, water specialisation. Unless there some last objection, I shall start with this.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:22 No.17138957
         File1323310942.jpg-(128 KB, 1280x720, 317860-ubw_7.jpg)
    128 KB
    There is pain, sharp feeling of something digging into your stomach, yet another thing seem to weight right on top of you, thankfully it isn’t bulky, its actually pretty light but now is the time to open your eyes and chase the exhaustion.
    And you are greeted by a small field of corpse, classic scenery of death with a good amount of men sprawled in circle around you, each clad in heavy, identity concealing armor, without a single drop of blood to water the field.

    Back resting against a small tree, it seems that there is no sign of what exactly caused this mass grave, moving is hard and looking at what weight on you, it is a skeleton clad in heavy clothing, perfectly white with no imperfection.

    What the hell happened here?

    Your head is a mess, splitting headache too.

    >How do you proceed?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:24 No.17138976
    First things first, push the skeleton off and get up. Check inventory.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:25 No.17138985
    Second. Also check self for injuries.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:29 No.17139033

    Examine the armor of the corpses as well. Any symbols, particular styles, etc.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:31 No.17139056
    With a feeling of brief nausea, the skeleton drop on the floor in a quiet ``Thud`` while you get up, resting on the tree for much needed support.

    Doing so intensify your headache, to the point of seeing the world in a brief hazy mess, but soon it pass while the pain stay.

    It would seem that your previous equipment is gone, a blade rest near your foot with only it, the blade, nothing to hold it while your clothes, which seem to be some leather armor with a metal breastplate, is broken and full of holes.
    It seems that some of the parts of the armor are digging in your flesh, but without any amount of blood flowing, it’s probably several bruise.

    Your body is, however, exhausted and you feel like throwing up. Nothing but dead men surrounds you.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:33 No.17139069
    Can we scavenge some better equipment from the corpses? At least a scabbard for our blade would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:36 No.17139096
    I'd like a little more detail on our environment. Do the corpses stretch out further than we can see? How densely covered is the area in corpses, and what does the ground look like underneath it? What proportion of the bodies are skeletons, like the that was on top of us? can we work out different fractions/sides from the corpses (and which side were we on, assuming that our current clothing matches that of the dead?).
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:41 No.17139133
    Let's do both of these:

    Maybe there's some supplies we can scavenge as well, like trail rations and such.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:43 No.17139150
    The armor of the corpses is in heavy plate, each custom made for the corpse itself, the man in it have turned into skeletons, and after a brief search you can make out a name in the back of the neck, ``Shieffer`` on each of the armor you can see.

    But looking around, it would seem that all the weapons have disintegrated, some are missing the blades, and sometime you only see a pommel, while the very few scabbards are much too large for the small blade near the tree: those things were made to carry claymore.

    After a few gulp of air, ignoring the pain in your head, you look around the plain near this grave of concentrated corpse, each of the man seem to have died in a chaotic, confused battle with some corpse being isolated, while others rest near each other’s, growing in a circle that extend for… probably 20 meters ? All around the tree.

    Your clothing, beside the breastplate, is a deep blue color while the heavy, comfy garment of the skeleton are of a pale red, no object to be identified with it, only a corpse with its clothes.

    And then you easily spy two form slowly walking to you, hidden in heavy clothing easily concealing they’re identity, they come from the East.

    And your headache intensifies.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:46 No.17139180
    We are a mage, are we not?
    Can we still command our magical energies? Is the headache about to become a crippling migraine?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:47 No.17139183
    Pick up the blade. Do the two appear to have noticed us?
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 12/07/11(Wed)21:47 No.17139190
    >typing up study guide to quiz myself before exam tomorrow
    >brainstorming for HL
    >click my /tg/ tab
    >monster girls

    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:48 No.17139198
    If they're the cause of what happened here, it's clear that we are no match for them in a fight. Even if they aren't, we're not in much of a state to do anything about it. The fact that they are walking so directly towards us shows that they certainly don't think us any threat anyway. I say that we should place weaponry clearly on the ground in a sign of submission.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:50 No.17139219

    The headache feel unnatural, its more than a crippling migraine, you feel like your mind is turning to mush and ``something`` will jump out, mage need concentration to practice their craft and Water is not known for healing


    You pick up the blade rather clumsily, good thing you have some protection on your hands, the form still walk slowly to you, and it’s pretty easy to understand that they did spot you but they aren’t making any sudden or fast move
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:52 No.17139232
    Hold the blade at rest. Call out to them.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)21:56 No.17139269

    The word come out in a ``Hail!`` that surprise even you in its strength, you can’t however, resist a cough, the duo quicken their pace a bit and finally come up to you, staying at about 5 meters, one being a head smaller than the other, both of them are attractive women.

    ``It seem, we found him``

    The taller one says, her rather heavy eyes plunging into yours without mercy.

    You feel weak; it’s hard not to throw up.

    The other, smaller one, look at you with incredible intensity

    ``Athena, he’s sick``
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:59 No.17139290
    "You have me at a disadvantage. Who are you?"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:00 No.17139300
    Well, they seem concerned for our wellbeing, which is a good sign. Though the more information that we can get from them before we (presumably) lose consciousness, the better.
    "Who are you?"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)22:07 No.17139369
    The words come out clear and crystals, making both women glare at you a bit, but there no hostility.

    ``We are… well, to be blunt, we could be considered intruder but that isn’t important right now! ``

    The taller one walk to you, the back of her head still concealed by her hood, her eyes are of a strange and brilliant yellow and she’s looking at you with what seem to be concern.

    ``You’ve been poisoned, or rather… You have been victim of the Dark Touch and yet here you are, not dead or an incubus, please we need to act! ``

    She approach fast this time, the arm coming out of her cape is full of green scales

    ``You soul is tainted and tragedy will be inevitable, please, trust us! ``
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:10 No.17139410
    "Don't make me regret this."

    We aren't really in a condition to fight, anyway. The time for trust is now.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:15 No.17139463
    Agreed. We're in no condition to fight.
    We can't cast magic, our sword has no handle, and we can barely see straight due to this headache.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)22:16 No.17139467

    ``Don’t make me regret this``

    Still in a crystal and heavy tone, you now realize that it holds no emotion, your voice is strong and commanding, yet you feel horrible.

    ``I’m sorry… for this tragedy, but thank you``

    The woman in front whisper, her scaly arm finishes in hands with sharps claws. She closes the gap and hugs you, making your head rest on her shoulder, which is a bit hard since you are taller than her.

    ``Sylphis, please, we have to do what my sister asked``

    The stoic girl ay nothing and walk behind you, hugging you at the waist, supporting.

    `Do we truly have your consent, milord? ``

    Ask the girl in front

    ``This will be impossible if you don’t allow it``
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:22 No.17139545
    "You have as much consent as I can give you. I do not feel like... myself."
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:27 No.17139606
    Well we can't go anywhere in our current condition so yes
    "Yes, enough for this task"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)22:33 No.17139676
    "You have as much consent as I can give you. I do not feel like... myself."

    Again with this voice, it’s impossible to not feel a bit of dread; something is clearly overtaking you, kicking your self preservation instinct active.

    The scaly woman, who is probably named Athena, say no more and close her eyes, resting her head in your neck while the smaller girl behind you give just as much comfort, hugging and pressing your chest.

    And then something happen, a feeling of warmth is suddenly appear in your stomach, and then your chest, both of the girls are in complete and total silence while you can only stare, unable to move.

    The headache slowly clear away, the mist becoming memories, at least some, you remember what you can do, your powers, what you studied, finally giving you a sense of identity that was previously absent.

    You are a mage, a water mage, wielding frost and force, able to command and summons the Monster known as ``Slime Girls``.

    The brief feeling of warmth disappears, and you know that whatever memories you had before are also gone: eaten by the corruption.

    Then the two girls start to cough, both falling to they’re knees and… throwing up some kind of dark liquid that smell incredibly foul, but disappear before touching the ground
    You spy some long, slender bladed coming out of the arms of the smaller girl clutching her stomach.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:37 No.17139722
    See if they will be alright. Anything in our memories about this dark stuff?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:38 No.17139743
    See if they are ok
    "Hey, You both alright?"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)22:45 No.17139826

    You try to help the two girls as best you can but there isn’t much to do, both of them continue to cough for some time and throw up some more of that… matter but it doesn’t appear life threatening, before long, you help them both to they’re feet, with the scaly one saying ``I didn’t need your help..``

    You take this chance to investigate your memories, but beside your very clear talents as a water mage, nothing spring to mind, not even your name, how you came here, if there a village near this area… Nothing, it’s gone, not there, hopefully sealed?

    There is some others questions, but it seems the two warriors are eager to depart

    ``We shouldn’t disturb theses fallen any longer``

    The smaller one looks at you, utterly emotionless aside the warmth of her voice. She clearly seems… sorry? As if you suffered some great tragedy

    Still, what now? You feel good, enough to cast your best spells, while the two girls are eager to depart, many, many questions remain.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:45 No.17139827
         File1323315917.jpg-(247 KB, 653x543, 561146.jpg)
    247 KB
    We can summon slime girls?

    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)22:46 No.17139843

    Yep, its a bit hard to summon them and the ritual can take several day if you want something permenant like a thrall, but a quick summons for battle is easily done.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:46 No.17139850
    There is nothing to keep us here. We should leave.

    Ask the girls about our history, how they know us, and if they know our name.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:48 No.17139870
    Second. Also ask if we can go with them, at least to the nearest town.
    Because hey, we don't even remember our name, let alone the local geography and where things are.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:50 No.17139885
    I guess we should smile and go with them and they have helped us. Beats wandering around in a daze
    :smiles:"Ok, mind if I tag along?"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)22:53 No.17139924
    "So that's it? You save my life and then just leave?"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)23:01 No.17140020
    Walking away from the graveyard in silence, you don’t feel like talking yourself before this scenery is long gone, the two girls are walking right in front of you and, looking at Athena, you can clearly see a shield in her back, the clothes resting at a clearly unnatural angle.

    Hey wait a minute, you just stared walking in a random direction and those two posted themselves right in front of you.

    Also there a small green tail poking out of the tall girl waist that you feel like grabbing, it’s taunting you.
    Now is the time for questions, and the first one

    ``Do you… know me? ``

    Your voice, even with the small pause, carries authority. Maybe you were a serious man in the past?

    ``We don’t know``

    Athena say, bluntly, she’s also glaring straight ahead on the lonely road.

    ``Then… where are we going? ``

    It’s hard having zero memories

    ``there a small… Town? Hmm…``

    The smaller, stoic one, scratch her head. With her blade arm.

    ``Well it’s some human place that is probably large enough to be a town? A city? ``

    It’s as if they have no worries at all
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:03 No.17140038
    "Why did you say 'We found him'?"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:10 No.17140119
    "I never got the chance to thank the both of you for... whatever it is you did back there."
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)23:14 No.17140151
    The three of you walk; the company is pretty good you have to admit

    "Why did you say 'We found him'?"

    You soften your voice a bit, your question prompt Sylphis to cast a sideway glance at you, why?

    ``My sister asked me to, and I didn’t want to travel all the way up north alone, so I asked Sylphis here and she agreed.``

    Athena pause a bit, probably pondering how to continue, you simply keep silent and walk, fiddling with your broken armor.

    ``Sister is… well, I think it would simply be best for you to see her, but still were here because of her, these lands are rather harsh too...``

    The lizardwoman seem lost in thought, Sylphis is still looking at you.

    ``Athena is beating around the bush, I’ll be blunt. Good sir, in order to save you from being consumed, we had to share your soul with ours, I think your memories might return but we’ll probably end up seeing them. Also, if great distance separate us, finding one another would be made by instinct, while the lost…``

    The arm bladed girls look down a bit

    ``It’s the most sacred art of Zipangu you see, usually made when a human male and a Monster of the island marry``

    And then you hear the tall, knight scaled girls

    ``Don’t need no man…``

    ``And I thank you, dearly, for saving me.`` You add at the end, making the emotionless girl smile a bit, yes, she did you saw it clearly.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:20 No.17140217
    "How does your sister know me?"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)23:26 No.17140299
         File1323318378.jpg-(158 KB, 900x600, 9a8245f01de44e822a739773314ac0(...).jpg)
    158 KB
    "How does your sister know me?"

    It’s natural to ask, how could she possibly know you? Zipangu sound pretty far.

    ``I think the best way to describe it would be, she saw it. She isn’t really an oracle but… Are you familiar with the Inari? She is probably the reason why the Church still hasn’t exterminated the place``

    Athena then produce a small chuckle that sound very… dry, she clearly seem embarrassed

    ``Still, you, a man, survived the Dark Touch. I had some time to think it over now and the amount you had in you was.. Incredible will have to be enough, I think only a Lilim can produce such strength but this is all speculation, I did study under my sister but she’ll have the answer for you questions.``

    Then Sylphis produce a small yawn and you glare a bit at the setting sun, that thing hurt your eyes

    ``I hope we don’t encounter any patrol, I don’t want to say which side I’m on`` the small girl is clearly complaining.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:32 No.17140350
    "I guess there's a lot I don't know, especially now, with the memory loss and all. Is the town far?"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:32 No.17140357
    "Which sides are there, by the way? And could this armor I'm wearing be trouble?
    "It's tough not knowing if I'm supposed to be at war with someone. Or if someone thinks they're supposed to be at war with me."
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)23:40 No.17140433
    >"I guess there's a lot I don't know, especially now, with the memory loss and all. Is the town far?"

    You don’t see anything on the horizon, but maybe your eyes are bad

    ``Your memories, yes… Sister did said he would be born of tragedy, I can only hope for them to return, the town… it’s the right word right? We are nearing it, I think were walking in the pasture now so maybe 30 minutes of walking, you’ll see it once we come down the hill``

    Seem like Athena is chatty, she respond without any ill feelings.

    >"Which sides are there, by the way? And could this armor I'm wearing be trouble?

    >"It's tough not knowing if I'm supposed to be at war with someone. Or if someone thinks they're supposed to be at war with me."

    ``As for these patrol, this supposed war, I have no idea, we came here about 3 days ago and made haste to this area, but the humans here are clearly fighting one another, over what ? I do not know and I want to be out of here as fast as possible…``

    Then she cast a glance at you, her cheeks slightly red

    ``Well, maybe we could try to find out a bit, for your sake, you did lose your memories and all… ``

    You hear the smaller girl chuckle.

    She stayed silent for your armor, its broken beyond repair anyway, it could still stop a clumsy blade however.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:45 No.17140474
    >``Well, maybe we could try to find out a bit, for your sake, you did lose your memories and all… ``
    "No, no. It's quite alright. Better to be out of a warzone, than trying to find out what's going on from inside of one."
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:47 No.17140487
    I hope these girls have some money, or a contact of some sort, because otherwise we might be sleeping outside tonight.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:51 No.17140506
    "I suppose I'll have to find my answers with this Inrari then."
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)23:56 No.17140541
         File1323320186.jpg-(164 KB, 900x600, 1490eb44367da4c5e69507c592d192(...).jpg)
    164 KB
    You say, a warzone is a damn mess after all.

    ``If such is your wish, milord, I hope you don’t have a past that could haunt you, but I shall defend you with my life``

    She cast you a warm gaze, difficult to not feel a small bit of affection, but it’s hard to imagine why she act like you are her lord.

    Finally, the town come into view, the best word to describe it would comfortable, several wooden building sprawling in circle around a church, even from here, atop the hill, you can easily see a good numbers of people going left and right and various… cow girls out in the field, hell one is even near your little group and she give you a broad smile going

    ``Helloooooo~`` then ``Bye-byeeee~`` as the three of you walk down the hill

    You then ask about funds.

    ``We’ve got about… 35 piece of gold, not made in this land however but they do work``

    Say the stoic girl.

    You then spy a weresheep sleeping on her back, there also several women armed with long wooden stick and a sword on they’re waist. They give the three of you some small salutation, apprently the girls disguise is perfect.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/07/11(Wed)23:57 No.17140556

    Damn forgot to add>>17140474 dialogue, sorry about that guys


    ``I'm sorry for failing in your quest of answer, milord``

    The lizardwoman cast a brief glance down

    ``My knowledge is failing``
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:58 No.17140559
    "What's our destination?"
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:00 No.17140578
    Smile. "Don't worry about it. Anything you can tell me is most appreciated."
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:10 No.17140663
    "Don't worry about it. Anything you can tell me is most appreciated."

    And a good smile, its good to be able to do it without forcing it.

    You see her bite her lips as she walk, there a small ``humph`` escaping from her, she’s cute.

    "What's our destination?"

    As the three of you walk through the gate, there not much people out so it’s very easy to navigate.

    ``For now, making our way south, we’ll have to come into the crossword of the Order in the center and the church in the South, Zipangu is located in the small ocean that extend from this area, it’s about.. .a 2 months journey on the best condition``

    While Athena talk, you clearly see Sylphis being tense and it’s easy to see why: there a elderly man clad in chainmail preaching In the middle of town, going ``One and True God, bless be he for this peaceful day`` and nonsense about sacrifice, still, your companions are tense while they walk to the only available tavern, with a sign of a bowl full of food and the name ``Happy Belly``

    And then some of the woman outs are looking at you with some rather intense looks.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:11 No.17140682
    Brain starting to fry a bit, but I'm sorry about this slow introduction, I know nothing is happening but I'll remedy that.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:14 No.17140701
    "There's not going to be a problem here, is there?"

    That's fine, man, it's only the first thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:20 No.17140733
    "Is there something wrong, that they would look at me like that?"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:24 No.17140764
    "There's not going to be a problem here, is there?"

    You ask in a small tone, making sure the two women hear you, which make them stop just before opening the door

    ``Nay, milord, the Church is strong and can detect demonic energy yes, but the North made the most successful cleansing of lethal monster in the lands, they purged most of everything with having a good deal of priest purify most of the domestic monsters, turning them back into animals, but it’s only a temporary measure.``

    A bit of unneeded background information but not really unwelcome, this land does seem harsh.

    "Is there something wrong, that they would look at me like that?"

    You don’t like those glares

    Sylphis eye you a bit after your question

    ``You are a male``

    She says that as if speaking to a child. Yet what about those men at the graveyard?

    And with that, entering the Tavern in one loud door slam, causing the taller glare to glare at the smaller one, who gave her a utterly bored expression.

    ``Yoho! Welcome, travelers! ``

    A rather plump women greet your group in a joyful tone that seem genuine, it’s easy to see that she saw many winters with her body and eyes.

    ``A Room for three? Or three for one? I charge the same, traveling became a bit dead after all this civil war business, hungry perhaps? ``

    Desperate for business, there three others woman near the fire exchanging some stories probably, they do give you some glances at a rather… uncomfortable interval.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:25 No.17140770

    >taller girl to glare at the second one
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:27 No.17140784
    One room for three. It would probably be safest if we all stay together.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:32 No.17140810
         File1323322335.png-(55 KB, 336x336, Oh....png)
    55 KB
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:36 No.17140850
    ``One room for three``

    You say in a clear voice, making your two companions glare at you, the taller one probably wanting to slap you, still, Sylphis approach the elder, keeping her head downcast so her.. Helmet? Would not be revealed, however the large woman furrow her brow a bit while looking at her.

    ``I’ll only charges 3 gold, you young folk seem rather tired and I certainly hate seeing tired young people, it make them angry and me sad y’see!``

    She gives a motherly smile and graves the pieces with surprising dexterity and softness.

    ``hungry? Service comes with the rent``

    Good food would help, but the two girls, however, refuse.

    ``We… are rather tired``

    Sylphis say in a small voice, the barkeep suddenly throw a key, Athena catch it in the blink of an eye, you couldn’t even see her scaled arm.

    ``First door on the left after the stairs, good night missy! ``
    Then the friendly woman eyes you

    ``Hungry? ``

    Apparently your two bodyguards seem to think you are safe here, for they disappeared… or not

    You can easily spy Sylphis near the stairs, sitting in the dark and eyeing you with intensity.
    >> That McGuyver 12/08/11(Thu)00:36 No.17140854
    Well, Id go for 2-3 rooms so we dont piss off the prudish locals, but lets be gentleman and ask the ladie's preference
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:40 No.17140887
    "Yes. It's been a trying day."

    Might as well grab a quick bite. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to stay down here long, though.
    >> That McGuyver 12/08/11(Thu)00:44 No.17140912
    Get food, go to room, aquire sleep.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:46 No.17140921
    Eat first, then sleep.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:49 No.17140947
         File1323323385.png-(174 KB, 340x600, 1305083619956.png)
    174 KB
    The three women near the fire suddenly walk up, Sylphis tense up considerably you can… feel it, no seriously, you can. This stuff about sharing soul is rather unnatural. Still, the women quickly exit, laughing among themselves.

    "Yes. It's been a trying day."

    It has been, being almost corrupted does give one a rather big appetite however.

    ``Sure thing! Ysolda!``

    A young girl pop out of the door near a barrel closing the stall, the best way to describe her would be, cute? Rather long blond her in a ponytail and homely clothe, she eyes you a bit and clearly blushes. Those people haven’t seen a male in so long?

    ``I’ll give you our specialty, good meat from pigs salted with a bean soup, its good trust me``

    The young girls disappear again, leaving you almost alone with the larger and older woman.


    You can clearly see the mischievous tone and her eyes too.

    Oh boy

    ``Are these girls your wife’s?``

    Well now
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:52 No.17140965
    "Only traveling companions. The very best. Why?"
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)00:58 No.17141022
    You look at Sylphis near the stair; the question doesn’t really spring any embarrassment out of you, which is clearly making her angry. You can feel it.

    "Only traveling companions. The very best. Why?"

    You say in a tone full of authority, it’s a bit hard to manage it without memories it seems, going with the flow doesn’t work.

    The woman chuckle a bit

    ``They are unusual, I saw it, one has scale, and the others seem to have… decorative eyes on her head maybe? ``
    She’s sharp. Too much

    ``I saw many a strange thing in my time young boy; still, you take good care of them alright? This land is treacherous. ``

    And then your food is prepared, placed neatly in front of your seat. The young girls that gave it to you is humming to herself, then blush when you look her in the eyes and disappear.
    >> That McGuyver 12/08/11(Thu)01:00 No.17141034
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:00 No.17141035
    Well, let's dig in. No telling when we'll have good food next in our journey.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:02 No.17141050
    Eat. Concentrate on the soul bond, if that's possible. See what, if anything, we can feel from Athena and Sylphis at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:13 No.17141128
    No, dont. Taste the food and make shure noones slipped us a mickie
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:14 No.17141141
    Eat quickly.

    Go upstairs have have each party member take turns each getting 5 hours of sleep, with the other two on watch at all times. Then leave this town as fast as possible. This world clearly doesn't like our companions and there's nothing stopping the people in this inn from turning us in to the Church for a quick buck.

    If we REALLY need sleep we can get it later on in a cave or something.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)01:17 No.17141158
    You don’t have anything much to add, this person seem to be the type that enjoy helping people from the bottom of her heart, she feel like an old aunt, perhaps you trust people too easily?

    The food is great and nothing of interest happen as the sun set down, no way to know if the graveyard full of knights got discovered but news would probably travel fast if that was the case, so, you finish your food and the only option seem to be walking up the stairs and sleeping.

    As you ate, trying to focus on the bond gave you a strange result. Concentrating on Sylphis and her feeling gave you nothing, doing so with Athena gave you also nothing, yet you can feel the both of them being comfortable and relaxed, which affect your own state as well, impossible to try and read they’re thought, even the sleeping Athena, it seem this… bond need to grow more perhaps ? Your continue thinking a bit, concentrating on the two women, or Monsters as people here would call them.

    Only to be rudely interrupted by the clacking of the door and a rather large woman looking inside, eyeing you, frowning, but then announcing

    ``The Shieffer Family has been annihilated! The Archmage of fire has also perished, if any news of the previous leader of the family is heard; please announce it at the church! His Majesty wishes his body for a decent burial! ``

    New does travel fast.
    >> That McGuyver 12/08/11(Thu)01:17 No.17141159
    Oh you. This early we are still on the train, may as well enjoy the ride.

    You still there op?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:20 No.17141182
    Oh, shit.

    Finish the food. Don't do anything conspicuous. Drawing attention to ourselves would be a bad idea, I'd wager.
    >> That McGuyver 12/08/11(Thu)01:23 No.17141204
    Goddamit, every single time i post at the same time op does
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)01:29 No.17141243
    The only shock you feel is the surprise at how fast this new spread around, you can clearly feel some agitation in Sylphis and she is up near the stair, with a bloodlust that would ravage this person at the door in seconds, but the announcer quickly leave, her job finished, making you sigh at the fact that the Mantis didn’t slaughter her needlessly

    ``this is....a sad day``

    You eye the large woman

    ``To have the Shieffer family end like that… ``

    You don’t say anything, better to go up the stairs, while doing so Sylphis walk behind you in silence, her previous agitation gone. Now is the time for sleep and opening the door, the room is large and comfy with one big bed; Athena sprawled right in the middle in a starfish position, her green tail perfectly still.

    One room for three huh?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:29 No.17141248
    Nonchalantly shrug, and go back to finishing our mean. We don't want to raise suspicion any more than there is on us.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:31 No.17141257
    I assume that there is a chair. Put it up against the door, and grab a blanket. We'll sleep there. Also, is there a window? Check where it leads, and if we can make the jump down if we have to.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:32 No.17141259
    To Sylphis: "I can sleep on the floor if you'd like. I didn't realize there would only be one bed."
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:34 No.17141277
    We asked for one room for three, though, I kind of assumed there would be a single bed with the way that the innkeeper was looking at us.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:36 No.17141293
    Memory loss can excuse a lot of things.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)01:42 No.17141341
    Instinct kicking in, you quickly go for the window and look down, the jump would probably break the ankle of a normal man but since you are a water mage, it would be easy to make a cushion, Sylphis and Athena being Monsters, they probably have harder bones, however the window is right next to the empty town center save a few patrolling guards with torches.

    Without a word and with Sylphis watching you, you pick one of the chairs and put it right on the door, blocking the handle after nudging the damn thing a few time.
    You then look at the Mantis eyeing you in total silence, the bond telling you her confusion

    "I can sleep on the floor if you'd like. I didn't realize there would only be one bed."

    You say with a small smile, making the insect girl cock her head a bit and then she start undressing, revealing her clearly non-human body, the big scythes on her arms being what catch your eyes, still, the armor like scales stop at her breast, emphasising them without any shame, she stop one stripped to her undergarment, the down part of her body being entirely human and only equipped with some pinkish panty. Her legs are long, and, quite honestly, perfect.

    ``There is no need for alarm… Master``

    She say, doesn’t seem like she has any other way to call you.

    ``I am a Mantis, a hunter, stalker and assassin by nature, I will easily hear an intruder come in, my sleep is light, made of silence and I don’t need much.``

    Then, as emotionless as ever, she continue staring right at you

    ``There is no shame in sharing a bed``
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:46 No.17141360
    "I understand. I wouldn't want to make either of you uncomfortable."

    It would be wise to sleep now.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:49 No.17141380
    Share the bed, and ask if she's heard of the Shieffer family before. You heard that their line was ended, and the firemage killed in the last battle.

    Ask if they know where water mages usually come from.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:51 No.17141395
    Second. We need information when we can get it.
    >> That McGuyver 12/08/11(Thu)01:54 No.17141411
    Phone cant read the pics, but manti eat males, and it sounds like shes coming on to us. Might want to be paranoid about what we just locked ourselves in with.

    Anyways,sleep time.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:56 No.17141433
    Mantis monstergirls don't eat males. Under normal conditions, anyway.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:02 No.17141497
    You nod, feeling slightly embarrassed, which make her smile a bit, or maybe it’s the amusement you feel in the bond making you imagining it, still, you go in the bed, making sure not to bump in the lizard that made herself very, very comfortable.

    It’s in vain, as soon as you allow yourself to sigh on the mattress, the lizard hug you from behind with and put her head right behind your neck mumbling ``Hmm waaarm`` in a clearly sleepy voice.

    Now that is going be fun in the morning.

    You adapt rather surprisingly however, soon the Mantis slip right in front of you and… hug you too, putting her cheek right on top of your heart and closing her eye.

    Perfectly normal situation.

    Still, there some more questions you have to ask the Monster Girl that closed her eyes, she seems to know your interrogation because her antenna pokes you in the face.

    ``Do you know the Shieffer family? ``

    Sylphis make a grave ``no``, more than enough

    ``Then, do you know where the Water mages come from? ``

    The girl rubs her cheek a bit against your chest than take a big sniff. What the hell is she doing?

    ``Water magic has been mastered in the island of Zipangu, our people can even create fantastic music with it, and I’m not sure how it works. As for human, I think about… 75% of the mage population come from the Mage College here in the north, all I know is they mastered teleportation and that how they make most of their money by making it a paid service with the merchant and noble class.``

    Then she fall silently and hug you a bit. Those girls clearly seem to love your warmth
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:03 No.17141500
    Does he know it, though?
    At any rate, does he remember about monster girls?

    Mantis is okay with many things, but the Lizard might object. Sleep along if Athena okays it, but chair is better, IMO.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:05 No.17141516
    Further questions can wait till morning, I guess.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:07 No.17141536
    Roll 1d6 to see if you remember the dream you will have.

    Its going to be my last post, my brain is fried. but its a excellent feeling
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:08 No.17141541
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:15 No.17141598
         File1323328535.png-(505 KB, 696x826, 1323052557932.png)
    505 KB
    The best way to describe your sleep would be… murky. You tried to reach, to grab, to find something, anything, searching your consciousness, taking your training as a mage to heart and concentrating in whatever you could find, but only deep, black, fog-like nothing surrounded your sleep, yet there a sense of loss that also fade away.

    You remembered something but forgot it; however you are a very stubborn man: this shall not happen again.

    ``It would seem that milord made himself comfortable``

    A voice pulls you out of this murky mess, two warm bodies against you with the light chirping of Monster birds.
    You don’t even know why you follow them, but there no other choice right? Still the lizard seems displeased, but today is another day.

    And with this I am done, Expect a continuation in three to four day, I'll try to give some action in this, I really loved writing this however.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:16 No.17141604
    Is a two a interesting dream?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:16 No.17141608
    This was awesome. Looking forward to the next installment.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:18 No.17141615

    You failed the roll, but next time you sleep you won't need to do it, the dream will come.


    Thank bro, I worked on this a bit but writing it for real was a blast
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:30 No.17141710
    Congratulation on your first quest thread, I though it was rather good. I especially like your descriptions, enough to place me in the character but not so much to because wall of texty (though I would have liked a little bit more).

    What I really appreciate is when I is when a quest giver set a (general) start time for the next quest should start.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:33 No.17141750

    I've seen quite a few quest threads finishing with no schedule and those seem to die off rather fast, so I'm more or less planning a bit with my week, just hope I don't hit a writer block, that would make me very sad.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:38 No.17141785
    I mostly was asking so I could be part of the thread from the bingeing. Something like "the quest will start at 11:00pm EST (give or take 5min)" would be great.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:40 No.17141798
    Also dose any one want to archive this or shall I?
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:44 No.17141825

    I can't really be more precise than three to four days, but expect it near 7-8 pm EST. I'm suprised how long I lasted while writing this
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:45 No.17141841
    Cool I understand how scheduling can be.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:48 No.17141867

    I am afraid I lack the knowledge to archive, I would if I knew
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)02:51 No.17141897
    It's very easy just go to this http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html website and click on the add thread button. But I'll do it this time.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)02:52 No.17141906

    Thank bro, really appreciate it
    >> Painful Elegy !!inmjPeen1cC 12/08/11(Thu)02:54 No.17141923

    >Read Thread
    >no golem or gargoyle

    really? other than dragon, those are the least rapey ones around.
    >> InsertNameHere 12/08/11(Thu)03:00 No.17141967

    They'll have their places, dragons too, but those are probably going to be a bit late.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)03:30 No.17142151
    >miss thread
    >mantis gets voted in
    Damn it. Still, I'm curious how this will turn out.

    Also, some grammatical nitpicking: you seem to forget the -s/-es suffixes quite often.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:49 No.17142892
         File1323344942.jpg-(39 KB, 250x176, zsz.jpg)
    39 KB
    Art by Frans Mensink
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:51 No.17142906
    Got a bigger version?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:59 No.17142936
    Unless she swims with her arms raised above her head all the time, that's a terrible place to have gills.

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