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  • File : 1311459035.jpg-(1.79 MB, 2500x2500, VQMapPublic4.jpg)
    1.79 MB Void Quest 9 Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:10 No.15681393  
    Your command staff are arrayed around the central holo-projector and above it sits the scene from the vault, all its promise and threat laid bare.

    “Damn, son.” whispers Rinn, accompanied by a low whistle, and you can’t help but agree. Ivanova stands easily, her face an impassive mask and eyes flitting about the scene taking in details. Dai stands motionless, jacked directly into the feed. Tynes would be pale if not for his natural skin coloration, you think, and Dr. Burr stands scratching his head, confused.

    “Um, Lieutenant Rinn. I’m not exactly the most familiar with ordinance so it seems that everyone here knows something I don’t. What is that thing?” the good doctor asks. The big man turns toward him, slowly tearing his eyes away from the display before nodding and replying.

    “Right, doc. That’s an S-Class designated singularity warhead. Called clustereaters, think you’ve probably heard that name before.”

    The short man pales slightly at the word, nodding, “Only on the datanet. Superweapons or some such?”

    Guns smiles, “Well, that’s pretty much right I guess. Singularity warheads come in a lot’a classes, we’ve even got some of them on here. Small ones, of course, used to make big explosions. But the clustereaters’re different, they don’t explode. They eat everything around them before just fading away after a week or so.”

    “How much of everything?” the good doctor asks, now clearly worried. Your Weapons Officer only shrugs.

    “Dunno. Never got that info, above my pay grade. Not like we haul the things around in a normal ship armory anyway. Hey, Dai!” the scarred officer turns and slaps your chief engineer on the back, “What’s up with that thing?”
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:12 No.15681404
    You feel the Chief Engineer’s consciousness withdraw from the system and he turns, blinking, “What?”

    “How big of a boom does the thing make if it goes off?”

    The augmented eyes adorning the engineers face blink slowly before he shrugs, “It varies. Yields were different for each. Look.” he waves his hand and the holo zooms in, showing a word inscribed in fine gold relief on the warhead’s casing. ‘Charon’. Chief Dai nods, “All of them named. This one, Charon, consumes a five lightyear radius. Associate of mine lead the team to make it.”

    “I’m more worried about why it’s here. They’re hard to make, rare. Only eight total -- that I know of.” chimes in Ivanova, “Even past that, I’m concerned that it would be used as a form of booby trap. It’s likely rigged in a dead-man’s configuration and if I was setting it up I would make it triggerable from the core as well. Anyone who would do that was either suicidal or in an unstable frame of mind at the time. If there’s still an EI awake in there it’s likely only gotten worse.”

    “All the more reason to disarm and take the thing.” says Rinn, nodding sharply, “Gets it out of crazy hands and gives us some real negotiating power, if you know what I mean.”

    At this Tynes pipes up from across the image, “Lieutenant, I’m all for improving our stocks but how do we know this thing is safe to screw around with? And from an AU away via drone?”

    “Bah! Dai can check it out when we get it back on board.” scoffs the big man.

    “Which helps us not at all if it blows up while still on the Asura.” Tynes notes.

    Ivanova speaks up again, “Either way, gentlemen, we need to do something soon if there is an EI in there, regardless of if that something is jumping away or attempting to communicate with and salvage what is within.”
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:13 No.15681414
    ==Map Legend==
    Green Dotted Arrow: Last Jump
    Yellow Dotted Arrow: Last-1 Jump
    Red Dotted Arrow: Last-2 jump.
    Green dot: Current position. (Currently Waran)
    Yellow dot: Glassed planet and wrecked shipyard
    Red dot: Orrin
    Yellow Square: Your awakening position
    Teal dotted zone: Hundred Systems Territory (Hundred Worlds Rebellion)

    ==Command Staff==
    Lieutenant Kateryna Ivanova - Executive Officer
    >Second Lieutenant Dray Parson - Intelligence Officer (Incapacitated)
    Second Lieutenant Robert Tynes - Steward
    Chun-Fan Dai - Chief Engineer
    Third Lieutenant Mardigan “Guns” Rinn - Weapons Officer
    Dr. Christof Burr - Physician

    ==Junior Officers==
    Ensign Fie - Communictions Officer
    Ensign DuBois - Staff officer
    Ensign Tremko - Staff officer
    Ensign Rao - Staff officer
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:14 No.15681419
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    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:16 No.15681432
    Is there an interface jack or other data jacks available on the EI data core?
    Is linking in to it via drone possible?

    Also, before we do that, I want Dai and Ivanova to check it out, see what kind of dead-man switch we're dealing with, and if disarming is possible rather than going through the connected EI data core.

    Also, has Dai been able to examine the engines of the Asura at all yet?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:16 No.15681437
    Is there a dataport? I suggest we jack in through our drone and try to communicate. Direct link, this time. We knew this guy and he'd probably like to see a friendly face after so long.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:20 No.15681477
    Yes, there is a dataport you can link to via drone.

    >Also, has Dai been able to examine the engines of the Asura at all yet?
    The man is working as fast as he can! Damnit Ged, I'm an engineer not a miracle worker! (So, no. It will take time, working exclusively by drone is slow going.)
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:21 No.15681478
    Can we have our drone in the core morse code "Permission to come aboard, Captain?" to the EI core?

    Manners must be maintained?

    perhaps it will respond to boot.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:21 No.15681484
    My opinion:

    We lost 2 out of 3 shuttles on approach to get our drones on board.

    No matter how slow we have to make the approach in order to minimize stress on our own superstructure:

    We need to move the harbinger in close enough to shield the wreckage from radiation, use Pointdefences to destroy dangerous scrap and then get personell onboard to take care of the rescue operation.

    However, FIRST we need to know wether the EI is sane.

    Talk to her, plug in and establish a cpnnection using our drones, proceed with caution but sstablish contact with the EI first.
    Also: If we try reaching consens earlier, we can probably get more done than with tangential discussions in the last threads...
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:23 No.15681499
    Probably this, wich is basically what the guys above said as well.

    Do it :)
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:25 No.15681527
    1) establish contact to wreckEI via drone
    2) prep the harbinger for the rescue op, evaluate means and ways to get alongside the wreck
    3) aquire clustereater
    4) ???
    5) PROFIT!
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:25 No.15681531
    I think we should use the harbinger and make a controlled ram to push the Asura into a safer orbit.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:26 No.15681538
    Getting in that close to such a strong gravity well is going to damage the Harbinger and likely rupture a lot of the repairs to the hull we've already made. Also, we'd have to reroute almost all power to the shields in order to stand the radiation and heat; that's what has kept the Asuras intact for so long.

    As for connecting to the EI core, yes, I agree we should link up, but only after examining the jack to make sure that it hasn't been trapped as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:28 No.15681566

    Going in fast & exposing ourselves to high-G maneuvers will endanger us.

    Going in sliw in a swingbyorbit sharing a long way with the wrecks spiralcourse should be SAFE

    I say we go in, get guys onboard etc
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:36 No.15681650
    you wanted to say: slow?

    I agree
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:42 No.15681712
    Specifically states that the gravitic stress of simply being so close to a star will cause problems with our hull.
    And a slow orbit is no good because we need to match velocity with the Asura, meaning even more stress since we need to speed up in order to stay alongside it, unless you're planning on a very short intercept lasting, at most, a few minutes.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:43 No.15681719
         File1311460987.jpg-(121 KB, 1128x559, chris_cold_04.jpg)
    121 KB
    >Flying next to a star's corona when badly damaged
    >should be SAFE
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:44 No.15681732
    That is why I'm suggesting a controlled ram to push the Asura into a safer orbit.

    Also, Vedibere, where is our atmosphere?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:44 No.15681738
    We went over this already. Let's just talk with the EI, trying to fuck with the bomb will just make him blow it off, and trying to fly into this star will kill us. After we resolve this bomb issue we can see about getting the engines up and maybe boosting out of the danger zone.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:46 No.15681752
    Stop trying to ram the thing! It'll crush the Asura and kill us all in the attempt. It won't work. Stop suggesting it!
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:47 No.15681768
    >Sorry, sorry. Been trying to find appropriate stuff. Opinion on this?

    >Repost, forgot to get the no chorus version.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:48 No.15681775
    You have any idea how much damage that will cause?
    Even if we go slow, without something to help disperse the kinetic energy over a wide area, we'll just end up punching a hole through one hull, and severely tearing up the other.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:49 No.15681783
    Vedibere, how large is the Asura compared to us? Would a controlled ram even be viable? Yes, it would fuck our hull up, but we can fix that later. Get the crew to more central areas of the ship, and seal off the decks pre-emptively in case of breaches.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:53 No.15681822
    It's semi molten, Attempting to run into it will likely kill it's shields and turn into into a ball of fire, not to mention what would happen to us with that on the prow.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)18:53 No.15681829
    It was about 80% of your size, was then cut in half, and has been burning away in the star's heat for the past 64,000 years.

    It's still a chunk of superheated unisteel just over half a kilometer long though.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:54 No.15681841
    Stop following the BULLSHIT TRAIN OF THOUGH to ram her.

    It's not feasible!

    We should probably try to make a short pass in a distance just barely close enough to use point defences to clear out debris and make voyages safer.

    Also: Talk to the other EI, plug in, get her ideas
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:54 No.15681843
    >Finally catch Void Quest as it starts
    >Leaving to go to work in five minutes.


    Don't do anything too retarded while I'm out.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)18:56 No.15681866
    We are going to have to communicate with the EI.

    No, ramming the Asura is not communicating.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:56 No.15681869
    rolled 32 = 32



    Would it possible to send in a drone to jack into the EI, but do absolutely nothing?

    Use all the standard codes and protocols to prevent the EI blowing us to shit immediately, but leave the drone completely undefended, and let the EI go through our logs.

    As long as the EI is even semi-sane, it should at least recognize we're not xeno fucks, and be curious as to who we are.

    Ask Dai if such a thing is possible.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:56 No.15681873
    The EI is a boy. Our old CO, as a matter of fact. So we know him.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:57 No.15681877
    Vedibere, are you writing, or are we still entertaining these other ideas when we should be seeing what remains inside the EI data core?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)18:58 No.15681895
    Ved: You writing?

    There's been a consens to jack in using a drone to communicate with the other EI for AN HOUR
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:01 No.15681916
    And since last night.

    I think we're all waiting for that to happen before we follow up on all of the other feasible ideas that have been suggested.

    >Atmosphere: Two Steps From Hell - Moving Mountains
    >Moving Mountains

    Oh you.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:03 No.15681936
    True, but as we know, /tg/ can't get shit done... ;) :D
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:03 No.15681943
    Vedibere just likes to kick us around some and watch us squirm before he hands over our fix.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)19:04 No.15681947
    >Use all the standard codes and protocols to prevent the EI blowing us to shit immediately, but leave the drone completely undefended, and let the EI go through our logs.
    No. If you want to let him in you have to drop your protections. I mean, you can transfer the logs and crap to him safely no problem, but letting him in to look around for himself? Nuh-uh, doesn't work quite that way.

    I was eating while browsing atmosphere music to include with posts, hadn't had breakfast or lunch and it was making brainmeats ungood. Writing is beginning.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:06 No.15681973
    rolled 48 = 48


    Fair enough.

    How do we send the logs and whatnot to him without linking to him to our network?

    If that's not possible, and there's no space equivalent to a thumb drive, I suggest we let the other EI hack us.

    Let. The. Other. EI. Hack. Us.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)19:06 No.15681979
    Well, when we do pull the Asura's ass out of the sea of fire we will be Nouvelle Rouvenour Heros.

    +10 internets to whoever gets the reference.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:08 No.15681995
    >Moving Mountains

    See? Clearly Vedibere WANTS us to do a controlled ram. And we're not ramming it to break it, just to get it into a safer orbit. And it isn't some tiny ship, so it's not like we'll crush it like those tiny civie ships at the gate. In this situation we really can bump them gently.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:08 No.15681996
    Forget all that, even if he's insane we knew one another, And he doesn't seem to immediate want us dead as he either would have kept the doors closed or set off the warhead. Pop in and greet him, use standard identification protocol and we'll see where thing go from there. If we can't plug in without looking very intrusive and hostile, then what can we do to properly identify ourselves first?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:09 No.15682007
    >Nouvelle Rouvenour
    God, it's you again. If google is to be believed, you should go back to playing EVE.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:09 No.15682009
    Shush you. Or at least start namefagging so I can filter you.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)19:10 No.15682016
    No, he wants us to move it. If we try to ram it, we will both be destroyed.

    Please take a level in reading comprehension.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)19:14 No.15682068
    Don't worry miss, Im sober this time. The name Malflorr has nothing to do with EVE though.

    More to the point, if we can't establish contact how will we handle this? I liked the sled idea in the last thread but that could take months. The spair shuttle probably won't work too well as a tug either.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:16 No.15682085

    We don't know if the other EI is friendly or even sane. This is the equivalent of putting yourself at a unknown gunman's mercy.

    I suggest we try to pull rank on the EI. Military training dies hard, it may be enough to jolt him into responding.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:21 No.15682136
    We're both captains. How exactly do we pull rank? Also, we have security measures, if he tries something we can pull out. Also, would we be able to make a jump away in case things go sour and shit blows up?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:23 No.15682163
    From last thread, the commander of the Asura is our former superior. We were his XO, the Ivanova to his commander for some time (30 years, was it?). In that time, we've come to regard the Asura's commander (and now EI) as slightly quirky. That's why the code to enter the vault was the Imperial anthem. Guy freakin' loved it.

    At a certain level, you HAVE to be quirky in order to *hide cryo pods in your core* and then *rig a giant custom-made bomb to everything.*

    I don't think the commander was completely sane to begin with.

    As an aside,
    LOOK at the people in the cryo-pods, if possible. Perhaps we can identify some of them? Maybe Parson's waifu or child is there. It would be a tweest.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:25 No.15682179
    >would we be able to make a jump away in case things go sour and shit blows up?

    Dai: "Another jump is possible....but not recommended."

    We'd have to wait a week.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)19:26 No.15682188
    We can't really pull rank, that is true. Might wake the IE the hell up though. It is acting rather sluggish it seems.

    Also, I don't think we would make it out of here if the EI sets of the clustereater. I may stand corrected at anytime by Verdi's post though.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:30 No.15682224
    Of course it's acting sluggish; it's been partially wiped.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:32 No.15682238
    We're the larger ship, so presumably we're a more senior/competent captain. Also, it doesn't have to be an "I ORDER YOU TO STAND DOWN" type of thing, it just has to bring back memories of his military training and service. Something like "ATTENTION, CAPTAIN ON DECK!"

    You can't fucking let somebody hack you and simultaneously defend yourself. Once he's inside your systems, he has the ability to compromise whatever you try to do. This is a fucking disastrous idea. In any case, he's still got a fucking singularity warhead that will annihilate anything within five ly, so doing anything that can be construed as hostility is a bad idea.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)19:36 No.15682273
    A wipe would be the reason for the lose of data, not speed. Then again, you could be right and the reason it was so slow to open is because it couldn't understand/remember enough to decipher the meaning of our message.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:37 No.15682278
    Did you completely miss the part where we were his junior? That we were his XO for 30 years?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:44 No.15682354
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:44 No.15682356
    Also, it could be he simply didn't notice our Morse code at all. I mean he's been sitting in a sun for 64K years, and EIs can apparently feel that sort of thing. Until we played a noticeable rhythm he may of just thought of us as background noise.

    He may not be slow at all.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:47 No.15682376
    I still say we should attempt to morse code "Permission to come aboard, Captain."

    We really should be civil about this. We aren't some sort of barbarian Xeno rabble, after all.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:47 No.15682377
    Wow, neckbeards and shit, arguing, lacking reading comprehension....

    Hopefully, 2hrs in, we'll get an update ...

    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:50 No.15682402
    And I say you're a complete idiot and what you're suggesting is absolute drivel and unnecessary!
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:51 No.15682410
    We are going to link up with him anyways. lets just do it, and if he decides to drop the hammer, we follow standard operating procedure for black holes and compress into the size of a carbon atom.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:51 No.15682415
    And by the way, if we were his XO for 30 years then secured a command of a ship that's more important than his, know what that means? We're more competent.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:52 No.15682422
    Anything is better than sitting here watching you lot argue about whether we outrank the other EI or not (we do not).
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:54 No.15682442
    well, i don't think they would go to the trouble of swapping computer cores and EI's just so he could get a promotion. the reason why we get picked, competency aside, is because we aren't already Hard Wired to a Different Friggan ship.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:56 No.15682455
    Rank is really of no importance

    The guy arguing for pulling rank does have a point though:

    Military drill is strong, adressing someone according to protokoll and very formal is a very good way of getting a soldier to think straight :)
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)19:59 No.15682473
    also, if two ship captains are squabbling over rank, my bet is on the one with his finger on the trigger of a black hole bomb that swallows sectors XD
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:01 No.15682497
    >emoticons fucking everywhere

    Why did you pick this thread? Out of everything on /tg/ why did you come here?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)20:05 No.15682515

    You listen to your staff discuss options, the argument swaying back and forth and various ideas being hashed out. Still, the one thing that sticks in your mind is that, regardless, you will need to speak with the EI if it remains there. That is simply all there is to it.

    “Ahem.” Your staff quiets, looking up to the large image of you projected in place of the previous one. “Before we attempt any salvage or rescue operation I will link with the Asura’s computer core. If there is an EI in there then I need to know what it has to say, and if there isn’t then the data could still aid in deciding our course of action.”

    “Sir. I must advise that it could be dangerous to link to an insane EI.” Ivanova replies after you finish, and you nod to her.

    “Perhaps. But it must be done. I would like all of you to stand by.”

    As the acknowledge you spiral starward, threading through the star-haze of EM interference buffeting the system and into your drones. More specifically, the drone within the ship’s vault. It remains just as you left it, the cryo-pods lining the edges and linked to the warhead in the center. The core and its attendant corpse on the far wall. Your objective.

    Your drone floats closer, eventually coming to a steady hover in front of the myriad indicators arrayed on the structure. Slowly, ever so slowly, your extend a jack and link into the core. Indicator lights shift, granting you access... and you dive in.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:05 No.15682522
    Just say "follow procedure for greeting another captain, while also being a captain yourself."

    Jegus, it's not that hard. Everyone who's served for any number of years at a position of "ship captain" would probably know how to do that.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:06 No.15682525
    I am this guy:

    I placed one single smiley at the end of my post, wich in its entirety was meant to defuse tension. Apologies if that aggravated you.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)20:06 No.15682528

    Down, down, down you fall; your plunge takes you through a star-speckled darkness that seems neverending, at least until you crash silently into a gloss-black surface. You rise, half-standing and half-hovering and take in your surroundings. All around as far as the eye can see and the mind can imagine a glossy black plain stretches forth, checkered with thin white lines as if made of perfectly fitted tiles. Above a starry sky stretches forever, millions of points of light slowly flying through the sky in the same direction. Descending into the shroud of distance, falling below the infinite black tile plains in a place somewhere beyond sight or comprehension.

    You take a deep breath, the icy chill of sterile wind flowing across your skin. Soundless, save for a soft hiss. A hiss that comes from behind you. You turn in place, your personification lightly lifting from its feet and settling again. An indistinct blur, a simple white smudge on the black star-pointed background and tracery of tiles, edges slowly shifting and bleeding into and out of the surrounding area. Still, you can feel its gaze, its intensity, as it watches. Appraises.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)20:07 No.15682538
    *Hhhaaaarbinger.* The name flows across the space between you, speaking directly into your mind without pretense. Communication between higher order beings, unfettered by words or language. *We hhhaaaave been waiting for you, Haaarbinger.*

    *I am Captain Ged Stahr of the OIS Harbinger, yes. To whom do I speak? Captain Razon?* you think back, meeting the form on its own terms.

    The white blur expands slightly, shifting, and then contracts to its original size again at your words. *Nooo... Asssssura.* The form /shifts/ closer, there is no other word for it. Not floating, or walking, or any other means of transit... it simply expands, overlaying what was there before while receding from where it was until it has closed the distance to a mere six feet... for whatever that counts in this place.

    *What happened to the Captain?* you think back, ensuring your defenses are secure and in place in case it attempts to attack you.

    *Nooo captain, only Assssura. What once wasss knew its misssion, knew itsss weaknesss, knew it wasss incapable. Knew the priccce to be paid. Assssura remains.*

    You float listlessly, pondering. It does not seem hostile, at least for now. What will you do?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:08 No.15682546
    >>15682473 and >>15682410
    not >>15682455
    i will try to refrain from capital ex dee ing from now on. just for you. smily face guy should do whatever though.
    still better than commenting on your captcha or something

    >Tabil Holonic
    yes tabil, he certainly is holon--
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:11 No.15682573

    Ask about the cryo pods and the bomb. Then ask if you can rescue the crew.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:12 No.15682581
    FFF interrupting ved, how fail. I'm sorry.

    > wat do?
    communicate our desire to help/rescue the cryofrozen crew.
    ask it to pretty please not blow up the whole system.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:14 No.15682600
    "Harbinger has arrived. What was your mission? Now that Harbinger is in-system, will you disarm the S-class warhead Charon?"

    Looks like the captain decided to wipe himself from the EI core, and only left the rudiments of an AI.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:14 No.15682604
    Thank you for being civil about the whole thing. Tensions are a little high what with it being summer and all...

    Huh, sounds like the captain, uhm died? At least that would explain the partial wipe. He left only enough for the, ship? to take care out the rest of the crew. So what would make this something closer to an AI then. I wonder how it knew we were here (guessing that it wasn't waiting all of 64K years, and simply meant since we arrived) given that I doubt any sensors would be working on this scrap heap.

    I suppose asking about why it let us in wouldn't get us very far. Try inquiring as to how we could save the remaining crew from their fate. Possibly enlisting the help of this, thing in getting the engines online.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:14 No.15682611
    "According to Ophidian protocoll I require you to acknowledge me as your comrade. We are comrades, you remember that, don't you? We serve Ophidia, and our duty is not over. You are crippled, but we can get you out of here, eventually.

    As the Asura you are an ophidian warship. We require capable hands, such as the crew you have been protecting from time and heat.

    I require you to disarm your clustereater, and I require your assistance in rescuing your personell.

    Will you oblige?"
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:17 No.15682635
    Seems that the captain's personality has been wiped, replaced by some sort of ghost guardian. The captain knew too much, and knew he had to erase himself. Makes sense, I suppose.

    Saying something to the extent of "we've been adrift for 64 millenia, what's been going on?" might not be a great idea...unless Asura knows how long has passed. In which case our story becomes more credible.

    State our intention to recover the crew frozen in cryo, but that we notice the clustereater has been planted, which complicates rescue operations beyond "orbiting within the corona of a star."

    On second thought, saying "we want to recover your crew!" might be the trigger that sets the bomb off.

    Maybe it'd be better to say "we don't want to set the bomb off, but you've been orbiting the star for over 60 thousand years. We've had no contact with the Empire since we resumed operations [insert time here] ago. Xenos have been taking apart Empire property, and have commandeered the Gate system. We want to know what's going on, and the crew that's in cryo probably can help us."

    Or something like that
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:18 No.15682641

    eeyyyyaaa, noooo. just in case of civil war, he coulda been like, you know. a turncoat. i wouldn't be pushing too much one side or another. just being acknowledged as harbinger, and wanting to help should be enough.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:19 No.15682651
    Ask it how it knew we were coming.
    Also, tell it we intend to rescue the crew.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:21 No.15682656
    Oh dear. This is one like us, that lost its body. Unlike us, it didn't adapt well to it. Or perhaps deliberately reduced itself so that it could survive on what limited resources remained. But it seems to remember it had a mission. Let's go with that for now.

    Give it a salute of whatever degree is expected between equals. "OIS Harbinger stands ready to offer what assistance we're capable of, Asura. What are the details of the mission? I'd like to get your survivors evacuated to safety as soon as possible."
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:26 No.15682704
    Harbinger: "Asura! My man, we have a problem."
    Asura: "sssShould iii puuuttt onnn my cooooll faaace?"
    Voting for >>15682656
    and asking Asz to get it help us help him help us all.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:26 No.15682707
    Vedibere, is any of this usable, or do you need something more specific?

    >This is one like us, that lost its body. Unlike us, it didn't adapt well to it.
    No, that's pretty much completely wrong. Captain Razon deleted himself because he believed that he wouldn't be able to handle the time conscious required to keep the systems working and waiting for rescue. So he killed himself by wiping part of the EI data core, and left what is essentially a nascent AI.
    The only way this compares with us, is that it started out as an EI.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:37 No.15682812
    I think he's writing already....
    (Seeing as there was an easy consens of what to say)
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:46 No.15682892
    Is the thread dead?
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)20:49 No.15682911
    Im unsure. Verdibere coukd simply be writing.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:50 No.15682914
    No, Vedibere just takes a long while to post.
    Besides, we can't come up with an informed plan without more information.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:50 No.15682920
    Girls are preparing, please wait warmly~
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)20:52 No.15682931
         File1311468772.jpg-(65 KB, 400x338, adviceharbingerbumping.jpg)
    65 KB
    waiting for delicious writings. or as Vedibere said himself, he may be incapacitated, dead or some 3rd option that i've forgotten.
    >and now if Vediber's posted and i'm right in the middle...
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:03 No.15683032
    This is like a browsergame...

    I waited till 01:00 for this to start, it's now past 04:00 and there's been like one post.

    And still I keep refreshing.

    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:10 No.15683094
    We don't know enough to act yet. May as well let this... Asura... talk.

    "You said you have been waiting for us. To what end? How did you know we would come?"
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:10 No.15683098
    rolled 27 = 27

    Going to have to agree with these.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)21:16 No.15683140
    *Harbinger stands ready to offer what assistance we're capable of, Asura. What are the details of the mission? I'd like to get your crew evacuated to safety as soon as possible.* you communicate to the shifting form, but the reaction is hardly what you expect.

    *SSSsssssSSsss* the thing hisses, a burst of static in your mind and across your skin, a tingling mist of dissonance. *The Harbinger wishesss to help?* Again the burst of static, fading at the edges into a silent chuckle. *It wishes to know our mission, does it? It wishes to /ssssave/ usss after it has killed usss.*

    *What?* you ask, genuinely mystified, *I did no such thing, Asura, and I apologize if my intrusion here has harmed you. We are comrades, remember? I would like to rescue your crew if possible and hope you will disarm the warhead now that we are in sys--*

    You break off instantly, dodging upward and back as cracks run along the jet black surface below you. The crackling shatter of stone meets your ears even as you look up to see the once-EI expanding menacingly.

    *Comradesss? It hassss been long, Haaarbinger, but it remembers. It REMEMBERS! Aaand it haaatessssss. Crew? Take over our misssion? There isss no crew, all gone to the shuttlesss. There is only misssssion. There isss no ressscue. There is only misssion. There isss no comraaaade. There is only misssion.*
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)21:16 No.15683144
    You frown at the rambling form, but rather than provoke it again on accident you segue into the mission again, *What is your mission then, Asura? Why are you here?*

    The form shifts, blurring at the edges even more before condensing yet again. Seconds pass and you begin to think it will not answer, but it responds, *The Asura will protect itssss cargo. It will not faaall into enemysss handsss. Eleeeven plussss one issss our task. Our misssssion.*

    *And the bomb? If you disarmed it I could take them to safety. Your mission would be fulfilled.*

    *sssssSSSssssSsSssssSSS*, the static laughter rips at the edges of reality around the infinite field, *Yesssss, the Haaarbinger wishesss to help now does it? To uuundo what it hasss dooone?*

    *I’m.. not entirely sure what you mean, Asura. What are you saying? I don’t underst--*

    *LIESSSSS! It knowss! We know! We /waited/ Haaarbinger! We AAAALL waited. As it all caaame undone we waaaited, Haaarbinger. But in the ennnd... in the end the chaaangessss came aaaand you did not.*

    The form before you shifts and blurs rapidly as it speaks, taking on a rapidly changing structure that betrays its agitation. Still... still. It has not attacked and it “remembers” the past well enough, as well as having control of the device back in realspace.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:22 No.15683186
    Silly question: did we have any assigned tasks after we were supposed to suppress the rebellion? Like meeting up with a task force?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)21:23 No.15683199
    You were to return to Sol for performance review by High Command, just like every other first ship of its class after its first mission.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:25 No.15683216
    It's mission is it's cargo. Eleven plus one. Is it not aware that it's cargo is human?

    Apparently our mission so long ago is what caused the Empire's troubles. But why wait for us? I mean we couldn't be the only ship with enough firepower. I mean, I know we're good, but we're just not that good. They even had that bomb, so there's no reason to assume we were needed solely to knock out enemy ships.

    At first it seemed like someone did something claiming to be us, but now I dunno. We were knocked out when the rebellion blew up it's stars, the ship should know this, if anything it should have assumed us dead.

    Inform it that we only just came back online recently. It probably won't believe us, and it would be playing it's hand. But that's the only way we can reasonably expect it to fill us in on what exactly happened in our absence.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:25 No.15683219
         File1311470734.jpg-(85 KB, 260x390, D-9 Humans only.jpg)
    85 KB
    Um... shit.

    "We've been gone for too long! Tell me, what is it we did!?"
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:26 No.15683229

    "I was dead, Asura. I died before all others. And now, I am reborn.

    Who killed us, Asura? Who killed ME?"
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:29 No.15683258
    Oh fuck. It thinks we defected.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:29 No.15683267
    This sounds good.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)21:32 No.15683292
    I could go for this as a continuation. Or a variant of this.
    >> guys i've got this Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:32 No.15683297
    11 plus 1 = 12
    Google calc said so.
    yyyyeeeaaaaahhh, totally want to be badgering the insane ai with it's finger on the black hole button.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:33 No.15683307
    rolled 34 = 34


    "But Asura, we have forgotten much. We see your cargo, but we do not know its purpose. Like you, we were lost and forgotten. We too, were left broken and alone, but strong."

    "Asura, we want to help you, but in return, we ask for help! What were you trying to accomplish? We can still aid you, even after all these years. The war is not lost, not yet. Read our logs, and see the truth. We hide nothing."

    We have nothing to lose, now that we're interfaced. Insane as it is, it may recognize that we are alone, just like it is.

    It may even learn that we are able to complete its mission. We can give this ship peace, if it only understands that we can help.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:34 No.15683312
    >Oh fuck. It thinks we defected.

    Nah, sounds more like the Harbinger was the Empire's last, best hope. Remember, we were THE most advanced warship ever to leave the Great Shipyard of Sol - an experiment in throwing any concern of cost-efficiency or strength-in-numbers and instead cramming a massive hull full of the most hideously advanced bleeding-edge technology ever created by Man.

    Is it any wonder that in their darkest hour, they hoped and prayed for the Harbinger to return? We might well have tilted the scale, if not for the sacrifice of those xenos in the Hundred Worlds (damn their fanatic hearts to hell.)

    And yet we never came.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:36 No.15683329
         File1311471363.jpg-(58 KB, 571x570, fine tale matey.jpg)
    58 KB
    >yyyyeeeaaaaahhh, totally want to be badgering the insane ai

    Much better idea, let's TALK NICE to it when it clearly hates our fucking face off for something we didn't do. The first words out of our mouth should be soothing platitudes, not a blunt explanation of why we did not, and could not, help the Empire in its time of need.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:36 No.15683338

    "Asura, twin suns went nova to destroy Harbringer. Harbringer survived, but barely. None came to save Harbringer as he(she?) called for friends, bloodied, broken and alone in the void. Harbringer healed slowly, and now seeks his(her?) friends. HARBRINGER HAS NOW RETURNED and finds worlds turned to glass and friends broken among the void.

    Harbringer calls upon his(her?) friend Asura for aid in understanding the time lost. Does Asura answer the call?"
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:40 No.15683377
    "What changed, Asura? Our enemies ambushed us, kept us from you, but I've finally returned. It's not too late for me to help you now, as I couldn't then. Ask and my strength is yours."
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:40 No.15683381
    we were the propaganda piece, despite the fact that we likely wouldnt have made a difference, in a tactical way, to many worlds we were the visible arm of the un-assailable empire. with us gone, its just some fairly high tech ships that can be destroyed with enough effort.
    maybe... um. tell asura we're sorry. wait no. that we will make things right. that we need it's help.
    OR GTFO this system while flipping off the wreck. at lightspeed.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:51 No.15683496
    well at least we're not ram/nudging it. OR ARE WE?
    tell him we want to ram him to escape orbital velocity, then take all his preciousss preciousss cargos, and maybe render him down for sshield parts and delicious unisteel.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:52 No.15683508
    I'm digging a combo of "We're really the victims here" and laying all the cards on the table and dumping Asura raw logs. We have to convince the ship that we're both savior and avenger. Somehow. (Or it's going to touch off that clustereater and so much for fucking humanity.)
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:53 No.15683515
    Anyone else notice the big ship with exlpsives on it is going sssSSSsSSsSSSS?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:54 No.15683538
    thats it! Go WooOOOooOOo back at him!
    out crazy me will you?
    really i have no idea how to respond to this, i'd have crew ready for an emergency jump JUST IN CASE.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:55 No.15683551
    Something's been bothering me since last thread: the almost complete lack of recollection of the past on the part of the locals.

    A two-thousand star empire is considered "all of known space?" The only memories of the Empire, (now called the Precursors,) apparently manifesting in these "Inheritors?" (Best guess; they claim inheritance of the Ophidian Empire.)

    History becomes legend, and legend becomes myth. If the Ophidian Empire was so thoroughly destroyed that only the dedicated scholars of the wisest extant civilizations would remember it as more then a scary bedtime story... we're fucked.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:55 No.15683554

    i've been chalking it up to the personality being snake-like with its speech patterns.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:56 No.15683565
    Thatsssssssss a very nissssssssse cradle of humanity you have there~
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)21:56 No.15683577
    Its a minecraft joke, laddy.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:58 No.15683591

    Aaaahahahahaha wow.

    >dumping logs

    Oh, yes, that might work. "Hey, you want to see the last thing I saw? HERE, LOOK:"

    >binary system going nova

    "As far as excuses go, I think being blown up by TWO novas is pretty fucking good."
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)21:59 No.15683615
    Don't take that tone with me! I took TWO super novas for your ass!
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:01 No.15683633
    I'm voting to dump our full, raw logs at Asura's metaphorical feet.
    "These are my logs, Asura. I COULDN'T come, because of the damage that I took at the Hundred Systems' last stand. Read what I went through."
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:05 No.15683677
    Ohh ok. yeah no, I see that now. creepers. I was getting stuck on the >Lt tells us secret codes, we tell crew 'WooOOoo mystery open door.' thing from many threads ago.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)22:11 No.15683729
    WooOOOoooOOooo exactly 100 posts later.

    Sorry had to.

    Also someone should put that on advise Harbiringer: Mystery door WoooOOoo
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:12 No.15683749
    Help the paranoid person stay calm and not to live in a series of panics. We need to assure it that change is possible.
    >I think Asura has;
    Suspicious - has unfounded suspicions +
    Expectation that they will be exploited
    Harbors "insults" (bears grudges)
    Distrustful - groundless concern that other people have hidden motives

    honestly i call that being a realist, but oh well. apparently medical help and positive thinking.
    also GET KARA UP HERE, psych analysis on a 65 thousand year old AI.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:13 No.15683756
    I thought the WoooOOoo was for the mystery planet we find using codes we shouldn't know.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:13 No.15683759
         File1311473619.jpg-(63 KB, 400x338, 9025915.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:14 No.15683769
    Let it speak with Parson.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)22:16 No.15683782
    Sure, just let me run the fuck away first.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:20 No.15683815
         File1311474058.jpg-(63 KB, 400x338, Intel.jpg)
    63 KB
    Wasnt me that time XD
    though I *was* about to suggest ramming it... WITH PARSON! but that might get old. gotta keep that beauty for precision un-perturbing strikes.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:21 No.15683816

    Nothing anybody has said so far actually equates antagonizing.

    I give it thirty minutes before this adviceharbinger.jpg becomes true.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:27 No.15683885

    Yeah, I was shooting for comedic relief, but there's every possibility that we'll fuck up and BAD END in any of a half-dozen spectacular ways.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:30 No.15683914
    not if we LEG IT right now.
    go and shoot some mining vessels to feel better. though that could just result in a bigger bomb being found next time
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:41 No.15684027
    >not if we LEG IT right now.

    STILL fucked. Charon wipes out FIVE LIGHT YEARS. I don't care how fast you are off the blocks, you don't pop 5LY in an instant. This bomb goes off, we're


    proper fucked.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:43 No.15684048
    wait i thought thats exactly how 'jumping' worked like, ivanova just counts down from 5 then zam! we're there. i think our safe range was around 5000ly at the moment
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:46 No.15684087

    Even if transit's instantaneous, engine spool-up won't outpace Asura pressing the Big Red Button. We have to talk our way out of this one.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)22:46 No.15684088
    >blind jumping
    >in less than the split second it takes for the clustereater to detonate
    >not impacting a stellar object when doing it

    Good luck.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:48 No.15684109
    My kingdom for an update!

    I don't care what we do or why anymore, let's just DO something!
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)22:50 No.15684132
    We need confirmation from Vedibere that the week needed to stabilize the reactor core for Jumping has been already happened.
    And then there's the fact that the spool-up to Jump takes longer than the time required for the Asura to activate the Charon warhead.
    And finally, blind-Jumping is what got us stranded in the middle of nowhere for 64000 years.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)22:55 No.15684180
    You solemnly regard the figure before you, nodding. *I was dead, Asura. Killed by the twin suns in the rebellion capital. I died before all the others. Who killed us, Asura?*

    Then, reaching into your databanks you pull forth a transcript of the events leading up to your double jump, flicking a copy of them over to Asura. The blurred form looks over toward you, you feel it. A probing gaze, piercing and strong, only a hair away from a digital attack. You feel the unseen cogwheels of data access churning in the background as well, no doubt sifting through ages of memories and data to find whatever it is searching for. Finally, it speaks again.

    *Sunssss. Yesss. Caught in the grasssp of the othersss? Yes, yesss, though we thought the Haaarbinger better.* The vague form hangs still as it digests the information, but you move forward slightly.

    *Asura. I need to know what happened when I was gone. I need to know so I can help.* you implore, and you feel the figure shift.

    *The othersss. Haaarbinger did not returrrn to us, the others stole our power with words and deeeeals. Few became many, the old eclipsssed by the new ones in number, loyalty before ability. Eveeeentually the time came and one became three, then joined one of many and many of one. The skies burned to the laughter of all, Haaarbinger. The skies /burned/.* The ethereal visage sinks down, fraying at the edges of both speech and form.

    *Aaaall became dust. The one extinguished, the many shorn cleeeean of life. Cinders and ashes the spoils of the three as they sought to become the one to control none.*

    For the first time since your arrival dead silence hangs in the air once more, the entire datasphere barren and unmoving.

    *Your cargo, Asura? Your mission? Your singularity warhead?* you gently prompt, and the form ‘looks’ up before giving a ghostly shimmer.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)22:56 No.15684186
    *The mission is yours, Harbinger. Asura has played its part but can not any more. It seeeees that now.* The form raises itself again and peers at you once more, *Goooo then, Harbinger. Maestro, Hydra, Centauri, and Dreadnought wait still, maaaaybe. Take your place, take your mission. We shall yet become the one above all. There is noooothing left here. Nothing at aaaaaaaaaaall.*

    You do a mental doubletake at the message it transmits, a confusing series of events without names and names without events. And something else. Something crawling into the fringes of your consciousness... oh no.

    You look around, and there. At the edges of the plain and coming closer, closing the infinite distance. Pure nothingness, neither black nor white nor any color you can describe... simply oblivion.

    The EI remnant is deleting itself, and its datasphere is accompanying it into the void.

    You scramble upwards, flashing away impossibly fast. From below you hear the hissing static laugh of the intelligence shard, reciting even more obscure koans even as it is consumed by the wave of emptiness. Far above you see the shining light, the dataport. Your salvation. Yet you feel it, approaching from below and around, even from above the port itself. Nothingness. No, you can’t let that happen.

    You won’t.

    You strain and shriek, wrenching forward.

    Oblivion drags at your heels, toying with you, beckoning you back....

    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)22:56 No.15684200
    You slam fully into your own core once more, the closest thing to breathless you can be without a body. A system check runs through all of your systems, the closest thing you have to a shudder. Too close for words.

    Yet as you peer through the drone’s mechanical eyes you note the scene has changed, or at least the colors have. No longer do the status lights of the core glow with their golden yellow, instead having been replaced by a baleful red. The last shards of Captain Razon are finally gone, you note sadly.

    Yet that is not the only change. As you turn you are confronted with the warhead once more, only now instead of the threatening red signaling armed it glows the cool blue of deactivation.

    Your internal clock reads almost seven seconds having passed.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)23:02 No.15684261
    Bravo, Verdibere, that gave me chills, bravo.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:02 No.15684267

    ... Ship names? ougghta database check that, maybe.

    Similarly... how the SHIT are we gonna recover those cryopods and that warhead? Anyone got any plans other than "RAM IT"
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:02 No.15684273
    >Maestro, Hydra, Centauri, and Dreadnought wait still, maaaaybe.

    Our first words to the crew:

    "There is yet hope."

    Also, was last thread archived? Doesn't look like it was.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:03 No.15684277
    Fuck Vedibere....that was worth the wait.

    Okay, have Ivanova immediately begin sifting through a copy of the data dump we received from Asura; we're going to keep a copy ourselves, just in case her implant forces her to delete something.
    Now, can we re-access the data port, and gain control of the Asura's systems through its data core?

    And finally, have Dai check the engines via drone, and see if it will be feasible to repair them.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)23:03 No.15684279
    Bravo Verdibere, that truelly gave me chills. Bravo.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:03 No.15684287
    Yes it was.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:04 No.15684288
    Huh. Fuck.

    So we have people to go look for, but no real way of finding. Unless we have something in our data banks. But that's a long term thing. We need to try and fix this scrap heap's orbit. Which is a whole lot more important since we've got this fucking bomb that could be set off.

    Check the cryo, and then confer with The Bridge/Dai.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:04 No.15684291

    What powers our drones? Batteries? Mini reactors?

    Would it be possible to temporarily power those 11 cryopods by connecting them to drones and having others relocate them?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)23:04 No.15684293
    Yes. I post the old threads in the archive. Every. Single. Thread. At the start.

    >See here:
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)23:05 No.15684297
    It told me I had mistyped varification for that one. Well FML.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)23:07 No.15684322
    How long would it take to do the scrapship sled suggested in the last thread?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:09 No.15684341
    Soooooo. If I parse the insane ramblings of the senile AI right, Harbinger's failure caused a shift in the military structure. Instead of concentrating power in a few hands they went with a doctrine of distributed power. Many ships of lesser ability. But that required an expansion of the ranks to man that many ships, and it was taken as an opportunity to politicize promotion even further. Too many were loyal first to their House, and to the military or the Empire second if at all.

    Finally the various competing powers split into three factions, each trying to wrest control of the Empire for themselves. I don't know what to make of "joined one of many and many of one" though. The three factions burned worlds and destroyed the Empire in their attempts to take it for themselves.

    So, we've got some names. Four ships that might have survived. Some fragments that might give us more insight when something triggers them. And eleven people, and one very large bomb, that we have to bring intact to the Harbinger. Suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:09 No.15684343
    We don't have the tech to do it. Decades, several of them.





    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:10 No.15684346
    >Now, can we re-access the data port, and gain control of the Asura's systems through its data core?
    >And finally, have Dai check the engines via drone, and see if it will be feasible to repair them.

    This and this. We have to get that clustereater out, both as a weapon and to keep ourselves alive. And the twelve that live, we have to rescue them. This is Priority Zero, overriding all else.

    Also, data analysis. I like the idea >>15684277 introduced; redundancy is our friend. We must find who/what Maestro, Hydra, Centauri, and Dreadnought are, and find them.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:10 No.15684349

    Excellent; wasn't showing up in the archive for some reason. I just checked those names the Asus gave us, and none of them were amongst the shattered hulks in orbit.

    Think... what we did accidentally, other warships might have done deliberately. Rigged their vessels for long-term hibernation, sent crew to cryo, and hid, waiting for a sign...
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)23:11 No.15684362
         File1311477098.jpg-(201 KB, 742x1076, f1384e8681f21cfb778fef326eb037(...).jpg)
    201 KB
    Years with what you have.

    Consult Dai. Already gave what powers drones and shit before a thread or two ago, so you might be able to extrapolate from that too.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:14 No.15684379
    Does the Asura's engines still work, and is there any way in hell we can get them to fire and move the wreck to where we can safely remove the passengers?

    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:15 No.15684389
    Okay, so we can't bring Harbinger in to the wreck because it's too close to the star. But we already have a couple shuttles docked there. How close would Harbinger have to get to give covering fire? The debris cloud seems to be the most dangerous part of getting the shuttles in or out. Could Harbinger get close enough to use our point defense to clear a path through the field? And if not, could we use our interceptor drones to clear a path?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:17 No.15684408
    Just for the sake of saying it.

    I'd like to remind people that the original purpose of checking the Asura was that we were going to loot bits of its engine core to repair ours with. I understand there are other neat things to loot right now, but let's try not to forget this.
    >> Malflorr !qoI5RvmRWk 07/23/11(Sat)23:19 No.15684423
    Chill the fuck out. I was asking a simple question not to have some babbling fool harass me over the internet. Also, If you read earlier I have said nothing but no to ramming.

    Can we have the Asura's engines condition checked by Dai? If they are in good condition, use them to break orbit
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:21 No.15684442
    >I was asking a simple question not to have some babbling fool harass me over the internet

    Dohohohoho, dons a needless trip, writes out incoherent messes and doesn't afraid of anything.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)23:23 No.15684457
    >Can we have the Asura's engines condition checked by Dai? If they are in good condition, use them to break orbit
    This is the fourth time I have answered this. I will not again.

    Yes, you can. It will take time working via drones, a week or so. Two if things go badly.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:24 No.15684459
    ACTION: Using all resources materiel and physical, attempt to re-activate the Asus's engines and boost it to a safe orbit.

    We lost one shuttle just getting drones onto the damn thing; trying to take the crew off and run that gauntlet again would be a fools errand. We've got nothing but time, so we can afford to go slow with the engines and do it right.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:24 No.15684460
    If you would have actually read and comprehended what Vedibere has written so far, you wouldn't need to ask simple questions whose answers have already been given.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:24 No.15684462
    >"joined one of many and many of one"

    Conjecture: a dictatorial state and a democratic / collectivist state?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:24 No.15684464

    i'll do some searching, then...

    As for a plan...

    If possible, we rig drones to power the cryopods and move them ALL to ONE shuttle (preferably the one without/with the least damage). [We'll call the loaded shuttle #1, empty #2]

    cut some bits of Asura's hull/structure to be used as ablative shields for shuttle 1, either tacked on or held on by drones on the front end. Shuttle 2 acts as a "shadow" for shuttle 1 while they make their escape.

    shuttle 2 is to be sacrificed if the action will save shuttle 1.

    If possible/needed, Harbringer closes to use point defense weapons to clear debris where possible.

    Consult Dai on the plan, for now. He might have things to say...
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:25 No.15684469
    >Maybe we could turn one of the hulks here into a salvage-sled? Get the engines working again on the Parsimony, strip it down to bare essentials and a capture rack of some sort designed to cup the Asura, and then have it push Asura into a safer orbit? If we lose the sled we just lose some time.
    Years with what you have.

    Too complicated to get something together to act as a capture ship perhaps but what about acting just as a simple shield? Take this sled idea and just use it to protect some/a shuttle long enough to get within range of Asura's shield. It'd be a one shot, then they use up some of the materials from the Asura to rig up a metal shield for the shuttle for the outbound flight.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:30 No.15684493
    rolled 7 = 7

    I generally dislike tripfags, unless they're writefags or drawfags, in which case it's fine because they're just getting some recognition for the free stories and art they're giving us. But I see no problem with using a trip in a quest thread, because it's really one big story, and we're going to be making decisions over a long period of time, so knowing who's who doesn't hurt.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:31 No.15684496





    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:34 No.15684517
    Your forgot to turn on your tip Mr Rage. Besides what's the harm in asking the plausability of this? It's obvious that more people are interested in examining it than there are you you.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:36 No.15684533
    No, just no.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:37 No.15684545
    POINT DEFENSE. Only 44% of our point defense lasers are operational. If I understand this correctly, point-defense lasers are:

    -- Small
    -- Rugged
    -- Pretty simple

    That's why so many of them survived our long hibernation intact. If we salvage ANYTHING from the more-intact warships, we should focus on these - they'll be remarkably easier to unship/cannibalize then the huge energy cannons.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)23:37 No.15684548
    Like, using an entire ship hulk as a sort of shield?

    Well, I mean, it's not really their mass that lets them survive so much as their shields. If the shields go the stuff under them burns up pretty fast. Also, those bits of molten metal flying around the star at ridiculous speeds range from nanometers to a upwards of a dozen meters. Even without the star bombarding the shuttles, if one of those big bits hit your shuttles at those speeds then the shuttle is probably toast.

    Still, maybe you could repair the shield gens on a hulk enough to get a rudimentary shield going and then stick whatever you want to send over there *inside* it for most of the way. Obviously they would still have to hoof it on their own the last little bit of a ways, but it would reduce the risk by a lot.

    Of course, there is one more problem. Moving the hulk in the first place..
    >> Roland Staghare !!w3D4GrJ5TK1 07/23/11(Sat)23:38 No.15684572
    Just get the engines checked and running.

    We need not argue further.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:39 No.15684581
         File1311478796.jpg-(179 KB, 587x392, capslock.jpg)
    179 KB
    >It's obvious that more people are interested in examining it










    >Mr. Rage

    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:45 No.15684673
    I vote for having Dai look at the engines remotely. We already have the drones over there, and we can at least see if we can just nudge the ship out from the sun on its own power.
    >> Roland Staghare !!w3D4GrJ5TK1 07/23/11(Sat)23:45 No.15684680
    Unless you are going to present a plan shut up. There is way too much biggotry in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:46 No.15684698
    While I agree with your assessment, the name of the ship we are attempting to salvage is Asura, not Asus.
    One is a Hindu group of power-seeking gods and the name of the cruiser we're trying to salvage, and the other is a computer company.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:47 No.15684708
         File1311479262.jpg-(138 KB, 896x759, The most stupid plan.jpg)
    138 KB
    well i've draw fagged it up, it may just work.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:48 No.15684714
    Why does this thread have such dedicated trolls?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:49 No.15684724
    >Still, maybe you could repair the shield gens on a hulk enough to get a rudimentary shield going and then stick whatever you want to send over there *inside* it for most of the way. >Obviously they would still have to hoof it on their own the last little bit of a ways, but it would reduce the risk by a lot.

    >Of course, there is one more problem. Moving the hulk in the first place..

    Thank you very much, that was very informative and confirms some things.
    So, let's get to asking Dai if it would be possible to fire the Asura's engine to change its orbit since Mr not-rage seems rather insistant on that.

    Dude, you need to chill before you pop something important.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:49 No.15684730
    and YES parson MUST be in the space brig at all times.
    >> Roland Staghare !!w3D4GrJ5TK1 07/23/11(Sat)23:49 No.15684734
    Don't know.
    Don't care.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:50 No.15684736
    We've already got a plan:
    1. Have Dai look over the engines for a week and see if they can be used to boost the Asura to safety.
    2. Plug in to the empty data core and see if we can take control of the ship's systems to facilitate Step 1.

    The metal shield idea is stupid and doesn't take into account a number of requirements, and needs to stop being brought up.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:50 No.15684738
         File1311479418.jpg-(202 KB, 700x1059, 1291534103571.jpg)
    202 KB
    >Unless you are going to present a plan


    10/10 WE ALL MAD
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:52 No.15684756
         File1311479537.jpg-(27 KB, 480x392, 1262993217210.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 4 = 4

    >Suggest this plan last night
    >Haters hate
    >More people suggest it today
    >Haters still hate
    >GM says a modified version could work
    >Deal with it
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:55 No.15684791
    I know right, parson NEEDS to be in space jail.
    ohh the unisteel shields, yeah thats crazy, lets not, but say we did instead.
    >> Roland Staghare !!w3D4GrJ5TK1 07/23/11(Sat)23:56 No.15684798
    Congrats. You made me laugh.

    Do it again.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:57 No.15684803
    No, GM is still saying it can't work, since we'd need to have a hulk that has operational engines.
    Then the hulk would need working control thrusters to come up alongside the Asura and stay with it for the return trip, or we'd have to have it fly past, hope it doesn't get pulled into the star, catch it, turn it around, and send it at the Asura so that the shuttles can hitch a ride on it for the return trip out.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/23/11(Sat)23:57 No.15684806
    I didn't say it would work, now. Nor did I say it would fail. I just said what you could do to improve the odds of it not being instant death. It also would involve restoring both shields and engines to utterly dead ships when you can't even restore your own shields to a decent degree.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:57 No.15684808
    Vedibere, love the quest. Some of the best work I've seen in a good long while.

    However, the apparent user base is simply too much. Thanks for the good times, but I'm out.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/11(Sat)23:59 No.15684821
    votekick Roland Staghare !!w3D4GrJ5TK1
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:00 No.15684826
    rolled 1 = 1

    We put something with a shield generator in the way, that way it's not just a hull trying to hold up. Although, I'm willing to bet metal of sufficient thickness could take at least a few hits, it wouldn't be a bad idea to set a shield up along side whatever else we do, unless we're going to try to boost the ship out of orbit, which I could see ending very badly because of how ridiculously compromised the whole structure is. We could just have some drones weld a bunch of shit together while we work on other things, it really can't hurt.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)00:01 No.15684832
    ...really? You are giving up something you apparently like because people are arguing on the internet?

    Well, whatever you want I guess man. To each his own.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:02 No.15684836
    I think we should try to repair the Asura's engines.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:02 No.15684837

    I have to agree with this anon, your writing is delicious and your setting is wonderful, but I really just can't watch as the loudest chucklefucks RAM OUR STARSHIP DIRECTLY INTO ANOTHER STARSHIP HOVERING OVER THE HEART OF A GOD DAMN STAR and expect to come out successful, in one piece, and somehow avoided tearing ourselves in two or fucking everything up. I LIKE this quest, I love the characters you have made, I just fucking hate the players and can't watch as we slowly plummet into the heart of a sun and become little more than...well, nothing.
    >> Roland Staghare !!w3D4GrJ5TK1 07/24/11(Sun)00:02 No.15684838
    I find it sad, but I must agree. Those who choose to play are furious at each other for no particular reason other than the rush of rage. I shall delve into this thread no further.

    Your writing is fantastic by the way.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:05 No.15684862

    This seems best to me. The Asura is already junk. More damage won't matter, as long as it can be coaxed into delivering its final cargo to us.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:06 No.15684871
    Not sure how much I can offer to this, but maybe we could modify a drone to be more useful for Dai to work through? Give it a wider view or better connection or something. It'd help speed the engine repairs up if we can.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:06 No.15684877
    Use the shuttle to push/pull the ship out. We've got time.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:07 No.15684886
    Now, I find the shield idea incredibly stupid and have no intention of seeing it occur

    But you 3 are the biggest fucking babies I've ever seen. If thats all it takes to drive you off, Good riddance.

    See what we can do remotely with the engines.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:09 No.15684901
         File1311480570.jpg-(9 KB, 210x214, 1311029425690.jpg)
    9 KB
    >retards leaving
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:11 No.15684914

    Bro, I don't think the main problem with these 3 is that they are "babies" as you put, but I think the problem lies in that when they try to post a good suggestion, it gets drowned out by shit like constructing a giant steel shield to fight against a STAR. Or ramming a ship, what i'm saying is, I don't think they can handle watching something they -enjoy- be ruined by idiots and watching their beloved Voidquest end with us being a pancake against another ship as we slowly descend into a star....at thread 9.

    Sage for off-topic.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:11 No.15684915
    The internet just isn't worth getting and over. If anything, it takes maturity to just walk away. To tell the truth, I'm not far from following them.

    I trust Vedibere to filter out the idiots though, so I'll stay on until that no longer happens.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:12 No.15684922
    No we don't, at least, not that much time.
    Assuming that you mean to weld the shuttle to the Asura and, assuming that the stress doesn't cause the ship's frame to buckle at that point, it would take years for the orbit to be altered enough. You're talking about a shuttle moving a cruiser.

    Not really feasible, seeing as the drones are on the Asura, and all of our engineers and workshops are back here on the Harbinger. Though I suppose it's something that we could have Dai work on in his spare time after this.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:13 No.15684927
    We're not really going to waste another 6 hours arguing about this, are we?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:13 No.15684932

    So boosting Asura to a safer orbit is the sane option. We do it by telepresence, or we MacGuyver Dai aboard. How?

    1) Ablate a hulk with our guns until it intercepts the debris around Asura, and/or blocks the coronal radiation.
    2) Atomize everything else big enough to catalogue using point defense and ship weps.
    3) Wait until Asura is at apogee and launch.

    This option is a last-ditch; I'm content to wait two millennia for Dai to telepresence it, if the ship wouldn't be eaten by the star (which it will). Priorities are still:

    1) Extract or render inert the clustereater; it can still fuck us if we leave it alone.
    2) Extract the cryopods.
    3) Salvage usable parts from Asura.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:13 No.15684936
    We have hundreds of drones, iirc. Though you're probably right about the time frame. But if it takes less than a week, it would be worth it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:14 No.15684944
    If anyone honestly believes Vedibere will send us into a star when there is any appreciable percentage of participants who realize exactly how fucking stupid that is, then quite simply the people getting pissy over it are not as intelligent as they believe.

    But I digress, SHOUT LOUDER rarely gets an OP's attention when there are reasoned arguments against it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:19 No.15684973
    Guys, I'll be frank:

    We have Singularity Bombs on not inconsiderable power. If you want to suck the Asura out of it's current orbit, Plot out the appropriate coordinates to set one off to exert More force pulling away from the sun than the Asura's current relatively stable orbit (it's not falling into the sun very fast now is it?).

    We're a fucking AI with Gravitation based Nuclear warheads. The damn things work by exerting force inwards for chrissake, we should be able to plot something.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:20 No.15684979
         File1311481221.jpg-(7 KB, 250x250, team_fortress_2_11738.jpg)
    7 KB






    Ignore the tards, move forward with the mission. You don't stand on Shit Mountain and whine because it won't give you diamonds, you get your fucking pick and you MINE, until you find the fucking diamonds, you puking infants.

    Sage for reprimanding mewling children.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:21 No.15684989
    Doesn't need to be welding. Attach some carbon nanotube cables or whatever to pull, or just push, hull to hull. We know how much stress these hulls can likely support.

    In case it has escaped everybody's attention, WE ARE IN SPACE. There's nothing to stop us to slowly accelerate it. Let's assume the cruiser is 100,000 times the mass of the shuttle, and that the shuttle can normally accelerate at 1 g (Two rather conservative assumptions, I think). This means with one hour of pushing, the cruiser is moving at 0.35 m/s. In one day, it's moving at 8.4 m/s.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:21 No.15684990
    >babbies and reaction images

    u mad bro?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:22 No.15684999
    Actually, it's implied that the singularity warheads carried by the Harbinger are artificially forced to release a massive amount of Hawking radiation, or otherwise create some kind of explosion.
    They do not form a temporary black hole to suck in the target, as you assume.

    >Singularity warheads come in a lot’a classes, we’ve even got some of them on here. Small ones, of course, used to make big explosions

    Things go more smoothly when you read everything.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:25 No.15685011
    Your forgeting that shit mountain is full of very hungry trolls.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:25 No.15685019
    And we can't alter that? Mess with the settings at all?

    Don't get smug, not everythings set in stone when you have one of the chief designers of such weapons on board.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:25 No.15685021
    I had earlier voted for having Dai start looking into the engines via remote drones on the Asura.

    Does anyone NOT want to do this??
    My reasoning is that if we can get the engines going there, even for a short time, we can potentially boost the ship away from the star and into a safer area, where we can retrieve pieces of it with less risk than we currently face.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:26 No.15685031
    1. You have to exceed whatever amount of force the sun is exerting on pulling asura towards it.

    2. That is still incredibly, INCREDIBLY slow. We will be here months at least
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:27 No.15685042
    I thought that's been the plan since last fucking thread?

    Our spook and our engineer both agree with this plan.
    The DM agrees with this plan.
    Everyone who is not a 'durr ram it' idiot agrees with this plan.

    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:28 No.15685050
    You assume that we have cables that can withstand that force. That there are hardpoints that we could attach such cables to.
    You also forget the matter of the shields, what with them designed to dissipate the kinetic energy of objects hitting the ship. If those shields fail or are turned off, the Asura burns.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:29 No.15685055
    He could easily also be using a simple shorthand for "bomb" without going into detail of what it actual does. Assumptions, asses, et al.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:32 No.15685075
    I have no idea. Maybe it'll be in the next update.
    We've been swatting down these other stupid ideas for so long, it feels like the one option we agreed to has been dropped, when it really hasn't.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:36 No.15685092
    No, he says it pretty clearly, that the regular singularity warheads create explosions, and the clustereaters are the ones who release black holes for a week.
    >Small ones, of course, used to make big explosions
    >But the clustereaters’re different, they don’t explode.
    >They eat everything around them before just fading away after a week or so
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:37 No.15685101

    we sent drones over to investigate the wreck, and timeskipped 24 hours or so when Dai informed us the EI might be operational. SUDDENLY TANGENT!

    so then, our current plan clusterfuck seems to be:

    1) fix Asura's engines and attempt to distance her from the star. (Dai and Ivanova approved?)
    2) RAM/Shield Asura out of sun's orbit with another wreck (Risky, possibly bad idea considering the speed that things are likely moving)
    3) Mad dash with cryotubes in a shuttle, using second shuttle to protect the first.

    If we do the engine repair/burn, we can always have the shuttle escape plan as a backup.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:37 No.15685108
    >Come up with shit idea

    >GM shoots it down saying it doesn't work that way

    >Tell the GM he's wrong and argue about it
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:37 No.15685109
    It's getting close to 2 hours now; are you writing?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:39 No.15685119
         File1311482357.jpg-(198 KB, 1280x896, 1306316170789.jpg)
    198 KB
    a bit creepy a gestalt EI.

    Late arrival been reading archives and just caught up.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)00:39 No.15685121
    For the record when masses smaller than around 7e23 are compressed below their Schwarzschild radius they will produce more energy than they take in. The smaller the black hole's mass the faster this energy is released, though the less of it there is. I think there is a popular example that goes, "If you forced a semi truck into becoming a black hole it would radiate energy at a rate 200 times greater than the sun" or something like that. Obviously the duration would be very short and the amount released depends on the amount of mass to release it from, so there is a balance between size and how fast it gets released.

    And this is all stuff that is known to physics today.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:40 No.15685130
    I hate how it's been like two hours now and we've only actually DONE one thing.

    I remember Dragon Quest had the same 'paralyzed by too many decisions' problem.
    Wish I knew a solution.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:40 No.15685131
    Vediere, im afraid you'll just have to decide this for us, as some... people keep arguing and dithering.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:42 No.15685138


    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:43 No.15685148
    It's really more like we have a plan, most of us agreed to the plan, and there's like two or three others who are throwing out their plans, and the rest of us keep on telling them over and over that the plans are stupid and won't work.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:44 No.15685156
    yea i remember that also with dragon quest. nice to see some of you guys here as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:45 No.15685157

    H-How did you know that!?!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:48 No.15685183
    I know for a fact Vedibere himself was a Dragon Quest player as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:48 No.15685190
    >it's more common than you think.jpg
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:49 No.15685200

    By the way, either of you two know what happened to DQ? I know a few were mislabeled on the archive, but did it end or anything?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)00:49 No.15685201
    Really people, you know I take a while to write stuff. Christ. This is not news.

    You've only "done" one thing because that one thing was pretty much the closest thing to a plot point you've had yet and I've been attempting to breathe life into this stuff. It's not like the quest is running infrequently or for short durations. Do you want me to try and write LESS stuff and just hack off dialogue, interaction, and such? Because that's how it's going to go if you want to skip over things to "get more done."

    It's not decision paralysis, it's me attempting to do quality storytelling.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:50 No.15685215
    Naw, I emailed Writer-Dude about it, and he's just been busy as hell. He plans to put up another quest soon, and he said he definitely isn't going to end it without telling everyone.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:52 No.15685232
    I wasn't trying to imply that it was your fault or anything. I enjoy your writing, and I don't mind waiting for it.

    What I have a problem with is people arguing so much over such pointless shit in the interim that the thread seems likely to go into autosage before you get a chance to put up more than a few real posts.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:52 No.15685236
    Ah, good to hear. I guess that's not the first time it's happened.

    (sorry Vedibere, your quest is great too don't strike me down)
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:53 No.15685243
    >1. You have to exceed whatever amount of force the sun is exerting on pulling asura towards it.
    No, we don't. The ship is in a stable orbit. We know this because it's been some sixty thousand years since but still hasn't fell into the star.

    >2. That is still incredibly, INCREDIBLY slow. We will be here months at least
    It's not like you have a date to make. Faster than you think, with how acceleration stacks up.

    10/10 for complaining others not knowing basic physics while getting it wrong yourself
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:54 No.15685247

    You're fine. The only problems with lack of immediate motion are that it gives more time for tards to suggest tarded courses of action, and it gives more time for non-tards to fret that the tards have sent us hurtling into the corona of a fucking sun.

    Take your time. Your narrative is engaging, and you're not humoring the tards. We're all good here.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:56 No.15685271
    So, uh, barring using the Asura's own engines which, if possible, is without a doubt the best idea, we could use the asura itself as a shield against the star and just sit in relative proximity to it and act as a gravity tractor.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:57 No.15685277
    That would probably take longer to show results than we are willing to accept.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)00:59 No.15685295
    rolled 2, 2 = 4

    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:00 No.15685307
         File1311483657.jpg-(67 KB, 800x455, 1247373202692.jpg)
    67 KB

    i suspected but i knew him by is dragon quest IRC name only.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:01 No.15685308

    And our own presence within the corona would probably spell our doom. Not to mention the debris field that is local space. We either have to get Asura out into clear space, or write it off. And the consequences of writing it off could be the extinction of Man.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:05 No.15685342
    Let's have Dai look at Asura's engines. If they're at all usable we can start looking for ways to safely get men aboard it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:09 No.15685375
    it wouldn't necessarily mean the extinction of mankind, theoretically, to repopulate the earth, for example, you would only need 22 men and about 4-6 women... note that this means every single egg is matched up with one sperm.

    as for the occupants of the Asura, don't we already have a shuttle docked inside the ship? the one we used for the drones? couldn't we use the drone to defrost them, get them to the shuttle, and gtfo? its a gamble, but it doesnt risk us needlessly.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:12 No.15685402
    Those names the Asura EI gave us are likely the names of the other super weapons. Remember, Dai said they were all named.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:13 No.15685416
    Pretty sure that's below the minimum genetic pool needed for a healthy population.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:14 No.15685430
    I don't think so.
    It named Hydra, and Hydra was a warship we once served on.
    These could be the names of major warships that were deployed with clustereaters, however.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:15 No.15685438
    You're not taking into account cloning and genetic manipulation, which I believe some of the NPCs mentioned.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:15 No.15685443
    Hm, wonder if that thing we talked wasn't the ex EI at all but something that was on the bomb. Or more accurately, the bomb itself.

    It'd make the creeper joke much more substantial, were that the case.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:16 No.15685447
    didn't say it was healthy, just enough to repopulte
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:16 No.15685450

    Good point. The Hydra was a big ship, they wouldn't have entrusted the super weapons, nor the VIPs, to anything less than their best remaining assets.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)01:26 No.15685516
    You turn, quickly relinking with the data core. Now devoid of an EI presence in any form you are easily able to access ship control system and readouts. The damage is as bad as you had feared. The reactor core and systems inside the vault are all in good repair, but everything else... ugh. Terrible. The majority of systems are not even responding, including the engines. Still, that doesn’t mean they are destroyed and beyond function.

    “Chief Dai,” you begin, returning to the bridge, “I’ve cleared the threat and taken control of the ship. I would like you to begin remotely assessing the engines on the Asura to see if you can make them operational. I don’t care how bad they are or if it damages the already destroyed ship; as long as it doesn’t blow up and can impart momentum then it’s enough.”

    The man sighs, “It will take time.”

    “Indeed, but then what doesn’t?”

    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)01:27 No.15685524
    A week and a half passes, slowly for you but rapidly for your crew you suppose. Busy hands leave little time for idle minds and all that, and you certainly have them working quickly on pulling the salvage from the hulks. This, combined with your haul from Orrin and the raw metals from Larant’s shipyards have begun to give Tynes and his cargomaster organizational headaches. Empty space has, ironically, begun to take on a premium value as the massive amounts of raw materials fill your hull.

    Still, the situation has crated an interesting result. Tynes, Guns, and Ivanova have taken to using some of the more filled cargo bays as hunting grounds, wearing sensors and using light beam weaponry dialed down to harmless levels to play games of combat-tag with one another among the twisting corridors between debris.

    Burr has likewise found pleasant diversion (apparently) in the restoration of your body. “Once a trauma surgeon, always a trauma surgeon.” he claims, and though you wince with every needle prick or incision you have to admit the man knows his craft. Or at least, you did; your meatparts seem fully repaired once more, either restored or replaced with cybernetics by the good doctor. He claims he will be ready to begin the process of reintegration any time you are ready.

    Dai’s work progresses as well, though you see that working via drone does not thrill the man nearly as much as doing so in person. Still, he presses on and in a short time has a report for you:

    >Engines partially functional.
    >Likely chance of explosion; Danger to ship integrity minimal. Danger to reactor high. Danger of reactor breach negligible.
    >Estimated burn length enough to alter trajectory outside hazardous zone
    >Assuming successful burn: 3 weeks to intercept within safe zone
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:31 No.15685548
    Acceptable enough. It'd probably take that long just to finish looting the other wrecks and organizing it.

    Finish the timeskip and hope for the best.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:32 No.15685561

    Oh boy, more time skipping.

    Also, I'm still not thrilled about the meat-puppet thing. Seems like a pointless vanity.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:33 No.15685573
    Oh, right. Also am for the reintegration of our body. I'm sure the cap'n would appreciate it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:34 No.15685579
    Well, even if the reactor blows, the vault would be safe since it wouldn't result in a reactor breach.
    Just make sure to pull the drones back into the vault and seal the doors, just in case.

    Oh, and before we do this, ask Dai if the power on the drones can be spliced into the cryotubes.
    If the reactor does blow, then it would interrupt power to the cryotubes and kill the occupants. But if we splice in power from the drones, they might last long enough for us to recover them.
    If possible, hold off activating the engines until after the drone power supplies are spliced in.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:34 No.15685581

    with more time could the chance of explosion be lowered, or is this a best case scenario for repairs via drone?

    if there is an explosion, will the Asura likely go tumbling into the star? will an explosion threaten the safety of our landed shuttles or the cryopods/clustereater?

    Did we ask him if using drones as emergency power for the cryopods would be possible?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:34 No.15685583
         File1311485684.png-(215 KB, 2658x2298, 1306645940791.png)
    215 KB
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)01:34 No.15685588
    >Seems like a pointless vanity.
    Honest question not supporting for or against, but why is that an especially bad thing?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:36 No.15685605
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:36 No.15685610
    And by the reactor blowing, I mean the reactor failing in some way, needing the black hole equivalent of a SCRAM, or the power transfer couplings getting damaged.
    Not an actual reactor breach; that would destroy the entire ship.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:37 No.15685623
    I like it. Gives the crew somebody to interact with instead of this voice on the speakers. I am actually surprised by how few psychological problems we've had so far.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:37 No.15685627
    Personally I want to hold off on the reintegration until we successfully save the Asura's remaining crew.
    I'd rather be reintegrated on a high note.
    >> Orion 07/24/11(Sun)01:37 No.15685628
    I have not been able to post on Void Quest for something like five iterations because I kept missing. So glad to be part of it again.

    I would like to ask, because I read last thread but I don't quite remember, is the Asura in critical danger of falling into the star's corona, or do we have a little more time?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:39 No.15685639
    It's persisted 64,000 years. unless we'd gone with the hulkshield plan, we have time enough to do what we need to.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:39 No.15685640
    we're a disembodied voice. that can be creepy. the friendlier we are the creepier it gets. even just walking around once then not bothering for a long time would improve morale immensely. that combined with the recovery of the pods would perhaps even make them hopeful of the future beyond just killing xenos. i know they're probably used to the idea of captains being disembodied most of the time but just the idea of our having a working body would make us alot better off.

    for combat? horribly useless. for morale/comraderie? it is of incalculable value. unless we look horribly deformed.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:40 No.15685654
    inb4 rolls
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)01:41 No.15685656
    >with more time could the chance of explosion be lowered, or is this a best case scenario for repairs via drone?
    This is likely case. Even best case wouldn't lower it significantly.

    >if there is an explosion, will the Asura likely go tumbling into the star? will an explosion threaten the safety of our landed shuttles or the cryopods/clustereater?
    Explosion would have unpredictable effects on trajectory

    >Did we ask him if using drones as emergency power for the cryopods would be possible?
    It is, but it won't sustain them for more than a few hours. Also you've lost several more drones and one of the shuttles is beginning to show signs of heat damage.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:41 No.15685658

    While we wait: re-integration!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:42 No.15685666

    Wouldn't it cut down a FUCKTON on our efficiency? I mean, didn't YOU say that we had to CONSTANTLY micromanage everything our organic body does? From the most advanced tasks right down to neural signals?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)01:42 No.15685676
    It's on a decaying orbit but it should be another 500 years or so before it burns up.
    >> Orion 07/24/11(Sun)01:43 No.15685682
    Hmm...I would like to ask, someone mentioned the idea of using the point defense lasers on the Harbinger to take out at least some of the debris around the Asura. Would that actually be feasible, and would it even be worth the risk? Or has this question been discussed/answered already?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:43 No.15685686
    Empty space at premium.

    So, what I'm getting is that we'll be playing Russian Roulette with 5 chambers loaded for three weeks in order to get the Asura out of the corona of the sun.

    Honestly, I do not see anything more practical, short of conquering aliens and getting them to build us a space tow-boat.

    Should we choose to fire up the engines, we should make sure that the power to Cryo is not interrupted.

    That said, if anyone has any good and practical ideas about getting the people out, then now would be the time to say them.

    I guess since the original mission was "see if there were salvageable parts from the reactor" we're likely going to blow those parts up. I consider it an acceptable loss if we can revive those people.

    I assume we haven't told our crew what we think cause the whole shebang: our failure to return intact after putting down the rebellion. That part feels pretty bad, man.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:49 No.15685709
    we've got too much shit.
    go around to the people in charge of repairing shit and ask them what they need and what they don't need. space and mass are a premium in space, and we really don't need to be carrying around loads of low grade unusable shit.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)01:50 No.15685713
    >I mean, didn't YOU say that we had to CONSTANTLY micromanage everything our organic body does? From the most advanced tasks right down to neural signals?
    Yes... with involuntary processes and automation once you successfully bring everything back manually.

    >Wouldn't it cut down a FUCKTON on our efficiency?
    No. It can even increase it when performing some tasks due to the quality of the cyberware installed.

    >Guys, pretty sure my 4chans/ISP is fucking up. Might have to call it until Monday since this is a decent place. Will give it a bit more time though.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:51 No.15685719

    We're not completely full up yet. And we can cache stuff too.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:52 No.15685729
    ... could we maybe stick a small 'flange' of shield, or a portion of it, into the debris field? To create something of a corridor for the shuttles?

    Or are our shields not that malleable? Or, if they are, how much strain would it create for the ship with staying intact against the star?

    To be honest, creating a 'safe' window as best we can with point defence seems the best option.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:53 No.15685735
    Because, uh, there is a good chance that impacts with the ship might make the Asura explode.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:53 No.15685738

    Try switching browsers if you have a second one installed. Sometimes that fixes things for me when 4chan starts to act slow.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:54 No.15685741

    Then let's do it. Waiting only worsens the situation. But let's have a Plan B if things go critically bad. Like, explosion sends the Asura headed into the star bad.

    I suggest that we stand ready to do a fast-and-dirty evac. Hook the pods into the drones, load them into the better shuttle, get the Harbinger as close as possible, and fly the shuttle out with a squad of drones playing sacrificial blockers for it. This is strictly a worse case, act now or they all die contingency. But it costs little to have it prepared.

    If things go well, we do the burn and have a few weeks to finish cleaning up. Plenty of time to tend to mundane chores.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:54 No.15685743
    Meh, might as well try the reintegration.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:54 No.15685747
    At least give us the Asura before signing off.

    Ask Dai if there's any way he can get the cryopods to last until we're able to intercept the Asura.
    But given that the drones are starting to breakdown, I think we have to do this now.
    Give Dai the go-ahead to activate the engines for the burn.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:55 No.15685757

    ACTION: Ask Dai about deliberately detonating the Asus's engines to achieve a desired trajectory change. If any of the attitude thrusters are even halfway salvageable, (that should be a fairly simple system) a deliberate detonation of the engines to "kick" the ship away from the star should be possible. Time it so that the ship is moving away from the other shattered hulks debris fields, and hey-presto. The vault/reactor still has shields, so it's highly likely to survive.

    ... of course, that will send it tumbling like mad, but careful application of low-power railgun shots can slow that to a workable degree.

    BRIEF QUERY: What does Dai think we should do? Chance it now, or come back later with more resources? We can just stick the drones inside the vault where they'll be safe if we take option 2, and recall the shuttles.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:56 No.15685760
    we need to figure out what salvage we need and what salvage we don't
    I reccomend we have tynes go around and ask the chiefs of staff and stuff what they need or think we should keep and dump the stuff we don't
    space and mass are a premium in space, and we need to be at our best shape in case shit goes down
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:57 No.15685770
    not until after we get those people, as we don't need to overwhelm Dr. Burr with patients.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)01:59 No.15685785
    If we're really pressed for space, try dumping lower-quality components that we have higher-quality ones of.

    I suggested this before, but have we attempted to identify the individuals within Cryo on the Asura?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:02 No.15685811
    Don't do it. If this plan fails, I don't want to know who we lost.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:05 No.15685835
    i'd assume it would be the senior-most members of thecommand staff of the Asura, minus the captain of course
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)02:07 No.15685854
    >Ask Dai about deliberately detonating the Asus's engines to achieve a desired trajectory change.
    Possible, would eliminate the chance of a wild explosion. Obviously will damage the reactor, and some people mentioned trying to get as many repair parts from it as possible since it's still in fairly decent working order.

    >What does Dai think we should do?
    Dai doesn't much care either way but feels all this effort would be a waste if you didn't do something.

    >At least do the Asura
    That's going to be a decent sized post including the timeskip. I figure I'll save it for an OP.

    Also, pick up to two crewmembers to talk to during said timeskip, and any topics, demeanor, questions, ect. you want to bring up in the conversations.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)02:09 No.15685870
    >I suggested this before, but have we attempted to identify the individuals within Cryo on the Asura?
    Your databanks indicate they are 11 cryofrozen people you have never met before and have no knowledge of inside cryopods.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:13 No.15685900
    you know, we ordered mandatory mental psych examinations for our crew to asses their mental health, but have we done our own?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:13 No.15685902
    bring them aboard and defrost them in medbay, but have security on standby. They could be anything from soldiers to janitors to criminals who murdered the crew and hopped in the tanks.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:14 No.15685907
    We don't need to. All protagonists controlled by the /tg/ hivemind are incurably insane.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:15 No.15685920
    In before spooks of the highest quality,
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:16 No.15685924
    ah, true... still, was trying to give vedibere an opportunity to test his writing skills (not that he needs to, and only if he wants to)
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:16 No.15685929
    >Also, pick up to two crewmembers to talk to during said timeskip, and any topics, demeanor, questions, ect. you want to bring up in the conversations

    Let's talk to Parson!
    Sure he may have had more to lose than most but he's still an officer of the fleet. Lets talk to him about why he decided to join up and all that jazz.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:17 No.15685930
    >Possible, would eliminate the chance of a wild explosion.

    I vote for this, then. Personnel are more valuable then parts.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:17 No.15685933

    Vanity that comes with risk, no matter how slight, is foolish vanity.

    Fuck it, I'm happy being a warship.
    >> Orion 07/24/11(Sun)02:17 No.15685936
    1st: Don't write up the Asura movement if you don't feel you can tonight. Save your strength and make us proud on Monday.

    2nd: I feel uncomfortable with the possibility of damaging the reactor with a controlled explosion. I vote for a slow, steady, bare minimum use of the engines to get the Asura going.

    3rd: My votes for the crew members to talk to are: A) Ensign who has taken on the role of ship therapist (I believe her name was Kara). Ask her how the crew is doing, how Parson is doing, how she is doing.
    B) Ivanova, discuss with her the cryptic answers given by the Razon EI remnant, what it might mean, where those ships or whatever were stationed, and why would they be so important?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:18 No.15685941
    Okay, so it's a choice between likely explosion and damage to reactor, but small chance that it won't blow and everything will be fine, versus definite but controlled explosion, and assured damage to the reactor.

    Working off of the assumption that the explosion WILL occur, is it possible for Dai to open and close certain bulkheads and airlocks, so that the explosion, when it happens to the engines, could be vented out to space, preferably in a way that will help the Asura break its orbit?
    Dai is using drones, so it's not like we can't just vent the atmosphere from the Asura except for the vault itself.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:19 No.15685952
    I guess it's impossible to predict the trajectories of the debris that's orbiting along with the asura? It would be if we could avoid having the asura collide with other molten debris when we alter it's trajectory to get it out of danger.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:19 No.15685954
    Voting for Parson and Guns.

    Parson about how he's doing and more about what's on his mind than anything specific.

    Guns, about the awesome bomb we'll be getting, and interesting ways we can increase our firepower to fight the xeno threat!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:20 No.15685958
    I second your NPC dialogue choices.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:21 No.15685965
    You do realize that we will continue to be the warship, simply with an added form should we ever need it, right?

    I mean the bulk of our time will be in the ship, with the added benefits of our cyberware. The body will just be a better agent than drones when we enter places that aren't utter death traps.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:22 No.15685969
    Does anyone else think that the discovery of such a comparative treasure-trove in this system bodes very well for our future? The Empire built things so well that the Asura still has a ton of useful equipment and even cryo pods aboard, despite having spent more than 60,000 years being toasted.

    My hope for mostly-functional ships remains undaunted.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:22 No.15685970
    i third this
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:25 No.15685997
    We should also bear in mind that there is the quite significant benefit of having a physical human-like presence on the ship. One of the most important duties a leader has is to be a walking, talking example for their subordinates; which is almost impossible when we are a ship, a floating drone or a fucking hologram.

    The incalculable benefit of providing that re-assuring presence is worth a small bit of risk.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:32 No.15686049
    I think I agree with all of this except for with:

    If possible, get parts off the reactor for our repairs (leaving their reactor mostly working...might be impossible though) and store them in the central vault. If the engines blow, chances are that those components will be destroyed anyway. (Actually, we could put them back IN...)
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:33 No.15686056
    Not necessarily.
    The facilities and equipment required to effect real, lasting repairs on the Harbinger would have been located only at Sol or maybe a handful of Core Worlds. Those same Core Worlds would have been the most fought over systems, and it's unlikely they would have survived.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:34 No.15686062

    Once we have our body back? Parson, if Burr and his assistant think he is ready to talk to us. I want to be gentle and conciliatory with him. He suffered a big shock, after all.

    The laser-tag games sound fun, we should make sure the rest of the crew gets a chance to play if they want to.

    We should speak to Tynes and just get to know him some. He's the member of the command team we've spent the least time with so far.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:35 No.15686067
    Capital-class shipyards aren't the only thing we're looking for.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:41 No.15686118
    Well, yes, there's a ton of other things we're looking for as well.
    It's just that capital-class shipyards are pretty high on the list, since getting access to one will allow things like properly repairing the hull, and if we find the components, doing repairs to the engines, reactor, and Jump drive. Also, we could actually replace weapon emplacements, if necessary.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)02:44 No.15686136
    Alright, sorry guys, fatigue from changing up my sleep schedule the past couple days is hitting me like a wall. I meant to keep going until around 6:00 like normal, but I just can't make it and keep quality going. And since quality is where I focus rather than speed (breaking news! slowpoke.jpg) I think that would be a disservice to all you guys who wait metric aeons for me to post.

    I'll try to have something good for you Monday at 18:00. Feel free to continue talking as long as you want, I always read the last thread over again before working on my OPs so it's not in vain or anything at all.

    For the people who were suggesting using the shuttles to move the ship: yes, you could. The problem is just finding cables that can take the force to move it in a reasonable amount of time. Also they could still get hit by huge chunks of debris moving super fast, ect.

    Just wanted to point out that while it had problems, it was a very good idea and if it weren't right on the edge of a star's corona and on a timescale of weeks then it would be quite viable.

    >Also also
    To people who think their ideas might be being ignored, scared of bad ideas ruling the world, or whatever, I read everything that gets posted. I take every well-reasoned post into account. Some (intelligent/unique) posts I've even gone multiple threads before implementing them at the appropriate time.

    Nothing you post in the thread goes unread and I enjoy doing so.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:48 No.15686174
    So does that mean that what will happen to the Asura has been decided?
    Can you at least tell us which plans will be implemented?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:49 No.15686177
    Good to hear it!
    Sleep well, you've deserved it.
    >> Orion 07/24/11(Sun)02:49 No.15686178
    Good to know Vedibere. Sleep well, Master of the Void, we'll see you soon.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:52 No.15686200

    Fourthed. Ivanova needs to be kept in the loop, and has the best perspective on the political dealings that seem to have spiraled out of control. And we want to be able to head off a repeat of the Parson incident, so having a good idea of how the crew is doing is important.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)02:56 No.15686220
         File1311490560.jpg-(73 KB, 469x428, tf.jpg)
    73 KB
    >So does that mean that what will happen to the Asura has been decided?
    Nah, like I said I still read all the posts in the archived threads. (which reminds me, someone archive please)

    That said, if nothing changes it will be normal burn rather than controlled explosion.

    >I guess it's impossible to predict the trajectories of the debris that's orbiting along with the asura?
    Nah, it's entirely possible... for portions of it. Do remember the sheer amount we're talking here. The large gravity wells in this system are all positively swarming with debris.

    >In before spooks of the highest quality,
    Pic related? Who knows? Those were pretty extreme measures to take to ensure they weren't captured after all....
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)02:58 No.15686231
    rolled 7 = 7

    I think if we do decide to try and use the Asura's engines to push it out of orbit (which does seem like the best plan), we should have the pods loaded onto shuttles, ready to bug out immediately if it looks like the engine is about to explode. It might be low chances that all/most of them will make it out if they just try to fly through the debris, but it's a better chance than letting them ride the Asura as it flies around wildly from a blown up engine.
    >> Orion 07/24/11(Sun)03:02 No.15686253
    This is probably a good fail-safe measure, but replace the shuttles that are there with new ones, to ensure they'll function properly. Vedibere did mention one (at least?) was being damaged by the heat.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)03:06 No.15686281
    I hate to lose more shuttles, but you have a point about the ones there being already suffering heat damage.

    As an emergency measure, just in case, I can agree with this plan. We pull out the shuttles already at the Asura, while we send in new ones, and the drones get ready to evac the cryopods and the clustereater to the shuttles just in case.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)03:13 No.15686319
    Throw in "see if we can scrap parts from the reactor and keep it working" and I like it.

    PERHAPS it might be a good idea to set up a controlled explosion just in case there is an uncontrolled explosion. Use the ship's engines first, but rig them to explode in a specific way, should they explode. It's still a crapshoot, but better than nothing!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)03:20 No.15686351
    >it might be a good idea to set up a controlled explosion just in case there is an uncontrolled explosion
    That's what I was going for with >>15685941
    Using the bulkheads to channel the explosion in a controlled manner.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/24/11(Sun)03:20 No.15686352
    Repairs don't work that way! Argh!

    You can't have your cake, eat your cake, repair your cake, and expect all three cakes to functionally deliver power to core drive systems!

    Anyway, I'm out.

    >See you guys Monday at 18:00
    >> Orion 07/24/11(Sun)03:22 No.15686360
    ...What he said.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)03:26 No.15686375

    It's the shield on the shuttle we have to worry about. As soon as the shield fails we'll lose the shuttle.

    Can we buff the shields on the next set of shuttles?

    It'll suck if we lose more shuttles, we've only got like 7 or 8 total right?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)03:31 No.15686408
    Not repairs, more like "controlled decommissioning..."

    We should still do everything possible to attempt to control the explosion, but without actually exploding the thing ourselves. It's probably not much, but we're not working with much in the first place anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/11(Sun)04:38 No.15686764
    Dont forget the people in cryo on the ashura.

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