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    93 KB Five Nations Quest 17 KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)04:10 No.16537621  
    Time for sword shenanigans.

    >"Are you sure? Because if you are I know a man, Genpachi."

    Tomaru nods his assent and once you tell him where the Hidden Mist is he points you to the waterfall system that will dump you out in the sea, allowing you to go home, summon him, and then have him reverse summon you and Gen back to the Springs.

    A few hours later you and Gen, who is looking thoroughly disturbed at the notion of using a seal on a living thing like this. He has covered Tomaru in tattoos, drawings, and seals before he takes the paper and is about to wrap it around the blade before Tomaru stops him, superheats a piece of volcanic stone and has Gen carve them into the blade before performing the seal. A flash of light emerges and when it dims the blade seems to be slightly different.

    The blade is serrated fully now and colored black from Tomaru's spines. Additionally, when you grip it, the weapon feels alive in your hands, like Samehada, however yours talks to you, conversing in your mind the simple word of excitement. The blade also wants you to go into battle with it, to test itself out and feed its hunger.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:14 No.16537645
         File1317888891.png-(88 KB, 282x359, 1296230714428.png)
    88 KB
    I love how we're becoming more and more an unstoppable combat machine, a God of War to rival Kratos, just as we finished helping along the negotiations which would end war in the 5 Nations.
    The irony is delicious.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:16 No.16537655
    So, as before. How many of you wear Naruto headbands in real life? We had 2 in the previous thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:18 No.16537664
    Well its only ironic until the inevitable collapse/treachery of akatsuki comes to bear. After that we'll be sitting pretty as one of the most dangerous psychopaths on the continent.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)04:20 No.16537675

    You and Gen head home as he looks at the sword and mentions, "I take it I overloaded your old one? I'm sorry to hear that, I know you were fond of it." he said as he looks at the new blade, much more organic looking, almost seeming like its a part of you to him as he says, "But I have to admit, that new one is something else. What are you going to call it?'
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:20 No.16537676
    You mean two that didn't wear headbands right? Didn't mean to come off as spiteful before though.
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)04:23 No.16537689

    Or taking the suggestion from the irc Ryuujinsuiken.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)04:24 No.16537693
    I like Tomaruha.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:24 No.16537698
    We should honor Tomaru in its name. If it's really still Tomaru in there, mind and all, then just call him Tomaru. If all that remains is shadings of his personality, then I liked Tomaruha.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:26 No.16537705
    No there was at least one guy who did and one guy who felt insulted that I asked a perfectly valid question, most likely meaning that he in fact did wear them.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)04:26 No.16537710
    He won't be the same, he can't ever express thoughts as more than a word, maybe a couple at a time. However, he does have his own chakra supply and his ability to interpret your situation.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:27 No.16537719
    I like Ryuujinsuiken, but I don't really count because I'm the one that came up with it in the IRC
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:30 No.16537743
    Hot damn! Our sword can talk to us! This is like the best thing ever!

    As for a name, according to google translate 'Nietagiru BÄ«suto' means 'Seething Beast', which seems pretty apt.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:37 No.16537774
    I can get behind that. Agreeing.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:45 No.16537823
    Bisuto means "beast" the same way foruppy disku means "floppy disk".
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:50 No.16537857
    "I can still feel him. He lives in the blade now."
    "Thank you again, Gen. Now I have the rest of this mission to complete."
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)04:50 No.16537863
    "Well he'd be the most energetic corpse I've met if you'd have. I'll have to let him run wild a bit to get him to calm down."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:51 No.16537869
    "He's still alive.
    "Thank again, Gen. Now I've got a mission to finish."
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)04:55 No.16537886
    The switch is up to the rest of the group.

    >"Well he'd be the most energetic corpse I've met if you'd have. I'll have to let him run wild a bit to get him to calm down."

    At your words the blade heats up on your back and eagerly anticipates your time of need.

    You head out across the waters and when you reach the costal town it isn't long before you see the devastation caused by the whale. The people have long since abandoned this area, but the whale still attacks. As you snoop around for clues you suddenly feel its presence as the massive whale emerges, tail high as it smashes down the water at you, a moderate spray of solid water which would probably knock out out.

    Your blade leaps to your hand of its own accord and glows white hot, evaporating all the water as it gets close to you, keeping you safe. However, you feel that the effort of that ability drained some of your chakra, that Tomaru needed your input for that. As the whale dives again you see something, the shimmer of a body atop it, and when you focus your senses you detect a shinobi with their own chakra hidden riding atop the whale, invisible.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:59 No.16537904
    Don't go straight for the shinobi on the whale right away. Pretend you're trying to get a feel for how the whale fights, strike when you get a clear shot at the mystery man.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:00 No.16537914
    Avatar of the sea. That way we can attatch to the whale and create an air bubble to breathe if it submerges.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:01 No.16537920
    This is also a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:02 No.16537925
    Try to bait the whale to attack some more, waiting for a clear chance to shunshin to behind the shinobi and clock them.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:09 No.16537948

    Oh, well that sucks.

    Why the hell does Google have Engrish in it's translator?

    Unless the Japanese have actually put English in their language, which would be silly.

    Anyway, I'd prefer we capture this Shinobi rather than flat out murderise him, it might be good to find out what's going on here.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:10 No.16537953

    The whale comes up again and smashes into the shoreline, its reasoning seems to be non-existant, and the lung capacity of the shinobi in control appears to be the only stabilizing factor. When he rises up this time, however, the water is forced forward by a blast of wind that blows apart another building. This appears to the man's game, to wreck lives because he can.

    Your blade burns in your hand as it feels your distaste and disgust. To your surprise it channels this feeling into a mutation, long hooked spikes popping out along the length of the blade before reverting in.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:11 No.16537963

    Oh, straight up my bad then. Sorry, slip of the finger.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:12 No.16537972
    Is there a clear line of sight, so that we can shunshin to right behind the shinobi?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:14 No.16537984

    Well then, lets get cracking! Rev up our steam saw technque and see if we can't bisect a whale!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:15 No.16537989
    If we can shunshin up to him, I support spending some det to knock this fucker out.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:16 No.16537998
    You've got not only a big clear shot, but you're fighting a foe who clearly can't hold his breath as long as you can.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:17 No.16538006
    rolled 4, 7, 1, 5, 2, 10, 4, 3, 5 = 41

    Shunshin and lets see what our blade can do.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:20 No.16538017

    As you surge your chakra through the blade you sense it responding to you, churning and bubbling steam crawls out in trendrils right under the surface of the blade.

    The shinobi doesn't realize you have landed behind him until he feels the blade's chakra surging, when he turns, kunai spinning in his hand, he doesn't quite recognize how the weapon's serrated edge ripples in anticipating for the grisly task ahead. When you beat the man to the punch, by a country mile it may be said, you not only take off his arm, but his body, and as your blade kisses the flesh and sweeps through it, the steam ejects, exploding and cauterizing the wound, as well as tenderizing the impending flesh, muscle, and even bone as it cuts right though the man. Not only that, but the blood seems to be consumed by the handle of your blade as you get the feeling of a pleasant meal being eaten from your sword as his two pieces fall into the sea. The whale stops its erratic motions and idly paddles for a bit before descending.

    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:23 No.16538034
    rolled 10, 1, 7, 10, 1, 8, 2, 1, 9 = 49

    See if we can't determine where the man was from and if he was in the bingo book.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:23 No.16538037
    Japan has like 3 different alphabets or so and at least one of them is phonetic, but the phonetic alphabet is still limited due to not being based on letters but whole sounds.

    That is why you have engrish. Because the japanese alphabets are based on sounds, not letters.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:28 No.16538050
    And yes, they do incorporate foreign words, just like English does. You think we pronounce them all 'correctly?'
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:29 No.16538062

    Just as the head and upper body fall into the sea you swing down and long blades explode out from all around your blade, turning it from a single sided cleaver into a hellish visage of spikes and a single blade. You lift the torso up with relative ease, suspended in a macabre display, the spikes jutting through the arms, heart, and mouth, as if to say that rogue shinobi are little more than meat to the slaughter.

    Upon returning home and assessing Intel you find he's not quite bingo book worthy, but rather that he's a Mist shinobi who got disillusioned with the system after becoming a Chunin and went rogue, taking the ability to control sea life with him. He used it for meaningless rage. With difficulty the ANBU agents reverse the last few seconds of his head to his head as they withdraw the technique's knowledge from him and record it, finally letting the mind rest forever as they take the body, seal all its tenketsu, and burn it forever.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:31 No.16538067

    Was there a headband left?

    Also, the whale, what is it doing now that it doesn't have anyone controlling it?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:34 No.16538084
    I suppose we are free for now?

    I wanted to ask, what is our salary right now? Iirc, we got 300r/week when we first got control over 7 samurai. Now we are a Captain, Right Hand, ANBU agent and a Hero. Is our salary increased?

    Also, lets visit Yuki. I want her to take the look at our hand (did we ever finish the treatment? iirc, we were supposed to let her do some treatments over a long time)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:35 No.16538094
    Now that the controller is dead, did the whale go back to being a normal whale, and the mission is considered accomplished?

    Also, were we allowed to take the head protector, or did the Hunter-nin take it as well? And would our fence even want it if it's scratched?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:38 No.16538102
    Oh, right. We should see Yuki to have our right arm checked on, and to see how the Village is treating her, now that she's a member of the Seven Swordsmen, and we're hailed as heroes rather than feared as thugs.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:41 No.16538111
    We are free to advance.

    We are going to both gain 10 Mission Points for deeds rendered, 2,00 Ryo, and lastly we're getting upgraded from Jonin to High Jonin. We don't gain the stat increase (though normally we would, again pre-scaling madness.). However, our dice pool for rank increases to 5.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:41 No.16538112
    Right, I'd like to know that too.
    She had "Subject of Hatred" trait, right? Did it get removed?
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:42 No.16538115
    Now, Missions points are at a ratio of the following.

    1 MP: 1 SP. SP scales as mentioned before.
    3 MP: 1 Perk
    5 MP: 1 point Stat advancement.

    Now, I need to sleep, so you guys, whoever of you are willing to stay up, are free to talk about advancement, suggest perks, suggest distribution, and of course.

    Suggest and discuss a new UA for us, as we are now High Jonin, and add another sentence to our Nindou.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:43 No.16538118
    >2,00 Ryo
    Whole two ryo! We can- we can buy a bowl of ramen for that!

    But I was asking our regular salary (do we even have that?)
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:43 No.16538121
    Also I'd like to increase the points given to 13. Just for more fun. See you guys in a few hours.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:44 No.16538125
    Is the cost for increasing Blitz unchanged?
    Is it still 10 Skill points to increase from Blitz 1 to Blitz 2 (Speed Rank 2 to 3)?
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:44 No.16538127
    Sorry, meant to be 2,000.
    As for our salaries, no, it's suspended because of our admission to Akatsuki. Our mission pay is increased, however, by 50% and there's a bonus at the end of each month based on missions complete.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:45 No.16538133
    I will hesitantly say it's the same, though I'm not sure how over-costed or undercosted it may be. Speed ranks are very powerful.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:46 No.16538140
    Wait, what is SP?

    I say we improve our Blitz
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:47 No.16538142
    SP is Skill Points.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:48 No.16538144
    Hmm...assuming that the old costs for Blitz are still in effect, 13 MP would be enough for Blitz 2 and Speed Familiarity.
    The increased speed means bigger penalties for enemies to attack us (-2 to their dice pool for any action against us) as well as increasing the range of our shunshin.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:49 No.16538146
    Definately improve blits.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:50 No.16538148

    I knew that you made a mistake, but I thought the correct number to be 200.

    We got 2K for relatively easy mission!
    I wonder what we can blow it over. We should visit our fence again, it has been about 2 weeks, perhaps she has something cool for us again.

    But first, Yuki
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)05:50 No.16538153
    I'm also toying with the idea of letting Speed Rank 3 and higher, every 2 ranks, giving an extra action per round.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:50 No.16538156
    Get Blitz 2 (10ponts), get Martial Arts or Taijutsu knowledge mastery (3points).
    We aimed for Blitz for a long time and Taijutsu score of 10 allows for reroll of any Taijutsu based test for 1 Det.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:53 No.16538167
    rolled 4, 8, 4, 10, 4, 4, 8, 5, 10 = 57

    That sounds pretty good. We could also gain two stat increases to start shoring up our weaknesses.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:57 No.16538186
    The problem with that point distribution is that anything above Speed Rank 2 will damage our body if we don't have Speed Familiarity.
    Everytime we move at Speed Rank 3 we'd be taking damage without that perk.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:59 No.16538189
    How do we get Speed Familiarity?

    And I thought the level 3 just gave us tunnel vision and anything above that was harmful.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:00 No.16538197
    Speed Familiarity is a perk that we can get for 3 SP.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:02 No.16538203
    mastering Taijutsu Knowledge doesn't increase our Taijutsu stat anymore, it would cost 5 points to increase the stat.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:03 No.16538205
    >increase the points given to 13
    >blitz is 10
    > familiarity is 3

    now if my maths is correct, that's the whole 13 points to go faster.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:03 No.16538207

    Lets get Blitz and Speed Familiarity then

    How much would the next Blitz rank cost?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:04 No.16538209
    That sounds like a good idea, then it'll be harder for the few people faster then us to even be able to blitz us (excluding Gai)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:06 No.16538213
    Blitz 3/Speed Rank 4 would cost 15 SP
    Blitz 4/Speed Rank 5 would cost 20 SP

    When we get up to that level, then we're doing attacks so fast people can't see us.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:09 No.16538222
    Unless the have speed familiarity and/or a sharingan equivelent.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:17 No.16538254
    Speed Familiarity is kind of cheap. Perhaps it needs prerequisites to be "bought"? Otherwise even low-level mooks could have it and be able to see us (and do absolutely nothing about it because we're so damn fast)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:21 No.16538271
    Can be based on chakra sensing, we dont really have to see people to kill them.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:30 No.16538309
    True, but high speeds deal damage to the user, so we should get it anyway.

    And I was talking about our enemies. If Speed Familiarity costs 3SP, then anyone, even the low ranks could have it (they don't necessarily need Blitz to get it, if I am not mistaken)
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)06:32 No.16538313
    Just to bring it up here. Op mentioned in the irc that the summoning pact still functions for our sword. So we can summon it and it can in turn reverse summon us.

    I was thinking maybe as our new UA we could reduce the cost for that and use it to start our flicker blade style.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:33 No.16538323
    Speaking of summons.

    What can we summon and how does it work?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:39 No.16538344
    <OP> the base cost is 2 chakra
    <OP> to smmon a Guardian Level summon
    <OP> that's about your size or a wee bit bigger
    <OP> like Tomaru
    <NoGodsOrDevils> What about a Boss Summon?
    <OP> the next level is Giant Level Summons
    <OP> these cost 3 and 1 determination
    <OP> boss summons or their equivalent are 5 chakra and 3 determination
    <OP> making them hugely expensive
    <OP> additionally to call the biggest boss it costs 1 Nindou to do so
    <OP> sounds good/makes sense/seems fair to everyone?

    <OP> yes, anything less than guardians are to be considered mooks
    <OP> they die in combat to 1 damage
    <OP> but can be used for scouting, message delivery, etc
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)06:40 No.16538347
    Copy pasta'd from irc

    >OK, the base cost is 2 chakra to summon a guardian levels summon, that's about your size or a wee bit bigger. Like Tomaru.
    >The next level is giant level summons, these cost 3 chakra and 1 determination, boss summons or their equivelant cost 5 chakra and 3 determination making them hugely expensive.
    >Additionally to summon the biggest boss it costs 1 Nindou to do so.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:41 No.16538359
    2 chakra gets a 'guardian' class salamander, like Tomaru. 3 chakra and a point of determination gets a 'giant' salamander. 'Boss' class summons take 5 chakra and 3 det, plus 1 nindou for the biggest boss.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:45 No.16538376
    Well, low ranks do not have a shinobi movement mastery, combine it with passive chakra sensing and Shimaru can have a Speed Familiarity.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:45 No.16538379
    I hope our fellow Swordsmen are advancing as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:52 No.16538418
    Okay, so it looks like Blitz 2 and Speed Familiarity have won the vote for SP distribution.

    What about money, though? Do we want to buy utility scrolls, like one-time use water scrolls, 20 foot coils of wire with explosive tags on them? Or invest more money into our black market fixer?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)06:55 No.16538440
    We've yet to use either of our water scrolls if I remember right and we've only ever used one explosive tag.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:01 No.16538476
    Unfortunately that's true. Shimaru just kills everyone in his path so quickly, that we've never gotten a chance to showcase his skills at preparing a battlefield for maximum advantage, except for the Raikage fight where we prepared specific counters to the Raikage's attacks and defenses.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:03 No.16538483

    Thank you.

    Could we make our
    UA sommon-specific? Like a passive ability that makes all summons cheaper, or lets us summon faster, etc?
    I think it works with >>16538313 suggestion too.
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)07:06 No.16538492
    Jiraiya has one called "summoner and summoned as one" so there's precedent for summon specific UAs.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:16 No.16538538
    We also have our new sentence of Nindou to consider.

    I propose thus: 'I do what needs to be done.'
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)07:22 No.16538557
    Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:23 No.16538563
    That's a little close to "I am a Professional", though.
    Is there some way to differentiate it more?
    Are you going for an 'Ends justify the Means' Nindou?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:26 No.16538572
    This quest seems worth participating in.
    What would a noob need to know in order to stay in character and not fuck up?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:33 No.16538604


    Read and be enlightened.

    And no, the first thread wasn't archived.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:37 No.16538628
    If a technique or something gets mentioned, look it up on the Naruto wiki to learn what it does.

    As for the character:
    We're an operator who operates, a professional above all else.
    A quick comparison would be a fusion of TF2 Sniper and Big Boss.
    We're honest, in the sense of we don't betray comrades or friends, but that doesn't mean we can't lie or use deceit if its part of the mission.
    For dialogue, remember that Shimaru is a taciturn, polite speaker. Don't get wordy.

    For how to be professional:
    Professionals have Standards.
    Be Polite.
    Be Efficient.
    Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:37 No.16538629
    Reading the quest would be a good idea, if you like it, but as a character Shimaru is supposed to be sullen and a very professional ninja, "a tool of the village." He's not supposed to waste words. We have actually had amicable relations with the Leaf though, but killed the Third Raikage and his wife (under missions). He is very good at killing things with a sword.

    There is a link to it on easymodo in the second thread though.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)08:41 No.16538736
    It's a shame weird little odds and ends like the other advanced natures, kekkei genkai, and other stuff really isn't elaborated on as much as it could be. Now we have kekkei tota too, which Dust Release supposedly is.

    I mean, what hasn't been covered? A bit.

    Scorch release, blast release, and magnet release are all mentioned but none of them are defined.

    We've only ever seen one storm release technique, and only one boil release technique. (And only one storm release user, though Darui is probably going to be important. He's got too much background not to be. Only one ice release person too, Haku, though he had a fair bit to show for it. The current Mizukage might show off more of her moves eventually.)

    Combinations that aren't defined:

    Fire - Lightning (Could easily be Blast but not sure)
    Fire - Wind (Probably Scorch)

    Lightning - Wind
    Lightning - Earth (Probably Magnet)

    Wind - Earth

    Not even getting into the three-way craziness.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)09:00 No.16538828
         File1317906049.jpg-(111 KB, 704x895, natures.jpg)
    111 KB
    Here is the wiki's ideas on it, and I like Blast release as lightning and earth, just because it matches my notion of a complementary lightning/earth combo (ala the fire/wind we've seen) being one where the lightning detonates the rock, causing it to explode. to elaborate, those hypothesized natures are Scorch(used to microwave someone once, basically) for Fire/Wind, Blaze(like Amaterasu) for Fire/Lightning (I would imagine plasma like effects for more basic jutsu) and magnet for wind/lightning.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)09:30 No.16538874
    Personally I would prefer it not be a hard and fast rule that when two natures mix that makes a specific effect, and the ones we've seen through kekkei genkai are just what has been done with two natures at once. Most ninjutsu are from mixtures of yin and yang chakra, and the difference comes from the amounts, so perhaps the same could be said of elemental chakra. Also, Wood release is obviously Yang/Earth/Water
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)10:19 No.16539116
    Alright, what the Hell is going on?
    All posts with our new sword's name got deleted from this thread.
    Here's the easymodo archived thread to show the missing posts:
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)10:45 No.16539275
    Fuck if I know, if you go and read the archives you will note that a lot of posts get deleted from this quest for one reason or another.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:01 No.16539355
    Although other posts have been deleted that probably weren't on purpose, so it probably is something with the board, or a rogue janitor.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:03 No.16539363
    Damn it, we're putting all our points into speed? Damn, I was hoping us to put some points into Fuu, and our own semi-Bloodline Limit, as well as upping our Chakra Control, Manipulation and Summons.

    Bah, oh well.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:21 No.16539463
    So... we don't have any missions to complete right now. I suppose we have some free time to devote as we see fit

    So far there were suggestions:
    -Visit Yuki, get the arm checked and see how she is doing.
    -Visit our fence to see if she has anything interesting to blow our money on

    May I suggest that we gather our team and have some team-training sessions?
    We have advanced much since the last time we did something together, I suspect that they have too. It would be good to train together so that we all can adapt to each other and to keep our team combat up to shape.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:30 No.16539535
    It actually looks like it was targeted to posts with the sword's name, every one that got deleted had it, except for one. The last thread didn't have any deletions.

    Mei was swamped with missions. OP just left after giving us our money and points to assign. I don't think it's safe to assume we have free time.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:40 No.16539608
    >Mei was swamped with missions. OP just left after giving us our money and points to assign. I don't think it's safe to assume we have free time.
    Unless they are critical we don't /need/ to take them right now. I think we and our team could get a day or two off for exercise.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:41 No.16539616
    Our UA should be some kind of 'Sword Master' ability that will allow us to flickerblade - and maybe know swords intrinsically, like Mangetsu does.

    Also this, we need to do some Bloodline Limit training. We've been neglecting it, and Yuki herself. Also, we should check in with the rest of the Seven and show Mangetsu our new sword.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:44 No.16539639
    What's Bloodline Limit?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:47 No.16539667
    Our Bonehand that we have never used other then murdering Kages.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)11:53 No.16539709
    Oh, then I am all behind that.
    We should totally do that.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:12 No.16539842
    Alright, so people seem to want to use our new UA for the Flicker Blade style. What exactly do you want it to do? We gotta be specific here.
    One of the ideas bandied about when it was first suggested was that the sword flickers into our hand only for the moment that it's needed, such as blocking, or materializing inside the torso of an enemy.
    Have it flicker in and out while we try to swing it around doesn't seem like it would actually be that useful, since any increased speed of our swing allowed by the sword not being there, would be arrested as soon as it came into existence and we had to impart inertia on it again.

    Now, for our next Nindo, I think we should go with "I will never leave a teammate behind". It builds upon "I am an Honest Man" and "I am a Professional", but is still different enough from those two to stand on its own.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:19 No.16539895
    Maybe instead, I will always complete my mission. Keeps with the proffesional theme and the fact that we killed a Kage even when realistically we should have been pasted, also the time we kept going after our arm was sawn off.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:20 No.16539903
    I think our next Nindo should be 'Always Moving Forward'. Socially and training, we're always trying to get better.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:21 No.16539917
    I don't think we need to use a UA on flicker blade, it's just activating a storage seal.

    The Nindou I would like to be somehow related to the business with Akatsuki. My first idea was "I will protect the shinobi world" so if Satori starts messing things up it would be applicable, but a couple people in irc thought it was too grandiose.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:27 No.16539977
    >"I will protect the shinobi world"
    A little too grandiose, and it kind of conflict with our current "I will bring change to the shinobi world".

    So far, Nindo choices are:
    1. I do what needs to be done (clarification: does this mean 'The Ends Justify the Means'? If not, perhaps reword to prevent misinterpretation)
    2. No teammate left behind
    3. I always complete my missions
    4. Always Move Forward
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:29 No.16539994
    Through power of magical ninjutsu bullshit and loose canon statements sword could keep his kinetic energy after reapperance, there were kunais flying from the scrolls in shiipuden and all.
    And its more intersting than auto gibbing guys with sword summoned inside of them.
    But creating your own unique swordstyle takes effort and time. And it is fitting for swordsman UA.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:31 No.16540012

    Give me a combo between 2 and 3. "I never let my teamates down'

    It allows us the option of leaving team-mates behind for a mission, but still puts us in mind of doing best by them.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)12:41 No.16540099
    I can agree with this one.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)14:08 No.16540586
    Good morning everyone, let's get this ball rolling again. It looks like we have a cohesive agreement on Blitz 2/Speed Rank 3 and Speed Familiarity. That's always good news.

    As for our Nindou we have a few general ideas.

    And lastly for our UA people seem to really really wanna push this flickerblade thing for reasons I don't quite get myself.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)14:09 No.16540609
    Alright, I can get behind that.

    So with my vote, 'I never let my teamates down' is in the lead with 3 votes.

    What about UA?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)14:11 No.16540640
    I too don't understand what the flickerblade is supposed to do. It doesn't seem like it would actually be useful UNLESS we can force it to materialize inside a person.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)14:16 No.16540659

    Personally, I'm not fussed over this flickerblade. I'd be more interested in learning more water jutsus, or fire clones or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)14:52 No.16540688
    What, mechanically, could we do with a Summon-centered UA?
    Do more damage, temporarily boost stats, what else could we do?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)14:55 No.16540707

    I think our UA should be summon oriented. What kind of choices do we have in that regard?

    For nindo, number 2 or 3 from >>16539977 are pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:00 No.16540716
    As a Nindou, how about "Champion of the Seven", for increasing the power and renown of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. This plays into helping our comrades as well...

    Also, did you ever come up with a final name for the combined Seven technique where they shit all over everyone while covered in mist?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:31 No.16540800
    That makes for a nice goal, but it doesn't really fit in with the life philosophy that Nindo is supposed to represent.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:33 No.16540808
    Do we have the evaporation jutsu yet?

    Sounds better than the whole flicker sword thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:35 No.16540817
    Do you mean the ability to suck out water from anything that contains it and use it in our techniques?
    Yes, we already have it. It's our 3rd UA, Dryland Adaptability.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)15:48 No.16540905
    Ok, some brewing on IRC has yielded this for approval from the players.

    Blazing Sea Armor- An improvement on our Avatar of the Sea. For 2 Determination to activate while we are currently protected by the Avatar of the Sea we compress the water and superheat it to a boil, all the while keeping ourselves safe from the burning heat. We are able to shunshin and move as normally, but when we do so our Armor moves in a rapid after-image, smashing into any target we get close to with our shunshin. Additionally, the pressurized water gives us double our current damage reduction, and increases the power of our sword strokes by our Water Talent as well. Finally, when we get a critical hit while in this form the damage is increase by 2.5x for our melee attacks and water-style attacks, rather than the usual 2x.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)15:50 No.16540918
    It costs 1 Determination/round to maintain.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:53 No.16540946
    Elements in clockwise order.


    Known 2 Element Combination:
    water + wind = Ice (Not entirely sure it's just ice, it seems to have strange properties)
    water + fire = Boil/Vapor. An acidic gas that looks like steam.
    water + earth = Wood. Trees and shit.
    water + lightning = Storm. Beams of energy that can be manipulated.
    earth + fire = Lava/Magma. Also includes rubber as a sub-element.

    Known 3 Element Combinations:
    fire + earth + wind = Dust. Manipulates all matter. Very destructive.


    Scorch = It's super hot wind that drys everything out. most likely fire + wind.
    Blaze = Bullshit magic fire. Probably fire + lightning
    Explosion = Guess what it does. earth + wind or earth + lightning.
    Magnets = How do they work? wind + lightning or earth + lightning.
    Steel = Turns your body into steel. No fuckin idea + Bullshit. God damn why are the movies canon.
    Dark/Gloomy/Night = Absorbs/Manipulates/Releases chakra. ^
    Swift = Makes you go fast.^^
    Crystal = Makes crystals and shit.

    I guess theory crafting in the downtime?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:53 No.16540947
    This has my vote. Now, shall we continue with spending our free time with Yuki to train up our Bloodline-ish limit?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)15:55 No.16540959
    Sounds pretty powerful.

    So we're not going for a summon UA, then?
    >> m 10/06/11(Thu)15:55 No.16540964
    >This has my vote. Now, shall we continue with spending our free time with Yuki to train up our Bloodline-ish limit?

    Yep. I definitely approve of spending time with Yuki.
    >> aon 10/06/11(Thu)15:56 No.16540969
    May as well do this then check back in with the Mizukage for more missions and intel on the current state of affairs.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)15:59 No.16541001
    People didn't seemed to thrilled with a summoning UA when brought it up. You're welcome to suggest one, and we'll see how it flies, though. I am not a determiner, I am just an arbiter.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:00 No.16541006
    Seems deadly.
    Still, I wanted to know any summoning options but this is also good

    >> m 10/06/11(Thu)16:00 No.16541007
    >So we're not going for a summon UA, then?
    I think that was mostly because we didn't have any good ideas for one. If you have a neat suggestion, I'd be glad to hear it.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)16:05 No.16541061
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:12 No.16541119

    My idea was fairly simple in the sense that it only reduces the cost of summoning by factor of 1 (chakra and det).
    It is a boring idea though but at least it means we can use our "resources" more efficiently.
    While "Blazing Sea Armor" is extremely deadly, it is only optimal on 1-on-1 fight (seeing how it would deplete our det pretty fast if we use it during a battle against many foes)

    Anyway, I will not press for anything, the Armor is pretty awesome so lets get on with the plot, shall we?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:13 No.16541131
    Summon UA's:
    Summoned Form - 2 Chakra + 2 Determination, sustained 1 chakra per turn. Morph into a hybrid form with a summon, acquiring their special abilities as well as double damage reduction. Fire Salamander = Fire Breath, damage is ninjutsu + Fire Talent, become immune to fire jutsus. Water Salamander = Water Breath, can produce large amount of water, water can either heal allies for Ninjutsu + Water Talent, or damage enemies for Ninjitsu + Water Talent, become immune to water jutsus. Poison Salamander = ?

    I also had an idea of something that would let us channel chakra through and control any number of regular salamander summons, for battlefield awareness and setting up trap fields.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)16:15 No.16541144
    Plot away!

    After taking care of some last minute practice, a hard day of work indeed, you emerge tired and go to talk to Yuki. She's currently working on her own skills in the basement of her apartment which she converted to an amazing shinobi training room. Targets appear and menace from all sides and she paid Gen, thanks to your recommendation and only at 1/2 price, to rig them to fire shuriken, kunai, and explosives at her to force her to react to real-world situation.

    When she sees your approach all the bones slide inside her flesh again as she bows, "Captain. It's an honor." She says, clearly exhausted from the hard work. Her eyes tell you that she's nearing a pivotal point in her career, the point of surpassing any Kaguya who has come before her.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)16:16 No.16541155
    The last thing can be done with a single perk, "Summoner's Awareness." Now added!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:16 No.16541158
    There was an idea to morph bone hand with our living sword, but it felt too much like Kisame UA.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:22 No.16541204
    "The honor is mine," Bow. "How as your training been?" Remove our gauntlet, rubbing our bonehand. "I have been neglecting mine."
    >> m 10/06/11(Thu)16:24 No.16541225
    Our version of neglecting training is pretty hardcore, though.

    I think only someone crazy like Maito Gai might tell us we're slacking.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:25 No.16541239
    >crazy like Maito Gai
    >Shimaru saying he's not training.

    Yep, that fits.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/06/11(Thu)16:26 No.16541248
    >"The honor is mine," Bow. "How as your training been?" Remove our gauntlet, rubbing our bonehand. "I have been neglecting mine."

    "I'm sure you're as capable as ever, Captain." She says with a smile as she looks at your hand and touches it, inspecting how your bones respond to her touches and senses how the bones still respond to her kekkei genkai. "Fascinating. It's like part of me on you." She said before setting you down and helping you manipulate your chakra through the bones, even allowing you to repair the bones when she chips them. By the end of the session you can make the bones hard like she can make hers, but additionally you can pull out your forearm bone and watch as it regrows as you remove it.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:28 No.16541263
    "I wanted to ask you how I can better control this."
    Bring up our right hand and flutter our bone fingers.
    "You seem to have improved."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:33 No.16541316
    "Then we must make this part of you in me stronger," And try to wield small thin arm-sword like a greatword.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:35 No.16541333
    "It is." Smile and look down at it. Suddenly straighten up. "Perhaps we can put that to use on the battle field some time."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:37 No.16541359
    "I think this will be an unwelcome surprise for an opponent.
    "How is your own training progressing?"
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)16:54 No.16541511
    "How are the villagers treating you now?"
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)17:17 No.16541729
    guys, i've got it.
    what about steam clones?
    they will be much harder to knock off as stuff will just pass through them
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)17:19 No.16541751
    What? That makes no sense.
    Steam clones would be no different from shadow clones, and would disappear after a single hit.
    If we want more resilient clones, we need to get Water Clone (Mastery).
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)17:29 No.16541828
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)17:33 No.16541855
    ummm, is op gone?
    >> aon 10/06/11(Thu)17:39 No.16541907
    OP is currently at work he'll be back in a few hours. Though if anyone does have more ideas for goals or how to prepare for a possible backstab by Akatsuki lets hear 'em.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)17:52 No.16542000
    I'm gonna suggest that we either focus on training with the Seven - and getting bonds with the remaining Ninjas - and then maybe going to each village that isn't Lightning.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)18:10 No.16542127
    training and bonding seems great to me!.

    Perhaps we can establish bond with Yuki right now. I kind of want to explore and develop her character more
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)18:20 No.16542205
    I wonder if we should have a duel with Yuki... We dueled all the swordsmen except Yuki and Mangetsu IIRC. And OP did mention she's on the verge of passing the skill of any of her clan that came before her. Wouldn't be a bad thing to try her out.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)18:53 No.16542461
    If we go all out, I doubt she will be able to stand against us even a second.
    We'd need to impose some handicaps on ourself and limit the techniques we'll use.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)18:56 No.16542485
    Just start off without going crazy on the techniques. Although with how lethal this system is, I wonder if she might beat us too easily if we limit what we can do.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)19:04 No.16542565
    Well we should both have chunks of health now, so this'll be a good opportunity to see how new combat works out, aye?
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)19:18 No.16542710
    We'll restrict our self to only using our new bone sword. Kill two birds with one stone, get a better feel for using our bloodline limit and see how far she's come.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)19:34 No.16542817
         File1317944061.jpg-(100 KB, 495x700, Village Romance.jpg)
    100 KB
    >Suddenly, this quest
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)19:38 No.16542857
    This is a good idea. I like it.

    Also, new Nindo idea: "I have to grow beyond my limits."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)19:41 No.16542874
    Ffs, stop suggesting new things already! We have to make a decision SOMETIME!

    For my money, I'm going to chip in for >>16540012

    I don't think being rewarded for level-progressing is fair, if we're progressing anyway while we do it.

    ...We could turn that into a 'Yo dawg'.
    >> Sketch 10/06/11(Thu)19:41 No.16542875
    Ok, I'll admit, I laughed.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)01:08 No.16545572
    And OP Returns!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)01:41 No.16545886
    So, supporting these two >>16541511
    >> aon 10/07/11(Fri)01:44 No.16545915
    Perhaps ask her to spar afterwards?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)01:50 No.16545966
    I guess no harm in asking. Though considering this is the end of the day, we're both probably pretty tired.
    >> aon 10/07/11(Fri)01:54 No.16546006
    Its more so that we can help her attain the next level of Kaguya abilities. If you guys think later would be better though we can always postpone our sparring session though.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)02:00 No.16546054
    It's on you guys, if we wanna spar, I have to draw up Yuki's upgraded stats.
    >> aon 10/07/11(Fri)02:05 No.16546089
    Lets just leave that for now then and try to get some more plot and dialogue in.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)02:07 No.16546109
    Eh, schedule a sparring session tomorrow.
    For now, ask her how she's been progressing and how things are going for her in the Village as a whole.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)02:21 No.16546219
    >For now, ask her how she's been progressing and how things are going for her in the Village as a whole.

    She responds happily that everything has been more perfect than she could have hoped for. Everyone seems to really take to her kindly and a few people have even seen her with her headband off and still been overjoyed to be close to one of the heroes of the village.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)02:28 No.16546258
    We can probably fast-forward to the next morning, so that both Yuki and Shimaru are fresh for their sparring session.
    Then we've got our fence to meet, and then either Mizukage or Aya to check on Akatsuki's activities.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)02:42 No.16546335
    Should we ask if she's had any luck tracking down other members of the Kaguya clan? We did come across the Kimimaro's file, perhaps that can unlock the sidequest to try to find him, and in the process, uncover some more dirt on Akatsuki?
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)02:54 No.16546395
    You've been aware of his existence for a while now, but you have no clue as to where in this vast world he could be.

    The Mizukage's been busy with the missions she's been given and when you visit her she's leaning back and smoking happily, "Unbelievable." She said with a smile, "We're filthy rich. And everyone thinks we're amazing. We have a 100% success rate on missions, we get paid so much money that we outstrip our old pay by about 20% and we spend about 50% less as a village on lodging, supplies, and other things of that nature. We're part of a winning deal here."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)02:58 No.16546421
    "It's good to hear that our dealings have been prosperous Mizukage dono. Should they turn otherwise you need only to say the word."

    This is probably way to good to be true, but that doesn't mean we can't use it while its good.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)02:59 No.16546427
    "It still might be worthwhile to prepare for the worst. This just seems entirely too good to be true."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:01 No.16546446
    "Good to hear our deal is working out. I still have my suspicions, but I'd rather be wrong.
    "Any word on Sunagakure, if they're joining with us?"

    Should probably also find out what the smaller shinobi villages are doing, as well.
    >> Sketch 10/07/11(Fri)03:01 No.16546447
    So guys what do you say we take this opportunity to have orochimaru look at Mangetsu. Since we're buddy buddy with Akatsuki until the end of the month that should help curtail any shenanigans he may try to pull. We won't get a better opportunity to get Mangetsu to 100%.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:02 No.16546459
    So, idea that came up in IRC: Since we're buddies with Akatsuki right now, why not ask them to have Orochimaru heal Mangetsu? We'll probably never get a better chance.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:03 No.16546469
    I agree. Let's bring it up with the Mizukage and Mangetsu.
    Maybe even ask about Kimimaro, since Orochimaru did so much traveling around.
    >> Sketch 10/07/11(Fri)03:05 No.16546489
    If we're lucky we may see Kimimaro with orochimaru so we don't have to meta game as much. Because despite whatever he says there's no way we could leave Mangetsu unattended in his care. We're not naive.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:08 No.16546511

    After a discussion with the Mizukage she puts in the word to the Akatsuki which is returned with amazing speed. Satori will speak to you on the issue personally by nightfall. He will meet at the village gates, at the restaurant there with his escort, he wants you to join him for dinner.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:10 No.16546536
    We should speak with Mangetsu and get his input before meeting Satori. Tell him we'll back whatever his decision is, and be upfront that even with this being the safest time to pursue this course of action, there's no guarantee that Orochimaru will be on the level.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:11 No.16546547
    Strange why we need to speak personally, but whatever.
    Let's inform Mangetsu of what's going on; it IS his body, after all.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:15 No.16546569
    Leader seems like a hands on sort of guy since he has so many bodies. Shimaru is basically the fulcrum around which he can obtain the Mists alliance so he'll pay special attention to our actions and meet us in person to alleviate any of our suspicions. We're the swing vote basically. At least that's how I see it.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:19 No.16546605
    Mangetsu hears your words and agrees wholeheartedly, wanting to not be even a little bit less than his best so that he can make you and his teammates proud.

    Dinner is soon served. The restaurant is empty and you are seated. As you sit down suddenly five signatures appear around you as all five of his various bodyguards flank the table and then he himself enters the room. He kissed his fingers and then the doorframe before sitting down across from you, "Shimaru Yamada. It is a pleasure to meet you in person for a more prolonged conversation." He says as he looks at the owner of the inn/restaurant with a smile, the man's hands and body instantly jumping to the task of making some food.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:23 No.16546631
    "It is a pleasure Satori dono. You do seem to have a way with people."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:25 No.16546660

    Is this another one of his various bodies, or the real Satori?
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:29 No.16546683
    >"It is a pleasure Satori dono. You do seem to have a way with people."

    "It is the job of a Leader to be approachable and open." he said with a smile as you and he are served some excellent beef. He thanks the cook for the meal as he is poured a drink, but requests water instead. He sips from it and then begins to eat. A while passes as he speaks, "You seek Orochimaru? The Pale Serpent is currently out of my charge, he and his partner the Red Scorpion have been on personal leave for at least two months. However, he is slated to return as early as next week, if you would care for a meeting with him, I will send him over to speak to you presently." Satori promises as you as he smiles and eats his food. The effect of his conversation, the one you remember so sharply, seems to be idly tugging at your mind, but not nearly as active as beforely.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:29 No.16546688
    It's the Satori that came and spoke to the Kage's with his guard. It's the main one.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:33 No.16546723

    "I would."

    Well we're either building up a tolerance, are beginning to succumb or he's just not trying as hard this time.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:34 No.16546730
    Excellent, I look forward to meeting with him.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:36 No.16546741
    "That would be helpful. Thank you. Will you or he require compensation for his services?"

    Keep our guard up. We know he's trying to affect our mind, but we need to continue talking with him.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:41 No.16546779
    >"I would. That would be helpful. Thank you. Will you or he require compensation for his services?"

    He shakes his head, "No trouble at all. I am only too pleased to help a Brother of mine. Tell me, however, for what purpose do you seek the Serpent?" He asks curiously as he eats some of his food, the effect remaining at the same level.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:44 No.16546803
    "One of ours has had a single medical genius treat his wounds. To be fully healed he needs the attention of two."

    I think that's about as specific as Simaru will get on the subject.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:45 No.16546810
    "His medical knowledge. The swordsmen are my charges, illness will not claim them, not while I can still provide an appropriate action."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:47 No.16546818
    "One of my subordinates is not quite healthy. Orochimaru's medical knowledge has been recommended to be the key to his full recovery."
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:49 No.16546842
    >"His medical knowledge. One of ours has had a single medical genius treat his wounds. To be fully healed he needs the attention of two."

    He nods, "I see. That is a very good reason. You are a good man, and an honest man, as Kisame tells me. It is evident of that truth as Samehada is comfortable with you, since you are so reminiscent of him." He says and suddenly all his food is gone from his plate as he wipes his mouth, "I hope the Mist is in a good place. I have done my best to maintain your wealth and status quo. I assure you the shinobi granted by us are not only proud of their 100% success rate, but their 4% mortality rate.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:53 No.16546873
    >suddenly all his food is gone from his plate
    Did we just lose a chunk of time?

    "You are living up to your end of the deal; we'll live up to ours."
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:54 No.16546881
    Nope, you look down for a second and then it's all gone when you look back up.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)03:59 No.16546926
    Tonight I'm clocking out early.

    But then I'll be back on at like 11 board time. Gives us like 6 hours tomorrow before work. So yeah, I'll see you cool guys in a few hours.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)03:59 No.16546928
    We should probably check on Senpai, pay a social call see how he's doing that sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)07:00 No.16548156
    Replace 'deal' with 'promise'.
    While ultimately they both mean the same thing, they give off a different tone. 'Deal' sounds too business-like, detached and cold. 'Promise' is more warm and "trustful".

    If we strive for a character who is less verbose, we must learn to say as much as possible with less words as possible.

    Besides, to we cannot really call it a 'deal' since there was no formal signing of agreement..... which I find rather strange. Shinobi, noble, trustful or not, we should put all agreements (especially such an important one as alliance with Akatsuki) on paper.
    ..Or did it happen in back ground?

    I kind of want to ask how Akatsuki is doing.

    We could say something like:
    "Did you get the word from Hidden Stone village?"


    "Do you have any progress with other hidden villages?"
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)07:32 No.16548351

    >'Deal' sounds too business-like, detached and cold. 'Promise' is more warm and "trustful".

    Except we are business-like, and we don't trust this fucker.

    Lets not sunshine-and-rainbows our character just yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)09:27 No.16548945
    What this guy said >>16548351
    Shimaru experienced first-hand the mind-altering technique of this guy, and he can feel the same effect working on him even now.
    You have to remember that Akatsuki is technically a mercenary organization made up of criminals and terrorists, employing rogue ninjas and internationally wanted criminals at high levels. While their stated goal sounds very rational and reasonable, you can't forget their origins, even though they've fulfilled the stated requirements of the alliance to the letter.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)09:47 No.16549048
    How long would it take to have Kaji and the intelligence team poke at our brain? Satori really just shouldn't be doing anything suspicious around us.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)09:52 No.16549077
    Probably about a day, though diving deeper will take longer.
    You bring up a good point. Ideally we should have had Kaji dive into Shimaru's mind before the meeting, in order to have a baseline to compare the post-meeting Shimaru against.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)10:11 No.16549173

    Hmm, alright I guess that makes sense. But we don't really have IC data to not trust them besides our paranoia. They have shown to hold their word and it seems we are getting a good deal out of it [maybe /too/ good]. And no one can say what kind of ability Satori is using, for all Shimaru knows it is some kind of natural passive ability [I doubt it]
    I wasn't implying rainbows and hugs though. We may be professional but that does not mean we need to be so.... I don't know... cold? Leery? We could try not to show it at least (..though, would that be against our "Honest man" ideal?)


    I wanted to suggest that we spend the next day training with our team and in the evening we take them all to a nice restaurant with a private room and treat them (we did get good amount of money). And we could also invite Gen and Aya too, and if things go good they will befriend them and our team will have someone they can trust who can make high-quality scrolls and stuff. And I think being a dedicated scroll painter for Seven Swrodsmen will work out great for Gen reputation wise.
    But not to get wasted on alcohol, that would be a bad taste...
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)10:46 No.16549367
    >But we don't really have IC data to not trust them
    Actually, yes we do.
    1. They employ Orochimaru, known S-Rank internationally wanted rogue ninja, who has a reputation of performing illegal and banned human testing.
    2. They also employed Deidara, who murdered an important Hidden Stone shinobi in order to steal her Forbidden Technique.
    3. Their ranks, until the alliance with the Mist, Leaf, and Stone, were composed of unknown and rogue ninjas.

    And even if the ability that Satori is using is some kind of passive effect, that only means that he has a kekkei genkai to Shimaru, and should be treated with suspicion.

    Shimaru's coldness towards Akatsuki derives from their reputation and the quite possible inevitable betrayal.
    There's also the difference between Shimaru, a professional, and Satori, an idealist. Shimaru can get along with other shinobi, such as the Konoha ones like Might Guy, Kakashi, and Asuma because they're also professional mercenaries like himself. But Satoris is an idealist leader, the kind that use mercenaries and professionals, without being one himself. That's not to say that Satori isn't a strong fighter himself, just that he's not another professional.

    Finally, as to the dinner.
    Bringing Gen and Aya would be a social misstep. Gen, while he might have worked on the seals for the Swordsmen's swords, isn't a member of the team. Even more so for Aya, who's in Intelligence as an analyst. If everyone had just finished working on some big project together, then it would be acceptable, but you're just forcing everyone together for your own selfish reasons and socially this only makes an awkward situation.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)11:18 No.16549572
    I like this part, the training bit, but I want to expand it. Not just training with the Seven, but getting every ANBU to train with us. We need to become an elite killer force that can not be defeated by any thing.

    Also, we have reason not to trust him. He wants to bring down the Kages, and has already attacked us once.

    Regarding Kimimaro, maybe we should ask Leaf or Stone if they have any information on him? Or maybe we should try to track him from the killing field?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)12:22 No.16549979
    Considering that the ONLY defenses that the Hidden Mist Village has right now are ANBU and the Swordsmen, I suppose we will be working closer together.
    Even if we get our ninjas back from Akatsuki if they betray the Villages, we won't get them all, and at worst might only get a handful back who resisted Satori's mind control.

    But anyway, back to the immediate goals and activities: sparring session with Yuki to see if we can push her to new heights, and work on our kekkei genkai. Set up training between Seven Swordsmen and combat-oriented ANBU. See if we can talk with Kisame, ask about Orochimaru and if he's changed because his recent work is different from his reputation. Finally, talk with Orochimaru, get a deal to heal Mangetsu fully.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)12:31 No.16550064

    So how much of our time will we devote for training with EVERYONE assuming we don't get issued any missions and that we don't seek for one?

    I say at least a week.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)12:42 No.16550155
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)12:43 No.16550159
    Assuming nothing comes up, and it'll be a week before we can talk with Orochimaru anyway, a week sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)12:58 No.16550293
    One more thing: after we get Orochimaru to heal Mangetsu, we should find out what Cloud and Sand have been doing this past week. Also, I think we should ask Leaf and Stone how the alliance with Akatsuki has been working out for them. Get confirmation that everything is on the up and up.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)13:05 No.16550353
    Also, since OP insisted so much that for all his evil and villainy, Orochimaru is a pretty trusty guy who will keep his word when give, we must make sure that our Deal does not have loopholes in it and does not allow leeway.
    Like, for example, Orochimaru putting something inside Mangetsu that has nothing to do with his healing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)14:05 No.16550886
    Legal Ninjitsu!
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)15:17 No.16551334

    You arrive at the Sanctuary the next morning where Yuki is stretching and wearing a kimono instead of her usual attire. She tells you that this will help her be forced to use her bloodline limit more, rather than relying on her armor. She also puts her headband down and put her hair in buns, showing her Kaguya dots. With a sigh of affirmation she adopts a lazy ready position, one hand forward, the rest of her body relaxed. "Ready, Captain."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:24 No.16551369
    Wait, what kind of fighting style will we adopt for this fight?

    Go all out, using the swords or start slow and easy (and risk being overwhelmed by this lethal system)


    Also, it doesn't seem we formally finished the discussion with Satori

    >>16548156 (the second part wit the questions)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:25 No.16551373
    rolled 7, 3, 3, 8, 10, 10, 8, 5, 1 = 55

    Rank 5 Gen 4

    Smile and bow. "Thank you. I hope I am a challenge."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:28 No.16551393
    What was the IRC again?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:35 No.16551434

    Man, not with those rolls we won't.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)15:36 No.16551439

    You are correct, sorry! No fight for now, more conversation!

    >"Do you have any progress with other hidden villages?"

    "The Sand expressed reluctance after hearing the Leaf had joined, but they came around. The Stone submitted willingly, and only the Cloud stands against us now." He says as he pays for the meal and thanks the cook as he rises, "Shimaru Yamada, I know how important the Mist's well-being is to you, and I want to honor that. The Cloud is amassing a grand army on their borders and they are ready to march on the Mist in short order. I personally promise you they won't get off the shore." he says and offers you a handshake with a smile.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:40 No.16551488
    Accept the handshake and only nod in acknowledgement.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:40 No.16551491
    Shake his hand

    "Thank you, Satori-domo"

    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)15:43 No.16551528
    Port 6667

    >"Thank you, Satori-dono"
    He smiles and shakes your hand before vanishing his guards all making the same hand sign as they vanish as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:44 No.16551533
    "Thank you." And look very confused at the handshake. "I will ready the forces to defend Mist."
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:54 No.16551594
    Okay, now we're back at the training session?

    Also, what is this guy rolling for? >>16551373
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)15:59 No.16551636

    First turn, I think.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:01 No.16551653
    He's rolling for going first. Yuki chooses to not compete, and will remain in the ready stance, on the defense.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:06 No.16551686
    ok. so then lets go for it. sudden frontal attack at max speed trying to cleave her in two? (using the flat side of the blade at the last second obv).

    no point using mist so a brawl it is me thinks
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:12 No.16551733
    I think we should go easy for the first attack and go unarmed.

    Also, we should communicate to our sword to be non-lethal
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:13 No.16551742
    rolled 1, 6, 7, 1, 5, 9, 8, 2, 4 = 43

    Rank 5 + Martial Arts 4

    Also, do we make a separate roll for using our bone hand, or a straight Rank 4 + Chakra Manipulation 1 for both bone shaping and attack?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:15 No.16551758
    This is supposed to be sparring with Yuki to practice her's and our Kaguya abilities, so I think we should only go unarmed for this sparring session.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:15 No.16551764
    Why are you trying to go easy on her? She is practically immune to physical attack. The only thing that would be 'mean' is using samehada to eat all her chakra, plus it would shorten the amount of training that could be performed.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:17 No.16551774
    except us bumbling around trying to manipulate our bones into a bludgeon and hit her is not going to give yuki any kind of work-out.
    only way yuki is going to develop is if she feels the pressure.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:20 No.16551801
    rolled 8, 7, 4, 8, 5, 9, 7, 3, 4, 6 = 61



    Enough fannying about! Rank 5 + Greatsword (5)! YAAAA!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:20 No.16551802
    A 4 Martial Arts and 4 Taijutsu Knowledge are hardly bumbling around, when our sword skill is 5
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:23 No.16551836
    Because we will probably one-shot her with a single strike?

    As you said, this is a training session... but there is not much to learn when it is over in a second.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:24 No.16551839
    well i guess so, not bumbling but you're still not doing her any favours.

    who knows maybe she's good enough to dis-arm us and we'll in turn be pressured into using that bone hand of ours or get mulched.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:28 No.16551888

    Ah, she has the health. And it's not like we can hurt her with punches.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:29 No.16551895
    Indeed. The way I see it, she'll probably be more insulted if we go easy on her rather than go all out.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:30 No.16551908
    rolled 1, 3, 1, 5, 6, 4, 9, 4, 2 = 35

    You rush towards her with your sword whistling through the air as she breathes out and the bones from her bloodline shoot outwards, forming a carapace of chakra enhanced bones that protects her as you smash into her with your blade.

    She's thrown clear across the room and hits the wall with a thud, clattering to the ground before climbing up to her feet. She looks none the worse for wear and in fact you've only managed to chip the every outside of the bones you hit.

    "I am attacking." She says and lunges forward, her hypodermic arm-blades shooting out of her hands as she takes a single swipe at you.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:32 No.16551921
    rolled 1, 1, 10, 4, 4, 9, 4, 4, 2, 7 = 46

    Rank 5 + Shinobi Movement 5

    Evading away!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:32 No.16551927

    Holy shit that's some good rolling! Dodge or parry? I think we might be more fortunate with the latter.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:32 No.16551929
    Alright, use our super speed to evade!

    (I am not sure what to roll... or if there is a need to roll anything)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:33 No.16551934

    Phew. We cool.

    Man, having stats in the 9's is really nice. And the fact we get 1's to cancel 10's is just even nicer.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:34 No.16551939
    rolled 6, 3, 3, 4, 2, 6, 1, 6, 6, 5 = 42

    If we're using Blitz 2, is her roll including the -2? Also, Movement to defend? Rank 5 Skill 5
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:34 No.16551944
    And that's a delicious crit.

    So her damage is.
    (9 Taijutsu+5 Kaguya Style+3 Bone Sword)*2
    34 damage. We defend against 3 of it, I think, with damage reduction.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:36 No.16551967

    Yeah I'm beginning to wonder if the one's should do that. Then again, this' high-level combat for ya- we should be working with modifiers, as that's where the high-game is.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:37 No.16551972
    Wait, doesn't the 9 successes from >>16551921
    mean that we successfully evade?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:38 No.16551985

    What? How did-

    Can you just spell out how you worked that out? I am in a whole world of confusion. I thought we rolled our defence well!
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:38 No.16551987
    Crits bar evasion. She didn't roll defense against you, she just took it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:39 No.16551990
    How do I into crit?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:41 No.16552000

    In english, please? I don't know what that means, 'crit bars evasion', as I don't know what constitutes a crit. Are you saying because she tanked our hit, we can only tank hers?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:41 No.16552005
    Wait, so an offensive crit is an auto-success, regardless of what the defender does?

    And if someone is attacked, but doesn't attempt to evade or parry, their counterattack cannot be defended against?
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:42 No.16552015
    Sorry, I keep forgetting there are newer people.

    You get a critical when all dice you roll are successes, every single one. That's a crit. We got one our first swing. If you get a crit your opponent cannot evade, replace, or do anything like that to get out of your hit, it happens.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:43 No.16552021
    Aren't we like, faster than her?

    Wouldn't we be able to evade easily?

    Oh well, next time we should roll for parry AND evading (does that work?)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:43 No.16552030
    Well regardless, OW. We're almost in Wounded status.

    Time to start taking this fight seriously. Back the fuck up, throw a Mist Down and nom a Blood-

    -Wait, they only heal for 1. DON'T nom a pill, but spend some Det on our Avatar of the Sea. WE NEED ARMOUR.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:44 No.16552033
    rolled 9, 5, 9, 2, 4, 1, 6 = 36

    While we are faster that is reflected in the admittedly reduced attack score, which I forgot. So I'll reroll.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:44 No.16552034
    I think you only vaguely mentioned that once before, prior to our first major rules overhaul.
    I know it's not in the first draft of the rules you provided, though.
    You might want to include this fight as an example in your next rewrite of the rulesbook.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:45 No.16552044
    Wait a second.
    we must beat 10 when fighting with sword. We roll 5d+5d .... meaning whatever we roll, ALL of our rolls are successful.
    Does that mean we get 100% hit-rate these days?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:47 No.16552056
    rolled 6, 8, 10, 6, 9, 1, 5, 2, 10, 3 = 60


    Ah, okay. Gotcha.

    Well mentlegen...that hurt. Throw up some armor if we've got water for it?

    If not, this is going to get pretty hairy.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:47 No.16552067
    rolled 2, 2, 8, 10, 10, 9, 7, 7, 1, 4 = 60

    Well, lets Blazing Sea this bitch up, for free I believe. And thank our sword/Salamander friend, and start up steam-saw to slice through her bones.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:49 No.16552079

    I think the 10 still counts as a fail, or at least not a success, so we'd have had 9.

    Pretty good success though.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:49 No.16552084
    But communicate to it that it cannot do grievous harm to harm her.
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)16:51 No.16552100
    And I really didn't want to start this up while I had to head out to work. I gotta run y'all, so when I come back we'll pick this up.

    I should be back in about 7 hours.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)16:52 No.16552108

    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)17:36 No.16552418
    OP, I've been looking at this thread and I want to know how would you stat a character who uses ninjutsu mostly? It seemed like a bit chore for our dude to learn much of anything. Seriously, I thought that he'd know more ninjutsu by now.

    Like say... how would you stat someone like Gaara and all his and? Or the other two kazekages wo used a similiar jutsu? Other than that this is a cool quest. I like it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)21:33 No.16554159
    Well currently she's got as much health as us at 18/36/72 and it's apparently a LOT harder to hurt her than it is to hurt us, so we're going to have to go distance with her- Water Dragon, Mistiness, and Steam up our sword. If we're going to win, it'll be elementally.

    And thank goodness we have pain tolerance. Lets just hope there aren't any more crits coming out way!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)21:34 No.16554161
    Well, we've been focusing Shimaru pretty much exclusively on melee combat and only ninjutsu that will directly assist in that (armor).
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)23:34 No.16555121
    Yeah, she's a tough customer. So what's the response to taking up all that damage?

    >OP, I've been looking at this thread and I want to know how would you stat a character who uses ninjutsu mostly? It seemed like a bit chore for our dude to learn much of anything. Seriously, I thought that he'd know more ninjutsu by now.

    >Like say... how would you stat someone like Gaara and all his and? Or the other two kazekages wo used a similiar jutsu? Other than that this is a cool quest. I like it.

    I'd be happy to answer that for you, but it would take a while, care to join the IRC? I'd be happy to answer all your questions there.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)23:39 No.16555160
    What about the reroll? >>16552033
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/07/11(Fri)23:41 No.16555186
    She still got a crit. Roller's being nice to me tonight.

    Also, new thread inbound.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/11(Fri)23:42 No.16555195

    Can we come up with any response other than 'AAARRGGHHHH MY SPLEEEEEN!!!'?

    If so, then maybe:

    "Nnn...good. Now show me your best."

    *Rev up sword and Steam-up armour*

    Wat roll 4 dese?
    >> KumaSennin !!hAxKShXKS9j 10/08/11(Sat)00:01 No.16555342

    New thread's up.

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