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  • File : 1320332147.jpg-(178 KB, 900x789, dobb__ork_nob_by_sirjoepanzer-d4cj5he.jpg)
    178 KB Chapter Master Quest The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)10:55 No.16827377  
    Kaankas.... Or as in imperial records Crimson Spectres..... A Raven Guard successor chapter.... One of the most promising warriors of the millenium. Building their own legacy.

    You are Ryan Croaw. Leader of these warriors. Chapter Master of the Crimson Spectres...

    And you mobilize your squads into defensive formation. As you give your orders the massive Ork ship, moves closer to board the Silence of Death. Your battle-barge. Crippled and wounded. Ravendare, a strike cruiser of your chapter tries to fend of two Ork flankers while Crimson Queen, the cathedral ship of the Crimson Hearts order is locked in a firefight againt a looted Ork ship.

    You setp up choke points to in Silence of Death, denying the Ork boarders a chance to flank or use the their numbers effectively. Also every 2 choke point connects to a secondary choke point thus allowing you another tactical advantage. You wait as Ork ship moves closer.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)10:57 No.16827391
    Still too many ellipses.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)10:58 No.16827400
    Forces aboard Silence of Death

    1st Company Commander=Captain Adeon

    Terminators 40/40
    Sternguard Vet. 20/20
    Vanguard Vet 20/20
    Scouts 20/20

    Chaplain Azakniel
    134/134 intiates

    Epistolary Fenix
    Lexicanum Krin
    Master of the Forge Argath
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)11:02 No.16827428
    Forces Aboard Ravendare

    3rd Company Commander=Captain Archaron

    Apothecary Garan
    Lexicanum Krin
    Vanguard Vet. 20/10
    Tacticals 30/20
    Assaults 30/30
    Scouts 20/0
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)11:04 No.16827445
    Forces aboard Crimson Queen

    Cannoness Selena

    Celestians 50/50
    Seraphims 40/40
    Battle Sisters 60/60

    2000/2000 İmperial Troopers
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)11:25 No.16827584
    Silence of Death shakes as torpedoes slams onto her armour. Fortunately these arent explosives as they serve a different purpose. Their sole purpose is to penetrate the armour of the whatever ship they are launched on and deliver their living cargo. Half of these oversized torpedoes fall apart at impact. not able to pierce the Armour of the Battle-Barge. Though ones which manages to bore into the ship is still dangerous. Orks pour out from these shells, eager to fight. They are mostly feral boyz who are yet to enter a clan though with them comes some ard' boyz and nobz. A Nob who stands taller than the rest of them leads the overall attack. Soon a blody close range combat erupts in all chokepoints
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)11:27 No.16827599

    Not that many...
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)11:33 No.16827642
    I still hope that one day we'll have Canones Quest.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)11:46 No.16827725

    One day. Maybe. Though i wish to see this quest end first.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)11:48 No.16827740
    We can end it right now you know.

    And start a glorious Canoness quest.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)12:19 No.16827942
    Someone else can start a cannonnes quest. İ want to see this through to the end. Want to see how tg will change the 40k universe with a chapter under command.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)13:33 No.16828443
    We need more n !
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)13:48 No.16828549


    İt is a simple typo.
    >> Conn 11/03/11(Thu)13:51 No.16828572
    Keep this quest going, Emprah. Sadly, I'm leaving in ten minutes, so I won't be a part of this one again, but someday soon.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)13:56 No.16828604







    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)13:58 No.16828621

    İ will keep it going no matter what. İ am determined as long as my players bear with me.

    They will make this quest. İ just give them a beginning. And i will watch as they turn this quest into an epic saga... İ hope...
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:01 No.16828643

    You know that its not funny right. So pls if you really dont have anything to say beside too many elipses just stop okay? This is a quest thread.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:07 No.16828700
    >> Judanas 11/03/11(Thu)14:09 No.16828707
    Alright, have the terminators act as the anvil, engaging the enemy. Feral orks should do bugger all to them. Vanguards attempt to flank, keep up the pressure.

    Scouts and Sterngard provide fire support while the Initiates help the Terminators with close-up bolter fire and melee support.

    Psykers will toss blast far out into the horde, preferable something that won't breach the hull...more. Thin their numbers.

    Chaplain Azakniel will inspire the initiates and the terminators alike, Master of the Forge Argath weighing in with servoharness and whatever his melee weapon of choice is.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)14:28 No.16828841
    >please stop the ellipses joke

    It's like you're asking for it so they'll bump it.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:30 No.16828862

    Quickly on your orders your marines manuvers. Terminators break any charge made thanks to charge points giving them a great advantage over feral greenskin. Most of the feral boyz die and against assault cannons and flamers ard boyz die too. Still the problem is that there are just too many of them. They keep coming and coming. Slowly corpses start to pile up at the feet of terminators.

    Vanguards are still with you because an attempt to flank meant at least breaking one chokepoint and pushing greenskins back from it. Then you would be able to flank other greenskins.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:32 No.16828873

    Well i like them. And they arent that obvious. İ mean its not like that im going "..............................." right?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)14:34 No.16828890
    You just did.
    >> Judanas 11/03/11(Thu)14:39 No.16828933

    Then we'll need to push them back a bit, stop the horde. Azakniel, Fenix ,Krin and Argath can help us and some terminators push a choke point back. If something can take 2 librarians, a Chaplain, a Chapter master AND Terminators, it's not worth taking.
    >> Entirely sober anon 11/03/11(Thu)14:44 No.16828965
    >Your battle-barge. Crippled and wounded.
    Jesus, shit DID go as badly as I figured it would when I bowed out.
    Alright, what resources on our barge are still operational?
    Anything we can't replace?
    I'm of the opinion that venting the atmosphere on blocks that the orks are on is a good oh shit plan. Hopefully, the mucraloid organ has been prepared.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:48 No.16828996

    You call Azakniel, Argath and Fenix to your side. Azakniel comes with his initiates behind so does Argath with two of your honor guard at his back. Other remaining 7 members of your honor guard are around you. Then you chose one choke point and break it. Pushing greenskins back as you stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers. This actually works fine for the narrow corridors are big advantage on your side but when you reach a wide hall greenskins now manage to close to gap being able to spread out. Your terminators still cut down man of them still you start to take casualities as ard boyz and nobz join the fight. You see the giant nob, the one leading the attack at front of the charge as it crashes into the ranks of intiates and starts cutting them down. More and more Orks pour into the hall after him.

    lost 12 initiates...

    What now Chapter Master?
    >> Entirely sober anon 11/03/11(Thu)14:50 No.16829016
    Laugh smugly as they either run away or sigh when they actually do it.
    >my guardsman in my DH game actually did this, killed a meganob and used it's head to intimidate the rest of the mob to flee
    >> Judanas 11/03/11(Thu)14:51 No.16829023

    We'll have to take down the big one. Without him they will likely start to squabble over who is the new boss.

    We should likely push towards him, scouts helping clear the way by sniping any nob that gets in our way.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:52 No.16829030

    Your battle-barge's integrity is still maximum as the atmosphere vents are closed by the giant wreckages of torpedoes. Other than that you mostly hold Orks at some cleverly designed choke points not allowing them to spread into ship. Still you cant repair the ship in battle. You need some major repairs.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:54 No.16829043
    Just to remind you.

    Our intiates are fully equipped battle-brothers. With power armour and else.

    Our scouts are expert veterans who speciliase in stealth.
    >> Judanas 11/03/11(Thu)14:55 No.16829057

    Yes. I wasn't expecting the scouts to engage the nobs in hand to hand. They will hang back, the initiates keeping attacks off them.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)14:56 No.16829060

    BTW guys i think i will want you to roll 1d50 for this. Below 10 are fail. First 3 dice count.
    >> Entirely sober anon 11/03/11(Thu)14:57 No.16829072
    rolled 27 = 27

    >I'm sweating irl jesus christ
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)15:03 No.16829093
    Well, let's see.....
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:04 No.16829098
    rolled 11 = 11

    The fuck, 4chan, stop blocking me
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)15:06 No.16829112

    You charge through a group of orks knocking them aside. Your lightning claws carve a bloody path into the green tide. Your only focus is the greenskin leader. He turns to you and roars then swings his chain axe. You dodge it and strike with your claws toring a great piece of meat from te side of the beast but he quickly reverses his swipe and back of its axe hits your pauldron forcing you back. You quickly gather yourself as the nob clucthes its wound. Blood dripps onto ground it.

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)15:15 No.16829169
    rolled 24 = 24

    Leap through the air off a pile of orc corpses into the Nob, driving your lightning claws through his face.

    Then remove the lightning claws in as gory a fashion as can be reasonably done.
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:20 No.16829195
    OI, I still want it's head.
    Intact preferably.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)15:20 No.16829198

    Your jump pack ignites as you laucnh yourself on nob giving your charge more power. Before he can use his axe to deflect or parry your slam into him and drive your claws into its face. Then one claw still lock in its neck you tear his head apart with the other.
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:22 No.16829213
    Aww well, no boss head for our trophy rack.
    Ride it's corpse to the ground, and look at the rest of the boys.
    Just look at them.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)15:23 No.16829223
         File1320348230.jpg-(40 KB, 627x613, 127121662944.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)15:29 No.16829259
    there are dozens more in the greenskin ship if you're feeling frisky
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)15:31 No.16829274

    İ dont get the meaning of this one.
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:31 No.16829277
    Yea, but they ain't tha baus.
    And right now, we just need to get them out. Putting them to rout is effective.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)15:36 No.16829290
    Roll 1d50.

    Below 20 is failure.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)15:36 No.16829294
    my face when you actually tore apart its head
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:38 No.16829302
    rolled 21 = 21

    Hoping against hope
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:41 No.16829331
         File1320349285.jpg-(196 KB, 900x600, 1319741494247.jpg)
    196 KB
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)15:44 No.16829344

    You turn to the greenskins. Blood of their leader is on your armour. Remnants of its face and brain is still on your claws. İts body lies below your feet. You stand still and silent and look at them. They see cold death in your eyes. One of them hesitates and takes a step back. You clear the brains of the nob from your claws with quick swipe then get ready to charge. But seeing this all of the greenskins turn back and run.
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:47 No.16829365
         File1320349672.jpg-(21 KB, 400x261, 1319302493316.jpg)
    21 KB
    Never will there be a better time for this picture.
    Give the command for all troops to gun down/run down/sneer at the orks, as is their leisure, and find out how the other choke points are doing.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)15:50 No.16829379
    Your marines quickly gather up, ready to advance. Argath walks up to you as you get ready to move forward.

    -Ryhan. İ believe that we should head for hangar rather than pushing the assault and trying to flank the beasts. İf we reach hangar we can mount a counterassault and board the Ork ship. With a precision assault we can set melta charges on its plasma cores and destroy thw whole ship instead fighting all the Orks one by one.
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)15:55 No.16829431
    Hmmm, you don't say?
    Adeon, you are in charge till I get back.
    Take 15 termies, 10 vet/stern, 5 scouts and some initiates for the ride. Bring the epistolary, tell him it's time for him to get some field experience and Argath.
    Ask for blessings from Azakniel, and roll out.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)15:59 No.16829458
    Ryan Croaw LOL
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)16:04 No.16829490

    You give Adeon overall command. You dont like it but you also know that even an average commander can hold the chokepoints with termies equipped with assault canons. You take 10 sternguard your honor guard termi and another termi squad numbering 5 man, 5 scouts and 50 initiates. Argath and Fenix comes with you. Lastly you ask Azakniel for blessings which he gives you smiling. He also tells you that you dont need them as your duty is a blessed one, by the humanity itself. You turn back to the marines who assembled before you. You are ready to go.

    What now?
    >> The Awesome Emprah 11/03/11(Thu)16:06 No.16829509

    Anon whats wrong with you? Do you dislike the quest or found it lacking. İf so i would like to hear your advices.
    >> Entirely sober (and victorious) anon 11/03/11(Thu)16:09 No.16829539
    Turn to Argath, ask him what his idea was and if he was sure this would work.
    Failing that, forward and onwards, we have orks to kill.
    Also, find out how our other ships are holding up.
    >> mick824 11/03/11(Thu)16:18 No.16829615
    let's go with this
    >> mick824 11/03/11(Thu)16:25 No.16829675
    ok everyone i just talked with The Awesome Emprah over the chat and he says he's calling it quits for today, so can someone archive this thread?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)16:29 No.16829694
    Not the guy you're asking that of, but I found this quest to be bland and cliche. You could replace all mentioning of 'Orks' with 'insert generic villains here', and it wouldn't be any different.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/11(Thu)16:39 No.16829750
    can someone post the links to the previous treads? I was in the first one but missed the others...

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