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  • File : 1313926580.jpg-(564 KB, 1316x1007, Flemish Assault.jpg)
    564 KB John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:36 No.16012328  
    rolled 2 = 2

    New thread from >>16012305

    Riddle of Steel, gentlemen! We're doing us some hideous deathmatches.

    Most recently, the Dopplesoldner has sustained a Level 3 wound to the shin/lower leg from Stracci, our Morgenstern fighter.

    BL: 0+2
    S: 6
    P: 7-WP (3)
    "Bone chipped, swept off feet automatically."

    The Dopplesoldner has his leg smashed with a spiked goedendag, and his knocked prone. Obviously his own attack fizzles.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:39 No.16012341
    So, uh, what is the Riddle of Steel?
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:39 No.16012344
    To explain for those just joining us, we've been using the Riddle of Steel combat engine to run battles between some characters we slapped together.

    Recent events have included a fellow called The Bear breaking every bone in a Halberdier's body with his hands, and a Genoese thug with a goedendag styling on a Dopplesoldner. What's next? We're contemplating a knife fight between a Finn and a Croat.

    Stay tuned if you're interested, it's a good way to learn the game.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:39 No.16012345
    Thrust for the groin!
    >> Crom 08/21/11(Sun)07:39 No.16012348

    >He doesn't know

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:40 No.16012350
    I demand a roman legionnaire for my insomnia!

    You already said you'd do it on the INTERNET, you cannot back down now!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:40 No.16012351
    You should use excel to run several fights Deadliest Warrior style.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:41 No.16012354
    It's a sword and sorcery roleplaying game designed by some HEMA guys. As a result, its combat is crazy detailed.
    I've been doing everything in my power to breathe some life into the /tg/ RoS community these last few months, but it was not until some of the guys here talked me into running some combats using the dice roller that it actually seems to have taken off.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:42 No.16012360
    Also good job doing that, I must use this now and make my players die forever again and again.

    Now if only I had a group for it.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:42 No.16012362
    No, I know about the system, I mean... what's the Riddle of Steel?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:42 No.16012364
    Oh god! This!

    >Uncifig Cheerless

    Sounds like we have our viking combatant here, captcha!
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:43 No.16012366
    I'm not a brave enough man to deny Rome its conquest.

    However, first, there is business to attend to. There's one last exchange for Stracci to mop up.

    Stracci has 15 dice.
    The Dopplesoldner is prone, halving his pool, and took some brutal shock, as well. He's at 5.

    Stracci has the initiative. I don't know what y'all think should be done, but I think it's about time we lived up to our oldest tradition.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:43 No.16012368
    My insomnia is talking, I HAVE a group, I just kinda want to make my own character for it, but none of my players are good at GMing.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:43 No.16012369
    We should do the actual Deadliest Warrior fighters. Stat out William Wallace and Shaka Zulu and let fucking rip.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:44 No.16012371

    Cut his balls off, them choke him to death on them.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:44 No.16012373
    That'd be a bastard to program, but there is actually a RoS Combat Simulator in their website that lets you play battles without the extensive bookkeeping.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:45 No.16012375
    This is more like the Riddle of Steel I know!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:45 No.16012377
    rolled 7, 6, 10, 9, 8, 4, 9, 5, 9, 8, 5, 7, 4, 8, 4 = 103

    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:46 No.16012394
    rolled 3, 8, 6, 5, 9 = 31

    Holy Mary, Mother of God. Uh... The Dopplesoldner will try to parry with a half-swording thing? 5 at 6 I guess.

    Not that there's hope. Stracci just got 9 successes.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:48 No.16012401
         File1313927287.jpg-(345 KB, 1316x1007, 64qe1sqm.jpg)
    345 KB
    Being medieval fucking sucks :(
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:48 No.16012404
         File1313927293.png-(145 KB, 539x284, Bludgeoning_Nutshot.png)
    145 KB
    rolled 6 = 6

    Yep. 3 to 9. 6 successes, margin of 5...

    That's... Christ, that's 14 damage. 15 if it hits armor.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:49 No.16012416
    >pelvis destroyed
    Bye, asshole.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:49 No.16012417
         File1313927395.jpg-(676 KB, 800x481, medievalbattle2 (2).jpg)
    676 KB
    Guys could at least pick a team colour
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:50 No.16012425
    Lost it.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:50 No.16012426
    Hey, Galt, could we try a sorcerer v. swordsman fight next?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:51 No.16012428
    Have a series of deathmatches, a tournament. Run a couple characters each. Things that don't require a DM.

    Give them the taste for it.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:51 No.16012432
    Dude in the center-left is just all 'WTF r u doin'.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:52 No.16012434
    I have no idea... No idea at all how that would go. Sorcerers are just such bizarre sources of power.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:53 No.16012437

    So, are his balls down his throat yet? Or will that take another round?
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)07:56 No.16012442
         File1313927785.jpg-(253 KB, 1680x948, whats_happening.jpg)
    253 KB

    Stracci smashes the Dopplesoldner's leg out, and then, in a swingabout, brings the Morgenstern down onto his groin.

    Death is surprisingly immediate.

    The Bear finishes twisting off the Halberdier's head like a bottlecap about half a minute later, to find Stracci leaning on his weapon, looking impressed.

    The two have a chat, and decide that perhaps they needn't fight this out. The Bear is bleeding something feirce, and Stracci's had his fun for the day. They part ways amicably, with the promise that they'll "do it again sometime."


    Now, we need to figure out what's next. Sorcerer vs Swordsman is on the table, even if it is... Scary levels of impossible. So is a knife fight, and we've still got the Sidesword and Smallsword fighters from forever ago.

    So what's the word folks?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:59 No.16012454
    Fuck magic, we want more detailed groin destruction and savage dick stabbing!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)07:59 No.16012459
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:00 No.16012461
    Knife fight!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:00 No.16012463
    And the brutal disemboweling and groin threshing involved in pursuit of such!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:00 No.16012464
    knife fight then roman legionaire vs magic man?
    >> Kzyrgis !BXOq0uYzR. 08/21/11(Sun)08:02 No.16012470
    god someone gave me all of the riddle of steel rules, like supplements and everything, and I haven't got round to reading them. sounds like a fun system though. can we play around with the billhook, maybe put an english billman vs a french man at arms?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:02 No.16012472
    Alright, I'll /rs/ TRoS and see if I can't rustle up a witcher.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:02 No.16012473
    Alright, here are the options as I see them, counting pre-existing obligations, and an idea I had when realizing that we haven't done many on one combat yet.

    1: The Knife Fight. I have a good idea for the characters too, so this promises to be interesting.

    2: Titus Pullo vs X. X is whatever we draw out of a hat.

    3: Goblin Massacre. Think of it like the Nazi Zombies mode of Riddle of Steel. One Elf, all of the goblins in the world, final destination.

    Other suggestions, always open to 'em.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:03 No.16012478
    Oop, you know what? Add that one to the list, because that's totally doable as well.

    4: Billhook vs Frenchman!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:03 No.16012479
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:06 No.16012493
         File1313928375.jpg-(201 KB, 900x1280, troll trollhoffer2.jpg)
    201 KB
    For everyone asking "What is Riddle of Steel?", I find an anecdote from a previous thread to be the most accurate answer to this ancient question.

    The Riddle of Steel is a battlefield of ruined penises.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:08 No.16012496
    I'm voting for the knife fight. It's been long in the making, and I remember the inherent humour in knife-fighting from the fate of late Skittles.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:08 No.16012502
    Nooo I must enjoy more Ros death but I gotta sleep, don't let this thread die!! Glory to Bear destroyer of kneecaps and necks and the italian stabbing maniac!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:12 No.16012523
    3, i want dead goblins
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:12 No.16012527
    Stabbing! We demand knife based stabbery!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:13 No.16012533
    This thread has inspired me to spend the last several hours puzzling out character creation, and after that I present VONCE GODDAMN, a mercenary frenchman that curses the divine often and vividly. Vonce lives for money and the wonderful things it brings.
    Flaw Major Greed
    Gift Minor Careful

    Race F (man) Class D (15 gold)
    Attri A (47) Skills C (7/7) Profi B (9) Gifts E (1 +flaw, 1 -gift)

    ST 6
    AG 6
    TO 5
    EN 4
    HT 4
    WP 6
    Wit 6
    MA 3
    Soc 2
    Per 5
    Reflex 6
    Aim 5
    Knockdown 6
    Knockout 8
    Move 8

    7 Polearms
    2 Dagger

    Combat Pool:
    13 Polearms
    8 Dagger

    Spath Axe 12s
    Misericorde (mercy dagger) 12s

    Pot Helm +aventail
    Banded Mail Shirt With Banded Leather Gloves
    Leather Pants with Crotch plate and Knee plate
    Leather Boots
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:15 No.16012550
    Alright, we'll get to the knoifin' first of all. All of the rest, in good time. Knife fights are short and sweet anyway.

    Give me a moment to come up with our fighters.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:17 No.16012561
         File1313929034.jpg-(159 KB, 359x500, 1311468431254.jpg)
    159 KB
    My body is ready!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:18 No.16012573
    Fafhrd vs. the Gray Mouser

    You know you want to.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:24 No.16012610
    Can you name one DEATHBEAM?
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:24 No.16012618
    DEATHBEAM, The Mad Finn
    ST 4 WP 5 Reflex 6
    AG 6 Wit 6 Knockout 4
    TO 4 MA 3 Knockdown 5
    EN 5 Soc 4 Aim 5
    HT 4 Per 5 Move 7
    Proficiencies: Dagger 5
    Equipment: Large Knife
    CP: 13

    Four Finger Zelkjo
    ST 4 WP 5 Reflex 6
    AG 6 Wit 6 Knockout 4
    TO 5 MA 3 Knockdown 5
    EN 5 Soc 4 Aim 5
    HT 4 Per 3 Move 7
    Proficiencies: Dagger 4
    Equipment: Small Dagger
    CP: 12

    I'm fucking Santa Claus!
    >> DEATHBEAM 08/21/11(Sun)08:26 No.16012624
    rolled 9, 5, 5, 7, 6, 7, 10, 7, 7, 5, 6, 9, 10 = 93



    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:26 No.16012627
    Finnland's got a higher combat pool and perception, the Slav has slightly higher toughness and a theoretically better weapon. Groovy.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:28 No.16012644
    Woohoo! It is stabbing time! Stabbitty stab stab slash stab!
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:29 No.16012656
         File1313929758.png-(77 KB, 478x408, Daggers.png)
    77 KB
    Alright alright, let's not get overexcited just yet. There's still explanations to be done!

    Zelkjo has a small dagger. It's actually almost exactly the same as the Large Knife, except its thrust is a bit worse, but it can parry better.

    Does this come up often when one can simply Evade? No. To put it frankly, no. But Zelk has an advantage: He is tougher, because he grew up in Croatia, presumably playing Five Finger Fillet until he didn't have five fingers anymore. He's more scar tissue than man at this point, and despite his inferior skills, that might just carry him.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:29 No.16012661
         File1313929796.jpg-(67 KB, 460x293, dethklok.jpg)
    67 KB
    Deathbeam? Wahaha, that's almost as good as Mustakrakish.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:32 No.16012678
         File1313929926.png-(22 KB, 468x119, Knives.png)
    22 KB
    The Finn has a Large Knife. It's got an alright thrust ATN and even respectable damage, but more importantly still, it's got Short range, which is an advantage over Hand!

    Aside from that The Finn is ever so slightly better at actually fighting, probably thanks to practical experience. But, he's a bit softer since he's never been stabbed by a Bosnian and nine Serbs who had mistaken him for each other.

    How did they meet you ask? Well it all began with a Sauna...
    >> DEATHBEAM 08/21/11(Sun)08:33 No.16012691
    rolled 3, 7, 2, 5, 1, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3, 1, 7, 9 = 55




    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:35 No.16012703
    That's a Red, I assume?

    Alright, the Finn comes streaking out of the Sauna, having detected a Slav in the region.

    Guessing that Zelkjo will be rolling blue. He'll go defense, 10 dice at 7. Make it so people!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:36 No.16012714
    yes! Let the kiuas feed upon his weak croat blood!
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:36 No.16012717
    Wait, I'm a fucking retard. 12 dice at 7.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:36 No.16012718
    Were you in that thread fucking ages ago, where the guy asked a Croat why all the Balkan people were good at five fingered fillet?
    >> Kzyrgis !BXOq0uYzR. 08/21/11(Sun)08:37 No.16012719
    I would but I don't know how to use the roller, or are you rolling on a seperate site?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:38 No.16012735
    rolled 1, 4, 9, 3, 9, 10, 2, 4, 3, 5, 9, 6 = 65

    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)08:39 No.16012741
    rolled 3, 9, 10, 10, 3, 2, 3, 6, 4, 8, 1, 6 = 65




    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:39 No.16012742
    Answer: everyone hates each other, but everybody also has a knife.

    That was fucking hilarious.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:39 No.16012743
    Possibly. Did I make a clever analogy regarding drunken men in a room with low opinions of each other?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:40 No.16012748
    dice+13d10 add this to your email slot.

    [number of dice]d[number of sides on the dice]
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:40 No.16012755
    And ended with a shout of, "Filthy Croat! Get out of my sauna!" in broken Finnish?

    I actually know a Finn, a tiny bit. He seems like a pretty cool guy but he bursts out laughing whenever our professor talks about rape or murder.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:42 No.16012767
    Oh, right right.

    Alright, it looks like somehow, the Croat got 4 successes to the Finn's 3. He successfully parries. Nobody has a combat pool left for the return exchange.


    The Croat is on the offensive!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:43 No.16012772
    "One of them you hate because he reminds you of the Russians, one of them you hate because he reminds you of the Serbs, and one of them you hate because he reminds you of the Italians." Shit yeah pobjeda za Hrvatska
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)08:43 No.16012773
    rolled 10, 9, 6, 2, 10, 3, 9, 8, 7, 2, 4, 4 = 74


    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:43 No.16012775
    A man just came flying at me with a knife out of a steaming box in the middle of the tundra. I'm not certain what the appropriate reaction here is.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:45 No.16012786
    >what the appropriate reaction here is
    Stab to the testicles. Always stab to the testicles.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:47 No.16012796
    Something like that. I was mostly there to torment one of my whiny players.

    Ok, ok wait calm down. Your enthusiasm is invigorating, but there are costs and stuff involved with grapples.
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)08:47 No.16012800
    ALL OF IT.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:50 No.16012814
    Ok ok, so you know that the grapple has an activation cost of 2, which means you could only roll 10 dice. And then there's his reach over you, which moves it to 9.

    And worse, that he's probably going to kill you in the process of the grapple! For God's sake man, remain rational!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:51 No.16012825
    Let's all just take a chill pill here and do some quick thinking on the Croat's part.

    We've got a CP of 12, but he's got reach on us. Now, we could just throw 11 dice at him and hope that we kill the sucker, or, we could try something clever. Grappling is just going to get us stabbed, hard, by a guy with 13 dice in his pool.
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)08:51 No.16012826
    rolled 1, 1, 6, 10, 9, 10, 8, 10, 9 = 64



    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:53 No.16012835
    rolled 3, 1, 3, 9, 10, 8, 9, 6, 10, 5, 5, 1, 3 = 73

    Looks like some ones gettin' knifed
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:54 No.16012843
    Fuck it, why not! The Finn realizes he is being grappled. He's got 13 dice...
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:56 No.16012852
    dick stabbery
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:56 No.16012855
         File1313931374.jpg-(94 KB, 639x480, cat96.jpg)
    94 KB
    >knife fight
    >remain rational

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:57 No.16012867
    Tonight, a Croat dreams big dreams. He dreams of drowning a Finn in his own sauna.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:58 No.16012873
    Damn. Those melitamen are realy WELL EQUIPPED! Like it isnt early medieval at all.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)08:59 No.16012875
    Ok, wait. Hold on folks. Let's slow down.

    Now the Finn and the Croat are doing this at the same time, so they've got to do this whole initiative business to see who hits first. Understandably, it'd be pretty bad for the Croat to lose this one.

    So, they both roll their Reflex scores as an attack using their primary weapons. Both of them have Reflex 6.

    So the Finn is rolling 8 (6 reflex, 1 reach, 1 for thrust) dice at 7 to see if his attack goes through first.

    The Croat... The ATN is the enemy's ST? That means he's rolling 6 dice at 4 to see if he goes first.

    Who. Is. Deadliest?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)08:59 No.16012876
    well from what i can remember from glancing at the rules. you can use knifes and fists in a grapple. so knife groin is still available
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:00 No.16012880
    rolled 1, 4, 4, 9, 8, 10 = 36


    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:00 No.16012885
    rolled 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 10, 8, 8 = 41

    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:01 No.16012888
         File1313931669.jpg-(44 KB, 467x349, I am confus.jpg)
    44 KB
    Or... Wait, did I misunderstand what was going on? Was he parrying with the knife, or stabbing for the groin or... I'm so confused
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:02 No.16012897
    rolled 7, 9, 9, 1, 5, 9, 3, 1 = 44

    going for a groin stab
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:04 No.16012904
    Ah sorry I'm
    I meant to go for a stab at the same time as the finn was grappling
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:04 No.16012906
    Ok, and we're back!

    It's looking like Zelkjo got into the Clinch! Because he won the initiative (through the extremely weird grappling rules I might add) he counts as having grappled The Finn without resistance.
    That means that the dagger attack is wasted (and thank God, or this would've been a short fight) and for this first round, The Croat has an extra 6 dice (!!!) to use on... Something.

    So what's the plan? Zelkjo has the upper hand for the first time in his life, but there are still knives floating about!

    Zelkjo has 18 dice and the initiative
    The Finn has 13 dice and searing, incandescent rage

    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:06 No.16012915
    rolled 5, 4, 6, 4, 6, 3, 4, 2, 5, 4, 2, 6, 2, 6, 2, 10, 9, 9 = 89



    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:07 No.16012922
    7 dice to attack. 6 to defence or maybe an all out 13 dice dick stabbery. i dont know. then again 13 def this round to maybe hold him off
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:09 No.16012926
    hrmm I think I'll break the grapple then break his legs
    The Finn
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:09 No.16012930
    >Finns not stabbing people in the dick
    I don't want to live in this world anymore.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:10 No.16012935
    Woah woah, calm yourself. Enough with the dice, there's stuff to be worked out here to make this happen, before we get to the dice.

    Now what this means is that we're now in a Grapple. These two guys are struggling over their knives and whatnot.

    Let me slow it down so that a sensible choice can be made.

    The options basically are:

    1: Throw the Finn

    2: Stab the Finn

    3: Trap/Disarm the Finn (if you want to drown the guy, this is the way, but this shit is HARD.)

    The Finn will then have possible counter-actions to this available to him. God grappling is hard.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:10 No.16012936
    rolled 3, 10, 4, 1, 8, 3, 7, 9, 7, 7, 3, 5, 7 = 74

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:12 No.16012944
    Sorry John no more rolling till you say.
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:12 No.16012947
    rolled 10, 10, 1, 10, 9, 10, 2, 2, 2, 7, 5, 1, 7, 10, 7, 4, 8, 9 = 114

    I want to Trap Disarm.

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:13 No.16012954
    Pin the finns arm, the one with the knife. That way we can stab him in peace.
    14 dice or so? He'll get any extra successes as bonus dice next exchange unless I'm mistaken so might as well spend most.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:15 No.16012966
    Thanks, it's alright, I get that it's exciting.

    Aaaagh. Alright. Despite your very best efforts, what Zelkjo has just done is, in fact, legal. Your TN is 6, and you have just rolled 11 successes to trap the arm with the knife.

    However, The Finn has a defensive maneuver. This could be attempting to counteract this move, or it could be something as simple as headbutting the Croat while he tries to take your weapon. 13 dice can be devoted to this, but be warned-striking maneuvers are at half strength while in a grapple because of how little space there is to move the weapons.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:16 No.16012975
    you know what would be funny. a mutal lev 3-4 wound to the groin. both parties red first attack. hilarious

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:17 No.16012978
    Argh! The filthy foreigner is invading my personal space!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:17 No.16012980
    A headbutt could work. If we can hurt him, it won't matter that he's disarmed us, that might break the grapple. What's the attack target on a headbutt? And is it STR-2 damage like a punch?
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:18 No.16012984
    I have seen this happen between two partisan fighters. Hilarity ensued.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:19 No.16012987
    counter with a dick stab?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:19 No.16012988
    Even if he manages to trap the arm the attack should go through, right? If so then best nip this in the bud and headbutt him right in the fucking nose with all dice.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:19 No.16012995
    ATN on a headbutt... I don't think there's an official ruling, but let's stat it out like a punch. ST-2, ATN 5.

    Make it so, so that we can get out of the bloody grapple before my eyes start bleeding.
    >> pipoca 08/21/11(Sun)09:20 No.16012997
    >drop into thread to see what's up
    >never heard of game
    >watch a few rounds

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:20 No.16013000
    rolled 7, 1, 1, 5, 7, 4, 1, 10, 3, 7, 7, 4, 3 = 60

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:21 No.16013006
    rolled 10, 5, 6, 2, 1, 3, 9, 7, 1, 8, 10, 4, 7 = 73

    The prolbem is that because we're doing it in response to that jackass grappling the arm, I think his would go first. So we'd lose the knife attack.
    But the headbutt, he's not trappling the head, only the hand. That means the head is free to smash his inferior Southron nose.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:22 No.16013010
    Ukko, bless my forehead!
    Ahti, steel my cranium!
    Tapio, fortify my noggin!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:22 No.16013012
    Is there a higher quality TRoS scan available? The /rs/ one is terrible.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:23 No.16013021
    rolled 5 = 5

    Alright! With no defense to be had, that there is a level 1 wound to Zelkjo's head. Granted, level 1 doesn't mean much.

    See >>16012009
    For head thrust bludgeoning table. Rolling for exact location now.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:23 No.16013022
    And you weren't even here when the Bear threw a sword so hard it cut a halbardier's leg off.

    >Obtiti Spacee
    ... Huh.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:26 No.16013041
    Alright! Zelkjo still definitely gets his trap through, but The Finn bonks him a good one.

    BL: 0
    Shock: 8-WP (3)
    P: 5-WP (0)

    "Glancing blow, some dizziness, may lose consciousness, roll at +2"

    (That roll at +2 is actually impossible for anyone to fail, it's like 8 dice at difficulty 3. I don't think we need to roll it until it's for someone getting hit in the head with a maul.)
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:27 No.16013051
    rolled 6, 2, 6, 7, 4, 10, 7, 5, 4, 4, 3, 10, 5, 1, 1, 7, 9, 7 = 98



    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:28 No.16013055
    rolled 3, 8, 4, 7, 9, 10, 6, 8 = 55

    Rolling anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:28 No.16013057
    In the... Groinface?
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:28 No.16013060
    rolled 8, 6, 2, 3, 7, 7, 5, 3, 9 = 50


    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:30 No.16013075
         File1313933413.gif-(163 KB, 329x353, 1313861775415.gif)
    163 KB
    rolled 1, 10, 7, 2, 8, 5, 5, 2, 5 = 45


    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:30 No.16013076

    Zelkjo still has the initiative because his move went through, even if he did get bonked. Because he succeeded (Jesus Christ people) by 9 bloody dice, but suffered 3 shock, he's up to 19 dice now.

    Are you reading this? This asshole's combat pool is getting BIGGER. Somebody stop the Croat!

    Anyway, the Finn's knife arm is trapped, but not disarmed. If Zelkjo were feeling like an asshole, he could attempt a break, but with potentially dire consequences, as it'd result in him now defending again against The Finn's furious cranium.

    Your move people. Ball's in your court.
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:31 No.16013085

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:31 No.16013086
    Woah woah, break as in break his arm? Good lord!
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:33 No.16013096
    Sadly, that is the case.

    Now, because the arm is trapped, your Break ATN is 6. The Finn, if he desires it, can resist this with a DTN of 7.

    Be warned, breaking a limb is fun, but it doesn't get you bonus dice. It's sort of a hail mary. And not a terrible one I guess, since you'll be doing some respectable damage.
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:34 No.16013102
    rolled 1, 3, 7, 10, 9, 10, 10, 8, 10, 9, 9, 6, 5, 7, 8, 5, 5, 6, 5 = 133





    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:36 No.16013112
    Very well. The Finn mad attempt to block this with his own dice, at a DTN of 8. Good luck, noble Finn.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:36 No.16013116
    >11 successes
    God dammit Croatia
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:37 No.16013122
    rolled 1, 7, 6, 5, 10, 1, 5, 6, 8, 6, 3, 8, 1 = 67

    Being stabbed in the face is kind of awful. Let's see if we can't avoid that.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:39 No.16013132
         File1313933973.gif-(9 KB, 600x450, story269.gif)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:39 No.16013133
    Face stab is the Balkanese way of saying hello.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:41 No.16013144
         File1313934066.png-(109 KB, 585x195, Face_Thrust.png)
    109 KB
    rolled 6 = 6


    11 successes on the Croat's side.
    3 successes on the Finnish side.

    That's 8 total, margin of 7.

    Strength of the attack is Half Strength (2)+Weapon(-1)+7(8.)

    Total damage is 8 to TO 4. That's a level 4 wound to the face. Jesus Christ. Why are knife fights so horrible?
    ...What a stupid question.
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:42 No.16013153



    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:43 No.16013157
    Agh! My brain!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:44 No.16013160
    >BL: 19
    >S: 13
    >P: 13-WP
    >"Part of brain destroyed--permanent mental damage results. unconscious."

    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:45 No.16013166
    They're Flemish urban militia. By tradition, families would sponsor a young male for service, arms and armor et al, and Flemish cities could get notoriously wealthy.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:45 No.16013167
    Christ alive... Well, he doesn't have a pool. Just roll 12 dice, difficulty 6 since he can't resist with the KNIFE IN HIS BRAIN.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:46 No.16013175
    rolled 8, 6, 9, 6, 1, 4, 10, 7, 2, 4, 7, 8 = 72

    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:46 No.16013180
         File1313934418.gif-(1014 KB, 640x526, 1266512152360.gif)
    1014 KB
    rolled 1, 8, 8, 10, 4, 2, 5, 10, 2, 9, 1, 9 = 69







    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:47 No.16013184
    Good god Riddle of Steel.

    Tried wrapping my head around the rules once and quickly gave up. It just seemed so cumbersome and this from a guy who loves Gurps 4th Edition!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:48 No.16013188
         File1313934507.jpg-(68 KB, 634x439, Knifebrain.jpg)
    68 KB
    Well, this seems to be your problem.
    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:48 No.16013193
    We're looking at either cracked vertibrae or death.

    I'm going to err on the side of death. You people are insane.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:49 No.16013198
    The damn dirty Croat cheated! He stabbed brain instead of groin!
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:50 No.16013210
    rolled 1, 2, 9, 8, 7, 5, 7, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 7 = 79


    >> John Galt 08/21/11(Sun)09:52 No.16013223
    Seek help, sir. I'm going to go drink heavily, as I've now been doing this for about eight hours. (time flies.)

    I'll be back... It's already tomorrow. I don't even know what to say. I'll be back eventually.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:52 No.16013225
    Fuck yeah!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:52 No.16013226
    Now do a Roman Legionary against ... a samurai!
    >> ZELKJOS 08/21/11(Sun)09:53 No.16013231
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:55 No.16013245
    Baš ste ludi hrvati.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)09:57 No.16013259
    Off to powder your nose, Johnny boy? That's alright, good hustle.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:01 No.16013291
    Smrt do Finns, Hrvatska mora podjebi!
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:03 No.16013295
    Good fun, John, good fun.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:07 No.16013326
    google translate bastardization?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:10 No.16013341
    Bah, ja samo učim. "Pobijediti"
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:11 No.16013346
    This is the second upset we've had involving the Balkans. I'm sure that tomorrow a Bosnian spearman will destroy the Golden Horde.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:16 No.16013379
    We have a... cultural propensity... towards grabbing weapons and marching to face the hordes of Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:17 No.16013385

    Spirits of sauna aren't favorable towards those who start a fight inside those holy walls.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)10:21 No.16013408
    Okay then, we'll wait for them to come out.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)17:28 No.16016342
    Bump to keep the DICKSTAB alive.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)18:01 No.16016604
         File1313964092.jpg-(7 KB, 224x200, LolOwl.jpg)
    7 KB
    Okay, I just read this whole thing. Good fucking LORD, people.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)20:32 No.16018070
    This thread must not die.
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)23:28 No.16019834
    Bump. Any of the nighttime fech/tg/uys on?
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)23:50 No.16020076
    Oh Johnny, you madman. You can't put reins on /tg/'s thirst for senseless carnage.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)00:00 No.16020186
    Particularly not when there's a perfectly vulnerable nutsack to be savaged.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)00:02 No.16020209
    I suspect this is why the Cesare vs Rickshaw fight went so strangely. Hugely ornate codpiece on one side, hauberk on the other. /tg/ was paralyzed for options.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)00:05 No.16020232
    Indeed, though they certainly made an attempt to pound that codpiece into tinfoil.

    Ahhh, how I do love this game.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)00:26 No.16020423
    “The Final Argument of Elves” CTN 6
    Level 2 Spell Spell Cantrip (Conquer 2)
    Range: Close Proximity (2)
    Target: Human-sized target (0)
    Duration: 15 minutes per CS (2)
    The Target gains Pain equal to Force (CS x3.) Usually fastcast, and accompanied by a stern "Fuck you."
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)01:15 No.16020937
    Fucking super duper magical elves.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)01:48 No.16021291
    How's this sound for a samurai-themed Traditional School (since the Chivalric School in the book is a bit...yeah):

    Requirements: Social Class (Any Nobility), Reflex 6+, must be sworn to the samurai clan in whose lands the school teaches
    Primary Focus: Kenjutsu
    Specialization: Katana (+2)
    Secondary Focus: Bow, Polearms, Wrestling (all at -2)
    Outside Focus: Open Hand (at -3)
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)02:31 No.16021637
    Hm, I should probably throw in the typical admonishment against bringing dishonor upon the school or upon oneself (and the school by proxy), too. When you gotta go proper weeaboo, it's in for a penny in for a pound.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)02:37 No.16021681
    It's playable.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)02:39 No.16021691
    Should be, I double-checked to make sure I got all my proficiencies and numbers right.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)04:50 No.16022573
    What kind of character would people recommend for a newbie to the game?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)05:43 No.16022936
    A Longsword/Greatsword user with a Bastard Sword or the like would probably be something fairly idiot proof, wouldn't you guys say?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)05:52 No.16022986
    Go for the infantry weapon supreme, the Halberd.

    Also why the fuck has no one archived this beautiful thing, and more importantly

    TO SEE

    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)05:59 No.16023034
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:00 No.16023043
    He'll make a new thread. He wouldn't leave us hanging, right?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:02 No.16023051
    Halberds are a little tricky to use really well because of their weird ATN/DTN setup.

    I'd recommend a bastard sword or a dopplehander, leaning towards the first.

    Important: If you use a Dopplehander, there is only one reason to EVER use it two-handed instead of half swording, and that's if you really need to cut at VL for some reason.

    Bastard and Long swords, used two handed, are fantastic in all regards, particularly against armored opponents.

    Later, I'd propose an arming or norse sword and shield, because everyone should learn how to use one of those.

    Only after you've dicked around with swords for a while should you move up to polearms, which require a heavy understanding of the fight dynamics to really get the most out of 'em.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:03 No.16023056
    Nah. He was just bushed after the insanity of the last go, I'm sure.
    >> Totally not John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:05 No.16023069
    I say, do you hear that, in the distance?

    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:06 No.16023073
    Thanks. I can see it, too...the bastard sword looks godly and the longsword isn't far behind.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:07 No.16023085
    Ah, an expert! Tell me, how fast does combat go for a whole party? It seems rather complex and slow, awesome or no.

    Additionally, how do you prevent the party from starting out with everyone in plate and such? I mean, everything above Low Freeman gets huge amounts of cash, and even the 15 gold from LF is enough to buy good non-plate armor. It seems like everyone would either buy plate or have lots of cash left over unless they were forced to be LF or lower.

    And on an unrelated note, where the hell do the kind of pictures the OP has come from? I've seen them before and they are all fantastic.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:08 No.16023094
    Gentlemen. Your faith, lacking, disturbing, etc.

    I'm surprised this thread endures, actually. I guess we made it late in the last run. What's the word?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:09 No.16023096

    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:12 No.16023112
    Party combat is best played out going around the table and just doing everyone's rounds, one-two punch before continuing. Multiple combat is kind of a bitch though, we knew that.

    On the note of starting equipment, there's nothing to really say. If your players want to start out in plate they probably will, but the poorer amongst them will end up with no liquid assets, which sucks. In my last campaign, I started out as a peasant with a Master quality (not fine, the one past fine) Partisan, and basically nothing else.

    Don't worry about it. Oh, also, pictures are Osprey.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:15 No.16023131
    No wait, it might've been a Low Freeman. Hmm. I forget, it's been forever since I played. Anyway, the players starting off with awesome equipment is sort of expected if they want to be combat people, but it isn't always a good idea.

    Last night, for example, The Bear probably would've just killed Stracci if it weren't for that damned Plate of his. Having a huge armor value is better if you have a big CP to back it up.

    You're too kind. I'm going to have to take it a bit easy tonight, as I threw myself off with some poor time management, but I think we can run a battle.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:15 No.16023135
    Ah, so it ends up fairly balanced? It just seems like it'd be a little unfair to have a dude in full plate and more while another has a spear and nothing else. On the other hand, I supposed that dude with the stick would otherwise be a combat monster given what he would invest priorities in. And I think I may be underestimating how deadly this system is.

    Also the thread is now archived

    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:16 No.16023141
    John Galt and Riddle of Steel are on the of the best things to come to this board in a long time.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:19 No.16023154

    You are literally the most interesting thing on the board, and have been for days.

    Also I suggest unusual combos, like a legionary v. uh, maybe an indian warrior or a gaul. Or anything really, I just want my rome fix (in part to see how effective Gladius+large shield is)
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:20 No.16023160
    ...Fair is a weird word when it comes to RoS. Don't ever underestimate the power of a Skill monster. I've seen more men killed by someone's Leadership 6 than I have by a combat pool of 28, and I played this game as a deathmatch simulator for eons before I actually played it as an RPG.

    Don't go blowing me out of proportion here. I'm a guy who likes Riddle of Steel. Now granted, Riddle of Steel is awesome and I'm glad it's making a comeback here.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:21 No.16023171

    They bring solace to my mind in these hard times, inspiring to maim my players in horrible horrible ways. And /tg/s other threads are pretty meh.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:24 No.16023189
    Alright, let me figure something out. If we're feeling ambitious, in a few threads we might be able to try a magic user.

    One step at a time though. Decisions decisions, enemies for Rome. Wait, first, what era of Roman? Post Marian reform, chain shirt scuttum gladius and pilum Legionary?

    Post Falx with the reinforced helmet and gauntlets? Goddamn falxes are scary.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:26 No.16023197
    I haven't seen the combo in action, but on paper I can tell you it sure LOOKS good. A scutum is probably a large shield, meaning a block TN of 5, the gladius attacks at 6 in both cut and thrust, and it does respectable damage to boot. Plus once you're in range for the gladius (S), you're also free to shield bash at the same range.

    The only weakness I'm seeing is if you go fully authentic on the armor. That means no armor on your arms or (unless your Roman is a centurion) legs.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:27 No.16023209
    Either works, if I had to say I'd go for Post Marian, just because that is the 'standard' legionary.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:29 No.16023227
    Alright, let me whip something up. Toss around ideas for enemies, no? Scutari Falcata Spaniard might be worth a shot, but it's very similar to the Roman.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:31 No.16023243
    Somebody suggested a Norse Huscarl with their eponymous axe and the rest of the typical Viking kit in a previous thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:33 No.16023259
    Just for humors sake, I gotta suggest an English Bill-man.

    Alternatively a dacian with a falx would work wonders (terrible wonders)

    fucking missposting and flood detection
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:35 No.16023270
    ´Wasn't there armor on the advancing leg? The left one.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:39 No.16023294
    Not that I've seen in pictures, but perhaps? That leg would also be mostly covered by the scutum anyway.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:40 No.16023298
    Legionary Sulla
    “Sulla, formation! Legionary Sulla, get back in formation!”
    ST 6 WP 6 Reflex 6
    AG 6 Wit 6 Knockout 5
    TO 4 MA 4 Knockdown 6
    EN 7 Soc 3 Aim 5
    HT 7 Per 5 Move 9 (8)
    Proficiencies: Sword & Shield 12
    Equipment: Short-Sleeved Mail Shirt(AV 4), Pot Helm (AV 5, open faced), Scuttum(-.5 CP, -1 Move), Gladius, 2 Pilum Javelins, Fine Pugio dagger.
    CP: 18 (17 in armor w/ shield)

    Gentlemen: Meet Sulla. He's going to be doing a bit of time traveling today, likely as not.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:45 No.16023333
    >Not Titus Pullo
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:47 No.16023340
    Alright, here's my plan. I'm going to throw together an ascending order of random fighters. We're going to throw Sulla through ten rounds of combat, as though he were doing the Leading the Charge heroic action in a battle using the FoB's system.

    This means that basically, he's breaking rank and running out to kill stuff in a savage manner, to bolster morale and terrify the enemy. The Centurions tend to look poorly upon this sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:50 No.16023357
    I can see it now. "Filius (or however it is in Latin), I am disappoint."
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)06:58 No.16023399
    Ok guys, bad news, and I'm sorry in advance. I'm going to be without internet service for a few hours. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to spend those few hours meticulously crafting the fun we're going to have with the Broman Legion when we continue.

    You folks continue being awesome. Though it pains me to say that I must skip a night of carnage, I must. But I will bring such a glorious stable of fighters next time as to make it all worth it.

    Here's my plan for the opposition, which is subject to ten shots of whiskey before finalization.

    1: Gallic Warrior, of the shirtless hewing blade variety
    2: German Warrior, of the bearskin wearing spear variety
    3: Saxon Warrior, of the long sax and small shield variety
    4: Bulgarian Warrior, of the brigandine and heavy mace variety
    5: Genoese Warrior, of the leather and Sidesword variety
    6: Samurai Warrior, of the Gosuko (Gosoku?) armor and naginata variety
    7: Huscarl, of the full chain and Dane Axe variety
    8: Rickshaw von Richtofen (the fellow with the mace and shield who fought The Spider)
    9: Michelletto Stracci (The morgenstern fellow who fought The Bear)
    10: ??? (Mystery fighter! It's someone we know, but who?

    I'll see you guys when I do. Stay the best board, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)06:59 No.16023406
    Nice. It's "gusoku", by the way. What type of TROS armor would you ping that as being, before I hit the hay?
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)07:01 No.16023411
    I only have like four minutes, but I actually statted it all out, let's hope I can get it up before I lose net.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:02 No.16023418
    Copypaste like a boss and serious respect points for being willing to rush it up this close to crunch time.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)07:03 No.16023423
    Samurai Armor “Gusoku”
    Breastplate: Plate Chest & Light Plate Upper Abdomen
    Tasset Plates: Light Plate, Groin & Lower Abdomen
    Scale Thigh Guards: Lameller upper thigh
    Plate Greaves: Light Plate shins, knees, leather feet.
    Tasset Shoulders: Light Plate shoulders & upper arms.
    Sleeve Armor: Light Plate forearms, light chain elbows.
    Plate Helmet: Heavy Plate upper head, Light Plate neck (slashing.)
    Plate Mask: Light Plate lower face.

    -2 CP, -2 Move

    (This is counting the helmet obviously, which might make it hard to divorce the armor penalties, but I'm sure you've got it.)
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:03 No.16023425
    I'm really kinda glad, as much as a really want to see this I've got to be up in 4 hrs and my insomnia finally wore off I think. Hopefully this'll still be up in 12hrs or so.

    You fuckers best archive the fight anyway though, we almost lost this thread.
    >> John Galt 08/22/11(Mon)07:04 No.16023428
    light plate is AV 4 but you guys aren't retards so you know that. Ok probably see ya.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:04 No.16023429
    Saved. Thanks, you have a good one.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:04 No.16023432
    Is there anywhere a version of the core, which isn't kind of shoddily scanned and maybe has bookmarks?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:05 No.16023441
    Shit, Legionary Sulla is soon either gonna be lucky, a badass, or dead given the foes he'll fight.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:06 No.16023446
    As far as I know, no. Which sucks SO bad.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:06 No.16023448
    i've asked everyone, there really isn't. part of me wants to go and buy the dman book and just scan it myself.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:09 No.16023466
    I wanna know who the mystery is. Is it gonna be the Bear? Victarion Greyjoy? The Spider?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:10 No.16023475
    The Croat.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:11 No.16023477
         File1314011474.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, Oh My.jpg)
    48 KB
    Mother of God.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:17 No.16023517
    I'm thinking Block Open and Strike is going to be a very useful maneuver for our man Sulla.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)07:38 No.16023651
    I will die laughing if it is. Defeat a horde of powerful fighters, only to find that the final boss is just some guy with a knife.
    Alternatively, it could be Schiavona Jack.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)08:05 No.16023852
    and then you get dickstabbed by the guy with the knife
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)08:58 No.16024173
    >>16023298 Fine Pugio dagger.

    RoS goes out of their way to mention that roman equipment is almost never fine, because it's mass produced and sort of low quality, but all they're making is short stikkin' words anwyas
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)10:22 No.16024650
         File1314022963.jpg-(192 KB, 1024x819, boobionary.jpg)
    192 KB
    Sulla's a hardcase. Just give his stat block an eye over. He's throwing 6's around like candy. And CP 18/17? This guy takes shit from no-one.

    Pardon for the boobionary though.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)10:40 No.16024772
    Is there any program to assist CharGen? It's just that it seems pretty extensive and it also seems like a game where you tend to lose characters quickly.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)13:06 No.16025734
    >> Kzyrgis !BXOq0uYzR. 08/22/11(Mon)13:37 No.16025956
    I believe that if you're not running it as a combat simulator but as an RPG then there is less fighting and dying, but if not then what I'd do is have 1 or 2 stock characters already rolled up so that I could just tweak them for the campaign if I die, similar to how I do it for CoC.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)14:53 No.16026413
    I'd actually be really interested in John Galt telling us a few stories when he didn't feel like staging a fight. I kinda want to know what a real game of this is like.
    >> Kzyrgis !BXOq0uYzR. 08/22/11(Mon)14:59 No.16026456
    yeah, Ideally I'd like to play a game myself, I'll have to look into finding an online group that plays tRoS, or maybe look into how to run a campaign, grab some people from here and have a go at DMing.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)15:00 No.16026467
         File1314039631.jpg-(147 KB, 1000x700, 1280720513987.jpg)
    147 KB
    So I planned out this little instance where my brother's character would come across an outpost that had been fucked by raiders; which have now left.

    Upon investigation he found find himself a horse and shit, but first he would find a half-dead raider that's already got some pain and stuff; which he should be able to handle. Latter, depending on how that went, the raiders less-dead friend would show up.

    All this was done, considering he usually makes thieves and merchs. He made a diss-owned squire whom's trying to find and kill the duke that killed the knight that he was serving under. He's got chainmail, a breast plate, war hammer, and a sword. (He's more proficient with the warhamms, Mass+Shield(3) Swords+Shield(1) polearms(1) wraslin (2).

    What do?

    > image pretty damn related
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)15:11 No.16026555
    Well fuck, you can count me in for that!

    Send me a message if you do so.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)15:50 No.16026904
         File1314042639.jpg-(59 KB, 515x663, _wsb_515x663_knight1.jpg)
    59 KB
    Character generation is pretty strait foward once you get use to it actually.
    Just assign the 6 priorities, and fill in the stats accordingly.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)16:34 No.16027309
         File1314045257.jpg-(734 KB, 1095x795, 1301237058016.jpg)
    734 KB
    BUMP, ye knaves.

    > CAPTCHA: official sorsery
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)16:47 No.16027432
    >thread still lives

    I love /tg/ sometimes.
    >> Kzyrgis !BXOq0uYzR. 08/22/11(Mon)16:55 No.16027511
    It's Alive! ALIVEEEEE!!!!

    I'll see what I can do but I'd rather have either an experienced DM run one first or a player who knows enough about the system to put me right take part. I'll slog through and run some mock campaigns with the rules, get a feel for it then see about writing up a skeleton of a campaign and we'll see how it goes. gimme 2, maybe 3 weeks and I might be ready to run some test one-shots.

    CAPTCHA: Roth. clarlyt
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:30 No.16028296
    So does this game go out of its way to explain that all the oriental weeaboo shit is impractical flawed bullshit compared to proper blossfechten? I have an insufferable nipponophile in my group who needs a reality check, and this might be the game to do it with if so.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:39 No.16028394
         File1314052755.png-(45 KB, 800x600, pigeon.png)
    45 KB
    No, Riddle of Steel is not a tool for debunking Asian martial arts traditions across the board, nor should it be used as such.

    Now, if you're speaking of the kind of person who just watched too much anime, it might be somewhat justifiable, but I can't see how a delusional person would snap out of it over a game if even direct reasoning doesn't work.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:45 No.16028472
    This. If he's really that weeaboo then sure, it might be fun to watch him rage because his oh-so-awesome katana bounced off a plate helmet and then he ate a half-sword through the throat, but honestly that same bounce will happen with pretty much any sword (even a half-sworded bastard sword thrust is gonna have trouble getting a meaningful wound through full plate unless your guy is supremely buff).
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:49 No.16028526
    No, because if you use a katana for what it was supposed to do (slash unarmored or poorly armored dudes and do it fast) it works pretty well.

    Unsurprisingly, it works poorly as a can opener.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:49 No.16028528
    Eh, fair enough I guess. Can you at least use the quillons of a longsword to hook and trip a bitch in this game?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:49 No.16028530
    It might not work well in such a capacity. The Kenjutsu proficiency is just as good as Longsword/Greatsword, particularly when you fix the egregious lack of winding & binding.

    It does give a good image of the Katana as an incredible weapon that can be easily equalled, though. It has a Cut ATN of 5, but aside from that it isn't terrible special compared to other two handed swords.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:52 No.16028560
    This, basically. Jap swords are the god-kings of draw cuts in TROS (their cutting TN is 5 and the only thing I've seen that draw cuts at a higher modifier is a straight razor). Shit against armor, but if you're fighting somebody who left his limbs lighty armored or completely unarmored, you can have a field day amputating the fucker.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)18:54 No.16028590
    Yep. It's basically a Longsword with a far more devastating cut, the same thrust (but without AP), slighty weaker defense, and a shorter reach.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:01 No.16028686
    Aye. And I think that's acceptable. A lot of people get pissed because, I think, they compare it to what they think of as "Katana-like" European swords, which in this case would be the sabers and cut & thrusts.

    But in reality, the usage of the katana was in every way more like the longsword and its derivatives than rapiers and sabers.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:02 No.16028689
    >The Kenjutsu proficiency is just as good as Longsword/Greatsword


    >It's basically a Longsword with a far more devastating cut

    Yeeeeeah, I think I should probably stay away from this game, then. At least with my main group--could always get some of my other HEMA fanboys together and just play it with the straight fechten stuff, ignoring the oriental elements.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:03 No.16028707
    It really was. Ironically though, Saber/Messer/Scimitar proficiency is a usable proficiency for a katana.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:20 No.16028885
    Well think about it. When you get down to it, the movements of Kenjutsu all have parallels in the west. Our ancestors used heavier, longer weapons for more damage and more reach over polearms and shorter swords, but the principle of the affair was very much the same.

    Kenjutsu is basically Longsword fighting with an unusually short, curved sword.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:23 No.16028918
    If you're afraid of them going all weaboo on you, just limit them in timeframe. Katanas didn't exist in the year 900 AD, not even in Japan.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:26 No.16028955
    I think they still had tachi (which in the game is identical to a katana), though. Geographic limitation is probably better, unless you REALLY want to drop it back to like Roman times.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:29 No.16028976
    Really. Do you halbschwert in Jap swordsmanship? Can you use that short-ass katana guard to trip somebody? I'd *love* to see somebody attempt a mordschlag with a katana.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:32 No.16029008
    I'm trying to learn tRoS but i'm confused about somthing. Whats the ATN and DTN? Is it a set difficulty? It would be awesome if somone could help out.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:34 No.16029022
    rolled 6, 8, 4, 1, 6, 10, 9, 1, 6, 5, 7 = 63

    They're the numbers you need to meet or beat on the dice in your pool for them to count as successes. Say I'm attacking somebody with a katana slash (Cut ATN 5), and I roll my attack pool of 11.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:34 No.16029032
    And I just got 8 successes, because 8 of my dice show a 5 or higher.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:43 No.16029118
    rolled 7, 2, 8, 4, 1, 6, 9, 6, 4, 7, 8, 7, 2 = 71

    And just for the hell of it, let's continue the example. Say this 8-success attack is against a guy with something with a really nice DTN, say a bastard sword. Defense TN 6. And because of his reach advantage and the fact that the katana guy wanted to draw cut, he gets to throw 13 dice against the 11.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:44 No.16029134
    9! A successful parry, by the skin of his teeth. Thus is the basic idea behind ATN and DTN.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:45 No.16029146
    Thanks! Never change /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:47 No.16029163
    Well ok, Talhoffer's weirdness no, though there is something in Kenjutsu about holding a Katana along the back of the blade to thrust with it better.

    Really though, you know what I mean. They're not exactly the same, that's why they've got different proficiencies, but they're similar in a lot of ways.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:52 No.16029213
    I dunno about thrusting with it better, but there's something like that used to aid a draw cut in really close quarters, I think. You sort of twist down along the blade's length and zip your target open like a gutted fish.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)21:44 No.16030317
         File1314063843.jpg-(122 KB, 612x700, 1304657426869.jpg)
    122 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)21:49 No.16030368
         File1314064169.jpg-(292 KB, 762x900, 1312739037848.jpg)
    292 KB
    So, there was this guy who did a pretty funny shpeel about some vikings in this thread. There where adventurers, and one of them had a camel; and it was all very hilarious.

    That got me thinking: why not have the players be some ballpark-working class 'not norse' vikings? Let them be kinda derrpy and dwarfy, and come up with some silly yet often very serious things for them to do? Let them rise from laborer to town-hero, and so on. They become the go-to adventurers for this area; paid in women and mead, but constantly asked to do stupid and/or dangerous stuff! It could be grand!

    Then I realized, that I'm about as creative as... you least faivorite writer; anyway,
    I thought,
    "/tg/'s probably got a d100+1 things they've always wanted to put their players through, but maybe never wanted to risk the DEEEERrrrrrp.''

    > TL;DR
    Do you have any fun silly and/or serious things you've wanted to put your players though?
    I'm looking for ideas.
    Norse theme, but romanticized for humor.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)21:59 No.16030455
    Hell, nothing stopping them from BEING Norse, in this system.

    Alternatively, I believe somebody in a previous thread mentioned TROS: Dorf Fortress edition.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:02 No.16030488
    Dwarf Fortress edition and Morrowind edition have both come up. I can't fathom what either would look like.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:02 No.16030489
         File1314064955.jpg-(430 KB, 600x900, 1309582573250.jpg)
    430 KB
    I only say 'not norse,' because actual vikings were... well raiders and shit.
    Not very pleasant. These would be more you horned helms and mead song vikings.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:04 No.16030514
    Easily taken care of. These guys wouldn't actually go a-viking (at least not at first), their adventures all take place in Denmark/Geatland/Norway/etc..
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:06 No.16030532
         File1314065170.jpg-(215 KB, 600x600, 1299159889251.jpg)
    215 KB
    Sure enough.
    I'm just saying, 'not evil raiders.'
    Or.. even serious characters necessarily.
    I'm expecting fair levels of derp.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:10 No.16030571
    Nothing wrong with that, though you should still expect Jackass levels of horrible injury if this is the actual system you want to use.

    That said, all the Norse kit? Solid as hell. Mail byrnies, round shields, the Norse swords, and the bearded and Huscarl axe are all excellent equipment choices.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:12 No.16030588
         File1314065556.jpg-(409 KB, 600x839, 1307934537408.jpg)
    409 KB
    But the question becomes,
    What are they going to DOOOOOOOOO?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:15 No.16030604

    Perhaps somebody hires them to recover something important (or perhaps "important") stolen from a member of high society. Big reward, but the guys who stole it aren't exactly...pushovers, y'dig?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:16 No.16030624
    Or maybe they're a bunch of two bit thieves, and the thing stolen is only important for sentimental value.
    They bring it back, after risking life n' limb; and it's his pipe or something.

    That could be the launch pad, but I don't suspect it would take them long to play through.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:22 No.16030664
    And the thane that wants it back is exaggerating how bad they were because he's too embarrassing to admit that some thieves got away with his purse and his pipe.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:24 No.16030685
    And then said thane pays them off to keep it quiet...but word gets around that the group defeated a bunch of horrible bandits and now people with even MORE dangerous (but appropriately well-paying) jobs want to hire them...
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:40 No.16030792
         File1314067201.jpg-(85 KB, 645x800, 1313717171206.jpg)
    85 KB
    Like, reports of a black raider that can't die.
    But then they get there and it's one resurrected skeleton that's none too hard to defeat (because you can just knock it apart) but it keeps getting back up and re-assembling. And, as they set off to find the source of these dark magics they either
    A: b line right to the source and destroy it; all while the one skelly keeps attacking and following them.
    B: Release more.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:45 No.16030848
         File1314067541.jpg-(225 KB, 1024x1570, 1294366131691.jpg)
    225 KB
    Two Words:
    Image, Related.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:58 No.16030944
    So I know the Brynie is a mail shirt, the round shield is a small shield or maybe medium, and I've seen the norse sword and bearded axe in the Flower of Battle, but where is the Huscarl axe? The closest thing I can see is the 2h M battle axe or maybe the Sparth Axe
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)22:58 No.16030945

    Here's an idea for handling the proficiencies: perhaps one could design a Common School that contains the myriad Viking-style weapons profs (Sword and Shield, Huscarl Axe/Dane Axe, Mass Weapon and Shield, Dagger, Throwing, etc...), and set it up a certain way as a base...but let the players actually pick which of the skills they want to have come up as their Primary Focus (and which weapon they want a specialization in). Nice easy way for fairly well-rounded combatants that still have unique setups, eh?
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)23:12 No.16031046
    It's on the Riddle of Steel website as a PDF, it was missing from Flower of Battle. Hang on, I'll find the link
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)23:13 No.16031054

    There it is.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)23:53 No.16031396
    It's a monstrous little two-hander, that's for damn sure.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)00:14 No.16031527
    Seems a bit weak on the defensive side, you'd want lots of armor.

    >thent internat.
    What? Captcha what are you doing in there?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)00:27 No.16031594
    Yeah, get some mail on there to defend your body, or use Evasion defenses.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)01:09 No.16031976
    If Galt makes it back on tonight I gotta remind him, his Gusoku armor could possibly include light mail on the feet instead of or as an alternative to leather. There were tabi made for wearing with armor that had lacquered mail over them.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)02:05 No.16032373
    I CANNOT find rules for evasion. Which page is it on?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)02:18 No.16032487
    Page 84 of the book, 89 in the PDF viewer.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)04:02 No.16033185

    So...favorite styles among the crowd? I'm a big Cut and Thrust user myself.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)04:10 No.16033235
         File1314087055.jpg-(137 KB, 1280x951, 1307705268816.jpg)
    137 KB
    Dopplehander Errey day
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)04:42 No.16033420
    Fucking brilliant weapons, those. Actually capable of properly hurting somebody in decent armor.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)04:59 No.16033526
    Wait a minute, I thought RoS standard setting is some fantasy world?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:00 No.16033530
    Fine bastard sword. ST+2 Thrust ATN 5. ST+5 Halfsword thrust ATN 4.
    Add winding and binding into the mix and you've got rather hilarious damage potential.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:16 No.16033633
    So was a new thread ever made?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:19 No.16033647
    Don't think Galt's back. I've read the core rules and optimized a character for the bastard sword though.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:22 No.16033662
    rolled 2, 9, 1, 6, 8, 8, 7, 2, 3, 7, 10, 4, 8, 7, 3, 5, 7, 4, 8, 5, 8, 6, 2, 9, 4 = 143

    >See Riddle of Steel thread
    >Oh, goody! A new one!
    >Turns out it's just a lone threadomancer

    I'm rolling red. 25 at 6 to the groin for you, sir.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:27 No.16033699
    rolled 1, 9, 10, 2, 5, 1, 2, 9, 6, 4, 1, 1, 1, 3, 4, 5, 4, 4, 7, 10 = 89

    Meisterhau defense. 20 defense at DTN 6 and 1 offense at ATN 5, thrust to XIII.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:29 No.16033719
    >3 consecutive 1s
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:34 No.16033741

    It is, but it's not hard at all to change up the setting.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:54 No.16033878
    Ok, which of you guys found and dickstabbed Galt?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:58 No.16033902
    Don't blame us, blame the guys who dickstabbed his internet.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:59 No.16033914
    The Falcata is pretty cool. Not a whole lot to commend it on a gameplay perspective though.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)06:23 No.16034091
    Mm-hmm. It's not terrible (solid cutting ATN, decent damage, positive modifier for draw cuts if you're into that sort of thing), but it pretty much demands a shield backing that sucker up and the S range is rather limiting.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)06:57 No.16034309
         File1314097020.jpg-(236 KB, 750x1175, ellis_crecy_7.jpg)
    236 KB
    I feel like pointing out katanas lack a pommel to mordschlag with.


    Plans have been put in motion for a better quality scan of the core book. Don't hold your breath, it still has to be done. But a copy has been passed to a scanon.
    >> Kzyrgis !BXOq0uYzR. 08/23/11(Tue)07:01 No.16034340
    Off topic but I FUCKING LOVE THAT BOOK! sjngjkndifjansdjgibnsn

    but yeah. a better scan would be good, but the old one is ok, it's not like it's unusable. it's just really long to slog through to learn the rules.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)07:01 No.16034344
    it screams out for a progressive school (and I have no idea if one like that ever existed)!
    but what does a progressive school call out for?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)07:29 No.16034514
    That would help, I haven't been able to read some of the maneuvers properly due to missing words.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)08:47 No.16034991
         File1314103628.jpg-(127 KB, 619x768, 1269808007968.jpg)
    127 KB
    Why doesn't that thing fall under Dopplehander?

    Is there a book for Riddle of Steel that's a vikings book?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)08:56 No.16035034
    Because axes handle differently to swords, naturally.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)08:57 No.16035045
    Then why doesn't it fall under poleaxe?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:00 No.16035070
    Because Huscarl Axes can't stab.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:02 No.16035090
    Neither can maces, but both they and falchions are under mass & shield.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:28 No.16035306
         File1314106091.jpg-(25 KB, 350x449, tumblr_lkf65ubxz31qdlwwe[1].jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)10:06 No.16035592
         File1314108395.jpg-(71 KB, 730x375, SoMGSp51.jpg)
    71 KB
    No, but what isn't covered?

    As a school, I'd probably see viking training as common rather than traditional, with spear and shield as primary. Secondary: sword/mw and shield, poleaxe, spear alone, maybe that mail-troll thing is covered by polearm too? Oh, and thrown weapons.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)10:26 No.16035763
    I'm new to this, how broken are the wizards?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)10:36 No.16035837
    I'm guessing not very?
    They seem to be deadly yet insanely fragile, and rarer than free 40k models.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)11:04 No.16036085
    I made an excel sheet for my friends based on the pdf sheet on the Tros page. It calculates the derived attributes, but other than that nothing fancy.
    I am also not sure about the design, it's the first time I did something like this. Most of the time I tried to position the things to be like on the pdf sheet. I thought you guys might use it or something, I don't know.

    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)11:19 No.16036240
    Woops, forgot to tell it to round the derived attributes down. I am not good at excel.

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