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  • File : 1312404308.png-(807 KB, 3595x2753, Bro-Quest Update.png)
    807 KB Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)16:45 No.15806982  
    You know the deal, /tg/. Pick three party members, pick a villain, and tell us how their adventure all pans out!

    And if the drawfriend from last night is still around, thanks again for the updates so far!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)16:47 No.15807004
         File1312404463.png-(2.68 MB, 2781x1468, Bro-Quest Villains.png)
    2.68 MB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)16:53 No.15807042

    Woah wait, what? Last time I saw this there were like...five characters.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:00 No.15807105
         File1312405204.png-(73 KB, 700x992, HELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER.png)
    73 KB

    Lifelong Warrior Friend
    Loyal Family Pet
    Seasoned Veteran Relative

    Family Quest is a-go!

    Formerly the leader of whatever military force the Invincible Warlord now commands, my Uncle was cast down in shame of his defeat and took to drinking and a life of solitude. Seeing the senselessness of unending war, me, my bro, and my stalwart canine companion set off to rally a resistance against the warlord's brutal conquest.

    Hearing of this, my Uncle forces himself out of his alcoholic daze to lend his assistance in whatever way he can, and to atone for his own weakness.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:00 No.15807114
         File1312405245.jpg-(59 KB, 250x450, acatisfinetoo.jpg)
    59 KB
    And I just finished this.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:02 No.15807127
         File1312405344.jpg-(116 KB, 428x600, Yesss.jpg)
    116 KB

    Awesome as always!

    I still think the archetype could be just "Runaway Foreign Girl", but best not to shake the boat too much.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:02 No.15807132
    I take the hot-blooded rival, the tsundere warrior girl and the amazon huntress to take down the tragic fallen hero. We adventure together, bickering and taunting each other until that one night in the inn, when the tsundere warms up, the rival cools down and the huntress chills out. We become best bros for life, determined to take down the demented black knight. We find and destroy the artifact that seems to give him power, which is an ornate handkerchief. It is only then that we hear the full story. The handkerchief was a gift, and the fallen hero is sent on a rampage. We finally stop him and proceed to cry our asses off as he delivers his dying speech.

    Peace at last, but at what cost?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:04 No.15807145
         File1312405444.jpg-(16 KB, 380x300, 1308558023673.jpg)
    16 KB

    Fuck yeah I'm choosing my bros from this picture everyone in the OP pic is a candy ass.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:07 No.15807169

    I think I love you.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:08 No.15807187
    I love you too man.

    Gonna go do some stuff. Might draw a few more later.
    >> steve 08/03/11(Wed)17:10 No.15807196
         File1312405801.jpg-(36 KB, 576x720, drawfaglikeitnothing.jpg)
    36 KB
    Foreign Demihuman Runaway

    And now I need to draw updated smut of her.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:15 No.15807248
         File1312406144.jpg-(521 KB, 1000x600, Secret_of_Evermore___Bug_Fight(...).jpg)
    521 KB
    Only man's best friend, vs. a BBEG that's half Corrupt/Deceptive Noble (butler) and half Unstoppable Juggernaut.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:16 No.15807256
    I have another idea for a party member, would it be alright if i were to post it?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:17 No.15807266
    Suave devil
    Orc troublemaker
    Re-alligned Villanous Vixen

    Corrupt noble

    Instead of fighting the BBEG, they all become BFFs and try to dominate the world.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:17 No.15807273
         File1312406276.jpg-(100 KB, 810x403, Six Shooter.jpg)
    100 KB

    Ancient Steam Knight
    Gunslinging Loner
    Dwarven Mechanic

    Having met the Gunslinger through my old dwarven friend, one of the few people capable enough to fix the former's powerful projectile weapons, we set out after rumors of a strange ruin deep within the southern mountains (and to avoid the roving gangs of bounty hunters after our hides after a tense shootout at the mechanic's shop). Within are all manner of strange contraptions unlike anything any of us had ever seen before, and at the very bottom of the technology-laden pit is a malfunctioning energy core. Against all common sense we decide to activate it, accidentally powering up the Unstoppable Rampaging Juggernaut in the process. As it effortlessly rips its way through the many layers of the abandoned place towards the unsuspecting surface, we are just barely saved from falling rubble by the Ancient Steam Knight. It turns out that he had been stationed to guard this place to prevent the Juggernaut from being released, but had long since fallen into disrepair. The discharge of energy also rebooted him, restoring his purpose.

    Using the technology of the base to rebuild and reinvent him with power fists and six-shooters, the four of us clamber back to the surface to find the surrounding cities in ruin. With precious little hope of success, we nonetheless must set out to stop this ancient monstrosity of steel and electricity, or die trying.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:18 No.15807281
         File1312406298.png-(979 KB, 3600x3672, Bro Quest 1.png)
    979 KB
    I'm that guy that likes variety, even if it deviates from the original concept a bit. Which is why I am posting this version with more ideas on it that we had in yesterday's Bro Quest thread. I, however, do not think any more heroes are necessary. This contents me.

    As for who I pick, I'd likely choose the Steam Knight, Suave Devil, and Wise Merchant. I can imagine the Devil trying to make bargains with the Lawful Good robot upon his first entrance to the party, and later he might even offer a deal that would give him a legitimate soul. The Merchant is really wary of the Devil and uses his various wares to occasionally add some stuff to the Steam Knight. I think it'll be fun. Let's go fuck up that Dragon King (and also get me a dragon mount to piss him off in the process but that's not as important).
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:19 No.15807294
         File1312406383.png-(13 KB, 619x491, Bro-Quest Hero.png)
    13 KB

    Sure thing. For the moment we're not adding any to the image unless there's appropriate art, but any others will be taken into consideration for later.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:21 No.15807313
    cursed undead knight
    amazon huntress
    brawny gentlemen
    evil monarch

    i dont know why i choose this setup but i can say it will be one hell of a weird ride
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:22 No.15807318
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:23 No.15807326

    Personally, of those, I only really like the Polite Male Paladin, the Wise Traveling Merchant, and maybe the Gourmet Errant. The others are getting way too complicated, or otherwise missing the point entirely.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:24 No.15807340
    I take the Tsundere Warrior Girl, the Realigned Vixen, and the Lifelong Warrior Friend, to take down the wielder of the Cursed Demon Sword, playing a highly dexterous and agile Destructionist Brotag Protag with 3 Power, 6 Cunning, 8 Magic, and 8 Brotential. Tsundere Warrior girl will eventually warm up to the party, but end up developing feelings for the Lifelong Warrior Friend. Even though I'm totally into Tsunderes, I don't pursue her, because my Bro seems to like her too. It's only until we're hot on the trail of the Cursed Demon Sword Wielder that the Lifelong Warrior Friend's condition begins to surface. During the final battle, my Epic Bro is barely holding on: wounded, and coughing up blood from his disease, he goes all-out against the villain, striking the final blow against him, and receiving mortal, demonic injuries in the process.
    In a final blaze of epicness, he raises the sword of his fallen enemy in victory.

    The Demonic Sword takes control of him, transforming him into the Tragic Fallen Hero, and heals the wound it had inflicted on him only moments ago, while also preventing the spread of his disease.

    Shit gets real.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:26 No.15807354
    Are we supposed to make a character for our self or is it just the three bros and no player character?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:26 No.15807362
    Dickass thief
    Dubious devil


    Corrupt and deceptive noble

    With an enemy not easily faced up front, I'd need all the guile and cunning available, hence the thief and devil. Given that I'm not exactly in a group of friends, some 'invisible' help doesn't hurt.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:28 No.15807377
    Too many man. I wish we had a nice core going with a variety of strengths and weaknesses instead of a large cast of similar heroes.
    Don't like:
    Druid (already have an elf),
    Time-Displaced Soldier (this concept doesn't really appeal to me. It's a fantasy cliche, after all),
    Idol Queen (a more useless Amazon Huntress), Merchant (he can't fight so bringing him along isn't that useful),
    Lizardman Praetorian (Amazon Huntress and Foreign Catgirl already come from some strange land and don't know jack about anything),
    Male Schizoid Fighter (boring),
    Priest (boring. Already a shota priest),
    Male Paladin (already have a female paladin),
    Goblin Tinker (he should really replace the Dwarf Mechanic),
    Cheerful Thief (too much like a brawn version of Vixen an I like Vixen more).
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:29 No.15807380

    You can, sure. The baseline protagonist is pictured at the top, but feel free to be whoever you want to be!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:30 No.15807392
         File1312407028.png-(31 KB, 233x226, Orbo.png)
    31 KB
    Don't hit on me, silly adventurer

    I'm not even in this quest, jeez
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:30 No.15807395
    Cursed Undead Knight
    Cheerful thief


    Dark Witch

    This is gonna be one sexy campaign.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:31 No.15807399
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:31 No.15807401
    You should be.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:31 No.15807403
         File1312407087.png-(49 KB, 1054x1163, ForgetfulUndeadDrawfaggotry.png)
    49 KB
    I felt like drawing something silly for this completely different from my normal style.

    This was very fun, but unoriginal/unfitting I think.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:31 No.15807406

    >Goblin Tinker (he should really replace the Dwarf Mechanic)

    Get out.

    Otherwise, I agree with you. Though I think the Thief is still different enough from the Vixen to warrant a space, as she's far more laid back. Also, we needed a more average thief archetype to balance out 'ole Dick-Ass at the top.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:31 No.15807408
    I think too complicated isn't exactly a bad thing, seeing as how this thing hasn't been just strictly specific cliches since sometime in the second row. I wasn't aware there was a point to miss, however, and simply added the ones in the thread I thought made moderate sense. As I said, I'm that guy that loves quantity, and may lose a bit of quality doing so. In retrospect however the time-displaced soldier doesn't really make a lot of sense, and if it did it would probably be better to choose time period other than the present.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:31 No.15807410
         File1312407109.jpg-(18 KB, 238x500, js21.jpg)
    18 KB
    This is what I suggest for the Male schizoid fighter.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:34 No.15807433
    Two dwarfs. The dwarf monk is more interesting.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:37 No.15807467
         File1312407476.jpg-(4 KB, 169x74, Hmmm....jpg)
    4 KB

    Honestly, the "Lazy False Idol Queen" just doesn't scream "Adventurer" to me. The "Champion of the Unspeakable that Lurks Beyond" is far too obviously evil, considering he wants the world to be ruled by an insane god (possibly even the Cosmic Horror Out of Nowhere). The Lizardman overlaps too much with the Foreign Girl and the Amazon.

    The Male Schizoid Warrior is utterly pointless. Why even have him along if he doesn't care about anything or anyone? This is BRO-Quest, after all. Even the damn Devil has a brotential of 1.

    I also get the idea of trying to subvert the Mary Sue Warrior by having him only be a sidekick, but I just despise that term in general.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:39 No.15807477
    One archetype that actually is missing - Doctor/Medic.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:39 No.15807479

    >Two dwarves

    And how many humans?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:40 No.15807498

    I'd consider that role (The Healer) filled by the Androgynous Cleric Kid.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:40 No.15807507
    Androgynous Cleric Kid. Very first one, fucktard.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:41 No.15807510
    That's a Healer, but I'm more referring to a barber-surgeon, herbalist, anatomist - a medieval Doctor archetype. There isn't one there.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:42 No.15807523
    On that note, there's no Seer/Prophet either. Even a fortune-teller.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:42 No.15807528
    We aren't trying to include "Every Character Type Ever" you know
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:43 No.15807533
    Oh, your post reminds me of something. We should totally move Mary Sue Warrior to the villain slot.
    Harold, a villain from that game, is basically the Mary Sue Warrior who experiences an emotional breakdown throughout the course of the game, culminating into freakish insanity. I thought he was a a take on of the more interesting villain concepts despite being an overall parody of the JRPG hero.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:44 No.15807541
    The Male schizoid fighter is viable. Maybe you don't want a party full of troublemakers, thieves or complete fucktards, so you can choose him.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:44 No.15807546
    Brawny Gentleman
    Masked Magician Con Artist
    Androgynous Cleric Kid


    Corrupt and Deceptive Noble

    Brawny, once a Duke of the kingdom has traveled across the land in search of adventure. When he returns to his homeland, he finds another Noble has taken over. In secret he recruits a Masked Magician he meets on the road, who promises that with his cunning and Brawny's... brawn, they can take back Brawny's rightful place. They meet me travelling with the cleric kid, who I adopted as an orphan child and have watched over him, teaching him the ways of the traveling doctor (or cleric).

    Brawny warms up to me and kid quickly but the magician remains cold and manipulative, but along the journey he starts that we can be like the family he never had.

    once we overthrow the corrupt noble and his henchmen we all live happily ever after as one big happy family in Brawn's mansion.

    The End
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:45 No.15807551
    Drunken Master Brewer

    This Monk knows his art, Brewing a bevy of blessed beverages he spreads his gospel throughout the land. Never seen without his choice selection of finest ales, he's always ready to share a tale or two. And while he may not be the greatest orator, not many are willing to turn down a free drink.

    Power: 0
    Cunning: 8
    Magic: 4 (mostly brewing oriented)
    Brotential: 10 (5 if party is evil)
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:46 No.15807563

    Not quite, but that was the initial point of Bro-Quest--taking character tropes and turning them into a cast of party members.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:48 No.15807589
    Of course not. However, people are complaining about a proliferation of characters who are quite similar or within the same archetype.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:50 No.15807605
    Masked magician, villainous vixen, and devil, on a quest to stop the Deceptive Nobles coup.

    Using a combination of business skills and magical abilities, they start Heroes Incorporated, the premier mercenary Hero hiring corporation. Their position of power, being in control of the majority of heroic types, allows them to gain a very strong grasp on the kingdoms politics, not to mention the revenue earned from their dungeon delving expeditions and mercenary contracts. They eventually destroy the noble financially and politically, and spend the rest of their lives wallowing in luxury.

    Capitalism ho, motherfuckers.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:51 No.15807620
    Perverted Archmage
    Villanous Vixen
    Lifelong Warior Bro

    Archmage and Vixen fuck 24/7 while me and bro do all of the work FUCK YEAH ...?

    Long-tem yitioneif
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:52 No.15807622
    No Warrior/Caster hybrid? How about...

    Stoic Mage Knight
    Power: 7
    Cunning: 3
    Magic: 7
    Brotential: 5
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:52 No.15807625
    It's definitive:

    The corrupt and deceptive noble is the most popular villain.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:52 No.15807629
         File1312408355.jpg-(25 KB, 452x570, Batman Beard.jpg)
    25 KB

    >they start Heroes Incorporated, the premier mercenary Hero hiring corporation.

    I like the cut of your jib.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:53 No.15807636
         File1312408412.jpg-(15 KB, 200x262, Corrupt Noble.jpg)
    15 KB

    He's the man you love to hate.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:56 No.15807655
    I think I have to choose the Destructive King of Dragons, just for the cutscene potential.

    >Dat scene where Gunslinging Loner and Elven Time Mage face down a flight of dragons
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:56 No.15807662
         File1312408608.jpg-(22 KB, 264x300, TUCK[1].jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:57 No.15807665
         File1312408627.png-(183 KB, 686x294, Party!.png)
    183 KB
    I'll take Steam Knight, Foreign Catgirl, and Hotblooded-Rival!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:57 No.15807667
    I have an idea.
    A Beethoven-like character.
    Hero or villain?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:57 No.15807671
         File1312408652.jpg-(85 KB, 711x540, Ommadon.jpg)
    85 KB

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)17:58 No.15807689

    Now that I think about it, we're completely missing any kind of bard-like character.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:01 No.15807708
    Drunken Pyromance

    Fallen to a drinking habit after the BBEG killed his family, he decides to join you on your quest to get revenge on all of the baddies that killed everyone close to him. Has an uncontrollable temper when he is boozed, but can managed to dish out TONS of damage in return.

    Power: 3 (5 when drunk)
    Cunning: 4
    Magic: 6 (9 when drunk)
    Brotential: 4 (1 when drunk)
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:03 No.15807725

    >Put these two together
    >Third member is Orc Troublemaker
    >The whole damn world burns.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:04 No.15807729
    >Amazon Huntress
    >Cursed Undead Knight with Amnesia
    >Orc Troublemaker
    >Undead King

    Trapped on a sinking ship, I cling to some floating crate and end up on an island with the Orc. The crate contains a coffin that the Undead dude busts out of and attacks. Eventually the local amazons come, kick our asses and set us straight. The Undead King has already sent his evil zombie crows out over the island. The Huntress follows me, the Orc and the Undead as we set sail to create some Undead fail.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:04 No.15807733
    Something like this?
    >Troubled Obsessive Artist
    >Focused upon his art above anything else, this would-be loner travels with you to take in new experiences and create a masterpiece based on your adventure. Doesn't talk much, but occasionally plays music or sketches a member of the party. His art is so powerful it can create magical effects, like summoning monsters, ghosts or enchanting enemies. He has a dramatic temperament and lacks combat skills.
    >Power: 3
    >Cunning: 7
    >Magic: 8
    >Brotential: 3
    >> Red_Spur 08/03/11(Wed)18:06 No.15807748
    Anon of the Year award for you, sir.
    James Earl Jones' best voice role ever
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:07 No.15807759
    Perfect. Completely perfect.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:07 No.15807760
         File1312409273.png-(835 KB, 3595x2753, Broquest images.png)
    835 KB
    Added the Catgirl from >>15807114 to the sheet. However it is in jpg, so yay artifacts.

    If drawfriend sees this, png version please, and drop me a line at ragepyrite.gmail.com. I'm from /v/ and I'm taking a crack at a small RPG vidya based on this. Hey it might fail, but it's worth trying.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:11 No.15807789
         File1312409483.png-(859 KB, 3595x2753, Bro-Quest Update.png)
    859 KB


    For now I think our resident drawfriend is (maybe) going to be working on updating the Perverted Arch-Mage and Eternally Hot-Blooded Rival, but perhaps we can rope him into some more new additions...
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:12 No.15807804
    NEW IDEA: The Gourmand.

    He's hungry, almost always. He'll eat nearly anything. And he thinks you can lead him to some good meals. His ability to eat magic is kind of bizarre, but the fact he can fuel his own magic by eating food in general is quite the boon. He's also a big fella, so you can hide behind him when necessary.

    Power- 5
    Cunning- 4
    Magic- 9
    Brotential- 7 (10 if kept well-fed)
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:16 No.15807841
         File1312409770.jpg-(39 KB, 640x480, GENERATIONS.jpg)
    39 KB
    Brawny Gentleman
    Devout Warrior Monk
    Female Law Enforcement Paladin

    vs The Evil Monarch

    The brawny gentleman is a must here, after all, HIS MUSCLES HAVE BEEN PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY FOR GENERATIONS
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:16 No.15807842
    male schizoid warrior.
    amazon huntress.
    ancient steam knight.


    unstoppable Juggernaut.

    after your entire village is destroyed by the rampaging giant you run deep into the jungle with a few other refuges to the largest city in the continent.
    along the way you find a bunch of robbers and attack them, you are nearly killed but are saved by the schizo male warrior who decides to help you as it's easier to gain loot with more people on your side.
    you run from the Juggernaut and fight the rouges that are left of your now crumbling society for a long time until you meet the amazon warrior.
    she knows something about the Juggernaut and you join her hopping to find a way to deactivate it.
    you find the birth place and the steam knight, togather you unlock the secreats and information you need to win.
    in the final battle the scyzo and the knight are in a position were one of them must die in order to destroy the Juggernaut, the schizo kills himself saying it's best the one with a soul walks out of there alive.
    the world is saved, but the damage is to great and the entire continent is now in a state of chaos and ruin.
    the end.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:16 No.15807849
         File1312409804.png-(46 KB, 715x709, Bro-Quest Divergence.png)
    46 KB
    Some other character archetypes from a /v/-friend, though not made for Bro-Quest originally.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:19 No.15807899
    That's from /v/? I thought they aren't allowed to have nice things.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:20 No.15807902
    >the light mage


    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:20 No.15807903
    >the first 5 characters has been "updated"
    I have never seen a more bastardised version of this list. Fuck this gay earth.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:21 No.15807917
         File1312410062.png-(1002 KB, 3600x3672, Bro Quest 1.png)
    1002 KB
    >>15807281 here
    I have removed all the classes that were redundant or didn't make sense, given retrospect and what some people think. The ones that I kept I think are different enough. I also took out the schizoid because considering this is Bro Quest everyone should have the potential to actually be your bro (and suddenly the term 'brotential' comes full circle).

    I think all we need now is some portraits for these. Unless people want more villains. I think what we have is pretty encompassing of villain archetypes though.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:21 No.15807924
         File1312410073.png-(191 KB, 460x1024, Bro-Quest Upgrades.png)
    191 KB

    Hey now, Bro-Quest originated from /v/ too.

    But yes, mostly it's a matter of wading through oceans of shit to find the gems.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:21 No.15807929

    I really like the Necromancers. The dude just looks so jolly.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:22 No.15807940

    I think we have more than enough villains already. Any more that we could possibly add would probably just be retreading old territory.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:23 No.15807959
    Anybody mind if I do drawfagging for this? And also, will we be getting any more organized than "Anonymous threads every now and then"?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:28 No.15808000
    > early recruit

    Is that... Big Bill?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:29 No.15808006

    you can do what you like, no one owns anything.
    but don't expect this to be an organized thing, it's just something we do when we're bored.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:29 No.15808007
         File1312410563.png-(1019 KB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1019 KB
    Added the Magical Artist.


    Go right ahead! I'm the one that's been making the threads, and I'll likely try to keep them fairly regular without going overboard.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:31 No.15808027

    At the moment we're mainly looking for art of the new characters (and art to replace the current placeholders for the goblin and cook).

    I think the only real conditions are to keep it fairly close to the established style.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:32 No.15808046
    Look close enough?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:33 No.15808050
    I'd say the schizoid fighter has about the same brotential as the suave devil.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:35 No.15808067
    Nobody wants a fighter/magician hybrid?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:37 No.15808083

    i like the schozoid, he can be a bro.
    see example here:
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:38 No.15808101

    Sort of. I think much of the appeal is that the characters are all done in Paint or some other simple drawing program, but you'd definitely got the right idea.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:39 No.15808112
    What would you say is off? I can try to correct that "Sort of".
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:44 No.15808170

    Slightly thinner lines, to start with. Most of the heaviest lines should fall in the shadows of the character's design.

    Though I may just be biased towards some of the newest-updated characters. Many of the ones that don't need updating also have chunky lines, so it could still work. I personally love your undead knight picture, so go with what feels right to you!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:44 No.15808175
         File1312411478.png-(78 KB, 1296x758, Broquestscreen1.png)
    78 KB
    >>15807760 Here.

    Have a basic screenshot of what I have of the game so far. Working on getting the menu system all working and good before even attempting gameplay.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:44 No.15808178
    Seasoned veteran relative
    Masked magician
    Troubled obsessive artist

    vs. Megalomaniacal elder sorcerer

    You are asked to investigate some strange ritual murders. Some hooded figures start attacking you and they seem to have the upper hand, until your uncle shows up and they flee.
    You find out about the evil cult and try to infiltrate it, and for this you recruit the masked magician. Your uncle is not pleased.
    The obsessive artist is fascinated with you and the masked magician, and asks to join your party.
    Everything ends in an epic magical showdown between you, your party, and the megalomaniacal sorcerer and his minions.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:52 No.15808271
    I think I'll try doing some test stuff with a smaller binary brush. Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)18:55 No.15808300
    >Suave but Dubious Devil
    >Masked Magician Con Artist
    >Super Secret Guardian Ninja
    >Corrupt and Deceptive Noble

    Whoever out-Tzeentchs the others wins.

    SHOW ME YOUR (lack of) HONOR!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:05 No.15808430
         File1312412703.png-(38 KB, 865x707, Bro-Quest.png)
    38 KB

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if /tg/ managed to do more with this than /v/.

    Hell, I bet we could make Pressure a reality if any of us cared enough.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:07 No.15808460
    Neat. What are you making it in?
    Also, Perv Mage is almost finished. Gonna go eat and post it.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:12 No.15808533

    /v/ has a few focused groups, but they're busy doing their own thing. Plus here doesn't have offtopic threads every other time.


    Working on it in XNA, it's the only language I'm proficient enough in to try it in. Right now I'm adding in three extra stats that will help me for Battle stuff, Agility, Endurance, Luck.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:15 No.15808585
         File1312413338.png-(25 KB, 575x460, halfwaydonebrawnygentleman.png)
    25 KB
    Gonna go eat and then come back and re-do the stupid arms/face.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:22 No.15808680
         File1312413775.png-(15 KB, 260x458, mage.png)
    15 KB
    Not familiar with XNA but keep at it! Also, mage.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:23 No.15808699
         File1312413838.png-(5 KB, 215x166, Awkward Boner.png)
    5 KB

    Absolute brilliance.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:25 No.15808715
         File1312413925.png-(15 KB, 260x458, mage.png)
    15 KB
    Wait, minor correction.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:27 No.15808761

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:29 No.15808801
         File1312414199.png-(16 KB, 260x458, Bro-Quest - Pervy Arch-Mage.png)
    16 KB

    Maybe without the sunken cheeks?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:31 No.15808811

    Well, he IS supposed to be a complete creeper.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:31 No.15808821

    Is he supposed to be a creeper or just a perv?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:32 No.15808830
    the sad-ish eyes still make him look kind of like a rapist but it's a great improvement IMO, now if you just made him look foward and have his eyes a bit more open like in the original it would be perfect.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:33 No.15808838
    i think he's just a pervy guy, not a stalking rapist, i'm happy with both though.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:33 No.15808842

    Well, the "No means Yes" part made him seem kinda skeezy.


    Not the artist by the way, I just erased the cheekbones to see what it would look like.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:33 No.15808843
    I imagine him a total creep. The sunken cheeks are really to demonstrate that he's the type of dude that will stalk women and masturbate in their back yard.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:35 No.15808864
    I don't think that's possible with a brotential of 6, my idea is just of a guy like (god forgive me for using anime examples) brock or jiraya or the typical lovable perv.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:35 No.15808866

    Well being a creeper and a perv are kind of different. We have to decide on what he is exactly but the improvements you have made are very good.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:35 No.15808868
         File1312414551.png-(1019 KB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1019 KB
    Cheekbones stay in. Just because I think it makes him look hilariously creepy.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:36 No.15808883

    Well, a guy can still be a creepy pervert towards women and a total bro with his bros.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:40 No.15808936
    are you sure a guy that follows women around and masturbates on their back yard can be a bro?, i'm just going by the numbers here but that sounds like the kind of guy that would backstab you if it meant he could hear a girl fart through a walkie talkie, a brotential of 6 means he's at least able to contain himself if it's important and to do that he has to have a base level of decency, or that's what i think anyways.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:41 No.15808951
    Artist guy here. Refer to my comment in >>15808843 for sunken cheeks reason. I originally drew him without the cheeks but he didn't look creepy enough. Up to you, bros, I don't really care either way.

    Also, Rival guy is my favorite picture to work on so far.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:43 No.15808971

    and besides, look at the original art for him, does he look like a creeper to you? no, he looks like a dude that is a mage and likes sex.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:49 No.15809055
         File1312415370.png-(28 KB, 542x458, Bro-Quest - Pervy Arch-Mage Co(...).png)
    28 KB
    Pick your poison. Roll on it if we must.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:52 No.15809091
    I say left.

    On another note I would like to see the Hot-Blooded Rival get a big ragged scarf if that isn't to much to ask.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:53 No.15809103

    Artist Guy, Programmer Guy.

    Wondering if you would be interested in perhaps being the artist for the game, that is if you can sprite on a small scale and are willing to help. I should be able to handle the majority of the code. Of course, the portraits would come first.

    I'll probably be crashing into slumber soon, as it's 1am here in Britland, but just email me on ragepyrite@gmail.com anytime if you're interested.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:55 No.15809137
         File1312415713.png-(16 KB, 260x458, 1312414199686.png)
    16 KB
    actually, i'd like to present another runner up
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:56 No.15809159
    Really depends on how much stuff I have to do but I'll shoot you an email in a bit.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)19:59 No.15809194
         File1312415963.jpg-(60 KB, 350x448, 1284175097896.jpg)
    60 KB
    Brawny Gentleman

    I won't even need any of the others. We will defeat ALL of the villains, in that exact fucking order.

    He will be the Dapper Gentleman to my Scruffy Hooligan.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:00 No.15809209

    Ehhh. I see where you're going with this, but now he doesn't quite look creepy enough.

    I mean, this is still a guy that is constantly playing grabass/chest with the female party members. And he's a powerful wizard, so we know he ain't exactly healthy-looking.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:05 No.15809270
         File1312416346.png-(16 KB, 260x458, a.png)
    16 KB
    i know, but my editing skills suck, how about something like this?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:18 No.15809428
         File1312417081.png-(1020 KB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1020 KB

    Keep it on hand. I'm sure we'll be still be hashing this out later.

    Also, /v/ pointed out a rather embarrassing grammatical error for the cat girl. I'm sure there are more, but it was painfully blatant.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:28 No.15809552
         File1312417681.png-(49 KB, 1072x564, Bro-Quest - Pervy Arch-Mage Co(...).png)
    49 KB
    For those wishing to compare.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:40 No.15809673
         File1312418413.jpg-(34 KB, 300x301, Consider.jpg)
    34 KB

    Replies thus far:

    >The facial expression on the far right with the art style of the three to the left.

    >1, but drop the boner. If you can't express the perversion through facial expression, you're doing it wrong.

    >I would say 1, but does he need the boner bump? I mean, his expression kind of says it all, he doesn't really need to have a constant erection.

    >I think the second but add the classic expression, I liked that his expression was more like "let's do this bro, let's rape her here and now" rather than the lost on his thoughts + boner weirdo.
    >Remember he is the Bro-est of the magic users.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:42 No.15809689

    >Telling us to drop the boner

    It's like I wandered into fucking bizarro world here.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:44 No.15809710
         File1312418647.jpg-(54 KB, 640x482, Consider the Following.jpg)
    54 KB
    Also, one anon suggested Mr. Programmer take a look at the Amateur Game Dev threads on /v/ from time to time.

    They're up fairly regularly, and might have some advice when it comes to programming. Just don't let them give you any CREATIVE advice, or it'll all spiral down from there.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:44 No.15809715
    I miss the chart when it offhandedly said that you could easily rape the cleric. It just added something to the whole reading experience, I think.
    Why else would anyone pick the cleric, anyways?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:47 No.15809742
         File1312418844.png-(6 KB, 360x664, Dick-Ass Thief.png)
    6 KB

    I think at some point /v/ was getting slightly more serious about it, so the line was dropped. Probably around the same time good 'ole Dick-Ass Thief got his overhaul.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:54 No.15809819

    I must say I miss the old dick ass thief, the first time I read the chart and saw him I laughed hard.

    I know it doesn´t fit the style, but I'd love a "retro dick-ass thief" with the original art, stats and description, maybe an option if this ever becomes a game.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:54 No.15809821
    Artist guy here. I'm fairly sure programmer guy is asleep now. Also, link /v/ topic please.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:54 No.15809826
         File1312419274.png-(308 KB, 574x800, Bro-Quest - Gay Old Warrior Pr(...).png)
    308 KB
    .../v/ just alerted me to another old character that didn't make the cut.

    ...Gay Old Warrior Priest.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:56 No.15809843

    /v/ thread is here, sorry for not linking it before.

    Some more brainstorming, and also where the advice on the Pervy Arch-Mage came from. I switched the design back to 2 for the time being, since it's an easy middleground.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:58 No.15809865
    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)20:59 No.15809886


    i don't know how to tell you this but...

    this is /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:00 No.15809895

    /v/, creating the most homosexual character of them all? Shocking!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:01 No.15809902
    So are there any consensus for new Bros in /tg/?

    I've heard we need Big Titty Black Mage Bro
    Pirate Bro
    Samurai Bro
    We already have Ninja Bro
    Pegasus/Wyvern Knight Bro would be cool
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:03 No.15809917
         File1312419814.png-(499 KB, 850x478, sample_80f25e0d396340852d8e7ed(...).png)
    499 KB
    Could we get a Defender of Justice, brawler that has a long bellowing ragged cape?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:04 No.15809928

    The Black Mage chick is already overlapped by several existing characters.

    I do agree that we could stand to have some sort of sea-faring character, just to round things out. A washed up old Captain maybe, or a proper swashbuckler.

    The Samurai's kind of tricky. I mean, we already have several warriors that could be classified as "honorable".

    Not sure on Pegasus/Wyvern Knights, but some sort of Beast Tamer would be interesting. Perhaps merge it with the druid?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:06 No.15809946
    >The Samurai's kind of tricky. I mean, we already have several warriors that could be classified as "honorable".
    But we don't have any GRORIOUS NIPPON characters. I'd say make him honorable but also make him Xenophobic as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:06 No.15809949
    I agree but we can be more creative than that and change those bros to something like this.

    Big Titty Curious Black Mage
    Greedy Pirate
    Honorable Samurai
    adrenaline junkie Wyvern Knight
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:06 No.15809953

    Original artist, here. I was actually in the middle of writing some longer descriptions for these characters, outlining their personalities and stats a bit more... Already about halfway done.
    >> Melo The Yellow !!duq2JfO2SUM 08/03/11(Wed)21:08 No.15809969
    I posted this in /v/ but I suppose I could show it here too;

    High Bravado Musketeer*
    Quick Humble Spearman
    Freedom Obsessed Escaped Slave**
    Proud Xenophobic Samurai***

    * Only uses a musket, one of the sources of his haughtiness
    ** Weapon is a large ball about his size and the chain which he refuses to remove, height of slave barely 5'
    *** Katana of course, along with a bow
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:09 No.15809973

    Awesome! I love how quirky these guys are.


    Greedy Pirate is a bit too similar to the Dick-Ass Thief.

    Since our Magical Artist character fills the Bard slot, perhaps a daring Explorer of the High Seas, with a bit of old world charm and fencing prowess?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:10 No.15809980


    >> Melo The Yellow !!duq2JfO2SUM 08/03/11(Wed)21:11 No.15809992
    He's looking for 'that guy on /tg/', I hope he finds him or him finds he.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:11 No.15809994
    If we're actually adding more, I'd say maybe jsut those and a half-dragon half-human bro who's secretive about his family and conception, but he speaks dragon, has some cool-ass wings, breathes fire, and can sell his scales for profit/have someone make them into armor if you have enough. If you fight the dragon king you could make a TWEEST and have them be related or something. Also his sword is made of a dragon tooth, kind of like ivory but better.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:13 No.15810013
    >>15809949Greedy Pirate Honorable Samurai

    Yeah think back this isn't original at all.

    Maybe the samurai can be one of those dark humor/good humor type of people that will laugh at the grimness of situations with a terrible put or a witty remark always with a smile at his face pretty bro.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:15 No.15810025
         File1312420524.png-(49 KB, 1600x1000, protag.png)
    49 KB
    Guy who made up the Seasoned Relative here (and I guess kicked off the Villain list with the Sorcerer and Warlord, categorizing them with the "three Ds"), back when we were just adding common trope characters, before character traits started getting more specific.

    I drew "generic young hero from some small time village" looking protagonists, the kind of unassuming just-out-of-their-teens good guys. I posted it once in a /v/ thread that was already well along and it looked like nobody noticed it.

    I figure the Protag would/should be an almost blank slate character with minimal defining features that the player could self-insert one's own personality into. The typical mute hero, neutral except when making a meaningful choice.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:16 No.15810033
         File1312420566.png-(17 KB, 475x375, FUCKING NOPE.png)
    17 KB

    We already have an Angsty Mary Sue Warrior, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:17 No.15810040
    Four Dickass thieves getting in each other's way during a grand heist to rob the treasury of a corrupt and deceptive noble, who secretly hired them all to select the "winner" to steal crown jewels/artifact of great power.

    While the goal and the plot itself isnt wonderful, the idea of 4 complete assholes trying to outwit each other is great.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:18 No.15810050
    Old forum and blog about the game that was supposed to be made but didn't happen because veryone had finals or something.



    I was disapointed asfuck when it all ran out in the sand.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:19 No.15810065

    Fantastic! Glad to see we attracted some of the "Old Guard", as it were.

    Apparently someone drew this little caricature (>>15807294)
    as the Hero, but I kind of like him as the mascot more.

    Thanks for contributing!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:19 No.15810069
         File1312420798.gif-(497 KB, 210x224, 1312274008897.gif)
    497 KB


    I can sorta pretend I'm from /tg/.
    I play Magic The Gathering. Is that good enough?


    my email is dontmessagemeorelse@hotmail.com
    steam is arkwelder


    fuck I'm excited
    >> Melo The Yellow !!duq2JfO2SUM 08/03/11(Wed)21:22 No.15810089
    Spy Vs. Spy times two with the plot of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" with a bank as the target? Yes please!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:22 No.15810100
    Just make him Ahab. It doesn't matter that he's not totally original, Ahab is a fucking godly character.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:23 No.15810101
    Artist guy here. Programmer guy is: >>15809103
    He's already asleep I think but you should email him.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:25 No.15810132
    Cool, I've done so.
    >> Kingsfoil !!/lI/F9eKE8m 08/03/11(Wed)21:27 No.15810152
    Need any writestaff?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:29 No.15810170

    That would be nice, I think we don´t even have a setting...
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:29 No.15810172
    Im going to bed now, but I really hope that this time the project takes off.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:29 No.15810175
    Second programmer guy here. I'd love to help but I have so many questions. Before I commit to anything, it'd be real nice to see proper details an- actually fuck all that
    We need everyone that wants to work on this to meet up somewhere.
    Exchanging e-mails is nice all but it doesn't really get us anywhere interesting. We need a board and a irc channel.
    Shit can progress from there. God I've seen so many shitty projects from /v/ and /tg/ disappear after a few months. Please give me a reason to believe in this one.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:29 No.15810176
         File1312421384.png-(1.01 MB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.01 MB
    Thoughts on our narrator? Looking at the blog, I couldn't help myself.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:29 No.15810178
         File1312421391.png-(11 KB, 500x500, ImprovedColdSkeleton2.png)
    11 KB
    Dont mind me.
    I am just your generic Ice Dungeon skeleton enemy.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:30 No.15810194
         File1312421459.png-(13 KB, 378x378, PropethBird.png)
    13 KB
    Oh you mean THIS GUY?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:31 No.15810202

    I love you, that bird always make me laugh
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:31 No.15810213

    The forum has ideas for settings, quets, character dialouge and a bunch of other stuff.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:33 No.15810240
         File1312421630.png-(163 KB, 717x483, Bro-Quest - Brotential Failure.png)
    163 KB
    Should we keep in the idea of drastic character changes if brotential gets too low?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:34 No.15810243
    gonna roll for my story. there are 27 item on the field, each gets 3 digits, 82-100 is reroll. first 3 pairs of numbers are my party and the last pair is the villian
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:34 No.15810254
         File1312421683.png-(65 KB, 654x587, Bro-Quest Confrontation.png.png)
    65 KB
    I love this.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:36 No.15810283
    3 Ancient Steam Knight.
    My name is Stryker.
    nugh said.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:37 No.15810301
    Wait what?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:39 No.15810335
         File1312421976.png-(22 KB, 380x380, Yesface.png)
    22 KB

    I think the best thing you, the artist, and Mister Musicman can do right now is exchange emails, then set up an IRC channel. From there you can set up a blog or something, and maybe try and get in contact with some of the original people who were working on it here: >>15810050
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:39 No.15810344
         File1312421987.png-(9 KB, 400x333, douchethief.png)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:40 No.15810359
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:41 No.15810366
    Artist guy here. That sounds like a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:42 No.15810389
         File1312422175.png-(9 KB, 263x434, ninja2j.png)
    9 KB
    Lurking the old forums, there was some slick stuff posted there. Definitely beats my artwork.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:43 No.15810402
    Has this been posted enough to be considered spam yet?

    I mean, a thread every day, sounds pretty spammy.

    Same thread posted every day, spam spam spam.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:44 No.15810412
         File1312422276.png-(2.69 MB, 2780x1544, Bro-Quest Villains.png)
    2.69 MB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:44 No.15810414
    /v/ here, if anyone cares to add- Sound Mage:
    This calm looking man in white hair is a rare type of sorcerer specialized only in sound magic; he tags along to try a spell he refuses to use on anyone but the villian, and is almost always practicing his craft. He is very fast and can create big shockwaves or direct concentrated waves of sound to pierce through his enemies. He can also use different frequencies of sounds to manipulate his enemies that have two or more ears such as calming them down or causing anger, but to avoid effecting himself from his binaural technique he deafened his right ear and thus has trouble hearing and usually tips his head slightly to the right to hear better. Although knowledgeable and fairly powerful he usually keeps silent in situations where it would benefit the team otherwise because of his lack of interest and neutural stance, unless prompted.
    Power - 5
    Cunning - 7
    Magic - 8
    Brotential - 7
    >> Melo The Yellow !!duq2JfO2SUM 08/03/11(Wed)21:44 No.15810416
    The same could be said about any thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:45 No.15810421
    honesty I'm not even sure I'm needed at this point. The other programming guy is doing exactly what I had planned to do, which was rig up a rpg system in xna. I've got the lead on him in that I already set up a primitive rpg system. I've actually been working on the inventory right now but my code isn't anything efficient or grand. From the sound of it, it looks like he can reach this point pretty quickly. After menu systems/inventory systems/ and a basic get up for combat is done its all up to content.
    RPGs are wonderfully easy to code, simple ones are the best. The less complicated it is the easier it is to make an engine for.
    But I have no idea what kind of depth this game has or wants or whatever.
    I will say though, if the programmer is the guy that drops out first, I'll take his place.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:45 No.15810423

    I have posted it a total of one other time.

    Also, no, it isn't spam if there's actual work being done.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:47 No.15810441
    There was a steam chatgroup as well with 20+ people, ask around on /v/ about it, don't remember what it was called atm.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:47 No.15810443
    How about collaborating effort? You both know XNA, etc.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:47 No.15810444
    rolled 65 = 65

    missed the villian part, each villian is 9 or so numbers.

    Heros - 15, 81, 02
    Ancient Steam Knight, Super Secret Guardian Ninja, and Tsundere Warrior Girl

    tragic fallen hero

    ... wow a completely anti social group with a social villian... fuck this reroll
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:48 No.15810459
    rolled 28 + 1 = 29

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:49 No.15810469
         File1312422549.jpg-(68 KB, 500x660, rdm_preview.jpg)
    68 KB
    >Implying I have Party Members.

    I always have been and always will be, Alone.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:49 No.15810472
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:49 No.15810484

    Four dick-ass thieves for you then.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:50 No.15810499
         File1312422642.jpg-(111 KB, 1251x1615, Rural Guardsman.jpg)
    111 KB
    For some reason, this suggestion from /v/amuses me amongst the pile of increasingly super special characters.

    >Nameless Rank and File Soldier

    This guy is surprised that he's managed to live this long, and even more surprised that you want to take him on your adventure with you. But he's willing to fight and die to save his Kingdom.

    Power: 4
    Cunning: 4
    Magic: 0
    Brotential: 10
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:51 No.15810515
         File1312422694.jpg-(101 KB, 500x500, 928741265.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:51 No.15810519

    The steam group.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:51 No.15810523
    rolled 53 = 53

    last roll for hero of the story
    >> GL Pretentious Hipster !!NU1qDw5ZF2C 08/03/11(Wed)21:52 No.15810526

    Red Mage is Best Mage.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:53 No.15810552
    Steam Knight
    Undead Knight
    Lesbian Paladin
    Fighting the Tragic Fallen Hero

    Fuck your party balance
    Fuck your magic
    This is knight on knight combat

    Also, good characters against a not evil villain who acts out of love should be interesting. The undead in particular was once in love but has moved on, a foil to the fallen hero. The steam knight may also not know love because it is an 'emotionless machine,' leading to some good Data moments. Don't know what to do with the Paladin. She sexes the princess or something and everyone lives haply ever after.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:55 No.15810581
         File1312422958.png-(1.02 MB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.02 MB

    I think this is just what we need to balance things out a bit.

    Also, another brotential 10 is always a good sell.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)21:58 No.15810618
    Oh man, the new sprites are so amazing so far.

    Artist, you are amazing, I will repopulate the Earth with you. Do more, please.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:00 No.15810643
    I miss the artist who did the Ninja. His Steam Knight was the best.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:01 No.15810646

    what about

    >> luffy316 08/03/11(Wed)22:02 No.15810670
    i stand by my party of gentleman, amazon, and orc. play a caster with an army of tanks and a giant wife. can't get out of town 1 before a brawl breaks out between them. all wind up bleeding and laughing despite the property damage and having to flee/fight out of the town

    and yea, this had a full thread not 24 hours ago. not quite spam, but repetitive... mostly characters being made that won't make it
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)22:03 No.15810681
    christ you guys doubled the character list.

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:04 No.15810700
    Perverted Arch Mage
    Orc Troublemaker
    Cheerful Ambiguously-aligned Thief

    Setting out to stop the corrupt and deceptive noble, one bar brawl at a time.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:05 No.15810707

    >and yea, this had a full thread not 24 hours ago

    Seeing as how said thread timed out, I don't see the problem.

    Not to mention the constant flood of Magic and 40k threads.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:06 No.15810721
         File1312423589.png-(1.04 MB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.04 MB

    I'll throw him in for now, if only because a few more laid-back guys couldn't hurt.

    I think we may want to leave things off for now, until we get some artists working on the new guys. Way too many empty spaces piling up.
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)22:10 No.15810772
         File1312423818.png-(122 KB, 703x1800, stuffs1.png)
    122 KB
    oh by the way,here some dev art that never reached the end because programmers and organizers bailed,figured some of you might be interested in some non revealed stuff.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:11 No.15810789
    I think you must make smaller paragraph, each one of the 3 new ones is twice as wide as the average one, while also being pretty short. And too much space in between them and not regular at that.
    Also you are carrying on some artifacts.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:12 No.15810805
    Steam Knight, Brawny Gentleman, Undead Knight

    I'll form the head

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:14 No.15810830
    Warrior from the future trying to set right what once whent wrong

    that's my pitch for a character, seems to pop up often enough
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:17 No.15810875
    >ooze creature
    >not gelatinous cube paladin
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:17 No.15810878
         File1312424262.png-(4 KB, 176x355, townsguardman.png)
    4 KB
    Undead Knight creator here.

    Tried making the File Soldier
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:18 No.15810886
    Thank you. I'm working on the rival atm.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:20 No.15810916

    Fixed the spacing a bit. Not sure what to do about the artifacts, beyond keeping it as a png.
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)22:20 No.15810923
         File1312424445.png-(25 KB, 598x430, MC.png)
    25 KB
    we already had plenty of knight characters to boot.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:20 No.15810925
         File1312424454.png-(1.04 MB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.04 MB

    Would help if I posted it!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:23 No.15810958
         File1312424599.png-(90 KB, 400x400, 18257136251.png)
    90 KB

    It's perfect
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:23 No.15810964
    >No pirates
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:24 No.15810976

    Oh man, I love this! You should totally work on some more creatures/characters, because I really like your style. Very expressive, despite keeping with the simple aesthetic.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:24 No.15810981
         File1312424665.jpg-(57 KB, 640x480, 1294350587151.jpg)
    57 KB
    I am glad you like it.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:24 No.15810984
    No problem, but don't kill yourself redoing all these, then our kids can't OVERRUN THE EARTH!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:24 No.15810985
         File1312424677.png-(1.03 MB, 3600x3672, Wat.png)
    1.03 MB
    Man I fucking suck at drawing but it should give ideas.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:25 No.15810994
    >Ab plate
    I, for one, am glad that even male armour is getting retarded these days
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:25 No.15811004

    Somebody has yet to write up a good Pirate, unless I missed it.

    Ideally we'd be looking at more of an Ahab character, rather than a YAHARRR or Jack Sparrow.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:26 No.15811020
    Well its good to know that people with actual artistic talent had a similar idea,
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)22:27 No.15811053
    realistic designs are overrated anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:27 No.15811054
         File1312424876.jpg-(5 KB, 246x205, stopityouguyssrsly.jpg)
    5 KB
    I also made the Narrator bird and you can see Ice Dungeon skeleton somewhere in this thread.

    and shuuut uuup its not that goood.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:28 No.15811065
    Hey, you might want to add the "Evil Chef" to the list of villains. If you want inspiration, you can see my old "To Serve Dragons" thread.


    One of my favorite quotes from that thread:

    "I am not heartless, and glad for it. The very act of destroying a timeless, beautiful, profoundly good being for my own ephemeral culinary pleasure imparts profound grief and remorse which serves to intensify the experience of The Meal. The emotional complexity of guilt obscured by hedonistic pleasure defines the experience, and indeed CANNOT be experienced by any other means.

    For centuries I have sought out these new tastes, emotions, experiences, anywhere they can be found. Self-described heroes are a pitifully common dish, but perhaps you will serve well after some years of cyclical marination in rising hope dashed into utter despair..."
    >> Necrobrotent 08/03/11(Wed)22:29 No.15811073
    Needs a beholder or some other aberrant companion.

    Mind flayer girl? Tsochar revealing bro? Beholder Mime? Psychic flying fishtank with an adolescent aboleth floating in it? Neogi starjamming fuck?

    The current choices are all too humanoid
    >> Kingsfoil !!/lI/F9eKE8m 08/03/11(Wed)22:33 No.15811130
    Let's give this a shot.

    The Captain: Weatherbeaten old man in a torn and tattered sailing coat. He's with the party because of an old goal he failed at and has been haunting him ever since. That treasure is by rights HIS, and if he has to haul your sorry asses around to get it for him, by God he will.
    Power: 6
    Cunning: 4
    Magic: 2
    Brotential: 8
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:34 No.15811139
         File1312425241.png-(10 KB, 408x286, Hmm....png)
    10 KB

    We weren't planning on adding any more for the time being, if only because the current archetypes jazz so well, but this is too good not to keep in mind. Particularly because we're already thinking about having a Gourmet party member.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:34 No.15811143
    How about dumb but yet gentle Ogre/Cyclops/Troll?
    >> Bio Knight 08/03/11(Wed)22:35 No.15811152
    Here a idea... If you like,
    "The BullShit Knight"
    Bro=5 (10 if you believe his stories)

    This knight of his own advancers that you meet at a Traven, as you sit there and talk with him you hear the stories about him from the locals, hearing of stories that once he fought men from the sky, large lizard from the past, and even fought evil itself for his love. Even that the story must or not be bullshit, you still ask him if he is willing to join.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:35 No.15811156
         File1312425347.png-(1.04 MB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.04 MB

    It totally, totally is.

    Depending on how things go, we may actually need to make a third sheet to list enemy types and stats. Care to contribute?

    In fact, how should we mock up a "Generic Enemy Mook" sheet, stat-wise?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:35 No.15811158
    You know, I always wondered...

    How exactly is having a high Brotential score good?
    Is it like Luck? Just a silly sometimes overpowered sometimes bumfuck useless skill, or something actually worthwhile.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:37 No.15811182

    Hmm. Needs a bit more of a connection to the plot, otherwise he's more of a DMPC. I like the basic idea though.

    Perhaps this man's "White Whale" can be one of the BBEGs?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:38 No.15811192
    Sure thing.
    I have started to do different type of skeletons already.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:39 No.15811221
    Magical Companion Cube

    Even though the other party members thought of it as dead weight, the hero thought differently due to a strange magical bond he/she has towards it. Ever since the hero decided to carry it around, he/she seems to have this shield around him/her.

    Power - 1
    Cunning - 0
    Magic - 3 (goes up to 10 the longer its carried around)
    Brotential - 10
    >> Kingsfoil !!/lI/F9eKE8m 08/03/11(Wed)22:39 No.15811224
    Sounds good to me. And he might join at the mandatory ship-based section, and decide he feels like saving the world after we murderize the boss who stole the ship and treasure from him.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:39 No.15811226
         File1312425597.jpg-(24 KB, 400x400, 1285567042661.jpg)
    24 KB
    For villain choice, is there still not "One of your party members is secretly the BBEG. You don't know who it is, and it won't be revealed until the end (whether that's after defeating the supposed villain, or years down the road). You might see clues or hints along your journey though, to figure out which of your bros is the evil one."
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:40 No.15811232

    Says it right on the sheet.

    >Potential for Friendship, Loyalty, and ability to work as part of a team.

    In other words, high Brotential means the character would be more willing to make sacrifices (or even die) in order to protect you and his friends, and are generally more agreeable overall. Low Brotential characters tend to think selfishly, and are more concerned with their own goals than yours.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:40 No.15811235
    The Demented Seer

    A once pious, kindly, and slightly neurotic elderly woman, who was slowly drifting into a state dementia and spouted a few visions in fits of nightmare induced madness, is now worshiped as a prophet. She is eventually instated as the ruler of a once benevolent and just empire by her loving worshipers and a myriad of people already in positions of power, seeing her as a puppet to be used to overthrow the just king and take advantage of a now very trusting people. Her visions were predictions of the atrocities these corrupt politicians would commit.

    Domination - 0 (Corrupt officials 7)
    Destruction - 0 (Corrupt officials 4)
    Deception - 0 (Corrupt officials 10)
    Evil - 0 (Corrupt officials 7)

    Just repostin' the villain I made. Dunno if I should add her to the list of villains though.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:41 No.15811244
    At this rate every single person in the world will have been stated out to be a companion. Actually that could be interesting with relations among them selves. Bro one game, nemesis the next.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:41 No.15811247
    OK this is what i've been wondering. Who in the fuck is this "We"?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:41 No.15811262
         File1312425713.png-(26 KB, 393x377, Dawww.png)
    26 KB

    >Nameless Rank-and-File Knight

    He looks so...tiny.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:44 No.15811306
    Some discussions back before this thing died the first time had ideas like that of Suikoden's Unity attacks.

    Characters with high Brotential affinity with the player and one another would have unique combo attacks or other abilities if they got along.

    For example, the Protagonist and Veteran Relative would unleash a powerful physical attack at the same time against one enemy.

    Bro and Rival would slash a row of enemies while randomly stunning one of them.

    The Perv Mage and Cleric Kid could create healing items out of combat.

    Steam Knight would get upgrades from the Dwarven Cleric and the two would have new weapons unlocked as they stuck together.

    Loyal Pet will take hits for the Protagonist and/or others.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:44 No.15811308
         File1312425868.jpg-(33 KB, 430x320, King of All Cosmos.jpg)
    33 KB

    The King's "We"!

    Actually, it's just me thinking back on old responses.

    There hasn't exactly been very much clamoring for more villains. Most of the archetypes are pretty broad, so there's not much room for adding more without overlapping the ones we already have.

    That, and the player sheet is already enough of a clusterfuck.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:46 No.15811342
    Its really hard for me to draw in the same scale like the rest of the characters.
    [spoiler]No I am just lazy[/spoiler]
    But I think I know that you just mean its either really fitting or adorable
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:46 No.15811352
    Anyone got ideas for new villain archetypes? Perhaps a Frankenstein's monster type figure? A wicked high priest of an evil god?

    Should there be a separate table of party pets? Like, instead of just a generic Loyal Family Pet in the hero table, options like loyal dog, owl familiar, ball of fluff with eyes, thieving monkey, etc.

    Also, should one pick a party member for oneself? As part of the three heroes, or as a fourth? If not, who's the Veteran Relative a relative of, and who does the Lesbian Paladin want to hook up with if they're a girl?

    >mostly characters being made that won't make it
    That's ok, it's brainstorming. Ones that won't make it won't, and occasionally there'll be a good original one that will.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:48 No.15811378

    It is kind of small, but it kind of fits the character better. He doesn't even get a name, after all!
    >> ArkWelder !h9UcpeSVTc 08/03/11(Wed)22:49 No.15811396
         File1312426154.jpg-(96 KB, 1152x768, 1307688744059.jpg)
    96 KB
    Composerdude here, going to start doing theme songs for the individual characters.
    Who should I do first?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:51 No.15811434
    Start with the one you like the most.
    >> Kingsfoil !!/lI/F9eKE8m 08/03/11(Wed)22:51 No.15811435
    All right, I'm out for the night, but if someone wants to email me a contact list I can start on story and dialogue soon.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:51 No.15811436

    I believe the protagonist is just a generic blank slate until they're filled in properly, as seen here: >>15810025

    A wicked high priest might be nice, if only to get rid of the memories of when it was being proposed as a HERO character.

    I imagine things like alternate pets could go on the Mob Database Page, whenever we have enough monsters to make one.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:51 No.15811446
    Oh sweet, I remember seeing this on /v/, you guys are picking it back up?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:52 No.15811459

    Agreed. See which character strikes you the most, then see what comes from it!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:52 No.15811465
    Nameless rank-and-file soldier is a must in my party.

    I'm seeing it, the hero accepts a mission to defeat a monster that threatens the people of a small town, and they send some townsguard to aid you.

    After a long and hard battles, all the guards die except for one. He is not special at all, and has generic npc dialogue, but he survives until the boss fight. After the monster is defeated, the guard will thank you and your current companions for your help, and then you will have the option to invite him to the party


    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:52 No.15811474

    But really, any of the core characters on the top left. Bro, Warrior Girl, Prince, Cleric Kid, Viking.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:53 No.15811492

    >For villain choice, is there still not "One of your party members is secretly the BBEG. You don't know who it is, and it won't be revealed until the end (whether that's after defeating the supposed villain, or years down the road). You might see clues or hints along your journey though, to figure out which of your bros is the evil one."

    This is...a really good idea. Perhaps for the portrait we could have some shadowy figure with evil eyes, their form filled up with jagged question marks.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:54 No.15811498
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:54 No.15811508
    Forget your nonsense restrictions, OP.

    I take all the ladies, and go on a crusade against clothing. Bras are my BBEG.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:55 No.15811538
    Gonna have to go with DICK ASS THIEF here.
    >> Kingsfoil !!/lI/F9eKE8m 08/03/11(Wed)22:55 No.15811542
    Maybe an in asspull Hero Bro is the BBEG and has to fight everyone he pulled together.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:57 No.15811561
         File1312426620.png-(103 KB, 817x1558, Quest V2.png)
    103 KB

    Alright finished. If you guys got any suggestions/criticisms, I wanna hear 'em.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:57 No.15811573
         File1312426668.gif-(603 KB, 200x189, 1296675801812.gif)
    603 KB
    >Everyones face when Nameless Rank-and-File Knight is BBEG
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:58 No.15811588

    Wait, a theme for ALL of them? Are you mad?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)22:59 No.15811612
         File1312426780.png-(1.08 MB, 3600x3528, Bro Quest 1.png)
    1.08 MB
    I came up with a pirate captain write-up, and a whimsical class I could take out. I've been just copypasting everything new into paint as it shows up in this thread, rather than endlessly saving a new image and deleting the old.

    We'll have another of these tomorrow, right? I have to go relatively soon.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:01 No.15811643

    I'll probably put one up tomorrow afternoon, once this one has gone into auto-sage and been purged.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:01 No.15811644
    I knew it all along!
    Damn you...!


    Uh. What's your name again?
    >> ArkWelder !!GrJZWHU+Zpv 08/03/11(Wed)23:02 No.15811654
    Takes me about 3 hours to write a song. It's not too hard. If I get into the mood I'll be writing all day. That's like 4 songs.

    It'll take a while, but I also have a friend that'll be helping me. And hopefully some other 4channers will get on the boat with me. I'll head to /mu/ sometime and recruit. There are a lot of people there who write there own stuff. I already know a few who do chiptunes.

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:02 No.15811668

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:03 No.15811695
    I don't care what anyone says, the original art and text for dick ass thief will always be the one in my heart.
    Nothing says dick ass thief as this hilariously simplistic text and art in the middle of all these other well drawn and detailed descriptions.
    I liked that his character was so two dimensional it's breadth that he was literally a two dimensional stick figure admist all these heroes.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:04 No.15811703

    Awesome, godspeed anon.

    Also remember to make a main theme
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:05 No.15811723

    Damn, didn´t see the name, my bad
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:05 No.15811728
    Neato, can't wait to hear em.

    [spoiler]If you don't make Bro Warrior's song a chiptune version of some song from TTGL, your life may be at risk. Fair warning.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:06 No.15811759
    Wait what. Why didn't my spoiler work? I don't usually have to close the tag if I just want everything until the end of the message spoiled.

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:06 No.15811765
         File1312427215.png-(136 KB, 312x320, 1260957589379.png)
    136 KB

    No it shouldn't always turn out to be one person, and you can count every time on them being the secret evil person.

    Every character on the roster of should have the potential to turn out to be the secret Big Bad depending on who you have in your party, even characters like your relatives or love interests. And not in the fashion that "Your party is; X, Y, and Z. The big bad is someone from the list." no, it should be, either X, Y, or Z could be the secret villain. It's not revealed until the end, and you are able to pick up on clues along the way.

    The only problem with this being, you potentially would have to come up with Big Bad-looking versions of the characters, and at the very least have different ways in which characters can be the secret villain depending on who is in the party, maybe actions taken by the player.

    Like for example, in two separate games where say, the Catgirl could turn out to be the secret villain. In one game it could be different reasons and her a different manner in which she is/or becomes the villain, compared to the second game, based on the persons of the party and how they differed between the two games.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:07 No.15811773

    I like the Pirate, not so sure on the Companion Orb. It's just not enough of a character, in my eyes.

    Still, we'll be needing plot threads in the future...
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:08 No.15811794
    Since there is a file and rank soldier shouldn't there be a captain of the royal guard, I mean you see that a lot.
    Power- 6
    Cunning- 6
    Magic- 2
    Bro- 3 ( 10 if you save his masters life)
    The captain of the men and women that guards the lord of the land. Proud of his position and the abilities that got him there he is somewhat full of himself. He views the protagonist as a liability and someone not to be entrusted with the heavy responsibility of defeating the BBEG. This outlook would change however if the protagonist saves the life of his liege lord.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:08 No.15811802
         File1312427322.gif-(7 KB, 210x422, dik.gif)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:08 No.15811803
    How about some quick and simple stuff? Stuff that would probably take a few minutes, like a short and sad Game Over melody or a Level Up chime.

    That way you can build up the soundtrack with the little things first and give listeners a bunch of sound bytes to get a greater feel for it all.

    Also, maybe alternate between Hero theme and Villain theme as you go along.
    >> ArkWelder !!GrJZWHU+Zpv 08/03/11(Wed)23:08 No.15811804

    Also, I was thinking of making the opening song (and theme song) of Broquest in the style of an anime song. You know, a rock song about fighting for your friends and the power of friendship and something really cheesy and awesome. I think it would be fitting?

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:08 No.15811809

    I'm imagining a cutscene, with lots of details and effect, and the dick-ass thief is still a stick figure with no animations whatsoever, just the same picture swaying as it moves.


    We don´t have spoilers in /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:09 No.15811811
         File1312427353.png-(17 KB, 257x468, dembrows.png)
    17 KB
    "How about I slap your shit?"
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:09 No.15811813
    [spoiler]spoilers don't work here[/spoiler]
    >> Ted, Rembermancer of Chaos 08/03/11(Wed)23:10 No.15811833
    Tons of Brotential 10 candidates. I see this as an imbalance.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:10 No.15811838
    So hey, something brought up in the /v/ thread that warrants some discussion.

    >Make the Suave but dubious devil be able to save the lifelong-friend from the disease, but at an unspecified "extremely huge cost".
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)23:10 No.15811843
         File1312427451.png-(48 KB, 910x568, warlockwarlord.png)
    48 KB
    oh on the last note,the Sorcerer and the Warlord were updated graphically before the project was abandoned.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:11 No.15811851
    Fuck. How long has it been like this? I come to /tg/ like once in a blue moon.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:11 No.15811856
         File1312427505.jpg-(62 KB, 400x595, Yessss.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:11 No.15811857
    That's some badass stuff right there. We need to find that artist.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:12 No.15811866

    Great work man
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:13 No.15811886
    Dick Ass Thief's ultimate attack is his original portrait just sliding across the screen, followed by all enemies taking damage and having their items stolen.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:13 No.15811888
         File1312427588.jpg-(26 KB, 590x300, 1301026866167.jpg)
    26 KB

    Like say you have Catgirl, Thief, and Bro. Well in that game she could have different reasons, or a different way in which she is/became the villain, than if the party had been say, Catgirl, Paladin, Magician. That way you get loads of potential combination, and you can never really tell who's going to be the secret villain until the end, or unless you pay very close attention for clues, and know the characters well.

    Alternatively, you could also make the "BBEG is secretly one of your Bros" possibility be completely random, rather than selectable as the opposition. Like say, when starting a New Game, there's a 1/10 chance (or whatever odds) that the "Secret Bro BBEG" gametype is in effect. You don't know that that's the gametype you're playing, you'd have to be on the lookout to catch wind of it. And of course, you'd have the Bro selected to be the BBEG be random, again making it unclear if that is even the gametype you're playing, and if so if they're even the villain.

    Only drawback I see, being that including this "gametype" or villain choice, whatever you call it, would be excess amounts of extra work. Probably much more than anyone is willing to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:13 No.15811892
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)23:14 No.15811902
    you are looking at him.

    i was the main artist for the Broquest .

    SteamKnight,Fem Paladin,Devil,Con Magician,Barbarian,Orc,Amazon,Dickass Thief and most of the villains were designed by me.
    >> Kingsfoil !!/lI/F9eKE8m 08/03/11(Wed)23:14 No.15811912
    Oh god I'd have to write like 6 different plots for that. No fucking way.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:14 No.15811915
    Or he turns into his original sprite, and starts randomly moving around the screen in jerky movements, think Mr. Game & Watch, and then everything suddenly takes damage and you get their items.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:15 No.15811920
    I love your work. How about joining up with the new effort?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:16 No.15811939
    How about a cheerful, idealistic young summoner/beastmaster who wants to Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:16 No.15811941
         File1312427792.jpg-(26 KB, 603x399, 1292298661233.jpg)
    26 KB

    Precisely. Seems like a neat idea, but far too much work to include.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:17 No.15811951

    I agree, this is getting to be Pressure levels of crazy.

    Think SIMPLE /tg/. This isn't your dream game. We have to start small.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:17 No.15811958
    Ideally it would work out some what like Chrono-Cross.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:19 No.15811986
    Any way to keep track of this? I didn't know the last attempt died until like a month later
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:19 No.15811989

    >Some extra writing
    >"No, you have to start small!"

    Sounds lazy to me
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)23:19 No.15811990
         File1312427999.png-(24 KB, 695x495, propss.png)
    24 KB
    how would the new project look like game wise?

    the original one was supposed to be final fantasy clone,pic related,the sprites
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:20 No.15812000
         File1312428026.png-(9 KB, 378x188, YOU.png)
    9 KB
    ITS YOU.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:21 No.15812007

    Jus look at suptg, this thread and the last one are already archived
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:21 No.15812011
    I want to make sex with your art style. holy shit.
    You are the entire reason I even follow these threads. Jesus. Its beautiful what you do.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:21 No.15812015
    Looks good to me.

    Unrelated question, is the Narrator Bird thing going to have rediculously long speeches and then troll you with:
    Do you need me to tell you again?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:22 No.15812025


    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:22 No.15812027
    Whatever happened to the older sister sword master character, looking out for her sibling?

    Fizzed out I guess?
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)23:24 No.15812061
    i also managed to draw out some basic linework for the steamknight brotential attack.

    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:26 No.15812076
    Sounds good to me. Not sure about the mechanics but the whole colorless thing works well with the pre-existing material. I personally see it as a Final Fantasy meets Mount&Blade meets Baldur's Gate.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:26 No.15812080
         File1312428413.png-(2.56 MB, 3117x1649, Bro-Quest Villains.png)
    2.56 MB

    Gorgeous! Villain Chart has been updated and slightly reformatted, albeit not perfectly.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:28 No.15812102
         File1312428495.png-(44 KB, 460x260, mirc_logo.png)
    44 KB
    I have an idea:
    Join it and idle even if no one is there? just leave it on for now.I say this because real time communication is always faster and better than catching random threads. I know most people are going to sleep or otherwise retiring from the net right now, if this thread is any indication. So this is more a suggestion for the future. Join the channel and idle even if you are leaving your computer now.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:29 No.15812131
    Woah shit, cool. I don't know what Brotential attacks are but that's pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:30 No.15812136
    Why was the first project abandoned?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:31 No.15812151

    Finals, as /v/ tells it.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:32 No.15812155
    The usual /v/ reasons: the programmers all left and the organizers got bored.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:33 No.15812174
         File1312428815.png-(325 KB, 644x583, Gunter the Dark Master - Adven(...).png)
    325 KB

    Dude, I pretty much love you.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:34 No.15812197
    Suptg sucks. Go to rizon I made the same channel.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:35 No.15812202
         File1312428907.gif-(977 KB, 250x271, 1289446579756.gif)
    977 KB
    /tg/ likes my Nameless Knight and Pirate that I sort of did a shitty first draft for on /v/.

    It makes me feel special.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:35 No.15812209

    Late to say so, but that is pretty fucking kickass.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:37 No.15812245
    >Suptg sucks
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:37 No.15812247
         File1312429059.png-(1.06 MB, 3600x3672, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.06 MB
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:38 No.15812267
    You have to join their main channel whenever connecting and it's not as mainstream as Rizon.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:39 No.15812274
         File1312429169.png-(5 KB, 202x354, townsguarddetailed.png)
    5 KB
    Did someone say details?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:39 No.15812279
         File1312429189.jpg-(83 KB, 1024x647, Sky_Ship_concept_by_BenDouglas(...).jpg)
    83 KB
    >H-Here I go!

    "The Daring Sky Captain"

    Power = 5
    Cunning = 8
    Magic = 0
    Bro = 4 (8 if you manage to help them adjust to their surroundings)


    A strange craft crash-lands in town or near the area at around the beginning of your journey. The person who emerges is a strange individual, oddly dressed and speaking of things people do not understand; flying vessels soaring the great skies, and traversing the wild blue yonder.

    Perhaps they were grounded by the villain, but they join you on your quest. A decent fighter themselves with strange weapons, they are quite daring and never fail to come up with wild plans or suggestions. They are however an outsider and considered strange/aloof by most everyone. Can you help them adjust to their surroundings?

    Near the end of the adventure, they may find the chance to return to the sky. If you have attempted to help them adjust, can you convince them to accept their new life and see things through with you, or would it be better for this stranger to return to their strange "land"?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:42 No.15812320

    I don't suppose you could make the helmet slightly more obvious? I was getting people thinking the guy was actually bald earlier. Maybe just the slightest hint of the edge.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:43 No.15812337

    God I love your linework.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:44 No.15812357

    I feel as though we kind of already have the "strange foreigner" wrapped up in both the Amazon and the Catgirl. Otherwise the concept is pretty good.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:47 No.15812385
    Right, what kind of physical appearance would he or she have? I feel like drawing this.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:48 No.15812403
         File1312429687.png-(200 KB, 1256x1075, 1307972694001.png)
    200 KB
    I mean sure I will do that but.
    People see him as a bald guy?
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)23:48 No.15812408
         File1312429699.png-(21 KB, 470x570, witch 2.png)
    21 KB
    while we're at it i also made a new witch.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:49 No.15812436
         File1312429795.jpg-(76 KB, 392x575, astronaut.jpg)
    76 KB

    Well I considered something like a time-traveler, or even an extra-terrestrial Alien-type character, but those seemed too outlandish. Plus the spacefarer idea ended up being far too grimdark.

    Still though, I can't deny the thought of having an "Astronaut" on your team, even as a passing fancy.

    >"So kid, the baddie burned down your home? Back where I come from, we don't let those kind of things slide."
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:50 No.15812440
         File1312429812.jpg-(44 KB, 500x500, SirRoderick.jpg)
    44 KB
    Have at you, sir!
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:50 No.15812451
    Dude, I didn't realize he was wearing a helmet until someone pointed it out.
    Fuckkkkking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:51 No.15812460
         File1312429882.jpg-(99 KB, 480x360, Damn Boner.jpg)
    99 KB

    I think it's because the helmet conforms so snugly to his head, people mistake the front-guard for his nose.


    >Picture related
    >> Shwig 08/03/11(Wed)23:52 No.15812476
    how do i use this thingus by the way?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:53 No.15812480
         File1312429985.jpg-(39 KB, 347x424, 050909Rocketeer.jpg)
    39 KB

    I was thinking sort of like an old-timey aviator looking kind of person. Flight jacket, goggles, boots, etc...

    Something like the Rocketeer, but without the jetpack and such accessories, obviously. Or... maybe a jetpack might fit?

    Either way, a big red flowing scarf.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:53 No.15812492
    I was reading the hero list and couldn't help to notice that psychic powers are a bit underrepresented, what with just the Vixen, so here goes.

    Wandering Empath

    A telepath who is well meaning, but blunt enough to cause impact trauma. Casually telepathic, she has trouble grasping this "privacy" thing everyone is so worked up about. She considers the entire concept of dishonesty, to others or to oneself, appalling and only reluctantly associates with such. In combat she can bolster her allies with her psychic powers, and she can share her insights of the enemies minds to help strike around their defenses and evade their attacks.

    Power - 3
    Cunning - 1
    Magic - 8
    Brotential - 4 (+2 if you treat her in honest and straightfoward manner)
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:58 No.15812577
         File1312430292.png-(5 KB, 186x347, townsguarddetailedbetter.png)
    5 KB
    Who ever said to fix the helmet.
    Thank you.
    This looks much better now.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/11(Wed)23:58 No.15812578
    and type
    /join BroQuest
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:01 No.15812616
    Make the bro up to 7 with the king save. I mean as captain of the royal guard you wouldn't completely trust some random guy who said their off to save the world even if they just did save your king.
    Do want. Having a dwarven mechanic party member would probably add to his/her brotential as they talk about the airship and how to get it working again.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:03 No.15812636
    >/join #BroQuest
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:03 No.15812641
         File1312430616.png-(1.07 MB, 3600x3704, Bro-Quest Alternate Update.png)
    1.07 MB


    Alright, I'm going to stop adding on new characters until we get some more art for the ones we've already got. I'm thinking we should include both the Empath and the Air-Ship Pilot, though my concerns about the latter being too similar to the Cat-Girl and Amazon still stand. I'll be saving ones that people seem to like so we can add them on later (or start up a second sheet, since this one is getting pretty cumbersome).
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:04 No.15812650
         File1312430654.jpg-(8 KB, 247x248, 1295335706446.jpg)
    8 KB
    The Lesser of Two Evils.

    He's got plans. He's got so many plans. But the big bad is in his way, and you're going to help him get rid of him. Why? Well why the fuck not? Perhaps you can convince him to abandon his dream of total world conquest along your adventure? Maybe, but you should probably prepare for a fight after this is all over.


    Meh. Similar to the Suave Devil.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:10 No.15812704
         File1312431032.png-(224 KB, 1899x732, Bro-quest - Ye Olde Rejects.png)
    224 KB

    Thanks for reminding me of these old rejects.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:15 No.15812750
         File1312431332.jpg-(76 KB, 353x337, 719-well-why-the-fuck-not.jpg)
    76 KB

    >Well why the fuck not?

    Should look like this guy.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:18 No.15812772
         File1312431488.jpg-(354 KB, 1215x717, 2d84470692b77b99d224a6807c84ed(...).jpg)
    354 KB
    The Guardian Angel

    Power = 10
    Cunning = 0
    Magic = 10
    Bro = Variable


    Your quest is to save the world, and the higher powers are not blind to this, so you have been assigned a protector from the heavens above. Your guardian wields powers matched by few, and they exist to ensure your safety.

    Despite their duty however, the Guardian views you as something of a child in their care, and in watching out for you they can prove to be highly overprotective. You are destined for victory, but nothing else matters than the quest to get you there. As such it can be very difficult to make new friends of people, much less recruit them to your cause. Even the slightest danger or provocation can cause the Guardian to intervene, potentially leading to unfavorable results. Be sure to keep this in mind when interacting with people or choosing friends.

    Despite it all, the Guardian cares only for you and means only well, and will do all in their power for your wellbeing and cause; even if this is demonstrated in ways that make things difficult for you.


    Some penalty should be associated if choosing this character, such as the party size being decreased by 1, or party-wide bro-tential initially decreased by 5. Some sort of penalty, with selecting such a character.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:22 No.15812820
    Maybe there should be a pic of quest-giver NPCs, like good king, dying mentor and angel.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:29 No.15812878
         File1312432170.png-(119 KB, 324x285, Yay.png)
    119 KB
    Im the guy that threw out the FTALT Druid idea last night [Pic related] and just wanted to suggest making her less of a healer make her more like a summoner.Just because that sorta thing seems to be lacking several characters already have healing/defense magic
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:33 No.15812914

    We were already thinking of combining the Druid with a Beastmaster, so that works out pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:49 No.15813076
         File1312433380.png-(2.45 MB, 2499x1092, IMG_0105.png)
    2.45 MB
    Have the furry version.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)00:58 No.15813160
         File1312433927.png-(2.38 MB, 3117x1649, Bro-Quest Villains Updated.png)
    2.38 MB
    Okay, for real this time!
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)01:19 No.15813368

    Whale Guardian all day.
    >> Anonymous 08/04/11(Thu)01:47 No.15813592
         File1312436876.png-(2.33 MB, 3110x1910, Bro-Quest Villains Updated.png)
    2.33 MB
    Oh boy!
    >> The Humble Gentleman !!55KloOwsygb 08/04/11(Thu)02:47 No.15814119
    I kind prefer the old drawing for the Dragon King than the one used here because the old one had this wonderful feeling of primal power and viciousness to it that the new drawing lacks

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