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  • File : 1314148940.png-(85 KB, 600x603, IRONHEARTSWARROOMYAY.png)
    85 KB Ironhearts War Room: Voss CounterOffensive Lt. RipVanVinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/23/11(Tue)21:22 No.16041527  
    Hallo everyone it's a vrand new night !

    And wiz it comes new updates rolling out of zee vorkshop so I vill now turn zis over to our luvely Engineeer ~
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)21:23 No.16041537
    This stuff is still around? Wow...
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)21:25 No.16041561
         File1314149126.jpg-(25 KB, 311x311, tumblr_lq3vygf3iZ1qcqbs4.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/23/11(Tue)21:25 No.16041563
    "Can't wait to see what new tricks we get to pull on the Voss. Whatcha got Peppers?"
    >> [P4-Bt1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/23/11(Tue)21:26 No.16041576
    1 AA Tank assist
    4 enemy [A]'s
    Participated in the first half of the last mission

    So what should I have for XP by this point?

    >I don't fucking know how much an AA assist is worth.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)21:27 No.16041593
         File1314149250.jpg-(283 KB, 800x600, threat map.jpg)
    283 KB
    while waiting for the upgrades here's a little something I cooked for you.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/23/11(Tue)21:27 No.16041594
         File1314149250.jpg-(590 KB, 1002x1126, vanguardIH.jpg)
    590 KB
    >IH thread.
    Oh hai thar.
    What's on the plate tonight boss?
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)21:28 No.16041606
    Assist are worth one point
    >> [RBBT][P2-Ss1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/23/11(Tue)21:29 No.16041614
    Winters: "Ooooh I've been waiting on this. Fingers crossed, bated breath, the works."
    Summers: "You love war machines way too much."
    Winters: "They and I share common interests."
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)21:29 No.16041616
         File1314149348.png-(495 KB, 900x1350, RAGNYLLARMSweb.png)
    495 KB
    I had to pull the midnight oil but hopefully these all can get started with production. So I will give a brief

    The Rolo is a mobile artillery alternative for clearing out foxholes and cleaning out armor from within.

    The Hammerfaust is a heavy damage dealing knight weapon. So heavy is its payload that users sacrifice the defense of their shields for speed and power. It comes with three rocket caps that allow for boosted movement and attack in the same turn.

    The Fusion Caster fullfills millitarized caster roles with a higher casting success rate. Useful for novices who wish to sacrifice analogue spellcasting for prepared magical rounds.

    And lastly, I've been trying to think up of the last piece of equipment but I can't decide between the Engineer and the Heavy weapons crew.
    >> [P4-Bt1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/23/11(Tue)21:32 No.16041655

    Thank you Major.

    >5 XP, assuming I get no bonus XP from mission, don't really mind.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)21:32 No.16041659
    Go for heavy weapon, they are more numerous than our only engineer that show up only once in a while.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/23/11(Tue)21:34 No.16041682
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)21:34 No.16041685
    Is it possible to play troops from allies?
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/23/11(Tue)21:35 No.16041693
    >Caster gun
    I love you IC. I really do.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)21:36 No.16041706
    No it isn't, it would mean keeping track of too much different stats at the same times and IC isn't a machine.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)21:38 No.16041723

    >Once cards are done for them they'll be available. But thats a different can of worms altogether.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)21:39 No.16041738
    Dunno, last time I saw it I think it had some kind of scifi setting.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 08/23/11(Tue)21:46 No.16041826

    Whoa that was WAAAYYYYYY back
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)21:48 No.16041855
    Well, I'm not that often on /tg/ anymore.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)21:53 No.16041914
    Enemy strength is beginning to gather on our borders and we've yet to make preparations for inviting them.

    Where shall we stage our first - and possibly exependable assault ?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)21:54 No.16041923
    What time is the next game scheduled for?
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)21:54 No.16041927
    I-I-I will get to work on something then, Major.

    Perhaps something long ranged with heavy tactical ordinances....
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/23/11(Tue)21:55 No.16041934
    I like the AoE feature on the fusion gun, though like you said it's better for novices.

    And dat hammer, freaking awesome.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/23/11(Tue)21:56 No.16041949
    I do remember something about fortifying 5-Finger Valley into a deathtrap and making Kolstec into a fortress..

    With enough deathtraps and boompacks, we can thin them out in the Valley and fall back to the city.

    dunnae what the brass has finalized though.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)21:56 No.16041950
    What are the current possible fight location command?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)21:56 No.16041953

    If the crew and the updates gets up to speed by tonight, we're looking at a Thursday night game that will incrementally go all weekend.

    [The CO can assign other officers to take over on days she can't attend]
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:01 No.16042022

    It is Suggested that we use the preliminary areas to fight the Voss in; places like Wassau, Norwood, 5 Finger Valley and Dandelon. Staging an assault from a major city means we lose the assets available to that city.

    Investigator ,Caster = Solstice
    Stilemar = Hvy Weapons, Pilots,
    Kolstec = Advanced Armor
    Albane = Advanced Tech and Aerial units

    If we incurr two tactical losses, the Voss will Roll right into Garrison; the last beating heart of Ragnyll.

    We must not let this happen.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)22:01 No.16042027
    Well I can't possibly attend on week-day other than friday night for more than a round of two, so gunther or rip can take over during those time.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/23/11(Tue)22:02 No.16042029
    "As I understand it, we have a fair amount of casting students. With that much magical muscle, a superarray trap to turn a confined space like a valley or pass into a killing field would cut a nice slice out of the Voss forces."
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/23/11(Tue)22:02 No.16042035
    Hmmmm, if that's the case i'm gonna be unavailable for part of Friday night and pretty much all of Saturday.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/23/11(Tue)22:04 No.16042063
    What kind of reinforcement assets are we seeing from our 'allies'.

    'll be damn'd if they didn't pull their weight in this bout after the hoop they been'making us jump through.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)22:04 No.16042064
    Then 5 finger valley it will be.
    >> Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/23/11(Tue)22:06 No.16042091
    Duszat mean that we will be falling back to Kolstec ?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:08 No.16042118

    " After Alphonse's reprisal, we are lucky not to be at war with them right now. Set aside your feelings and save them for the real enemy. In the end, this is our fight to survive. "
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/23/11(Tue)22:11 No.16042147
    My feeling's ain't on the chopping block 'ere sir.
    If the preachers ain't helping, they ain't helping.
    That don't mean those Clovies are off the hook for bug duty.

    Specially if we'll be luring the Voss 2nd right into the Mining town.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:20 No.16042221
    Then it's settled;
    D-day will be around the Thur/Frid/Saturday cluster.

    Kolstec will be where we set the stage. Clovis aerial and the main army will stand guard in all other critical regions to keep the enemy in check.

    Our job will be to rend their numbers down and see exactly what their famed offensive assault is all about.

    On that note, how is the investigation on Helena and Oderkunn progressing ?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/23/11(Tue)22:25 No.16042266
    I'm really hoping that we can get this squared away before saturday since I'll be out that day. I can keep track of the threads but my iphone can't open the pics so I would be operating blind.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/23/11(Tue)22:26 No.16042272
    rolled 9 = 9

    Oh yeah and lets see those new armor designs already!
    >> [Rtrvr][I]Soapworth !!lIURwBKIw5c 08/23/11(Tue)22:29 No.16042296
    rolled 9, 4, 10 = 23

    "Not well nots only does I gots ta pour through all da R&D books trying ta see whats Oderkonn was up ta, but I gots ta hassle da whole Research department tryin' ta see what dey knew!"

    "An on top o' dat I gots to meet wit' Himiko looking over da stuff we knows Oderkonn was makin' ta make sure he ain't sabotage it."

    "But as fo' where dat slippery grease monkey is' well I gots my boys lookin' inta it."

    >I suppose I'll roll investigate for searching the R&D department for signs of what Oderkonn was doing in secret, looking over the stuff he was making for us with Himiko to check for sabotage, and finally to see if I can get any leads on where Oderkonn went to.>
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:30 No.16042311

    With only one Chief engineer, Himiko will likely set aside time for in a few days.

    Though it does look like we are due for the following:
    > Octoped Model
    > Man Portable Armor
    > One or two aerial pieces.

    A good part of this is to get started tonight.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)22:33 No.16042331
    Power armor? Will need a bolter.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:37 No.16042378

    >R/D people are taken by signs of treachery and found nothing awry with Oderkunn's work.
    >Himiko finds all of this designs faultless and can't foresee a vosskon weapon that would extravagantly repel them.
    >Oderkonn's rocket ride was found dragged to the Helena river where all trails vanish.
    >> [ARCH][Hm]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/23/11(Tue)22:43 No.16042445
    Alright, for once I actually can participate during most of a thread and not just at the tail end of one.
    First off, Ironcommand, I'd like some clarification on the ArcherFish aspect. From the description, it seems to be I can choose to either act twice as much during an overwatch action, or instead I can do nothing during my round besides firing up to twice my range. Is this correct?

    As for either a new engineer or heavy weapon, I was going to suggest a flamethrower of sorts for heavies, but it seems that the new [M] gun has that well in hand.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/23/11(Tue)22:52 No.16042525
    Command, I was thinking of cooking up a little surprise for our undead friends, the Voss. Could I have a blank hexmap of the engagement area to doodle death on?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:58 No.16042577
         File1314154712.jpg-(459 KB, 2400x2400, 5FINGERSHADOWraw.jpg)
    459 KB

    > Not in the picture:
    All 5 fingers.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/23/11(Tue)22:59 No.16042583

    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/23/11(Tue)23:06 No.16042647
    Is the palm the front line, or the fingers? Lining the fingers with explosives, then leading them into the palm to spring the trap would thin the enemy force significantly before they reach the battlement of Kolstec proper.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/23/11(Tue)23:15 No.16042734
    I was thinking that we get some Ms to wire the end of the valley with bombs so in the event we have to retreat, we can seal it by toppling the rocks on top of the Voss as they advance. Also, we should zero in our artillery on the high ground to the south. If the Voss brings big guns or necromancers, I'm pretty sure that's where they're going to park them.
    >> Spirit of Alphonse !zNSO2WFfGE 08/23/11(Tue)23:17 No.16042758
    Which directions do the 'fingers' extend? West, south, or both?
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/23/11(Tue)23:23 No.16042833
    >I hope the fingers are south.
    "We let the Vossko's walk right onto our hand."

    "When they feel nice and safe with thier advance we close that open hand, detonate those fingers and bury the flanks of those bastards under a few tonnes of Ragnyllian rock. Everything left in the palm we hit harder than anything we'ver ever faced. We pound them till nothing but red mist remains"

    "Once it's closed, 5-Finger Valley'll forever be known as the Fist of Ragnyll."
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/23/11(Tue)23:38 No.16042974
    Also this would be a good time to start taking advantage of armor columns. Give the Voss a taste of what we had to face.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/23/11(Tue)23:43 No.16043038
    If we have the slot for it at the time, also enjoy not havin an extra hp if the mission start thursday
    >> [CYT-A3] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 08/23/11(Tue)23:45 No.16043065
    So we're fighting in the desert again? Maaan, I hate fighting in the desert. Sand friggin' everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)23:46 No.16043077
    I hate sand. It's so course and gets everywhere.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Ss1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/23/11(Tue)23:47 No.16043090

    You think you infantrymen have it bad, I've gotta deal with the stuff getting into the leg joints. So many maintenance hours.
    >> [S]Finch !53bY5ndrTA 08/24/11(Wed)00:01 No.16043249
    rolled 10 = 10


    >assist Soapworth by scouting areas around the river to attempt to recover any trails
    >> [S]Finch !53bY5ndrTA 08/24/11(Wed)00:02 No.16043257

    >well fuck
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)00:18 No.16043400
    Oh right, we should also use our prep time to heavily mine the desert as well. If it doesn't blow some Voss straight to hell, it will at least slow them down and force them to bypass them.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)00:21 No.16043434
         File1314159669.jpg-(203 KB, 720x720, battleplanBETA copy.jpg)
    203 KB
    Sand's a bitch.
    But sand's a non-discriminating bitch.
    Is it possible for our Sparklies or Techy types to conjure up a localized sandstorm?
    Blinding and slowing these bastards while shitting up their wargear might prove 'amned useful.

    What freedom we gots with sandbag placement? Barbwire? HE Charges?

    F'we can establish a slogged, zero'vis killzone we can probably take a bite out of the Vossko 2nd something painful.
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/24/11(Wed)00:23 No.16043460
    Keep in mind that putting down too many mines could limit your own mobility.
    >> [A] Pvt. Garrett !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/24/11(Wed)00:26 No.16043487
    >>Rolos only Mobile Artillery
    >> How can I switch class.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)00:27 No.16043493
         File1314160040.jpg-(550 KB, 2400x2400, Voss counterattack trap draft (...).jpg)
    550 KB
    Here is a preliminary design of the superarray battle plan.

    The objective of the array is to be a 1 shot superweapon, burying the lured Voss in the bloody sands of 5 Finger Valley. As we have learned from Father Zwei, buried bodies cannot be raised as undead, thus thwarting the Voss's main tactic.

    Casters will lie in wait in camouflaged positions until the front of the main Voss column is over the center of the array. At this point, Myself, and the casters from class 56 will release the built up power stored in the array, destroying it, and causing a good portion of the voss column to be buried in the sand. Once the trap is sprung, and the dust settles, infantry will deploy from the sides, and Captain Gunther will bring our armor in from the center. After springing the trap, all but the Hellghast's casters will retreat to further sure-up the defenses at Kolstec while we buy them time.

    I propose we cut the enemy strength to 50%, after resurrections, then retreat behind the third line of defense.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/24/11(Wed)00:28 No.16043500
    "We could try, if we tap enough arrays for it. We should probably set up enough prior to battle to ensure we have the necessary spell power."
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)00:29 No.16043512

    before mission: just change your class tag

    during mission: on a flag point
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)00:29 No.16043518
         File1314160190.png-(583 KB, 900x1350, RAGNYLLARMSweb.png)
    583 KB
    Borrowed some recoilless parts from Clovis suppliers, but with it we can start production of the Heavy Rain; a mid to long range indirect bombardment weapon very well suited for outside operations.

    Because of this; shells can retain airborne speeds for longer before coming down precisely on target areas. More weight is added on the mortar canisters to give them a concentrated boom ; on an average of 3 times a phase. It can also double as a semi automatic canister launching sentry but only in extreme situations where your position could be overrun.
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/24/11(Wed)00:31 No.16043529
    "Peppers, I cannot thank you enough for this." Garret smiles as he examines the new Rolos. "I hope you like your voss Extra Crispy as opposed to Original Recipe."
    >> [P-Rc] Pvt. Jackson !!e0e1FQZHar2 08/24/11(Wed)00:34 No.16043565
    Should we have some sort of bait to pull them into the trap?

    >>May volunteer for this duty if we need it. Time to put this bike to the test.
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)00:34 No.16043566
         File1314160485.png-(583 KB, 900x1350, RAGNYLLARMSweb.png)
    583 KB
    Correction: The ease of use privoded by the canisters offer +1 actions per unit member

    meaning 4 actions per Heavy team of 2. Or 2 for a lone unit.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)00:35 No.16043574
    This battle plan is also pretty damn bold.

    Delayed deployment.

    I like it.
    Keep artillery and airpower on station moment'the dust settles.
    Soon as we're on deck we hit em with everything we got.

    >God speed, bikerman
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)00:38 No.16043599
    On that note, every Scout should be arming themselves with Sturms. We have every reason to expect the Voss will be bringing lots of armor and undead, and since we'll be starting in prepared positions we should already have these things set up and ready to shoot once they're in range.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)00:38 No.16043613
    I have a feeling Kolstec is ample bait, but every little bit helps.

    In addition to the plan to be executed at the Palm of Five Finger, I propose some battlefield surgery.

    1. Remote-Detonated Mines buried along a particular stretch of canyon we know the Voss will use
    2. Lt. Rip leads all the scouts and Soapworth on a necromancer hunt on said strip of canyon, and once they've assassinated one or two, detonate the charges under their feet.
    >> [P-Rc] Pvt. Jackson !!e0e1FQZHar2 08/24/11(Wed)00:48 No.16043693
    Alright. I'll start deployed and attempt to draw them into the trap? Maybe Harpoon something and try to pull it into the trap then?
    >> [I] Leopold !!lONmHjGwsas 08/24/11(Wed)00:54 No.16043748
    That's just silly. You'd be shot to pieces by the enemy armor before you did any good. You're better off deploying after and then circling back and flanking them.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)01:17 No.16043982
    "Major, do I have permission to ready the array?"
    >> [P-Rc] Pvt. Jackson !!e0e1FQZHar2 08/24/11(Wed)01:26 No.16044076
    I'll help - you on my bike, we could easily set up the arrays and be back before midday.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)01:30 No.16044125
         File1314163838.png-(1.38 MB, 1800x1560, 5FINGERSHADOWLARGE.png)
    1.38 MB
    uploading this to test picture resolution....
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)01:32 No.16044140
    "We can't lay down the array until the Major approves my battle plan. If I went and did it anyway, it would interfere with her plans, and besides that, I need assistance from Class 56 to set the whole thing up. And of course, Cecilia can tag along. The more casters the better.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)01:33 No.16044157

    Because of the unstable nature of the sands, your best bet is to open with arrays on the day of the attack - 3 turns before the enemy attacks.

    It would also do well not to attract suspicion from aerial scouts.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)01:36 No.16044180
    "Twas my intention command, just needed to know so I could run back to the eggheads and get cracking on the exact details of the array. I've only ever toyed with the theory of arrays on this large a scale. We spring the trap, deploy our forces, and then proceed to slug it out with the Vosski."

    "Also, shall we proceed to gather munitions for the mining of the fingers?"
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)01:38 No.16044196
    Yeah, we should mine the fingers, but let some of the Voss push into the palm before sealing the fingers. That way we split the Voss forces and it allows us to take them out piecemeal.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/24/11(Wed)01:42 No.16044233
    Cecilia shuts her book, adjusting her glasses as she glances up at Willhelm. "Of course. Just let me know when and I'll be ready. I've just been working on some useful spells in the mean time."
    >> [HWK][mS] Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)01:42 No.16044241
    This plan seems to be forgetting one counter strategy the voss may have; aerial power. Is possible for a Predator to skim fast enough into the center to do some real damage before the slow war even starts.

    It's also possible zat ze voss vill open up with a saturation bombing. Using ozer means.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)01:44 No.16044266
    Well, hopefully Peppers can get our own aircraft up and running by then, and barring that, we can request Clovis to have some fighters in the air for CAP.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)01:46 No.16044279
    "It's better than doing nothing, Lt. With Clovis watching our other assets, we're shit out of luck in the air, if I understood correctly. Also, those canyons are a bit narrow to support a sizable artillery salvo. I have however accounted for the possibility of artillery, by having you take your special operations division, and any scouts you can get, to go hunting necromancers, and place mines to be detonated under enemy artillery and supply trucks."
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/24/11(Wed)01:47 No.16044286
    And let me guess - we can't requisition some sort of Anti Air stuff from the Clovis to help us out?

    What about our Cyclists Harpoon? That could be pretty devastating to an aircraft, if it hits.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)01:48 No.16044300
    S'why opening up in 5-Finger with an ambush might be the best course. I'm sure we can drape nets over our armor column and dig our infantry in before all hell breaks loose.

    Obvious hardened positions for their scouts to zero in is suicidal in a fight like this.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)01:48 No.16044308
    "To put it in terms you enjoy using, Ze prey vill alreddy be bleedink ven zey reach ze bear trap."
    >> [HWK][mS] Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)01:51 No.16044351

    Who died and made you commander Willhelm ? I came only to listen to your rantings to see if they were worz any salt. It takes 5 phases for me to run fully ze lenght of the map, it takes a viper about 2, the sheer speed needed for zis plan to work would require a bit more coordination.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)01:55 No.16044384
    I think one of our best bets is to get one brave bastard with a Terran, with even braver bastards riding shotgun, and dig a tunnel and wait for the Voss to advance over them before busting out and pincering them, or like what we did in Albane, assassinate a necromancer with 800% extra blood.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)01:55 No.16044387
    Alphonse did, obviously. Couldn't you tell that Mana was actually taking command via a violent coup?
    >> [P-Rc] Pvt. Jackson !!e0e1FQZHar2 08/24/11(Wed)01:58 No.16044424
    I'll do it.

    No, seriously. I will pilot that thing, dig a tunnel beneath them, and bust out before they know what's the wiser. We could even rig bombs to it and make it go boom right in the middle of the Voss force.
    >> [HWK][mS] Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)01:58 No.16044425

    and you zink zat hiding your name like that helps your case ? Alphonse got what for for losing his sense of reason.

    A summary execution is too formal for the kinds of mistakes that gets you killed in zis war.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)01:59 No.16044433
    It could work, we close the fingers, once our walker columns begin the engagement in the palm, the Tt beelines it to the enemy caster position and a shock team opens up.

    With sufficient coordination, can't we use the Tt as a guerilla weapon with a sufficient pilot?
    >team deploys, clears, reboards.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)02:00 No.16044449
    "Nobody died, and I'm not a commander. Your sarcasm aside, sir, this is a suggestion. Your operation need not take place at the exact same time as the main engagement. Burying the Voss stops them from ressurecting, and mining the fingers thins the forces before they even get within firing distance. If you and the Major would prefer to just hole up in fortifications and slug it out with the Voss, say the word, and you'll have walls."

    Willhelm salutes, and collects his diagrams of the valley. "I hope my suggestion will be considered, sirs. I await orders."
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)02:02 No.16044472
         File1314165778.jpg-(115 KB, 500x371, 1307812817696.jpg)
    115 KB
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)02:05 No.16044499
    >The anon wasn't me Rip. I was typing that wordwall.
    >if people aren't allowed to suggest tactics in these threads, asking superior officers to approve them, without having a sufficiently shiny rank, pardon me.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)02:07 No.16044517
    >He doesn't know what the chain of command is
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)02:15 No.16044590
    >Also, whichever one of you was Ender, who popped into the IRC I set up last thread while in autosage, we're not scheming, or plotting, or discussing the game beyond jokes about Santa Claus being a secret nazi, and Hodr's Bolter Bitches. it's an OOC off-topic discussion IRC because most of the people playing this game are cool guys/gals who I enjoy speaking to about random things. I make it clear actual ironhearts discussion is to be done in any active thread, or kept to oneself.
    >> [HWK][mS] Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)02:16 No.16044600
         File1314166603.png-(1.77 MB, 1800x1560, VOSSATTACK.png)
    1.77 MB
    TO SIMPLY understand our enemy's strength without sticking our heads into fantasy one must pretend they vere ze hearless undead monsters zemsevs.

    Here are the attack tempos that the Voss has to work with.

    Aerial units can attack as soon as the first turn zey are available on the ze map; Armor is not far behind, capable of pushing up from ze south in 2 turns or less. And ze infantry if ze make a run for it; will get here once the fighting has gotten fierce.

    in the best situations one or two of these avenues can be compromised before the 3 phases of peace turns to blood red murderfighting.
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/24/11(Wed)02:16 No.16044602
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)02:17 No.16044610
    >on suptg
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/24/11(Wed)02:19 No.16044619
    >>about to log into XChat
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)02:22 No.16044644
    >First off, can we stop derailing the damn thread people?

    Yea, we've 3 turns before shit hits the fan.
    Are we still under the assumption that caving in several(or all) of the approaches is in the battle plan still?
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/24/11(Wed)02:22 No.16044649
    Do we even know if the enemy has Aerial capabilities?
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)02:23 No.16044659
    They do.
    Blimps. Predator Gunships. Gargoyles.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)02:24 No.16044671
    We have to prioritize sealing the outer approaches, to lessen the chances of the Voss flanking us as well as funneling their remaining forces into a convenient killzone.

    If their aircraft try and blitz us, that should work in our favor since that means they're operating without ground support. We can concentrate all of our firepower on them without having to worry about ground forces.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Ss1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)02:25 No.16044682

    Assuming we can get our own Predator analogues combat ready I can see if I can't knock those birdies out of the sky and assert air dominance early on. I think everyone would rest a bit easier knowing the fliers overhead were our own, and not the enemy's.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/24/11(Wed)02:26 No.16044683
    And we know for a fact that there will be blimps and gargoyles in the attacking force? All we know is that it's going to be at least 50 men strong compared to our small force.
    >> [HWK][mS] Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)02:30 No.16044709

    50 units.

    Tanks count as two though.

    But ozerwise multiply zat number by 2 or 3 and it should be about right.
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)02:32 No.16044734
    I suppose I know what I should be working on then...

    Himiko grinds up some coffee and dashes in some granulated ibonyte. More coffee.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)02:32 No.16044735
    Coulda sworn Command said unit size for the next fight would be approximately 50 on-board units.

    Also your tactics diagram doesn't disprove my superarray plan, since the voss will be congregating in the palm of 5 Finger.
    >> [mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)02:34 No.16044751

    At a speed that you vould not believe.

    Granted it'll be a hell of a shot if it works.

    Also consider... what if we sealed ourselves in ?

    What if ze enemy decides to take the majority of their forces elsewhere whilst we are locked in ?
    >> [TRTL][Hr1]SgtMarks !!etjUP7/V3a6 08/24/11(Wed)02:36 No.16044765

    A reloadable, long-range weapon? For me?
    Himiko, you shouldn't have!

    I may have to try this bad boy out on our next foray, depending on when we play. (I'm available 7-~12:30 PM PST Thursday, busy Friday, might be busy Saturday)
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)02:38 No.16044783
    Point taken, so we don't mine the fingers. We can set the superarray up even before the Voss reach the map's edge, and trigger it before retreating to a more solid position beyond that chokepoint that is the north exist of the field? If we can't fortify pre-deployment, what's the point of a fight on prepared ground?
    >> [mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)02:45 No.16044832

    Good now ve hev an early game.

    How about a midgame ? or perhaps a contingency in case the early game fails ? My forces and I will operate remotely hiding in a space where command will sure come through.

    For zis, Vipera and Myself has the highest rate of success. Other members like Hodr or Armitage vay hev to steal a tank or overpower the enemy's backside with a fighting retreat !

    Armitage may also take an early leave so long as she leaves the gift of satchel charges~
    >> [mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)02:49 No.16044854

    On zat note, whoever is a plucky duck enough to vield ze heavy rain can rely on me to give you ze second sight to aim vith uzing mein spot avility.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)02:55 No.16044892
    Rear echelon insertion and extraction should not be a problem as long as we've got a Terran tank pilot with a suitably sized ballsack.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/24/11(Wed)03:01 No.16044945
    This right here's the picture.
    A'Terran's got enough flexibility to play a hit and run war in the Voss rear.

    Load that fatwagon with a team at'can handle vehicles n'whatever soft targets sitting in the Vossko's flanks, and you'll be see'n a lot of ruined wrecks.

    We play'em like phantoms, hit em 'ard and disappear before they can react.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)03:03 No.16044964
    You, and a Scout with a Sturm stuck out the window, ought to fuck some serious shit.
    >> [ARCH][Hm]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/24/11(Wed)03:04 No.16044968
    Ya know, give me a good position, and I can grab a Scout Sniper kit with the alternate rifle. That combined with the double range using ArcherFish gives me 18 range, plus I believe Rip here gives us an extra 2.
    I could just sit in the back taking out priority targets.
    >> [mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)03:06 No.16044973

    It also hess occured to me zat ze enemy may attack at night in order for my plan to vork ozervize Perhaps someone can just bury me in ze mountain yah ?
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)03:11 No.16045006
    Hmm, true, the Voss would be fools not to attack at night, when they're strongest, and our visibility is at its lowest.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)03:39 No.16045201
    Maybe Wilhelm could make us a little miniature sun to take care of that problem.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)03:44 No.16045235
    I had thought of that, but that limits Rip, doesn't it?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)03:50 No.16045287
    Just set it up in an area where its light won't reach her. We'll only need focused on the people who CAN'T effectively defend themselves against undead nasties by themselves.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)03:54 No.16045313
    You know I just had a thought. Once the Voss begin to retreat, or gain ground, I could slam the miniature sun into their lines.

    However the problem with maintaining a long term spell like that, is we'd need to heavily guard EVERY SINGLE ARRAY. The Voss drop one, the spell becomes unstable, and I'll have to prematurely drop it somewhere so it doesn't blow up, or fizzle out.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)04:15 No.16045494
    >Quick question before I go for the night.
    >Would it be possible to sell back upgrades for half value? Or is that something we would need another level of Logistics for?
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)04:33 No.16045623
         File1314174806.png-(2.09 MB, 1200x2700, RAGNYLLARMORweb.png)
    2.09 MB
    The Ducky is quite the speedster capable of tight maneuvering and 0 to 6L flight
    However its operation is twitchy, Requiring the pilot to compartmentalize each action as much as possible whilst flying it forwards. Its weapons systems also forces it to fire forwards.

    However Unlike typical flight models, the Ducky can "brake" mid air by reversing its jets. Or land anywhere it pleases by touching ground at 1 spd or less.

    Example of actions:
    >Set speed to 5L facing North
    >Strafe at 2L towards Predator
    >180 flip

    Moving 3L South is Implied here even though all actions have been used.

    When all its torpedo bays are empty, the Ducky has a dropclaw it can use to pick up personnel or other infantry sized things.

    More changes are being made to streamline this model further ....
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)04:37 No.16045651

    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)04:39 No.16045657

    That Ducky...Looks really REALLY hard to pilot.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)04:43 No.16045681
    I think I heard Winters squealing in the background...
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/24/11(Wed)06:39 No.16046435
    >>Just set it up in an area where its light won't reach her
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)06:45 No.16046467
    Goddamnit, I gotta remember to stop making that mistake.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/24/11(Wed)07:40 No.16046767
         File1314186049.jpg-(316 KB, 1800x1560, 1314163838657.jpg copie.jpg)
    316 KB
    Here's the plan I came up with with while looking at the fill map and the preparation I need done before the start of the fight.

    Red dot: Fox hole, I need our caster to dig in and hide them as much as they can, this is from where our scout would work.

    NW red triangle: Extend the ridge to said point to gather them in one point

    Red rectangle: trench

    Blue rectangle: Troop position at the start of the fight

    Black polygon: Mine field

    Purple thing on the south ridge: Bunker

    addendum, the whole valley open field should have tank obstacle spaced to impair the bigger voss tank while allowing our Bt to move, or if not possible simply have tank obstacle
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)07:49 No.16046801
    It looks like some of the foxholes and one of the initial troop positions are on the sides of cliffs.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Ss1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)09:48 No.16047516

    >One man aircraft.
    >Rabbit aspect.

    Winters: "... We're going to be busy for the rest of the day. Only call us if you really need us. On second thought not even then"
    Summers: "PLEASE don't tell me we're going to fly this death trap."


    Summers is just barely keeping up with Winters in his own Ducky, flying quite a bit higher than Winters is. This is because Winters is flying extraordinarily low for a machine moving so fast, almost skimming the trees, breaking off branches in the wake of the wave of air created by wind resistance and the wash of the engines.
    "Summers, I've just had an epiphany! You were right! Up until now everything has been child's play! We've been toying around, and I really was just a kid, but not just me, it was you too! And this, this is growing up! And now that we're men..."
    Winters brakes, pulling the Ducky into a sharp 180 turn, and slams into a full speed boost, blistering past Summers at top speed.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Ss1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)10:05 No.16047656

    >Upgrades, 34 EXP remaining;

    If possible: Pilot Upgrade, Evasive Maneuvers.
    Add pilot rating bonus to dodge, but only if the current vehicle has a dodge rating to begin with.

    +1 ducky machinegun damage.

    If any EXP left over depending on whether the dodge upgrade costs 10 or 20 exp, another +1 pilot rating bonus.

    Also, a few clarifications. I noticed the machineguns' strafe has a right and a left listing. Does that mean I actually fire 6 rounds per action taken to strafe, with each gun firing 3 rounds?
    >> [RBBT][P2-Ss1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)10:20 No.16047802
    I've sucked about ten cocks today
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)10:24 No.16047828

    canon in-character dialogue!

    Winters sucks cocks!
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/24/11(Wed)11:16 No.16048309
    Perspective, the fox holes are on cliff side to use Rip phase shift ability to it's fullest.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)12:20 No.16048868

    In theory I like the plan. Catch the Voss where they can't properly support one another and can't maneuver.

    The problem is I don't think we'll have enough forces to deploy across a front that long. At best we're talking about trying to hold 3-4 different approaches with 14 squads/armor pieces (Because Isara costs 2 and we're going to want Isara). I just don't think that's enough.

    Additionally the plan is supposed to be to bloody the enemy, not stop them completely. The deployment positions are quite a distance from the fall back location. The southern positions in particular are in danger of being overran by Voss forces before they can retreat. I'd rather we deploy closer to the head of the valley to make for an easier retreat.

    Of course I do like that plan better than the one that could get everyone killed because a Caster forgot to carry the one, no offense Willhelm.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/24/11(Wed)14:03 No.16049700
    It'd be my fault if anything :P
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)14:23 No.16049854
    Can we really hold every finger with so few units compared to the voss? Especially if you can't deploy, we lose 2 hp.

    As an addendum, if we could place an array in front of every entrenched position so I can cast Rays down the narrow valley unimpeded, that would be peachy. Aside from that, we can erect all these defensive structures before the fight even starts, right?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)14:26 No.16049889

    The engineering team can erect 3 phases worth of free shit, flags included. Before this fight is even drawn.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)14:28 No.16049901
    Can a couple casters work on the bunker the Major wants in that time period too?

    Also, do we withdraw at flags, or at the north end of the valley?
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)14:35 No.16049946

    "I'll have Jathan and the twins working 'round the clock to turn this valley into a damn fortress. Hell if there're any spare engineers not doing anything I'll put them to work too!"

    >Yeah I'm gonna want an E platoon for this
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)14:35 No.16049950
    The exit is the exit. Flags are just a little more than a supply node.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)14:39 No.16049977
         File1314211150.jpg-(163 KB, 900x780, defline.jpg)
    163 KB

    so pull the line back then?

    how far though?

    GREEN? basically like the Major's plan but with the lines pulled back

    BLUE? similar to green but tighter(a little too tight?) most of the line is guaranteed to be 1 phase away from starting positions/retreat

    PURPLE? pretty much a green/blue compromise
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)14:39 No.16049982
    Ok, so Lankest's objections still hold, we aren't really supposed to hold them here, just bloody them. If we retreat from where the Major deployed us, we'll have a long, painful, no-cover retreat while the Voss pour out of the fingers. Unless of course the Major wants us to hold them here.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)14:40 No.16049988
    So, are my upgrades approved? I just want to know so I can list them on my card.

    Also, another question. If I want to rearm my torpedoes at a flag, do I have to actually land at them to do it, or can I do fly-by rearms?
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)14:47 No.16050055

    The green line is probably best, our forces should be near enough to support one another, but not so close as to have them all taken out by a couple artillery strikes/bombing runs.

    Also I can lay down a spring network for rapid transportation. Which should be more than enough to evacuate infantry in a single phase.

    With that in mind we could do a two stage defensive plan. We'd start at Mana's initial insertion points, bloody the enemy's nose, then fall back to a more heavily fortified position. Hold their for as long as we can, then retreat.
    >> Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)14:49 No.16050076

    It looks like a fallback fine. Ragnyll boasts mobility Im sure the first phases of the major's plot is doable if a fall back fortress is made but not until the forward is breached .
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)14:56 No.16050135

    the evasive maneuver isnt an action its a buff

    Fly by rearms:

    Stop your turn at a flag like everyone else.
    >> [mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)15:01 No.16050191
    Alternatively, we can have Clovis fly us in some armor so in the second phase of the battle everyone can armor up and go on a shooting varr.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)15:04 No.16050218

    Alright, I'll fluff the upgrades in a subsequent post.
    >> [mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)15:05 No.16050235

    Fun Rule:
    Flags + Roads = Armor/ Land Reinforcements.
    If ve set up a flag at ze mouth of the exit its not so impossible to hev armor switch outs at ze ready.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)15:06 No.16050246

    Actually, it has been stated that Es can build Griffons out of 5 kits.
    This would imply that Es could build other vehicles as well. So I could in theory build an armor division in the field, I just need to know how many kits to build what.

    I'd also need to know how vehicle construction would interact with the deployment cap. Would I still be able to build vehicles if we're at the cap being the main concern.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)15:10 No.16050286
    IIRC the cap was meant more for players than field assets. Those can grow infinitely as does the voss.

    As for vehichle construction; One kit accounts for 1 armor of a units' health. So you can assume that it would take 3 to make a bitank; 3 to make 2 striders, 2 to make a rigcycle, 4 for a transport and 5 for a ducky [even though its not armored]
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)15:11 No.16050297

    Why am I the only engineer again?
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)15:13 No.16050327
    so this is like advanced wars?
    >> [IRNSNL][P]Sgt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)15:17 No.16050371
    rolled 3 = 3

    Because even though you can build vehicles, you still need guys to drive them.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)15:20 No.16050405
         File1314213609.jpg-(164 KB, 900x780, defline.jpg)
    164 KB

    oh right, forgot that starting positions can picked(assumed everyone will start near the exit and have 3 phases to fortify the area)

    also good idea about the pads

    could even set up some sort of pad network for retreat purposes (purple square)

    red would be the lines in the Major's plan

    blue line would be a nice compromise with the jump pads factored in
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)15:25 No.16050479

    Only the Griffin, the rest of the vehicles are simplistic enough that even Jathan could pilot them. The reason non-pilots don't deploy in them is because it costs two deployments slots to the pilots one and pilots get bonuses.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)15:37 No.16050611
    So with all the ground pounders forming the battle line, where do I fit into all this?

    The way I see it, I can either hit the Voss before they reach our lines and try to knock out a few tanks preemptively, or I can sit tight until they reach us and pick off high priority targets once the battle starts.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)15:39 No.16050634
    armor, and any HQ units or Necromancers you see that Rip can't get to.
    >> [Mnky][M1] Pvt. Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 08/24/11(Wed)16:54 No.16051342
         File1314219265.jpg-(272 KB, 1363x1183, armitageportrait.jpg)
    272 KB
    > War Room!
    > ...Just in time to see the end of it
    > Sleep, why have you betrayed me

    Well, it looks like you guys got everything pretty much figured out already. Can't wait to finally use my mines. Maybe even jack a tank.

    Also, if anybody has things they'd like drawed by this fag, I need something to kill time between phases, as I've pretty much read through the entire cracked.com archives. Just email me a description of what you want, and I'll get right eventually on that sooner than later.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)17:07 No.16051476
         File1314220023.png-(353 KB, 597x632, Duckies.png)
    353 KB
    >Preliminary, not sure I've gotten it all right. Red marks what changes my upgrades and pilot rating bonuses have wrought.
    >Fluff time.

    Summers decided the duckies were a little too much machine for him to handle, so once they landed Springer took the stick and found she was a good deal more proficient at it than he was. After getting to grips with the machines after some practice, which included test firing their weapons into a nearby hillside, Winters and Springer decided that the standard machineguns didn't have as much punch as they were used to in the 20mm gatling guns the Striders mounted. With Summers' help, they pulled out the stock machineguns and installed larger, more powerful 20mm guns. The Duckies' frames couldn't handle full fledged gatlings, so they compromised with revolver cannons. Afterwards they took them up again, to get used to how they would handle with the weight changes, as well as pushing the aircraft to their limits. Seeing how fast they could go, how tight they could turn, how high they could climb, and how much force they could resist.

    Throughout pilot training there was one instructor whose words, seeming so right, stuck with Winters. "In order to bring out your machine's full potential, you have to get a feel for what it's capable of, and it's limitations. Learn to push your vehicle to those limits, and the life you save will be your own."
    >> Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)17:57 No.16052051
    if I'm reading this correctly, there will be 3 phases that can be used freely to set up fortifications

    I would suggest everyone to deploy as [E]s to set up fortifications and flag points on the first phase,

    change back to their desired class on the second,

    and assume their overwatch position on the third

    pilots would probably the exception as they would need to be deployed with their vehicles
    >> [SRPNT-S]Agent/Cpl. Vipera de Firmus !1/Y/FThShM 08/24/11(Wed)18:03 No.16052104
    vehicles can be built on the field by engineers, as mentioned here >>16050286
    >> [ARCH][Hm]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/24/11(Wed)18:27 No.16052343
    I may just be a lowly grunt, but what's to stop us from taking out one of the canyon walls, so we only have to concentrate on four or less lines of attack instead of five?
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)19:09 No.16052757

    Yes, but building them in the field is a waste of my actions when they can just be deployed.

    Additionally, to my understanding, the building of fortifications will occur without any actual deployment, >>16049889 we just use our actions to build what we want where we want it. As such I expect we'll be restricted to building in the class we intend to deploy in.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)21:00 No.16053773

    Winters your HIT upgrades only apply to machine guns not bombs [which can be classified as explosive/heavy munitions]

    also Dodgy doesn't come with a pilot buff and I dont see how it got up to 4 points unless you dumped 3 upgrades on it.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/24/11(Wed)21:14 No.16053897

    Additionally there are some changes going into the Ducky:

    >It starts out as a single man craft: One upgrade and a Rabbit aspect will account for this being a 3 man squad. If this is the case you're good.

    >Damage upgrade you apply from the strider doesnt translate only proficiencies. If you used a upgrade for the bullets; you're good.

    > Dodgy is a -1 debuff to enemies trying to shoot at you. Pilot bonuses do not improve this. If it's a -4 there are 3 upgrades needed to improve this. Meaning that the machingun upgrade, and the wingman upgrade is suspect.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)21:18 No.16053927
         File1314235086.png-(353 KB, 597x632, Duckies.png)
    353 KB

    >Got it, new card, I think I got it right this time.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)21:25 No.16053985

    >Currently the Ducky squad only has 2 planes in it, accounted for by my Aspect. I guess the x2 on the card is hard to understand, but what I meant by it is there's two duckies in the squad.
    >The bullet damage upgrade is an upgrade to the duckies' own machineguns, rather than transferred from the Striders.
    >I meant for the dodge bonus to be a pilot upgrade, rather than an upgrade to the planes, demonstrating the pilots' skills at evading rather than the duckies themselves becoming more agile. If it needs to be an upgrade to the duckies I'll do that, but I wanted it to be a pilot upgrade that applies to dodgy rather than the normal pilot bonus to hit rating.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/24/11(Wed)21:53 No.16054223

    If the ducky squad only has two guys where did your third strider come from?
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/24/11(Wed)21:56 No.16054250

    Striders come with an extra vehicle as standard, while duckies don't. The Rabbit aspect was sufficient for three Striders, for Duckies I'd need to buy the third separately.
    >> Mjr.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 08/24/11(Wed)22:32 No.16054595
    saving the thread since IC is currently drawing octoped.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)22:34 No.16054612
    oooh, Octoped. Neat, wonder what kind of firepower that thing's gonna pack.
    >> [IRNSNL][P]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/24/11(Wed)22:54 No.16054784
    Multiple levels of want.
    >> Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/24/11(Wed)23:44 No.16055305
    ssssssss-pider bamp !
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/24/11(Wed)23:46 No.16055328
    Disregarding the superarray plan, if six arrays can be set up before the first action phase, I can send a fire ray down two of the fingers, and anything with less than 5 HP or Armor will die, and die horribly if I roll under 8.

    One array at the entrance to two of the fingers, then four somewhere behind our lines, would be perfect.
    >> Monday !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)00:23 No.16055693
         File1314246210.png-(516 KB, 900x900, ARMORANATOMYVOSSWEB.png)
    516 KB
    While I draw; something to contemplate.

    Making a ruleskit that allows pvp commander battles.

    IE; Army vs Army as opposed to single pieces.

    I already made my version of it. But Im curious to hear others.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)00:29 No.16055761
    So what is essentially PVP chess. Neat, but wouldn't pvp only serve to increase the already uncomfortable levels of team killing we seem to experience? I find pvp to be less a rage outlet, and more an inferiority complex creator.

    That said, dicking around in war room threads making mock battles might be fun, as long as nobody uses it to spite eachother, or rub plans that had been previously shot down in peoples' faces.
    >> Monday !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)00:36 No.16055851

    You weren't here when I did Team vs Team battles during the first SQ I take it.

    It paints the picture of HEATED rivalry. But actually slaps people awake on how to play the game.

    For Commander battles you'd only be using nameless pieces purchased through points so its more of a battle of wits than hotblooded hatedrama.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)00:37 No.16055858
    >Fantasy WWII battlechess
    I'm thinking there'd be objectives and whatnot for bonuses and reinforcement?
    >> Monday !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)00:38 No.16055868
    These pitch battles are normally done in private of course since you can play it with a few friends provided you have mapmaking skills , hex paper, or coins to determine distance in lengths.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)00:41 No.16055889
    Damnit Monday, you're going to make me raid my LGS for Battletech infantry minis, break out the weterase hexmap, and gather my friends, aren't you?

    Anywho, I can get behind fantasy ww2 battlechess.
    >> Monday !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)00:46 No.16055940

    Ragnyll operates on gaining ground through capture the flag. The usual rule being that their army size increases with each "fortress" their force size remains constant through most the game save for the loss of flags, and upgraded characters.

    The Voss Blood and THunder tactic uses attrition based terror to buy units making them terrifying at offensive games.

    Aeon purchases their units through Glory points, cultivated from something akin to basebuilding and king of the hill. The longer they hold out, the more dangerous they get. Making them a direct counter to the Voss.

    Clovis uses money to buy contracts, Allowing them to make their force size expand on the field as fast as they need them but are defeated as soon as so many [dollars] of damage is incurred. Gains on the field allow them to profit from expended resources however.

    Iffram's is a secret : )
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)01:03 No.16056087
    >eagerly awaiting new tank design.
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:05 No.16056582
         File1314252353.png-(2.37 MB, 1200x2700, RAGNYLLARMORweb.png)
    2.37 MB
    The Octoped is a small little guy packed with indirect fire power. Using Webb mines, the Octoped can immobilize or leave traps for mobile targets. When fired it detonates freely when in close range to foreign radio signals creating a instantly solidifying fibre poxy field.

    That's not all the strings are laced with trace conductors that show up on radar, communicating whether or not it's snagged something. This then leads to it's next feature, the pathfinding twin missile capable of homing in on any specified position you set for it. If the enemy is webbed, or you're cheeky enough to get near the twin missiles can guarantee a stacked AOE payload.

    Otherwise resort to only using the Webb canisters to stun or immobilize immediate threats.

    Did I mention that the Octoped frame can climb walls ?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)02:16 No.16056671
    Oh god, it's a tatchikoma! It's so adorable!

    It's a bit of a pity that my true love lies in heavy armor, though.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)02:17 No.16056684
    The implementation of those things has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much potential.

    >heres to hoping we have a spider team
    >> [CYT-A3] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 08/25/11(Thu)02:18 No.16056687

    So uhh...

    We going to be fielding a whole bunch of these for our defense?

    Do webs go away? Can they friendly fire?

    >Can you use them to create a giant array?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)02:19 No.16056701
    Right, now that I've seen the new armor designs, I'm finally going to spend that 26 exp I've still got.

    +1 crewman and reinforced leg joints to counter the -1 movement penalty the Iron Snail aspect gives me.
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:20 No.16056705
    Due to design ease, a carriage rig is installed at the rear to allow for a small fire team to platform on it. Just mind the exhaust... and the shifting orientation.... and acrophobia inducing heights...
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)02:20 No.16056709
    I...Don't really get it.

    >was expecting Heavy fire-support mech.

    I suppose it's a good defensive vehicle, and the indirect fire is always a plus. Guess I'll have to see it in action before I pass judgement.
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:23 No.16056724

    I do believe that one more unit is in the works... but it's probably aerial job so you're probably not going to miss much you armor nut.

    For this one, I might require the unit's input. I see that long range fire support is lacking on the other hand so does aerial mass transport.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)02:25 No.16056740

    how does the jump spring ability work exactly?
    >> Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/25/11(Thu)02:25 No.16056745

    It is missile spam
    the sequel.
    >> [Mnky][M1] Pvt. Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 08/25/11(Thu)02:27 No.16056759
    Damn, that is like, the coolest thing. I might just switch to Ace Pilot and take up one of those, if nobody else uses one.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)02:27 No.16056760
    I'm thinking of something like a gunship/transport hybrid. It can transport a couple of units quickly over the map while at the same time acting as a floating weapons platform for whoever it happens to be carrying.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)02:27 No.16056762
    For sheer usefulness, LR Fire Support will be more useful during this fight.

    Aerial Mass Transit can probably wait another combat or two, since we have a Terran Transport, which is a bit safer than a giant flying target, and has a bigger shock value if it surfaces right under Voss. (See: 800% Blood)
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)02:27 No.16056766
    Being a small squad-based fighting force, a fast-transport might be neat.

    Don't know how to factor in a heavy fire support if we already have on-call artillery access from officers. (however the autonomy could be a boon)

    It's a pretty balanced arguement.
    Can't decide.
    >> Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:27 No.16056771

    It allows it to jump in any direction without need for a running start. In fact this design only JUMPED until i added wheels on them.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)02:29 No.16056784
    Or better yet, a dedicated heavy gunship. It's just engines, a cockpit, and however many weapons we can weld onto the thing. The Ducky strikes me more as an interceptor/air superiority type of vehicle. We need something with more mobility than a tank yet can still pound ground targets hard.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)02:30 No.16056790
    oh god, you reload at the end of every round, and get an extra action from Monkey, don't you? You could Web Web Rocket EVERY TURN.
    >> [DWRF]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:31 No.16056801

    I like where this is going.
    I'll see what I can come up with, Captain.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)02:32 No.16056807
    Aerial Transport - Carrying a Bitank.
    Bitank assists while carried.
    boom boom boom
    >> [DWRF]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:32 No.16056814

    At least give me something a little less..

    >> [Mnky][M1] Pvt. Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 08/25/11(Thu)02:35 No.16056833
    Does the Monkey aspect ability to reload automatically every turn apply to vehicles? Because the more I think about it, the more I want to pilot that thing
    >> [KAKO]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:35 No.16056834
    yeah.. ok, I guess...
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:39 No.16056860

    Good... question.
    Iceval's Scarab ability communicated its Crushing damage aspect in armor as did a FEW cases.

    But the exception makes the rule I guess.

    So for now assume that Infantry specified upgrades are for infantry only.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:47 No.16056934

    Deciscion: It would seem that at least ONE element from each aspect is communicable to both armor and infantry.

    Rabbit gets an extra crew for any class
    Scarab's crushing always translates
    As does the Iron Snail's anti dark munitions
    Canary can always get +1 exp per mission
    and Monkies can reload freely. [Unless the weapon is cooling down]

    For obvious reasons, stat changes to vehicles aren't communicable due to balance unless it is specified for vehicles.

    Agreed ?
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)02:49 No.16056955
    A wise, and fair proposal.

    (I assume vanguard aspects would apply to a man portable armor rig, if we ever get one.)
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:49 No.16056956

    Im having a terrible time trying to imagine a 2armor Ironsnails Assault infantry with -1hex speed.

    But at the same time.... it sorta makes sense....... ?
    >> [KAKO]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:50 No.16056968


    ; _;

    *drinks more coffee
    >> [KAKO]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:52 No.16056982

    As an added feature they can combine both armor and infantry aspects actually !

    [I hope]
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)02:54 No.16057001
    D'oh! Do we really want the Mecha for a defensive map? Can it not wait? We don't have a lot of people interested in playing armor, and if Manaour only, already invincible, melee unit) took a Man portable rig, she'd take up an extra deployment slot.
    >> [KAKO]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)02:59 No.16057031
    " Oof it should be Morning in Clovis.... maybe Hammonds parts is open.. I think I'lll go get aerial racing parts from them if he isn't busy growing sharks in a tub again..... "

    rmrurmrurmr.. .
    >> [HAWK][mS] Sgt. RipVanVinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/25/11(Thu)03:03 No.16057067

    Himiko ?
    do you need a hug ?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)03:03 No.16057068
    That sounds absolutely hilarious.
    >> [KAKO]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)03:05 No.16057089

    " I.. "
    " I can't talk "
    " busy with"
    "Calibrations... "
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)03:09 No.16057117
    was the defense line ever finalized?

    someone had a good point when they mentioned the line being too long
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)03:55 No.16057446
    >Late night ponderings made lighbulbs go off in my head.
    >Since Gunther is an Officer now, doesn't he provide a command buff like the Major & Lt.? (I don't have any idea how this works)
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)04:06 No.16057513
    >Probably just confer armor bonuses to vehicles, or chance to hit.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)04:08 No.16057529

    It's an upgrade point to share your upgrades.
    currently Hellghast's buffs go like this

    v this group gets the +2HP buff
    >RipVanVinkle +1Range

    v this group gets +Range and +HP buffs
    >Pvts. - Yes Pvts will get the biggest benefits.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)04:11 No.16057547
    >Not buffing our troops with a global +1 damage boost
    >Gunther I am disappoint.

    Naw seriously though, armor buffing makes sense for you.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)04:12 No.16057554
    When do you guys usually start the battle threads? Time of day/timezone I mean, I never seem to catch these threads as they begin.
    >> [CYT-A3] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 08/25/11(Thu)04:31 No.16057701

    Usually later in the evening. I'd say around 8-9 PST, though I could be wrong.

    The next game is scheduled for this weekend, we'll likely get confirmation (if we haven't by now) either Thursday or Friday evening.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)04:37 No.16057744
    Ah, thanks. I've been watching for a while and thinking about joining up when I can be around. for it.

    Seems like you guys have a lot of fun with this.
    >> [KAKO]Eng. Himiko Peppers !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)05:19 No.16057990
         File1314263958.png-(2.9 MB, 1194x3108, RAGNYLLARMORweb.png)
    2.9 MB
    Words... Failing....


    It's ... a stork

    It has heavy arms

    It also has arms ....

    cooldown needed..

    uses molten sluggers...
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)05:26 No.16058039
    It's... beautiful...
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)05:27 No.16058044

    That's downright lovely.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)05:44 No.16058145
    That thing is totally sick.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)05:51 No.16058181
    Also, if I'm ever authorized to take an armor column, I am totally taking a pair of those to give Isara some much needed close support. No more getting boarded by freaking Marauders and Werewolves.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)06:10 No.16058331
    With this; all preparations are complete. The Colonel has contacted me with a promise of a sizeable force that can be called on either the preliminary battle or the deciding battle.

    Make preparations on the ground, know that you also have 3 turns of peace on top of it before the enemy arrives.

    It is said that one of the 3 Generals of Terror are leading this charge. Be very careful.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)09:42 No.16059689
         File1314279741.jpg-(591 KB, 1800x1560, SUPERFORT1.jpg)
    591 KB
    Red triangle auto turret
    Blue triangle rocket turret
    green circle spring

    A full engineering platoon and three phases worth of actions gives me 72 actions to play with. This is a first rough draft of what could be done with them.

    The distances are rough and I'm assuming we'll need to spring over the barricades putting the spring distance at 4 instead of 5.

    The springs at the middle line may need to be moved down off the cliff if the height is L2 since you'd break a leg using them at that height.

    This plan also doesn't take into account anyone else's actions. For example casters could magic up the barricades and I could lay down more turrets.

    Comments, recommendations, criticisms?
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/25/11(Thu)12:09 No.16060916
    Lankest's Plan seems to bet the best - it has a number of fall back positions and we can just keep pounding away as we make our retreat. Now that Peppers has released her new machines though, what is going to be our battle plan as far as armor? I assume we'll have at least one Stork in the air and two Duckies, as well as one of those Quadruped beasties? Do we still need the Terran for that "800% blood" thing?
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/25/11(Thu)12:45 No.16061165

    As far as I know, we don't have anyone available to pilot a Stork, so my two duckies will be the only air power on site unless another pilots wants to take the Stork. Armitage would be piloting the Octoped.

    I don't know if it's possible to snag an octoped with the drop claw, but if I can I'd be willing to fly Armitage around during the first three phases, dropping webb mines at key locations.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)12:53 No.16061213
    There are no words for how awesome you are, Chief.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)12:54 No.16061214

    If this is final ; notarize as an action. And I'll just pen it in. No sense in micromanaging formations while processing.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)13:10 No.16061329
    My only addition I can think of is adding an array at the mouth of every finger, and some mid-field so I can lay the hurt down with Rays. The Major wanted us to put a bunker somewhere as well, SO I'm thinking I'll extend the pre-existing wall, with an overhang so artillery won't molest people.

    Also hey, where's that Iron wall I raised on the East side of the valley? If the west wall is still up, so should that wall be.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)13:10 No.16061333

    I'll wait to hear from the Major before I make it final.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)13:14 No.16061384
    Hey Lankest, won't the Voss use our jump pads after we do?
    >> [P-Sk1] Pvt. Jackson !!e0e1FQZHar2 08/25/11(Thu)13:15 No.16061388
    I can Pilot that Stork - with those barricades up, my bike isn't going to be of any use here.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)13:50 No.16061650

    Not if I self destruct them they won't.

    >erefram stage
    I think Captcha knows something about Iffram
    >> Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)14:42 No.16062062
    >4channing from lecture, wooo
    >I like Lank's layout.
    >All we need are arrays and flags to be set at both along the first line and at the retreat points. If we still have any M's, mines would be good too.
    >Also, are we going to be given choices for spawn locations?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)14:45 No.16062105

    You start in the middle as instructed. Unless your tactical officers assign you elsewhere.

    >Rip Van
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)14:51 No.16062173
    Are the mines remote or proximity?
    >> Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)14:53 No.16062198
    Gotcha boss.
    The sheet just says 'mine' if I remember correctly
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)14:56 No.16062237

    Mines are step mines.

    Remote charges will require a radio to be wired to explosive charges. Set it to a frequency range from 2-10. Be careful of enemies radio scanning.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)15:02 No.16062302
    Well, we can't exactly give out specific deployment orders until we can get a concrete roster up.

    Step mines shouldn't be a problem in a place like this. Voss movement is going to be funneled through those canyons and it's going to be really easy to tell where they're going to go.

    Also, command, for armor columns, is it possible to mix and match different vehicles like infantry platoons, and do storks count as superheavies?
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)15:09 No.16062372
    I would think aerial units would not platoon so well with groundpounders.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)15:12 No.16062416
    Well, I understand that for the Ducky, since it seems like it always has to be constantly moving, but the Stork looks like a VTOL craft, so it should have no trouble keeping pace with ground vehicles.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)15:17 No.16062471

    Storks count as "SuperHeavies"
    but can also be freely created on the field with 10 kits.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)15:28 No.16062620
    Huh, looks like I'd just have to roll with regular BiTanks as my wingmen, then, unless Lankest would be so kind as to build a couple for my extra crew to use.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)15:33 No.16062671

    Ok so since NO ONE seems to have any recommendations for ways to improve the SUPER FORTRESS there will be no changes to the plan as previously laid out. NOTARIZING SUPER FORTRESS CONSTRUCTION .

    Some things to keep in mind when deploying/during the mission.

    Barricades only have TWO durability they will not last long. I'm not expecting them to even survive a single phase of enemy combat. Additionally infantry units with grenades will throw them over the wall into your face.

    That said my recommendation is to spend no more than a phase on the first defensive line and then preform a fighting retreat to the third defensive line.

    As for armor assets, you'll notice a gap between the second and third western and southern defense lines. It should be big enough for Isara to squeeze through. I have concerns that armor may not be able to retreat from the first line fast enough however and recommend they deploy behind the third or at the second. This is up to pilot (And command) discretion.

    On springs:
    springs may be used more than once a phase by any number of people. the catch is you can't have everyone landing the same spot. (Unless that spots a lava pit) So when you land after using a spring to move get out the damn way so the next guy can land!
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)15:34 No.16062686
         File1314300878.jpg-(595 KB, 1800x1560, counteroffensive revision.jpg)
    595 KB
    If I could request some kind troopers to place arrays at the locations marked with red array symbols, I would be just pleased as punch to repay them in burnt Voss corpses and slaged armor.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)15:36 No.16062719

    I could build you a stork in the field if you like, sir.
    I could even break down Isara and build HER in the field if you like.

    For that matter I could just sit in the back and build vehicles for EVERYONE.
    There would be decidedly less rocket turret spam that way though.

    Your call, sir.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)15:44 No.16062813
    I deploy with Isara anyways, so that's really not necessary. Plus with the kind of long range firepower she can put out, there's no reason for her to venture beyond the rear lines, especially since she's going to be the target of every AP weapon on the field. A Stork or two would be fine, and you can just build them during the normal phase, since I don't expect we'll need them until the Voss numbers start to really snowball.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)15:49 No.16062847
    Come to think of it, Lank, there are no stretchers on that plan of yours, are there?
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)15:53 No.16062886

    Not a single one, but I can build them later when we need them. Having barricades to hide behind and turrets to cover retreats is more important at this point.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)17:44 No.16063898
    So, when do we roll out?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)17:46 No.16063923
         File1314308796.jpg-(39 KB, 452x386, optimus-prime.jpg)
    39 KB
    As soon as you transform
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)18:03 No.16064103
    "Freedom is the right of all LIVING beings, so fuck you, Vosskon!"
    >> [P-Rc1] Pvt. Jackson !!e0e1FQZHar2 08/25/11(Thu)18:39 No.16064453
    Well, if that's the case, I'll roll with my bike to start with, unless one of those Tachikoma things would be better?
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/25/11(Thu)18:46 No.16064530
    >>One of three Generals of Terror

    Wait, what?
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)18:52 No.16064597
    Members of the Voss High Command, if I remember the briefing right. We're looking at someone which personifies the Voss fighting ideal, and could probably go Mano-A-Mana with the Major.
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)18:54 No.16064611
    One of the head honchos of the Voss military.

    >biofilm oluntze
    No bio-work for this spirit, captcha. Time for that is gone.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)19:00 No.16064659
    Pipe down, ya mantlepiece!
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)19:06 No.16064713
    And IIRC, Helena is one of them as well, so we have a 1/3 chance of facing her.
    >> [Lion][E] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)19:12 No.16064775

    Fierstrom, the REAL Helena, is one of them, or Helena was just a clone.
    >> [P] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)19:16 No.16064813
    I'll try my hand at the Stork, if nobody minds. Granted, I'm not too sure on my abilities to pilot flying vehicles, but...

    Well, the worst that can happen is I get shot down, with my bird screaming into the enemy formation, right?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)19:20 No.16064851
    Alright you hoppers this is what's happening, we've set up a sanctioned command channel here at


    during the duration of this fight, this channel will be used to coordinate assaults and a little nothing more than that.

    In game talk would have to remain here in the thread. I will enforce this rule with the fist of an Angry god if I have to. I cannot stress with years of prior experience how important this last bit is.

    AM I CLEAR ?
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)19:53 No.16065145
         File1314316390.jpg-(129 KB, 1024x570, let them taste hellfire.jpg)
    129 KB
    >mfw the Voss shall taste the full combined strategic power of Hellghast.
    >> Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/25/11(Thu)20:03 No.16065245
    Transferring 2 exp to Isane to purchase that 3rd Action.
    >> [ARCH][Hm]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/25/11(Thu)20:08 No.16065291
    Thanks, purchasing 1 action point, giving me a total of 3 and leaving me at 0 xp. I think this should allow me as an [Hm] to do up to 6 actions as long as both my squad members are alive. So technically, I can set up, shoot both shots, reload, and shoot both shots again.
    >> Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/25/11(Thu)20:10 No.16065314
    Command, me and mein special tasks group will dig out a piece of the valley walls to allow for tunneling between foxholes.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)20:13 No.16065336

    Wait what ?
    Where did you get an extra action ?
    >> [ARCH][Hm]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/25/11(Thu)20:15 No.16065350
    Whoops, my bad, got confused for a second because of the action per team member, so yeah, 2 actions. So does that mean each member has 2 actions or just the whole unit has 3 now?
    >> [Mnky][M-Oct] Pvt. Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 08/25/11(Thu)20:27 No.16065448
    Sorry to request so late, but could I get a couple explosive charges set on the cave walls Rip just mentioned? Set to go off on frequency 9. Or am I gonna have to do that once the game starts?
    >> [SRPNT-S]Agent/Cpl. Vipera de Firmus !1/Y/FThShM 08/25/11(Thu)20:29 No.16065459
    just making sure i'm in
    >> [P-SK1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)20:48 No.16065610
    Reporting (checking if trip is good).

    Whose in charge, anyway?
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)20:50 No.16065628
    Rip, and Gunther should he show up.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)20:56 No.16065669
         File1314320163.jpg-(345 KB, 1162x954, hodrsquad2.jpg)
    345 KB
    Hodr team checking in.
    >> Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 08/25/11(Thu)21:02 No.16065713

    Why'd I picture you like a green looking young 'un?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)21:02 No.16065715
    Are we doing a roll call? I don't recall Command saying he was starting.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/11(Thu)21:04 No.16065735
    damn, late again, aside from the weapons, undead, and nifty aerocraft, anything new I missed? collecting these rules is my new obsession
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)21:05 No.16065739
         File1314320702.jpg-(321 KB, 1243x681, HELLGHAST PAAAANCH.jpg)
    321 KB
    because the hotblooded zeal of an old farmer-turned-soldier is rife with youthful passion?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)21:30 No.16065952
    Gunther who is the current HighRanking Officer will have to take a tally.
    >> [WOLF][Ab]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)21:31 No.16065963
    Count in the Hodr.
    >> [HAWK][mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/25/11(Thu)21:32 No.16065968
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)21:32 No.16065972
    Senior Caster Willhelm, reporting.
    >> [LION][E1EE] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)21:33 No.16065977
    "Lankest reporting. The boy are putting the finishing touches on the defense lines as we speak."
    >> [E]Finch !53bY5ndrTA 08/25/11(Thu)21:33 No.16065979
    >I'm here
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)21:33 No.16065982
    bah, no respect! My ashes aren't even cold...
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)21:34 No.16065986
    Okay, so far:

    [A1] Hodr

    [S1] Rip

    [C1] Willhelm

    [Gr1] Gunther
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)21:35 No.16065992
    >Woops, left the stove on.
    >> [ARCH][Hm]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/25/11(Thu)21:37 No.16066011
    "Heavy weapons reporting! Time for some payback!"
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)21:38 No.16066015
    >You aren't going to mix my ashes in with your food... are you?
    >> [WOLF][Ab1]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)21:38 No.16066019
    >Captain, in the next roster update if you will, list me as Ab please, as to avoid any mix ups with the boss.
    >> [P-SK1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)21:39 No.16066029

    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)21:40 No.16066044
    [Ab1] Hodr

    [S1] Rip

    [C1] Willhelm

    [Hm1] Isane

    [E1] Lankest
    [E2] Finch

    [Gr1] Gunther

    The new roster limit is 18 now, right? Anyways, we got 8 now, not including platoons, which I forgot how many slots they take.
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)21:40 No.16066045
    I can give two units Iron Skin enchantment buffs, or I can create a golem to send down 1 finger and wreck face. What'll it be Captain?
    >> [LION][E1EE] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)21:43 No.16066068

    Captain, forgot to mention. I'm deploying as a platoon of Es. Was the only way to get the build the defense lines.
    >> [RBBT][P2-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/25/11(Thu)21:44 No.16066085
    Ready. Willing.
    >> [SRPNT-S]Agent/Cpl. Vipera de Firmus !1/Y/FThShM 08/25/11(Thu)21:45 No.16066090
    Man why the hell am i still corporal
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)21:45 No.16066095
    [Ab1] Hodr

    [S1] Rip

    [C1] Willhelm

    [Hm1] Isane

    [E1EE] Lankest
    [E2] Finch

    [Gr1] Gunther
    [P2-Sk] Millan

    Theoretically, our fortifications should be providing protection, so the golem will help.
    >> [E2]Finch !53bY5ndrTA 08/25/11(Thu)21:48 No.16066137
    >adjusting tags
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)21:50 No.16066158
    [Ab1] Hodr

    [S1] Rip
    [S2] Vipera

    [C1] Willhelm

    [Hm1] Isane

    [E1EE] Lankest
    [E2] Finch

    [P-Gr1] Gunther
    [P-Sk1] Millan
    [P-Du1] Winters

    Okay, 11/18
    >> [P2-Sk1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)21:51 No.16066175
    Adjusting tag, Captain.

    If it's okay by you, I'll just be out hunting tanks.

    And by hunting tanks, I mean "throwing them like bowling balls."

    Is that all right with you?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)21:52 No.16066189
    Fine with me.

    I just need to remember how many slots a platoon takes up. Can anybody give me a reminder?
    >> [WYRM][C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)21:54 No.16066200
    As a note to command, I would like to deploy next to Isara. The closer I am to that walking fortress, the better.
    >> [ARCH][Hm1]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/25/11(Thu)21:55 No.16066215
    I thought it was two.
    Adjusting tag also.
    >> [RBBT][P3-Du1]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/25/11(Thu)22:00 No.16066272
    Winters: "What do you mean someone else reported in first? We're ALWAYS P2!"
    Springer: "... Does it really matter?"
    Winters: "YES! We've been USURPED!"
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)22:03 No.16066296
    [Ab1] Hodr

    [S1] Rip
    [S2] Vipera

    [C1] Willhelm

    [Hm1] Isane

    [E1EE] Lankest
    [E2] Finch

    [P-Gr1] Gunther
    [P-Sk1] Millan
    [P-Du1] Winters

    Okay, Rip, Vipera, Hodr, Winters, and Willhelm, due to your seniority, you are authorized to take platoons. Please put down your unit compositions. I'm taking a platoon myself so current roster is now at 18/18
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)22:05 No.16066326
    Sir, Thank you, Sir! Requesting a second caster.
    >> [C2]Pvt. Orion !!L2zyfu679cs 08/25/11(Thu)22:06 No.16066333
    Reporting in.
    >> [Mnky][M-Oct] Pvt. Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 08/25/11(Thu)22:07 No.16066344
    Reporting for duty
    >> [HAWK][mS1]Lt. Rip Van Vinkle !Kdt2kegU6U 08/25/11(Thu)22:09 No.16066362

    Sir ! Our special tasks group requires only ourselves, howaver I vill motion that Isane, Hodr and Armitage get platooned and columned instead. Vipera and myself will opt for a stealth speciality.
    >> [RBBT][P3-Du1DuDu]Pfc. Winters !u/EYfo0o8s 08/25/11(Thu)22:09 No.16066369

    "Always room for more death from above!"

    >Do all our upgrades apply to platooned units?
    >Also, if two platooned ducky flights is too much, I'll just take one if needed.
    >> [LION][E1EE] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)22:09 No.16066370

    Captain to save on deployment space I can build most super heavy vehicles, like Isara, on the first turn. And then I can just spend the rest of my time building striders FOR EVERYONE.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)22:11 No.16066391

    I do believe with the logistics and recent rank upgrade your slots only went up 17 instead of 18;

    you are one over.
    >> [WOLF][Ab1]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)22:14 No.16066437
    Hodr sits around a small covered burner with some fellow Ghasts and some frightened Ragnyllian volunteers from Kolstec who'd helped the Ghasts haul ammunition and supplies to 5-Finger. They'd shared a meal, yet still sat with a silent doubtfulness over the day to come.

    Shaken himself, he needed some words to steel himself more than those around him.
    "Did y'know, our land s'been the stomping grounds for all'history? This'nt nothing but the culmination of all the blood spilt' over all that time."

    "The whole worlds always want's something from'us. We din't ask for any of this, but Ragnyll be damn'd if we or our ancestors gave it all up 'thout a fight. 'Sure we've bargain'd with preachy-types n' Clovies, but we chose to. Ain't one time we gave it away 'holesale; Not our Black Blood, not our people, not the coursing lineyege' of the Valknyr in each of'our guts."

    "All I know, what's import'nt is what we have. And what we have is the poor sod sitt'n next to you, 'e or she's Ragnyll itself . Don't forget who you're beside, don't comprimise a single inch. Cause'the slightest bit means you've given up a bit of Ragnyll 'herself."

    "'member it's easier'n piss to die for Ragnyll, but it takes a 'true warrior to keep'on facing her enemies."
    >Gunther, might as well make me Ab1AbAb.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)22:14 No.16066441
    [Ab1] Hodr

    [S1] Rip
    [S2] Vipera

    [M1] Armitage

    [C1C] Willhelm
    [C2] Orion

    [Hm1] Isane

    [E1EE] Lankest
    [E2] Finch

    [P-Gr1] Gunther
    [P-Sk1] Millan
    [P-Du1DuDu] Winters

    I see, so Rip and Vipera are going solo. IIRC, Orion and Armitage are new, so they don't count towards the cap. (I have terrible memory, so correct me if I'm wrong.) So Armitage and Isane can get platoons instead.
    >> [SRPNT-S]Agent/Cpl. Vipera de Firmus !1/Y/FThShM 08/25/11(Thu)22:15 No.16066444
    Platooning risks my stealth ability, so not tonight
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)22:16 No.16066463
    Lankest, I'm sure there are better uses for those kits. We're going to need every single one we can get our hands on.
    >> [LION][E1EE] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)22:21 No.16066548

    Sir, I can build twelve striders in a single turn with my platoon. Tell me that isn't a good use.
    >> [ARCH][Hm1HmHn]Pvt. Isane !!VMJuvVuY6J8 08/25/11(Thu)22:22 No.16066562
    Aye then, if possible I'll take a platoon of two [Hm]s and one [Hn]. If there are problems with the cap then don't worry about platooning me.
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)22:23 No.16066570
    Hey Command, asking for clarification on the workings of Golems.

    I cast a create golem spell using Iron element, so I'm guessing its Health is Armor, with the amount of health being proportional to the number of arrays I leave tapped. Likewise its move being in Lhexes, and its number of actions being limited to the amount of actions I have to direct it with? How are its damage and rating determined, and do I roll for it, or you?
    >> [WOLF][Ab1]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)22:23 No.16066578
    same for me, you frontliners need the destructive oompf more than us STG'folk
    >> [P2-Sk1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)22:25 No.16066601
    So uhh...

    How does cooldown work, anyhow? Just don't fire my gun(s) for a turn and I can rev 'em up again?
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)22:27 No.16066630
    [Ab1AbAb] Hodr

    [S1] Rip
    [S2] Vipera

    [M1] Armitage

    [C1C] Willhelm
    [C2] Orion

    [Hm1HmHn] Isane

    [E1EE] Lankest
    [E2] Finch

    [P-Gr1BtBt] Gunther
    [P-Sk1] Millan
    [P-Du1DuDu] Winters

    Alright, we got a full roster at 17/17. We are good to go.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)22:30 No.16066658
    Sorry, no octoped for you. We're full, though you can request that Lankest build one for you.
    >> [SRPNT-S]Agent/Cpl. Vipera de Firmus !1/Y/FThShM 08/25/11(Thu)22:30 No.16066664
    don't fire the affected weapon for a turn. so you gotta keep track of what you're firing.
    Stork is armed with two shoulder Cannons and two arms. arms can become handcannons.

    that's four cooldowns to keep track of, so be careful. often if command discovers you messing with cooldowns in a bad way you might have an overheat or explosion.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/25/11(Thu)22:31 No.16066678

    Golems are neither zone nor ray. In fact its considered summoning or reainmation; a Voss feat.

    but if you create a construct thats meant to last for more than one turn; heres what you're gonna expect.

    Those arrays will remain tapped for as long as its active.

    Whatever its action is must conform as best as possible to the Zone / Array / effect rules set in place for easy processing.

    I will murder you if this hits one paragraph.
    >> [Mnky][M1] Pvt. Armitage !!b5IxBuu9REZ 08/25/11(Thu)22:32 No.16066690
    With that much building power, think you could whip me up an Octoped real fast, since I can't spawn with one?
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)22:36 No.16066746
    Four sentences alright? Attacks by the golem are treated as Iron element Zone castings affecting one hex, so Rating 7 damage 4AP, if I'm not mistaken.
    >> [LION][E1EE] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/25/11(Thu)22:39 No.16066785

    Sure thing, in fact, I want a list, right NOW of everyone that wants me to build them a vehicle and which one they want built.

    Otherwise I will just go spam turrets and barricades.
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)22:40 No.16066800
    Forgot to include this is assuming I tap four arrays.
    >> [SRPNT-S]Agent/Cpl. Vipera de Firmus !1/Y/FThShM 08/25/11(Thu)22:46 No.16066866
    Need stretchers too. I expect you assholes will try to save allies from permadeath
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)22:51 No.16066930
    Next time we get an infantry/logistics upgrade, we should get some kind of Medevac action, that allows allies to spend an action to send an ally to a stretcher, instead of taking them there themselves.

    Unless that's how stretchers already work.
    >> [P2-Sk1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)23:06 No.16067141

    Right, got it.

    >Greentexting would help tremendously, wouldn't it?
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/25/11(Thu)23:07 No.16067152
    D: Sorry I didn't make it in time.
    >> [WOLF][Ab1]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/25/11(Thu)23:08 No.16067172
    You're new so you should be able to squeeze in
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/25/11(Thu)23:08 No.16067175
    We make exceptions for new players. You can ask IC to let you in once the battle starts. Just tell him you're a new player and he will likely ignore the number restriction for you.
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)23:09 No.16067178
    You can still TA. I think you can also deploy at a flag after the game starts?
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/25/11(Thu)23:16 No.16067238
    Even past the normal limit? So Cecilia deploys and then I can also deploy in during combat or does IC actually put a bar on reinforcements after a point?
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)23:17 No.16067254
    NOT SURE, but Cecilia would just be allowed because she is new.
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)23:19 No.16067275
    Ok you rookie Casters, listen up!

    Each array can only power ONE spell. Arrays cannot be placed too close to one another, the minimum distance is 6 hexes. Any array breaking this rule is scrubbed, meaning both offending arrays are useless. Watch your array placement, and only tap arrays that you request or plant yourself, unless someone else lets you have theirs.

    Friendly units can place arrays for you, but remember to observe the rule.
    Also as a rule of thumb, keep track of your ammo count: After 5 spells, you're done, no resupply, so you best move the fuck back, and switch to another class.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/25/11(Thu)23:21 No.16067299
    That, and a caster would be of more use than a flame thrower. No offense Garret, but I need the EXP more than you to get [PIG] as quickly as possible to boost Willhelm.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/25/11(Thu)23:22 No.16067320
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)23:23 No.16067330
    To be perfectly honest, take whatever you want. Pig is neat, I find Sunflower creates the best environment for any allied caster due to the simple removal of the Six-Hex-Rule. Removal of that rule creates much more flexibility in array placement on desired elements.
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/25/11(Thu)23:23 No.16067331
    None taken. I can sit back for this one and watch. If the opportunity arises, I'll step in though.
    >> [C] Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 08/25/11(Thu)23:27 No.16067395
    Well, for this battle Sunflower would have been GREAT. But in most battles, [PIG] gives us a double array at the start through you and that is incredibly useful.
    >> [I] Leopold !!lONmHjGwsas 08/25/11(Thu)23:29 No.16067409
    >> Know what that means Alphonse? Why did you have to go and get yourself shot?
    >> Spirit of Alphonse 08/25/11(Thu)23:31 No.16067443
    I am a ghost and can't answer thatttt....
    >> [WYRM][C1C]Pfc Willhelm !!Q1eZ8Ouu5QA 08/25/11(Thu)23:32 No.16067464
    Requesting all Casters join the IRC chat previously mentioned if possible, to cut down on array disorganization.
    >> [P2-Sk1] Pvt. Millan !pc.EeHifNs 08/25/11(Thu)23:58 No.16067700
    Game going to start up any time soon? I want to go eat, but I don't want to miss the crucial first phase.
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/26/11(Fri)00:06 No.16067776
    As is always the case, IC will start it when he's ready.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/26/11(Fri)00:06 No.16067780
    >> [Mr] Pvt. Garret !!Jg8EGYPHkHF 08/26/11(Fri)00:07 No.16067796

    >> [WOLF][Ab1AbAb]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/26/11(Fri)00:13 No.16067855
    Hodr stands atop an ammo crate beneath the Ragnyllian banner.


    "Hellghasts! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
    >> [LION][E1EE] Pvt. Lankest !cCsMsaA4k2 08/26/11(Fri)00:16 No.16067892

    "Hodr! Get off the damn ammo crate and get armed already!"

    >> [WOLF][Ab1AbAb]Pfc.Hodr !zBAepKDyw. 08/26/11(Fri)00:18 No.16067906
    I knew I forgot something..
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 08/26/11(Fri)00:20 No.16067917
    >> [IRNSNL][P-Gr]Cpt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 08/26/11(Fri)00:20 No.16067919


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