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  • File : 1319683248.jpg-(405 KB, 820x615, giger-office-chairs.jpg)
    405 KB Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:40 No.16748756  
    >I'd love to see a fantasy world inspired by H. R. Giger's work

    ITT we make it happen

    The game world is a vast subterranean space with almost no sources of light; characters see primarily in the infrared spectrum. Everyone, absolutely everyone, is born with horrific deformities. Those who live in the upper strata of society use reconstructive surgery and biomechanical implants to become a simulacrum of something normal, and the poorer peoples simply try to live with their flaws as best they can. Biotech is in fact the foundation of the local economy, and is so common and simplified that vat-grown bones and flesh become the primary construction materials, simply because they're so cheap. Plastics are slightly more expensive, stone, ceramic and metal more so, and wood is an almost unheard-of luxury.

    Urban spaces are constructed like the underhive of 40K hiveworlds, but from bone and cartilage and fleshy walls. Power is sold from photovoltaic collectors on the planet's surface. Radiation and the intensity of sunlight are so intense going up there without protection is almost a death-sentence. Electrical power is closely metered and dearly priced, do the point it's cheaper to get infrared-sensing eyes implanted than it is to turn on a flourescent light.

    Need more ideas though, jump in and contribute.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:44 No.16748787
    They did this and it was awful.

    Look up Darkseed 1 and 2.

    But yeah lets try and make something not as bad as that.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:44 No.16748794
    If everyone is deformed, then what is normal?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:45 No.16748808
    Leather is practically the only clothing material around. Their are multiple cities. They all fight each-other with highly modified troopers made of the most reinforced chitin, tissue and muscle that can be harvested.
    Everything is phallic
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:47 No.16748820
    Their are old sunken churches with depictions of the ancient undeformed man and woman. They are considered perfection, angelic and it is what they all strive for.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:48 No.16748829
    Giger is what would happen if Salvador took an auto-erotic dump on Lovecraft, then they chocked each other until they came.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:48 No.16748836
    >Everything is phallic
    Let's not forget the bondage and rape themes.

    The obvious system to use is FATAL.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:48 No.16748838
    Wow, a world where you can finally climb a wall of dicks.
    What kinda rolls would you need to make?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:49 No.16748839
         File1319683745.jpg-(193 KB, 1280x720, 1317266049107.jpg)
    193 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:51 No.16748863
    I love that fucking album.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:52 No.16748871

    That raises a good question: how explicit should the genital imagery get? It could be properly horrific to use a disembodied, priapic penis as a stiletto, but it could also be really, really goofy.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:52 No.16748876
    >Necron boardroom.jpg
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:54 No.16748895
    I like to think you have to pick two advantages and two deformities when rolling a character.
    Thickened bone.
    Unnatural grace < advantages
    Twisted insides
    Fused fingers <disadvantages
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:54 No.16748900
    Dick heels is off-limits if you want a setting that is horrific. Things needn't be shaped explicitly like a cock; just look at all of the innuendos people make on a daily basis with shit like carrots, cucumbers, and the like. As long as something is long and cylindrical it can be phallic.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:55 No.16748905
    >Their are old sunken churches with depictions of the ancient undeformed man and woman. They are considered perfection, angelic and it is what they all strive for.

    I'm liking this idea. Unfortunately, not everyone is of a saintly disposition, and sometimes the harsh subterranean life requires you to have your spine extruded into a barbed tail, or to have the cuticle for a heavy carapace sewn on top of your skin. Perfection leaves you weak.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:57 No.16748929
    O God...

    Serious OP. Giger is way WAY too sexual to be useful as a game setting. At best, everyone playing would be uncomfortable. At worst, an orgy would break out on game night.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:57 No.16748936
    >at worst

    orgies are bad now?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:58 No.16748941

    I mean 'stiletto' as in the stabbing implement, not the part of some women's shoes
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:58 No.16748942
    >At worst, everyone playing would be uncomfortable. At best, an orgy would break out on game night.

    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:58 No.16748948
         File1319684309.jpg-(292 KB, 1200x819, 21008.jpg)
    292 KB
    If you are making a world based on the works of Giger, everything is going to be a penis.

    Or a dead fetus.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:59 No.16748952
    Genders you can pick
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)22:59 No.16748962
    Oh dear god. Both are rather unfortunate aren't they? Well take what I said and apply it to "a man attacks you in a dark alley with a giant metal cock."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:00 No.16748966
    Oh god... I was at one of his bars in sweden, it was terrible. Overpriced (well it was sweden...) and the foam seats had large bits picked off the bottom.

    It looked like a regular bar except with those seats, and the barside itself was grotesque. Neat, but not worth traveling several thousand kilometres to see.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:00 No.16748974
    Well, with my gaming group, it'd be a nightmarish hell scape.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:03 No.16749009


    IN SUP/TG/
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:04 No.16749020
         File1319684686.jpg-(80 KB, 224x340, PERSEPHONE.jpg)
    80 KB
    I'm still having trouble seeing past the rapey xenophilia. Not that that's a bad thing, but not the sort of atmosphere I'd want for killing things and taking their stuff.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:06 No.16749039
    >At best, everyone playing would be uncomfortable.

    Many game settings exist to make people uncomfortable. Call of Cthulhu's settings count for this.

    Imagine that you meet an NPC, a legless woman on a street corner strumming some sort of musical instrument. She has information that could help the group meet their objectives. She wants something in return though, and holds up the instrument she's been playing. You clearly see something vaguely in the shape of a guitar, but with a human-like spine for a neck, and ribs shaping out a body. The thing is covered in flesh, but there's a burned spot. The instrument is wheezing.

    "My lover was injured in a fight earlier. I must patch this hole in his chest. You there! Lend us some of your skin, and I'll help you."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:06 No.16749040
    Plus, it'd be hard to tell if you killed something, and what stuff was takenable.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:08 No.16749078
    I get that. I've run a CoC that made two plays vomit before. But call me a prude, but sexual stuff just isn't a topic I want to explore with a group of guys late at night.
    >> The British !YH7rCWzZv2 10/26/11(Wed)23:08 No.16749081
    If it comes off, you take it
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:12 No.16749124
    There was a comic release by DC comics written by Jamie Delano called World Without End that you should check out. Its setting is a world covered in flesh with cities of bone.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:14 No.16749155
    In this world maybe what you get from creatures isn't loot. What you can harvest is the loot. Having a skilled butcher and surgeon in your group is a must.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:14 No.16749162

    What you can loot from fallen opponents depends on two factors:

    1) How badly did you injure the enemy before dispatching it?
    2) Is anyone in the party carrying a saw?
    >> The British !YH7rCWzZv2 10/26/11(Wed)23:20 No.16749238
    >looting bodyparts from fallen enemies and attaching them to yourself, replacing your own to create a perfect specimen like those in the ancient churches
    Here is your quest
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:22 No.16749255
    You could center the character improvement system around surgery and augmentation.

    Every "core" has a number of limb slots, which can be anything from wings, arms, legs, sensory clusters.

    And you extract genetic material and/or limps from creatures killed.

    Organize the gameplay around a vicious predator world were the core goals are stalking and slaying powerful "Aughounds" creatures totally alien from any earthly biology, but bristling with powerful twisted organs and body parts.

    Classes could include:
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:22 No.16749256
    I remember some posts about a Japanese RPG about loli zombies that had that as a game mechanic.
    >> The British !YH7rCWzZv2 10/26/11(Wed)23:25 No.16749302
    >using augments to turn yourself into a 3 titted, 6 penised, bat winged rapemonster
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:31 No.16749364
    6 attacks, 1d6 dam.
    Forceful domination. If you hit with 3 or more attacks, you may attempt to mentally control (Chemically) your target. If you succeed, you may act as if your targets body is your own until you uncouple from it.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:34 No.16749393
         File1319686477.jpg-(111 KB, 800x800, Sil1.jpg)
    111 KB
    Back to the OP, I am interested in the bio-tech and -punk part. I've definitely had my fill of cyberpunk.

    A failed biopunk world sounds pretty cool (especially since a failed punk world hopefully wouldn't have to deal with effing megacorps).
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:39 No.16749446
    And you could have a BioIdentity mechanic; similar to Sanity, its a measure of how stable your concept of your "original" self is. Get too out of whack or too low and you forget who or what you once were. The parts you've added overwhelm you psyche and take over...
    >> The British !YH7rCWzZv2 10/26/11(Wed)23:40 No.16749471
    Id buy THAT for a dollar!
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:44 No.16749511
    That's were the aughounds come from. They were humans so consumes by modification that they lost your humanity.
    >> Awake !!5frcmwAIRBT 10/26/11(Wed)23:46 No.16749536
    I'm gonna have to try this for a game night. Maybe a little less penis-y, but that's just because there's only so many synonyms for dick that don't completely break the mood of a game.

    The horror potential is pretty good, especially in the newest location I've scouted. God bless abandoned warehouses with easily-picked locks. Just gotta bring in a few fluorescent lights or flickering, bare bulbs suspended from chains, bang together a table from scrap wood, and hope that we're not interrupted by homeless guys like the game I ran in an abandoned gas station.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:46 No.16749543
         File1319687211.jpg-(61 KB, 431x1024, speciesmegaween.jpg)
    61 KB
    Well, how bad is that? I can really easily see the new parts simply being troublesome to integrate, and your poor sense of self is making their hormones (and genetic memories?) hard to handle. A straight man with some organs from a lesbian might have some confusing thoughts about still being attracted to women.

    I think it would be silly to take things in a split personality or Shadowrun Humanity route. Cyber stuff was different from flesh. Somebody else's organs and hormones are weird in a different way.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:47 No.16749560
    You let them roll characters, or make them play NPCs?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:48 No.16749562
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:52 No.16749602
    Not only parts limbs, but organs, sensory nodes...skin.
    Adds a whole scary dimension to disguise skill
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:53 No.16749616
    Staying close to your original body won't cause trouble, unless you're fucking with the structure all the damn time. So if you started humanoid, swapping arms and legs and adding new organs that fit okay in your body isn't a big deal.

    Its when you've grafted an extra torso to yourself or added wings or changed your metabolism so that you need spinal fluid to survive (but can learn memories by eating it) that you have to worry about getting "lost" and becoming an aughound or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:54 No.16749621
    I'm starting to like the idea of this. It could have a wildly open character creation system.
    >> Awake !!5frcmwAIRBT 10/26/11(Wed)23:54 No.16749631
    Mostly talked our way out of getting shanked (or whatever the verb form of 'to stab with an improvised knife' is) by a couple of terrifying individuals with a body odor so foul it was palpable. Fortunately, one of my players had brought a bottle of JD with him, so a quick bribe was all it took to avoid being murdered and raped by hobos.

    Seriously, a dude wearing six coats comes in, starts screaming about our violations of his 'sacred space' and starts waving a knife made from what appeared to be a rusty piece of scrap metal, you either book it, take him down, or talk him down.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:55 No.16749635

    If this game was actually taking place on Earth, it would be some time after the world's supply of petroleum, uranium, and helium-3 are exhausted, meaning solar energy is virtually the only power source and power is too scant to support a global economy, making megacorps impossible.

    There could still potentially be local instances of someone trying to monopolize the upstairs solar panels, or turn part of the city into a feifdom, or what have you.
    >> The British !YH7rCWzZv2 10/26/11(Wed)23:57 No.16749659
    If i attached wings, 3 tits and 5 additional dicks from various sources would i become an aughound?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/11(Wed)23:59 No.16749700
    Anyone else think that their should be another valuable resource...maybe a liquid that prevents rejection. The more you change yourself the more you need? That or maybe iron is extremely valuable and to have a sword made from iron is reserved only for kings.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:00 No.16749706
    Is biomass a valuable thing, or is it just everywhere?

    Perhaps malleable, stem cell-y biomass is valuable, but the chitin and bone of the walls is as interesting as brick. You might want some new claws (or to take somebody's fancy new claws), but those are just straightforward tools. The squishy bits* are where the real utility is.

    You need squishy bits to attach those new claws and make them work. Squishy bits to get your kidney-equivalents working again. Squishy bits to digest the new fungus you found.

    *Where squishy bits are tissues and organs, hormones and other chemicals, maybe genetic samples?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:01 No.16749712
    Depends on several factors (pulled out of my ass).
    -How strong a sense of self you have. The weaker-willed you are, the more likely you're going to snap and go 'hound.
    -How quickly you're adding shit. A new modification a month, with time to adjust? You'll do okay. All at once? Have fun not getting fucked up.
    -Circumstances. Getting those parts grafted on without anesthesia or done shoddily makes it more likely for your mind to slip and grafted instincts (or wholly new ones) to take over.

    I'm going with the idea of getting these things fresh from the critters in a hellish land of evolution run rampant though.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:02 No.16749729
    Of course not. Unless of course you sew 3 tits and 5 dicks together, give it wings and place your brain in it. Then you may become a aughound/ flying bat thing made entirely of tits and genitals.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:04 No.16749745
    Depends on how many attribute points you put into mental stability. And if you took the super self trait.

    But let's add a little extra danger to combat. If you get pushed to 0 HP, you don't collapse, you make a check, pass and you can reset your hit points, fail, and you lose yourself permanently, adding another monster to the fray. In a system like this the HPs never get very high, but of course combat is risky. You might take a terrible blow that forces you through your hit twice, making two checks. HP is less a measure of your injuries, which in a biotech world would heal themselves almost instantly anyway, but more a measure of your grip on your mental control of your body.
    >> Awake !!5frcmwAIRBT 10/27/11(Thu)00:07 No.16749775
    It might be a good idea to consider how to implement the use of these looted body parts.

    Make it so that the only thing that affects your character is the mental stats; physical stuff is solely represented by the parts that you've taken from other beings, or had custom-made by a mad Swiss albino surrounded by throbbing chitin-ginas. The parts you have determine your physical abilities, and it's the mind behind the mass that gets fractured and twisted by the separation from the flesh.

    A huge-ass list of parts and modifications would be useful for mixing and matching something horrific. Maybe physical characteristics for each limb, then templates and mods to overlay that.

    Anesthetic should also be pretty rare; a society where horrific body modification and twisting is the norm will probably keep it in the hands of the rich and powerful.

    . . . the hardest part will be running this and not wondering which of my players is getting some sort of creepy murder-boner for it.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:10 No.16749815
    For simplicity's sake, I'd go with everything living having some amount of Generic Life-Supporting Biomass: the stuff that keeps the Squishy Bits running. Varies depending on how large and/or lively that entity is.

    Walls of bone with a layer of skin? Barely worth getting biomass from it. House-sized blobs that move through the land and eat anything that doesn't move? They're like walking buffets; just don't kill them or the things that live off them will be Not Happy.

    Then for really special augmentations, you can have rare nonreplenishable/slowly restoring special biomass. The kind of 'mass you need to fuel the organ in your skull that lets you turn gray matter into goo.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:13 No.16749832

    So it could that, the only thing that's really you, the mental part, is your brain, which is completely unalterable and original. And since nothing has an original body anymore all physical stats are from limb mods.

    What about some kind of neural gel, of brain suspension fluid as the "currency"? Something every brain needs to avert total body rejection, and can only be produced in huge bio-grub engines?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:14 No.16749847
    >A huge-ass list of parts and modifications would be useful for mixing and matching something horrific. Maybe physical characteristics for each limb, then templates and mods to overlay that.

    I'd go with a basic list of parts in vague categories, e.g. "claws" "sensory" "defensive" and modifiers to go with them like "strong" "weak" "sensitive to X." Construct critters and parts from those.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:17 No.16749887
    >So it could that, the only thing that's really you, the mental part, is your brain, which is completely unalterable and original.

    Nah, brains should totally be modifiable for a dash of horror. The catch is that its a hard to do and increasingly likely to fuck you up. Its how you get things like not needing sleep or being able to think along several trains of thought simultaneously.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:22 No.16749943
    What about having glands, or hormone sacs? Ways to modify the chemistry on the mind without changing the brain itself. I think there should be at least one constant, a kind of anchor organ.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:24 No.16749970
         File1319689486.jpg-(149 KB, 950x1024, speciespage07.jpg)
    149 KB
    OK, now you're all going in an Eclipse Phase ego vs morph direction. Not against it, just want to point it out.

    I think it would be cool to have your different body parts affect you not just from the "different leads to psychotic break" angle. Like I suggested with how a straight man's attraction to women might be a little different after getting a lesbian's liver. Or how extra tasty certain foods seems after a new mandible and saliva gland. Some of that mind as plaything of the body, but in little flavor ways.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:25 No.16749980
    Works for me. Fucking with the brain itself is probably the province of the very scary kind of augmented. Like the Exhumans from Eclipse Phase, for example.
    >> Awake !!5frcmwAIRBT 10/27/11(Thu)00:25 No.16749987
    Another possible idea would be excessive modification causing 'triggers'; specific sensations that cause catatonia, uncontrollable rage, or other such things. Stuff like the sound of a clock ticking too fast, or the scent of lilac tainted with blood.

    These are carefully-kept secrets among the denizens of this world. Learning a person's trigger essentially gives you power over them. Bio-engineered creatures have documented ones hard-wired in to allow for safe control. The 'nobility' have access to a lot of these, and keep themselves safe from uprisings by hoarding them and stocking their living quarters with the necessary equipment to neutralize any one of their vassals and command them utterly.

    This also provides an avenue for modification; do you want to pay huge amounts for anesthetic, stay awake for the whole surgery and suffer horrific pain, or hunt down a trustworthy slicer to put you down with your trigger?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:29 No.16750026
    In a world like this, concepts like hetero and homo would have no meaning. Gender would be as fluid as water.

    However, I do like your idea. Changing appetites, changes instincts, changing desires. As mods add up, so does "resisting involuntary actions" checks.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:33 No.16750075
    Dude. If you want to ERP, you can go do that. Don't need to keep barging in going "but what if a dude get lady hormones how will that affect his craving for cock?"

    You're getting kind of creepy now.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:34 No.16750087
    I fucking love that idea.

    So, for example, nobles has access to a very rare form of vocal cord that allows them to produce a certain pitch whistle. Which is how they control their hulking and brutal body guards and servants. Anyone not "licensed" to have it is instantly labeled an aughound, which totally stripes them of "civilized" rights.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:35 No.16750099
         File1319690156.jpg-(21 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap-329088.jpg)
    21 KB
    "resisting involuntary actions"

    Oh, I really like that. I know I'm being really stubborn about not doing the same Shadowrun low Humanity thing, but that seems much more interesting.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:41 No.16750148
    Would pheromones be more appropriate, or is that sort of chemical hacking more sophisticated and less idunnowat vulgar?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:44 No.16750178
    Ya ya sure. Nothing says vulgar like the sticky chemical ridden palm print from a rival noble on the hide of a huge ravenous monster baring down on you.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)00:57 No.16750296
         File1319691461.jpg-(60 KB, 620x957, giger-Cataract.jpg)
    60 KB
    In this world of aughounds and people trying to steal one another's bodyparts for power, what would the landscape be like? Hydroelectric dams with retaining walls made from skulls, cemented together with adipocere? Camping out in a wilderness of venous pipes inside a living, self-pitching tent? A merchant whose shop is inside a giant, complacent aughound to go from market to market, and who deals his wares from behind the creature's ribs for his own protection?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)01:03 No.16750365
    So, is there just a really sucky lower class that gets to be the brutes, or are the brutes just animals?

    I vote for both. There are engineered servitors that melt into and form from the walls, with barely a squirrel's mental ability. There's also a chance to reduce a person's down to that level. Any particular brute could be born from a fleshly laboratory or your second cousin who made some awful life choices.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)01:06 No.16750400
    Aughound pets?
    Maybe a hormone that allows aughounds to attain thier humanity again for 20 minutes so you ca question them
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)01:13 No.16750462

    A drug cocktail can temporarily diminish the activity of an aughound's assorted grafts, allowing the haze on its consciousness to fade for a time. The man inside the beast is still not quite aware of his surroundings, trading the overload of his augmentations for a gnawing void, an absense of input that can be nearly as disorienting.

    For a time though, assuming his heart and lungs weren't grafts and that you haven't just killed him, you can ask questions of the aughound and get replies. Depending on how well the wretch responds to the cocktail and the accompanying numbness, the answers you receive might even be useful.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)01:15 No.16750475
    Somehow this is what squicked me. It was right when I was comparing the idea to Speak With Dead.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)01:32 No.16750663
    I just think some of them would scream "WHY DID I DO THIS I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK" followed by uncontrolled sobbing and screaming
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)01:43 No.16750759

    Others would resent their return to humanity. "As soon as this shit wears off I'm burying my beak in your sweetbreads you whoreson."
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)04:12 No.16751787
    Deserves a bump
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)04:17 No.16751812
    I wonder if people voluntarily lose themselves. Like an alcoholic would.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)04:21 No.16751829
         File1319703699.jpg-(24 KB, 262x400, lilith2.jpg)
    24 KB
    I would have a realm based on geigers work but not a whole world. to me his art always evoked the Babylonian image of the afterlife full of grey and death. they believed that people shriveled into husks and were hung from hooks in large catacombs.

    an entire seating would be too depressing or surreal, or play Noumenon
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)04:21 No.16751830
    Did we make something better?
    I don't know a thing about darkseed but from what we have here it looks pretty awesome
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:21 No.16754009
         File1319725279.jpg-(53 KB, 340x450, alien-concept-skull-translucen(...).jpg)
    53 KB

    Yes much better.

    Some parts of Darkseed are cool, they just never used them right. Stuff like: The Gieger world was a mirror (everything grotesque is normal, pain is pleasure, etc...) world that could effect things in the other world, and vice versa. The game starts with the MC having an alien embryo implanted in his head, and he has to get it out while slowly watching the fabric between the two worlds waver and show through in palces.

    But beyond that is so bad.

    You should include servitor-esque drones that are either just vat grown bodies with augs that puppet them around or are parasites that eventually control the entire nervous system.

    Also symbiotes that install themselves (plz no buttholes)
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:29 No.16754057
         File1319725768.jpg-(103 KB, 620x861, geiger51.jpg)
    103 KB

    Darkseed LP with Retsupurae over it if anyone wants to see.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:40 No.16754102
    So, everything is basically a hive made out of tunnels and hollows? Kind of rats living in a sewer?

    Among the especially poor and vicious places people should be used as furniture or building material, still living of course.
    Say you become indebted to some fixer and can't pay off, he and his goons will simply turn you into a table for the nobility or to plus a leak in a sewer wall.

    Also societies should be separated and often not connected with each other, so that when people are tunneling through this world of meat and bones they sometimes tunnel into other cultures, which can lead to war over territory or perhaps finding a pocket of especially monstrous hounds.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:45 No.16754128
    Or morbidly obese bean bag chairs.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:49 No.16754143
    At least food won't be an issue ever as you can just eat the world around you, and just shit wherever you want.
    A tunnel with pale scars and a fresh pile of excrement on the ground would tell the players that they are entering someone's territory.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:50 No.16754145
    Who produces these advanced biotechnologies, that are obivioysly available to everyone?
    Do people know how to manoufacture these things, or are they provided to them by some faction?

    What if the city itself was basically a giant poorly understood and ancient automated system that produced the basic biomatter that the inhabitants of the city then use to grow their augs.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:52 No.16754159
    I think the world itself creates them.
    They could be found inside the walls like deposits of ore perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)10:56 No.16754176
    How about a terribly flawed arc system designed to keep them alive after the catastrophe that occurred on the outside that is forcing a form of programmed evolution to until a species occurs that can survive above the ground. The original makers had no idea how much the change would have to be
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)11:07 No.16754225
    As a note: Though many can see in infrared, perhaps have a few people that see normally, and use tools or people that produce bio-luminescent light to see?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)11:13 No.16754254
    guys this sounds a bit like Czarnosc
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)11:18 No.16754285
    Nah, that's more of a dreamscape, surrealism, symbolism and such.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)11:39 No.16754399
         File1319729976.jpg-(72 KB, 1024x768, a thing.jpg)
    72 KB
    Yhis thrad has inspired me to draw this thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)12:01 No.16754607
    buban for awesome setting!
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)13:05 No.16755016
         File1319735125.jpg-(322 KB, 1608x2001, 1295251533494.jpg)
    322 KB
    There could maybe be two distinct kind of people:

    One lives on air, and you pretty much detailed them already.

    The second, live in liquid, which could be some kind of blood or pus.

    Their cities could be big meat sacks filled with this liquid, and their transport infrastructure could be much similar to veins and arteries.

    The amount of communications (and possible communications, i.e. the two species could be so different in mind and body that intelligent contact could be almost impossible) and general relations is up to the setting, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)13:24 No.16755169
         File1319736286.jpg-(190 KB, 700x699, 1313616488297.jpg)
    190 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)13:36 No.16755288
    Augs for starting characters are relatively cheap, and since your character may have already had them for a long time, they do not contribute to your risk of becoming an aughound. HOWEVER, players roll on a table for randomly determined birth defects, and some of their augs will probably be devoted to overcoming these birth defects.

    Defects can include clubfoot or outright missing legs, ditto on arms, inability to see in infrared (maybe the character's flat-out blind, maybe he or she can only see in in visible spectrum), spina bifida, gastrointestinal problems, holes in the heart, brain damage, missing part or all of the ribcage, autoimmune disorders, harlequin ichthyosis, etc.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:37 No.16755766
    I think that the line between species would be extremely vague in this world. It would be more accurate to say that each individual is a species of their own, due to their genetic mutations and bioauguments.

    How do these things reproduce anyways? Trough sex, obivioysly, but to me, it seems somehow fitting for the city itself to birth more of these defective humans. Somewhere deep within the city, ancient machinery growns new people like plants, and then vomits them to the streets.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:48 No.16755836
         File1319741306.jpg-(77 KB, 775x675, YuuzhanVong_NEGAS.jpg)
    77 KB
    ITT: The Yuuzahn Vong
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:52 No.16755869

    The who and what now?
    I know that they are a star wars species, but I ain't reading ten pages on them.
    Could you shortly describe them and how they resemble the contents of this thread?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:54 No.16755881
    Why is that demon in the background so butthurt?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:57 No.16755897

    The flying one?
    He doesn't seem to be butthurt at all, in fact to me he seems to be saying something along the lines: umad? to those two humans frowning at that gay orgy surrounding them.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:57 No.16755904
    >I'd love to see a fantasy world inspired by H. R. Giger's work


    Really, it has spines everywhere and even MORE metal.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:58 No.16755905
    Sentient, humanoid tyranid-like race that builds everything out of flesh.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:58 No.16755906
    Species of extragalactic assholes who think that mechanical technology is inherently evil, leading them to declare war on the entirety of the Star Wars galaxy when they show up. Since they don't build to suit their needs, they grow; think of how Tyranids grow organisms to meet all their needs, then extend that to a truly sapient race concerned with more than just eating, and you'll have the idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)14:59 No.16755926

    They're a shitty ripoff of the dark eldar and tyranids.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:00 No.16755940

    Ok, sounds neat.
    But how do they travel in space?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:02 No.16755959
    they exclusively use biotechnology, not unlike the tyranids, except they do it through science, so, it's slower and less effective. They are also religious fanatic nutjobs who worship pain as the purest manifestation of life and want to cleanse the galaxy of conventional technologies. And they have a caste-based society full of dickery.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:02 No.16755962
    Vaguely explained asteroid ships.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:04 No.16755981
    Don't forget they shit antimatter for orbital bombardments
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:04 No.16755982
    Basically this. They grow some kind of structure around it, then I guess use some kind of gravity tether thing (like Tau jump drives in 40k) to pull the ship around.

    Their smaller ships, like fighters and junk, mostly just get around by farting fire everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:04 No.16755988
    bioships that look like... uh.. big rocks;

    their biotechnology is low, compared to other equivalent species, though. They have to make new things through breeding, chemistry and controlled mutations.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:05 No.16755998

    Does that thing have a vagina on it's chest, or am I just seeing things?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:06 No.16756009
    You guys should either dig out Czarnosc or check out Phyrexia, because it has already been covered.

    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:06 No.16756011

    look up early Gigers work, before the biomechanicals

    that was some shit

    any way, whatever you do, there should be a sense of severe existential angst and complete hoplessnes about it

    and there shouldnt be just horrific deformities

    there should be a few races that are almoust absolutely perfect and practically immortal, some humanoid, other xenoform

    the best idea would be to make it a post-postapocaliptic world in which all is the result of some huge biotechnological revolution/war/experiment that went horribly wrong, then someone tried to fix it, then that went even worse

    if you want you can go all gnostic on its ass and pull in a demiurg with a tendency to fail and fail again
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:12 No.16756048
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:13 No.16756060

    I agree that there should be people who look absolutely perfect. An almost seperate species of nobles, who are the decendants of the ruling class of the city. They are one of the few factions that have acces to the more advanced bioengineering technologies, wich they use to make their perfect bodies.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:16 No.16756083
    I love it when threads I was involved in are still going.

    I was thinking about the birthing thing. What about vatmothers? Since every individual is basically a unique organism ordinary reproduction would be...messy. You know, an interested party, maybe a couple, a group, over even an individual just goes to a vatmother repository with enough of whatever currency they use. And orders a blank, selects the desired temperament suited for their role (child, servant, body guard, sex toy, torture plaything) and a few desired augments, and squish! A brand new mind. Of course this is super expensive, but that's how nobles keep their power, legions of loyal brood.

    That's exactly what I had in mind for your "Average" citizen.

    As far as setting. I see a gruesome wilderness outside of protected areas. Full of banished aughounds, bone forests, and oceans of biomass. The cities are run by nobles, which supply guards that protect against to outside, and from other fiefdoms.

    As far as wear new augs comefrom. Something new "births" have mutations, which by be valuable, and genesmiths work with raw biomass shaping and designing new and interesting limbs and organs.
    >> Lamenter Marine 10/27/11(Thu)15:20 No.16756107
         File1319743237.jpg-(233 KB, 540x354, OBannonGiger.jpg)
    233 KB
    Oblivion is a lot like that, minus the no sky. The sky is just permanently on fire. Also, though I love Giger's work, dude looks like a rapist.

    Pic related, on the right.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:20 No.16756109
    Phyrexia, Czarnosc, BLAME!...

    You aren't creating things that aren't already present in these universes.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:21 No.16756112
    What could be defined as perfect in this context? Normal human appearance maybe, more being able totally leave the human form, but remain sane?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:23 No.16756129

    Listening to this to get into the mindset.

    - There is a large biological 'Neuronet'. Terminals look like the chairs in the OP pic. Some people become so despondent, they upload their minds into the Neuronet, and are assimilated into the greater mass of information.

    - Drugs are extremely common, and are often derived from the rendered down components of the most extremely mutated. How they are made is, naturally, a secret.

    - Among low society, cannibalism is an unfortunate necessity in some circumstances. Some areas are no-go zones for anyone who is unable to defend themselves.

    Just to clarify, these people aren't any more evil or heartless than we are, right? Just born deformed.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:25 No.16756138

    The Vatmothers would be some kind of cross between witch, genetic engineer, medical doctor, priest and dominatrix. They'd cook up a newborn for you, and if you pay your dues and suck up to them they'll even make it conform to your specs. If you're a member of the noble houses that have deals with the Vatmothers, you could get your brain copied or a body transplant in case your old one wears out. The Mothers also fill several roles in the community - they are worshipped as the rulers of life and death, and common folk come to the vats to confess their sins (it is rumored that some particularly horrible sins become embodied in special, deformed newborns) and be granted forgiveness by dissolution in the nutrient broth tanks that feed the vats.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:27 No.16756153

    I'm thinking angelic-looking, sexless, smooth, emaciated, maybe even with wings and glowing eyes. Of course, that would be just one Noble house's look. Others would embody different ideals, like a family of many-armed humanoids similar to Hindu gods, another noble house could have bird and insect heads like the Egyptian gods...
    >> Lamenter Marine 10/27/11(Thu)15:27 No.16756157
         File1319743659.jpg-(624 KB, 1920x1200, 1298008574404.jpg)
    624 KB
    Sounds more and more like BLAME! just more people and fewer programs.

    Hah, the BLAME! game. Well, maybe Biomega would be more interesting. Inorganic zombies and whathaveyou.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:29 No.16756174
    >Noble factions based on the physical looks of various gods.

    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:32 No.16756193

    i was thinking more along the lines of remains of a race of immortals, maybe ex-aristocracy, that are cursed to roam around in this degenerated world and know all about what it once was and what it could of been and just how hard it all failed

    they can still be vaguelly human

    i cant really imagine a coherent hierarchical society to exist in a place like that, unless its all made of cripples and cyborgs slowly decaying, or non-human things like xenomorphs or mutants

    there could be other forms that are just biological machines developed to near perfection, and dont do much else but feed and breed

    there should be a sense of it all being hyperfunctional and pointless, endless recursions of biomechanical organisms spewing one out of the other

    the imortals themselves could be largely sterile

    the most "positive" race could be some version of humanity, that has gone more or less feral and just survives among the ruins of the biomechanical monstrosities of failed barbaric civilisations - these could be basicly humans, but made stronger and faster by a combination of violent mutations and brutal selection - they could be diffrent from the rest of the "humanoids" in that they are more about strenght and survival against all hope, and less about decadence and deformation

    also the idea of "special powers" should be examined and systematised, things like psychokinesis, telepathy.. etc, not magic as such

    another lajtmotive in such a setting should be a dose of nietzchean melancholy and waguely satanic phylosophy, the main religions could be centered around the worship of some "beast" entity that would be a personification of all the remaining values and virtues still manifested in that world, and the central enemy being nihilism - and the enemy allways wins in the end
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)15:50 No.16756313

    Thanks for that music. It really sets an aproriate mood for this setting.

    I also love the idea that the noble houses have altered themselves to look like ancient gods.

    The vat mother idea is also really good, but I think that the cities themselves should also produce these "humans" on their own. I like the idea that the cities are themselves active and "living" entities only barely understood anmere, even by the noble houses. The people that understand and are able to control some miniscule functions of the city would always be the ones holding the power.
    The vat mothers for example, could be the decendants of people who learned to replicate the method how the city produces the people.

    Just throwing few ideas around, this setting is just making me all creative and shit. I would draw more, but unfortunately I have to go to sleep soon. I hope this thread is here still tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:17 No.16756567
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:23 No.16756625
    Bump this is really cool
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:27 No.16756660
    Flesh machines make me think of computers that have real mouths to talk with.

    Hmm... if the place is full on flesh-scape with more infra-vision than normal, I'd assume writing would be a bit of a hassle. This makes me think of the Librarian from Dark Seed (who was basically a gimp linked to a database).
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:27 No.16756666
    really unoriginal, though
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:30 No.16756688
         File1319747412.jpg-(71 KB, 448x473, nofun.jpg)
    71 KB

    Yeah we know. Some other homebrew setting /tg/ has made and Blame and Phyrexia have some of these elements. Now would you kindly go and fuck yourself with a rake, we are trying to have fun here.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:32 No.16756712
    It's simply wrong, redundant fun.

    Just so you know.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:34 No.16756733
         File1319747675.jpg-(226 KB, 357x400, slwidl.jpg)
    226 KB

    Yeah, your breed of fun is superior to ours in every way.
    No go away please, I am sure that there are plenty of other people to troll on this board.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:37 No.16756768
         File1319747870.jpg-(385 KB, 800x1074, Nikopol.jpg)
    385 KB

    Got me thinking of the Nikopol Trilogy comics.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:47 No.16756843

    Well, sure, the cities do spawn lots of creatures, but it's unregulated and the spawn are mutated and frequently deformed beyond any usefulness. The Vatmother cult is the most successful aug-breeder sect, but by no means the only one. Wandering genecrafters roam the countryside with their surgical tools and beak masks, curing afflictions for eccentric rewards. But within the strongholds of most Houses, Vatmothers make their nests. They have a stranglehold on controlled breeding and augumentation, since they are the best at producing augs with few side effects, and their mindshaping skills are second to none, owing to the extensive network of motherbrains that the Vatmothers control.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)16:49 No.16756866
    my breed of fun isn't hypocritical, blatant plagiarism
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)17:57 No.16757515
    The more grotesque you become the less and less your charisma becomes unlessyou have power phermone glands.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)20:21 No.16758839
         File1319761292.jpg-(194 KB, 448x501, 1285279814737.jpg)
    194 KB
    This kinda setting would be just too disturbing
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)20:42 No.16759030
    Why wear a beak mask, when that can be what their face just looks like?

    Ok, let's do a little vocabulary house keeping

    Aug(augmentation)-surgically added limbs and organs.
    Aughound - Humans that have pushed their bodies to far to fast and have lost their minds. Sometimes comatose, sometimes violent. Totally inhuman.
    Vatmother - Giant omnibreeders, the centers of power and one of the only sources of reliable breeding.
    Noble ancients - Modeled after the prehistoric deities of forgotten religions, each house holds a different design as ideal.

    Let's think of day to day "flavor of life" so to speak. What the average person experience? Is it barely surviving, or decadent hedonism? What's consider a crime? What about art, information storage, transportation?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)20:52 No.16759125
    A huge middle class but on the rim of the cities are huge shanty towns where the criminal element thrives. So basically everything in the spectrum depending where you are. Now to think of some narcotics
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)22:53 No.16760292
    Painkillers. I suspect the augs hurt like fuck and painkillers are needed by all just to deal with being alive.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/11(Thu)23:43 No.16760750
    I don't like the idea of having the remnants of past religions tied into the setting. To me it seems like it would be far better to remove any such references in order to further the sense of complete seperateness from life as we know it... In order to make it seem much more disconnected. I don't know how to put it.

    Everything else though I'm on board with.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)00:25 No.16761118

    An avarage person's life would be dedicated mostly to surviving. How to get enough food and augjuices to keep themselves woking. Either by sucking up and serving someone more poverful than themselves, or by hunting weaker creatures, most likely by both methods.

    Power comes from ones own ingenuity and cunning, and from the bodies they inhabit. To climb the power ladder upwards, one needs more powerful body, because even though one may be able to get there with their inteligence alone, unles they can actually fend for themselves, other, more powerful creatures are going to take their spot.

    This is why the life of an avarage individual is a constant hunt for more advanced augs, while strugling to keep minds intact. if they fail, they will quickly become just another aughound. Only people who have been manoufactored by vat mothers for some powerful factions such as the nobles are exempt of this game of survival, but they have their own problems. The ancient games of the immortal nobles, in witch they are just pawns. The nobles have a purpose to every one of the creatures they have commisioned from the vat mothers, and they have ways to ensure that the creatures fullfill these purposes.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)01:05 No.16761471
         File1319778318.jpg-(76 KB, 1024x768, runner.jpg)
    76 KB
    moar art
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)01:24 No.16761649
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)03:30 No.16762541
         File1319787051.jpg-(153 KB, 1024x768, 1319349676106.jpg)
    153 KB
    You guys should go to /x/ and ask... There's this one artist who comes up with these totally inhuman creepy things... Pic related, it's totally a couple of them. Maybe not direct ideas for content but at least some inspirations.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)03:36 No.16762587
    >Implying /b/ has any content.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:01 No.16763818
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:06 No.16763842

    Yes, but I was thinking more on the lines of the Uplift novel series.

    In those book, there are thousands of alien races, but they stand divide din Carbon based one, and [insert other element here] races.

    These two, do not communicate much due to their difference. So I was thinking we could apply this here, having to major groups, one air based, and one liquid based.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:18 No.16763893
    I think we have at least 10 different opinions on what the setting looks like right now, so I suggest one of you guys rush to 1d4 and claim that your idea of it is the right one before someone else does.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:29 No.16763946
    >You guys should go to /x/ and
    I will have to stop you right there and say everyone should avoid /x/ like the plague. It was good once but has since degenerated into /b/ 2.0 with more tripfags.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:32 No.16763969
    To think that I have actually met Giger not so long ago since I live not far from him...

    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:36 No.16763993
    You aren't sure? Maybe he put you under with a roofie and probed your holes with his bio-mechanical meatpole?
    Did it feel like some kind of odd dream?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:40 No.16764011
    Now that you mention it. I guess the weird part is that it was really casual. He's a nice, pretty tranquil guy though there's some inherent charisma and creepiness (mostly due to his face, really. Guy seems like he never sleeps) to the man. I totally forgot to ask him about Darkseed, which is a shame.

    Also his house, man, HIS FREAKING HOUSE.
    It's entirely black. Furniture, walls, everything.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:48 No.16764039

    Or you know, come in to agreement over the setting.
    And to be onest, these ideas aren't really contradicting each other.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:51 No.16764052
    Plague doctors, morrowind noble houses, elemental-theme, I dunno... just doesn't seem like it would fit in with the setting. But that's just me.
    Not that I think I'd ever play in this setting, but if I did I'd probably ignore all that. Makes it all seem too human.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)08:59 No.16764085

    Elemantal theme?

    The Nobles, is just a term for the higher up creatures and their minions, it's not like they act like actual nobles. And if we are basing this thing of Giger's artwork, a human element must be present, but in a disturbing and twisted way. These creatures were once human, and on some cases, you may actually see it. This isn't supposed to be completely surreal or alien, the world still makes sence, ins a very disturbing way.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)09:12 No.16764151
    >You're getting kind of creepy now
    Not justifying him, but that's the point.
    Giger rpg aka BiomechanicalShemale: The Forceful Insemination is not an uncreepy concept.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)09:15 No.16764168
         File1319807707.jpg-(42 KB, 413x310, charla-nash-pictures-after-att(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    I still preferred the idea of a cult worshiping statues of old-world human as angels and it's priesthood collecting "pristine" body parts from those lucky/unfortunate enough to have been born with a limb that wasn't malformed.

    The nobles part I'm personally fine with, local rulers. But I dunno, if anything I think they should look more like the inhumans from Nemesis The Warlock or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)09:39 No.16764257
    Augs aren't standardized - You harvest stuff from enemies, this stuff combines with your body, changes slightly... So absolutely everyone is deformed in some unique way.
    Most people are born from the city, which is spitting out children randomly, but reproduction is still possible... Though it rarely ends with some capable of living. The cases that do live only add towards the deformity pool.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)09:49 No.16764312
    Hey, how about this:
    You need your augs to survive... But they cause you to look more and more inhumane.
    The problem with that: Certain sections of the complex (or whateverthefuck we call it. I'm thinking of BLAME superconstruct made of flesh) can only be entered if you have a certain amount of proximity towards the ideal of looking like a normal human. There's certain advantages of living in these places, but there's also reason to go outside (to gain augs? nutrients?) again, which puts you at risk of being killed by more deformed people.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)10:25 No.16764531
         File1319811943.jpg-(23 KB, 626x438, 1253422300207.jpg)
    23 KB
    I've come up with most of the vocabulary and I can't care whats used by others. I just like brainstorming in an interactive medium.

    Ok guys, let's figure out what exactly we want from mutations. Are they rarely beneficial, like club feet, and exposed lungs. Or are they more useful like crab claws, and a third eye that sees infrared?

    Personally, I like both, vatmother births have very low instance of "Bad" mutation, and gutterspawn (or maybe whelplings) have massive redundancies and "ugliness".

    By the way, you see my posts do it a lot, words in quotation refer to an inworld point of view, just in case that's not clear.

    Tone wise, I'm picturing a hyper hedonistic noble class, build on the backs of the weaker. With most just scraping by to survive. But remember, surviving isn't about food, that's everywhere, it's about not getting your ass seat upon by harvesters, while harvesting for yourself in turn.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)10:31 No.16764562
    It's a doggiedoggie world where the dogs are fucking each other with mouth-penises and hand-vaginas.
    >> The British !YH7rCWzZv2 10/28/11(Fri)10:40 No.16764599
    I guess thats what happens when penis augmentations are a diamond dozen
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)10:42 No.16764606
         File1319812928.jpg-(20 KB, 220x320, awesome_penis_arm.jpg_320_320_(...).jpg)
    20 KB
    It's happened...it's finally happened. This pic is finally related.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)12:36 No.16765271

    I like that. I think that the city should be a very active entity. It spawns more humans in the gutters, it produces the biogels people need to survive, it automatically expands itself, constantly growing.
    Also, someone earlier in this thread suggested that a large source of biomatter would be giant blobs that roam the streets and tunnels eating everything.
    What if, they were actually part of the city's functions Like giant garbage trucks, eating fucking everything that they get, dead or not, and then transporting them to the inner chambers of the city, where they will be digested and recycled for usable biomatter.

    Because they would be a major source of biomatter, and thus would be constantly attacked by other creatures, maybe there should be some guardian creatures that the city or the nobles have assined to deter the attackers from killing these things.

    btw, I just bought a new tablet, so If you need something to be drawn, just ask, and I will give it a shot.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)13:16 No.16765612

    Draw it. Draw everything you said. Do it, oh god..
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)14:32 No.16766138
         File1319826740.png-(544 KB, 822x1107, New_1.png)
    544 KB
    heres a little doodle i made, its life outside the "city"...

    i know you all are going mostly in the augmented superhuman direction, but its not really Giger unless you can have a host of shamblyng helpless monstrosities

    my idea is that these guys come in all shapes and sizes due to random mutation and high reproduction rates, so basically, you can even play them as a "race" but you have to pile up a lot of dissabilities, then for each you get extra points or extra traits or you know the drill

    also, how much order and "civilisation" are we talking about here?

    or rather whats the wasteland/ruin to hive ratio?
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/28/11(Fri)14:46 No.16766227
         File1319827615.jpg-(109 KB, 516x845, 1297654363722.jpg)
    109 KB

    I like it a lot. Just joining the thread BTW, but I personally have been working on a homebrew not unlike this thread. Except instead of it being en entire world, they exist in small numbers in cities.

    I will post a little bit of fluff if you all don't mind. On 2 species, the agoori and the abhumans. Feel free to borrow any ideas (though, I'm sure it's not too innovative) or give feedback. Thanks.
    >> Abhumans from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/28/11(Fri)14:50 No.16766250
         File1319827819.jpg-(14 KB, 300x386, myersapiens.jpg)
    14 KB
    Not all men are safe behind sturdy walls, some men roam the landscape in small nomadic tribes. They hunt abyssals (giant mutant animals) for meat and basic resources. Though not as technological as those of Rale (a collection of cities), roaming tribes tend to hold their own in combat, even unarmed. But feeding off the flesh of abyssals can cause adverse effects to one’s body. Some have become mutated in strange ways gaining extra limbs, missing entire features like eyes or ears, or abnormal size. These are known as the abhumans. The strangest mutation found in humans has to be the Agoori......
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)14:51 No.16766258
    Some nobles went one route (the humaniform) and others went the other (Xenomorphic), because of Augments or natural birth defects. Including ones caused by Inbreeding. Even with Vat Mothers, there should be a risk for Inbreeding.
    >> Agoori from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/28/11(Fri)14:51 No.16766263
         File1319827895.jpg-(98 KB, 574x460, 1301277294208.jpg)
    98 KB
    The Agoori do not bear a random mutation like the abhumans. They are constantly born from human parents regardless of heritage or birthing conditions. The Agoori appear as humans but with 3 vertical slits on their forehead, in between their eyes. These slits allow them to ‘see’ the genetic makeup of any given creature. Through sigil magic and intense training an Agoori can affect the next generation of any animal. They prefer to work with bacteria, mollusks, and arthropods as they are pretty simple (genetically) and most tend to have very short lives. The worst of Agoori can turn a slug into a floating balloon like creature, while the best can create a deadly war mount equipped with superfluous natural weapons. The Agoori are considered a separate race than other humans, but live among them. Their abilities do cause some political and social problems.

    That's it. Short and sweet.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)14:55 No.16766297
         File1319828113.jpg-(504 KB, 1024x768, Cleanup patroll.jpg)
    504 KB

    Here is a pcik I made.
    The giant larva thing is the eater blob, and the creatures surrounding it are the guardians.

    I think that the hives should be kinda sparse, seperated by huge swathes of wasteland inhabited by all kinds of degenerates and twisted creations of out of controll biotechnology. Your picture is quite fitting for the poor scum that can't get the auguments, althoug people who live in the wastes, might actually not be as dependant on the augs to survive as their cityborn cousins, simply because of evolution.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)14:56 No.16766307
    We had the exact same thread a year ago and decided that it wouldn't be a giger rpg if you weren't repeatedly raped, mutilated and transformed into biomechanical abominations by biomechanical abominations, driven insane by it and than starting to rape, mutilating and transforming yourself, too ...

    in short; it wouldn't be fun
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)14:59 No.16766325
         File1319828359.jpg-(37 KB, 620x768, ALIEN3.jpg)
    37 KB
    >thread about giger
    >posting non-giger art
    mon visage quand
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/28/11(Fri)15:01 No.16766336
         File1319828478.jpg-(204 KB, 752x1063, A_Mind_is_a_Beautiful_Thing_by(...).jpg)
    204 KB

    My understanding of this thread was it is inspired by the artist, it does not set out to mimic him.

    Plus, leave the rape to the GM. Most would probably say no.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:04 No.16766357

    I think I have seen this before here.
    It is a neat idea, but I don't think that magic quite fits the setting we are making here.
    Thanks for the input though.

    If you'd read the thread you'd realise that this isn't as tied to grieger anymore, other than the asthetics. It is more about distobian biomechanical world where each person is basically an unique species of their own, due to mutations and auguments, all living in a giant biomechanical cities that spawn more of them in thousands constantly. The Gieger asthetics is here, but it is les about sex, and more about ripping apart other creatures and adding their parts to you.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:11 No.16766425
    How about actual xenomorphs as part of the setting?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:15 No.16766442
    Should we have wastelands at all?
    I'm imagining tight corridors and narrow spaces for people.
    Hey, I've got an idea: The people are literally living inside a living organism.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:16 No.16766454

    Nah, we don't really need them, as we can create plenty of monsters that can function in similar way. And besides, we really shouldn't just copy exact creatures, even if they are designed by the artist that ispired this setting.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:18 No.16766467
    Yeah, but Xenomorphs were stated to be "perfect beings". I think a similar species would fit the setting.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:18 No.16766471

    Why can't we have both?
    And the city itself is vasically a giant living organism.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:20 No.16766476
    Okay, I have a terrible or maybe great idea.

    Mix this with dogscape.

    Google that if you dare.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:36 No.16766572

    I'm sorry I killed the thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:53 No.16766686
    Nah, you didn't.
    If you look at the time staps on these posts, you'll notice that there has been multiple many hour long periods of inactivity, until someone (me) bumbs this, and it gets going again.

    Lets discuss some mechanics shall we.
    Why don't we start at character creation. I've been thinking that there should be few "birth" choises, that have ups and downs. So basically races. What I mean by this is that players can choose how their creature was born. Was it spawned from the gutters of the city automatically, or was it commisioned by some one and then grown by the vat mothers or perpehaps it was even a rare result of succesful reproduction.

    The choises would lay different benefits and penalties to the players.
    The commisioned creatures would have differing benfits and penalties, depending on the ones who paid the creation of the organism. A creature commisioned by nobles, depending of it's purpose woudl have acces to multitude of advanced augs, but would also be tied to the people who it was made for. The nobles won't let their investment go to waste. A creature commisioned by some other people might have different options and penalties as well.

    The gutterspawn obivioysly won't have as easy acces to the augs as the commisioned ones do. They have to fight for their augs right from the start. On the other hand, they don't have any ties from birth to the various powergroups that inhabit the city. This means that they have more individual freedom.

    Creatures born of succesfull reproduction will have more mutations, either benefical or detrimental, depending on their parents. They too mostly lack the ties to powergroups, but their acces to augs might be slightly better than the gutterspawn's.

    Brainstorming is a GO!
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:54 No.16766692
         File1319831675.jpg-(535 KB, 1187x1212, 2011-10-28 21-36-47_0002.jpg)
    535 KB

    its not as if we dont allready know his work well enough

    besides, the idea is to get the "set and setting" right, not so much the actuall biomechanoid - cool tattoo look
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:57 No.16766707
    For some reason those two fellows make me laugh.
    They just seem so jovial, despite being horrendous abominations.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)15:59 No.16766714
    the left one has a cockhead.

    Also, I kinda imagined machinery to be more seamlessly integrated. More pistons at least.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:02 No.16766728
    There shouldn't be machinery at all, imo - Their only weapons should be augs and maybe some randomly mutated one with the ability to shoot bone bullets or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:05 No.16766742

    I think instead of races/traits/abilities, people get to select different slots. Augments will be limitless, but people can only have one of the following;

    Locomotion (legs, fins, tentacles, wings)

    Gait (their basic frame. Humanoid, formless, hulk, gaunt)

    Primal weapon (your first method of attack. This can be tentacles, hands for carrying weapons, Claws, huge teeth, anything really)

    Handicap. Manditory, Everything from gimp leg to constant bleeding/rotting flesh.

    To make it all more interesting, the entire thing is randomized.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:07 No.16766756
    Randomization makes sense. This setting is a messy place - every character being a random being that Nurgle would be proud of is perfect.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:36 No.16766960
         File1319834177.jpg-(86 KB, 997x561, gun baby.jpg)
    86 KB
    this is my favourite one.

    Also, this is my gun.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:40 No.16766987
         File1319834454.jpg-(53 KB, 526x630, 1314470883406.jpg)
    53 KB
    digging around for some inspirational pic right now.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:42 No.16767002
         File1319834562.jpg-(110 KB, 620x396, 1301639116575.jpg)
    110 KB
    scrapping the bottom of the barrel here.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:46 No.16767040
         File1319834804.jpg-(274 KB, 1024x768, fight.jpg)
    274 KB
    Some creatures were desperate enough to try to attack a Grub that was guarded. That didn't end well for them.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:47 No.16767043
         File1319834821.jpg-(384 KB, 996x1233, 2011-10-28 22-43-25_0004.jpg)
    384 KB

    maybe if we distribute it to basic reproduction methods, then add further subtypes later
    for example - watspawn, hivespawn, freespawn

    where the first would be industrial production, the other a product of hives such as xenomorph hives, either layed by some queen or generated in some other similar way, and the third is free reproduction, like "normal" births and other uncontrolled spontaneous procreation

    another tipe could be certain types of creatures "born" in controlled conditions, ie, a female carries the creature for a number of months, but the female itself is just a reproduction unit, possibly modified or designed to perform the function, or performing the function under orders etc...

    also, maybe we should not make the whole thing about auguments, maybe certain creatures should just inherently have certain traits, or develop into certain forms, by their "nature"

    it just seems fitting in a world like that that certain creatures are just inherrently "better" or "worse" at something, and theres not much helping it

    we could also have stages at which the "creature" is formed, and have the ability to modify each stage, like qualities of the genetic material, conception itself, fetal phases and modifications, birth, growth in the first couple of years if not born fully formed, etc...
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:49 No.16767067
         File1319834996.jpg-(34 KB, 350x568, emperor.jpg)
    34 KB

    Then this doesnt fit the setting either?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:51 No.16767073
         File1319835063.jpg-(199 KB, 1187x1884, 00-der_narr.jpg)
    199 KB

    or this?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)16:58 No.16767127
         File1319835504.jpg-(586 KB, 1491x1780, 1298281408312.jpg)
    586 KB
    Just play Czarnoch, as has been said before.

    Pic related, the superior artist's work whose stuff has ALREADY BEEN TURNED INTO A SETTING.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:05 No.16767173

    Exept hat we aren't looking for surreal horror.
    We are trying to make a disturbing, but still plausible setting, inspired by Giegers art, where biotechnology has been running rampant for millenia, not some alternate dimenssion weird as fuck cosmic horror stuff that makes no sence (not to say that that is a bad thing, but it just isn't what we are trying to make).
    This setting is still obeying understandable laws and logic, but the premise itself is so twisted from our ordinary life, that while the world makes sence, it is still disturbing.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:06 No.16767175

    I googled that word and nothing came up. Care to give us a link on some basic info?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:09 No.16767196

    Some sort of siege weapons used against other cities?
    Shooting ravenous bioforms that start to eat the hard chitin and bone support structures, causing the barrier walls to colapse.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:09 No.16767199

    Sorry, word is just Czarnosc. Polish is weird.

    Here you go.

    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:09 No.16767204

    were trying to have fun, go insert your member into a cockatrice
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:10 No.16767212
    that's because he miswrote it

    it's Czarnosc
    and you'll find the thread on sup/tg/

    But Giger's art IS a surrealistic cosmic horror setting that makes about as much sense as Beksinski's or any surrealist painter's.

    Either you design it up to the same level of fucked-up-ness as Giger's universe, and it becomes a part of Czarnosc, or you try to have it make some sense, and it becomes a part of BLAME!
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:13 No.16767230
    you'd probably have more fun sparing yourselves the trouble of making it a whole new setting, and instead contributing to other projects that need more attention.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:16 No.16767259

    What the fuck is blame and why should we care about it.
    And what part of inspired did you not understand?
    We aren't trying to turn Giegers art in to rpg setting anymore, we moved beond that. The only resembplance to Gieger is few of the themes he used in his art, especially the biomechanical look of things.
    Are you the same person who spouted this shit yesterday, adn if you are, why are you still pestering us?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:17 No.16767273
         File1319836644.jpg-(144 KB, 900x730, The_da_Vinci_Code_by_borda.jpg)
    144 KB
    Turns out Gigerland was part of Czarnosc from the beginning.
    Well shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:19 No.16767292

    >What the fuck is blame and why should we care about it.

    See >>16756157

    Everything else you wrote is invalidated for not knowing about Blame!
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:20 No.16767300
    I am. I was yellign at you because I thought that your efforts could have been used better at expanding other universes, but obviously, you are going the wrong way with a more prosaic, down-to earth setting, so, I guess i'll just stop.

    also, BLAME!, Tsutomu Nihei, google, learn, get more decent sources, loose the urge to create redundant low-quality versions of pre-existant settings.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:21 No.16767314

    No, personally, I find this setting creating mutch more fun that reading through old setting creation threads that I can't even contribute in.
    And serioysly, the resemblance of this setting to Czarnosc is almost non existant. This simply isn't a surreal setting, although it has been inspired by surreal art.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:23 No.16767338
    If it's not actually surreal, then it's super-futuristic, dystopian post-cyberpunk. A BLAME! Campaign where everyone would play as a Siliconite, in Siliconite territories.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:28 No.16767378
    I really wish /tg/ could have one setting creation thread without one asshole feeling like he's god's gift to man and claiming that the setting we are making has not only been done before, but it's better!

    Just ignore this thread if you don't like it. We were having fun, now we're not. Don't drag us down with you.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:31 No.16767405
    so, even after learning about the better, pre-existant material that requires your contribution, you're still going to do your egotistic wankery between each other?

    Okay, I'm out, then.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:32 No.16767421

    Alright, I checked the wikipedia article for blame, and I got to say, the resemblance isn't all that great here either.
    Blame is cyberpunk with cyberpunk themes where as our setting isn't.
    The only real resemblance is that they both take place in cities, but even then the cities are completely different. The cities in this setting are basically massive living biomechanical creatures. The setting is far more focused on human transformation, loss of humanity and power struggles between the differing factions, unlike blame, wich acording to the wikipedia article has a clear protagonist, a clear goal and clear antagonists. our setting lacks these. There are no bad guys attempting to wipe out all of humanity and a hero attempting to save it. There are only barely human creatures battling for their own intrests.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:34 No.16767436
    I should have mentioned BLAM!, the homebrew RPG made by /tg/. So far, it lacks a way to play silicon-life characters in their native environment, which corresponds precisely to what you were doing.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:35 No.16767441
         File1319837753.jpg-(47 KB, 453x604, nocock.jpg)
    47 KB

    Thank god, the dick is gone!
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)17:38 No.16767461
         File1319837924.png-(7 KB, 400x400, 1300798205362.png)
    7 KB

    as I already posted this once already, but still...

    Also, are you serioysly implying that we are egoistical when you are the one that comes to this thread and starts berating us and preaching about your "clearly superior" settings that we are apparently ripping of, when in fact these settings have almost nothing in common to ours. And when we kindly tell you to allow us to have our fun, you start sputing even more about your super speshul surreal horror and animy cyberpunk settings.

    No sir, you are the egoistical prick in this thread, not us.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)18:06 No.16767650
         File1319839582.jpg-(96 KB, 1024x768, noble creature idea.jpg)
    96 KB
    I just drew this up, as an idea for what nobles could look like. As they have acces to much more advanced aug technology, they can basically make themselves what ever they want. This creature here has had it's full body completely replaced by bioaugs, but you couldn't tell it from the apparence, whrere as on the less privlidged creatures, the auguments can be easily noticed.
    As for the sword, I think that it would be more fitting for the nobles to use the rare and valuable metals wich they have aquired to make weapons for themselves, instead to use their bodies as weapons like the plebian scum and aughounds around them.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)18:24 No.16767780
    Our world was dying. No, that's not right... *deep, spastic cough* ...our world was dead. The skies were heavy with poisonous air. The seas boiled with pollution. The earth itself... *hiss* ...the earth was just ashes. And we were dying. Our ancestors... Those Who Were... *coughs, spits phlegm*... they saw that they would not last one more generation. And they looked around them to find a way to survive. Anything to survive, they thought... And they looked through their great archives of knowledge, all that knowledge that killed the world, to find a way to bring it back to life. *clears throat* Those Who Were used all their ingenuity, all their strength and all their cunning, and they brought life back into this world. No, they FORCED life into the world. For all their knowledge, their ways were crude and forceful. They made the monstrous seeds... *spits* ...and they seeded the earth, and the sky, and the waters. And everywhere, there was life. It bubbled, it stirred, it mixed with itself, a glorious chaotic mass. Those Who Were looked, and despaired, because they knew that they were finished. They had violated life in their desperate bid to survive, *chuckles, coughs violently* and broken the boundaries between species... What is a species, you ask? A meaningless question, now, youngling. Heh.

    And so, in one generation, Those Who Were seized to be. They became one with the world, some turned into its walls and caverns, some becoming the mindless beasts that roam the wild lands... A fitting end to those wretched creatures who thought themselves masters of the world.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)18:29 No.16767818

    I love it!
    That is simply great.

    Could you ge generous enough to write some more?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)18:37 No.16767873

    Thanks! Unfortunately I won't be free to write again for a while, but I'd love to write more tales from the historian. I'll keep monitoring the thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)19:05 No.16768042
         File1319843128.jpg-(95 KB, 719x542, 1301278197665.jpg)
    95 KB
    A feasible scenario in this world.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)19:08 No.16768062
         File1319843297.jpg-(155 KB, 1024x768, organ thief.jpg)
    155 KB
    Moar art.
    If you don't watch your back, you are going to share the fate of this poor fellow. Always on guard, everyone around you might harbor plans of killing you and taking your flesh and limbs for themselves.
    In this world, you can't trust anyone.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)19:50 No.16768330
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)19:59 No.16768383
         File1319846348.jpg-(282 KB, 728x1025, 1302764196135.jpg)
    282 KB
    pic related. Your average living room.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)20:17 No.16768491
    Is this world where Ball of Arms Man came from?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)20:55 No.16768690
         File1319849730.jpg-(231 KB, 723x1104, The_Flesh_Monster_by_SecondKin.jpg)
    231 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)20:56 No.16768695
         File1319849780.jpg-(273 KB, 1377x1331, Flesh monster 2.jpg)
    273 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)20:57 No.16768701
         File1319849827.jpg-(49 KB, 289x400, Caccooned.jpg)
    49 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:01 No.16768733
         File1319850085.jpg-(313 KB, 620x877, alltomorrows.jpg)
    313 KB
    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but has anyone here read 'all tomorrows' by nemo ramjet?

    Because it is similar, but not the same and will defiantly fuel inspiration. I believe you can find it on /rs/.

    Pic related. The future of humanity.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:06 No.16768779
         File1319850398.jpg-(20 KB, 213x211, The big nosed man talking..jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:09 No.16768798
         File1319850557.jpg-(120 KB, 806x992, gift_for_transapient__nim_by_j(...).jpg)
    120 KB
    got a few more, but these are more...... symmetrical.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:10 No.16768806
         File1319850640.jpg-(122 KB, 817x978, transapients_burnsomimus_by_ju(...).jpg)
    122 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:11 No.16768813
    Is it wrong that I want to rip that thing's arm off and beat it to death with it's own shoulderblade?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:11 No.16768814
         File1319850707.jpg-(93 KB, 867x921, small_beaked_posthuman_2_by_ju(...).jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:16 No.16768838
         File1319850978.jpg-(185 KB, 650x500, kangaroo jack comparison new f(...).jpg)
    185 KB
    then there's this guy
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:17 No.16768848
         File1319851049.jpg-(75 KB, 600x600, 2f43e6431030c4d2d2cdf95e97d3bd(...).jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:18 No.16768858
         File1319851125.jpg-(24 KB, 400x400, 692__400x400_posthuman-structu(...).jpg)
    24 KB
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/28/11(Fri)21:21 No.16768876
         File1319851283.jpg-(68 KB, 501x800, 5f676617221f0d83f9091f13a9cf5f(...).jpg)
    68 KB
    Last one for the night. Just bumping to keep it alive, but I won't be surprised if it 404s. Loved this thread. Even to the point there I would be interested in developing an RPG.

    If anyone wants to put some real effort into this, contact me. My email is in the field. If not, oh well. Thanks for the good times, guys.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)21:24 No.16768904
    bumping for quality.
    Don't die on me.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/11(Fri)22:12 No.16769217

    Could we have Nobles with perfect bodies except for a single giant scar on the backs of their heads from when their brains were removed from their original, distasteful bodies and jammed into an approximation of perfection?

    Some cities are so different from one another that when an ambassador from one visits another, he's indistinguishable from an aughound. Wars could potentially be started this way, after delegations are mistaken for hound-packs and annihilated without mercy.

    Somewhere in the constantly mutating wilderness is an honest-to-God person from before the world went mad. His body is a parody of the perfection everyone seeks, in polished metals and a strange inedible substance he calls 'plastic,' and with the strange tools available to him he's trying to put everything to what he thinks of as right before his purely mechanical form breaks down once-and-for-all.

    There's still gender in this world, and there's still sex and sexual reproduction. However, as insane as everyone's genomes is, natural gestation, assuming some hormonal imbalance doesn't cause the woman to expel her entire reproductive system, is the best way for a character to come into the game with a massive burden of deformities. Coming from a non-dysfunctional, loving family is actually one of the greatest possible curses someone could bear in this universe.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)05:11 No.16772257

    All that stuff it great.

    Sexual reproduction definately should bear the risk of extremely mutated offspring. Because of this, the nobles reproduce mostly with the aid of the vat mothers.

    The differend cities are like totally differend environments, thust the creatures originating from differend cities have completely differend adaptations.
    Some cities are massive networks of organic tubes running mostly underground, some are like massive termite hives and others are a collection of large spires reaching for heavens. The only common thing with them, is the fact that they are all made from living material.

    Remnants of the old world could very well still be hidden in the waste lands. Nobles have a vested intrest in aquiring these relics to further their power, thus they often commision or hire teams of specialist creatures to go and hunt the wastes for these ancient artefacts. Most teams never return, as they fall victims to the hazardous wilderness. Those that do however, bring back tales of horryfying creatures made from steel, killing everything in sight, wast forests of bones, ancient towers of crumbling stone etc.
    On the rare cases that they actually manage to bring back something else than stories, the whole city decends to even more chaos, as the differend nobles try to aquire these relics with force. This too is one of the reasons that many of these search parties never return, as they are killed by other creatures, who remember what happens when they succeed.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)05:48 No.16772441
    But BLAME has metal in it.
    This one would be purely biological.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)05:50 No.16772448
    ...Just read the manga. You'll instantly see the resemblance.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)05:58 No.16772484
    You literally just described BLAME, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)06:20 No.16772545
         File1319883645.jpg-(393 KB, 1024x768, Victory.jpg)
    393 KB
    After succesfully killing the guardians of this harvester grub, the pack of creatures preparing to feast upon the helples blob of biomatter.
    They don't have much time however, as the sound of battle and smell of blood has alerted all the aughounds in a mile radius to the feast. Soon the scene will be flooded by mindles degenerates that will kill anyone who gets in their way.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)07:00 No.16772696
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)07:05 No.16772715
    Can the asperger with his "we made a setting about something else already! stop having badwrongfun!" just leave his thread and go back to cleaning his fursuit or something?
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)07:11 No.16772736

    I doupt that he will. He has been posting in this thread for like 3 days now, every time saying the same exact things, like how BLAME! is supposedly identical to this thing, and how we should work on other homebrew settings. And when he is told to leave, or pointed out how this really doesn't resemble BLAME!, as this setting isn't even cyberpunk, he just ignores us and continues berating us for having fun.
    >> i browse 4chan at work 10/29/11(Sat)07:47 No.16772896
    Is this archived?

    Please tell me this is archived.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)07:53 No.16772921

    Yes it is.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)08:32 No.16773127

    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)08:47 No.16773209
    let's think of a trait list:
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)08:58 No.16773262

    I'd imagine that most traits would come from the auguments, such as arms that allow you to climb over walls better, wings etc.
    I am honestly not very good at coming up with these though.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)10:05 No.16773659
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/29/11(Sat)10:55 No.16774028
    I think FATE would represent this setting well. Seeing how flexible it is. Instead of skills, you take mutations/augments.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)11:08 No.16774106

    I agree. Something like the refresh cost mechanic from Dresden Files could work to represent high-end augs that were commissioned by nobles. The noble house that commissioned you could compel you to do things.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)11:10 No.16774139
         File1319901045.jpg-(504 KB, 1024x768, vat mother breeding chambers.jpg)
    504 KB
    Moar art!

    Vat mothers grow the commisioned creatures inside these giant flesh sacks. When the creature is mature enough, they are taken out, adn the desired bio augs are added to them.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)11:14 No.16774168

    I think that that should be a penalty that the players who wan't to be creatures commisioned by nobles should have. Commisioning an advanced creature from the vat mothers is a large investment, and the nobles aren't going to let it go to vaste. The player has to fullfil the task that the noble who commisioned the creature has for it, or the player will be forced to.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)11:19 No.16774212
    Any quest ideas?

    I have one.
    The players are either commisioned or tasked by some nobles to go investigate a rumour of anciet relic being found in the nearby wastes. If they prove to be correct, they should recover it, adn bring it back to the noble. The other nobles and powerful factions will off cource attempt to secure the artefact for themselves.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)12:19 No.16774686

    Starting quests can just be gathering fruit/wood. Which would be very sought after. Or even a form of currency.

    Even water in large quantities. Imagine, you're an aughound. Just hang around the underground caverns and wait for other creatures to get thirsty.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)15:10 No.16775838
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)16:05 No.16776398

    Getting the neccecary biomatter to fuel the augs of the players is an important task for the players, but the sources for that are quite limited. The players can extract some of the aug juices from other creatures, but most of them are in short suply of it, just like the players. A major source of the bio matter is the harvester grubs, but they are guarded by powerfull defenders. The greatest source of the biogels however, are the fabled wells, within the city, that produce the stuff. Most of them are either controlled by the nobles and to a lesser extent the vat mothers. One of the major reasons for the power the nobles have over the other creatures is their controll of the wells. They use the gell for their hugh end augs, and to "buy" the services of other factions or creatures. The gell fuels their personal armies of commissioned creatures, that they use to fight other nobles and external threats.

    Actually, the "money" of this world could be the biogel needed for the augs. The nobles might use it to hire some the players to do something for them, such as search for new wells in the hidden dephts of the city.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)16:50 No.16776827
    What is your native language?
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)17:04 No.16776963

    What about it?
    Was my bost gramatically that horrid?
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)17:06 No.16776985

    Dam I really should spellcheck my posts.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)17:07 No.16777001
    No, the English is really good actually. I've just noticed some reoccurring misspellings that I found interesting.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)17:09 No.16777024

    Could you point out them?
    I'd like to learn from my mistakes, and it is pretty hard when I can't seemingly even notice them.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)17:16 No.16777077
    Sure. Mixing the letter p up with b, and w with v, for example. D and t too, I guess. In the first post I quoted, "differend" should be different. Just things like that.

    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)17:25 No.16777166

    Yah, that is quite likely just because of the difference in pronounciation in English, compared to Finnish.
    As I can't remember exactly how the word is written, I write it based on how I hear it almost by instinct, because in Finnish, words are pronounced exactly how they are written. In english this is obivioysly differend.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:03 No.16777497
    Fantastic setting. Some of my ideas:
    -Earlier in the thread, someone mentioned the idea of these "garbage men" blobs that wander the streets, harvesting biomass. Citizenship in the city is equivalent to having a gland implanted that will make the blobs ignore you. The truly poor and homeless live every day in fear that they're going to be harvested and digested since they can't afford citizenship.
    -Art isn't just visual, since people won't necessarily be able to see it. Complex medleys of scents, pulsing high-frequency sounds, and even using layers of flesh and bone to create these spheres that are valued for how they feel to touch- their texture and shape not their visual aesthetic. The really wealthy can spend their days coaxing huge bone sculptures to grow from the floor of their houses. Of course, they'll need some precious biomass to fuel their artistic desires...
    -Computers, instead of keyboards, have these touch-sensitive membranes that you rest your hands/flippers/whatever on. They draw on your bioenergy to awaken the disembodied face that makes up the "monitor" which is sewed into the wall. Unusually smart or perceptive individuals are sometimes hunted down and ripped apart to be used as a computer.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:25 No.16777707

    Those are very good ideas, I especially like the computer thing.
    About the garbage men though, I don't think that they should actively hunt anything. They just eat everything on their path not fast enough to move away. If they are these big fat blobs of biomatter, they wouldn't be very good hunters in the first place. And a citizenship mechanic that you suggested, would in my opinion be more fitting for the differend noble houses. The gland allows the nobles to command their guardian creatures etc.

    Now for some more brainstorming!
    As the city itself spawns more degenerate people each day in the gutters, competition amongst these newborn is fierse. Most of them are too disfigured to survive in the first place, only serving as prey to their more fortunate siblings, who in turn battle over the bodies of the degenerate dead. These younglings are in turn hunted by older, more experienced creatures for the biogell that their bodies are filled. This goes on and on for many layers of predatation, until we start to reach a state where the creatures are starting to have a resemblance of a barbaric civilization where trade and allieances exist. A gutterspawn who has fought his way trough to this ladder in the hierarchy of the city, is already very exprienced creature, when compared to the luckier individuals that were born directly to this layer. The top most layer in the hierarchy are the nobles, whose existance is built on the backs of the other creatures and their controll over the biogell sources.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:33 No.16777798
    No offense, I love threads like these, but we already started on this.
    Good times.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:46 No.16777948

    You are not the first one to infor us of that, and it is not the first time when I'll have to tell that this isn't a surreal horror setting. People in this setting die, and stay dead (unles they cloned their brains or some shit), the world makes sence, from it's own premises off course and everything can arguably be explained logically, if the players really try to understand the world. It is basically an extremely twisted posthuman world full of uncontrolled biotechnology.

    And reallynow, I don't even really care if this thing is never properly finished. I just like to draw and create worlds. That is what I would do in my free time anyways, and the worlds I think up then are even more useles, as I don't even fucking play rpgs ( I would love to, but they aren't really popular in these parts), thus most of my creative work goes to absolute waste. If some of you fa/tg/uys actually use this setting, then for once, I would have actually contributed to something.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:48 No.16777964
    I'm loving it. I'm doing a bit of writefaggotry, will post in a bit.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:57 No.16778053
    >having this thread without me




    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)18:58 No.16778060

    Wonderfull. Hopefully this thread will stay alive for tommorrow so that I can draw some more. It is like 2 in the morning here in Finland, and I propably should go to sleep soon.

    Moar ideas!
    What if there was this neutral faction, like the city's own immune system. Powerful creatures that guard and defend integral functions of the city, such as the waste removal blobs, and the spawning gutters. They ignore the other creatures, unles they become a threat to the thing that the guardians are watching over, or they break some ancient law, the guardians are programmed with.
    The guardians would be enemies of the nobles, as they guard the wells, wich the noble houses seek.
    In order for the nobles to secure and keep these giowells, they have to constantly battle against the guardians, who seek to reclaim them.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)19:01 No.16778090

    No need to rush.
    This thread has been pretty slow after the first day.
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)19:53 No.16778522
    Jory, from his roost in the hand-tree, smelled the six-armed man coming. His name-scent, a thick and rusty copper smell floated up amongst the rotting branches of unused arms and broken hands. Jory pushed past the drooping limbs and crawled out of the nest he'd made for himself in time to see the six-armed man's heavy overcoat approaching the tree. Jory wrinkled his nose at the sight of the coat, made up of reclaimed faces the man had gathered. He was a grafter, and beneath the overcoat clinked the tools of his trade- the axe, the needle, and the saw. In truth, Jory was a bit jealous. The six-armed man never had to steal to eat, never had to beg for biomass, and he certainly didn't have Jory's stunted leg. Jory glanced down and saw that his stomach was empty- even the grey algae porridge had finally been digested. Hungry, Jory swung down from the hand-tree, dislodging a few rotted fingers on his way down and landing hard on his good leg. His right arm, the one that had gotten him born properly and not just recycled like half the other children reached down to the ground, and he swung along with it with a practiced ease. He set out for the dispensary, hoping the woman in the wall would take pity on him and give him something to eat.
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)19:55 No.16778537
    The streets were dark and empty, the hour of daylight long since past, but the dark had never bothered Jory, not even when the six-armed man came and he could hear the screams. The odd pair- the deformed child and the shuffling giant in the coat behind him made their way down the street, their footseps echoing amongst the towers of bone jutting out along the street. Jory caught a wiff of ether on the air and remembered the time he'd won some at an aughound fight, betting his biomass on the hulking red one who scuttled like a spider. Enraptured in his thoughts, he almost didn't hear the six-legged man's gruff voice bark out from behind him. "Boy! Perhaps you speak to me?"
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)19:55 No.16778546
    His voice was scratchy and stilted. Jory guessed he hadn't been born with ears and still hadn't quite figured out the knack of hearing even after he scavenged some. Jory turned around and let the six-armed man catch up to him. The man towered over Jory's slight frame, creating a deeper pool of darkness around the boy. Jory could see his arms in silhouette, all hanging loosely by the man's side next to gleaming tools and jars of organs. Jory started when he glanced upwards, catching the glint of the man's many eyes and their intent stare. The man spoke again: "Boy! I could use arm like yours. Many people want new arms. I offer twenty cosm of mass."
    Jory took a step back, protectively grabbing his big arm with his small one. "Thank you, but I think I'll keep it, sir."
    The man's eyes all blinked in surprise. "Twenty pips not enough? Greedy, greedy boy." He took a step closer, advancing on Jory until they were almost touching. "Most boys happy to give arms. Most give for free."
    The man freed one of implements from its holster in the coat. It was too dark to tell what it was, but Jory could hear the sharp edge swishing through the inky dark. "I'm... I'm sorry, sir. Please, take anything but my arm," Jory stammered, falling back onto the pavement as he stepped away from the advancing figure. The man laughed, throwing his head back and letting out a shrieking hiss from the back of his throat. Without saying a word, the man brought the butcher's knife down towards Jory's body. Jory rolled to the right and scrambled to his feet, swinging his thick arm at the man's body. Through his callused hand, Jory felt satisfying crunch deep inside the grafter's abdomen. The man howled in pain and grabbed at Jory's arm, holding it in place with his five free arms. His eyes met the man's again, and Jory saw reflected what was about to happen to him. He started to scream.
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)19:56 No.16778553
    The knife came down on the arm and slashed again and again and again, cutting through thick, meaty tendons and sending showers of red ether across the man's arms. Jory twisted and screamed, struggling to free himself, grabbing at his coat with his other arm and struggling to get away. Finally, the searing agony was too much to bear and Jory slumped down, unconscious. It was then that the man took out the saw.

    Somewhere along the way, the man started whistling and the faces on his coat joined in.
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)19:57 No.16778572
    That's all I've got. Awesome setting, OP. Definitely be using it for a game at some point.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)20:13 No.16778689
         File1319933635.jpg-(7 KB, 212x204, I've seen some shit.jpg)
    7 KB

    >mfw reading that.

    That was great writefaggotry, I aplaud you sir.
    You really made the environment live with your descriptions.
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/29/11(Sat)20:18 No.16778723
    agreed. I came home from work expecting a 404. Instead I got this. Just fucking great man, especially the whistling coat part.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)20:19 No.16778730
    Bumping for bump's sake.
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 10/29/11(Sat)20:28 No.16778805
    Let's make a small change of pace here. Let's say you enter this world. You can choose any form you want. Create your character. Nothing too powerful, give it flaws.

    Might take me a while to think of mine, but go ahead.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)20:35 No.16778901
    Dastik. He's a Charmer- a high level official who has torn out a lot of his body to give more room for pheremone glands and sensory apparatus to help him make deals and convince others. He's wheeled around in a bone-and-skin wheelchair that's made of recycled bits of himself. He looks like a slumped torso without a head or legs, instead covered in eyes, ears, and pockmarked with various glands and nasal cavities. Despite his appearance, he really is very convincing, thanks to his mouths (two, each located on the palm of his hands) and ability to exude pheremones. He's intelligent and well-spoken, and can gesture with his hands to modulate the sound of his speech.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)20:37 No.16778917

    Vaguely feminine, quadripedal stance; all limbs tipped with gripping claws, thin, superfluous carapace plating over the body. Spindly, delicate bone structure that would not react well to blunt trauma. Perhaps large, over-sensitive eyes, possibly. Would likely scuttle around the ceilings in the more decrepit, darker areas, staying in the shadows and scavenging anything left over from the fights going on beneath her.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)20:38 No.16778936

    Sorry, meant to say "possibly compound".
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)20:50 No.16779053

    Sorry for posting for the same character again, thought it was only designing the morph; would imagine character to be paranoid as all hell, coming from the motion sensitive eyes. Jumping at shadows and running away from nothing would be the order of the day. Might occasionally get contracted out to spy on the goings on of the dilapidated sections of the city, but not do a particularly good job of it; she'd have good vision, but no metaphorical backbone for wetwork.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:04 No.16779171

    A gaunt gutterborn scavanger, who calls himself Naol. He is of respectable size with digitigrade leds and one oversised arm. He is very old, and his body barely resembles the original anymore, but because his chainge has been over many decades, he has avoided the fall to an aughound.
    He prefers to avoid conflict as he thinks he has already slaughtered enough of other creatures to get where he currently is, but if the need comes, he can use his powerful legs and thick arm to perform a devastating charge attack, that can stun even a noble guardian.

    Currently he works as a somewhat of an protector to a small community of other scavangers, living near the edge of aughound infested region of the city. His large frame is usually enough of an deterrant for the aughounds with some capasity of tought left for self preservation. The creatures living in the cummunity, understanding the benefit of having a large creature nearby, provide Naol with shelter and some food, even though he is cpable of hunting for himself, perpehaps to keep him from leaving.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:06 No.16779192
    Silth. She was born without a spine- or just a really weak one, she's never been sure. She crawled everywhere as a child and eventually had her legs taken off and the muscles repurposed for her abdomen. Now, she either crawls or slithers everwhere. When she folds her webbed arms in to her side, she can go surprisingly fast while trashing across the ground. Most of her head is taken up by an oversized mouth. She has a light-sensitive organ at the back of her mouth, so she has to open wide to see anything. She has oversized, grotesque breasts that are covered in scuff marks from begin dragged across the floor. A common sight is her rearing up with her jaw wrenched open, scanning around. She's filthy but generally quite chatty. She thinks she's smarter than she is and loves coming up with elaborate schemes that she can't follow through on.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:10 No.16779235
         File1319937029.jpg-(15 KB, 220x228, 220px-Untitled_painting_by_Zdz(...).jpg)
    15 KB
    I instantly thought of a family of poor humanoids, each saddled with their own crippling mutations, where basic survival is a luxury, stumbling upon an abandoned domicile, the security systems long shriveled and dead. They enjoy a brief period of rest and relaxation, before having to move on; the "building" is scheduled to be devoured by the trash-blobs. All to the tune of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8c6ZqMkqpI

    [spoiler]May these dubs grant this thread good fortune.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:11 No.16779242
    Scavran, a massive creature with five appendanges, two are pick like, for use in mining from the tumors that spring up around the city, two balancing supports for mining, and one leg to push him around.

    Side note : I like the idea that there is no self in this world, absolutely nothing that ties you to a form. You can take that brain out and keep playing. We could even play with that and have that like a ritual of adulthood, the brain keeps people chained to morals, and removing it allows other glands to take over the rest.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:17 No.16779294
         File1319937447.jpg-(32 KB, 500x367, melkot.jpg)
    32 KB
    Phallic symbolism, dead fetuses, and vaginas the RPG?
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:25 No.16779364

    Yep, along with a hefty dose of bodyshock and loss of self.
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)21:27 No.16779376
    Plus using the word "flesh" as often as possible.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/11(Sat)21:28 No.16779380

    I think we might be autosaging, new thread?
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)21:31 No.16779400
    On it.
    >> LobsterEntropy 10/29/11(Sat)21:38 No.16779455
    New thread: >>16779450
    >> Anonymous 10/30/11(Sun)05:41 No.16783554
         File1319967688.jpg-(89 KB, 1000x731, 1305875745742.jpg)
    89 KB
    Don't know if anyone has put this forward yet but an explanation to how this place came about could be that the city itself is an ancient bioweapon that
    a) went out of control and long ago destroyed/mutated its masters (perhaps the nobles could be the twisted remnants of the creators, maybe even purposefully tortured and kept alive in agony by the city ala I Have No Mouth)
    b) is on a course so some distant light years away target on a hunk of rock (maybe even a tyranid style extragalactic seed weapon). in this case it would probably only be the city itself that knows its origin, if at all.

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