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  • File : 1320086245.jpg-(301 KB, 1152x720, Warp_Travel_by_Feamaika.jpg)
    301 KB Chapter Master Quest The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)14:37 No.16797229  
    The moment you the fleet enters the warp you feel that something is wrong. You feel it. İn your body, in your mind, in your very soul...

    But before you can do anything all lights go out and ship starts to shake violently. Darkness consumes everything as you hear a laughter echoing all around. Whispering you lies and truth alike. İt tells you about secrets that would make a normal human go insane. But not you.

    You are Lucius Fenix. Chief Librarian of Crimson Spectres. And you will not fail the two person who put much trust in you. You grab your force sword and bolt pistol. Your helmet quickly switches on as you psychic hood powers up. You are in ships librarium. İn front of you is the entrance while all around you are various bookshelves. Behind you stands a shrine, for meditations. Emergency power supply kicks in as a low light illuminates the corridors. Not enough to banish the shadows but its enough to allow you see your surroundings.

    What now? Librarian?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)14:39 No.16797249
    >>Dat image
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)14:40 No.16797261
    rolled 40 = 40

    Enginarium. Gellar Field systems and the Warp Drive. Both must be protected.
    >> Funky Solar/Marine 10/31/11(Mon)14:40 No.16797263
    rolled 38 = 38

    go to the bridge, something is not right and I need answers
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)14:48 No.16797333

    You know that geller field is damaged but still working or otherwise you wouldnt be still breathing. Still somehow chaos is lowly leaking into this ship and if you dont get geller fields to full again...

    Other than that you also need to go to bridge. You need some answers as situation now makes little sense. All astartes ships are checked before flights so how the heck geller field is damaged? Whats the situation of other ships?

    You exit librarium and move along the corridors. Oddly you dont see anyone, not even servitors around. A few steps ahead of you is mess hall, place where crew eats. After that there is fork wth one corridor going to enginarium, other gong to bridge.

    What now? Fenix?
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)14:53 No.16797371
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)14:59 No.16797425
    2nd bump?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:03 No.16797445
    investigate, locate your brothers, get the ship to battle stations
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:03 No.16797455

    Sorry dude, I was the anon who posted about the enginarium. Then I went and got breakfast and came back. I think your quest has died. Try again, it had potential. They don't always catch on.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)15:13 No.16797536
         File1320088383.png-(614 KB, 508x851, daemonette_by_lio_sun-d4e6rby.png)
    614 KB

    You decide that its too quiet. Where are your battle-brothers? Where are the chapters serfs? You decide to investigate and enter the mess hall. You footsteps echeos in the hall as you walk in. Then you hear some giggling. You turn around to face it. You see nothing.

    -Well. What we have got here... A playmate? Delicious...

    Your quickly turn back and see her. A daemonette. Sitting on one of the tables. She licks her lips.

    -Would you like to play with me?

    What now Librarian?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:14 No.16797551
    "Not really no, but I doubt that will stop you from trying anyway." The Librarian says, rolling his eyes. "I'm guessing that there's been a gellar field failure then?"
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:18 No.16797591


    unleash warp lightning over and over again before charging in with your sword raised
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)15:38 No.16797756

    She jumps down from the table then starts waking up to you in a seductive manner.

    -Failure? Or maybe a sabotage? Or maybe the fickleness of the gods... Who knows... But one thing is sure sweety that you will not stay alive long enough to learn. Still i may help you... *Stands beside you and puts her hands on your chest.* You see sweety, you are a rare delicay. And if you satisfy me... *licks her lips.* i may help you succeed.

    You lift you force sword and lean it against her throat. A drop of blood slowy slides down her neck. Deamonette shivers with pleasure instead of discomfort.

    -İs that all you got to say heretic?

    She moans and then looks at you again.

    -We play this game rough too... But then tell me, do you really believe you can succeed alone?
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)15:42 No.16797791

    İ dont think that quest has died.... yet!

    But then i coud be wrong. İ just hope tg supports me.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:43 No.16797803
    "I am never alone. The Emperor burns eternal within me. He is by my side always, even now in this most foul of dimensions." He says watching her movements as he settles down, crossing his legs to assume a meditation position.
    "Thou are nought but a passing shadow, to be burned away with the coming of the dawn."
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:44 No.16797813
    We can bloody well try
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)15:49 No.16797862

    -As you say my dear... You see i am not forcefull. Because i know that eventually you will be mine. İ can wait... İf you survive thats it. Beyond this room are the deamons from every realm of the warp. Khornate grunts, Tzeentchian spawns, Nurgle horrors... And the longer you take your time, more powerfull ones will show up.

    - İ will take my chances.

    - Very well my dear. İ hope you survive this. For now, farewell.

    She says then slowly walks into the shadows dissapearing from your sight leaving you to your own.

    Now what Librarian?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:51 No.16797884
    Now we gear up, try and figure out where we need to be and what we should be doing to reactivate the gellar fields, and move out.
    The emperor protects.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:53 No.16797900
    What are some important locations near our current position of the mess hall?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)15:57 No.16797920
    >calling a demon heretic

    Thats.. not entirely correct..
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:00 No.16797953

    You know mess hall to be very close to Atronomican. Also at the outside of the hall you know there is a corrider leading to Bridge, also elevators to enginarium are close too. Other than that great hall is close too though its at the opposite side of this ship.


    You grab your force sword and bolt pistol from the ground and ready yourself. You know with every second, more and more deamons bleed into the ship.

    What now Fenix?
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:01 No.16797970

    İ know. İ just rolled with it because.... Well fuck me... İt should have been warp spawn or abomination.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:03 No.16797987
    We don't mind too much. Don't worry.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:04 No.16798000
    Head to the bridge, I'm sure we'll be able to discern something from the various flashing readouts about the status of the ship
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:09 No.16798065
    Make your way to the gellar field generator; Emperor knows how long it will hold before the ship is utterly consumed.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:10 No.16798077
         File1320091834.jpg-(189 KB, 800x800, bloodletter_by_devburmak-d3jry(...).jpg)
    189 KB

    You head for the ship's bridge. As you walk through the corridors you hear voices. Whispers then all lights go out for a second. When they come back nows stands before you a bloodletter of khorne. Eager to spill your blood.

    What now Librarian?

    (Time to roll!)
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)16:12 No.16798096
         File1320091962.jpg-(28 KB, 712x413, 1317049589852.jpg)
    28 KB
    rolled 100 = 100

    shoot it in the face!!!
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:13 No.16798100
    Roll 1d50

    Above 40 is crit.

    Below 10 is fail.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:13 No.16798105

    The Emperor shows us the way!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:13 No.16798107
    rolled 49 = 49

    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)16:13 No.16798108
    Inner Monologue: Why have we yet to meet any of our Battle Brothers? Why did we meet a Slannesh Demonette before them? Something is so very wrong on this ship right now, and we MUST figure it out before we leave the warp.

    >May the Emperor bless our path!!!
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:14 No.16798119

    İ accept this roll but from now on roll 1d50 for combat.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:19 No.16798172

    And this was supposed to stop you? İf warp thought a mere bloodletter (even with a demon forged sword) can stop you, then they are gravely mistaken.

    You draw your bolt pistol and before bloodletter has time to respond shoot it. İn the face. Twice. İt staggers back but before it can regain his footing you throw a psy bolt at it, blowing its head, splattering its fiery blood everywhere.

    What now Librarian?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:21 No.16798184
    rolled 58 = 58


    To the Bridge! We must find out what is going on in here.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:22 No.16798186
    You know, this could be all an illusion. Check to see if it is really happening.
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)16:24 No.16798203
    to the Bridge we go!
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:26 No.16798218

    What's the roll to weld our ass together?
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)16:28 No.16798236
    speak better English please
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:31 No.16798262
         File1320093080.jpg-(53 KB, 900x675, warhammer_40_000_bloodthirster(...).jpg)
    53 KB

    You wonder that if this is all real? You know that the gods of the warp can decieve the minds. You try to focus but simple you cant open your mind fully as still the ship is under assault by warp. You decide the only way to find out is moving forwad so you head for the bridge. But you arrive at the bridge just to see yours fears come true. The corpse of your chapter master lies on the command throne. Mutilated and bloody. Around him are all sorts of deamon, playing with human corpses and the corpses of your brethren alike. And before them is a might daemon of Khorne. A bloodthirster.

    What now Librarian?
    >> dice+1d100 The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:37 No.16798318
    Rolling for getting more players...
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:38 No.16798322
    rolled 47 = 47

    We need to get away from that thing. It's too strong, even for us. See if we can't raise some of our brothers on the vox.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:41 No.16798350

    We. Are. Fucked. How do I weld my ass together in order to disallow a demon to sodomize me heavily.
    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)16:41 No.16798362
    make your way to the field generator!

    We must Halt the Demon hordes from coming onto our formerly holy vessel!

    Maybe some of our brothers are alive in that section of the ship.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:44 No.16798394
    Damnit. Damn damn damn.

    What more can we do? The bridge is unclaimable. We must make our way to the gellar fields. Maintain comm silence, no doubt the demons have control over it as well.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:45 No.16798404

    You know that you cant defeat it. Your eyes trail of to your chapter master. The man whom trusted you when others saw you only as a danger. He was one of your true friends. And now was lost to the deamons. You take a step back. Then you turn back to run back but in place of entrance now is a daemonic face. Laughing at you. Daemons surround you from all sides.

    -İt doesnt have to end like this.

    A voice echoes in your head.

    -This isnt the present... You can still help him. You can still prevent this.
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)16:48 No.16798430
    run! go! get to da gella field generatior!

    ahh. a sentence i understand
    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)16:50 No.16798454

    The warp speaks falacies, what has happened cannot be undone...


    But what can we do? We are powerless before the Demonic flood.

    >We have no choice but to humor this Heretical filth.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:50 No.16798455
    rolled 31 = 31

    Attack the face, force sword first.
    We're just trying to get through it, not to destroy it, so let's not waste that time.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:50 No.16798463
    Wait, the daemonette has trapped us in some kind of illusion?

    Well shit, if she can overpower the mind of a Librarian, we might as well just fall to Chaos right now.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:52 No.16798482
    "What do you mean? My master lies dead, a fact that I have seen with my own living eyes.
    Just like a demon to tell lies."
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:53 No.16798488
    The life boat pods are a good idea. *wink* *wink*
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)16:55 No.16798507

    we'll fight our way out if we have to
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)16:56 No.16798510
    Honestly, we gonna pussy out for a bloodthirster? If we're thoroughly fucked anyway we should at least go out with a bang!
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:57 No.16798517

    You slash at the face with you sword.

    -Listen to me... İn warp time has no meaning. All of these events are mere possibilities. You can prevent all of this. You can save him. You can save your WHOLE CHAPTER!

    You tore out one of his eyes which he rewards you with a shriek and spitting fire on you. You are mostly unharmed but it distracts you enough to let bloodthirster reach you. İt grads you in his one hand and holds you close to its face.

    -Trust me... You can stop this nightmate. Just believe in me... Belive your own heart.

    What now Librarian?

    (Any moves that involves combat should be rolled.)
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)16:58 No.16798530

    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)17:01 No.16798550
    The warp speaks lies, but we'll humor it.
    We have a duty, to chapter and EMPRAH.
    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)17:01 No.16798551
    rolled 4, 3 = 7

    Attack the Bloodletter with every ounce of your BEING!


    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:02 No.16798566

    Combat rolls are 1d50.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/11(Mon)17:05 No.16798588
         File1320095126.jpg-(31 KB, 336x368, 1319472596616.jpg)
    31 KB
    Crush Kill Destroy
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:05 No.16798589
    Hey can someone Archieve this in suptg. İ will go to bed soon and next time it would be easier if we had this episode archieved.
    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)17:06 No.16798605
    rolled 14 = 14


    Well I feel sheepish...


    Rinse and repeat
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)17:07 No.16798612
    rolled 38 = 38


    power rush through the face
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:15 No.16798684

    You muster your remaining strength and channel it into a psychic blow. Aiming directly for his head you fell power crackling through your body. You focus and channel it, then send it right into the Daemons skull.

    İt howls in pain and throws you aside. You hit the wall with such power that your armour cracks, your rib brakes and all of your breath are pushed out of your lungs. You try to regain your breath as bloodthirster claws at his face.

    -İt is pointless. How valiant your efforts may be, you will doom yourself.

    Daemon horde slowly moves closer to you.

    -You will die, for nothing, all of your chapter will die for nothing.

    Bloodthirster turns to you, his face is a bloody mess but he still lives.

    -Just trust me. Thats all i ask. İ am not your enemy. İ am not one of the horrors of warp. And i can help you.

    Bloodthirster walks up to you.

    What now Librarian?
    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)17:18 No.16798712
    rolled 11 = 11


    Explain yourself, Presence.

    If you are not of the Taint, what are you?

    I do not feel the twist of warp inside your speech, but one cannot be too careful in the warp...
    Speak quickly, for it seems I am not long for this world...
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)17:19 No.16798716
    rolled 44 = 44

    "then what are you then?"
    we say this to the face
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:19 No.16798724
    BTW its bed time for me so i wll make one last advancement before i go to sleep. So i wont be able to archieve this thread so pls. Archieve this.
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)17:20 No.16798729
    combine these posts
    >> Gundrium is stuck at another computer right now... 10/31/11(Mon)17:24 No.16798771
    rolled 9 = 9



    Also, going to the grocery real quick, BRB.
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:34 No.16798847

    -İ have many names... i have lived many lives... seen many things...

    Bloodthirster towers over you. Anger and bloodlust controls him.

    -Some call me the black one. Others know me as the Crow Lord. Empires of races which existed long before know me as Ancient. Shadows who watch over them.

    Daemons around you start glibbering.

    -İ am the darkness, i am the hunter in the shadows. İ am everlasting.

    Bloodthirster raises his axe for killing blow.

    What now librarian?
    >> mick824 10/31/11(Mon)17:39 No.16798883
    "then if you have an offer, then help me"
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:52 No.16799016

    Bloodthirster swings down his axe. İts stops halfwat acroos your face. Then you realize the shadow which are strangling the Daemon. Shadows the come from corners of the room, shadows that come from their own, And then all of the Daemons around your burst into black flames. Choking and burning they scream and howl their agony as the shadows cover the whole ship.

    -Close your eyes for now. But remember. This is just a beginning....

    Then darkness engulfs you.


    You hear a beating sound. A ryhtmic beatings. You realize its your own heart. İt starts to quicken as conciousness slowly returns to you.

    -Master Fenix? Are you alright?

    You open your eyes and see Lexicanum Krinn standing right beside you. You look at you surroundings. You are in the librarium.

    -What happened Krinn?

    -We just dropped out from the warp Master. Chapter Master gave mobilization order for everyone.

    -Ryhan!!! İs he ... alive?

    Lexicanum Krinn looks at you, a worried expression on his face.

    -Of course... Why wouldnt he be?

    You let out a sigh of relief.

    -Nothing... You go and prepare our equipment with Revan and get ready for deployment. İ will join you soon.

    Lexicanum salutes you then leaves the librarium. You stand up and turn to the shrine.

    -This is just the beginning young Epistolary. Battles and wars await us. We have much to do. But if you believe in me, then i will lend you my power.

    A sound echoes in your head. You wonder....
    >> The Awesome Emprah 10/31/11(Mon)17:59 No.16799072
    İt is all for the night. We will switch back to Ryhan next session and get it on against Orks. See you laters guys.

    Also for those who want to catch up.....


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