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  • File : 1310925827.jpg-(781 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMARWARROOM.jpg)
    781 KB IRONHEARTS War Room: Stilemar IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)14:03 No.15613453  
    In order to surround us from the other side, the Voss occupation forces will take about two days to cross the river from an undefended point.

    This was an aerial photo taken as of a few hours ago. They intend to smoke us out with artillery and even managed to furnish out a few tanks from their storage. Our presence here is important, as it keeps the enemy from crossing Helena river and into the Norwood region.

    Now, for the meat and potatoes of our last mission:

    The cold storage box that we managed to extract from Engineer Oderkon contains what paranormal logistics labels as a Midian- or a Vampire.

    Apparently, her name is Helena Vonchek. A "native" citizen to Ragnyll before the country was even established. As per civil law we must see her as a citizen first, and not a weapon of Voss. It would seem that that the Voss has a protocol in place to not only extract our Ibonyte, but are also looking to engineer demi-human soldiers by finding raw material and screening our citizenry for them.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)14:07 No.15613485
    > This is a warroom thread, discuss next strat for next game whenever that could be [Date Confirmation 6pm Tonight]
    >> Concerned citizen 07/17/11(Sun)14:10 No.15613511
    As the map looks now, you probably want to go West and up, because that's a lot of tanks to the north.

    Of course you have to find a way across the river first.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)14:11 No.15613522
    > Gonna get coffee
    >> Sgt. Vanders !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)14:19 No.15613595

    This was just off the wire, we are getting armor reinforcements soon will keep you posted on those details, Command
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/17/11(Sun)14:23 No.15613645
    With the new artillery in place, the Eastern most house is simultaneously a better and worse shooting position.

    More targets, more return fire.

    But with those tanks arranged as they are, bringing that arm down the right way could be a hell of a momentum swing.
    >> Concerned citizen 07/17/11(Sun)14:45 No.15613825

    Well if you don't mind dieing I say go for it and who knows maybe you'll get lucky and survive.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)15:12 No.15614106
    Well, we can easily set up a jump pad on the west end and pick off the ghouls and other undead nasties from the safety of the river. The biggest roadblack there would be that tank to the north and the sniper on the roof.

    If we're feeling particularly ballsy, we can actually set up a jump pad on the roof of the eastern house, which would put us in a position to flank the armor and/or attack the artillery pieces directly. With any luck, we might even be able to hijack them and turn them on the tanks. Probably a good idea to smoke up that area too, since that route has literally zero cover.

    Of course, we'll also have to start taking advantage of our newly discovered support capability. Being able to call down artillery strikes and thin out their armor was a HUGE help near the end of the last mission.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)16:03 No.15614559

    The reality of calling down support like that is that they may not be available 100 percent of the time. Our air coverage is closer to zero than I would like, as we have yet to retake the Alban airfields to the east before bombing runs are an option to us.

    However as far as land traffic goes, artillery can support us in a timely manner, as well as a good income of troops and supplies. The only problem is the lack of veterans, as they are all fighting the Vosskon advance on Shadow Valley.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)16:13 No.15614645

    To list the Logistic support units ; they are

    Gyroplane Parcel Drop x 1
    Garrison Museum Artillery Crew x 3 [Ammo Low]
    Armored Troop Transport [Norwood Farms] x 2

    Garrison Automotive Factory:
    1-3 Bitanks Under production.

    If you can guess,
    They're civilian volunteers with outdated equipment, but nonetheless they all went through the Civil Draft as we did and are just as good as soldiers. Getting back Stilemar will be important in making sure that this improves.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)17:37 No.15615403
    I love how when this game actually offers preplanning theres almost zero activity.
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)18:37 No.15615881
    I think it would be prudent to have our artillery active from the start, perhaps behind the Western building.

    We should also use smokescreens to their fullest - to cover ourselves from the tanks and any approaches we might make.

    Additionally, it might be a good idea for us to catapult soldiers from the roof of the western house to the other rooftop, while launching a secondary strike from the broken bridge with the BiTanks or missile crews to keep the tanks busy.

    Once those guys are sufficiently busy, we can send missile crews to the house to flank them.

    How we'll deal with the artillery, I don't quite know... the only thing I can think of is to capture their radio frequencies and direct them to fire at their own lines.
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)18:51 No.15616030

    Of course, this would be a highly suicidal maneuver, and it would require us to maintain our utmost aggressive stance.

    >And likely rely on our ability to spawn a lot of guys.

    Additionally, can we get stuff set up before hand? Hell, can we SWIM across the river for a stealth mission?

    >All S's. Knives only. Everyone gets a det pack in place of their rifle. Or something sneaky like that.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)18:58 No.15616089

    If the sergeant or any ranking soldier puts it forward , this can be so.

    I wont risk a nighttime operation under a private's command.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)19:21 No.15616306

    Forgot my stripes, Apologies.
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)20:01 No.15616865

    So if Sgt. Mana supported this action, you would be completely fine with this?

    >Also, can't Scouts outrun ghouls?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)20:10 No.15617020
    Putting it up on a Sunday probably has something to do with it.

    Also, I blitzing the east side via jump pad and spiking/hijacking the guns seems much more viable since we'd be on higher ground, making it tougher for the tanks to fire on us. Of course, we have to heavily smoke the pad and the LZ to keep them from blasting us when we're the most vulnerable.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)20:11 No.15617040
    Argh, accidentally put my trip in the email field.
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)21:09 No.15617721
    Shit, well ain't this just the place to be. As i see the only way we can assault is through the west side where we will have the time to set up and while the tanks take the long way around to get to us. The only problem are those artillery formations, We have to take those out before we go anywhere unless we want to bathe in a rain of fire.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)21:45 No.15618063

    In that case, why not send 2 Hr teams on the roof to make quick work of the artillery , they are definitely in a prime spot for it.

    If you time this along with your attack to the west, you can either kite enemy armor away, from the factory or pincer the center.

    Dont forget that Bitanks can JUMP.
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)22:27 No.15618432

    Can they jump across the river?

    And since we have engineers, can we, well, knock down a building to make a makeshift bridge?

    >As in have the engineers direct an artillery strike of some sorts to have a building fall across the river?
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)22:35 No.15618491
    Hmm alright here is what i suggest, We set the Heavy teams and have them fire then give them some smoke cover so the tanks don't gun them down, The rest of yall hit the west side harder than the fist of an angry god. The plan is to lure the tank column into the ally way and have our bit tanks cross the river and flank when they get all nice and cramped in that side road. If the plan works we can deal with one tank on time while they are packed like sardines. Pull this off and I'll see if I can't requisition some real meat for sacks of shit. I guess that leave me to deal with our new recruit from the ice box.
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)22:41 No.15618538

    So we stay away from the Eastern side...?

    Sure, it can work.

    Also, do you think it's possible for an Hr team to ride a jumping BiTank over the bridge?

    Or two S's to ride a BiTank across the river to the artillery pieces to steal 'em?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)22:46 No.15618571
    it'll probably help to list the ideal unit composition for such an operation so players can have a better idea of what units are needed at minimum
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)22:52 No.15618613
    what are the limitations of our artillery support btw?

    like how many times we can use them and if we can use them for consecutive phases
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)23:04 No.15618713
    I'm thinkin' we need two Heavy weapon teams and two to three M units. Next i like to have a few A's to rapid assault the West side. One E and One sniper to rounde out the team after we got the essentials out of the way
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)23:10 No.15618769
    Alright let's have a talk with our new friend, Command there any intel you can send me so I can blunder my way through this with some tact?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)23:11 No.15618783

    which ones are are absolutely must haves?

    I assume the 2 Hrs who'll position on the eastern house?
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)23:16 No.15618833
    Those and atleast one M unit We'll need it to lay down the smoke cover and to provide some heavt artillery against the armored targets. Those two are the most important but we still need A's to give cover fire and clear out the enemy infantry.
    >> [Hr]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)23:18 No.15618844
    We could reasonably mostly ignore the east side for at least the initial push to the west. Remember, there's a tank on the west, it would be nice if it exploded immediately.

    I think there's something to be said for leaving a small group, maybe an S, an A, or an Hr, or some combination, behind, to shoot across the river and make it harder for the enemy to get a clear shot at the attacking team without getting shot at in return.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)23:24 No.15618899

    how long could we safely ignore those enemy arties? I assume they can fire anywhere on the map

    they seem to be too far away for an Hr squad to engage

    also what are the plans for taking out those snipers and the western tank?
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)23:25 No.15618903
    Yeah I agree for the most part but since i don't know what those artillery cannons can do I want to the see them bombed back to hades where the only thing they can hit is the devil's ass.
    >> [Hr]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)23:30 No.15618948
    Yeah, I guess I'd file them under ignore since none of our guys can hit them.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)23:31 No.15618963

    well assuming we could deploy our own arty at phase one, we could shell the enemy artillery position at the beginning, not sure if it will be enough to destroy them though

    we could definitely destroy that one tank north(and probably the one close behind it) with one of our tanks and an Hr squad at phase one
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)23:35 No.15618999
    About Artillery:
    " As for the Artillery crew, they say that one turn is needed to c fire, and a another turn to reload and possibly recalibrate to [visible coordinates] so try to plan their targets one turn ahead. I am told they only have 3 volleys left per cannon "
    >> [S]Steiner !!QxtsrZs7+PX 07/17/11(Sun)23:36 No.15619009
    Infantry along the west is sparse. I think moving across the west and the up and around behind the artillery and tanks is our best bet. Ideally we should only take a few units over to the west. First we should eliminate the snipers on the roofs so as not to get picked off or pinned.

    If we can coordinate some artillery on the enemy tanks and artillery on the northeast side as we move out it could cause enough confusion to keep them occupied while we get around them.

    Smokescreens would be ideal, but if we move in deep night we may have a better chance.
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)23:40 No.15619035
    "Thanks command."

    "Alright Chief your with me let's see if we can't get the little bloodsucker to help us out a bit."
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)23:40 No.15619041
    Not much is known about Helena, except that she's older than the whole unit combined. So I dont think it's necessary to see her as a ravenous creature but respect the fact that she could be.

    The case that she's in is more like a portable coffin than it is a carrying case. Oderkonn had designed it first for the Voss but then later added tweaks to it to make his escape. "

    Chief Engineer Oderkonn:
    " Ah... maybe I should sit in on this conversation too, she just fed a few days ago so I think she's good for another night "
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)23:41 No.15619051
    "Here if needed"
    >> [S]Sgt. Steiner !!QxtsrZs7+PX 07/17/11(Sun)23:45 No.15619079
    Hammering the Voss tanks and Artillery early seems to be a safe bet. If they want to fire on us and blast out holdout then they're going to do it eventually. We mine as well hit them as soon as we can and disrupt them. Hit them hard and fast.

    If we can suppress the snipers and infantry from out side then we should be able to send over a small team or two to swing around. Spreading out may see us cut off if we get sloppy but ideally we can mop up easily. This way we can keep pressure on them from the holdout while the infiltration unit(s) clean out the streets to the west and move north.
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)23:55 No.15619168
    "Oderkonn, what if they get her?"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)23:56 No.15619172

    we have 3 arty pieces so we could order them to fire at the enemy arty at phase one

    also at phase one we could take out the closest north tank

    dealing with the snipers at phase one would need a perfectly positioned infantry unit(S, Hr, M) or we could just pop smoke to block their LOS

    all's left is that tank blocking west

    also, I noticed that ghouls are not very active during daytime
    >> [M]Sgt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/17/11(Sun)23:58 No.15619194
    Good eye, but as for the artillery i want to see what we can do with out them first and use them as a plan b/panic button option for if reinforcements come or the shit hit's the fan.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/18/11(Mon)00:22 No.15619354

    I can hit the Easternmost artillery piece from the E building's roof. The other two are too far to hit. Unless what I heard a rifle can do also applies.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)00:23 No.15619357

    well worst case scenario of enemy arty being able to hit anywhere on the map, we might have to maintain a constant smoke screen over our units or we risk being shelled every other phase (they could also take out our own artillery if IC places them on-map)

    and looking at the average phase per game(estimate of about 6), and the fact that arties need a phase to reload, I say we should use them early to maximize their use
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)00:33 No.15619430
    Eh if you peons want to give up the glory fine we call command to powder our asses and have them hit the enemy head on. But take it from me using the artillery is something we want to keep in our pockets for when fate decides fuck us up royally.
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)00:42 No.15619505
         File1310964146.png-(195 KB, 636x958, HELENAMEME.png)
    195 KB
    " Oh. So it seems the good men of Ragnyll here have rescued me. Or is it the other way around ? "
    >> Oderkonn !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)00:43 No.15619523
    " Ah Helena ! You didn't tell me you slept in the nude ! "
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)00:51 No.15619585
    * Toses his Jacket to her.
    " What can I say for the most part the men of Ragnyll are just a bunch of damsels in distress."

    "Surely you can find it in your heart to help them out."
    *Finds a chair and reclines
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/18/11(Mon)00:52 No.15619589
    "If need be...How do I?"

    The private gestures a knife going across his throat, and then points to Helena.

    Seems he wants to add on more, but he can only cough
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)01:07 No.15619689
         File1310965668.png-(121 KB, 600x600, HELENAMEMECON2.png)
    121 KB

    " Help you ? The Voss are trained to fight our kind as well as they do against Iffram. I don't think helping you is something within my power, Sgt. "

    " But.... these people turned this sleepy town to an undead den. There's something there that still makes my heart beat "
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)01:11 No.15619721

    Tavish places a hand on the others' shoulder, shaking his head when he turns to face him.

    With two fingers, he taps the veins on the back of his hand.

    "...much easier... and hygenic... and less barbaric..."
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)01:14 No.15619758
    "Nice to hear you are sympathetic to our cause, personally this war won't be over for me till we run every last one of them out of the countryand I find the Hell-Wrought bastard that stiched those shits together and turn him inside out with my bare hands."

    "But thats a proper thing to say in a lady's presence, as for help I was wondering if you might help me with a little back up plan I have concocted."
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/18/11(Mon)01:16 No.15619781
    "Enge said CAN'T lose." The private eyes Helena's hand while holding his rifle "Won't lose. COUGH COUGH" Wisper holds the bandage on his neck for a moment. Seems he's done speaking for a while
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/18/11(Mon)01:17 No.15619784
    "Not to be rude or anything, Miss Vampire Lady, but besides being older than my great great great great great great grandpa, what exactly can... uh... "people" like you do?"
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)01:21 No.15619827
         File1310966515.png-(119 KB, 600x600, HELENAMEMECONdis.png)
    119 KB

    Oh ! Plans. Lovely. I like plans.
    What have you got ? I have all century.
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)01:26 No.15619870
    "Well if I am to understand vampires are quite agile lot. My plan is have set some charges in some houses, so that when they blow the debrii will block the streets. I can set the charges i just need you to sneak them in the houses. We do this right and we can block off the the tank column and give us an escape route or hopefully bury those fuckers under some fine Ragnyllian architecture."
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/18/11(Mon)01:27 No.15619885

    Weathers leans over, and speaks lowly, for the first time that anyone can recall.
    "Tavish, I'm pretty sure Wisper's asking about how best to deny our enemies... their objective, should the need arise."
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/18/11(Mon)01:28 No.15619892
    Wisper points to weathers, his other hand taps his nose
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)01:29 No.15619907

    The Scouts turns and blankly stares into the Private's face.


    He pauses, head tilted.

    "...Still easier... I think..."
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/18/11(Mon)01:31 No.15619921
    Wisper taps his heart and runs a finger across his fatal T, then shrugs.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/18/11(Mon)01:36 No.15619958

    Weathers grunts.

    "I hear it's the head. Pop the top, watch 'em drop."
    He seems confused for a second.
    "Or was that wights?"

    He shrugs, then pats his weapon.

    "Any way, if it comes to that, I can give it a go. Head, heart, they're pretty much both done if I get a hit."

    He looks at Helena, talking with the Lt.

    "Not a fan of the idea, though."
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)01:37 No.15619970

    " I see , it seems like you have some presumptions about us hemovores so I'll shed some light on that. Us vampires are capable of regeneration, burning up in the sunlight, good table manners, flight, arcane sorcery, turning into bats, punching through steel, summoning elder gods and convincing gullible mortals "

    " But I think a job like pyro-decorating this town is within my power to do at least while the moon is still out "
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)01:39 No.15619980

    Tavish simply stares at him, only to shrug.


    "...Mmmm... You... know about... ghouls? ...Active at night... slow... in light, maybe?"

    He hefts a flare round common to the Mobile Artillery kit.

    "... Night light...?..."

    The Scout simply cocks his head inquisitively.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)01:41 No.15619993
         File1310967672.jpg-(184 KB, 1444x1583, FM123.jpg)
    184 KB
    posting a how to

    note that this is based on my own interpretation of the unit sheet and could contain errors

    IC would have to post any corrections
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/18/11(Mon)01:48 No.15620040

    Weathers looks at the flare, slightly taken aback.

    "...Could be. Toss a flare at a pack of ghouls to slow 'em down?"

    He shrugs.

    "No harm in trying, I guess. Unless you die."
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)01:49 No.15620042
         File1310968151.png-(123 KB, 600x600, HELENAMEMEfu.png)
    123 KB

    " .... Yes... Ghouls... They're the product of irresponsible feeding. People simply dying from the thirst and becoming unconstituted corpses from the curse in our blood. That I feel responsible for, even us Midians dont delight in seeing ghouls as they crave for flesh indiscriminately even if it will do nothing for them. How the Voss run around without grabbing their attention is a different matter entirely "
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)01:49 No.15620047

    Also for reference:

    Called shots (I hit the gas tank!) usually costs 1 on your to hit (so instead of normally hitting on a roll of 7 or less, for example, you would hit on 6 or less instead).

    Increasing your elevation improves your range. 1 level = +1 to range.

    Firing beyond your range reduces your roll. 1 extra hex = -1 (Let's say with an increased elevation, my range is 6. If I want to hit someone at a range of 7, instead of hitting on 7 or less, I would hit on a 6 or less).

    There may be bonuses on firing at closer range (far below your maximum range), as well as getting shot at from lower elevations (as in you are on top of a building while getting shot at from the street below). The exact rules on these need to be confirmed, however.
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)01:53 No.15620082

    Like us, they travel best at night and actively hunt. If their masters are near they are thralls to them. Unlike us they can wander in daylight, and should their masters be near they can still be guided "
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/18/11(Mon)01:56 No.15620116
    So does that mean any rank and file Vossie can order those ghouls around, or does that require some specialized setup?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)01:58 No.15620128

    ! Oh What a splendid recreation of the field manuals !

    It's unfortunate that they all burned down with that school....
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)01:58 No.15620131

    gotcha, guess I'll make another how to for that

    I'm using the how tos from the zerospace SQ as basis btw
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)01:59 No.15620143
         File1310968785.jpg-(705 KB, 2700x1950, The_map.jpg)
    705 KB
    "Heh sounds fine to me I'll hand you a map and some instructions on how to place them."

    "Now if you excuse I have to order my men to pick up their jaws and get some shut eye so they'll be well rested for the beating I'm about to give their undisciplined asses in the morning."
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)02:00 No.15620146

    " I suppose a vampire would have to be within their ranks - and it doesn't seem very apparent that this one does. Which makes me wonder how they got dulahans and everything else in the first place... "
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)02:01 No.15620152

    It's mostly the same ruleset, but with different classes.

    Not sure about TA powers here, though I guess it can be handwaved with magic...
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)02:05 No.15620179

    it would be prudent to at least set a phase one plan that the men can refer to
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)02:08 No.15620200

    " I'll destroy everything but that bar to north. Otherwise, I'll make the funeral preparations before the Voss gets up to scare the moon away "
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)02:15 No.15620266

    "Mhm... Snipers... on rooftops... problematic... for you?"

    >I don't want to be the one to ask her if she's willing to turn 'em into "friendly" Ghouls. Or manservants.
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)02:26 No.15620339

    " Only if they use silvers "
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/18/11(Mon)02:28 No.15620353
    Wisper makes a mental note.
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/18/11(Mon)02:38 No.15620426

    "Mhm... understood... just... we wouldn't mind if... you made them... not problems..."

    >Fuck it, Tavish is not known for communication skills.
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)02:43 No.15620443
    "Are you boys that worried? Fine Miss Vonchek the boys would be very appreciative if you would slay the snipers on the roof AFTER you plant the bombs."
    >> [S]Sgt. Steiner !!QxtsrZs7+PX 07/18/11(Mon)02:43 No.15620444
    "Them having silvers seems unlikely. Unless they knew we had on of you with us."
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)05:24 No.15621433
    >So, can I join the next mission as soon as it starts?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)05:48 No.15621587
         File1310982507.jpg-(168 KB, 1024x651, 842a1fb1cfa38e60d400bf06da7f1e(...).jpg)
    168 KB
    yes, just report in with a class, name and trip before the mission and you should be in

    mission archives to see how the game is played

    pic is the usually accepted posting format
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)05:53 No.15621617

    Harkness an' Greaves ser, reportin' fer duty!
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)06:15 No.15621763
    > so six pm where exactly? Ausfag, it's like 8 at night here right now
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)06:29 No.15621845

    oh, that schedule was meant for yesterday

    too few people showed up for the strategic meeting so it got canceled

    IC is on EST so that is usually the timezone used(or was it 4chan time? I think they're the same)

    the games usually start at around late afternoon-evening EST
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)06:36 No.15621879
    Mother fucker, I'm gonna have to get up at 6 if I want to play....

    considering it...
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)06:44 No.15621911

    well, it is also a good idea to have nothing planned for 3 to 5 hours after that

    this game is either for those with oodles of free time, those who don't sleep, or those who can multitask pretty well
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/18/11(Mon)07:48 No.15622141
    Damn, missed the planning meeting... I'm just gonna go ahead and suggest some shit anyhow.

    Since we're already sending out our vampire to run around and place charges across the river, how about having her sabotage the artillery pieces? Either straight up demo charge them, or if it's too risky, place smoke bombs around them to cause confusion and obscure their LOS?
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/18/11(Mon)07:51 No.15622154
    Also, what's the word on whether engineers can repair bridges and vehicles?

    And if you request a supply drop, what kind of supplies get dropped?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)07:59 No.15622200

    why don't we just ask her to kill all opposition in the town while were at it?

    jokes aside, IC would probably limit the amount of things she will do

    don't remember any answers yet regarding the engineers though if I would hazard a guess, they should be able to repair vehicles and bridges would take multiple phases to fix, setting up jump pads would make better sense
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/18/11(Mon)08:03 No.15622219

    Doesn't hurt to ask what the limits are, though. Also, what are the chances she could turn one of our number (obviously a volunteer) into a vampire? It would be a great sacrifice, but it would make a tremendous asset.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)08:07 No.15622237

    I'm thinking nil

    for some reason, I think turning into a vampire is not that simple
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)08:10 No.15622246

    Probably. That whole "summoning ancient gods" thing doesn't sound like an ability any of us is likely to get. But it's likely that Voss have at least one vampire on their side, otherwise where would all the ghouls come from? And THAT vampire would probably not be averse to summoning Cthulhuoid monstrocities if shit hit the fan.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)08:56 No.15622418
         File1310993779.jpg-(308 KB, 1202x851, bllaaa.jpg)
    308 KB
    so far, this is what the planning came up with

    ---will need at least a couple of Ms(smoke) and Hrs(anti-tank)
    ---main advance is west ward to swing north, one or both of our tanks will wait at the eastern crossing
    ---set up smoke screen to block the other side of the river
    ---draw enemy tanks west then our tank/s cross river on the east
    ---counterbattery the enemy arty with ours, intercept their radio and give false orders, or drop smoke on them with smoke shells
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)09:00 No.15622440

    Would it be allowed for one player to fill two slots? Say if there weren't enough players for all the possible slots, could I play two squads?
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)09:06 No.15622480
    I reckon' me and Greaves can get tha' Smoke Screen up fer ya, if we get some cova'
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)09:17 No.15622547

    if we could dictate the starting positions of at least the Hrs and tanks then we could do alot of damage by phase one

    we need to take out the enemy tank west at phase one, probably the enemy arty as well

    enemy knight on the SW corner might be controlling the ghouls there, probably need to take it out before crossing
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)09:19 No.15622556

    eh no
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)11:42 No.15623402
    Had I known command would start this soon yesterday I'd have been there, saddly I probably missed the thread when I looked for it, If you can get me climbing equipement I can probably deal with one artillery each phase start by our second or third depending on where we spawn...
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)13:51 No.15624329
    " Hmm.. not too shabby. It would probably interest you to know that dawn will be windy. Particularly towards the north ward direction "
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)13:53 No.15624348
    Also , swimming in the river on that day will be rather problematic, as the downstream flow will double.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)14:06 No.15624441
    That mean that I won't be able to climb the North East shore and charge those artillery one by one isn't it?
    >> Helena !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)14:12 No.15624486

    Going against the flow will be futile, going into the flow will divert, going along with it will get you there faster. The wind affects projectiles and airborne objects the same way.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)14:15 No.15624511
    I see, the river is flowing west right? Then I guess I'll simply lead the way, Knight duty and all. Happy to see you're fine even though I slept during the war room.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)18:40 No.15627012
         File1311028852.jpg-(303 KB, 1202x851, hggfhfddyyyy.jpg)
    303 KB
    intel update

    -- green is the ideal smoke line (basically screening the whole north side) we could either deploy smoke directly on the line or just pop em near our positions and let the wind do the work

    --targets of particular concern are circled, its a good idea to take them out ASAP, preferably at phase 1

    --some prime starting positions for [Hr] squads are also indicated(not sure if we're allowed to choose where we start)

    --tanks are placed near their last known position(not sure if they will be moved at mission start)

    --swimming across the river is not recommended, 1 engineer squad could set up 4 jump pads if needed at phase 1 though I imagine they would have to resupply at an FP after that

    --people should start crossing over by phase 2, west should've been cleared by then(ghouls won't be much of a threat once nearby non ghoul units are taken care of)

    --explosive traps on the areas marked with red Xs, unverified, but it won't hurt to note anyway
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:08 No.15627302
    I can agree with this, Now to see if we'll have the thread later today or on another time.
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)19:09 No.15627313
    I'd prefer today, waiting patiently, up early.
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)19:10 No.15627325
    I'd prefer today, soonish
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)19:18 No.15627391
    Hey guys, sorry for being a terrible noob and stuff, but what's going on here? Can you direct me anywhere where I can read up on Ironhearts? This shit looks cool.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)19:22 No.15627417

    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:22 No.15627424
    thread 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15539838/
    thread 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15561063/
    last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15603823/
    >> Concerned citizen 07/18/11(Mon)19:22 No.15627431


    That's everything there is to read about Iron Hearts. Anything else we need to know is stuck in IC's head and will work it's way eventually.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)19:23 No.15627436


    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:24 No.15627452
    Too be honest I'm starting to wonder how the shield action work... it doesn't seem terribly usefull.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)19:26 No.15627475
    Thank you, this is awesome.
    >> Concerned citizen 07/18/11(Mon)19:29 No.15627502

    Using your shield makes anyone attacking you from the direction of it's facing take a -2 to their attack. So say your being attacked by a gun with a rating of 4. They'd have to roll under 2 to hit you.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:31 No.15627528
    And since most gun hit on 6 or 7 it's not that bad after all maybe I was just really unlucky... that's what the extra health is for anyways.
    >> [K] Blaze !HeLloxNGm. 07/18/11(Mon)19:32 No.15627539
         File1311031944.png-(68 KB, 606x519, Blaze.png)
    68 KB
    This all looks oddly familiar to me.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:33 No.15627559
    It look a lot like this but we start at two health rather than 2.5
    >> [M] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 07/18/11(Mon)19:34 No.15627564
    "Private Vanderbuss and Johenes, reporting for duty! We got smoke grenades, hundreds and hundreds of smoke grenades here!"


    "So we followin' this plan, folks?"
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:36 No.15627600
    Looks like it now we just wait command order to start the mission.
    >> Geauxing, Geauxing, !GONEwsrkQk 07/18/11(Mon)19:43 No.15627668
    So, are there going to be new classes added any time soon?
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)19:44 No.15627679
    If we win this one, we get pilots don't we?
    >> [M] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 07/18/11(Mon)19:44 No.15627681

    If we win this mission, we might get the pilot class.
    >> Concerned citizen 07/18/11(Mon)19:44 No.15627683

    A new class was added just last mission, how quickly do you want them to show up?
    >> Geauxing, Geauxing, !GONEwsrkQk 07/18/11(Mon)19:46 No.15627704
    That I did not know, I apologize if I came off as an unappreciative dick. For whatever reason I was under the impression their were only 4 classes
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:46 No.15627712
    I'd rather see some class getting a small boost seeing how they usualy get their ass handed to them in the first two rounds of combat...
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)19:47 No.15627726
    6, IC added Heavy weapon teams during our assault on the wood and we got engineer for this one.
    >> Geauxing, Geauxing, !GONEwsrkQk 07/18/11(Mon)19:52 No.15627772
    if anyone would be so kind could they post the image with engineer added? I have flipped through the archives and can't find the latest one
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)19:54 No.15627793
         File1311033282.png-(732 KB, 600x1125, 1310859644094.png)
    732 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)20:00 No.15627845
    Wait, does "shoots on sight" for [A]s mean that they don't need to overwatch? What does this do?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)20:01 No.15627857
    Just a reminder that we don't yet know if there will be a mission today
    >> [R]Corgi/Husky/Shepherd !ngK3R2pIcU 07/18/11(Mon)20:06 No.15627908
    >Just gonna wait for roll call.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)20:09 No.15627929
    >in Ironhearts
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)20:09 No.15627931

    didn't notice that, might want to ask IC when he's around
    >> [M] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 07/18/11(Mon)20:11 No.15627945

    I think it means they require a line of sight to hit something.

    So they can't shoot through/over walls, I guess.

    That, or maybe they have auto overwatch? I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)20:13 No.15627974
    [S] needs line of sight too, and it doesn't have that. Yeah, mystery for now.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)20:13 No.15627975
    What was [R] in the clone skirmish?
    >> [A]Corgi/Husky/Shepherd !ngK3R2pIcU 07/18/11(Mon)20:14 No.15627982
    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)20:14 No.15627984

    they're the equivalent of Ironhearts [A]
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)20:21 No.15628048
    I see, well at least it's not another [V]... I wouldn't know what to do with them seeing as we have the highest mortality rate...
    >> [A]Corgi/Husky/Shepherd !ngK3R2pIcU 07/18/11(Mon)20:50 No.15628360
    >Boss man, you there?
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)21:52 No.15629012
    I'm starting to doubt we'll have something tonight... I'll wait a bit more but still
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)22:09 No.15629194
    Hey Guys I went on an afternoon trip for like 4 hours and came and got floored by attendance here. Enough to almost run a game

    Who is still up for a game ?
    [a simple report in will do.]
    >> Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/18/11(Mon)22:10 No.15629199
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:11 No.15629211
    Still here command.
    >> [E]Daugherty !XnjfY30L46 07/18/11(Mon)22:11 No.15629213

    >i can play
    >> [M] Pvt. Vanderbuss !IMYfe1j54Y 07/18/11(Mon)22:11 No.15629214
    Ready for combat!

    >AKA Die from a tank round to the face!
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)22:11 No.15629215
    Right 'ere ser. Been waitin' for a while.
    > seriously though, have been waiting for like 4 hours.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/18/11(Mon)22:13 No.15629225
    I'm up for a game.
    >> [Hr]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/18/11(Mon)22:13 No.15629231
    Actually, reporting in with tag, if this is signups.
    >> [A]Corgi/Husky/Shepherd !ngK3R2pIcU 07/18/11(Mon)22:15 No.15629243
    >Still here. Got no other obligations so I should be here all day.
    >> [Hr]Daugherty !XnjfY30L46 07/18/11(Mon)22:16 No.15629254
    >it looks like we would meet the numbers to clear/screen the other side but we would still need an assault force to actually cross the river
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:17 No.15629259
    >3 place left we could probably use two soldier and a scout...
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)22:19 No.15629279
    If we don't need any more mobile artillery, I can take over scout sniper
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:20 No.15629289
    We only need them to countersnipe those enemy scout, if you can nade them before they kill you do so.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)22:21 No.15629291
    Can someone compile a roster ?
    I'll need it to correlate it to the positions on the plan.

    Marshalling the forces and all that.
    >> [M]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)22:23 No.15629303
    On it, Gonna stick with M if that's fine
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:25 No.15629322
    [V1] Mana

    [E1] Gunther

    [Hr1] Daughterly
    [Hr2] Piotrowski

    [M1] Vanderbuss
    [M2] Harken&Greaves

    [A1] Corgi/Husky/Shepherd
    >> [Hr]Daugherty !XnjfY30L46 07/18/11(Mon)22:26 No.15629328

    >no, we'd need at least 2 M squads to cover the area with smoke
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:26 No.15629332
    Don't forget that I have an extra health command...
    >> [M2]Harkness&Greaves !B6h94mivQ6 07/18/11(Mon)22:27 No.15629339
    So, can I pick which type of grenade I fire every time I reload?
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:28 No.15629348
    You only have to announce it when you shoot really
    >> [S1]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/18/11(Mon)22:28 No.15629350
    reporting sir
    >> [Hr]Daugherty !XnjfY30L46 07/18/11(Mon)22:29 No.15629356

    >you probably just need to specify the round when you fire, it's assumed that you loaded that particular round during reload
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:30 No.15629364
    New roster

    [V1] Mana

    [E1] Gunther

    [Hr1] Daughterly
    [Hr2] Piotrowski

    [M1] Vanderbuss
    [M2] Harken&Greaves

    [A1] Corgi/Husky/Shepherd

    [S1] Wisper

    Well now we only need more soldier and we'll send those vosk back home in a coffin.
    >> [A]Corgi/Husky/Shepherd !ngK3R2pIcU 07/18/11(Mon)22:33 No.15629389
    >I'm pretty sure Vanderbuss had to leave.
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/18/11(Mon)22:34 No.15629396
    Let's get this show on the road.
    >> [V1] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:36 No.15629406
    Nice to see you lieutenant.

    [V1] Mana

    [E1] Gunther

    [Hr1] Daughterly
    [Hr2] Piotrowski

    [M1] Vanderbuss
    [M2] Harken&Greaves
    [M3] Iceval

    [A1] Corgi/Husky/Shepherd

    [S1] Wisper

    One spot left...
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)22:38 No.15629426

    Iceval you are M1. Try not to get killed prematurely.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)22:39 No.15629437

    VanderBuss left....

    Also when this fight starts a new thread will start. Keep posted.
    >> [V1] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:40 No.15629441
    switching tags

    [V1] Mana

    [E1] Gunther

    [Hr1] Daughterly
    [Hr2] Piotrowski

    [M1] Iceval
    [M2] Vanderbuss
    [M3] Harken&Greaves

    [A1] Corgi/Husky/Shepherd

    [S1] Wisper
    >> [Hr1]Daugherty !XnjfY30L46 07/18/11(Mon)22:45 No.15629472
    >just a reminder of things to consider
    >> [S]Wulfstan !HeLloxNGm. 07/18/11(Mon)22:54 No.15629546
    Might as well get back in on it.
    >> [Hr2]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/18/11(Mon)22:56 No.15629554
    Tags attached.
    >> [V1] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)22:56 No.15629560
    [V1] Mana

    [E1] Gunther

    [Hr1] Daughterly
    [Hr2] Piotrowski

    [M1] Iceval
    [M2] Harken&Greaves

    [A1] Corgi/Husky/Shepherd

    [S1] Wisper
    [S2] Wulfstan
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/18/11(Mon)23:01 No.15629596
    Who's this Daughtery, and why are they using my spot?
    >> [V1] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/18/11(Mon)23:04 No.15629611
    Because you're late.

    [V1] Mana

    [E1] Gunther

    [Hr1] Daughterly
    [Hr2] Piotrowski
    [Hr3] Weathers

    [M1] Iceval
    [M2] Harken&Greaves

    [A1] Corgi/Husky/Shepherd

    [S1] Wisper
    [S2] Wulfstan
    >> [A2]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/18/11(Mon)23:13 No.15629671
         File1311045180.jpg-(10 KB, 97x90, Fields With Glasses Full Color.jpg)
    10 KB
    Time I put down a sword and picked up a bloody rifle.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/18/11(Mon)23:16 No.15629695

    >> Anonymous 07/18/11(Mon)23:28 No.15629792
         File1311046128.jpg-(51 KB, 460x500, 200705221552_unimpressed.jpg)
    51 KB

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