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  • File : 1310857167.png-(920 KB, 1200x867, STILEMARCOVER.png)
    920 KB IRONHEARTS Ch.3: VENGEANCE [Skirmish Quest] Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/16/11(Sat)18:59 No.15603823  
    Pre Deployment Meeting:

    The city of Stilemar to the north is a growing industrial city that counts its reserves of Ibonyte as it's many boons. The Voss has struck this city along
    with many other Ibonyte processing assets but winning back the city will not only shoot a defiant stance against the invasion but establish a
    foothold against their armored legion. We've also recieved reports of a ghoul infestation in the western disctrict as well as a distress call from one of our top Engineers that will give us a clue to why the Voss had invaded. Fighting ghouls will be tricky, as they are difficult to kill despite their speed.

    Losing here will mean that our supply lines will be compromised which will stop our resistance in its tracks.

    We launch our first offensive battle in an hour. And take back Stilemar for Ragnyll. Be ready to Sortie in that time.

    >[10+ Spaces open]
    >Sgt. Vanders will accept 3 Recuits for the BItank Armored advance. Winning this battle will unlock Pilots !
    >> [A] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:01 No.15603837
    Private Rogers and squad, reportin' fer duty!
    >> [S] Pvt. Boat !!3dNyX3Yb8DE 07/16/11(Sat)19:05 No.15603869
    Private Shrimp reporting in SAH
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)19:06 No.15603882
    How do I play? This looks fun.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)19:08 No.15603900
    >How do I play? This looks fun.


    Second image on there is classes. Pick one, and a name and trip, and report in.
    >> [A] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:11 No.15603940
         File1310857881.png-(621 KB, 600x1125, 1310522730138.png)
    621 KB

    First, pick a trip and name. Goes in the name field. Such as:

    Pvt. Newguy#thisisthesecuretrip

    Pick a class according to the picture to the right.

    Rolls are made with d10s. Low rolls are good. To roll a d10, enter "dice 1d10" into the email field.

    When you pick a class, the CO will provide you a number to go along with your letter. So I might be [A3]. The 3 will be attatched to your character icon on the map.

    See prior games for details, as indicated by: >>15603900

    Or just ask more questions.
    >> [A] Rutowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/16/11(Sat)19:13 No.15603964
    Reporting in.
    >> [A] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:18 No.15604003
    All right, so we got

    [A] Pvt. Rogers
    [A] Rutowski

    [S] Pvt. Boat

    for our team so far. We start our op in an hour, accordin' to the bossman.

    Any y'all got any fun ideas for kickin' dem sunsabitches outta this town?
    >> [A]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)19:20 No.15604011
    reporting sir
    >> [A] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:21 No.15604024

    Hey, it's McAvoy! How you doin' man?
    >> [A]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)19:23 No.15604046

    (if opposition is mainly infantry) mines to block off some routes and snipers on rooftops
    >> [S] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)19:25 No.15604065
    'Ello, I'm Boat, but you can call be Shrimp, thats what everyone calls me

    >fuck forgot my trip ahhhh this will be it for now on
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)19:26 No.15604070

    We will begin in the southern partition of town. Enemy armor and defenses will bet to the north east industrial district. We can concentrate all our forces to drive north with a ceaseless lightning offensive or work our way through the slums to sabotage their factory works. Armored reinforcements will arrive by midnight [in 5hours]. If the factory isn't taken over by then, we risk getting pushed out of the city or prolonging the fight.

    If we win the city before midnight, we stand a good chance to let the enemy drive into an iron wall.
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)19:27 No.15604090
    Rogers. Glad to see you here.
    You will be promoted to Sgt. for your dedicated service to this counter invasion.
    >> [M] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)19:28 No.15604092
    Reporting in!
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)19:32 No.15604136

    Concerning our derelict Engineer; he has been holed up to the north west quadhouse, the undead is seemingly drawn to his presence...

    I would suggest a small rescue group to extract him. Otherwise, finish the mission before his situation gets too bad.
    >> [S] Pvt. Boat !GHap51.yps 07/16/11(Sat)19:35 No.15604169
    I'll try and take the higher routes. I can watch ya over you folks from there.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:39 No.15604203

    Oh, so I get ta be boss an' everythin? Sounds awesome.

    Oh-kay, tags, tags tags tags...

    [A1] McAvoy
    [A2] Rutowski
    [A3] Pvt. Rogers

    [S1] Pvt. Boat

    [M1] Pvt. Anderfels

    'Ere y'all go, tags. Make sure to change it properly. This one time, me and my buddy Joe forgot to change our tags. Ended up loosing that practice match, 'cause our commander couldn't figure out where the hell we were on the map an' all.
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)19:40 No.15604209
         File1310859644.png-(732 KB, 600x1125, IronHeartSheetweb.png)
    732 KB
    Added to our forces is a small team of Combat Engineers. With them; they can create barricades, set up jump pads, install sentry guns and even set up combat stretchers to recessitate wounded or dying soldiers on the field.

    Feel free to change your combat designations accordingly, a training liaison can offer you the training needed to perform your job.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:41 No.15604220

    So uhh... I guess Boats will move up on our flanks or something along the rooftops like a ninja, covering our butts.

    And uhh.. the Assault troops will charge up the center and cover each other, I guess? With Anderfels movin' with us so we don' get smeared when we run into a gaggle o' ghouls, or a tank.
    >> [A2]Rutowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/16/11(Sat)19:43 No.15604234
    Tags updated. Should we try to capture the high ground to the north, west, east, or some combination of the three? Something's going to shoot at us from a roof at some point, best to make that difficult early on.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:43 No.15604242

    Yeah, that sounds smart. Get high ground and kill them sunsabitches? Sounds good to me
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)19:48 No.15604277
    Tag updated. Perhaps I could get a buddy to spot for me?
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)19:51 No.15604296
    Nah scratch that, we're low on the men as it is. Forget I said anything.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:52 No.15604303
    So uh.. boss commander, can you tell us where our LZ's gonna be?
    >> [E] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)19:55 No.15604330
    Somebody call for an engineer?

    Quick question, sir. Can we built multiples of the same structure, like more than one jump pad or turret at any one time?
    >> [E] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)19:58 No.15604359
    Also I assume it's one kit per team member?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)19:58 No.15604365

    Gunther, you're E1
    >> [M] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)19:59 No.15604376
    Hey, don't forget me!
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:00 No.15604386

    Yeah, you're M1.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:02 No.15604400
    So, uhh, the combat roster's this thingamajig right 'ere folks. If you ain't on it, then say something so I can put you on it. On account o' me havin' the pen an' all, and you not.

    [A1] McAvoy
    [A2] Rutowski
    [A3] Pvt. Rogers

    [S1] Pvt. Boat

    [M1] Pvt. Anderfels

    [E1] Pvt. Gunther
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)20:04 No.15604422
    " As suspected , we'll be short on men for this battle. "

    " Should we wait for our reinforcements to arrive ? "
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:04 No.15604427
    Wish I had a pen. All I got is a knife to mark my kills.
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)20:05 No.15604435

    Remember; we'll be dealing with enemy Armor, which are immune to small arms fire. But fall from explosive ordinance.
    >> [H1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:06 No.15604436


    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:07 No.15604446
    We would be better with another M.
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)20:08 No.15604450

    Good of you to get here weathers; Rocket launchers are [Hr] , Machinegunners are [Hm]
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:08 No.15604453
    That can work.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:09 No.15604460

    Weathers, don' go callin' me sir an' all. Imma private an' everythin', just like you too.

    Updated combat roster:

    [A1] McAvoy
    [A2] Rutowski
    [A3] Pvt. Rogers

    [S1] Pvt. Boat

    [M1] Pvt. Anderfels

    [E1] Pvt. Gunther

    [H1] Pvt. Weathers

    Anyone wanna go puck up an grenade launcher?
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:09 No.15604462


    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:11 No.15604478



    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:14 No.15604505
    You blow them high, I knock em down again!
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:14 No.15604509

    Ah shucks, that's cool man.

    Did I ever tell you guys about the time me an' my buddy Joe got our hands on some fireworks? Well, it turns out, they weren't fireworks, but old explosives some military dudes forgot to explode and I guess forgot about 'em or somethin'.

    Those were the whole reason we decided to join the military. That, an blowin' up walls on accident meant we hadda skip town.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:20 No.15604564
    Fireworks are fine with me, so long as you keep em away from my sweet little Isara here. *pats sentry gun* She's a shy one.
    >> [A] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:20 No.15604568
    Oh yeah, so ya'll don't forget. There's a time limit for doin' stuff during our phase.

    Meaning, you guys need to be F5ing like the North Star dude and posting right away when the bossman drops his map.

    >Watch as I'm two seconds too late.
    >> IRONCOMMAND !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)20:22 No.15604585
    Processing Map Data. Will post in 20 Minutes.
    Get ready to sorte.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)20:22 No.15604589
    command is it possible to modify my squad's loadout from frag to smoke grenades?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:23 No.15604600
    Oh yeah, we can get three dudes for the BiTank Advance.

    Don't know what the blazes that is.

    Anyone want in?
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:25 No.15604611
    Wait, does that mean we're just gonna babysit them, or are we actually gonna be able to DRIVE those sweet ladies?

    Because if it's the second one, I AM SO IN.
    >> Sgt. Vanders !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)20:25 No.15604612

    Dont Worry about it Sgt. Just lead the footboys to do their thing, my team is picked out on our end.
    Just give us a turn 1 general strategy and we'll run with it.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:28 No.15604647
    Well I reckon that those alleys there on our left flank make the eastern part of the town mighty chokey. I reckon Isara and a couple more sentries could lock down that area and keep any Vossies from trying to flank us.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:29 No.15604656
    WESTERN, I mean. Was never too good at using compasses.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:31 No.15604671

    SO, to be sure I get everything my sheet is telling me:
    I've got 3 rockets, chosen between AP and HE, with a range of 7.

    I can either use 3 move points a turn, or 1 action point (so I can shoot, or run, but not both.) I have to reload after every rocket.

    I don't know what the 7 after the rocket type means, or what the other stuff means (except Blast, I understand that one.)
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:31 No.15604672
    I'm gonna head high, and scan with my scope.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:31 No.15604675

    Hey waitaminute, aren't you the sarge here?


    All right then, we'll stick to being ground pounders then.

    We'll run up the West side then, seeing as we'll be less likely to run into a tank that way. I think.

    Boat, you go run up some building and do yer snipin' thing.
    >> [M] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)20:33 No.15604691
    *raises hand*

    Sir, eh... I'm sorry, just a few days ago we were farmers, we can't make heads or tails out of this "unit sheet" Command gave us. What do all the little numbers and things mean? I mean, I know which end to point at the enemy and all, but the rest is beyond me, Sir.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)20:33 No.15604698

    7 after the ammo type is the number you're rolling against for a successful hit
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:34 No.15604709
    I was a fisherman.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:36 No.15604725

    Ah, good.
    So my AP round is a 1 Direct (so it hits one square?), roll under 7 for a hit
    My HE round is Blast, roll under 7 to hit, or roll under 4 to hit for direct.

    And my two hearts mean I can take 2 damage before eating it, I presume
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:37 No.15604728
    I'm still confused about these fancy kits the quartermasters were handing out. Are we only supposed to carry one of those per teammate, and if we use em up, how do we get more?
    >> [V1]Pvt. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)20:37 No.15604736
         File1310863056.jpg-(10 KB, 97x90, Fields With Glasses Full Color.jpg)
    10 KB
    A man with glass steps up behind the group.
    "Private Fields reporting in."
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:37 No.15604737

    Err, right. Okay.

    First, movement and actions are usually in greentext. Don't ask me why; I don't know either.

    You'd do something like:
    >Move 4 West
    >Shoot at asshole N of me on the roof

    And when you do, you roll for your action.

    You got a grenade launcher, so you roll, and you hit on 6 and below, 4 and below if you're trying to get a direct hit. Or if it's 4 and below it IS a direct it.

    After you shoot, you gotta spend an action to reload. Just something like:

    >Reload grenade launcher.

    You got infinite reloads.

    You got two bombs. You can make it timed or a mine. Treat it the same as above; just take one action to place it. Specify what kind of wirin' you're doing, because bomb roullette isn't as fun as it sounds.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)20:39 No.15604761

    numbers in squares are generally the maximum number for a successful hit (low rolls are good)

    assumption: for Ms, rolls<6 but >4 gives blast damage while rolls<4 gives additional direct damage
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:40 No.15604766

    I dunno, but I think it's one per teammate. You think since it can resupply ammo, you can use it to resupply yourself?
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:42 No.15604790
    Don't go getting all philosophical on me now.

    Then again, I kinda like the way you think. If it doesn't do that already I'LL FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT SO.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)20:42 No.15604798

    Thanks, fellas. I just need to ask one more thing. This is going to sound real stupid but... How many guys are there supposed to be in my squad? Jenkins here says he's supposed to stick with me, but should we be 2 people on this here gun or 3?
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:43 No.15604800
    Well, aren't you the strangest Knight I ever saw.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)20:44 No.15604807

    didn't you die at Norwood?
    >> [V1]Pvt. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)20:44 No.15604808
    It's the glasses, people don't expect to see a fighter in glasses.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:44 No.15604811

    Two in yer squad. It's the two little circle guys in the poster picture thing.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:44 No.15604813
    That could be it.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)20:45 No.15604819
    That would be my brother, anonymous voice of the wind, Private A. Fields. I'm Private M. Fields
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:46 No.15604827
    Last I checked you explodey guys usually just ran in pairs, so I think you and your pal Jenkins got the right idea.

    Just a tip. On the sheet, to the right of the class name you'll see a number of wierd looking icons things. That's how many guys are in a team. So, in summary:

    Engineers are a quartet.
    Vanguards and Assault troopers run in trios.
    Heavies and Arty run in pairs.
    And those creepy ass scout snipers are lone wolves.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)20:47 No.15604832

    Oh yeah, now I see it. Well, thanks for everything, now if you don't mind I'm gonna read the booklet we got about how to set these bombs. Hmm... "Front Towards Enemy". Well, that does make sense.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)20:47 No.15604835
    Sgt. Mana reporting for duty IronCommand, I was worried you were overun.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:48 No.15604852
    I'm not creepy! Who doesn't mark their kills?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:49 No.15604856

    You gotta admit, them girl scouts got nice asses though.

    Just don't tell 'em that though. Last time, me an' my buddy Joe tried to hit on one, and the next thing we knew, we were hanging upside down from a tree.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:50 No.15604861

    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:50 No.15604866

    Hey there Mana! You wanna run V2 today?
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)20:52 No.15604879
         File1310863927.jpg-(56 KB, 564x786, SgtMana.jpg)
    56 KB
    Not a problem... At worse I'll probably end in a BiTank... Not like I don't have experience in those.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:52 No.15604884
    Oh yeah, I was hung upside down so many times. And cut once.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:55 No.15604898
    Hello there madam, I am Pvt. Boat, I will be watching over you with my trusty rifle.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:55 No.15604899
    Yeah, well in my experience these guys have the nasty habit of NOT IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES. Plays havoc with my sentries when they just start going wild and taking potshots at them. And then they have the gall to come and complain to ME about it!

    "Design it better?" How about TURN ON YOUR DAMN IFF RUNE ONCE IN A WHILE.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:55 No.15604906



    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)20:55 No.15604910
         File1310864141.jpg-(962 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR01.jpg)
    962 KB
    Brothers of Ragnyll,

    MOVE OUT !

    >Action Phase
    You have 100 seconds !
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)20:57 No.15604928
    Engineers, moving out!

    >Move 3 spaces west.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)20:57 No.15604935


    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)20:58 No.15604939
    >Northeast Three
    >Shield North West, North East, and East

    Time to advance then.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)20:58 No.15604942
    >Move 6W
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)20:59 No.15604946
    >4 Spaces Northwest
    >Intercept Radio
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)20:59 No.15604947
    >run 6 W
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)20:59 No.15604949
    >Move 3 East.
    >> [A2]Rutowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/16/11(Sat)20:59 No.15604954
    >E E SE SE E E
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)21:00 No.15604958

    >Move North 3
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:00 No.15604959
    Reverse that.
    >West 2, Southwest 1

    Circling around to take care of the ghouls and get to the engineer.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:00 No.15604961
    Scratch that Spot Instead
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:01 No.15604976
    Field I leave you the main front and will go deal with the ghouls, I'll try to set a flag NW at the city entrance so we can have a fallback point if shit hit the fan.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)21:03 No.15604988

    We can run?


    >RUN 6 East
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:03 No.15604996
    All right then,
    >North East 2, East 1
    Shield West, Northwest, Northeast

    Last time I'll change the action
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:03 No.15604997
    Yes but after a run you can't attack.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)21:05 No.15605012
    Well dang, we can't get left behind!

    >Revise order. Run 6 spaces west.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)21:05 No.15605014
    Action Phase End
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:05 No.15605019
    Sgt Mana, I recommend you get moving across that bridge and into the western district asap.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)21:06 No.15605033
    (M1 could mine that choke point behind the car)
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:08 No.15605046
    Already on my way, my first objective is that engineer though. I hope those soldier will have enough brain to cover me.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)21:08 No.15605048
    Don't bother me, sir. I can't fire after walking.

    Most important is that I get some height to fire on that armor.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)21:08 No.15605054
    Might wanna wait till our tanks pass by. Don't want no friendly fire or anything like that.
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)21:13 No.15605104
    "Deploy me....Give me a shot"
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:15 No.15605120
    Good to meet ya. I have to reload sometime.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)21:15 No.15605122

    Okay. You get deployed... somewhere where it makes sense ASAP.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)21:15 No.15605123
         File1310865316.jpg-(960 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR02.jpg)
    960 KB
    >On action revisions: NOPE

    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)21:17 No.15605149
    That's fair.

    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:18 No.15605158
    Come on, come on. Gimme your secrets...
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)21:21 No.15605182
    Guys running on the west side...

    Uhh.. I think a good objective would be for us to go and capture/secure that thing that looks a bit like a coffin.

    And if it turns out to be a coffin, then it might be a good idea that we explode it.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)21:23 No.15605208

    that would be the engineer
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)21:23 No.15605209
    I think that might be where our Very Important Engineer is holed up.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:25 No.15605222
    I think that's our engineer distress signal, also if some one of the two soldier going west could go east, I'd be grateful, ghoul are though but they aren't that though
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:27 No.15605251
    I'm gonna blow that enemy sniper's brains all over his buddies.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:28 No.15605259
    Don't forget to blow that enemy heavy weapon team too.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:30 No.15605279
    You know it!
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)21:32 No.15605298
         File1310866323.jpg-(964 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR03.jpg)
    964 KB

    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:33 No.15605319
    >Move 2NW 4W
    I hope one of you will kill that ghoul...
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)21:33 No.15605324
    Run E to the ladder near A 2
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)21:34 No.15605335
    rolled 1 = 1

    >Move 3 W
    >All guys shoot at Ghoul to the West

    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:35 No.15605339
    Because the entire "Small Squad" moved west.
    >West 4, into the water.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)21:35 No.15605341
    rolled 5 = 5

    >move 3 W
    >rifle shot ghoul
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)21:35 No.15605342
    >Move NE NE
    >Shoot tank
    >Go prone
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)21:36 No.15605349
    rolled 7 = 7

    >forgot roll
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)21:36 No.15605350
    >Moving for [A2], Rutowski
    >Move 2 E
    >Climb Ladder, 1 N
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:36 No.15605352
    Sgt, You going to command those tanks or let them sit there and look pretty?
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:36 No.15605355
    >North West, North East
    >Shoot Enemy Sniper
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)21:36 No.15605363
    RUN E, NE, NE, NE.

    Screw it, If they're gonna come to me, so be it.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)21:36 No.15605364
    Action Phase End.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)21:37 No.15605372

    I assume since captcha ate my name, I do nothing
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:38 No.15605375
    rolled 6 = 6

    Can I roll?

    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)21:38 No.15605383

    Well, since I *technically* ain't sarge...

    I dunno, I guess he's doin it somewhere.

    If they don't move, well, I guess a crew can jump in 'em I guess.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:39 No.15605395
    Vanders, if you could should those tanks before another member of the fields family die...
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:41 No.15605411
    Jesus christ. Who's idea was it to rush forward like that?
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:44 No.15605436
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:45 No.15605446
    The Ghoul don't scare, I'll take them any days over a tank...
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)21:46 No.15605453

    You want me to pay back the tank that fired on you, or another one, when I get the chance?
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:48 No.15605482
    Any support on the forward MAIN offensive would be great.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)21:49 No.15605492

    Aim for that crane. Might be fun to blow it up an' see if it squishes anyone.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:49 No.15605497
    Down them one by one, Once we have that cleared it'll be easier for the BiTank squad to clear the infantry
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:52 No.15605520
    If S2 can back me up that would be great.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)21:53 No.15605540
    Blasting that crane so that it falls southerward, blocking that road might buy us a phase or two whilst the tanks work on blasting it away.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)21:54 No.15605557
    They don't actually need to blast it. W of them is a slope.
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)21:55 No.15605559
    "Rain death, spot. Tank're other's problem"
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)21:57 No.15605579
    Well, sorry about that. Radio went on the fritz and we missed the last round of orders- HOLY SHIT WHAT HAPPENED TO FIELDS.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)21:57 No.15605580
         File1310867842.jpg-(970 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR04.jpg)
    970 KB
    " Alright Armor move up and keep the porch occupied ! "

    Enemy Phase
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)21:59 No.15605604
    "Eat it, you Voss basterd! One more for the barrel!"
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)22:00 No.15605614
    Jesus, did Anderfels just get hit?
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)22:03 No.15605661

    Well, it's either that or we're hidden by the muzzle flash of that Bitank.

    I hope it's the latter and this isn't my ghost talking.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:03 No.15605662
    A1, A2 I want you to move out as far as you can next action phase. I'll deal with the ghoul and we'll save our engineer in two phase is that understood?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:03 No.15605668

    Negative. Anderfels is on the car.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)22:04 No.15605683
    what if we blast the crane so it falls on top of the tanks?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:05 No.15605701

    Those are a lot of ghouls... but I got ya.

    Squad, run across the bridge and prepare a firing line!

    Let's do this, McAvoy!
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)22:05 No.15605703
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)22:06 No.15605713
    Ah, there we go.

    That's military camoflauge for you!
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)22:07 No.15605729
    I'll be climbing up on that shore just Southeast of the Engineer's building.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)22:08 No.15605746

    Well, it fooled me too, I tell ya when that Bitank fired behind me I didn't know whether I was still here or in heaven... And my ears are ringin' like a church bell on St. Borun's Day.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:08 No.15605747
    Very well, once the engineer building is secured we'll raise a flag to allow any reinforcment to flank the enemy.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)22:14 No.15605799
    (woah why the third page?)
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)22:14 No.15605804
         File1310868868.jpg-(967 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR05.jpg)
    967 KB
    Fields is down to a man !
    We've also lost a tank !

    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)22:16 No.15605830
    >run 6 across bridge and N
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:16 No.15605831
    rolled 10, 2, 9, 5 = 26

    >move 2NW 1 NE
    >4 attack
    >shield NE and NW
    >> [A2]Rutowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/16/11(Sat)22:16 No.15605835
    rolled 1, 2, 4 = 7

    >NW NW
    >Grenade NW NW NW W W, blast
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)22:17 No.15605836
    rolled 7 = 7

    >Shoot That heavy weapons team to my east
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)22:17 No.15605838
    rolled 10 = 10


    High Explosive Rocket on the advancing vanguard

    Hopefully the resulting explosion will weaken the bridge.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)22:17 No.15605839
    >East Three, leaning up against the building, shield over my head if able.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)22:17 No.15605841
    rolled 10 = 10

    >Move SE SE
    >Fire on Enemy [M]
    >Take cover behind sandbags
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)22:18 No.15605852

    I'd ask you to stop eating my name, captcha, but I'm currently angrier at the dice.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)22:18 No.15605859
    Well shit, it looks like we've got demoted to base defense, boys!

    >Move 1NE 1E
    >Set up Sentry Turret behind the sandbags pointing towards the mouth of the bridge.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:18 No.15605861
    M1 set timed charge on that bridge
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)22:18 No.15605862
    Continue up ladder
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:19 No.15605871
    >Run W across bridge
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)22:19 No.15605872
    Action Phase End
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:20 No.15605879
    Vanders, seeing as my team can't do it, Destroy that bridge.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:23 No.15605905

    >Please tell me I got in, otherwise, I'm going to have to go into covering fire mode.

    Rifles have a range of 7, and hit on 7, so I can comfortable hit just about everything from the bridge, I think. Just in case.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:32 No.15606007
    Next round plan, if the bridge is still up, down it no matter how you do it. They can't take that flag. I'll rush the stair I count on A1 and A3 to shoot those ghoul, unless something happen during the enemy phase,

    If the bridge is down I want whoever is near it to harass the enemy while making your way west, exception of the scouts, I'll leave you to do your thing. If worse come to worse we'll use the West bridge as a last stand.

    Field if you can head to the flag to get new member for your team.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)22:33 No.15606012

    err if my interpretation of the unit sheet is correct,

    assault rifles have a to hit of 6 and a range of 5
    any attempt to hit beyond 5 decreases to hit by 1(deduced from previous SQ games)
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)22:34 No.15606045
    And if all else fails SENTRY SPAM. Damn Vossies won't be capping our flag without a fight! We'll fend them off with our godamn wrenches if we have to!
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)22:35 No.15606048
    I'll do my best!
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:35 No.15606052

    Oh, you're right.

    Funny, I think it might have gotten nerfed.

    Or I just can't read for shit.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)22:36 No.15606066
    Roger, Sir. I'll take down the bridge if it's the last thing I do in my life!
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)22:37 No.15606082
    If I'm still alive, I'll be happy to reinforce my squad.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)22:38 No.15606092
    You got one man left. Make him count.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)22:41 No.15606133
         File1310870502.jpg-(966 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR06.jpg)
    966 KB

    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:41 No.15606134

    Might be better to mine the bridge, then wait for them to inch across, THEN blow it when they get on it.

    That way, they gotta turn around and stuff, and we can shoot them while they've got nowhere to go.

    And we might get one or two to fall.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)22:42 No.15606136
    My brother once took down a tank by himself, and has lead a squad to eliminate another tank when he died at Norwood, I think I will be ohkay if some support can get up here.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)22:44 No.15606171
    Wait, how many health points is one heart?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:45 No.15606177

    Two, if I'm not mistaken.

    that, or it's one.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)22:45 No.15606179
    >Move N N
    >Place MINE
    >Move S S
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:47 No.15606211
    Sarge, get in there and do what you do best!

    McAvoy and I will cover you!

    McAvoy! Try to get the ghouls furthest from you, I'll focus on the closer ones!
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:47 No.15606219
    Oh damnit M1, You're in the range for those marauder to charge you.
    S1 priority target is anything that get on that bridge,
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)22:50 No.15606254

    still enemy phase mate


    I could just throw grenades at the enemy cluster. . .
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)22:53 No.15606287

    That'll work too, but ya might hit the sarge with the explosion, yah?

    Unless he feels particularly ballsy and wants that kind of thing.
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)22:54 No.15606309
    Yo S2! Climb take out that Weapons team to the north west of you, I need to reload!
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)22:55 No.15606317
    Pfft as long as it isn't a direct hit I can probably take 3 of those, go ahead if you want to use the grenade just try to undershoot rather than overshoot, else I'll chew you once this is finished,
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)22:56 No.15606336

    copy, will throw grenades at next phase

    sarge, be sure to specify that your advance is done after the resulting explosion
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)22:58 No.15606359
    "That was the plan...."
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)22:59 No.15606383
    Good! Just making sure your keeping up!
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)23:01 No.15606407
         File1310871719.jpg-(974 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR07.jpg)
    974 KB
    S1 has fallen,
    Hr1 has been heavily damaged !

    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)23:03 No.15606429
    rolled 3 = 3


    >Move 3 N
    >Fire at Ghoul on staircase
    >If Ghoul gets killed by grenade, fire at ghoul to the left that's all alone.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)23:04 No.15606444
    rolled 6, 6 = 12

    >move 3 N
    >grenades on ghoul cluster
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)23:04 No.15606445
    rolled 4 = 4

    >Move N N
    >Place MINE
    >Move S S
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/16/11(Sat)23:04 No.15606447
    rolled 6 = 6

    >Unjam rocket
    >+IF that doesn't use my action, Fire on the bridge, with included roll

    Sarge said...take out the bridge. SO I'M GONNA TAKE OUT THE BRIDGE. CLEAR THAT DAMN BARREL
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)23:04 No.15606454
    >West, South West
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:05 No.15606460
    rolled 9, 2, 10, 1 = 22

    >Move 2NW 1NE
    >4 Attack NW ghoul
    >shield NE E

    >If 3 ghoul are down move 2NW 3NE
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)23:05 No.15606470
    rolled 3 = 3

    "...poor kid"

    >NW NW
    "...here's to you"

    Nade in the middle of the A team that killed S1 (Should also damage bridge)
    >> [A2]Rutowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/16/11(Sat)23:06 No.15606476
    rolled 3, 1, 2 = 6

    >NE NE NW
    >3 grenades on the crane, NW NW NW NW, attempting to make that shit fall across the bridge and hit or block as many tanks as possible
    >I'm assuming that my grenade didn't get thrown due to range last round, disregard 1-3 grenades as needed, obviously
    >> SGT. Vanders !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)23:07 No.15606484
    rolled 2, 3, 8, 5, 3 = 21

    " Tch "

    >Machine gun on the Assault squad at the bridge
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)23:07 No.15606487
    >West 1
    >Southwest 3
    West 1
    Southwest 1 out of the water,
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:07 No.15606495
    E1 Take care of those wounded, V1 it seem like you live another phase get your ass back to somewhere safe.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)23:08 No.15606501
    Action Phase End
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)23:08 No.15606508
    Oh christ I'm dead?

    "Blow...these sons of bitches...sky-high!"
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)23:09 No.15606513
    Will take a 15 minute Break to eat some food.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/16/11(Sat)23:09 No.15606516
    Forgot to add the arrows to the last two.

    >West 1
    >Southwest 3
    >West 1
    >Southwest 1 out of the water
    >> [S1] Pvt. Boat !!aQJpS+iBdfd 07/16/11(Sat)23:09 No.15606521
    (Since I'm dead, I'll go to bed now.

    Good luck everybody!)
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:09 No.15606523
    Understood Command.
    Very well team strategy time.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)23:10 No.15606528
    Damn, things aren't looking good!

    >Move 3E
    >Crouch down and set up combat stretcher.
    >Patch up any wounded and resupply.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)23:12 No.15606553
    How about we get an opportunity to talk strategy so we can do this phase properly? Do over the moves of this phase?
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)23:14 No.15606578

    action phase has ended

    hopefully A2's nades did what was intended though, rolls were pretty good, it should keep enemy tanks from the bridge for at least a phase
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:17 No.15606609
    Very well, Here's the Squad status

    A1 covering west 100% capacity
    A2 ??? 100% capacity
    A3 covering west 100% capacity

    V1 Getting back to flag 33% capacity
    V2 Flagging what we think is the engineer house 100% capacity

    M1 Destroying that bridge... 100% Capacity from what I see

    H1 Got shot down 50% capacity

    E1 Taking care of H1 100% capacity

    S1 Dead

    S2 killing enemy thing 100% capacity (don't forget to crouch)
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)23:17 No.15606610
    What we really need is to flank those damn tanks. That we we could get some pressure off the bridge and our BiTanks can pop out and contribute some firepower.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)23:20 No.15606640
    What do you guys reckon, should I convert to Hm and cover the bridge? It doesn't look like grenades are doing a lot.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:22 No.15606657
    Working on that sadly without a heavy weapon or mobil artillery team I'll have to charge them...

    Hold the bridge for as long as reasonably possible, then once it's destroyed (if it get destroyed) head west. Depending on the situation there we'll have either engaged the enemy or we'll be falling back. if we are engaging your job will be to support us, if we're falling back we'll want to hold them long enough for engineering to set up baricades on the western side of that bridge.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)23:22 No.15606659
    If anything, go Hr. There's not much in the way of infantry trying to cross the bridge and our biggest problem are the tanks.

    Though can we even swap classes mid-battle? I thought you could only do that between battles.
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:24 No.15606677
    You can swap if you're near a flag.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)23:24 No.15606683

    I think I recall reading that you could do that on a Flag point. And that's what I'm sitting on right now. But I think it takes a turn? I'm not sure. Do my grenades even do damage to tanks?
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:26 No.15606700
    Direct hit does two damage, Heavy rocket does three with AP 2 with HE
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)23:27 No.15606709

    it can be done on the flags

    it will take up a whole phase though

    A2 has engaged (and destroyed?) the crane

    where should we plant the flag btw? that place where the engineer is looks awfully vulnerable to tank fire
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:29 No.15606737
    I was planing on planting it between the two L3 Roof.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/11(Sat)23:31 No.15606755
         File1310873492.jpg-(22 KB, 237x264, eh.jpg)
    22 KB
    >mfw you guys are still struggling along

    It's just so precious!
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:36 No.15606787
    Well we rarely have ten players, and while some of our squad may miss a turn, they never miss one.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)23:36 No.15606790

    >Posts a picture
    >Pictures negate sage

    Not sure if trolling...?

    Anyway, for plans... Anyone up for bombing houses from across the river?

    I'm thinking McAvoy, Mana, and I will sweep through the western half of ghouls. I don't know if the enemy forces would be wiling to fire on the engi's house, seeing as they might want him alive rather than dead (hopefully).

    In any case, on the eastern side, it's going to be tough. It looks like the only way to do it is by way of a massive slug fest. In which case, it might just be easier to go as M's and spam grenades left and right (as well as some smokes to conceal our own positions).

    In fact, smoke grenades should be used to conceal our tanks. They have the big cannons, and we only have two of them left.

    Alternatively, just how DEEP is the river? They may be able to wade across it, or jump it.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:39 No.15606824
    What makes me warry is that hangar with a "skull" on it...
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/16/11(Sat)23:42 No.15606847
    the "skull" is the same icon as that on the Ms cap on the unit sheet

    wild guess: it might be an ammo dump or something
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)23:42 No.15606852

    We blow the bridge, then E1 plants a jump pad on a good spot, then we jump across?
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:43 No.15606862
    Could be, we'll have to ask that engineer about it...
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/16/11(Sat)23:44 No.15606874
    We'll see about that, since at the moment anywhere you would jump to is full of enemy.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/16/11(Sat)23:45 No.15606880
    How far can it launch somebody?

    Never did bother reading the damn manual for those things.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)23:53 No.15606961
         File1310874837.jpg-(963 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR08.jpg)
    963 KB
    ! The Bridge is weakening !

    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)23:54 No.15606966
    "5 squares...launches anything...one direction"

    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)23:57 No.15606994

    Wisper, you know we got, like, cough drops and stuff in our basic soldierin' kit, right?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/16/11(Sat)23:57 No.15606995
    The Jump Pad can launch any occupant 5 squares up and out.

    The farther the landing zone, the safer the occupant will be.

    The jump pads will only spring to one direction and at the strength of 5squares. If it collides a wall or lands the target more than 2 levels down, expect some broken bones.

    The Jump pads can launch anything that can be contained within a hex.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/16/11(Sat)23:57 No.15606997
    Hey E1, you mind moving the sentry gun closer to our flag? It's not doing much good where it is right now.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/16/11(Sat)23:58 No.15607016

    Hey, you think we can launch like, TANKS with a couple of those?
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/16/11(Sat)23:58 No.15607017
    "Neck wounds...aren't easy to heal"
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)00:00 No.15607033
    I set it up there so i could cover the mouth of the bridge without being in the direct line of fire of the tanks. Plus all the infantry on this end have been eliminated anyways so there's not much point moving it.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:02 No.15607060
    Command, If you're deciding yourself to send reinforcement send anti-tank teams...
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)00:04 No.15607073

    Speakin' of which, can't that westernmost Bitank cross the river on the western side and support the push to the Engineer? Just an idea, Sirs.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:07 No.15607096
    I'd rather have it on hand if the second BiTank get targeted which will probably happen this turn.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)00:09 No.15607115

    Can't BiTanks jump?

    >Like jump onto building, then fire at the guys on the other side.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:11 No.15607130
    Ask that to Vanders, I didn't get to see the BiTank operation manual...
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/17/11(Sun)00:20 No.15607227

    brb, making a sandwich

    Should action phase come up and I'm still alive, my orders are
    >Retreat toward flag
    >Reload? I'm pretty sure that needs an action point
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)00:21 No.15607240
    > If your character dies. You can respawn a new one at the flag.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)00:29 No.15607341
         File1310876975.jpg-(866 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR09.jpg)
    866 KB
    -A3 Destroyed.
    " Sun is beginning to set... oh boy "

    Action Phase.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:31 No.15607360
    A2 you mean
    >3 attack NE
    >3 attack E
    >Move 2 NE 1 E
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:32 No.15607371
    rolled 4, 9, 1, 9, 3, 9 = 35

    Forgot to roll
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)00:32 No.15607373
    >Move 3E and take cover behind BiTank.
    >Set up combat stretcher to treat Hr1 wounded.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)00:32 No.15607377
    >Southwest 2
    >West 2
    >Northeast 1
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)00:33 No.15607383
    rolled 1, 2 = 3


    >I think you meant A2, commander.

    >Move 3 NE
    >Two guys frag grenade the formation of enemy dudes at the choke point to the NE
    >Other reloads rifle.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/17/11(Sun)00:34 No.15607391

    I stand by my orders, though I have to order a sandwich now.

    >You know what I want? A BLT, and I've got all the ingredients!
    >All but one bacon have spots of mold on them.
    >Tomato refuses to cut, has become soggy and squishy.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)00:34 No.15607396
    rolled 5 = 5

    Did a tank hit my mine? A TANK HIT MY MINE! YEEHAW!

    >Move N N
    >Place MINE
    >Shoot at tank
    >Move S S
    >> [Hr]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)00:34 No.15607397
    Heard you have an armor problem.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)00:34 No.15607398
    rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7

    >SMG nearby ghouls
    >move 2 NE face E
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)00:34 No.15607402
    " Things are going pear shaped... better turn on the combat effects from my Vinyls "

    " Y- yes ma'am "

    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)00:35 No.15607412
    rolled 10 = 10

    Take knee, take out heavy weapons
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)00:36 No.15607418
    Action Phase End
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:39 No.15607456
    Oh damnit I didn't see those ghouls climbing the roof... Well A1, A3 If I ever get surrounded I want you to fall back.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)00:39 No.15607457
    Wait a minute, where the hell did our second tank disappear off to?
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:39 No.15607465
    Covering the western bank
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)00:40 No.15607473

    the tank wen near the west bridge

    it should be able to provide covering fire from there
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)00:40 No.15607477

    He's behind the house. I think he's gonna shoot at the guys trying to sneak up on the engi.

    You should be fine, McAvoy seems to have taken care of them.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)00:41 No.15607485
    Ah, sneaky little bugger blends in perfectly with those stairs, apparently.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)00:53 No.15607621
         File1310878407.jpg-(863 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR10.jpg)
    863 KB

    KEEP IT UP !
    >> [V] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)00:55 No.15607647
    Command, Requesting confirmation that this is the engineers home.
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)00:57 No.15607674
    Hey Gunther, if I survive this tank attack, could you give me some more mines? I'm out.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)00:59 No.15607700
    Hey, I know I've been rolling one dice I've been shooting with my squad, but...

    Is it possible for me to roll the dice for each individual soldier?

    So if I shoot with the SMG's, and I do it for each squad member, I'd roll 9 dice?
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)00:59 No.15607705
    Well, if we have any luck left, the tank you just fragged with your mine won't' be able to fire. In that case, it's blocking the tanks behind it as well. If not, well, lets just hope Vossie cannons can't depress very well.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)01:22 No.15607938
         File1310880150.jpg-(834 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR11.jpg)
    834 KB
    A3 Damaged [for real]
    Bitank Damaged

    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)01:24 No.15607965
    rolled 5, 5, 8 = 18

    >move 2N
    >melee range SMG nearby ghouls
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)01:25 No.15607966
    >Northwest 3
    >Northeast 3
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)01:25 No.15607967
    rolled 2 = 2

    >Go prone and/or take knee.
    >aim for gas tank of car.
    >make it blow tank and bridge...maybe
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)01:25 No.15607970
    rolled 1, 4, 10, 2 = 17

    >move 3 NE
    >4 Attack E
    >Shield NE E
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)01:25 No.15607974
    " Play the next one. It may be a long night. "

    >> [Hr2(?)]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)01:25 No.15607978
    >W NW NW
    >Set up weapon
    >Fire AP rocket past car to tank
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)01:27 No.15607988
    rolled 9 = 9

    >Shoot weakened bridge in front of tank, hoping to collapse bridge and tank

    And with that, I must leave. Someone take over Anderfels for me, please.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)01:27 No.15607992
    rolled 4, 2, 8, 5, 5, 3, 2, 5, 1 = 35

    >Move 1 W
    >Move 2 NE up stairs
    >Fire at gouls nearby with SMG's
    >Rolling 9 d10's because I can't tell how many of my boys are left.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)01:28 No.15607997
    End Action Phase
    >> [Hr2(?)]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)01:28 No.15608002
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)01:29 No.15608008
    Sorry it took so long...
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)01:29 No.15608010
    >Move 1E 1NE 1E
    >Take cover behind sandbags.
    >Resupply M1
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)01:30 No.15608028
    Damnit, why does something ALWAYS have to come up the moment I have take actions!?!
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)01:31 No.15608033
    Hey, can engineers repair Bitanks? Because it seems like a hell of a good idea right now.

    Leaving for real now, good luck all.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)01:32 No.15608038

    Roger that M1, safe journeys.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)01:44 No.15608123
    Anyways, I gotta split for the moment, so if another action phase comes up, and assuming I'm still alive, here are my advance orders.

    >Fall back to the flag 1SE 2E
    >Set up sentry facing northwards.

    Unless engineers actually can perform field repairs then in that case stick with the Bittank and try to fix whatever we can.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)01:46 No.15608141
         File1310881609.jpg-(838 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR13.jpg)
    838 KB
    ! Bridge Collapsed
    ! Night has set , we've detected movement across the ci- Oh gods no !
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)01:50 No.15608179
    If any phase, it's the enemy's phase.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)01:50 No.15608183
    damnit... Always more problem... Very well group time to head westward, we need to contain all those ghouls
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)01:52 No.15608203
    Enemy phase wait a bit
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)01:54 No.15608221

    enemy phase mate


    NW or SW?
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)01:55 No.15608231

    might want to delete the post to avoid confusing IC later
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)01:57 No.15608248
    Chief Engineer Oderkon
    " Th- Thank gods - we need to get this casket out of this battle no matter what ! If she falls to enemy hands, theres no telling what they'll use her for ! "
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)01:59 No.15608275
    I was talking about the people protecting the bridge, as for us we'll head north and place a flag where there's a fence. from there we will be able to us the hangar roof
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)02:02 No.15608295
    uh what about the engineer and the coffin?

    actually, what the fuck is the engineer talking about?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)02:04 No.15608317

    Fuck if I know, but I think the appropriate plan would be to kill all sunsabitches and get the good engineer and his girly box outta here.

    Would be considerably easier to go south, but it would take longer compared to going to the northern fence.

    Can we get some air support up in here, or some stuff?
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:04 No.15608318
    "Understood. Command we're going to need extraction for the chief engineer and a briefcase, we'll raise a flag NW of the city. Do you copy?"
    Flag will probably allow extraction
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)02:05 No.15608324
    "You're in good hands....Protect...coffin!"
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:09 No.15608363
    "A1, A3 switch to SMG, V1 protect the engineer and the briefcase, I'll take the head and try to set the flag so that it's there when you arrive.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)02:12 No.15608389

    "Roger that Sarge, though we only got one good blast left 'fore we run outta ammo."

    "McAvoy, I'll hold the South, you move North. Got any 'nades left?"
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)02:13 No.15608409
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)02:13 No.15608410

    negative on the SMG sir, I'm out of ammo

    you think the engineer could build a spring facing NW so we could just jump to the NW most building and bypass a good number of the ghouls?
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)02:14 No.15608424
         File1310883298.jpg-(850 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR14.jpg)
    850 KB
    Enemy Reinforcements arrive !
    This battle is looking grim - should we withdraw ?
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:15 No.15608431
    "Then we'll go slower, both of you take care of the southern group, make sure the stair are clear so I can come down."
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)02:16 No.15608436
    rolled 6, 3 = 9

    >Attack Ghoul to the SouthWest and Ghoul to the West
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)02:16 No.15608442
    rolled 10, 6, 2, 2, 1, 8 = 29


    "Looks like that route is gone..."

    >Fire SMG at Ghouls to the W
    >Form a defensive line at base of staircase.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)02:17 No.15608450
    heavy enemy reinforcements up north
    >> [Hr2]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)02:17 No.15608456
    rolled 10 = 10

    >Activate rocket
    >Lean to the left
    >Fire AP rocket at closest tank to N
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)02:18 No.15608459
    rolled 10, 2 = 12

    "Sir, the best plan would be to retreat south the way we came in. If we can move it quick enough, we should cross and then blow that last bridge across the river, but it might be dangerous if we don't block that tank's advance.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:18 No.15608461
    Yes command, order the remaining units to cover us, we're coming back with a gift.
    >take case
    >move 3SW
    if taking the case didn't use an action
    >move 1SW 2SE
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)02:18 No.15608463
    rolled 5 = 5

    >rifle fire at nearby ghouls
    >move 3 west
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/17/11(Sun)02:19 No.15608465


    It's not much, but if I run to the ladder, and then to the edge of the rooftop to the W of my position, I will be in range for a shot on the tower/arm!

    I can leave them with a parting gift from our forces.

    >if this is action phase, run W to ladder
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)02:19 No.15608468
    rolled 2, 4 = 6

    Botting for M1 and E1


    >Repair Bitank
    >If not, then fall back to the flag 1SE 2E
    >Set up sentry facing northwards.

    >Shoot weakened bridge in front of tank, hoping to collapse bridge and tank
    >Or just shoot if I don't need to reload
    >If I can't shoot, move WSW 4 towards bridge to assist.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:20 No.15608474
    "Ok boys time to get out of here, those reinforcement are tippings the balance against us. Unless any of you has a bright idea."
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)02:22 No.15608492
    About Flagzone Support:
    Flagzones guarantee certain benefits once they are staked.

    [Air Support]: Can drop supplies on the Flag Zone

    [Fire Support]: If an FZ is connected to a road, Artillery can be rolled up.
    If an FZ is on high ground; it can provide flight control with bomber coordinates.

    Reinforcements: FZs connected to Roads , other FZs or can provide a 7 comb hex of clear space can drop in more troops to bolster your squad or redeploy as new.

    These can be done with a ranking officer or one unit on any flag zone.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)02:23 No.15608503
    Action Phase End.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:25 No.15608524
    had I known...

    >set flag NW
    >call bomber to take care of those reinforcement...
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:26 No.15608534
    "S2 set a flag and call air support..."
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:36 No.15608623
    "Ok boys, seeing as we can get air support here's the new plan.
    The BiTank will use the building as cover and protect the bridge.
    V1,V2,A1 and A3 will head south at full speed
    S2 will place a flag and serve as a spotter for the bombers/artillery

    Everyone else is to head to the undamaged bridge and set a flag there, from there we will extract the case, regroup and counterattack, Any question?
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)02:38 No.15608645

    "Gotcha, loud an' clear Sarge, but ya mind if me and Bobby 'ere decide to take some ghouls out as we go? Don't want the engi-dude to take a hit, ya know?"
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:39 No.15608658
    No problem, I was planning to hand that case to V1 and act as a rearguard myself.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)02:40 No.15608663
    I will try and get over and set up a sentry at the west bridge for some cover fire, assuming something doesn't pull me away from the computer again.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:41 No.15608680
    Don't worry as long as the bombers can take out at least two tank we should be fine.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)02:44 No.15608703
    If you insist sir, I'll double time it with the case.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)02:45 No.15608718
    You already are injured, I'd rather you be safe than dead I'd hate to have to kill your ghoul.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)02:46 No.15608726
         File1310885182.jpg-(856 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR15.jpg)
    856 KB
    Enemy Phase
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)03:01 No.15608864
    Did... did one of the tanks fall into the river?

    I guess that makes our job easier.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)03:04 No.15608893

    Yes it did, yes it did. I'm going to move M1 over to the West and onto the rooftops to provide covering fire/smoke concealment.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:07 No.15608915
         File1310886478.jpg-(851 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR16.jpg)
    851 KB
    A1 Heavily Wounded !
    V2 is taking hits !
    Enemy Is closing in on your position !
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:08 No.15608920
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)03:09 No.15608930
    Spotting artilery on those two tanks.
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)03:10 No.15608936
    rolled 9 = 9


    >first aid/recover self

    someone's gonna have to carry us out or we're dead
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)03:11 No.15608942
    rolled 4 = 4

    >Once I recieve the case
    >If Undead South are clear
    >Southeast 3, Southwest 3

    >If Undead not cleared
    >Southern movement to undead.

    The dice roll is for the attack if needed.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:11 No.15608947
    >move 1SW 2SE
    >attack twice ghoul SE and SW

    >shoot last heavy weapon

    "Command, this is sergant mana, requesting a bombing run south of the factory, hostile tanks are pounding my mens."
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)03:11 No.15608948
    rolled 3, 10 = 13


    >Move 1 SW
    >Fire rifles at Ghouls to the S

    "I'm out, Bobby, cover me while I reload..."
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)03:11 No.15608953

    no wait, there's no time

    just run for it
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)03:12 No.15608962
    Lets go!

    >Run 5W 1NW
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:13 No.15608970
    rolled 3, 8, 1, 2 = 14

    forgot my dice
    >> [Hr2]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)03:14 No.15608972
    >S S S
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:14 No.15608973
    Action Phase End
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)03:15 No.15608985
    rolled 6 = 6

    Botting M1

    >Set off smoke grenade at bridge on our side to screen ourselves.
    >Reload if necessary, then do the above
    >Move SW 3, W1
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)03:22 No.15609045

    (i believe a jam just means you rolled really badly but can act normally again next phase)
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/17/11(Sun)03:22 No.15609048

    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:25 No.15609070
         File1310887519.jpg-(842 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR17.jpg)
    842 KB
    Enemy Phase.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:29 No.15609119
    "A3, Make a run for it, A1 if you still have grenades make sure I don't see your face back as undeads V1 since you'll be the first one on the otherside of the river, set a flag there."
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:31 No.15609128
    Also thread on autosage
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)03:32 No.15609139

    "Negative sir! Me an' Bobby ain't leavin' McAvoy behind!"

    >Plus I have one grenade left anyway.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)03:33 No.15609150
    Roger, Sir
    >> [A1]McAvoy !NQb6hVwgYU 07/17/11(Sun)03:34 No.15609167

    don't be an idiot mate

    just give me the damn grenade and I'll wrap things up here
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:34 No.15609169
    Understood, I'd stay to help but sadly I can't die there... Command, we need backup NOW.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:37 No.15609203
         File1310888246.jpg-(852 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR18.jpg)
    852 KB
    >> [Hr2]Piotrowski !!ICfvVNsCaLz 07/17/11(Sun)03:38 No.15609213
    >Run West
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:39 No.15609222
    >Move 5 SE 1E

    Damnit why did they have to die... Command requesting orders things look dire here.
    >> [Hr1]Pvt Weathers !!etjUP7/V3a6 07/17/11(Sun)03:39 No.15609223
    more specifically,
    NW, NE, NW, NE, NW, NE.

    Should end on the hex that's half-roof, half river, next to the blown up hex.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)03:39 No.15609225

    McAvoy, did I ever tell you 'bout the time me an' my buddy Joe got lost and fell off a cliff?

    Yeah, see Joey gone dun broke his leg when he fell. I didn't, on account of hitting some really soft trees on the way down. Plus some really hard cack-tie. Anyway, since we'z lost our radio, me and Joe had to hump it all the way back to base. Well, it was more like me draggin his sorry ass with splinters in mah butt.

    Anyway, point is, I ain't leavin' ya behind.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)03:39 No.15609226
    >Southeast 2, East 4
    >Set up flag if able.
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)03:39 No.15609228
    Run towards flag
    "Done all i can..."
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)03:40 No.15609230
    rolled 8 = 8


    "OH SHI-!"

    >Prime grenade
    >Die cursing dulahan
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:40 No.15609233
    Command order the artillery to glass the road just west of were the engineer was trapped.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:42 No.15609243
    >>15609222 . . . .

    "SGT. make it out of there with the Engineer and the package. Cut off the bridge, that should hold the enemy off.

    I'll ask him myself why half our offensive efforts went to saving him. "
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)03:42 No.15609245
    >Jump from level 2 of roof down near flag. I can take it and the ladder takes to long
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:42 No.15609249
    Also I think that command forgot that I had an extra healt
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)03:43 No.15609255
    "Reporting for duty, sir..."
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:44 No.15609257
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)03:53 No.15609321

    [be sure to post pertinent info like that at least once during deployment and while posting ]
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)03:55 No.15609341
    I accept my own part into what just happened... at least I got out of this alive, in my defense I joined a bit close to the limit.
    >> Journal !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:06 No.15609432
    July ... I dont know. . .

    We gave it a whiteknuckled swing.
    But the fight for Stilemar is far from over.
    We had swayed from lines to save an engineer who carried a forboding coffin with him. It was as heavy as the men that died put into one. And already it felt like a cursed thing.

    I can only hope, now , however, If hope is even a thing to have times like this one-

    hope that this will shed meaning.

    To be Continued.
    >> Journal !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:07 No.15609437
         File1310890026.jpg-(853 KB, 2700x1950, STILEMAR19.jpg)
    853 KB
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)04:08 No.15609458
    Ohkay. Got two points from killing some ghouls so can't get anything yet. When is the next game?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)04:09 No.15609461
    damn that was a long game
    >> [S2]Pvt.Wisper !!Be87JOBWQm0 07/17/11(Sun)04:10 No.15609468
    "Not all live to fight again"
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)04:10 No.15609477
    Well you kind of rushed alone right into their field of fire...

    otherwise 7 points in ghoul killed... not bad if I say so myself
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:10 No.15609478
         File1310890259.jpg-(109 KB, 600x600, MONDAYMEMEWEBsleep.jpg)
    109 KB
    Both access points south have been destroyed. Between us and the enemy is a black river that ghouls fear to tread. It will take the enemy a few days to swing around so the fight on StileMar is all but lost.

    We've set up camp in these shellridden cities, I often imagine being blown away any second now.
    But not till

    Not Until we've had the fight we came here for, dammit..
    >> [S3] Pvt. Tavish !pc.EeHifNs 07/17/11(Sun)04:12 No.15609494
    "...We should call up the artillery and start pounding their positions..."

    "...Looks like ol' Bucky Rogers kick it today, huh? ..."
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)04:12 No.15609500
    Eh, a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to do much this battle. In retrospect I probably should have committed to deploying on the west end.

    Also, since Engies are primarily a support class and don't have many means to take down enemies, do they have alternative means of collecting exp?
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)04:13 No.15609504
    Sorry for failling the mission command, I hope that coffin was worth it.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:13 No.15609508

    Why didn't you redeploy you died half a day ago.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:14 No.15609521

    Structures built.
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)04:16 No.15609541
    Nice, that means 3 exp for me.

    Oh yeah, and the thread's finally been archived.

    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)04:17 No.15609550
    Command said offensive to the north, and only send a small squad to the west for the engineer. I'm sorry the small squad included two thirds of the whole regiment.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)04:18 No.15609556
    I'll go fall exhausted somewhere if you don't mind command...
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:18 No.15609557

    We'll collate your debriefs and see if Paranormal Logistics will know anything. If what Oderkon says is true, the enemy is using our Ibonyte reserves to fuel some dark project of theirs "
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)04:22 No.15609581
    Well I didn't plan for two of the three soldier squad to go west... I mean I was more useful at killing ghoul than at taking lead from the enemy tank... bringing a sword to a gunfight isn't that bright if I say so myself, Vossk don't use a lot of close combat fighter,,, (not that it prevent me from doing so)
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:22 No.15609583
    Now that we dont have any clear access points across the bridge we'll have to get creative. The enemy wont budge from their spot on the slightest possibility that we can cross. And another force is gonna swing around and hit us from behind in a few days. If we can't take it back before that time we are well and truly trapped here to die : )
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)04:23 No.15609592
    To be fair, if we didn't send the number of forces that we had over there, the flanking force would have been overwhelmed by the ghoul ambush.

    Though it would have been a MAJOR help to have known about off-site support assets a little earlier.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)04:24 No.15609600
    Couldn't we use smoke shell with the artillery, use the jump pad and mount an assault?
    >> [E1] Pvt. Gunther !3QUDPTn2Js 07/17/11(Sun)04:28 No.15609638
    We'd have to find a really nice spot to set it up, though. A point on the river narrow enough to cover the gap while at the same time having ample cover against possible counterattack.
    >> [V2] Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/17/11(Sun)04:30 No.15609656
    damn wound, I'm going to take some sleep command god knows I'll need it if I am to lead again.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:32 No.15609670
    A lot of the problems we had boiled down to one thing: Lack of central leadership. What you are in need of are field commanders that can coordinate these things while I handle the war of paper stacks. It's unforunate but thats my throne currently.

    With only so many of you there I believe naming someone to call the shots would be needed in order to keep a consistent and effecient strategem.

    1 or 2 COs or even just Tactical Advisors ,since the Hellghast unit already has a Lieutenant.

    Even then, he has his hands tied.
    >> [A3] Pvt. Rogers !IMYfe1j54Y 07/17/11(Sun)04:33 No.15609676

    Sorry, I felt it was rather... foolish? Yeah, foolish to rush across the bridge... with the tanks and lots of guys with guns and possibly making a mess out of things.

    So I figured, since I can't scratch the tanks, and the densely packed guys would be easily taken care of by our snipers and our own explosives, I thought a flanking maneuver would work best.

    Which it did, until reinforcements arrived.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:37 No.15609710

    In any case, since you are highest ranking here, Mana. You'll be taking command of this operation for the time being.
    Get some rest and be ready to fight this out.

    [Next Game might Be sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon. if neither I will pop on and test the waters some other time.
    >> [V1]Pvt. M. Fields !!aIN2wQa/kH0 07/17/11(Sun)04:37 No.15609713
    Your still treating it as only the vanguard had run across the bridge. If the tanks had move sooner, or better yet, the heavy weapons teams had fired sooner, it wouldn't be the same.
    If you want to name advisors or leaders, do so command.
    >> IronCommand !SjkHabNIL2 07/17/11(Sun)04:45 No.15609791
    Fields, as you were the only one to have actually stuck to the letter of the plan, you wear the advisory hat and can draft up the next surprise for our dear enemies. A plan is only as good as its cost in lives, your brothers paid that. I am sorry.

    It is said that everything that happens before the battle is where the battle takes place. The exchange of fire, is simply the tip of that spear.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/11(Sun)05:53 No.15610326
    When do you guys tend to run Iron Hearts?
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)07:48 No.15611094

    I think a far better plan would have been to blow the bridge from the start, and have a few units cover the approach to the flag while most of our guys went west, nabbed the Engineer and flanked the tanks. Had I known the bridge was destructible I would have suggested this before the first turn. We're so few that splitting up our forces was crippling.

    I have a suggestion for a unit, now that we're about to be surrounded: Airborne Infantry. Drop'em from the sky on any spotted location, trick is that they have low health. What do you think? Is it doable?
    >> [M1] Pvt. Anderfels !TUrFGiaR6. 07/17/11(Sun)10:21 No.15611994

    Also, it would have been nice to know about the support available prior to the battle. And in order to make up some kind of meaningful strategy, we need to see not just the map, but also enemy troop deployment, prior to the start of battle, otherwise people have no central coordination and spend the first turn doing their own thing. A rundown on what kind of support options we have would also be nice.


    And this seems pretty unfair, not to mention abusable. I roll E, build a few structures, cash in on the EXP and then roll a combat class with an upgrade. I propose that E gain exp only for those structures that were UTILIZED during the battle. Did a sentry kill someone? EXP. Was a jump pad used to launch someone? EXP. Was a barrier used as cover? EXP. It cuts down on abuse potential.

    Also, I suggest minelaying and blowing up structures could also give EXP to the rest of us that can't build stuff.

    Also, can engineers repair bridges and tanks? I really hope they can.

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