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  • File : 1310610821.jpg-(307 KB, 700x1000, THEVAGRANTISSUE01WEB.jpg)
    307 KB IRONHEARTS WAR COVERAGE [discussion] Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)22:33 No.15572543  
    >IronHearts Warcoverage Wendnesdays write
    questions to the editor about your concerns about the Vosskoni invasion, the nation of Ragnyll and the state of affairs in Eure and the rest of the world !

    -From the Office of Baker Malone ; Regional Editor of the Ragnyllian Vagrant and Field Reporter.

    Top Center:
    Hellghast Unit lead by Sgt. Icevol, survivor of the Sylvia evacuation and the remains of Vanders' prototype Armor unit marches forward to Stilemar.
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)22:42 No.15572632
    Sylvia Evacuation.
    Battle of Norwood:
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)22:44 No.15572651
         File1310611475.jpg-(195 KB, 600x800, SILVIA09.jpg)
    195 KB
    Cadets from the Millitary Cross Academy of Sylvia quickly responds to the overwhelming surprise attack
    >> Anonymous 07/13/11(Wed)22:44 No.15572653
    Turn to the sports page
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)22:47 No.15572686
         File1310611656.jpg-(876 KB, 3600x2400, NORWOOD08.jpg)
    876 KB
    Aerial Photos at the Battle of Norwood.
    Ragnyllian advance forces aids in the timely rescue of Vanders' Walking Armor unit.
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)22:50 No.15572720

    Unfortunately the city of Groven was under attack when one of our reporters were attending the Rubberbullet championships between the Groven Goblins and the Stilemar SteelMen. From what I hear the game did not conclude when the attack took place.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/11(Wed)23:14 No.15572956
    Turn to the funnies then. I wanna see some Haggar the Horrible.
    >> Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/13/11(Wed)23:16 No.15572981
    Oh boy I was in that bi-tank you know.
    >> Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/13/11(Wed)23:19 No.15573011
    Mr. Baker are the the Bi-tank stats the same as the one used by the clones during the first skirmish quest? Since I used it to have a gross aproximation of the machine during Norwood.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/11(Wed)23:36 No.15573186
    I would like some more light shed on some rules, such as:
    Tank invasion
    Whatever the heck goes on with radio interception

    Special enemy types and their icons.

    Anything else that never really got touched on
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)23:36 No.15573189

    Ah I always seem to have all the luck with time travellers in my mailbox, but sadly It's information even I can't report. However, I am glad to say that the Walking Armor; nicknamed by the armor boys as the BiTank, is the first generation prototype of armor defense vehichles that our civil sciences group cooked up. While we can't match the armor densities of Vosskon armor, our design makes up for it with added mobility on rough terrain, and smoother combat operations.

    So if it turns out that in the future, these "clones" enjoy the power of foot-like mobility , have them give us a ring ! We'd like to know [confidentially] how that turned out.

    -Baker Malone
    >> Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/13/11(Wed)23:38 No.15573207
    I was going to make an enemy list for new recruit but I'm bad with photoshop... I can probably answer most of those question though
    >> Brg. Gen. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 07/13/11(Wed)23:40 No.15573237


    >BiTank squadrons, HO!
    >> Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/13/11(Wed)23:42 No.15573267
    >Tank invasion
    Grossly you will send a Vanguard squad to assault the enemy tank. You will need to be 3 hex or less from the tank at the start of the phase and move to it/attack, be warry that you will be vulnerable to counter-attack soon after.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/11(Wed)23:52 No.15573389
    Do the soldiers in an Assault Troop all have their own hand grenade, or does the entire group share one?

    In a related note, would it be possible to have one member use their rifle, another their SMG, and the last use his grenade or take another action? (Like reloading)?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/11(Wed)23:52 No.15573391
    Talking about undead, what's the story beind them. I slept during most of my history class and only remember them being mentioned durring battle but not how they were made.
    >> Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/13/11(Wed)23:56 No.15573427
         File1310615765.jpg-(150 KB, 600x1125, 1310522730138.jpg)
    150 KB
    If you use one of your 2 "action" to "attack", each one the unit in your squad get the amount of act point indicated on the sheet. these point can be used in any ways you see fit. Also each soldier has his own grenade. What I don't know is how many they have.
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)23:58 No.15573453

    Whoaaa buddy slow down a second here, unfortunately I can't exactly run the class on combat tactics and I'm sorry for your loss at Sylvia. [Ms Einhart was a great teacher, spirits take her.] But your questions will be happily answered by our Field Chief Mckenoy who was a 12 year draft veteran.

    " Just as Baker said, we are sorry, but relieved that you have escaped the fires of invasion unharmed. I would like to help you by quoting some basic lessons from the top of my head, aged and brewed to perfection from years of patrol:

    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)23:59 No.15573462
    Armor Warfare is tricky business, but hijacking is the best chance an otherwise outgunned infantry has provided that you have the courage or the preparation for whats to come afterwards. First, you must succeed at climbing aboard the tank, if there is a topside gunner or accompanying, you must get rid of them or face their bullets.
    Next you must get on top of the tank, mind the climb. Once on you are in a position to forcible open the tank lids and from there use whatever means of attack you have to incapacitate the operators inside. Knights excel at melee combat and do this with the highest rate of success. Shocktroopers and Mobile Artillery may use grenades, provided they get within kissing range of those tank lids, Scouts might have to rely on their cunning however and theres quite a few ways for them to do so.

    -Radio Interception: A scout from any position on the field can intercept enemy field communications. This can be done by getting highground and "dialing" for enemy frequency, or by acquiring a field radio, or find a communications wire they can tap. These options have increasing chances of success from slim to certain ,respectively.

    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/13/11(Wed)23:59 No.15573470
    The latter two options will allow them to Intercept or plant fake orders to the enemy at the cost of compromising their presence on the channel where enemy intel is stored. Imitating an officer is nigh impossible however tricking lower ranking soldiers is a different story altogether. You can order one or two to move to a beneficial location or give them junk orders. However they'll get suspicious if they were told to shoot their own men. But it's not impossible.

    For field reconnaissance its always a basic rule to meet the enemy from the backs of their head. The enemy's facing is where their vision is strongest and you will be fired upon once seen. To counter this approach from cover, like tall grass or barricades and immediately crouch. You always want to seek cover when in enemy range but its better to stay far and behind it altogether.

    As far as the Vosskoni threat, I have no experience in it. The Voss was more an ally than an enemy back in the day and we never dabbled in their secrets. For this reason, I apologize and wish you good luck. Our safety rests on your efforts now. "

    -Baker Malone , Field Chief Mckenoy
    >> Anonymous 07/14/11(Thu)00:00 No.15573484

    So per soldier =/= per unit. Correct?
    >> Sgt.Mana !!jtTqSsN+V0O 07/14/11(Thu)00:05 No.15573536
    Sorry if my explanition was badly worded. What I meant is that every soldier in your squad get one act point, so one could shoot with his SMG one could reload and the other could throw a grenade. since Vanguard have two act point one could attack then shield a side, another could attack and shield another side and the last one could attack twice.
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/14/11(Thu)00:10 No.15573584
    Vosskon and Ragnyllian [aka the Valknyre Region ] historical lore has dated back to pre medieval times and it was always known that back then people of the region looked up to death gods and warrior spirits as legendary beings. This in turn has bred our deep rooted fascination and respect for the dead. However, the undead was considered a Corruption of those beliefs and it's surprising how far the Vosskon occult has gone out of its way to integrate it to their warmachine to combat the likes of the Holy Aeon Empire's Mechnical Armors, the Iffran Republic's Ancient beasts, and even the growing Technological industry that the States of CLovis enjoy. They like all the other global empires have been itching to get into this arms race since the great Unification wars "
    >> Anonymous 07/14/11(Thu)00:14 No.15573619
    Talking about arm race, it look like we are rather reliant on what I would call a "standard" tech while most other empire enjoy boons, did we actually try to follow up or a we currently outgunned and outmatched... Because to be honest those ghoul are scary.
    >> Anonymous 07/14/11(Thu)00:16 No.15573639
    Mr. Baker,
    Any news on Ragnyll's Ibonyte reserves?
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/14/11(Thu)00:27 No.15573719

    While Ragnyll is a young nation, our talent for adaptation and ingenuity has seen us through rough patches. No, we don't have a historical war record as long and certain as the Aeon Empire, No, we didn't ally with the demi human ancients that the Iffram Republic borrows their talent from but what we lack in established history or otherworldly advantages, we make up for in understanding, learning, and interating them. This was how our educational structure was built- and how we as a people proliferated on the world stage as the melting pot of progression. But in war ? It's the same. Our Vanguards are a product of Aeon knight training, some of our technologies were even gifts from Clovis trading partners that we took apart and put back together in new ways. Heck even our modern medicine was derived from the variable caring pens of Iffra. And at one point, we even fought alongside the Voss who are known to fight all wars without scruples or doubt.

    I suppose we have that stubborness going for us.

    -Baker Malone
    >> [M]Lt.Iceval !!lIURwBKIw5c 07/14/11(Thu)00:31 No.15573752
    I got two questions one how come the paranormal division still haven't given us the enemy intel and most important how did you get my picture?
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/14/11(Thu)00:34 No.15573782

    Only what was known this year: That this region has one of the most highly concentrated veins of Ibonyte, also known as Ironheart, BlackBlood, or PolySteel. It's a super dense material that is capable of converting to any element once it has "bonded" to it through an electrical process. Our boys at the State Sciences have toyed around ways to using this advantage to build weapons and armor at a very fast rate. When boiled down to a liquid and refined with amino protiens it is also capable of having healing properties. It's possible that the Vosskoni uses it to make raise their dead and run their experiments on soldiers. So you can see how frightening this war had just gotten.
    >> Baker Malone !9phgYvH10U 07/14/11(Thu)00:40 No.15573837

    Unlike us news reporters the Paranormal division runs a tight ship on information. They do not release anything until they are absolutely SURE all avenues of their information is true with a capital T. When soldiers are beaten down with fear and paranoia its very easy for information like "vampires are allergic to garlic" to get out of hand when a certain soldier back in Bosk got assaulted for sneezing in a restaurant.

    As for the other question, that's a trade secret.
    >> Sandy Greyfish !IMYfe1j54Y 07/14/11(Thu)03:13 No.15575056
    >You wanted an obituary? FUCK THAT
    >You get news article and pseudo propaganda instead!

    GARRISON, July 27th. You would not believe it from the way he plays, but little Joseph Hammers, 8, is one of the survivors of the battle of Sylvia, but is also a war orphan. “Bang bang bang! I'm going to be a soldier, just like dad, and I'm gonna beat all the bad guys and get a big metal from the President!” Joseph happily exclaims as he runs about the yard of the Garrison Capitol Military Academy with the other children survivors playing soldier. His sister, however, is much less enthusiastic.

    “I worry that he actually understands what happened that day,” his sister admits. “I'm worried that he's just pretending to be strong now that our father died.”

    Joseph Hammers, and his elder sister, Cecily Hammers, 16, are survivors of the attack on the Military Cross Academy of Sylvia on the 24th. Their father, Sergeant Michael Hammers, was one of the instructors of the Sylvia Military Cross Academy who had organized the defense of Sylvia. He, alongside several senior cadets of the academy, gave up their lives in defending the academy-city long enough for residents and the younger cadets to flee the city. Sadly, Sergeant Hammers, along with many of the fighting recruits, were killed by the Vosskoni during the fighting, Hammers himself being struck down by a Vosskoni vanguard while trying to assist a wounded soldier.

    “He and those children gave up their lives so that the rest of us could make it to safety,” fellow refugee Meredith Hans said. “While we weep for his children, we have taken it upon ourselves to raise them in his place.”

    >> Sandy Greyfish !IMYfe1j54Y 07/14/11(Thu)03:21 No.15575103

    The Ragnyll government has stated that they will do everything they can to provide for the Hammers, as well as the refugees, and are searching for families to adopt children orphaned by the Vosskoni's sudden attack on our nation.

    “I can't cry forever. Pa wouldn't want that. As soon as we can, my brother and I are going to join the Ragnyll Civilian Core, and make sure that our fighting men and women have the support they need,” Cecily told Vagrant reporters.

    Indeed, the sentiment is shared by many of the refugees, especially those after witnessing the heroism of Ragnyll soldiers and the brutality of the Vosskoni offensive. Hans, along with many other elderly refugees, are working to create a safe haven for the child refugees. Others, including one Ralph Ghnessy, are joining militias, or joining the Ragnyll Army directly, despite their age. “Those bastards took my farm. So I guess it's time for me to put down my pitchfork and pick up my rifle again.”

    For those wishing to assist the war effort, please contact your nearest Ragnyll Army Recruitment office, or your local militia.

    >Happy, boss? Feels like a million years since I last wrote something like this.
    >> Concerned citizen 07/14/11(Thu)06:35 No.15576007
    What are the current dispositions of the other empires toward Ragnyll right now? Besides the Vosskoni of course, their disposition is rather obvious.

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